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Pussey (Pilot) pt. 1
by duke (roland.mccoy@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A once well to do Real Estate agent has to take seven outside sales job just to make ends meet as his life and finances fall to pieces.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



DR. DELORIS JONES is the facilitator at this AA meeting, She
is one hot black woman. She is seated at the top of the
circle. There are 15 very diverse men and women attending
this group session. TERRENCE PUSSEY known as TP is seated to
her left. He is well dressed in a dark tailored fitted suit
with tie and hankie squared to perfection. He stands to
My name is Terrance Pussey my
friends call me TP. I've been
ordered by a judge to attend these
sessions. I may be an alcoholic,
hell I don't know. I drink
whenever and wherever I feel like
it, any time and any day. For ten
years I was a very successful real
estate agent here in Central
Florida. Shit, I sold Tiger his
home. I earned a half million to a
million every year during that
stretch. I was living a good life;
big house, expensive cars.
Enjoying the arts and the finer
things this life have to offer. I
have two ex wives, one who still
lives in (my) house. Hell I gotta
forty five hundred dollar
mortgage. I pay another six
thousand a month in investment
properties. We all know what
happened to the real estate
market. Then there's twenty five
hundred a month in alimony to my
first wife. I have four spoiled
selfish kids, dogs,cats,turtles
and some other kinds of eat and
shit animals. Now I've been told
to spend several hours a week in
this god damn place. I still have
my real estate licenses, but I've
only sold a couple of houses over
the past two years. However I'm
not quite ready to give up my life
style. As a matter of fact, I'd be
dammed if i'm going to give it up.


                       TP (cont'd)
The way I see it. If I don't
drink, there is no way I can
continue to balance the seven jobs
I have as an outside sales rep for
seven different companies. Three
of which I am the number one sales
rep. I have anger issues cause,
I'm working my ass off just to
make ends meet; and my ends are
long and they haven't met in a
while. So for me time really is
money, and this for me is a waste.
So, I'm going to get into my very
fast and expensive BMW where I
have a bottle of XO cognac and
have me a big drink and drive back
into my reality. Cause this is
some bull shit. And if any of you
people want to judge me, then fuck
you. That's a glimpse of me,
Terrence Pussey.
TP exits the meeting. The participants look quite stunned.
DR.JONES excuses herself and pursues TP.
TP OPENS the bottle of XO cognac and pours himself a drink
in a gold double shot glass. Without hesitation, he swallows
it in one gulp. DR.JONES TAPS on the tinted glass window. TP
slowly LOWERS it.
                       DR, JONES
      (in a soft sexy
Mr Pussey our session wasn't over.
TP gazes into her eyes, there is a pause and she LEANS in
the car and gives him a wet ass kiss. As they kiss he
awkwardly reaches out the car in an attempt to grapple her
ass. She REACHES into her bra and hands him a business card.
                       DR, JONES
I love the taste of liquor on your
breath, call me.
She TURNS and WALKS away. TP smiles as he checks her out.
Slowly turning the car he LEANS out the window.


I'll call you maybe we can go out
for a drink. Plus I want to know
what else your hiding in that
QUE music and opening credit as TP drives and POURS himself
another drink. Inbound phone call on the cars hands free
system. It's one of his friends, JEFFERSON.
      (answering phone)
      (club music in
TP where are you man, I thought we
were meeting for happy hour. I've
been here for two hours man,
what's up.
I was in a meeting, I have to go
home first to change.
No man! don't go home, you'll
never get out of the house, just
get your ass down here.
I'm close to Macy's, I'm going to
buy me a fit, and I'll be down
Unless it's a suit, you can't pick
out no clothes man: your ex did
all your street clothes shopping,
and I don't want you showing up
here looking like an old man.
Whatever! I have an infallible
method when it comes to shopping
now. I'll see you in a few.


