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Time Pirates
by Joe Bricky (blayde99@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

Logline: Best friends on the set of a Pirate movie go back in time to 1692 Jamaica. In search of the Mayan Artifact that sent them there, the two men set out on a voyage to capture a Spanish gold shipment. Unfortunately, their partners have no intention of splitting the treasure and the only way back is to survive the massive earthquake that sunk Port Royal. It's Back to the Future meets Pirates of the Caribbean.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Deep inside a Mayan temple, a HIGH PRIEST in ceremonial
robes prays at a stone altar. An UNDER PRIEST stands beside
him. The room is filled with gold and relics.

Upon the altar sits a golden amulet with a glowing blue
                       HIGH PRIEST
Do not fear --
The priest's eyes reflect the light of the stone.
                       HIGH PRIEST
-- we are safe at the altar.
                       UNDER PRIEST
The Spaniards slaughtered our
people, why would they spare us?
                       HIGH PRIEST
They would not. Tumeh-kan will --
The High-Priest lifts the amulet.
                       HIGH PRIEST
-- protect us.
Outside the door, three Spaniards in armor place explosives
at the foot of the large, stone door that leads to the inner

DON RODRIGO, 30's, stands behind his men with arms crossed,
It's not enough. More barrels.
Two of the soldiers run off.
In the temple, the priests wait.
                       UNDER PRIEST
It's too late. We are trapped.


                       HIGH PRIEST
Quickly -- to the altar.
Outside the door, the soldiers have returned with four more
powder kegs -- eight in all.
Most excellent. Now, send them to
their false gods.
The fuse is lit and shrinking. The Spaniards back away.

In the temple, the amulet has awakened and gives off a
blinding, blue light, pulsating from its core. The High
Priest continues to gaze at the stone, ignoring the intense
light. The Under Priest, frightened, backs away.
Outside the chamber, the fuse is nearly gone.

Back inside, the Under Priest cowers at the foot of the
                       HIGH PRIEST
Return to the...
BOOM! The huge blast obliterates the door, instantly
killing the Under Priest. As the wave of rock explodes
across the room, the altar vanishes -- the High Priest
vanishes. The light is gone

In the passage, the Spaniards choke on a cloud of dust.


The dust has cleared. The three Spaniards peer into the
room. The treasure is ruined. Fragments of gold and
artifacts litter the room along with tiny bits of human

Rodrigo rifles through the mess -- he's pissed. Something
in the corner catches his eye. There, in the back of the
temple, in-tact -- The Amulet. He picks it up -- smiles.
High in the air -- a birds eye view. Below -- bright, blue
water under billowing clouds, and then we plummet, racing
downward until --

The mist gives way to Sun drenched ocean, revealing two


wooden ships -- an English frigate and a Spanish Galleon,
locked in mortal combat.

Musket balls WHIZ, swords CLASH and cannons BOOM. In the
midst of the smoke and mayhem, two officers face off on the
wheel-deck of the Galleon.

The SPANISH CAPTAIN flashes an evil grin at his foe, a
handsome young PIRATE CAPTAIN.
                       PIRATE CAPTAIN
Surrender your ship and I'll spare
your crew.
                       SPANISH CAPTAIN
I'm not at liberty to negotiate
with pirates.
                       PIRATE CAPTAIN
Very well, then.
The Spaniard beats the Pirate's sword away and lunges toward
him. He parries the charge and gracefully backs up a flight
of stairs.
                       PIRATE CAPTAIN
Your men are dying. Why do you
                       SPANISH CAPTAIN
A small price to pay for my honor.
The desperate Spaniard presses.
                       PIRATE CAPTAIN
As you wish. But, you're throwing
away a perfectly good crew.
                       SPANISH CAPTAIN
I'll get another.
The Pirate steals the tempo and with a flurry of blows,
wounds the Spanish Captain then quickly disarms him. The
Spaniard drops to his knees in defeat.

The Spanish crew is all but done. Sailors dive into the sea
while others drop their swords and surrender.
                       SPANISH CAPTAIN
Kill me.


                       PIRATE CAPTAIN
Hardly. You're worth a thousand
doubloons to me, alive.
The camera pulls back, revealing a Hollywood movie set
aboard an 18th century frigate. The Spanish Galleon is
nothing more than a movie set atop a barge.

The DIRECTOR sits in his chair with an entourage behind him.
The crew begins tearing down the set. Props are hauled off.
As the last of the crew departs, two figures stand at the
starboard rail, staring out to sea.

The Pirate Captain is ROBERT CHASE, 28, ruggedly handsome, a
dashing figure in his captain's coat.

Next to him is Kyle Porter, 28, with rum bottle in hand. His
smooth looks are well masked beneath ragged pirate garb.
Could life get any better?
Kyle uncorks the bottle -- takes a swig.
Yeah. When the film comes out and
its a smash hit.
What's not to like -- pirates,
sword fighting, buried treasure...
It's supposed to be my breakout
role -- like Errol Flynn in
Captain Blood.
Only you're more Basil Rathbone.
And, you're Flynn I suppose?


Well, yeah. My form is a lot
prettier than yours.
It is -- until I hit you.
The Sun is half gone and bubbling on the horizon.
Look at that -- beautiful.
Enjoy it, brother. It's our last
Kyle raises the bottle. A toast.
That is the plan. And, in the
words of my favorite sea captain,
John Paul Jones, "I have not yet
begun to drink."
Kyle takes a big swig. Hands the bottle to Rob. Rob raises
the bottle then stops --
He said fight -- not yet begun to
That was in 1779. In 1782, at a
tavern in New York, after one too
many, he uttered those less famous
And, you know this why?
Rob and Kyle step off a launch and onto the cement dock in
Port Kingston harbor.

Numerous sailboats litter the harbor. Among them, our


frigate, "The Tygre," resting peacefully in the protected
waters of the bay.
The cast and crew mingle in a private area of the exclusive
club. The Director and several others sit on cushy
sectionals sipping cocktails.
Waving at Rob.
Rob heads over. Kyle spots a group of young women.
Ladies off the port bow. Come get
me when you're done.
I won't be long.
Take your time. We have all
Rob sits between the director and the ASSISTANT DIRECTOR. A
waitress hands him a drink.
I'm doing another movie in the
fall and I want you in it.
                       ASSISTANT DIRECTOR
It's a great part.
It's not the lead, but you won't
have to audition.
                       ASSISTANT DIRECTOR
Bruce is the lead.
Once "The Pirate" comes out, I
won't be able to afford you, so
whatta' you say?


Will there be swords?
You have a great gift, and I don't
mean fencing. It's time you
showed people another dimension.
                       ASSISTANT DIRECTOR
No swords.
Don't worry, there will be plenty
of guns. You'll do fine.
They all laugh.
Sounds great!
At another table, Kyle slams a shot. Rob walks up.
Oh yeah!
Work's done. Let's go.
Sorry ladies --
Kyle downs his other drink and wheels to catch Rob who's
already leaving.
-- Duty calls.
They head for the door.
Rob and Kyle walk down a Kingston side street. Tourists and
locals go about their business.
Kyle looks up and points at something in the distance.
Dude -- pirates!


All Right. I guess there's no
stopping you.
Inside the dimly lit museum filled with pirate lore, Rob and
Kyle wander through like kids in a candy store.

The two men round a corner and before them stand wax figures
of Captain Morgan, Black Beard and Calico Jack Rackham.
Oh Yeah! It's picture time.
Kyle looks around. Satisfied, he steps over the barrier and
dashes into the scene. First, he grabs a handful of Black
Beard's whiskers -- then, puts his arms around Captain
Morgan and Calico Jack.
These guys were the rock stars of
their day. Did you know that...
You're gonna get us in trouble.
If you're worried, take my picture
Kyle grins. Rob snaps pictures with his cell phone.
Finished, Kyle and Rob run down the hall. Suddenly, Kyle
stops. Rob stumbles into him.
In the scene, a painting of a young woman wearing an ancient
looking amulet. We recognize it from the Mayan temple. Next
to the painting, a wax figure of the same woman wearing the
amulet around her neck.

Rob, stone-like, stares at the painting. Kyle seems to be
more interested in the wax figure.
Have you ever seen anything so


No. Never.
Kyle begins reading the exhibit information.
It says here, the amulet was
discovered in Kingston harbor in
the 80's.
Rob continues to stare at the painting.
Amulet? I'm talking about the
girl. Who is she?
Apparently, it was plundered by
Captain Morgan in a raid on Porto
Dude! Tell me about the girl.
No one of importance -- just a
merchant's daughter from Port
Royal -- Jane Collins, it says.
Does it say what happened to her?
No. But it's not likely she
survived the quake.
That sucks.
According to historical records,
around 11:40 in the morning on
June 7th, 1692, a massive quake
hit just off shore.
Rob continues to stare -- It doesn't look he's listening.
The quake caused the sand to
liquefy and half the city sank
into the bay.


Good Lord! How do you know this
It gets worse. Next, a tidal wave
struck, like God's hand from
heaven, destroying what was left.
The Quakers believed the wicked
people of Port Royal were punished
for their sins.
Finished, Kyle heads down the hallway. Rob takes one last
look at the painting, then follows Kyle.
Hey, look at this. It's Jack
Rackham's flag.
The exhibit is a tattered flag -- skull and Crossed Sabers
on a background of black -- "The Jolly Roger."
Rob walks over to see why Kyle is so excited. As he
arrives, Kyle slips past him and heads back down the hall.
Kyle returns and taps Rob on the arm.
I don't know about you, but I'm
losing my buzz.
As the two men exit, we return to the figure of the
beautiful woman. The amulet is missing from her neck.
The museum guard bursts through the door and frantically
looks in every direction. Rob and Kyle are nowhere to be
Rob and Kyle walk along the water front. In the distance,
the frigate "Tygre," -- magnificent against the night sky
with tall masts and forty guns.

