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The Rooks
by Paul Donald (pauldonald2011@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A burnt out corrupt narcotics officer in Trenton, NJ finds a path to redemption amongst the rubble of a burning city, through murder and betrayal.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Early morning in a colonial looking town square. A weathered
looking man, with a pony tail wearing a tricornered hat
speaks fervently to the public from a raised concrete wall.
He is missing a few teeth, but the earnestness of his
message and zealous glean in his eyes transcends his gritty
                       NARRATOR (V.O.)
What if you were living in an
infernal hell for being a truly
wretched soul? Day in day out,
hour after hour, minute to minute?
And you were given a chance at
redemption, to right every wrong?
To make up for all the pain and
misery you had caused? To emerge
from permanent darkness and bathe
in glorious eternal light. But the
price was the highest price the
universe demands. Would you take
it? Could you take it? Well I had
that chance.
The shot widens and the man is wearing a sports jersey that
hangs nearly to his knees, yet reveals that he is wearing no
pants. Beat up basketball shoes with no laces complete the
ensemble. Various types of street people pass by adding
their own unique insight to his diatribe as they slither
away from the imminent daybreak. A city squad car polls up
quietly with flashing lights.
An unmarked police car speeds along the outskirts of town in
North Trenton, heading into town. The car merely slows down
for red lights. No problem, OFFICERS COREY RUSSELL and JAY
PEDERSEN are on duty. They are come from polar opposite ends
of town yet both sling the same local accent and a mutual
contempt for anyone not "on the job".
Hang on bro' We hittin' the


Slow down! There's units all
We floss. Ho' dawn!
He flicks on the lights and sirens and runs the light.
Watch.... watch!
I got it ya little pussy. Can ya
put out the fricking cigarette?
Open the window. You know I need a
smoke when I drink, and I damn
well need a smoke now... Can't
believe he's marrying her.
Who Hollie? You tap that? I did.
Gawd...what a frickin' whoo-er!
Now she's a ho' 'cause she hooked
up with a brother?
She's a damn chickiehat, all I'm
sayin'. Please God don't let me
have daughters. Watch out!
Russell swerves erratically to stay on the road.
A gang of Latino youths and their cholas blow off fireworks.
Fireballs launch like mortars into the sky, illuminating
gleeful faces.
Two seasoned narcs pull up silently with their lights off.
By the time the gang sees them it's too late. Two gangsters
take off in different directions into the darkness.
                       GANG LEADER
Maaan! What you want? It's the
Fourth of July! What the fuck?!


It's the fifth of July today Rigo!
Let's go, against the wall. What
the hell was that Doc?
Frickin' artillery, no mo' that
shit. Ladies take your hands out
yo' pockets please? Thank you.
                       GANG BANGER
We Calhoun Crowns! It's how we do!
Domino walks into the darkness where the two youths ran off.
Domino returns holding a pistol.
Lookie here! Okay Calhoun Crowns,
do what you gotta do,but none a
'dese, or we got problems. Feel
                       DISPACTCHER (O.S.)
All units, North Trenton Park,
possible ten seven-one. Primary
wearing red striped baseball
Domino tucks the gun into the small of his back and slides
into the car.
Ya kiddin' me right? T'night?
Shots fired?
(into radio)
Rocco Park sideshow, ten-eight.
Listen neep-neeps. No hammers! If
I see one I can, an' will shoot
ya! Give me a reason.
He shoves a juvie out of the way and jumps in the driver's
seat, gunning the engine.
                       GANG BANGER
Riggidy! Take your hoopd' and
raise up outta here! Go get some
weed in a can and a rito. We finna
smoke a tampon! Get crunkt!
Laughter from gang.


Yo man,'at's North Twenty-Five
Careful Detective, they don't
Thanks hon. She's sweet, huh Doc?
Sweet like cyanide in kool-aid.
Face it Mick, we doomed.
Officers Russell and Pedersen spot two teens who take off as
soon as they see the unmarked cruiser.
Check out these two. Striped shirt
go, go! That betta not be a
Phillies jersey!
      (into radio)
Unit forty in pursuit, MLK and
Race, two suspects, ten seventy
-one, one wearing striped baseball
jersey. Street o' dreams, here we
They run after the teens into a housing project.
Fireworks rain from above. One detonates close, Pedersen
covers his face.
Y'alright Jay?! Can you see?!
Let's get 'dese shits!
They draw their guns and run on into the dark maze. Garbage
cans crash. They shine flashlights on the two teens trying
to climb a fence. One youth throws something over the fence
before they run back into the blackness.
He threw something! Watch out!


Pedersen runs to the corner of the building, Glock raised.
Stop! Do not reach into your...!
He begins to fire. Russell comes around the corner and also
fires at the two figures in the dark corner . He screams as
glass explodes and drops to the ground holding his head.

Pedersen sees him down and bleeding, he panics. He reloads,
and fires repeatedly at a teen running along the wall. The
youth falls with a yelp.
Holliday and Domino round the corner into the blue haze.
Pedersen spins, pointing his smoking gun at them.
      (showing his
Detective Holliday! Don't shoot!
(Pedersen lowers gun)
Damn, you gonna shoot every nigger
back here?
Be'ezy brother.I...I'm shot too.
      (into radio)
Code Eight. Shots fired. Eleven
two niner Kirkbride.
Jesus, he's shot in the head! Find
the gun! They threw another weapon
over the fence back there!
Domino kneels over Russell.
He's okay, just a gash. What's
with all the casings? How many
times ya' reload?
I was empty! Corey went down!
The boy in the baseball jersey stares blankly gasping for
air. The other youth lies unconscious with keys in his hand.


There's a weapon. I know it.
You better be damn sure.
Domino walks along the wall with a flashlight to the gasping
youth. He shakes his head to Doc. "No gun...they're

He kneels next to the gasping boy and tosses the gun he took
from the Calhoun Crowns into the bushes as he goes through
the teen's pockets tossing sundry items by the gun.
                       MAN ON ROOFTOP
Pig motherfuckers!
We got eyes, Mick.
Holliday shines a flashlight upwards, the man vanishes.

Sirens are closing in.
Domino places his hand on the teen's heaving chest.
Ho' dawn. I'm here. Blue stripes.
Perp had a red striped jersey. Ya'
shot a Yankee, over fireworks and
weed. Happy Birthday Uncle Sam.
Commuters and an army of state workers crawl past the Lower
Free Bridge. It's sole purpose is to carry the infamous and
                       RADIO DJ (O.S.)
Good morning, It's your favorite
cousin Gerry Jenkins! Perfect
night to go watch the Trenton
Thunder put a hurtin' on the
Reading Phillies. Make sure you
bring the kiddos because it's Bat
Night thanks to our friends at


                       RADIO DJ (cont'd)
DeRossi Chevrolet. Baby bats for
the rug rats! Let's go to Madeline
Cahill now with the news...
A passenger in a delivery truck stews in traffic, teething a
cigarette. He meets eyes with a large crow on the rail.
What you looking at ya' rat?!
He flicks the cigarette and it explodes in sparks against
the rail. The bird drops into a hard glide down the Delaware
River. New Jersey State Prison looms in the distance.
Don't screw wit' dem s' bad luck.
"Labor, Silence, Penitence. In The XXII Year Of American
Independence MDCCXCVII. That Those Who Are Feared For
Their Crimes May Learn To Fear The Laws
And Be Useful."
Weary drug dealers and street hustlers head home after
a busy night on Perry Street.
                       MADELEINE CAHILL (O.S.)
On news around the Capital City.
The second week of testimony
resumes in the police shooting
case involving Officers Jay
Pedersen and Corey Russell.
Shooting victim Darryl Booth will
be testifying in a wheel chair. As
most know the other victim,
Christian Luke was fatally
Detective Domino, staggers out of a bustling Chambersburg
bar for 7 am. Alcoholics only, need apply.


He totters up Mott Street. He's done this march many times.
                       GERRY JENKINS (O.S.)
I hear that polar bears are
searching for ice floats around
the North Pole but they aren't
any. I saw an old Chevy Malibu
Bobbing along the Delaware d'other
day. Would be perfect, right?
Question is will they get along
with our thriving black bear
                       DJ SIDEKICK (O.S.)
Why can't we all just get along?
Mick fumbles for his keys. He opens the door and falls into
his apartment, asleep where he lies, the door wide open.
GRACE LUKE, an attractive woman older, than her years lies
in bed staring at a picture of her and a young boy smiling.
The clock radio blares The Gerry Jenkins Show. She forces
her eyes shut tightly again.
                       DJ SIDEKICK (O.S.)
Why can't we all just get along?
The Dawson family prepares for their day. Their mother gets
everyone out the door to school. A teenage boy enters and
two younger boys light up. He grabs the older of the two in
a headlock.
Julius don't distract them, they
got to get cleaned up. What is
Katrice up to?
Bathroom, think she's on the
Mother leaves the room. Julius slips out the back door.


                       MOTHER (O.S.)
Jules, c'you take the boys?
He's goin' out the door!
Julius reaches up behind some paint cans to a shelf and
pulls out a silver semi-automatic pistol, which he tucks
Bucolic Ewing, just a few miles away yet a world away.
A dapper middle-aged man, REVEREND WILSON JUDD, performs his
morning ritual, breakfast and the paper.
                       GERRY JENKINS (O.S.)
Can polar bears and black bears?
You know. I mean what would you
get... a panda?!
Turn that damn fool off!
The radio cuts off and his WIFE emerges from the kitchen.
The Reverend smiles gratefully at her and stares at a
display of elegant crystal figurines on a table.
Maybe tonight we can look at the
catalog and find a new friend for
Lion there, mother.
Yes Reverend! Praise the Lord!
Domino is wrapped in a blanket shaking and sweating. He
paces the apartment checking old bottles and cursing and
muttering to himself.

A chess board pacifies his DT's momentarily. He pensively
moves a piece and then resumes his psychotic pacing.

The television drones in the background loudly.


                       T.V. ANCHOR (O.S.)
Anticipation mounts for the
testimony of two key witnesses,
veteran narcotics detectives,
Michael Francis Domino and
Octavian Jerome Holliday...
A loud and persistent knock at the door freezes Domino. He
creeps to the door and peeks through the curtains.
                       MOODY (O.S.)
Mick open up! I saw ya!
Mick does, cracking the door open, holding a robe closed.
Jesus, you alright?
'Bout to take a shower. Am I under
arrest Gil?
No, not yet. Just wanted to chat.
Man you really look like shit.
And still... I wouldn't wanna wake
up one day as you.
A long time ago I thought you were
going somewhere, never imagined
it'd be to jail. Dunno, then
again... maybe I did see that.
Good one. We done? Like I said,
I'm gettin' in the shower.
You're a stand up cop right Mick?
But what separates you from the
crooks? Y'ever think o' that?
Danny, you know wall...nuts and
chest...nuts right? Well whadda
they call nuts on your chin?
As they look at each other dumbfounded Mick slams the door.


A dick inna mouth. Ya dumb
In the basement of the church an AA meeting concludes. Grace
Luke is up front grasping the hands of those around her.
God grant me the serenity to
accept the things I cannot
Several gun shots ring out in the distance.
                       GROUP CHAIR
The courage...
To change the things we can, and
the wisdom to know the difference.
God's will be done not mine. Keep
workin' it works if you work it!
                       GROUP CHAIR
Folks let's stay here for a little
while, okay? We have plenty of
coffee and cookies.
respective aides.
Thanks for meeting so early Vince.
Best way to avoid the press.
You can call me Chief, like
everyone else Mr.Mayor. I don't
really pay the press much mind.
Okay... you may want to start. We
were just ranked the fourth most
dangerous city in the nation.
Says who?!


U.S. News and World Report.
The g'dam paper with colored ink?!
You're thinking of USA Today.
He doesn't read them anyway. Right
Chief? We have elections in three
months. Congressional seats, city
council, freeholders. In two years
re-election run.
Again, not my concern...Mr. Mayor.
Listen Chief,I really don't care
if you like me. But your budget
will be in my hands, for possibly
the next six years. Here's another
reality for you. Two police
officers shot two teenas more than
twenty times, on my watch. The
first African American mayor of
They found a gun! 'Sides one of
the cops is black! I don't see
what the problem is here.
One is black? The people just see
a uniform with a gun!
Who the hell asked you?
Chief, James is deputy general
counsel for the City. He's
coordinating the Ciy's legal
response to this situation. He is
certainly qualified and encouraged
to share his opinion here.
CAPTAIN MERCADO the Chief's aide, jumps in.


