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Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***1/2
The drug game is controlled by one man,who is respected and feared by the whole city. As he lavishes in his abundance of wealth his old Boss's younger brother is released from prison and wants his share of the streets.So he vows to do whatever it takes to reign supreme. He soon learns that it's a cold world but an even colder game.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We see a lifeless body laying in a pool of blood.EXTREME
CLOSEUP of the dripping blood running into a nearby sewer
                       GINO (V.O)
I once heard a man tell me that
keep your friends close but keep
your enemies closer.I always
wanted to know why would you keep
someone who has negative
intentions towards you around at
all?He told me, "because its a
cold world but its an even colder
game."Well I was born in hell and
my heart has always been ice cold.
                                         WE HEAR A AUTOMATIC
Late night in quiet alley where two black cars are parked,a
cat is seen stalking across old buildings,PAN a man on the
ground crawling holding a duffel, he's been shot.
Camera shows dark figure approaching,gunshots are being
heard the closer he gets.The man tries to scurry away from
approaching figure while his face tells the story of who
shot him.
      (To Masked Man)
Why you doing this?You can have
the money just dont kill me!


A Masked Man is seen with .45 caliber handgun aimed at who
we will come to know as Gino.The Masked Man grabs the duffel
from Gino,then fires a couple rounds towards the ground
barely missing Gino's head.
                       MASKED KILLER
See you know what's going on.
      (cringing in pain)
Why you doing this man,come on
bra.You got 100 G's right there
man,take it.
Masked Man places gun in Gino's mouth
                       MASKED KILLER
See who gets the respect now,who's
the king now.I'm the fucking
king,I'm the man.Me!You ain't work
for the shit you got.I helped you
get where you are and you shit on
me.You owe me G...
Gino tries to speak with the black .45 in his mouth.His
words are barely recognizable.
Why bruh??What!What you want?!?!?
Killer is seen taking gun out of Gino's mouth,He looks
around after he hears sirens.Masked killer aims gun down at
                       MASKED KILLER
I don't want shit from you but
your spot.
Why bra?Haven't I always been real
to you,why?
                       MASKED KILLER
I'm trying to live not
survive.It's a cold world.


We see the fear in Gino's eyes followed by the sound of
Multiple Gunshots as camera fades out.
Two preteen boys stand in front of an old mom and pops
corner store.The boys look no older than 13 or 14 they are
directing cars to parking spots.The boys run to each car
making transactions looking like blatant drug deals.
                       YOUNG GINO
      (leaning into car)
What you want the regular?
A older man is sitting in the car,he is calm and in a
cheerful mood as if he is a regular customer.
                       MAN 1
Yeah man that last shit was off
the chain,dog.
You know I stay with the best
The two shake hands exchanging money for the drugs.The older
Man takes a huge whiff of the pack.He shakes his head and
smiles as if he likes.Gino is looking around as if he is
nervous,he tries to hurry off.
                       MAN 1
      (throws up peace
       sign with fingers)
Alright appreciate it son we
looking dry as hell on our side of
                       YOUNG GINO
      (backing away)
Just keep fucking with me the more
you buy the more love ill show to


Gino hurries back to the front of the store.We see the husky
boy run over with a open wallet in hand pulling bills out,he
throw the wallet to the ground and runs straight past Gino.
                       YOUNG MONSTER (O.S)
      (yelling out)
Run G Run!
A man is seen running after Monster,Gino hauls ass in the
same direction as Monster.After a brief chase over some
fences Monster and Gino get away from the nicely dressed man
through a alley where they slide into their neighborhood
which is full of poorly established houses.
We see Monster running up the street with Gino tailing
him.Gino catches up to Monster out of breath.
                       YOUNG GINO
Monster you got to announce
certain shit out before you do it
man.That was hot,you ran right the
fuck past me!
                       YOUNG MONSTER
Whatever,it was worth it.We got
away didn't we?
                       YOUNG GINO
Barely,dat motherfucker almost had
me,luckily I got light on his
ass.What went down back there?
                                         SCENE TRANSITIONS TO
Monster is a husky teen with baggy clothes and chuck
Taylor's tennis shoes,he is at the drivers side of a new
Mercedes Benz.We see A what looks to be a gangster in the
car.He and Monster show love by shaking hands.


                       YOUNG MONSTER
      (leaning down into
Whats up, what you need?
Wuz up Lil homie,what u got?My lil
cousin Beany said you got some
                       YOUNG MONSTER
Yeah, I got what you need.So how
much you trying to spend?
I'm trying to spend about five
hundred with you little homie.
Monster's facial expression shows his distaste of the fake
gangster.CAMERA STILLS on Monsters expression.
                       GINO (V.O)
The one thing Monster hates more
than his serve not being ready
with the money,is being called
                       YOUNG MONSTER
Alright,I got you.Wheres the
Chill little man I got you.
The gangster reaches for his wallet from the center
console,he opens it up.We see Monsters eyes open wide as he
sees a hefty stack of bills in the wallet.He steals on the
gangster with a hay-maker and grabs the wallet.We see the
gangster get out the car holding eye trying to chase after a
fleeing Monster.
                                         TRANSITIONS BACK TO


                       YOUNG MONSTER
I don't know much after that but
long story short, I saw him open
his wallet and wallah!Nothing but
Monster tosses a light stack of bills onto a old coffee
                       YOUNG GINO
Hundreds?How many hundreds you got
there dog?
                       YOUNG MONSTER
Don't know but whatever it is we
gone split it down the middle.I
know you would've done the same
for me so we gone break bread.
Gino goes over to pick up money from table,he quickly runs
through the bills counting them.He plops down on the couch
already thinking of how he's going to spend his half of the
                       YOUNG MONSTER
So how many pairs of Jordan's I'm
going to be able to cop?What we
working with?
                       YOUNG GINO
We got more than tennis shoe
money.Eight grand!Eight grand on
dey bitch ass!!
They both get overexcited hi fiving and hugging.Monster is
out of his seat now,he pulls out his cell phone dialing
numbers.Gino sits in a shocked trance as if in a state of
shock,he doesn't even notice Monster on the phone.
                       YOUNG MONSTER (O.S)
      (on the phone)
Got em!Come to my house we about
to go to the mall we about to ball
my nigga!I'm smoking my whole re


                       YOUNG GINO
Monster who you telling
already?Get off the phone?You cant
tell everybody,we still not in the
clear yet?
Monster walks back into room out of hallway waving his hand
at Gino as if to say he is over reacting.
                       YOUNG MONSTER
      (on phone)
Hell Yea i got some clown trying
to play baller down at
Johnson's.Me and Gino balling on
yall bitch asses!!haaa
                       YOUNG GINO
How stupid are you Monster,do you
want the whole city to think that
we pulled a 50 stack lick or
Monster ends phone conversation.
                       YOUNG MONSTER
We good G.That nigga don't really
know me,that was one of Beany
people,and besides if he want some
beef then thats what he gone get.
Monster grabs a book out of an old encyclopedia.He opens it
up to reveal a rusty old revolver.He picks it up gripping it
looking at it like its power.
                       YOUNG GINO
I'm not even gone ask where you
got that from?
                       YOUNG MONSTER
I got it from Gonzo,he didn't want
you to have it because he figured
you would shoot someone with it,so
he gave it to me?


                       YOUNG GINO
Gonzo be on that other shit,let me
see it.
Gino holds his hand out waiting for Monster to place gun in
his hands.Gino grabs gun looking at it hard,its obvious he
is thinking.
                       YOUNG GINO
4 thousand is alright Monster but
you ever think about how much we
could have?Like selling weed is
okay but that one snatch and run
you pulled got eight thousand
      (demeanor changing)
Selling a couple ounces of weed a
day at the corner store isn't what
I want to be doing too much
                       YOUNG MONSTER
Whatever you think we should do
I'm down with it,as long as more
money is coming in than going out
then its all good with me,ya dig?
Gino is now holding pistol in hand staring at the 100 dollar
bills spread across the coffee table.
                       YOUNG GINO
I'm gone get us out of the
hood,when I say us I mean
                       YOUNG MONSTER
I sure hope so because this ain't
no place for a young ignorant
nigga to grow up.


The Cash house,home of Gonzo,Gino, and Gabriel Cash and
their mother Erma.It is a lower middle class house with 1
car in the drive way.The grass is high and uneven as if it
hasn't been cut in months.
The house looks better than expected now that were
inside.The pictures and furniture give it a warm feel.We
hear tussling going on in another room,its Gino's older
brother Gonzo.He's got Gino in a tight sleeper-hold choke.
                       GONZO (O.S)
What I tell you!Keep your hands
out of my shit!
Gino squirms free and backs away
                       YOUNG GINO
What you call me?
I didn't stutter negro you heard
me perfect.You a bitch for taking
some shit that ain't belong to
Gino steps up closer as if he is challenging Gonzo to throw
                       YOUNG GINO
You better watch your mouth nigga
you the pussy!
Ill knock your little ass out.You
know you cant see me,fall down
before I knock your ass down.


Gino swings a wild punch missing his target,Gonzo grabs him
and puts him in a full nelson.Gino fights to free himself
but he realizes he is stuck.Gonzo quickly starts drilling
Gino asking question after question.
Why you smoke my weed?
                       YOUNG GINO
Let me go!ahhhh!!I don't know what
you talking about!
Then where is my shit if you
didn't smoke it?
Gonzo applies more pressure to the hold forcing Gino to talk
                       YOUNG GINO
Ahhh!I sold it,let me go man!
Gonzo clamps the full nelson lock in even tighter applying
more pressure.
Then where is my money?
                       YOUNG GINO
I got it, I got it,but I ain't
giving you shit if you don't let
me go!
Gonzo relinquishes the hold and runs Gino's pockets.He pulls
out a wad of bills neatly folded.Gonzo hops up counting the
stack,Gino hops up and grabs it back.
I know you ain't make all this
selling no ounces of weed.Where
you get the money from?
                       YOUNG GINO
I got my ways,I don't ask you
where you get money from?


Fuck it then I don't care how you
got it,you got it.Just pay me my
money and you alright.
Gino runs through a couple bills quickly.He hands them off
to a still confused Gonzo.
                       YOUNG GINO
Here I got you covered bra.That's
four hundred,I gave you an extra
50 just because you my brother.
Whatever I need an extra hundred
who said I was charging under a
bill a ounce,you crazy give me
Gonzo holds his hand out as if were expecting more than four
hundred.Gino quickly obliges his command,he pulls out five
more twenties out of the knot.He hands Gonzo the money.Gonzo
receives the money and analyzes it, before heading towards
the door to leave before being stopped by Gino's question.
                       YOUNG GINO
Who you know got some white that
can cook it for me?
White,I think you getting a little
ahead of yourself now.You cant
become the dope-man just because
you came across a few dollars and
you want to make a quick come up.
                       YOUNG GINO
I can move it though,I already got
clientele and I trying to buy a
couple ounces from jump no front.
I got a man he's charging eight
hundred an o.


                       YOUNG GINO
Tell em let me get 4 of
Gonzo examines objects around on Gino's room. .
You got three stacks on you?
                       YOUNG GINO
Yeah and I need four ounces
today,can you get it?
Consider it done,but what do I get
out of the deal?
                       YOUNG GINO
You already got money you don't
need shit out the deal.You got
about ten pounds in that secret
spot in your closet.
Gonzo shows distaste in Gino knowing about his secret spot.
I need my cut anyway a hustler got
to eat.Ill cook it for you and
you're going to pay me and extra
grand for doing it.
                       YOUNG GINO
Alright,when are we going to get
Gonzo gets up and leaves room.He then comes back into room
with a Michael Jordan shoebox in hand.He hands the shoebox
to Gino.Gino opens the shoebox to see four all white Ziploc
bags full of what looked to be cocaine.
Money please?
                       YOUNG GINO
Damn,that's what it is.You gone
cook it for me?


Yeah I got you come ride with me
to the stack house you could learn
a thing or two.
We see a black SUV driving along the highway from behind.It
is weaving in and out of lanes driving slightly faster than
traffic.The black tint looks barely legal and the driver
seems a little careless.We hear dirty south hip hop music
getting blasted out of the woofers.Gonzo is driving with
Gino riding shotgun.
We see a stoned Gonzo at the wheel and Gino in the passenger
seat nodding his head to the bass knocking music.Gonzo pulls
out a blunt,he lights it as he approaches the off ramp.Gino
goes to turn the radio down.
                       YOUNG GINO
Let me tap that one time.
Gonzo looks as if he is annoyed by Gino's presence.
Don't you ever touch my radio
again boy!Cool out you cant smoke
what I smoke.
                       YOUNG GINO
Ill buy a pound of what you smoke,
nigga what you talking about?
      (passes Gino the
Yeah Yeah Yeah all that shit you
talking sound real good.
                       YOUNG GINO
I got to go to the mall later bro
I need some new Tees.


