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The Phantom Transporter
by B.S.

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

A phantom. A concubine assassin. Two kings. Three farmers. Revelation comes to the wise and the powerful, but death comes to all.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The back of a big throne. A man sitting on a throne.
Finally, face to face veiw with BOSS, emperor of the land.
He sits staring through the long throne room at the door.
Guards and servants are lined on both sides of the royal
      (heavy sigh and
Open the door. Open doors attract
unwanted guests and uninvited
Two guards open the throne room doors.
DIGGLE'S footsteps are heard before he enters, panting with
relief. He runs to BOSS. DIGGLE, a servant, catches his
The news always comes in twos, my
bad ass Boss, ruler of the land,
the upper hand, the man's MAN.
Give me the bad news.
A servant enters the throne room.
Boss, your women are ready.
I make good sweet nectar love to
these beautiful women. Beautiful
women don't like to be called
bitches or hoes. Address my women
as flowers.
Say, 'Boss your flowers desire
your presence.' All right.
Diggle silently chuckles.
Boss, them flowers is in need of
your love and affection.


That's better. Tell my flowers
this Big Bee is gonna sting them.
Tell them to expect swollen
petals. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.
Servant runs away. Diggle laughs.
Boss, back to the news at hand.
Some of the farmers refuse to pay
your tax. We can't collect nothing
from them. They say you taxin them
too hard, Boss.
Boss strokes his chin and nods his head, exhaling.
They're not belligerent. They know
who they fidging with. They don't
got shit. They tried to pay us in
song and dance.
The standing guards and servants laugh loudly.
Every one is abruptly silent. Boss collects himself.
You think flicking with my money
is funny? My money isn't funny.
You think beautiful women enjoy
making love to a broke king?
That's just pity flapping. That's
not sweet nectar lovin. Body
bumpin, heaven humping, thunder
thumping. I make good love. Being
a bad ass and making good love is
what I am known throughout the
land for. None of you mooters
would know anything about that. A
king gotta be firm and soft. If
he's too hard, shit breaks. If
he's too soft, he gets shitted on.
Boss calms down and makes up his mind.
Alright, alright. Let those
farmers slide for this month. Tell
them I will receive their song and


                       BOSS (cont'd)
dance. I will visit their village
this new moon night. And the good
And the good news is our
scientists and builders have begun
construction of the invisible wall
bubble. This wall, they say, is
strong enough to protect us from
any invisible army, weapon or
Is the wall two way specified?
Yes. Nothing invisible can enter.
And any threat invisible on the
inside, will have to solidify and
Diggle runs out the throne room. Two warrior combatants
enter the throne room, bow before Boss and stand awaiting
Okay warrior combatants, show me
your martial arts. Begin!
Martial arts fighting that defies time and gravity. The two
combatants go at it with furious kill intent. Fantastic.
Enough. Now my turn.
Boss stands up, walks and beckons the combatants to attack
They attack. Boss's martial arts prowess is fantastic and
unmatched. He blocks their quick blows with one arm behind
his waist. He delivers devastating blows with the same
blocking hand.
He has a good stance and balance. They are quick but he is
always quicker. Finally the fight ends, both combatants are
lying on the ground. Boss stands with fearless poise. This
is just child's practice to Boss.
The combatants stand up and bow. Boss nods at them and they
leave the throne room.


My flowers are waiting for their
Big Bee. It's Big Boss Time!
Boss leaves the throne room.
Three beautiful women in sexy lingerie lie on Boss's big
Boss enters the room and closes the door. He smiles with
great expectation. He approaches the bed, ready to make good
After I take you to heaven,I would
be honored to have you as my
guests for dinner. Then there will
be a shuttle craft to take you
home. Don't fall in love with me.
Don't obsess over me. My love is
not something you use. It's
something you forget, like a
Erotic slow motion love making. Naked female breasts and
bottoms in a trance like ambiance. A bedroom ballet.
The banquet table is elegantly set. There is meat, bread,
vegetables and drinks. Servants stand table side. The three
beautiful women enter the room followed by Boss. They are
Thank you for joining me ladies.
Now let's eat.
A festive eating ballet in slow motion. Every one chews
their food and drinks their drink. They talk and laugh and
talk some more. After awhile, the table is cleared. The
women get up and walk to the door. Boss kisses each one of
them on the cheek.
It was a pleasure and I thank you.
I know you enjoyed it as well. My
servant will show you to the
shuttle craft.


The women leave and Boss retires to his bed chamber.
Boss is in bed, head on pillow. A strange wave-like phantom
appears. It vibrates a low buzzing sound, like wasps. It is
transparent almost invisible. It is TAUSS, a phantom like
being. Boss is astute but remains composed.
I am building a bubble around my
land. You won't be able to do this
any more.
This is my land! I was here before
any man. And there was peace and
Monster, there is still peace and
harmony. This land is still
pristine, clean and efficient. You
just sat on the land. I took
control of it. It became real
estate when I took over.
Tauss zig zags, popping up in random places in the room. He
comes to the edge of Boss's bed.
Your silly magical bullshit won't
work any more. Once the bubble is
complete you either stay out for
good or solidify and materialize.
I know you are not immortal and
you can be destroyed. But my fists
cannot fight with the wind. The
wind has to settle and solidify
and fight me like a man. Not like
a formless coward.
Build your bubble. I will find a
way to reclaim what is mine. You
can be destroyed too. May that day
of destruction come soon.
      (irritated and
Get outta here you Marked Monster!


                       BOSS (cont'd)
You know who the Boss is!
Tauss vanishes and the room is silent. Boss goes to sleep.
The three farming leaders, JAVEL, VEETRA and GODYAN sit
around a table by the fireplace eating stew and bread. They
discuss their song and dance and the assassination of Boss.
Fare-key this Boss mooter! And his
bullshit tax. He isn't as bad ass
as they say. In fact, he's an
effeminate looking fairy mooter
Veetra dips his bread in the stew and eats it.
You know he's so rich, why does he
need our money?
He doesn't need our money. This
isn't tax we're paying, this is
He's letting us live on his land.
And he's protecting us.
Protecting us from who?
Not from who. From what. He's
building an invisible wall bubble
around the land. There is a
monster out there and it wants its
property back.
Why don't we and the monster work
together to get rid of Boss?
Yes, a great idea! Trade one
tyrant for another spooky monster
mooter scooter.


