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Incessant Fear
by David Lees (david_lees@comcast.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
Roy lost his younger brother Joe during a paranormal investigation. Now, three years later Roy returns to investigate the very house that took the life of his brother. The evil has not left and unbeknownst to him, neither did his bother.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


An unseen force moves through the basement passing the
outlines and silhouettes of hand tools, workbenches and
cabinets until it gets to the stairs leading to the first
floor. It moves swiftly up the stairs barrelling through the
closed door into the kitchen which is faintly lit by the
moonlight streaming through the kitchen window. It moves
quickly but silently through the kitchen.
The force eyes a doorway and rushes toward it passing
cabinets and a refrigerator and into the living room.
It quickly moves through the living room gliding over the
coffee table and chairs and making its way into the foyer.
The force pauses for a moment at the bottom of a large
sweeping staircase. The CREAKING of floorboards and
indiscernible WHISPERS can be heard coming from the second
floor. Looking up to the second floor it suddenly charges
quickly up the stairs and lets out a low guttural GROWL and
stops abruptly at the top.
It spies the shadowy outline of two men and a glint of light
from the viewing screens of their night vision cameras. ROY,
high school age, muscular build, tough personality, stands
scanning the hall with his camera.

JOE - Roy's friend, clean cut, easy going, walks in front of
Roy also scanning the hall with his camera. Roy turns around
quickly and focuses his camera on the end of the hallway
near the stairs. Roy turns and whispers at Joe, his voice a
sharp hiss.
Tell me you heard that?


I heard something.
Roy walks slowly toward the stairs scanning the hall from
side to side and floor to ceiling with his camera.
A loud GUTTERAL GROWL surrounds them. Both stop moving. A
dark shadow soars down the hall and appears on Roy's camera;
it forces him against the wall - slams the camera into his
face. He let's out a painful moan. Joe tries to stay focused
on the figure as it passes by. He is also forced into the
wall - his camera falling to his side.
What the hell was that!
Joe looks down at his camera to make sure it is still on. A
loud GROWL comes from behind him.
Joe fumbles with his camera, lifts it up and looks through
the viewing screen. He continues down the hall. Suddenly
his camera goes out of focus.
What the...
Joe steps back and turns his camera to the wall.
A distant GROWL is heard coming from all directions. Roy
stops, lowers his camera and listens. Joe turns his camera
down the hall. He sees a large shadowy figure.
I see something down the hall.
Roy moves up closer to Joe.
I think we should go. I'm getting
creeped out.
A GROWL is heard. Joe continues to walk down the hall.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Joe, stop for a minute will ya.
Joe ignores, him, keeps walking.
Roy keeps his camera focused on Joe. Joe stops in front of a
door and places his ear up to it.


There's definitely something in
He steps into the room, his eyes focus straight ahead, his
facial expression changes and. His camera drops to the
floor and the door SLAMS shut. Roy calls out to Joe then
hurries to the closed door.
Joe! Joe! Are you okay? Joe!
Roy hurries to the door, try's to open it but can't turn the
knob. He pushes with his shoulder and calls out to Joe but
Joe does not answer.

He places his camera on the ground and launches his shoulder
into the door but it still won't open. He steps back ready
for another charge, the door opens part way.

He reaches down and picks up the camera. The door flies open
and slams itself against the inside wall. He aims his night
vision camera into the room and sees a horrifying sight; Joe
levitating in the middle of the room in the form of a
Roy hesitantly reaches out and grabs Joe's shoulder. Joe
slowly lifts his head, his eyes are solid white. Startled,
Roy jumps back and falls to the floor, the camera falls from
his grip. Roy grabs the camera and looks back up, but Joe is
gone. He scans the room and backs up until he is in the
hallway. He points his camera down the end of the hall
toward the master bedroom His.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Joe! Where are you? Joe!
The camera shuts off.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Roy fiddles with the camera. A faint SCREAM is heard. He
looks up. The camera turns back on. A shadow moves across
the viewing screen. He hears FOOTSTEPS moving toward him.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
What the hell is going on? Joe, is
that you?
Joe appears in the view finder.


                       ROY (CONT'D)
Joe, what's going on? You ok?
Roy notices that Joe is levitating as he continues to move
toward him.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
What the fuck! Jesus, Joe, what
the hell is going on?
Roy slowly backs up as Joe's body drifts toward him.
his body language changes - his muscles tense, fingers curl
into claws, lips pull back in a snarl. Joe has an evil
expression and his body language indicates he wants to do
Come here Roy. Help me.
Joe stops just in front of Roy. His face seems to be
struggling. Finally he speaks.
Help me Roy! Please!
Oh God. What the fuck is going
Joe's body slowly moves back into the darkness. Roy aims his
camera and walks down the hall calling for Joe.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Joe! Joe!
Roy senses something behind him. He turns around. Joe is
standing there. Startled, Roy jumps back, the camera
separates from his hand. Joe collapses to the floor in front
of the viewing screen.
I'm heere!
Oh shit. Shit, shit.
Roy slowly crawls toward the camera. As he is about to grab
it, he sees Joe's face on the viewing screen.
Help me Roy! Help me.


