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The Player
by Joseph Bricky (blayde99@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ****
A High School drop out gets a second chance at being cool when he returns as an undercover cop. To solve a murder, he must infiltrate the varsity football team.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


From the top of the highest lights, fog hangs low over a
small high school football stadium.

At ground level, the field is freshly chalked and pristine.

SCOREBOARD - Home: 0 Visitors: 0 Quarter: 1 Time: 12:00

The scoreboard reveals we're in Chowchilla, California, a
small farming community in the Central Valley, Redskin

The stadium is bristling with pre-game activity. The home
crowd is excited and dressed warmly.

Behind the home bench, cheerleaders stretch.

In the stands, the marching band PLAYS the school fight
song. A BEAUTIFUL GIRL, lips caressing an alto sax,
distracts a couple of NERDY LOOKING DRUMMERS.

On the visitors side, the Dos Palos Broncos are laughing and
joking around. The coach is smiling and relaxed.

The Redskin side is quiet, almost sullen. COACH STROUD, 42,
a natural leader and motivator, paces the sideline,
reassuring his players.
JACK TAYLOR, 19, a young man with boyish good looks and a
world class arm, sits on a bench putting on his football
shoes in a hurry. His hair is wet. Behind him, we see
clothes hanging in his locker. As we get closer, a single
drop falls to the floor revealing a pool of water.
The sound of cleats CLICKING on a concrete floor echo
through an empty corridor as Jack continues to dress. The
locker room door flies open and BANGS against the wall.

KURT RICHARDSON, 17, athletic but shy, bursts into the room
followed by TYREE JOHNSON, 17, smooth on and off the field.
Bout time you showed up. The coach
is freaking out.


No time for warm-ups. We're about
to kick off.
Sorry bro. Something came up that
couldn't wait.
You look like you just showered
with your clothes on. What's up
with that?
You don't want to know.
In case you forgot, we have the
Valley Championship game in oh,
about five minutes. You might
think about grabbin' your helmet
and gettin' up on outta here. Just
Jack is now tying his shoes as fast as he can.
One, more knot, and I'm...
You want some help?
No, I got it.
Jack finishes and stands up, the room spins. He hesitates,
then steadies himself. Kurt notices something is amiss.
You all right?
I'm good, I'm good. We got some
payback to hand out.
Awe, hell yeah we do.
Jack leads both boys out of the room at a brisk trot.


The Redskin Varsity football squad is huddled on the
sideline with Coach Stroud giving them last-minute

As Jack, Ty and Kurt arrive, the entire team erupts into
loud cheers.

Coach Stroud sees Jack and a look of relief comes over him
as he motions with his arms to bring it down and listen.

The team goes silent, all eyes on coach.
                       COACH STROUD
Take a knee, boys.
The players in front go down on knees. The coach gazes
across the field at the other sideline then motions with his
head in that direction.
                       COACH STROUD
You see those guys laughing? The
Broncos don't think you have a
Most of the team looks over at the Bronco sideline.
                       COACH STROUD (CONT'D)
Who do you think they're laughing
Us. Us coach.
                       COACH STROUD
That's right. They think this
team is a joke. Well... are you?
Is this team a joke?
No. No.
Hell no, coach!
                       COACH STROUD
I'd say it's time to prove it. And
there's only three things left to
Coach Stroud holds up his index finger then points it at the
other team.


                       COACH STROUD (CONT'D)
First, we wipe those smiles off
their faces. I want every one of
you to hit the first guy you see
like you have a rocket strapped to
your ass.
Amen coach.
Kurt slaps Ty on the helmet.
Coach raises a second finger.
                       COACH STROUD
No stupid mistakes. No false
starts. No jumping off-sides. And,
no quitting on a play.
Coach raises a third finger.
                       COACH STROUD (CONT'D)
Save nothing. Nothing for your
girlfriend, Richardson. Nothing
for the dance, Ty. Leave it all
out on that field.
The coach makes a fist.
                       COACH STROUD (CONT'D)
Can you do this?
Yes. Yes coach.
                       COACH STROUD
      (Even Louder)
Are you sure?
Yes coach. Yes.
You know we can!
                       COACH STROUD
Then, let the Broncos know they
have a fight ahead of them. Who
are we?


Redskins. Redskins. Redskins.
The chanting continues louder and louder as the players
bounce up and down. The home crowd joins in until it
crescendos into a deafoning roar. Finally, the coach
motions quiet. The team settles down and the crowd follows.
                       COACH STROUD
That's right. Bring it in. Bring
it in.
The team comes together in a massive huddle.
                       COACH STROUD
All right, all right, it's show
time. Kick off team get out
there. Defense on three. One,
two, three.
The team breaks. The kick off squad heads out to the field.

The referee blows his whistle and the ball is kicked.
Jack Taylor sits in front of a large wooden desk with a name
sign reading "Captain Smith."

Jack's uniform is now that of a Madera County Sheriff's

ROB RODRIGUEZ, 30, homicide detective, sits next to Jack
wearing plain clothes with a Glock .40 strapped to his hip.

CAPTAIN SMITH, 54, ex-Marine Officer, thinks he's still in,
enters the room, sits down and lights up a cigar. Jack
muffles a cough and attempts to pretend it doesn't bother
him. Behind the captain, you clearly see a no smoking sign.
                       CAPTAIN SMITH
Deputy Taylor, do you know why
you're here?
The captain puffs as he talks.


Rod said something about a special
                       CAPTAIN SMITH
We don't normally put rookies
undercover, but we have a
situation. And, Rodriguez tells
me you're the only one who can
pull it off.
As you can see, sir, he has the
look and from what I understand,
he's a helluva football player.
                       CAPTAIN SMITH
Is that true? Can you play ball?
I played quite a bit in the
                       CAPTAIN SMITH
What does that mean?
His file says he QB'd the All-Army
                       CAPTAIN SMITH
Yeah, I did.
                       CAPTAIN SMITH
Well, it's not quite All-Marine
football, but, I guess you'll do.
Great! But, what's this have to
do with undercover work?
The Chowchilla Redskin's all-star
quarterback washed up on shore at
Eastman Lake two weeks ago. The
report showed high levels of
heroin and the date rape drug


                       CAPTAIN SMITH
Exactly. It doesn't add up. He
was a straight "A" student with a
bright future. This was no
accident. And we're gonna get to
the bottom of it. You son, have
an important role to play.
You want me to infiltrate the
football team?
                       CAPTAIN SMITH
I need you to get on the squad and
get close to the players. Find
out what you can and report back.
Sounds easy enough.
                       CAPTAIN SMITH
      (To Rob)
Make sure he gets a full briefing.
Captain Smith notices a deputy pacing nervously at his door.
                       CAPTAIN SMITH
Looks like my 2 O'clock is here.
If there's nothing else, you're
Jack and Rob exit as the next officer enters.
CONTINUOUS Rob and Jack walk through the HQ.
You know I hated high school.
Who hates high school?
I was small -- constantly picked
on. I couldn't wait to join the


I doubt anyone will mess with you
I'm not worried, but exactly how
long will I need to be there?
Three, maybe four months tops. It
depends on you.
So roughly equivalent to a year in
Rod laughs.
How was Iraq?
It sucked. Almost as bad as my
freshman year.
It won't be that bad. You'll be
staying with a friend of the
Captain... Bill Richardson.
Is he --
-- an ex-marine like the Captain.
Yeah. A retired colonel.
Oh great. Back to boot camp as
He's not nearly as bad as the
That's a relief.
Don't worry about Bill. His boy
Kurt will help you get on the
team. They have another kid,
Sarah, band type, she won't be


                       JACK (cont'd)
much help.
That was me. In the band -- up in
the stands.
You, band?
Yeah, that's what kids my size
We're not sending you there to
play the piccolo?
I played the drums.
They reach the door and shake hands.
A white county sedan drives away revealing Jack with a green
duffel bag. He walks up the driveway as BILL RICHARDSON,
46, stands tall at the front door, awaiting his new recruit.
Welcome, trooper. You must be
Jack Taylor.
I won't be having to do push ups
will I?
I see Captain Smith has been
talking to you. Lies, all lies.
Bill gives Jack a firm, dominating hand shake and pats him
heartily on the back as they walk through the door.
Bill guides Jack down the hallway.
That's Kurt's room.


Motioning to the room on the end.
                       BILL (CONT'D)
This is your room, and that...
Bill looks Jack square in the eyes.
                       BILL (CONT'D)
...that room's off-limits,
Daughter's room, right?
Sarah's not as old as she looks.
Got it sir. Off-limits. That
won't be a problem.
Great! Dinner's at 1900 hours. I
know you understand what that
Jack is busy hanging clothes in the closet. Kurt is laying
with his back on the bed, feet on the floor, tossing a
football to the ceiling.
You're a senior, right?
Me too, finally. School just
started, so you haven't missed
much. Our first game isn't for
three weeks.
Jack stops what he was doing and turns toward Kurt who
continues playing catch with himself.
How's your team this year?
Not that great.