We gone go after I make some money
runs.I need some new jewelry
                       YOUNG GINO
      (passes spliff to
Fa sho,where we headed anyway?
Nicky said he got a new connect
from the south-side.So I got to go
check him out,see what his prices
We see Gonzo pulls into a rundown trailer park.We see a
group of Hispanic teens gathered,their clothes make them
resemble Mexican gang-bangers.We see poorly nourished dogs
and cats all over,the road is a mixture of rocks,potholes,
and pavement.They pull up at a rusty trailer it looks
abandon its in such bad shape.Gonzo passes Gino the lit
                       YOUNG GINO
Damn and I thought we had it bad.
Never judge a book by how the
cover looks,How you know that
house right there ain't got over
100 million dollars in it?
                       YOUNG GINO
There's one hundred mill in that
No,but just because you don't see
something doesn't mean it doesn't
exist.Just because there's


                       GONZO (cont'd)
darkness doesn't mean there is no
                       YOUNG GINO
What you mean?If it's dark then
there's no light.
that's where your wrong,light is a
measurement of how much darkness
there is as to darkness is measure
by how much light there is.
We see a man come out of the trailer he comes down steps and
approaches the SUV,where Gonzo and Gino sit in the smoked
out vehicle.
                       GINO (V.O)
Gonzo always came up with these
dumb ass metaphors and shit.Most
of them didn't make any sense but
after he would explain it to you
it would start to.
                       YOUNG GINO
Where do you come up with some of
that stupid shit you be saying?
Just because something isn't there
doesn't mean it doesn't exist.Just
because you cant see it doesn't
mean it isnt happening little bro.
A black man,DRAINO,approaches car side window he and Gonzo
greet each other.
What it do boss?Wuz up lil G?
Ain't nothing same old same
old.You got that pack off yet?If
not I need the rest of it I got a
move over in the suburbs.


Yeah I moved it all
Well let me get the money.
DRAINO digs deep in his pockets he pulls out some crinkled
up bills.He starts fumbling through the money,his hands are
shaking he's obviously nervous about something.
I think its all there.
Think,you better hope it's all
DRAINO hands the money to a serious Gonzo.Gino sits back
observing the dogs fighting across the street.Gonzo flicks
through the bills quickly.DRAINO'S facial expression reads
he is scared shit-less.
See DRAINO every time we go
through the same thing,I believe
you take me for some kind of joke
or something man.
Never Gonzo we go back to middle
school man,I would never take you
for a joke big homie.
Nah I believe you think I'm a
pussy or something.
How you mean?Gonzo you pulling the
stunts man.I always pay you back
even if I am a little late I
always make sure you get your


Yeah I believe you think I'm
playing about my money.
Gonzo grabs his .45 caliber weapon from beside his seat.He
hops out of car.Gino sits watching as if he is at a movie.
Come on Zoe Ill have your money in
a couple days man please just
don't do nothing crazy man.
Nigga Fuck that first you been
dodging me for like 2 weeks so I
had to pull up to your house.And
when I do catch back up with you
you still ain't got my money,I
believe you taking my kindness for
weakness so say goodnight pussy!
Gonzo pulls pistol on DRAINO.He fires 12 times emptying clip
as he drops DRAINO in place.Gonzo then continues to run a
lifeless DRAINO's pockets.He finds a stash of bills in
DRAINO's sock.We see a shocked Gino observing every little
detail.A cold Gonzo hops back into truck and hurries away
from the scene.
      (talking to
Wanna play with the fucking boss's
money what the fuck you
thinking?Huh I'm fucking Gonzo
Cash nigga King Kong ain't got
shit on me,and if he owed me money
I'd kill his ass too.


                       GINO (V.O)
And that was the first time I had
seen someone get killed.I think I
was dumb high because it didn't
really hit me that my brother just
killed someone.To be honest with
you I thought it was kinda cool.
The sun is starting to set when Gino asks
                       YOUNG GINO
So are we still going to the mall?
Yeah later on I didn't forget
about you.
The sun is setting as Gonzo pulls up to a lower middle class
neighborhood.He pulls into driveway.
This Nicky's man so you cant come
in but Ill be right out though.
                       YOUNG GINO
Im straight just leave the keys.
Gonzo hops out of truck.He goes to door leaving a high Gino
in the car listening to music.Gonzo enters the house while
Gino waits.Gino searches for a cigar.
                       YOUNG GINO
(rapping lyrics to song)
A old crackhead looking man is tapping on the passenger side
window of the car.Gino turns down music and lets window
                       YOUNG GINO
What up?What you need?
                       CRACKHEAD JOE
Wuz up man?


                       YOUNG GINO
You tell me nigga you knocking on
my glass.
                       CRACKHEAD JOE
Oh no I thought you was Grady,he
got a car just like this.
                       YOUNG GINO
Who the fuck is Grady?What the
fuck kind of name is Grady?Get the
fuck out of here dude.
                       CRACKHEAD JOE
Hey man let me borrow about 17
dollars young blood?I got a job
tomorrow and I need gas to get
                       YOUNG GINO
Get the fuck out of here nigga,how
you gone ask to borrow 17
dollars?Take your begging ass down
the street to beg,I ain't
supporting no charity cases.
                       CRACKHEAD JOE
Come on brother,what you need?You
want a computer? I got a computer.
                       YOUNG GINO
Get the fuck outta here I don't
need no stolen ass crackhead
                       CRACKHEAD JOE
      (hollering down
       the street)
Willie Willie Willie Wuz up baby
its me Joe!!
Crackhead Joe leaves the car when seeing someone he knows.He
hurries over begging for money and scalping stolen


                       YOUNG GINO
      (speaking to
Damn crackheads!
We hear the gate in the backyard open.Gonzo is headed to the
car he is holding two large trash bags,they are full as if
he is hauling laundry.He gives a salute to a overweight
Cuban man standing behind the gate.He is dressed in all
black with black designer frames covering his face.He gives
Gonzo a quick head nod,he immediately pulls out his cell
phone as Gonzo walks away.It's obvious his intentions are no
                       GINO (V.O)
Gonzo had only payed for 25
pounds.The funny thing is that the
Essa fronted him fifty.Now why
would someone give you more work
than you've copped.I was young and
ignorant to certain things but
even that would've seem shady to
The Man behind the gate waves Gonzo back to him.Gonzo walks
back into the backyard,he comes back out with another black
garbage bag in hand.Gonzo tosses the bag into the driver
window then hops into SUV.The SUV then reverses out of
driveway and pulls off.
Gonzo looks into rear view mirror,he sees a black car
tailing him so he turns off onto another road.The same car
is tailing him so he pulls over off the road,the car does
the same.
Get down Gino,I'm about to squeeze
on these motherfuckers.
Just as Gonzo prepares to aim his gun blue lights cut on in
the car.Gonzo recognizes its the police and he tosses Gino
the gun to throw into the glove compartment.Gino hesitates
with gun.


Oh shit,put the piece in the
glove-box.Just stay cool don't act
                       YOUNG GINO
I'm cool but fuck that I say we
shoot our way up out of here.
Do what I say!Hurry up,there's two
of them.
Two police detective's get out of a black Chevrolet impala
with very dark tint.One is a younger white man and the
other is a middle aged black man.They approach the car with
the black detective on the drivers side window conducting
the stop.
                       DET. W
License and Registration?
Gonzo abides and hands the Detective his license and
                       DET. W
Do you know how fast you were
going back there?
                       DET. P
Hey, kid keep those hands up where
I can see them!
Gino tenses up,he is obviously nervous.
Nah but I'm sure I wasn't speeding
                       DET. W
Good news you weren't speeding,but
the bad news is you did pull off
the road using no turn signal.So
I'm going to need you to get out
of the car for me.


Why I got to get out the car cant
you just write a ticket or
something?I got somewhere to be.
                       DET. W
I'm not asking you to get out the
car,I'm ordering you to get your
ass out the car NOW??!!
Gonzo exits the truck,he is immediately searched by Det.
Wallace and place in cuffs.Meanwhile Det. Pierce walks over
to Gonzo slapping him with his .40 caliber handgun.
                       DET. P
Fuck you, you piece of scum!
                       DET. W
Whoa!Nice hit Rory,I see you've
been practicing.
What the fuck kind of shit?You
motherfuckers are foul!
                       DET. W
Did I tell you to talk nigga?I
hate niggas like you, you know
Gonzo holds his face as it leaks blood.
Your mans got my shit leaking and
shit man.That's bullshit, you was
trailing me for the past 10
                       DET. P
You're lucky I don't blow your
fucking head off.No shit we been
following you,you think we don't
know you're hauling 75 bricks.


                       DET. W
I hate niggas like you because you
always think you're smarter than
everyone else.You're just a nigga
and a nigga gone always be a no
good, drug dealing, gang-banging,
pimping, prostituting, good for
nothing, nigga.
Newsflash motherfucker you ain't
the lightest shade of shit either.
Detective Pierce punches Gonzo in the stomach.
Fuck you!This ain't no lawful
shit,y'all cant touch me ill be
out tomorrow.Fuck you pigs your
children's children will be buying
dope from me.There's one of me in
every neighborhood.You cant stop
the movement you can only try to
block the path.
                       DET. W
I should shoot you right in your
motherfucking mouth.Rory go get
the kid out of the car,I got a
good idea on what to do with these
Detective Pierce walks toward the passenger side of the
truck where Gino sits.We see a scared Gino go into his
waistline and grabs the rusty revolver that he got from
Monster.He clutches it tightly.Detective Wallace places
Gonzo into police car.We hear a single gunshot.Detective
Wallace draws his .40 caliber handgun and we see him fire 3
                       DET. W


Detective Wallace ran to his fallen partner,he's been shot
directly in the middle of the head.He runs back to his car
and calls for an ambulance.Beside the fallen officer is a
lifeless Gino lying in a pool of his own blood.
                       DET. W (O.S)
We got an officer down on the
intersection of Belmont and Park
view.I repeat officer down send
paramedics now!!
We see paramedics racing to the scene,the ambulance lights
light up the cloudy night skies.As the camera PAN to a
lifeless Gino's body shows signs of life as his fingers move
and his eyes blink.
                       GINO (V.O)
I ain't gone lie now.I thought I
was dead.I thought I was at the
pearly gates,but it was like God
wanted me to come back.For reasons
no one knows,but my grandmother
told me God works in mysterious
ways.What you want for yourself
isn't always what God wants for
you.The way I was feeling while
laying in a pool of my own blood
was that I'd rather be dead.
We see a now grown up Gino looking more mature.He is looking
more muscular and his whole demeanor looks serious.He stands
in front of the prison he was just released from.He is
wearing a white t shirt and blue jeans.
                       GINO (V.O)
Well as you can see I didn't
die.After serving 10 years locked
in a cage I can honestly say I'm
glad I didn't.Gonzo got 15 years
for manufacturing crack cocaine
and distribution charges.He got
another 7 for the burner he used


                       GINO (cont'd)
to kill DRAINO.I only got 13 for
killing Detective Pierce.I got out
in 10 on good behavior.
A silver dodge charger pulls up in front of Gino.Its Beany
and Deuce Stevens childhood homies of Gino.They both get out
the car and embrace Gino.Gino hops in the backseat and the
car pulls off.
Beany starts breaking down a cigar.He is overjoyed,he hands
Gino a lit blunt.Gino shakes his head in refusal until Beany
pulls it back and forth in front of his eyes.Gino gives in
to the peer pressure.
My nigga Gino is back on the
streets.Uh oh the streets ain't
safe no more.
Yeah it is good to see you back
home G.Let me be first to tell you
welcome back my dude.
Gino turns down the blunt.
Appreciate it Deuce that's
love.But yeah it feels good to be
back in these streets again.I done
missed alot.
He takes another huge toke before passing it back to Beany.
Its a celebration bitches!We going
out tonight,Gino's home so we gone
do it big.
Hell yeah,we gone treat you to a
good time tonight G.


What y'all got in mind??I can't be
up in nobody club my first day out
the cage though.
You taken care for bro,weren't you
taken care for when you were
behind them walls back there.
Damn can I smoke with you?This
nigga Beany always chiefing on the
Beany hands spliff to Deuce.
I appreciate you showing love
while I was locked down.I'mma make
sure I repay y'all too.But I'm
just not in no clubbing mood
tonight Beany
You ain't got to pay nobody back
Gino.Were just asking you to come
to the club tonight and party with
the dogs.
Besides I know you want to pull
you some new talent.
Deuce takes a huge toke then hands spliff back to Gino.
Hell yeah nigga,10 years damn your
hand was your bitch.(laughs)
Fuck that I was still smashing
hoes down in there anyway.Them
C.O's was on my dick.