TP singles out a young female SALES CLERK in the men's dept.
He BROWSE'S a rack of shirts and patiently waits for her to
try to assist him. The clerk finally makes her way towards
                       SALES CLERK
Hi are you finding everything
Yes, im just looking, thanks
                       SALES CLERK
Well take your time and if you
need me I'll be at my register.
She TURNS to leave, after a few steps TP CALLS her back.
You work on commission right?
                       SALES CLERK
Yes I do, plus a little base
Well sweetheart you just blew a
sale with me. But.. I'm gonna show
you how to sell just about every
person that approaches a clothing
rack. In reality, im giving you a
gift, a forty percent raise in
                       SALES CLERK
Are you a Secret Shopper?
TP does not acknowledge her and continues his pitch.
I'm your example, you notice that
I have an interest in shirts. So
you walk over, say hello, and
then, use these exact words,"you
look like you wear a medium". It
doesn't matter if you think I'm
skinny or I look a little large,
as long as the person is not
morbidly obese. Always use medium.
If your working with a women just


                       TP (cont'd)
use three sizes smaller than what
you think she is. The next step
is the most important. You go find
the most attractive shirt in the
store, and to you price is not an
object.(pause) Go Now! go find me
a shirt quickly and bring it to
She SCRAMBLES to look for a shirt. His cell phone rings,
Hey, can't talk, I'll be there in
about fifteen mins, bye.
He pockets the phone. The clerk APPROACHES with the shirt.
Now you say, you would look
awesome in this shirt, hand it to
him, then walk away. Believe me
he's going purchase the shirt. You
do the same thing regardless of
what it is, pants, shirts, shoes,
whatever. You got it?.
                       SALES CLERK
So what do you say?
She GIVES him the shirt.
                       SALES CLERK
You would look awesome in this.
She walks off.
He approach the sales clerk.
Just Perfect. Here's my credit
card. Where's the dressing room?
You can tell that TP has made an impression with her.


                       SALES CLERK
Behind you to the right.
Charge my card, I need to wear
this shirt out the door. I'm
meeting a friend for a little
after work activity downtown. The
Maverick Club. Have you heard of
                       SALES CLERK
Yeah! I hear it's nice.
You should come out. I'll be in
the VIP. Oh by the way, I need a
pair of pants to fit up the shirt.
Bring it to me in the dressing
room, if you dont mind. Size
thirty two, thirty four.. medium
She pairs up some designer jeans and TAPS on the dressing
room door. TP opens the door he is stripped down to boxer
briefs. She glances at him then passes the pants. He GRABS
the pants and her arm and gently pulls her close to him. She
doesn't resist him. He speaks softly to her.
Since I showed you how to make
money today, I need you to apply
your employee discount to my
purchase, OK?
She agrees.
                                         CUT TO
TP LEAVING department store, new outfit and his suit bagged
on a hanger.
TP DRIVING fast toward the club. Hands free incoming call is
waiting. It's his youngest daughter ANGEL.


Daddy, where are you? You promised
to help me with my spelling words.
I'm sorry baby, I have to go meet
uncle Jeff. Have one of your
sisters help you.
      (more anger)
No! I don't want their help, and
you mean half sisters.
Well have them help you with half
the words and I will help you with
the rest when I get home.
      (she screeches in
      (he screeches in
They both screech loudly, then silence.
I have to go Angel.
      (sad voice)
I love you daddy, I'm gonna wait
up for you.
Love you too Angel
TP VALETS in front of the MAVERICK CLUB. He avoids the line
and is ushered in and escorted to VIP.
Hip Hop BLARING. Pretty mixed crowd. JERRERSON a little
tipsy, spots TP. Gives him a bear hug.


TEE PEE! Man what took you so
long, AHH! the hot new shirt,
nice, nice. I'm holding it down
for ya, there some nice bun buns
in here.
JEFFERSON SIGNALS the bar help to pour TP a drink.
Hey, I want you to meet someone.
I don't want to meet any of your
country ass friends. What happened
at the sales meeting this morning,
was anybody looking for me.
The bar help HANDS TP his drink.
There were a couple people
complaining about the fact you
rarely show up for the meetings,
Just some haters.
Who was it?
Milton and that fat bitch Tina.
The two worst sales people on the
Oh by the way, they announced the
President's Club winners.
Congratulations dog, you made it.
You knew you were in, Now it's
official. Five days on Paradise
Island all exclusive baby!!
Did you get in?
Nah, I didn't make it.


