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Sven and Ole
by Renone Montanez (renonemontanez@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

This is a Dark Comedy screenplay by Renone Montanez. It hilariously follows the misadventures of Jorgan and John Davis.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The film starts with Jorgan Davis- Age 20 walking from his
office to his Employer's office.
Jorgan passes by 3 office doors, and he is moving rather
Jorgan arrives at the room as a rain shower starts outside.
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
      (While facing his
You wanted to see me sir?
Berg turns toward Jorgan.
Yes Jorgan. I've been wanting to
talk to you for a long while now.
It's been rather urgent.
Jorgan takes a seat in a chair in front of Berg's desk. As
he does that, Berg stands up and clears his throat. He then
turns around and looks outside of a window.
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
Oh yeah? I apologize, I've had
lots of personal matters involving
girls I've had to attend to.
Yeah Jorgan. It's concerning how
you act to other people that don't
fully agree to you. It's mighty
strange how we've been getting
complaints every time you return
from showing a house.
Jorgan puts a hand on his chin.
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
That's strange sir. I try to
fucking be as nice as I can. I may
sometimes do a quick insult or
some shit like that, but I'm never
trying to be rude.
Berg turns around and smiles.


Dammit Jorgan. Your a fucking
idiot. You see I want to get a
profit when I own a housing
business, and your kind of putting
me in the position to fire you.
Yes it's only been 3 months, and
you are only 19 or 20 or other
shit like that. But it's what's
right that keeps us alive longer.
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
      (Jorgan makes a
       mad face)
How the fuck does that make any
damn sense. I might as well go to
a North Stars game and start
peeing in the rink. Goddammit,
that's the thing with all of you
fucking Union people, saying shit
like you fucking did.
After Jorgan says this, a rather large African American man
comes in with a message for Berg.
Hello sir. I was listening to my
radio and It said there's a Severe
Thunderstorm Warning in effect for
Minneapolis. I don't know if that
concerns you or not, I just felt
as if I should tell you.
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
      (Under his Breath)
Why the fuck did this man hire a
Colored Person? Fuck, all they do
is shit and work for nothing
Thank you Tony. I'll be going very
      (As he walks out.)
Your very welcome sir.
Berg walks to his desk, opens his drawer, and takes out an


So Jorgan, you remember that doing
the right thing, well in your case
is shutting up. You get what I
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
      (While standing
Yeah, yeah sir. I understand what
you mean.
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
      (While walking to
       the door.)
That's good. Great Jorgan. Now I
have to go to my shit car and
drive threw this windstorm. See ya
tommara Jorgan.
As Berg walks out, Jorgan slowly takes out his pistol. He
aims it at Berg's thigh, and fires the weapon. Blood shoots
out and Berg falls to the floor.
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
I hope you understand that, I do
things one way. The rest of the
world does it another. It's odd.
Now the policy automatically makes
me the boss of everyone. Do you
have anything to say to that?
      (While slowly
       standing up)
You fucking bitch. Your fired.
Your fucking fired.
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
      (While smiling and
       aiming the pistol
       at Berg)
How am I supposed to shut you up?
Jorgan grabs a lamp and takes out the light bulb. He then
takes the light bulb and smashes it on Berg's head.
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
      (While grabbing
I hope this teaches you to shut
up. My gosh.


Jorgan goes into his car, while still holding the body. He
then drives a distance, and stops the car. He takes out a
pack of cigars and a lighter. He holds the lighter up the
end of the cigar and makes a flame. He smokes and puffs.
Around 25 seconds later, Berg becomes conscious.
Where am I?
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
      (While the camera
       is facing the
       front of the car,
       Jorgan is still
       smoking his
Jorgan dumps the body out of the car. Then it goes to scene
As Jorgan drives away, it shows a Walmart in the background.
The Walmart transitions to a Wal Mart made in the 2000's. It
then shows a still picture of Minneapolis with the title,
Sven and Ole originally called Uptown from the novel For All
I Love by Renone Montanez. It then shows credits for the
screen actors. It shows who wrote the screenplay. Throughout
this it shows John playing a guitar on stage with a band,
including Renone Montanez.
It then shows the front of a house, that is in Brooklyn Park
Minnesota. It's a Middle Class house, and the front yard has
a coating of snow. It then shows the inside of the house,
with a man sitting on his couch, reading the novel Left
Behind. he gives a quick cough and keeps reading.
It shows in bold letters the year 2009.
At this moment, there is a knock at the door. Outside, two
men in t-shirts are holding a notebook, and a small
The scene starts with John half opening the front door of
his home.


Um, hello gentlemen, how can I
help you today?
      (He then opens the
       door and walks in
       with the other
       man holding a
       small camcorder)
Hi, us two men are Biographers,
and we're wondering if we can
interview you. Were from the UofM.
      (He steps away
       from the door. He
       goes into the
       kitchen, grabs
       some paper
       towels. He then
       directs the men
       to put there
       shoes on the
       paper towels.)
Thanks for doing that. So your
from the UofM aye? How'd you
figure out about me?
      (He sits on a
       chair that John
       has in his house,
       and looks at
       John. The
       camcorder man
       sits down on a
       chair also. He
       then turns on the
Yeah um, were graduate students
who have to write a piece about
someone who is over 30 who lives
in the Twin Cities. We heard about
you after a pal of ours gave us a
CD that you sang. It was actually
quite good.
      (John looks at
Thank ya.


      (The cameraman
       turns the camera
       towards John)
So, I was listening to your songs.
You kept talking about your
childhood and how you fucking
hated your Father. I'm just a bit
curious, could you tell us about
your childhood?
Why would you need to know about
my childhood?
John, It's going to be a long
time. I suggest you get something
to drink.
The film does a quick cut to the year 1997. Large letters
come up with the numbers 1997. John is walking with a
backpack and is in winter garb. He's walking on a sidewalk.
Threw out this the song Paradise City is playing on his
earplugs, threw his cassette player. He walks in a straight
line and the camera is looking straight at him from about 30
feet away. John is younger, and is a white male who has
somewhat attractive features.
He walks threw the snow and at one time trips. He then stops
the song Paradise City on his Walkman. He then steps in
front oh his home, sighs, and then walks to his front door.
He takes out his key ring, and takes off the key that's used
to unlock his house. He puts the key in, and unlocks the
door. He then walks to his kitchen, takes bread and cheese,
and puts them in the micro wave. While this is happening,
the song Jesus Freak is blaring on a radio in the kitchen.
John takes out the sandwich that had been sitting in the
microwave for about 45 seconds. He takes a bite, and then he
runs to his bedroom with the sandwich in hand. He jumps into
his bed.
      (With expression)
I've been expelled from my school.
Fuck yes!


John then opens up his desk drawer and takes out the novel,
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. He reads a few pages and laughs
aloud about 3 times. Then he puts the book down.
                                         TO JOHN'S COMPUTER
John puts on studio sized head phones and turns on his
computer. It's a rather new computer that is an apple model.
He then goes to the home screen. On the home screen, John
uses the mouse to click on the internet icon. On the search
engine, John searches Liberal Chatrooms, and he clicks on
the 1st result.
John: Hey Communist Bitch

Response: Hey Nazi General

John: How you doing with killing

Response: Just fine. How ya doing
with killing people in wars?

John: Who started WW1, WW2, Korean
War, Vietnam War?

Response: Wow, thanks for the

John: Your just like the rest of
the fuckers who come on here, you
can never respond.

Response: Man, your such a man

John: Thats not really nice.

Response: Haha, weak Nazi creeps.

John: Well fuck you and the rest
of the Liberals.

Response: You have been banned
from coming to this website.
      (Say quietly.)
Typical Liberal Bitch.
As John gets of his computer, he hears his mother come up
the driveway in her car. He moves his slidy chair away from


the computer desk, and goes to see his mother in the
      (She comes out of
       the car with her
       hands full of
Hey John, could you please help me
with these groceries?
Uh sure. Mom, I have to tell you
something. It's kind of important.
Let me guess, you lost your
virginity or some shit like that
No, no. That would be way to
stupid. Who do you think I am,
Mary Kay Letourneau?
John, I never said that. If you
did lose your virginity I would
defiantly kill you. Anyways,
what's the deal son?
I got suspended from Christ
      (Janet puts her
       groceries into
       the snow.)
You did what? Goddammit John, what
did you do?
Um mom, I uh went to a teacher and
said that she was teaching
bullshit because she was. She was
teaching that Abortion is a good
thing. How the fuck is it a good
      (Janet interrupts
       John when he
       says," How the


                       JANET (cont'd)
       f*** is abortion
       a good thing.)
John, I really don't care.
Goddammit, we payed about 10,000 a
year for you to go to a school
that was completely conservative
and christian for you. Yes
Liberals are messed up people but
in order for a school to run,
people have to be hired. They
teach because we pay them to do
Well, I don't know why I feel like
insulting everyone. It just comes
to me naturally.
Well John, I would give you help.
And whatever the heck else you
want. But you don't want it.
They stand there about 30 seconds without talking.
Fuck you mom.
      (Janet stands
       there and starts
       to tear. She then
       goes into the
I could've done a lot better. But
killing her will mean nothing to
Jorgan Davis is seated at his desk in his office. It's a
cold winter day, and there's frost on his windows. He looks
outside and then into his office room. Though the Real
Estate Firm started in Minneapolis, it has moved to Brooklyn
Park, Minnesota.
                       SECRETARY SUE
      (Jorgan phone is
       recieving the
       speaker phone)
Hello Mr. Davis. There is a man


                       SECRETARY SUE (cont'd)
who wants to talk to you.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Oh yeah?
                       SECRETARY SUE
Yeppers. He wants to have a
meeting with you right at this
minute. Are you available?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Um, yeah. Yeah, uh I need a moment
to clean up first.
Jorgan scrambles his papers together.They are filled with
data and numbers. He then calls back Sec. Sue.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Alright, uh send him up.
Jorgan sits at his desk, nibbling his nails as he waits. His
office door opens, and in comes a rather normal man who is
in lower class clothing. He sits down in a chair that Jorgan
has in front of his desk. The man smiles at Jorgan.
                       CLIENT 1
Hey there, I'm interested into
buying a house I saw you selling
about 2 miles from here, uh 32nd
and Fisher?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (nervously looking
       at him)
Uh yeah. Mhm, it's a three story
white house haha. It has 10 rooms,
including 3 bathrooms, and uh yeah
that's all I remember for right
now hehe.
                       CLIENT 1
Ah that's good. Yeah I was down
there yesterday, with the wife and
kids you know, and I uh really
liked the landscaped around it.
What year was the house made?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (Jorgan is
Oh oh I think it was made in 1954,


                       JORGAN: AGE 40 (cont'd)
and uh of course it's had some
remodeling, done in the 70's and
late 80's. So uh yeah I'm I'm sure
that it's livable in.
                       CLIENT 1
Damn right. Okay, so uh me and my
wife of course will be talking
about this for a while. Right now
were just curious about how much
this house will cost.... you know?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (smiling and
Oh yeah uh sure. Um, let me get my
Jorgan stand up from his desk. He walks over to his filing
cabinets and finds the appropriate papers. He then sits back
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Yeah okay uh, the house itself
will cost around 300,000 but you
will have to get an inspection by
the house 1st, which will be me oh
course. And uh, some replacement
gutters will be required so that
plus my inspection will cost you
an extra 70,000 bucks.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
                       CLIENT 1
Why the hell would I spend 370,000
bucks on a house? Would you please
tell me now, before I leave?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (Looks at Client 1
       with a smile)
Sir, could you please take off
your wire that your hiding under
your shirt?
Client 1 stands up and looks mad at Jorgan.
                       CLIENT 1
I don't know what this is, but I'm


                                         OUTSIDE OF THE REAL
                                         BACK IN JORGAN'S
Jorgan walks threw his office window, and takes the body. He
rips off the wire and watches as the client bleeds to death
with the blood mixing with the snow.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Go to hell you fucking bitch.
From about 20 Ft. away, we see Jorgan take the man by the
head, and aim a pistol to the man's head. We then see a gun
fire and the scene ends.
John is sitting on his living room couch, reading a
magazine. His mother is in the kitchen preparing dinner for
her, John, and Jorgan.
Janet is cooking corn and some meat.
About half a minute after those two shots, Jorgan walks in.
He takes off his winter clothing, and then goes and talks to
his wife in the kitchen.
      (Shes sturring a
Jorgan, we gotta do something
about that boy. My gosh he's being
pretty bad.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
What has the boy done this time
Well, he got expelled from
Christian Academy because he
insulted a teacher because she was
a Liberal, and then he came home a
swore and spaz at me. I wonder
what's in his head?


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
So should I beat him with rod, or
maybe that fishing pole I got it
last week or....
Go talk to him.
Jorgan walks out of the kitchen into the living room. He
sits on the same couch John is sitting on.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Hey John, how are you doing?
I could be better.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Oh yeah?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
That's good. Um, your mother is
telling me that your swearing at
her. And that you got expelled.
Why the fuck did you insult a
I don't know dad.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Okay, so uh you won't mind
sleeping outside tonight do you?
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
You don't scare me Jorgan.
Jorgan grimaces then punches his son in the stomach.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I would appreciate if you would
give me some fucking respect. You
fucking asshole. Goddammit.
Jorgan takes his son, and then pushes him outside. He locks
the doors. John tries to get back in. Jorgan comes back with
a cracker and a blanket.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Stay warm you fuck.