Shut your ugly ass up nigga,you
aint getting no pussy.
I'm mad I shook your hand nigga
damn.Now my hand pregnant.
Deuce, now is Beany fucking these
hoes?Keep it real.
Hell yeah nigga I get pussy from
all age classes from 17 to 67.
Negro you ain't busting down no 67
year olds,and if you was you'z a
nasty motherfucker.
Yeah that nigga telling the
truth,I seen the old lady he
talking about.She be off the river
trying to trick the young niggas
into sleeping with her.
Told you nigga I aint got to lie.
Yeah she an old ugly ass bald
headed black ass bitch.
Gino chokes on spliff laughing


Nigga fuck you she got a fat
ass.You hating,but anyway is you
coming to the club to get wasted
with the homies?
I don't got no clothes for the
We got you,clothes ain't no
excuse.We got the streets we got
the money,cars, clothes, and the
I don't know about going out yet,I
just had 10 years in prison.I need
some time to turn my thoughts into
We got the streets G.Anything you
got planned we can turn into
Beany lights another spliff.
What's dis fool talking about
You remember Gonzo homeboy Ice?
Nicky Ice
Nicky?Yeah what about him?


Ice the man in the city.He got the
streets on lock.He got the most
dope,the most guns,the most
goons,the most women and most
importantly the most money.
Beany hands Deuce the lit blunt.
Yeah Ice looked out for the
streets after Gonzo got bumped
off.He was feeding niggas who was
past hungry so now them same
niggas willing to do anything for
that man.
Nicky ain't look out for me or my
brother while we was locked
up.Fuck that nigga!I don't give a
fuck who he think he is now,he
still Nicky to me.
Ice kept us able to send both of
y'all money.If it wasn't for him
you would be looking real light
right now.
Whatever,I say fuck Nicky.He ain't
had to look out for me but he was
my brother right hand.I think
Gonzo said he wrote him one
letter.Not to mention never sent
no money himself,fuck that nigga
he aint keep it 100.
Say no more but when and if you
need something out her then Ice is
the man to talk to.
Deuce hands Beany spliff


Man fuck Ice!No I didn't mean fuck
Ice but fuck that,lets just go to
the club and get some bitches.
The car arrives to a upscale apartment complex.Gino Deuce
and Beany all exit the vehicle and head into the house.
They enter the well furnished condo,Gino plops down on the
couch,Beany heads for the kitchen while Deuce heads down a
long hallway.
Get comfortable G.Mi casa is su
When you learned spanish Deuce?
                       DEUCE (O.S)
      (from backroom)
I got a couple mexican homies.
A tired Gino sits on the couch spectating the condo.As he
observes he sees a locker next to the TV with a combination
lock on the handle.Beany comes out of the kitchen with a
huge sub sandwich in hand eating as approaching.
You know you got to break bread
with me on a piece of that.
Hell naw,you better go make your
own.I spent too much time thinking
about how this one is going to
taste, so you dead.
Beany takes a huge bite of the sandwich.Deuce walks back
into living room area carrying a black trash bag over his


I'll be back I got some money to
go get.Gino here's the keys to the
coupe.Go get yourself something to
eat.I see this greedy ass nigga
already done helped himself.
Tosses Gino keys
Got to know,I worked too hard on
this sandwich to be fucking it up
by sharing it.
Whatever nigga.Beany make sure
Gino get some clothes for tonight.
How you going to throw the keys to
Gino?This nigga can't drive.Why
you don't let me whip?
I can't trust you with a secret
let alone my car.Gino go get some
clothes I got some ladies coming
over tonight so we don't need to
go to the club,the club is coming
to us.
Deuce exits the condo,Beany and Gino exit not to soon after.
We see Gino and Beany hop into a luxury Mercedes Benz coupe.
                                         SCENE TRANSITIONS OF
We see Gino who is now better dressed with alot more
swagger.We see him talking to a group of ladies outside one
of the clothes spots.


We see Gino and Beany sitting at table eating inside a
rundown burger joint.
Let me ask you a question
Beany.What did Deuce have in that
What is today,Tuesday?
Yeah Tuesday the 23rd.
Oh well it probably was money
Money,how much money you think?
Probably around 40 bands.
How you know that?
Beany wipes his mouth with a napkin.
Because Deuce gets about 50 pounds
a week.He buys 25 and gets 25 on
face and every other week he has
to pay what he owes.
50 pounds of what?
Just weed,he tried selling coke at
one time but he kept getting
robbed so he just deals weed now.


Damn,how much money you making if
he getting it like that.
I got serves here and there,so I'm
only making around 5 stacks a
week.Its better than nothing
Gino gets up to toss meal in trash.He comes back to sit
I'm just asking because Deuce
looks like he is eating and I
don't think you should only be
getting 5 stacks a week if Deuce
is reeling in stupid numbers.
It is what it is,I can't really
We got to go I need to go make a
couple stops.Monster still stay
off the eighty.
Nope,Monster moved to the
northeast side a few years back.
You know where he stay at?
Lets ride I got to go see how my
moms and G-baby doing.
As Gino walks out of the burger joint he sees a beautiful
girl walking with her home-girls to the door.It is Shawnie
Smith and the girls she are with are Tesha Tompkins and Asia


Dotson.He holds the door for them.Shawnie is obviously the
one Gino has his eyes on.
Hey pretty.
Shawnie smiles and stops while Asia and Tesha head inside.
You look familiar
No I dont think you know me.
Yeah I saw you and I together.
oh really?
Trust..So won't you gone let me
call you sometime, so we can enjoy
a day together.
O.k that sounds cool..take my
We see Beany lean out of the car and rush Gino.
Damn you ain't get the number
yet?!?!...You want me to show you
how it's done nigga!!...{chuckles}
We see Gino open the door for Shawnie again,as he slowly
backs away from the door.We see the camera follow Shawnie
from behind.Gino snaps out of his trance and turns to the


We see the Benz pull up to a house,the house is in slightly
poor condition the grass isn't cut and a old beat up
Chevrolet caprice sits in the driveway it doesn't appear to
be working.
Gino looks at the house and takes a deep breath.
I need to see her,I haven't seen
her in 10 years so here goes.
You want me to come in with you?
Naw,you know how my mama is.If she
see you she going to think
something else,it's bad enough im
in this ride.Just chill here for a
second i'm just going in to speak.
Gino heads towards the door.He rings the doorbell until he
figures it still doesn't work.A short boy with a basketball
uniform answers it is Gino's younger brother G-baby.He and
Gino embrace he invites Gino in.
G-baby,I see you barely done grew
about 4 inches in 10
years.(playfully shoves G-baby)
                       G- BABY
It don't matter how much I done
grown them niggas still can't see
me on that court.


Gino and G-baby head to the kitchen.Gino goes into to fridge
for a cup of red Kool-aid.He sits at kitchen table.
                       G- BABY
Damn Gino first day out the joint
and you doing it like that on
em.(examines Gino's charm)
You know I'm good out here little
bro.So what's been going on around
these parts.
G-baby pours a cup of Kool-aid as well.Gino holds cup out
asking for a refill.G-baby fills Gino's cup up as well.
                       G- BABY
I made state for the past 2
years.I'm killing these niggas on
the court.I got scouts from all
over the country wanting me to
play ball for them.
I never even knew you could play
ball.I feel like I done missed
alot man.
                       G- BABY
It doesn't matter what you missed
because you got alot of time to
see me dragging cats on the court
Damn right,I'm going to make sure
I make all your games.
                       G- BABY
Speaking of games,I'm late for
practice.I'm out.I'mma be back
around 9.
Alright,where's mama?


                       G- BABY
At work I think,she should be
pulling up soon.
G-baby grabs his basketball from beside the door.He rushes
out the front door.
Shits crazy,my little brother star
basketball player.
Gino finishes cup of Kool-aid,he goes into his mothers room
it is empty of furniture with clothes spread all over the
floor.He enters G-baby's room he observes G-baby's trophies
and medals all over the house.He heads into his old room,it
is completely empty of furniture.He seems overwhelmed so he
closes the door.
Gino comes out of the house,he hops into the car.
We see Gino and Beany in car.Beany is yet again rolling up
another blunt.Gino's face looks stale as he drives.
Wuz up G?You ain't said shit since
you came out your house,what
Nothing I'm good,just thinking
about life man.
You just need to smoke,after that
you wont even think about
life.That's why I just go with the
flow whatever happens,happens.


But you ever wonder how there can
be so much money out there and
still so many broke ass niggas?
Beany lights the perfectly rolled blunt.
There's niggas with 4 year degrees
who are in the pen.The system
wasn't created by us so it wasn't
built for us to succeed.Like if I
created a video game,I'm going to
be able to play that game better
than everyone else because I
created it.
I never thought about it like that
G,I just don't think that deep
about shit.
So what's the only way to beat the
creator of the game?
Beany hands Gino the lit spliff.
Cheat codes?
You can cheat but he'll figure out
you've been cheating,he created
the cheat codes.
So what's your point?
You play the game until the game
is over because there is no
winning regardless because when
you die you cant take none of the
recognition,fortune,or anything
else with you to the big


                       GINO (cont'd)
Whatever G..That's that
penitentiary talk.Monster's house
is right around the corner from
The two pull up into a suburban community.The neighborhood
looks like a quiet well kept suburb.They pull in front of
Monster's yard.A heavy set dread headed Monster comes out of
the house with a .44 caliber Desert Eagle in hand,he aims it
at the car.
Monster it's me man!!Gino!
It's me G,Gino!
Monster drops his aim.He finally figures out who it is after
Gino hops out of the car.
Gino,Come here my nigga you should
of said something!
Gino and Monster embrace in the front yard.Gino waves Beany
to get out the car.They all head into Monster's garage.
They enter Monsters garage,Monster sits on a weight bench
while Gino and Beany sit on an old couch.Monster is drinking
a 40 oz malt liquor and cleaning his handgun.
Wuz good my nigga?Glad to see you
back out here my nigga.Gino Cash
back out on the streets again.I
tried to tell my goons when my
nigga get out it's over for these


                       MONSTER (cont'd)
Gino nods his head agreeing with Monster
I'm taking over my brother's
vacant throne,you know the streets
need a new king.
I'm rocking with you the long way,
the strong way.
I told Beany that me and you grew
up together back in da hood.
I fuck with Beany me and Beany
went to northern together.We used
skip school and smoke everyday at
his auntie crib.Yeah, boy I wish
you was in high school around the
time I had moved to this side of
town.I put this bitch on lock.
Monster guzzles the malt liquor.He lays back on the bench.
Yeah I was trying to tell Gino
that me and you put in work
together back in the day.
MEDIUM CLOSE UP of Monster on the bench.
Yeah we done stomped plenty of
niggas out together.(laughs)
Monster lays back on the weight bench and does 20 pushing
Hell yeah,you always was the one
shooting though.This nigga Monster
used to shoot up everybody


                       BEANY (cont'd)
party.Niggas hated seeing Monster
come to their party because they
knew he was gone shoot it
Yeah Monster always been
ratchet,even when we was little he
was pulling triggers.
Monster sets back up.
You better believe that!I'm not
playing games with these niggas
out here G.I got a team,I got my
straps and I'm ready for
anybody gets it.
That's the motto that we live by
      (goes over to get
       on the weight
Im home and I feel like the
streets been needing me.
Monster spots Gino
I know you got something planned
you been sitting for ten,you done
had a long time to think.
Gino starts bench pressing weights.He waits to answer
Monster's question until after 10 reps.
I figure by any means necessary.No
one is going to stop me,and if
they try,I don't got brake pads so
I ain't stopping I'm running
straight over em,ya feel me big


I feel you big dog,that's the type
of shit I like to hear.
Come hit the bench Beany.
Nah,I'm good no weights for me.I'm
about to turn my swag and I cant
be sweaty,but I can be high.
pretty ass nigga don't want to
sweat and shit.
What yall getting into tonight?
Monster stands there 40 oz beer in hand and pistol in waist.
Our homeboy Deuce having a little
get together.
Deuce you mean Ol pussy ass Deuce
with the coupe.I knew that car
looked familiar.
Yeah you got beef with Deuce.
Not really,he a bitch.I robbed
this nigga like every other month
for like 3 years straight.He a
Damn Deuce.Did he even try to get
his work back,what he wasn't


Get it back,Ha!I would blow his
head smooth off if he even thought
about asking for it back.He was
strapped but it ain't in him.Deuce
a pussy,I know that's your homeboy
Beany you can tell him I said it
he a bitch he dont want that war.
I'm a delivery boy but I don't
deliver messages, I deliver
Deuce cool people Monster,I didn't
know that you didnt fuck with him.
Nah he's alright just let him know
Big Monster wants his payment a
day early this week or that's his
Damn,aight I'mma keep it real I'm
going to tell him only because I
fuck with him too.And I would do
the same if it was you.
That's some real nigga shit
Gino.You aint changed none boy.
Ill never change you know that.But
we got to get headed back to the
other side bro,I'mma be back
through here later.
Fa sho just hit me up and don't
forget to tell bitch boy what I
said either.


