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Only The Dead Know Dublin.
by Darragh Clancy (clancy.darragh@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review: ***
Gangland thriller set In Irish Capital's murky underworld. Am honest worker trades his blue collar life to enter Dublin's City's brutal drug underworld during the Celtic Tiger Years selling his soul in the process.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


An old Prison OFFICER opens a gate.

A well-built man in his late twenties with close cropped
dark hair and intense eyes steps through his name is MARK

He is casually dressed and carrying a bag with some

He steps out onto the street and looks around
It has been his first taste of freedom in over five years.
MARK stands outside a shop in the north inner city district
of PHIBSBORO taking in the sights and sounds, cars pass him
by as people both young and old go about their business.
The shadow of Mountjoy Prison looms large in the background.

His thoughts are interrupted by a young DRUG ADDICT.
                       DRUG ADDICT.
Any spare change ?
                       DRUG ADDICT.
I've got a job interview and I
need the bus fare.
Whats the job?
                       DRUG ADDICT.
The job your going for.
What is it?
                       DRUG ADDICT.
Builders labourer.


Mark looks up and down at the Drug addict who can barely
carry his own emaciated frame.
Good luck!
(Under his breath)
You'll fuckin' need it!
The DRUG ADDICT continues on his way head bowed.

MARK looks in his direction for a moment.
MARK turns and starts walking in the direction of the city

As he crosses the road the DRUG ADDICT takes out his
phone and starts speaking in a whisper looking in MARK'S
direction before taking the SIM card out of the phone before
discarding the phone in a waste basket and walking away.
Mark continues walking towards DUBLIN CITY CENTRE past old
houses and boarded up shops and businesses.

As he continues on his journey he hears the familiar rumble
of a motorcycle engine pulling up next to him.

He looks around just as the pillion passenger pulls a GLOCK
automatic out of his jacket pocket and fires several shots,
at Mark hitting him in the lower body and chest with one
grazing the side of his head drawing blood.

Mark falls to the ground lying on his back as the bike
drives off at a steady speed.
      (Voice Over.)
Just my luck!
Five minutes out of the JOY and
I'm already Dublin's latest crime
I doubt that's a coincidence.
MARK lies on his back in shock the blood seeping from his
wounds struggling for breath.
      (Voice Over.)
Tonight's headlines will Scream
"Known Gangland figure murdered
minutes out of prison" and the
newspapers and radio talk shows


                       MARK (cont'd)
will be full of people who never
even met me saying I had it coming
and you know what maybe they'll be
right and then again maybe they
can go FUCK themselves!
Some Elderly onlookers gather around Mark and an old WOMAN
starts mouthing the Rosary as he struggles for breath.

Another OLD WOMAN starts talking on a State of the Art
mobile phone.
      (Voice Over.)
Every story starts somewhere and
mine started a few years before.
Seems like yesterday though.
SUMMER 2002.
A drunk staggers home from the pub along a footpath on a
warm summers night as some kids nearby sit at the edge of a

A Football (filled with cement) sits in the middle of the
green and the kids compete to get the drunks attention.
                       YOUNG KID.
Here Mister!
Kick us the ball would yeh!
The drunk looks in the kids direction and then makes a run
for the ball imitating a professional football player
attempting a penalty kick his foot strikes the ball and he
immediately falls to the ground clutching his foot.
                       DRUNKEN MAN.
      (In Pain.)
Yeh fucking little bastards!!
The kids run past the man laughing as the drunk still lies
on the grass clutching his foot.

Mark leans against the wall of an end terrace house with
some friends sipping a bottle of beer watching with a look
of amusement on their faces.

Loud music is coming from inside the house as a house party


is in full swing.

The kids run past Mark and his friends and disappear down
the street.One of Marks friend ROBBIE EGAN looks in the kids
direction and laughs.
Ha! Did yeh see that little
Next time Pele over there kicks a
fuckin' ball he'll be wearing
steel toed boots.
Some girls arrive with their dates one of whom is a tall
stocky man with a shaved head of Blonde hair and wearing a
Republic of Ireland football jersey his name is GRAHAM

The guests are carrying some plastic bags full of beer and
bottles of vodka.
All right Graham whats the craic?
Whats the story boys?
Been a while.
Mark nods in Grahams direction.
When'd you get out?
Last week.
Robbie nods as Graham casually walks into the party.
The house party is in full swing with some loud dance music
playing as several girls sit on a couch listening to FRANNER
a local petty-criminal.The house is decorated with Irish
flags and bunting for a recent world cup match.

Also in the room is ANTO WHELAN a member of a local drug
gang.Anto is short and slightly built.


Anyway when I got outside the
fuckin' car was clamped and the
bastards grabbed me and dragged me
back inside.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Franner was a local nobody and
name dropper who loved to hang
around. His big mouth and
unbelievable stupidity got the
bollocks knocked out of him on too
many occasions to count.
The lads used him as a mule and
general gopher.
Only problem was he snorted more
than he sold which was always
gonna end in tears for him and
whoever was dumb enough to give
him the sniff in the first place.
He once used his ex-girlfriends
mothers car to rob a newsagents.
The guards where waiting for him
before he even got home.
Naturally enough he wasn't gonna
be troubling Interpol anytime
                       BLONDE GIRL.
Oh Jesus! Did you get into
That's not the fucking half of it
your a fucking dipstick Franner.
Here tell these girls about the
time you were lying on the green
and a tractor ran over your
                       BLONDE GIRL.
Are yeh serious?
Aw leave it out Anto!
It's true!
Fuckin' tractor balls we used to
call him.
Got a nice aul compo claim out of
that one.
Bout the only good score you ever


                       ANTO. (cont'd)
made yeh dope yeh!
Franner sits looking Embarrassed while Anto takes out a
small bag of cocaine and begins chopping out lines from it
on a small glass mirror.

Rob and Paul pass through the room as he does so.
Alright Robbie fancy a line.
Rob takes a rolled up ten euro note and snorts a huge line
of coke.He rubs his nose and takes a sip of his drink.

Anto begins chopping out more lines with his bank card.
Help yourselves girls.
An attractive brunette leans forward and snorts a line.
Give us a line Anto!
Fuck off you dozy cunt!
Several young men are drinking and smoking in the kitchen
among them Graham and PADDY DALY, Mark's best friend.

Paddy is of medium height well built with a shaved ahead and
numerous tattoos on his arms he is drinking from a bottle of
      (To Mark.)
Whats the story man?
Having a good time?
The two shake hands.
Good craic yeah.
Glad to hear it.
You remember Graham?


Graham opens a bag of coke and takes a coin out of his
pocket before scooping some of the powder on to it and
sniffing it, he nods in Marks direction when he is done.
Yeah course.
We were chattin' outside sort
The doorbell rings.
      (In a loud voice.)
Somebody get the fucking door.
      (Voice over.)
Paddy's been my best mate since we
were kids.
He was more like a brother than a
He was also in charge of one of
the biggest coke dealing groups on
the North side of the Liffey.
It was the start of the Celtic
tiger years and drugs were bigger
business than ever.
Graham was his chief enforcer
loyal as a pit-bull and twice as
vicious when the need be.
The door opens and a loud voice can be heard in the
DECO GAFFNEY enters with his younger brother BRENDAN who
puts his cans on the table and sits at down on a chair.
Story boys.
Gary not with youse tonight?
Nah he's up in Cloverhill.
Got nicked on a couple of
For what?
Driving offences.
Should be out next week.
The bastard who nicked him told


                       DECO. (cont'd)
the judge he didn't think he
should get bail.
What a cunt!
You know what the bastards are
like any excuse.
When you see him tell him to give
us a shout.
Got a little business to run by
Deco nods then takes his cans and puts them in the fridge.
He opens one and takes a large gulp before burping a few
feet from Marks face.
      (Pointing at Mark.)
Who's this?
A mate of mine Mark.
This is Deco and his brother
Brendan looks towards Mark and raises his hand over his
Deco continues to stare at Mark who looks right back.
Do you wanna fuckin' ride me or
Deco moves towards Mark and puts his face INCHES from
Paddy steps in between the two.
For fuck sake Deco!
Will you relax.
Deco takes a step back and takes another drink from his can.
Aghh he knows I'm only buzzin'
with him.
Right bud?


Deco lightly punches Mark on the arm who remains still.
Mark looks down then back at Deco. There is a pause.
Deco turns around and exits the kitchen can in hand.
His brother Brendan joins him in the sitting room.
      (From other room.)
Turn the fuckin' sounds up boys is
this a party or what.
Mark leans against the kitchen counter his bottle of beer
still in his hand he stares towards the sitting room with an
intense anger in his eyes.

Paddy opens the fridge and grabs two bottles of beer.
Here.(Handing Mark another Bottle)
What's with you?
Mark takes the beer and takes a long drink.
Where'd you find that fuckin'
Never mind him.
He's just a mouth you'll get used
to him.
      (Looking down at
       the bottle in his
He's lucky I don't crack this over
his fucking head.
Paddy puts an arm on marks shoulder to calm him down Graham
sits at the kitchen table smoking a joint.
The room is full and covered in a thick smoke.There is loud
music playing and Deco is in the corner kissing one of the
girls.Mark still glares at him out of the corner of his eye
but continues drinking and laughing with the others.


I tell yeh what where they like!
I'm pissed out of me head.
I just want to go home.
Michelle's been ringing me all
night and this fat cunt bumps into
me on purpose and says what the
fuck are you looking at boy!
Some thick fucking redneck...
Some of the party goers sit smiling at Paddy's story.
One of the girls a cute brunette is practically in
I really don't need this so he's
standing there staring at me and
his mates are there with him.
I swing at him catch him lovely
knock him to the ground and his
two mates pin me to the ground and
then it hits me.
They're all wearing matching
slacks and shoes.
They're only fuckin' off duty
Paddy stands up to demonstrate the actions of the man in his
I'm thinking I am Fucked!
There's no way a judge is gonna
believe three off-duty Guards
started a row with me!
They're laying into me and their
mate is starting to get back up
rubbin' his jaw.
The two of them are holding me
still like they're about to take a
goal kick and out of nowhere
Graham comes flying down the road
and puts the two holding me on the
ground and chucks one of them into
the canal.
Im wrestling with the main one and
all I can hear is:
There is some laughter.


Ended up havin' to chuck the poor
bastard a life buoy or whatever
yeh call them.
Deco looks up from the girl he is with.
Should've let the cunt drown.
Wish I fuckin' had now!
Me and Graham split up and he
ended up getting nicked on the way
Copper identified him as the one
who threw him into the canal.
What happened?
Judge gave me a year with six
months suspended.
Could've been worse.
The door bell rings again and Robbie goes out to answer it.
He returns moments later with two girls MICHELLE a good
looking Blonde that is heavily pregnant and Paddy's
girlfriend and LISA a slim good looking Brunette.
Hey how's everyone!
Paddy steps up and hugs his girlfriend.
You took your time.
We were in town waiting ages for a
My feet are wrecked!
Have to go upstairs and lie down
Yes we will.
This is Lisa by the way.


Lisa hold up her hand half waving looking slightly
Deco stands up from where he's sitting and shakes her hand.
Nice to meet you darling!
Eh hi!
Lisa breaks free of Deco's grip and walks towards the
Anything to drink here!
Mark goes to get a beer from the fridge he notices Lisa
leaning against one of the kitchen cabinets drinking a vodka
and coke.
Hi. I'm Mark.
Mark extends his hand.
Nice to meet you Lisa,
So did yeh have a good night so
Alright yeah.
I'm Paddy's mate by the way.
So do you live around here?
Not far.
What about you?
I used too years ago.
Live in town now.


                       MARK (V.O.)
From the minute I met Lisa I knew
she was the one for me.
Only problem was I didn't have a
pot to piss in at the time and I
was about to lose my job.
Mark and Paddy play pool while Michelle and Lisa sit at a
table talking and finishing Sunday dinner.

Brendan and Deco Gaffney are also in the bar with Robbie
Egan watching a football match on the telly.
Fuck sake.
Did yeh see how close that was.
Fucking useless man.
I don't know why they fucking
signed him.
Mark lines up to take a shot and hits it into a corner.
Did I tell yeh I was getting let
No when you find that out?
It was on the radio the other
morning .
Wankers didn't even have the balls
to tell us to our face.
Paddy chalks up the pool cue before taking a shot.
He misses.
They're some cunts letting you
find out like that.
What can you do?
Mark moves around the table and goes to take another shot
and pots a red.