They finish their stew. Godyan grabs their bowls and rinses
them in a water bucket basin. Javel lights his smoking pipe
and smokes.Veetra has hands behind his head. Godyan stirs
the fire and sits down.
I don't like killing. I don't like
killing a man in ambush or in
secret. I rather fight him face to
face. But Boss is no ordinary man.
His skill as a fighter is
extraordinary. He's a challenge.
Javel puts his pipe down. Veetra and Javel stare at each
other. They get up and attack Godyan.
Interesting martial arts fighting. Godyan is quick. He has
mastered Origami Style martial arts, he calls it Parlysis
Folding. He blocks the punches and kicks with parries and
winding snake movements. They cannot connect critical
strikes. He paralyzes Javel with acupressure, paralyzing and
folding Javel's arms to Javel's chest and tilting Javel's
head downward. Godyan quickly grabs Veetra's neck in eagle
claw. The fighting stops.
Veetra sits down. Godyan taps Javel and he is free of
Damn mooter scooter! You about
your business. You on point and on
We got a good chance at gettin
Well if we fail, we're folklored.
And if we do succeed, the empire,
the land, the money and riches
will be mines. I mean ours.
It's getting late. We have a week
left to prepare this spectacular
show. I know Boss is suspecting.
He knows this is not just a song
and dance.
Veetra and Javel exit the lodge. Godyan sits on the floor
next to the fireplace, closes his eyes and contemplates. He
feels the energy of his body mix with the energy of the land
and the air. He breathes in and out. There seems to be a


subtle faint golden glow silhouetting and outlining his
Diggle is accompanied by two guards and a warrior combatant.
They are walking through the forest. They come to the
laboratory building. They wait outside looking out the
beautiful landscape.
I don't remember being born. I
have no memory of how I got to be
who I am now. Do any of you have
any memory of your childhood?
                       GUARD (#1)
No. We live to serve Boss.
Let's go in and find out about the
invisible bubble.
Before they enter the lab building, a shuttle craft
The doors of the craft open and FLOSS, a female warrior from
another land continent, steps out. She is noble and fair.
What are you doing here, Floss?
Spying on us? This is how we treat
Diggle signals the warrior combatant to attack Floss. The
combatant rushes at her.They engage in fantastic fighting.
Her martial prowess is soft like water and sharp like
icicles. She blocks and bends without moving her feet. Her
kicks are powerful.
And with furious speed she knocks the combatant down. Fight
is over.
The guards motion to attack her but Diggle raises his hand.
They stay their place. He motions with his head and they
help the combatant up. One guard leaves with the combatant.
They exit the forest. The other guard stays with Diggle.
I see you been practicing. But you
know who the baddest bad ass in
the land be. Say his name you
bully big booknotch.


Big booknotch? Your Boss is a big
booknotch. And a big bully. He's
bad but he's no bad ass. Go run
and tell him I said that. I came
to see about this invisible
bubble, not to play games or say
names. I am about my father's
You came alone? All by your sexy
I walk in peace and harmony. I
make friends wherever I go.
The laboratory doors open.
      (extending his
Bullies first.
They enter the building.
Inside the lab there are stone boulders, plants and shelves
with liquids, some of them are glowing, and three scientists
in the background drawing diagrams, looking at maps and
mixing liquids.
The head scientist, OZEE, pokes his head up, stands up from
his desk at the back of the lab and addresses Diggle.
We have completed setting the
stones. The invisible bubble
should be up by this evening.
Good. Boss will be pleased.
You mean that huge monolithic
boulder on the beach that I saw on
my way over here? That's the power
for you invisible bubble?


There are three other boulders on
each direction of the island. The
stones are tuned like a musical
note. But their notes are silent
and affect invisible beings and
objects. When they get together
and sound their notes in unison,
the invisible bubble will form
around the land. It will be a true
spherical bubble.
This will happen tonight? And this
bubble will run forever,
Yes. These boulders are immovable.
Like a mountain. Once the bubble
is up, it will continue forever.
But don't worry you and people and
things can travel to and from the
land to other lands. It only stops
invisible things or beings from
entering and staying. If anything
invisible is inside, it has to
materialize and take form.
I don't know what's worst. A
visible monster or an invisible
How did you get the boulders to
those places if they are
Ozee signals to a scientist. The scientist runs over with a
small glass bottle of orange glowing liquid. Ozee takes the
bottle in his hand and shows it to Diggle and Floss.
Juice? Orange fuckin juice?
No, not juice. Elixir. It expands
the mass and volume of stones.
My father is concerned about this
bubble. He has been visited by a
ghost. A phantom. This phantom


                       FLOSS (cont'd)
told my father about Boss's plans
for the land and the use of this
invisible bubble. My father has
offered the phantom a tiny island
where it can live and to let go of
its attachment to this land. But
the phantom persists. It does not
want new land. It wants its home.
Floss looks around the lab.
Am I too late? Can this invisible
bubble be aborted?
No. It's going up. Don't interfere
in Boss's business. This land is
his land.
Yes. This wall can be aborted. But
when the sun goes down, the bubble
will go up and stay up.
That's enough talk, my marky larky
scientist. It's best you shut the
flack up now. And it's best you
run along to Daddy now girl.
How do we abort this bubble?
The view zooms away from the group as Ozee explains to Floss
and Diggle how the bubble can be aborted. Floss listens
attentively. Diggle is annoyed.
Boss is seated at the table. He has a plate of waffles,
sausages and eggs. Sitting next to him is SORSO, a magician
sorcerer and advisor to Boss. On Sorso's plate is a
pomegranate halved and runny eggs.
After my bubble is complete, I'll
sleep better at night. You know
what that phantom does? He likes
to scare me and keep me up. He
whispers crazy shit in my ear.


Sorso slurps the runny egg from his spoon.
I have my suspicions about these
farmers putting on a song and
dance. They say they have no money
to pay the rent and the tax. But I
can't let them live on my land for
Sorso bites into the bloody pomegranate. Its juice squirt
onto his plate and the table. His mouth is stained dark red.
He puckers his lips enjoying the sour sweetness.
Damn moon trucker! Watch how you
eat. Spraying that shit every
You must kill them like this
pomegranate. They are setting up a
trap for you. They aim to get you.
      (burst of belly
Farmers can't fight. They're
scared to death of me. No one in
this land or any land is a match
for me. I have no equal. I have no
Diggle and Floss enter the dining room. Boss is mesmerized
by Floss's beauty. Floss is disgusted by Boss's arrogance.
She eyes Sorso with loathing.
Diggle stands next to Boss. Boss stands up to greet Floss.
Sorso continues to slurp his runny eggs.
Boss, we got--
Boss raises his hand. Diggle shuts up. Boss extends his hand
to a chair for Floss.
Have a seat Floss. It's been a
very long while since I seen you.
You have grown more beautiful.
Tell me about yourself.


Floss refuses to sit. She stands with defiance and disgust.
She looks at Sorso. Sorso sinisterly smiles back.
What the fairy flogger is he doing
He's my guest. I have business
with him. Would you like something
to eat? Sit down let me serve you.
No thank you. I come here on my
father's request. I come about
your bubble.
Diggle quickly whispers information in Boss's ear. Boss nods
and smiles. Diggle runs out the dining room.
Boss sits down. Sorso licks the pomegranate,showing Floss
his red coated tongue. He chews the fruit with pleasure. And
the juice squirt out on to the table.
Damn moon beam beat down. Keep it
under control. Who the fickle
pickle eats pomegranate for
How is your father, my dear?
My father has forgiven you. He is
doing well. But if you ever step
foot in my father's kingdom, you
will be hanged. The reason you are
still alive is because I love my
father and have ceased hunting
Your father is still alive because
I allowed him to live. If I wanted
to, I can kill him right now
without being near him. Without
even moving. I can kill you too.
Sorso raises his open hand and makes a fist.