Jorgan locks the door. He then does the same to all of the
doors in his house.
The shot turns to John sleeping outside. He is cold and is
getting frost bite. The theme is darkly hilarious.
Melanie is sitting on her couch.She is sipping on hot cocoa
and is reading a novel by Cormac McCarthy. There is a light
on in her room. It is nightitme.
After about 20 seconds of the camera lingering on her, the
front door opens. In comes her daughter. Her daughter is
wearing a t-shirt, and sweat pants. She then joins her
mother on the couch.
      (With a yawn.)
How's it going Sarah?
Um, Mom, I got pregnant.
Melanie puts her head into the book. She then stands up,
with her head still in the book. She throws the book, and
sits back down.
      (With anger.)
What the fuck am I going to do
with you? God, I'm a teacher and a
counselor, and those are already
ruining my life.
      (While standing up)
Why does it matter if I am
pregnant or not? It's my body and
my descision.
      (Sitting down.)
I, I don't know what the fuck I am
going to do with you. My fucking
god Sarah. You see, I let you live
in my house, in one of my rooms,
and I let you eat my food. This is
the way you repay me.


Oh yeah? Well mom, it felt so
good, and I wanted it so bad.
      (While huggin her
Yeah, I know it makes you feel
good for 10 minutes. You see
Sarah, when I was 17, I had sex
for the 1st time, with a black
man. Yes it was the funnest thing
I've ever done, and it felt so
good. But then I got pregnant. I
gave birth to you. Then I wanted
it bad again, I was a bitch, so I
decided to get a ride from another
black man. Same result with Angel.
I don't see how sex is a bad
thing, because getting a ride
seems fine. Maybe, I should do it
It'll ruin you dear. My fucking
god it will fucking ruin you.
Promise me you'll never do it
It's not the dirtiest thing in the
world is it. I mean those bastards
in Africa get AIDS to almost
I don't give bull fucking shit
about Africa. This is about you
Sarah, and I don't want you to
ruin your life like I did mine. I
wanted to change it, but I fucking
messed up to fucking much, so it
fucking ruined me.
Ok Mother. I'm going to go now.
Sarah walks out of the room, with Melanie crying and her
turning off the light.


Jorgan Davis drives to a parking space in front of his small
Real Estate Firm. The ground is un plowed and covered in
snow. He stops about 30 Feet from the door. He stops his
car. He gets out of his car and realizes that ice has formed
on his dashboard window. He removes the cover of his coffee
mug, and throws the coffee inside onto the window, with no
effect. Jorgan smirks as he walks inside of the building. He
walks to his office, and realizes that no one is at their
workstations. He sees a note on his door that says," Meet at
conference room." Jorgan makes his way to the conference
Jorgan opens the door to the conference room to see his
employees seated.
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
      (While sitting
Hey everyone, uh whats going on
      (While facing
Well uh, um uh we uh, hey Jorgan,
do you want a doughnut? We got
some here if you want one.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Yeah sure thanks. You got any long
johns in there?
Yah yep, we got one vanilla, and
uh, yeah you can have it.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (While grabbing
       the doughnut.)
Thank you. So what the fuck are
you going to tell me?
      (With some
Well uh Jorgan. We've all been
kind of happy here working at your
business. It's been a great few
years, about 30 hasn't it. Well we
all need to find ways to make
everyone happy shouldn't we?


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (With a Long John
       is mouth)
Yeah, yeah that would be a good
      (Clearing Throat)
So uh yeah, yeah that's what
everyone wants. To have one person
in control. Yeah uh so uh we've
decided, us employees anyway, that
were going to start the Minnesota
Real Estate Union.
      (Stops eating it,
       puts it in his
Oh yeah? How the fuck are you
going to get started? With the
fucking welfare check your going
to get in a fucking month, from
Bill fucking Clinton?
      (With the rest of
       the actors
Well you see Jorgan, us workers
have found out some strange, lets
say goose poop things about you.
Um, first of we've figured out
that you murdered Mister Berg way
back in the 60's. It, it was
strange to discover that, because
it happened such a long time ago.
You get what I'm saying yet?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
No, I don't fucking get what your
Jorgan, we know you killed a guy.
You may not of meant it, but you
killed a guy. Yes, you also killed
a guy yesterday, I understand
that, but it doesn't mean you
should keep killing people. Yes,
we may be liberals, but does that
mean you should kill all of us?


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
That was a rhetorical question
Jorgan. You should have realized
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I'm sorry.
We're not trying to make you mad
Jorgan, we're just uh, how do I
say it, uh blackmailing you I
guess. Yeah, were, were sorry it
had to come to this but my god we
couldn't stand you. Shit, you were
the worst employer ever. I really
don't care if you give us 18 bucks
an hour, and we stay here for 10,
it, it just doesn't work that way
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (While smiling)
You should fucking listen to
yourself. Your acting like a
fucking idiot you fucking retard.
You don't fucking say that
bullshit, then expect a honest
answer back my fucking god. You
and the rest of you are the
dumbest liberals I've ever hired.
My fucking god.
Everyone remains silent for about half a minute.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
And you knew about this too Sue?
                       SECRETARY SUE
      (Nod Head.)
Were sorry Jorgan, this is just
how it has to be. Now uh, um
Jorgan, there's a house waiting
for you to show to a Mr. and Mrs.
Dillard on 32nd and Reynolds. Uh,
we'll see each other later. Oh


                       JERRY (cont'd)
yeah, your not fired.
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
      (While standing up
       and grabbing the
       rest of his long
Jorgan throws the long john at Jerry. He then walks out of
the room.
In big font letters the numbers 2009 appear on the screen.
Man1 has a laptop, while his assistant is changing the
Um, either of you guys want a
drink or something? I got root
bear, coke, or uh some water in
the fridge. You want some?
No, no uh were fine.
John then walks to the kitchen and goes threw a cupboard. He
comes back into the room with a marijuana joint in his hand,
along with a lighter.
      (Noticing it's
So uh, how long have you been
smoking weed John? Were just
John slightly ignores them, while he puts the weed into his
mouth. He puts the lighter to the tip, and starts to inject
the flavor.
I'm fucking used to this shit. It
doesn't fucking say in the Bible
that I can't smoke no fucking
You never made it obvious to us
that you were a religious man.


Religion can fuck my dick my god.
Being a Christian has nothing to
do with no fucking religion. It's
just you and god man.
Mhm, I see. So how do you
incorporate religion in your life?
Do you pray, or go to church?
Religion to me is between you and
God. I know people who fucked
around with religion, saying they
fucking believe in fucking Jesus,
but then fuck some chick they meet
at McDonalds.Fuck, that ain't good
enough for me.
So your saying that if people
don't agree with you, there wrong?
Yeah. I mean I enjoy trying to
find every single person who
doesn't agree with me, but does
that work half of the time? No, no
it doesn't.
Mhm, I mean both of us two men are
Catholic, and we don't agree with
you Evangelicals, if you are one.
I just want to make a small
picture of how you think Mr.
Well I think Liberals suck nuts,
anything accept Christians are
retards, and everything else is
fucking stupid.
Okay John thank you.
Olivia is waiting outside of an office that's in a community
center. She is rather short, but she is an somewhat


attractive girl. The office door opens. Olivia sits down in
a seat.
Hey Olivia, how are you doing?
Hi Melanie, I'm doing fine.
Heard you had a large brain
surgery last Friday. So uh how did
it go?
It was interesting. I got really
sick after they put the plates in
my head, but you know it was okay.
Oh yeah?
So uh, how long were you in the
surgery room for?
I don't know, um maybe 3 hours,
you see when you go on pain
killers and stuff like that it
kinda makes you forget things that
happened to you before ya know?
Yeah, yeah. So how do you feel
now, being Hydrocephalus and all?
That's just a name of it Ms.
Montanez, It really doesn't affect
me. I get surgery once in a great
while that's all.
Oh yeah?


So uh, hows life treating you
these days?
It's running okay. I mean I wish I
had a boyfriend and other stuff
like that. But you see these fucko
girls run around telling everyone
I'm different then everybody else,
it really annoys me sometimes.
Yeah, yeah. I can see you problem.
You see I have a rather sexual
body, so these guys would uh sneak
into my house and take pictures of
me in the showers. You see at this
time it was the 80s or 70s and
these guys really wanted some
hardcore nudity to look at. But uh
what I did was I went and took
there camera one day, and I showed
the principal what they had taken.
Of course the principal loved it
and I swear he started jacking off
right there. He then had me
suspended for bringing sexual
images unto school ground. I don't
understand what's in these men
heads. So then I decided to become
the school slut, and I did oral
almost every night senior year.
Then the night I graduated, I had
sex, very sexual sex on tape. 1st
mistake. Then I almost aborted the
baby. My daughter Sarah got
pregnant last night, mistake 2,3
and 4. Well then I did sex again,
and boy was that fun. Had my
daughter Destiny. You see Olivia,
in order for people to accept you,
you have to act nice to people,
and let them harass you. Then you
leap out and destroy them.
I guess so. But should I use
violence against those guys?


No. Tell a teacher, or some bitch
like that. I'm a teacher myself,
and though I only teach one
Spanish class a day, I suggest you
just tell them to shut up, and if
that doesn't work, punch them in
the nuts. That what I suggest.
Okay thank you.
So um, could you tell me about
life at home?
Yeah sure.
There are flurries and other pieces of snow blustering in
the wind. The camera is shown as a shaky camera threw out
the scene, as if there is someone following them threw out
the scene it keeps getting dropped and the lens gets snow on
it. The scene starts with Jorgan smoking a cigarette. He
smokes it with a smile on his face. The camera is about 3
feet away from his face. The camera then turns to see a car
pull up in the icy drive way. The car misses the driveway
and slides a ways away and the camera is tracking it very
closely. The car comes then skids the right way around and
goes unto the driveway of the house for sale. A couple come
out of the car. Jorgan is wearing a very russian hat, and
the couple are wearing jackets and sweat pants.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Hey, so how are you folks doing?
                       MR. DILLARD
      (With a bit of
Um, I guess me and Mrs. Dillard
are alright, um yeah. So uh is
this the place here?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Um, uh yeah, this here is the
                       MR. DILLARD
Yeah Mr. Davis, so how old is this
here house?


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Um, uh I would say, ohh um maybe
between 10 and 15 years, yeah uh
that's were I would put the age.
                       MR. DILLARD
Mhm, okay uh that's good. Yeah,
that's really good. So uh could we
go inside and look around?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
My pleasure.
The camera goes behind the three people as they walk into
the house for showing. Inside, the house looks very nice.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Um, so uh yeah this is the place
for sale. It's about 7,000 sq. ft.
and it has 4 baths and 6 bedrooms,
and a kitchen, a large downstairs,
and uh few others things here and
                       MR. DILLARD
Oh yeah?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Yeah, yep sure you betcha.
                       MR. DILLARD
Funny, first person ever heard say
that since I was up there in
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Yeah, uh I saw it in that one
movie where all those people
talked in that accent, is it uh
you know Fargo?
                       MRS. DILLARD
Um sir, could we talk about the
house for now?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Yeah sure uh that's that's fine,
um so do you have a credit report
for me?


                       MRS. DILLARD
      (While reaching
       into her purse.)
Um yes here it is.
Mrs. Dillard hands Jorgan the paper.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (He reads the
Mhm, well uh yes um okay. Yes it
looks great, I'm suprised black
people could ever have this type
of money.
Jorgan hands the paper back to Mrs. Dillard. They get
                       MR. DILLARD
You have a problem with us Mr.
Davis? Please be honest.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I,I just don't think that black
people have cash. I,I thought you
were going to have mortgage, a
fucking mortgage.
                       MR. DILLARD
You thought we were going to have
a damn mortgage? This white farm
boy isn't worth are goddamn time,
                       MRS. DILLARD
Dear, don't swear at this man. He
may be a racist but we should
respect him.
                       MR. DILLARD
Dear, this man thought we were
going to get a mortgage. With that
he was going to control are bank
account, and take every single
damn penny out of it.
                       MRS. DILLARD
How are you so sure dear?
                       MR. DILLARD
After a while hun, it makes sense.
This is a white supremecist.


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
You people are so very wrong in
your very irrational thinking. I'm
guessing North Hennepin Community
College is not very good at
educated fuckers like you who get
kicked out of Patrick Henry High
in Minneapolis.
                       MR. DILLARD
      (Stares straight
       into Jorgan's
Mister, I was born in Anoka about
35 years ago a month ago. I went
to a prestigious Catholic school,
I got out with a 4.0 GPA. I went
to Oxford where I met my beautiful
wife. I gradated with a Bachelor's
in screenwriting. I just want you
to know, I'm not going to let some
white trash try and rule my
fucking life.
Mr. Dillard goes up to Jorgan and punches him in the face.
he the takes his wife by the arm and takes her out of the
house. Jorgan comes back up and the camera settles on his
face. It then fades black.
The screen fades from black to show a ciggeratte in John's
mouth. It's smoking and he's greatly enjoying it. He's
listening to his walkman and is reading a magazine about
hunting. He then hears the front door open and stumbles to
get his ciggeratte out of his mouth. He then runs to his
bathroom sink and soaks it with water. He runs downstairs
and goes into his living room and sits on the couch. He
opens his hunting Magazine.
Jorgan enters the living room.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Hello John.
Hey Father, how was work today?