I have a law degree too. C'mon
both kids have sealed files. They
were responding to shots fired.
Both officers were injured. This
is just a precursor to the civil
case so they can milk as much
money out of the settlement they
possibly can.
Plus, they both passed field
sobriety tests! One officer took a
shot to the head! They were
assaulted with explosives!
Please. They were at a bachelor
party. It was the Fourth of July
weekend. Whole city sounded like
Baghdad. They unloaded forty three
rounds between the two of them.
Judge Margolis will never let the
sealed cases see the light of day.
Even if it were to be conveniently
leaked to the press. So it's still
two drunk cops, one dead boy and
one paralyzed for
We don't stoop to tactics you're
obviously quite familiar with.
Listen it's airtight, like a clam.
A secretary interrupts and gestures to the Mayor.
Okay Kathy, be right there.
Gentlemen, this isn't going to be
resolved here. Politics aside, we
prepare our contingency
accordingly with the possibility
that they may walk.Nothing we
hadn't already discussed.I'm
meeting with Reverend Judd this
week, maybe you'd...
When they do walk you're gonna
need us. Hope you don't expect me
there with Judd. I don't respond


                       RUSSO (cont'd)
to go-rilla tactics.
I'm aware of that. Guerilla
I think the Chief meant like Che
Guevara was a guerilla, right?
He's a damn revengelical
steeplejacker! I'm sorry your
honor but you won't mind if we
get back to work? Captain?
Russo and Mercado rise and leave brusquely.
Believe this dude? This is the
twenty-first century right? You
can smell it oozing out of his
pores. Aaron, James, please tell
me these guys are not gonna walk.
Opting for the bench trial may
have been genius or insanity.
We'll see. But having a judge
decide a verdict is risky. That
being said, Margolis is old school
ACLU. He clerked for Kunstler
during the Chicago Seven trial.
Okay let's not freak yet. Let's
talk Judd now.
He brings votes and money to the
table so there's no reason to risk
our moneymoon just yet.
Julius Dawson meets up with a Wilbur drug crew.
                       OLDER DEALER
Let's go son. I need you to hold
this down til I get back, 'ight?!


A small beat up import pulls up with a young white dude.
                       CREW MEMBER
Five-0 was here before.
I don't give a fuck nigger! They
gotta catch my ass!
An decoy taxi with two narcs, BERMUDEZ and ROLLINS idles a
few blocks away. They quarterback surveillance operations
from their
Mick is snoring in the passenger seat. Doc looks at him
disgustedly, hiding him as long as possible.
Two younger pumped up narcs, TRITTO and MCMULLEN fidget in
anticipation, in a dark unmarked van. They're jacked on
adrenaline and can barely contain themselves.
                       ROLLINS (O.S.)
Hold tight, same kid, black
hoodie. Looks like they have a
We need to go now!
                       ROLLINS (O.S.)
Negative, hold for Ghost Two.
What the hell are they doing?
Didn't Mick do some blow?
Doc glances at Mick and slams the car into "drive".
Ghost Two, we're a go!


Doc pilots the car as is bounces and careens erratically
through a parking lot and screeches to a halt in front of
White Dude's car.
Tritto and McMullen jump out of the van holding badges and
guns up for White Dude, who has already shit himself.

Bermudez and Rollins have corralled some of the crew.

Young Julius bolts across the hood of the decoy taxi. Mick
awake now, zeros on Julius and bolts out the door.
Mick wait!
Go get 'im Doc. Mick won't last
two blocks, we got this.
Julius quickly weighs his options in full sprint and enlists
a group of thugs standing in front of a building.
Five-0! Slow this chubblin' up
son. Who wants to make some money?
We got you!
Good lookin'! I'm out!
One of the thugs motions to a building across the street.

Mick stops as Doc pulls up in the car.
Need a lift old man? Where is he?
Unable to speak Mick points at the building and then winces
as a paintball hits him squarely in the back. He takes cover
as another splatters neon on the hood of the car.


They shooting at us? Ghost 2,
shots fired, officer hit, uh,
paint balls. Suspect entered 2080
Doc and BACKUP OFFICERS wait on the other side of a fence.
Julius stops in his tracks.

Mick jumps from the fire escape bringing down Julius but
clutching his knee writhing.
                       BACKUP OFFICER
You see that? Barmy fuck!
Yo! He's hurt!
Stay right there! Don't move!
All cops pull their guns on him.
Listen, no one is gonna hurt you!
Julius looks at the group (BEAT) and evaporates into the
basement of the building. Mick grimaces at his cohorts.
                       BACKUP OFFICER #2
Just give him cab fare next time.
Fukallyuz, I blew out my knee!
You have bolt cutters? Hang on
Mick we'll get you out.
Doc glares at Mick behind the fence as Mick pukes.
Protesters chant outside the precinct.


Mick has a bag of ice taped to his knee. He squirms in the
deafening silence between he and Doc.
What the fuck are we doing here?
Doin' our jobs. Least I am. I'm
not the one puking up whiskey.
Gimme your piece!
Doc holds out his hand unyielding. Mick hands over a snubby
revolver. Doc snaps open an empty cylinder.
You gambling again too?
Mick shakes his head.
I didn't wanna bring this up but I
heard Connie and Brady might have
been...is that?
We've been divorced for ten years!
Then it's the trial that's causing
this meltdown? I don't have
to remind you that if you fold
we're all done. We're too far down
the road here Mick.
Meltdown? My life is already
ashes. I'm just lookin' for a
reason, each day. An' I'm not
finding any.
A reason? Just goin' through the
motions is the reason. That's it.
Let me put it in terms you'll
understand. We pawns, for life. A
few of us get to be knights, or
bishops, maybe. But never kings.


Well, maybe some of us are born
rooks, and we wait, then boom. One
move and the kings wonder what
Bobby Fischer the philospher now?
Well if you're trying to check out
either on the street or fo'dolo in
your shitty little hole with the
bottle, lemme know now. So I can
get out the way. Yamean?
No. I'm not checking out, yet. But
but I'm not killin' anyone either.
I hear ya, really Doc. I'll check
it. But if I'm gonna make it
through today I'm gonna need a
drinks or six.
I feel you brother. But you are
one fucked up individual.
I know.
A car of white teenagers has been pulled over on Brunswick
Avenue by two patrolmen LOGAN and PALLADINO.

The two officers watch Mick hobble up with a pronounced
limp. Doc walks a young man in handcuffs to the front of the
Look who we got here the Dirty
Hey Brady, Gianni what do ya say?
Heard you had a fun morning!
Rilly Gianni? Guess no one does
have a life around here. Happy
to provide one for you.


No thanks. What's up?
Beemer with the preppie shits?
Failure to signal. Why?
Got a dealer, ripped off your
friends there. What's her name?
Abby Abbott. And her friends
Bunny, Graham and Tyler.
I'm not in the mood today Brady.
Can't make this shit up. Her
father is Dobson and Abbott up in
That would require an imagination.
Mick limps to the BMW with Doc and the guy in cuffs.
Abby, the driver is steel. She flashes a smile and fiddles
with an expensive pendant on her neck.
Miss Abbott? I'm Detective Domino
we're checking for warrants. Is
there anything we should know?
They all shake there heads.
You ever seen this guy before?
This here's Reggie, they call him
No Detective... Domino, never.


Giggles throughout the car
See I told you, man!
Shut up!
He robbed you by Cadwalader Park.
and you're gonna protect him? We
can wait for a canine unit.
We can wait for my father too.
Mick forces the same plastic smile and they walk REGGIE
away. Doc puts Reggie face down on the hood of the cruiser.
      (to Logan)
Uh-uh. Daddy's little ice
A church van pulls up and a group of men get out and
approach with Grace Luke leading the way.
What do we have here?
Good afternoon gentlemen. What's
happening to this young man?
                       PASTOR READE
      (to Doc)
See they got you turned inside out
Yeah, who you stepping for Pastor?
Ms. Luke?
That's right! Grace Luke with the
Trenton Civic Police Watch.
I see. I'm very sorry for your
loss. You're free to observe, but
we don't need your help here.


Seems like you're the one that
could use some help. You smell
like a still. Ya know they got
meetings for people like us!
Check one out.
Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
He motions to Doc and they walk Reggie back to their car
through the gauntlet of palpable hatred.
                       PASTOR READE
We'll be by to check on you son.
Just mind your manners and keep
quiet you hear? See you soon.
She just tell you to hit a
meeting? What'd I say? Damn she's
a browning though. Looks good in
person. I think she went to
Central, your school. You know
I wish. A lot younger than me.
Think her maiden name's Blair.
Mighta played ball with her
MURPH the bartender, referees between cops and firemen. Mick
wobbles in, having already self-medicated the knee. Doc
sits at the bar with other members of their unit.
There he is! My nemesis.
Mick stares blearily through Murph, pointing repeatedly to
an imaginary glass on the bar. Murph sets up a whiskey. He
turns and pulls a CHESS BOARD with pieces on it from the
back bar and sets it next to Mick.
C'mon rocket scientist!
Be right there Mick. Lemme tend to
my flock. It's true ya know, I was
gonna be a rocket scientist. And


                       MURPH (cont'd)
then fate took it's turn an' I
ended up here behind the sticks.
Bullshit! Shut the fuck up!
A group of off-duty cops spot Mick at the bar.
Hey super puker's here!
The new non-lethal weapon, barf.
Easy Gianni. You know you wouldn't
be flappin' your gums if you were
sitting by yourself. None of you
can hold a candle to 'im.
This quiets the clown brigade.
Thanks Doc, s'alright I been
carryin' teams all my life. Ask
Brady, spent three years makin'
him look good. Most passing
yardage every year except the year
after I graduated.
We gonna go there Mick? War
stories? He enjoys the pain, don't
ya Mick? He played the last down
his senior year with no helmet!
Well that explains a lot.
Mick ignores them and stares at the chess board.
      (to all)
So cop stops a speeder. Tells the
driver he's about to get off duty
and that if he can give him a good
excuse for his speeding he won't
give him a ticket. The speeder
says 'two weeks ago my wife ran
off with a cop. I thought that cop
was you and you were trying to
return her!'


No? Okay one for the other
knuckleheads. Two fellas sittin'
in a coffee shop. Suddenly the
town's fire alarm goes off, one
guy jumps up and heads for the
door, his friend shouts, 'Hey,
Bub, I didn't know you were a
fireman!' Guy replies, 'I'm not,
but my girl's husband is!'
(More JEERS) Murph returns to the chess game miffed.
What d'ya do?
Aha! You've never seen Sicilian
Dragon Attack have ya?
(loud enough for all)
That's funny right Brady, someone
else's wife?
Conversation stops.
You wanna say something Mick?
Mick and Logan square off (BEAT) and then explode. They're
separated along with boos from the firemen.
Wooah! Not in here boys!
You should talk to your ex-wife
about that Mick!
Mick grins defiantly and reaches for his drink.
Sorry Mick. You're done.
C'mon Mick let's go.
Everyone's phones start ringing.
What is it?


Real bad accident on Route One.
Mick starts out the door with firemen who can still walk.
Shit Mick, no. I'll drive.
Go get 'em superstar. Just don't
do any CPR!
Hey Brady... go fuck yourself.
CONNIE, formerly Connie Domino, an aged beauty queen.
preens in the mirror in the bathroom. A glass of wine and a
cigarette sit in each porcelain cup holder.

Her mother PENNY, a bloated, nicotine stained ghost of
Connie's future appears in the doorway scowling, toting a
small oxygen bottle with a hose running to her nose.
Look at you, layin' bait.
Yeah, where'd I learn it? I
remember watching you put on the
war paint.
Where ya goin'?
Oh I miss their chicken riggies!
I'll try to bring leftovers.
Don't miss this chance Concetta.
Rick is a catch, finally. Jew or
not. He drives a Lexus, he's got a
real business. No more cops!


Mom, please after all this time I
don't need dating advice from you!
Why dontcha go have another drink!
Think I just will!
Connie stares at herself in the mirror sadly as she puts out
her cigarette and swills the last of her wine.
It's a gruesome car accident. A sea of lights flash and
flicker providing a silent horror movie.
Two bodies are still stuck in the back seat of the late
model BMW. Mick notices a familiar trinket in the road.

A stream of blood leads to it's source... Abby Abbott,
splayed like a rag doll, staring with anguish into
You alright Detective? You can
smell the alcohol. Found this
(BEAT) Embarrassed now, he realizes the odor may be Mick. He
hands Mick a glass pipe. Mick looks at Doc.
You know we couldn't hold 'em.
Mick stands at the guardrail looking at what used to be Abby
and throws the piece of glass into the darkness.
Officers Pedersen and Russell file out of the courthouse
with their attorneys. They are met by a wall of reporters
and protesters. Doc and Mick exit just behind them and
hustle in opposite directions to avoid the chaos.
An AA meeting in the basement of the church. A crowded room
is riveted to the speaker. Mick hides in the back.