It's good as done.You ready Beany?
Gino and Beany exit scene,with Monster chugging beer.
Gino pulls up to Deuce's house,there's numerous cars lined
up.It looks like more than a little gathering is taking
Deuce answers the door holding a bottle of champaigne, its
obvious he is drunk.As we see Gino and Beany enter the
social gathering.As Gino scans the crowd he makes eye
contact with Shawnie,who is dancing slowly to the melodic
tempo of the music.It seems more of a party than a
gathering.They walk further into the party when Deuce
introduces Gino.
      (directing female)
Hey cut that shit down!!Welcome back to the streets,one of
the realist niggas I ever been
around.My motherfucking nigga Gino
They enter into the party.Deuce drinks from his bottle of
champaigne.Gino tugs Deuce's robe.
You wilding deuce,I dont like the
spotlight on me like that bra.
Everything good Gino everybody
here is like family.Come here
girl!!(at female)
Fuck you too bitch I aint want
your flat ass face anyway!!


Beany leaves scene with a lady.
Come on Gino,follow me.
They walk out onto balcony.We see a Tall jewelry drapped man
with 2 women.One of the women is Tesha Tompkins,Ice's baby's
momma. Behind him we see 4 goons dressed in all black.Deuce
and Gino approach them.
Ice this my nigga Gino I was
telling you about.
Telling what about me?
I know Gino that's like my little
brother too.How you been holding
up lil G?
Same shit different toilet.How you
been holding up Nicky.
Yeah life's been treating me
great,if you haven't heard by now
im the king around this bitch.
Yeah I heard the news.It's kind of
ironic too.
Ice sips from his Heineken.
What you screaming?You using words
I aint accustomed with,what's


Nah it's ironic that you become
the man after Gonzo goes down for
shopping with your so called
plug,ya understand?
The 4 goons hop up immediately,They are standing all around
Ice,Gino mugs all of them with no fear.
What you trying to say,that I got
Gonzo locked up.So you trying to
say im twelve or something?
I call it how I see.
Now the ladies that were on Ice are now choosing Gino.The're
looking at him flirtatiously.Ice notices the change of
attraction,you can see his demeanor change immediately.
Watch your mouth little Gino.If
you got a problem with me dont be
afraid to say it,but I feel like
your insulting my character right
Deuce tries to intervene but Gino isn't hearing him
Just chill Gino,I told Ice you
wanted to get down with the team
and start getting to this paper.
I dont need none of that nigga
money,I dont fuck with him like
that I told you that earlier.
See I tried to look out for
you,but fuck it.I'm going to play
the role of your daddy.


Suck my dick!
Ice's goons step in front of him.Gino stills looks
fearless.Ice looks even more cocky from behind the goons.
Since Im your daddy I think you've
earned an ass whooping!Murder show
this disrespectful little nigga
what time it is.
Murder pulls a sawed off shotgun from his coat.He places it
at Gino's dome.Gino doesnt flinch
What happen to all that ironic
bullshit,isnt this ironic.Dont
blow his face off his body
Murder,he just needed a little
attitude adjustment.
Man come on what the fuck kind of
shit yall doing at my crib?!?!I
got bitches,bottles.....
It's been a nice little schindig
Deuce.You know what it is,keep
getting this money and tell little
Gino you only get 2 strikes before
you're out.
Ice walks past Gino while the gun is still pointing at his
face.Ice gives him a soft smack on the side of the face and
continues walking out of scene.His goons shortly
follow,Murder backs away from Gino with shotgun still aimed
and he gives a sinister look before exiting.
Man shit is crazy right now,I dont
know what to say.


No words needed.Imma show Nicky
fuck boy goons who they fucking
Just let it ride Gino man im
telling you.It's in your best
interest to just let it go.
Fuck that Deuce,that nigga just
tried me so it's on now!Im ready
to take these niggas to war.
Gino leaves scene leaving Deuce standing alone staring at
the stars.Deuce hits the bottle.{SCENE-FADE}
We see Gino pacing back and forth,Beany and Monster are
sitting on the couch in the living area.Monster is holding a
I got something for Nicky,he want
to play games with a real
nigga.I'mma show that nigga whats
Monster aiming chopper at wall
I say we run up in his spot and
lay the whole motherfucking scene
down.Spray everybody!!
I'm down but that's not the way I
want to get at him.
How you plan on moving then?


I just want the paper.I could care
less about Nicky bitch ass but
since he want to play Mr. Big shot
we going to collect past dues.
Now you talking.
Beany I need you to keep it 100
with me,put me on a couple of
Nicky's spots and ill break you
off a little something nice for
your cooperation.
I don't know,how much you talking
For every ten grand ill break you
off two.So you put us on 25 stacks
you will get 5.
      (Beany ponders
Yeah we can make something happen.
Lets get it!If they flex like they
don't want to give it up, say no
We see Monster and Beany running up on various people
robbing them of large knots of money and drugs.We see
Monster pistol whip one of Ice's workers.We see Monster and
Gino shoot out at one of Ice's stash houses.Now we see Gino
and Monster counting out all the money they have earned from
the robberies,they look extremely richer than before.
                       GINO (V.O)
Beany put us in the game with the
licks.He gave up 4 of Ice's
runners routes and 2 of Ice's
stash houses.After hitting up


                       GINO (cont'd)
Ice's spots,me him and Monster had
came up fast.The whole team had
came up fast.It felt good to be
We see {EXTREME-CLOSEUP} of champagne being poured into a
crystal clear wine glass.Gino and Shawnie are eating dinner
in a luxury restaurant setting.Gino raises his glass to
To living
That's a good one,to living.
They toast glasses
How do you do it?
Do what?
Manage to look beautiful at all
times,it's amazing.
Shut up boy!You know how to sweet
talk a lady.Game recognize game.
Game recognize game huh.I'm just
calling it how I see it.
Whatever,Asia said she saw you in
the club dancing with Tesha.


Who,I don't know anybody by that
                                         SCENE TRANSITIONS TO
Bullshit nigga,you know
Tesha,Ice's baby-momma.She was at
Deuce's house the night of the
Nah never heard of her,and if I
was dancing with her that's all it
was,just dancing.
Umm huh.
I don't care about no other girl
but you.I got you something.
What you get me?
close your eyes.(he opens jewelry
Gino,it's beautiful.
I thought you would like it.
I love it babe.
They kiss each other,scene transitions into Gino and Shawnie
sex scene in Gino's house.Camera fades out.


We see Gino and Shawnie lying in bed.The phone rings waking
Gino up,Shawnie stays asleep.Gino reaches over to pick up
his phone off the dresser.
Gino listens...
You know what time it is boy?You
better have a million dollars with
Gino fumbles out of bed.He goes to answer the door.We see
G-baby at the door.He steps inside,he follows Gino into the
kitchen.Gino goes into fridge pouring a cup of orange juice.
What's up man?
                       G- BABY
Let me get some juice.
Gino gives G-baby the stale face.
You sick,I know you ain't come to
my crib for no damn juice.Tell me
why you at my spot at 7 in the
                       G- BABY
Man,remember that little stash of
weed you had under the house.
Of course I remember my
shit.What'd you do?
                       G- BABY
Man I went in and took some of it.


How much you take?
                       G- BABY
Man,what had happened was...
We see Gino's patience wear thin as he interrupts G-baby.
Man cut the shit,you heard what I
asked you.How much of my shit did
you take?
                       G- BABY
All of it.
All of it,what kind of shit is
that?How you going to go in and
take some shit that don't belong
to you?
                       G- BABY
Man fuck that,I don't want to hear
it!You going to work to pay that
debt off.
                       G- BABY
Chill bruh I got it covered.
G-baby takes off his backpack and goes to the table.
Chill?I know you ain't telling me
to chill and you done blew damn
near 40 pounds!I should whoop your
                       G- BABY
I aint blow shit!


G-baby flips his book bag over dumping multiple stacks of
money on to the table.Gino picks up a stack,he flips through
the bills.
How much is this?
                       G- BABY
About thirty racks.
So you sold it all?
                       G- BABY
Hell yeah
You only made thirty bands?
                       G- BABY
Nah,that's your money.I came off
something proper.
G-baby pulls a thick wad of money out of his jacket pocket.
Who did you sell forty pounds to?
                       G- BABY
My homeboys on the team copped a
couple of them,but my homeboy
Leon's cousin bought like thirty
of them.
G-baby I don't want you out here
moving weight.You not built for
it.You don't know the rules and
regulations of the game.
                       G- BABY
What you mean,I'm cut from the
same cloth as you and Gonzo.I
don't understand.How come you can
get money but I cant?


You don't know these people and
you out here selling forty pounds
to someone.Get the fuck outta
here.You could have been fucking
with the feds.
                       G- BABY
I know Leon and it's his people.If
it was feds do you think I would
be over here right now?
You're not a dope dealer.Point
blank,You've got to focus on
graduating and which college your
going to.
                       G- BABY
I'm still going to graduate.I just
need some money man.I see you out
here balling,and I want the same
shit bruh.
If you need money just ask me I
got you.I don't want you out here
                       G- BABY
Your money ain't my money.I cant
buy what I really want because I
don't have the money I need.Just
let me buy a couple thangs every
week and I'll give you Leon's
cousin as a swerve.
I don't need none of your
swerves,I got plenty of swerves
already for more than thirty
                       G- BABY
Well just let me buy a couple
pounds every other week.I can move
it brush,you get your money and I


                       G- BABY (cont'd)
get mine.
Gino stands up and approaches window.He looks as if he is
thinking extremely hard scratching his head.
I got you under a couple
conditions.I'll let you get one
pound a week,and you're going to
send Leon's cousin to me to cop
for now on.I want to know who is
copping thirty P's around here.
Shawnie appears on screen,she is fully dressed.She
approaches Gino and gives him a kiss.
I've got to go to work babe.Bye
I'm late.
Bye,call me when you get off.
                       G- BABY
Bye baby.
G-baby steps in Shawnie's path,he puckers up.She shoves him
back into his seat.
But did you comprehend what I
                       G- BABY
I got you bro.I got it under
control.I got to get to
school,I'mma come through after
G-baby grabs his book bag and prepares to leave before being
stopped by Gino's question.
When you go to school,don't be
talking about what's going
on.Nobody is suppose to know you


                       GINO (cont'd)
trap remember that.
                       G- BABY
Yeah yeah yeah,I got to get going
bruh,I got you trust.
G-baby exits scene.Gino locks the door behind him.Gino
approaches the money stacks on the table again as we see the
camera fade out on CLOSE-UP of the Gino's hands counting the
They are in Monster's garage,We see Monster benchpressing
weights with Gino spotting him.
I dont know if I should let G-baby
get down.
They switch postions,now Monster spots Gino.
I dont see why not.It's in his
I know I just dont think he
understands how cold the streets
can get.
Gino begins his reps.
Little G will be straight,you just
too damn parental and shit.
Gino sits up after short reps of 10.
I got to be.That's the only
brother I got thats got the chance
to be somebody.I just don't want
to bring him into something that


                       GINO (cont'd)
he isnt prepared for.
Monster walks over to pick up his 40 oz malt liquor.He
tosses Gino a beer.
I understand where you're coming
from but if G-baby wants to get to
the money,why not help him?
I just dont think his mind is
ready yet.
He's good G.Nobody is going to try
him because they already know
what's going to happen.We got
killers all over town so if
anybody play pussy they going to
get fucked!
I dont know,I told him to come
over here after practice.If I do
put him on,there's some rules he's
got to learn.
Someones at the door.Monster goes to answer,it's beany.Beany
enters scene he and Gino shake hands.He sits on a raggedy
recliner.He immediately pulls out a rolled up blunt.
What's good Beany?
Beany fires up blunt.
Nothing much Gino you tell me.I
heard your little brother the mans
How the hell you know that?


Nevermind how I know,how can I get
on with fifty of em?
How you know how much work G-baby
This little bitch I fuck with that
goes to his school told me.They
say he made it rain ten stacks
during lunch.
Gino hops up,he is heated.He is pacing back and forth.
Imma kill this lil nigga.
He wilding!
Yeah G-baby hot as fire.He telling
all the lil bitches he got bricks
and shit!
Imma whoop his ass!He should be at
the door any second.
How much he paid for fifty of
em?Put me in the game like that.
Chill Beany not right now.Im not
in the mood to answer no fucking
Im just saying G.Why you aint put
me in the game like you put
G-baby?I'm trying to eat too.