Kyle stops. He looks at the ship then back at Rob -- He
spots the launch they arrived on, then bolts.

Shaking his head, Rob reluctantly follows.


Kyle looks over his shoulder as he leaps aboard.
I left something on the ship.
We have an early flight --
Kyle has the boat started as Rob jumps aboard.
Don't worry, we have seven hours.
Every time something bad happens,
it always starts with "Don't
On the main deck, Kyle opens a barrel and pulls out an
antique rum bottle with the cork half out. He yanks the
cork with his teeth, spits it out and takes a big swig.
Is that what you came back for?
Not exactly. This is the prize.
Of course. Now, give me a drink
you pirate.
Rob motions for the bottle. Kyle backs away.
Oh, no. You'll have to earn this
Kyle sets the bottle down and grabs two practice swords.
One drink per touch. Guess we'll
see who's the best -- we already
know who looks the best.


Kyle tosses Rob a sword.
I hardly think it's fair.
You forget, while you've been
practicing lines, I've been --
Kyle flourishes his sword and comes on guard in an obvious
Fabris stance with head forward and blade extended.
Do you really think you have a
chance using Fabris against me?
I can always switch to Capo Ferro
if I'm losing.
Or fight Spanish style and hand
over the bottle right now.
On that note, Kyle makes a quick attack. But, Rob is not
surprised and easily retreats out of harms way.
Don't you ever stand and fight?
It's called a setup. How much of
Fabris did you actually read?
All of it.
Rob cocks his head and gives Kyle a look. Kyle attacks
again and Rob fends off the flurry.
And once I have you where I want
you --
Rob suddenly reverses direction and lands a touch on Kyle's
chest with the blunt tip.
Nice shot, you tricky bastard. Now


Rob grabs the rum bottle, takes a big swig then sets it
down and comes back on guard.

-- Kyle presses and gets hit in the chest.

-- Rob drinks.

-- Rob feigns high and then hits Kyle in the foot.

-- Rob drinks.

-- Kyle presses, Rob fends off several attacks and Kyle
finally lands a touch.

Ha! I hit you.
You win. I'm too drunk --
Rob staggers backwards and falls on his butt.
-- to continue.
It's called a setup. I let you
win until you're too drunk to
Well, it worked.
Kyle picks up the bottle, holds it high in the air and looks
at Rob, sitting against a bulkhead.
It's taken me ten years to figure
out how to beat you. From now on,
we only fight for rum.
Kyle takes a big swig then flops down next to Rob. He
winces from a sharp pain.


Kyle reaches into his back pocket and retrieves -- the
sapphire amulet. Rob recognizes it.
Oh, no you didn't.
You're such a klepto.
I'm a collector. Don't you ever
get that urge to just take what
you want?
No. I'd prefer to stay out of
As early morning twilight gives way to a Caribbean Sun, Rob
and Kyle lay passed out on the deck of the ship. With one
hand on the amulet, a bottle of rum in the other Kyle sits
up, startled, then looks down at --
A pulsing blue light -- the amulet is awake.

In the distance, Kingston is shaking. A violent earthquake
sends ripples through the bay. The ground rumbles and
buildings quiver.
Rob's eyes open. He hits his feet like a cat and runs to
the starboard rail. Kyle follows.
Holy shit, this is big -- at least
an eight. Don't worry, we're safe
on the ship.
What if it hit off shore?
The shaking continues -- buildings collapse, windows shatter
and people flee from the falling shards.

Back at the ship, the water in the harbor is quickly
receding. Kyle points at the ebbing tide and turns to Rob.


That's what happens.
Rob leans over. He sees the bottom. The mooring lines are
taught and strained. The hull CREAKS from the tension.

Kyle runs to port, facing the open sea.
Here it comes.
Here what comes?
Rob sprints across the deck. His eyes go wide.
Tidal wave. You see it?
Yeah. It's moving fast.
Hurry -- help me with these lines.
Our only hope is to ride this
thing out.
Rob deftly unties the first line, then another. Kyle lets
loose the stern line -- the ship wheels. The two men
scramble to the last line.

Rob grabs a cutlass and slashes it in two -- the Tygre is
free. It lurches toward the oncoming wave -- huge and
barreling toward them.
Seriously, dude -- take the words
don't and worry out of your
The wave is almost upon them as they scamper below, securing
the door behind them.

Using the amulet as a flashlight, they search for a safe
place to ride out the wave. In a corner, both men brace for
the worst. The light is intense.
What the hell is this thing?


I don't know. It's some sort of
Mayan artifact.
Is it supposed to do that?
I... think... it's trying...
As the wall of water crashes into the ship, the light from
the amulet encapsulates the entire craft. Suddenly, a
bright flash.
The explosion of light blasts away from the ship. For a
moment, all is white. Then, suddenly, the ship is gone. The
tidal wave rolls toward the city.

Under the wave, the amulet sinks into the murky waters and
An unsecured cabin door sways, gently, back and forth. It
CREAKS as the light from the morning Sun shines into the
lower birthing area, revealing Rob laying naked under a pile
of canvas sails.

Rob's eyes open. He looks around, fuzzy at first. He spots
Kyle, naked except for a bottle of rum covering his manhood.
Hey Kyle.
Kyle sits up. Looks down.
Awe damn. No ho. Just a bottle
of rum.
Wide awake now, Rob looks down -- no clothes. He jumps to
his feet while covering himself with the sail.
Not funny, dude.


I didn't take them.
How much did we drink?
Not that much.
Kyle frantically searches the cabin, covering himself with
the bottle.
Where's my amulet?
I think it exploded.
Both men dig through a pile of costumes. Rob finds his
captain's coat -- Kyle has to settle for basic PIRATE.

Rob grabs a belt with a pouch attached. The pouch JINGLES
-- full of coins. A small chest of doubloons sits in a
Looks like it's dress like a
pirate day, again.
Rob sprints up the stairs and peers outside. The Sun hits
him square in the face -- he covers his eyes.
On the main deck, Rob and Kyle shelter their eyes from the
morning Sun. Rob focuses. Across the port rail, a quiet

Over the starboard rail, a different scene. Several old
world forts protect a rustic harbor town. Tall masted ships
line the wooden docks. Kyle shakes the cobwebs and looks
again -- the scene remains unchanged.

Rob steps up behind Kyle and peers over his shoulder.


Do you recognize this place?
It looks familiar. Maybe a
secluded part of the island.
Impossible. We were headed for
the city.
What do you remember?
The light. It was unreal.
Right. As the tidal wave hit --
the amulet went crazy -- then
disappeared, apparently.
Kyle's eyes dart back and forth, then up at the rigging.
Look around. The ship is perfect
-- like nothing happened.
The sails -- solid. The rails, the deck, all in tact.
What are you saying?
I'm sayin' we're not where we
should be -- or even could be. And
I have a feeling the amulet had
something to do with it.
It doesn't matter. Let's get to
shore and find out where we are.
We may still be able to catch a
flight out today.


Kyle and Rob row in the direction of the wharf. As the two
men approach the docks, they marvel at the sailing vessels
towering above them including a brig and two merchantman.
Kyle points at the Brig sporting 15 guns on either side and
a British ensign adorning the main mast. A sign on the
stern reads "Fox."
Look at that. A privateer's
dream. Fast, maneuverable, and
heavily gunned.
I've never seen so many old world
ships in one place.
It's like a pirate ship museum.
Rob and Kyle step onto the sprawling wharf and gaze in
wonderment. Before them a perfect replica of a 17th Century,
West Indies City.

The inhabitants, all dressed in period garb, cast quick
glances toward Rob and kyle as they go about their business.
A horse drawn carriage rolls down a sandy, cobblestone
Look at this place. It's straight
out of a Robert Louis Stevenson
This could be a set -- a big
budget set.
MR. DAWSON, 40's, in a fine coat and knickers, cautiously
approaches and stops in front of them, meticulously opening
a ledger with quill in hand.
                       MR. DAWSON
Welcome. I am James Dawson,
Harbor Master. You're from that
ship in the bay, are you not?


You mean the Tygre. Yes, we are.
Dawson scribbles the ship name into the ledger then looks
back up.
                       MR. DAWSON
Kindly explain how you slipped
past a line of forts and appeared
with the morning Sun -- quite
unnatural, it is.
I'm not sure what you mean.
                       MR. DAWSON
      (To Rob)
Are you in command?
This guy is great. Just play
      (In character)
Captain Chase, at your service. We
are privateers.
                       MR. DAWSON
Isn't everyone. Under who's
(Whispers to Rob)
I got this.

(To Dawson)
We have a letter of marque from
the King.
                       MR. DAWSON
You'll need more than a letter
from the Dutchman to sail out of
here. We don't abide freebooters
in Port Royal. Good day to you.
Dawson scribbles several more things into the ledger then
walks away.
What did he mean Dutchman -- like
Flying Dutchman?


No. I think he's referring to
William of Orange -- he was Dutch.
Kyle pauses -- an inquisitive look.
Port Royal, huh.
Come on. There's got to be
somebody in charge here.
Beyond the dock, Rob and Kyle reach Lime Street, littered
with various shops, merchant warehouses and a fish market to
the East. They continue down the street past York and reach
the waterfront. To the right, a large fort guards the
harbor entrance -- to the left, a long line of guns and
This could be some kinda' pirate
theme park.
Just ahead, two stereotype sailors walk into a tavern.
It's way too dirty for a theme
park, but that bar looks good.
Let's go ask in there.
How can you drink this early?
After what we've been through --
Kyle pats his pants and looks around.
-- Awe crap. No wallet.
Or I.D. We have to go back and
find our clothes.
What's in the pouch?