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (While sitting
It was fine.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Yeah,yeah, um,I just thought I'd
share a nice story with you today.
Today, I was beat up by a black
man, I was found to be a murderer,
and I found a cigarette in your
What the fuck could that be?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
We found a whole package of
cigarettes John. Don't fucking lie
to me.
Your lying. Taking all your shit
out on me.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
John, you better learn to stop
lying. Bad things happen to people
who lie.
Jorgan opens a box of cigarettes and then takes one out. He
makes a flame and puts it to the end of the cigarette. He
puts it in his mouth and blows 1 puff. Then he grabs John
and burns John's leg.
Fuck you old man, you and the rest
of the fucking idiots.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Fucking admit John, you fucking
admit it you fucking liar.
I won't fucking say a fucking
thing you fucking bitch.


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
You say your a fucking Christian
John, fucking admit that your a
fucking smoker.
      (While running
Shut the fuck up you fucking
John runs away and runs outside and puts his burnt leg in
the snow. A small amount of water vapor comes up from the
ground. Jorgan comes running outside and punches John. John
comes back up and returns the punch. John runs inside of the
house. Jorgan runs into the garage and comes back out
quickly and runs after John with a hunting rifle. John is
inside of his house holding a frying pan.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (While running in.)
You better stop running you
fucking disgrace.
      (While holding it
       and aimed.)
Get the fuck oughta here Jorgan.
Jorgan takes out his rifle and aims it at John.
You can go to hell Jorgan. Go to
fucking hell.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (While cocking.)
Don't use that fucking shit on me
you fucking ass, sit down on the
kitchen table, now.
John sits down at the kitchen table. Then Jorgan runs to his
computer office and takes out a portfolio and a piece of
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
      (While walking
       back and sitting
John, I've been wanting to write
my will for a while. I think now
is the time.


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (While getting a
       pen from his
       shirt and
       starting to
I'm very happy you feel that way.
So um yes, okay well were going to
say this.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Um, When Jorgan Davis dies, John
Davis will be entitlted to pay off
any debt Jorgan Davis has
accumulated in the last 50 years.
His wife will get any cash that is
left in any bond, bank account. or
things like that. John will have
30 days to pay it off, or he will
be in Jail for 30 years.
John stands up while he starts to laugh. Jorgan keeps
holding his rifle at John's face.
Why in the fucking hell would
someone take you seriously? That
makes no damn sense.
Jorgan aims his gun about 3 inches from John's face and
fires. It goes and smashes threw a window in the kitchen and
a breif scream is heard. Jorgan sits still.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
John, I'm just telling you I'm I,m
not giving playing here. I want
you to see that I'm, I'm a man who
has a right control his own son.
You son of a bitch. You son of a
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
You tell anyone about this, I'm
going to kill you, or your mother.
I'm sure which one, because you
both are just terrible to me.


You fucking bitch. You fucking
fuck face.
As John says this, there is a knock at the door. Jorgan
walks to it with his rifle at his side. He opens the door to
see 2 women dressed in warm clothing.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
How can I help you women?
                       JEHOVAH WITNESS WOMAN #1
Yah hello, we are witnesses of the
great Father and we are here to
give you the good news.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Yeah uh, could you come back
later, I'm trying to bond with my
Your a fucking liar.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (Yelling back
       inside the house)
Do you want me to shoot you?
The ladies look in disbelief.
                       JEHOVAH WITNESS WOMAN #1
Sir, us two are offering you
salvation, and your taking your
chances away.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
What a horrible thing. Okay, if I
give you a check, will you leave
me alone?
The younger woman whispers into the older woman's ear.
                       JEHOVAH WITNESS #2
This damn sucker won't give us any
shit. What the hell would we
accept anything?
                       JEHOVAH WITNESS WOMAN #1
Jehovah could really use this
cash, we have to give it to him.


                       JEHOVAH WITNESS WOMAN #1
Um, yes, we could use some cash.
Thank you.
Jorgan grabs a few cents from his pocket and throws it at
the two women.
                       JORGAN: AGE 20
Get the fuck away from my house
you fucking idiots.
The women walk away. John walks to the front door. Jorgan is
aiming his hunting rifle at the women.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
John, that's why you don't ever
trust Jehovah Witnesses, they come
and say stupid bullfuck like that.
Whatever you say dad.
The scene does a fade and then it shows John walking on a
street in a the town of Uptown. It then shows him walk into
a store. He goes up to the desk, where a old man is having a
cigarette smoke.
Hello Sir, um do you have any
Marlboro here?
                       STORE CLERK
Whatcha be saying there boy?
I just asked if you have any
                       STORE CLERK
Sure I do, to people who have a
I.D. that says your over 18 years
      (While facing the
Um sir, I don't think you
understand me, I want fucking
Marlboro, and I want it now.


                       STORE CLERK
I can't sell to anyone who don't
have an I.D. or is under 18, I'm
John walks away from the desk.
Do I look like an honest man to
                       STORE CLERK
      (Thinks for a few
No, no I'm sorry.
Comeon, just some fucking
cigarettes, some fucking of those.
As John says that, 3 men wearing masks and holding shotguns
enter the store. One of the men shoot at the milk fridges in
the back. The shop owner stands still, while John puts his
hands up.
What the fuck is this?
                       ROBBERS 1
Get on the ground boy and no one
gets hurt.
I'm, I'm not going to go to the
                       ROBBERS 1
Your the dumbest kid I've ever
met. This ain't no fucking game,
get on the fucking ground.
John feels in his pocket and takes out a pocket knife. He
then throws it at one of the main robbers. The other robber
fires and misses.
                       ROBBER 2
      (With blood
       pouring out of
       his mouth.)
Your fucking dead kid, your
fucking dead.


                       ROBBERS 1
Are you nuts? Kill this fucking
                       ROBBER 3
Man, you said to only bring two
rounds each, I only bring two
rounds each. We are all dead you
Why did you come here?
                       ROBBERS 1
We thought that we would come in
here, kill the clerk, take the
cash, and run. But you had to be
here, aww shit.
The screen changes to see John in his bed, because this
whole scene had been a dream.
Back in John's house, one man is changing batteries, and
John is putting out his weed joint. The other man is looking
John, I have a comment on your
life: You seem to have horrible
dreams, and you want to destroy
things that are in your mind. Is
it because your father made you
sleep outside in the middle of a
snow storm, and burnt you, and
threataned to kill you?
Well boy, you see I had AD/HD, and
I really couldn't control either
my language or my insults. I would
walk around insulting everyone who
made me mad.
Well John that's kind of sad,
really kind of sad.
Yeah it sucks.


John wakes up from his dream, and he walks out of his room.
He walks downstairs and takes out a phone book from a
drawer. He goes to the drawer and looks up assasins. He gets
lucky, and decides to calls the number. He gets an answer at
the other line.
Hello, is this a Mister Abdul
                       THE TERROIST
Yes, yes why you American call
early in the morning?
Because I want you to murder my
                       THE TERROIST
You want me to fucking murder your
Father? You fucking American are
very stupid, you don't fucking
say that shit to someone at 5 in
the fucking morning.
What town do you live in sir?
                       THE TERROIST
I live in fucking Owatonna, and
I'm trying to fucking sleep, call
back at 8 or after you fucking
American fuck face.
You don't need to fucking swear, I
just want you to fucking kill my
fucking Father. Shit, if you kill
my fucking Father, I'm sure you'll
be paid greatly.
                       THE TERROIST
Fuck you white fuck face. Fuck,
this is a mending firm for fixing
jewrly and clothes, I don't
fucking kill people, get the fuck
off this fucking phone.
John puts the phone back on it's base. He starts to tear. He
then walks into his living room and watches the news.


The scene starts with Melanie once again talking to Olivia.
Olivia is wearing a winter coat, and Melanie is wearing one
as well. Melanie is sitting on a chair beind and desk, and
Olivia is sitting on the other side. They are talking.
Olivia, how are you doing today?
I'm doing fine I guess. I, I'm
having a difficulty at school. I
feel bad because it's almost
Thanksgiving, and I don't have
anything to be thankful for.
Oh yeah?
Yeah. I wish that is would make me
feel better, but my goddamn
headaches are aching inside my
head so bad and I can't think
That makes no sense Olivia. I'm
I just don't have anything to be
thankful for.
Olivia, I'm going to tell you
something that I'm not thankful
for. I'm not thankful for as job
as a spanish teacher. it's fucking
bullshit. When your a spanish
teacher, and your a fucking
conervative, and join the fucking
school unions, your fucking
screwed. You get less money in
your bank account, you get less
advances, you get sexually
insulted, made fun of, touched,
and lots of other bullshit.
      (Leans over to
       cough and looks
       at Melanie again)


                       OLIVIA (cont'd)
Um, okay.
Mhm, so what are you planning to
do for Thanksgiving Olivia?
Uh, I think me and my Mom and my
Dad are going to have the usual.
Then were going to go bowling with
are family friend's the Sweany's
and the Carlson's and then we go
home and sleep. Then we might go
shopping tomorrow for a Dell or
something like that. I'm getting a
Palm tomorrow for sure. Yep,
that's my plan.
That's good Olivia. That sounds
very good.
It transistions to Jorgan, Janet and John walking on a
sidewalk. It is snowing and they are walking in front of a
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (With a chilly
Well John, it's a cold day here in
Minnesota. And it's thanksgiving.
Okay Jorgan.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (With a yelling
Yes John, that's right. Were going
to church to have a 30 minute
sermon and some pie. You're going
to like it to.
John walks behind his mother and his father, and then keeps
walking behind them.


Dear, Jorgan, you don't need to
yell at him, he's just a young
Jorgan pats her on the back, smiles, and then keeps walking.
A few seconds later, it shows Jorgan sticking his middle
finger at John from behind his back. John keeps walking,
ignoring his Father. A few seconds later, it shows a large
building that has lights all around it. Jorgan, Janet, and
John all walk inside of this large building. Inside the
building are about 30-40 people in line waiting to get into
a church pews. John is taking off his hoodie, while Jorgan
is standing with Janet at the end of the line. After they
wait a few minutes, they get to the door. At the door a
older, white male is handing papers to people waiting in
line. He hands one to Jorgan, and then hands one to John.
John, Jorgan and Janet walk into the building, and sit in
the middle of of the pew area. Jorgan sits to the right of
Janet, while John sits to the left. Around them, people are
chatting and what not. After about 2 minutes of observing
this, the camera turns to the pew.
                       PASTOR JIMMY PENNER
      (While walking
       onto the stage.)
Hello everyone, how are you all
A few people clap and a few say exclamations of pleasure.
                       PASTOR JIMMY PENNER
      (While smiling)
Yes, yes that's good. Um well, so
who here is ready for some pie
after the service?
Same result as the one before.
                       PASTOR JIMMY PENNER
Yesum, I want to talk about the
pilgrims and the indians.
John looks at Jorgan, and then back at the stage. He smirks
and then stands up. John walks out of the sanctuary, and
heds to the back of the church. In the back of the church,
John sees a few people smoking. John walks over to the
people. They don't immedietly notice him, and don't see him
Aye guys, what the fuck are you


                       STONE HEAD 1
      (While looking up
       at John.)
Fuck, why the fuck do you fucking
      (While bracing his
Well I'm fucking cold, and I need
something to fucking get warm.
                       STONE HEAD 1
That's fucking sad.
I fucking understand that, but I
just want to fuckng try something
                       STONE HEAD 1
Yeah, we notice that. Why the fuck
you come out here when it's 10
degrees below zero, without a
I don't fucking know. I just
fucking felt like it, I have to
escape this shitty Liberal church.
                       STONE HEAD 1
Okay. How you doing over there
                       STONEHEAD 2
      (While coughing
       and starting to
I'm okay, I'm fucking okay. Feel a
bit fucking sick, but I'll fucking
Stonehead 2 leans over and pukes a lot of vomit. He bends
over and keeps puking it out. Then he falls over on the
ground. He makes sounds and gross sounds. John and the
Stonehead 1 look down.
What was he smoking?


                       STONE HEAD 1
Weed. Yeah it was a whole fucking
lot to. He'd been smoking that
shit for a while. It's great. Have
no idea why he just fainted.
John goes to the ground and feels Stone Head 2's throat. He
comes back up and frowns at Stone Head 1.
Your friend is dead.
                       STONE HEAD 1
      (While tearing.)
This, this, this is a fucking lie.
He, he , he was my friend, my
motherfucking friend. He's, he's
fucking dead. He fucking, just
fucking had to smoke that fucking
Liberal bull fucking shit.
      (While standing
Well uh, we have to hide the body.
Were by a church anyway.
                       STONE HEAD 1
My friend just fucking died, and
you have to say that bullshit.
Well, maybe, maybe you should be
thankful for all of the good times
you had with your friend. It's
hard to lose your friend, which
you did about 2 minutes ago, but
remember the good times.
                       STONE HEAD 1
      (He then tears
       even more.)
Fuck this.
Stone Head 1 goes over to Stonehead 2's body. Stone Head 1
grabs the body and drags it to a snow blanketed field. He
then with his own hands digs a hole out of the snow. He then
buries his friend in the snow. The camera then turns to
Stone Head 1's face, which is full of snow, and is burning
red. The camera turns back to John, who has nothing on his
face, and is normal color. He then walks away, while Stone
Head 1 is kneeling by his dead friend's snowy grave.