Why's that?
You didn't hear what happened?
Our Q.B. drowned. They say he got
stoned and took a midnight swim.
Dude that's awful.
I don't buy it, though. Drew was
clean -- and the best QB in the
area. Now, all we have is Rick.
What's wrong with Rick?
He can't throw for shit. But
you'll have to ask my sister what
else is wrong with the guy. They
just broke up.
SARAH Richardson, 17, should be a cheerleader but has better
things to do, opens the door and walks in like she owns the
place. We recognize her as the beautiful sax player from
the opening scene.
You must be the foster kid.
You must be the band geek. We
were just talking about you.
What? About how smart and
talented I am?
Like that would ever happen. No.
We were talking about your
ex-boyfriend and my slim chances
of ever catching a pass this year.


Oh. I'm so over that guy.
Besides, you can't catch, anyway.
And how would you know?
Sarah knocks the ball out of Kurt's hand as he tries to
catch it. Kurt quickly retrieves it and holds it out of
Sarah's reach.
      (To Jack)
Last year, wide open in the end
zone, the ball hits him square in
the hands -- dropped! He thinks I
don't watch.
One pass. Geez! What about the
other 40 I caught? All you do is
blow a flute -- how hard is that?
It's actually a difficult
instrument to play.
Whoa! Are you some kind of band
geek too?
Well, I did play the drums, but
it's been a while.
Not cool enough for you anymore?
No. I just don't have time right
Jack motions for the ball. Kurt tosses it to him quickly as
Sarah attempts to intercept it.
      (Pleased with


There's more to life than just
Yeah. There's video games.
Sarah turns to leave and pauses halfway out the door.
Good night -- what's the word for
nerdy jock? Oh yeah, bench
Sarah playfully sticks her tongue out and then disappears
behind the door.
Is she always like that?
I'm afraid so.
Kurt and Jack walk out of the parking lot onto the main
campus. Students are milling around in groups. Many of
them have cell phones and are talking or texting.
Hey there's my crew. You'll find
the office is over there --
Kurt points in the direction of the administration building.
A large sign above the door reads OFFICE.
-- where it says, office.
Thanks. I never would have found
See ya bro.
Jack is about to open the door when Sarah appears and
startles him.


You like sneaking up on people?
No. The Colonel, I mean my dad,
said to make sure you found the
I'm here --
Jack looks up and points at the sign.
                       JACK (CONT'D)
-- where it says office.
Wow. You are smart for a jock.
Follow me.
Jack follows.
I'm not a jock.
If it looks like a duck and quacks
like a duck...
I'm not a duck... err... jock.
Sarah laughs as she opens the door to the office.
Sarah and Jack walk through the door. The office is hectic.
The bell rings and students quickly exit. Secretaries and
student assistants buzz about behind the counter. One of
the assistants steps up to the counter.
                       STUDENT ASSISTANT
Hey Sarah, who's this?
The assistant looks Jack up and down.
                       STUDENT ASSISTANT (CONT'D)
Are you new here?
Yeah, I'm...


He's the foster kid staying with
us. Can you tell Ms. Silverman
her transfer student is here.
                       STUDENT ASSISTANT
      (To Jack)
Just go back. I'll be right here
if you need me.
Sarah leads Jack to the back office. The assistant watches
him the entire way. Sarah notices the attention and shrugs.
OK. Sit here, new meat.
Sarah turns and starts to leave, then looks back.
Try not to wander off.
I won't. I may, actually, need
some classes.
MS. SILVERMAN, age 42, in a low cut blouse flaunting her
implants, bends over at her computer screen, occasionally
looking up to see if Jack is staring. He is.
                       MS. SILVERMAN
So, Jonathan.
Call me Jack.
                       MS. SILVERMAN
It looks like you only need 30
units to graduate.
                       MS. SILVERMAN
This is strange. Were you at some
sort of military academy?
What? I mean yes. I've had lots
of military school... uh...


                       MS. SILVERMAN
Four classes and you're done. But,
I can't let you leave early
without a job, so I've filled out
your schedule with electives.
She hands Jack a slip of paper. He spots Home Economics and
Glee Club on his class schedule.
You put me in Glee Club and Home
                       MS. SILVERMAN
Sorry, dear. That's all we
have... well, unless you want to
be a P.E. assistant the whole
I do. Really.
                       MS. SILVERMAN
Of course, you'll have to get the
coach to sign off.
Where do I find him?
                       MS. SILVERMAN
His office is inside the boys
locker room, next to the gym.
Mrs. Silverman moves out from behind her desk and hands Jack
a new schedule. As Jack turns to leave, Ms. Silverman wraps
her arm around his shoulder, pressing her breast against
him, then whispers in his ear.
                       MS. SILVERMAN
You just let me know if there's
anything else I can do for you.
Jack eases away from her out the door.
You've done quite enough, thanks.
Jack cringes as he exits.


Jack strolls across the campus taking in the scene.

Students are walking, talking, texting and chatting.

Jack's cell phone is pressed against his ear.
You sent them my real transcripts!
                       ROD (V.O.)
Relax. You're from Oregon. No
one's gonna recognize you.
Yeah, I guess you're right. Hey,
if I pass four classes I'll get a
real diploma.
Don't go gettin' ideas. You won't
be there that long. Just make the
team and make an impact.
All right --
Jack reaches the gym and sees the sign that reads, "BOYS
-- gotta go.
Jack opens the locker room door and reacts to something in
the air.
      (To self)
I remember this place. You never
forget that smell.
Jack walks down a hallway as two freshman boys approach.

Meet GILBERT, 14, poster child for nerdy freshman, and
JEROME, 14, chunky, confident without the chops to back it
up. We recognize them as the two drummers from the opening


Looking slightly scared, both boys quickly move to the side,
pressing their backs against the wall. As Jack reaches
them, he starts to say something when Jerome hurriedly pulls
a dollar out of his pocket and presents it to Jack.
At first Jack looks puzzled, then chuckles.
Hey guys. I'm not here to take
your lunch money.
Gilbert and Jerome look surprised.
You're not? Cool!
Jerome quickly shoves the dollar back into his pocket.
Do you know where I can find the
coach's office?
Gilbert and Jerome point in the direction Jack is headed.
Thanks guys.
Realizing they aren't about to be eaten, both boys open up.
The coach's office is down there
on the right.
The sign on the door says coach.
Thank God for signs.
The two boys wait until Jack is sufficiently down the
hallway then scramble in the other direction.
I thought lunch was history.
Me too.
At the end of the hall, Jack stumbles upon the Varsity
locker room, a place he was never allowed to enter.
Realizing this, he quickly walks to the far door when he is
suddenly blocked by RICK MARTINI JR., 18, the self appointed
King of C.U.H.S.


On either side stand the twins, BERT and BART Baker, 17, the
right side of the Redskin offensive line.
Hey have you...
You lost?
What do you think you're...
Rick raises his hand near Bert's mouth. Bert stops mid
I'm looking for the coach's
With a smile on his face, Rick extends his hand to Jack.
I'm Rick, Rick Martini. You
probably heard of me -- varsity
Jack accepts the gesture and shake's Rick's hand.
Actually, I have.
Of course you have. I'll show you
the way.
Rick grabs Jack by the arm, escorts him down a hallway with
Bert and Bart close behind snickering under their breath.
This your first year here?
I just transferred in.
That's great.
They arrive at a propped open door.


Here you go. The coach is right
in here.
Rick gives Jack a little help getting through the door. In
the process, Bert closes it behind Jack. As the door closes,
you see the sign, "GIRLS LOCKER ROOM." Rick and his cronies
chuckle as they run back down the hallway.
The door bursts open. You hear a chorus of girls SCREAMING.
Jack leaps out, then slows to a walk.
      (To self)
Where was that sign when I needed
Coach Stroud sits at his desk sizing up Jack who is seated
opposite him.

Behind the coach you see numerous football championship
trophies. His ball cap says "REDSKIN FOOTBALL" on it. The
coach notices the ad slip in Jack's hand and motions for it.
                       COACH STROUD
Give me the ad slip.
Jack eagerly hands it over.
                       COACH STROUD
Three p.e. classes? You bored
No. Just avoiding Home Economics
and Glee Club.
                       COACH STROUD
I don't really need another
assistant -- what school did you
play for?
I've never played high school
The coach seems surprised.


                       COACH STROUD
A kid your size? You must have
had one of those soccer moms that
didn't want you to get hurt.
No. I grew up playing football. I
just haven't played in high
school, yet.
                       COACH STROUD
All right. I'll sign off.
Coach Stroud scribbles on the ad slip with his pen and hands
the slip to Jack.
                       COACH STROUD (CONT'D)
I need players for the practice
squad 7th period. You'll work out
with the team until the last bell.
If it turns out you have more
than just size, we'll see about a
permanent spot on the team.
Sounds good to me.
                       COACH STROUD
Go find a locker in the varsity
football room. It's back that
Will do coach.
Jack rises and starts to leave, but the coach isn't quite
                       COACH STROUD
Then go find the equipment room
and grab a helmet and pads. Don't
grab a new one. Those are reserved
for starters. Got it?
Got it coach.
Jack slips out the door.


With lunch tray in hand, Jack faces the rows of cafeteria
tables. He sees the jock table, it's full.

The hot girls giggle and text each other at another table as
he walks through. It's quite crowded and he's running out
of options.