Rob pulls it open and peers inside. It's full of shiny gold
Pieces of eight. Lots of them.
Kyle grabs a handful.
Those might work here. Come on.
It's worth a try.
Kyle and Rob enter the pub, dressed just like everyone else.

They step up to the bar, just down from the sailors they
followed in. Behind the bar, LILA, early 20's, way too
pretty for this place, greets Kyle with a warm smile.
What's your pleasure, m'lords?
Kyle tosses several coins onto the bar.
Hey your hotness, what will these
I'll advise you when it's time for
Excellent. Rum and Cola.
Just a cola, please.
Rum I've got.
What is this place?
Lila sets two tankards on the bar. Kyle takes a giant swig
and gasps...
'Tis Murphy's, m'lord.


      (catching his
Wow! That was good. A little
short on cola.
I've never heard of cola, but
you'll not find better rum in the
West Indies.
      (To Lila)
So, this is some kinda theme
resort, or what? And, is there a
public phone I can use?
Lila gives him a blank stare. Rob turns around and looks
for assistance.
Does anyone have a cell phone?
I'll pay.
He holds up several coins. No takers, just more blank
Enter CHARLES PICKFORD, 30's, his clothes suggest a
gentleman, but in here more likely one of fortune. With
him, Henry "BLACK JACK" Jackson, large and scary in the
daylight -- not someone you want to meet at night.
I guess not.
The two sailors at the bar take one look at Black Jack and
make a hasty exit. Captain Pickford and Black Jack mosey up
next to Rob and Kyle.

Black Jack takes out a deck of playing cards pulls a
solitary card from the deck and sets it on the bar, face
Rob holds up the coins to Black Jack and begins to ask
Can I borrow your...
Black Jack grabs the coins out of Rob's hand --
                       BLACK JACK
Drinks around, maties.


-- and tosses them on the bar.
The entire crowd CHEERS.
Rob holds out his hand. Black Jack ignores him, looks at
Lila and drives his dagger into the bar, right through the
playing card.
That won't work on me, Black Jack.
You'll get your drink soon
                       BLACK JACK
Quickly, wench, before the thirst
drives me mad.
      (To Black Jack)
I'm too late if that be the case.
About that phone?
Black Jack yanks his dagger out of the bar with the card
stuck to it and points it at Rob. On the end of the dagger,
the Jack of Spades.
                       BLACK JACK
Never speak at me before I've
downed my first dram.
Rob's hand reaches for his sword -- it's not there.
Hold your knickers and sheath your
dirk before I throw you out.
                       BLACK JACK
I'll sheath my dirk. When do you
get off?
Never with your --
Lila holds up her pinkie finger and wiggles it. Black Jack
-- tiny blade.


Lila slides two tankards up to Black Jack and Pickford.
Black Jack drives the dagger back into the bar with a
satisfied grin and downs the tankard.
                       BLACK JACK
Aahhh! That is fine rum.

(To Lila)
Now, pass me another, you saucy
Suddenly, Kyle looks worried. His eyes dart nervously
around the room.
What's up?
Two pirates in the corner laughing. Black Jack and Pickford
at the bar. A whore on a sailor's lap. The room closes in.
It's dizzying. Kyle grabs Rob by the arm and hauls him
toward the door.
Rob, listen. I've been working
this whole thing out and I don't
think those guys are playing?
That Black Beard dude could use
some lessons in manners -- and
This is no theme park -- and he's
not acting.
Not very well -- that's for sure.
Look around. Have you ever seen a
place like this? It's not a set.
It's not a theme park. It's real
-- all real. I think the amulet
did more than save us.
Rob ponders.


What are you saying -- it sent us
That's just it. We didn't go
anywhere. We're still in Jamaica,
Port Royal to be exact.
This looks nothing like Port
It looks exactly like Port Royal
-- three hundred years ago.
Kyle points at one fort, then another.
There are three forts guarding the
entrance to the harbor. After the
1692 earthquake, only Fort Charles
remained. Fort Rupert and Morgan's
line are gone --
Kyle points in the direction of Morgan's line and Fort
-- yet there they stand.
That's crazy.
Is it?
Kyle pulls Rob back into the tavern.
Just inside the front door.
      (To Lila)
What's the date? We've been at
sea awhile.
April 1st, the year of our lord
sixteen hundred and ninety-two.


And, what's the name of the fort
that guards the Eastern approach?
That would be Fort Rupert, m'lord.
Kyle pulls Rob back out the door.
You hear that -- April 1st, 1692.
You might wanna set your clock
This is where you say April fools.
(Beat) It's not coming, is it?
A sailor flies out the door, nearly landing on them. Black
Jack appears in the doorway, pointing his dirk at the man
laying in the street.
                       BLACK JACK
Next time, I'll skin your
worthless hide.
Black Jack slams the door. The man runs off.
We've gotta find a way outta here.
We have a ship. All we need is a
I mean home. At least to the
right Century.
Don't you think we should
concentrate on getting off this
Island first. The city won't be
here much longer.


Right. The 1692 earthquake -- it
hits in June.
That's it. The earthquake or
tidal wave -- whatever. That's
what must have triggered the
amulet. And, if today's the first
-- in two months and six days it's
going to happen again -- I mean
for the first time.
So, we just have to be on the ship
when it hits. Then poof -- home.
Theoretically. Except we don't
have the amulet.
Right. But, we do know it was
Yes -- the girl in the painting.
It was supposedly done in 1690, so
she still could be here.
      (To self)
That means she's still alive.
Rob and Kyle head back to the bar. Pickford and Black Jack
are still there. Kyle tosses several more coins at Lila.
So, what's your name, beautiful?
It's Lila. And, save your
flattery for the workin' girls. I
only serve drinks.
That wasn't flattery.
Lila gives Kyle a questioning look.


Pickford turns to Rob and hands him a drink.
I take it your run was successful?
My run?
On the French, of course. We're
still at war. Or, do you practice
open piracy?
Kyle inserts himself between the two.
No, sir. We're no freebooters --
just looking to provision and do
some honest privateering.
What about the amulet?
Don't worry.
                       BLACK JACK
If you keep tossing coins at your
present rate, you'll have nothing
left to stock your ship.
That is your frigate in the bay,
is it not?
In the back of the bar, two sailors start to fight. Another
joins in. A brawl ensues.
Yes. Yes it is.
That is one fine ship. I've never
seen the likes of it.
A sailor stumbles into the bar between Rob and Pickford.
Pickford shoves the man away without thought.


It's one of a kind. Fast,
powerful and great in the
You do realize you gave the town a
scare when you slipped in without
We've been told. But, the reason
we're here...
                       BLACK JACK
And, where is your crew?
Discharged, I'm afraid.
Captain Pickford and Black Jack exchange a glance.
No worries mate. They'll be back
in a fortnight with empty pockets.
It's true. A sailor can go
through a fortune in not but a few
Have you received a letter from
his lordship?
We have a letter from the King.
Rob gives Kyle a stern look.
It won't do. The governor will be
expecting his tithe.
      (To Pickford)
Where do we find the governor?
He'll be hosting a formal this
evening at his estate. You should
come as my guests.


And you are?
Charles Pickford. Captain of the
Fox. And my mate here --
                       BLACK JACK
Black Jack's the name --
Black Jack hands Rob a card from his deck, then slips it
back in his pouch.
                       BLACK JACK (CONT'D)
-- cuttins' me game.
Rob turns over the card, revealing another Jack of Spades.
      (To Pickford)
Honored. I'm Captain Chase and
this is my mate, Mr. Porter.
The ladies will be in their finest
this eve. You might want to dress
it up a bit.
Rob looks at his coat then looks at Kyle, more pirate than
I also noticed your lack of arms
and I have to wonder -- are you
solid brass or do you lack good
Don't worry about us. We can
handle our business.
Rob looks around -- daggers, swords, pistols -- all over the
bar -- everyone is armed except them.
Rob turns to Kyle.
Let's go.
We'll see you this evening, then.


Sounds great.
                       BLACK JACK
Try not to get yourselves pricked
on the way.
Rob and Kyle stand at the corner of York and Lime, pondering
their next move.
I need a sword.
And decent clothes. I'm tired of
being a swabbie.
All right -- let's go shopping.
A SIGN above the door reads - Fit For a King


-- Kyle is being measured.

-- Rob is being measured.

-- Kyle tries on an outfit, then another.

-- Rob tries on an outfit, then another.

In the window, Rob points at a gorgeous swept hilt rapier.
Look at that.

-- The men walk in.

-- Rob swishes the sword. Checks its balance.


-- Kyle points a pistol.

-- The men come out, fully adorned with rapiers, daggers and

Dressed to the nines and armed to the hilt, Rob and Kyle
strut through Port Royal's busy streets.

It's late afternoon. The Sun is low on the horizon. In
front of a pub, two ladies of the evening spot Kyle and Rob.
                       LADY #1
Which one of you fine gentles
would like to buy us a drink?
      (To Rob)
How much do we have left?
Rob holds up the pouch.
We're tapped. Maybe one or two
(To Rob)
We have lots more back on the

(To the Ladies)
Sorry ladies.
                       LADY #2
Oh, come on, governor. I'm ready
to be pillaged.
Rob continues walking toward the wharf, Kyle looks back at
the ladies and winks.
Up ahead, entering a fancy coach, Rob sees Mr. COLLINS, late
40's, distinguished looking. With him, his daughter, JANE,
20, our wax figure come to life.

Rob recognizes Jane and abruptly grabs Kyle by the arm.