The scene goes back to the inside of the church. It turns to
Jorgan and Janet sitting at a table. Janet is eating an
apple pie with a scoop of ice cream on top. Jorgan is eating
a pumpkin pie with a giant amount of whipped cream on it.
They then notice John and Jorgan waves him over to him.
      (While sitting
Yes, what do you want?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (While pointing to
       a girl.)
Well one, your mother wants you to
go over to that girl over there.
John looks at an attractive girl.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Look at me John.
John keeps staring.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (With a rougher
Look at me penis head.
      (While looking at
Don't call me a fucking penis
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Don't fucking make fun of me you
fucking fuck face.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I sure hope you don't haven't told
anyone about are little ordeal.
You'll be dead soon enough if you
John sticks out his tounge. Jorgan ignores and tends to his
pie. Then he walks over to the table where the attractive
girl is. He pulls up a chair, and sits down. She notices
after 15 seconds.
Aye, who are you?


I'm John Davis.
Nice name. I'm Day Merca.
Okay, Amy. So how old are you?
I'm 15 years old. I'm really short
for my age.
Yeah. I noticed your accent, it's
Thanks. Yeah, I was born in the
south, and moved up here a few
months ago. It's really cold here.
Yeah, that's cool. So uh yeah,
what's your number?
I'll tell you in a little bit.
Okay. Yeah that's fine. Wish they
had emailing or stuff like that on
phones, but that may never come
Heck ya, it would cost way to
Whatever you say Day.
In big, bold, letters, it says the words: December 6th,
1997. It stays on the screen for 8 seconds, and then fades.
It shows a man walking down the street, holding some papers.
He is wearing a police cap, and a badge. He walks a bit of a
while, and then turns into Jorgan's real estate firm. It
then shows from the inside the man walking to Secretary Sue.
She smiles.


                       SECRETARY SUE
Hello sir, would you be the Union
                       MR. MERCA
Haha yes, that would be me. I'm
here to have a conversation with
the people in this building who
would be interested in joining
this Union they want.
                       SECRETARY SUE
      (While gleaming
       with joy.)
I'll go get the boys right away.
                                         IN THE CONFERENCE
                       MR. MERCA
Hello everyone, my name is Merca.
Yes, that's my last name. You
won't find out my first name
though, that's private
information. Anyway, I'm here to
tell you that starting a Union is
easy. First, you blackmailed your
boss into letting one of you
liberals into charge. Then you
called me, great isn't it?
Merca gives off a laugh while the employees stare and smile.
                       MR. MERCA
Okay, okay. I want to make quite
clearly that I will not be
sticking with your business, after
this is a done deal. I can't
afford that, because who knows, I
may lose my hand or neck. Anyway,
I just feel we need to start a
vote right now. By the way, are
all of your employees here?
Yep, yep. All except Jorgan Davis,
the conservative scum he is haha,
I bet he's doing some bullshitty
this with his fucking hot wife ha!
                       MR. MERCA
      (As the employees
       turn to stare at
       Jerry and then


                       MR. MERCA (cont'd)
       back at Merca.)
Well um, I'm sorry but all
employees have to be present in
order for me to authenticate this.
I am a police officer and all, but
I need to follow the law.
All in favor, say aye!
All the people in the room except Merca say aye. He smiles a
little smile, and claps his hands.
                       MR. MERCA
All right, looks like were going
to have to fire this Jorgan
character soon. Yeah, um I have to
go and pick up my daughter from
church soon, so uh I can't stay
Yeah yep. Okay, uh we have some
long johns and some cappuccinos in
the fridge, care to have one?
                       MR. MERCA
Oh yeah sure, you betcha.
Jerry grabs a long john for Merca. He then hands it to Merca
while another worker runs to grab a coffee. She comes back
and hands it to Merca. A few seconds later, it shows Jorgan
coming back into the bulding. He's frowning and is holding a
styrofome cup. He walks to his office, and notices no one is
working at there stations. He then rolls his eyes. Then he
walks to the conference room. He walks in quietly and walks
up to Jerry.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (loudly and
Having another meeting Jerry?
What Jorgan?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Having another meeting without me
Ignores Jorgan.


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
How is your fucking day Liberals?
You all having a good time aye?
Come on, come on, tell me.
I'm sorry, but you see Jorgan, we
need protection from you. Yes, I'm
the president of Real Estate Inc.
but I'm much obloged to have this
happen. You have killed to people
Jorgan, one in the 60's, and one
last month. You, you haven't sold
any houses, and plus your a
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Why does that fucking matter? What
are you fucking trying to say?
Jorgan, your fired.
Jorgan sits down in the chair at the end of the conference
table. He starts to tear a bit. He looks at all of his ex-
co-workers. He then goes up to Jerry.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (In a rough voice.)
I fucking hate you you fucking son
of a bitch.
Jorgan then grabs Jerry by the collar and lays a punch on
his nose. Jerry reacts immediatly and lays a hard punch on
Jorgan's stomach. Mr. Merca comes up from his seat and runs
and grabs Jorgan. Jerry comes up and punches Jorgan in his
face and his crotch. Jorgan is bleeding heavily. He then
breaks free of Mr. Merca. He then punches Mr. Merca and
swiftly kicks Jerry. The rest of the employees hilariously
laugh and guess who is going to win. Mr. Merca then flashes
his badge. Jorgan prepares to stop, but he then gets punched
in stomach by Jerry. Mr. Merca hits Jorgan in the back with
the butt of his gun. Jorgan flies to the ground, and Jerry
and Mr. Merca kick at him. This whole scene is very comic
and is meant to be humourous. Jorgan sits on the ground,
with blood flowing from his nose.
                       MR. MERCA
He's a genuine Republican.


And I guess were're genuine
As they say this, the camera treads over to the furnace in
the back of the room. It's a very old furnace, and is
creaking. After about 30 seconds and the people are eating
donuts and are drinking coffee, Jerry starts to gag. As
Jerry starts to gag, other people around him start to feel
the same way. Then, one of the men falls over and starts
crying on the ground. As he does that, a woman starts to
vomit. Jorgan comes up from the ground, and Merca sees him.
He and Merca run outside of the building, very fast, and
then stop, gasping for air. Blood from Jorgan's nose drips
on the ground. He turns to Merca.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Why the fuck was it hard to
breathe in there?
                       MR. MERCA
Well uh, the thing is, I'm not a
Union Starter, I'm actually a
police officer warning them that
they were going to have a Carbon
Monoxide leak in the next few
days. Looks like it happened, and
now there all dead.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Yah, aye you have a light so I can
Merca pulls out a lighter. While he does this, Jorgan pulls
out a ciggeratte and puts it next to the flame. Then he
places the ciggeratte in his mouth.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
This makes me feel better, alot
As he says this, Jorgan walks over to the door of the firm.
He locks the door and walks back to Merca.
                       MR. MERCA
Yeah sir. I know what you mean. So
what was the point of coming in
all mad? I mean, all we was going
to do was fire you.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
It's not fucking personal or
anything. I just don't seem to
grasp the concept of fucking


                       JORGAN: AGE 40 (cont'd)
unions. They fucking come up to
you and fucking try to take your
fucking well earned dollars. It's
                       MR. MERCA
...Strip poker.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Shit yes. It's like fucking strip
poker. That's what I'll tell my
son. Yeah, you keep playing the
game, and forcing people to do
shit, and then you fucking win in
the end, because the girl has no
fucking brains haha. Yes, you'll
make a fucking great partner.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I'm sure this will be a good
lesson to teach my son about
Unions. When you start a union, it
takes far to long to make it
official. Then these type of
things happen, needless to say,
that bad things will happen.
                       MR. MERCA
You sure you want to tell your son
that Unions are like strip poker?
That makes little political sense.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
You see Merca, when you grasp
political sense, it becomes
fucking easy to show in the real
                       MR. MERCA
I think I'll put some tape on the
door, then call my daughter. Daddy
will be coming home pretty late.
It screen fades from the previous scene, and it shows John
standing with his date, Day Merca. He is walking along a
sidewalk. It is snowing heavily, and snow is over the lense.


So uh Day, why'd you move here
from the south?
Because my dad, Mr. Merca, as he
forces me to call him, became
commishiner of the Uptown Police
Hmm, yeah, that's nice. I didn't
think would be the reason, but
They walks about half a minute without talking.
Coffee Shop
                                         AMY AND JOHN WALK
                       COFFEE WOMAN 1
      (While smiling and
       staring at John
       and Amy.)
Why hello. Um, how are you two
doing today?
Mhm, were doing fine. It's really
cold out there.
                       COFFEE WOMAN 1
Mhm, oh yeah. There's a blizzard
warning. It really sucks sometimes
living in Minnesota.
      (While keeping a
       straight face.)
I realized that a long time ago.
That's why we came in here, to
either have a mocha or hot


                       COFFEE WOMAN 1
Okay, so what do you two kids
I'll have a hot chocolate.
      (After coughing.)
I'll have a carmel mocha.
The woman quickly makes the hot chocolate, and hands it to
Amy. Then she gets the caramel mocha and mixes it with Whip
Cream and puts a large amount of caramel on it. Then she
hands it to him. John and Amy sit down at a table.
John takes his drink, and swallows the liguid. Amy does the
That's a pretty sweet drink there.
Yeah, it's delicious.
He he, yeah yeah. So uh, do you
like it here in Minnesota?
It's okay I guess. I mean, it's
cold and snowy. Which makes it
      (While taking out
       a ciggerate and
       lighting it and
       placing it in his
I bet. I love the thought of
looking out my window, and seeing
a blanket of snow all over the
ground. It makes you imagine
After John says this, a Asian walks into the restaurant. He
is wearing a winter coat. He walks over to the counter. John
looks at the man. Then he looks back at Amy.
See that Asian right there?


The man sits down and takes out a novel. He takes a sip, and
then opens his book.
See, he's so fucking stupid.
Probably some college bitch who is
reading some shitty propaganda.
      (While leaning
       back in her
I wouldn't say that necessarily.
You know what I really hate: I
hate irony. It's strange how it
plays out over time. I don't quite
understand it.
Well uh, okay then.
John smiles. They then continue to drink there drinks. The
view is over there heads for about 10 seconds. Then it
returns to a side view.
It's so fucking cold. I don't seem
to understand it.
Yeah. If only if it wasn't so
You then see as if the camera is taken off of the tripod,
and you see the view go over towards the Asian man. Then, it
turns to his computer. On the computer it says: Hack. After
a second or two of the viewer seeing this, the camera goes
back to a shot of John and Amy sitting at the table. The
scene then fades.
The scene starts with the viewer seeing the outside of
Melanie's house. It's not snowing, just a large amount of
snow is layered in the front of her yard. The viewer is then
showed her and her daughter in the inside of her house.


Melanie is sitting in a chair reading a novel, Sarah is
sitting down reading a magazine.
Melanie puts her novel down and looks at her daughter.
I'm, I'm just curious, do you feel
better since having sex with that
I don't know.
It quickly forms to Janet in bed with another man.
That felt so good dear.
                       OFFICER JAKE
Fuck yeah bitch.
Olivia is in the car with her parents. They ride around for
about 45 seconds, then they stop in a parking lot. Then they
get out a walk into a hospital.
Jorgan is sitting in his house. He is smoking marjuiana, and
is smiling. Then he takes out of his pocket crack cocaine.
Then he swallows some while he sniffs some. He sits back and
It transitions to Mr. Merca talking a group of men. They are
all wearing winter coats, and are aiming hunting rifles at
him. They are talking with no sound. After about 10 seconds
of no diolouge, it shows Merca shacking ahds with one of the
John and Day are sitting on a bench outside, with a battery
powered heater. They are hugging and kissing. They do this


about 20 seconds. There is no sound other than the
soundtrack. Then, John gets up with Day, and they go into
his car. It shows them driving for to her house. They walk
inside kissing, and John is holding Day. They walk upstairs
into her bedroom, and go into her bedroom. He removes her
shirt and bra, and the rest of her clothing. Then she
removes his clothing. The go under the bed covers and the
viewers see them move around under the covers. Then after
about 35 seconds of seeing them have intercourse from over
the covers the scene turns black. It comes back with sound
and them panting. Day kisses John.
That was beautiful.
I think I love you.
                                         IT GOES BLURRY. THEN
Jorgan has a ice picker and is smashing the glass of the
window. He breaks through after 10 strikes. Then he unlocks
the door from the inside. He walks inside.
Jorgan Davis walks threw the building. There's a brief shot
of the bodies rotting in the inside of the building. Then it
returns to Jorgan running into his office. He opens the door
and takes papers and money into his hands. You see him do
this for around 10 seconds.
It changes to a group of men wearing winter coat police
uniforms. They are all sitting in station wagons.
                       FBI 1
Okay, this man we have is very
dangerous. He, he's killed two
other men in the last thirty
FBI 2 raises his hand.


                       FBI 1
                       FBI 2
You haven't fucking shot this
fucker yet?
                       FBI 1
                       FBI 2
And this fucker has been at
fucking large for thirty fucking
                       FBI 1
Yes snippy, now can I go on with
the prep talk?
                       FBI 2
I'm sorry, but I'm fucking
confused why we wouldn't go after
this guy thirty fucking years ago.
I bet this guy has done many other
fucking crimes also.
                       FBI 1
Well I'm sorry, but we have to get
him for this crime.
                       FBI 2
But I read this guy up, he's a
fucking genius. He's cheated over
500 Million fucking bucks from
people, and has gotten away with
many other fucking crimes. This,
this guy is fucking smart.
                       FBI 1
Can you shut up!
                       FBI 2
I'm sorry.
                       FBI 3
See what you did? You just pissed
all of us off only a few days
before Christmas, nice going.


