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Hope Still
by Henri M. Parker (tkeceo@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

“Hope Still” THEME: Sometimes in life, all it takes is faith, courage, and another chance. When there is no hope...HOPE STILL STORYLINE: Hope Still is the story about Little David who was inspired to be a big impact to his community. Tragic strikes within moments on a regular sunny day, and David is hospitalized during a shooting. Paralyzed from his waist down, David’s inspiration quickly fades as the thoughts of failure plaque him. The incident creates an eye opening experience as several members of the community struggle to make amends and find their way back to a purpose filled life. Unaware of the changes that are taking place because of him, David and the others fight to triumph over their own obstacles.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Congregation is entering into the building as church service
is going on and Pastor Light is giving a sermon.
Pastor Light is giving sermon, and congregation is backing
him as he speaks.

After he ends his sermon, he begins to remind congregation
about the Hope Conference, and asks choir for a selection.

Choir sings.
Everyone is greeting and speaking as church is dismissed as
David goes around telling everyone that he wants to be used
by God. Everyone is telling him he's too young, or they are
ignoring him, and pushing him away. Then he walks around
sad, and sits down. Pastor walks up to him and David begins
telling him that he wants to be used by God, but everyone
keep telling him that he's too young. Sis. Odell and Sis.
Johnson are doing their usual - gossiping about people.
What's wrong David?
                       DAVID (sadly)
I was trying to do what your
message said, and I was telling
everyone that I am going to change
the world.
                       PASTOR (smiling)
That's great David, so why you're
so sad?
                       DAVID (sadly)
Everyone just laughed at me and
they said I was too young.
                       PASTOR (lifts David's chin up)
David, do you know that your name
is shared with another little boy
who everyone didn't take


                       PASTOR (cont'd)
David shrugs his shoulder as if he didn't know
The little shepherd boy David from
the bible would eventually become
the greatest king to ever live. No
one took him seriously either. But
God had a plan for him because he
was sincere and loved the Lord
with all his heart. One day the
prophet Samuel came to anoint a
future king of Israel from the
house of Jesse. After attempting
to anoint all the sons of Jesse,
the prophet asked if there were
any other sons. Jesse didn't think
of David because he was a young
little boy that he had watching
the sheep in the pasture. But the
prophet told him to bring him, and
when David came to the prophet,
God allowed the oil to pour and
anoint the head of David. Then one
day, David's oldest brothers were
off fighting in a war, and David's
father told him to take them some
food and see how they were. When
he got there, he heard the words
of this big giant talking against
the God of Israel. He looked and
saw that everyone was scared, but
not David. David told the king,
"I'll fight him". But they all
laughed and told David that he was
too young to fight this giant that
was a champion from his youth. But
that didn't bother David, he went
on in the name of the Lord, and
killed that giant with a rock and
David's eyes gets wide with excitement and joy as Pastor
Light finishes the story
So you see, God can use even the
little child if he is willing to
trust and follow the heart of God.
You know what David, I got this
feeling that God is going to use
you in a mighty way to do


                       PASTOR (cont'd)
something GREAT!!
                       DAVID (excited)
David jumps up with joy and hugs Pastor Light and runs out
of the church
Odell and Johnson begins to gossip
You know, I think Mary is
For real? I bet you it's by that
fast boy Kel.
                       ODELL (sarcastically)
It show ain't by the Holy Ghost?
She might be called Mary, but she
ain't THAT Mary.
Sure ain't because she sho' ain't
no virgin. Besides, you know Kel
is just like his daddy
      (sings Temptations
       "Rolling Stone")
Papa was a rolling stone
Odell and Johnson laughs
Look at Kiesha, she going to be
next. She too quite for herself,
acting all innocent and whatnot.
You know what they said about the
quite ones?
      (along with Odell)
The freaks come out at night!!
Kel walks up to Pastor Light
Can I talk to you for a sec?


                       PASTOR (smiling)
Sure. What it do young bruh bruh?
                       KEL (laughing)
You cool man. I enjoyed your
message the other day. I feel
like you was talking to me, but
sometimes the things I do just
reminds me that I ain't never
going to be ready when Christ come
Well, son. Many people feel that
way, but what you got to
understand is that if we didn't
all have problems and if we all
didn't have some faults, there
would be no need for repentance.
Then Christ died in vain. But as
Paul say, God forbid. The thing
is to seek God. When you make a
mistake, ask for forgiveness and
then be like Paul. Forget those
things that are behind you, and
press forward towards the mark of
the high calling.
I try, but when you got people
always bringing your past back up
in your face, and telling you,
that you just like your old man.
How can you forget it?
Simple. You let them have it. When
you are truly repented, you are no
longer ashamed of your past
mistakes. Instead you become
thankful that God saw something
good in you, despite the faults of
your father, and your
surroundings. Simply show them who
you've become by striving to
become as perfect as you can with
I thought no one was perfect, how
can I be?