Oh my God. It's her.
It's who?
It's her. Jane Collins. The one
who's amulet you stole.
I haven't stolen it -- yet.
Rob picks up his pace, leaving Kyle behind. Kyle hurries
and catches up. Too late -- the coach is leaving.
She's getting away.
Rob runs over to an open buggy for hire and taps the driver
on the shoulder.
Where's that carriage going.
                       CARRIAGE DRIVER
You mean Master Collins coach?
                       CARRIAGE DRIVER
To the governor's, I expect.
Right. Governor's ball.
Kyle and Rob jump in.
Follow that -- I mean, take us to
the governor's, please.
By now, the Sun is setting in the West as Mr. Collins and
Jane ride in their fancy coach toward the governor's

A half mile behind, Rob and Kyle sit in the back of a bumpy,
worn down, 17th century taxi.


Jane, dear -- try and put some of
the coin I invested to good use
If you need me to duel for you, I
will happily oblige. Who have you
insulted, now?
Not those lessons -- the other
Two years in London does not a
lady make, father. But, I will
smile, use the right fork, and
dance -- but only once and not
with the governor.
Be easy on Lord Wallace. He can't
but help his affections.
I care not for Lord Wallace, and
his affections are not for me --
but my inheritance. I will not
see your fortune go to the likes
of him.
Though he is well aware of my
fortune, his fondness for you is
not of the pocket.
I'll die an old maid first.
Up ahead, a downed tree blocks the road. The coachman pulls
the reins and the coach slows to a gradual stop.
Pardon the delay Master Collins.
This will only take a moment.


As the driver steps down, four highwaymen jump out of the
bushes, brandishing swords. They quickly surround the
The LEAD HIGHWAYMAN, grizzled and dirty, peers through the
window and points his cutlass at Mr. Collins.
                       LEAD HIGHWAYMAN
We'll be having your coin and
anything that sparkles, if you
You'll get nothing from us.
I'll handle this, Jane --
Mr. Collins reaches down and hands the cutthroat his purse.
-- That's all we have. Now go.
Father. There's only four of
She reaches down and pulls a long dagger from under her
                       LEAD HIGHWAYMAN
And, the bauble off your pretty
neck -- go on.
Jane is sporting a diamond necklass -- not the amulet.
Try and take it. You'll find
yourself absent fingers.
The LARGE HIGHWAYMAN, 20's, as ugly as he is powerful, loses
his cool.
                       LARGE HIGHWAYMAN
Enough of this rubbish.
The Large highwayman rips open the door and pulls Mr.
Collins out of the coach then holds a cutlass at his throat.
                       LARGE HIGHWAYMAN
Hand it over before I slice him


Jane -- do as he says. Quickly,
All right, father. We do it your
Rob and Kyle arrive on scene and witness Mr. Collins being
yanked from the coach. Without hesitation, they spring into
action, drawing swords and pistols as they dismount.
                       LARGE HIGHWAYMAN
Look, the gentles want to play.
The leader takes his eyes off of Jane for just a moment. As
he does, she stabs him in the arm with her dagger and
punches him in the face. He staggers backward.

The Large highwayman lets go of Collins to deal with Rob and
Kyle. Collins takes cover behind the coach.

The two other highwaymen flank to the right. The far
highwayman draws a pistol and levels it at Kyle.

Rob quickly fires a shot at the man and wounds him in the
arm. The man's pistol goes off harmlessly in the air. He
drops his sword and clutches the damaged arm.
By now, the leader has picked up his sword in his other
hand. He and his companion square off against Rob.
I'll take care of these two.
I got this one.
Rob shows brilliant flashes of fencing as the two bandits
engage him. He stabs the lead highwayman in his one good
arm, causing him to drop his weapon and flee. Near the
coach, the Large Highwayman presses Kyle.
I could use a hand here.
Almost done.
By now, Jane has exited the carriage, dagger in hand.
Rob quickly pursues his remaining foe and disarms him with a
cut to his hand. The man flees the scene.


Kyle's man continues his attack but Jane intervenes and
stabs him in the leg. Kyle then delivers a stab to the arm.
The man drops his weapon and limps off as well.
Nice work.
      (To the exiting
That's right. You know what time
it is.
Rob looks around. Kyle is all smiles. Mr. Collins emerges
from cover. By the coach, Jane wipes off her dagger and
returns it to it's hiding place.
Kyle runs over to Rob and attempts to give him a high five.
Rob is completely serious and ignores the gesture.
Man, that was fun.
We could have died.
Collins and Jane approach.
We saved them.
Are either of you hurt?
Not a scratch.
Short a few shillings, but thanks
to you gentles, I remain in good
health. Thank you so much, Mr...
I'm Kyle. I mean Mr. Porter.
Rob is now staring at Jane -- so much better than the
I'm Edward Collins and this is my
deadly daughter, Jane.


I noticed. Thanks for the assist,
m' lady.
A pleasure.
Robert Chase -- at your service.
Have we met?
Rob smiles.
Not in this lifetime.
You treat me familiar, before
Are you bound for the governor's
We are.
Ride with us. It's the least we
can do.
The coach rolls to a stop in front of a richly decorated
mansion in the Jamaican countryside.
This is what I'm talking about.
You gotta visit the governor. It's
like the most pirate thing you can
Remember why we're here. We need
a letter of marque and we need to
find the amulet.


I'm not the one off mission -- you
can't keep your eyes off Ms.
Do you think she noticed?
Aye, Captain Obvious.
They reach the door. The governor's assistant, MR. WINTERS,
looks at them then looks at his list.
And you are?
Captain Chase, and this is...
Captain Pickford barges in front of Winters and gently grabs
Rob by the shoulder.
These men are with me, Mr.
Very well, sir.
The ball is in full swing. Musicians PLAY as Port Royal's
finest line dance, 17th century style.

Pickford leads Rob and Kyle through the ornate mansion to a
sitting area off the main hall.
Jane, on the other side of the room spies Rob and Kyle with
Pickford and a look of displeasure crosses her face.
Sit down, enjoy.
A servant offers wine. Kyle and Rob take a glass as does
So, you're in need of a crew


And a comission from the governor.
It just so happens, I may be of
service on both counts.
I'm listening.
If you are not opposed to a joint
venture, I offer my influence with
Governor Wallace. You need a
letter -- I need more firepower.
Go on.
A grand opportunity to take French
merchants. Our two ships would be
nye unstoppable.
What's our cut?
Equal officer shares. I have
already taken the liberty of
recruiting. The docks will be
lined in the morning -- fine
sailors, one and all.
We're in.
Give us a minute.
Rob pulls Kyle aside for a private conference.
Here's our chance. We can't blow
What about the amulet?


Go ask her. I got it last time.
You stole it the last time. Don't
do that here.
So, we're in, right?
All right. As long as we're back
here in two months.
They walk back over to Pickford.
We accept your offer. When do we
My ship is ready. As soon as we
have yours provisioned, we sail.
I'd say on the evening tide.
Kyle raises his glass.
In the words of Julus Ceasar, we
came, we saw, we drank.
He said that, when?
Kidding. I don't want to know.
As they toast, Black Jack smiles at Pickford then quickly
Rob strolls up to Jane who is momentarily alone while her
father chats with Governor WALLACE, 40's, powdered wig, a
fat peacock.
The guests are lining up for a new dance as Rob walks up to


I thought you'd never ask.
Jane grabs Rob by the arm and leads him onto the dance
But, I don't...
What is your business with
The dance starts. Everyone bows and steps forward then
back. Rob stumbles as he tries to mimick the moves.
He's agreed to speak to the
governor on our behalf if we sail
with him.
You need help getting a letter of
The dancers change direction and bow to the left. Rob is
out of sync. It's ugly.
Yes. Captain Pickford...
Where did you learn to dance?
I didn't.
Pity. You are so skilled with a
blade, I took you for a gentleman.
Jane grabs Rob by the arm and walks him over to where her
father and the Governor are talking. As they approach,
Black Jack whispers something in the Governor's ear then
walks away.
Governor Wallace. This is Captain
Chase. That's his 40 gun frigate
in the bay and he needs a letter
of marque.


Done. See me in the morning. I'll
have it ready.
Jane curtsies, turns around and walks away with Rob in tow.
For 10% of your booty, that man
would give a letter to the captain
of a row boat. What else has
Pickford offered you?
He's found us a crew.
Found you a crew, has he? With
your ship, you'll have to throw a
few overboard.
I see.
What ever he's up to, it must be
I take it you know this man.
He proposed once, but I declined.
What, not gentleman enough for
What's a lady without standards?
Is dancing one of your standards?
Not in the slightest.
Rob smiles. Kyle arrives and hand's Rob a tankard of rum.
Rob raises the tankard and begins to drink --
Have you asked her about the


-- Rob chokes on his rum.
No. (cough) I haven't.
About what amulet?
Looks Mayan -- maybe Egyptian --
with a blue sapphire. Does that
ring a bell?
I know of it. It's poxed, you
                       KYLE AND ROB
We know!
Jane grabs Rob by the arm once more --
Come with me.
Jane leads them to a large double wooden door. She grabs
both handles and swings the doors open revealing the
portrait of her from the museum. It hangs on a wall in
front of the Governor's desk.
Jane walks up to the painting and points at the amulet
around her neck.
Is this what you seek?
Yes. Do you know where it is?
I do, indeed. It is in this very
house -- locked away.
It's not yours?
      (To Rob)
No. It was offered as an
engagement present, but I was too
shallow to accept.


So, it belongs to Pickford?
No. Wallace.
The Governor?
Is there anyone you know who
hasn't proposed?
There was this lord in London.
Rob shakes his head.
Do you think he'd sell it?
If you have enough gold.
We're working on that.
Why the keen interest, Captain
Rob looks at Kyle who's shaking his head no.
This one's yours.
You wouldn't believe me if I told
Try me.
Let's just say we're interested
more in its abilities than its


They say it will stop both sword
and musket ball. The governor
won't part with it for less than a
small fortune.
That is the plan.
Tell the governor he has a buyer.
We'll be back in six weeks.
Wallace sits at his desk. Black Jack stands in front of
You have your needed firepower.
                       BLACK JACK
Indeed, Governor. And once the
Fox is mine, you may address me as
Captain Jackson.
Just bring me back that gold, and
I'll see to Pickford.
What about Collins?
Once I marry Jane, he'll have a
little accident.
                       BLACK JACK
She'll never marry you.
That's where you're wrong.
Remember, it's his ship that will
break peace with the Spanish -- if
she says no, I'll bring him up on
charges. Then, she'll agree.
Able seamen load supplies and cannon onto the ship. On the
main deck, Rob and Kyle sit at a table with pen, paper, and
a small chest of coin. A line of sailors extends down the


gangway and on to the dock.