Nigga you eating good now,how you
Man I aint eating good enough.You
and Monster making all the
bread,yall bird feeding me.
Quit crying!You need a tampon or
something because you sounding
like a straight up bitch right
I got you Beany but you aint
moving the work fast enough to get
more,so you straight with what you
getting now.
That's some bullshit.You can front
your little brother fifty P's but
you cant toss me some more
work.That's fuck shit G!
You don't know what the fuck you
talking about Beany,so just shut
the fuck up!
Yeah Beany,you just a jealous ass
nigga.Maybe if you stop smoking
all the work then you can get
more.Quit begging and start
Fuck you nigga!
Monster takes two pistols out of waistline and places them
on a nearby dresser.He approaches Beany.


So you got nuts now?I'll knock
your bitch ass out nigga!Who the
fuck you think you is?
Fuck you nigga,what you wanna do?
Gino steps in between the two before punches are thrown.
Man both of yall chill!We supposed
to be brothers and yall about to
fight over some bullshit.Both of
yall need to get focused.Beany you
get more work when you show me you
can move more work,until then dead
that shit!!
The sound of the doorbell interrupts them.Gino hurries to
answer the door,he opens the door to see G-baby in brand new
clothes and jewelry.
Gino steps outside with G-baby.Monster and Beany
follow.G-baby doesn't realize what is about to take place.He
is in a cheerful mood.
Oh you a big timer now huh?
                       G- BABY
Oh you talking about the gear.This
shit is fly ain't it.I got it for
the low low from the other side.
Yeah it's fly.Let me see your
chain,take it off.
G-baby takes off the chain,he hands it to Gino.Gino puts the
chain in his pocket.


                       G- BABY
What's up?
Nothing,you still want to get
                       G- BABY
Hell yeah!What I got to do?
Gino nails G-baby with a solid hay maker dropping him in
place.He continues stomping G-baby,Monster and Beany both
join in on the beating.The camera slowly fades out from
G-baby's FIRST PERSON view.
                       GINO (V.O)
G-baby wasn't ready to get
down,but I wasn't at first
either.Under proper supervision I
think I could turn anybody into
half decent drug dealer.Of course
there's somethings that can't be
taught,either you got it or you
We see Gino standing in the center of a huge circle of 10 to
15 goons dressed in black.We see a swollen eye G-baby there
also,Monster stands with Gino inside the circle.He is
addressing everyone on the rules and regulations of being
apart of his camp.
First rule:keep your mouth closed
in every situation.Every
Second rule:is to stay humble
because karma is one ugly bitch
and you don't wanna ever get
fucked by her.


Third rule and most important of
all:Dishonor and unloyal
individuals are not to be
tolerated.The higher Archy will
personally take care of it!
We see Monster holding a 223.He agrees with Gino silently by
nodding his head.We see Beany look awkwardly at Gino.
Now with that being said,does
everyone understand?
We see everyone nod their heads as if they understand.We see
a bruised up G-baby nod.
Now let's get this money!
We see scene transitions of money being brought to Gino.We
see money being brought in a suitcase,a duffel,a trash
bag,and even a van full of money.We see Monster killing the
disloyal and we see Beany who doesn't appear happy by the
new found success of Gino.
                       GINO (V.O)
The more money that comes,the more
problems.Just like the song,just
when you think life can't get any
better.In the back of your mind
you just know that it's going to
get alot worse.I once thought that
money can buy you happiness,I
learned it can.It can also bring
you pain,a pain that even the
richest man in the world cant pay
to go away.
Ice's stash house is a rundown off colored wooden house.We
see no cars in the front yard but numerous people are on the
front porch.We see a white hummer pull in front of the


home.We see Leon Jones jump off the porch and run to the
car.The back window slowly comes down,it's Ice.
Wuz up Unc?
What's going on nephew?You got
some good news for me?
Leon hands Ice a piggly wiggly grocery bag with what appears
to be stacks of money.
Tell me something good about you
Yeah G-baby told me if you want to
get more than thirty you are going
to have to shop with his brother
for now on.
Bet...how's everything
looking?Y'all don't look like
y'all working.
Man shit sick!No money coming
through everybody going to the
other side for the work.All of our
serves shopping with Gino and them
Ice gives Johnny and Ronnie a quick signal to handle the non
All y'all serves shopping with
Gino's fuck ass!What the fuck that
got to do with yall not working?


We see Ronnie and Johnny hop out the hummer.Johnny is
carrying 2 9mm while Ronnie follows clutching his gun under
his shirt.They approach the porch where Ice's workers
Y'all niggas better get out here
and get this money or your
services will no longer be
needed.If these niggas got y'all
serves go and make it so nobody
going shop with they ass no
more.You understand?
Johnny pistol whips one of the horse players.Ronnie pulls
the pistol on the rest of the goons.We see Johnny viciously
pistol whipping the unconscious goon,blood is splattering
all over him.
Do I make my self clear?
I got you Unc.
Johnny and Ronnie head back to the limo not before Johnny
pistol whoops one more goon.They hop in and the hummer
speeds off.We see a nervous Leon look at his fallen homies
who have been left leaking.
                                         SCENE TRANSITIONS
EXTREME CLOSEUP of a lit candle on a glass table.We see a
dim candle lit dining area where Gino and Shawnie sit at the
table sharing a home cooked plate and expensive champagne.
      (raises his glass)
To us..


she clicks glasses
To us.
We hear the doorbell ring right before Gino takes his first
That's G-baby you know tonight's
his prom night.You know he trying
to be the man tonight.
You so stupid.
Excuse me.
Gino goes to answer the door.It's G-baby in an all white
tuxedo.Gino invites him in,they walk back into the dining
Woooooo!Dont you look handsome.
G-baby strikes a quick pose.
                       G- BABY
You got to know if you ain't
already know!
Boy you a fool!You killing them in
that all white though bro.
                       G- BABY
I learned from the best.You still
going to let me push the stupid


I told you I got you.Just don't
run into nothing or that's my foot
in yo ass.
Gino tosses G-baby the keys.He then continues starting on
his dinner.
                       G- BABY
Don't worry bruh,I'm good.I got to
get going anyway,both of my dates
waiting on me.
Both??You got two?
                       G- BABY
Yeah my girl got a girlfriend.
Get the fuck outta here!You
holding up my dinner with that
fuckery.Two dates...
Gino walks G-baby to the door.Gino opens the door for him.
                       G- BABY
Good look bro on letting me push
the whip.
Ain't shit just remember what I
told you about my car,and don't be
driving all fast and shit either.
                       G- BABY
You good man.These hoes about to
put that pussy on me tonight!
      (leans in and
Two dates,that's the way to do
it.I see you taking notes.
      (gives G-baby a
       fist pound)


                       G- BABY
You know.But let me get going...oh
I almost forgot to tell you.Leon
said his cousin wants to buy some
How much he talking about?
                       G- BABY
He say he want to buy five
Five birds??Tell him fuck no!Ain't
nobody trying to cop five keys in
this city except for a couple
niggas and I know them
niggas.Watch that little nigga
Leon because ain't no telling with
a little nigga like that.
                       G- BABY
Alright man,Leon straight me and
him done put in work together and
It's just something is kind of
funny about that little nigga.Just
peep his moves.
                       G- BABY
I got you bro.
G-baby and Gino dap up as G-baby exits the scene.Gino goes
back to his dinner.
We see G-baby pull up to a an traffic light intersection.


We see G-baby inside the car,he cuts the music down to
answer his cell phone.
                       G- BABY
      (on phone)
We see two black cars pull up on both sides of the car.We
see the window come down on the passenger side of the car
nearest to the drivers side of Gino's car.We see Leon he
looks at G-baby as if he knows what's about to happen.He
pulls down ski mask.
                       G- BABY
Leon!Yo Leon!
We see the window come down on the other car.A 223 barrel is
placed out of the window.The shooter lets the chopper
rip,while simultaneously Leon aims a 45 caliber handgun out
the window and starts firing.After a hailmary of bullets we
see an EXTREME CLOSEUP of the blood on G-baby's face as it
shifts to an EXTREME CLOSEUP of the red traffic light.
We see Gino and Monster playing a video game on the
couch.They both appear to be drunk as beer bottles line up
on the glass table in front of them.Gino hops up as the game
gets exciting.

Man fuck this shit!This shit
cheating,you done put in codes and
Cheating my ass!!Have my money


Man this controller broke or
something,this shit sick as hell!
Gino's phone rings
Sound Good.Boy this better be
G-baby with my car,this little
nigga had two dates last night,he
probably still in bed cuddling and
Gino answers his phone,we hear Beany's voice as he tells
Gino the news of what happen to G-baby.The camera
transitions from Gino to Beany as they talk.
                       BEANY (O.S)
G Im sorry bro.
Damn Beany you sound all sad and
shit like you just lost your dog.
Nah man you ain't heard about
What!What about my brother?
They found him at the traffic
light last night.They killed him.
What!!Who killed what!!Tell me you
shitting Beany,please tell me you
just bullshitting!
The car had 150 bullet holes in
it.They shot him 42 times.I'mma
find out who did this shit


                       BEANY (cont'd)
G,G-baby was like my little
brother too.
Gino's eyes fill with tears as his face swells with rage.He
flips the glass table in front of him,he punches a hole in
the wall as he stomps down his hallway.He grabs gun after
gun out of his gun safe.He heads back into living room where
Monster stands cocking both of his glocks.
G-baby got killed last night and
I'm about to find out by who!
What!!Little G no!!I'mma kill
whoever did this and their
children and their children's
children G.Fuck That!!
Let's get to it!
Say no more.
We see Gino and Monster riding in different hoods.We see
them approach a large group of teenagers playing basketball
at a neighborhood park.We see Leon on a park bench watching
as Gino approaches the crowd.
I got a couple questions I need to
ask yall real quick.
The boys continue to play,Gino tries once more to get their
It works to no avail.He pulls out his desert eagle and fires
one shot in the air.The game stops and everyone freezes in


place as he and Monster walk onto the court.Monster pulls
both of his pistols aiming at the tallest player on the
Now my little brother G-baby got
killed last night,and I know you
know him.So I need some answers
starting with which one of you is
Leon who is still sitting on the park bench tries to ease
away.Gino spots him and gives chase.Monster stays holding up
the game.Gino catches Leon as he tries to hop a gate and
falls.Gino immediately is on top of him with gun drawn aimed
in his face.
You better start talking now,or
else they won't be able to
recognize you at your funeral,so
try me!
I don't know nothing man,I don't
even know no nigga named Leon.
You must think I'm playing don't
Gino quickly runs Leon's pockets.He finds Leon's wallet,he
pulls out an ID card.
O.k so you already lying to me,so
you must take me for a joke or
something.Leon Jones 508 Blueridge
ave. I would hate to have to duck
tape your family over a little
lying ass like you.
Gino place gun right in between Leon's eyes.
Now who killed my brother?


I swear I don't know!Just please
man don't kill me!
I know you know something,because
you the last person he said he was
coming to see before he went to
the prom.Just tell me did you talk
to G-baby last night?
No man!I didn't see G-baby all day
I think you lying.While were at it
what is your cousin's name and
where is he from?
It's my uncle,not my cousin.
What's his name???
Uncle Nicky!!Where's he at??
I don't know man.Just don't kill
me G-baby was my homeboy too.
I might not kill you.But I want
some answers and you're not giving
me what I want.Where's your phone?
Gino reaches into Leon's pocket and pulls out a cellular
phone.He dials Ice's number he forces Leon to say hello.
Wu..Wu..Wuz up Unc?


Gino pulls phone away from Leon and hears Ice talking
                                         TRANSITIONS INTO ICE
Nephew,Come on over we having a
celebration.You're the newest
member of my starting lineup,you
got that killer mentality.Fuck
friends that pussy ass nigga Gino
going to lose alot more than just
his chicken shit little
brother.Promise.You did good
                                         BACK TO GINO AND
      (into phone)
You fuck ass nigga Nicky!!You done
fucked up!!You done fucked all the
way up!!
Gino hangs up the phone.
What??I'm good right,you don't
need me right??
Nah I don't need you,but the devil
needs you pussy!
Gino squeezes on Leon.He fires 6 times hitting Leon in the
chest.Gino spits on Leon's lifeless body and tosses a 100
dollar bill that lands on Leon's body.Monster enters scene
asking no questions firing both pistols simultaneously at an
already dead Leon.
                       GINO (V.O)
I done been through alot of shit
but,G-baby's death felt like it
was my fault though.If I had never
gave him the keys to the car he


                       GINO (cont'd)
would've still been here.Since the
guilt was on my heart the only way
to get rid of it was by getting
We see an older looking black Det. behind a desk.On his desk
we see a name plate it reads Detective Wallace.He has papers
scattered all across his desk.He turns around to a chalk
board with mugshots stuck to it.His office phone rings,Det.
Wallace answers.
                       DET. W
      (on phone)
Detective Wallace speaking...
Det. Wallace leans back in his seat smiling as he obviously
hears good news on the phone.
                       DET. W
O.k when do you think you can come
down to my office?
                       DET. W
better yet we can meet at
                       DET. W
Alright it's set.Don't worry about
it you will be taken care of.This
will be like killing two birds
with one stone.(laughs)
                       DET. W
Alright see you around 6.Alright
take care.
Detective Wallace hangs up the phone.He gets up and walks
over to the board.He snatches a picture off the board and
places them in a black folder.We see a CLOSE-UP of the
mugshot and the mugshot is of Gino.