                       FBI 2
You know what, I don't care if you
want to insult me, I have a
fucking free will you fucking
                       FBI 1
Both of you shut up, just shut up.
Now, we have to catch this guy
some time. He's, he's too
                       FBI 1
We're going to shoot him in the
face, and then let me kick his
Uh sir.
                       FBI 1
What do you want Rick?
Uh, um the car won't start. We
were out here to long.
                       FBI 1
Aww great, now we have to walk
there to get him. You gotta keep
the car running lad.
I'm sorry sir.
                       FBI 1
Well uh, I guess nothing better
will happen today.
Camera focuses on FBI 2 and FBI 3. Then it fades.
It quickly shows the interior of Jorgan's car. He has sun
glasses on, and he is wearing a Russian fur hat. He is
driving quickly.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (Quietly and
Where the fuck could John be?


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (After a moment of
The fucking fuck could John be?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (After another
       moment of
Hmm, hmm, maybe if I pray.
Jorgan closes his eyes.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Um, uh dear Jesus, uh could, could
you uh hmm tell me where my son
is. He's in some fucking shit if
you know what I mean. If you could
give me a sign or something to
tell me where he uh is you know, I
would be greatly happy. If you
Jorgan's car smashes into a building. It is shown from the
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Fuck this.
Jorgan gets out of his car.
Jorgan walks to the other side of the building. He sees a
sign outside of it. The sign reads: Come to Uptown
Evangelical Free Church. The camera focuses on Jorgan. He
frowns and walks over to the sign. He picks up the sign and
walks back to his car. He goes to the trunk of the car and
puts the sign in. He then walks back into the front seat.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
That's exactly what I need. That's
where that fucking assholeic
fucking bitch is.
He leans back, and puts his car into drive. It goes to


Day's head is laying on John's shoulder. He has a large grin
on his face.
When you fucked me a few days ago,
that was the best feeling thing in
the world.
Um, yeah, I guess that's the goal
of every man who has sex.
Mhm, I'm almost sure of it.
John stops grinning.
Strange thing is, is I don't feel
any good anymore.
Dude, I licked you, and spit on
you, I let you jam me, and cream
in me. Why would you not feel any
I don't fucking know, it's just
that I don't want you to have a
fucking abortion.
Why are you getting so mad John?
Because of my fucking Father. He
fucking ridicules me, and insults
me. I don't fucking want to
believe him, but he's fucking all
over me. Shit, he fucking tries to
make me think I'm nothing but a
piece of fucking bullshit.
John, your not bullshit. I'm sure
your Father loves you.
No he doesn't.


Okay. Aww screw it lets go.
The screen then changes to Jorgan exiting his car.
Jorgan exits his car. He slowly goes to the back of his car,
and opens the trunk. Jorgan takes out a hatchet. He then
attempts to close the trunk. It fails. He tries again. It
fails. On the third time he yells," Dammit", and the car
closes. He then smiles and goes back to normal. He throws
the hatchet up in the air and then catches it. He then runs
to the front door.It's his house. He gets his house key and
unlocks the door, and then runs inside.
                                         TO JANET AND A
Janet is laying in bed with a blanket over her. Beside her
is Officer Jake. They are looking at the ceiling for about 5
seconds then they look at each other, then back at the
It's strange you know after having
sex, how you feel you know?
                       OFFICER JAKE
I guess. It's not a great fucking
feeling, seeing that were not
Yeah, yeah. I'm not thinking it's
a horrible thing to do. You know
my husband would probably kill us
if he realized that we were having
Jake turns to his side.
                       OFFICER JAKE
He won't fucking touch you.
      (While leaning to
       her side.)
Oh I don't know. Think I should
try a pregnancy test?


                       OFFICER JAKE
I don't fucking care. Just don't
fucking show him.
Janet gets out of her bed. She places the blanket down and
goes tot eh bedrooms bathroom. The camera view changes to a
moving camera. It follows to the bedroom door. Then it shows
the door opening. As the door opens, you see Jorgan walking
into the room, with his hatchet raised high.
Jake then grabs the lamp, and holds it high.
Janet is peeing over a toilet, with the pregnancy test at
the bottom of the toilet. The camera is focused at her face.
You hear the pee running.
                                         JANET IN THE
You still here Jake?
Janet then bends down, and grabs the test. The test turns to
green. It then turns back to her face, with a large smile on
                                         JORGAN AND JAKE.
Jorgan then walks over to the bed and again raises the
hatchet. Jake throws the lamp and greatly misses. Then he
                       OFFICER JAKE
Janet, your fucking husband's
holding a damn hatchet.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Shut the fuck up you fucking
Jorgan then drives the hatchet into Jake's head. Blood
gushes out of the hole in his head. Jake then falls out of
bed, and his head hits the floor first. A splurt of blood
flies out when his head hits the ground.
Jake, you there dear?
Shows his rotting head.


Janet then walks out of the bedroom, and stares at the dead
body. The camera then chages to her walking towards the
body. As it does that, Jorgan comes out of the closet
holding Jake's handgun. She then sees him and tries to run
out of the room. He shoots her in the leg, and she falls
down. Janet then limps to the door. Jorgan quickly runs over
to her, and puts her face to his. He then raises the
hatchet, and smiles. He then finishes the swipe.
The camera man has his camera turned off, and the other man
is still typeing. John is smoking a marjiuana joint.
This story is so interesting John,
you sure you didn't make this up?
It's not a lie. I'll continue.
Go ahead, we have all night.
John is at a coffee machine, and is getting coffee. Day is
right next to him, and she has a cup in her hands.
John, I don't know what to do.
Are you sure you read it right?
      (Talk after taking
       a sip.)
Yeah. A pretty purple cross.
Why the hell is this happening to


I'm the one pregnant John.
That doesn't make this matter any
I know John. It's, it's six now,
we should go to the Christmas
meeting with my group.
      (With a half
They all blondies?
Fuck yes.
The scene starts with John and Day outside of the door. John
quickly opens the door to see about 6 blonde girls sitting
around a table conversing and talking. The leader is on her
Palm Pilot. When John enters, the girls stop talking, and
look at him. The leader puts down her Palm Pilot. She
Hi, um my name is John Davis.
We know you, your that one kid who
got suspended from our school.
Actually I got expelled. It was
strange, because.
We don't care John.


You girls just talk one after the
other or something?
Why would we do that, we don't
live up in Bemidji or something
like that.
Okay, that's fine. I'm sorry.
                       THE LEADER
Hello everybody, do you all wanna
start the discussion yet?
Sure yeah.
The Leader takes out a bible from her purse. She then flips
threw it, and goes to the section she wants.
John then takes out a box of cigarettes.
You mind if I smoke?
This isn't a bar idiot.
                       THE LEADER
Kristen dear, we should be polite
to our visitors. Dear, I'm sorry,
but I would ask you if you would
not smoke in this building.
John puts the cigarettes back into his pocket.
I don't think Jesus said we
couldn't smoke in church.
                       THE LEADER
Christ said that we shouldn't put
harmful things into our bodies,
physical or emotional.


I don't think I'm hurting anybody
here. You girls care if I smoke
one cigarette?
The Leader stands up.
                       THE LEADER
John, I wanna say that I'm fully
against smoking. It provides heart
disease and illness for the people
around you who in gulf all of that
Okay, okay I'm sorry, I'll put it
away, not to cause any trouble or
                       THE LEADER
That's okay John, I know you
weren't trying to cause any harm.
                       THE LEADER
So, Jesus was born of Virgin Mary
in the yer 4 BC. He was born in
the town of Bethlehem.
Excuse me, uh how are we sure his
mother was a virgin?
                       THE LEADER
Because John, if she wasn't, she
would've been killed immediately
after they saw she was pregnant.
But it's just a story.
The screen then fades to a black screen. Then after five
seconds, the words in white come up and say," 25 Minutes
                                         JOHN STORMS OUT.


      (Walk out very
       fast, with a mad
This church is a fucking lie.
Day runs from inside the room.
John, what the hell is your damn
You wanna know my damn problem
Day? You really do? I don't think
you would fully understand why I'm
mad Day.
John, I'm your goddamn girlfriend.
You can tell anything you want to
I'm sure, very goddamn sure you
Is it your Father John? Is it your
fucking Father?
John hits his head on the wall, and pounds it. He keeps his
head on the wall.
Yes Day, it's my fucking father.
My fucking Liberal, Pansy, Bitchy,
Fucky, retarded tree hugging
Father day. He's a fucking little
asshole who wouldn't care for me
even if my life depended on it.
I'm sure your Father loves you
Well, I know that's a fucking lie.


Jorgan is again driving his car. He has one hand at the
wheel, and another hand holding a piece of paper. He holds
the paper, and reads the address.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
3540 Dale Ave N.
Jorgan drives about 10 more seconds, then it does a fast cut
to Jorgan ending up in the driveway to Mr. Merca's house.
Jorgan quickly puts the car on hold, and gets out. He takes
his handgun, and puts it in the front of his pants. Jorgan
then runs to the front door, and rings the door bell. After
about five seconds of waiting, the door opens. At the other
side of the door, Mr. Merca is standing there with a pipe in
his mouth. He smiles as he sees Jorgan.
                       MR. MERCA
You wanna come in here Davis?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Yeah sure, uh thanks.
Jorgan and Merca walk inside of his house. Jorgan stomps his
boots, while Merca goes into the kitchen. Jorgan then takes
out his boots, and his winter hat. He places the hat on a
rack. Then he walks into the kitchen. In the kitchen, Merca
is making hot chocolate. Jorgan walks over to a chair.
Jorgan sits. Then he smiles as Merca walks to him with a cup
of Hot Chocolate. Merca hands Jorgan the Hot Chocolate.
Merca then sits down at a sit next Jorgan.
                       MR. MERCA
      (Looks over a
Jorgan, how are you doing man?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Uh yeah, you know. It's, it's
going all right. I mean my sons a
bitch and all, but you know.
                       MR. MERCA
I see. Yeah, I'm leaving for
church in a few minutes. I gotta
get my daughter. She's one of
those church people haha. She
loves Jesus, and other stuff like


                       MR. MERCA (cont'd)
that. I believe in him too, just
don't think you should go to some
Liberal church.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (More nervously.)
Yeah, yeah I know what you mean.
                       MR. MERCA
Yeah. I'm a bit concerned with her
though. She met some guy. All she
would tell me is his name is John.
I have no fucking idea why. I'm
her father, a police commissioner.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Um, yeah. That's nice. I came over
here because something terrible
has just happened.
                       MR. MERCA
I mean, he's a handsome lad and
all, but I just can't seem to
comprehend him.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Merca. I have to tell you
something. It's fucking important.
I think someone has killed my
                       MR. MERCA
      (Puts on a
       confused look.
       Doesn't respond
       for about fifteen
Jorgan, Jorgan uh, your saying
someone killed your wife? And her
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (Nervously, with
Yeah, yeah, yes, someone killed my
wife and her lover.
                       MR. MERCA
      (Put hand on chin.
       Rub it. Then take
       it off. Very
       confused look.)
I've, I've been here a few months,


                       MR. MERCA (cont'd)
and I was down in Florida. Shit,
that's some cunt murder.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Don't tell me you've never seen a
murder like this.
                       MR. MERCA
Oh yeah, sure I have. It's, it's
just that I never anticipated
something like this to happen in
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (Get an angered
       look. Stands up.)
Well, were not fucking up here to
fucking play hockey and fucking
fish for our spare time. Damn,
what's with you fucking
                       MR. MERCA
Jorgan, please just come and sit
down. I'll, I'll go and get a
report paper. Just calm down.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (He opens his
       jacket and
       reveals his
       pistol. He then
       takes it out of
       his jacket
       pocket. He then
       aims it at Merca.)
Shut the fuck up you fucking cunt.
The fucking deal is off you
fucking dumbfuck.
Jorgan aims the pistol at Merca. Merca puts his hands into
the air. Merca then leaps to the ground. Jorgan fires a shot
into the ceiling.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
You think this is a fucking game
Merca? Well it is!
Jorgan then shoots a shot into Merca's leg. The hole spurts
out a shot of blood.


Merca then reaches for his pistol at his side. He grabs it,
and then quickly aims and fires at Jorgan head and shoots
three bullets into the side of Jorgan's face. It hits both
cheeks. Jorgan screams, and at the same time blood flies
onto the camera. Jorgan then runs over to the sink, and
grabs the water faucet. He attempts to pull it off and he
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Fucking people can't get movable
faucets, fuck you.
Jorgan then splashes water all over his face. It mixes with
the blood, which itself is still flowing from his face. He
then turns around and looks at Merca, who is trying to crawl
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Fuck you, you fucking piece of
fucking trout.
Jorgan then runs over to Merca. He shoots him in the head.
Then he shoots him in the chest. He then shoots the rest of
the magazine into Merca's head.
Jorgan then walks over to a cabinet. He opens it and finds
pain reliever cream. He quickly opens the cover, and rubs it
all over his bullet holes. Again, Merca is on the ground
with blood flowing out of his head. Then Jorgan throws the
ointment into the garbage, and walks to the front door.
Jorgan walks outside, with blood all over his face, mixed
with the white ointment. He walks to his car, and pulls out
his keys from his pockets. After he pulls them out, he tries
to put one of the keys into the car. The key is too big.
Jorgan then tries another key, and it fits. He turns it to
the right, and the car door opens. He then goes into the
car, and puts the keys into the ignition. After a few
seconds, the car runs, and is shown driving away.
The scene starts with John and Day still standing in a room
in some part of a church. He has an angry expression, and
she has an angry expression.