Floss grimaces in pain. She moans and holds herself in her
Stop it!
Sorso relaxes and sits in silence. Floss recovers. Boss
strangely stares at Sorso. Boss is apprehensive and fearful
of Sorso all of a sudden, as if seeing him in a new light.
Boss feels his power is being threatened.
You can't stop the bubble, Floss.
It's going up tonight. It's not
going to affect trade or travel
between continents. You can visit
me any time you like. My door is
open to you.
The phantom has visited my father.
My father has offered the phantom
refuge on one of our islands but
the phantom refused. Boss, please
abort the bubble. Please learn to
live in harmony with this phantom.
It's not too late, we have plenty
of time.
Damn mootin' scootin' scientists!
Tellin too much shit to people.
Boss sits there and ponders. He nods his head but does not
give in.
I can't sleep right. The phantom
haunts me. I'm sorry there's no
other way. I have to kick this
phantom out of here.
      (pointing her hand
       at Sorso)
Isn't there some magic this
heartless mad man can perform that
can persuade or banish this
phantom. I'm glad you're


I have no power over this being. I
have never seen it or felt it. It
is interesting how both your
father and Boss have interacted
with this phantom. It seems to
have audience only with rulers of
      (to Boss)
You just want to be the supreme
bad ass. You can't stand it when
some one or some thing is greater
than you. You want power all for
I have no problems with your
father or your people. I only want
to tend and take care of this
land. This is my land. Yes, the
phantom says this land belongs to
It, but It appeared only after I
claimed the land for myself and
started building and living on it.
So what? That fairy flogger
doesn't own the land. That
invisible wooly flopper can't live
in harmony with me or my ways and
Sorso takes a drink from his cup. Boss also drinks from his
own cup. Floss has an epiphany about the phantom and the
land. She stares blankly and distantly at the table.
I must return home. I will be back
before sun down.
She gets up and exits the dining room.
You have feelings for this girl?
It seems you are not as bad ass as
everyone says.
You seem to have grown more
powerful, Sorso. Why did you not
already kill her father?


I have grown very powerful in my
solitude. I can kill from a very
vast distance. You can say I can
kill by thought. Kill by will. Do
you think that's pretty bad ass?
What's the use of fighting? What's
the use of martial arts? When you
can kill by thought, all those
ways are unnecessary.
Sorso drinks the last drop of drink from his cup.
Her father is still alive because
he, she and you have a use that
serves me. All of you, unknowingly
live to serve and benefit me. All
the wealth in this world, the
rent, the taxes, the trade, the
labor, the materials, belong to
me. But there is a difference
between me and you and every ruler
of any land or empire. You want
wealth. I have power.
      (silent contempt)
You are not immortal. You can die
just like anybody. You're only
powerful with magic. And there is
still fear in your heart. It's
just so dark you can't see it.
Sorso laughs loudly, full of bravado. He stands up.
Thank you for breakfast. Take
caution with those farmers. To be
the supreme bad ass, you have to
be all powerful.
Sorso walks out the dining room.
Boss slaps his cup off the table. He hammers his clenched
fist on to the pomegranate. Juice squirts every where. He
stares angrily in to the distance.
Floss is flying over the land. She goes in the direction of
the farm land. Trees, animals and rows of vegetables and


plants. People are working. Floss sees three farmer men
gathering together dancing under a big tree. She lands the
craft nearby.
The three farmer men, Godyan, Veetra and Javel notice the
craft, stop dancing and stand at attention.
The shuttle craft door opens and Floss steps out. She is
amused to see the three farmers.
I come in peace and harmony. I
just came from Boss's fortress.
What are you guys doing? It looks
like dancing.
The three farmers are hesitant. They fear she works for
We have never seen you before. Do
you work for Boss?
We're just taking a break.
No, I don't work for Boss. I came
to see about the bubble. I am
heading home to see my father to
tell him of Boss's stubbornness.
You caught my attention.
We are rehearsing our performance
for Boss on the new moon night. We
are unable to pay the tax or the
rent. But Boss has accepted our
song and dance as a form of
I wonder what he needs your money
for. Living here is like being a
slave. Do you want something
better? A better place to live and


Yes, yes. We don't mind the labor,
it's the oppression and tyranny
that makes us weary.
Keep dreaming. Boss will never let
us leave. He rather have us killed
then expelled or relocated. Nobody
can rise up to challenge him. His
throne is set in immovable stone.
Did you know he is miserable and
unable to have a good night's
sleep? The reason he is building
the bubble is to keep the phantom
that haunts and harasses him out
of the land. This phantom does
challenge Boss. He cannot stand
Relief and hope brightens the farmers weary faces. A faint
golden glow silhouettes Godyan's body and fades away. Floss
is enchanted by Godyan's presence. Javel and Veetra feel
uplifted and energized.
You have disdain for Boss as we
He is unworthy of any crown. The
land desires peace and harmony.
The people are unhappy. He should
be imprisoned or forced to do hard
It's either Boss or the phantom
monster. If Boss is dethroned or
destroyed then the monster will
have its way.
The bubble will keep the monster
away. Tonight it will be complete.
My father knows that the monster
will be very angry. He will come
to torment my father as he did
Boss. You see, what happens here


                       FLOSS (cont'd)
affects other lands. It is best to
trap the monster in this land with
the use of the bubble. The monster
will have to materialize and its
power diminish with solid form.
We're setting a trap of our own.
      (alert and annoyed)
Veetra! Shut the flaming fairy
bomb up!
Oh, I see. This is no ordinary
song and dance. This is a
premeditated performance. Your
audience will be surprised. Are
you sure you know what you're
doing? Do you really think Boss is
a dumb ass?
      (down trodden)
Shit. Damn it, Veetra. If she can
figure this out, imagine what Boss
is planning for us. We're flecked.
We must work together. I'm glad I
chanced upon you cunning farmers.
You must come with me to see my
father. I will bring you back
before sun down. Come on, we have
to hurry.
She's right. We need her help. I
trust her and her rich daddy.
When a man is flecked, any bit of
hope or help is welcomed with
exaltation. Her father and her
land are flecked, and we're
flecked, if this bubble goes up
tonight. This situation is a
double-flecked situation. Well,
fleck it. Let's team up and fleck
the situation back.


Glad to hear your enthusiasm.
She kindly and eagerly stares at Godyan.
Well, what do you say? Do you
trust me?
Yes. Let's see what we can do
about these challenging events.
I'm glad that we have support from
another land. My hope and patience
is wearing out. But now I feel the
song of victory beating in my
chest. If we fail, we died knowing
we did our best.
Floss encourages them to the shuttle craft. Veetra happily
enters. They all board the craft. The craft swiftly darts
out of view.
Boss sits on the throne. Diggle is standing near by. Guards
are lined along the door and the royal carpet.
I would like you to fetch me a
fine lovely flower today. Make
sure she gets here before sun
down. And make sure she's clean.
I will get you the finest flower
from the garden of lovely ladies.
Good, Diggle. Tell me again how
the bubble can be aborted.
Ozee says that if one of the
stones is out of place or
destroyed or tampered, then there
will be no unity and no bubble.
But the stones are immovable.
But not indestructible.


