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by Destin (lyons.destin@tampaprep.org)

Rated: R   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review: ****
A funny teen film. The story of a young man that stuggles with what is right and what is against the law.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The church that sits on third street that is normally quite
is blaring with screams and cries of pain. This reason for
all this noise is do to the death of a loved one.This time
a 15 year old girl is the victim. Inside the church the
energy is high and the air is hot with the greeving breath
of the those that are screaming and looking to the sky
asking why. But in the coner there sits a young black man.
To each side of him sat two gaurds with their guns drawn and
loaded. The young man is in handcuffs and his ankels are
shackeled together. He sits there and suddenly one tear
slowly rolls down his cheek.
Dude, fuck coach! Why the hell do
we have to do all this running we
have a game tomorrow!
I'm so sick of it! He has really
had a stick up his ass lately.
If he says one more slick ass
comment to me Ima beat his ass!
I think its safe to say he is a
piece of shit!
Bro thats insulting to all the
pieces of shit out there! Its no
way they are as bad as he is.


      (said under hs
Fuck off.
The team picks up the pace. And as they pass coach they are
quiet but when they are out of hearing range they begin to
talk again.
I cant until story time boys....
Oh hell yeah! I almost forget it
was a banger on saturday!!
Yup the soccer circle is going to
be interesting today!
Fuck this, let's streetch! I wanna
hear theses stories!
There is a long silence that is followed by laughter! The
boys are looking around at eachother waitinf for someone to
start talking.
So who has a story to tell about
this weekend?
Come on guys that's bullshit. It
was Tiffany's party this weekend
and I saw 90 percent of you guys
there! Come on spill the beans!
(More silence)


You got to be shitting me! Stop
being a bunch of pussies!
Ok Dustin sense you are soo
fucking cool let's hear your
OK. I went to the party. Saw Jamie
Sever. Talked to her. Fucked her.
Went home. Moral of the story I'm
a boss. Anymore questions?
Well that story sucked dick.
Yes I know, thats why i didnt want
to tell it. You all know how big
of a boss I am.
Shut up bitch. But can we please
get an nteresting story? One with
twist and turns and surprises! I
want adventure!!
I have a story
Ight dude lets hear it!
I don't know bro I really don't
wanna tell you guys because you
are gunna rip on me and make


Well of course we are! We have to
shit on you if needed but bro it's
the soccer circle you know what is
said here stays here.
So I was chillin with Kevin, John,
and Mark on Saturday and we
decide to go to Tiffany's party.
We make Ari take us, even though
he was grounded, because he's a
piece of shit and never drives.
What a piece of shit haha
I know and he was bitching the
whole time and it was only like a
15 minute ride but whatever as i
was saying,I had a couple Five
Lokos under my bed still so I
brought those pre-game with in the
car. We get there and we are
faded! The party is bumping, there
is 4 beer pong games going on, all
the upstair room doors are locked,
and Cassidy is dancing naked on a
HAHA. What eles is new?
Right? If I had a dollar for every
time I saw that sloppy ass girl
naked on a table I could to afford
too attend this over priced
school. So as I was saying, this
shit was a banger! Everyone was
there….but that is how things got
tricky. I'm watching Chris and
Sammy getting waxed on the pong
table until….Moana Steckley walks


                       NATE (cont'd)
up behind me and grabs my hand.
Whoa Moan Steckley? You mean the
fat ass bitch that got suspended
for 4 days because she got caught
stealing chips from the vending
Dude you didn't...
Hey shut your ass up she's a nice
girl! She just gets hungry…often.
Bro...you didn't
Dude let me finish my story!
Dude you didn't.... please just
tell me you didn't. Thats all I
want to hear.
Bro chill! Coach looks like he is
getting pissed. Let me finish!
Ight so she comes up and holds my
hand. And I remember saying to her
"whoa I am not that drunk"
I feel like there is a but to this
story...a HUGE butt to this story


(The boys erupt in laughter)
Ok one more interuption and I'm
not finishing the story
Ok my bad bro, go head.
Ok well, I couldn't have been more
wrong because what happens next I
will have to live with the rest of
my life. She grabs my head, pulls
it toward her, and licks the
inside of my ear. Then she looks
at me and say "you are my treat
for the night, but don't worry I
wont bite" and winks at me. And to
make a long story short all I
remember is waking up next to her
at like 4 in the morning. I'm
naked. She's naked. There is 3
used condoms on the floor and she
has a smile on her face. I get my
things, walk on the room, go lay
in my car and cry deeply until
about 8 in the morning. And that
my friends, is how I lost my
                       THE TEAM
Aww shit!
Sucks bro!!
Ewww dude I feel so bad for you.
You really need to stop drinking
Was it good?
I fucking knew it....don't talk to
me dude.


And the worst part is bro, I
texted my mom at like 2 in the
morning to let her know that "her
baby is finally a man and that I
was so glad that I got my cherry
popped by Moana Steckley"…my mom
is dating for her dad.
Dude you're a dumb ass
So how awkward s that when your
mom and he dad goes on a date?
I wonder if they talk about it?
      (Deep voice)
So uh....you know my daughter
fucked your son right? So does
this mean I'm going to be lucky
The boys make an effort to strech as slow as possible so
that they don't have to go deal with coach. They keep
looking busy and making awkward eye contact with him.
So do you think coach has noticed
(Coach yells)


What a buzz kill! Always got to
fuck it up.
Come on boys, coach couldnt find
his Midol so lets go before he has
a baby.
Dude I know this is going to sound
creepy but have you seen that new
8th grader? She is sexy.
Dude I know exact who you are
talking about! The blond right? I
think her name is like Jackie or
something like that.
Yeah I think so. And honestly bro
I don't care haha I would.
Ha let's keep that between us, I
dont want people thinking we are
Agreed but damn she is sooooo
(They both laugh)
      (Under his breath)
What creeps.


Alright you boys go home and get
some sleep we have a big game
tomorrow and I want all of you to
be well rested.
      (Under his breath)
Then maybe we shouldn't have ran
40 miles today.
Yeah so polos tomorrow?
No bro! We always wear the damn
We are playing Calvary tho, we
can't dress up for them!
I dont give a shit can we just
I'm down for polos.
I just want to look nice.
Ok quick vote. Who wants to wear
polos rase your hand.
10 hands shot up.
Ok ties?
11 hands shot up.


Ight ties it is!
Alright boys bring it in. Prep on
3! Prep on 3! 1! 2! 3!
Alright lets get the fuck out of
here I have 20 pages of my script
due tomorrow at 8 am and I haven't
even started yet!
Dustin gets in his silver 1999 Ford Tarus and heads home. It
is a cold ride home because it is Mid Febuary and the heater
in his car is broken. The whole long, cold car ride he is
thinking about what he is going to put in this script. Even
thought nothing ever comes to him he still rushes out of his
car to get into his house to start on it as if he had a clue
on what he was going to write about.
Dustin enters his room, throws his bookbag aside, grabs his
laptop and starts working right away.
Ok I'm glad I forgot the damn
sheet in my locker now I have no
idea how to do this.
Maybe if I…no that wont work.
Damn it this is gunna be awful.


Bring me some water.
You're welcome.
I said youre welcome.
You want me to say thank you to
you, for doing what i told you to
do? Pshh
You don't get it do you?
      (Raises he voice)
Get what Dustin?!
Never mind. Nothing.
Dustin walks back over to his room with a chip on his
He tries to work but he can't out more than two pages. He
quit and goes to bed.


Dustin wakes up and walks to the bathroom. He takes a
shower, pees, and brushes his teeth at the same time. He
gets out and dries off quickly. He glances at the clock and
it reads 7:35 so he gets dressed very quickly and heads out
the door.
Bye mom I'm going to go sell crack
instead of go to school.
Wear a seatbelt dear.
Dustin shakes his head in degust and walks out the door
(Arrives at school at 7:58 and is racing up to the third
floor until he bumps into a beautiful blond young lady that
is carring a huge stack of books that are now all over the
Bitch watch wher....Hey.
                       BLOND GIRL
You bumped into me assho....Hi.
(They both have huge smiles on their faces and are fixated
on each other. Dustin has a look in eye like he has seen
beauty for the first time ever. His heart is racing faster
than when he was racing up the stairs to get his paper in on
I'm really sorry I didnt see you
                       BLOND GIRL
OH it's ok I didn't see you
Yeah I guess its both our fault ha


                       BLOND GIRL
Ha yeah i guess you are right.
Yeah I just have this paper due at
8am, SHIT! It's late I guess there
is no need to rush now. (soft
                       BLOND GIRL
Oh I'm really sorry it' my first
week here, I still get a little
lost i had no idea where I was
No it's cool, i remember my first
week here I had my eyes glued on
that school map.
                       BLOND GIRL
(blushing) (laughter)
Well I'm going to go...I'm Destin
by the way.
                       BLOND GIRL
      (Said with a smile)
And I'm Jackie
      (Slips out)
Jackie Rainey?
Yeah..? Do you know me?
Yes…I mean no, no I think we are
facebook friends or something.
Oh true well see you around


Same to you Jackie.
Nice meeting you.
Its been a pleasure.
Awkward staring
      (soft laughter)
Well bye
      (Huge smile)
(They both depart in opposite directions and at the same
instant they both turn around and look at each other and
quickly turn back around, then Dustin punches the locker in
frustration to him being such a cluts)
                       MR. G
Mr.Lyons you are late! Not only is
that a tardy but that is minus 10
on your script.
G! Youre killing me!
                       MR. G
No that shitty script you are
about to turn in is what is
killing you.
G! What are you saying?
Mr.G laughs
                       MR. G
Dustin you know I'm just playing
with ya baby give me 3.