You been getting practice in?.
Tell me what do you think of Lisa?
Mark looks over at where Lisa and Michelle are sitting
She catches his eye for a moment and he looks away
She's nice.
Very Nice!
She into you man shes coming back
to the gaff later if you want to
join us.
I'd love to but I'm up at half
five tomorrow.
Suit yourself.
Your loss man.
There is a loud cheer at the bar when one of the teams
playing on television scores a goal.

Deco takes a slip from a betting office and tears it into
small pieces.
What a fucking shot!
Fuck that!
That cunt's after costing me three
hundred euro!
Deco immediately takes the remote from off the bar and puts
on a music channel.

An elderly gentleman sitting with his son immediately speaks
                       ELDERLY GENTLEMAN.
Hey I was watching that!
Well your not fucking watching it
now are yeh?


The Elderly man looks at Deco for a minute and then at the

He puts on his jacket and takes his grandson by the hand and
exits the pub.
For fuck sake Deco!
Deco stand with his arms outstretched.
The YOUNG BARMAN steps forward and speaks to Deco.
                       YOUNG BARMAN.
Listen lads we can't have any
trouble here.
Do you want to get involved and
all you fucking little queer?
The young bar man is visibly frightened.
                       YOUNG BARMAN.
I..I c.can't serve yeh if you keep
it up, n-now p-put the match back
on please.
Now Brendan gets involved and stands up from his stool.
Who the fuck do you think your
talking to?
The barman looks at the ground and there is a tense silence
in the pub as the remaining customers look over to
frightened to get involved.

All the while the music from the television plays in the
Paddy takes a break from the pool table and looks over at
the bar.
Quit acting the bollix and put the
match back on.
There is more silence as Paddy and Mark look over at Deco
and his brother.


      (With a hint of
Sure thing....boss!
Deco takes the remote and switches the match back on before
sitting back on his stool like nothing happened.
While Paddy goes back to the game and sinks the black ball
winning the game.
Want another game?
A scrawny drug-debtor is being held down at a table by Deco
and his brother Brendan.

Another man wearing a black T-shirt and tracksuit bottom is
heating up an Iron.The man is of medium height and build
with dark hair but the intense look in his eyes means he is
not someone to be taken lightly.

His name is GARY O'DONNELL leader of a drug gang the
tabloids have nicknamed the WEST-SIDE BOYS.
      (Voice over.)
The reason Deco was so cocky had
nothing to do with his own
physical abilities or rat-like
The Drug Debtor is pleading for mercy and desperately if
weakly trying to wiggle free from his captors grasp.
                       DRUG ADDICT.
I'll get your fucking money I
Please Dont.....
Gary places the Iron on the drug addicts back causing him to
yell out in excruciating pain.
When I give you some gear I expect
to be paid on time.
The iron is lifted off the addicts back taking strips of
flesh with it.


                       DRUG ADDICT.
Not to still be waiting a fucking
week later!
The Iron is placed back on the drug addicts back and he
yells out in even more pain.
                       MARK (V.O.)
No the reason Deco did as he
pleased and stepped on peoples
toes was because everyone was shit
scared of his best friend and
partner in crime Gary O'Donnell.
Gary was the leader of a feared
North-side drug gang the tabloids
nicknamed the West-Side Boys.
He was without doubt a man to be
feared and a sadist who liked
inflicting pain on people who
crossed him.
Without Gary watching his back
there would be a long line of
people waiting to put Deco Gaffney
in the ground.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Not that Deco was beyond dishing
out a bit of violence himself.
It is now dark and the young barman is on his way home.
He hears the sound of a car pull up with loud dance music
blaring out of the speakers.

Deco exits the car with his brother behind the wheel.
The Barman pauses in his tracks.

The street is empty except for the three men.
Whats the story man?
                       YOUNG BARMAN.
Look Deco I don't want any hassle?


Is that so?
Still got a big fucking mouth on
Deco produces a 38. Revolver from his waist band.
                       YOUNG BARMAN.
Deco please!
Deco takes the gun and SHOOTS the barman in the knee.
He falls to the ground screaming in agony.

Deco gets back into the car and him and his brother drive
off laughing leaving the barman lying on the ground
clutching his leg.
Mark lies on a single- bed in a dingy city center bedsit
smoking a joint and drinking from a bottle of beer.
The Bedsit is small and lightly furnished with only a telly
in the corner and a kitchen area.
The only light in the room is coming from the small
television where a comedy film is playing at low volume.
                       MARK (V.O.)
I made the decision right there
and then.
I was going to do something with
my life even if it killed me.
I wanted it all and I thought I
knew a way I could get it.
It is Friday night in the city and people are getting ready
to hit the bars and clubs.The city is alive.
                       MARK (V.O.)
It seemed at the time that the
city was running on pure
The economy was booming and Dublin
was covered in a white powder.
Everywhere you went it seemed like
everyone was doing it.


The bar is new with loud dance music catering to an upmarket
A young well dressed TWENTY-SOMETHING MAN walks out of the
bathroom rubbing his nose.

Towards him walks TWO VERY ATTRACTIVE BLONDE'S he passes one
of them a small plastic bag and the girls continue towards
the ladies bathroom.
The Two good looking twenty somethings take turns snorting
Cocaine off the sinks with a rolled up Fifty euro note in
the ladies bathroom while other club goers move about their
business undisturbed.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Dublin was caught in a snowstorm.
The lights of the city shine down below bright and full of
This is a truly a city at the peak of it's success.
                       MARK (V.O.)
The city was wide open and any
body's for the taking.
There was money to be made tons of
it provided you had an opening.
Little did anybody know how it was
all going to end.
Least of all me.
It is early morning and Mark and another man of Eastern
European appearance unload some boxes from a truck using a

The warehouse is large and very busy with a lot of traffic
passing through.
                       MARK (V.O.)
In the meantime I went back to
work doing what I did.


A security van is parked up outside a suburban shopping
center and a SECURITY GUARD with a large case containing
cash belonging to several businesses is about to step back
inside the van.

Suddenly a high powered car pulls up an several men wearing
balaclavas all armed with handguns and sawed-off shotguns
jump out of the car and surround the van and its terrified

One Security guard is made lie on the ground while one of
the raiders points his shotgun at the drivers side of the
                       MARK (V.O.)
While Paddy did what he did best.
Get on the fucking GROUND.
Don't try anything or I'll FUCKING
blow your head off.
It is bright and Sunny in stark contrast to the Irish
Paddy wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt sips from a
bottle of San Miguel Beer and talks to an OLDER MAN dressed
in a similar fashion.

Graham sits at a nearby table also drinking a bottle of
                       MARK (V.O.)
Using some Irish contacts on the
Spanish coast.
Paddy manage to build up a
wholesale drug distribution
network supplying smaller gangs
with Coke and Hashish.
He used the money from various
cash in transit robberies as they
were called and put the money into
large scale drug and property


A large truck drives through the countryside outside Dublin.
                       MARK (V.O.)
The stuff was purchased through
contacts and then driven through
mainland Europe and brought in
through the U.K to Rosslare
Dublin port was a little more
tricky but not impossible either.
A truck pulls into an industrial estate and drives into a
small warehouse.
      (Voice over.)
Truck drivers were usually paid 30
grand a pop to make sure the coke
and hash was delivered safely.
Some members of Paddy's gang unload the trucks illegitimate
cargo and the lots are put into different vans and cars.
Many of the vans are painted to look like legitimate courier
company's which in fact some of them are anyway.
      (Voice over.)
The Drugs were divided up and sent
out to different whole salers who
had already pre-ordered them and
with illegal drugs come illegal
A final Pallet is unloaded from the truck this one contains
a variety of different semi-automatic handguns and larger
sub-machine guns as well as a couple of of AK 47's.
The bar is an old fashioned drinking establishment catering
to a working class crowd now newly frequented by students
and upmarket professionals. Mark sits alone nursing a pint
of beer while counting out change for another.


He manages to get four euro together and signals the barman
for another drink.

He glances at the crowd of young people enjoying themselves
and looks away with an almost sad expression.
Marks flat is decorated with small cheap Christmas

Mark and Paddy sit in two fold up chairs in front of the
Paddy is playing a racing game on the Playstation 2.
Mark snorts a line before handing the rolled up banknote to
So? What do yeh think?
Mark wipes his nose and takes a drink from a beer bottle.
Paddy takes a line and sits back in the chair.
I usually get them to cut it down
more but it's still better than
half the shite that's out there.
I know you'd be more likely to get
nicked for smuggling glucose.
Specially that shit that Franner
was knockin' out.
Don't talk to me about that junkie
That was my sniff he was sellin'
He's been warned all ready.
On that subject there's something
I need to ask yeh?
Want another beer by the way?
Nice one.
Mark gets two more bottles out of the fridge and hands one
to Paddy who twists the cap off.


Y'know I'm gettin' a few quid from
this redundancy.
I was thinking I give you a few
quid out of it and you invest it
for me.
Invest in what?
Mark taps the side of his nose.
Don't go doing to much of this
It'll fuck your head up.
C'mon man!
I'll be getting a few grand.
I need the cash Paddy.
Paddy lights a cigarette and takes along look at Mark
without blinking.
You trying to wreck my buzz or
What the fucks running through
your head?
Money pure and simple the
economy's supposed to be booming
and I'm sick of working for
peanuts with nothing to show for
You'll have either a headstone or
a prison term to show for it you
get involved in this shit.
I know how it works I wasn't born
Anyway if you know all that why do
you do it.
Paddy exhales some smoke and looks at Mark before breaking
into a wide grin.


What the fuck else am I gonna do
to make a living?
You coming out with us New Years?
                       MARK (V.O.)
I tried to talk him round but he
wasn't going for it.
I never realised at the time how
much of a favour he was trying to
do for me.
I was young and I had big plans
for the future.
Mark takes a new expensive shirt off the rack and tries it
He looks at the price and leaves it back on the rack.
As he is about to leave the store a burly thuggish looking
twenty something walks over to the rack and takes a couple
of the shirts he couldn't afford one of and pays for them
with a roll of twenties.
I liked spending money and I was
sick of having none.
Mark sits in a booth in a nightclub with Paddy Graham and
The men are here with some girls who are up dancing and who
keep looking over beckoning them to join them.
Mark looks around the crowded club before taking a sniff of
coke off a two euro coin and passing the bag under the table
to Paddy who does the same before taking a sniff himself.
The music in the club is playing loudly the bass vibrating
through the crowded nightclub while Anto finishes telling
his story.
So I told the cunt, either you
open the fuckin' door and give me
the money you owe us or the
fuckin' sniff back or I gonna come
back later and climb through that
fucking window and god fuckin'


                       ANTO. (cont'd)
help yeh if I do!
So what happened?
Well, I went down the pub for the
day to watch the match got
hammered and forgot about the
cunt! Turns out he sat there for
two days and nights watching the
It is early morning and the sun has just started to shine
while the coke head from Anto's story sits trembling armed
with a Kitchen knife eyes bulging in Terror as day slowly
turns to night and back to day again.
So did you get the money back from
Ah well, that's another fucking
story entirely.
Paddy glares in Anto's direction who looks down at the floor
A Garda forenscics team has cordoned off a small patch of
shrubbery where the dead body of the COKE HEAD lies with
half his head blown off next to the burnt out car that drove
him to his death.
While the music echoes around the club and the bass slowly
thumps away Paddy glares at Anto before looking away towards
the dance floor at some of the girls Dancing.
The club is now crowded and the night seems to be going


I gotta go to the jacks.
Save some for the rest of us.
Anto leaves the table and walks through the club towards the
toilets disappearing into the crowd.
Always the fuckin' same with that
Gets a couple of lines and can't
shut the fuck up!
Who the fuck can with this shite!
True enough. Right I'm going to to
try my luck with that young one
over there she's been given me the
eye all night.
Graham gets up from the table wipes his nose in his sleeve
and makes his way towards the dance floor where he starts
dancing beside a short Blonde in a red dress.
Paddy and Mark are now alone at the booth.
Mark is barely audible over the loud dance music and is
talking loudly in Paddy's direction in an attempt to be
Listen man.Have you thought about
what I said?.
I've got 5 grand spare and a lot
of bills to pay.
Can't fuckin' do this minimum wage
shite anymore.
I've already told yeh what I
fucking think but now is not the
time or the place.
I'll call around your gaff
In the meantime what do you think
of that bird over there?
Paddy motions towards a Good looking Brunette in a Black
dress who is staring intently in Marks direction as only a
good looking women can.