Joe's eyes are wide open as he is slowly dragged into the
darkness and out of view. Roy reaches out to him, but is
unable to reach him. He can hear Joe calling for help. Roy
grabs his camera, stands up and points it down the hall.
Joe, I'm here. Where are -
- help me Roy!
Joe suddenly runs down the hall toward Roy, tears streaming
down his face.
                       JOE (CONT'D)
Run Roy. Run!
Joe, NO! Stop! Joe!
Roy sees something dark behind Joe. Joe runs by Roy, forces
him aside as he rushes past. Roy tries to grab him, his
fingers just slip off.
Roy turns around and runs after Joe. He aims the camera
straight ahead as he is running after him, his voice full of
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Joe Stop! Joe, the stairs.
Joe turns around and looks toward Roy and falls over the
stair banister.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Roy looks over the banister and sees Joe lying motionless on
the floor. He hears something moving toward him from the
hall and hurries down the stairs. He drops the camera on the
floor and hustles over to Joe, drops to his knees, cradles
his head.
A demonic face appears on the viewing screen. It crawls back
into the darkness and out of view. There's a crackle, a
fizz, then the camera dies.
A car pulls up to a driveway. Judy, college age, nice figure
smart and confident, gets out of the car.


A car pulls up and parks behind her. Judy smiles and waves.
STANLEY - average size and looks with a bit of a belly and
reserved personality, steps out.
Hey stranger.
He closes the car door.
Hey Stan.
So how's things?
Judy nods.
Stan looks to the ground and then looks at Judy.
Is Roy around?
He puts his hands in his pockets.
Ya. He's inside.
His parents home?
No. They went to visit his Aunt
in Florida.
Oh. so a little alone time, I see.
Judy laughs.
You could say that.
They walk into the house.
They enter through the kitchen.


So where's Roy?
He's probably knapping.
Judy calls out for Roy.
No answer.
Should we wake him?
Let's see if he's in the living
Roy is sleeping restlessly on a recliner. A hand moves onto
Roy's shoulder and shakes him.
                       STANLEY (OFF SCREEN)
Roy. It's me, Stan.
Roy sits up breathing heavily, looks disoriented, annoyed.
Were you having a nightmare?
Roy, still half a sleep shakes his head and takes a few
seconds to fully wake up.
Stan. What are you doing here?
Thought I would just stop by and
see how you're doing.
Roy gets up out of his chair.
Do you want a drink or something?
No thanks. Just wanted to check
in. Maybe talk for a bit.


Sure. What about?
Still got that pooL table down
Ya. As a matter of fact, we do.
Have you been practicing? Or are
you looking for a beating like
when we were younger?
Ya, Ya.
The three of them walk down stairs.
Roy and Stan are shooting pool, Judy sits on a bar stool
sipping a drink. The three of them are talking amongst one
another. The basement is set up like a small BOSTON themed
sports bar.
You really need to stop blaming
yourself there was nothing you
could do.
Ever since that... that night, I
can't stop thinking about what
happened and... how
Roy puts his hands over his face and is clearly upset.
Judy consoles him.
I know you and Joe were really
I should've done something. I
relive that night every day and
night; thinking about what I
could've done differently.
It's okay honey.


Roy. You have to stop blaming
yourself. What happened to Joe was
not your fault.
He was a great guy. I miss him, I
really miss him.
I'm going to leave you two alone.
Roy takes a few seconds to compose himself before answering.
That's okay honey.
No, no. You guys have some
catching up to do. I'll go
Judy kissed Roy and walks up stairs.
Listen, Roy. I gotta tell you
What is it?
The gang and I are...are going to
the maynard house.
Roy let's out an abrupt sigh.
Stan looks down and then back up at Roy.
We're investigating.
Really? When did you become a
ghost hunter?


It's kind of a hobby that I do
with a few friends. We're not
really ghost hunters, we kind of
do these things a a thrill. Sorry!
A thrill? I'm not keen on your
choice of words. Seriously, you
need to grow up and stop playing
ghost busters.
Roy, I understand. I...
Roy looks Stan straight in the eyes.
Do you? Do you really understand?
I don't think you do. I don't
think you have any idea how i
You're right. I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to
get on you like that.
Roy with beer in hand, walks to the basement bar, opens up
the small refrigerator and takes out another beer.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Don't get me wrong Stan. I
appreciate the invite, I'm just
not up for this type of thrill
right now.
Stan acknowledges his understanding with a nod.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Anyway, I heard the Maynards
really freaked out after that
They just up and left. The new
owners got a hell of a deal. So
they thought.


You know, I never told anyone
about that night. I haven't even
told my therapist everything that
You'll talk when you're ready.
I remember calling 911, but then
it's like my mind went completely
The operator was really freaked
out after talking to you.
How so?
She could barely understand what
you were saying, but clearly heard
unexplainable sounds over the
What kind of sounds?
Demonic sounds, I guess.
I can't say what she heard, but I
can tell you that I never want to
experience what happened that
night ever again.
Stan gets up, reaches out and shakes Roy's hand.
Good to see you Roy. You get
better, okay. I'll let you know
how the investigation went.
KELLEY - athletic build, brunette, nervous type, stands in
front of the mirror and finishes washing her face. She picks
up her hairbrush and runs it through her hair. FRANK - dark


hair, athletic build, arrogant sits on the bed waiting for
Kelley to finish up in the bathroom.
Honey, You almost done in there?
Kelly turns her head part away while answering Frank, and in
her peripheral vision, sees a dark undistinguishable figure
in the mirror.
I'll be right there.
She quickly turns back and the dark figure has disappeared.
She turns around slowly while trying to keep one eye focused
on the mirror for as long as she can. She finally turns all
the way around and is facing the door. She reaches for the

Unseen by Kelley, the dark figure appears in the mirror. The
figure is getting larger as if it is moving closer. Kelly
places her hand on the doorknob and pauses. She lifts her
head up slightly and wraps her arms around her self. She
turns the doorknob and steps quickly into the master
Kelly closes the door and walks quickly over to Frank.
Everything okay?
Frank gets up off the bed.
Kelly stops in front of Frank, wraps her arms around herself
and rubs her hands up and down each of her arms.
I think I'm just tired.
Frank gently strokes Kelly's arms, then heads for the
Kelley grabs her book on hauntings off her night stand and
lies down. Frank comes out of the bathroom gargling, notices
Kelley is reading her book, rolls his eyes, goes back in the
bathroom, comes out and closes the door.


