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New Days
by Jayson Sheets (gildwarzizgay@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

A project for Creative Writing. 10 Pages. A pair of step brothers, Kane and Abel, get intertwined as Kane looks for his "New Days."

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



                       KANE (v.o)
I didn't mean for my brother to
get involved in my plan. He was
just there.
KANE enters the the bank through the front doors. It is
sparsely populated. The bank is a small outer town bank.
Very little SECURITY.
                       KANE (v.o)
In a way, I caused all this
because of my selfishness. I
thought that, if I robbed this
bank, it would be the start of a
New Day.
Kane pulls out a pistol from his pocket.
All right, everyone! Get down on
the ground! This is a robbery and
I don't want any trouble!
A security officer standing in the corner frowns and goes
for a walkie talkie and his taser.
Touch that radio and you die.
He pulled out a second pistol and aims it at the TELLER.
(with hands in air) Don't shoot.
I'm unarmed!
Oh god! Don't shoot me!
Kane snickers, shaking his head.


I'm not here to shoot anyone. I
just want the money in your
drawers. (nodding at Teller) Get
to work!
The Teller starts shoveling cash from the register onto the
counter top. Just then, a bell rings, and ABEL enters the
bank. Kane's head snaps to the door.
Dammit Abel!
Kane swoops forward and scoops the cash into a bag that
dangles from his right hand. He stuffs a pistol in his
pocket and keeps the other out.
Abel, follow me!
Kane exits the building and starts a car. Abel looks at the
panicking Teller and then to the Security officer.
Sorry, guys.
Abel clambers into the car and buckles up as the car pulls
What the hell, Kane?
Shut up, Abel!
Kane guns the engines, going well over the speed limit.
Slow down, Kane! The police will
Haven't you noticed already? You
goody two shoes sonofa-
A horn sounds out as a truck nearly avoids crashing into


Kane, STOP!
Kane slams his foot on the brakes, and the car stops in
front of train tracks just as the train barrels trough the
intersection. Abel crumples into his seat, breathing
heavily. Then sirens start playing in the background.
Of course...
As soon as the train finishes passing, Kane peels out,
driving towards the countryside.
Why what?
You know what! Why the hell'd you
rob that bank?
Kane punches the streering wheel.
I had no choice!
The sirens get closer. Looking in the back window, Kane can
see three squad cars behind him.
I always have wanted to start
over. Start over... I wanted today
to be a new day!
Kane... I'm sorry. I wished I
could have been there for you... I
need to call Aclima.
Call her.
Call. Her.


Abel hesitantly pulls out his cell phone dials Aclima's
Hello? Honey? It's Abel. Yes, I'm
alright. I just got to let you
know I love you. No, I'm not in
trouble. Just some business with
Kane. Yes, I'm hanging out with my
step brother like you asked. Yes
there are sirens in the
background... Dont worry about it.
I love you! Goodbye.
What was that for?
Last words.
Abel grabs the pistol beside the bag and cocks it.
Oh, no, Abel! You can't!
I can, Kane. I came willingly, so
I'm an accomplaice. I just lost my
job as an officer of the law. I
have nothing now, by getting in
this car. The only thing I have
here is this gun. You didnt get
your new life. I did.
I didn't mean to... I'm sorry,
Abel. This isn't the life I
wanted. Its just the life I
Exactly. You'll see a new day,
Kane. A new day in which you'll be
in a new world.
Abel puts a hand on the steering wheel and pressed the gun
to his brother's head.
A world of Prison. Pull over the


Oh! That's what your plan was.
(breaks out laughing)
Pull over the car or I pull the
(still laughing) You're holding ME
hostage now?
Pull the damn car over!
Abel pulls the trigger and grimaces as a clicking noise
resounds through the car. Kane roars with maniacal laughter.
Alright then, I'll do this the
hard way.
He pulls out his cell phone and begins dialing 911. Kane
pulls out the pistol in his pocket and puts it to Abels
Put. The phone. Down.
Abel closes the phone, but Kane sees that the light is still
on and he can barely hear the operator on the other side.
Turn it off or there will be
bullet holes in your chest.
How do I know that ones not empty
Kane flicked the gun to the window and shot it out. Abel
uses this opportunity to use the empty pistol to crack down
on Kane's knuckles. Kane howls in pain and drops the gun. He
loses control of the car and it flips several times before
it comes to a deadly stop.
Kane looks up at his brother who was hanging limply from the
seat belt. The car was on its roof, he realizes, and he
couldn't feel his right leg. The squad cars sound like they