                       GROUP CHAIR
Is there anyone who is at this
meeting for the first time?
Mick raises a 500 lb. hand, the room turns towards him.
Hi, my name is Mick. I've been out
for a little while and I'm glad to
be back, I tried 'bout a year ago
and it didn't stick I guess.
Laughter around the room.
Hi Mick! Keep coming back!
Mick scans the room and meets eyes with Grace Luke who
smiles. Mick bee lines for the door as soon as he can.
Revered Judd is accompanied by his associates JUNIOR PASTOR
CALVIN READE and a lawyer, JOSH HIGHTOWER. An acquaintance
and supporter, NAT COBB hovers in the background.
Listen Grace, you've got to
believe that we have your best
interests at heart. But we are
reaching a critical phase of
the process here.
I don't understand. What is it
exactly you want me to do? I have
my son Christian's interests at
heart. I want justice.
Grace, honey, I commend you for
participating in the Citizen's
Patrol. Pastor Reade has told me
you've been a real asset. We, need
you to go above and beyond now to
get the message out.
What about Darryl's family?


Child, the Booth family, God bless
them, doesn't have the...tools
that you've been blessed with. We
are approaching a national stage.
You've got a great look, you're
smart. People empathize and relate
to you.
Now what'd I tell you Grace?
That's what I'm sayin'. People
wanna have relations with a good
lookin' woman.
If you will brother Nathaniel, can
you give us a moment gentelmen?
Reade takes Nat by the arm and all walk out of the room.
Grace, you've got to trust me here
I know that you understand this
game. It's not a game for me. I
hope you understand that.
Grace dear, I guarantee Christian
will not be another forgotten
statistic. Not only do you owe it
to Christian but to others
suffering through the same horror.
And Christian will live on. Will
you help me?
Her only escape from his relentless intensity is the picture
of Christian sitting nearby which renders her unable to
mask her grief and pain.
A low rider chevy slows down as it passes a group of black
drug dealers. The Chevy halts to an abrupt stop, and
automatic gunfire erupts from the car.
                       MADELEINE CAHILL (O.S.)
Holliday and Domino weathered a
barrage of cross examination as
they responded to several well-
publicized questions in the case.


                       MADELEINE CAHILL (cont'd)
Were the two officers on trial
impaired? At what point did they
see the victims with the pistol
that was found at the scene?
A dealer runs between cars with a crude shotgun and takes
out the back window of the Chevy.
                       MADELEINE CAHILL (O.S.)
All in all a highly dramatic day
in court with particularly
compelling testimony from veteran
detective Michael Domino,who was
visibly emotional during cross
examination. As a heat wave
envelopes the region it seems
that the City of Trenton is on
a slow simmer. Back to you...
Mayor Cochran meets with Reverend Judd.
Hey Willie. How are you? I can
turn up the AC but it makes an
awful racket.
No not at all Joe, thanks. I'm
used to the heat.
Good to see you Calvin, Josh. You
know Aaron and James.
The legal pit bull. Never leave
home with out mine.
He pats Josh Hightower on the shoulder.
Pardon me Reverend where's the
lovely Ms. Luke? And the Booth
Grace is still acclimating herself
to the intensity of life in the
spotlight. The Booth family has
decided to go it alone. Although


                       HIGHTOWER (cont'd)
we're in constant contact with the
                       PASTOR READE
What struck me as curious is that
Chief Russo is not here!
I represent the Police Department
and the citizens of this City! But
here we are a year after the fact
with a verdict that could go
either way. The people need to
know that we stand by the families
of the victims.
Could go either way? Anything
other than a conviction would be
unacceptable Joe! You can't afford
another sixty-eight. Remember
where your cookie jar is.
I resent that Willie. We need each
other now. There's press out there
that want to see that we all stand
together. You said you could bring
the families on board and all
you've done is make demands
without any results.
(BEAT) Judd consults his people with awkward glances.
You're right Joe. We need strong
leadership now. Anything that
disrupts that is our mutual enemy.
So thank you for your time and may
God help us through this
We'll prevail Reverend, thank you.
Judd and his entourage exit to the din of the press corps
That's what he wants. Media
exposure. And he's going to be
getting a lot of free coverage.


And he doesn't have the Booth or
Luke families after all this? I
don't want to hear that...
(imitating the Reverend's voice)
'The righteous path is a razor's
edge.' crap.
The lounge in an affluent country club in Princeton, NJ.
GOVERNOR GRAHAM VOORHEES enters with three golf partners.

A small security detail stands outside the doorway. TOMMIE
the bartender hustles to serve the thirsty group.
Tommie how are you?
Arnold Palmer. Good to see you
As long as it's not a John Daley.
Thanks Tommie, and put whatever
these bums are drinking on my
The rest of the room assembles in ass kissing formation.
DEL a senior fund manager assumes first position.
Governor, great to see you.
Del good to see ya as well. Won
again today. Why is that Adlai?
Adlai Platt, my magic eight ball.
Because we let you win.
That's why you're my chief of
staff Adlai. Keeps me relatively
Two large men with dark sunglasses begin joking with the
security detail outside, catching DUGAN'S attention.


Governor I've got to run. Next
Dugan walks over to the security detail, and everyone
salutes him informally. He leaves with the two goons.
The always dapper Johnnie Dugan.
He was head of my security detail
and went off into the private
sector, and is making a fortune.
Maybe I should follow his lead.
Careful my posse still packs heat
though. We're gangster, right
That's right sir, sinister OG's.
Gents, Del here's a big kahuna
over at Merrill.
No, just an average size kahuna.
I am the head schmoozer though.
I'm trying to convince Steve to
move the family down here. What
about this trial by the way?
Won't be but a memory in a few
weeks. Hi Graham Voorhees.
Pleasure sir. Steve Saris. If this
is part of your schtick Del, I'm
already sold.
You might as well get the legal
commentary from the best lawyer
in Mercer County, and begrudging
golf partner. My roommate at
Princeton, Forrest Tuttle. The
only lawyer I know who doesn't
care about money.
Money's easy to come by. We've got
history here. This is literally
the cradle of the Nation. In fact,
Trenton almost was the nation's


                       FORREST (cont'd)
capital. Two Supreme Court
Justices from Trenton too. I've
known Judge Margolis for nearly
thirty years. He's an ultra
liberal but he's "by the book".
He's not going to be swayed by the
grandstanding of Reverend Wilson
Judd. I know Joe Cochrane doesn't
want the City to implode on his
shift. First mayor of color and
all that. Opting for the bench
trial by judge was smart I think.
They're a top dollar defense team.
A bizarre looking fellow SENATOR RAYMOND BONNER wearing an
obvious toupee and tacky sweat suit appears in the doorway
with his pasty sidekick overtly waving at the Governor.
      (in Governor's ear)
Shit, it's Ray Bonner and his
personal blow job machine Vasquez.
Gentlemen it was a pleasure, but
I've got to get out of these
clothes. Nice to meet you Steve,
hope to see you around.
Thank you. Thank you, Governor.
The Governor walks over to greet the odd duo.
Senator Bonner, looking sporty.
I didn't come here for leisure.
Let's talk alone for a moment.
Barry play with your little
He sneers at Adlai Platt. The Governor and Senator Bonner
step off alone.
What can I do for you Ray?


Are you trying to fuck me?
What are you talking about?
I know you're riding the gravy
train on that side-pocket with
Dugan. I put him in touch with
Judd's people.
That's Johnnie's thing. Reverend
Judd? Don't know anything about
And Dugan's company just happened
to make a huge contribution to
your war chest. Judd's grabbin' so
much money he's trying to fix
elections now, having his people
pull single shots.
Fixing elections is your turf
I put you in office, don't forget!
You're talking to the Governor of
New Jersey. Don't you forget.
I was here years before you came
along and I'll be here long after.
Let's have lunch and work this
Have your office call mine!
Bonner storms off with BARRY VASQUEZ.
We're going to have to do
something about him. He's
outlived his...


Way ahead of you. Already got some
ideas. Pick a vice.
Just make sure I'm well insulated.
And find out what Johnnie's up to.
Mick stands at the bar, it's late morning. The place is
still closed except for some neighborhood guys sitting at
booth in the back.

ANTON, the owner, is doing some paper work at a small table.
The bartender keeps going about her business intentionally
paying no mind to Mick.
Hey Mick! What's happening?
Trying to pay my tab.
Hey Rio, can the man get a drink?
No! No drink I just wanna pay my
tab! Maybe just a coke.
RIO slams the soda in front of Mick and glares.
Jesus Rio, how bout a little
customer service? C'mon Mick! Come
inna back and sit with us!
The "guys" are looking at him. One of them waves him over.
No I shouldn't...I gotta go.
I'm not open yet. It's okay.


Anton guides him to the back booth where the wheels who make
it happen in Chambersburg hold court. LITTLE CHICK sits with
looming yet affable ROSSIE and "the old man", NELLO who
speaks with an electrolarynx.
What are ya gettin' in a beef with
my girlfriend?
Known the D'Angelos all my life.
Mother was a cunt too.
The old Casanova here. Maybe you
were a lil' bent a coupla times
Mick. She might remember that.
Here have some tomato pie.
Don't feel so good. Quit drinking,
smoking too. You'd think...
'At why we haven't seen ya in a
coupla weeks? You'r body's
rejecting healthy living probably.
Once it sees how fucked it is.
Yeah I don't know how you morons
go through life like this.
Dead quiet, and then only Anton and Rossie laugh.
He's got balls, right Nello?
Scrapper. Always was.
What's happening with the trial?
Mick shrugs.


You'll do the right thing. Give
'em just enough to choke on.
That's my story so suck on this.
Margolis' got bad habits.
Mick shoots a look at Rossie who looks away.
Rilly? Didn't know that.
Lotta junk on'a street we should
be taxing.
We got thirty different gangs
here. Crips, MS13, you name it.
I'll get y'a list, you can send
'em bills.
Da' Bikers.
Who Randy McElroy? The Preachers?
They don't sell much crank in
Blow, not speed. Supplyin' big.
Bikers are taking over the coke
trade in T-town? Okay. An' Nello
here was on the grassy knoll. I'm
outta here. You're right about one
thing, you guys are a bore sober.
He shoots another look at Rossie who smiles wryly.
You need anything?
Special sandwich?
No. I'm good really. I'm stickin'
with chess for now.


What's goin' on? How can I trust
someone with no vices?
Can you lose your wife and house
playing chess?
I gotta go.
Anton follows Mick out.
Mick, listen I been in this
business all my life, you're not
the first... I'm glad you're
gettin' a grip on that thing.
Thanks Ant.
Mayor Cochran at a luncheon with developers, politicians and
press. Waiters and waitresses work the room dressed in
colonial attire. A pianist plays in the corner.
Thanks everyone for being here.
As you all know we're known as
the "Turning Point of the
Revolution". And that's where
we are now, a turning point. I see
a lot of friends here new and old.
All with a common goal, to
revitalize Trenton. We have Rick
Wolfe here, a developer with a
project in Chestnut Park and
hopefully more along our scenic
Laughter throughout the room.
                       COCHRAN (cont'd)
Trust me folks, someday that won't
be a punch line. We have
Waterfront Park and the new
Sovereign Bank Arena. We may have
lost Dennis Rodman, but I'm sure
many more homegrown phenoms will


                       COCHRAN (cont'd)
make us proud.
More laughter.
                       COCHRAN (cont'd)
This influx of federal funding is
a direct result of some very hard
work by friends that I have to
give a shout out to, Governor
Voorhees and our own Reverend
Judd. They couldn't be here today
but we owe them a great deal. That
federal money generates critical
private investing. Which is why I
see other friends here, many who
are running for re-election this
fall, so watch your wallets!
Polite awkward laughter.
                       COCHRAN (cont'd)
No seriously, that is money we
want to direct to our school
system particularly the
flourishing charter system. A
cornerstone of this
administration. Someday our
schools will be known for more
than pointing out that Dan Quayle
couldn't spell potato.
Laughter rolls across the crowd.
                       COCHRAN (cont'd)
Not only are we recognizing our
new friends here like Rick, But
old friends as well, I see Chick
Bocuta, Bocuta Aircrete, with a
full plate back there, who is
doing a lot of great things to
help move this common agenda
forward. Chick reminds me of one
of our prize treasures,
Chambersburg, or "da Burg".
Fabulous restaurants known for
more than just pork roll and
tomato pies! Rick have you had a
                       RICK WOLFE
As a matter of fact last night I
had the pleasure to experience
Plumeri's with a lovely local


                       RICK WOLFE (cont'd)
There you go, did you have the
crab cakes? And the lovely guide?
What Trenton makes the World
More raucous laughter throughout room. A woman raises her
                       COCHRAN (cont'd)
Yes in the back, Eliza?
Good afternoon Mr. Mayor. Thank
you for lunch. How will the
outcome of this trial affect the
City and your bright plans for the
future in light of the spiraling
drug and crime epidemic?
      (to pianist)
How 'bout a little Ray Charles!
The pianist begins to play. Laughter roars.
                       COCHRAN (cont'd)
No I'm kidding. Eliza Hooks
everyone, Trenton Times. That's
a great question, actually Eliza.
I...I am confident that this City
will continue through the healing
process in a civil and
progressive manner. Eliza here is
a product of our wonderful charter
school program. Capital Prep
right? Eliza why don't you share
with us your experience and the
importance of the charter system.
The entire room directs their attention to the young and now
wilting reporter. Cochran shares a sly and relieved look
with Aaron Burke.