We see Gino's black SUV riding on the interstate from
behind,weaving in and out of traffic.
We see Gino,Monster and Beany dressed in all black
clothes.All three have gloves on and skullies.Beany looks
nervous in the backseat as he looks all around
frantically.Monster is nodding his head to the music as if
he has no care.Gino is driving and his face is looking
colder than usual.
This is the turn right up here,the
next right.
You remember where the money is
You think I would be in the car if
I didn't?They're going to be
strapped out there.
Soon as we see anything move,I'mma
start wetting!
Monster pulls down his ski mask and tightens his gloves.They
pull up to Ice's main stash house.We see about 8 dope
dealers standing around two of them are slap boxing in the
front yard,horse playing.
Look at these clowns.
That's it right there.
We see Gino stick his hand out the window waving someone to
come to the car.Two of the dealers race to the car as the
others watch the slap boxing match.We see Gino's window come


down and shots rain as Gino leaves both dealers lifeless.The
other goons start shooting back at the car.Beany is crouched
over in the car as the dealers shoot back.Monster hops out
of the car and walks into the front yard chunking a sawed
off pump dropping every one left and right.Gino and Beany
hop out after the shots cease.
Come on!!
Gino and Monster trail Beany as he runs into the backyard.We
see them go into a old shed.We see 10 to 20 duffel's.Gino
unzips one of the duffel's to reveal stacks of money.We see
Gino Monster and Beany come back out of the backyard and
throw the bags in the car.The car then speeds off.
We see Ice standing around in front of 20 to 30 goons in a
old Ice warehouse.The room looks cold as fog releases from
their breaths.Ice is pacing in front of them.He starts
barking out orders to his troops.
Can somebody explain how 10 men
get gunned down and nobody knows
who had anything to do with it?
We see a nervous Deuce.
Not only did 10 men who killed to
put me in this position get killed
but more importantly,I took a
quarter million dollar lost.
Ice paces in front of the individuals in his camp,sizing
them up.He stops in front of Deuce.
You know where's my money,don't
you Deuce?


Nah Ice,If I find out anything
it's over for the fuck boys who
did this Ice,over.
I feel like you're lying to me.Why
do I feel like that Deuce?
Ice steps back and asks Ronnie for his pistol.He then takes
a step toward Deuce who is obviously scared.
I going to find out what you know
one way or another.Stick your foot
Come on Ice.Stall me out man,come
on bruh.I thought we was better
than that.
If you don't stick out your foot I
going to shoot off your dick,now
stick out your foot!!
Deuce obliges to Ice's command.Ice aims the gun at Deuce's
You still going to play this game
with me?Like I don't know who your
homeboys are.You got 3 seconds to
start spitting out some
Those are Beany's homeboys.I don't
get down with them bitch ass
niggas like that.I'll get Beany to
come and he'll tell you anything
you want to know.
So Beany knows where my money is?


Hell yeah,Beany know.I don't know
shit about sh....
Deuce is interrupted by a loud bang of the .40 caliber
handgun.Ice has shot him in the foot.Deuce crouches in pain
as Ice still has the gun drawn on him now at his face.
You a good man Deuce.Only problem
with your story is that it took
longer than 3 seconds.
Ice hands Ronnie back his gun.He walks towards Johnny.
I don't care how you get it,but I
want my money back.Anybody who is
in the way...Off em!
ten four big dog.
Ice starts walking off with Murder trailing him.He turns
back to Murder and says.
And I want Gino's head,he's been a
little too much of a pesk
recently.Let the goons know I got
half a mil on his head.
You think I'm going to tell the
goons that.Fuck them,that half a
milli's mine.
That's why I fuck with you
Murder.Hopefully those idiots have
the job finished by tonight.


We see Detective Wallace leaving out of JULISSA'S.He bumps
into P.J who recognizes him quite well.P.J opens the door to
the restaurant to see Beany strolling out the door trying to
be unnoticed.P.J tells his girl to go inside the
restaurant.He immediately hops on the phone.
      (on phone)
What's up big homie.I just saw
some funny looking shit down here
at Julisa's.
      (on phone)
You know your boy Beany,it looks
like he working with the feds now.
      (on phone)
Give me the word and you know it's
taken care of.
      (on phone)
Fa-sho.You need me to take that
fool out I got it done.Church
P.J hangs up the phone.He heads into Julissa's.
We see Gino sitting on the couch hands behind his head
daydreaming.We hear water running in the kitchen.The water
stops and Shawnie enters scene.
You alright?
I've had better days.The streets
looking shady as fuck right
now.P.j just called talking about
he saw Beany with the twelve at


                       GINO (cont'd)
Shawnie walks over to Gino.She sits next to him.
Whatever you want to do baby,I'm
behind you 100 percent.These
niggas can't see you out here.
I think I should get away from
this shit for a little while.Take
a little vacation,go to Amsterdam
or Paris,Belize,shit maybe
Africa,anywhere else would be
better than the Met right now.
What can I do to make you feel
I got something in mind.
Shawnie starts kissing Gino's neck.She works her way down to
proceeding with giving him head.
                                         WE SEE OUTSIDE
We see 4 goons hop out of each car.They rush quietly around
the perimeter.
                                         BACK TO GINO ON
We see Gino enjoying himself obviously as he lifts his head
and opens his eyes,[EXTREME CLOSE UP] he sees two bodies
past his glass window.He pushes Shawnie away.


Get down under the table!
Gino slides to the floor and reaches under his chair
cushions to pull two smith and Wesson .45 caliber pistols.He
turns to Shawnie and orders her to stay quiet.
What is going on?
CAMERA ZOOMS INTO Gino's eyes to see the reflection of 4 men
in his home coming down the hallway.Gino pops up pistols
blazing unloading both clips dropping all 4 of Ice's
goons.He drops both clips out of the guns.
What's HADNIN!!,y'all bitch niggas
can't see me!!
Gino runs to his bedroom,he grabs the 223 from the gun
closet.He grabs a couple clips.He looks out of window and
sees 2 goons in his backyard,he fires down from the top
chopping them down.
What!!Pussy ass niggas can't
fucking see me!!
Gino heads back to a crouched over shaken Shawnie.He checks
her then goes back to patrolling his house.We see a goon
sneaking through the patio door,he aims pistol at Gino's
back.We hear 3 gunshots and we see Gino look down as if he
has been shot.As he checks if he is shot Monster grabs his
Gino you straight?We got to get
gone,twelve is going to be here
any second.


I can't leave my house with dead
bodies laying all over this
bitch,I got to stay.
Stay?!?You and I know that when
the police get here they're not
going to let you get off with
bodies piled up in your hallway.I
say we break now,fuck this crib
you can buy a new one.
Just let me get some of my shit.
Hurry up,I'm going to the car.
Shawnie baby go with Monster.
Gino races back upstairs to his room.He then unlocks a file
cabinet with stacks of money in it.He places each stack in a
duffel he snatches out of the closet.He puts his jewelry in
the bag also.He then rushes to the already running car and
hops in.
Inside Ice and his goons sit at the bar surrounded by
girls.Deuce enters the bar,he immediately hurries to Ice to
deliver the news of a failed mission.We see Ice smash a beer
bottle over one of his soldier's head.
I want Gino Cash's motherfucking
head!!Murder go and take that
motherfucker out!
ten four boss.
Ice turns back around facing the bar and pulls out his phone
and makes a call.


      (on the phone)
Yeah you know who it is.I need you
to do something for me.I'll pay
you whatever you want,but I got a
problem on my hands and problems
for me are problems for you.
                                         WE SEE DETECTIVE
                       DET. W
What?How are your problems my
                                         WE SEE ICE
Bodies are going to continue to
come up missing,and people will
continue to be killed.More work
for you,less time home with your
family,more stress at your
job.More chances for one my goons
to fuck your wife and your
mistress,now which game do you
want to play?
Now we see Detective Wallace again sitting up at his desk.He
is obviously intimidated by Ice's tone.
                       DET. W
I know you didn't call to threaten
me because that's not going to get
you anywhere.What do you want me
to do for you?
We see Ice again at the bar
The problem is the same as our
last little problem.Except it's
his little brother.Gino Cash,I
need for you to send your men to
handle our situation.


We see Detective Wallace.
                       DET. W
I can only do so much Ice you know
I don't want to get my hands all
bloody.You all are acting too
foolish for me to send my troops
into a extremely hostile
situation.It's too risky locking
Gino up and he pays bond and gets
lawyers and beats all the time.You
and I know Gino will not sleep
until he gets revenge.
We see Ice
Look what kind of situation you're
putting me in Earl.I am not asking
you to handle our problem.I'm
telling you matter of fact I'm
ordering you.
                       DET. W
      (off screen)
Try me Earl!!I want you to fucking
try me if I give the word your
whole house will be on fire in 10
seconds,fucking try me!!
We see Detective Wallace
                       DET. W
I can risk putting my life on the
line but I'm going to need 250,000
cash this time.
Bitch you take what I give you!And
remember your life is on the line!


We see Detective Wallace look at the phone as he hears dial
tone.Ice sips from his beer and gives a sinister look into
We see Gino and Shawnie asleep in a hotel parking
lot.Shawnie is wearing a blanket as if she slept in the
car.The sun wakes Gino up.He stretches and wipes eyes before
waking Shawnie up.
Shawnie get up.
She turns toward Gino blanket still covering her.Gino cranks
the car and pulls out of parking lot.
Where are we going?
Im taking you to your mom's house.
What,No you not!I'm staying with
She raises up in the seat.
I'm not asking you,it's not your
choice.I don't want you to get
hurt out here following me up.
I'm not worried about getting hurt
as long as I'm with you.I'm
staying you're not dropping me off
It's not your choice.I know how
the streets move and I'm not going
to put you in a position where
something can happen.It's not


                       GINO (cont'd)
going down shawty,trust!
I thought I was your ride or die?
You are and I'm not going to let
my ride or die,die.
I'm not going to just let you
leave me Gino.
I'm not leaving you.I'll be back
after the heat cools down.I'm hot
as grits right now so I got to get
out of town for a little
while,just until shit cools off
around here.
And what happens if you don't come
We see the car pull up to Shawnie's mother's house.
There's no what if,I'll be back.
But what if you don't come back?
I'm going to come back.Every king
shall return to his throne.Just
trust me babe,just do this for me.
Whatever nigga.
Shawnie hops out of the car.Gino looks at her storm away
angry.We see Gino pulling off.We see Gino get on his cell


      (on phone)
I'm out bro hold down the throne
for your dog.I'll be back to
reclaim my crown.
We see a aerial view of downtown Atlanta.We see numerous
interstate signs reading famous street names.We see the
environment change from rich downtown Atlanta to the
trenches of Atlanta.Now we see neighborhood signs and road
signs as well as a graffiti tagged wall.
                       GINO (V.O)
Even though it felt good to get
out of Columbia.I felt like I
turned my back on everybody.Funny
thing is Atlanta ain't no
different from Columbia except for
more people.That means more
snitches,more bitches,more
goons,more hustlers,and more
money.And we all know what comes
with more money...
We see Gino pull up to a fast food joint in a candy painted
sports car.He has a bad bitch in the passenger seat.We see
Gino hop out grinning jewelry draped designer frames and
clothes.He goes around to open the door for his female
                       GINO (v.o)
As you can see I fell into the
same lifestyle in the A.I ran
across a new plug no longer than 2
months after I got back.What you
thought I wasn't still going to
get to the money.You must be
smoking.I had everything I wanted
again.Fly whips,Gucci Louie
this,Gucci Louie that,bad
bitches,and big bankrolls.But yet
I still wasn't satisfied.I knew


                       GINO (cont'd)
what I had to do.
We see Gino pull up on a group of gangsters dressed in a
rundown project.Gino hops out of the car and approaches the
How you fellas doing?
                       GOON 1
Nigga what you want?If you want
some weed go to the back building.
Nah I don't want to cop no weed
little homie.I wanted to let y'all
know the king is back and I'm
looking for soldiers.
                       GOON 1
Nah we don't need no new kings
around here.I'm the king around
this bitch.So thank you but no
thank you.If you ain't spending no
money get the fuck from around
here you heard me??
Watch your tone little homie.Just
let your big homie know that Gino
Cash is back in town,and he's
collecting dues.
                       GOON 1
Little homie??I ain't telling my
big homie shit.Now get the fuck
off my block before I plug yo ass
full of that hot shit!!