She's nice! I remember her from
the party.
Lisa right?
That's right.
I think she remembers you too man.
You're in there.
You think so?
Only one way to find out!
He who dares Rodders!
Mark looks intently in Lisa's direction who looks back and
gives him a seductive smile.
Lisa fully naked sits astride Mark frantically rocking him
to a climax before she collapses out of breath in his arms.
The two lie together holding each other close.
It's early morning and Mark wearing only a pair of tracksuit
bottoms makes a cup of tea while Lisa lies in Bed asleep
breathing softly against the pillow.
Marks phone starts vibrating he checks the caller its Paddy.
      (In a low voice.)
Whats the craic?
      (Voice on phone.)
I'm outside.
Wanna buzz up?
No come down to the car.
Bring the money aswell.


Mark calls down to the front entrance wearing a dressing
Paddy is waiting at the door with a thick fleece jacket on
and jeans.

Mark hands Paddy an envelope containing the money.
Its all there.
You still want to do this?
Well if you want in you better be
ready to pull your weight.
Mark nods at Paddy who puts the envelope into his inside
Did you leave the club with Lisa
last night?
She's upstairs asleep.
Paddy smiles.
Fair play man she's a ride!
Don't let Michelle hear you say
Don't get me started.
I better split I'll send someone
around later.
The two shake hands firmly.


Mark sits in a chair at a fold up table mixing a large
quantity of white powder with a credit card.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Paddy was true to his word.
I gave him five grand and within a
week I had almost doubled my
A young man sits on a couch and takes money from another
couple of youths before passing them two bags each of
                       MARK (V.O.)
It was fairly amateur at first I
gave a few ounces. to a few
small-time dealers like myself and
collected my money at the end of
the week.
The rest I got rid of myself.
Mark hands a gym bag to a slight bookish looking man.
                       MARK (V.O.)
I used to houses of people I knew
weren't likely to be users to
stash the stuff and in turn I paid
their months rent.
Paddy, Graham,Mark, Robbie and the Gaffney brothers sit with
some of their friends and girlfriends about two dozen of
them in all laughing and joking.

A barmaid brings a round of drinks and Mark pays her with
two fifty euro notes.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Paddy was happy with the money I
was bringing in and with him and
Graham watching my back I didn't
have to worry about dealing on
someone Else's turf.
They supplied most of the dealers


                       MARK (cont'd)
on the North side and I was fast
becoming a top earner for them.
Mark and Lisa approach the counter both carrying a handful
of clothes.

Mark pays for the lot with a roll that could choke a horse
and Lisa smiles and kisses him.
Mark looks admiringly at a high powered sports bike before
handing the garage owner an envelope of cash.

The owner goes back inside the store and Mark fastens his
helmet and drives off into the city center traffic.
The pub is decorated in bunting and flowers and a large
Banner hangs from the ceiling with the Inscription:

All Paddy and Michelle's friends and Family are there at
least a hundred plus people between them.

Mark and Lisa both well dressed Mark wearing a pullover and
slacks approach the couple and Mark hands Paddy and Michelle
who sit with their BABY SON ADAM an envelope before
embracing the two of them.
Thanks man.
Thanks for making it.
Its a lovely dress Michelle.


I got it in the sales last week.
      (To Mark.)
Lets get a drink.
Paddy and Mark stand at the bar and clink their glasses both
are drinking vodka.
You've been doing well Mark.
Keep it up and its going be a good
Fuck that!
Its going to be a great year!
The two friends embrace as friend, family and young kids
enjoy themselves in the pub.
Mark, Robbie and two other men all dressed in warm clothes
hats and gloves are unloading boxes from a Lorry.

Robbie opens up one box and takes a look.
All good?
                       MARK (V.O.)
In addition to the money I was
bringing in, I was given jobs to
do same as anyone else on the
Mark drives out of a multi-story car park on a high powered
                       PADDY. (V.O.)
You can handle a bike yeah?


                       MARK (V.O.)
You know I can.
                       PADDY. (V.O.)
Right here's the keys.
The bikes a ringer bring it to
this address on the south side and
the bloke their will have a thing
for you to collect.
A fat balding man in his mid-thirties hands Mark a hold-all
bag like the ones motor-bike couriers use.
                       PADDY. (V.O.)
Drop the parcel and the bike to
the address he gives you.
And watch your not followed.
The bike is now visible from the back window of the kitchen.
A sheet is draped over it and only one of the handle bars is

Mark sits at the kitchen table smoking a cigarette as a
balding man is aiming the contents of the hold all bag a
Glock Automatic at himself in the mirror.

The mans name is CRAIG PHELAN.
Fucking lovely!
Fancy a cup of tea?
Nah I'm grand thanks.
Better get moving anyway.
Mark gets up to leave and leaves the motorbike helmet and
gloves on the table.
The man is still holding the Glock.
Here young fella.
Mark turns puzzled.Craig takes a roll of money out of his
jeans pocket and gives it to Mark.


Ah no your grand.
Take it.
Have a drink on me.
Mark and Lisa sit at a table in an American Themed
restaurant Mark sips from a beer while Lisa is drinking a

Both are well dressed Mark wearing a shirt, pullover and
slacks with expensive shoes while Lisa is wearing a black

Mark takes a bite of his steak and then a sip of beer.
Jesus that's not fucking bad at
Mark can I ask you something?
Just so you know I think we should
wait a while to get married.
Very funny.
I'm serious though.
O.K. whats the question?
What exactly do you do for a
Mark sits uneasily in his chair before taking a long gulp of
Me this and that.
Paddy has me on a few decorating
jobs and I still have some money
left over from the redundancy.


I'm not stupid Mark you always
seem to have money,
You change your phone nearly every
week and your always hanging
around with those fucking
What Scumbags?
Deco,Brendan ,Anto....
Fuck Deco.
I don't even like the cunt.
He's just someone Paddy has
There's nothing to worry about.
I just don't want to see anything
happen to you.
You won't.
Paddy and Mark sit in an old car on the edge of a housing
estate.They are both wearing tracksuits and listening to the
      (Voice Over.)
Things were going pretty smoothly.
I was enjoying the money I was
making and with Paddy watching out
for me I didn't get any hassle
from other dealers or wannabes.
Then I lent Franner a poxy oner
bag on tick and the cunt never
bothered paying for it.
Even hung up when I tried to ring
Right this cunt's fuckin' yeh
about, you gave him a chance and
he still hasn't paid yeh back.


Mark nods his head.
Wanker doesn't answer his phone
anytime I try and ring him.
Even tried the weasel from a
payphone and he hung up on me.
He's a thick cunt but it's no
If you let him away with it then
the next ten cunts are doing the
same thing.
Pretty soon after that the world
and his wife starts thinking your
a fucking soft touch.
Paddy reaches under the drivers seat and takes out a heavy
Iron bar handing it to Mark who feels its weight in his
Give him a couple of belts with
It should bring him around and its
not like he doesn't have it coming
a long time anyway.
Mark looks down at the bar in his hand.
You all right with this?
      (Voice Over.)
A part of me wanted to say no.
I cant do it.
Take me home.
But I'd have been a laughing
Mark slaps the heavy bar into an open palm.
Fuck him anyway.
Franner walks across the green wearing a heavy rain jacket
and tracksuit bottoms.
Mark and Paddy spot him and start walking quickly towards



A YOUNG WOMEN is walking towards them carrying some shopping
her two children one BOY and a GIRL by her side.

Mark walks up behind Franner and hits him HARD on the side
of the head knocking Franner to his knees.
Think yeh can hang up on me yeh
Mark strikes Franner several more times causing him to yell
out in pain.The noise is not pleasant.
Mark reaches into Franners jacket and takes out some money.
Whats this?
Mark counts the money before putting half in his pocket and
dropping the other half on the badly injured Franner.
Its just me dole I was gonna pay
yeh I swear!
Mark starts kicking Franner while he is on the ground.
The Women shields her children's eyes and screams at the two
men .
                       FEMALE WITNESS.
Leave him alone yis bastards!
Real fuckin' brave two on one!
Paddy steps forward and points his finger at the women.
Mind your own fucking business!
The woman quickly hurries past with her two children.
Please Mark....Paddy we're
supposed to be mates.
Paddy takes a Stanley knife out of his pocket and runs the
sharp blade down the right side of Franners face producing a
copious amount of blood.

Franner screams in agony as Paddy wipes the blood from the
blade using Franners jacket.


The mates I have don't owe money.
Pay what you fucking owe next
The two men walk away leaving Fran sobbing in a bloody heap
on the ground.
                       MARK (V.O.)
I remember feeling half bad for
the poor bastard.
I also remember feeling He got
what he deserved we weren't
running a fucking charity.
Anyway it was pretty tame compared
to some of the things that
happened later on down the line.
MICHAEL CLEARY sits wearing an immaculate pin striped suit
in a leather chair in his West Dublin Law Practice.
Mark and Paddy sit opposite him.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Wasn't long before Franner ran and
Squealed to the Guards.
They picked up Paddy and held him
overnight and I was told they
where looking for me as well.
Paddy thought it was best to seek
                       MICHAEL CLEARY.
It's not looking good guys.
It is a very serious assault
charge and I'm afraid they have a
witness who claims she saw the
whole thing in front of her
Not to mention Mr Mulvey himself.
He's a scumbag sure he has a list
of previous as along as a donkey's
                       MICHAEL CLEARY.
Ahem, well that might be and
nicely put there Patrick but that
doesn't change the facts.
With a witness the best either of
you can do is plead guilty and


                       MICHAEL CLEARY. (cont'd)
hope the judge takes Mr Mulveys
previous charges into account and
the Fact that Mr. Nolan here has
no previous charges himself will
stand for him.
So what should we do?
                       MICHAEL CLEARY.
I can have the initial court date
delayed and put back at least
eighteen months.
In the meantime stay out of
Mark and Paddy rise and shake hands with the Solicitor.
Thanks Michael.
Mark is a passenger in Paddy's jeep as they drive along
discussing their prospects.
That miserable rattin' fucking
I'll fucking kill him I swear on
me kids life!
Take it easy I'll think of
I've worked too fucking hard to
get put away for something like
Graham, Mark and Paddy sit at a table in a quiet pub.
The pub is catering to a lunch-time clientele.
All three men drink from Pint glasses while Graham and Mark
are finishing some lunch.


Right I've heard back.
The bird who seen us do Franner
takes a spin class with Anto's
Never misses it and they've become
fairly friendly.
Can you get her address?
Already have.
Had it checked out as well
definitely the one.
Mark takes a piece of paper out of his pocket and slides it
across the table to Paddy.
Paddy takes a look at the piece of paper and turns to
What did I tell yeh about this
Fucking genius!
Paddy leans across the table and kisses Mark on the forehead
and hugs him in a playful fashion.
I'll call round there on me way
home from the creche.
She'll change her mind believe me.
It's better if someone she doesn't
know approaches her.
That way she'll be jumping at
shadows thinking every bloke she
sees could be out to get her.
Paddy and Graham look over at each other impressed.
      (To Graham.)
You O.K. with this?
Graham nods.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Graham never said much but when he
talked people tended to listen.


It is raining heavily and very few people are out on the
The WITNESS to the assault is walking with her two CHILDREN
into her driveway when Graham approaches her.
                       FEMALE WITNESS.
Can I help you?
Graham walks towards her and stops.
I thought you were someone else
The woman pauses what shes doing puzzled.
It's just that you look like a
girl I know.
She saw something she shouldn't
and then told someone she
shouldn't have about it.
Graham produces a 38 snub nose revolver and holds it to the
woman's side out of sight of her children.
But your not her are yeh?
                       FEMALE WITNESS.
Glad to hear it.
Graham walks out of the driveway and gets into a waiting car
leaving the terrified mother visibly shaking and scared.
                       MARK (V.O.)
The witness withdrew her statement
soon after.
Franner was still a problem but
without a credible witness the
case was thrown out of court.
I never got in this game to
intimidate helpless woman but it
had to be done.
The message was out keep your
FUCKING mouth shut.


Graham and Mark sit at a table in the back room of a
hardware story owned by Paddy Daly.
Some music is playing on the radio while Graham shows Mark
how to assemble and disassemble an automatic pistol.

Both are wearing surgeons gloves.
Remember to always check the
chamber and make sure there's not
a bullet in it.
A lot of dumb cunts forget to do
that and blow their fucking heads
Watch what I'm doing.
Graham takes the pistol apart and cleans the more important
Always clean automatics cause they
have a habit of jamming if you
don't look after them and trust me
there's never a fucking good time
for that to happen.
Graham puts the gun back together and begins loading bullets
into it before putting the gun on safety and handing it to
Always make sure you wear gloves
if you can when loading the gun.
You'd be surprised how many clowns
forget to do that and leave prints
on the shells for old bill to
Mark holds the gun in his hand and points it out in front of
Now you try.
A high powered Subaru pulls up out side a rundown mid
terraced house on a suburban housing estate.