You don't have to fucking say all
that bullshit, and then expect me
to take it for granted.
This woman was just teaching us a
damn Bible story for fucking sake.
She wasn't fucking teaching us to
have sex before marriage.
We did that, I just realized.
Day, I want you to know that, this
is so damn wrong.
John then tears, and then runs away.
                                         TO THE CHURCH ATTIC.
John is smoking a Marijuana joint. It's about halfway threw.
As he puffs, the joint drops. John then scoots himself back,
as the flame grows larger. John then blows on the flames,
and it then engulfs the whole room into flame and smoke.
Quickly, John runs out of the room. John runs down the
stairs, and to the side, a man walks inside. To the other
side, a woman walks to him. The man is Jorgan, the woman is
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Were going to fucking leave.
The camera then pans up Jorgan, who is covered in blood and
ointment. His cheeks start bleeding again, and he is holding
his pistol straight at John.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Your coming with us too bitch. I
killed your Father.
John and Day walk over to Jorgan, and a piece of burning
wood shoots out of the attic door. Jorgan reacts by jumping
back. He turns to John, and holds his pistol out.
It then cuts to police officers listening to a talk show.
One officer is drinking coffee. Another is eating a
doughnut. A third cop is reading a hockey magazine.


Officer Scott puts down his doughnut. He stands up and goes
to the radio. He changes the dial to another station. He
sighs and sits back down.
As he sits down, Officer Goldeneye walks into the room.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Hey fellas, something that'll
interest you just happened.
                       OFFICER DAN
What would that be sir?
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
I just gotta report. I think your
all going to like it?
                       OFFICER DAN
      (Puts down coffee.)
Oh yeah? Well that'll be a change.
We ain't got no good crimes here
in Uptown.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
                       OFFICER SCOTT
So what's the crime.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Oh it's so great. We'll all be up
in the union levels for sure.
                       OFFICER SCOTT
What's the crime Goldeneye?
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
The crime? Oh the crime, yeah uh
there's three dead people in the
town of Uptown.
                       OFFICER JIM
Three, well that's pretty good.
Haven't been that many since the
70's, when the hippies came here
to protest Nixon.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Well, doesn't this interest you?
                       OFFICER DAN
Sure, sure. Um, who were the


                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Well, uh, some guys in Brooklyn
Park said two people got hit in
the head with a hatchet. Names
were Janet Davis and BP Officer
Jake James.
                       OFFICER DAN
Heard of that guy. Yeah, yeah,
shared a table with him at one of
those Police Seminar's. Nice guy.
Who else got killed.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
That's the sad part. Uh, Merca got
killed by getting shot in the leg,
then in the head about ten times.
When I got there, blood was all
over the floor.
                       OFFICER SCOTT
Five times, well that's a record.
Man, I wish I could have arrested
that guy.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
That man is on the loose Scott. I
found some papers in Merca's coat
pocket, and it said that he was
off to kill the man who killed
these people, and then turn this
man over to the authorities.
                       OFFICER DAN
Well thats, okay. What's this
man's name.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Jorgan Davis.
                       OFFICER JIM
I wanna kill that man.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
                       OFFICER JIM
He conned me out about 350,000
Dollars. I bought my house and
within a month, had mildew and
pipe problems. He's done it for
almost every one of his customers
I bet. I, I wanna kill him.


                       OFFICER DAN
I'm calling the FBI.
It then quickly cuts.
The scene starts with Melanie sitting on her chair reading a
magazine with her younger daughter also reading a magazine.
What are you reading?
The front door opens, and Melanie's pregnant daughter walks
in. She is wearing a winter coat.
Sarah sits down on a chair.
Where have you been Sarah, it's
eight at night.
Is that against the law or
Don't smart off at me. Where have
you been?
I was at a counseling session, at
the community center.
Angel keeps looking at her magazine, and then stands up,
walks to the steps, and walks upstairs.
I told you not to go to those
counseling sessions.
Well I'm sorry mom. My teachers
recommended it to me.
The phone rings.


I'll be right back.
Melanie takes the phone off of the receiver. She puts it to
her ear.
                       MR. EVANS.
Yes, this is Dante Evans. I'm from
the school board.
Okay. What you want Mr. Evan's,
I'm kind of busy now.
                       MR. EVANS.
Yeah, uh, we got a call from the
FBI that a kid named John Davis
has a dead mother, and a father on
the loose. We want you to go to
his house. We'll give you the
Why me?
                       MR. EVANS.
You want tenure? Get over there.
The line goes dead. Melanie stands up.
Stupid idiots. Okay girls, I'm
going to go to a meeting, I have
to pick up some kid, John Davis.
Now neither of you do anything
I heard of that guy. Hey, he got
expelled for sassing out some
      (While walking to
       get coat)
That's the only Christian School I
can afford, and that doesn't even
teach kids about Jesus. I need
tenure so bad.


Melanie walks out of the door. As she walks out, Angel comes
running down the stairs and runs to the phone receiver.
I was going to call someone,
Then why don't you come over here
and get it ass fucker.
You should be nice to me, I'm
fucking pregnant you stupid cunt.
Shut the fuck up you fucking slut.
Sarah stands up and rolls her magazine into a roll. Then she
starts hitting Angel repeatedly on the head.
Fucker, fucker, fucker, fucker.
Don't fucking hit me bitch, I'm
not the slut her.
Fucker, fucker, fucker.
The screen goes black.
Jorgan is at the wheel, and John and Day are sitting in the
back. He has a cigarette in his mouth, and smoke is
      (Lean forwards)
Where the fuck are we going old
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
You don't need to know that bitch.
Just tell me where your going.


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Oh shit fine, I'm taking you and
your slutty girlfriend up by
Brainerd,and we'll be in some
cabin. That's were I'm going to
kill you.
John leans back.
That's quite a plan. Even for an
old man.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Well I try my best. Anyways......
I have nothing else to say.
What the shit did you do to my
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
John, tell the slut to shut up, or
to ask questions threw you, ok?
Fine, what did you do to her
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I shot him in the head five times.
That's all you need to know.
There is silence for about 45 seconds. Jorgan keeps staring
at the road. John sits still for about 20 of those seconds,
and then hits the window of the car door. He then returns to
Day starts weeping, and tears flow.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
John, tell your girlfriend to shut
up, or I'll have to shoot her
right now.
Jorgan takes out his pistol, and aims it at the top of the
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I don't want to kill you now, so
don't make me.


Fuck you.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Your not the best at insulting
John, I just wanted to tell you.
Why would that matter?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
John, being in compliance of life
is the only way it keeps going.
Insulting everyone you see isn't
going to help you when you want a
fucking job or something like
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I learned it from my dumb ass
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Don't fucking interrupt me John,
don't ever fucking do that. You do
that again and I put it threw that
fruity head of yours.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Shut up Jorgan.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Shut the fuck up John when I'm
explaining Psychology to you,
You don't know anything, except
how to cheat and lie to people,
goddamn I bet if someone put a
hundred bucks in front of you, you
would take it.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Shut the fuck up John, my God your
fucking annoying.
John then leans forward, as if to insult him back. Day
shakes her head, and John sits back down, and relaxes on the


It then fast cuts to Melanie exiting her car. In front of
her, a few men in station wagons with sirens on top are
walking around, and yellow tape is all around John and
Jorgan's house. She walks up to the tape. She is wearing a
hat, and a winter coat. She then turns to a cop wearing a
woolen hat. Threwout the scene, the other officers excluding
Jim, are walking around examining the area.
Hey there, um I'm looking for John
The cop turns around. It is Officer Goldeneye.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Hello there, how you doing? Um
yeah, are you related the Davises?
No,no, I was told to come and pick
him up, by my superior.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Oh is that right? Oh, I'm
Goldeneye by the way, haha. Yeah
uh, Jim, get over here, a hot lady
has something to ask us.
                       OFFICER JIM
Were trying to identify the body
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Who the hell cares? This lady has
something to ask us, so get the
hell over here.
                       OFFICER JIM
Shit fine.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
      (whispering to
Me and the other guys think he may
be gay, but that's yet to be seen
heh heh.
Okay. Where's John Davis?


                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
      (Takes out a
       energy bar. Opens
       it, and eats it.)
Um, uh yeah, Davis got kidnapped
by his Father.
How would you know that?
                       OFFICER JIM
Good ol' Goldeneye guessed it.
Smart ass bitch.
Yeah, do any of you have a
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Yeah yeah sure, I have one right
Goldeneye reaches into his pocket. He takes out a box of
cigarettes, clearly marked," Marlboro". He then hands one to
Melanie, and she takes it. She then holds it out, and
Goldeneye lights it. She places into her mouth, puffs, and
holds it out.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
You usually smoke m'am.
Haven't since I first got laid.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Oh uh, when was that?
A long time ago.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
The image quickly changes to above John, Jorgan and Day's
heads. It shows them walking into a Gas Station. They are
all wearing winter clothing.


John and Day are walking hand in hand, with Jorgan to the
side of them. He then walks to the corner of the store, and
John and Day follow swiftly.
Jorgan turns to them with the pistol aimed at them.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Okay kids, I'll allow each of you
to buy five items each under one
dollar, or five dollars total. I
can't have you calling the cops or
anything, so I'll be right here
waiting for you.
John frowns at him, and then he and Day walk to a food part
of the store. John grabs three packs of Nutter Butters,
while Day grabs three packs of Strawberry Pop tarts. Then
they walk to the beverages part of the store, and John takes
three Mountain Dews, while Day grabs three Sunny D's. They
then walk back to Jorgan.
Jorgan then takes the items, and walks to the front of the
store. He hands the items to the manager, and the manager
scans them. John and Day join up behind him.
With that be cash or credit or pay
n' go sir?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Credit. How much do I owe you?
The total comes to 10 dollars and
60 cents.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Hell, that is a lot of damn money.
You kids buy more then five items
John and Day shake their heads.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Don't fucking lie to me. Bullshit,
you do only have three. Fine,
here's my fucking card.
Jorgan hands over the card to the clerk. The clerk swipes it
and onto the screen says DENIED.


Sorry sir, looks like it's not
going to go through.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Bullshit. Okay, I don't have any
cash on me, and neither do the
bitches, so I guess I'll just be
taking these items.
Jorgan puts all of the items into his hands.
Sir, sir, I can't let you do that.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
What the fuck am I doing wrong
Sir, I won't ask you again, put
down the merchandise.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Aww shit fine. If your going to
fucking whine. Think your such a
cool guy. Having that uniform and
shit on yeah. Hell, think I
fucking care about that shit.
Well, I don't fucking care, you
fucking walrus.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Lets go John and fucking slut.
Jorgan then walks out the front door, and John and Day
follow. The camera then rests on the clerk, who leans over
the counter. He looks at Jorgan, who is getting in his car,
through the clear door. Then the screen turns black as you
hear a car driving away.
It then shows Olivia in a hospital bed. He is connected with
hospital machines. She has a rag over her head. She is
sleeping, and is being rushed to a hospital room.
                                         TO HOSPITAL ROOM.
It then shows Olivia puking up blood, and dying. A few
seconds later, it shows a piece of paper that says,"
Terminal Illness." It then fades to black.


The scene starts with Jorgan stuffing napkins into his open
wounds. John is also sitting down with Day's head on his
lap. Jorgan puts his hands down.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
What do you kids want?
John sticks up his head.
I don't know dad. Are you buying?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Yeah, yeah, it's the fucking least
I can do after kidnapping you
shrimps ha.
Okay Jorgan. I'll have the Fillet
Sandwich with a side of Porky
Dorky fries and a lemon lime
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Porky Dorky, ha, funny John.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
What you want girly?
I'll have a egg white with meat
and cheese sandwich, and a root
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Interesting choice. White shit,
fuck ha.
What's your problem?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I have no problem slut.
That's not very nice.


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Shut up John. Or I'll put a bullet
in your brain.
What a sweet man you are.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Don't say that shit to me, I'm
your fucking father.
Then how come I'm not fucking
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Being your the most fucking
spoiled piece of shit that could
ever come out of a woman.
Fuck you Jorgan.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Profanity is such a rude way of
expressing anger, my fucking god.
Isn't that what you just...
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
...Don't fucking say it John,
don't fucking say it.
A young, blond waitress walks up to the table, carrying
three menus. When she reaches the table, she looks at
Jorgan, and gives a loud shriek.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
What's you fucking problem lady?
She starts breathing sharply.
Sir, can I please take your order?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Yeah uh, the two kids here will
have a burger, while I'll have a
walleye sandwich. No pickles on
your right Day?


I hate pickles.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Okay, and uh nothing on John's
except the cheese. Okay, thank you
The Waitress writes the items down, smiles, and runs away.
Jorgan shakes his head. The camera then "walks" over to an
another table. Then, two black boys sit down at the table.
One of them is normal sized, the other one is larger. The
larger one starts to make a beat.
The smaller one is BK. He starts humming and making rhythmic
sounds. Sama comes in to do some back ground sounds. BK and
Sama start doing a rap. The rap is called," Hona you Mama,
and ya Papa." They rap continuously for two minutes.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Don't fucking understand some
people. Why the fuck do people
have to explain their feelings in
fucking rhythm? MC Hammer is the
king of that bullshit.
Maybe they enjoy expressing
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Who fucking cares John? We have
the power to control our minds.
It's our fucking power. My God.
Yeah John what time is it?
John looks at a clock on the wall.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Jorgan, Day, and John sit quiet for ten seconds.
Why did you do it?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Do what?