At the table, TUBBS, 20's, presents a letter of
Name and skill?
Theodore Tubbins, but everyone
calls me Tubbs. Experienced
gunner, sir.
We have one spot left.
I'll take it.
An overweight MERCHANT steps aboard with a long bill of sale
and sets it on the table.
Rob briefly looks it over and pulls coins from the box. It's
nearly empty.
Everything is aboard, Captain.
Thank God, since that's the last
of my coin.
With this ship, you'll make it
back ten fold.
Told you.
The merchant turns and walks off.

Kyle stands up and waves off the remainder of the queue.
That's it. Our ship's company is
The men in line GROAN and walk off. As they go, Black Jack
pushes his way on to the ship.
Behind him, a young boy jumps aboard and walks up to Kyle.
Meet JACK RACKHAM, 10, future Hall of Fame Pirate.


Do you have room for one more?
We really don't need a cabin boy.
Cabin boy? Why, I'm a powder
monkey, sir. There's no one
Don't you have a home -- parents?
No, sir. I've been on one ship or
another since I was seven.
What's your name kid?
Jack Rackham's my name. I need
but half a share.
Jack Rackham? Dude your famous --
well, not yet. But you will be.
Kyle chuckles.
Not sure what you mean, sir.
I guess you started somewhere. Go
below and see...
Thank you, sir. On my way.
Jack runs off.
Rob watches the crew prepare the ship for launch.
Black Jack struts across the main deck shouting orders.
                       BLACK JACK
You two --
Barking at two sailors tugging on a rope.


-- secure those swivel guns. Then
get the cannister below.
Black Jack looks around and grimaces. He's not happy.
                       BLACK JACK
Mister Fly! Where is my
MR. FLY, late 20's, appears at a run and abruptly stops in
front of Black Jack.
                       BLACK JACK
If you don't get this ship in
order, we'll miss the tide.
                       MR. FLY
Right away, sir.
Rob steps off the wheel-deck and confronts Black Jack.
I'll give the orders, Mr. Jackson.
Carry on, Mr. Fly.
                       MR. FLY
Aye, sir. The ship is nearly
Mr. Fly runs off to continue his duties.
                       BLACK JACK
If we're not out of the bay by
Sunset, Cap'n Pickford will piss
Nonetheless -- you go through me.
Rob suddenly turns his gaze away from Black Jack to the gang
plank. Black Jack wheels and both men watch as Jane waltzes
aboard, dressed in a white shirt and black doublet. A long
rapier dangles from her hip. She strolls up holding a
                       BLACK JACK
And, what's this?
Kyle walks up to the group as Jane hands Rob the letter.


Read it.
Rob glances at the letter, then hands it to Kyle.
      (To Jane)
You're to be the governor's agent?
That's right. His eyes and ears.
Fine by me. You can have my...
                       BLACK JACK
It won't do. Captain Pickford
will never allow a prudent woman
This is not Pickford's ship.
                       BLACK JACK
She'll curse us.
Black Jack puts his hand on the hilt of his sword. Just
then, Pickford steps aboard.
Rob grabs the letter from Kyle, walks up and hands it to
Pickford. Before he reads it, he spots Jane.
What's she doing here?
Pickford skims the letter.
I see.

(To Jane)
You sure have the old goat by the
      (To Pickford)
I'm just here to see the "old
goat" gets his share -- and my
(To Jane)
That will be fine, Miss. Collins.
Just as long as you confine


                       PICKFORD (cont'd)
yourself to this ship.

(To Black Jack)
Return to the Fox Mr. Jackson.

(To Rob)
If we don't leave soon, there will
be no shares. Good Day Captain.
The tide is calling.
Heading East, the Tygre trails the Fox out of Port Royal.
British ensigns adorn the top of both ships.

On the wheel-deck of the Tygre, Kyle holds course with Mr.
Fly on watch. Below on the main deck, Rob and Jane look out
to sea.
It's a beautiful day, Captain
Indeed it is Miss. Collins. Were
you going to let me in on why
you're really here?
Were you going to inform your crew
regarding your lack of seamanship?
Your friend seems to know what he
is doing, but you have lubber
written all over you.
Is it that obvious?
I'm afraid its worse. If every
one of your crew knows, rest
assured Captain Pickford and that
rat of a first mate are well


I'm an actor, not a sailor.
Apparently, not very good at
Worse than your dancing, I'm
Rob shrugs.
As far as my presence -- I'm here
to protect my father's interest in
the Fox.
How did you get the letter?
A gentleman would not ask such
You are bad.
Let's just say I'm heavily
invested in the success of this
Back on the wheel-deck, Mr. Fly holds a spyglass to his eye,
then lowers it.
                       MR. FLY
The Fox signals. They ask for a
meeting aboard the Tygre.
                       MR. FLY
There's a sheltered cove ahead. We
lay to there.
Tell them fine.
Rob, Kyle and Jane sit at a table with a map of the
Caribbean. Pickford and Black Jack enter the cabin.


                       BLACK JACK
Why is she here?
It's her cabin.
Pickford shakes his head.
Have you forgotten, my father owns
your ship.
She can stay. Let's get down to
First, there's not enough profit
in taking French merchants.

(To Rob)
Secondly, I don't know how you
came upon this ship, but you, sir,
are no sea captain.
Kyle begins to rise. Black Jack fondles his dagger as Rob
gently pushes Kyle back into his chair.
(To Kyle)
Let him finish.

(To Pickford)
Go on.
I have good word the largest gold
shipment ever to come out of
Panama will arrive in Havanna in
two weeks time. It will travel by
land from the South.
That's piracy!
How large?


What about reprisals? The Spanish
will be furious.
Seriously -- how large?
It could start a war.
Who's to say the alliance still
Come on.
                       BLACK JACK
      (To Kyle)
More than you could spend in a
lifetime -- divided.
What are our options?
Considering most of your crew are
actually my crew -- you have but
two choices.

I could leave you on a spit of
sand with a bottle of water and a
pistol --
You wouldn't.
Ignoring Jane.
-- Or, you continue your charade
as Captain, which I will allow,
and retire filthy rich.
I'm in.
I'll not have it.
                       BLACK JACK
You don't have a vote.


      (To Rob)
Mr. Collins will receive an
investor's share. That will
silence her complaints. Just keep
her out of my way.
All Right. I will play my role.
But, we part ways at the first
It's settled, then. We head North
by West at Sunrise -- absent
English colors.
The Fox and Tygre head West toward Havanna flying Dutch

In the distance -- a sail appears.
In the rigging, a YOUNG SAILOR holds a spyglass to his eye.
                       YOUNG SAILOR
It's Spanish -- A War Galleon.
On the wheel-deck, Pickford raises his spyglass and watches
the approach of the Spanish Warship. Black Jack appears.
                       BLACK JACK
It's Don Francisco.
Isn't he the one who...
                       BLACK JACK
Yes --
He points to his left cheek where we see a nasty scar.


                       BLACK JACK
-- I've been waitin' a long time.
Pickford smiles.
Shall we test the strength of our
                       BLACK JACK
Those two lubbers won't last five
minutes once the action starts.
Would you care to make a wager?
The Fox signals. Mr. Fly lowers the spyglass and turns to
                       MR. FLY
Pickford means to ambush that
Hell yeah.
                       MR. FLY
We wait for the signal.
      (Whispers to Kyle)
What now?
Mr. Fly runs off.
I'll see to the gun crews -- you
stay put until we board. Then, go
show them why you're the captain.
We're not in a movie.
I know. It's so much better.
Rob shakes his head as Kyle runs off.
At least wear some armor.


On the gun deck, crews diligently prep for battle. Tubbs
and Jack work feverishly at their station. Jack is as quick
as he boasts. Tubbs watches in amazement.
You're quite the rabbit, young
Jack. Just stay clear when I
light the fuse.
No worries, Tubbsy. It's not my
first pony ride.
Kyle marches through the gun deck wearing a breast plate and
carrying two jugs of rum. At each station, he offers a
Two swigs only. I need you steady
-- not drunk.
Tubbs and Jack stand bye as Kyle approaches.
      (To Tubbs)
None for him, he's only ten?
I could die today -- with never a
taste of rum or the pleasures of
Awe, hell -- go ahead. I already
know how you turn out.
Tubbs passes the jug to Jack who takes a big swig, then
another. He smiles.
Not bad. Lacking a bit o' spice,
but it'll do.
Jack starts to take another swig. Kyle yanks the jug out of
his hands.
That's enough, Jack.
Jane scampers up the stairs and over to Rob on the


Off the port side, the Galleon looms. Ahead, the Fox makes
a starboard tack.
Is it true? Are we attacking that
Yes. As soon as Pickford signals.
Then, take this.
Jane pulls out a pouch and retrieves -- The Amulet. It's
already glowing.
How'd you get it?
As I've stated...
Wallace! We have a name for that
where I come from.
Just take it. It may save your
I can handle a sword.
Can you stop a musket ball with
your teeth?
Of course not.
It's settled, then.
Mr. Fly taps Rob on the shoulder.
                       MR. FLY
The signal.
Prepare to fire.