Mark jumps out wearing a bomber Jacket Hood and balaclava he


produces the pistol from his pocket and fires several shots
at the house smashing the front windows and door before
getting back in the car and driving off.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Franner had left town but the word
was out that he'd snitched.
His name was mud and the gunshots
were a not so subtle warning of
his fate should he ever return.
After that the assault case
collapsed completely.
Mark looking well dressed struts through a trendy disco-bar
several patrons recognise him and nod in recognition.

Several girls also look his way and smile.
                       MARK (V.O.)
The way I'd made the case collapse
brought me new respect with
Paddy's crew and a small amount of
resentment from some quarters.
Mark walks towards Paddy,Graham,Robbie and various members
of their crew and they all nod in recognition and shake
hands except for Anto who looks on bitterly at Mark.
Whats the story boys anyone fancy
a drink.
The boys go through several bottles of beer and shot Glasses
of vodka and whiskey while some snort cocaine off two -euro
Mark,Robbie and some of their friends are dancing in the
middle of a crowded club while beautiful girls and not so
beautiful ones dance all around them.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Add the booze and coke I was doing
alongside the money I was making
and all the ingredients were there
for me to start acting the prick.


Mark spots an attractive girl eyeing him up on the dance
floor and he starts moving in her direction.
Mark and the Blonde are in a toilet stall having sex with
him holding her up with her legs wrapped around him.
                       ATTRACTIVE BLONDE.
Oh yeah!
Oh fuck yeah!
                       MARK (V.O.)
I started messing around on Lisa.
I wasn't proud of it but the way I
saw it I was getting what I had
coming to me.
Mark is awoken by a loud buzzer.
He looks at his radio alarm clock it is two in the day.
He jumps out of bed wearing only his boxer shorts.
The buzzer rings again.
All right for fuck sake!
Mark moves towards the door and presses the buzzer.
                                         CUT TO.
Lisa sits at the edge of the bed while Mark lies on it
wearing only a pair of tracksuit bottoms.
You should have rang beforehand.
I did you just didn't answer.
Mark looks at his phone and sees several missed calls.
My mistake.


So what?
What the fuck?
Where have you been all week you
haven't rang you haven't texted.
I don't know if I can keep doing
Doing what?
It feels like you don't give a
shit about us!
Look Lisa I don't need this right
My head is fucking killing me!
Fair enough well fuck you then!
Lisa gets up and go's to walk out of the room.
Mark gets up after her and stops her.
I'm sorry!
Look it's been a busy week.
I meant to text you but I've had a
shitload on me plate.
Look how about you and me get
dressed and get something to eat.
Mark I ...
Look I know I've been acting the
I'll make it up to you.
I think I..
I love you Lisa.
Really and you know what else?


I think it's time we moved in
together and got a bigger place.
Do you mean it Mark?
Mark nods the two embrace and start kissing passionately.
Lisa pulls away abruptly.
Whats wrong?
Your breath fucking stinks!
You wanna brush your teeth.
Mark laughs wildly.
Mark and Paddy stand spreadeagled at the side of a car while
two GARDAI (Irish Police.) search through Paddy's car.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Since the court case collapsed I
had to contend with the odd bit of
police harassment.
However as far as they were
concerned I was a nobody who hung
around with the big boys which
suited me fine.
The TALL GUARD Hands Paddy back his drivers licence.
On your way boys.
I'm sure your mothers are missing
Paddy and Mark get back into the vehicle.
Mark and Paddy jump into the pool splashing their two
girlfriends who sit poolside chatting and talking.


Nearby are various members of what is now becoming known to
the city's press as the Daly-Nolan gang.

All the poolside inhabitants are laughing and joking and
generally having a good time.
                       MARK (V.O.)
With the money rolling in not to
mention the attention we were
starting to get from the police
and Newspapers Paddy thought it
was a good idea to take a holiday.
Who was I to argue?
Paddy,Michelle,Mark and Lisa sit at a fancy beach side
restaurant overlooking the sea.

The restaurant is packed with various European holiday
makers mostly from Ireland and the British Isles.

All four are eating pasta and the girls are drinking wine
while their men are drinking San Miguel beer.
This is the fucking life!
Foods good,drinks cheap and the
sun is shining all day.
Beats back home any day of the
What are yis like?
You sound like two kids in a sweet
Feel like it too,
Could stay here forever!
Paddy raises his glass.
To my closest friends.
The remaining three raise their drinks.


Paddy,Mark,Michelle,Lisa,Robbie,Graham and the Gaffney
brothers as well as various dates are dancing wildly and
living it up some are popping Ecstasy pills and drinking
cocktails all are having the time of their lives.
Mark and Lisa are in bed kissing while loud dance music can
be heard from the apartment next door.
Everybody is gathered poolside including Graham and the
Gaffney brothers,Mark,Paddy,Michelle,Lisa and various others
pose for a series of Photographs.

All are smiling and happy.
Right everybody say testicles!
Robbie takes a series of Photos before getting into a couple
himself everybody is smiling or making stupid faces.
                       MARK (V.O.)
It was the best summer of my life.
I felt like the world was for the
Its late at night and Mark and Paddy chat outside on a
balcony still drinking their beers.
I'm thinking of moving out here
Get away from all the bullshit and
the hassle get a villa run things
from over here.
Gotta be careful though its a
different ballgame over here man.


Fuck it I've been at this shit
long enough.
I'll probably never be able to get
away from it fully.
You could always give it up you've
made a nice bundle for you and
Michelle and the kid.
You looking to take my spot?
No man.
I'm only buzzin' with yeh.
Its good to have you watching my
Your the only one I can trust
Always man you know that.
Thee is a pause between the two as they both stare out over
the balcony at the lights of the nearby town.
If anything ever happens to me I
want you to take the reigns.
C'mon nothings gonna happen Paddy!
Its a dog business we're in Mark.
The graveyards are full of people
who got put their by their
Mark looks directly at Paddy who looks him straight in the
I love you man.
Your like a brother to me.
More than my own one was even.
May he rest in peace.
Mark crosses himself and Paddy takes another drink.


I feel the same way.
I know you do man....
Would you fucking listen to us
We sound like a couple of
Want another beer?
The gang and their friends are walking through the departure
lounge hungover and red eyed.

Paddy hands Mark a newspaper The headline screams :Dublin's
NEW BRAT-PACK CRIME EXCLUSIVE followed by several holiday
pictures of MARK ,PADDY,THE GAFFNEY'S and their associates
the girls faces are blanked out.
For fuck sake will you look at
                       MARK (V.O.)
When we got home our faces where
all over the Sunday papers.
Someone had gotten hold of one of
our holiday snaps and the paper
declared us Dublin's new crime
identities it talked about the
trial fixing and a few unsolved
shootings that I had no part in.
Still it was exposure we didn't
Brendan Gaffney holds up the Tabloid newspaper and is
showing it to some teenage hoods while Paddy and Mark sit
and have a pint.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Of course not everyone minded the


What do yeh think boys?
Front fucking page!
We'll be running this city in a
Mark turns to Paddy who rolls his eyes at Brendan's bravado.
Couldn't run a fucking raffle that
All that shit he's sticking up his
beak has him thinking he's someone
Fuck him anyway and his brother.
I don't know why you even keep
them around.
Take a wild guess.
They make us money.
They'll end up getting us all
nicked if we're not careful.
Brendan sits with his teenage cronies laughing and joking
while his brother Deco sits at the bar watching the horse
racing on T.V.
                       MARK (V.O.)
There was an even better reason to
have the Gaffney's around.
The tabloid papers loved writing
about them and blamed them for
ever second hit in North Dublin
whether they were responsible for
it or not.
It took the attention away from
the rest of us while they basked
in the limelight.
Deco Gaffney argues with two TOUGH LOOKING MEN when one of
them pulls out a gun and shoots him in the leg.


                       MARK (V.O.)
In the meantime Deco managed to
get himself wounded in a dispute
over unpaid drug debts he owed to
a south-side gang that supplied
his crew with Smack.
Funny enough for a guy who called
in debts of as little as ten euro
he was awful loose when it came to
settling his own preferring to
gamble half his profits.
It was always going to end in
Deco lies in hospital with his leg in a cast.His brother and
another man by the name of SHAY KELLY are at his bedside.
                       MARK (V.O.)
With Deco in hospital he handed
the day to day running of his
business to his younger brother
Brendan who started strutting
around like a fucking mini-Hitler.
A middle-aged woman pleads with Brendan and Shay who are
walking out the front door with her Television and DVD
                       MIDDLE AGED WOMAN.
Please I'll get youse the money!
Too fucking late now.
Tell your son I'll be speaking to
him soon.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Much as I disliked Deco I began to
positively despise Brendan.
He was a slimy fucking lowlife and
a bully who rode his older
brothers coat-tails.


Brendan and a young Twenty something man named SHAY KELLY
make their way towards Paddy ,Mark and Robbie who are
sitting at a booth overlooking the dance floor.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Brendan started bringing around a
guy by the name of Shay Kelly who
the tabloids had nicknamed
"Machine Gun" after having been
caught with one.
Even though the only worthwhile
act of gun play Shay Kelly was
ever involved in was shooting off
one of his toes trying to hold up
an all night McDonald's.
A pillion passenger jumps off a motor bike and walks towards
the service counter where he attempts to take a gun out of
his waste band however the gun goes off and hits the raider
in the foot.
                       SHAY KELLY.
Aggh! Me fuckin' toe!
The raider stumbles back towards the motorbike while the
drive through staff stare on in amusement and disbelief.
Mark and paddy sit at a booth while Brendan and Shay stand
talking to them.
Whats the story boys?
All good.
How's your brother?
He's all right moaning about his
We're going to sort out the cunts
responsible I can tell yeh that


Well give us a shout if you need a
Will do.
Listen we've got some mates
waiting so I'll chat to you after
Later boys.
Brendan and shay make their way through the nightclub away
from Mark and Paddy.
Pair of cunts!
you can say that again.
AUGUST 2003.
Mark pulls up outside the prison in Paddy's jeep.

He beeps the horn at a lone figure with dark hair wearing a
hood and tracksuit bottoms.

The figure looks at the car and approaches suspiciously.
The man gets into the car and throws his gym bag in the back
I'm Mark.
Paddy sent me to collect you.
Wheres Deco?
Can't drive with his leg.
That's why they sent me.


                                         CUT TO.
The car is moving along while GARY sings along to one of the
songs on the radio.
Anywhere in particular you want me
to drop you?
Wait'll we get to Blanchardstown
and I'll direct you from there.
So you work for Paddy then?
Sort of yeah.
Top bloke Paddy.
A lone figure steps out of his car in a driveway and sighs
loudly SUDDENLY a HOODED FIGURE emerges from the shadows and
FIRES several shots at the man dropping him in his tracks.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Gary and Paddy conspired to get
rid of an elder dealer years
before who despite repeated
warnings continued to deal on
their turf.
That left the whole area for them
to carve up between themselves.
The car is travelling along while Gary and Mark continue to
Mark is smoking a cigarette while Gary has the window open.
You look familiar I just can't
place you yet.


Maybe you seen me with Paddy.
We've been mates since we were
That's not it.
You got the bollocks kicked outta
yeh by a load of young-fellas
outside the youth-club years ago
you were supposed to be fightin'
one of them and when yeh hit the
deck they all hopped on yeh?
Mark pauses for a moment and flicks the cigarette out the
You've a good memory.
Yeah I have one of those whatta
yeh call them "Pornographic
memories" never forget anything.
How many was it jumped you that
time ten?
Mark looks visibly angry while he drives along trying not to
show it.
Took a bit of bottle all the same
standing up to them I remember
that one bird laughing her head
off at yeh.
Pull up here for a second won't be
Mark pulls the car up outside an end of Terrace house and
parks.Gary gets out and walks towards the door and knocks.
Mark sits tapping his hands off the steering wheel and
singing along to the track on the radio.

Gary gets back into the passenger side of the car and sits
back in the seat as he does Mark notices the handle of a gun
sticking out of the small of his back.


Drive us out to Inchicore will
Why'd you want to go back out that
way we could have stopped on the
way back.
No we couldn't have.
Mark pulls the car up outside an low rise Flats complex.
The two step out of the car and walk towards the entrance.
Don't do anything crazy will yeh,
That's Paddy's car I'm driving
it's registered to his birds
Don't worry I just need to talk to
this bloke for a sec.
Gary knocks loudly at a green door while Mark leans against
the entrance looking uninterested.