Well, according to Ozee, not all
spots on the surface of the stone
are indestructible. There are weak
spots that can compromise the
integrity of the structure. But to
find those spots would require a
keen sense, a spotting eye.
Are you saying that a wood pecker
can be the downfall of my empire?
A silly flecking bird? My kingdom
for a bird that pecks wood?
Well, not a wood pecker. But a
stone pecker.
Boss feels uneasy and aggravated. He realizes the rarity of
stone peckers. He also realizes where a stone pecker is
rumored to exist.
Shit. Floss's father has a stone
pecker. Fare key me, man. If Floss
brings a stone pecker here, I'm
You want us to kill Floss and her
That won't be necessary. Just kill
the flecking pecker.
Boss surmises the gravity of the situation. He grasps the
ruthlessness that must be applied.
If her father gives us any
trouble, kill him. But don't kill
But what if she gives us trouble
and we have no choice? She's a
fighter. She will fight to the
death. She will not stand by and
let us harm her father or the
stone pecker.


Fare key, man! Fare key this
phantom mooter scooter. I have to
kill good people in order to have
a good night's sleep. Why doesn't
this monster just give the fleck
up and go live somewhere else.
What's so special about this land?
In the spacious bed chamber is a huge royal bed where
MIDAYUS, Floss's father and ruler of the land Bassup, is
recovering. He is ill, feeble and shivering. A female nurse
servant is at his bedside tending to his malady. So far he
can only drink and consume liquids.
His bedroom door opens. Floss and the three farmers enter.
As Godyan enters the stale ambiance disperses. The room
seems to dance with delight. Midayus has an involuntary
forceful inhale of air, holds it, and gives a blissful
Father. There is very little time.
At sun down the bubble will go up.
Boss is stubborn.
The nurse servants bow to the three farmers and she exits
the room.
These are friends. They are
farmers who live on Boss's land.
Sir, we have no affinity for Boss.
We just want freedom.
How are you, Sir. Is the phantom
monster the cause of your ill
I see why Boss wants to keep this
phantom off the land. He can do no
physical harm but he can torment
and frighten your wits. This
monster calls himself 'Tauss.' A
good night's sleep is worth more
than a kingdom.


Godyan approaches, grabs Midayus's hands and grips it. There
is a pleasant electrical discharge transfer. Midayus face
glows with wonder and vitality. Godyan stands bedside.
Why, you have such a magical
presence about you. Are you really
a farmer? You are more of a
      (gentle smile)
I am Godyan. I do not practice any
magic or sorcerer craft. I am just
a simple farmer as my friends.
You are no ordinary farmer. You
possess magical charm. I've known
many wizards and sorcerers in my
young days. A few I regret ever
being friends with.
Father, I feel there is something
about Boss's land that is making
the phantom apprehensive. And
there is a chance to abort the
bubble. Has the phantom given you
any reason for his haunting you?
All the phantom demands is land.
If there be a secret about the
land, the phantom has perfectly
kept still about it. You think
there is treasure?
Veetra hears the word 'treasure' and cannot keep still.
If there is treasure on the land,
I would know about it. I'm about
that business.
Would you really know? Man, you
don't know shit. Shut the fimmy


I believe that there is something
more valuable than treasure hidden
somewhere in the land.
Perhaps, Sorso would know.
Who the hell is Sorso?
Sorso is a baaaaad mooter scooter.
Diggle's shuttle craft lands near the laboratory. Sorso is
seen standing by the laboratory door. The shuttle craft
hatch opens and MARE, the beautiful and deadly concubine
assassin, steps out with Diggle and a guard following
Diggle sees Sorso standing at the laboratory door. He
introduces Mare to Sorso. The guard stands behind Mare.
Sorso, this is Mare. Mare is from
the Orbozo continent. She's here
to service Boss.
Sorso gives an uncaring head nod to Mare.
You are a spooky looking malinger.
Hole stench, talk nice! Boss
doesn't like hole stenches that
got bad mouths. You best be on
your best behavior.
      (eager to kill
How I choose to behave is up to
me. It is you who should be wary.
Diggle, I sense a problem. May we
speak alone.


Is it about this hole stench?
      (being coy)
It's about philosophy, science and
Diggle is puzzled but sends the guard and Mare away. The
guard escorts Mare to the fortress.
Sorso and Diggle walk away from the laboratory to an open
grove near the forest. They are alone.
Diggle, I know about the stone
pecker. It will unravel this
bubble. What does Boss plan to do?
A guard and warrior combatant are
camouflaged at each monolith
location. He has given us license
to kill.
License to kill who?
Midayus. Floss's father. And
anyone who trespasses near the
Sorso is unnerved and slightly appalled.
I cannot allow Midayus to die. And
what about Floss? Is she
What the fleck do you care if
Midayus lives or dies? Boss gave
orders not to kill Floss. I
suppose he has feelings for her. I
could care less.
Floss, the three farmers and Midayus continue to talk. They
are standing bedside. Veetra walks to the bedroom window,
opens it wider and looks out the view.


Father, we haven't much time. We
need the stone pecker.
The stone pecker is with the stone
carver in the sculptors village.
Veetra turns around and leans against the bottom wall of the
window frame. A bird darts in, slows down, flutters its
wings and lands on the wooden bed post near Midayus's head.
Its name is BENARTIS.
Everyone is surprised and cheerful. There is great relief.
      (to the stone
What wonderful timing. We were
just talking about you. What a
keen sense you have.
Everyone, this is our beloved
stone pecker, Benartis.
Veetra walks to the bed to examine Benartis.
I bet you make wonderful statues.
Good to meet you, bird. Never
thought I would ever see a stone
pecker. This truly is a fantastic
Stone pecker, stone pecker. We
need your help. Please peck a
stone and bring peace back to
Benartis flies to Godyan and lands on his shoulder. Floss
embraces her father. Floss, the farmers and Benartis exit
the bed chamber.
It is close to sun down. Boss has a robe on. His clothes are
on a sofa chair and an extra robe is laying on the edge of
the bed. He is awaiting his concubine and ready to make good


sweet nectar love. He fluffs the pillows. There is a knock
at the door.
      (from behind door)
Boss, your bit...eautiful flower
is here.
      (rubbing his hands)
The door opens. The guard gently escorts Mare through the
She's clean.
The guard closes the door. Mare and Boss are alone.
I'm Mare.
Is that short for Mary?
No. It's short for nightmare.
Well, you're a dream come true to
me. I'm sure you know who I am.
Does my name have fame in your
land? Do your women folk gossip
about me?
Yes, the men fear you and the
women want to fare key you.
Boss laughs and enjoys the fame of his reputation.
I'm Boss. The biggest bad ass in
the mootin scootin land! Now lets
make some sweet nectar love.
What's your specialty?
I specialize in Seductive