Dustin and Mr.G slap eachother 5 three times.
You always know how to scary me G
                       MR. G
Yeah yeah yeah whatever sit your
ass down and stop being late to my
Mr.G snatches the two page script from Dustin's hand.
Nice of you to join us.
Kiss my ass Mac!
Don't mind if I do.
Dustin takes his seat in class. Mr.G is rambling on about
The Catcher and the Rye but Dustin cant help but look out
the window day-dreaming about Jackie. Her beautiful long
hair, deep blue eyes, her smile. This continues for the
remainder of the day. He thinks about Jackie all day. He
spends the next couple weeks looking around for her only to
see her maybe once a day from about 100 feet away because
she is on the middle school wing of the school. He longs to
talk to her but has no idea how to approach a 14 year old
girl or doesn't know if that is even ok.
Dude you are my best friend right?
And nothing will ever change that


I mean unless you like kill my mom
or something.
Dude promise not to judege?
Bro you are scaring me.
Alrighty here it is.
There is a long pause and Dustin takes a deep breath and
Wait! you didn't fuck Moana too
did you?
What? No! Fuck No!
Ight dude just checkin.
Dustin takes a deep breath
I like an 8th grader.
Here name is Jackie.
Shes really pretty.


And nice.
Dude say something!
Remember when I said I wouldn't be
your friend if you kill my mom or
"something" yeah this is
Bro I don't know how it happened!
It was weird and like we haven't
even talked much but I just cant
get over her its really killing me
that I cant see her more or talk
to her more or..be with her.
Dude you are going to fucking
jail. Stop!
Bro I need a friend right now!
What do I do?
Get a girl your own fucking age!
You got plenty of bitches that you
wouldnt get a record over.
Yes i know but they are no Jackie.


Yes you are right! They can all
drive! Shit they can go see
"Finding Nemo" without a parent!
Not funny dude.
You're right. Rape is never funny.
Fuck off! I'll figure it out
myself, thanks BEST FRIEND!
Hey, it's what I'm here for.
hey what are you guys talking
      (As he walks away)
Youre a fucking joke.
Shut up


Tight friends....
Later that night Dustin is at home and finally works up the
courage to search Jackie on facebook does so.
Dustin thinking aloud to himself
Ok Jackie, let's see who you
really are.
Searches Jackie Rainey and they aren't friends....
Damn it she probably thinks I'm a
creep or a liar! No wonder she
hasn't tried talking to me! Damn
it I flopped hard!
He adds her as a friend.
He waits there aimlessly, waiting for her to respond to his
friend request but she doesn't. He ends up falling asleep
waiting on the response that would never come.
Dustin wakes up to find that he had fell asleep on his
keyboard and there is still no responce to his friend
request. He is slighty uneven about the fact that she is yet
to respond because he is starting to feel that she is
creeped out by him. But gets up to brush his teeth and wash
the inbroader alphebet off his face that he obtained from
the night before and he leaves for school arrive at about
his normal time of 8:03
                       MR. G
You're late.
Sorry G.


                       MR. G
Diarah of the mouth. If you were
sorry you wouldn't be late
everyday to my class. Get your
film wriiting book out we have a
lot to do today. My last class
didnt get nearly as much done as i
The students all get out there books quickly. They also take
out pen and paper and prepare to take notes.
                       MR. G
Ok So does anyone know what makes
for a good film?
There is silence in the classroom.
                       MR. G
Come on guys what do all great
films have in common? Movies such
as Titanic, Forest Gump, and
Avatar. Yes the writers were
brilient but other than other than
that what do all great films have
in common?
They all have hot girls in them?
Laughter from the students and Mr.G
                       MR. G
No but close....jack ass.
More laughter from the students
                       BOY 1
They all had some sort of tradegy
follow by a hero coming by and
saving the day?


                       MR. G
Good Lord!! How many corny Disney
movies have you guys seen?! No No
No none of you are even kinda
The class's atention is directed to the far right conner of
the room. They all have there eyes direct at a sleeping and
snoring Dustin.
                       MR. G
Dustin wakes up violently, waving his arms around in the
Yeah yeah, the theme of the novel
is love. Yeah the love of oneself
and nature!
A booming laughter comes from all the students and Mr.G
can't help but release a slight chuckle herself.
What? Was right?
                       MR. G
      (Said with a smile)
Not only do you come late to my
class, you are sleeping, and
giving me wrong answers! You have
a F for today! But seriously do
you guys have no idea what makes
for a great film?
Just tell us G.
                       MR. G
I want you guys to think for a


G, we are going to be here all
                       MR. G
Ugh you guys are hopeless! all
great films make you feel
uncomfortable! They explore things
that you rather not think about.
They show you images that you have
had before but gives you chills to
think about. That's what all film,
well at least great films do.
So by uncomfortable you mean the
thought of your best friend going
to jail for satutory rape?
Everyone laughs but Dustin.
Tight Jake.
Its alright Dustin we all know the
reason you were sleeping because
you were baby siiting late last
Thats not funny hahah she's a nice
girl! Shes just 14....
You are fucking sick!
Hey i got you on the bail money.
                       MR. G
OK enough about Dustin's illgal
relation lets get started. So I
want everyone to write the most
messed up think you can think


                       MR. G (cont'd)
about it and i want it to be the
opening to your story. It doesnt
have to actually be the opening of
your but let it fit with your
story line.
All the students begin to work on the assignment but Dustin
couldn't help but think about Jackie. As everyone is brain
storming about the most uncomfortable situation possible
Dustin couldn't think of anything but how much he longed to
hold her, or at least hear her sweet voice again. Without
noticing he starts writing and he is not writing about
people rape or about people having sex until one of he
partners decides to kill the other. But in stead he begains
to write about how uncomfortable he feels whe he is around
Jackie. He goes on and on about how she makes him feel like
a little boy lost in a huge world, how ironic that is being
that he is the older one. Also how the one that gives him
the most warmth and joy also makes him feel the most
Dustin goes straight home that day from school. he writes a
love note confessing his love for Jackie. He doesnt know if
he will ever give it to her but he needs to know exactly how
he feels about her. He is writing at the speed light until
he hears a bing comming from his computer. It is a chat.
From Jackie. She accpeted his friend request and the chat
Oh hey stranger, haven't bumped
into you in a while
Yeah.... sorry about that
lol why sorry? That was like 3
weeks ago it's fine!
No it's not that...