It's a functioning crack den. MOSES tends to four real life
zombies, who babble over each other.

There's a knock on the door. Everyone freezes.
That da cops? They tried to kill
me, drove me around piping exhaust
into the back seat. I had to hold
my breath...
Moses peeks and then opens the door. Nat slinks in. His
menacing presence quiets the room.
Money... hand me some money.
Moses does and Nat counts it.
                       NAT (cont'd)
What the fuck is this? You can
be replaced, quick. Yafellumeh?
Nat pulls more money out of Moses' pockets.
Sure. Where you goin'? Hang out.
I don't hang with no bandos! I'll
be back later, right?
The two mysterious military types from the country club,
DENNY and SKIP, sit in the minor league ball park watching
the game. They're both middle aged yet spirited. Skip is an
amiable burly hulking figure, while Denny is shorter,
disproportionately muscular and very intense. They're each
walking case studies in long term beer and steroid use.

Some little kids participate in a bat spin contest and the
crowd is worked into frenzy by Boomer the Thunderbird.
                       ANNOUNCER (O.S.)
Folks give Boomer a big hand. You
have time to hit the concessions,
it's the seventh inning stretch!


Spectators race to the exits. Two down and dirty bikers,
MUBBA and IKE exit slowly across the tier out to the exit.
Mubba, the more imposing of the two, leers at Denny as they
walk by.
Seems like he doesn't like you.
Ya think?
They get up and follow the bikers out.
Skip and Denny approach their dark Lincoln, Skip chirps the
remote alarm and opens the trunk. The two bikers pull up in
a tuned Ford pickup with Harley Davidson medallions on it.
Denny looks on, eye-balling Mubba.
What d'ya ride?
XLH Custom Chopper. What do you
Screamin' Eagle Road Glide!
Of course, shoulda guessed.
Y'always wanted to be CHIPS,
Sportsters are for pussies.
Do we have a problem here?
I don't know...do we?
Denny shoots Mubba with his finger as they speed away.
You can't help yourself can you?
No not really. Wanna catch the end
of the game?


You're kidding me right? All I
want to see is a J&B rocks, and
steak ...bloody.
A busy neighborhood bar, devoid of white people,
particularly on the juke box. Nat meets with CLYDE a real
gangster. LEILA, the bartender eyes Nat warily.
Hey Leila, seven and seven.
What up?
Bi'ness. Tryin' to keep Grace
Luke's head on straight.
How's that goin'?
Thinks she's got it together, with
that AA shit. She don't know how
things work.
Keepin' it on track huh? What's
gonna happen when those cops walk?
I'm no gambling man but I wouldn't
be bettin' black on this one.
What?! The Reverend knows how to
work it. He's makin' it happen.
Don't play with his do-ray-me.
Well speakin' of that, I got
some other stops, you can pay
Leila here for the drink.
Nat places a stack of bills down onto the bar runner. Leila
scoops them up and begins to count. She nods to Clyde.
Nat sees that his time is up, session's over.
Listen Clyde, I was thinkin' you
could talk to Marion for me. Since
I'm working with the Reverend.


                       NAT (cont'd)
Marion don't meet with no one Nat.
No...body. Listen man I'll see you
on Thursday. Right?
Nat slides out past a large older, well dressed man PERCY
WILLIAMS. They stare each other down. The man, sits at the
bar next to Clyde.
Inspector Percy Williams himself.
What the fuck was that raggedy
motherfucker lookin' at? Ya know
he doesn't wanna shoot the fif'
with me!
Just one of my hounds. Can't keep
them out in the rain all the time.
He's helpin' the honorable
Reverend Judd work Grace Luke.
      (to Leila)
How 'bout a Remy and coke hon?
King Pimp? Lettin' that street
mutt hang around? Shit, I saw Judd
downtown and he wouldn't so much
as nod at me. An' I work for 'im!
Clyde gets up and heads for the door.
Well you keep on keepin' Percy.
We'll see what happens with this
trial. It's keepin' all the real
cops on their best behavior. And
the bad ones are more than happy
to play ball. We the only game in
town. Might have to send out some
more little thugs to catch some
Soldiers for the cause. Hey, on
that note, tell Marion there's
a T.N.T. sweep this weekend,
Wilbur One.


Aye aye cap'n.
Leila arrives with Percy's drink and the change, a large
stack of big bills. WILLIAMS fans the bills and pulls one
and tosses it on the bar.
Thanks darlin'.
Connie sits on the porch, watching the her cigarette smoke
hang in the dank air. Through the vapor enters Mick on an
old Triumph Scrambler.
Ya come to bring me some money?
Mick saunters over. No one in the world knows Mick better
than Connie.
Heah yuh dooan?
Why don't you sell that thing?!
But I guess that will do it
What's that?
Kill yourself.
I got two weeks.
What, to live?
Rilly? You goin' to the AA again?
Good for you. What do you got for
Howsa hun'red?


Sounds alright. You look good.
So do you. Ya know I just wanted.
I just wanted to let you know if
I weren't around. I want you to
know that I'm sorry ...for
Penny, Mick's ex-mother-in-law emerges.
Well lookie here! Don't lend him
a dime Connie!
Actually Mom, Mick brought me
some money and was just
apologizing for putting me
through it. He's doin' the
AA. Ain't that right Mick?
Rilly? So now you wanna be
forgiven for all da shit you put
us through? Wasting all her good
years?! All because you went to a
friggin' AA meeting? Well she's
moved on, got a real man now.
Mom chill out! Go inside!
Logan cruises by in a restored GTO and beeps the
horn which sounds like bagpipes.

He revs the engine andgrins at Mick and flipping him the
bird. Mick heads for his bike.
Mick! Don't it's getting dark!
It's like they're eighteen still.
Let 'em both go to hell!
Logan speeds off down the street and Mick smiles a sad
goodbye to Connie and races after him.


Grace Luke cleans up the kitchen. There is a knock at the
back door. The handle jiggles and the door heaves. She peeks
through the curtains and recoils.
Go away Nat!
(BEAT) The door disintegrates. Nat is in the kitchen, high
and drunk. Grace screams and runs back through the house as
he chases her.
What'sa matter Grace? You too
good for me?! Who the fuck are
She slaps him, and runs outside through the front door.
Logan speeds through the streets, guzzling a beer and
checking his rear view mirror for Mick. His police scanner
                       DISPACTCHER (O.S.)
Top Road. Report ten-thirty-one...
Three twenty one Mulberry. Code
Grace holds an unsteady Nat at bay with a garden rake. Logan
pulls up on the curb in the GTO and screeches to a stop
illuminating them in the headlights. Nat turns towards him
What you gonna do asshole?
Logan walks up to Nat and telegraphs an over-hand right, but
catches him with it. Logan uses the street brawling bag o'
tricks of a beat cop, elbows, knees, the kitchen sink.

Despite Nat's vast street fighting experience, in his
impaired state all he can do is hold Logan at bay. They
circle exchanging shots.

Mick hurtles towards the melee on his motorcycle. He hops
the curb and heads straight at them. Logan disengages at the


last moment. Mick plows into Nat planting him into the lawn.
Without hesitating Mick drops the bike, and flips Nat over
cuffing him.

Nat moans. Grace is speechless as her neighbors gather
around her.
What's goin' on here... ma'am?
You fuckin' nuts Mick? Jesus.
Homey here... beatin' on...the
lady. Then he came... at me!
Man that's bullshit! I'm talkin'
to my girl, this motherfucker
stuck his nose in our business
and got it broke.
Police cars arrive. Four officers approach.
                       OFFICER #1
Detective Domino! Everything
okay? Sergeant Logan! You need an
You're both cops? Man, I haven't
seen you around in a while, all
this time you a cop? I never...
Shut up.
(to cops)
Two officers grab Nat. Mick frisks him. He pulls a glassine
baggie out of a pocket, shows it to Nat. Then he pulls a
folding knife from one of Nat's socks. Nat is silent.
Bye bye.
                       OFFICER #2
      (to Grace)
Ma'am you're the victim? What is
your name and date of birth?


You don't need her! Book 'im on
that. 'S'enough to keep him til
Labor Day.
The officers walk Nat away.
Don't come back here!
(to Grace)
You alright?
Ye...yeah. Thanks.
What happened? What was he doing
He just showed up. Are you okay?
Sure. Haven't seen you at a
The trial... been hitting
different meetings when I can.
Hate to interrupt your reunion
here, but your bike is leaking on
the lawn.
Yeah so are you.
Logan glares at Mick and Grace and storms back to his car.
Mick and Grace linger but notice an old woman across the
street on her porch looking at them. They pick up the bike.
Careful, it's hot. You gonna be
ok? I'll see you soon, hopefully.
She smiles as Mick rumbles away.


Mick is locking his motorcycle. He looks up and there are
Denny and Skip staring at him.
Nice bike.
Uh...thanks. She's got soul.
It ain't a bike without it.
They walk into the darkness like two large predators fading
into the jungle. Doc comes out of the back door of the bar
feeling merry, and lights a cigarette.
Two scary old dudes.
I hear that. Two retired staties.
Brady was talking to them and he
ran away like he had been sent to
the principal's office.
Now that's something, Brady put in
his place. I wouldn't wanna cross
'em either though boy.
What are you doin' here?
Can I play some chess with Murph?
You drinkin?
Not in eighteen days.
Well alright. Wanna smoke?
Nah, s'alright. Not even one of
those tasty menthols.


Never did understand what you
white guys have against menthols.
Logan emerges from the front with his gang, Palladino, BOONE
and RICE. They all stagger into the parking lot.
You see the watches those two
bulls were wearing? They're making
Staties have a nice retirement
plan. Security detail and all.
Charlie Boy, you never retire once
you been on that side. Pay off for
keeping their mouths shut.
And we're struggling on sergeant's
I wouldn't mind sergeant's scale,
That's because you haven't made
sergeant yet
Everyone's making bank. You see
the cars these little jabonis are
drivin' lately? Shit. I'm sorry
Charlie Boy, but there's black
people and then there's... well,
if these ditzoon wanna burn down
the City, fuck 'em. I might just
have to grab a little bit before
they do.
Logan zig-zags to the back of parking lot where Mick and Doc
are and begins to pee on the fence.
What you ladies doin' back here?


I hear there's lotsa night
crawlers back here Brady. Oh you
got one already!
Fuck you Mick!
Doc and Mick chuckle at the depth of Logan's fatuity.
So you don't get the urge, to you
Sure, but I just watch for signs
from the big man upstairs. It's
weird. Like clockwork.
A crash and Logan is lying on the ground with his pants
around his knees.
See what I mean? Yo Gianni, your
man's down!
An AA meeting concludes. Mick and Grace meet again at the
coffee and snack table. Mick looks rested and almost
healthy. Mick helps clean up the snack table, Grace is
amused at his enthusiasm for the task.
Waiting for me?
No, I had to talk to, to some
people. Thought I should help out,
well yeah.
Well I came with someone, they're
going to give me a ride.
I can give you a ride. I know
a place with much better coffee
and pie.
You want pie?


Mick nods sheepishly. (BEAT) Grace looks over to her ride
and waves them off.
You got the okay?
Sponsor. You and I should talk
Yeah I think so too.
As they head out, they pass PASTOR EMMETT JOYNER.
Hi Pastor Joyner!
Grace! I was hoping to catch you.
Oh Pastor, this is Mick, a police
officer here in Trenton.
Emmett Joyner.
Mick an Joyner shake hands.
Detective Domino... Mick.
Anyway just wanted you to order a
new lock box with the stationary
order. The old box is shot.
Not a problem. I will do that at
the end of the week. You should
see it in coupla weeks.
Pastor Joyner watches them leave. He can't help but notice
the contented smile of Grace as she passes Mick holding the
Mick and Grace sit in his old car in front of The American
Diner, which is closing up. A dishwasher is dumping mop


Looks like they're closed. Guess
it's home.
(BEAT) They look into each other's eyes and then force
themselves to look away.
They sit in the rain, in front of Grace's house.
I never wanna see this front yard
again, that was horrible. When did
that creep start comin' round?
Reverend Judd sent Nat over with
some guys to clean up the house.
He never left. He spied on me for
the good Reverend. He was stupid,
so he was good for keeping tabs on
the Reverend, who is the original
snake from the Garden of Eden. I
could always get it out of Nat
what he was up to.
What do they say? You reap what
you sow. I foresee a day of
reckoning for that man.
Grace stares long and hard at Mick as rain pelts the roof.
Life is so strange. Here we are.
Struggling in this life, hurting.
I brought Christian into it and
you were the last to send him off.
I struggle with believing, often.
But then sometimes something so
improbable happens, that I can't
help but believe there is a plan,
a reason. And then I see the
horror and I feel so small, that
I wonder and doubt again.
A grain of sand, a star. You. Me.
Christian. All, one.
They stare out through the fogged windshield.


