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The Other Side
by Leonard Snow (scriptwriter123456@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
A group of people mysteryously appear in a large white area with no grass, or trees or even a sky. After a while the group finds out that happyness makes a new world start to come togeather. But there is a reason that they are here. (THIS SCRIPT IS NOT COMPLEATED. I NEED TO KNOW IF THE STORY AND PLOT I HAVE ARE GOOD SO FEEDBACK IS GREATLY APPRICIATED. I WILL CONTINUE TO FINISH THE SCRIPT IN TIME SO COME BACK OFTEN TO READ THE UPDATED VERSION. THANKS.)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Luke Anderson, age 20, wakes up on the ground of what
appears to be a large white room that seems to go on
forever. There are no walls or doors or windows. He looks
around and sees nothing. His head feels like its about to
explode and hurts even worse when he trys to think of how he
got here. He gets up and looks around.
In the distance he sees a large mansion like house. He
starts walking towards the house.
Walking up to the front gate he sees a white sign with black
inc reading "Free to all who wish to make this there home."
Luke then walks through the gate and up the stoned walkway.
There are no trees, no grass, and no sign of anyone living
here. Its just a large stone mansion in the middle of an
endless white area. He walks up to the front door and
knocks. Noone answers so he knocks again. Still no answer.
Remembering the sign on the front gate he opens the door and
slowly creaps inside.
Hello? Is anyone here?
Standing at the front door Luke looks around. The room to
the right is the living area where there is a small couch
and a television set. To the right is the recreation room
with a dart board hanging on the wall, a pool table and
various other gamming devices. Luke looks up noticing a
large glass chandelier. Infront of him is a large marble


staircase with red carpet covering the steps that leads up
to the second floor. There is no dust or cobwebs anywhere.
Luke walks around exploring the house and finally ends up in
the kitchen.
The kitchen is like any ordinary kitchen. Sink, fridge,
oven, microwave and a preperation table in the center thats
made of white food safe tile with maple wood trimming. The
kitchen doesn't look like its ever been used before and yet
there is no dust. Along the white walls over the stove are
assorted pots and pans hanging from hooks. On the side of
the preperation table hanging by magnets is a lare veriety
of knifes. The floor is made of a light brown maple wood
that matches the trim on the preperation table. The
counter-tops are made of the same white tile as the
preperation table.
Luke walks over to the silver door of the fridge and opens
it revieling a large variety of vegstables, meats and
liquids that are still in the packaging and without a broken
seal. He then looks on top of the fridge and finds a loaf of
bread. He pulls out a bottle of soda pop and closes the
What the hell is this place?
He walks over to the cubbord and opens it. There are jars
of jams and peanut-butter, rice, cans of soup, and other
assorted canned foods. Closing the door he looks around and
notices in the room adjacent to the kitchen is the dinning
area. Luke walks into the dinning area.
The dinning area is a large room with a large, ovil, dark
brown dinning table in the center that has eight seats
around it with three on each side and two on the ends.
Silver plates, spoons, forks, knifes and napkins are set in
each place. There is a large vase with red roses in the
center of the dinning table.


Luke stands in the doorway.
Okay. This is really creepy.
Luke sits down at the end of the table and stares at the
vase filled with roses till he hears a knock at the front
door. Hearing the knock makes him slightly jump and listens
for the knock again. The knock comes a second time and Luke
runs to the front door to see who it is.
Luke steps lightly to the curtin covered window and peaks
outside. Ashley Pearson, age 32, is standing outside in
blue jeans and a white shirt. She knocks on the door again.
Hello? Is anybody here? I seen
the sign on the gate... Is
anybody here?
Ashley bangs on the door louder and Luke opens the door.
Oh, hello. I saw the sign on the
gate and I have no idea where I am
or how I got here.
Neither do I. I saw the sign as
well so I just came on in. Please
come inside.
Luke opens the front door wider and Ashley walks inside and
takes her white shoes off and places then next to the door
then looks at Luke's shoes.
Don't you have any mannors. Take
your shoes off inside the house.
That way you don't track in dirt
from outside.