What do you mean? What is it?
I mean I wish i would have bumped
into you more. :)
What are you saying Jackie? :)
Dustin thinks to himself, hellz yeah she is feeling me!
No, you won't understand. But
really its nothing don't worry
about it.
Dustin thinks to himself, thats not how its suspose to go.
Destin is starting to get a bit worried.He is thinking that
Jackie is a bit creeped out by him. Or thinks that he is
stalking her. He starts to think of ways out of the
conversation until...
Can I have your number?
Uh sure...
Sorry sorry sorry stupid
No I want you to have it! Here
take it!!! 813 841 7466
Alright I'll text you some time :)
I'd like that. :)


I hope to see you around more! i
dont not like seeng my new friend!
I will try my best to see you
She signs off of facebook Dustin stars at the blank icon
where their conversation once was. He thinks to himself
wondering exact what happen. Was that a good conversation or
an awkward one?
Dustin rushes to his mothers aid.
Yeah mom I'm here, who died?
Yeah, funny smart ass. Turn my
damn light off.
      (under his breath)
How about you get your lazy ass up
and do it your self.
What the fuck did you say to me
Nothing mom...
no. You think you a man speak up!
I was saying don't call me in here
like someone is dying when all you
want me to do is turn off the


Now you listen to me, if i call
you in here to stand on your head
for 3 minutes you will do so! As
long as you live under my roof you
will do what I tell you to do when
i tell you to do it! Understood?
kiss my ass mom.
There was a long pause in the room and the eary feeling in
the room as if all of hell was about to break loose.
Get the FUCK out of my house! Get
the fuck out! YOu will not talk to
me like that.
Whatever mom fuck this I dont have
to stand for this! You dont do
shit for me anyways!
How dare you! I gave you my all! I
had to be mom and dad for you!
And you couldnt even do one! Get
out of here!
Well youre dad is dead and its all
youre fault! He went in th force
so he could make more money for
you to go that damn private
school. So youre dad gives his
life for you and I gave you life,
you should be my slave.
There was a long pause and Dustin started to sob a bit.
Life is the only thihg you have
given me and I thank you for that,
but if yyou wanted to do me one


                       DUSTIN (cont'd)
better you would have pased when
my father did. I might as well
have both my parents gone because
you are dead to me...
Dustin storms out of the room grabs his phone and phone
charger throws on a pair of shoes and stuff in a bag full of
clothes and rushes out the door and as he is pulling away in
his car his mom is yelling at him telling him to never come
It begins to storm.
Dustin picks up his phone to call Brad.
Ay yo Brad I'm on my way over.
Nah everything is cool.
Yeah my mom is just being a bitch.
Ha thanks bro I'll be there in
like 15.
Ight thanks again man.
Dustin arrives at Brads house at 9:13. He has been crying
tears of anger the whole ride there. Between the tears and
the rain it made it hard for him to see so he didn't notice
when Brad walks out his house and came to sit down in his
car with him.
*Dustin sobbing*
Shit dude. Whats happened to you?
Dustin continues to cry.
Dude, talk to me! What's good?


I fucking hate bro. She just
doesn't care.
Who bro?
My mom. She just doesn't care at
Bro stop..sh
Dustin interupt.
Well bro you are right. I don't
know what it is like? I have no
idea what your life is like. But
you know your mom loves you and
she needs you! A lot more than you
need her.
Thers a long pause and Dustin starts to wipe his eyes. They
both sit in silence has rain begins to fall from the sky.
The rain is at first only a drizzle then starts pouring,
pounding on the already beat up hood of the car. The rain is
I want to believe that dude but
its just not true. She doesn't
need me. She treats me like shit
and always pushes me away! If she
needed me she wouldn't do that.
Bro, I hate to bring this up but
you know every since you dad


Dustin begins to cry again.
She hasnt been the same. She needs
you but she pushes you away
because she doesn't want to feel
like she is depent upon a man
again bcause the only one she has
ever been depent on left her so
the last think she needs is for
another one to leave her!
She said it was my fault...
She said that him dying was my
fault. He needed the extra money
to send me to prep.
Bro ha your dad was a fighter. You
just give him an exuse to fight
again. If anything you aloud your
dad to live again. He didn't like
his desk job and you know it.
Yeah i know he did but I wish he
didnt have to...
Yes I know you don't bro and
neither did your mom. She needs
Its come to the point where i
don't give a shit. I'm not going
back dude


Yes you are! I refuse to let you
leave her!
You don't fucking get it dude.
NO! I don't think you get it! She
is trying to deal! Everyone isn't
as strong as you or at least no is
as good at covering up how they
really feel like you can do. But
you are more than welcome to stay
here a couple days until you
figure it out but this isn't going
to be a perminate thing.
Dustin starts to argue back until he quickly realizes that
if he pisses off Brad he will be sleeping in his car in an
ally somewhere.
Ight bro, you're right. I'm just
really tired right now I need some
sleep. Can we just go in right
      (with a smile)
Let's get the hell out of this
Dustin and Brad run out of the car with their hands over
their heads and rush into the house as the slam the door
behind them.
Mr. and Mrs. Blackberry come from the kitchen
Hello sweetie. we have dinner
ready if you are hungry. Are you
doing ok?


Thank you Mrs.B but I'm not really
hungry and yes I will be fine i
just needed a little break i hope
im not intruding.
Oh non-sense! you can stay here as
long as you would like. You are
always welcome to the blackberry
Thank you guys so much i for sure
owe you one!
Pshh you are like family Dustin
really no worries! Hows soccer
The team is looking really good
this year. Ha a few complaints
about the coaching staff but
that's life.
Exactly! I was just talk to Stacey
about that the other night! I
think that coach is holding you
guys back. Shit I'll coach you
guys and you would be better off!
There is nothing i would love more
Mr.B than if you were to coach,
and this is most of our junior
years and we arent getting looked
at because he is such a tool!
Dont even get me started on that!


Yes please dont get him started on
that! Come on honey let's go
upstairs.... purrr
Oww dont you pur at me you naughty
little kitten...grr grr I'm going
to bite you rawr!
Bring it on big boy ohhh!!
They both start to rub eachother and start to run upstairs.
The door closes firmly behind them.
God damnit they have been like
fucking rabits lately! That's all
they do now!
You're telling me? I have to hear
it every damn night!
Ha. I think I'm going to sleep
down stairs if thats ok with you?
I envy you... the sheets and
pillows are in the closet just go
get them when you are ready to
sleep. But I'm about to pass out
see you in the morning.
Ight dude later. And thanks again
means a lot.


Dude dont worrie about it. what
are friends for huh?
Oh and Brad...
      (With a smile)
Youre the best man!
      (While laughing)
Fuck you, night dude.
Brad leaves the living room and heads upstairs to his room.
Dustin walks thru the kitchen to get to the closet that
holds the sheets and pillows and grabs two pillows and two
sheets. He then heads back to the couch turning the lights
of on the way back. He sets up his pillows and throws his
sheets over him and attempts to fall asleep.
The sound of Brad's mom and dad having sex is booming thru
out the room and it is keeping Dustin awake. As he is
tossing and turning on the couch he begins to dream.
*Dustin's dream*
The thuderous sound that was once the love making of Brad's
parents are now Iraqy bombs being blown up in small


villages. You see small children running and
screaming but
they make now sound. They run in different directions then
you see an explosion. the smoke clears and you see small,
bloody, lifeless bodies on the floor. Mean looking tan men
run around firing their guns into a crowd of people,
slaughtering them like animals. The falling bodies also make
no sound but you can see the pain in their faces. The tan
men have long salt and pepper beards and are wearing long
robes that cover their entire body. They continue running
around killing anyone in sight until men in sand colored
army fatigue arrive with M-16s and tanks. The Sand color
freedom fighters are shooting down the tan men and making
sure the innocent are taken to safety. In a shake near by
there is a yound woman that is getting her clothes taken off
by a tan man. She kicks and screams but he is out powering
her and begins to rape her as she screams in pain for she is
a virgin. Suddently the door is kicked in and the tan man is
gunned down. As the body drops to the floor a body is
revealed. The body of a tall mid-aged man with a dog tag
that reads Lt. Lions. He has a smile on his face as he takes
the young girls hand and runs with her across the battle
field to rush her to saefty with the others. On the way to
running to the tank with his conrads, the LT is shot in the
quad. He falls to his knees and is quickly surround by tan
men that procede to beat him. The finally a blow to the head
is delivered by the end of a rifle. When he comes to
everything is dark then sudddenly a cloth is removed from
his head. All he can see is a very bright light and a video
camera with a red light elominating. At the top of the
camera there is a tab that reads USA. There are 4 men
dressed in all black behind him reading loudly some foriegn
language. It is hot, the LT is sweating but he shows no
fear. His hands are tie as are his legs but he is relaxed.
As a cold piece of steel touches his temple. A beam of sweat
rolls down the scar on his left cheek bone. He takes a deep
breath and BANG!!!!
Dustin awakes in a cold sweat and crying. He finds it hard
to catch his breath so he quickly runs to the kitchen to get
a glass of water. He drinks it quickly and catches his
breath. he glance to the left to view the kitchen clock. It


is 7:15....it's time for school. He has this same dream way
to often.
Top of the morning to you Dustin!
Dude you good?
Yeah.Bad dream.
Oh well let's ride. If im late
again my grade drops in stats. We
are taking my car.
They exit the house and get into Dustin's car. They drive
quickly to school. It is a quiet car ride.
The first thing Dustin and Brad see as he walks thru the
school doors is Jackie. And all of time seems to stop for 3
minutes. And all his troubles back at home just seem to go
Wow. Im impressed. You werent
kidding when you said you were try
harder to see me.
Ha Im a man of my word. Im more
impressed at the fact that we
havent ran into eachother yet.
This is much nicer.
Well this is awkward for me and i
dont want to be late so Im going
to go I'll catch you later D.