Your so twisted you don't even
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I have a gun here John, just
remember that. I did nothing
You fucking shot all of the people
I know. You shot every one of
them. Why? Why the hell would you
do that?
It then shows Melanie at the front door of her house. She
enters her house to see Sarah sitting on a chair, listening
to a CD Player. Melanie walks to a chair, and sits down. She
puts her hands into her face, and keeps them there.
Where's Angel?
I don't know. She took the remote
from me, so I started hitting on
the head, and swore at her, and
then she called me a fat cunt, and
grabbed her boot and jacket and
ran out the front door. Oh yeah,
she took your other car keys.
Um, why didn't you stop her?
In case you haven't heard, I'm two
months pregnant.
Oh yeah, I forgot. Yeah, uh some
kid is going to stay with us for a
while. His name is John Davis.
Aye, that kid got expelled for
insulting some teacher. Well yeah,
he's older then me, by one year.
16, ha.


Sarah, your a fucking jerk. My
god, you have to fucking insult
everything that is put in front of
you. Why is that?
I'm pregnant. It's hard to keep up
with my vocal learning.
Vocal Learning? For goodness sake,
don't yell that fucking shit at
me. Your a jerk because I've been
spoiling you for your whole life.
Damn, you act like the queen of
the world because your two months
pregnant, but just wait, in a
couple months you'll be puking all
over the pews at Chapel, and be
sent to the nurse. She'll be on
your fucking case, asking why your
feeling sick. And then you'll say
your pregnant. She'll say fifteen,
and then guess what? Every fucking
person will know your pregnant.
There you happy?
Damn Mom, your the one who's on my
case, in case you haven't noticed.
I'm pregnant, and I'm fifteen, and
you won't let me get a fucking
abortion. You really are the
selfish one.
Melanie looks up at her daughter. She raises a fist, the
brings it down. Her eyes fill with tears, and she wipes them
of her face, with more coming.
Don't fucking insult me! I'm a
fucking individual who has the two
worst daughters in the world. See
what happens when you have fucking
sex. Shit, you don't have the
right to be my daughter.


      (While putting
       herself into a
       rolled up
       postition on the
Go get your fucking abortion. Just
fucking leave me here.
      (While embracing
Thank you Mom, I love you.
Okay. I guess I have to get tenure
one way or another, and get laid
by some beautiful man. But, okay.
The scene starts with it centered on John. He is sleeping in
the back of Jorgan's car. Day is on the other side. Jorgan
is not in the car. John then sits up, and looks around at
the windows. They are covered in snow. He then tries to open
the door, to no avail. Then he smashes at the windows. No
avail. Then John leans over to wake up Day. She wakes up
after a few seconds. Then a knock is heard at the car door.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Hi there, uh yeah, the car stopped
at about midnight last night, so I
decided to leave it in a ditch.
You kids fell asleep, so uh I went
to a Suns Hotel about a mile down
the road. One of you will die
today, just thought I should tell
Were stuck in here, open the door.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Shit, I knew you were fucking
We hear Jorgan to struggle to open the door.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Guess its harder then it looks.
We hear more struggling.


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I am not weak John, it's just ice
We hear more struggling, and then it stops. Then we hear
foot steps walking away from the car. Then we hear footsteps
coming very quickly, and within a few seconds, the glass of
the door smashes onto Day. Jorgan is at the other side. His
cheeks have napkins on each of the bloody holes.
You killed my Father.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
It had to be done dear. Your
Father figured out things about
me. Out you go.
Jorgan pulls out his pistol, and then motions it so Day can
come out. She comes out. He does the same to John, with the
same effect.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I, I really don't think I should
shoot you John. Your my own flesh
and skin. It would be so damn
wrong. That's why I'm shooting the
Theres no point.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I know that John.
Jorgan aims the gun at his foot. He then continues.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I have done many things wrong in
my life. I, I killed a man for
fuck sake, shit yeah. Then it just
unraveled into a web of
uncontrollable events, that
started to destroy me inside. It's
not right. Now little girl, you'll
be taking off your clothes and
I'll be taking off my pants, and
we'll be making sweet,
The pistol goes off and shoots Jorgan in the foot. Blood
squirts out, and flies threw the air.


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Fuck, fuck, fuck, my fucking foot,
fuck, my fucking fucker foot
John then grabs Day, and they start to run away. Jorgan is
hopping on his foot, and blood continues to shoot out.
Jorgan while hopping shoots Day in the leg. She falls to the
      (To Day.)
I'll save you from this monster.
Fuck you old man.
John then puts Day in his arms and drags her to the car.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
If you go into that damn car, I'll
fucking shoot your heads off.
Jorgan then aims at John, and fires a bullet. It misses.
Then he falls to his knees, gets back up, and fires at Day.
He hits her in the neck. Blood shoots out.
      (tearing and
Suck cock old man, suck fucking
Clinton cock you fucking old
fucking bitch......
It fast cuts to Present-Day John's house.
Are you positive this story is 100
Percent true?
I guarantee it. Worst stuff that's
ever happened to me.
Okay. I'm asking because I'm
shocked he would kill your


You think I'm fucking lying to
you, do you?
      (Clears Throat)
No, no, it's just that I've never
heard a story like this before.
It's, it's just strange.
Mhm. Yeah. I hated my Father. He
killed my girlfriend, when she was
right in my arms.
How does that make you feel John?
It's makes me wanna feel like I
want to put a bullet in my head.
Why the fuck would you want to put
a bullet in your head?
Is it of your fucking concern if I
want to put a damn bullet in my
head. It's my head, not Barack
Obama's, not Jon Stewarts, it's my
fucking head, you got a damn
problem with that boy?
It's just that, I think you should
get yourself help. It's horrible
to think that you would want to
kill yourself.
John sits up straight. The camera man turns back on his
So, then what happened after he
killed your girlfriend?
I don't know. My head starting
feeling dizzy, and then the world
turned black. I woke up, in a car.
There was a beautiful woman
driving the car. I don't know what


                       JOHN (cont'd)
happened to my Father.
It then shows Jorgan stopping his car in front of a cabin.
The cabin isn't that large, and looks broken down. He then
gets out of the car. His winter hat falls onto the ground.
He scoops down to pick it up. As he does that, his napkins
fall off. A few drips of blood go unto the white snow. His
shoe is still leaking out blood in small amounts. He limps
to the cabin, with blood showing his trail. He then walks
threw the front door.
Jorgan rips his hat off of his head. He then kneels down and
takes his shoes off. His foot is full of blood, and his face
is bleeding. He then stands back up, and takes off his
jacket. He then limps over to couch in the other room.
His foot starts to bleed again.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I fucking hate that kid.
His cheeks start to bleed again.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I should have put a bullet in that
kids head when I had the fucking
Jorgan then sees a remote and a Bible and reaches for the
remote. He turns on the television, which is full of static.
On the television, Jorgan changes the channel to a news
channel. The viewers can only hear static, and a slight
voice. It then shows a picture of Jorgan, with a picture of
John and Day on the side. It then shows the words Amber
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Fuck, this shit. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Jorgan then tries to stand up, but can't because of the
pain. He takes his pistol from his pants pocket, and aims it
away from his face and body. He plays around with it,
looking inside.


                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Fucking firing mechanic, fires
when applied to much fucking
pressure, shit.
He then looks to the table to see a Bible on it. He looks
inside, and sees a paper clip. He turns to the page where
the clip is. The camera then centers on the verse," Honor
Your Father and Mother." Jorgan closes the Bible, and then
starts poking at the firing mechanic. We hear a click, and
then Jorgan quickly resembles the pistol.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
See there, all fixed.
He places the gun down. As he places it down, a bullet fires
and shoots out the Television. Jorgan then lifts up the gun
and throws it at a see threw door.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (Yelling and
       having a
God fucking dammit.
The screen is blury, as we see John sitting up on a couch.
Beside him is Melanie, who is holding a small portable fan.
Aww good, your finally awake.
Thought I would have to fucking
keep blowing wind at you.
Yeah, who are you?
The screen clears.
I'm Melanie. Hola. Yeah, I hope
the fucking D.A. brought in the
fucking right boy, yeah know?
Sure, sure. Um, I thought I was
with my Father and my girlfriend.
Oh yeah, uh your girlfriend is
dead, and your Father is still at
large. The FBI is guessing that


                       MELANIE (cont'd)
your Father shot your girlfriend,
and then hit you on the head with
the butt of his gun. But that's
just a guess.
Do you want something to drink
No. I guess not. I feel really
sick, and hurt.
I know how you feel. I got laid by
two different black guys, and sure
I love black meat, but two of them
is a bit much. Anyway, having two
daughters was probably the worst
thing that ever happened to me.
But, I guess that's just me.
Mhm. I, don't feel any better, but
I guess I just can't feel worse.
Sure. I wanna do some therapy for
you. It says in your report you
got expelled from your private
school for insulting what?
Catholics are some shit like that.
Okay. I'm going to act like a
Look at me, I'm a fucking
Catholic. I fucking hate the
devil, and I fucking think Joseph
fucked Mary, I'm a fucking


Okay. Your point?
You see, you can't judge people
based off of one person. It makes
you look like an asshole.
Ok, do we have to do this now?
I'm getting paid to by the hour.
Besides, after fifty hours with
you, I get tenure. Not counting
nights and weekends. And it only
works between 10 and Noon. Then
me, you and my two daughters can
do whatever you and us want.
You have kids?
Yes. Their horrible little brats,
but please don't tell them. Yeah,
uh one of them is pregnant, and
the other one is hiding weed under
her pillow.
Aww well okay.
So, hows life going for you?
Please don't ask me that.
It then changes to a bar. Words go on the screen that say,"
Cannon Falls." It shows a boy who is weight lifting, and on
the radio is a Christian song called Awesome God. He is
wearing a tang top, and has muscles and looks fit.
After a few seconds, we see a man walk into the garage,
where the garage door is wide open. He walks to his son, and
pats him on the back. His son smiles and rests.


Wow son, how much you lifting
About three twenty.
That's my boy. How's your Bible
lesson doing?
Finished. That's why I'm lifting
weights right now.
Mhm, oh yeah, okay. Oh yeah, I
might go to uh Cross Lake today.
Or Brainerd, depending if I get
the call.
Okay Dad.
Stu smiles, pats his son on the back, and then walks back
into the house. You then see him walk threw a hallway, and
into a nice house. He goes and sits on his couch, and turns
on the television. He goes to the local news station.
                       NEWS ANCHOR
This is a special report: Police
around Minnesota are trying to
crackdown criminal Jorgan Davis.
He is accused of murdering his
wife, her evident lover, a police
officer, and a young girl. Other
charges are malpractice, fraud,
conning, threat, use of a illegal
weapon, among many other crimes.
He also claimed the life we now
know of two other men.
The Anchor flips the page.
                       NEWS ANCHOR
Davis has also murdered now
deceased Terry Walters. Thirty
Years ago, he also killed a man
named Francis Berg. Viewers, we
warn you to call police if you see
this man. He is highly dangerous


                       NEWS ANCHOR (cont'd)
and will kill if provoked.
Stu looks at the TV stunned like. He presses the power
button and the TV turns off. A few seconds later, Erik walks
into the room. Stu turns his head, to look at Erik.
What's wrong Dad?
Oh son. You see, I was an employee
of a man named Francis Berg about
30 years ago. Well, there was an
employee that pissed me the fuck
off. His name was Jorgan Davis. I
wanna fucking shoot that guy in
the head.
Dad, Christmas is in three days.
Why don't we put a tack on it, and
deal with it later?
I don't know son. But now he's on
the run. I feel like getting one
of those machine guns I got in the
Gulf and putting some bullets
threw his fricking head.
Oh yeah?
Yeah. It's for the best. I'm sure
God will forgive me for killing
this man. This man is the devil
Mhm. Oh look out there, there's
John and Sarah and Melanie are sitting on three chairs in
the living room, all reading magazines.
Melanie, I just noticed it'll be
Christmas in a few days.


Oh yeah? Why you asking?
Think they'll find my Father by
John. It's Christmas time. Try to
forget your Father. You said in
some report that he was, and I
quote," A fucking fuck face who
fucking can't fucking be a fucking
father to any fucking person in
this whole fucking world. If you
find him, put ten bullets threw
his head, and fucking hack off his
fucking foot with a fucking
When did I say that?
In the car on the way here.
Yeah. But do you think that my
Father's plan worked?
No John. Your Father messed up.
How the fuck could that happen?
That's fucking illegal. Shit,
that's not fucking Minnesota Nice.
Yeah. He'll be having Christmas
all alone up there. With a bullet
in his foot.
Sarah walks out of the room upstairs
It fast breaks to Jorgan on a couch, listening to a radio. A
talkshow. In the back ground, we see small amounts of smoke


coming out of a gas stove. Jorgan has his hands at his feet.
Jorgan is crying, and has tears mixed with blood all over
his face.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I'm going to shoot that piece of
baloney in the fucking face.
That's how I fucking feel.
On the wall behind him is a calendar from the year 1997.
There are marks from blood marking the days until Christmas.
One day left unmarked.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Could be with my fucking wife, if
it weren't for John. Shit, she'd
be with that fucking officer
Jorgan then lifts himself up with his hands. He then jumps
on one leg over to the hot stove.
Jorgan then looks down at his foot. It is oozing out blood,
in small amounts. He then looks over at a wall, and sees a
hatchet. Jorgan then licks his lips, and smiles.
                                         OUTSIDE OF THE
We then hear Jorgan scream and shreik.
                                         INSIDE OF THE CABIN.
We then see Jorgan hacking at his foot. Blood is all over
the stove and the floor. His intestines and feet are
dangling from his leg, with bloody results. it is pouring
out all over the floor. Jorgan is crying, and laughing and
yelling constantly.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
They had to take the fucking
Mountain Dew and the fucking pop
He continues to hack, with blood pouring. Then after thirty
more seconds of hacking, we see Jorgan drop to the ground.
His foot is on the ground. It is still oozing blood. He lets
out a scream, and then grabs the foot. He eases his body,
and with effort opens the oven door. Then he throws the foot
inside the oven. He yells out a cry, and sits tot he side of
the oven. At that moment, blood starts to pour out of his
cheeks, and he starts weezing and crying.