Finally, he sees Gilbert and Jerome at a table in the far
corner with an open seat. He heads straight for it.
Hey guys. Looks like you didn't
lose your lunch money. You mind
if I...
Jack sits down without waiting for an answer. Startled, the
group sits silent. (beat)
Finally, Gilbert gets up the nerve to say something.
We lose it a lot. Our lunch
I bet you do. So did I when I was
your age. Now, they have to be
more creative with me.
You get messed with too? No way.
Yeah. Right after I saw you, some
'tard named Rick and a couple of
large book ends showed me the
girls locker room.
You mean Bert and Bart Baker. We
call them the Bubba twins.
Jack laughs.


Sometimes they just give us
Or shove us into lockers. It
depends on their mood.
I've missed a week of lunches
already, thanks to the Bubbas.
I don't fit in a locker, so I just
get a lot of wedgies.
Jerome adjusts his shorts a little.
Jack tries to muffle a laugh, but can't.
Is it just those two?
Rick and some other seniors mess
with us too, but it's mostly the
I bet their mom still walks them
to the short bus in the morning.
Jerome makes a retard face.
O.K. Listen up guys.
Jack leans in, and motions for a huddle.
                       JACK (CONT'D)
I'll never take your lunch money
-- or shove you in a locker. It's
not cool, so don't worry about me
from now on. Got it?
Sarah appears behind Jack at the table. He doesn't notice
her at first.


For an ex-band geek, you sure
managed to land right in the
middle of band central. Nice
Startled, Jack turns and realizes it's Sarah.
Band what?
Hi Sarah.
Sarah ignores Gilbert's hello and continues her teasing of
Jack. Jack turns back around and feins indifference.
Yep. Welcome to the drum line.
Wassup Sarah my girl. You comin'
over later?
Not funny, Jerome. Try to remember
that bad attention is not
necessarily better than no
attention at all.
Sarah turns her focus back to Jack who is still casually
So, what instrument did you say
you played?
      (To the Group)
I play the drums.
Cool. Right on.
You should see if Jack can keep a
Sarah walks off in the direction of a table full of girls.
You know Sarah?


Yeah, I'm staying with her family.
You lucky dog. I would crawl
through broken glass...
You got skills or what?
Yeah, I still got 'em.
Jerome begins knocking out a drum CADENCE on the table.
Gilbert and the rest of the crew join in. Jack picks it up
quickly as the table starts to shake and the guys are all
You still got 'em. Check you out.
Several tables away, Rick hears the noise and looks for the
cause of the disturbance. Once he spots the boys having
fun, he stands up on a cafeteria bench and shouts in their
Knock it off nerd herd. I'm
eating lunch here.
Bert and Bart look at the boys and scowl. Everyone stops
except Jack who continues for a couple more beats until he
realizes he's the only one tapping.
Satisfied, Rick sits back down.
      (Whispering to
It's best to do what he says.
It's O.K. I get it.


Boys in P.E. clothes mill around in groups.

Enter assistant COACH BARNES, 35, gruff and experienced.
Kurt and Jack toss a football back and forth as the coach
rounds up the class.

Jack's powerful arm becomes apparent as he fires a bullet
Kurt's way. Kurt corrals the ball then shakes off the
sting in his fingers.
                       COACH BARNES
Listen up.
Coach Barnes separates the group in half.
                       COACH BARNES
You all grab the red flags. The
rest of you put on yellow and
start with the ball on the 20.
Coach blows the whistle. Kurt turns to Jack.
Cool. We're on the same team.
In the huddle, Kurt looks around then takes over.
Barry, I need you to hike the
Kurt motions to several boys.
I need you guys to block.
He then turns to JAVIER CONTRERAS, 17, varsity running back
and a close friend.
                       KURT (CONT'D)
Javier, you take the slot.
Everyone else just block. Oh yeah
-- Jack, you're the QB. Let's see
what you got.
Thanks buddy.
My hands still sting from your
fastball. I wanna see how far you
can throw.


Let's find out. Go long. Javier,
give me five and out.
The players emerge from the huddle.

Jack, in a shotgun formation, signals for the ball from
center. Jack fades back and fires a long pass down the
sideline. Kurt catches it and easily out runs defenders for
a touchdown.

Kurt trots back into the huddle, smiling. Javier pulls on
Jack's shirt.
Not bad. Not bad.
Hey hit me. I'm gonna be open all
No problem. Run a slant.
Kurt turns to Jack as he begins jogging to his position.
Where did you say you played?
I just play for fun.
The ball is snapped for the extra point. Kurt starts his
pattern. Javier cuts behind him. Jack avoids the rush with
the ease of a seasoned player.

Coach Stroud walks up as Coach Barnes watches the action
from the sideline.

Jack easily dodges another attempted flag pull and floats a
touch pass to Javier in the back of the end zone.
Coach Stroud stops behind Coach Barnes.
                       COACH BARNES
You ever see this kid before?
                       COACH STROUD
Yeah. I just put him on the
practice squad. He says he's never
played high school ball.


                       COACH BARNES
I'll keep my eye on him.
                       COACH STROUD
You do that.

-- Jack passes to Kurt

-- Jack passes to Javier

-- Jack avoids tacklers and scores

-- Coach Barnes writes notes on a clipboard
-- Coach Barnes blows his whistle.
                       COACH BARNES
Hit the showers boys. Play time's
Jack and Kurt walk toward the locker room. Coach Stroud
waits for them at the door.
                       COACH STROUD
Nice hands, Richardson. And you,
son, where did you learn to throw
the football?
My dad mostly. But, I've had
other help.
                       COACH STROUD
Quarterback camp?
No. Not exactly.
Coach Stroud gets distracted by several boys horsing around.
He starts to walk off and turns back briefly.
                       COACH STROUD
O.K. See you both at practice.
What did he mean see you both at


I made the practice squad.
That's awesome. We are so short
of good players.
It's just the practice squad.
Don't worry, you'll make the team.
You already have a quarterback.
Dude, you're way better than him.
You think I have a shot?
Yeah. I do.
Jack smiles
Jack, picking up towels, hears a commotion in the hallway
and darts over to investigate. Bert has Gilbert pinned
against the wall.
I said...
In a very poor attempt at Ebonics pimp slang.
...who's yo pimp, boy?
      (dead pan)
As he walks toward's them.
                       JACK (CONT'D)
...his pimp.
Bert laughs.


I said, I'm his pimp! You gotta
problem with one of my ho's, you
talk to me.
This kid?
Yeah, he's mine.
And you are?
Jack Taylor. We've met, remember.
Jack moves in between Bert and Gilbert. Jack puffs up and
gets in Bert's face. Bert lets go and Gilbert quickly
escapes and runs out the door, peeking back from a much
safer vantage.
Oh yeah. You ever find your
panties in the girl's locker room?
Jack plants his finger in Bert's chest and pushes him with
it. Bert seems surprised.
That kid there --
Jack motions with his head to Gilbert, still watching.
                       JACK (CONT'D)
-- Don't touch him. Don't take
his lunch money. Don't even look
at him.
Or what?
Bert puffs up to Jack. They're now in each other's face.
Do you really want to find out?
What if I touch you?
Bert attempts to shove Jack with both hands. Jack
intercepts Bert's right arm and quickly puts him in an arm
bar then forces him to the floor.


This is what happens, bitch.
Jack twists Bert's arm and shoves his face into the floor
with his knee now on the back of Bert's thick neck. He
winces in pain as Jack applies more pressure.
If you ever mess with one of my
ho's again, it's your ass. We
You heard me, fat boy.
O.K. O.K.
Jack let's go and Bert struggles to his feet then stumbles
toward the door.
I was just playin.'
Bert hastily exits.

Gilbert stares in amazement.
      (To self)
Some things never change.
The team is split into several groups.

Kurt and the receivers take turns running routes with TY
throwing passes.


-- Ty overthrows Kurt.

-- Ty underthrows Jack.

-- Coach Stroud winces.

-- Ty bounces a passe in Javier's direction. It's not



Coach Stroud, shaking his head in disgust walks over to the
receiver corps.
                       COACH STROUD
      (To Jack)
Number 12, swap out with Ty and
throw for awhile.
Will do, coach.
Ty flips the ball to Jack from a few yards away and heads
back into the receiver line.
I hope you can do better.
      (To Ty)
He couldn't do much worse.
You can't throw either, bi'atch.
The players in earshot laugh.

-- Jack throws a quick post to Kurt.

-- Jack throws a long post to Ty who makes a nice catch.

-- Coach Stroud smiles in approval.

-- Jack hits Javier on a slant.

-- Coach Stroud smiles.

Coach Stroud blows his WHISTLE.
                       COACH STROUD
Get some water. Then I want first
teams on the field, full contact.
The starting offense and defense line up with Rick at the QB
position. Bert and Bart take their positions at right guard


and tackle.

Coach Stroud calls a play just behind the huddle MOS.


-- Rick hands off to Javier for a short gain.

-- Rick makes a bad toss to Javier for a fumble.

-- Coach Stroud rolls his eyes.


Jack watches from the back with the other second stringers.
The offense huddles up for another play.
                       COACH STROUD
Listen up. Time for some pass
plays. Let's start with a slot
right 87 post.

-- Rick misses Ty wide on an out.

-- Kurt is wide open, the ball is thrown elsewhere.

-- Rick overthrows Ty.

-- Coach Stroud rolls his eyes, again.