How in the hell didn't you make
it. You told me you needed two
sales to get in and I gave you
Man I don't know, they got over on
me. I don't care about that shit.
Since you didn't make it, I want
my money for those sales when you
get your next commission check.
I got you covered man. Come on
lets have another drink. You
always talking about work or
money. You are crazy as shit for
working all those jobs.
JEFFERSON, BOLTS to get one of the bottles. TP is checking
out the crowd. A large dark skinned black woman wearing a
large blond wig is trying to get TP's attentions. He WALKS
over to the velvet rope to talk to the women. The attendant
is preventing her from entering.
Hey, sweetheart!
                       BLACK BLONDE
Hi can you invite me into the VIP,
it is too crowded on the dance
You have to take off that wig
before I can invite you in.
                       BLACK BLONDE
Are you serious?
Black skin and blond hair don't
match, I know what I'm talking
about. I saw it on the discovery
channel.(laugh) But I'm going to
let you in, if you start acting
ghetto, I'm gonna bounce your ass
out. Let her in. And burn the wig
when you get home.


                       BLACK BLONDE
Thank you baby.
She WALKS near JEFFERSON as he is returning with the bottle.
      (Looking Shocked)
Who in the hell let you in here?
TP notices the sales clerk from Macy is HEADED toward the
VIP velvet rope.
      (to attendant)
Let her in. (To Sales
Clerk) Glad you made it out. Come
keep me company for a while, my
boy is getting a little out of
They sit on a velvet couch in VIP while sipping a drink.
Jefferson is off in the distance talking to some chick.
                       SALES CLERK
I noticed your last name on your
credit card was pretty unique.
Yeah, I know what your thinking,
it's pronounced Pooh Say. But you
can say it anyway you wish.
TP's cell phone vibrates, he takes a look and it's ANGEL
again. He ANSWERS the call but is having a hard time hearing
due to the music.
      (to Angel)
Angel, I really can't talk right
now, I'll be there soon, Bye!
      (barely audible)
I'm going to stay up and wait for
I know. Bye!


      (to the sales
Hey, I gotta get out of here, but
thanks for hangin out.
                       SALES CLERK
So soon, I just got here. Let's
have one quick dance, come on!
TP agrees, they STAND and dance right where they were
sitting. The sales clerk is giving TP tons of ass grind. The
song ends quickly and TP is not interested in dancing the
next song. They SIT, JEFFERSON who is even more tipsy FLOPS
between them.
Teee, who's this hottie, How you
doing baby, my name is Jefferson.
This my boy TEE PEE he's single
and got a bunch of jobs.(laughing)
Chill! I gotta role, and I need
you to come with me.
Nah man, we just gettin started,
why we leaving?
Gotta do some evicting tonight.
                       SALES CLERK
I own some rental properties and I
have a guy who hasn't paid rent in
three months, and the city won't
evict him. So I'm going to see if
I can per sway him to leave.
Jefferson, let's go.
TP gets up to leave, he notice that JEFFERSON is really
toasted. He GRABS his hand and pulls him to his feet.
Are you serious. You are that
fucking drunk?


Na na I'm good
                       SALES CLERK
Well it was nice meeting you
Same here sweetheart, sorry I
can't hang wit ya longer. Those
bottles are paid for, so enjoy
yourself. There's a lot of people
here, have fun.
They exit.
TP slowly APPROACHES the street of his rental property. It's
a three bedroom ranch style house. He LOOKS over at
JEFFERSON who is out cold.
Wake your ass up man, we're here.
TP is violently SHAKING JEFFERSON, in an attempt to wake him
up. He FADING in and out
I'm good, I'm good, whats da whats
da plan?
Simple, if he don't have my three
months of back rents. I plan to
kick his fat ass out of my
JEFFERSON passes out again. TP realizes that JEFFERSON is
too drunk and contemplates handling this situation alone. He
TAKES a shot of the XO. And exits the car leaving JEFFERSON
snoring. He takes the XO bottle with him.
TP cautiously approaches the house. He notices that there
are lights on but can't see any movement or activity inside.
He takes a deep breath and heaves a strong front KICK to the
door. The sound is thunderous but the door didn't pop open.