A SKINNY JUNKIE answers the door visibly out of his mind on
                       SKINNY JUNKIE.
What the fuck do yis want?
Gary looks surprised and breaks out in a grin.
Is that any way to greet a mate?
                       SKINNY JUNKIE.
Gary when'd you get out?
What the fuck are you doin' around
Thought I might get back that
money you owed me!


                       SKINNY JUNKIE.
I'm a bit stuck at the minute Gary
but me Dole should be in on
Not what I wanted to hear Steo.
                       SKINNY JUNKIE.
Aww Gary c'mon for fuck sake its
only a .....
Before he can finish his sentence Gary grabs the skinny
junkie and throws him over the balcony three stories down
where he falls and lies motionless.

Mark eyes widen while Gary grins and pats Mark on the
Lets get movin' I'm fucking
Mark and Gary walk through a waste ground near the flat
complex while the SKINNY JUNKIE lies on the ground moaning
and groaning in agony his legs having been broken.

Mark looks back as a crowd of kids playing football gather
around the injured man.
How much did he fuckin' owe yeh
Aggh not much only a score(20
but it's the thought that counts!
                       MARK (V.O.)
That was my introduction to Gary.
An OLD WOMEN approaches the pair as they walk back to the
jeep.Mark looks nervous while Gary remains calm.
                       OLD WOMEN.
Jaysus lads. Didja see what
happened to that youngfella?


No missus we didn't.
Looks bad though doesn't it?
                       OLD WOMEN.
Good enough for the little Bollix.
Sure him and his friends are
always breakin' into our houses
serves him fuckin' right!
Mark and Gary are travelling in the car Gary is in a
jubilant mood while Mark is quiet and slightly annoyed.
Told yeh there was nothin' to
worry about sure everyone hates
that cunt anyway.
Just don't want to get nicked is
You'll be grand sure I'm the one
who should be worried.
Drop me off at my Mas house and
wait outside.
Mark pulls up in a working class housing estate and parks
the car outside a modest house with a red door.

Gary opens the door and gets out before turning to Mark.
Want a cup of tea?
Mark sits in the living room of the house staring at his
hands when a middle aged lady walks in.

Gary is in the room next door with his shirt off getting
changed Mark notices a deep scar and what looks like a
colostomy bag attached to Gary's stomach.
                       GARY'S MOTHER.
Oh hello!


Oh hi eh....
Gary walks out buttoning up his white shirt covering his
Howayeh Ma!
Gary's mother turns and looks in his direction before
breaking out in a wide grin.
                       GARY'S MOTHER.
A son!
It's great to have you home!
I missed havin' yeh around so I
The two embrace Mark shifts in the couch looking
Ma! I'd like you to meet a mate of
mine em....
What's your name again pal?
Mark stand up and holds out his hand.
Mark, nice to meet you.
Gary's mother shakes Mark's hand.
                       GARY'S MOTHER.
I hope your lookin' after my boy
He's grand ma!
Drove me home.
                       GARY'S MOTHER.
That's nice. Would you like a cup
of tea boys?
Mark glances at his watch.
No thanks we better be gettin' a
move on...
                       GARY'S MOTHER.
Ahh nonsense a cuppa do you good.


Gary looks menacingly in Marks direction for a second before
lightening up and smiling at his mother.
He's only joking ma of course
we'll stay a bit longer.
Mark sits at the kitchen table with Gary and his mother an
assortment of biscuits and cakes are laid out on the table
and all three are drinking tea.
                       GARY'S MOTHER.
How have you been keepin' son.
I hope you'll stay out of trouble
this time.
I'll be grand ma!
Goin to start my own business.
                       GARY'S MOTHER.
You always had the brains Gary but
you've too big a heart.
I worry about people tryin' to
take advantage of you.
Mark nearly chokes on his tea he covers his mouth and
straightens up coughing into his hand and clearing his
It'll be grand Ma!
You'll see nice spread by the way.
Gary looks at the table clothe admiringly a proud smile on
his face beaming from ear to ear.
                       GARY'S MOTHER.
Only the best for my little boy!
Gary mother pinches his cheek affectionately while he looks
away embarrassed.

Mark sips his tea and looks at the ground desperate not to
make eye contact with Gary.
Ma c'mon now you shouldnt have.


                       MARK (V.O.)
An hour before I'd watched this
guy chuck a junkie off a balcony
for twenty euro now I'm sitting
here drinking tea and eating
biscuits with his mother who seems
like a lovely woman and also
completely oblivious to the fact
that her son is one of the most
feared criminals in Dublin.
Public enemy number one.
Mark sits lost in his thoughts while Gary and his mother
continue to laugh and joke around.
It has just turned dark as Gary and Mark make their way up
the driveway of a semi detached house in a pleasant
middle-class suburb.Loud dance music comes from the house.

Gary knocks loudly at the door.
      (Voice only.)
Who is it?
Open the door yeh fat fucking
The door swings open Deco answers wearing a stripped T-shirt
holding a bottle of beer covered in sweat his eyes are
glazed and it is obvious he is under more than the effects
of alcohol alone he walks with a slight limp as he motions
for the two men to enter.
Gary whats the fucking story man?
The two friends embrace.
How are you brother?
You know Mark right?
Mark and Deco catch eyes for a moment.
Yeah we know each other.


A huge banner hangs on one of the sitting room walls with :
WELCOME HOME GARY! inscribed on it.
The room itself is large with loud music playing and various
girls,men and Gang members including Graham,Deco,Robbie and
Brendan greet Gary one by one.

Paddy leans against the door drinking from a beer bottle
chatting to one of the female guests.
Whats the story boys!
Get the fucking drinks in and
girls get your fucking tits out!
Everybody laughs at Gary's joke except Mark who is nearly at
his wits end by this stage he spots Paddy and makes a bee
line for him.
Wats the craic pal?
Don't give me that I need to talk
to you.....
Paddy and Marks conversation are interrupted by Gary who
gets in between them.

Paddy pats Gary on the shoulder and shakes his hand.
Whats the story horse?
Good to see yeh Gary?
You get on O.K in there or what?
Ahh you know me nothin' I couldn't
fucking handle man!
Gary moves like a boxer in slow motion landing a few well
meaning play punches on Paddy's body who does the same in a
playful fashion.
Good well glad to have you back!


Fucking kip in there all the same.
They moved me over to Wheatfield
cause of overcrowding in the 'Joy
fuckin' Limerick boys are starting
to think they run everything now.
Whats the world comin' to eh?
Fucking bog hoppers get their
picture in the paper a couple of
times and all of a sudden they
think they own the fucking world.
Some mad cunts among them all the
Plenty of bottle I'll give them
My mate here(Referring to Mark)
look after you?
Good as Gold he is a top bloke.
Even helped me out with a little
incident earlier on.
Is that right?
He's a good man to have on your
side plenty of guts as well.
Anyway better get back to me
adoring guests!
Gary walks back across the room and sits at a round table
and starts chopping out a line of cocaine from pile on the
table before snorting it up and wiping his nose.
Kitchen now!
Paddy leans against the sink in the kitchen as Mark
confronts him over Gary's behaviour.


what the fuck did you hook me up
with that nutbag for?
Gary? He's allright.
All right he's fucking
Threw some junkie off a balcony in
Inchicore in the middle of the
fucking day.
What were yis doin' southside?
Anybody see you?
I don't know some prick from out
this way owed him a score and
moved to a squat without paying
He nearly fucking killed him
Yeah? How much did Franner owe you
when you fucked him up?
A ton was it?(100 euro).
I've lost more in the backseats of
It's not the amount...
It's the principal.
Don't worry about Gary he's with
us at least.
Just grab yourself a beer and
I forgot to get any cans a bit
late now.
Paddy reaches into the fridge and grabs a beer.
Have one of mine.


Paddy and Mark re-enter the room Gary sits at the table
chatting to his cronies while everyone else talks among

Some of the girls dance to the music together.
Nice fuckin' hit off that coke it
has certainly been a while.
Did yeh not do any coke when you
were in there no?
Are you fuckin' joking or what?
Do you think I'm gonna sniff
something that's been brought in
up someones arse?
I wouldn't give a fuck man (takes
a large snort of cocaine)
I've smoked, snorted fuckin'
swallowed a lot of stuff never
gave a fuck where it was before I
had it!
Don't ask don't tell what?
Always had you sussed as an
arsebandit Anto.
No surprises there mate!
Some of the people at the table laugh.
      (Raising his two
Fuck you!
Ooohh you gonna stand for that
He knows I'd knock the bollix out
of him anyway.


Mark sits in a chair drinking a bottle of beer listening to
the music playing and watching some of the girls dance about
the room.

The rest of the guests laugh,dance,snort cocaine and drink
while Mark finishes his bottle of beer and falls asleep in
the corner.
It is early morning and many of the guests including Paddy
have gone home leaving a select few some girls are still
chatting and talking on the couch while
Gary,Deco,Brendan,Anto,Robbie,and Shay Kelly are playing
Texas Hold Em poker for a large sum of cash while continuing
to drink beer and whiskey and snorting lines of coke.

Mark wakes up and rubs his eyes before standing up and
walking out of the room for a couple of minutes before
Pocket Aces read em and weep.
Several of the players throw their cards into the middle of
the table except for Robbie who hold up pocket kings and
looks down at the flop which includes a king on the river.
Trip kings.
Fucking lovely.
Gary throws his cards on the table while Robbie gathers the
money at least three hundred euros towards him.Mark
approaches the table carrying a bottle of beer.
How long was I out?
Couple of hours Paddy said to ring
him later on.
The boys were gonna shave your
eyebrows but I stopped em.
Told them I'd fucking kill one of
them if they tried that with a
mate of mine.


What yis playing?
Texas Hold em.
You want in?
Deal me in.
Mark pulls up a chair while Robbie deals several cards to
each Player.
Deco, Brendan and Shay Kelly throw in their cards.
Raise to twenty.
Mark throws his money into the centre.
The others follow suit.
Deal the fucking cards.
Robbie deals three cards a three, eight and a seven.
Three hundred.
Check this fucker out fuckin'
James Bond.
Robbie deals the another card a six and the game goes
another round with both men checking.

Before the final card is dealt another seven.


Turn them over lads.
Gary turns his cards over.
Pair of eights with an ace kicker.
Trip sevens.
Mark moves the chips over while Gary looks straight ahead
before taking out the 38. revolver he collected
earlier.Marks eyes widen and everyone at the table has a
worried look on their face.
Gary what are yeh doin mate?
Shut the fuck up for a second.
Now I've just lost a hand reckon I
need an edge.
Somebody get me a blade and a
Deco smirks and leaves the room and goes into the kitchen
before re-entering and putting a ballpeen hammer and swiss
army knife in front of Gary.

Gary takes three bullets out of the gun and uses the hammer
and knife to open up the bullets and lets the gunpowder
spill onto the table before taking a credit card and mixing
the gunpowder with cocaine.
What are yeh doing Gary?
Its what the blacks give their
child soldiers in Africa mix
gunpowder with coke supposed to
make 'em go mad do anything.
Yeah I think I seen them do that
in a film.
Gary takes a huge snort of the gunpowder and rubs his nose.
What a fucking buzz that is


The rest of the table stares at Gary while the music plays
softly in the background.
Help your selves plenty for
No thanks man.
Gary takes another snort and holds the note out in front of
him daring someone to take it.
For fuck sake never seen such a
shower of fuckin' steamers in me
whole life.
Gary looks over at Mark who looks back.
What about you bud?
There is a pause.

Mark looks over at Gary.
Fuck it why not.
Pass some this way.
Mark moves forward takes the rolled up note and takes two
more large snorts of the strange concoction.

Gary puts his arm around Marks shoulder.
Check out this mad cunt more balls
than the lot of youse put
                       MARK (V.O.)
The party went on all through the
day and well into the night.
Mark and Gary take several more snorts of the coke gunpowder
mix in between shots of whiskey and rounds of cards.


                       MARK (V.O.)
One of the lads got a camera out
and took several snaps which again
found their way into a Sunday
Gary poses for several photos with members of the gang
including one which he wears a balaclava and holds a pistol
to the head of one of the girls at the party who is laughing
in the photograph.
In several others members of the gang smile and joke while
in others they wear balaclavas and hold weapons grinning
into the camera.
Gary and Mark sit at a table with Deco still very wired from
all the drugs and booze.
Fuck this! Lets get some fresh
Gary,Deco,Mark and Brendan approach the door of a local
nightclub it is a quiet Sunday night and there are not many
people outside the club except for a couple of large well
built doormen of Eastern European appearance.