                       COACH STROUD
      (To Coach Barnes)
Let's rotate some people in.
Jack and several other players sub-in on defense. Coach
Barnes directs the action. Jack lines up at the strong
safety position.
In the offensive huddle.
Come on Tyree. Catch the ball.
You overthrew me by two feet.
I thought you could jump.


                       COACH STROUD
Knock it off. Same play the other
way. Run it again.
The teams line up.
The ball is snapped, Rick fades back to pass.

Ty makes his cut to the post. Jack reads the move, gets
position on Ty and intercepts the underthrown ball.

Jack takes a couple of steps and fires the ball on a tight
rope 25 yards back to Rick. The ball goes right through his
hands and hits him in the facemask, rocking his head back.
Rick is pissed. Several players laugh.

Now, the entire team knows Jack has a world class arm,
especially Rick.
You could have come back for the
ball. You're making me look bad.
Oh, you don't need my help there.
I was wide open -- again.
                       COACH STROUD
Rick, check down if it's not
there. And Ty, you gotta come
back for the ball. Clear?
Yeah coach.
Yes coach.
                       COACH STROUD
Let's keep it short this time.
Ninety-six Slant on two.
The center hikes the ball to Rick who takes three quick
steps and fires it at Kurt slanting over the middle. The
ball is thrown high, Kurt barely gets a finger on it. Jack,
moving in from safety, snags the ball off the tip. Jack
dodges tacklers until the whistle blows.


Nice grab.
Thanks. That wasn't your fault.
I know. It's all good.
Jack and Kurt arrive at the water station.
You looked good out there.
Thanks. You were right. Rick
can't throw for shit.
They both laugh.
The school bell rings. Several of the practice players turn
and start walking towards the locker room. Rick walks up
with Bert and Bart in tow.
Isn't it about time you headed for
the girls locker room with the
rest of the scabs?
Yeah, real players only, man.
He picked you off -- more than
It's not my fault you can't catch.
You don't even throw to me, so
He's right. I'm only a practice
player. I'll see ya later man.
Jack turns and starts walking towards the locker room. After
about 20 yards, Coach Stroud notices Jack leaving and has a
quick huddle with Coach Barnes who's nodding in affirmation.


                       COACH STROUD
Hey number 12. Where do you think
you're going?
Jack stops and turns around.
Showers coach.
                       COACH STROUD
Get back over here.
Jack jogs back and stops in front of the two coaches.
                       COACH STROUD
I don't know where you learned to
play. And, you have some catching
up to do, but I have a full-time
spot for you if you want it.
Jack looks at Kurt who's miming yes, yes, yes.
                       COACH BARNES
What's it gonna be son?
I'm in. All in.
Kurt pumps his fist as the two coaches pat Jack on the
helmet and shoulder pads.
                       COACH STROUD
Great. Go with coach Barnes.
Coach Barnes and Jack jog back to the defensive area.
      (To Bart and Bert)
That kid's starting to annoy me.
Bert and Bart nod.
He's already on my list.
Jack is leaning up against Kurt's car with a Bluetooth
device in his ear, cell phone in hand.
I made the team.


That's great. The Captain will be
pleased. You find anything out
Yeah. You were wrong. Colonel
Richardson is just like the
I know...
Rod laughs. Jack pulls out the ear piece.
...I hope you like push ups.
Very funny. I'll call you in a
few days.
Kurt walks up. His hair is damp and freshly combed.
Jack quickly pushes the end call button.
Who was that? You got a
girlfriend already?
No. Not even close.
Kurt and Jack lounge on the bed, side-by-side, going over
the Redskin playbook.
...I'm just sayin' you need to
memorize the offense.
I'm cool playing safety. It's a
lot of fun.
Yeah, but what if Rick gets hurt.
We don't have a backup.


You're right.
We can practice on weekends to get
you up to speed.
The door opens. Sarah, wearing a sexy top and short shorts,
stands in the doorway.
Don't you ever knock?
Why? Are you two doing something
you shouldn't?
It's cool. What's up?
Dinner's up in two minutes.
Ah crap. We don't want to be
Kurt jumps up.
What happens if we're late,
Lots of them.
I knew it.
Sarah notices both playbooks and seizes the opportunity to
It sure didn't take you long.
Excuse me?


I didn't know they gave
benchwarmers playbooks.
Very funny.
Hey. I'm starting at safety.
Isn't that where they put fast
guys who can't catch? I guess you
and Kurt have something in common.
Kurt picks up the football and tosses it at Sarah who uses
the door as a shield. The ball bounces off. She sticks her
head back in and flashes a satisfied grin.
How did I get so lucky?
I was thinking the same thing
Kurt shoves Jack.
I know she's hot. But still a
You're right there.
Kurt and Jack, looking exhausted from practice cruise
through a suburban neighborhood.
That was a tough practice. I
can't believe I made it through my
first week.
You did great. One more week
'till our first game. You think
we're ready?


Our D is looking good. The
running game is shaping up. But...
Our passing game sucks. I know.
Hey, we'll do all right.
Against Dos Palos? Have you seen
their run defense? Our only
chance is to throw the ball,
Kurt Shrugs.
Good point.
A text message comes across Kurt's cell phone. He looks at
Party at Ty's house tonight. You
Definitely. I was wondering what
you all did for fun on a Friday
Kurt and Jack walk up to the front door of Ty's typical
suburban house and ring the bell. As Ty opens the door, the
sound of video games fill the air.
What's up my brothers. Come in,
come in.
What's up man. Who's coming?
Javier and a bunch of the guys.
Cool. What are we playing?


The three of them walk into the house.
Jack turns the corner to the den revealing an entire room
filled with gaming consoles and computers. No girls. No
beer. Just dudes.
Video games. So where's the beer?
Not here my brother from another
And cheerleaders. Where are the
Definitely not here.
Wow. So this is what you all do
for fun?
Ty picks up a video controller and hands it to Jack. Ty
then points at the screen where you see the intro for Madden
This shit teaches you how to read
Oh I can play. This is just not
the party I was expecting.
Javier walks up with a can of Mt. Dew and a large piece of
Food's in the kitchen. Let's
play, bitches.
I want some of Jack first. He
says he can play.


You're on.
I got winner. I'll smoke all you
Jack and Ty are furiously playing. Jack appears to be
having a great time. He stands up, raises his arms in the
Game over, baby!
Damn, boy. You are good.
It's almost light.
Is that a typical Friday night?
For our crew it is.
What about the rest of the team?
Lots of the guys do some partying.
It's mostly harmless.
Out at the lake?
Yeah, that's the spot.
You never go there?
Rarely. I don't party much.
Besides, none of the cheerleaders
know I exist.


The best girls aren't always
True. But, the hot ones are.
Jack nods in agreement.
You don't know of any girls who
might like you?
There's one. But, I'm worried she
doesn't like me the same way.
You'll never hit a home run if you
don't step up to the plate -- just
I'd be happy with a single.
Jack smiles.
I hear ya.
The Redskin offense, huddled deep in their own territory,
waits for the coach to send in the next play. From the
looks on their faces and the stains on their jerseys, you
can tell it's been a rough first game.
Ty arrives at the huddle and whispers in Rick's ear.
Strong Right, 36 Blast, on one.
And Bert, try blocking this time.
As the team jogs to the line. Bert looks back at Rick.


Sorry, Rick.
The team jogs to the line of scrimmage with a sense of

The cheerleaders watch quietly on the sideline.

The Redskin stands are packed, but the crowd is silent.

The visitors side is roaring.
Back at the line of scrimmage.
Blue 44, Blue 44, down, set, hut.
Rick hands off to Javier who is met by a hoard of Dos Palos
Broncos for no gain. The clock continues to shrink along
with the Redskins chances of an opening victory.
On the sideline, resigned and doing damage control, Coach
Stroud shuffles players.
                       COACH STROUD
      (To Javier)
Go in for Ty. Run the 36 Blast
Javier nods and runs to the huddle as Ty hurries off the
Standing in the front row behind the home bench meet RICK
MARTINI SR., a rich man with high expectations for his son.
Next to him you see VERN BAKER, father of the Bubba's, and
long-time Martini sidekick.
                       RICK SR.
For Christ's sake, throw the damn
ball already.
Vern pulls a metal flask out from under a gaudy Hawaiian
shirt and takes a long sip.
We need points, coach.
                       RICK SR.
      (Softly to Vern)
My dog know's more about football
than that guy.


Back in the Redskin huddle.
Coach says run the 36 blast again.
Rick looks up at his father motioning with his arm to throw
the ball. The exchange doesn't go unnoticed by the Redskin
coaching staff.
Coach must be confused.
No, he's not.
Listen up. Slot right, 78 shake,
on one. Javier, get open.
The ball is snapped. Rick drops back with plenty of

Javier makes a cut to the corner. He's open by several

Rick launches an off target pass that's easily picked off by
the Dos Palos safety who runs it back for a touchdown,
taunting the Redskin players and showboating the last 20

Kurt, standing there, watching, gets blindsided by a Dos
Palos player.

The home crowd GROANS. The cheerleaders GROAN.

Coach Stroud throws his clipboard to the ground then quickly
composes himself.

Rick walks off the field and ignores Coach Stroud as he
attempts to talk to him.
The Dos Palos QB kneels as the clock ticks to zero.

The visiting crowd cheers.