I have coffee but no pie. You
should pull around back, though.
They both walk in the back door shaking off rain.
I have decaf if you...
Mick tries to kiss her. She pushes him away.
What are you doing? Wait a
second, this is...someone might,
we should wait until after it's
Mick kisses her... again and again, backing her through the
dining room, nose to nose, eye to eye, their lips a breath
She pulls him away, from her lips, her fingers locked into
his wet hair. Shaky and disheveled. (BEAT) She pushes him
away and kicks off her shoes and walks to the front door,
locking the chain, turns off the porch light and lowers the
front blinds. She walks back past Mick up the stairs.
Grace sits on her bed in the dark. Mick stands in the
doorway. Grace lowers the blinds and turns on the light on
her nightstand. Mick smiles and enters. He stands in front
of her and brushes the hair out of her eyes and reaches for
the light on the night stand.
A vague figure's shadow can be seen in the blinds and the
light goes off.


They are both exhausted, lolling in languid euphoria.
Oh Lord. It has been awhile.
Don't tell me. I had almost
forgotten. That was certainly
confirmation for me, that he
She exists. She's everything
that's amazing and beautiful. Pure
Fine with me. She...is amazing.
Grace props herself up, looking into Mick's eyes.
How are you?
Good now. But I have my doubts
too. Wondering how nuts we are.
I really went out there. Fast.
It's scary how fast the train
takes off, starts speeding along.
But you're right, there's a
reason for everything. There's
no time to question now. Just
blind faith. Moments like this
galvanize me. I'm ready to go.
How are you holding up?
It is very scary. Don't I think I
don't know, and also how brave you
are for what you're doing.
(she kisses him)
You strengthen me too.
We're going to be okay, when this
is all over, promise.
Promise? You have to go before sun


One more hour.
She sinks deeper into his arms.
'There where the rusty iron lies,
The rooks are cawing all the
day...Perhaps no man, until he
dies, will understand them, what
they say'. The evening makes the
sky like clay.
'The slow wind waits for night to
rise'. Miss Rizzuto made everyone
memorize that, funny.
He kisses her head as she falls away.
Reporters swarm the front of the courthouse as various
witnesses and defendants exit.
                       MADELEINE CAHILL
A bombshell was dropped in
testimony today, for two Trenton
Officers Corey Russell and Jay
Pedersen who are fighting for
their very lives. The critical
testimony, that some say may, sway
the verdict came from fifteen
year- old witness Crystal
Grace Luke emerges with Reverend Judd, Pastor Reade and Josh
Hightower surrounded by their supporters. They walk
quickly to their car as reporters shove microphones in
their faces.
I think the young lady's testimony
confirmed what we've known all
along! Christian Luke and Darryl
Booth were wrongfully singled out,
hunted down and savagely shot. On
behalf of both families, we're
extremely optimistic with the tone
of this trial now. Truth will


Yes we're...I'm pleased with the
direction this case going.
The Booth Family, GRANDFATHER pushing DARRYL'S wheelchair,
guided by his GRANDMOTHER are stopped for a comment.
                       GRANDMOTHER BOOTH
First off I'd like to say that
Reverend Judd does not speak for
this family. We are here simply to
see that the men who hurt our
grandson and killed Christian see
justice! Today was a step in the
right direction. God willing.
Crystal was the bomb today!
The grandfather pushes past the mass of reporters.
      (aside to Reade)
Don't let me get stuck on camera
with them again, got me?!
The crowd surrounds CRYSTAL STANFORD, a young teenage girl.
An elderly lady pushes her forward.
Tell us about the dollar bill
That's a dollar that Dee Booth
gave me before he was shot. At
J&J's pizza on Princeton Avenue.
Darryl owed me a dollar. I kept
teasing him every time I saw him
asking him "where's my dollar?" So
he and Chris came in and Dee gave
me my dollar. He wrote, "From Dee
to Crystal" on it.
Crystal is whisked away to a car. The throng of press
surround the prosecution team lead by JOSEPHINE MAY who
emerge from the courthouse with smiles.
It was a good day, obviously. But
we are going to leave it at that.
We will let the facts and
testimony speak for themselves,
thank you. That is more than


                       MAY (cont'd)
sufficient in this case.
                       MADELEINE CAHILL (O.S.)
Apparently, Luke and Booth were
with Crystal and a group of others
at J&J's until after the first
report of gunshots. Which has been
corroborated. The dollar bill in
question has been admitted into
evidence. Certainly, no one
expected this unforeseen seismic
twist. Back to you Gerry.
Grace opens the door before Mick can knock.
Hi, smells good.
Hi Detective...yeah we just
Mick is taken aback. He looks through the screen and spies
Josh Hightower, sitting at the table and nods superficially
to him.
What brings you about?
Uh, no. Just in the neighborhood
and touching base to make sure
all's well. After that situation
the other week. No trouble since,
I hope. Sorry to bother you, I
should have thought about the
Uh... okay. We're good. Guess I'll
see you around. Meeting maybe?
Mick tries to connect, but Grace closes the door. Mick
stands on the porch, staring at the closed door, his jaw
                       HIGHTOWER (O.S.)
Collecting for the PBA? Strange.


                       GRACE (O.S.)
I don't know.
                       HIGHTOWER (O.S.)
Are you and he? Friends?
                       GRACE (O.S.)
"Friends of Bill's", you know.
Laughter. (O.S.)
Mick turns away from the door and sees the old woman across
the street looking on. He walks to his car without looking
back at her.
Doc studies Mick out of the corner of his eye while he
You alright? Thought I smelled...
      (staring daggers)
What!? Worry about watching the
road. Whoa what's this?
A pony-tailed BIKER rumbles away from a known drug house.
Biker brothers need their shit
Yeah but why here? He's from
Pennsy. Let's check it out.
They pull over the biker. Mick and Doc approach him from
either side. The biker looks in his mirrors and guns the
throttle. Mick pulls his revolver.
Turn off the engine and take your
hands off the bars!
Doc reaches across and tries to turn off the ignition.
The biker knocks his hand away.


Don't touch the bike, nigger!
Mick grabs his pony-tail from behind and hits him on the
bridge of the nose with the gun. Mick drags him away by his

Mick throws him on the hood of the police car, cuffing him
and kicking his legs apart. Doc rights the bike as traffic
Keep it moving folks. No po'
gawkin' here!
Two other bikers cruise by slowly and Mick and Doc stare
them down. They disappear around the corner. Mick pulls the
biker's wallet and looks at his license.
Those your friends? Wayne Bates.
What do you have in your balls?
Bates just glowers at him through blood and hair.
This piece of shit has something
in his balls. You think I'm
diggin' around down there?
He spins Wayne Bates around and knees him in the groin. Mick
snaps open a folding knife with one hand. He slices Wayne's
pants open and a huge roll of cash hits the street.
Woah, Mick. Take it easy!
Take is easy? Look at this Doc,
he uses cash to stuff. What is it
gay night at City Gardens?
Easy we got got company.
Logan and Palladino pull up in their squad car. Logan talks
on a cell phone as he walks towards them.
What's goin' on? Can I talk to


What d'ya want Brady? Skell's
coming out of a known cop spot
with almost five large on 'im.
He's one of our CI's.
What? I ain't no snitch! I'm
with the Brotherhood motherfucker!
Logan silences him with a finger
One of your CI's? That's funny.
You want me to lay off 'im?
Mick looks at Doc who shrugs. Logan takes Mick aside.
We been looking the other way for
you for twenty friggin' years. How
'bout the other week? The black
chick? Grace Luke? Get smart, walk
Mick slowly walks over to Bates and takes off the cuffs.
Man, you fucked up. Real bad.
We gonna have a problem asshole?
We already got a problem, asshole.
Mick snaps his fingers to Doc who tosses him the money roll.
Mick takes the rubber band off and bounces the wad off
Wayne's chest. The cash explodes and Wayne scrambles to pick
it up.
Get outta here Mick! Take him
Say hi to Randy Cash! See ya
Yeah you will.


Logan stoops to help Wayne pick up the money.
Doc and Mick pull up in front of Conte's restaurant.
You've gone right off the deep
end, haven't ya? You go psycho on
that biker now you drag me here?
Mick turns up the radio.
                       MADELEINE CAHILL (O.S.)
...with your news across the
Delaware Valley. Word in, that the
prosecution has rested it's case
in the police shooting trial in
Trenton. Judge Israel Margolis
could hand down a verdict as early
as tomorrow. Trenton and the rest
of the state brace themselves.
Elsewhere around...
Holy shit. It was that girl's
testimony, it made the difference.
They're goin' to jail man. When
they do they're gonna cut a deal
and tell them you planted a piece
and we're both gonna go away for
perjury! Oh my God! And you pick
today to snap. My God, I'm dead.
Mick turns to Doc coolly, eerily calm.
Calm the fuck down, Doc. You're
acting like me now. If the world
was a sane sensible place you
might have a point. But we both
know it's not. So chill out.
Mick gets out of the car and turns around and leans in the


Doc? Doc you gonna be okay?
Listen, you know I'd never let
anything happen to you right?
That might be reassuring if I
didn't know you were insane.
Sit tight, be right back, okay?
Mick walks to the front door of Conte's. FREDDIE FLINTSTONE
and VITO, two sad cases, smoke outside.
Hey there Mick. Heard you were by.
Freddie, Vito... Rossie around?
Hezzah go'on? Haven't seen you in
God knows. Rossie's inna back.
Mick walks to the bar right up to Rio D'Angelo.
I'm in no mood. Just a shot,
small draft, and don't say a
friggin' word.
Mick tosses back the shot and carries the beer to the back.
He's back! The eye of the tiger!
Ya ready? The hourglass has been
flipped. It's on. What you wanted
What I wanted? What we both
wanted. Wow, okay. We're on.
Rossie stares at Mick hard, and exhales deeply, then turns
to a hulking young man in an apron.


Mo, tell Ant to put a hoagie,
extra lettuce for Mick.
(to Mick)
You gonna be alright?
Mick stares at Rossie and smiles.
Me? Look at you? Ya look like
you're gonna have a coronary.
You always been a friend Rossie.
You too Mick. do your thing, I'll
do mine. Godspeed.
Mick gets up and stops at the cashier who hands him a bag,
he winks at Rio leaving a huge tip and skips out the door.
Freddie and Vito are still outside.
Might be time for a vacation boys.
Might get a little hotter around
here soon.
It's da Burg Mick.
Where we gonna go?
Mick jumps into the car and puts the bag on the seat.
I watched you drink it through the
window. I don't know you anymore.
Tonight you decide to implode?
Stop with the melodrama. Wayne
Bates there wasn't copping, he's


What? D'ya get that from the
oracle in there? 'Sides Preachers
don't have weight on blow.
Hey don't dismiss these guys. They
might be very useful to you one
day. Knowledge is power, remember
that. Rossie might be old school
but he's not like that. You
hungry? Got y'a sandwich.
So Rossie won't call me an
eggplant or whatever word they
use, to my face?
Mick just stares at him dryly. Doc picks up the bag.
Okay so he's not like that, good
for him. It cut in half? So if
you're right, where they gettin'
the shit? What the hell?! What is
Doc looks around holding bread stuffed with cash.
                       DOC (cont'd)
Goddamit! We're probably on
camera right now. Take this!
Not hungry. Wake up Doc. You know
you've been taking it for years,
one way or another, whether you
admit it or not. You have a good
spirit nothing can change that.
It's what you do with it, that
counts. Ya got your sister's kids
that rely on you. Gonna be a brand
new day soon. You're ready to fly
on your own now.
You're out of your damn mind.
Doc tucks the "sandwich" between his legs and slams the car
into drive, pulling away hard.


Reporters run out of the courthouse to their respective
crews and set up their feeds. The energy spreads like a
wave across the plaza in front of the courthouse and
surrounding streets. A scream is heard from the front of the
                       FRANCESCA WHITFIELD
On all counts? Okay let's go on
three, two, one. Good afternoon,
Francesca Whitfield for Action
News, we have unofficial word that
a verdict has been handed down in
the police shooting in Trenton by
Judge Israel Margolis. Jay
Pedersen and Corey Russell have
been acquitted on all charges. Not
only are spectators and family
reacting but a city, state and
ultimately a nation are absorbing
this decision. We are standing by
for official confirmation.
Mick and Doc stand in front of the tavern, across the street
from the courthouse, with the rest of their undercover unit,
Franco Rollins, Izzy Bermudez, Renzo Tritto and Sonny
They got off? S'gonna blow up
Sh'we grab the scatterguns?
No, we got to go stealth mode now.
Tuck in your shields.
Let's work twos up to the front.
You called it Mick. You' were the
only one. How'd you know?
Unfortunately Sonny I see people's
souls, the good, bad and the ugly.