The quartet approach the door only to find their entrance
blocked by the larger of the two doormen.
      (In a thick
I'm sorry gentleman we are full up
On a sunday night?
I'm afraid so.
As they continue to speak a taxi pulls up and a young well
dressed man and two girls get out of a taxi and enter the
club without obstruction.


So how come yis let them in?
Am I fuckin' missin' somethin'
Just go somewhere else guys you've
had too much to drink.
C'mon we'll find somewhere else.
Fuck that!
I'm not gonna be told where I can
and can't fucking go in me own
area by some fuckin' foreign cunt.
Brendan attempts to walk past the doorman who pushes him
back sending his brother Deco into a temper.
Get your fuckin' hands off me
brother yeh Russian cunt yeh!
The smaller of the two doormen sensing the situation at hand
mutters into his radio before several more doorman almost
all well built with shaved heads step outside the club to
confront the troublemakers.

The doormen far outnumber the men and sensing a situation
that can't be won Gary ushers Deco and Brendan away from the
C'mon boys just leave it out we
don't want any trouble!
Do we?
Gary winks at the lead doorman before leading the others
including Mark away.
Brendan sits in the front seat of the car with Gary in the
passenger seat.
Deco takes a snort of coke using a two euro coin before
handing the bag to Gary who takes a large snort.
Mark sits in the back seat quietly.


Fuckin' wankers!
Yeh should have let me fuckin'
batter him Gary!
He'd have killed yeh Brenner did
youse see the size of the bastard?
I still say we should do something
about that cunt.
To fucking right we will.
Brendan you get us a jammer
somethin' fast.
Gary turns to Mark and hands him the bag.
Help yourself.
Mark takes the bag and hesitates for a second before taking
a scoop of cocaine and snorting it and before wiping his
You all right to drive mate?
Mark's eyes widen he is visibly shaken and is trying to hide
his obvious nervousness while the others eye him up intently
looking for any sign of weakness.
Sure, whats the worst that could
A high powered silver car pulls up outside the nightclub
with Mark behind the wheel and Gary in the front and Deco
Gaffney in the back carrying a sawed-off shotgun.

All three are wearing balaclavas.

A number of people are standing outside the club chatting
while an attractive girl chats to the main doorman.


Gary and Deco exit the car and begin firing Gary with a
handgun and Deco with a sawed off shotgun.
A number of people outside the club start running and
screaming in different directions after the shooting starts.

Gary and Deco get back in the car which drives off slowly
before gaining speed.

The doorman who was involved in the argument lies holding
his arm while another lies dead on the ground.

Gary leans out the passenger window and begins taunting the
Not so fuckin' tough now are yis?
Gary fires several shots out the car Window narrowly missing
a number of club goers he laughs aloud and sits back fully
in the car.
The Silver car used in the shooting is in flames as Gary,
Deco and Mark get back into Brendan's car.
Its fast approaching dawn as the car moves along Mark sits
in the back with Gary while Deco pats his brother on the
back and laughs.
Did yeh see the fuckin' face on
your man when we jumped out?
Id say they shit themselves.
Serves them right the cheeky
I reckon it was my shot that done
You might need a pair of glasses


You couldn't hit a fucking fat
birds arse with a bazooka Deco.
I reckon you were shootin' up in
the air so you wouldnt hit anyone.
Yeah right I'm like fuckin Clint
Eastwood man!
In your own fucking mind maybe.
Deco turns back in the seat to Mark who's trying his best
not to look visibly shaken. The alchol and cocaine now
slowly starting to wear off.
And YOU keep your fucking mouth
shut about this!
D'yeh hear me?
I don't care who your fucking
friends are if you go mouthing off
about this I'll fucking kill yeh
There is a pause as Mark and Deco lock eyes.
Don't worry about this man Deco.
Balls of fuckin steel.
I trust him.
Besides who's he gonna fucking
The bouncer is now covered in a sheet as members of the
Garda Siochana Forensics team secure the crime scene.
                       MARK (V.O.)
I later found out that the
nightclub had to organize a
collection to send the dead man
back home to Moldova as his family
where to poor to pay for the
I had toyed with donating some
money myself anonymously but
thought better of it.
Funny thing was he wasn't even one
of the door men involved in the


                       MARK (cont'd)
row it was all for nothing.
A number of local thugs were
brought in for questioning
including Gary but they all had
alibis so nothing ever came of it.
Mark lies in bed sweating profusely but still pulling the
cover close to his face.There is clothes thrown on the floor
and cardboard boxes full of furniture scattered around the
                       MARK (V.O.)
I spent the next few days trying
to hide away from the world
paranoid my door was going to get
kicked in any minute by an armed
response unit.
There was no going back after this
I was a party to a man's death and
I knew I would have to answer for
it some time in this life or the
Lisa enters the bedroom and opens the curtains wide causing
Mark to groan.
                       MARK (V.O.)
For some reason Lisa always picked
the times I was coming down from
the effects of booze,coke,pills or
whatever other substance I'd
chosen to ingest that weekend as a
green light for a deep meaningful
Plus she always started with the
Mark we need to talk!
Mark continues to lie with the bed sheets wrapped around his
head barely moving from his slumber.
Talk later?
C'mon Mark this is fucking
You told me you'd help me sort out


                       LISA. (cont'd)
the house look at the fucking
state of the place.
You've been moping around the
house for days and you won't even
say whats wrong with you.
Lisa pulls the sheets out from under Mark who sits up
Just leave me alone for fuck sake
will yeh!
Not 'til you tell me whats going
on with you this isn't like you
What isn't like me?
Having a fucking hangover!
No just there's something wrong I
know it.
Just tell me what it is?
Just fucking leave it.
Nothings wrong I'm just tired.
That's all.
O fucking K.
Mark stares intently at Lisa who sighs and walks away
Lisa stops and Mark embraces her tightly the tears falling
down his face onto her shoulders.
Whats wrong babe?
Nothing just sometimes I think I'd
be lost without you.
The two stand in the middle of the room while Mark holds
tight onto Lisa who cradles him gently.


I love you!
I love you too.
While holding tight Mark with eyes still red lifts the back
side of Lisa jeans and sneaks a sly peak at her G-string
underwear with one eye.
Now make us a cup of tea woman!
Cheeky bastard.
In a quiet working class suburb Gary,Shay Kelly and Brendan
Gaffney are hitting Ford fiesta with Baseball bats and Irish
hurling sticks smashing the brand new car to pieces.

It's owner comes a large burly man comes running out only
for Gary to hit him full force with the baseball bat
KNOCKING him to the ground where the trio proceed to beat
him to a pulp.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Gary wasted no time
re-establishing himself and his
gang of Premier league gang in the
Anybody who crossed them was dealt
with severely and more often than
not fatally.
A terrified woman sits in a chair while Brendan snips her
hair with a large scissors while Deco Gaffney and Shay Kelly
look on grinning and laughing to each other.
Take this as a warning.
Make sure you have the fucking
money next time.


A lone man sits trembling his hands bound together behind
his back Gary stands behind him and Fires two shots from a
Pistol into the back of his head.
                       MARK (V.O.)
In many ways Gary and his crew
where a godsend.
There violent and insane antics
kept the GARDAI and the Newspapers
busy and kept both off our backs.
Also there violent and
unpredictable reputation came in
handy when extra muscle was needed
to sort out disputes with other
A photographer photographs Brendan Gaffney leaving his house
and getting into a waiting car driven by Shay Kelly.
Brendan sticks his two fingers up at the cameraman whom
promptly snaps a photo of him.
This picture is later immortalised in a tabloid newspaper
with the headline:

The Evil face of Ireland's new Crime Godfathers!
                       MARK (V.O.)
We were happy to sit back and let
them grab the headlines while we
went on counting the money.
Mark sits counting a stack of money with a young man in the
passenger seat beside him his name is DARREN COOGAN.

Another car is parked close by with a number of young men in

Mark turns to the young man sitting next to him.
You having a fucking laugh or
Whats the problem?


Your five hundred short.
Sorry Mark man slow week.
Slow me bollix!
You've been told twice now get the
fucking rest before me and you
have a fallin' out.
Just a second bud my mistake.
Me countin's all fucked up!
Think I have bleedin' Attention
Deficit Disorder.
You'll have a fucking bullet in
the nut disorder if you don't get
my fucking cash pronto!
Darren steps out of Marks car and waves to a friend in the
car parked nearby.

The friend saunters over and moves towards Mark who rolls
down his window.
You got something for me?
The friend a young man named Farrell produces a 38. special
revolver and points it at Marks face just under his eye.
I've got this for you yeh cunt
Mark looks at his assailant with a look of pure anger.
Your making a big mistake.
We don't work for you anymore
We found a new source.
I'll let yeh keep the money but
thats all your fuckin' gettin' yeh
fucking clown!


Darrens friend fires a shot at Marks right car tyre causing
it to deflate and another shot marrowly misses Marks's head
and smashes through the passenger window.

The two friends walk away laughing leaving Mark badly
                       MARK (V.O.)
There was no way in hell I could
let this incident go and i did't
want Paddy thinking I couldn't
keep my own employees in line.
Mark stands talking at a payphone in a suburban shopping
      (Talking into
Gary? You around tonight?
Darren Coogan and his friend Farreller sit in Farellers
sitting room watching T.V. snorting coke and drinking beer
SUDDENLY the door opens and Mark and Gary both wearing
Balaclavas burst in.

Gary shoots Farreller in the head splashing his brains all
over the wall before turning his attention to Darren who
raises his arms trembling.
Please don't.
Mark steps forward and produces a pistol from his waistband
much like the one pointed at him earlier.

He walks towards Darren who sits trembling and lifts up the
mask revealing his face.
Mark Please!
I'm fuckin' sorry I didn't want to
rip you off!
It was his idea!
I didnt want to fucking go along
with it!


Just shoot the uselless cunt!
Mark pauses for what seems like an eternity but is in
reality a couple of seconds he locks eyes with his target
and then Gary before shooting Darren in the head.

He pulls his mask back down and exits the room.
                       MARK (V.O.)
That was the first time I ever
killed anyone.
The way I saw it it was me or him.
I saw his face in my dreams for
months to come after that but he
was dead the minute he ripped me
off If I hadn't done it someone
else would have and I'd have lost
all I worked for if word had got
round that I was a soft touch.
Mark and Gary sit at the bar dressed in different clothes in
a Lap dancing club.
Beautiful women dance in the background and various drunken
businessmen leer at them trying to grab their attention.

Mark stares into his drink lost in his own thoughts
oblivious to whats going on around him.

Gary speaks and Interrupts his thoughts.
Thanks for inviting us out
I needed a bit of fresh air.
My mas always on at me to get a
place of me own and that!
So why don't you?
I'd like too but I'd be worried
about leaving her on her own
there's too many fucking lunatics
out there man!
Mark finishes his drink in one go and turns to his new
partner in crime.


Fancy another?
Gary and Mark both now quite drunk sit at at a table
chatting to each other.

Mark is still in minor shock due to the nights events.
You into films at all?
Sure comedies mostly.
Have you seen that lord of the
rings yet?
                       MARK (V.O.)
I can't believe this guy.
We just took part in a double
murder and this psycho wants to
chat about Lord of The fucking
I took Lisa's nephew to see it.
Any good?
Its good from what I can remember.
I was fuckin' locked at the time
I read the books when I was
First books I ever read really
enjoyed them I have to say.
I'd love to see the films though.
There's supposed to be a new one
at Christmas.
I'll say if I can get you a copy.


Thanks mate I really appreciate
Mark takes a snort of cocaine and then splashes some water
in his face before taking a long hard look at himself in the
Mark undresses and climbs into bed with Lisa.
She groans slightly in recognition and he kisses her and
puts his arms around her and lies still his eyes wide open.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Nothing was ever the same after
that night.
I now you knew I could kill and I
was shocked at just how easy the
whole thing could be.
Mark and Lisa call to the door and Michelle answers again
looking heavily Pregnant.
Paddy sits cradling his young son Adam on his lap.
Nearby on a coffee table is a tabloid Newspaper describing
the previous nights double murder.

Mark sits in a chair drinking from a bottle of beer
Anybody else know?
Just you.
Keep it that way.
If anybody asks you were home
watching telly all night.
I got it.


Mark turns to Paddy's young son.
And how are you youngster?
Paddy's son smiles in Marks direction.
                       ADAM DALY.
I hear your getting good at the
                       ADAM DALY.
Gonna play for Celtic some day
Doesn't say much does he?
Just like his old man.
You and Lisa staying for dinner?
Paddy and Michelle along with Mark and Lisa sit at the
Kitchen table and enjoy a delicious looking chicken dinner
as they laugh and joke among themselves.