No son, I said striving to be
perfect. That's all a saint is, a
born again sinner striving to
reach perfection in Christ. A
saint is not ashamed to admit they
got some things to work on, and
will not try to make others faults
seem bigger than theirs. Because
at the end of the journey, if
there is any sin we haven't
repented for and still do, it
doesn't matter what it is, we all
still end up in the same place…H
to the E to the double L.
Pastor grins and laughs
Pastor, that's what I love about
you, you represent God so well.
You show his love and compassion,
and you come down to our level to
help us instead of judging us for
our faults.
We all in the same boat until
Christ return. I am not yet worthy
to be a judge, that's God's job,
mine is to help you find your way
to him. Read these scriptures
when you get home 1 John 2:1-2,
Romans 3:23, and John 3:16-21. You
should find some hope there.
Thanks. I will. I thank God for
To God be all the glory.
Pastor and Kel gives each other dap.
Sis. Light sees Mary in the corner by herself and goes to
talk to her.
Mary how are you?
I'm fine.


Is everything alright?
                       MARY (hesitantly)
Yes ma'am.
Ok, well you take care yourself.
Be wise with the decisions you
make, and remember God is always
watching, so don't do anything
you'll regret.
                       MARY (offensively)
Why you say that? I ain't!!
                       LIGHT (apologetically)
Ok. It's ok, I was just saying, I
didn't mean anything by it.
Kiesha walks up to Sis. Light.
First Lady, I got some problems,
and I don't know what to do. I
need to talk to somebody before I
lose it.
Child we all got problems, but
there ain't nothing the good Lord
can't work out for us.
Well, I know he can, and that's
why I'm praying he change my man
before it's too late.
Are you listening to him when you
pray? Or are you doing all the
talking telling him what you want?
What do you mean?
Well, Kiesha, sometimes God does
answer your prayers, but we fail
to accept his answers. The Spirit
maketh intercession for us because
sometimes we don't know what we
should be praying for. If we are
talking the whole time, then


                       LIGHT (cont'd)
you'll never hear what his answer
I know what I'm praying for, my
Exactly!! You are praying to a
spiritual God with a natural and
carnal mind. But God answers
according to what's best for you
according to his plans which are
spiritual for you. That doesn't
mean God is going to change him
because for one, he ain't your
husband. God's desire is for
marriages to work and be a sacred
and strong union.
But I love him, and he is the one
I've been looking for.
First of all, you going about this
all wrong. The wise Solomon said
that a man that findeth a wife,
findeth a good thing and obtaineth
favor of the Lord. Your "man", as
you call him, is supposed to be
out searching high and low looking
for his rib to complete him. But
if you out of place, you going to
miss the man that God has for you.
Stop stressing yourself over
someone that ain't trying to be
with you.
But he does love me. He says it
all the time.
Love is not a word you say, love
is an action that you do.
Daughter, love is not
disrespecting you. Love is not
cheating on you. Love is not
lying to you and staying out all
night when you at home. Love
doesn't think of selfish things.
Love is not trying to keep you


                       LIGHT (cont'd)
from moving up spiritually. Love
definitely is not knocking you
upside the head.
I know, but he is my life. I am
nothing without him.
Sweetie, when you begin to define
yourself by a man, then you are
nothing - period. God made you,
and that makes you somebody
special. Now if you keep trying
to please that boy, you will begin
to put him before God, and then
before long, you will stop loving
God because you will be too busy
trying to please that guy, instead
of God.
But I'm not going to do that?
That's why many people wind up
married with sorry husbands and
wives because they wanted to be
with that person instead of the
person God had for them.
Not me because if he sorry when we
get married, he's gone and I'm
getting a divorce.
If he sorry before you get
married, he's more than likely
going to be sorry after you get
married. Besides, if you thinking
about divorce before you even get
married, then you don't need to be
marrying that person. God never
meant for there to be so many
divorces and separations. He meant
for a marriage to be strong and
full of love. Marriage is so
important to God, that he made it
symbolic to Christ and the church.
And we know how much Christ love
the church right? He gave his
life. Find out who you are before


                       LIGHT (cont'd)
it's too late, maybe that's the
change that needs to take place in
order for him to change. You're
making it too easy for him to do
what he's doing to you.
What do you mean?
Why would he marry you when he can
get the same thing from any other
girl walking around? Even if he
doesn't say it, a man wants
something that's valuable and not
something anyone can have. That's
when he decides to settle down,
when he knows what he has is rare
and special, and that he can't get
it from any other girl. Think
about it, you are a black diamond
my dear, if he can't see the
value, then you are worth more
than he can handle.
Light hugs Kiesha
It's almost evening time as Deacon Gause drives into the
driveway of their home with Sis Gause discussing plans for
the night.