stop and a POLICE OFFICER slowly approaches the car. kane
looks back to his brother. His head was bleeding profusely.
                       OFFICER (v.o)
Are you alright?
Kane runs a hand along his half brothers' chin, with was
untouched with blood.
I can't feel my leg... And my
brother, he needs help!
                       OFFICER (v.o)
Paramedics are on the way! Do us a
favor and toss the guns out the
window and keep your hands where
we can see them!
Kane tosses one of them out the window and looks at the one
that the brothers just fought over.
I could end this right now... But
I can't do that to Abel...
He tosses the other out of the window. Then, as he sets his
hands out of the window, it fades to black.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
                       KANE (v.o)
I wanted new days, and I got them.
My got sentenced for armed robbery
and attempted manslaughter. Abel
is making a slow recovery, and I'm
trapped in thic cell. Some new
days, huh?
The scene opens to Kane pacing his jail cell, ignoring his
spanish cell mate JESUS CARILLO.


This is a chance for redemption,
friend. These still can be new
days. All you need is God.
(shaking head) I don't need him,
or you for that matter. I got
myself into this. I ASKED for
this. Ask and you shall recieve,
Jesus shrugs and rubs a hand on the cross tattoo on his
shoulder. He sprawls out on his bed, hand still on the
Everyone needs redemption.
Everyone needs Him.
I don't.
Then if you don't want Him, then
find your own redemption. Find
something to make these truly new
days. Take up writing. Drawing.
Something not self destructive.
I've seen plenty of holmes that
went the wrong way looking for
redemption. You aren't like them.
I can feel it in my blood.
Jesus stands from his bed and approached Kane. He showed him
his palms, which were scarred with circles.
I found my reemption after this
happened. My madre did this to me
one dark night. Afterwords, she
impaled herself on the same tool
she created these with. And then,
He showed up.
Religious fool.
Kane sat down on the corner of his cot and put his head in
his hands.


I'll begin writing tomorrow.
                                         FADE OUT.
Whew. That's quite a lot you've
Jesus looks up from the 50 or so pages at Kane who was
shaking his head nervously.
It's terrible, isn't it?
On no, holmes. It's amazing! The
amount of suspense between the
brothers is terrific. They really
dislike each other.
Kane shakes his head.
The brothers don't hate each
other. They were just feeling
alienated from each other. I wrote
this based on my and my brothers'
relationship with each other. Am I
a bad person?
You fired at a police officer? Who
was your brother? Tío, eres un
bestia, lo has vuelto a romper!
Kane ignores the comment.
(finishes reading) You never got
to apologize?
Kane shakes his head.
No. I wrecked the car and he was
unconcious. He was still in the
hospital when my trial went on...


                       KANE (cont'd)
I feel so ashamed!
Kane broke down crying, shaking his head.
I nearly killed my own brother!
Jesus stood up and sat next to the man and wrapped an arm
around him. He set aside the manuscript and shook his head.
You see, this is the redemption
you needed. In order to be at
rest, you need to apologize to
your brother. I'll talk to the
officer and He might guide you to
the phones. Arrange to meet your
brother. It's not so hard, asking
for forgiveness. Just mean it from
your heart.
Officer! Officer? My cell partner
would like to arrange to make a
phone call.
OFFICER approaches the jail bars.
I suppose I can arrange for...
      (and KANE)
Kane to call a relative. Warden! I
have an inmate that wishes to use
a phone!.
      (off screen)
I suppose I can allow that,
considering this inmate hasn't
caused any trouble his first two
months. Rally a patrol to guide
him there.


Kane looks up, watching a guard guide Abel into the room. He
looks much better than before. Kane feels ters well up.
Abel... I'm sorry.
Kane and Abel embrace.
                                         FADE OUT.


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