Adam Junior is nearby playing with a toy the kitchen door
has been left open so he can run in and out.
Paddy's always saying he has loads
of energy but the minute you ask
him to do something around the
house all of a sudden he's tired.
Tell me about it.
I can barely get this one to lift
a cup.
Maybe us MEN have better things to
be doing.


Whats that scratching your arses
and playing with your Willy's.
Everyone at the table laughs and it is obvious they all
enjoy each others company.
                       MARK (V.O.)
It was times like this that helped
me break away from the madness
that had engulfed our lives.
I knew Paddy felt the same and
that the time he spent with his
family were like precious moments
carved in stone.
These type of memories gave me
great comfort in later years.
MARCH 2004.
Mark sits in the chair in a barbershop as a beautiful woman
of eastern European appearance cuts his hair using an
electric razor.

His phone rings.
      (Voice on phone.)
I'm up at the Leisureplex with
some of the boys you far from
I'm just in the village.
      (Voice on phone.)
All right get up here as soon as
you can.
I'll fill you in when you get
Mark hangs up the phone and looks at himself in the mirror
and sighs.


Mark walks through an amusement arcade past some people
playing arcade games and others bowling and walks upstairs
towards some pool tables where Paddy is playing pool with
some of his crew including Robbie and Anto who steps forward
to meet Mark looking more haggard than usual.

The room is empty apart from Paddy and company and only one
light is visible overhead at the the table they are using.

Anto steps forward to greet Mark.
Whats the story bud you allright?
I'm all right, whats the story
with your after shave man you
smell like the fucking perfume
counter in Arnotts.
Why is it that bad?
Anto lifts his jumper and smells it.
I'm getting fucking high just
standing next to yeh!
I'm only buzzing.
Whats the story Robbie?
All right Mark.
Any craic with yeh?
The usual birds moaning she doesnt
see me.
Every cunt and his mother are
giving me fucking stupid excuses
why they can't pay and I'm forever
living in me rear view mirror
looking out for the old bill but
apart from that I'm Jim fucking
How about you?


Are you fucking bitching and
moaning again you miserabale cunt?
Some of us have real fucking
problems to worry about?
Is that fucking so?
Yeah that is FUCKING so.
The two friends move towards each other as if they are about
to fight and than laugh and shake hands.
Good to see you Mark.
You should call around the gaff
more bring Lisa with yeh.
Its been ages since we all had a
drink together.
I've been busy man.
Making all this fucking scratch.
So what's on your mind anyway?
Thats what I need to speak to you
about got a job needs doing.
Robbie come here for a minute.
Paddy takes Robbie and Mark to one side and explains the
One of our drivers got nicked on
the way big delivery wasn't all of
it but the guards got a result.
Fuck sake.
Is he keeping his mouth shut?
He can play dumb he's been payed
enough I'm not too worried.
The thing is we still owe the
suppliers one hundred grand for
the coke that got seized and they
want the money as soon as


So what do you need?
Well I'd rather not have to dip
into me own fuckin' pockets for
That's where youse two come in.
We've got a few things sorted but
I've got a mate works in a boozer
in town says they must take in
well over fifty grand at least
over Paddy's Weekend I want you
and Mark to grab it.
He carries the money by himself to
the bank the day after.
He's expecting it so he won't be
any trouble I told him I'd sort
him out with a couple of grand
from it.
Is everything sorted?
I've got a car lined up and a
shooter in case there any trouble
but there won't be.
Just give him a couple of slaps a
black eye so it looks real and
wave the piece at any have a go
hero who tries to fuckin'
You all right to do this?
Mark and Robbie look at each other and than back at Paddy
and nod reassuringly.
Thanks boys.
Means a lot.
I'll make sure yis are well looked
Just make sure your on time and
don't overdo it the night before.
Paddy takes out two mobile phones and hands one each to Mark
and Paddy.


One last thing.
Call the number on this if there
any hassle and remember to dump
them after your done.
Mark wearing a ridiculous Novelty Irish Hat drinks from a
yardstick of beer while several people including Lisa and
Robbie Egan and several other friends cheer him on.
                       MARK (V.O.)
The robbery was set for the next
day in the meantime like any self
respecting Irishman the world over
I decided to celebrate with a few
drinks to toast Saint Patrick's
Mark finishes the Ale and the crowd lets out another loud
Loud traditional Irish music is playing while the guests
drink and dance the night away.
It is early morning and various people are on their way to
Mark and Robbie sit in a parked car watching the people go

Mark sits in the passenger side while Robbie is in the
drivers seat.
Mark wearing a rolled up balaclava sits rubbing his head
while Robbie wearing a baseball cap and scarf sits at the
steering wheel chatting and listening to music.
Jesus fucking Christ man,
I've some fuckin' head on me I can
tell yeh!
Mark also hungover is nervous and jittery.


Take some fucking headache tablets
if your not feeling well.
I'll be grand.
I'm just saying is all.
Just keep your fucking eyes peeled
for this guy I don't want this to
take too long.
The two sit in silence while Mark scans the faces of the
people passing by until he notices a small CHINESE man with
the bars inscription on his fleece jacket.
Is Paddy's mate a Chinese guy?
Must be just drive up slowly after
Mark pulls the Balaclava over his head and walks up slowly
behind the barman who walks along oblivious to this.

Robbie follows close behind in the car.

Mark steps out in front of the CHINESE man and points the
gun at him.
All right you know the score just
hand us the bag.
The Barman stops in his tracks and stands motionless.
You fuckin' deaf?
C'mon lets fucking go!
Mark tucks the pistol into the small of his back and
attempts to throw a right at the barman who blocks him and
counters with a ferocious kick knocking Mark to the ground.
What the fuck are you playing at?


The barman repeatedly kicks Mark who rolls around on the
ground trying to avoid the blows.

Robbie pulls up in the car and jumps out clutching a Wheel
The Barman notices Robbie and pulls a small Machete out of a
scabbard under his jacket.

Robbie runs at the small fearless man and swings hard the
man side steps and hits Robbie twice once in the head and
once in the arm.

Robbie falls to the ground in agony covered in blood and
clutching at his arm.
Aww christ me fuckin' arm yeh
CHINK bastard!
The barman stands over Robbie and attempts a final blow when
a loud gunshot is heard and the barman is hit in the arm
near the shoulder he falls to the ground and Mark walks
towards him and kicks him in the face finally knocking him
Aww Jesus Christ.
Mark slings the CARRIER BAG with the money over his shoulder
and grabs Robbie and helps him to the backseat of the car
before driving off quickly.
Mark jumps out of the car and runs down an alley he stashes
the bag and the gun behind a wheelie bin near a Restaurant
in Dublin City centre .
Mark drives down the Quays leaving Dublin city centre when
he notices a GARDA(Irish Police) car with the Siren blaring
following him he takes the phone out with one hand and dials
the number while keeping his eye on the road.
      (Voice on phone.)
Speak to me?


Look I don't have time to chat
there's been a slight problem.
      (Voice on phone.)
What sort of problem.
Well I've been kicked half to
fucking death and Robbie nearly
had his arm cut off by a crazy
fucking Chinaman.
That kind of Problem.
      (Voice on phone.)
The money?
Stashed behind a wheelie bin at
that Restaurant we took the girls
to last Easter you know the one I
The Shooters there as well and
it's been used.
      (Voice on phone.)
I'll sort it.
Mark throws the phone from the car into the River Liffey as
several more Garda cars join the pursuit.
The car tears up past Heuston station with the Guards in Hot
pursuit, the car then Drives up a hill towards a side
entrance to a large park.
The car speeds through Dublins largest Park as several
police cars and a Garda helicopter circles over head.

Mark turns the car down a side road favoured by driving
instructors and is blocked by a large convoy over Garda vans
he immediately moves up and to the grass but swerves to
avoid a deer and crashes into a tree.


Mark undoes his seat belt while Robbie groans in the back of
the car.

Mark looks for an escape route and contemplates jumping out
before looking back at Robbie and exits the car with his
hands raised as several members of The GARDA EMERGENCY
RESPONSE group approach him with their guns pointed at him.
Hands over your head and get on
the fucking ground now!
Mark kneels before the Guards with his hands behind his head
a TOUGH LOOKING E.R.U GUARD approaches him and kneels on his
back before putting on the cuffs.
Me mate needs a doctor.....
                       TOUGH LOOKING GUARD.
Shut the fuck up.
Mark is dragged to his feet while several more Guards and
armed Detectives surround the car.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Thankfully the Old bill seemed to
take the whole car chase/ CHINESE
BARMAN shooting incident well
Mark is beaten and kicked by several plain clothes and
uniformed Gardai while his hands are cuffed behind his back.
Try it with the cuffs off yis
A moped pulls up beside the bins where Mark stashed the
money and the pillion passenger retrieves it and the gun.


Mark lies back on his bed in a filthy jail cell while his
cell mate urinates into a bucket in the corner.
                       MARK (V.O.)
I spent the next few months on
Remand while Robbie was in
hospital waiting for his arm to
heal before joining me inside.
Thankfully the cops couldn't find
the gun and the barman said he
didn't recognise either of us.
The Chinese Barman looks at several pictures of suspects and
shrugs his shoulders at each of them.
                       MARK (V.O.)
The barman said he couldn't
recognise us and was even promoted
to the head of security after the
JULY 2004.
Mark stands at the gates with bag over his shoulder.
Paddy's jeep pulls up and he gets in.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Me and Robbie got released on bail
while the Director of Public
prosecutions went over the
Michael Cleary and co represented
us and managed to get the case put
back a year.
I was definitely going down for it
thankfully I'd have some time to
get my business in order.
Paddy is driving while Mark sits looking out the window.


Did you hear about Gary while you
were away?
Yeah the mad cunt,
He actually came to see me a few
days before.
                       MARK (V.O.)
While I was a way Gary managed to
get himself into a spot of bother
holding up a gunsmith .
A team of Armed Gardai stand pointing a gun at Gary who is
holding a terrified middle-aged woman hostage.
Don't fucking try anything or I'll
blow her bleedin' head off I
Gary bundles the woman into a waiting car and drives off at
high speed a Garda raises his hand for his men not to fire.
                       MARK (V.O.)
He managed to get the woman to
drive him to the border of
Northern Ireland where he escaped
overseas disguised as a Chelsea
The woman was later found
The car is driving along at a nice speed while the two men
continue to talk.
The Gaffney's are running the show
now god help us all.
Hows that working out?
Not well.


The car pulls up at a small Roadside hotel.
Paddy hands Mark a set of keys.
Here go to room 163 and wait for a
knock on the door.
Agh Paddy I'm only after getting
out for fuck sake.
Trust me It's all arranged.
Mark sits nervous at the bed a loud KNOCK is heard at the
A womans voice calls out his name.
Mark opens the door and is greeted by a stunning looking
woman of Eastern European Appearance.
                       CALL GIRL.
Your friend Patrick called me and
said you could use some cheering
The woman strips naked in front of Mark who sits on the bed
                       CALL GIRL.
Well you going to join me or what.
The woman purrs at Mark seductively who gets up and begins
to undress himself.
Mark and Paddy walk towards the entrance of a Public House.


You should have said something
I was shittin' meself in there
when I heard that knock.
It would have ruined the surprise.
How was she anyway.
Pretty fuckin' good just don't let
Lisa find out.
Paddy looks at Mark to say "as If" before Mark enters the
pub Paddy grabs him by the shoulder and takes him aside.
Look man,
I'm sorry all this had to happen.
I want you to know It's all going
to be all right you won't have any
problems inside.
Look Paddy.....
Shut up for a second.
Lord rest him.
I'm not going to let anything
happen to yeh.
Paddy reaches into his pocket and hands Mark an envelope
stuffed with Cash.
Should help things for a while and
don't worry about your Solicitor
It's on me.
Thanks Paddy.
I love you brother.
The two embrace briefly and then step away embarassed.


If anyone seen us they'd think we
were a couple of benders!
Lets have a drink.
Mark and Paddy enter the pub where a crowd of friends await
them including Graham, Robbie who has also been released on
bail and Lisa Mark's girlfriend.

Various other bit players and hangers on in the Nolan-Daly
faction hang around the pub chatting and joking around a
huge cheer is let out when Mark enters.

Graham greets him warmly followed by Anto and finally
Welcome back Mark.
Mark shakes hands with Graham.
Welcome home brother how'd you get
on inside?
The place stank of piss!
Look at this fuckin' cunt walkin'
around bold as brass!
Robbie steps forward wearing a T-shirt.
What's the story man I only got
bailed out meself last week.
The men make their way towards the bar.
How's the throwing arm?
In full working order thank fuck!
That chink nearly severed it the
mad cunt.