Coach Stroud shakes hands with the opposing coach then turns
back toward the home sideline.
                       DOS PALOS QB
      (To Jack)
We own you, bitches.


Kurt starts to go after the guy. Jack holds him back.
Don't worry about that guy.
On the Redskin sideline, Coach Stroud gathers the team.
                       COACH STROUD
Bring it in. Bring it in and take
a knee. Let's go.
The team comes together. Some of the boys are visibly
                       COACH STROUD
Shake it off. The Broncos are
ranked number one in the Valley.
We held their offense to two
touchdowns. You should be proud
of yourselves. Just don't expect
to win a game when you turn the
ball over five times.
COACH STROUD walks toward the locker room. He's intercepted
by Rick SR. and Vern who appear out of the darkness.
                       RICK SR.
Coach. You got a minute?
                       COACH STROUD
Not really. What do you need
                       RICK SR.
I'm just here to tell you some of
the alumni are concerned.
                       COACH STROUD
The alumni, right.
                       RICK SR.
What kind of play calling was
                       COACH STROUD
This is my team Rick, not your
dealership. I call the shots


Coach turns and opens the locker room door.
                       RICK SR.
Just tell me why we're still
running the ball with three
minutes left.
Coach Stroud stops, turns back around and gathers his
thoughts for a moment then unloads his frustration on a well
deserving Rick Sr.
                       COACH STROUD
Oh you wanna know why we were
running. Because your boy already
threw three interceptions. I was
trying not make it four.
                       RICK SR.
We had...
                       COACH STROUD
Good night, Rick. Thanks for all
your help.
Coach Stroud walks through and closes the door firmly.
                       RICK SR.
You better fix that line -- and
teach those boys how to catch a
Rick Sr. turns to Vern.
                       RICK SR.
What a Jamoke. I wouldn't let
that guy coach pee wee football.
Kurt and Jack bruised and beaten cruise Robertson Blvd.,
Chowchilla's palm tree lined main street.

Kurt suddenly bangs the steering wheel with his fists in a
fit of disgust.
I'm so pissed!


The game was closer than the
score, ya know.
I didn't even catch a pass. At
least you got an interception.
You blocked well.
You wanna head home or try
something different?
Party at Eastman lake?
Your sister's right ya know. There
is more to life than football and
video games.
All right. Let's do it.
Kurt smiles, wheels his car around as Jack hangs on then
cranks up the music.
KURT pulls up to the lake park where campfires light up the
post game party. Students mingle in groups and sip keg beer
from plastic cups.

Kurt and Jack stroll into the mix.
This is it folks. The non-victory
Jack spots Gilbert and Jerome on the fringes of the party.
He and Kurt walk over and exchange greetings.
So, where's the keg?


It's in the back of the blue 4x4.
When you see a bunch of cowboy
hats, you're there.
Thanks, brother.
Jack looks around and spots a group of cowboys.
There it is. Let's go Kurt.
Jack and Kurt walk toward the keg.
You wanna beer?
I'm driving.
Dude. You don't have to drink it,
just hold the cup. It'll raise
your cool factor.
Count me in.
At the keg, Jack picks up a plastic cup and fills it till
the foam runs over. He slurps the edge and licks his lips.
Damn, that's good.
Kurt holds out his cup and Jack fills it as well.
At the parking lot, Rick arrives with his entourage. He and
his crew strut into the party like they had just won the
Super Bowl, barreling through Gilbert and friends. The
Bubba's push several of the younger boys over. The rest
quickly scatter.

Jack doesn't notice the King's arrival. He's locked on to a
group of girls hanging out on a picnic table nearby.

Jack points out the opportunity to Kurt who follows him in
the direction of the girls.
      (To Kurt)
Just be yourself. No, I mean try
to be cool.


Got it. All about the cool.
DARLA and STACY, the "it" girls of the senior class hold
court while several less popular girls gather around them,
basking in their popularity.
Jack and Kurt arrive at the picnic table. Jack makes eye
contact with Darla.
Darla right?
You're number 12 right?
I'm Jack. And, I'm sure you all
know Kurt.
Nice interception.
You saw that? Right on.
      (To Kurt)
Are you on the team?
Yeah. I'm a wide receiver.
You're not that wide.
No. It means...
Jack elbows Kurt who stops mid sentence.
It means he's a varsity starter.
Oh. I didn't know.
      (To Jack)
I've seen you at school a few


I sit behind you in 4th period
Oh, right.
Rick and crew walk up and peer over Kurt's shoulder looking
to see what's in his hand.
Look at that. Kurt's drinkin' a
What's the big deal?
Shouldn't you be home killing orcs
online and eating Cheetos with
your elf friends?
Everyone laughs except Jack and Kurt.
Jack turns to Rick and smiles.
Shouldn't you be rescuing your
favorite sheep from the Bubba
      (Sheep Noise)
Ba ah ah ah ah
The girls break into giggles and laughs.
      (To Jack)
Was I talking to you?
      (To Bert)
I think he means us.
Bart steps up to Jack but is intercepted by Bert who's
already gone down that road and pushes his brother back. You
can almost smell the testosterone in the air.
      (Under his breath)
Not the guy you wanna mess with,


But he just...
Rick slaps Bart upside the back of his head.
Shut up Bart -- take a joke
already. No problem here. Just
came over to get a drink.
Rick and crew walk around Jack and Kurt, slightly bumping
them to get to the girls. A classic cock block.
Hey ladies, who wants to get me a
CARLA, 16, a somewhat cute football groupie jumps up from
the table.
I will. I will.
Stacy shakes her head at the naive sophomore trotting off
and decides to put Rick back in his place a little.
You guys sucked! I can't believe
you let Dos Palos beat you.
We would have won, but my
receivers couldn't get open. I
had to throw the ball up and pray.
Kurt's mouth drops open.
What the... I was open all night.
Are you on the team?
Bert and Bart high five each other.
Kurt puffs up and starts towards Rick. The Bubba's
immediately move in front of Rick, ready to block for him.
Yeah, I'm on the...


Jack grabs Kurt by the shirt and pulls him out of the
confrontation. As Jack and Kurt are walking away, Rick
hurls a parting insult.
Yeah, teach him how to catch and
then maybe I'll throw him a bone
every once in a while.
Jack and Kurt stop at a safe distance.
You know he sucks. I know he
sucks. The whole town knows he
sucks. There's no point arguing
about it.
You're right.
Sarah appears out of the darkness with a beer in hand
followed by VANESSA, 17, Sarah's BFF and a really cute girl.
Hey, Kurt.
Holy crap. What are you doing
My bad.
I don't know why everyone is so
      (To Kurt)
You were great out there tonight.
I didn't even...
Jack elbows Kurt and gives him the come on man look.
      (To Vanessa)
You want something to drink? The
keg's over there.
That would be amazing.


Kurt leads Vanessa off into the darkness toward the keg.
I can't believe it. Kurt's at a
real party.
Jack and Sarah watch Kurt and Vanessa getting cozy with
their feet dangling off the boat dock.
The crowd has thinned and the fires are now smoldering
embers of their former selves.
She's had a crush on him since
fifth grade. It's about time he
figured it out.
Some boys are just late bloomers.
Oh, look, there he goes -- in for
the kiss.
On the boat dock, Kurt and Vanessa awkwardly embrace.
Way to go Kurt.
Wow. They sure are making up for
lost time.
Kurt and Vanessa, now in the water, climb back onto the dock
Nice moves brother.
Jack and Sarah laugh at Kurt's folly. As the laughter
fades, they look around and notice everyone left has coupled
up. Some kissing, some just snuggled up together. An
awkward moment is upon them as they realize they're the only
two not together.


It looks like there aren't any
cheerleaders left.
I hadn't noticed.
Jack leans back and does the classic stretch move leaving an
arm behind Sarah as an opening. It's about as obvious as a
fart in church.
Sarah lays her head on Jack's shoulder. His arm responds by
slowly wrapping around her supple waist.
Jack smells her hair and gives that "Oh My God" look.
Sarah turns her face and stares slowly into his eyes while
running her hands down his muscular back. Suddenly her hand
stops near his right hip. Startled, she moves her hand away
quickly, then puts it back for a further feel. A look of
recognition comes over her.
Is that what I think it is? Oh my
God, you're packing.
Sarah jumps up and backs away.
It's o.k., I can explain.
Jack stands up. Sarah, suddenly sober, comes back looking
for answers.
Start explaining.
Kurt and Vanessa walk up, holding hands, their clothes still
dripping. Kurt puts his hand on Jack's shoulder.
      (To Sarah)
You ready, sis? My mom's gonna be
pissed if I'm not home soon.
      (To Kurt)
You're sober right?


Kurt nods.
                       SARAH (CONT.)
Why don't you drive my wet friend
home. I'm sure you two have more
to talk about. Jack can drive me
back in my car.
Vanessa nods in approval.
I'm sober.
Points at his half full beer cup.
                       JACK (CONT.)
First beer.
Oh, o.k.
Be safe. We'll see you back at
the house.
Jack pulls onto the road, the music BLARES. Sarah turns it
off completely. Silence.
Are you some kind of gangsta?
Tough guy?
No. No!
Then What?
Ah Crap. (Beat) Well, actually...
This should be interesting.
...I'm an undercover officer.
Holy crap. How old are you? I
was about to kiss you.