McMullen smiles uncertainly and they all blend into the
growing crowd in pairs.
Mayor Cochran and his staff face off with Reverend Judd and
his entourage in the hallway. Grace Luke is wedged between
both camps.
Ms. Luke I'm so sorry.
Grace nods with tears in her eyes.
Ms. Luke, we need you to reassure
everyone, despite this unfortunate
conclusion...can you speak briefly
at the dais?
Get them away from her! You can't
control this now Joe. I'm the only
one that can keep the lid on this
now. Calvin, Grace let's go.
Reverend Judd's people surround Grace. Reade takes Grace's
arm as Burke is pushed out of the way.
Wait, I will lead us out. Booth
family on my left, you and Grace
on my right. I will speak, we will
let the Booths give a statement,
then Grace and then you. Rein it
A bottle smashes against the front door of the Courthouse.
Chief Russo approaches them with a guard detail.
Mayor, I think you should let us
get things under control first!
(to Judd)
If you try to turn this into a
circus I will personally shackle
you. And drag your ass away.
Grace disgusted, breaks free and heads for the front door.
As she opens the door the growing crowd outside quiets.


Grace emerges and hugs Grandmother Booth and then Darryl.
Reporters converge on the steps and the podium, flash bulbs
illuminate the scene to a spectral glow.

The Mayor walks to the podium. The Reverend and his
entourage are pushed by police off to the side.
Take your hands off me sir!
People! Let's listen, to the
families of Christian Luke and
Darryl Booth. We all want justice.
Now is the time to come together
Let's give our support now to the
Booth family ...Naomi, Gordon do
you want to come up?
Grandmother Booth eases to the podium. Grandfather Booth
pushes Darryl in the wheelchair to the podium behind her.
                       GRANDMOTHER BOOTH
We as a family would like to
thank everyone. We, of course, are
disappointed but we are going to
remain positive and get on with
our lives. We want you do the
                       GRANDFATHER BOOTH
One thing! No foolishness!
He holds the mike towards Darryl in the wheelchair.
I just want to say, thank y'all.
Chris, I miss you man! We want
The crowd erupts. Grandfather Booth takes the mike away.
Thank you so much for your
strength. It's inspirational.
Let's show them our love!
The crowd roars.


We want justice!
You heard Gordon Booth! No
foolishness! Now the mother of
Christian Luke. Grace?
Grace notices Mick emerge from the crowd as she takes the
I don't really know what to say.
Yes I'm upset about what happened
today, but it's not about our
disappointment. I think about
Christian who he was, what he
could have been. That is the
pain only a mother can feel.
In his memory, please let's
stay calm. We will find our
justice one day at a time!
The crowd cheers, but they want more meat. Judd sees his
opportunity and takes the mike out of Grace's hand.
Let's open our hearts to the Luke
and Booth families. Praise Jesus!
There is a commotion at the Market St. door of the
courthouse. A crowd of supporters begin to applaud behind
the gauntlet of police in riot gear leading to waiting
They're bringing 'em out.
Gonna be a bad place to be a cop.
I don't see this ending well.
Judd sees the energy coursing through the crowd.
In just a few moments the officers
who gunned down Christian Luke and
Darryl Booth are going to be


                       JUDD (cont'd)
brought out the back of the
The crowd screams maniacally.
                       JUDD (cont'd)
Because they can't come out the
front door, like honorable men!
The crowd howls. The Reverend shoots a smug look at Mayor
Cochran who is beginning to panic.
We remember all of the people, our
brothers and sisters, who were
beaten, shot, sent to prison. Day
after day, year after year. And we
have been relatively patient,
until now...
No justice, no peace! No
I am a man of God. I find
salvation and peace of mind in the
word of God, the good book. But
even Jesus, in the Holy Temple
reached a point where he could
take it no more!
Now! No more! Now!
The large group of supporters at the Market St. exit are
jubilant as Pedersen and Russell emerge. The celebration
begins to arouse increased attention from the angry crowd in
front. Logan and his gang cheer with the crowd.
What the hell? Get in the cars and
go! Goddamnit!


Word spreads like a brush fire through the crowd. The
immense crowd begins to swing around Market Street and
converge on the side exit. A line of riot cops awaits them.
They're coming out! Killers!
Brothers, sisters wait! We are
not going to lower ourselves to
this! That's what they want us
to do. Listen to me, follow me...
The podium is overrun by the surging crush. Mick grabs
Mayor Cochran by the arm. The rest of the unit emerges from
the crowd and with other police surround the podium.

Mick is forced against Chief Russo. They know each other
well. Over the years Mick has been one of Russo's hatchet
men, and Russo has covered for him. Russo glances at Mick
sardonically and pulls his guard detail, leaving Mick to
fend for Cochran himself.
What have you done Willie?
I can't stop God's will, Joe.
The Reverend's entourage begins to pull he and Grace away.
Mick is face to face with Josh Hightower and Grace. The rage
pulsing through the mob radiates between them.
You'd better run...!
Pedersen, Russell and their families scurry for waiting
cars. Police meet the surge of the crowd. The two sides
clash. News crews and reporters take cover, as they try to
focus on the exploding scene.
                       KATIE KRIS
This is Katie Kris with News One
Trenton. I'm here with District
Attorney Brian Grier as the City
reacts to the acquittal of
Officers Pedersen and Russell.


Loud bangs ring out. Bottles explode around them. Tear gas
wafts through the air. It is a delirious melee.
Let's get out of here!
The mayor and his staff take refuge in their office behind
scores of uniformed officers.

Mick and the rest of his unit have retreated into the
courthouse. They watch the city erupt through the cracked
glass of the facade.
What do we do?
We'll get called to post.
We gotta protect the city!
Go right ahead. I'm outta here!
Did you ever give a shit Mick?
Yeah a long time ago. Before I
knew about judges who have a taste
for amyl nitrite and young boys.
Before my job was destroying young
men too. When I only knew about
running with a football. Franco,
Izzy you got families, go home.
Sonny, Renzo go ahead save the
City, with the rest of the goon
squad. Couple of broken windows...
worst part is the the only part of
the city that will suffer is the
part that's already dead. What
d'ya say Doc?
That lucky brother who had his
arms around Grace Luke, was the
only smart dude here today.


Lucky sonofabitch right? Well
I'm gonna go crawl into a bottle.
Gotta get outta the way and let
the angels do their work.
Ya done real well with that so
Mick is already walking away waving good-bye.
Screw him. Ya never know what the
hell he's talking about. He's all
shot out. Let's go.
Nah he's right, c'mon Franco, I'ma
be with my kids. Be safe boys.
Mick's right about the ghetto too.
It's gonna burn tonight.
Rioters run through the streets in mobs. Store windows are
smashed. Large groups ransack and loot stores. Groups of
police systematically push them out of the downtown plaza.
Cars are smashed, teens dance on the hoods. Police cars race
through the streets and are pelted with stones, and bottles.
Police cars from Morrisville, Pa. block all traffic on the
Lower Free Bridge. Concerned citizens stand behind policemen
with dogs and shotguns and watch the chaos in Trenton just a
few hundred yards across the Delaware River.
Groups of Italian American youths gather in the streets with
baseball bats. They hang out in ominous packs at
intersections looking down Chambers Street at the chaos half


a mile away. All cheer, raising their bats and sticks
enthusiastically hoping for the worst.
Traffic crawls as people gawk at the mayhem unraveling in
Trenton. Motorists begin to panic, swerving and speeding
away as groups of teens throw stones from overpasses.
Neighbors gather on well manicured lawns, talking quietly to
themselves as they look at the smoke emanating from
downtown Trenton. Numerous helicopters swarm and hover.
Their kids cluster around them feeding off the fear.
Mayor Cochran and Chief Russo monitor the activity around
the City from a mobile command post on the roof of the
Trenton Trust Building high above West State Street.

Staffers scramble around the makeshift headquarters setting
up a war room.
Where do we stand Chief?! I don't
want this perceived as overkill in
light of the verdict.
Mr. Mayor we pushed them back...
out of the downtown area but we
can't control what do to their own
Who is "them" and "they"? Stop
with the thinly veiled lingo.
Just feel comfortable saying,
"the bigger thomas' are gonna burn
down the place"! Own it already
okay?! Jesus! Your lack of balls
is maddening!
The room is silent. Russo is apoplectic.
Mr. Mayor, despite what you may
want reality to be, we can't
change the facts. I told you


                       RUSSO (cont'd)
what was gonna happen. I asked
you repeatedly to let me station
my people accordingly to prevent
millions of dollars of damage. But
you have to appease Reverend Judd
and whoever else owns you.
And who owns you Chief?!
The people who also happen to own
that property down there!
So the fix was in from the
beginning?! You knew all along
they were going to walk. When were
you going to share that with me?
I thought I did...sir. Having you
as Mayor isn't going to change
anything. Painting the truck don't
change the engine. This is
The silence in the room is palpable. The Mayor looks around
and breaks into unbridled laughter.
I see...you let us pretend we run
the show but when we start
breaking things up you've got to
step in. Well Chief maybe we're
letting you dusty old relics
pretend that you're running things
just to keep you out of the way so
we can actually get some things
done. Like giving grandpa the
remote control, yamean?
Staffers applaud. The Chief turns translucent with rage.
They are interrupted by a satellite phone call.
      (to Cochran)
Governor Voorhees.
Yes Governor? Yes, I can hear
you. Hold one second sir.
(to Chief )


                       COCHRAN (cont'd)
Chief thanks for your insight. I
agree you should proceed with your
standard operational procedures,
and personally monitor each
neighborhood through the night.
Good luck. I'll expect a report
every hour, thank you. You're
Chief Russo seethes, he and his staff storm out.
The Governor talks via conference call surrounded by aides.
What the hell is going on down
Small fires dot the darkening landscape below them.
We're monitoring the situation
and from intel coming in it
seems that most activity is
leveling off even in the most
virulent hot spots. From our
observations here at command...
Are you watching what the rest of
the nation is watching? I mean
we're on fucking CNN right now.
Yes, we're watching all sources
of intel, media as well.
I have a one question... is it
It's contained. Unfortunately
we're going to be rebuilding and
relocating the most depressed
areas of the city. Parts of


                       COCHRAN (cont'd)
Wilbur One and Two, East Trenton,
some of North Trenton. Some small
pockets that will probably be
active through the night.
Then you don't need the Guard in
Certainly not, sir.
Thank God! That's the last thing
we needed after that damn verdict.
General Bouchard is gung-ho to get
in there. Hell Lester was there
in sixty-eight he wants to relive
his glory days. So it's going to
be some HUD contracts and lots of
new development. Basically,
business as usual. Like a pine
forest clearing itself.
Uh, yes... I suppose so sir.
What is your estimate for damage
thus far?
Incalculable at present. We'll
have figures for you early
Okay Joe, I mean this is already a
footnote in both of our bios. I
won't let it become more than
that. Newark and New Brunswick are
on alert. Camden is under a curfew
at eight pm. That's it.
Governor we're okay. I'll keep you
posted. Thank you.
The line is already dead.


Cochran hands the satellite phone to a staffer.
Well I better get my resume tuned
up. James who do you know in
Philly who needs a good litigator?
The Governor made it quite clear
that I'm first under the bus.
Let's not jump the gun sir. I
think you'll be alright.
Mick sits in a dark apartment, watching the news on
television. He loads a short pistol-grip pump shotgun.

The television and passing flashing lights illuminate the
room, revealing a crazed look in Mick's eyes.

The phone rings. He lets it ring twice. Mick snatches it up
and listens intently without speaking and then hangs up.

Mick pulls a bullet proof vest over his head and then wraps
athletic tape around his chest. He stands, taking a short
swig from a bottle and then pours the rest over his head. He
puts on a wind breaker on and cuts off the sleeves with a
folding knife.

He walks through the apartment randomly smashing things with
the shotgun, finally blowing out the television with a
blast. He stuffs the shotgun into a duffel bag slings it
over his shoulder and exits.
A former retail showroom is the headquarters of Reverend
Judd's ministry. Pastor Reade and Josh Hightower work the
phones. Percy Williams stands at the door to the inner
office. Grace sits with office staff watching the chaos
      (on phone)
No that's okay I'll stay here.
I'll be fine, don't worry about
me. I'll call you later, take
care Grandpa. Love you too.


Your Grandpa's worried 'bout you?
Where's he live?
Down South. Wish I was there now.
I hear you. They gonna destroy the
ward. Why?
Despair. Loss of faith in
The scene is this part of town is much different and much
worse than the Downtown area. Complete anarchy abounds. Mobs
run rampant looking for targets to vent their rage.
The back door slams. An office worker screams. Mick stands
in the entrance with the the pump shotgun, intense.
Judd is on the floor feverishly emptying the contents of a
floor safe into a large leather case. Williams enters and
motions to him silently. He puts his finger to his lips and
reaches for the handle of a silver revolver.
Mick takes the center of the room getting everyone's
attention. Grace looks directly into his eyes and they are
blank, cold.
Hello everybody. Grab a seat. Now!
Mick motions everyone over to a couch. He walks towards
Pastor Reade and hangs up the phone as he's talking. He
pushes Reade and Hightower towards the others.