David gets out of car and runs into the house.
                       LORINDA (flirtingly)
I have special plans for you
tonight. I'm sending David to play
at his friend's house.
Well, I got to go take care of
some things tonight.
                       LORINDA (rubbing his head)
But honey we haven't had any time
to ourselves in a while


                       DEACON (pulling her hand down and moving his head away)
I been busy. We got bills to pay,
and they not going to take care of
We always had bills, but that
didn't stop us before when we
first got married. David was a
baby then, and we always found a
way to spend some time together.
Now all you do is work and go to
Well, I have duties to fulfill and
I am obligated to do them.
                       LORINDA (angrily)
      (slams door after
       she gets out car)
You have an obligation to your
wife and duties that needs to be
fulfilled at home!!
Deacon Gause backs out the driveway
Deacon Gause is sitting on bed with head in hands, as Sassy
comes up behind him and begins to rub his shoulders, and
kisses him on his neck.
Kel's basketball team is playing an important playoff game.
Coach calls a timeout as time is winding down.

They are down by 3 points with 18.4 seconds left on the
clock as they come back in from the timeout.

The commentators are talking about him as the game is in the
closing seconds of the fourth quarter.
                       COMMENTATOR 1
You know John, Kel Haynes has been
the decisive factor here tonight
as he has brought this team back
into the game.


                       COMMENTATOR 2
Bob, I've followed this kid all
year, and I've seen him do some
great things with that ball.
                       COMMENTATOR 1
Yes, he has. Tonight he has 23
points and 6 very important steals
that has helped this team come
back from a 16 point deficit this
                       COMMENTATOR 2
That's why there are scouts here
tonight because this is the kind
of player that college coaches
dream of having on their team.
Teams are coming back onto the floor.
                       COMMENTATOR 1
Here we go John. The Lions are
trailing the Panthers by 3 with
18.4 seconds remaining on the
                       COMMENTATOR 2
The Lions have no more timeouts,
so Coach King has got to trust his
players to execute the plan.
Games resumes.

The Lions get the ball in and Kel scores 2 points with 9
seconds remaining. As the other team gets the ball in, Kel
steals the ball and passes it to another player to score by
a layup as the time runs out and they win the game by 1.

Everyone is cheering and celebrating as Kel turns to find
Mary sitting in her usual spot cheering. They blow kisses at
each other as the team goes into the locker room.
                       COMMENTATOR 1
John, this is playoff basketball.
Teams that fight til the end are
the teams that always get the win.
                       COMMENTATOR 2
That's right. This team overcame a
16 point deficit in the fourth led
by their senior forward Kel Haynes
who ended up with 25 points and 7
steals to lead this Lions team
into a comeback victory over the


                       COMMENTATOR 2 (cont'd)
                       COMMENTATOR 1
This kid is going to make a
college coach very happy when he
puts on their jersey next year.
Kel Haynes, remember that name.
Coach is giving post game talk.
That's the way you keep your
composure, and you fight back.
Sometimes life will get you when
it seems everything is working
against you, but just like
tonight, you got to find the
courage within yourself to find a
way to succeed. Everything won't
always go the way we think it
should, but as I've always told
you guys, the way you play and
prepare here on this court; it
will carry over in life. Now we
got 2 more games before the
championship, so let's continue to
work hard.

Come on let's get it up
Team begins to cheer and huddle up.
Coach goes over and talk to Kel about the scouts and the
opportunity before him.
                       COACH (Waves Kel into office)
Kel, excellent game today. I want
you to know that I am proud of the
work you've put in this season and
how you've got your life turned
                       KEL (smiling)
Thanks coach.
I know you see some of the college
scouts out there, and the way
you've carried this team this year
is what they look for. I want you