You were?
I was. Now answer the question
and tell me why you're here. You
I'm 19 -- almost 20. I'm not a
You're here trying to find out who
killed Drew, aren't you? Does
Kurt know?
No. Just your dad. How did
I knew he and Smith were up to
something. Is Jack Taylor even
your real name?
Actually, it is.
Why would you go undercover and
use your real name?
I'm not from around here. And,
this is not exactly a dangerous
Sarah stares at the windshield.
      (TO self)
Oh my God. I have a cop living in
my house. A hot cop, but still a
You know I can hear you.
Sorry. My filter's not working.
When did you graduate?


I didn't. I joined the army on my
17th birthday.
The army?
I was only in two years. My
HUM-VEE got hit by an I.E.D. and
they let me out early after my
wounds healed. I went to the
Police Academy and here I am.
And now you're living in my house,
posing as a high school senior.
Well, technically, I'm not posing.
If I'm here long enough, I'll
have enough credits for a diploma.
Looks like you've got it all
worked out. Play a little
football, arrest a few bad guys,
and earn your diploma.
Yeah, maybe. Except the part
about catching bad guys. I don't
have a single lead.
Then, I guess you should have come
to me sooner.
Jack pulls into the driveway. Bill is standing at the front
door. Neither one of them notice him at first.
So you know something -- Ah crap.
This looks bad.
He doesn't have to know that I
know. Ya know.
O.K. O.K.


The morning twilight can't conceal the displeasure on Bill's
face. He looks like he's been waiting for hours.

Jack and Sarah sheepishly exit the car. Jack approaches Bill
with Sarah ducking behind him for cover.
Sarah. Go in the house and get
some sleep. I'll speak to you in
the... I mean later.
Sarah quickly moves around Jack and bolts for the door. She
turns back and mouth's SORRY, then hastily makes her way in
the house.
I can't wait to hear your
explanation, soldier.
I was working on the case, sir --
out at the lake. Kurt hooked up
with Vanessa, so Sarah was my ride
That's it?
She waited around for hours. No
man left behind.
Jack pats Bill on the shoulder.
You trained her well.
You better have made some
Oh yeah. I'm definitely on to
All right then. Good work. I'll
pass the news on to the Captain.


Jack sleeps in after a long night. As late morning sun hits
his eyes, he rolls over, and there's Sarah, bright eyed and
sitting on his bed.
Thanks for covering for me.
Jack stretches and tries to regain his faculties.
Covering? Oh yeah. I think I
covered for both of us.
He can't ground you.
There's worse things in life than
being grounded.
I'll be 18 on November 1st, then
what can he say.
Jack sits up.
Who's older, you or Kurt?
I am by 30 minutes. He hates it.
What about you?
My birthday's on January 2nd.
Sarah leans in and nuzzles Jack.
We're not that far apart.
God you smell good. Now get outta
here, tease, before you get me
Sarah jumps up and skips to the door. As she's about to
close it, she pops her head back in.


You still haven't asked me what I
I will as soon as I get some
clothes on, and maybe a shower.
So, hurry up. We have a case to
The door closes.
The Redskin first teams square off at the 40 yard line. Kurt
sets up wide left. Jack eyes the offense from the safety

Rick drops back and overthrows Javier. Coach Stroud
cringes. The offense heads back to the huddle.
                       COACH STROUD
Rick, get some water. Jack, run
the offense for a couple series.
Jack quickly crosses the line of scrimmage and takes his
place in the huddle. Rick storms off tossing his helmet on
the sideline.
                       COACH STROUD
Time for some passes. Slot right,
87 post on one. Let's go.
The offense sets up on the line of scrimmage.
Blue 24, Blue 24, down, set, hut,
Jack takes three steps back and fires the ball to Kurt in
the seam between the corner and safety. Kurt makes a great
catch then a move on the safety and scores.
Rick sees the successful play from the sidelines and kicks
his helmet.

Kurt arrives back at the huddle.
That's how it's done.


Jack high fives Kurt. Coach Stroud is looking at his play
chart with a smile on his face.
Show me some love brother.
I'll be open, too.
Don't worry guys. Lots of love to
go around.
                       COACH STROUD
Good job. Now run the 95 drag.
Bart looks over to Rick on the sideline. Rick nods. Bart
then whispers in Bert's ear.
The team lines up again. The ball is snapped. Jack takes 5
steps back, Bert and Bart let their rushers through.

Jack scrambles away from tacklers and hits Ty on the drag

Ty runs for about fifteen yards before going out of bounds.

On the way back to the huddle, Ty gives Jack a high five.
You da real deal, man. Where have
you been?
Coach Stroud, mad as hell, grabs Bert and Bart by the face
mask and chews them out MOS.

-- Bart and Bert seriously blocking with Coach Stroud behind

-- Jack hits Javier on an out.

-- Jack hits Kurt on a corner.

-- Jack scrambles down field for a long gainer.

Coach blows his whistle.


                       COACH STROUD
Four laps and hit the showers.
Bakers! You owe me eight. Try to
get them done by midnight.
Jack and Kurt sit alone going over playbooks. Across from
them at the freshman band table, the boys discuss drumming
techniques until Bert, Bart and another senior interrupt
their peace.
Jack spots the harassment.
Ah, man.
It's just harmless fun.
How did you like it when you were
a freshman?
I didn't.
Jack stands up.
Jack walks over to the table.
      (To Bart and Bert)
Are we having fun, gentlemen?
Just sayin' hi to our little band
Who are you, the hall monitor?
      (To Bert)
You didn't tell him?
Tell me what?


It's like this. These boys here
are my ho's. No offense guys. And
I'm their pimp.
That's right.
Real funny.
So, why don't you all move along.
This street corner's mine.
Jack smiles and puts a hand on Bert and Bart's back.
                       JACK (CONT.)
Go on. Find your own ho's.
I'm not going anywhere.
We should go. Come on.
Bert coaxes his brother away from the table.
You gonna let that newbie tell us
what to do?
He's tougher than he looks.
Back at the drum table, Jack takes a seat.
      (To the drum corps)
Sorry, guys. That's all I could
come up with.
I'm your Ho.
I'll be your Ho.
Pimp Daddy Jack. It kinda has a
ring to it.
The table breaks out laughing.


Right on. Now, go make me some
money, bitches.
That's it. R.V. World.
That's your big lead?
Yeah. Rick's dad would have done
anything to get him the starting
quarterback job.
You're saying douche bag senior is
responsible for Drew's death?
Pretty much.
Let's just say you're right.
So, you think I am right?
I'm not saying you're wrong. But,
where's the proof?
Did you know Drew worked here
Yeah, I read that.
He was here the day he
But, his car was found parked at
Eastman lake.


They could have easily slipped him
the drugs in his lunch -- a drink
-- something.
I guess that's possible.
Don't you think it's funny that
not one person saw him after he
left work?
Yeah, I do. I think you're on to
something, partner.
Jack pulls out into traffic and drives away while Sarah
tries to conceal how pleased she is with her detective
Down by 14 going into the third quarter, Coach Stroud paces
the sideline. He looks at Rick. Then at Jack.
                       COACH STROUD
Taylor, warm-up that arm.
Surprised but eager, Jack grabs a football and Kurt runs to
a suitable warm up spot. The two begin throwing the ball
behind the bench. The kick-off team heads out to the field.

The ball is kicked, the Redskin return team tackles the
Kerman player fairly easy.

A COUPLE PLAYS LATER - The scoreboard shows it's 3rd Down,
10 to go.
The pass lands incomplete. On the sideline, the down marker
shows a four.
                       COACH BARNES
Let's go. Punt return team.
Rick, standing next to Coach Stroud, waits for direction.


                       COACH STROUD
      (To Rick)
Martini. Taylor is going in at
Q.B. Take a breather.
Kurt pumps his fist and mouths yes. Ty does a little happy
dance. Jack quickly puts his helmet on.
Rick stands there in disbelief, then anger.
You can't do that! This is my
                       COACH STROUD
It's done. Give it a rest.
This is bullshit.
As Jack and the rest of the offense trot onto the field,
Rick turns and walks to the back of the player area looking
for his dad in the stands. He sees him, raises his arms in
appeal, then throws his helmet on the ground.
Up in the stands, Rick Sr. sees his son and the realization
begins to show on his face.
                       RICK SR.
What's goin' on? Junior's not
I think that moron just benched
your boy.
                       RICK SR.
We'll see about that.
Rick Sr. jumps to his feet and leans over the rail.
                       RICK SR.
Hey coach. Have you lost your
Coach Stroud turns and glares for a brief moment then turns
back around. Rick Sr. sits back down.
                       RICK SR.
That knuckle head. When I get
done with him, he'll be lucky to
get a job coaching badminton.



-- Jack completes a medium pass to Kurt.

-- Jack passes to Ty over the middle for another completion.