Ight man, let me get that chem
homework later?
Yeah fo sho.
Gasp! Cheating mister, thats not
what good boys do!
Whoever said I was a good boy...
Well I'm only attracted to good
boys so you must be good then
Are you trying to say that you are
attracted to me Jackie?
Whoever said i was attracted to
you? I said I was attracted to
good boys and apparently you arent
one so I would be saying the polar
opposite of what you think I'm
      (While smiling)
Well arent you a little smart ass?
      (With a wink)
Thats what my mommy tells me.
      (with a wink)
Does she tell you that before or
after she packs your lunchbox in
the morning.


Jackie throws her lunch box on the floor in embarrasment.
She blushes a bit as well and Dustin has a look of
satifaction on his face.
Well we should go, we are already
late. You are killing my grade
Dont call me that!
Whoa fiesty I'm sorry. See you
after school maybe?
If you can find me....
JAckie walks away and flips her hair. Dustin walks away for
what seems like hours as he stared at her ass twist back and
forward. When he finally finishes watching her walk away he
goes up to class to once again be late for Mr.G's class.
Dustin walks in and to his surprise G doesnt say anything to
Sorry G.
                       MR. G
Nahh its cool don't sweat it but
talk to me after class.
Dustin thinks to himself....He knows.
                       MR. G
Alright class today we are
focusing on main character


But the only thing Dustin could focus on was how well that
conversation with Jackie went. Why was it so easy to talk to
her? There is no way that they have that much in common
right? It was just so, right. Talking to her felt right. He
was also surprised at the amount of confidence they both
showed while talking to eachother where as other times they
were so shy and timid.
Class ends and everyone files out of class but right as
Dustin is walking out G calls out to him.
                       MR. G
Destin. One sec.
Yeah whats up Geezy?
                       MR. G
So are you going to tell me whats
wrong or am I going to have to pry
it out of you?
Ha G really its nothing. Im cool.
                       MR. G
So I guess I'm going to have to
dig. You dont have to talk to me
now if you dont want to but just
know that I know and I think you
should talk to someone about it.
Yeah I know and I will one of
these days just not today G.
                       MR. G
Ok thats fine with me just know
that I'm here for you brother. My
doors are always open and you have
my number so call me any time.
For sure. Thanks for caring G.
really means a lot haha a lot more
than you could ever understand.


                       MR. G
      (small chuckle)
Youd be surpised... have a nice
day Dustin.
You too G.
Dustin leaves the room and goes to his next class. And all
his classes to keep his mind off the problem at hand he
would think about Jackie.
While in chemistry Dustin reaches into his pocket and grabs
his phone. He looks at the screen and reads "lunch after
school" -Jackie. He smiles and replies "ehh I guess so ;)".
Then after that he sends a text to Coach Smith "cant make it
today... family problems".
The bell rings.
Dustin is standing by the gym waiting for jackie to show
herself. He waits until he finally sees he coming toward him
with all her bags.
Let me help you with that.
Thank you. So are you ready? Im
Yes lets go.
They take a few steps until Dustin notices that Jackie is
leaving her bags behind.
Wait dont you need those? How are
you getting home?
Well I live really close I
normally just walk.


Pshh no way I'll ttake you home
after its not big deal at all.
      (With a huge smile)
alrighty is Panera cool with you?
      (With a smile)
Dustin and Jackie go to Panera and its no one but them
there. Its a very intimate feel in the air.
So is this a date?
I dont know shouldnt you be
telling me that?
I mean you did ask me so i dont
know? haha
Jackie blushes
Well if it was up to me I would
say yes but Only if thats ok with
you of course.
Dustin stares at Jackie with a puzzled face that confuses
her. You can tell that she is starting to feel
      (She studders)
Im just kidding of course its
not.... just you being nice and
taking me for food...


What happened to the confidence
smartass from this morning? Where
did she go?
I didnt think you liked her so i
put her away.
So which one is the real Jackie...
Right here! I mean no the one
before, i think. I dont know! Why
does it matter so much any ways?
Because I want to be on a date
with the real Jackie... dont be
afraid to be yourself aorund me.
Jackie is blushing up a storm. So much so she excuses
herself and goes to the bathroom for a bit. While she is in
the bathroom Dustin glances at his phone to check his text
but his phone dies so he places it back in this pocket.
Jackie returns and takes a seat.
So did you go get her?
Jackie laughs hard.
      (With a smile)
Look here just because you are
cute and funny doesnt mean you can
make fun of me.
If you ask me that pretty much
counts as a ticket to do just


I mean I could just walk out on
      (WIth a wink)
Yeah I guess you could keep on
walking, all the way home.
      (With a wink)
I rather walk then ride back in
your car... it may be a tad safer.
Ouch that last one hurt! I see the
kitten has fangs, I'm watching you
      (WIth a wink)
isn't that a crime?
Hey! you cant make those kind of
THey both share a laugh.
Wow you have a beautiful smile.
Ugh don't make me throw up Romeo!
I'm sorry I'll be sure not to tell
you the truth anymore. Noted
The conversation rages on for an hour more until Jackie
remembers she has to feed her dogs so they decide to leave.
Here play this song.


Jackie hands Dustin her Ipod so that he may plug it into the
radio and play it. The name of the song is party girl.
What is this shit?
Its a realy good song!!! Just play
it, dont question me!!
The sound that starts blaring out of Dustin car is a bumping
party song that he is in love with. They listen to it all
the way to Jackies play as they sing and dance a long.
They pull up into Jackie's house.
I had a great time with you today.
Me too, that was the best time I
had in a while, well while I was
sober. ha
Ha... yeah but that was great I
think youre great.
Why thank you, you are great as
well I wouldn't mind doing this
again some time if thats cool with
Of course! I would love to!
Ok cool let me walk you to your
They slowly walk to the door. When they finally reach it
they are looking into eachothers eyes deeply.


Well i guess this is good bye for
So Im going to go....
Well here I go...
Dustin turns to walk away until he feels a hand grab his and
he turns and kisses jackie right on the lips then quickly
backs off.
Oh my gosh I'm so sorry i dont
knmow what i was thinking.
No...noo its ok!
JAckie grabs his neck and pulls him in closer and they start
hooking up passionately. He pushes her up against the wall
and she crabs the collar of his shirt and starts pulling him
into the house. They make it to the couch where they fall
and begin to roll around. Dustin is grabing her butt and she
is scratching his back. He slowly slides his hands down to
undo her belt until she grabs his hand to move it. They he
just moves it back to her butt. They hook up until the sun
begins to set. Now they are just laying there thinking about
what just happened.
Did we just...


Oh my gosh Im in 8th grade and i
lost my virginity!
Wait what? NO we didnt have sex!
We just hooked up hahaha thats not
how sex works,
Oh thank God! Im not a slut
Dustin! i swear!
I know, you did nothing wrong!
I think you should leave....now
Ok I'll text you.
Ok I have to go pick up Bra... Oh
shit Brad its like 7 30 practice
has been over for over an hour!
Yeah you should go get him....
Jackie sits there with a blank look on her face.
OK see you around I guess..
Yeah...see ya.
Dustin grabs his keys and hustle out of the house. He rushes
to Prep to go pick up brad. Luckly brad was hurt and had to
go see the trainer.


Yo dude you good?
Yeah its just my back acting up
again. I just finished icing lets
ride. Howd it go?
Brad gets inside of the car.
Howd what go...?
I heard you had family stuff I
thought you went to go talk to
your mom or something?
Oh no fuck that I went to go see
my grandma she came in town today.
Oh true. My back is killing!
Dude you need to get that check
out its been months!
Nah fuck that doctors are for
pussies or humans with them.
So is ice...
NO ice is for men!
Whatever man well we are pulling
in now do you need help out?