Oh, really. Well then, seduce me
Boss and Mare stand face to face. Mare begins to undress.
Boss eagerly watches the blossoming of this beautiful but
deadly flower.
                                         FADE TO
Mare and Boss are in bed. Mare is naked, her back is visible
but her buttocks is covered by the blanket. She is on top of
Boss, riding him. Her breasts bounce as she grinds on him.
Boss enjoys the motion. His hands are behind his head
resting carefree on top of the pillow. He is lying down
facing her in a vulnerable position. The pleasure builds up.
      (heated with
I'm gonna blast. I'm gonna blast.
Are you ready!
Mare continues to grind and pound harder and faster. She is
timing the most vulnerable moment to deliver a critical
facial strike to Boss. His release of ecstasy will be the
moment of her deadly hit.
Yes, give it to me Boss daddy. Big
Boss daddy.
Boss cannot longer hold back. His eyes begin to shut. His
eyes move rapidly underneath his half closed eyelids. For a
moment, he becomes unaware.
Mare quickly punches his throat. Boss is stunned and gasps
for air. His trachea is injured but his neck is not broken.
Mare reaches to poke his eyes out with her fingers. Boss
quickly grabs her hands and pushes her off. Her fully nude
body hits the floor.
Boss, fully nude, jumps out of the bed. He is holding his
neck and gasping for air. He eyes the door and heads for it.
Mare quickly gets up and reaches Boss before he reaches the
door. She pushes him away. Boss is severely hurt and
confused. He cannot let go of his throat. He has to fight
with one hand on his throat. Mare locks the door.
Aggressive martial arts fighting. Mare has unbending killing
intent. Her strikes are fierce and fast. Boss has to block


and strike with one arm. His breathing is getting worse but
he parries and defends each punch and kick.
Mare changes tactics and focuses on removing the arm that
Boss uses to hold his throat. She succeeds in separating
Boss's arm.
Boss gasps painfully for air. He is suffocating. Mare
continues her ferocious onslaughts. Boss grows weaker and is
unable to defend himself. He collapses to his knees.
Finally, Boss is at her mercy. She grabs his head and
twists. Boss's neck is broken. His nude lifeless body drops
to the floor. Boss is dead.
                                         FADE TO
Boss's body is on the bed. The blankets cover him from feet
to chin. He appears to be asleep on his side facing the wall
of the window. Mare has just finished putting on her blouse
and jacket.
She collects herself, opens the door and calmly walks out of
the bedroom.
At the end of the hallway Mare approaches the guards.
Boss is asleep. He asked not to be
disturbed by anyone.
                       GUARD (#1)
Dinner will be served in an hour.
Will you be staying?
Is it customary that Boss's love
guests eat dinner with him?
                       GUARD (#1)
Yes, it is his way of showing
Mare feels trapped and apprehensive.
                       GUARD (#2)
Well, tonight is a important night
for Boss. He may not be in the
mood for entertaining guests,
being his mind is preoccupied with
other kingly matters.


Mare is relieved.
      (lying with
Oh yes, that's right. Boss
apologized for his unavailability
and promises to have dinner with
me on my next visit.
                       GUARD (#1)
Very well then. Diggle is in the
laboratory. Would you like one of
us to escort you to the shuttle
Thank you but that won't be
necessary. I can find my way. Good
night. It was thrilling!
                       GUARD (#1)
Good night miss.
                       GUARD (#2)
Good night.
Mare walks away.
Diggle is standing and talking with Ozee.
The bubble should be up soon. Do
you know what will happen to the
If the phantom is on the land, it
will materialize. But if it is
outside the sphere of the bubble
it cannot enter.
Yes, I understand mal taint, but
where will it materialize? Can you
give an exact location?
I don't know. My guess is it would
materialize where Boss is present.


And what would it be? What form
will it have when it materializes?
I don't know. It can take any
Man, what kind of flecking
scientist are you? You don't know
Ozee remains silent and stares towards the shuttle craft.
Mare slowly approaches Diggle and Ozee.
Good evening, miss.
I would like to leave now.
Leave? What about Boss?
He's asleep.
Okay. But what about dinner?
Boss is unavailable for dinner. He
apologizes and insist that I
return to my land. Is there
something important that will
occur tonight?
      (cuts in)
I think it is best that she leaves
now, Diggle.
Okay, okay. It's time to go, hole
stench. Ha, ha,ha.
Mare is annoyed by Diggle's derisive laughter. She strongly
desires to kill him.


I will check in with Boss and
inform him of any new discoveries.
Good bye, Miss.
Ozee enters the laboratory and closes the door. Diggle and
Mare get into the shuttle craft. It hovers in the air and
darts off into the sky.
Floss's shuttle craft lands near the beach. The stone
monolith casts a shadow over the land. The sun begins to
set. Floss and the farmers rush out. The stone pecker darts
Camouflaged in the bushes and shrubs are a guard, a warrior
combatant and Sorso. Their hover horses, mechanical horse
magnetic-levitation transportation, are hidden as well. They
observe Floss and the farmers approach the towering monolith
waiting for the right moment to surprise attack.
Sorso admires the stone pecker on Godyan's shoulder. He
senses Godyan's magical prowess.
      (to Sorso)
We must attack now before that
silly bird do damage to the stone.
The warrior combatant rises and throws an interesting
boomerang type weapon at the stone pecker.
The stone pecker flies off Godyan's shoulder. The boomerang
hits Godyan's forehead temple. Godyan is knocked out but
alive. The guard and the warrior combatant rush at Floss,
Veetra and Javel.
Sorso remains hidden in the bushes, observing the stone
What the fleck happened?
Javel stares at Godyan lying on the ground. He picks up the
boomerang weapon next to Godyan's body.
The stone pecker perches on the top of the monolith,
examining and analyzing the stone.
The guard attacks Veetra. The warrior combatant attacks
Floss. Great martial arts fighting. Javel tends to Godyan.
He gently taps Godyan's cheek. Godyan remains unconscious.


Veetra defeats the guard. The guard is knocked out on the
ground. Veetra double teams with Floss to fight the
formidable warrior combatant. All three cease fighting to
change stance and tactics.
Javel throws the boomerang at the warrior combatant and
knocks him out.
The sun is setting and darkness is quickly creeping over the
      (yelling at stone
Benartis, please start pecking
away! Hurry!
Javel stands up.
Go pecker! Make it crumble to
pieces while there's still light.
With incredible accuracy,sharpness and speed chunks of stone
fall off the monolith like scissors cutting paper or the
paring of skin off a potato. They stare facing the monolith,
mesmerized and transfixed. Sorso quietly appears behind them
Sorso raises his hands and makes two fists. Veetra grabs his
own chest and drops dead to the ground. Javel grimaces in
pain, grabbing his own chest and abdomen and collapses dead
to the ground. Floss sees the two farmers body on the floor
and quickly turns around to face Sorso.
The remains of the stone monolith resemble the outline of a
man's body. It appears to be a rough statue of a man, half
The shuttle craft is flying over ocean heading for Mare's
                                         FADE TO
Inside the craft Diggle and Mare are seated side by side.
Diggle is flying the craft. Mare is silent.
Boss usually doesn't kick his
flowers out before dinner. But I
guess he can't stand your sass.


                       DIGGLE (cont'd)
Ha, ha.
Mare ignores and remains quiet.
Boss has a reputation for making
love. Did he live up to your
expectations? Or did he blow your
mind girl?
Just the shut the fare key up and
fly the flecking craft.
Hole stench, talk nice! Ha, ha.
Mare sighs heavily with irate exhalation.
How close are we to my homeland
Why are you in such a hurry? Just
enjoy the ride and enjoy my
wonderful company. Hey, listen. I
know you gave Boss a good time. Do
you wanna give me something?
Mare disgusted and insulted. She remains calm. She plays
Oh sure. I'm just a concubine. Can
you put the craft on auto pilot?
Yes, I can.
Diggle puts the craft on auto pilot and attempts to rise
from his seat.
Oh don't get up. Don't get up. Let
me love you.
Diggle remains seated, eagerly. Mare stands up, stands
behind him and caresses his ears and head.