-- Jack fades back. He's in trouble. Defensive linemen
swarm him, but he miraculously evades the would be tacklers
and hurls a long pass to Kurt in the end zone for a


The Redskin fans jump to their feet, cheering.
In the front row, Rick Sr. and Vern remain seated, sulking.
                       RICK SR.
      (To Vern)
Anybody could have thrown that
pass. Did you see how much time
he had?
He's not that good.
Jack jogs up to the sideline. The coach gives him a pat on
the back as he exits the field.
                       COACH STROUD
That's what I'm talkin' about.
The Redskin defense tackles the Kerman quarterback for a

The Lion punter kicks the ball out of bounds.
On the Redskin sideline, Rick walks up to Coach Stroud.
When do I go back in, coach?
                       COACH STROUD
You don't. Not at Q.B. If you
wanna help, I could use you at
outside linebacker.
No thanks. I'll just wait 'till
this guy screws up. It won't be



-- Jack throws short to Javier who scampers for 20 yards.

-- Jack passes to Kurt for a long gain.

-- Jack passes to Ty for a touchdown.

Jack walks off the field with his arms in the air signalling
touchdown. Ty runs towards the ref. with the ball held high
then flips it to him.
Behind the bench, the cheerleaders jump up and down.
Near the stadium entrance, Rick Sr. and Vern are leaving
                       RICK SR.
I've seen enough of this garbage.
Talk about luck.
Back on the field, Jack takes the snap and kneels as the
scoreboard ticks to zero.
The Redskin players celebrate.
Jack and Kurt walk onto the campus, just like any other
Monday morning, only today is different.

They see girls pointing and whispering. All around,
students are giving them various congratulatory gestures.

Darla and Stacy go out of their way to talk to them.
You guys were awesome.
Nice catch, Kurt.


Stacy's eyes stay on Jack as she walks away.
I think she gave you "the look."
No, she didn't give me...
Oh yeah, it was "the look."
You think? Wow!
So, this is what it feels like to
be the star players.
It's weird. Kinda what I
But, lame at the same time. All
we did was win a football game.
Jack nods in agreement.
And, if we lose next week, back to
That's not gonna happen. Not with
you starting.
You think coach will make me the
He better.
Jack struts confidently through the locker room toward the
coach's office.

He sees Gilbert and Jerome dressing out next to a row of



A senior passing by has a towel and it looks like he's ready
to smack Gilbert on the back of the head.
Jack stares down the senior. The boy recognizes him and
Don't even think about it.
The boy quickly pulls in the towel and heads off. Jack
keeps walking.
                       JEROME (O.S.)
Thanks, P.D.
Jack Laughs and continues on. He's almost to the coach's
office when Rick emerges visually upset. Rick sees Jack and
I hope you're happy?
Jack shrugs ignorance.
You show up outta nowhere. You
take my job.
Rick attempts to dominate the hallway, expecting Jack to
step aside. He doesn't. A momentary empasse.
You talked to coach?
Jack stands his ground and Rick backs off.
Coach said you're starting against
Sorry, man. We still need you on
Rick edges around Jack, avoiding contact, then stops for one
last remark.
Don't get hurt.
Rick turns and walks away.


A newspaper slams on a desk.

The local paper headline reads, "Taylor Leads Redskins past
Sierra 42-10."

Then you see who slammed the paper. It's Rick SR. at his
desk with the paper in front of him next to an empty bottle
of vodka. Vern sits in a chair across the room with a
cocktail glass in hand.
                       RICK SR.
Can you believe this crap? Not
one word about junior.
He made four tackles.
                       RICK SR.
Stupid, small town newspaper.
Rick Sr. attempts to find the byline.
                       RICK SR. (CONT.)
Who wrote this shit?
I think it was Marty.
                       RICK SR.
I'll have his ass fired.
Have you talked to the
                       RICK SR.
That son of a bitch won't do
nothing while they're winning.
So, what do we do boss?
                       RICK SR.
We wait for the kid to step on his
We better hurry. The season will
be over.


                       RICK SR.
I got something in the works.
The school is bustling with activity. Everywhere, you see
team jerseys and cheerleader outfits.

The band crew walks toward Jack in matching t-shirts that
say: "HO SQUAD" with Jack's number 12 below.
Jack, Kurt and Sarah watch as they approach.
Here comes your fan club.
It's the HO Squad.
Kurt chuckles. Sarah looks confused.
What's a HO Squad?
It's Jack's posse. Or in this
case, his ho's, making him the...
Pimp, I get it.
Honestly, I think they wear them
for protection.
You might be right. Statistics
show freshman torture has dropped
a record 78 percent since you
The crew stops in front of Jack.
What's up gang? You gonna rock
the house tonight?
      (Pointing to shirt)
So whatcha think?


Awesome man. Where do I get one?
Jerome shoves Gilbert in the shoulder.
      (To Gilbert)
I told you he'd think it was cool.
We came up with a new cadence.
You gonna love it, man. It's like
Jerome starts tapping it out on his leg. The rest of the
crew joins in followed by Jack. Sarah rolls her eyes.
It totally rocks.
You really are just a big jock
with a little band geek inside,
aren't you.
Jack flashes Sarah a sheepish grin.
Sarah and Jack sit at a corner table. Jack's HO squad is
hanging out at their usual table. Bert and Bart walk by the
HO's and completely ignore them.
So, how does it feel, Jack?
Come on. How does it feel to be
the king -- the superstar?
It feels great. I admit it.
I knew it.


It's so much better than my first
And, now you can have your pick of
the cheerleaders. I know Stacy
has the hots for you.
You really think I care?
You are a guy?
O.K., so I care a little, but
that's not it.
Then what. You like being
No. I care about the team... the
season. I always knew I could do
this. I just never thought I'd
get the chance. But here I am.
Isn't it cheating? You're a cop.
Not right now. I'm officially
enrolled, and I'm eligible until I
turn 20. The season will be over.
What happens if you solve the
I just need to stretch this thing
out until the end of the semester.
If I pass all my classes, I'll
have enough credits to graduate.
Don't you have a G.E.D?


Yeah, I have a G.E.D. A Good
Enough Diploma. It's not the
Jack readies the offense at the opponent 20 yard line. Kurt
and Ty are wide. The new drum cadence BEATS in the
background. The referee blows the whistle. The ball is in
Jack spots the defender move up to press Kurt.
Red 19. Red 19. Set, hut hut
Kurt makes a swim move around his man and jets passed him
down the sideline.

Jack launches a long pass. Kurt cradles the ball and trots
in for the score.
The home town crowd jumps to their feet. Everyone is
cheering and congratulating each other. Again, Rick Sr. and
Vern remain seated.
Jack and Kurt run off the field pointing to the stands with
index fingers signifying they're number one.
The celebration is too much. Rick Martini Sr. loses his
                       RICK SR.
Enjoy your last touchdown pass you
little shit.
How's that boss?
                       RICK SR.
It's time to wipe that smile off
his face.
Plan B?


                       RICK SR.
Yeah. Before Junior misses the
whole season.
You want me to call my guy?
                       RICK SR.
No, you knuckle head. I got it
covered. Look what happened last
time I let you take care of
Rick and Vern get up to leave, early as usual.
At the water station, Jack looks through the crowd. He makes
eye contact with Sarah in the band section. She smiles and
sticks out her tongue.

In the midst of the cheerleaders, Stacy waits for Jack to
look her way and then he does.
      (To JACK)
Are you going to the homecoming
dance later?
Yeah, maybe.
Darla and I will be there. You
have to come.
I guess there's not much else
going on.
Great. I'll see you there.
Sarah spots Jack talking to Stacy and rolls her eyes.
The clock ticks to zero, the whistle blows.
Ball game.


Jack, Kurt, Ty and Javier walk through the door to the
homecoming high school dance.

Hip Hop music BLARES from large speakers. Most of the
attendees sit quietly in the bleachers. A few are out on
the dance floor.

The cheerleaders, now in skin tight cocktail dressses, chat
in a group near the refreshments. Jack's arrival is
definitely noticed by the squad as Stacy whispers in Darla's
Hey, there's Vanessa. I'll catch
up later.
Kurt heads straight for Vanessa. Ty makes a break towards
the dance floor and moves right in with a group of girls. He
immediately shows off his smooth moves.
You thirsty? I think I'll get
something to drink.
Nah, I'm good.
Jack spots Jerome and crew up in the stands and heads for
them. But, Stacy has different plans and intercepts him.
Hey Jack.
Jack looks Stacy up and down. Wow! Her tight dress shows
off every curve.
You look great.
So, this is homecoming? Somehow I
thought it would be bigger.
You've never been to a homecoming


No. This is my first one.
They didn't have dances where you
went to school?
Yeah. They did. I just didn't
Well, you're here now...
A slow song.
...and I think that's our song.
Stacy takes Jack by the hand and pulls him onto the dance
floor. She grabs his other hand and brings him closer.
Jack, gives in to the moment.
Sarah notices Jack with Stacy and looks hurt.
The slow music transitions back to hip hop.
Thanks. That was nice.
Stay and dance some more.
I'm pretty banged up. I probably
should just hang out on the
I'll come find you when it slows
back down.
Sounds great.
Jack walks off.

Stacy joins a bunch of her girlfriends on the floor.

Jack arrives at the upper bleachers where Gilbert and crew


What's up my HO's?
You rocked out there tonight.
Great game. You were awesome.
Thanks guys.
We saw you with Stacy?
That girl has it going on...
shakin' that ass... all night
She is pretty hot.
The boys continue to stare at the hot girls on the floor.
Bert and Bart try to move in and the girls shoo them off.
Look at that...
Pointing to Bert and Bart's retreat.
They got slammed.
Most of the crew laughs and exchanges high fives.
      (To Jack)
What are you doing up here?
Shouldn't you be down there
gettin' busy.
Actually, I'm good right here.
These are the best seats in the
The drooling continues as the girls get naughtier.