He quickly recoups and unleashes a second powerful KICK. The
door FLY'S open and TP takes a step back and calmly waits.

Within seconds MERCER appears at the door, baseball bat in
hand, He's a big fat sloppy looking man, just under three
hundred pounds. He is bare chested with a large pair of
basketball short and no shoes. He EXITS the house in a full
panic and see's TP.
Tee, what the fucks going on? You
know your not supposed to be
around here. You fuckin broke my
My name is Mr.Pussey, I'm your
landlord. You owe me three months
rent. You fat fuck, and I want my
Take that shit up with the courts
or I'm gonna take this bat to your
You ain't gonna do shit but give
me my money or get the fuck out of
my house.
Voice HEARD from inside the house. It's Mercer's wife.
John, babe, is everything alright?
He looks back at the house.
Everything's fine baby, you can go
back to the bedroom.
You think everything is fine. You
phathetic motherfucker. Where's my
Mercer gets in TEE's face.


      (on fire)
I ain't giving you shit and I'll
play the whole court system game
for months, maybe years, bitch.
Your breath smells like the piece
of shit you are. Get the fuck out
of my face.
TP HEAD BUTTS him in the lip. MERCER GRABS him by the throat
with his free hand and violently drives him back onto the
hood of his car. MERCER is CHOKING TP. He has incredible
strength. TP is struggling to breath and frees himself.
Suddenly TP drives a hard palm punch to Mercer's elbow and
he is released. MERCER steps back and DOUBLE HAND the
baseball bat. TP gives MERCER a front kick to the stomach.
MERCER stumbles back but doesn't fall. TP quickly moves on
him and hammers down with the XO bottle onto MERCER's left
foot and toes as MERCER SWINGS the bat wildly. With toes
crushed, MERCER goes down in pain.
      (crying out)
AHHH! my foot.
TP DROPS the XO bottle and grabs the bat. He crushes MERCER
with two blows to the stomach and ribs. MERCER is moaning.
TP drops the bat and grabs the XO bottle. He douse MERCER
and pours a trail of the liquor leading into the house.
MERCER is still down. TP kneels down close to his face and
pulls out a cigarette lighter.
You better be out of my house by
this time tomorrow or I am going
to burn you and the fucking house
to ashes. Believe that you fat
stanky ass bitch.
MAE RUNS out the house to aid her man.
      (crying out)
My baby, My baby.
TP gets in his car and drives off.
                                         CUT TO


TP PULLS up to JEFFERSON'S house. He exits the car, goes to
passengers side and proceeds to wake JEFFERSON. Still drunk,
he pulls him from the car and helps him up the walk way. TP
KNOCKS on the door. JEFFERSON'S wife AMY answers. She is a
short plump white girl. TP walks JEFFERSON inside, and FLOPS
him down on the couch. TP feeling exhausted rests on the
couch for awhile. JEFFERSON is still passed out.
Thanks for bringing him home. This
is routine for his sorry ass. For
the life of me he will not spend
time with his family. I don't know
how much more of his shit I'm
going to take Tee Pee.
Amy, what do you want from me.
Every time I drop him off like
this you come at me with the same
crap. Im otta here. His car is
downtown, check under the bridge.
This isn't fair to me. I need to
know who he's fucking. Is he
cheating on me TEE PEE.
I don't know. If you think he's
cheating, call fucking cheaters or
some shit, they'll snoop around
for your ass. This is not my
business. I have more problems
than you can imagine.
TP gets up to leave. Amy rushes to him beginning to sob.
I'm sorry Terrence. I don't know
what to do sometimes. He rarely
even touches me now and there's no
communications, Is this my life;
am i'm supposed to live like this?
She hugs him sobbing.


