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The Trip
by Angelo (aglara@live.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

A short script. Danny has had a big night out. He just wants to get home and into his warm, comfy bed. Unfortunately for him, the trip won't be so easy...

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


DANNY (19) is passed out on his seat, lying in the fetal
position. His arms are covered with smudged club stamps.

The train comes to a stop.

Danny is woken by a loud group of drunk girls as they get
off the train. He sits up and groggily looks out the window
to see where he is. His eyes are bloodshot.
Danny jumps up and stumbles off the train.
Danny slowly makes his way up the stairs and goes to check
the train times.

There are no more trains till the morning.
Fuckin' hell.
Danny walks over to the ticket window. The lights are off
and there's nobody inside.
Hey, are there any buses coming?
No reply.
      (knocks at the
Hey! No slackin' off on the job,
He gives up and takes out his mobile. He dials a number and
Um, yeah, I need a cab.


Danny waits on the side of the street with his hands in his
pockets. He can barely stand up straight.

A cab pulls up and Danny gets in.
Danny rests his head against the window and closes his eyes.
Everything he can hear begins to echo in his skull, slowly
growing louder and louder.

The cabbie, a dark, bearded Arab, breaks the silence. He
speaks with an Egyptian accent.
You had a good night, brother?
The thunderous echoes in Danny's head fade away.
Yeah. Good night...
Silence again.

Suddenly, Danny is woken by a loud thump.
Bloody potholes.
There's another thump. It seems to be coming from inside the

The cabbie quickly speaks up.
I have a good night tonight,
y'know! Plenty of beautiful girls
ride my taxi!
He lets out a hearty laugh that disguises yet another thump.

Danny laughs along nervously. His eyes dart around, trying
to make sense of the sound. Facing straight ahead, he
watches the cabbie from the corner of his eye.

He notices a red stain on the cabbie's shirt.

The cabbie catches Danny staring.


Danny quickly averts his gaze.
Hey, um, can I just out here? I'll
walk the rest... I'm not feelin'
too good.
Really? Are you sure?
Yeah. You don't want me pukin' in
your car.
They pull over.

Danny pulls a few notes out of his wallet and hands them to
the cabbie as he quickly steps out of the cab.
Keep the change!
Danny closes the car door and hastily walks ahead,
cautiously looking over his shoulder as the cab pulls out
from the curb.

The cabbie calls out.
Good night, brother!
He drives off.

Danny lets out a deep, nervous breath and smiles, relieved.
Holy shit!
What a fuckin' trip out!
He begins the walk home.
Danny staggers along with his hands in his pockets.

The world is asleep around him. The streets are dead silent.


As Danny comes out from around a corner, the quiet is
disturbed by the sound of an approaching car.

Danny looks up.

It's the cab.

He stands frozen.

The cabbie drives past and sees Danny. Abruptly, he slams
the brakes and makes a U-turn.
Hooooly fuck...
Danny makes a run for it.

The cab chases after him.
A) Danny runs down a street. The cab isn't far behind.

B) Danny turns around a hard corner. The cab swerves to
follow him.

C) Danny runs down a side street and turns into a narrow
The alleyway is blocked by a wire gate.

Danny begins to climb the gate. He struggles to hold a

Suddenly, the world begins to spin around him. His heart is
beating out of his chest. He drips sweat.

The cab pulls up at the other end of the alleyway, trapping
Danny who then vigorously attempts to make it up over the
gate. He loses his grip and falls to the ground.

The cabbie steps out of the taxi.
Danny struggles to get to his feet. He has hurt his leg.


You! You stay away from me! Don't
come any closer, you fucking
The cabbie looks offended.
Brother! Just calm it!
He puts his hands up in a gesture of surrender.

In his left hand is Danny's mobile.
                       CABBIE (CONT'D)
      (waves phone in
       the air)
I only want to give you back your
phone! You left it in my taxi!
Danny feels his pockets.

His phone is indeed missing.

Danny's face lights up with a massive smile of relief.
Noooo fucking way!
The cabbie lowers his hands and laughs his hearty laugh. He
goes over to Danny and hands him the phone.

Danny looks it over in awe.
Thank you. Seriously, dude, thank
you so much! I swear to God I
nearly shat my pants. You have no
clue how fuckin' scared--
Danny looks up from his phone to the cabbie. His smile

The cabbie pulls out a knife tucked in the back of his pants
and thrusts it into Danny's chest.

Danny gasps. He coughs blood.

The mobile drops from his hands.

The cabbie pulls the knife back out and stabs him another
two times.


Blood pours on the ground.

Danny slumps over into the cabbie's arms.

The cabbie lays him down on the ground and begins to drag
him to his taxi.

He pops the boot.

Inside is a gagged and tied, half-dead girl who also bears a
stab wound in her chest.
Hello, beautiful. You guess what!
The cabbie smiles as the girl mutters something
indecipherable from behind the gag.
                       CABBIE (CONT'D)
I find you a friend!
The cabbie laughs his hearty laugh as he goes to lift
Danny's body.


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