                       COACH (cont'd)
to keep your head straight because
it's at this moment when a lot of
players lose focus and make bad
decisions. The opportunity is
great and it is there, all you
have to do is do what God has
giving you the ability to do. So
don't go do anything stupid that
can jeopardize that and stay away
from any crowds and friends that
you know can jeopardize it as
well. Alright?
I got you coach. Thanks.
Gives each other dap.
Mary is walking down the street as she comes up, Kiesha and
Money G are getting out of their car talking at the store.
                       KIESHA (talking to Money G as they're getting out of car)
You going to keep on until you
push me away from you. I love you
boo, but you're not the only man
God made.
                       MONEY G
There you go again, you ain't
going nowhere. You can't leave me
because I'm all you got. I make
you look good.
Whatever, I'm going to the
Kiesha go into bathroom where she run into Mary wiping tears
from her eyes. They begin to talk as Sassy walks up into
their conversation. Mary is telling Kiesha that she is
pregnant and her boyfriend isn't trying hear that, so he
begin disrespecting her and threaten to leave her. So she
began to think about aborting the baby, and Sassy begins
telling her that abortion is the best thing to do for
someone her age because then she can't live her life like
she wants to.


Mary? What's the matter?
                       MARY (sadly)
Girl why you so sad?
It's true. I'm pregnant. Now my
life is over.
Does Kel know?
I told him I thought I might be
because I was 2 months late.
What did he say?
He said that he doesn't want
anything to do with it, and then
he threaten to leave me, if I
don't have an abortion. He said he
wasn't ready to be a father this
Sassy walks out of bathroom stall to wash her hands
Hey, I don't mean to be in yalls
business, but when I got pregnant,
I didn't wait for my man to tell
me, I went and aborted that sucker
quickly. I didn't have no time
for no little waa waa following
I hate men that treat women like
that. You need to get rid of that
buster for real because he ain't
no good.
                       KIESHA (to Sassy)
And you, you just plain wrong. An
abortion is not the answer, there
are other alternatives.


Don't hate me because I knew I
wasn't ready to be no momma and I
still had my life to live.
I ain't ready to be no mama
either, and I can't imagine my
life with a little baby around me
all the time.
Like I said, there are other
options, like adoption. That
child didn't do anything worthy of
death. How would you feel if your
mama aborted you? That's a
consequence for having sex before
marriage. You knew this and yet
you were willing to take the risk
anyhow for a moment of pleasure.
But this baby is a mistake.
That's what I'm talking about.
No. Having sex before marriage
protected or unprotected is a
mistake. That baby isn't.
That sounds something like Pastor
Light would say. But you know,
you're right. But still, my life
is over now. I haven't even
finished high school yet, and now
I can't go to college, and all my
dreams are gone now.
You can say that again.
Mary, this doesn't mean your life
is over, it means your partying is
over. Many have done and still
doing the same thing you did, but
they didn't get caught up. You
did. But the baby isn't the
mistake, what you did was the
mistake, so don't blame the baby


                       KIESHA (cont'd)
for what you did. It just means
you have to mature faster than
most teenagers. There are ways to
get help, and options you have.
Just pray about it, and God will
take you through.
I know you didn't just say
something about God did you? Let
me get away from you because
that's the last thing I need to be
Sassy walks out bathroom
Money G is in the store waiting as Kiesha and Mary walk out
of bathroom. Two of Money G's friends has shown up outside
of store on corner where they do their hustling, and Sassy
is in the midst flirting with them. Shane and two other
drug addicts come on the scene and buys from Money G and his

Money G comes up to counter to pay for stuff.
Money G and Kiesha walk out of store. He sees his boys on
the corner and walks over to them as Kiesha rolls her eyes
and walks to the car.

Money G's friends and him greet each other, and then Shane
and his two addicts walks up to them and buys drugs.
                       SHANE (to Money G and his friends)
You got something for me yo?
                       MONEY G
Shane man, you ain't got enough
money to pay me man.
C'mon man. You know me man, I'll
get the rest to you. Don't be
like that, we went to school


                       MONEY G
I know, and now look at you. Man
you was a sure NFL prospect man, I
still don't understand how you end
up like this. You had the world in
your hands man, how you fumbled
with your life?
This dude was a football star? Man
Wait a minute, is this Shane
"Jackhammer" Williams the guy with
the school all-time rushing and
touchdown records? They say he ran
for 6 touchdowns and over 500
yards one game.
Look man, what this have to do
with anything? You know me, and we
grew up together man.
                       MONEY G
Man I don't care if you went to
church with me, you better come up
with the rest of my money or we
gone have problems.
Man don't bring God into this man.
I'll get you your money.
LD gives bag to Shane
Shane and friends go in corner and sit on ground. Sassy
starts flirting with Money G. Kiesha sees them, and then
tells him to come on.
                       MONEY G
This chick is bugging yo.
I thought you was a player, G.
                       LD (joking)
Man he ain't even a ball player