Why do you read that stuff? It's
nothing but garbage and it gets
you all scared.
Kelley sets the book down on her stomach, looks over to
Frank as he climbs into bed.
There's something going on here. I
see things, hear things and things
happen that I can't explain.
It's all in your mind.
We'll find out tomorrow night.
Did we really have to waste money
that we don't have on these guys?
Come on, ghost and goblins. Ooh.
Kelley is frustrated.
Fine. Good night.
She turns out her light and rolls over on her side facing
away from Frank.
Frank and Kelley are asleep.

The bedroom door slowly opens. Moments later the covers are
ripped off of the bed. Kelley is startled awake. She turns
to Frank and shakes him and calls his name until he wakes.
The covers are on the floor.
They probably just fell off the
bed. Go back to sleep.
There's something here.


What are you talkin about.
He looks around, sees nothing.
He flops back down.
Kelley gets out of bed and walks over to the covers on the
floor. She hears a banging noise.
Frank, what is that?
The noise stops.
What is what?
You didn't hear that?
Honey, come back to bed. I told
you that damn book would spook
I'm not spooked. I heard
Kelley hears the noise again. The noise is louder.
                       KELLEY (CONT'D)
You can't hear that?
Frank is agitated, gets out of bed and walks over to the
bedroom door. He opens the door all the way and looks down
the hall. There is nothing there.
See, there's nothing there. Now
can we please go back to bed.
He shuts the door. As Frank is walking back to bed, they
both hear the same noise. He stops and looks to Kelley.
Now do you believe me?
What is that?


Frank opens the door and looks down the hall. There is
nothing there. He rummages through his bedside table, grabs
Where you going?
To check it out.
I'm going with you.
Kelley latches onto Frank's arm.
Kelley holds onto Frank as they walk down the hall. They
reach the stairs and hear a banging noise. Kelley jumps back
nearly pulling Frank back with her. They listen. The noise
is heard again and is louder.
Frank grabs her hand and they walk to the banister. They
look down the stairs. They see a chair at the bottom of the
stairs. It begins to climb the stairs on it's own. Kelley
screams - they turn and run back to the bedroom, slam the
door shut.
They hear the banging of the chair climbing the stairs. Then
it stops.
Oh my GOD!
Listen. It stopped.
They both listen, holding their breath. Nothing.
See, it's -
BAM! The chair slams into the door. Kelley screams and they
run across the bedroom floor, into the bathroom.


Frank slams the door, locks it. Kelley is terrified. She's
screaming. The room is lit only by the glimmer of light from
the moon coming through the bedroom window.

Frank tries to turn the bathroom light on, but it won't go
on. He grabs Kelley, they climb into the bathtub.

They hear the bedroom door slam open. They hold each other
tighter, eyes fixed on the bathroom door.

The bathroom doorknob turns and then there is violent
pounding on the bathroom door. Kelley is screaming and
Leave us alone! Leave us alone!
The banging stops.
The equipment is partially setup. Tom - Mid 20's, Nerdy and
a bit on the heavy side, is setting up equipment in the
living room. Susan - Outgoing, a little on the bubbly side,
is excited about her first investigation, helpS Tom setup
the equipment.
So where are the owners?
Not here.
There's a knock at the door.
I'll get it.
Susan opens the door, sees an creepy OLD LADY.
Hi. Can I help you?
                       OLD LADY
Evil lurks in this house. It's
hungry and strong. Get out while
you can.


Excuse me?
                       OLD LADY
He knows you're here. The reaper
of lost souls and fools. Heed my
advice, leave now while you still
Stan comes to the door.
                       OLD LADY (CONT'D)
I've seen your friend. He calls
out to me in my dreams, begging
for help. Eternal torment is where
he is.
Ma-am? I don't know what you're
talking about. We are professional
paranormal investigators.
The Old Lady lets out a wicked laugh.
                       OLD LADY
Beware the dark beast.
She looks to Stan.
                       OLD LADY (CONT'D)
Your ill-equipped to take on such
She looks to Susan.
                       OLD LADY
Leave now pretty one. For he knows
your inner fears... and will
devour your soul.
Susan and Stan look to one another. Susan has a smirk on her
face. They turn to the old lady. She is gone. They look up
and down the street, but there's no sight of her.

Stan closes the door.
She was weird.
Ya. Just an old lady with nothing
else going on.


Tom sits in front of the monitors wearing a pair of head
phones. Stan and Susan are investigating in the basement.
They're communicating via radio.
Guys, I gotta take a leak.
Didn't you just go?
Ya! But I drank tons of water with
the pizza. I'll be back in a
minute. Don't go anywhere.
Roy and Judy are asleep. The door to their bedroom slowly
opens - the floor creaks.

Roy wakes up shivering - hurries over to the thermostat,
adjusts the temperature and closes the door.

He turns around and notices Judy is not in bed. He walks to
her side of the bed, looks up into the master bathroom. The
door is open and the light is off.

Unseen by Roy, a silhouette with long hair standing in the
far corner of the room. The figure walks slowly toward Roy.
He turns around to look behind him, and sees nothing. He
turns back toward the bed and Judy is standing on the bed.
Startled, Roy steps back.
Judy, is everything alright?
Judy's arms dangle lifelessly by her side. Her head bent
down and deep black hair covering her face. She lifts her
head slowly revealng her black souless eyes.
I'm heeere!
Judy stretches out her arms and lunges at Roy.