Amy, you don't need my advice. My
life is fucked up right now. But,
try to become the hot chick he
always talked about before you
guys got married and had the baby,
hell I don't know.
Amy is still hugging TP, She begin to breath heavily and
slowly caress is back, neck and head. She slowly pulls away,
looking in his eyes.
You don't think I'm hot?
I never thought you were hot, but
he did.
He RAISES both hands in the air while she still has a hold
of him.
Now get off me!
He exits the house.
                                         CUT TO
TP ENTERING his house.
TP ENTERS his house, a large 5 bedroom 4 bath house, with a
double staircase leading from the foyer. He heads toward the
large family room, takes a seat on the couch, glances at the
time. It's 2:15 am. he sits a moment reflecting. PICKS up
his wedding album from the coffee table in front of him.
                                         QUE MUSIC (PRETTY
He FLIPS through the album remembering happier times with
his second wife, his family, the dancing, his kids, mom,
pop. friends. He smiles sadly. Places his hand on the one
page pic of him and his beautiful bride. He closes his eyes
as to pray. Suddenly, his daughter ANGEL HUGS him from
behind. Not surprised he slowly opens his eyes. ANGEL walks
from behind the couch and climbs on his lap.


Why are you up, you have school
Daddy, I told you I would wait up
for you. I heard you come in.
My God,,, Angel!
He gives her a big hug and they fall asleep on the couch.
                                         CUT TO
Clock in the family room now reads 6:30 am. TP wakes up
glance at the clock. ANGEL is still asleep in his arms. He
places her on the couch. He RUSHES upstairs, half way up he
notice the front door opens, It's his second wife, still
dressed in her club outfit. He stops. Looking down at her.
Welcome home, skank!
F-you, liar, whore!
                                         QUE MUSIC(HOPELESS)
Your daughter is in the family
room sleep on the couch.
                                         CUT TO
TP putting on his running suit and shoes.
                                         CUT TO
Naya in the family room, seeing ANGEL sleeping on the couch,
Wedding Album sitting on the coffee table open to page of
                                         CLOSE UP
Her face looking at the album
                                         CUT TO


TP jogging out of his drive way.
                                         CUT TO
Naya, picking up Angel taking her upstairs to her room.
Her wall is decorated with pictures she drew of herself,
brother and parents during happier times.
                                         CUT TO
TP running around the local lake, of beautiful Winter
Gardens Fl.
                                         CUT TO
                                         FLASH BACK
TP reflecting, One beach vacation they enjoyed. He's chasing
her in the sand with a dead fish he found, laughing
hysterically. He puts the fish down she stubortly comes to
him. He kisses her passionately on the beach.
                                         CUT TO
                                         FLASH BACK
Naya reflecting, One Christmas TP is lifting his son Goody
as he try's to top the Christmas tree with an Angel. They
both fall and topple the tree. Everyone is laughing
                                         CUT TO
TP arriving back home after his early morning run.
                                         END MUSIC(HOPELESS)


After his shower TP quickly DRESSES himself in a dark well
fitted suit all squared up with tie and hanky. He RUSHES
down stairs to his office.
The office is large with a grand window behind the large
mahogany wood desk and leather chair. TP has three cell
phones sitting on the desk. He checks the battery level on
each. He grabs a wireless head set and attaches it to his
ear and head. The time reads 7:45am. He's running behind.
There is a large white board that list sales for the month
of April for each of his seven sales Jobs. Real Estate
$1,000, Affinity Media $2,200. Blue Star Cablevision $1900,
Store Safe Alarms $1,500, WC - Card Processing $1,000, Orion
Pest Control $2,000. CF Press $1,200. TP examines his nine
day total, $10,800. He's not happy. He uses his lap top to
select a territory to work. A pop up screen alerts him to a
nine o'clock sales meeting he has with Affinity Media. He
closes the screen, and another pop up appears. This one says
leads, he types in an area code. The next window says click
here to dial next lead. He picks up a pouch that contains
business cards for all the different jobs he has. He puts
the pouch in his inside jacket pocket. He hits the command
that reads "dial next lead". He is ready to hit the phones.
Pacing the room, and multitasking, he checks out the map of
Orlando on the white board. Phone is dialing out. Man
      (with confidence)
Good morning is this Ted? Ted my
name is Terrence, with Affinity
Media. Your firm advertised with
my radio affiliate, WHOR last
year. We have some open radio time
on our new number one rated
morning program. I would like to
bring you over a proposal that can
get you more radio time for close
to what you paid last year. I have
an appointment close to your
office at 1:30 this afternoon and
I can drop it by your office at
1:45 ok? Fantastic Ted, I will see
you then.
He MARKS the appointment and clicks the lead to dial the
next number. Phone rings. a woman answer.