                       MONEY G
Yeah, we'll see. Yall going to the
court later?
Both say yeah
                       MONEY G
That's what's up, I'll see yall
                       SASSY (flirtingly)
I'll be there too.
                       MONEY G
For sho' ma.
He says his good-byes, and walks to the car in frustration
with his hands up as he and Kiesha fuss back and forth as he
gets in the car.
Money G and his friends are playing ball. After losing and
taking a break, they go off to the side and began to watch
the other players play. Sassy is back on the prowl flirting
with Money G, when Kiesha and her friends arrive at the
court and sees them. Monty comes up and sees LD and BoBo
who jumped him earlier. Deacon Gause brings David on the
scene handing out flyers to the Hope Conference, as he is
talking on the phone, all hell breaks loose.

Sassy is flirting with Money G as his friends or goofing off
as usual.
                       SASSY (flirting with Money G)
Baby you look like you can be some
                       MONEY G
Baby they call me Money G for a
                       KIESHA (walks up to him)
Yeah for Gable. What you doing?
Oh my bad, looks like you on
LD and BoBo laughs at him


                       MONEY G
He pulls her to the side
You keep acting like this and I'm
gone and I am never coming back. I
can't keep doing this with you.
                       MONEY G
Get to stepping then.
                       KIESHA (gets loud)
Gable, I've had it with you
treating me like I'm nobody. I
deserve your respect.
                       MONEY G (slaps her)
Are you crazy? Don't ever step to
me like that. You get what I give.
Kiesha walks away
                       MONEY G (runs after her)
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I love you
baby. I didn't mean any of that.
You know you my world, she ain't
He starts to hug and kiss up on her
                       KIESHA (lays one big kiss on him)
That's the last one you'll ever
Begins walking away
                       MONEY G
Why you tripping?
Do you see me about to fall?
Walks back into his face
Next time you put your hands on
me, you won't have them when I am
done with you.
Kiesha and her girls walk off


Deacon Gause pulls up to courts and David walks up handing
out flyers.
                       DAVID (to Sassy)
Hi ma'am.
What you selling sweetie?
My name's David and I want to
invite you to the Hope Conference
on August 27.
Church service? Unh unh, God don't
want me there.
Yes he does, he loves all his
Sassy looks at flyer as David walks away

Sassy and Deacon Gause begins to eye each other as she blows
a kiss at him.
Monty walks through the court drinking a 40 as David
approaches him with a flyer.
                       DAVID (to Monty)
Hey mister.
What's up lil' man?
My name's David and I want to
invite you to the Hope Conference
on August 27.
                       MONTY (looking at flyer)
Lil' man this ain't for me. Ain't
no hope for my life.
Where there's life, there's hope.
That's what my preacher always
                       MONTY (looks up and see LD and BoBo who jumped him)
Lil' man I've been in dark so
long, I'm comfortable here. There
ain't nobody that can do anything


                       MONTY (cont'd)
for me.
Well, the light of Christ will
overpower all darkness.
What you going to be doing there?
                       LD (jumps up hollering)
Give me my money.
I don't know, my preacher said
that God is going to use me
Well, I might come see what you
do, but I doubt it'll be enough
light to bring hope to my life.
But right now, my life is about to
get a little darker.
Monty goes over to confront LD and BoBo.

Deacon Gause sees the commotion and goes to stop the fight.
                       MONEY G
What's up fool? What you wanna do?
It ain't even about you, but them
two fools behind you, they going
to get theirs for jumping me. You
thought I didn't see who you were
after you ran like some punks.
                       LD (with BoBo)
Forget you son. C'mon!
                       DEACON (to Monty)
You go before I call the cops!!
It ain't over fools!!
                       LD (with BoBo)
Well, bring it!!


Monty walks away.

David is looking around at the chaos that just took place
Kel and Mary are in the park talking about the decision
regarding their unborn child. Kel let's her know his
feelings and fears about becoming a teenage parent.

They are walking and then sits on a bench near the lake.
                       KEL (happily)
Bae, we are 2 games away from the
championship and an opportunity
for me to get a college
scholarship. Ah man!! I don't even
know if any of my folks ever been
to college.
Goes off and does a basketball move in the air.
Mary sits down on the bench.
                       MARY (sadly)
Kel, I'm pregnant.
                       KEL (blankly)
What the...? How?
Really Kel? How?
C'mon. I mean I know how, but...
It's true. We are having a baby
and we got to figure out what
we're going to do.
Listen, I don't know what to do.
I'm only 17 years old, and I'm
barely making it through school
now taking care of myself.
Well, I'm only 16 Kel. Do you
think I want to go through this?