Roy wakes up and quickly jerks himself up into a sitting
position in a cold sweat. Judy has her arm around him,
gently strokes his sweaty forehead.


I can't take these nightmares
He looks straight ahead and notices his bedroom door is
What the hell!
Judy appears in the doorway, levitating - lunges at Roy.
Roy wakes up. Sits up, notices the door is open.
Tom is going the bathroom. He hears someone walking outside
the bathroom door.
Stan, Susan, is that you? I'll be
out in a minute.
The door knob begins to rattle.
Jesus, I said I'd be out in a
minute. Susan, is that you? Wanna
come in and help me out?
The rattling stops. Tom finishes and then washes his hands
at the sink. He looks in the mirror and then down at his
hands. He looks up again at the mirror and notices the
bathroom door is open.
Damn! You couldn't wait! Can't a
guy have some privacy.
Tom turns away from the mirror. Unseen by Tom, the palm of a
hand is placed against the mirror from the inside. It pushes
through the mirror as though it were moving through water
and then the arm can be seen as the hand grabs for Tom.

Tom turns back to the mirror and there is nothing there. He
fixes his hair, shuts the light off and walks back to base.
Tom walks back into base camp and puts on his head phones.


Nice try guys. But I don't scare
that easy.
                       STANLEY (O.S.)
What are you talking about?
The bathroom. I know you were
trying to scare me.
                       SUSAN (O.S.)
We've been down here the whole
You didn't play with the door...
Tom sees something on one of the static monitors upstairs.
                       TOM (CONT'D)
Guys, I just saw something on the
second floor hall camera.
                       STANLEY (O.S.)
What is it?
I don't know. I thought I saw some
I'll go up and check it out.
Ok. Tom, Susan's on her way up.
                       TOM (O.S.)
I see something in the hall. It's
not moving though.
Susan walks through the kitchen into base camp. Smiles.
Keep an eye on me, okay.


Tom is fixated on the monitor. He sees a large dark figure
walking slowly down the hallway toward the master bedroom.
What the? Susan!
I'll be fine.
Tom looks back at the monitor.
Where the hell did it go?
She walks up the stairs.
Susan hesitates at the top of the stairs and points her
camera down the long narrow and dark hallway.
Is anyone here?
There is no response.
Susan continues to ask questions as she walks tentatively
down the hall.
                       SUSAN (CONT'D)
What was that?
What is it?
I'm not sure.
Susan reaches the master bedroom, opens the door and hears
the sound of a door closing. She walks into the master
Stan is walking around using various paranormal equipment.
The EMF device goes off. Softly at first, then becomes
louder and more consistent.


Shit! Tom, come in.
                       TOM (O.S.)
What is it?
Do you see anything on the static
camera? The EMF is going crazy.
                       TOM (O.S.)
I don't see anything. Wait a
minute. I see something in the
laundry room.
I'll check it out. How's Susan
                       TOM (O.S.)
She's in the master bedroom. What
                       TOM (O.S.)
Her monitor is acting weird.
Call her on the radio.
                       TOM (O.S.)
Susan, come in.
More static. No response.
                       TOM (CONT"D)
Susan, come in.
The radio just crackles with static. No response from
I can't get through.
Keep trying to get her on the
radio. I'm going to check out the
basement a little more.
Will do.


Tom sees a demonic face flash quickly across the 2nd floor
hallway monitor. He stands up and throws his head phones to
the table.
Jesus! What the fuck was that!
He sits backdown in front of the monitors and puts his head
phones back on. He notices a large dark figure on the
hallway monitor. He sees Susan walking into the master
bedroom. He calls Susan via radio.
                       TOM (CONT"D)
Susan! Come in.
Just a static crackle, no answer from Susan.
                       TOM (CONT'D)
Stan uses his night vision camera as he searches the
basement for paranormal activity. His camera loses power.
Not now.
He fiddles with the camera to try and get it working again.
                       STANLEY (CONT'D)
Tom. My camera died on me. I can't
see a damn thing down here.
Tom replies, but Stan's radio is all static and he cannot
understand Tom.
                       STANLEY (CONT"D)
Tom. Your all static. Say again...
Tom replies, but Stan cannot understand him. Stan continues
to fiddle with his camera. He hears a noise at the other end
of the basement.
                       STANLEY (CONT'D)
His camera comes on. He quickly lifts it and points it
toward the other end of the basement. Something runs past
his viewing screen.


                       STANLEY (CONT"D)
Oh.. Shit. Tom? Can you hear me?
Something's down here.
Stan takes a step toward the area where he saw the figure,
stops for a moment, then turns around and walks toward the
basement stairs.
                       STANLEY (CONT"D)
Tom. Susan. Can either of you hear
Susan does not reply. Tom replies and his voice is more
audible, but not understandable. Stan detects some panic in
Tom's voice.
                       STANLEY (CONT"D)
Tom. Say again. Everything
Tom replies. Most of his message is inaudible. But Stan
hears two words.
                       TOM (O.S.)
... behind you ...
Stan turns around and in his viewing screen sees a figure
rushing toward him. He yells.
                       TOM (O.S.)
Stan? Stan, are you there?
Stan does not reply.
Tom watches both Susan and Stan on the monitors. He hears
Stan yell and looks to his monitor and sees him on the
ground. He calls to Stan several times, but Stan does not
Shit! Susan. Can you hear me?
No response. Tom is clearly nervous. He looks to Stan's
monitor and sees that Stan is now standing. Stan looks
directly to the static camera and disappears from view.
                       TOM (CONT'D)
Stan. Can you hear me? Are you


Stan's radio is static. No response.
Susan looks around; notices the bed in the middle of the
room and the closed bathroom door, then turns to walk out
into the hallway and hears something behind her.