Suddenly, the Fox tacks hard to port, heading for the T on
the Spanish ship as a black flag with a red skull is hoisted
to the top of the mast.
MR. DUDLEY, 30's, maneuvers the ship into combat.
Show our true colors Mr. Fly
Jane shoves the amulet into Rob's pouch then cinches it up.
Rob flashes a disapproving look, but acquiesces.
A black flag with a red devil runs up the mast.
      (To Jane)
Go below -- it's not safe here.
There's no place safe from cannon,
Captain Chase.
      (To Rob)
On my mark, give the order to
The Fox opens fire on the Spanish ship, out of position to
effectively defend itself.

Multiple cannon balls RIP into the hull and rigging. A
single stern gun returns FIRE and misses the Fox.

In The Fox's wake, the Tygre moves in for a broadside.
Next to Tubbs and Jack, Kyle peers through an open port,
waiting for the moment.
Ready -- Steady.
On the wheel deck, Rob's eyes dart between Dudley and the
Give the order -- now, captain.


Fire -- Now -- Fire.
Tubbs and the other crews light the fuses. The cannons
BOOM. The recoil rocks the Tygre as smoke billows,
obscuring the view. The cannon balls TEAR into the Spanish
Cannon balls RIP through the outer bulkheads sending shards
of wood flying across the decks. Guns are BLASTED from
their stations. Masts fall to the decks.
                       DON FRANCISCO
Prepare to fire.
The ship is finally ready with it's guns aimed at the Fox.
The Tygre closes on the galleon.
                       DON FRANCISCO
The Spanish Galleon launches a weak broadside with the
remaining guns.
                       BLACK JACK
They're ripe for boarding,
Let the Tygre go first. Say five
minutes before we join in.
                       BLACK JACK
That may satisfy our wager. But,
Francisco's mine.
Inform the crew, he's not to be


The Spanish ship's main mast lies broken with it's rigging
on the deck -- sails shredded. The Tygre runs along side.
Muskets BLAST, deck guns BOOM and pirates ROAR as they ready
for boarding.
Kyle runs up to Rob on the wheel-deck.
This is it. Are you ready?
Ready or not.

Boarding party -- take that ship!
The Tygre crashes into the side of the Spanish Galleon.
Boarding hooks from the Tygre pull the two ships together.

The crew of the Tygre launches the attack, jumping and
swinging onto the decks of the Spanish Galleon. Kyle and
Rob leap aboard.

With sword and dagger ready, Jane remains steadfast on the
wheel-deck of the Tygre. A look of frustration.

On the main-deck of the Galleon, it's mayhem. Kyle seems
quite at ease in the midst of the battle, wielding his sword
like a seasoned veteran.

Rob dispatches several Spaniards then spots the Captain on
the bridge. He instinctively goes after him.
Young Jack and Tubbs jump into the fray. Kyle spots Jack.
      (To Jack)
What are you doing here?
My duty, Mr. Porter.
A Spanish sailor slashes at Kyle. As he's doing so, Jack
stabs the man in the foot, distracting him enough for Kyle
to get the drop and crack him in the head, knocking him over
the rail.
Get back to the Tygre.


Just then, another Spaniard takes aim at Kyle when a shot
rings out. The man falls over.

There's Jack, holding a smoking pistol and grinning.
It might be safer for you if I
The crew of The Fox enters the fray. Black Jack, with two
cutlasses in hand, slashes, kicks and punches his way across
the ship. Two sailors come face to face with him and jump
Back on the Tygre, Jane has lost patience and joins the
fight. She jumps aboard. She spots Rob on the wheel-deck.
Her skill is impressive as she fights her way across the
On the wheel-deck, Rob engages Don Francisco in single
combat, just like in the opening scene. Only this time, it's
Surrender your ship -- the battle
is lost.
                       SPANISH CAPTAIN
You're English -- I should have
The Spaniard foolishly attacks with a thrust to Rob's face,
but Rob deftly parries with his dagger and steps in with his
rapier, piercing the Captain through the heart. The Spaniard
sinks to his knees and dies instantly.
As it happens, Jane reaches the wheel-deck. After seeing
their leader fall, like dominoes, the Spaniards lay down
their arms.

A loud cheer erupts amongst the pirate crew. They all see
Rob atop the Bridge with the Spanish Captain dead at his
Nice work.


Black Jack arrives on the Bridge and sees the dead Spanish
Captain. He's livid.
                       BLACK JACK
Bloody hell. I gave orders not to
touch him.
I thought we went over that.
Just then, Pickford arrives.
I see Francisco's met his end.
                       BLACK JACK
Not by my hand. The lubber beat
me to him.
(To Black Jack)
Pay up you Blaguered.
Black Jack tosses Pickford a gold doubloon.
Pickford laughs. This makes Black Jack even madder.
I seem to have missed the joke.
Not only did you survive the
fight, you defeated the man who
gave him that scar.
It was not my intention. He
lunged. I blocked. The riposte
just happened.
                       BLACK JACK
I'll not forget this slight,
Black Jack storms off.
Pickford laughs.
He'll get over it.


A sudden BLAST -- what's left of the galleon is obliterated.
In the distance, Spanish sailors swim to shore.
Pickford watches the destroyed ship from the bridge of the
Fox as he sails away.
Well done, Mr. Jackson. Now, set
a course West. We've little time
to waste.
                       BLACK JACK
Aye, Cap'n.
Several KNOCKS at the door.
Jane sits at the table, sharpening her sword.
Come in.
Rob enters with amulet in hand.
I told you it would protect.
It never got its chance. Not a
bullet nor blade came near me.
Rob sets the piece down in front of her.
Well, it would have.
Maybe. But, you fought without
its benefit. That I cannot have.
Take it back.
Don't you need it?
Rob pushes it towards Jane.


Not for this purpose.
Kyle knocks on the door then walks right in. He sees the
Right on. Now, we can keep all
the swag we find.
It belongs to Miss Collins.
I thought it belonged to Wallace.
Let's just say, it's on loan.
But, you said...
You still haven't told me why you
need it.
It's complicated.
If not to protect, then what?
You won't believe us.
Go on.
The amulet is more than a shield.
It can transport you completely
out of danger if things go badly.
It just picks you up and tosses
you to safety. Is that it?
Not exactly. More like it sends
you somewhere, but you don't
actually move.


Enough with the riddles.
Just tell her.
All right, all right. It sends
you back in time. And, hopefully
forward again. That's how we got
So, you're from another time are
Really? And, this --
Jane picks up the amulet.
-- will send you back.
Yes. But, it's not that easy.
It takes something major, like an
earthquake or tidal wave to
trigger it. We don't really know.
Maybe a volcano -- or perhaps a
Like I said...
Did I mention I was the Queen of
England. You really should bow in
my presence.
The two ships sail along the Cuban coast.


      (To the helmsman)
Lay to just ahead --
Pointing to a small inlet.
-- Buccaneer Bay. We go inland
from there.
      (To Black Jack)
Signal the Tygre Mr. Jackson.
The two ships rest peacefully in the quiet waters of the bay
-- beyond, dense jungle.
Rob, Kyle and Jane walk through the door of Pickford's
cabin. Inside, we find Pickford, Black Jack and Colonel
SANCHEZ, 30's, Spanish soldier of fortune, looking at a map
of Cuba.

A close-up tells us Buccaneer Bay is just to the West of
Pickford eyes Jane.
I thought we agreed she would
remain on the Tygre.
Miss Collins insisted.
                       BLACK JACK
You may want to familiarize her
with maritime law.
      (Whispering to Rob)
He means you're in-charge.
I know what he means.


This is Colonel Sanchez.
Sanchez nods and returns his attention to the map.
You never mentioned a partner?
He's our guide.
(Pointing at the Map)
As you can see, we are here.

(Pointing to another spot)
The gold train must travel through
How well guarded?
Maybe 300 soldiers. Our trap
should more than suffice.
      (To Rob)
My men will attack from the high
ground. And, you and your men
will be the anvil.
Once they are routed, we pick-up
the gold and head for the coast.
The gold will slow you down. Who
will guard your rear as you flee?
We'll take the rear. I know how
to slow them down if they follow.
Without doubt, they will.
                       BLACK JACK
Not if we kill them all.
The group laughs.


The men stand in formation. Two sailors work diligently
strapping Tubbs to the mast. He struggles but is
Dudley cracks a cat o' nine tails. Tubbs looks back and
Below deck, Kyle sleeps. A KNOCK on the door. It swings
open. Standing in the doorway is young Jack Rackham. He's
They're about to flog Tubbs, sir.
Kyle sits up and shakes the cobwebs.
They're what?
Givin' Tubbs a taste o' the cat.
Kyle throws his clothes on.
What did he do?
Black Jack claims he was
hornswaggled. But, he wasn't. I
was there.
Mr. Jackson's a slow learner. Have
you alerted the captain?
He's not on board, sir.
Kyle emerges from below with Jack on his heels. Kyle rushes
toward the assembly.
      (To the Crew)
...has been found in violation of
articles and will receive 40


                       DUDLEY (cont'd)
lashes. Sentence to be carried
out forthwith.
Belay that, Mr. Dudley.
I can't. Black Jack's orders.
Black Jack can kiss my ass.
Kyle charges toward Dudley.
Jane appears on the bridge and gasps.
What has this man done?
He's a cheat, Miss Collins.
      (Yelling from the
He is not.
Kyle grabs the whip and yanks it from Dudley's hand. Dudley
attempts to draw his cutlass, but Kyle is too quick. He
grabs Dudley's wrist and collar then throws him on the deck,
wrenching the sword from his hand.
That's called Judo. Bet you never
heard of it. If you get up,
you'll see some more.
Dudley stays down. Just then, Pickford, Black Jack and Rob
What's all this?
They're about to flog Tubbs for
cheating at cards.
Who's his accuser?
                       BLACK JACK
I'm the one burned.