Hello, is this Katie. This is
Terrence with Orion Pest Control.
I realize it's early and the most
important time of the day for you.
That's exactly why I called you
this morning, We're a lot alike,
cause we understand that it is
never too early to make or save
money. Now, two days ago I left
some sample bait traps in the
kitchen area, I have an
appointment in your area at 10:15
this morning, and I will stop by
to check those traps for you at
10:45. If they have worked like I
know they should. I'm gonna bring
a contract by to keep your
restaurant rodent free for the
next few years. Ok? Fantastic
Katie, see ya soon.
He marks this appointment, then goes to next call, line is
busy, next call. Ringing. The door to the office opens. It's
GOODY, TPs nine year old son.
I'm working here, Goody.
Angel, is being a pain, she won't
get out of bed, plus I'm hungry. I
want some breakfast.
      (really annoyed)
Your mother is up there, is she
don't know, you better come.
As he EXITS the office following Goody. The call he was on
answers. TP doesn't skip a beat. He ANSWERS the call while
following Goody up the grand staircase.


Standing at the top of the staircase he point to Goody to go
to his room and wait for him. He ADDRESSES the prospect on
the phone.
My name is Terrence with Blue Star
Cablevision, am I speaking with
Rick. Good, I stopped by your bar
yesterday and the manager Steve,
said the satellite dish that feeds
your fourteen TVs fails in bad
weather. I can eliminate that
problem and get you out of your
remaining contract without any
penalties. Now, I have an
appointment with one of your
neighbors at 3:00pm and can stop
by to get you set up at 3:30 OK,
fantastic Rick, I'll see you then.
He RUSHES down the opposite hall to the guest bedroom. He
knocks on the door. Then opens it up. Naya his ex-wife is
sleep in the bed. Lying beside her, also sleep is some white
Naya, who the hell is this?
They both wake up a little disoriented.
Wha.. This is my friend.
You banging chicks in my house
she wasn't with you earlier.
      (to white girl)
Get your clothes and get the hell
out of my house.
This is our house, and I can do
whatever I want.


We're divorced, it's my house, I'm
allowing you to stay here.
You asked me to stay hear, cause
your broke ass can't afford to pay
me alimony.
I don't have time for this shit. I
have work to do. Please help your
daughter get ready for school.
      (to white girl)
no offense, get the hell out of my
house and make sure my kids don't
see your ass leave.
He EXITS the room. His older twin daughters by his first
wife are standing in the hall, with an attitude.
What's going on in there? A little
problem with the ex ex..
Mind your business..Go fix your
brother and sister some breakfast
before you leave.
You, mean your other two little
rug rats?
Get over it, its been nine years.
Delisha better do it cause I'm not
fixing nothing.
Well, I'm not paying your tuition
next semester.
TP scrambles back to his office, Naya rushes to get Angel,
the twins go back into their room.