Helping hands are also for
HAHA oh Bradley.
Dustin walks in the house and Brad limps in about 25 secinds
later and immedietly goes upstairs and goes to sleep. Dustin
is on facebook messaging Jackie about what happend today and
he is also calling her.
Hey Jackie its be me, Dustin. Your
phone only rang twice then went to
voice mail, thats th e third time
in a row its done that. I think
your phone might be broken. But
um just call me back from like
your house phone of you want i
just want to talk. Ok bye.
Dustin waits for Jackie to respond in any ways. No call, no
chat, no text. Nothing. So Dustin goes to sleep to enter
into another nightmare
Dustin Nightmare.
Everything is dark, then suddently a spot light is shinned
on a young child, aorund the age of 3 to 4, sitting on a
tiny stool playing with his fire truck. He pushes it back
and forth making siren noises. The kid begins to chuckle. He
has his hand on his belly and is lying on his back laughing
until someone kicks the chair out of the way and the child
stops laughing. You hear the sound of foot steps aproaching
slowly and soft, deep voiced, laugh. The little boy is now
scaried, Very scaried. He is frozen by fear. The foot steps
are very close now and then you hear the sound of a door
close. The child quickly reaches for his fire truck. He is
holding it as tight as he can with his eyes closed. Then you
hear a deep voice say "You wont be needed that, "I have a
game we can play." A dark hand takes a way the fire truck.
The child wants to cry but only lightly sobs. The dark hand
lightly rubs the childs back, the hand gets lower and lower.
The hand has worked its hand around to the front of the
child and is now reaching down the childs pants and begins


to grab the childs penis gentely. The child is all out cry
at this point but is barely making a sound just the sound of
the child sucking it in. The child whipsers"stop...". the
voice screams back "WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME?!" The child
speaks up a bit "please stop..." Now not being about to hold
back the tears at all! The voice replies "YOURE A MAN ARENT
YOU?!?! SPEAK UP!!" The child screams"STOPPPPPPPPPP!"
Dustin wakes up suddently screaming and rises straight up
into and upright posision. He is overed in cold sweat and
had a nose bleed. He looks around and then begins to cry.
Dustin and Jake sitting talking in chem class
Bro she hasnt said a word to me in
two weeks! Its no way i went too
far right? Like i tried but she
stopped me so its straight right?
If it wasnt straight then we would
have stopped then but we hooked up
for like an hour more. DUDE!!talk
to me!!
Bro I refuse to show any kind of
support for this. Im not going to
get charged with assorery to rape.
...Can we please not make rape
jokes...they are not funny!
Thats what I been trying to drill
into your head!
DUDE! Really do you think I did
too much?


A white piece of paper is placed down in front of Dustin.
If I were you I would be a lot
more worried about that than a
Jake head gestures torward the sheet of paper.
Dustin glances down at the paper to see that it reads in red
ink 47% and a side note that reads "see me asap"
Might as well go now, we arent
talking about anything important.
We WILL finish this later.
Dustin walks over to Mrs.Walkers desk.
Hey, you wanted to see me?
Well at least you can still
read,that means that you havent
hit your head on anything. I was
kind of worried for a bit.
Hahaha what are you getting at
Whats going on with you Dustin?
This is the second test you failed
this month. You sleep thru all the
lessons, thats not the type of
student you are!
Sorry Mrs. Walker this has been a
hard time for me lately, I havent
slept much either. It will get
better i promise!


Yes Mr.lions it better improve
becasue if it doesnt you will be
right here with me everyday after
school for an hour
Thats not goimg to incourage me to
do better Mrs.Walker but i will do
anyways because you asked me to.
Flattery is going to get you good
grads Mr.Lions now go have a seat.
Dustin goes back to take his seat. And Jake has his headset
Jackie passed by the class room.
Oh shit. Bathroom be back.
Dustin springs up and darts out the door.
Jackie!! Wait!
She stops for a second to look back then she keeps walking.
Jackie! What the hell!! Talk to
Dustin no!
No what? What is it?!
No Dustin im sorry just no!
The bell rings and she disappears in the crowd.


What does that mean? No... just
Dustin tossing and turning in bed, sweating. Yelling stop,
no! Then waking up suddently in a cold sweat! And by day
Dustin search for Jackie, for an answer. She never would
give one she would just say no.
Dustin just walks into the school and meets eyes with
No you come here! Im getting my
Dustin storms over to her and she is frozen in her place.
What is your problem? what are you
saying no to? Did that kiss me
nothing to you?
YOu what Jackie? Talk to me! i
need to know, whats wrong with me?
NOTHING!! Thats the problem you
are perfect! I dont deserve you,
Im too young. Im not ready for the
things you want to do. I cant make
you happy and I dont want to
believe it but its true and im
sorry that I CANT be with you
because I want to be! I LIKE YOU


Oh Jackie...
      (Cryong hard)
No dont try and cover it up I
already know that Im not enough
for you!
NO Jackie you are perfect i dont
care about that other stuff I just
want to be with you i dont care
about your age, all my friends
know who you are, i talk about you
all the time! Please dont give up
on us.
I cant, I know you are going to
get bored with me and then Im hurt
when you break up with me!
Jackie I need you in my life!! You
are the bright light that I need
to see in this dark tunnel im
surrounded in. I need you jackie!
Please! We can work it out.
Dustin I dont kn...
Dustin grabs Jackie's faces a kisses her. She pushes away at
first then starts to throw her arms around him and pulling
him toward her. they stop kissing and smile.
I think we can work something
Music to my ears. We can take it
as slow as you would like.
They kiss and go their seperate ways.


The last bell rings and Dustin reaches in his pocket to get
his phone. He has a call...its from his mom.
Hey. Hows it going?
Good and you?
Good good. So hows soccer?
What do you want mom?
I wanted to say I was sorry son!
You were right and I was out of
hand. I wasnt a mom to you and I
dont want you to feel like you are
an unloved child because i do love
you son with all my heart.
But what do you want me?
I want you to come on sweetie! We
can go to couincling we can talk
it out I'll do whatever juat
please move back in!
Mom your last words to me were
that you hope i never come back!
Why would i want to come back to
that llife im actually happy and
im not going to let you ruin that.
Dustin I understand what you
saying but a son must be with
their mother!


Thats how I know you havent
changed...you think I need you,
you cant admit that you need me.
Once you can come to that
realization you can talk to me.
Dustin hangs up the phone.
That was your mom huh?
Yeah dude.
Whatd she say?
Say old shit.
Nothing changed at all? Hard to
Look dude Im not going back! im
not ready yet!
YOu will not be happy until you go
back home.
Yeah Im sure lets go to practice
we are gunna be late.
Dustin and Brad head out to soccer and it was an easy one.
they end early enough to get smoothies before going home.
They get the smoothies to go and arrive to Brads house
really early. its been a long day so Brad goes out back to
smoke a blunt and shower after and Dustin just goes straight
to bed.


Are you sleeping bitch?
Brad walks to the living room to see Dustin passed out on
the couch.
ha sweet dreams man.
Destin is dreaming hard.
Dustin dream
The dream is in a bathroom with a little boy playing in the
tub playing with his ship. He is slashg around have a great
time in the tub. But as always a dark figure appears and the
child begins to courge. The dark figure comes face to face
with the figure but cant make out the face do to the tears
coming from his eyes. The man is smiing and he starts to put
his hands down the waater to play with the child until. A
strong female breaks down the door.
                       SHADOW WOMAN
Waht the fuck are you doing?!
The shadow man just smiles
                       SHADOW WOMAN
YOu sick bastard! Ima fuck you up!
The shawow woman is beating the shadow man with all her
                       SHADOW MAN
      (Deep Booming)
The child watches


                       SHADOW WOMAN
YOu been goone for all this time
and you go after him?! why wouldnt
you come touch me? You nasty
The shadow woman continues to beat him!
The child begins to cheer for the shadow woman.
                       SHADOW MAN
Stop you crazy woman!!!
The young child recognizes that voice....
                       SHADOW WOMAN
HOw dare you, you sick bastard!
The shadow man strikes the the woman and she hits the ground
hard. But she doesnt stay down. she gets back up with a
razor she grabs off the table.
She is now slicing him as he fights back!
                       SHADOW WOMAN
Get the fuck out! Get the fuck
                       SHADOW MAN
YOure going to kill me you crazy
bitch! Youcut my face!
The man runs out of the room and seemingly out of the house
                       SHADOW WOMAN
You ok?
The boy shakes his head. yes
The woman comes closer and grabs the child and comforts him.
The woman is brought into the light....Its Dustin's mom.
Dustin wakes up sweating and screaming!
Brad rushes down stairs


Dude! What?!?!
Im going home.
It has been a year since Dustin moved back in with his Mom
and they have worked out all their differences. Dustin also
has been dating Jackie for about 8 months now. Their
relationship is going strong even those they hit a bump in
the road over the summer. They have moved on from that but
ever since that little bump in the road Jackie hasn't been
the same.
Thursday morning stats class. Destin and Mac are talking
about Prom.
Yo whats good for this weekend
I don't know brah but I know shit
is poppin off! Where the are the
The bitches are where ever we go
lets be honest dude.
Very true ha but really I think
Brad is thorwing the banger but
I'm not sure because you know how
Brad waits until the last minute
to say anything. But I'm she he
will he always does.
Thats whats up! We already got 3
keeps and 8 handles and its 2
weeks away bro, like we are about
to go ham.