Yes they are.
Another slow song.
From the stands, Rick is seen leading an eager freshman out
on the dance floor.

Stacy looks up and doesn't see Jack. She looks around.
In another area of the bleachers, Vanessa and Kurt take in
the scene as Jack approaches.

Kurt leads Vanessa past Jack revealing Sarah, gorgeous in a
hot little, and I mean little, party dress.

Jack leaps a couple of benches and lands beside her.
Hey partner.
You lose your cheerleader?
Yeah. I ditched her. Not my type.
What is your type, Jack?
You are. Isn't it obvious.
Jack holds his hand out and stands up.
Oh. You do like smart and sexy.
Sarah reaches back, takes Jack's hand, and stands up.
Let's get out of here.
Without your favorite cheerleader?
Knock it off.
Jack and Sarah walk hand-in-hand past the whole school.

On the dance floor, Kurt sees their escape and points it out
to Vanessa.


      (To Vanessa)
Uh oh. The Colonel's not gonna
like this.
Stacy, dancing with another football player, sees Jack and
Sarah walking out and pouts, then shakes it off, and
snuggles up to the guy even more.
Up in the bleachers, Jerome and the crew follow Jack and
Sarah with their eyes as they walk past.
That's how it's done. Right
Let's see your moves Jerome.
I'm just looking for the right
opportunity. Then, I'm gonna
swoop on it... swoop!
Jack and Sarah exit.
Sarah's driving down a country road toward the lake. Jack's
in the passenger seat with his feet on the dashboard. A
road sign reads, "Eastman lake 2 miles."
You think anyone noticed we left?
Uh, Yeah! Just about everybody.
Oh. So you think...
...that everyone believes...
...we're headed to the lake.
We are headed to the lake.
Oh... Oh!


It's O.K. I've been 18 for a
week. You're not worried about
what people think are you?
If we don't count your dad and my
boss, then no. I don't care what
anybody says.
You do want to, though, don't you?
I do. Believe me.
He won't kill you for just kissing
I'm a dude. And you do know what
they say?
Bad brakes. I get it.
Sarah looks in the rear view mirror. A car is fast
approaching from behind.
Jack turns his head and looks over his shoulder.
...It's been there a while.
And you didn't say anything?
The car speeds up and closes distance, then moves into the
other lane. It's closing fast.
We were talking.
The car moves up along side. Two men in black ski masks
peer at them through the window. The driver of the other
car turns the wheel toward them in an attempt to run them
off the road. The two vehicles collide several times.


You're the cop. Now what?
Hit your brakes. Let them by.
Sarah slams the brakes until the car stops. The other car
passes them and skids to a stop 30 feet away. Jack pulls out
his gun, pulls back and releases the upper receiver. The
gun CLICKS into locked and loaded position.
      (To Sarah)
You might wanna duck or something.
Jack opens the passenger door, jumps out and gets in
position behind it. He points his gun at the car. Two burly
figures emerge and begin to walk toward them. One man has a
crow bar, the other a shotgun.
Take one more step and I'll drop
The two men continue.

Jack fires a shot at the man with the shotgun.

The bullet strikes him in the upper thigh. His shotgun goes
off harmlessly into the air. He drops it and grabs his
wounded leg, then limps back to the car.

The man with the crowbar quickly jumps back in the driver's
seat. Once the other man gets in the car it burns rubber as
it leaves.
Oh my God you shot him.
In the leg. You o.k?
I'm fine. Let's get out of here
before they come back.
Good idea. But, I don't think
they're coming back.
Sarah wheels the car around and heads for home.


Shouldn't we call the police?
No. No. They'll pull me.
You're not ready to leave?
No. I'm not.
We can't hide the damage to the
car, but we don't have to say
anything about a shoot out.
Got it.
Sarah's banged up car limps on to the driveway. It's late.
Kurt's car is already there. Standing by the door, again,
is Bill Richardson. Jack and Sarah notice him about the
same time. They look at each other.
We're not talking ourselves out of
this one.
Jack hurries out of the car. Sarah opens her dented door.
It makes an awful CREAKING sound. She attempts to shut it,
but it's hanging badly. Bill stomps toward the car. He's
Bill. It's not her fault. We
need to talk.
Hey, daddy.
Go in the house.


I didn't do anything wrong.
Let me explain.
I said...
I'm staying. I know he's a cop.
Oh Great.
Someone tried to run us off the
road out by the lake.
What were you doing...
Nothing daddy. I've been helping
him with the case.
You've been what?
She figured it out. We can't
prove it yet, but...
Really? What do you know?
It's Martini. I mean Mr. Martini.
He's obsessed with his son being
the star quarterback. First he
went after Drew. And now, Jack.
We've suspected him all along, but
we needed...
You needed bait. Father! You
knew this. And, you let Jack...


It's his job. We figured if Jack
could take Rick's spot, his dad
might try something again.
It wasn't him. He sent a couple
of guys in masks. We got nothing.
No license, no I.D.
At least we know we were right.
That's a start. And you, young
lady, need to stay clear of this.
Oh yeah. I'll just stay home from
school till the end of the year.
That's not what I mean't. Just no
more late night drives...
Sarah stomps off.
                       BILL (CONT'D)
...Or dates.
Bill turns to Jack.
                       BILL (CONT'D)
I don't mind doing my part, but
keep her out of this. We clear?
Crystal, sir.
Jack and Rod are sitting in a corner booth, away from the
rest of the patrons. Jack is obviously angry.
So, I was just bait. Was that it?
Why else would we put a 19 year
old rookie undercover.


You could have told me.
The Captain didn't think it was a
good idea. Your first assignment
and all.
Thanks a lot. I knew this was too
good to be true.
Hey. I convinced him you could do
this. And you have. You're on
your way.
I got nothing. No license, no
descriptions. Just a late model
The Captain's not gonna like that.
Those guys were pros. And when
they do come back, it could be a
whole lot worse.
We'll have backup on stand-by for
All right, but I'm gonna need my
I'll drop it off at the house
Jack sits in the front seat of a new, cherry red Camaro.
Sarah leans into the passenger window.
Don't wreck this car.


Sarah starts to open the door. Jack pulls it shut.
Oh no you don't.
Awe. You gonna let my dad tell
you what to do?
No. But, he's right. You need to
stay away from me until this is
How are you suppose to solve this
case without me?
I'm just the bait, remember.
You're more than that. Much more.
Maybe to the team. But, not to
the department.
I was talking about me.
Sarah. Those guys might come
back. I couldn't live with myself
if something happened to you.
I'll be fine. It's you I'm
worried about.
Jack puts the car in gear. Sarah backs away as Jack drives
off. She watches the car until it turns the corner.
Jack and Kurt stroll into the Varsity locker room.
Their secondary isn't fast, so if
we throw short early, we'll draw
them in.


We need to look at more of their
game films. I think the left side
is the weakest.
I agree. Number 22 is probably...
Jack opens his locker and there is Gilbert wearing his HO
shirt, squeezed in and DUCT taped.
Douche bags!
Kurt hurries over to see what the problem is while Jack
carefully pulls Gilbert out of the locker and rips the tape
off of Gilbert's mouth.
They got all of us.
Oh great.
Jack and Kurt go around opening lockers and freeing the HO
squad. One by one, they are rescued, all except Jerome.
Jack opens the janitor closet revealing:

Jerome, dressed like a mummy with duct tape and gym towels
hanging on the closet wall.
      (To Gilbert)
Who did this?
The Bubbas and a couple other
Was Rick one of them?
No. A couple of Bart's friends.
He never does his own dirty work.
Jack pulls the tape off of Jerome's mouth.


      (Almost crying)
Get me down from here. This shit
ain't funny.
Kurt and Jack unhitch Jerome from the mop hanger while
Gilbert and the other victims gather. Jerome is now on his
feet, still encased in towels.
We really need a picture of this.
Gilbert snaps a picture with his cell phone while Jack and
Kurt plant kisses on Jerome's terry cloth face.
Gilbert looks down at the snapshot and busts out laughing.
You guys suck.
Jack and Kurt laugh as Gilbert shows Jerome the picture. He
finally succumbs to the hilarity of his situation and joins
Jerome is freed from his bonds and players are wandering in.
Jerome and Gilbert begin to feel a little uncertain about
their presence in the holy hall.
      (To Gilbert and
All right guys. Get out of here
while you can and trust me! There
will be a reckoning.
Count on it.
Without saying a word and having no doubt in their minds,
Gilbert and Jerome race from the locker room to safer
With a puzzled look on his face, Jack begins looking around.
Anybody seen my helmet?
Coach Stroud walks in with a brand new starter helmet.
                       COACH STROUD
Right here -


The coach tosses it to Jack.
                       COACH STROUD
- you've earned it.
Jack, Kurt and the Ho squad at the usual table ponder their
next move.

Across the dining hall, Rick and the Bubba's, savoring their
victory, do their best to rub it in by laughing overtly and
retelling the story to everyone MOS.
I can probably get them kicked off
the team for bullying.
No. No. As dumb as they are, you
need blockers.
You weren't the one hanging in the