                       JORGAN: AGE 20
Merry Christmas.
It quickly cuts to black.
John and Melanie are watching a television show. Neither of
her daughters are in this scene. John has a pen in his mouth
and Melanie is wearing a t-shirt. Sitting in two seperate
I don't understand this show.
I kind of think the same thing.
Yeah. Why do you think that
teacher would have sex with her
I don't John. Maybe, maybe she
loved him, and he loved her.
It's fucking wrong, but I guess
you right. Why do you think my
Father killed my Mom, my
I don't know John. Your Father is
a messed up maniac. I guess we'll
never know why he do those
horrible things.
Okay. So what's your story?
Melanie shuts off the tv.
In high school, I was a slut.
Yeah, I would sleep with a bunch
of guys, doing ass sex a whole
bunch. Then, on the night I
graduated, I had sex with the
hottest black guy in the school.
Had my daughter Sarah. Then the
next year, with another guy, I


                       MELANIE (cont'd)
made my daughter Angel.
So, as far as I can tell, you
slept with a bunch of guys?
Yeah. And I got the worst
daughters in this whole fucking
Yeah, uh do you have any
ciggerates or drugs here?
Why would you ask me that?
Because I'm sexually attracted to
you now.
John, I'm your teacher, or
counselor or whatever the fuck it
is. Don't say that about me. Yes,
I, I want to make it right. My job
is to make you feel better. Plus,
your girlfriend is dead. Wouldn't
doing, that, you know.
Your stuttering.
Sorry. The thing is my goal in
life is too replace my daughters.
There just plain horrible.
Uh huh.
Do you wanna expirement a little
It's Christmas Eve Melanie.
Considering that, where are your


I don't know. And for the time
being I don't give a damn.
It then fades to Jorgan. He is on the couch again, now
listening to a radio station that is playing Christmas
music. He has blood covering his face, and is crying.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Why did I ever have to fuck my
wife. We could have adopted some
communist bitch, or some fucker
from fucking Iran. No we had to
have fucking sex.
He then reaches in front of him, where his burned foot is on
a paper plate. He licks his lips, and then raises the foot
up to his mouth. It looks like a piece of chicken. He then
takes a bite. A ray of light comes from the side, and shines
on Jorgan. He smiles. He takes another bite, continuously.
After a few bites, a blood-water-oil mix starts to flow out,
and he drinks it without any expression. Then it quickly
cuts to him finishing it.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
That's the best meal I've had in
my fucking life.
It quickly cuts to Stu driving in a station wagon. He is
going rather fast, and has a map on his lap, in front of the
steering wheel. It is dark outside, and all that's inside of
his car is a single light.
Dumbdfuck brother, making miss
Christmas Eve for this.
He then takes out a Uzi that was in the back seat of his
car. He holds it in the seat beside him.
After driving around another thirty seconds, a cop car is
seen. It has it's siren lights on and the siren on. Stu
looks behind him and smirks. He then goes to the side of the
road. The police officer comes out of the squad car, and


walks up to Stu's car. Stu then reluctantly rolls down his
car window, and turns of the ignition.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Hello there. I'm Officer
Goldeneye. How's your Christmas
Eve going?
Yeah, uh good uh, I'm kind of in a
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Yes, and I apologize. I just have
to warrant you a warning because
you were going a little to fast
back there. Oh I say about ten
miles over the limit.
Yeah uh, could you hand it to me?
I have to go right now.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Sir, I'm just doing my job here.
You don't have to get a fishing
pole down your throat.
Uh huh. I apologize for that. I
just have to get somewhere very
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Uh huh. Did you watch the Vikings
game the other night? Sad lost if
you ask me.
      (With hands
       jittering and a
       nervous voice.)
I didn't ask you. Could you write
up the damn paper?
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
      (Pulls out a
       paper, and starts
Okay, okay don't get your g-string
up in a knot. Oh, those damn
Packers seem to ruin every damn
game, it's really annoying.


Sir, you can take down my damn
license plate, but I gotta go and
find my brother Jorgan DAvis.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Your brother is John Davis? Your
under arrest for that. You should
have told me this earlier when I
pulled you over. Get out of the
Stu turns on the ignition.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
Get out of the damn car now!
Stu then grabs his Uzi, and fires out of the car window,
nearly hitting Goldeneye. He then speeds off, with bullets
spraying in all directions. Goldeneye raises back to his
squad car, and quickly turns on the ignition. Stu is racing
for a few seconds, when a giant hockey puck statue is in the
middle of the road. He goes over it and his car flips.
The viewer sees the car explode when he hits the ground.
Goldeneye reaches up to his car within a few seconds.
Goldeneye comes out of the car, and walks up to Stu's car.
Inside is Stu, with his body covered with blood and bullets.
He opens the car door, and Stu bodies limps out.
                       OFFICER GOLDENEYE
I hate hockey.
The words," Christmas Day," comes on screen. It then fades
to a the outside of Jorgan's cabin. It is covered with snow.
After a few seconds, a few Station wagons with men inside
come into the area in front of Jorgan's cabin.
The viewer then sees Jorgan cleaning the inside of a hunting
rifle. Then the viewer sees him but bullets inside of it.
Then it shows Jorgan use the hunting rifle as a walker, and
is also carrying his pistol in his other hand. He then walks
to the front door and opens it.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
What the fuck do you people want?


                       FBI 1
Jorgan your under arrest. You have
done so many crimes I can't even
name them all.
Jorgan then cleanly puts a bullet into his head. He drops to
the ground gagging as blood pours from the hole in his head.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I can't control myself.
Many other FBI Agents come out of the station wagons with
hunting rifles and submachine guns aimed straight at Jorgan.
Blood starts trickling from his open leg wound, and from his
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I, I killed my wife. The man she
had sex with. A police officer. My
boss. A customer, my sons
girlfriend. So many people. What's
the point of me going on?
FBI 1 keeps continuously gagging as Jorgan talks.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
If I were a better man, then I
wouldn't be who God made me. I.
Can you tell that fucking idiot to
shut up?
                       FBI 2
You shot him in the head Mr.
Davis. Plus, it's freezing out
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Don't you fucking interrupt me,
that's my fucking pet peeve.
                       FBI 2
Your not getting out of here free
Jorgan. Every single cop in the
state is looking for you.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Get that Wild Hockey shit of your
fucking head! I knew that when I
did all that. My plan didn't work
okay. I wished things were to get
better, and they didn't. I fucking
know that. So don't fucking say


                       JORGAN: AGE 40 (cont'd)
bullshit about me.
Jorgan shoots FBI2 in the head. FBI 3 aims his gun even
finer at Jorgan, with all the other men coming in closer.
FBI 2 does the same as FBI 1.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I'm hurt. You see my leg? No, I
ate it for fucking Christmas Eve
dinner. I was so damn hungry. See
my face? It fucking hurts to keep
                       FBI 3
Then stop talking!
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I'm going to fucking shoot your
fat ass. I didn't mean to kill all
those fucking people.
Jorgan clicks the trigger, and nothing happens.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Aww fuck. Fuckity, fuckity fuckity
The men tackle him. Jorgan starts to cry in a very
exaggerating way. It continues for about ten seconds, and
then the screen fades to black.
It then shows Melanie's living room. Inside of it are her,
Sarah and Angel, and John. All in front of a Christmas tree.
Under it are three presents.
Sarah, get yours first.
Sarah reaches under the tree. She grabs the present and
takes the lid off. Inside is a message. It reads," I love
you Sarah. I will pay for your abortion." The screen goes
black, and words come on," On January 25th 1998, Sarah died
of an accidental mix up during the abortion procedure. They
inserted too much anesthetic, causing her lungs to
Your next Angel.


Angel then reaches to get her present. She opens it and
inside it reads," I know about the weed in your bed. Take it
if you want. I love you girl." Angel smiles. Then it fades
to black. The words come on the screen," On January 25th,
1998, Angel dies of an accidental overdose of Marijuana." It
then fades to John.
John. Yours is for later.
Who wants to make Christmas
                                         A MONTH LATER
John is naked with Melanie also naked. They are having loud
sexual intercourse. Full nudity is not shown to the viewer,
but you see Melanie's breast jump up and down. The sounds
are squishy and noisy. This scene lasts for a total of
fifteen seconds, and then it ends.
                                         THE TALK.
John. That was the best thing I've
ever felt. It was so great. I'm
going to have a baby.
Mhm. Yeah. What do you think ever
happened to my Father? Considering
this will be his grand kid?
Who gives a fucking damn John.
Your father is a fucking idiot.
I fucking know that, you don't
need to be a fucking scientist to
know that.
Your Father is a fucking liar.
He'll be fucking dead soon, I can
fucking feel it in my titties.


Okay yeah. I feel fucking guilty
about all this. Maybe, maybe it's
all my fault.
Don't think that John.
The kitchen phone rings. Melanie then walks into the
kitchen. We see her smiling for a second, and then we see
her frown. And then tear, and then cry. John walks over to
her, and rubs her shoulder. She goes to the ground crying,
and John hangs up the phone. He goes to the ground, to
comfort her.
The scene starts out with Lawyer tapping his pen on a
clipboard. He is looking straight at Jorgan, smiling.
                       THE LAWYER
Jorgan. It says right here in your
will that John will be thrown in
jail if you have any debts. You
don't have any debts Jorgan.
The viewer then sees Jorgan. He has wires in his cheeks, and
his whole body except his head are tapped up. Jorgan turns
his head to Lawyer.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
I don't fucking care. I fucking
want fucking John in fucking jail
fucking now.
                       THE LAWYER
I'm sorry Jorgan, it's just not
going to happen.
Melanie is still on the floor with John. The phone then
rings. Melanie clears her tears, and picks up the receiver.
Hello? Who is this?
John looks at Melanie with a confused look.


Your Father came back to life
That's weird.
That's all you can say?
About that bitch? Fuck yeah.
Melanie and John then run into her sedan. They then drive
off to the hospital. After about ten seconds of driving, it
cuts to the hospital entrance. They get out of the car.
Okay John, when you see your
Father, please don't stab him or
I don't know. Maybe I should go
Joker on him." I'll be waiting
with a knife at your throat or
something, hehehe." Or some
fucking shit like that.
If you do that, I bet some doctors
will take you to the mental ward
and put you on crack or some
fucking crap like that ha.
Yeah. Lets go.
John and Melanie walk inside to the main desk.
The walk to the front of the main desk.
                       MEAN EVIL WICKED NURSE
Hello, how may I help you?


Hi, were here to see a Mr. Jorgan
                       MEAN EVIL WICKED NURSE
Who? You or the boy?
Both of us yeah.
                       MEAN EVIL WICKED NURSE
Which one of you are related to
the patient?
That would be me.
                       MEAN EVIL WICKED NURSE
Uh huh. Is your name John Davis?
                       MEAN EVIL WICKED NURSE
And this is your legal
... Mhm yes that's right.
                       MEAN EVIL WICKED NURSE
Okay, yeah uh I'm not sure if I
can let you in.
Why would that be a problem?
                       MEAN EVIL WICKED NURSE
Yeah uh because your Father said
if he saw you he would throw a
knife into your throat and then
strangle you to death.
      (With a nervous
That's, that's a fucking, a
fucking scary in the fucking long
run, don't you think Melanie....
.... Uh, I don't know. John, you
need to see your Father, he'll be
dead in the morning, if that's a


                       MELANIE (cont'd)
problem for you......
....No no, it's that I don't think
he should die, I mean because
everyone deserves a fucking extra
chance, don't you think so Aretha?
                       MEAN EVIL WICKED NURSE
People don't appreciate when you
stereotype, so decide if you want
to go in or not.
.... Well I say, uh lets go in.
Yeah, yeah you fucking betcha ha.
                                         TO JORGAN AND HIS
Jorgan is in a chair, still wrapped in tape and other parts.
His lawyer is across from him.
                       THE LAWYER
Jorgan. I, I, I don't see a case
for you. You killed almost ten
people. You set a church on fire.
You killed two FBI agents. You
committed fraud. You, you've
ruined your life.
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
Yeah. I know. It's a fucking
shame. A fucking shame, you hear
                       THE LAWYER
You don't feel any harm from all
of that? You don't feel guilty?
                       JORGAN: AGE 40
      (After twenty
       seconds of
It's all my fucking sons fault. He
made the fucking mess.


                       THE LAWYER
You idiot. You mother fucking
idiot. Are you the dumbest piece
of shit in this whole fucking
world. This isn't you