She turns around and looks in the direction of where the
sound came from, takes a step toward the bathroom door, then
turns around and walks out into the hallway. She hears the
sound of a door closing in the bedroom. She turns around and
walks back into the master bedroom. She try's to communicate
with Tom but there is no answer.
She sets the camera down on a table inside the bedroom by
the door, reaches into her back pocket and grabs an EMF
detector. Unseen by Susan, a faint shadow moves quickly
across the bedroom.
Susan holds the camera in one hand and the EMF detector in
the other, scans the bedroom once again and doesn't see
anything. Suddenly the EMF detector goes off and startles
her. She hears yelling coming from down stairs.
                       TOM (O.S.)
Susan! Susan! Where are you!
She hurries out the bedroom door.
Susan scuries down the hallway.
I'm up here!
She stops part way down the hall. The EMF detector is going

Suddenly her hair is slowly lifted off her shoulder. Susan
freezes, moves her eyes to her right, a look of pure terror
on her face. Just as suddenly her hair is released. She
turns around and sees nothing.
Scratching sounds are heard coming from the walls. She takes
a couple of steps toward the stairs and stops abruptly - her
hair is being pulled again.


The camera dims for a few seconds. She holds her camera up
while trying to maintain her composure and aims it down the
end of the hallway. She tries to walk toward the stairs and
is quickly jerked back by her outstretched hair. She drops
the camera and EMF detector and begins screaming.
                       SUSAN (CONT'D)
Help me! TOM! TOM!
Her hands go behind her head trying to release the grip
that's on her hair. She falls back on her ass and hits the
floor hard she lets out a loud GROAN, kicks her legs as she
is being dragged down the hall toward the master bedroom.
Susan hears HEAVY, DEEP BREATHING from behind her.
                       SUSAN (CONT'D)
Somebody help me! TOM! STAN! Help
                       SUSAN (CONT'D)
No! No! Please! No! Oh God please
help me!
Susan continues to struggle with the entity and suddenly
stops moving. But her hair is still extended as if something
has a hold of it. She struggles to get away.
                       SUSAN (CONT'D)
TOM! Help me - please… help me!
A low guttural GROWL is heard. A dark figure is seen
standing behind her. The grip on her hair has loosened. She
quickly turns on her side and then lunges on her stomach
toward the stairs.

She crawls on her stomach until she reaches the camera,
grabs the camera and uses the light of the camera to find
her way down the hall. She crawls frantically down the hall
toward the stairs CRYING and crawling on the floor.

She hears the GROWL again behind her, getting closer to her,
the scratching too.
Susan freezes in fear, curls up in a ball and tries to stay
quiet. Finally it goes silent.

Susan opens her eyes, looks around, sees nothing. She jumps
to her feet. Something grabs her legs and digs into her
tearing at her flesh.

She let's out a loud SHREIK and is quickly jerked back down
falling onto her face. She hits the floor hard letting out a


painful moan. The camera drops beside her. Susan is dazed
but quickly regains her wits, begins clawing at the floor
with her fingernails. The GROWLING becomes louder.
                       SUSAN (CONT'D)
Someone help me! Please! Help me!
Susan looks back but can't see her legs below the knee. She
starts to kick frantically but with each movement the grip
gets tighter. She screams louder as she is unable to kick
Susan moves her legs. Realizing that the grip on her legs
has been released, she reaches for the camera, aims the
camera down her legs and sees two large dark and grotesque
hands come into view and lunge at her grabbing her legs. She
let's out a horrific SCREAM.
                       SUSAN (CONT'D)
Get off me! Leave me alone!
She drops her night vision camera, continues to struggle,
kicking and pulling her legs until finally she is free. She
is in obvious pain.
Susan continues to struggle, kicking and pulling her leg
until finally she is free from the grip on her legs. She is
in obvious pain.

Suddenly there's a loud deep evil laugh. Susan panics and
stands up leaning up against the wall. She looks down the
                       SUSAN (CONT'D)
Someone help me! Tom. Where are
you! Stan!
She limps as fast as she can to the stairs feeling for the
walls all the way down the hall.
She is crying uncontrollably.
                       SUSAN (CONT'D)
Help me!
Susan hears the sound of footsteps running up the stairs.
She closes her eyes tight and let's out a sigh, drops to her
Susan? Are you okay?


Susan opens her eyes to see Tom standing over her. Tom
shines his flashlight on Susan - her face is covered in
blood, tears and sweat. Her hair is flung about in all
directions, her hands and legs bloodied and her clothes
What the hell happened?
Susan is crying and screaming incoherently.
Tom assists Susan down the stairs and into base camp.
Tom assists Susan to the couch.
Susan, what happened?
It grabbed me. Dragged me down the
hall. I couldn't get away. I
tried, I tried.
It's okay. I'm here.
I can't stay here.
Okay. Let me get a hold of Stan
and we'll get you out of here.
Don't leave me. Please, don't
leave me alone.
I'm not leaving you.
Tom turns on the light and calls Stan on the radio. But Stan
does not respond. They hear the basement door open and
someone walking toward them from the kitchen. They look up
in the direction of the footsteps. Susan becomes more upset.
It's coming for me. Don't let it
get me. Please.
Stan walks into basecamp.