                       KEL (sighs)
Mary, I have a chance to get into
college with a basketball
scholarship, but there's no way
that'll be possible if you have
this baby.
What are you saying? You grown
enough to get busy and do the
deed, but not grown enough to
handle the consequences? Are you
seriously telling me that you
would rather me have an abortion,
than you just grow up and accept
responsibility for your part in
Listen, you know what? How do you
even know if this my baby?
                       MARY (slaps him)
Are you serious? Oh my God!! I
can't believe you just asked me
She breaks down in tears
I'm sorry. I don't know what I'm
thinking right now. I'm scared
ok!! My father is nowhere to be
found. I don't know what a father
is supposed to do. How am I going
to raise a baby when I am still
learning how to raise myself?
He stands up and stares out into the lake
I'm scared too! I share a room
with my sister, so where will my
baby sleep? I don't have a job,
how will she eat and get clothes?
My grandmother is struggling to
take care of us. I don't want to
repeat the cycle of my mother!
Listen, all I know...I can't do
this. I have plans for my future,
and this will destroy any goals I
have for myself. I'm serious...if


                       KEL (cont'd)
you choose to go ahead with this
Looks her in the eye
You'll have to do it alone.
Walks of and leaves her there crying
Money G and his boys are back at corner store playing craps
and hustling. Deacon Gause and David comes up to the store
where he runs into Sassy again. David walks over to the boys
to ask them about coming to the conference as Sassy begin
flirting with Deacon Gause, but he disses her as he began to
reflect on his wife.
                       DAVID (gets out car and closes door)
Dad I'm going to give a flyer to
                       SASSY (eyes Deacon Gause as she walks up)
How are you baby?
                       DEACON (embarrassingly)
Hello to you too. What's up?
David starts walking towards the guys.

Money G and them notices Deacon Gause talking with Sassy.
                       BOBO (looking at Deacon Gause and Sassy)
Ain't that the deacon from your
girl's church?
                       BOBO (laughing)
Oh yeah! Ex-girl's church?
                       MONEY G (sarcastically)
Ha Ha. Yall a bunch of clowns.
Sassy begins to flirt with Deacon Gause
I'll tell you what I want to be


What's that?
I would like another ride, if you
know what I mean.
You do huh? Listen, about the
other night, that was a mistake.
We can't do this anymore, I love
my wife.
Is that right? I seem to have been
pretty successful making you
forget about her many times
You right, so let me help you get
a ride.
Gives her some loose change.
I got a diamond at home, I don't
need a Cuban zirconium.
He walks into the store.

Sassy rolls eyes and walks into store behind him as door
closes in her face.

David is talking and laughing with guys on corner as Shane
is coming back up to them.
                       DAVID (to group)
Are yall going to come to the Hope
Conference on August 27?
Everyone is looking at flyer as Deacon Gause comes over.
Son, don't waste your time giving
them flyers to these sinners,
thugs, whores, and dope heads.
It's a waste of paper. The paper
is worth more than them.
If they are the ones without hope,
then they are the ones I need to
tell about the Hope Conference.


                       DAVID (cont'd)
Remember when the Pharisees and
Scribes tried to talk about Christ
for talking and dealing with the
sinners, and Christ said that the
well and healthy people don't need
anyone, but the sick need doctors.
Then he said that he came not to
call the righteous, but the
sinners to repentance.
                       MONEY G
And you call yourself a Christian?
It's a shame how a child can love
me more than a man that calls
himself a Christian and servant of
God. It's people like you that
keep people like me from coming to
church to get help.
That's right, you ain't no better
than us. You think we don't see
you, Deac?
                       BOBO (mocking)
All in church shouting hallelujah,
hallelujah, (starts talking in
tongue) and then outside the
church you living a double life.
You ain't nothing but a hypocrite
Deacon Gause walks away.
Sassy goes into store and runs into Mary in the bathroom.
Mary talks to her about the abortion clinic.

Sassy comes in bathroom and sees Mary looking into the
mirror after washing her hands. Looks at her and walks by
shaking her head.
Your boyfriend don't want you
anymore huh


Mary looks at her without saying anything

Sassy then begins to walk out when Mary speaks
                       MARY (with her head down)
Did it hurt?
Did what hurt?
You know...when they...
Mary looks down and rubs her stomach
Girl no, you'll be in and out in
no time.
What about complications and
wanting to have kids later,
doesn't it cause problems.
What do I care? I ain't trying to
have no kids now or never anyway.
How did you find them?
Sassy pulls out business card and puts it on bathroom
counter and walks out.