At least he kept his mouth shut or
we'd really be fucked.
Lets see the damage.
Robbie lifts up his shirt to reveal a deep purple scar.
I appreciate yeh trying to help me
If you'd left me you could have
got away.
And now we're both fucked wha?
Give us a second Robbie.
No problem what you drinking?
Mark moves towards Lisa and looks at her intently.
She looks back slightly saddened and hugs him.
All right?
Lisa looks back with a slight tear forming in her eye.
Lisa and Mark stand outside the beer garden as a number of
people around them including some friends chat and laugh
soaking up the summer sunshine.

Some sixties music plays in the background complimenting the
weather and generally adding to the fun atmosphere.
How have you been?
Missing you.
I don't know if I can do this
It's too hard without you.


I'm looking at ten years Lisa.
The only way I can get through it
is if I know your with me.
I'll make sure your looked after.
Paddy's not going to let anything
bad happen to you.
It's not me I'm worried about
It's you.
I've still got a while before the
court case starts lets just enjoy
today and we'll worry about our
fuckin' lives tomorrow.
Hows that sound?
Sounds good to me!
As the day wears on and evening gets longer Mark and Lisa
are joined in the beer garden by their friends and
associates including Paddy,Michelle,Robbie,Graham,Anto and
various others when Paddy stands up to make an announcement.
Ladies and Gentleman a bit of
fucking quiet please!
The friends gather and wait for the announcement.
All right here it is.
(there is a pause)
Me and Michelle are getting
There is aloud cheer as Michelle holds up her left index
finger to show the expensive ring while a line of friends
led by Mark congratulate the couple.
                       MARK (V.O.)
The part went on all through the
We drank partied and generally
forgot who we were and what we did
for a living.
It was to be the last time we were
all together in one place.


The friends drink and dance and embrace one another, coke is
passed from person to person and everybody is laughing and

Pub security are aware of whats going on but choose to
ignore the activities of their patrons.

Finally Paddy,Mark,Lisa,Michelle pose with Robbie and his
new GIRLFRIEND as Graham takes a picture of the smiling
A dark cloud forms in the sky as if to pose an ominous
Mark sits in his living room drinking a cup of tea looking
out the window at the huge cloud forming above.

A children's cartoon plays in the background at low volume.
                       MARK (V.O.)
While I was away on remand it
seems the Gaffney brothers lacking
Gary's guiding hand had manged to
rank up a considerable drug debt
with Paddy.
Harsh words were exchanged and
threats were made but nobody least
of all me expected what happened
It is a grey and overcast day as Paddy's jeep pulls up and
Parks at the side of a public park.
The two Gaffney brothers are waiting along with Shay Kelly.

Paddy steps out alongside Graham and Mark all six men are
dressed casually in expensive sportswear.

As the six approach each other Paddy is in front followed by
Mark and then Graham reflecting the new pecking order of the

On the opposite side are Deco,Brendan and Shay Kelly.


      (Rubbing his
This better be good Paddy.
dragging me out of bed on a
fucking Sunday morning.
Oh don't worry Deco I wouldn't
have asked to meet if it wasn't
It's just a matter of a little
outstanding debt you owe us.
You'll get your money Paddy.....
When I fucking HAVE it.
'Til then relax the keks and tell
your fucking dickhead mates to
stop knocking on me mas front
They wouldn't have to knock 'round
yer Mas if you answered your
fucking phone once and a while.
It's been six weeks and not as
much as a pleasent fuck you.
If that's all your looking for
then fuck you!
Hows that?
Happy now?
Deco's men grin and laugh while Mark and Graham stare them
Don't get two big for your boots
yeh fat cunt or I'll have you
knocked out of them.
There's more of us than there is
of youse Paddy.
Remember that.
You've been fucking warned Deco.
I want whats owed by next Friday
or we'll have a problem.


Brendan Gaffney makes a gun shape with his fingers towards
Mark who stays expressionless.

Paddy and the rest leave and back in Paddy's jeep leaving
Deco and the others in the car park.
Paddy drives up through a North side shopping centre with
Mark in the passenger seat and Graham in the back.

Dance music plays at a low volume as the trio discuss the
mornings events.
He's having a fucking Laugh Paddy.
I'd say we make an example of the
They're a den of fuckin snakes
We're been watched left right and
I've a wedding to plan and I'm
getting investigated for a fucking
tax settlement from the Fucking
I need this hassle like I need a
fucking hole in me head.
Well a hole in the head is exactly
what those cunts have planned
otherwise they'd have payed by
Time to shit or get off the pot
they're own mothers wouldn't even
miss them.
Paddy parks the car up and turns to Mark.
What has you so fucking gung -ho
all of a sudden.
Your sniffing too much of that
Thats your problem!


Sounds like your going soft
Patrick and we both know you can't
do that!
Paddy turns suddenly and grabs Mark by the throat.
Graham sits in the back seat watching motionless.
Want to see what I can fucking do?
Do yeh yeh cunt!
Marks face is turning red as Paddy squeezes tighter however
Mark makes no effort to stop him and sits looking his close
friend dead in the eye.

Graham leans forward and loosens Paddy's grip.
Leave it out mate!
We're all friends here.
Paddy immediately loosens his grip and looks remorseful for
his actions.
Mark I'm sorry...
Save it.
Graham talk some sense into this
fucking prick!
Mark exits the car and slams the door.

Paddy punches the steering wheel and turns to Graham.
What do you think?
He's right.
Graham exits the car leaving Paddy alone.
Paddy rings the security buzzer on Marks door.


      (Voice on
It's me.
Mark cracks open two bottles of beer and passes one to Paddy
who takes a drink.
I'm sorry about earlier.
Forget it.
No, I was out of order.
So what are we going to do?
Mark and Paddy follow a MIDDLE AGED MAN into a shed on a
dilapidated farmhouse.

The man throws open a sheet revealing a small cache of
Czechoslovakian hand grenades and various small arms
including several Sub-Machine guns.
                       GUN DEALER.
Make it quick boys time is money.
                       MARK (V.O.)
When the Gaffney's didn't come up
with the money the following
Friday we decided a pre-emptive
strike was in order.
I volunteered for the job.
Paddy and Mark pull up outside the Gaffney brothers plush
suburban home in a stolen car.


The street is quiet except for a dog barking in the
Paddy sits in the drivers seat while Mark slips a hand
grenade into his jacket pocket.
You ready?
Ready like Freddy.
Mark tucks a Glock semi automatic into the small of his back
and exits the car pulling a balaclava over his head as he
does so.
Mark creeps slowly up the driveway and hides behind an
expensive sports car.

He peaks around the side of the car and can see Brendan
Gaffney sitting watching television and eating a bowl of

Mark takes the hand Grenade from his jacket and throws it at
the window where it hits off the Glass and bounces back onto
the grass at the front of the House with an enormous thud
blowing a huge crater in the ground.
      (under his breath.)
For fuck sake!
Brendan moves towards the window to have a look.

Marks spots his silhouette and produces the gun from his
waistband firing on the young thug narrowly missing him and
sending glass flying in different directions.

Brendan SPRINTS from the living room disappearing out of
Mark jumps over the side gate and looks around the back door
is open however there is no sign of Brendan to be found.


As Mark makes his way down the driveway he turns and fires
several shots at the expensive sports car shattering the
windscreen and hitting the bonnet.
Paddy and Mark travel at speed in the car as Mark changes
into another set of clothes.
What a total fucking fuck up!
We're kneedeep in shite now!
We'll get them again.
At least they got the fucking
Get your bird and lay low for a
I'll take care of the car and
I'll let everyone know what the
score is.
Mark rushes into the bedroom and wakes Lisa.
Mark whats wrong?
Get your clothes and anything
important you need I'll explain
Whats going on?
Just FUCKING do as I tell yeh we
havn't got much time.
Mark and Lisa travel in silence as the car moves along at a
reasonable speed.


Mark sits at the edge of the bed with his shirt off
clutching a bottle of Vodka with a gun tucked into his

The room is modern and modestly decorated.

Lisa lies on the bed in her underwear her shapely figure
illuminated by passing car headlights.
                       MARK (V.O.)
We checked into a hotel with a
fake passport and waited things
out while the Gaffney's made their
Lisa knew better than to ask too
many questions.
Graham sits in his car waiting for Robbie who is exiting a
fast food restaurant with a paper bag full of food under his
arm under his arm.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Paddy spread the word with the
rest of the crew and told them to
collect any outstanding payments
and then lay low until we had a
battle plan figured out.
He sent Graham to look after
Robbie and drive him to a safe
Robbie gets into the car and throws the food into the back
seat before fastening his seat belt.

Graham starts the engine and attempts to drive out when
their path is BLOCKED by a high powered car.

Graham immediately hits reverse only for two gunmen to exit
the scar and begin firing hitting Robbie several times in
the face and chest.

Graham exits the car and is himself struck in the leg and
chest before falling to the ground.

The two gunmen get into the waiting vehicle which drives off
at a steady speed escaping into the night.

Graham lies unconscious on the ground his bullet -proof vest


visible underneath his shirt while Robbie sits motionless in
the passenger seat covered in blood and shattered glass.
                       MARK (V.O.)
The message was loud and clear we
were at war with our former
Robbie was the first to go he'd
always been close to the Gaffneys
and figured they wouldn't go for
him even though he was a member of
our group.
He was proved dead wrong.
Graham only survived because he
took to wearing a bulletproof vest
at all times.
He spent the next few weeks in
hospital and refused to divulge
any information to the Gardai.
An armed GARDA EMERGENCY UNIT have set up a road block and
are checking for drivers Licenses and searching any cars
carrying suspicious occupants.
                       MARK (V.O.)
Over the next few weeks the Gardai
anticipating a serious feud was
about to break out set up road
blocks and questioned various gang
members around Blanchardstown and
North Dublin.
Their snitches had already given
them the low down on what was
about to happen.
All we could was sit tight and
wait until the heat died down.
MARK,PADDY and various other gang members and their children
and girlfriends are sitting in a pub having a drink all are
dressed in suits and black dresses and various other funeral
The mood is dark and somber in contrast to the bright
weather outside.

Mark,Paddy and Anto sit in a corner chatting quietly among


Fucking cunts!
We're gonna have to hit 'em back
Eye for an eye.
Keep your fucking voice down for
fuck sake.
What I can't fucking figure out is
how did they know where Robbie was
gonna be?
Robbie's MOTHER and FATHER approach the table.
PADDY and MARK stand to greet them while ANTO remains
sitting down looking up at them.
I'm sorry for your trouble
ROBBIE'S mother responds to PADDY by SLAPPING him hard
across the cheek causing shock and surprise.

Other funeral goers and members of PADDY'S group go silent
as the woman speaks her mind.
                       ROBBIES MOTHER.
It was youse that helped kill him.
With your drugs and guns!
You should be ashamed of
yourselves yeh lousy good for
nothing bastards!
Mark moves towards the woman
Who the fuck....
Paddy grabs mark lightly by the arm.
Leave it Mark.
                       ROBBIES MOTHER.
It's people like you who are
killin' our kids with that muck.
Turning our areas into hell holes
and killing each other for
My sons in a grave because he got
involved with drug pushing scum


                       ROBBIES MOTHER. (cont'd)
like youse!
ROBBIES mother is led away by her husband and younger son
tears still streaming down her face.

Paddy turns to Mark.
Lets get the fuck out of here!
The group have now moved to another bar
PADDY'S Girlfriend Michelle cradles their newborn daughter
while their son ADAM sleeps in the corner.

Paddy raises a glass to his friends memory.
To Robbie!!!
A good mate and a top bloke!
Rest in peace pal!
The other members of the group both male and female raise
their glasses and toast ROBBIE in unison!
His Ma has some fuckin' right hook
I can tell yeh!
MICHELLE stands up with their two children.
Paddy I'm gonna drop these two
home it's getting late.
Speak to you later babe!
Michelle kisses Paddy gently and then embraces Lisa before
exiting the bar carrying the baby with ADAM holding onto her
The others smile and laugh gently as the jukebox plays
softly in the background.

Paddy notices some ARMED DETECTIVES sitting at the bar
sipping soft-drinks and watching the scene carefully he
stands up and approaches them.


Can I not even bury a friend in
peace without you fucking vultures
hanging over me shoulder?
The DETECTIVE'S look at PADDY and grin.
One less scumbag out on the street
for us to worry about!
Fuck you!