Rob addresses Black Jack.
When was the last time you lost at
                       BLACK JACK
It must have been... (Beat)
That long was it?
                       BLACK JACK
Quite a long while if memory
And, Tubbs beat you, so he must
have cheated, right?
                       BLACK JACK
      (To the crew)
Cut him loose. There will be no
flogging on my ship.
The crew CHEERS!
                       BLACK JACK
Leave him tied or take his place.
Black Jack yanks his cutlass from its sheath. Rob steps
back as everyone around them clears the deck.
What say you Pickford?
I say if you want to be Captain,
defend your position.
That suits me fine.
Rob draws his rapier and pulls out a dagger. Black Jack
draws his second cutlass.
      (To Black Jack)
You feel that strongly, do you?


                       BLACK JACK
Your blood or his, Mr. Chase. You
Are you up for a wager? Your skill
against mine.
                       BLACK JACK
I'm all ears, mate. Name your
First Blood. If I wound you, Tubbs
goes free and the matter is
settled. If you prevail, I'll
take his place -- and the lashes.
Tubbs looks up. The crew GASPS.
                       BLACK JACK
First blood it is.
Black Jack comes on guard. Rob drops into a low ward with
dagger held high.
You can stop this, Pickford.
Jack grabs Kyle's arm.
      (To Kyle)
Why do they call him Black Jack?
Probably because of his
black-hearted ways, lad.
I need a nickname.
Black Jack advances with sword tips up -- Rob retreats.
Another advance -- another retreat.
                       BLACK JACK
Stand and fight, lubber.
It's called measure. Get used to


Irritated, Black Jack attempts a rush but Rob stops him with
a surprise thrust to the wrist. Blood trickles from the
First blood. It's done.
Black Jack looks at his wrist.
                       BLACK JACK
That's not a wound.
      (Calling Out)
It's between them.
Black Jack charges with a flurry of slashes. Rob back
peddles then jumps out of the way.
                       BLACK JACK
Run away, lassie.
Black Jack redoubles his efforts but Rob is too quick and
strikes him in the shoulder. Blood trickles down the front
of Black Jack's shirt but he doesn't even notice the wound.
How many times must I hit you?
                       BLACK JACK
That pin prick?
Have it your way.
Another charge from Black Jack has Rob against the rail.
With no where to go, Rob parries a slash with his dagger and
clubs his foe in the temple with the hilt of his sword.
Black Jack goes down, face first into the deck.

He's out cold.
A mix of LAUGHTER and CHEERS from the crew. Kyle smiles as
Jack jumps up and down for joy.

Jane lets out a sigh of relief. Even Pickford is smiling.
Cut Tubbs loose. Now, Mr. Dudley.


Right away, sir.
      (To Mr. Fly)
And get that piece of crap off my
Mr. Fly motions to a couple sailors who pick Black Jack up
and carry him away.

Rob walks up to Pickford.
Are you satisfied?
He needed the lesson. And, now
you have the respect of your crew.
Rob gathers his things for the two day march. Jane appears
in the doorway, armed and carrying a satchel over her
shoulder. Rob looks up and sees her, ready to go.
You're not going with us?
In fact, I am.
I'm the captain of this ship.
Not once I'm on land.
It's too dangerous.
You forget. I have the amulet.
I have not forgotten.


Which means I'm really in no
danger at all. Besides, you'll
miss me.
Yes. I mean -- you do this every
You may want to get used to it.
Pickford's men march into the jungle as Rob, Jane and Kyle
wait at the side of the trail with their crew.

Black Jack, with bandaged head, marches past and glares at
                       BLACK JACK
Your clock is tickin' lubber.
Rob smiles at Black Jack as he walks away.
He's quite the sore loser.
Ya think.
Next, Pickford marches by, spots Jane and chuckles.
I see you've settled who's in
Excuse me.
He means...
I know. You don't have to say it.
The pirates follow a well beaten trail. They cross a wooden
rope bridge. They stop at a vista.


Pickford and Sanchez look out over a narrow river valley
clear of jungle. A stream and a trail run down the center.
This is the place.
Most excellent. We set the trap
On the ridge, Pickford's men form a line the length of the

In the jungle on the near side, Rob's men wait with swords
in hand.
How much longer?
Kyle smacks a mosquito drinking from his neck.
Not quite the life, is it?
The first unit of Spaniards appear on the far side and march
up the valley.

A sharply dressed officer leads them. Colonel GARCIA, 30's,
in a fancy uniform rides on horseback at the head of the

Behind them, a column of pack mules appear.

The pirates keep their heads down, silent.

A spyglass view of the moving column. Pickford lowers the
instrument and turns to Sanchez.
That's him. Colonel Garcia.
Sanchez raises his own spyglass.
He's a scoundrel. It will be my
pleasure to kill him.
The end of the gold train enters the valley. Twenty chests
filled with gold, a vast fortune. Pickford lowers his
spyglass and turns to Sanchez.


That's the last of them. Spring
the trap.
On the far side of the valley, BOOM. Several trees fall
onto the trail blocking any escape.

The entire line on the ridge fires at the Spaniards. Musket
balls RIP into the Spanish formations. Soldiers fall. Mules
panic and run, dragging their handlers with them.
Get to the far side, hurry.
Motioning with his sword, Garcia urges his troops forward,
right into Rob's ambush.
Kyle looks at Rob as the Spaniards rush towards them.
This is it.
Rob's crew pounces on the Spanish soldiers, cutting them
down as they enter the jungle. As soldiers flee, panic
spreads and the entire column reverses direction.

Jane stays out of the fight until a Spaniard rushes her. She
side steps his charge and hamstrings him as he passes.
Seeing Jane in trouble, Rob quickly dispatches his foe and
runs to assist. By the time he gets there, her opponent is
already down.
Jane looks at Rob, ignoring the man on the ground for just a
You see. I told you not to worry.
Now, on his knees, the Spaniard pulls a dagger and hurls it
at Jane. Rob sees it, but not in time.
She turns. The dagger flies. A bright flash from the
amulet. The dagger falls harmlessly to the ground, stopped.
Rob runs past her and cuts the man down then quickly runs
back to Jane, standing motionless and shocked.


My God. It worked.
And, you're still here.
Of course.
Just don't push it. You could
wake up in the middle of the Cuban
The Cuban what?
Never mind.
In the valley, Garcia's situation is hopeless.
It's a trap. Get to the jungle.
Let's go.
Pickford spots Garcia calling for a retreat.
It's time. We finish them off.
Pickford's men charge down the hill as Rob's men move up the
valley. It's over. The defeated Spanish scramble into the
jungle up the far side of the valley.
Rob and Kyle continue the pursuit of the fleeing soldiers.
Colonel Garcia avoids capture and disappears into the bush.
The Pirate forces regroup as Pickford's men round up the
Let's go. Get those mules moving.
Rob and Kyle meet up with Pickford and Sanchez.
We've done it. The gold is ours.


Garcia escaped with a large number
of men. He will come after us.
Buy us time, Captain Chase. I'll
see you back at the ship.
If they counter attack, we'll be
Pickford's men and the gold march toward the ship.
With only a few muskets, the rear guard waits for the
pursuing Spanish at a river crossing. As they exit the
jungle, Rob's men open fire then make a hasty withdrawal.

Two of the Spaniards fall, the rest momentarily retreat into
the bush.


The Spaniards cautiously cross the river.
Let's go. We can't let them
As they enter the jungle, BOOM! Spaniards fly away from the
explosion. The rest run back across the river.

In the Jungle, Rob and Kyle look at each other then run up
the trail.
Rob, Jane and Kyle stop for a moment. Ahead of them, face
down in the trail, a body. Rob jogs up. It's Sanchez. A
dirk protrudes from the back of his neck. A playing card is
pasted to the wound.
It's Sanchez.


It would appear he served his
Rob retrieves the weapon and yanks the card from the blade.
He turns the card around, revealing a Jack of Spades.
Is this how Pickford treats his
Looks like Black Jack's work.
We should hurry.
The rear guard emerges from the jungle and suddenly stops --

In the bay, the Fox lies anchored. The Tygre is gone.
Several boats make their way to the ship with a handful
remaining on the beach.
Quickly, now. To the boats.
They're right behind us.
That son of a bitch stole our
And, this is a surprise?
There must be a reason, Let's get
to the Fox.
As the rear guard pushes the boats into the surf, Spanish
soldiers emerge from the jungle. Musket balls fly. Spanish
soldiers run toward them.

Several more muskets fire from the beach in a last ditch
effort to stop the escaping pirates. In the boats, Rob and
Kyle row to safety with Jane in the back. The amulet is

A Spaniard on shore takes aim and fires. The ball travels
through the air. Jane is the target. It hits her square in


the back. Again, the amulet saves her and the ball bounces
into the water doing no harm.
Are you o.k?
Yes. I guess it's not so cursed.
On the contrary. It's our ticket
Three boats move out of range as cannons from the Fox fire
on the Spanish, still on the beach. The soldiers run for
cover as cannon balls explode.
What do you mean our ticket?
When the big one hits Port Royal,
the amulet will send us home --
Big one?
In seventeen days, a giant
earthquake will destroy Port
Royal. Most of the city will no
longer exist.
How do you know this?
I'm a history teacher.
We really are from another time.
If you know all this -- then, what
happens to me? My father?
History doesn't tell us. We found
the painting of you in a museum.
That's how we knew about the


I see. So it has always been
about the amulet?
Yes. I mean no. At first, maybe.
But, not now.
Fine. Take it.
She begins to take it off. Rob stays her hand.
No. I want you to come with me.
They're almost to the ship.
I can't. My father.
But do you want to?
They're at the ship. Jane looks back as she climbs aboard
but says nothing.
As Rob and Kyle climb over the rail, the ship's company is
assembled on the main deck with Black Jack on the Bridge.
                       BLACK JACK
Welcome aboard the Fox, Mr. Chase.
Where is my ship?
                       BLACK JACK
Seems there's been a
redistribution of duties since you
were last aboard. Commodore
Pickford is now in command of the
Tygre by election of the crew.
The Tygre sails under the
authority of Governor Wallace and
a letter of marque granted me.