Are you ready for lovin?
Give it to me, girl. Give it to
me, girl. Yes.
Diggle, Diggle, Diggle.
Mare twists his head and breaks his neck.
                                         FADE TO
Outside the shuttle craft. The craft is flying above ocean.
The hatch opens. Diggle's dead body falls out. The hatch
closes. The craft continues en route to Orbozo.
Floss and Sorso stand facing each other. Godyan begins to
The guard and warrior combatants sit up. The stone pecker
rests on the half-complete statue.
You're too late, Sorso. The bubble
has been aborted.
      (to guard)
Guards! Get on your hover horses
and tell Boss. Now!
The guard and warrior combatant stand up, get on the hover
horses and ride out.
      (to Floss)
Here, have some pain.
Sorso raises a hand and curls his fingers. Floss grimaces in
pain. She moans.
Godyan hears her cries, raises his hand to draw attention
and stands up.


Sorso relaxes. Floss recovers. Godyan notices his friends
lying on the ground. Godyan is saddened.
Are they dead?
Yes, I killed them both. I'll kill
you too.
Did you kill them face to face in
      (cuts in)
No, he sneaked up on us and killed
them from behind. Your friends
died without a fight, without
seeing the face of their opponent.
He kills in cowardice.
I kill without being seen. I kill
without being heard.
But my friends were no threat to
you. They had no ill will towards
They and you were planning to kill
Boss. I know about your deceptive
song and dance. You were going to
kill Boss in a misleading manner.
You use lies to lure. Then you
kill by misleading others. And if
Floss is helping you,then she is
involved too and so is her father.
Fortunately, I put an end to all
that. Now, I put an end to you.
Then I'm going to kill everybody.
Godyan is appalled. Floss is angered.
You can kill us, but please don't
harm my father's stone pecker.
No, you can't kill everybody. You
can't kill Tauss.


That's right! You are not all
powerful. Tauss is unreachable to
you. You can't stand some one
being more powerful than you. It
infuriates you.
I know what you are doing. You are
only delaying your death. I have
my suspicions about this 'Tauss.'
You wanted this bubble erected so
that you can have the opportunity
to kill Tauss when he or it
materializes. And regain status of
being all powerful.
But it's too late, Sorso. You
lose. Just settle for second
place. Hee, hee.
      (upset, annoyed)
Silence, Girl! Have any of you
seen Tauss?
My father was visited by Tauss. He
has seen him. Tauss is real.
You believe every thing your
father says?
He's my father. Boss has seen
Tauss. Boss is haunted by Tauss.
Are you saying Tauss does not
exist? Then why the bubble and the
stones? Why all this killing?
Godyan begins to emit a subtle golden glow around his body.
It oscillates and changes hue. It becomes purple, then
darker and darker like night. Sorso and Floss are amazed.


Godyan is fully cloaked in the darkness and totally
transparent. Godyan disappears.
      (yells out)
There is no answer.
      (yells out)
Godyan! Godyan, where are you?
Floss gropes all around her, but feels nothing.
Be still and listen. What do you
I hear nothing. Nothing at all.
Sorso feels he has come upon something important. He is
convinced of something monumental.
I'm going to see your father.
That's impossible. You are
forbidden entrance to Bassup. You
won't be able to step foot on our
land. Our guards will surround and
swarm you, and kill you.
That's why you're coming with me.
Sorso grabs her arm and forces her in to the shuttle craft.
They board the craft. The shuttle craft rises and darts off
into the night, headed for Bassup.
The stone pecker is all alone on the monolith statue. It
takes shelter in a stone cave in the arm pit of the monolith
statue. The stone pecker sleeps for the night.
Ozee hurries through the hallway heading for Boss's bed
chamber with news about the bubble and the defective stone
monolith. Guards are accompanying him. They reach Boss's


Ozee knocks on the door.
      (yells out)
There is no answer.
      (yells louder)
There is no answer. Ozee becomes impatient.
Guards, open this door!
The guard opens the door. They enter Boss's bed chamber.
Boss's dead body is lying in the bed turned to the side away
from the door. They cannot see his dead face. They presume
he is asleep.
Ozee stands bedside.
Ozee shakes Boss and turns him on his back, face up.
The guards stare at Boss's dead face with surprise and
fright. Ozee is shocked.
Ozee slowly walks away in grave disappointment, puzzled and
very apprehensive.
                       GUARD (#1)
What should we do?
Wait for Diggle.
                       GUARD (#2)
Should we move the body?
No, leave it. Diggle should be
back by now.
Ozee walks to the door.
                       GUARD (#1)
Where are you going?


Ozee is very nervous.
To the laboratory. I have to clean
it up. Wait for Diggle, he should
know what to do.
Ozee walks out Boss's bed chamber. The guards talk with each
                       GUARD (#1)
Fare key! What should we do? Boss
is dead.
                       GUARD (#2)
Do what the scientist say. Wait
for Diggle.
                       GUARD (#1)
Where the fleck is Diggle? He
don't know shit. We need a leader.
                       GUARD (#2)
What about Sorso?
                       GUARD (#1)
Sorso is a spooky mooter scooter.
He scares me. Fare key! Diggle is
a dumb plum and Sorso is flecking
crazy. We're flecked.
                       GUARD (#2)
We have no choice then. We have to
follow the scientist. They're
smart and they know shit. Shit we
can't understand.
                       GUARD (#1)
I feel so empty without Boss. Boss
was the most bad ass. I miss Boss
already. We failed him and we let
his killer slip through our hands.
Ozee is at his desk. The scientists are working on their
experiments and eating dinner. Ozee pulls a silvery metallic
capsule, the size of a small cucumber, from his desk drawer.
He walks to the center of the room and addresses the


Continue with your work and don't
leave the building. I will be back
Ozee twists the capsule behind his back and drops it. It
falls to the ground behind him out of view of the
scientists. The scientists continue to work and eat their
You all are doing a terrific job.
Thank you from the bottom of my
Ozee walks out the back entrance of the lab. He locks the
door from the outside.
Ozee hurries through the forest. He is carrying a strange
looking body suit in his hand. He finds a shuttle craft in
the forest. He boards the craft. The craft darts off.
The laboratory building explodes.There is a big
conflagration. The guards are alerted by the explosion. The
fire threatens the nearby forest. Guards and servants run
frantically to put out the fire. Guards in hover horses fly
to and from the fire. There is chaos and helplessness.
Floss's shuttle craft opens its hatch in front of Midayus's
palace. Guards with long spear lances stand protecting the
building. Sorso steps out of the shuttle craft holding Floss
hostage. Guards immediately rush and surround Sorso with
their spear lances pointed at him.
That's not a good idea. I want
audience with Midayus or I will
kill his daughter, then kill all
of you at the same time.
Sorso walks to the palace door gripping Floss's arm with one
hand and raising his open hand in front of him. As he moves
the guards move with lances pointing at him. They are
gathered in a circle around him like planets around the sun.
They move when he moves, in an orbit of siege, poised to


Guards, don't attack. Keep your
lances pointed at him and don't
break the circle. Go and warn my
The guards continue to encircle Sorso and Floss as they move
into the palace.
Sorso makes his way through the palace. He goes up the
stairs. The guards break their circle and place themselves
in front and behind him. They reach Midayus's bed chamber
Open the door.
Floss nods to the guards. They open the door. Sorso, Floss
and the guards enter the bed chamber. Some guards stand and
block the door way.
Midayus is sitting in bed. Three guards are with him.
Be strong, Daughter.
Sorso has not seen Midayus in a long time. He stares at
Midayus with amusement. Midayus is in apprehensive awe of
Sorso's appearance and gall.
My door is open and an unwanted
guest enters. So Sorso, what is
the reason for this unexpected
Father, the bubble has been
Sorso tightens his grip on Floss's arm. She moans and is
The question is why and how? Why
did you create Tauss and how did
you do it?