Mick walks to Judd's office door and pushes it open slowly
with the shotgun. Judd and Williams raise their hands.


                       MICK (cont'd)
Let's go gentlemen outside.
Williams stands his ground. His job is to protect that large
pile of money.
The honorable Reverend Judd!
Whatcha dooan'?
Son what are you doing?
We'll talk outside, let's go.
Let's go! You too big man.
(to Williams)
You remember me right Inspector
Williams? I see retirement's been
good to you.
Williams nods livid. Mick places the shotgun barrel against
his chest and reaches into Williams' waist band pulling the
silver revolver out. He waves them both out of the room,
shoving Judd.

He herds everyone to one side of the room with the shotgun
in one hand and Williams' pistol in the other. He stops in
front of Grace. Hightower takes his arm from around her.
Thought I told you to run. You're
not the only one having a rough
day...babe. Go in the office, I'll
be with ya shortly!
I... I...
I said go! And shut the door!
All jump. Grace hurries to the office and shuts the door.
Listen man, you've obviously been
drinking. We're all under a lot
of stress here. I don't know what
your thing is with Grace but this
is certainly not the answer.
Mick laughs, smiling he rests the shotgun on Josh's


Counselor, you're not talking your
way out of this one! Ya feel me?
Son listen to me. You need help!
Liquor just leads you away from
the Lord! You can't think
straight! Whatever's in your heart
is confused. You need to just...
You need to be quiet. You have no
idea what's in my heart. You'll
never understand me because I
don't worship the dollar like
you. No, my motivation is much
more pure. Primal ya might say.
Mick stares down at Josh Hightower, who is trembling under
the weight of the shotgun.

Four young thugs walk in the door. Once they see Mick they
fumble for pistols.

Mick is way ahead of them and has swung behind Judd with the
pistol at his head and the shotgun pointing at the youths.
                       MICK (cont'd)
Drop 'em. Tell 'em Reverend!
They hold steady. (BEAT) Mick shatters the large front
window behind them with a shotgun blast.

The women scream. Everyone hits the deck, including the
thugs. Mick rushes the them, kicking their weapons away.
                       MICK (cont'd)
Stay down! Who do we got here?
Marion Purnell the little big man.
I'm gonna start with you and do
the City a favor right now.
Mick cocks the hammer on the pistol.
Don't shoot! Dad stop him!
Everyone freezes. The room is silent.
I'm sorry, I didn't get that? The
gangster and his father? The apple
doesn't fall from the tree, now


                       MICK (cont'd)
does it? You showin' him how to
best exploit his own community are
ya Reverend?
Young man, don't deceive yourself.
You people have been extortionists
since time immemorial.
So that justifies you selling
drugs to your own community, the
people you claim to champion?
You bring it here, I take
You're unbelievable man. Cops?
Cops are bringing dope here?
Man, you rent-a-cops are too
stupid. Staties bring it in. They
have their biker boys do their
dirty work for 'em. Y'all a bunch
of rednecks underneath your
costumes anyway. City cops are
just security guards, all y'all
good for with yo' hands out.
Trust me he's one of the most
corrupt cops out there. As dirty
as they get.
Guess I haven't found the Lord
yet, like you Williams.
You're just one of their pawns.
Expendable. For the Kings who run
it all.
Reverend! Don't say anything
Mick points a gun at him.


You should be worried about
He's not getting out of here
Yo' there's a white dude with a
gun in da' Reverend's place!
A group of men stand outside the broken glass window peering
in. Mick fires another blast into the ceiling, then pulls
out a police radio.
11-99...11-99. Detective Domino.
Shield 1346 requesting immediate
backup. 229 North Clinton Ave.
Everyone stay down!
Go 'head. You're a dead man
Your own people will be coming for
you now. All for what? 'Cause you
got all twisted around over pretty
woman. What in God's name would
she want with you? You forget
about Grace? I should tell you
there's a door in my office.
Mick agitated now, covers the room with the shotgun and
moves to the inner office door, and kicks it open.
Grace is gone. A door is slightly ajar. Sirens wail in the
back alley. Police cars pull up outside. Mick pulls his
badge out of his shirt.
Several uniformed cops rush into the front office.
                       COP #1
Get on the ground! Detective


                       MICK (O.S.)
In here!
That drunken lunatic held us at
gunpoint! He was up to some evil
for sure!
                       COP #2
Stay face down sir!
Do you know who I am?
                       COP #2
And shut the hell up!
COP#1 goes to the back office.
Mick appears to be investigating a crime scene.
Got a runner out the back! I'll
pursue. Scene's yours. I didn't
see anything.
Mick nods to the safe and winks as he heads out the door.
There are a couple of stacks of bills scattered around it on
the floor. The cop smiles.
                       COP #1
Brooks, come in here!
Doc enters the outer office but there are only uniformed
police officers with Judd and the others.
Mick speeds through the darkening streets in his beat up
Ranchero. People run in the streets carrying looted goods.
Some dance on cars, others throw bottles at passing
vehicles. Mick spots a young teen with a group of others and
swings the beater up on the sidewalk, cornering the boy,
Julius Dawson.
Get in the car!


Julius hesitates as his friends start moving away from him,
realizing Mick is only talking to Julius.
Don't even think about it...get
Julius sees the shotgun on the dashboard and slowly climbs
into the old car as his friends flee into the night.
Where do you live?
C'mon I don't have time! Where do
you live?
2552 Walnut.
Wilbur One? Alright ho' dawn, and
put on your seat belt.
Julius studies Mick in disbelief. Mick puts the car in gear
and speeds off as a bottle smashes against the windshield.
Mick pulls to an abrupt stop in front of Julius' house. He
stares at Julius, as Julius waits for his next move. Julius'
mother emerges from the house and runs down to the car.
Get out!
Thanks... I'll... see you around.
No you won't. Have a good life...
do well. Try to be good and make
your mother happy. Okay?
Julius nods circumspectly and gets out of the car.

His mother wraps him in her arms and smiles appreciatively
to Mick. Mick acknowledges her gratitude with a curt
smile, and spins the rear wheels as he leaves.


Mick runs the trenches of young Italian thugs in "the Burg".
He flashes his badge to youths who pound on the Ranchero.
Mick squeals up in front of Conte's to a group of older
Hey Mick! What happened to the
Wilbur I.
What the hell ya doin' over d'ere?
Nuts tonight, coupla bikers just
came by here, ya believe it?
Looked like dey was lookin' for
trouble too!
Mick hands a brown bag to Freddie.
For Rossie. See ya Freddie.
Get the fuck outta here!
Mick smiles terminally and is off.
Mick pulls in front of his apartment on Mott St. in the
battered old Ranchero. He walks to his Triumph and hangs the
duffel bag with the shotgun in it on the handle bars and
kick starts the bike letting it idle.

The engine seems to make a strange sound. Mick tweaks the
choke and guns the throttle again listening. The mirror
hangs loose rattling from the v-twin. Mick pushes it back
in place... That's the source of the strange engine sound...

Three custom Harley-davidsons sit in the dark behind him.
Wayne Bates approaches with a bandage across his nose and a
large magnum revolver which he points at Mick. The mirror
explodes. Mick falls over the bike.

Mick reaches into the duffel bag and points the shotgun
wedged under the bike in Wayne's direction, praying as he
pulls the trigger. The top of Wayne's boot detonates along
with his toes. Wayne screams in agony and hits the deck like


a sack of potatoes.

Mick's adrenaline kicks in, he lifts the bike quickly. Mick
stares right at the remaining Preachers in a moment of
communal confusion. As they start pulling guns Mick quickly
pumps the shotgun and points it in their direction. The
Preachers fall over their bikes trying to get to cover.

Mick attempts another kick start...a quick gun of the
throttle and a dropped clutch and the bike breaks free with
a roar and another scream from Wayne as a warm wet spray and
some of Wayne's fingers hit Mick's back.
Mick rips down the street. RANDY MCELROY the leader of the
Preachers follows in hot pursuit. The remaining Preacher
UNDERLING desperately gets his bike started and roars off
trying to catch up.

A large group of local men stand in the street, ready and
eager for anything. The group backs away as Mick and Randy
speed by. When the next biker, the underling comes by, the
crowd is waiting. A barrage of bottles sends him careening
into the back of a Monte Carlo with a sickening crash.
Mick speeds through South Broad which is bumper to bumper
one way, out of town. Mick flies full throttle down Cass
St. New Jersey State Prison looms ahead eerily dark.

McElroy pulls a .45 from his belt with his left hand. His
customized Dyna Fat Bob comes on quickly. Mick readies the
shotgun, he's got one chance.

McElroy approaches and raises the .45. They're so close
they can see each other's eyes. Mick takes his hand of the
throttle and fires low into the chassis.

The shot ricochets off the massive engine. McElroy turns his
head and swerves. They're so close Mick can reach out and
slap him. McElroy opens his eyes just in time to see Mick
jam the shotgun into his front wheel.

It takes everything in Mick's power to avoid the quarter
ton of metal as it slams into the ground, trailing sparks,
blood and the tattooed remains of "Randy Cash".

Mick lets the carnage slide past him. And then tears into
the darkness towards Route 29 and freedom, now a desolate


highway. The glow of flashing emergency lights and a
smoldering Trenton disappears in the distance.
Grace is dressed radically different with a stylish yet
obvious light colored wig. She takes her seat.
                       FLIGHT ATTENDANT
      (looking at ticket)
Welcome Ms. Johnson. I hope you
enjoy your flight. We're going to
get going as soon as possible.
The engines begin to warm up. The plane lurches. Grace looks
to the front of the plane with anxiety as the flight
attendants begin to close the door.
                       CAPTAIN (O.S.)
Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
this is Axis flight 19 to
Montreal.I hope none of you were
caught up in the drama in Trenton
today. it's been a long day, relax
and enjoy your flight, we expect
to be in Montreal in approximately
an hour and fifteen minutes and
thank you for flying Axis.
District Attorney Brian Grier and his staff are in a

Freddie Flintstone saunters into the reception office. They
all watch as the receptionist walks into the meeting.
That's Freddie Flintstone.
Mr. Grier, a Mr. Lamonica here
to see you. He said he'll wait
and he can only talk to you.
What? Now they wanna spill on


Grier greets Lamonica with a handshake they talk briefly. He
hands Grier a manila envelope and walks out. Grier opens the
Grier pulls out a small tape recorder with remnants of white
athletic tape stuck to it.
DA Grier excitedly taps a pencil as he waits on the phone.
Hey Doug. Brian Grier. Got a big
favor to ask you. Yeah I know but
this is big. How fast can we get a
wire tap? (BEAT) Make it happen.
Mayor Cochran sits in his office with Aaron Burke. They both
look like they have not slept in a week. The phone rings.
Burke answers and hands it to Cochrane.
Cochran takes the phone wearily.
Yes Willie.
Unintelligible screaming.(O.S.) Cochran holds the phone away
from his ear.
Slow down. What happened?!
Judd sits in his Cadillac.


Well I'm sorry Willie. If you
haven't noticed some parts of the
City resemble Hiroshima.
I don't give a damn. That's going
to be the least of your problems.
Russo's thugs robbed me! And I
want it all back!
Woah, woah. What are you talking
about? And why are you talking on
this line? I heard your office was
ransacked. But not by the police.
I'm sure there are plenty of
people who knew you may have had
money there.
Everyone over here knows better.
It was proceeds from all of my
ministries. Church money! And it
was cops! Dirty cops came over
here on the day of the riots and
cleaned it out. Now you get Russo
on the phone and get that money
returned or the whole house of
cards comes down. Next interview I
do is going to be about a rumor
I've heard about confiscated
drugs off the Turnpike making
their way onto Trenton streets
via rogue state troopers. And how
that money greases the wheels at
the state capital all the way up
to the top. Are we clear?!
Calm down Willie. Those are some
serious and alarming allegations.
Do think the City can handle that
after what we've just been
through? I hope they're not true.
I'll make inquiries but please
don't call this line again!
Cochran hangs up the phone, looking in desperation to Burke.


Special Investigators Gil Moody and Daniel Vinci sit in a
surveillance van smiling, as the call disconnects.
Mayor Cochran stands alone in front of the press as
flashbulbs and video lighting illuminate the grand hall,
looking resigned, literally and dejected.
                       GERRY JENKINS (O.S.)
Hey Trenton! How you feelin'?
That hangover doesn't feel so good
does it? Your cousin Gerry still
loves you though.
Aaron Burke stands grimly in the background.
Chief Russo is wheeled out of Police Headquarters on a
stretcher with an oxygen mask covering his drawn face.
                       GERRY JENKINS (O.S.)
Let's get a news update from
Madeline Cahill... I hear she may
have some more bitter medicine for
us. Lay it on us Madeline.
Brady Logan, Charlie Rice, Dickey Boone, and Giannni
Palladino, are among the dozen cops led away in handcuffs.
They all try to cover their faces from the cameras and flash
Reverend Judd is walked into court with handcuffs on, as
reporters surround him. Flashbulbs explode like fireworks.
... innocent of all charges, and
look forward to proving it in
court. This is just another
example of the deliberate and
premeditated persecution. They
chain me up with common thieves
and drug dealers...
Marion Purnell bows his head as he follows his father.