What's gonna get you?
Stan immediately notices Susan's torn clothing and wounds.
                       STANLEY (CONT'D)
Are you okay? What the hell
Something attacked her, dragged
her down the hall.
Is that a bite mark?
Susan bends her head down toward her leg and sees through
her torn jeans, what appears to be a bite mark.
Oh my GOD!
Susan. I'm so sorry. I should
never have let you upstairs by
What happened to you?
I don't know exactly. I heard you
say behind me and when I turned
around, it was like something went
into and out of my body. It
knocked me down, I felt groggy and
Tom stares at Stan.
I never said that. I tried calling
you, but I never said anything was
behind you.
Stan has a puzzled look as he stares back at Tom.
See if you can find some bandages
in the bathroom. While your there,
soak some towels in warm water.


Tom walks to the first floor bathroom. Stan sits next to
                       STANLEY (CONT'D)
Did you see what attacked you?
Two hands. Large, dark, ugly hands
that grabbed me.
Stan comforts Susan.
I know this is difficult for you.
Hang in there, we'll get you out
of here as soon as we can.
Tom comes back with a soaked towel and bandages. He hands
the towel to Susan and bandages to Stan. She looks
accusingly at Tom.
Tom, why didn't you come for me
sooner when you heard me
I didn't hear you screaming. The
hall monitor was out, when it
finally came back on I saw you
being dragged along the floor - I
ran upstairs as fast I could.
But why couldn't you hear me?
Whatever is in this house
prevented Tom from hearing your
Can we leave now? I don't feel
safe being here.
Stan kneels by Susan and places his hand on her shoulder.
Sure, why don't we just -
The lights begin to dim. They hear the sound of heavy
footsteps walking down the upstairs hall. Tom looks over to
the monitors.


Holy Shit!
What in the name of Christ is
The monitors go blank. The lights go out. The heavy
footsteps continue.
                       STANLEY (CONT'D)
Let's get the hell out of here.
Stan turns to Susan. He is frantic.
                       STANLEY (CONT'D)
We're going straight for the front
door. Let's go. Now!
Tom and Stan assist Susan to the door. They open the door
and walk out.
As the door closes, the monitors turn back on. A dark figure

walks by the hallway camera, heavy footsteps walk down the
There's a knock at the door. Roy opens the door and sees
Stan and Tom. Both look like they have not slept.
What the hell happened to you
Can we come in.
Of course.
Are you alone?
Stan rubs his forehead. He and Tom exchange a glance.


Guys, what's going on?
Roy. We need your help. Last
Last night Susan was attacked.
At the job?
Stan nods.
It was pretty bad. Her clothes
were torn, she had bite marks. It
was like a scene out of a horror
My GOD! How is she?
She'll be fine. She's home
resting. But it was obviously
traumatic for her.
I've never seen anything like it.
Roy, there's something else.
Stan reaches into his pocket and pulls out a digital
I used my recorder in the
basement. This is what I found on
it this morning...
Stan plays the recorder. There is a muffled voice speaking.
Roy leans his ear closer to the recorder.

Roy's voice crackles.
That's impossible. It can't be.


I'm afraid it is.
But how? How is he still there?
Roy looks down. Tears are streaming from his eyes. He
hesitates for a few seconds and looks up at Stan and Tom.
His emotion has changed to one of anger.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
I'm in.
Roy looks to Stan.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
We need more people. The three of
us are not strong enough.
Craig will be back from his
business trip, he could join us?
I'm calling Karen.
She's a friend of Judy's... and a
Roy walks out of the room. He comes back and hands Stan and
Tom crucifixes. They look at them dubiously.
Roy? Seriously?
                       ROY (CONT'D)
We're gonna need them.
The sound of steady rain pounds relentlessly against the
house while lightening lights up the interior with each
It's thunder and lightening, out,
we're investigating a haunted
house, anyone else see the irony?


Stop being so melodramatic.
Okay. Just sayin...
Roy paces nervously.
We've got to help him.
Karen, 30'sh, confident, dresses goth style, walks into the
We'll setup in the dining room.
She looks carefully at Roy - can see how much this means to
We have to help him.
You think this will work? I mean,
will you be able to make contact
with him?
If he is here I will reach him.
Let's do it. Tom, Craig we're all
going into the dining room for a
A seance! What for?
Craig, gung-ho attitude, late twenties, tall, looks like he
hasn't shaved in several days, rubs his chin, gives Tom a
look of disgust.
To try and communicate with Joe,
They each grab a chair, sit hurriedly around the table;
their chairs scrape sharply against the hardwood floor as
they slide forward, grab each other's hands to form a



Tom twitches nervously in his chair, looks to Craig for
reassurance – he gives him a concerned look, squeezes his

Karen looks calm, confident, as she switches on her digital
recorder. The red light blinks reassuringly in the
darkness. Karen closes her eyes and tilts her head slightly
Are there any positive spirits who
wish to commune with us?
There's no response, just another flash of lightening that
illuminates the room.
Joe, are you here?
Karen suddenly stiffens, raises her head like a dog catching
a scent.
I sense a presence.
Tom looks around nervously.
I feel like I'm being watched.
There are multiple spirits with
us, watching over us...
Are any of them negative?
No. But I sense they're surrounded
by a negative energy.
Karen closes her eyes and tilts her head down.
                       KAREN (CONT'D)
Is there someone here with us? Is
there more than one of you?
I feel a cold breeze.


Even my balls are cold.
Craig squeezes his hand very tightly, gives him an irritated
                       TOM (CONT'D)
Okay, okay. Sorry!
Give us a sign of your presence.
The table levitates, floats a foot or so above the ground,
forcing them to raise their joined hands. The team look to
one another for reassurance.
Oh shit.
Joe, is that you?
He's scared of something.
Karen closes her eyes and tilts her head down, sways from
side to side.
                       KAREN (CONT'D)
I don't know what this means. He's
telling me - Red Sox 4 sweep?
She looks questioningly around the room. Roy's eyes fill
with tears.
That's him. That's Joe. That was
our code phrase.
Code phrase?
We made a pact that when one of us
dies and the other try's to
communicate, our code phrase would
be Red Sox 2004 Sweep. Joe, why
are you still here?
He looks around the room as though expecting to see his
brother standing beside him.