TP sets a few more appointments and exits the house.
TP PARKS and EXITS his car. He notices a white Mercedes
E-Class with personal plates that reads "WINNER". He sits
his laptop on the hood of his car opens it and takes out a
small Phillips screw driver. It fits snug between his middle
fingers. He makes a tight fist and closes the laptop case.
After checking the area. He walks along the passenger side
of the Mercedes and GORGES a deep scratch on the Benz from
bumper to hood. He ENTERS the radio station.
There are eight sales reps in the meeting chatting it up. TP
out classes the entire bunch by his dress and professional
appearance. BARRY the sales manager walks in. He's a tall
awkward looking white guy. The room starts to quiet as he
FUMBLES through some papers. You can now hear the live
broadcast of the morning teams program which is produced
right down the hall.
Inside the broadcast room there are the three on air
personalities, two guys and one cute blond chick. The main
guy on air name is PREMIER. SOLAR is the black guy or comic
side kick to Premier. Renee is the white blond. She does the
weather and the news.
The time is 9:05, were going to do
celebrity skeezer after the break,
Before we go to break, I just saw
Barry Gifford from our sales dept
walk by our glass enclosure here.
He's actually the sales manager.
People walk by here while we are
doing the show, but this guy
reminds me of Herman the monster.


Barry's cool man, I see him in the
break room shaking candy out of
the machines some times. BOOM-BOOM
There's another guy in the sales
dept. I don't think I ever met
him, but I see his name all over
sales reports. Get this, his name
is Terrence,
                                         CUT TO
Terrence is listening and almost praying they are not going
to mention his name on the air.
                                         CUT TO
I have to spell his last name.
It's P U S S E Y. I'm serious.
What kind of name is that?
His name is pronounced POOH SAY,
and he is a very nice guy.
Can we say that on the air without
getting hit with fines by the FCC.
Terrence POOH SAY. What a name.
Everybody say it POOOO SAYY.
You just did.
Ok we're running over, lets go to
break, I have to take a P I S S. I
can say that right?


They go to commercial break. TP is BOILING inside, he CALMLY
exits the meeting and heads to the bathroom across from the
conference room.
TP ENTERS the bathroom, and takes off his suit jacket. He
FOLDS it neatly and places it on the sinks dry top. PREMIER
is pissing in the urinal. He hasn't noticed that TP is
standing behind him. Before he has a chance to turn around
TP CRUSHES him with an elbow to the back of the head.
PREMIER'S head ricochet off the wall and he is knocked out
cold. TP calmly puts his jacket back on and return to the
BARRY is ready to start the meeting. He LOWERS the intercom
that's broadcasting the radio show into the conf room.
Good morning team. This is going
to be a quick meeting. I have a
conference call with corporate in
fifteen minutes. Hopefully, its
good news for us. Let's go over
the sales leaders from last week.
Number one sales rep for the week
and for the past, fifteen-sixteen
weeks, at two hundred and sixty
five percent, Mike Thompson. Mike
opened twelve new accounts last
week. He also gets another five
hundred dollar AMEX gift card and
two fifty in gas cards. Let's give
it up.
Applauds except Terrence. He stares deadly at Mike.
Number two with six new accounts
last week and tracking at one
hundred forty seven percent month
to day. Mr. Tee Pee, Here you go
sir, two hundred fifty dollar AMEX
and one hundred dollar gas card.
Good Job. No one else qualified,
there was a four sales minimum.
Were going to extend the contest


                       BARRY (cont'd)
for this week you must have four
sales to qualify for gas card and
AMEX. That's it, go get em. If you
need to see me, hang around and I
will meet with you after my
corporate call. Mike and Terrence,
sign your tax doc for the AMEX and
drop it in my box.
The reps exit the conference room. They notice two EMT
workers attending to PREMIER in the hallway. He is rumored
to have blacked out and hit his head.
TP amd MIKE are left alone in the conf room. They are
signing the docs for the AMEX. They are at opposite ends of
the conference table. TP gets up and WALKS to the end where
MIKE is sitting. He GRABS the seat next to MIKE.
      (low voice)
Last night I caught the end of an
old movie. It was called the
Autobiography of Miss Jane
Pittman. She was a former slave
and was one hundred and ten years
old in nineteen sixty. She lived
in the segregated south all of her
life. There was this water
fountain outside of the main
courthouse in the small town where
she lived. That fountain still had
a sign on it that read "for whites
only". It was still a law. In a
defiant moment, this old brittle
woman used all her power to walk
up and sip water from that
fountain. Fuck the law, is what
she probably was thinking. A very
powerful scene.
Well I'm glad you enjoyed it.
MIKE makes a move to get up and TP NUDGES his chair so he
can sit back down.