Yeah for real. Who you taking?
Amber. Are you trying to take
Not really to be honest. Like shes
a freshman and I don't want her
drinking and shit. Plus like i
dont she can get crazy some times
Yeah I feel that. Its whatever
brah just do you.
Always. I'm excited this shit is
about to be bangin.
Hellz yeah ight dude I got to go
leak the meat I'll holla!
Ight man.
Dustin phone vibrates. He looks at the screen and its a text
from Jackie that reads "We have to talk".
Ha of course.
The bell rings and Dustin walks around the hallways until he
finds JAckie.
What are you talking about?


DOnt tell me to fucking chill
Dustin! WHo the fuck is she?
Um she went to my middle school!
We dated like 5 years ago! I don't
even think it counted back then.
It counted enough for her to write
on your wall "I miss you
Desty,lets catch up winky face"!
She said in air quotes.
.....Shut up Jackie!
Oh I'm Sorry but I think the last
thing you need to be saying to me
is shut up!!!
Can you not be a bitch or is that
too much to ask? I it is please
let me know.
Jackie slaps Dustin so hard his head swiftly turns. He stays
paused in that postoin umtil finally turnig around to look
at Jackie with anger then walking away.
Jackie....don't...just don't!
DESTIN!! Ple...


I dont ever wanna talk to you
Dustin turns back around and walks to chemistry.
Dustin enters the classroom and finds a seat next to Jake.
So whats up with you and the wifey
What are you talking about dude?
Oh yeah bro? You are going to play
dumb? Everyone in the school saw
her slap the shit out of you!
Well shes a crazy bitch! She has
been up my ass lately about other
Well you do hang out with other
girls all the time.
Yeah they are friends, it doesnt
mean I'm doing anything with them!
You are tho....
This is true but wheres the trust?
She doesn't know that!
Hahahahaha youre an asshole! Shes
only a cute little freshman!


Yeah a cute little freshman that
loves the d.
Dude you legit can't say that! Now
that you are 18 you can't have sex
with her!
Let's be honest dude, we are going
to have make up sex today after
Hush boys! Test are out!
Dustin bullshits his way out thru his test and sets it on
the teachers desk. While he takes his seat he recieves a
text from Jackie. The message reads " Im really sorry babe
will you please come over after school I'll make it worth
youre wild ;). Dustin leans over to show Jake.
Dont do it bro...4 minutes of
pleasure isn't worth 15 years of
dropping the soap!
Dustin pushes Jake hard.
Dude dont joke like that! Dont
joke about rape dude thats not
Alright dude my bad have fun with
your little jail sentence.
The bell rings and Dustin meets with Jackie in the hall.


Baby I'm really sorry! I didnt
mean to freak out like that. I
just love you so much and I dont
anything to get in the way of
Yes i know sweetie. I'm sorry if i
ever mad you feel like you were
second place to anyone.
I didnt mean to freak out baby.
I'll make it up to you...
Ha what do you mean...
Moma is out of town for the
weekend...she left this morning...
Oh shit! Fuck me baby! Harder!
Dustin is on top of Jade pouding her vagina harder and
harder with every thrust. He has he right lleg rested his
shoulder and he is hold the other firmly in a passionate
rage. He continutes to pound until her orgasmic scream
becomes piercing to the ears. He then flops her over and
forces her head into the pillow. He grabs her by the waist
and bends her over. HE pulls her swifty toward his penis and
begins to pound her doggy style. The sound of her muffled
scream turns Dustin on because he feels like he is in
control and dominate. He grabs a hand full of her hair and
pulls it firmly. Her hand jerks up in a rush of orgasmic
pain. Harder and harder. Deeper and deeper. They both are
about to explode. They keep making love until he pulls out
and cums on her back. She screams a final time as she is
dripping. She rolls on her back to wipe the cum off. They
are both smiling and are holding eachother tightly.


I love you Dustin
I love you too baby.
Dont ever leave me.
Never. I promise.
She smiles
Stay here with me tonight please.
Of course.
Dustin reaches into his pocket to grab his phone. He calls
his mom.
Hey I'm sleeping at Brad's we have
a huge paper due. I'll see you
The sunrises and the suns rays hits Dustins face.
Good morning baby.
Jade wakes up.
Last night was perfect sweetie.
Yes, yes it was. I cant wait until
we do this everyday when we get


Youre perfect.
So are you but baby I got to go.
Im sorry.
Noooooo! Please baby! Stay
You know I wish I could but i cant
baby I have to head home ha I'm
probably screwed.
Grr! Fine! Will I see you later?
I mean i guess? I did spend all
night with you...
I'm sorry i want to spend time
with you.
I mean i do baby I just have
things to do, but i will try baby.
Ok Ok Ok thank you sweetie see you
Yeah....see ya babe.
Dustin leaves Jackies house and gets in his car. On his way
home he couldn't help but think about how clingy Jackie was
being. He tries to forget it and walks into his house to an
angry mom.


Who the fuck do you think you are
just to tell me what you are doin?
You ask me first young man!
Sorry mom it was last minute! We
got it done tho so its all good!
Oh yeah? I would believe you but
you left your bookbag in my car on
friday so how in he hell could you
get anything done? Where were you
Well mom I'm 18 i don't have to
tell you where I was. I dont have
to come home if i dont like!
My ass! And I know you 18, thats
the problem because I know you are
fucking that underaged girl!
Thats none of your buisness mom.
Just chill I know what I am doing.
OK grown man, since you cant
listen to anyone you are grounded!
Give me youre keys!
Whatever just take them I dont
have shit to do today anyways.
Dustin storms off to his room and takes a 3 hour nap.
What the fuck?!
Dustin wakes up tp 43 missed calls and 23 missed text
messages....all from Jackie.


Right as he is trying to rgesister what just happened a call
from Jackie comes in.
What the fuck are you doing? Wher
are you? Why havent you picked up?
youre with another girl arent you
Bitch will you chill i took a nap!
who died? why have you called me
so damn much?
Oh... and no one baby i just
wanted to hear youre voice
Babe dont call me that much I
thought something as wrong!
Im sorry baby. I just wanted to
talk to you.
Its fine whats up babe?
Nothingggggg, when are you coming
to come see me baby!?
I cant sweetie Im grounded!
Why would I lie....?


Becasue you dont love me! You
never loved me!
Baby thats not true! Why are you
talking like this?
You will tell me anything! you
dont mean it!
Im going to have to ask you to
calm down! You are talking crazy!
You are the love of my life Jackie
you and I both know that!
Yes babe just chill.
Baby you are the best thank you!
Yeah.... well Im going to go im
Meh! Ok baby sleep tight call me
when you wake up! Ill be awake.
Ok...will do baby. bye
Bye perfect!!!
Dustin hung up the phone.
The next weeks that follow are even worst.Jackie's behavior
has become very scary. She couldn't last a second without
talking or being around Dustin. She followed him in the


halls and was all over him. She wouls kiss all over his neck
and grab his arm as if they were alone. She called him at al
different times of the night and when he would go out with
his friends she would randomly show up where he was. It
became overbearing and Dustin needed to get of this
Dustin picks his phone to call Jackie.
Hey babe.
Oh my gosh! Hey baby Ive missed
you so much I haven't seen you in
Sweetie we need to talk.
Yes! I was thinking the same
Wait really?
Yes! I was thinking more of a
Greek wedding, with a honey moon
in Vegas?
NO no no no Jackie thats not what
I mean! You dont get it!
What dont I get boo bear?!
YOure just too much! I need my


Ok thats fine we can sykpe only 4
times a week.
No I need my complete space from
.....what are you saying?
Im saying that you are too much
and I cant take it anymore! I need
my space. Im breaking up with you
Ok we can take some time
off...like a break...thats cool
but we can still talk and stuff.
No no no no no no!! I dont want a
break! I dont want to work things
out! I want this to be done, we
are over!
What do you mean no? I didnt ask
you a question.
We arent over...were not.
Jackie yes we are! I cant take
this relationship anymore!


Dustin I refuse to let you go1 you
dont know what you are talking
about! you arejust tired, u had a
hard day at school today!
A flash of lightning stikes
No Jackie I havent been more sure
about anything in my life I want
out and we are over.
Im not letting you go
Dustin..ever. We are ment to be!
Jackie im sorry.
I fuckikng hate you!
Jackie hung up the phone.
So I assume baby Jackie didnt take
it too well.
Mom enters the room.
Not at all she just doesnt get it!
Shes a 15 year old girl. What did
you think? She is too young to
understand that dating her will
get you in trouble?
.....thats not why I did it mom.
Oh I dont care why you did it Im
just glad you did.