You mean the letter authorizing
you to take French Prizes. It
flew out the port hole once you
turned pirate.
Technically, once we attacked the
(To Kyle)
You're not helping.

(To Black Jack)
I guess we're pirates. But, still
due our share. Where's the gold?
                       BLACK JACK
That's between you and Pickford.
And as requested, we'll be parting
company at the first opportunity,
despite my desire to slit you from
bow to stern.
You mean to maroon us?
                       BLACK JACK
Your own private island as it
Governor Wallace won't stand for
                       BLACK JACK
He'll care not as long as I return
you safely. As for them --

(To Mr. Fly)
-- take 'em below and lock 'em in
the brig.
Two sailors hold Jane by the arms. Black Jack grabs the
pouch on her belt. It's glowing. He cuts the ties with his
dagger and smiles.


                       BLACK JACK
I'll be returning this to its
rightful owner.
Kyle and Rob sit on the floor of a cramped cell in the brig
of the Fox.
Do you think they'll give us a
bottle of rum?
Really? Really, dude -- that's
what you're worried about?
All right. I'm sorry. I know I
got you into this.
We're gonna die of thirst, you
A door CLOSES and the sound of running feet PATTER in the
dimly lit corridor. On the other side of the bars, a small
face appears. It's young Jack Rackham.
Sir -- the captain means to maroon
you on the sand tomorrow. I heard
him talking.
Thank you, son.
The crew is behind you, sir.
As much as I...
Wait, sir. You can demand a vote.
He's right. If you ask for an
election, he can't refuse.
It's what he wants.


You'll take him, sir. He fights
like a bull.
He has the amulet. I can't hurt
Then don't. I mean, don't even
try to hit him. The amulet will
That's your plan?
The crew is assembled on the main deck of the Fox. Jane is
being held by two crew members as Rob and Kyle emerge from

Black Jack stands at the head of the assembly with Mr. Fly
by his side. Jack and Tubbs wait with the rest of the crew.
Rob looks at Jack as he's brought before the Captain. Jack
gives him a wink.
                       MR. FLY
By order of the captain, Mr.
Chase, Mr. Porter and Miss Collins
shall be set ashore and may God
save them.
(To Black Jack)
Is this the will of the crew -- or
just you?
According to the code, ships
members have a vote in important
                       BLACK JACK
That's right. Members who've
signed articles. Which you have
I have.


Jack steps forward and addresses the crew.
                       BLACK JACK
Get back in formation, boy?
Captain Chase has done right by
every one of us. He led us to
victory on both sea and land.
                       BLACK JACK
If you'd like to join him, I'll
toss you over myself.
Looking Black Jack square in the eyes and standing as tall
as he can, young Jack Rackham makes a bold move.
I call for a vote --
The crew GASPS. Tubbs steps forward.
-- For Captain of the Fox.
The crew GASPS again.
Black Jack struts over to Tubbs and stands above him. Tubbs
cringes below the intimidating figure.
I nominate Captain Chase.
Black Jack turns his attention back to Jack and scowls.
I accept.
                       BLACK JACK
He's not a member of the crew.
He will be if we vote him in as
                       MR. FLY
Under the articles, a ship's
company has a right to choose
anyone as captain. As long as the
new captain is willing to sign.
Which I am.


He is.
Rob and Jane exchange a glance.
                       BLACK JACK
Very well. A vote it is.

Mr. Fly.
                       MR. FLY
Are there any other nominations --
                       MR. FLY
-- in that case, all those in
favor of Black Jack remaining as
Captain, raise your hand.
A few hands pop up. Black Jack leers at the crew. A few
more intimidated hands go up, but not nearly enough. Mr.
Fly looks around.
                       MR. FLY
Anyone else.
The crew sheepishly looks down as Black Jack glares around
the assembly.
                       MR. FLY
All in favor of Mr. Chase.
Over two thirds of the crew raise their hands and CHEER.
Black Jack is outraged.

Jane smiles.
                       MR. FLY
By right vote of the assembled...
                       BLACK JACK
Damn the lot of you.
Black Jack draws his sword.
The crew has spoken. I'm now your


                       BLACK JACK
Not until you sign -- and, dead
men don't sign articles.
Tubbs tosses Rob a sword. Rob deftly snatches it out of the
As I expected -- truly without
Rob flourishes his sword and comes on guard. Black Jack
points his sword at Rob.

The crew backs away and clears as much room as possible.
                       BLACK JACK
(To Rob)
Don't count on luck to save you
this time, Mr. Chase.

(To the crew)
And, once I'm done with him --
Black Jack wheels around, his sword pointing at the crew.
                       BLACK JACK
-- We'll be having another vote.
Black Jack turns his attention back to Rob and advances. Rob
                       BLACK JACK
Are you gonna stand and fight this
It's called footwork. Get used to
Black Jack takes a big slash at Rob. Rob retreats out of
measure as the blow wildly misses. Rob makes a quick
riposte at the pouch on Black Jack's waist, barely missing
the leather strap.
                       BLACK JACK
Always running.
And, still capable of signing.
Black Jack chases Rob up a flight of stairs. Black Jack
continues to swing at Rob who parries and continues his


attack on the straps of leather with several near misses.
Rob runs out of room. Black Jack has him pinned.
                       BLACK JACK
What's wrong rabbit -- out of
Black Jack attempts to run Rob through, he moves out of the
way as Black Jack nearly falls over the rail. Rob grabs for
the pouch. He has it in his hand. He pulls -- the straps
are nearly severed and straining.

Black Jack regains his balance and attempts to club Rob. Rob
blocks -- with swords together they struggle. Finally, the
straps give way and the amulet flies across the deck.

No longer restrained, Jane quickly grabs the pouch. Black
Jack turns to look as Jane picks it up.

Rob seizes the moment and tackles Black Jack, sending them
both CRASHING onto the main deck. Swords bounce away.

Both men scramble for their weapons, but Rob reaches his
first. He kicks Black Jack's sword away and points his
sword at Black Jack's face. Black Jack backs away and
stumbles, landing on his back side.
Rob places the point of his sword under Black Jack's chin.
This is where I should offer you
quarter. But, I think I'll just
kill you.
                       BLACK JACK
You don't have the stomach for
cold blooded killin,' lubber.
You're right.
                       BLACK JACK
And, not fit to be captain.
(To Black Jack)
The crew sees it differently. You
are right about one thing. I
won't kill an unarmed man.

(To the crew)
Over the side with him.


Tubbs, Fly and several crew members grab Black Jack. One of
them shoves a satchel into his hands. The large man
struggles as they hurl him over the side of the ship.


Most of the crew runs to the rail and CHEERS.

Black Jack surfaces.
                       BLACK JACK
You've not seen the last of me you
pack of worms.
Have a good swim.
Jack takes a swig from a bottle of rum, corks it and throws
it over the side at Black Jack.
Drink up, mate.
The cabin is packed with sailors. All eyes on -- ship's
articles, on the table in front of Rob. He leans over and
signs the document. The crew CHEERS!
Mr. Fly. How much of the gold is
on board?
                       MR. FLY
Not half again what's rightly
Where is the Tygre?
                       MR. FLY
We're supposed to meet here, off
Navassa. Pickford has no
intention of giving Wallace a
share. He means to divide the
treasure and sail East.
In our ship. We have to stop him.
In that case, we wait.


The Fox is no match for the Tygre.
Yes. But, we will have surprise
on our side. Pickford will be
expecting a friendly welcome.
Aloft in the rigging, Tubbs and Jack stand watch. Tubbs
with spyglass spots a sail in the distance. It's the Tygre
-- flying English colors.

On the wheel-deck, Rob scans the horizon. On the wheel, Mr.
Fly holds course and waits for orders.
Like a spider monkey, Jack scurries down the rigging, and
lands in front of Rob.
It's the Tygre, Captain.
Thank you, Jack. Now, get to your
Right away, sir.
Rob breaks out his spyglass and spots the Tygre. On the far
side, two more sails loom in the distance.

A closer look reveals French ensigns adorning their masts.
      (To Mr. Fly)
All hands to battle stations. Hard
to port, Mr. Fly, full sail.
Kyle appears on the bridge.
                       MR. FLY
Ahoy maties. Hoist all sails. Man
your guns.
Those are line ships -- regular
Navy. And, they mean to steal
our gold.


We'll see about that -- to the
guns, hurry.
Kyle runs off.
                       MR. FLY
The Tygre's showing her heels.
She's outgunned.
No. Pickford's leading them to
us. He expects our help. And,
he's gonna get it.
In the distance, the Tygre continues to run from the two
French warships.

The Fox heads straight for the Tygre.
Kyle runs through the gun deck. He tosses a jug to Tubbs
and another one to Jack.
Drink up maties. We're about to
take on the French Navy and save
our gold.
Let's give 'em a fight.
The gun crews CHEER.
On the bridge of the Tygre, Pickford directs Dudley at the

The two French Warships trail.

Ahead of them, the Fox sails to intercept with English
colors rippling in the wind.
(To Dudley)
The Fox is right on time. Prepare
to come about.
Aye, sir.


Come about. North by North West.

(Shouting Orders)
Ready starboard guns -- on my
The Tygre comes about and surprises the lead French ship.
The second French ship is slow to respond and out of
position as well.

The Fox is on the heels of the Tygre -- both lined up for
shots on the lead ship.
Through his spyglass, Pickford spots Rob on the bridge of
the Fox and flashes a huge grin.
Pay up Dudley.
Pickford hands the spyglass to Dudley. He takes a look.