Mary slowly walk out leaving card behind, but as door closes
behind her, she comes back in and get the card.
As Sassy and Mary are walking out the store, Monty comes
back with a gun to get revenge on the guys from earlier.

Sassy walks out the store and catch eye contact with Deacon
Gause until Mary walks out store.

Deacon Gause then hold his down shaking it. He picks up his
phone to call his wife as he pulls out a picture of her with
a note on the back that says "When the world is against you,
and you have nothing else, you'll always find me and God
right here by your side."


As Deacon Gause is dialing, Monty walks by and pulls out a
                       MONTY (pulling out gun)
I told you it wasn't over!
Monty fires gun.
                       DAVID (sees Monty and jumps into the crowd)
Everyone attempts to run away as Deacon Gause goes running
to David.

Deacon Gause is running, Sassy is screaming, and Monty is
running away. Money G and his boys are getting up from the
ground, as Shane is sitting on the ground crying and holding
a still and lifeless David with flyers all over the place.
                       SHANE (crying with David in his arms)
Why? He is just a boy. He didn't
do nothing!!
                       DEACON (on cell phone hysterically)
911 we have an emergency. There's
been a shooting. My son has been
                       MONEY G
I don't understand...why was he
trying to save us...
Doctors and nurses along with Deacon Gause are rushing David
down the hospital hallway into the operating room. They are
trying to restrain Deacon Gause so they can take David into
surgery. Finally the doctor takes him through the doors of
operating room.
Doctor is working on David
Lorinda runs in hospital as Deacon Gause is sitting with his
head in his hands. Lorinda breaks down crying in his arms.


Doctor is working on David, and suddenly he flatlines.
Pastor Light wake's up out of his sleep in a nightmare state
and scared. He gets out of bed and begins to pray.
Doctor comes out to tell David's parents, who is sitting in
the lobby waiting room, that he is paralyzed from the waist
down and that he will never walk again. Lorinda then
attempts to call Pastor Light to come and pray for him, but
only get his machine.
                       DOCTOR (to parents)
We are sorry to have to tell you
this, but we did everything we
Sister Gause breaks down crying in Deacon Gause's arms.
There is a bullet fragment lodged
in his spinal cord. If we operate
and take the bullet out he may die
instantly, and it is too risky to
take that chance. But if we leave
it in, he'll be paralyzed from the
waist down for the rest of his
life with absolutely no chance of
walking again.
                       DEACON (to doctor)
Thank you.
                       LORINDA (on cell phone)
No, I will not accept this. I'm
calling Light.
Dials phone, but it just rings and machine answers
Sister Gause calls Pastor Light's home, but he instructs his
wife to let it go to answering machine as Sister Gause
leaves a message.


                       LORINDA (crying on answer machine)
They shot my baby, and we need you
to pray for him, come here and
pray for him. Please!!
Pastor listens to message as tears fall down his eyes.
                       LIGHT (to Pastor)
Don't you think you should go?
It is not of my will, but that the
will of God be fulfilled, and that
God may be glorified. It is for
their sakes that I am not there.
In his lap is a bible where the scriptures read John 11:
Sister Gause is still crying and wondering why Pastor Light
is not answering his phone.
                       LORINDA (crying)
Why isn't he home, he has to come
pray for my baby!!
Nurse is checking on David as he is hooked up to machines
while lying in bed unconscious.
As time passes, David is eventually released from the
hospital and sent home. However, he is no longer the David
with the hopes of changing the world. His father is pushing
him in a wheelchair through the hospital as his mother and
nurse carries his belongings from his stay.
Sassy leaves the hotel room of another guy, and when she
closes the door. She begins to cry with regret as she slides
down the wall to the floor in the hallway.


David's mother cares for him at home as he tries to do
natural things like get around the house. As he is coming
into living room he falls out of wheelchair and begins to
get frustrated and angry with his situation.
As Mary sits in the clinic lobby, she takes out the card she
got from Sassy. She looks around at some of the other girls
there, and then the nurse comes and calls her to come back.
Kel plays in a basketball game where he and his team wins
the game. He looks into the bleachers where Mary normally
sits, and sees someone he thinks is her, but when he gets
there, she is not there.
David lays in bed and doesn't want to get out as his mom try
to comfort him and encourage him.
Money G is constantly trying to reach back out to Kiesha. As
Kiesha and her girls are walking down the street, her phone
rings and she sees she has 13 missed calls from Money G. She
puts the phone back up and continues walking and laughing
with her friends.
David struggles through a session of physical therapy.
Drug dealer sells drugs to Shane. Shane gets his drugs, and
then goes into a dark corner. After taking a hit, he then
begins to reminisce on the night his life changed.