                       ROY (CONT'D)
Joe, why are you still here?
There's no reply. Karen looks around, swings her head from
side to side, searching.
His energy is fading. I can't
understand what he's saying.
There's a powerful negative energy
surrounding him.
Are you able to cross him over.
The light above the table begins to sway. The table, still
off the ground, begins dipping from one end to another,
making it near impossible for them to hold one another's
hands. Karen begins to tremble and shake.
What's happening?
Karen starts talking in Joe's voice.
Roy, help me. Help me Roy!
I'm gonna help you. I promise.
The beast.
The beast? Is it keeping you here?
Yes. He's -
The table drops suddenly to the floor and the light above
the table stops swaying.
He's gone.
Roy looks around, desperate.
Joe? Joe?
Stan consoles Roy.


We're gonna get him to where he
belongs Roy.
We need to get to him quickly.
We've got to cross him over.
Roy gives a nervous nod.
Roy, Stan, Craig and Tom stand around the kitchen.

Behind them in the dining room, Karen can be seen burning
sage and chanting. A dark hulking figure emerges from deep
in the living room and moves with purpose towards the
Did anyone hear that?
I didn't hear anything.
I swear I heard something.
A low guttural growl comes from the living room.
I heard that.
That's the same sound we heard the
night of our investigation.
A huge dark figure rushes the kitchen knocking over the
team, cabinet doors fly open, spilling dishes and glasses
onto the floor.
Fuck, what in the hell was that?
Karen! Shit!
Roy rushes into the dining room, Stan, Craig and Tom follow.


Karen is levitating near the window of the dining room.
There's no response.
What are we gonna do?
I don't know.
Who are you?
Karen begins to shake violently. She picks her head up, her
eyes are black and her face - though hers, is different. She
speaks in a foreign tongue - her voice is deep and
Hail Diabolus! Pro Ego , Abdico
mos epulor vestri animus quod
enslave vos pro infinitio.
Licentia meus domain pro vos
congressus meus ira.
She gives a demonic Laugh.
She repeats this line several times - her inflection changes
and becomes louder and more forceful. Each time she ends
with a laugh.
Let her go demon.
Karen looks directly at Roy.
Help me Roy! I can't see.
I'm coming for you Joe.
Roy lunges at Karen. But Stan grabs him and holds him back.
What are you doing?


Karen, fight him. Fight him Karen.
You can do it.
Leave her demon. Leave her now.
Karen laughs.
I'm coming for you.
Karen's body is thrown across the table - knocking over
chairs as she lands painfully on the floor. Roy, Stan and
Craig rush to her aide.
Karen. You okay?
She looks up, dazed.
I think so.
What about Joe?
I felt his presence. He's trapped
Roy. And then...
She looks directly at Roy.
I was in complete darkness. The
sadness, hopelessness. It's awful.
GOD it's awful.
What about what it said? Does
anyone know Latin?
Latin? I took it in school. Why?
You don't remember?


Karen, you were speaking Latin.
Would you mind viewing the video
we captured?
Karen grabs Roy's forearm.
It knows what you're trying to do.
He's angry. He's very powerful.
I know. But I have to do this for
Show me.
Tom plays back the recording. Karen gasps and becomes
                       KAREN (CONT'D)
My GOD! I can't believe that was
Are you able to translate?
I think so... It's something like
"Hail Satan! For I, Abdiel will
feast on your souls and enslave
you for eternity. Leave my domain
before you encounter my wrath."
We've got a long night ahead of
Tom sits in front of the monitors, Craig stands behind him.
Roy, Stan and Karen are cleansing the house.
I think I saw something move on
the hall monitor.
As Tom and Craig look to the monitors, they notice movement
in the distant background of the hallway camera. The figure
is dark and seems to be moving toward the camera.


Is that Roy?
I can't tell.
Base to team 1. Base to team 1.
The radio is static. But a voice does come through. It is
difficult to determine what it is saying.
What is he doing?
Suddenly the figure moves as if in fast forward motion
toward the camera. A demonic face appears in the screen. Tom
and Craig jump back out of their chairs.
                       TOM (CONT'D)
Fuck me! What the Christ was that?
Base to Team.
The radio is static.
                       CRAIG (CONT'D)
Roy, Stan, Karen can you hear me?
There they are. They're in the
master bedroom.
Damn it! I've gotta warn them.
I'm not staying here alone.
What, you're afraid?
You were just here three days ago.
And look what happened to Susan.


You'll be fine.
Craig grabs a night vision camera and walks out of base
Craig aims his night vision camera forward and walks up the
stairs. He checks in with Tom at about half way up.
Tom, do you see anything on the
hall monitor?
No. Nothing.
He continues walking up the stairs.
Craig aims his night vision camera down the hall.
Tom! Can you still hear me?
                       TOM (O.S.)
Loud and clear!
Craig looks at his viewing screen and sees movement down the
hall. After a moment he realizes that it's Roy, Karen and
Stan moving about down the hall. He calls out to them in a
low soft voice. They walk into the master bedroom.
Can you see me on the screen?
                       TOM (O.S.)
I see you.
Can you see them in the master
                       TOM (O.S.)
Sort of. I can see three people
there, but the camera is a little


Craig walks cautiously down the hall, cringing at every
creak of floorboard.
Are they still in the bedroom?
                       TOM (O.S.)
Hurry up down here will ya. I'm
really creeped out.
Craig hurries the last few feet to the bedroom door - opens
it with trepidation - sees the team performing a cleaning
Karen, Roy and Stan walk around the room demanding the demon
to leave while Karen burns sage. Craig walks into the room.
What are you doing here?
We've been trying to contact you
guys on the radio. We saw the
demon on the monitor.
The hall.
No one should be left alone. Stan,
go with Craig back to base. We'll
meet you down there.
Stan and Craig walk back to base.
Tom nervously taps his fingers on the desk. The power goes
Shit! Shit! Shit!