Mom leaves the room.
Thanks mom you always know what to
Dustin takes a deep breath and begins do do his homework. He
works on it for a few hours until the cracking sounds of the
storm become too much for him to concentrate. The flashes pf
lightning gives him a snap shot of his empty front yard.
With the next flash of lightning comes the image of Jackie
standing, looking up at his window with he red bike on the
ground to her side. She is soaked from head to toe but you
can tell that she is crying. Dustin grabs a towel and rushes
out the front door to great her.
You crazy girl! What are you doing
out here?
I didnt mean what I said earlier
baby I love you and Im sorry!
Yeah you could have called and
told me that but why are you
I came to see you baby, Ive missed
Oh my God Jackie you need help!
NO baby all I need is you, hold my
Jackie extends hand


Lightning strikes that is followed by thunder.
Jackie I told you we are over! I
dont know how many times Im going
to have to tell you.
So thats it? over for good? How
could you? Just throw away what we
had! II hate you for doing this to
us! I will never forgive you!
Im sorry Jackie.
Not as sorry as you are gunna be!
I will hurt you just as much as
you hurt me....I swear on my life
I will.
She picks up her bike and rides off in the stormy darkness.
It has been 3 weeks since the break up and Dustin is hearing
new stuff about Jackie being a slut every day. Its Monday
morning and Jake walks to him to talk to him.
Yo you know your girl Jackie got
really drunk this weekend and
hooked up with 3 guys again?
One not my girl and two thats he
way of dealing so its whatever.
She isnt pissing me off she is
just making herself look like a


Thats what Im saying! Thats not a
good look she needs to chill
before she gets some unwanted
lovin she is still a stupid little
WHatever that might be her wake up
I feel you. So whats up with you
and Jess?
Straight dude. Shes great but like
its still early and I dont want to
jump into something yet.
Bro she is sexy and well... you
Ha shut the fuck up but yeah i
guess that is a huge plus. And she
not crazy hahaha. I dont know its
early we will see.
Stop smiling you little bitch! You
are going to make me sick to my
Thats because you are loney dude
haha you dont get it!
Whatever dude Im out...besides
your new wife is coming.
Jake walks away and Jess comes up from behind Dustin.


Hey cuttie.
Hey! I had fun at the beach
Yes I had a great time too. It was
really sweet of you to take me
I try. Haha but no really we
should do something like that some
other time.
Yeah for sure, I would love that.
Jackie walks by and cuts her eyes at Jess.
What the hell is that bitches
Shes sees me talking to a really
pretty girl and she cant handle
Jess blushes.
YOu stop it mister! I guess that
explains why shes being such a
little slut too.
I guess but i dont care about her
anymore. I only care about you and


Jess blushes again. But jackie is standing around the coner
listening to the whole thing and is softly crying, She wipes
her tears and storms off. Jess and Duatin walk to class hand
and hand.
The next couple weeks come with growing rumors of Dustin and
Jess dating and more rumors of Jackie being a slut. Jess and
Dustin are being more open with their relationship and it is
killing Jackie on the inside. Every time she sees them in
the halls talk, holding hands, kissing. It makes her sick,
untik she just goes home one day early and cries her eyes
out. She has her head face down on her desk crying deeply.
Until she stop crying and comes up with an idea. She gets
this evil grin on her face then wipes her tears. She
prepares for bad and for the day she has ahead.
                       MR. G
OK everyone sit down and shut up.
We have things to do.
A voice comes on over the intercom.
May Dustin Lions please report to
the main office.
                       MR. G
Quiet down class. Dustin go head.
As Dustin heads to the office he is worried that they found
out abou the toliet him and jake blew up about a month ago
for a senior prank. He enters the office to be met with the
principla Mr.Greg and two cops.
Have a seat Dustin.


May I ask whats goin on here
                       COP 1
We are the ones asking the
questions here!
Dustin takes his seat in fromt of them.
Are you familiar with a student by
the name of Jackie Rainey?
Yes she is my ex girlfriend. We
dated for 2 years.
And from our understanding you
were involved with her.
                       COP 2
Sexually, involved.
I mean she was my girlfriend of
two years.
                       COP 1
We didnt ask you that smartass!
OK yeah we had sex, what about it.
It was consentual!
                       COP 1
There is no such thing when the
girl is underage and scared from
the experience!!


Wait what?!?! We had sex all the
time! If she felt uncomfortable
she would have told me!
Apparently not becasue she has
come to the school with it and now
its a very serious problem.
                       COP 2
Yes and Im sorry but the fact that
she is underage makes it a felony.
                       COP 1
Yup. We are takeing you in boy! We
are going to lock you away for a
long time!
What no! I did nothing wrong!
Im sorry son.
                       COP 2
YOu have the right to remain
The cop grbas Dust9in by his wrist and begins to hand cuff
him while he reads him his rights. Dustin is frozen in time
as his life flashes before him in quick clips of memories.
The bell rings and snaps him out of his daze.
                       COP 2
Come on son.
Dustin marched out of the office for everyone to see and
people begin to chatter right away. Dustin spots Jess out in
the crowd quickly. They make eye contact then she storms off
into the crowd crying. As Dustin is finally exiting the
building he meets eyes with Jackie. She is standing there
with her arms folded and a huge smile on her face and right


before he is put into the back of he police car she gives
him a wink.
The cops stuggle to force him into the back seat of the car
and she just stands there with that evil smile.
On arrive to the Tampa police office, Dustin his
fingerprinted, gets his mug shot taken and is showered and
issued his orange jumpsuit.
                       COP 1
Welcome home scum bag!
Dustin is thrown into his cell and the door is closed shut
behind him.
                       COP 1
You will be aloud one phone call
in about 10 minutes.
The cop walks away and a voice comes from behind Dustin.
You dont belong here.
      (Dustin turns
Who are you?
My name is Bubba and you smell
innocent. Its making me sick to my
stomach. I havent smelt that way
since i was 4 years old.
Thanks? I am innocent tho.


Psh are you kidding me? Everyone
in here is innocent but its not
about what you did or didnt do its
about what you can prove.
Well I already confused kind of.
Well you are a dumbass, I guess i
will be getting a new cellmate
after all.
Cop 2 walks up.
                       COP 2
YOu can make your phone call now.
Psh Im out of here my mom is going
to bail me out!
Haha see you later man.
Dustin is walked down the hall to the calling room. He picks
the phone up and dails his moms number. The phone rings 3
times and then she finally answers.
I told you Dustin! I fucking told
you about fucking around with that
young ass girl!
Mom I really dont need that right
now can you please come get me?
Dont tell me what you dont fucking
need right now! I dont need my son
to be a felon but i guess tha was
too muc to ask for huh?


Mom please just come get me.
No. Im going to let you sit there
for awhile and think about what
you did! I told you!!
Fuckk off mom.
Dustin's mom is yelling on the other line but he hangs up
the phone and walks away with the officer back to his cell.
Told you man. You have a black mom
they never come get us on the
first day.
Shut up Bubba. Im going to bed.
Dustin grabs some sheets and goes to the top bunk that is
unoccupied. He curls up and slips into his slumber...on this
night he dreams for the first time in a long time.
All is black in a dark bedroom as a 3 year old Dustin is
hiding under his covers. A deep voice from the darkness
yells get out of bed! Dustin quickly stands up out of his
bed. The dark figure walks toward him and whispers in his
ear "drop them". Dustin begins to cry deeply and is frozzen
by the statment. "Dont make me say it again" the voice says
calmly. Dustin slowly starts to slowly pull down his pants
and then his underwear. Then the voice says "bend over".
Dustin really begins to cry loudly as he bends over. "Bite
teh pillow you prick"!! Dustin does as he cries. The man
begins to rape Dustin. Thrusting harder and harder. Normally
this would make Dustin cry but the routine has made him used
to it. The man finally finishes and zips his pants up. he
rubs the top of the Dustin's head and kisses him on the
forehead. "NOw you know know dady loves you". Dustin wakes
up suddently in a cold sweat!


Thats who it was!!!! That
                       COP 1
Wakes up maggot you made bail.
Who paid it?
Just at that instant Jess walks around the coner.
Hey Dustin.
OH my gosh hey! Wh...
Dont. We dont have time we have to
go meet with your lawyer. We are
going to be late.
Dustin turns in his jumpsuit and collects all his belongings
at the front desk. And then gets in a white car that is
waiting oout front. In the car awaits both of Jess's parents
and they dont look so happy. The Car ride over to the
Laywers office is silence.
Alright lets do this.
Dustin and Jess both get out the car and enters a building
that sawa Morgan and Morgan Law Firm.
Hey Jess thank you soo much for
Hey what are girlfriends for.