Luke takes his shoes off and places them next to Ashleys
But thats just it. There is no
dirt outside. No dirt, no grass,
no trees, no birds. Nothing.
Don't you find that strange?
After his shoes are off, both Luke and Ashley start walking
into the living area. Ashley is walking slowLY looking all
around, amazed at her surroundings.
Walking into the living area Luke looks at a white leather
recliner that wasn't there when he walked through here
I think this whole place is odd.
There is nothing out there.
Nothing at all. Did you notice
there is not even a blue sky, and
its not cloud cover either. I can
tell the diffrence.
Ashley walks over to the couch and sits down, while Luke
walks over to the recliner and stares at it.
This chair.
What about it?
It wasn't here a moment ago. Just
the couch.
Luke touches the leather recliner then sits down in it.
Well maybe you didn't notice it


Im sure thats it. It's white and
the walls are white. It blends
right in. I must be under alot of
stress considering the situation
we're in.
Yes. Im sure thats it. I don't
know about you but im famished. Is
there any food in the kitchen?
Ashley gets up and walkes into the kitchen.
Yes. Theres food in the fridge
and in the cabinet. The food in
the fridge needs to be cooked. If
you want something fast then there
is stuff to make a sandwitch with.
      (From in the
Okay. Sounds good. Would you
like one?
No thanks.
      (From in the
Wheres the bread at?
On top of the fridge.
      (From the kitchen)
Found it. By-the-way. My names
Ashley Pearson.
My names Luke. Luke Anderson.


Nice to meet you Luke. So what do
you do?
What is this, twenty questions?
Ashley walks back in the living area and sits down on the
couch with a sandwitch and paper-towl in her lap.
I just like to know the people
around me. Thats all. Just to
make sure your not a serial killer
or anything.
Oh. Well im twenty years of age.
I am a welder by trade...
Welder? I hear that pays well?
It does. What about you? What do
you do?
Im a registered RN. It pays okay.
I get by from paycheak to
paycheak. (chuckling)
Luke shifts in the chair and props his right leg over his
left knee and innerlocks his fingers togeather on his
That tends to be the way of life.
Surviving from paycheak to
paycheak. Working yourself to
death just to break even. Thats
ninety percent of the human race.


Ashley laughs softly covering her mouth to block the sight
of food inside.
I like you Luke. Your an okay
Well I tend to think so, and if
you will excuse me I think im
going to go look around a little
bit more.
Luke gets up out of the recliner and heads to the entry-way.
And a polite one too. Waite up
and ill go with you.
Ashley takes the last bite of her food, gets up and follows
Luke into the entry-way.
Luke and Ashley enter the entryway and stop infront of the
So, whos house do you think this
is anyway?
I haven't the faintest idea. This
whole place is wierd.
Both Luke and Ashley walk slowly up the staircase to the
second floor.
Your telling me. Do you have any
idea as of how we got here?


Not at all. There is alot of
questions I have that I don't have
the answers to.
Luke and Ashley arrive at the top of the staircase to the
second floor.
The upper floor is a long white hallway with door in each
direction. The railing is made of a light brown maple wood
with rose engravings.
Luke and Ashley walk down the hallway to the right. Ashley
stops and studies the engravings on the railings.
Look at this, Luke. Look at the
detail on the wood.
Luke kneals down and touches the engraved wood.
Roses. Look at the exquesit
detail. The rose peadles... The
stems... The thorns.
Whoever made this is clearly an
expert... Come on. Lets see
whats behind some of these doors.
Luke and Ashley continue down the halway and stop infront of
light brown, maple door with a brass doornob. Luke opens
the door slowly and enters.
The bedroom is a large room with white walls and a large,
king size bed in the upper left corner with a plush,


burgandy velvet blanket. Silver, silk sheets that matched
the plush pillowcases ontop of a hunny brown, maple, wooden
frame. Next to the bed was a small nightstand with a small
black phone sitting on it. Agenst the bed is a darge
dresser with a standing mirror. The same color as the
bedframe. The seat was a matching color with a red, velvet
cusion. Against the back wall is a large walkthrough glass
door that leads to the balcony. Two smaller doors on the
right side are two smaller, wooden doors. One leads to a
large walk-in closet. The other leads to a large bathroom.
Both doors are open revieling there contents.
Wow. Have you ever seen anything
so beautiful?
Maybe on MTV or something. Look
at this. Look at the bed, and
look whats on the table over
A phone.
Ashley runs over to the phone, picks up the reciever and
A dial-tone.
She dials a number and a phone in the next bedroom starts to
ring. Luke rushes to the next room to answer it.
      (ON THE PHONE)
Luke. Is that you?
The phone clicks and Luke walks back into the room.