The goon pulls up shirt to reveal pistol in his
waistline.The other goons step up as if they are about to
try to jump Gino.
Hahaha put that up boy before you
kill yourself.
                       GOON 1
Nigga fuck you!!
The goons reaches for his tool but before he is able to draw
down Gino pulls two .45 caliber weapons on him.One of his
homeboys tries to pull his strap before getting shot in the
face.Gino aims both pistols back at the gangster.
I know you wasn't really going to
try me like that boy!You must
don't know who I am so let me
reintroduce myself by saying get
down or lay down.Which one do you
We see the gangster froze as he trembles from the thought of
being shot in the face.He nods his head agreeing with
Gino.Gino then tucks both straps and takes the gangster's
gun from his waist.
That's good to know.Don't forget
to give the message to your big
We see Gino hop back into car and drive off.
                       GINO (V.O)
In order to get the streets
back,you first have to let them
know your back to take them.I was
home and the whole city was going
to know it.


Camera follows behind 2 Goons carrying duffel.We see Deuce
open a door that says authorized personnel only.We see Ice
and his goons at a round table.On the table there is piles
of money as well as 10 duck taped stamped bricks.
Uhhh?You weren't going to knock
before you came into my office?
They approach the table
I figured I would make myself at
Don't get too comfortable
These my partners from Atlanta I
was telling you about.
So Deuce tells me you want to buy
ten keys.Since you bombarded my
magnificent establishment,I have
to add my luxury tax to your
                       RUNNER 1
It doesn't matter,I heard you got
the best and I need the best.
And you see what you came for.Now
let me see what I want to see.
Runner 1 gives Runner 2 the direction to place the duffel on
the table.Runner 2 opens his bag to reveal stacks of
money.Ice reaches for the duffel Runner 2 zips it
shut.Murder draws a .45 caliber handgun on Runner 2.


You really want to do that.Deuce
let your friends know that
southern hospitality, we ain't
never heard of that.
                       RUNNER 1
You get the money when we get the
dope.We got to try what we buying.
Nah see,I don't like how you
coming in my establishment making
orders.Give me my motherfucking
money!!This ain't no fucking game!
I'll kill both of you
motherfuckers right now and nobody
will ever know you came up
Johnny goes to grab the duffel from both of them.He brings
them back to Ice.Ice checks both bags.
Appreciate your clientele.Now
Johnny pack ten of them up for
these two.They're good men.Deuce
here's a little something for your
contact but I think these two can
shop with me for now on.Give them
my number.
We see an CLOSEUP of the handshake between Ice and Runner
1.We see the Runners and Deuce leave Ice's office.CAMERA
PANS Deuce's expression as we start to see something is up
his sleeve.
                       GINO (V.O)
First thing I did when I got back
was approach Beany about him being
the twelve.I can tell when someone
is lying to me it's all in their


We see a CLOSE UP of Beany's face.He scratches his head as
he explains to Gino.
What??Me talking to the twelve who
the fuck told you that?
About a year ago one of the
soldiers said they saw you at
Julisa's with the feds.
Why does it matter who?Where you
with the twelve or not nigga?Don't
lie to me either because you know
I could always tell when you were
I wasn't with the twelve,and
whoever said I was with them can
suck my burner.
I'mma tell you who told me.
Say no more.
So Deuce said he handled that yet?
Look who you talked up.


We see Deuce pull up in a clean sports car.He hops out with
the two Runners.They all shake hands.
So tell me something good.
Hell yeah,just according to
plan.Greedy ass nigga told me to
give them his number.
Dumb ass
                       RUNNER 2
Yeah he was lucky I didn't have my
tool.I would of shot him in his
face,belee dat shawty!
Yeah,it's over for Nicky bitch
ass.He thought I wasn't going to
come back for my throne.Pussy
You already know,when you take the
streets big dog just have a job on
the payroll for me.
You know it's done.You fuck with
Beany so I fuck with you.So you
got my work?
                       RUNNER 1
ten four
Deuce pops the trunk and goes in to grab a black trash
bag.He hands the bag to Gino.They shake hands.
                       RUNNER 1
So how you want to do it next


Same plan,just continue shopping
with him.After about ten trips we
going to get him for everything.
                       RUNNER 2
The whole Loaf.
Yeah that's the whole loaf.
We see them shake hands and hop back into the car with
Deuce.They pull off as Gino and Beany hop into Gino's car.
We see a pissed off Ice.He paces back and forth.His soldiers
are lined up in front of him.We see GOON 1,his expression
reveals his fear.
I don't give a fuck who does it
but I want Gino Cash's fucking
head.He wants to fuck with my
money.I want that motherfucker
dead A.S.A.P.
Ice looks toward Murder.He walks over to Murder and whispers
to him.
Kill his bitch.
Murder smiles and gladly obliges.
We see Shawnie's house.The camera PANS into beat down
car.Inside Johnny and Ronnie are loading up their guns.The
driver is a little nervous he is obviously new.Ronnie opens
up a bag and pours it onto an old CD case.He does a huge
line of cocaine.


You need to chill with that shit
Ronnie sits back in the seat clutching his gun.He is in a
daze,his eyes look as if they are dilated.
We see Shawnie sitting on the couch on the phone in her
living room.Asia walks from the kitchen with a plate of
food.We hear the doorbell ring.Shawnie looks annoyed by the
      (on phone)
Girl,I told his ass to get out of
my face with those dirty ass
We hear the doorbell ring again.
Get the door for me Asia.
Girl you know I'm not leaving my
plate,besides I don't live here.
You don't live here but you damn
sure eat here.Greedy ass.
Damn right,you just answer the
door.You lazy as hell.
Shawnie approaches the door.
Whatever slut..(laughs)
      (on phone)
Hold on Tesha.


She peeps out the peephole to see a little boy.She opens the
                       LITTLE BOY
Have you seen my dog?
No,how does your dog look?
                       LITTLE BOY
We'll if you ain't seen it why you
want to know how it look?
Uhh Uhh No I haven't seen it,and
now I'm not going to help you look
for it.
                       LITTLE BOY
Shawnie looks shocked by the little boy.She slams the door
in his face.She continues her conversation on the phone.She
walks back to the couch.But before she can sit down she is
interrupted by the doorbell.
      (on phone)
This little boy got the nerve to
call me a bitch.I was trying to
help his little snotty nose ass.
We hear the doorbell ring again.
      (on phone)
I'm not answering it.I don't want
to have to hurt nobody kids but
this little boy is trying me...
We hear the doorbell ring 3 more times.
Shawnie gets up and rushes to the door.CAMERA TRANSITIONS to
seeing Johnny pay the little boy 5 dollars.Shawnie swings
the door wide open to reveal Ronnie with pistol aimed.Ronnie
unloads dropping Shawnie at the door.We see a fear-stricken


Asia scream which causes Ronnie to turn the pistol on her
firing 6 more rounds dropping Asia.He realizes what he has
done but Johnny's voice erases his guilt.He then runs back
to the stolen hooptie.
We see Gino in the middle of a circle full of his goons.He
is dressed in all black.He is more pissed off than we have
ever seen him.
The streets ain't large enough to
share.We have to go get what we
want if we want it or else someone
else will come take it from us.
He gets up from his post and starts pacing back and forth.
I will not let anything be taken
away from me or will I let
anything be taken away from anyone
in my family.
He stops in the center,he is all business.
Someone has taken away from my
family.His name is Nicky Johnson.I
want the head of his whole
family.His mother,his sister,his
brother,his son,his daughter,and
anybody else who bleeds the same
blood as him.
As far as for Ice,let me handle
Ice.I want him alive.
We see action scene transitions of Ice's goons getting
killed.We see Johnny get killed point blank range by Monster
and P.J.


We see Beany and P.J.They are outside in a alley, across the
street is a old repair shop.We see Ice and Ronnie get out of
an Hummer.Ronnie follows Ice with duffel's as he goes into
the repair shop.
We just going to run in here and
cap out everybody inside.
Fuck that.I say we wait until our
man comes out and finish him off
I told Gino not to send your
ass.Fuck that, you can wait for
whoever you want to wait for.I'm
going in.
I told Gino not to send your ass.I
don't trust you anyway.I just want
to see you put in work to make
sure you ain't the D's.So Fall
back.I got this Patna!
Beany puts his hands up as if he is surrendering to P.J.'s
P.J. turns around.Beany pulls his .45 and blasts P.J's
brains out.He then spits on P.J.'s body as he scurries away.
We see Gino,Monster and Beany sitting in Monster's garage.


We got to end this one way or
another.Alot of people are dying
for nothing.
I'm going to kill those
motherfuckers!Shawnie ain't
deserve to die,neither did P.J.
We see Beany's expression change to a slight smirk as P.J's
name is mentioned.
Yeah,somethings got to be done.P.J
was like a brother to me even
though we had our differences he
was still my homie.
I got an idea.I'm going to send my
runners to shop 50 bricks with
Ice.He trusts them so when he
shows up to deliver the
packages,we off him.
That sounds like a good plan,But
Ice ain't going to drop 50 bricks
off to them himself.He is going to
send somebody else to make the
Yeah I know,so whoever he sends we
won't hear no more from.We get the
bricks and keep the money.
So what are you going to do about
Ice?You know he's going to send
everything at us for taking 50


Yep that's the plan.I know Ice
isn't going to give up 50 bricks
without a fight.But this is a
fight I'm prepared to win.I'm
going to make him pay for what he
did to Shawnie,G-baby,P.J,and all
the other soldiers he killed.
Say no more.It's war time,let's
get it!
We see Monster open a cabinet full of guns.He grabs two
handguns and places them in his waistline.He tosses Gino a
AK-47 assault rifle.He hands Beany two handguns.He then
grabs a sawed off shotgun and shuts the cabinet shut.
It's time for this motherfucker to
pay.Only thing he owes me is his
We see RUNNER 1 standing in front of the Pool Hall on the
phone.We see a black car pull into the front of the Pool
Hall.Runner 1 directs the car into the back.
The car pulls into a parking spot.Runner 1 approaches the
car,the passenger side window rolls down.We see Ronnie
sitting in the passenger seat,he has white powder on his
nose as if he just sniffed a line of cocaine.
                       RUNNER 1
Wuz up?Where's Ice?
He sent me to make sure everything
goes accordingly.


                       RUNNER 1
Bet,you got it?
Yeah,where's your partner?
                       RUNNER 1
Oh he went inside for a second to
make a swerve.
Oh,where's the money?
                       RUNNER 1
I got it,where is the work?
I need to see the money first.
Runner 1 walks to the bushes where a black trash bag is
sitting.He picks up the trash bag.As he walks back to the
car he gives a head nod to Gino who sits in a grey sedan
near the bushes.Gino cocks pistol and sits up in his
seat.Runner 1 approaches the car again with bag in hand.
That's all of it?
                       RUNNER 1
It's all here,I counted it 3
Fa sho.Murder give him the blocks.
The back window comes down and a shotgun blast leaves Runner
1 layed out.Ronnie jumps out and grabs the bag and hops back
into the car.As the car reverses Runner 2 runs out in front
of the car from off screen shooting straight through the
windshield killing the driver.Murder leans out passenger
side window shooting.Ronnie grabs hold of the wheel and
drives through the hailmary of bullets as Gino enters from
off screen firing the AK-47.Monster and Beany then hop out
of a near by car shooting hitting Ronnie in the neck causing
them to crash into a gate.Murder then hops out,limping he


has been shot.He hijacks a car at a nearby traffic light and
Hurry up!
Gino runs to the wrecked vehicle.He grabs the bag of money
out of Ronnie's death grip.He quickly searches the rest of
the car for the drugs.He doesn't find anything.He approaches
Ronnie who is bleeding to death.
Where's the work?
Blood spills from his mouth as he tries to answer Gino.We
hear sirens but they sound faint.
I don't have any,Ice has the work
still.(coughs blood)I was sent to
get the money.
Fuck that!!Blame Nicky Pussy!You
die now fuck boy!
Gino fires 7 shots into Ronnie's chest.Beany then pulls up
in the getaway car.
The police have the murder scene taped off.We see Detective
Wallace hop out of a black Suv.He approaches the car to see
(CLOSE UP) Ronnie's lifeless body.He turns away and walks
back toward his vehicle.Another detective hurries over to
him with documents in hand.
                       DET. JONES
Detective Wallace!
He approaches Detective Wallace,they shake hands.
                       DET. JONES
Afternoon Sir.


                       DET. W
What do we have here?
                       DET. JONES
Well one of the victims is
identified as Ronnie Mack.His
younger brother Johnny got gunned
down last week.All the other
victims are unidentified.
                       DET. W
These idiots are killing
                       DET. JONES
From the looks of it.I'd say a
drug deal gone bad.
                       DET. W
Yes it's drugs.We have to do
something about this.The news
can't bring cameras out here with
bodies piled up like this.Hurry up
and get this shit cleaned up
before the media gets here.
                       DET. JONES
O.k sir.
We see Det. Wallace get on his cell phone.
                       DET. W
We have to do something about
this.It's time to take both Gino
and Ice off the streets for good.
We see Deuce on the phone as he sits in a parking space.
      (ON PHONE)
I'm outside of the Hollands
waiting on him now.He told me to
come down and talk to him.