Dustin puts on a huge smile!
                       DESK LADY
Mr.Morgan will see you now
They both walk to this back room that reads "Mr.Morgan's
Office" and they enter to greet Mr.Morgan.
                       LAWYER MORGAN
Hello I am Mr.Morgan and I will be
your defense lawyer.
He shakes both of their hands
Hello Im Dustin and this is my
girlfriend Jess very nice to meet
you. Thank you so much.
                       LAWYER MORGAN
Hey do say thank you yet! We are
far from out of the woods. So from
my understanding you have
beenconvicted with rape?
NO! Statatory rape, i would never
rape anyone. My father raped me so
I would never want that for anyone
                       LAWYER MORGAN
Ok Good I need to know things like
that! The more you open up to me
the more I can help. I tell all my
clients the same thing. "I dont
care if you did it or not I just
need to know the whole truth so I
can know how I can help you or
Well she did want it, we just had
a bitter break up and wanted to
get back at me.


Dustin and Mr.Morgan go on for hours talking about the case
until they finally figure out the ins and outs of it.
Thank you so much Mr.Morgan I
really think we may have s hot at
beating this thing.
                       LAWYER MORGAN
If all that you tell me is true we
for sure do.
So th court date is set for
                       LAWYER MORGAN
Yup 3 days. Best of luck to you
son I'll see you then.
Jess and Dustin depart from the office and walk outside and
hug but right before they get in the car Dustin grabs her by
the hand.
I love you.
I love you too Dustin.
NO matter what happens will you be
there for me?
No matter what I will still be
your girl i promise but we are
going to be positive. you will be
here with me when this is all
And that is why I love you. Come


They hug for what seems like ages before finally getting in
the car and riding away.
All rise.
The whole courtroom stands to its feet.
All stand in honor of the
honorable Judge Mathis.
judge Mathis enters the room. And takes his seat.
                       JUDGE MATHIS
Thank you bayleff
YOu may all be seated.
The court room takes its seat.
Ok I want to first start off by
calling Mr.Dustiin Lions to the
Dustin walks up to the stand and rasie his right arm.
Do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but
the truth so help you God?
I do.
So Dustin do you creep hang out in
parks by yourself and watch
children play often?


                       LAWYER MORGAN
Youre honor OBJECTION!
                       JUDGE MATHIS
Objection granted. Move along.
Ok ok. So how old was Ms.Rainey
when you met her?
And how old were you?
How old were you when you two
started "dating"
And her?
There is chatter among the crowd.
                       JUDGE MATHIS
Oder! Order!
The judge is banging his hammer.
So let me get this straight. You
started a relationship with a 13
year old girl while you were 16
knowing that it would sound be


I loved her...
Ha of course you were! With a
innocent 13 year old girl that
wants nothing more than to be
popular and date an older guy. Of
course you were in love with her,
you were in love with the fact
that she was easy prey for you to
Call it what you want but i loved
Jackie and I wasnt going to let
something silly like age get in
between that.
So how old were you two before you
started having sex?
I was 18 and she was 15.
So you waited until it was against
the law? Did you get off on that
or something?
No we both waited until the moment
was right I was going to rush it
because of some stupid law!
There is a gasp in the court room.
                       LAWYER MORGAN
Damnut kid you shouldnt have said
Ha dumb law....I rest my case.


The prosicutor goes to take his seat as does Dustin. Mr.
Morgan steps up and delievers his open statement and then
calls Jackie up to the stand. She resights the oath then
takes her seat.
                       LAWYER MORGAN
So Ms. Rainey how is everything?
HOws school going for you?
Good I have all A's right now.
                       LAWYER MORGAN
Thats good thats good. Hows the
family going.
Objection your honor!
                       LAWYER MORGAN
On what grounds?!
Relivance! What does her family
have to do with this case?
                       JUDGE MATHIS
Overruled he is simply making
small talk to lighten up the mood
but please do move along Morgan.
                       LAWYER MORGAN
Ok lets just get into it then. You
loved Dustin correct?
Still do.
                       LAWYER MORGAN
nd you wanted your first time to
be special right?
Yes and it was perfect.


                       LAWYER MORGAN
People of the court need i ask
more questions? This girl is still
very much so in love with
Mr.Lions, how could you call what
they were involved in rape? And
ladies and gentlemen of the jury
how are you going to throw such a
great young man into jail for
waiting until his partner was
ready to have sex before he forced
hiself on to her? If he had done
that we would still be standing
here in this court today, face
with the same charges and the same
jail time. Now I ask you are those
crimes on in the same?
Wait! I was still underaged! I
didnt know what I was doing!
The court goes silent.
                       LAWYER MORGAN
Ha and as you can see by what she
just said. Ms.Rainey is still
bitter about the break up and only
brought this case up in court out
of spite. I am willing to argue
that this would habe stayed under
wraps if they were still together.
                       JUDGE MATHIS
Is this true Ms.Rainey?
                       LAWYER MORGAN
Remember you are under oath.
Yes its true but he broke my heart
and now hes happy with another
girl and Im not happy! Why cant I
be happy?!?!
Jackie begins to cry.


                       LAWYER MORGAN
The defense rest.
He walks over and takes his seat.
                       JUDGE MATHIS
Any closing statements?
Yes youre honor.
He stands to his feet and adjust his jacket.
Ladies and gentelmen of the jury
lets not be blinded by a sob love
story but yet concentrate on the
facts. And the facts are that a
crime was commited and punishment
should be handed down. Thank you.
                       LAWYER MORGAN
Let us not ignore the facts but
also look into them. This man
loved his girlfriend and wanted to
wait until she was ready. He had a
heart and didnt want to rush
anything and now I am asking taht
you the jury do the same. We ask
that you do not rush to a choice
and to have a heart. The crime
that he is being convicted of, is
it really the lable that should
follow him the rest of his life? I
think not. thank you.
As the Jury deliberates the court
may go to resuces.
Everyyone clears out of the court room. Dustin cuts a mean
look at Jackie and she puts her head down. He then grabs
jess's hand and walks out of the room. after a few hours of
deliberation the Jury returns with the verdict.


                       JURY MAN
We the jury find the defendant
Dustin Lions, guilty.
The courtroom is in an uproar! Jess starts crying, Dustin
puts his head down, and Jackie is sitting there with a blank
                       JUDGE MATHIS
                       JUDGE MATHIS
Dustin you will be sentenced to 10
years state penatentury. court is
a jurned. You have a week to say
good bye to your loved ones.
BANG! The hammer comes down.
Dustin is now outside walking quickly hand and hand with
Jess. The media is close behind asking questions and taking
pictures. But not far behind them is a crying Jackie. Jess
and Dustin cross rthe street to get into their car until
they are stop by the screaming plee of Jackie.
Baby lets just go.


Dustin gets in the car and closes the door jacie screams his
name as she runs across the street. She heads full speed
toward the car until she is struck by one going 80
mph.....She is prononced dead on the scene.
                       DUSTIN'S VOICE
7 days. the judge gave me 7 days
to enjoy my last bit of freedom
for the next 10 years. To pick all
the piece of my life and store
them away until I am a free man
again. 7 days to tell al of my
loved ones that I will see them
later and hope that they dont
forget me....7 days...7 days
                       DUSTIN'S VOICE
I spent day 1 watching my ex
girlfriend die right in front of
me and the watching as the scrap
her off the street.
                       DUSTIN'S VOICE
Day 2 was spwnt telling my mom
that she wont see her son for
anither 10 years and how I hope
she is proud of me still. Her last
words to me was "i hate you".
                       DUSTIN'S VOICE
Day 3 my mom killed herself.
                       DUSTIN'S VOICE
Day 4 I spent not giving a shit. I
regret this day the must becuase i
spent so much time in the past not
giving a shit.
                       DUSTIN'S VOICE
Day 5 me and Jess had sex for the
first time and it was amazing! We
laid in bed all night talking
about how she would never leave me
and how shes going to wait for me


                       DUSTIN'S VOICE (cont'd)
on teh outside. We even made plans
to hang out the rest of my time I
have free.
                       DUSTIN'S VOICE
Day 6 I show up to Jess's house
early to surprise her with
flowers. i walk in on her fucking
Jake....I spend day 6 kicking
Jake's ass.
                       DUSTIN'S VOICE
And here I am day 7. Sitting in
this church at Jackie's funeral.
forcing myself to care, forcing
myself to cry. And right as that
tear falls down i kow its not real
and it dries up as if the tear
itself knows its fake. Jackies
dead and I dont care.... because
for the next 10 years I will be
reminded on why I am where I am
and it will be because of her...
to me. she is far from being dead.


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From Jordan Mitchell Date 7/9/2011 ****
Got damn, that was a shocking yet great story. I had to clap for the endding. It was a rather interesting story about love, pain, depression and maturity. 4 stars

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