Shane is at a party having fun, and then one of his friends
offers him a blunt. He declines, but they continue to
pressure him, and then eventually he does.
Later that night Shane friends drop him off at the front of
the ER because he was having a bad reaction to a blunt that
was laced with cocaine.
A light shines into the house on Shane and he then begins to
cry as he thinks about David.
David's in his wheelchair looking out the window of his room
and looking at other kids play outside. He's sad knowing he
will never play again as a child.
Deacon Gause sees all that his wife is doing to take care of
David as David sits and looks at tv on the couch in the
living room. Looking at a picture of all of them from when
David was a baby, Deacon Gause then goes to her with
flowers, but she looks at the flowers, and walks away.
Money G comes into a restaurant where he runs into Kiesha.
They begin to talk as he begins to apologize and make up
with her.
David gets out of his wheelchair to get on his knees to pray
at his bedside.


Pastor Light is preaching a sermon.
It is now 6 months later, and the Hope Conference is going
on. Pastor Light is concluding his sermon, and then asks
the choir for a selection, which is led by Kiesha. As the
song is ending, Pastor Light begins speaking to the people
bidding them to come to Christ. As he is speaking, people
began going to the altar, Shane, Mary, Kel, Money G, Deacon
Gause, but the biggest shock is yet to come.
                       PASTOR (concluding sermon)
Pastor Light asks choir for selection.

As choir is ending the song, Pastor Light begins to bid
congregation to come to altar to be saved.

Two members come up, then Shane comes behind them, then
another member, then comes Mary, then another member, then
Kel walks up beside Mary and grabs her hand, then Money G
comes, then Deacon Gause comes and falls on his knees, and
then his wife rolls David up beside him and she places her
hand on him to signal she forgives him. The people are happy
and rejoicing, and the song ends as Pastor Light is still
speaking to the people.

Pastor Light begins to talk and hug each individual. As he
comes to David, the doors open, and everyone begins to
murmur. No one can see what is going on, and suddenly Monty
appears at the front of church. As he approaches David,
Deacon Gause runs in front, but David moves his father out
the way.
                       DAVID (to his father)
Forgiveness is for everyone, and
God is not a respecter of persons.
This is God's will. If his blood
is good enough for you, then it is
good enough for everyone.
Deacon Gause moves out of the way.
                       DAVID (smiling)
      (to Monty)
I told you his light was able to
over power your darkness.


                       MONTY (sorrowful)
I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to...
David interrupts him.
It's not your fault, it was God's
will. I asked to be used by God
and he did. He didn't say it was
going to be good. But all things
worked together for the good. I
forgive you. I prayed and God said
that I had to forgive you to see
his greatest work, but this isn't
it. I still have hope that I will
walk again.
David hugs Monty.
Congregation bursts out with rejoicing and praises.
Do you believe in miracles?
Forgiveness is a miracle. But to
get forgiveness, you must first
repent and turn back to God. The
kingdom of heaven is full of
glory. In that place, there is no
pain, no sorrow, no sickness, and
no evil. I ask you a question
today. When all hope is gone, can
you hope still?
Choir begins singing "Hope Still"
Everyone is singing and joining in with choir.

David begins to feel a sensation in his legs.
                       DAVID (excited and pulling on his father's coat)
My legs are on fire.
David smiles as the song continues.
                                         FADE OUT.
"Mary had a beautiful baby boy and named him Makel. Kel is
active in the baby's life. Mary enrolled in a TAPP School
which helps young mothers finish school and graduate with
their diploma, and Kel did receive a basketball


"Kiesha and Gable didn't get married, but they remained good
friends after he got saved and changed his lifestyle."

"Shane was delivered from his addiction and is now an AA
sponsor for addicts, and speak to kids about making choices
based on their future plans."

"Deacon Gause repented and they are now celebrating their
25th Anniversary."

"Sassy didn't change her lifestyle and still walks the
streets seeking her next moment of pleasure."

"LD and BoBo were both eventually busted for drugs and is
now serving 8 year sentences in prison..."

"...where Monty is now a motivational speaker bringing light
to youth in prisons heading into a world of darkness".
An older Pastor Light is sitting at home watching preacher
on tv.

"That day, David began to feel his legs, and began to walk"

"David is now the Youth Pastor of Hope for the World
Ministries...The bullet fragment is still in his spine"

Video of David preaching from book of Job


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