Governor Voorhees coolly addresses the press, the consummate
politician, he's already calculated all collateral damage.
                       MADELEINE CAHILL (O.S.)
Well yes, Gerry I hate to be the
bearer of bad news...but if you
think last week was rough take a
deep breath...
Adlai Platt, disheveled and confused is whisked out of his
apartment into a waiting SUV in handcuffs surrounded by U.S.
marshalls. His demeanor tells all, he knows he's the
sacrificial lamb.
                       MADELEINE CAHILL (O.S.)
Trenton District Attorney Brian
Grier announced this morning that
dozens of indictments will be
handed down in conjunction with
the New Jersey Attorney General's
Denny Henshaw and Skip Bleacher the two ex-troopers are
pulled over by a dozen or more of their own. They sit in
their dark Lincoln weighing the consequences. Troopers
shout at them with weapons pointing, as traffic speeds by.
Well I guess this is it brother.
I'm not going to fucking prison!
Well we only have one choice then.
I'm a goddam gladiator, Skip
right? But I...can't do it! I
Denny looks at him, searching.
I'm goin'. You wanna come?


Denny nods his head, and turns away. Skip pulls his .357
magnum and shoots Denny in the back of the head. Before any
troopers can react he puts the gun behind his own ear and
pulls the trigger. Troopers slowly holster their weapons
surveying the now very messy scene inside the car.
Detective Franco Rollins sits at a nearly empty bar talking
to Murph as he cleans the bar. Doc saunters in.
Another customer! Thank God for
the firemen, reliable drunks.
Maybe I should sign up with 'em.
Don't laugh, Renzo just did. He
put in his paperwork yesterday.
When he found out about Sonny.
Never saw that coming. Sonny
McMullen's Internal Affairs and
Renzo Tritto's a firemen now. Only
losing one customer.
Who knows what coulda happened if
this whole thing hadn't blown up.
Mighta dodged a bullet. How's your
partner doin'?
I think Izzzy's calling it quits.
Wife wants him out. Dey wanna open
a restaurant. How 'bout yours?
Heard anything?
Went by his house. Was like Dodge
City. Heard they hauled of a
Preacher missing half a hand and
half a foot.
Jesus, ya think they got 'im?


Don't know. IAD sure doesn't have
'im we woulda heard about that. He
wasn't short on people who mighta
liked to read his obit.
Had a lot o' friends too. Good Ol'
Mick, crazy fucker.
Yeah, there's nothing he wouldn't
do for a friend. Stand up dude.
They all awkwardly dwell in their own thoughts.
An' Charlie Boy flipped on Brady
an' them. Always wondered what a
black man was doing hanging out
with them wanna be rednecks. Man I
wanted Mick to kick Brady's ass so
All the racist comments over the
years added up to one pissed off
So what was he doin' with them?
We gotta live together. Frankly I
enjoy quality time with my pale
skin brothers.
Doc clinks glasses with Murph.
Was Mick, ever? Like 'at?
Mick was like everyone else. He
just tried real hard not to be.
S'one o' the things I loved about


It's all turned upside down. What
about the new chief, Rhodes? Isn't
he your cousin or something?
Second cousin! Damn, we got a
black man runnin' the police now!
We lost Cochran but we got Deputy
Mayor Velez she's in! Looks like
we'll have a woman as interim
governor too. Jefferson might take
over til elections. Women taking
over. I gotta find me one of these
alpha females, and hitch a ride.
Man that reminds me. Your girl
Grace Luke's name came in on a
missing persons report.
Doc slams his drink on the bar.
What? Grace Luke? Get the fuck...
Someone from her AA group reported
her missing. Nat Cobb was released
early and this person thinks he
mighta helped her go missing.
Doc tosses money on the bar and heads for the door.
Where you goin'? I really want to
talk seriously about partnering
Yeah alright. But you gotta up
your game Franco. I got standards.
See ya Murph!
Okay Doc. See ya. Strange times
huh, Franco?


Doc pulls up to the house which is shuttered. He looks in
the front windows, the place is immaculate, but no signs of
                       MISS MAVIS
She's gone!
Doc turns and walks across the street towards her pulling
his badge out.
Detective Holliday. How are you
today Ms.?
                       MISS MAVIS
Miss, never married. Mavis.
Why you look so young...Miss
Mavis. Ya know where she is?
When she's comin' back?
                       MISS MAVIS
Nope and... never, I'd imagine.
How d'ya mean?
                       MISS MAVIS
Why come back here? What's left?
Look around. With her boy gone,
why stay?
Where do you think she would go?
                       MISS MAVIS
Wherever they wanted to.
                       MISS MAVIS
Sure her and the man. Because of
the man, the way she looked at
him. Him at her...they gone
The lawyer? Good lookin' dude?


                       MISS MAVIS
the white man.
What?! Who? What white man?!
                       MISS MAVIS
He's been comin' around here about
thirty years or more. He was
friends with Marcus, her brother
who passed. The ball player. He
became a cop...you probably know
him. He started coming by again
after she lost her boy Christian.
Hadn't seen him in near twenty
years. Came by every day. Then I
didn't see 'im for a while. It
isn't easy black and white. The
Reverend, his people always
around. Then he pops up the night
he put Nat away. Then the riots.
Now well... she gone. Hope they
happy she deserves it, all she
went through poor child.
Doc reels in the heat.
What makes you think they are
                       MISS MAVIS
They couldn't stay apart all those
years. Now that there's nothing to
keep them apart why would they be?
I been around a long time. I said
I never married, didn't say I was
never in love. I know when I see
it...they together.
Doc is numb, his head spins in the summer heat. He walks
slowly back to his car and sits in the front seat spent.
Doc cruises through acre after acre and block after block of
abandoned warehouses at the former U.S. Steel plant in
Morrisville on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware.

Rossie Marisol and Victor "Nello" Sangianello sit in


Rossie's car waiting. Doc pulls up next to them and points
out to the marshes.

They drive their cars a few hundred yards. Rossie helps
Nello out of the car and they all walk.
Ya cant' be too sure right now.
You ain't kidding!
Happens. 'At's life.
They stop by the water.
So where is he?
He's gone.
Gone? Or just gone?
In every sense of the word.
Rossie smiles at Nello and wipes his hands. Nello nods to
Rossie. Rossie smiles broadly at Doc and reaches into his
jacket. Doc draws his pistol quickly and points it at
Woah, what's up?
Rossie still smiling raises his hands passively. Nello
gestures emphatically at Rossie to do something. Doc then
points his gun at Nello's chest.
Easy old timer. You tryin' to get
slick with me? You messin' with
the wrong nigger man. I will drop
you both right here.
Nello shakes with fury. Doc and Nello stare at each other
fiercely. Sweat begins to pour out of Nello's forehead.


Don't get any stupid ideas Rossie.
How you wanna end this?
Your world man, I'm just a
Nello begins to gasp and clutch his throat. He rips at his
shirt and falls to the ground convulsing.
What the fuck? What's happening to
Rossie and Doc look at each other and then back at Nello who
spasms in the weeds. Neither of them do anything to help

Rossie slowly reaches into his jacket again. Doc points his
pistol back at him. Rossie pulls out an envelope and hands
it to Doc.
For services rendered.
Man I was gonna pop this old fool.
You too. Lemme guess you were
supposed to clip me. He couldn't
pay a brother.
I was hoping you would. Him, not
me. But like everything in life it
never comes out like you plan it.
Unless of course Mick plans it.
But Nello here he doesn't like
paying anybody, 'specially you.
They look down at Nello who grimaces at them, dying...
Gurgling from the leathered dank hole in his trachea.
Treacherous old racist bastard.
Can't argue with you there. What
about our friend? He really gone
for good?
Think so.


Mick was a friend since we was
kids. But he was always
unpredictable. Once the old man
found out Mick fixed the trial by
black mailing Margolis he wanted
all loose ends nipped. Even though
Mick gave us the goose and the
golden egg. Five people inna world
know what Mick did, 'at was four
too many. Me, Mick, Chief Russo,
Margolis an Nello here. Well now
you. I can't clip Mick, he gave me
the keys the castle. He was a
friend who I knew would never
betray me. But this old fuck, very
treacherous, yep.
Holy shit. I can't take anymore
surprises about Mick. I was his
partner for seven years and
thought I knew him. So all along
he knew it was a done deal?
He did it for you guys, he felt
guilty. He thought someone might
crack. So he did what he knew how
to do. He fixed it. The biggest
gamble of his life and he knew the
outcome already. A gambler's
fantasy. What did he get out of
it? He coulda been king. He gave
it to us, his friends.
He got something out of it. Now I
know what and why. Trust me,
there's another very special
reason he did it.
Well what it is I'll never know. I
could never figure out what drove
him. Wasn't money. He said we'd
work well together. He liked you a
lot. What about this new Chief?
He's my cousin.


They both smile, then laugh outright. Nello finally dies,
and they stroll away.
Fuckin' Mick. See ya.
Yeah man.
Mick and Grace sit at a table in a beach side resort on the
water. They are both glowing and healthy, sunned, gleaming,
smiling profusely at each other.
You did it baby. It was pure
We did it. It couldn't have worked
without you. None of it. You were
You happy?
More than I've ever been. Let's
just buy a boat and sail around.
Sounds great, we'd better get jobs
Mick freezes, studying her skeptically.
Yeah, it's where it belongs. It's
going to be used as it should be.
All of it!? Why did we do all
this?! You make a decision like
that without me?! When did you
decide to do this?
About a year ago when I realized I
could actually spend the rest of
my life with you. We wanted
justice. To start over again. We
got that. That city, our city is


                       GRACE (cont'd)
going to start over again too.
Parts of it are in ashes. They
need it much more than we do.
I put my life on the line. I put
others at risk too. I went out
again, just to make this work. I
almost didn't come back! I don't
even want to know how much it was.
He slams his fist on the table. A waiter walks towards them.
Not now please!
Why are you doing this? You were
a cop for for twenty-two years.
For most of which you were drunk,
high and doing very bad things.
You risked your life, and those
around you every day. I know what
you risked. You did something very
good. It was the only way we could
make a difference. Look, I risked
it all too, by letting myself fall
in love with you, again.
Mick looks deeply, painfully almost angrily into Grace's
Yeah I noticed how convincingly
you sold it to Josh. Quite
impressive. A true pro.
Grace's eyes well up with hurt.
He mighta been a lotta things
but he wasn't stupid. I made sure
that he had the facts as we wanted
him to have them. He could have
undone us. I did whatever I needed
to do to get us here. How dare
you?! You've been a whore your
whole life. I see now all you
cared about was the money! I
thought you loved me!


I never cared about the money! It
was never the money for me. I do
love you. I thought this would
prove to you. What I would do for
you... anything. I thought it
might make up for...
Make up for what? Why did you do
it? This elaborate scheme. Play
me! Hijack what was left of my
life! Let me know the truth!
Mick breaks as he stares out at the azure water. He has been
holding this for all of his life it seems.
Guilt! Unbearable guilt! I...
planted the gun at the scene... at
Christian's murder!
Grace looks as if he just slapped across the face. Mick
tries to look at her and then quickly turns away. He sits
as long as he can under her white hot glare.
I'm sure that has been quite a
burden to bear. I know you wish I
had something I could unload that
would could top that. Something
that could trump all that pain you
carry. So you could hate me as
much as you must hate yourself.
But I've got nothing for you.
Nothing. Why do you need to
destroy joy at all costs?
Mick gets up achingly and walks out of the cafe, swallowed
by the bustling streets of Caracas.
Judge Israel Margolis sits in an arm chair in his stately
study at his house watching the news on television. Phone
Hello? This is a private number.
How did you?


                       VOICE (O.S.)
You see Chief Russo on television?
Well he's talking about a certain
judge and a certain high profile
trial to save himself. He's
talking about how this judge's
penchant for young boys, very
young boys sometimes affects his
judgement on the bench. That's
going to be an interesting course
in law schools all across the
country for the next hun'red years
isn't it? When your grandchildren
go to law school and their
The line goes dead.
Margolis stares long and hard out the window and then takes
a prescription pill bottle from a table next to him. He
spills the entire contents on a card table in front of him.
He takes a tiny blue pill and washes it down with his
scotch, and another, and then another...and another...and...
Freddie Flintstone hangs up a pay phone and returns to a
Cadillac driven by Vito Moschetti. He turns to the back seat
where Rossie Marisol is lounging and gives him a
satisfactory grin.