Mike the one thing I know for
certain. It is impossible to close
twelve or sometimes in your case
fifteen deals a week, without some
inside help. I just need to get a
sip from that fountain, or is it
for whites only.
Go find your own water source,
cause I'm not giving you black ass
one thing.
TP quickly SLAMS his hand down hard and loud on the
conference table.
I understand Mike. gotta go!
TP GRABS his laptop to exit. Turns back to Mike who is
slowly gathering his things.
By the way Mike, what the hell
happened to your car. I noticed
some body keyed your entire
passenger side.
What? What the hell you taking
Mike hauls ass to his car.
As TP WALKS pass the the broadcast room window, he notices a
big white bandage WRAPPED around PREMIER'S forehead. He
stops gives them the fuck you finger.
MIKE is looking at his cars, he is completely flipping out.
A small crowd of employees has GATHERED around him. TP
slowly approaches Mike's car. He takes a look and shakes his
head and pulls a Mercedes Benz business card from his shirt


      (to Mike)
Here, take this card, I have a
friend who works at Orlando
Mercedes. He can make your car
look new again. I'll give him a
call, he owes me a favor and this
won't cost you a penny, as long as
you consider this a gift from Miss
Jane Pittman. You understand me..
MIKE is pondering over TP's offer.
It's just a sip Mike, now take the
MIKE takes the card.
Good luck with your car, when it's
done, text me the water source.
TP is checking his messages on the car's handfree system.
The last call is from Jefferson. TP listens.
Tee Pee, I just heard that fool
Premier completely blow your cover
on the radio a min ago. What a
dick. I hope no one from your
other gigs heard that shit. When I
get to the office, I'll let you
know whats happening over here.
                                         CUT TO
TP ARRIVES home after a long day working. He's TOTING PF
CHANGS Chinese take out. He ENTERS the house with the bags
of food.


As he ENTERS the house, his daughter ANGEL greets him.
Daddy, how was work, I missed you!
Hi, Angel, look I have Chinese
food, are you hungry, cause I'm
sure no body fed you. Is your
mommy here?
Go get your brother so we can eat.
TP put the food on the Kitchen table. DELISHA and her
mother, TP's first wife KAREN enters the kitchen from the
family room.
Hi Dad!
He greets his daughter with a kiss.
Why are you dressed like Nikki
Minaj? What up with that?
Hello Terrence! I didn't receive
my alimony from last month.
      (to Delisha)
Honey, get some plates for this
      (to Karen)
Karen, I only owe you a few more
months, can you cut me a break
while I pull the kids tuition
money together for next semester.
Damn! I hear you dating a
ex-professional football player.
He's not taking care of you


That became your responsibility
when we divorced.
Fine, I'll transfer the fucking
money tomorrow.
ANGEL and GOODY ENTERS the kitchen. They give KAREN a ugly
Hello Kids!
The kids do not respond.
That's rude!
Karen how about you eat or leave.
How about you teach your kids some
      (to Delisha)
Where's your sister?
She's up stairs.
Call her down here, she loves
So Terrence, where's your wife, I
mean your recent ex-wife?
TP ignores KAREN. There is a knock at the door. TP goes to
answer the door, ANGEL goes with him. He lifts her into his
arms. He opens the door. It's two plain clothes detectives.
                       DETECTIVE ONE
We'er looking for Terrence Pus..


I'm Terrence.
                       DETECTIVE ONE
I'm Detective Perry, this is
Detective Smith with the EL,, With
the Orange County police
department. We have a warrant for
your arrest. Turn around and put
your hands behind your back.
TP puts ANGEL down. The officer cuffs him. Pandemonium
erupts in the foyer of the house, She is yelling and crying
hysterically. GOODY is holding on to his father's leg. The
twins are asking, for an explanation. The scene is very
      (to Angel)
Angel, do not worry everything
will be OK and I will see you
later tonight.
They take TERRENCE away in handcuffs.


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