Yes, it was me. Apparently there
is a phone in every room. There
all connected to each other.
Ashley hangs up the reciever and sits on the edge of the
bed. Luke walks over to her and sits down next to her.
Looks like we're stuck here. Might
as well make the best of it. At
least until we get some answers.
Ture. No use in moping around
about something we have no control
over. So i call this room.
Okay. Fair enough. The room next
door is pretty much the same.
There probably all the same.
Yeah, but we can rearange them
later if we want.
Ashley gets up and walks out to the balcony.
Luke. Luke. Come here.
Luke gets up and runs to the balcony.
Luke runs up beside her and looks over the edge. Grass has
started to form outside the front gate in spots.


That wasn't there before, was it?
No, it wasn't.
Come on, lets get a closer look.
Luke and Ashley arrive at the front gate. Grass and dirt
has started to form. Rich, green grass and now there was
more then when on the balcony. A small dirt trail has
stared to form in front of the gate.
This defenetly wasn't here before.
I think i would have remembered
something like this.
Theres more of it now then when we
saw it from my balcony.
Ashley turns around and faces the mansion.
Luke. Look.
Luke turns around then turns to Ashley. Grass has started
to form around the stone walkway that leads to the house.
You are way to happy about this.
Thats it.
Whats it?
Thats the answer for the grass.


Care to explain. Im a little slow
right now.
Don't you see? Happyness and the
grass. There both connected.
Have you been sniffing paint
thinner or something?
Seriously. Think about it.
The only thing im thinking right
now is that of all the people to
be stuck with, it has to be a
total nut. I mean, are you
hearing yourself? Your saying
that rays of happyness made grass
Think about it. When we first got
here there was nothing here except
this house. We got to know each
othere and we were happy.. We saw
the bedroom. We were even more
happy... We saw the grass first
when we were on the balcony,
Yeah. So what?
There was only a little bit of
grass then. Not near this much.
When we got here there was none on
the inside of the gate next to the
Whats your point?


When I saw the grass I was
exstatic. Thats when the grass
inside the gate formed. Don't you
see? The happyer we are the more
grass grows.
Paint thinner nothing. Can I ask
you a personal question?
Were you ever dropped as a child?
Possibly on your head a few times?
Im being serious. Think about it.
So your saying if I am really
happy that a whole valley will
Who knows. It could happen.
Normally I would call you a nut
but under the circumstances I cant
argue with you.
LUKE and ASHLEY head back into the house.
LUKE sits on the couch while ASHLEY looks around the living
area. ASHLEY then notices two cellphones sitting on the
table next to the kitchen doorway.
Look Luke. Cell phones. Two of
them, and there is a not here.


LUKE gets up and walks over to ASHLEY and picks up the note.
Someone had to have left tem here.
They can't just appear out of
thin air.
Who knows. It could be possible.
Even you said happyness makes the
grass grow.
LUKE looks at the phone.
They have our names in the contact
Yeah. This is starting to really
creep my out. Well im going to
look around a little bit more. Let
me know if you need anything.
Will do. Oh, by-the-way. What do
you want for lunch?
Whatever your having will be fine.
Both LUKE and ASHLEY leave the room.
LUKE walks into the kitchen and opens the fridge. He pulls
out some items and places them on the prepreation table.
There is a knock at the front door.


KATY WARNER is at the front door. LUKE opens the door.
Hello. Let me guess. You just
showed up here and saw the sign on
the front gate?
How did you know?
Your not the only one.
There are others?
Yes. Two as a matter of fact. Me
and another woman named Ashley.
Good. Maybe you can tell me whats
going on.
I wish I could. We don't know
anything either.
Well, is what the sign says true?
Is this really a place I can stay?
There is nowhere else. Just till
I figure out what is going on. I
won't be any trouble, I promise.
Not a problem. Your welcome to
stay as long as you want.
LUKE opens the door wider to let KATY inside.


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From Ricky Nations Date 2/6/2011 ***
I like it so far. It is holding my attention and making me wonder exactly where the characters are and how they got there. The concept of happiness making the world come together is an interesting concept. It needs not to be blind happiness but true happiness. What are the consequences for asking hard questions? Questions that might not make one happy? I think you might be on to an interesting screenplay. There is not enough there yet to discuss the character development but I am getting the characters that have been introduced. There is one thing that is bothering me. That is that there is a good bit of typos. I know this is a work in progress so much of that will be straightened out. Have fun writing and let me know when the screenplay is complete.

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