                                         WE SEE GINO ON THE
      (ON PHONE)
Be careful D.That shit seems kind
of shady.
                                         WE SEE DEUCE AGAIN
      (ON PHONE)
I'm alright.I'm strapped so if he
try something Im going to burn em.
We see MURDER with a shotgun aimed at DEUCE'S head.He
unloads the shotgun leaving DEUCE lifeless.He then walks off
to a nearby car where ICE sits.ICE gives MURDER a fist pound
pulling off.
Snitch ass nigga....
We see Ice and MURDER throwing dice gambling with money all
over the floor.ICE shakes the dice up in his hand as he
prepares to roll.
seven eleven, seven eleven,Ice
needs some new Ice cubes and a new
Ice piece.
He is interuppted by his cell phone ring.
                                         DETECTIVE WALLACE'S
Detective Wallace is sitting at his desk on the phone.
                       DET. W
Ice,plans have been slightly
altered on our operation.


      (ON PHONE)
What you mean our plans have been
altered?Cut the bullshit Earl.
                       DET. W
I have no other choice but to ask
you to leave the city.
      (ON PHONE)
Leave the city..(laughs)You funny
as hell boy!I aint going no
where,so you can eat a dick!
                       DET. W
I'm afraid you have no other
choice.You are involved in this
war,so the only way to resolve
conflict is if you leave the city.
I'm not leaving my city.I run this
shit...Me!I put money in your
pockets for a ten years.You mean
to tell me...
Ice looks over his shoulder to make sure no one is
looking.He walks quiets down.
What do you need Earl?Gino is a
problem for you and me.We have to
get rid of him.I'll pay you a
quarter million to send your men
in and finish the job.
                       DET. W
I have no other choice Ice.I have
to get you to leave the city,the
district attorney is on my ass
about you.It's out of my hands.


A million.Set him up with a plug
and when he buys them make sure
you get him fryed too..
                       DET. W
A million?
A million cash.
                       DET. W
Consider it done.
Ice hangs up the phone.His eyes are cold.EXTREME-CLOSEUP/his
eyes resemble Ice cubes.CAMERA ZOOM
We see Gino and Beany.Gino lays in the bed shoes on while
Beany sits in a nearby chair.A knock at the door causes both
of them to quickly grab guns.Gino goes to the door,it's
Monster.He carries two large McDonald's bags.
I bet your big ass ain't bring
nobody else nothing.
Monster places bags on table.He then flicks Beany off with
his right hand and grabs crouch with the other.
This ain't food fuck-boy,I already
What you got in the bag Monster?
Bands!I still got to get to this
money.Im hungry.
Monster sits at the table he pours McDonald's bag full of
money onto the table.He starts counting.


You been hot.Them fiends will rat
you,you got to slow down bro.
Slow down,fuck that I'm racing to
the finish.We winning right now
G,we can't let Ice and his puss
ass goons get to us.We got to
continue eating.
Shit hot bruh.
Beany's phone rings,he gets up to leave the room.He answers
the phone.
      (ON PHONE)
Hey mama..
On the other end of the phone is Detective Wallace.
                       DET. W
      (ON PHONE)
I need for you to get Gino to come
to The Old Walter's Grocery
store.I have one hundred thousand
dollars for you if you can make
this happen.
      (ON PHONE)
I don't know.What's going to go
                       DET. W
      (ON PHONE)
Do you want the money or not?It
doesn't matter what's going
down,all that matters is that you
have Gino behind that Grocery
Store at 11:30 tomorrow night.


      (ON PHONE)
How do I supposed to get him
behind a Grocery Store at 11:30?
                       DET. W
      (ON PHONE)
Ice will be there.He can get his
revenge then.
      (ON PHONE)
Alright,100,000 right?
                       DET. W
      (ON PHONE)
100,000 cash.Just have Gino there
at 11:30 no later no earlier.
Beany enters the room again still on the phone.
      (ON PHONE)
Alright ma.I'm going to let you go
now.I'll see you tomorrow.Love
The streets is hot and you still
adding fuel to the fire.You got to
cool off for a minute.That's why I
think I'm going to go back to the
I can't leave bruh,I love it too
much.This where we built and
empire,a dynasty,and I ain't
leaving that shit behind.The city
needs us.This is home for me G and
I can't turn my back on home.


I can never turn my back on
home.This is my city,even when I
leave when I get back it's still
going to be my city.Believe that.
Ice don't seem to think so....So
when you leave,he's going to think
he ran you out.
I'm not leaving until I get
Nicky's head.He took
Gonzo,G-baby,and Shawnie from me.I
want to strangle the life out of
his puss ass.Every time I hear his
name I see G-baby's face.I see
Shawnie's face.I think about how
he's got my brother suffering in a
cage.Fuck Nicky,he's going to die
I got an idea,it just might work.I
know that Ice gets a drop off
personally made to him every month
behind the Old Walter's Grocery
Why you aint been said nothing?
Yeah what kind of shit is
that.This weasel ass nigga holding
information and shit.
Nah my mama goes to church with
Ice's momma.She said Ice's moms be
telling all of his business.She
even knew the time he picks his
money up.


Every first friday at 11:30
What's tomorrow?
the 3rd.
Say no more.He's dead.
I say we hit him tomorrow.Then I'm
Im down.
You don't even have to ask big
dog,I'm going to kill everything
that fucking moves.He's dead.
PAN ABANDONED GROCERY STORE building and parking looks
unused.We see Gino Monster and Beany sitting in car black
Dodge.Beany looks nervous as he looks around.Gino looks
You said 11:30.Where the fuck is
this cat?
I don't know,he'll be here
though.I know it just be patient.
Action!..He were go.


We see a dark colored SUV pull into the parking lot.Gino
Monster and Beany all lay down as the SUV passes.The SUV
comes to a stop.
Fuck is he doing?
I say we get out and take this
motherfucker out right now!
Suddenly another SUV pulls into the parking lot.
There we go...
The SUV parks.Ice and MURDER hop out of the second SUV.Ice
is holding a duffel.The door to the other truck opens and
out jumps DET. Wallace.Ice hands Detective Wallace the bag.
That's all of your money right
there.Now you get your pigs on the
job to take Gino Cash out of these
Detective Wallace peeks into the duffel to see one hundred
dollar bill stacks.He places duffel over his shoulder.
                       DET. W
I'll have your problem solved in
no time.
                                         BACK TO GINO'S CAR
We see the anger in Gino's face as it looks as if he is
about to explode.He is fuming,his eyes are locked on his
target as he goes into a psycho state.
I knew this pussy ass nigga was
working with the feds.I ain't
letting this shit ride.This nigga
got my childhood taken from me.He


                       GINO (cont'd)
got my brother 25 years.Got my
little brother gunned down.Killed
my girl,FUCK THAT!!
Chill G..Let's see where he goes
after this..
Gino loads up his extra .45 pistol.He handles both pistols
before opening his door.
Fuck That!
Gino pulls down his ski mask before hopping out of the car.
                                         DET. WALLACE AND
Detective Wallace turns to get into his truck before seeing
a masked man with a pistol aimed at him.
Give me the bag!Give me the
fucking bag!
He snatches the duffel from Det. Wallace.Ice stands there
frozen.MURDER wants to make a move you can see it on his
What are you doing little
Gino?What my business got to do
with you?
I'll blow your fucking head off
bitch!Both of you motherfuckers
are foul.I should kill all of you
right now.
MURDER pulls out his automatic machine gun but is quickly
shot down by Gino.Ice takes cover behind a car before
running down an alley.Gino chases Ice with duffel on


shoulder.Detective Wallace pulls his revolver out and aims
at Gino's back.
                       DET. W
      (speaking to
I been waiting for this for a
We hear a single gunshot.We see Monster approaching the
lifeless Detective Wallace who has been shot directly
through the head.
What!HAHAHA Ol bitch ass nigga!You
know how long I wanted to kill a
cop?You was my first but you won't
be my last motherfu....
Before he can finish his words.We hear four shots and we see
Beany standing behind Monster as he drops to the
concrete.EXTREME CLOSEUP Beany's sinister
expression.Monster's hand twitches to show he is still
We see Ice running down the alley.He turns and fires shots
at Gino,Gino takes cover behind garbage bin.Gino fires from
off screen.Ice trips over from Gino's shots.As he trips his
gun falls into a nearby gutter.Gino fires.Ice runs leaving
his gun.Ice turns a corner only to be trapped by a brick
wall at the end of the alley.Gino stalks him pistol in hand
aimed directly at Ice.
I guess you got me.(laughs)
Ice pulls out his cigarettes,he calmly lights his cigarette
as Gino fumes.
I guess you going to kill me
      (He puffs from his


                       ICE (cont'd)
Go ahead little Gino,kill me.You
and I know you don't have the nuts
to squeeze that trigger.
Gino braces pistol firmly.
I'm like your daddy boy.You gonna
kill your daddy?Go ahead,I dare
You took alot of people from me
Nicky.The devil demands your soul
      (He circles Ice)
Gino whacks Ice in the face with his gun.Ice falls
immediately,Gino then tosses his gun in the gravel.
Fuck that!Get your bitch ass up.
Ice slowly crawls to his feet.His mouth leaks blood as he
still smiles sadistically.He takes off his bracelet and his
watch.Gino rushes him with a 4 punch combination,dropping
Ice hops up and tackles Gino.Ice wails on him with
punches,before being flipped off.Ice sees a shovel lying up
against the wall.He grabs the shovel he swings down toward
Gino who swiftly dodges.Gino nails Ice with 3 hay makers
causing Ice to drop the shovel.Gino picks up the shovel and
swings away accepting thanks for his fallen family.
This is for Shawnie.
      (He nails Ice with
       the shovel)
This is for G-baby
      (He swings the
       shovel again at a
       fallen Ice)


                       GINO (cont'd)
and this is for Gonzo
The last shot from the shovel has left Ice beaten and
bloody.His hands still move to show that he still has
life.Gino turns toward his gun,he picks it up.He strolls
back over to Ice he aims his gun at Ice's head.
And this is for me,die slow pussy!
Gino unloads his gun until it clicks.Gino turns away to pick
up the duffel full of money.We hear a gunshot
[OFF-SCREEN].We see Gino fall he scurries away on his hands
as he has been shot.A man in a mask approaches with pistol
      (Gino tries to
       shoot empty gun)
Oh shit...
                       MASKED KILLER
Don't play this game G.
What game?
                       MASKED KILLER
I've always been a real nigga to
you G and I never get recognized
for it.I gave you all of Ice's
trap house spots to lick,and I
introduced you to all my connects
when you got out.I've done nothing
but show love and get nothing in
I've always kept it 100 what the
fuck kind of shit is this?You a
fuck boy bruh!
      (pulls back ski
See who gets the respect now,who's


                       BEANY (cont'd)
the king now.I'm the fucking
king,I'm the man.Me!You ain't work
for the shit you got.
Why bruh??What you want from me??
I don't want shit from you but
your spot.
Fuck a spot bruh!!!..Why bruh
haven't I always been real to
I'm trying to live not
a cold world.Bye G...
We hear 3 gunshots {OFF-SCREEN}.Monster is cringed up
against the brick wall blood spills from his mouth.His shirt
is drenched in blood.Gino gets up and goes and scampers
toward Monster.
Monster hold on man.Don't die on
me bruh,hold on.
Gino runs to grab the duffel full of loot.He hurries back to
Monster who has drifted off.Gino shakes him but to no
avail.Gino closes Monster's eyes and runs to Ice's car and
pulls out of the parking lot.
We see Gino driving Ice's car.As he drives we see flashbacks
of him and Monster in front of Johnson's corner store.
                       GINO (V.O.)
Shit is crazy...One day you can be
the man have all the women all the
money all the cars,clothes,and
houses.Then the next day it all


                       GINO (cont'd)
can be gone.For all the shit I
gained in the game,I lost even
more.But I guess that's how the
game goes.But I know that you
gotta have two things when you
play this game;a gun and a cold
heart because it's a cold world
but it's an even colder game.
Gino's eyes tell the story of his life,cold.
I was born in hell but now I'm ice
Freeze frame on Gino's eyes as camera fades to black.Credits
begin rolling


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From vito jennette Date 1/5/2011 ***1/2
Really, really powerful story. I don't think I found any mistakes, and your handle on the format is awesome. Getting this script done in a brisk 118 pages is quite a feat, and you didn't leave much out. I feel like this would have been some thing I would have read in middle school, and I don't think you left anything out. Great adaptation. Very good script that could really be a great concept to film! A director would have a blast with this very imaginative story....GREAT TWIST @ THE END

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