Midayus bursts out in hearty laughter. He seems hysterically
insane. He chuckles as he calms down and collects himself.
His eyes are watery and his face is flushed.
Always to the point, Sorso. I
thought my theatrics could sway
the scent, lead the trackers
astray, deceive the most astute
detectives. But you have found the
true cause of the enigmatic
Floss is confused. She has no clue of what Sorso is accusing
her father of and no clue of what her father is confessing.
Have you not figured it out
You must have imagined the
mechanics behind the deception. It
is not magic.
Quickly, or I slaughter your
daughter. Kill all the guards at
the same time. Kill you, slowly
and painfully. Then disappear like
a daydream.
Midayus becomes sullen. He fears the death of his daughter.
Floss grows angrier with vengeance and contempt for Sorso.
She strongly desires to kill him.
Let me answer how first. I asked
my scientist if it was possible to
make someone invisible. Not only
invisible but transparent, able to
pass through physical objects or
even teleport over short
distances. He said yes. But he had
to create the technology first.
Because you cannot perform true
magic, you can only mimic it. I am
magical. You did not have the
aptitude, the endurance, or the
spontaneous insight to travel the
path of magicalness. You forfeited
and resigned to seeking help from
a scientist. Scientists my have


                       SORSO (cont'd)
sparks of genius but they do not
burn with magical power.
And the scientist created a
cloaking device like a suit of
armor that allowed the person
wearing it temporary invisibility,
teleportation and transparency. It
is the ultimate weapon in
Floss is shocked. She stands in disbelief.
But like all technology it has
flaws and subject to technical and
mechanical changes. One of them
being the severe effects it has on
the person wearing it from the
disharmonic sounds it creates. It
is not music to the body or the
Yes, the buzzing, the buzzing of
ten thousand angry bees. If worn
too long, the person's nervous
system, blood, bones and organs
can malfunction or be destroyed.
The sound violently vibrates the
cells and atoms of the body and
helps it be invisible and
teleport. It is a deadly weapon.
It is useless. And the invisible
bubble was also a ploy.
Floss becomes astute and listens attentively.
The giant stone monoliths created
no invisible barrier. They were
intended to be narcissistic
monuments, statues of yourself. A
way of marking your territory.
Yes, that is correct.


Now, confess. Why did you create
Midayus is reluctant to answer because he feels ashamed. He
dolefully looks at Floss.
Real estate.
Floss becomes aroused by confusion and suspicion.
Real estate.
There is the sound of footsteps and commotion in the hall
way and stairs. Gaurds begin to move and break form from the
      (angrily yells)
Real fleckin' estate! Mooting
fairy flogger!
Ozee bursts in to the room, breathing heavy with important
Boss is dead!
Floss and Midayus are surprised. Sorso transfixed by the
news becomes aloof and detached. He unconsciously loosens
his grip on Floss.
The pointed head of a spear lance explosively bursts out
from the chest of Sorso as if Sorso's body gave birth to it.
Sorso stares blankly at the window and drops dead. The spear
lance is stuck in Sorso's body. Floss runs to embrace her
father with tears of fright and relief. She has just stabbed
Sorso with a spear lance.
Father, what is going on? I don't


I'm sorry daughter. I beguiled you
and used you in my play of deceive
and conquer.
Midayus sadly and cheerlessly looks at Ozee.
Boss is dead? How did he die,
GAERLEAN is Ozee's real name.
Gaerlean? Father, this is Boss's
scientist, Ozee.
No, Daughter. This is Gaerlean.
Floss, I am Gaerlean. I work for
your father.
Floss steps away from her father and stands on her own,
withdrawn and afraid.
Boss is dead, Midayus. He was
killed by a concubine, shortly
before sundown. I blew up the
laboratory and hurried over here.
The phantom suit is hidden in my
shuttle craft.
Killed by a concubine? Where is
this concubine? Who is this
My guess is that she is from the
Orbozo continent. Boss's servant
escorted her back, but he has not
returned. He's probably dead too.
Poor Diggle. He was very loyal to
      (to guards)
Guards, remove Sorso's body and
burn it. Gather the ashes and
throw them in the ocean.


Guards quickly remove Sorso's body and exit the bed chamber.
A few guards remain in the room to protect Midayus.
A concubine assassin from Orbozo.
What ambition! My door opens wider
and another uninvited guest creeps
in. I was looking forward to
laying my head down on my pillow,
but there is no sleep when prime
real estate is up for auction.
Orbozoes are ruthless!
Floss, dismayed and disheartened with her father and these
unsettling events, musters up her courage.
Father, it's time you close the
Let it go. Boss is dead, but you
did not kill him, there is no
blood on your hands. Let the
Orbozoes have the land. Fighting
them will only bring more killing
and great animosity. You will have
to wage a war. For what, Father?
Real estate?
With great indignation, Midayus leaps out of bed and slaps
Floss on the face. She touches her cheek as tears of
hopelessness fall.
Midayus walks to the center of the room.
Give up the land! No, Darling. I
will do no such thing. Many
sleepless nights I had to endure
for the acquisition of this land.
It is mine by self righteous
proclamation! Fleck those
Orbozoes. I did not do all that
devious work so that someone else
can breeze by and claim it. No,
no. No man shall claim for himself
what is mine! My claim weighs more
than their lives. Fleck it, I
claim their lives too.
Ozee/Gaerlean is horrified. Floss shuts her eyes in hopeless
disappointment. Midayus is furious. There is a delirious
insanity in his eyes.


Guards, prepare for war. Send a
fleet to Boss's land and kill
everyone on sight, Orbozo and
natives alike. Defend the land and
push the Orbozoes back to the hell
they crawled out from. You fight
for Bassup, remember that. You
fight for King Midayus, the
baddest marked malicer in this
world. Carve my words into your
hearts, 'Victory or death. Return
home alive. Prepare for
celebration.' Now go and claim
The guards exuberantly rush out the room.
You're going to need more than
sophisticated technology and
martial arts to defeat the
Midayus stares at Sorso's blood stained on the floor. Floss
stares out the window, looking, looking, into the distance.
You're going to need the one thing
you've lost when you resorted to
technology and deception. You're
going to need true magicalness.
The room is sparkling, aglow and softly luminous. There are
three beings in the room. One is sitting on a chair while
the other two are standing at a distance. Two male figures
and one female figure. Their bodies are softly luminous and
clothed in light. They sparkle and glow.
The male and female standing together are, RIDDEN and
NAY'AY. The one sitting in the chair is Godyan. They call
him by his real name, THEENO.
      (to Godyan)
Theeno. Theeno. It's time to go.
The festivity is under way. It is
rude to be late and you'll miss
the gifts and blessings.


He must be voyaging again. Give
him a moment. Theeeeeeenoooooo.
It's time to ggggeeeeeeooooooooo.
Hee, hee.
Godyan slowly awakens as if from a daydream. He awkwardly
stares at the luminous room and his luminous arms and hands
as if seeing them for the very first time. He adjusts his
sight by blinking and enlarging his eyes, like a new born
Where am I? Who are you people?
Why am I glowing like this?
Where's Floss? I want to fight
Boss. I need to stop Tauss. I need
to stop Sorso.
Ridden and Nay'ay giggle.
Boss? Tauss? Floss? Theeno, calm
down. You're safe. You're home.
You've never left home.
Theeno, we are your friends.
You've always looked like this and
so do we. And you always ask these
questions and act this way when
you return from your silly
voyages. You need to stop voyaging
or remember better. You are so
Godyan stares blankly at them.
Who's Theeno?
Ridden and Nay'ay burst out in laughter.
You. You are Theeno. I am Nay'ay
and this is Ridden.
My name is Godyan. I don't know
any of you. You people have me
mistaken for someone else. I don't
know how I got to be here, but my
friend is in trouble. I need to go


                       GODYAN (cont'd)
back and help her.
Ridden sighs and grows tired of repeating these unnecessary
chats with Theeno every time he returns from his voyages.
Sometimes, I wish...Listen,
Theeno, Godyan, whatever. Every
time you voyage to other planets
you seem to forget who you are
while you are there and you start
identifying with your new
character. Then when you return
home, you forget who you really
are and think you are still the
character. You are not that
character. You are Theeno and you
have never left that seat. It's
only been seven minutes in our
time count. Oh Theeno, what are we
going to do about you. Stop
voyaging. Just stay awake and stay
home. Please, please. It's time to
go, the festivities are under way.
It's Medditay's ThanksBlessings
We are magical beings. You are a
magical being. Always, always
remember that.
Godyan begins to understand. He remembers who he truly is
and what he has been doing. He knows who MEDDITAY is, the
fully self-conscious star that he and Ridden and Nay'ay and
other luminous beings live on. An epiphany overwhelms him
and he grins, aglow with so much happiness.
It's ThanksBlessings Day! Let's go
get our gifts and blessings from
Medditay, our beloved Star
Godyan/Theeno rushes out the room. Ridden and Nay'ay laugh
and run after him.
Hundreds of luminous beings gather at the plaza awaiting
their gifts and blessings from their Star Mother-Father,


Their faces are aglow with joyful anticipation as they stand
on the surface of Medditay. Some hold hands, others raise
their hands to dancing lighted skies, others hoot and holler
and sing, some jump up and down in ecstasy.
Theeno stands smiling with his friends, Ridden and Nay'ay.
Theeno takes in all the beauty and wonder of Medditay. He
levitates, hovers in the air and comes back down.
Let's all hold hands.
Ridden, Nay'ay and Theeno form a circle holding hands.
So, who wants to give thanks
You go first Nay'ay. Then I'll go
Okay. I am so thankful for my
body. It's amazing and grows more
powerful and beautiful every day.
Thank you.
Okay my turn. I am so thankful for
my mind and brain. I am growing
smarter and wiser every day. Thank
Nay'ay and Ridden turn to Theeno and smile.
It's your turn, Theeno.
I am thankful, so very thankful
for my friends, here and every
where. They make my heart jump
with joy and play with peace every
day. And thank you. Truly, truly,
They all jump up and down and giggle happily holding each
others hands.
There is a sudden silence. Then a very harmonious musical
sound. On the edge of the horizon a glittery, shimmery wave


of twinkling light covers the sky. Theeno, Nay'ay and Ridden
calm down and prepare to be bathed by the wave of light.
Okay, okay. Here it comes. Hold
your wish in your mind and hearts.
When the wave hits us, Medditay's
blessings will help our desires
come true.
Theeno, Ridden and Nay'ay hold hands and close their eyes.
The wave of light hits them, bathing them and caressing
them. They smile with so much contentment and pleasure. The
wave continues on to the other side of the star. It will
complete a circle around the star and dissipate.
Hundreds of luminous beings rejoice, hoot and hollering and
dance and sing. They remain in the plaza to play and talk
with each other.
Theeno, Ridden and Nay'ay separate hands. They stand and
smile at each other.
So did every one receive their
blessing and gift? What did you
ask for?
I asked for telescopic-microscopic
vision. To be able to see far
distances into space and examine
the tiniest atoms.
Ridden demonstrates by looking out into the sky, into space.
Wow, I just saw a star explode
3690 super light years away. An
amazing super nova but the planets
were not destroyed, they were
pushed out of their orbits and
into many different directions.
How interesting!
That's incredible Ridden. You know
I've been practicing my singing
but I wanted to add an extra
quality to my voice. Well, let me
try it out.


Nay'ay starts singing tones. Her voice vibrates the
surrounding air and penetrate Theeno's and Ridden's body.
Theeno and Ridden involuntarily and uncontrollably move and
sway to her voice. They look like their dancing or being
controlled by invisible strings.
Wow, it works. I can sing and make
people dance with my voice. Let me
try something else. Ridden, rush
at me and attack me.
Okay, I'm coming at you with full
Ridden walks back a distance, runs at Nay'ay with his arm
cocked ready to throw a punch at her. She sings to him.
Oooh Woooh, ooooooh whooooh
huuuuuu, ooooooh ooooooooh.
Ridden's punching arm snaps back to his side. His body is
straight and stiff and he dances, lifting his legs and
skipping like pedaling a bicycle backwards. He bounces up
and down on his feet, spins around then sits cross legged on
the ground, his arms crossed at his chest,holding his
Theeno bursts out in laughter.
That's fantastic. It's like a
opera ballet martial arts. What do
you call this style?
I call it, Voice of A Thousand
Ridden gets up and walks to his friends.
Wow, that was awesome. You subdued
me with singing. Your voice took
control of my body. My body had no
choice but to obey your voice.


I'm glad you enjoyed it. So now,
Theeno, what did you ask for?
I bet it's something wild and
crazy. You are always doing crazy
things and forgetting.
Ridden and Nay'ay laugh. Theeno stands and smiles
reminiscing about his past voyage.
I asked for a dear friend to find
her own magical way.
It is moments before the dawn breaks. It is not that dark.
Behind the bushes are two mounds of dirt where Veetra and
Javel are buried. Standing alone on the beach facing the
ocean, the monolith statue and the rising sun, is Floss. A
subtle green glow outlines her body.
The stone pecker wakes up and shakes itself. It sees Floss
and flies onto her raised hand. Floss whispers something to
the stone pecker and he flies back to the monolith statue.
The stone pecker starts pecking at the face of the statue.
The statue's face begins to resemble Godyan's face.
As the sun rises, Floss raises her hands up and sways side
to side and starts slowly dancing to her own rhythm. Her
dance is both seductive and contagious. It is both pleasant
and powerful.
As she dances, a beautiful clear energetic force field
magically surrounds and protects the land. It is a majestic
rainbow. A kind, mysterious voice is heard from the sky.
                       NAY'AY (VO)
You are a magical being. Always,
always remember that.
Floss continues glowing and dancing as the sun rises.


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