He grabs his flashlight walks over to the equipment area,
hurriedly searches through the bags, finds what he's looking
                       TOM (CONT'D)
Please work, please work.
A figure glides down the stairs behind him, stops briefly as
it reaches the foyer, then moves swiftly toward the living
Tom turns on the camera, hears something and turns around.
He sees someone standing behind him, startled, he drops the
camera and grabs his chest as if in pain.
                       TOM (CONT'D)
Jesus. Craig. You scared the shit
out of me.
Craig does not respond. Tom aims his camera at Craig and
works his way up to his face. The face is demonic, it lunges
at Tom.

Tom lurches back, falls over the equipment bag, lands on his
ass, drops the camera - he scurries away behind the couch.
Tom looks out, can see the video camera lying on the ground
pointing in the general direction of the monitors. He shifts
himself further behind the couch - peeks at the camera again
and notices his phone sitting on the desk next to the
monitor. A dark indistinguishable figure comes into view on
camera, the camera shuts off.
A few seconds go by. A deep frightening voice calls out,
ends in with a deep, wicked laugh.
Come out come out wherever you
Oh my GOD! Oh GOD! Shit!
Tom crawls toward the monitors, reaches up to and grabs his
phone off the desk - ducks down for cover. He can hear the
sound of something moving around the living room. It speaks
to him.
I'm coming for you Tom.
The sounds stop. Tom takes a few seconds, gets into a
crawling position, hits his touch screen phone aims it out


into the living room and right into the face of the demon.
He screams.
Roy and Karen continue to attempt to cleanse the master
Something's here!
Roy nods, motions Karen to come over to his side. They
hold hands, begin chanting together.
                       ROY / KAREN
GOD is our refuge and strength.
For GOD is the king of all the
earth. Forsake me not, O Lord: O
my GOD, be not far from me.
A wind seems to swirl around them.
                       ROY / KAREN
In the name of the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit! We command
you to leave this place.
They hear HEAVY LOUD FOOTSTEPS walking down the hall. The
bedroom door SLAMS SHUT. The bathroom door opens and closes.
Simultaneously the windows open and SLAM closed and the bed
begins to shake violently.
Roy looks around, anger battling with fear in his mind.
Come on, show yourself. Are you
afraid? Come on!
The happenings intensify. The windows continue to open and
close violently. The bathroom door also continues to open
and close in a violent manner. The bed levitates. A LOUD
MUFFLED GROWL seems to surround them.
A black mist appears above them. They hear a CRASH and
notice the mirror above the bureau smashed on the floor. Roy
turns to the sound of the smashed mirror.

When he turns back he sees a huge demonic head directly in
front of him only the demon's head and shoulders are
visible, the rest of the body is within a mist swirling
above them.


Roy! Get a way.
Roy tries in vain to move, but is unable to overpower the
I can't move.
Karen opens a bottle of holy water and sprays the contents
into the black mist. The demon lets out a horrifying sound
and lunges toward her. She jumps back.
Are you okay?
Roy collapses to the floor. Silence.
I'm good..
We've made him very angry.
No shit!
He's hiding somewhere in the
Stan and Craig enter base camp. They call for Tom, but he
does not answer. Craig notices Tom's phone under the desk.
There's his phone.
Where the hell did he go!
Stan walks over to the camera on the ground, picks it up.
Roy and Karen walk in.
Where's Tom?
Don't know.


I sense he's in trouble.
Hey. Over here. The basement door
is open.
We stay together from now on. Got
The team walks to the basement stairs.
The team scatters on either side of the basement - Roy and
Karen stay together. They Call out for Tom as their night
vision cameras and flashlights pierce through the dark
basement. ROY's EMF detector goes off, takes it out of his
It's off the charts.
Something comes into view on Stan's camera.
Something just moved.
They hear a demonic laugh and an indistinguishable noise.
What is that?
Something unholy.
All their cameras malfunction.
My camera just died.
So did mine - my flashlight.
The basement door SLAMS shut.
Don't move.


Roy takes out his phone and points it out into the middle of
the basement. He sees Tom sitting in a chair with his head
slumped forward.
Stan turns to see the light on Tom and shines his phone
light at Tom.
Jesus Christ. Tom!
Tom's chair leans back on it's two back legs. Behind the
chair - A dark imposing figure - just out of the light.
Do you see it? Let's throw Holy
Water on it.
He's taunting us - daring us to
save him.
Let's go.
No. That's exactly what it wants.
I'm on my last power bar.
What then?
Tom wakes up. He immediately realizes his jeopardous
situation - looks at the team and cry's out for help.
Get me out of here! Hurry! Please!
It's going to kill me. Please!
Stan's light goes out.
Oh Shit!
Move toward me.


Stan feels his way around.
Roy points his camera in Stan's direction.
Stan, get over here, quickly. You
too Craig.
I feel paralyzed.
I can't move.
Why can't we move.
Temporary possession. He's trying
to take over your body and
thoughts. Fight through it.
I feel angry. Like I want to kill
Fight it Craig. Don't let him win.
He's testing us.
Not gonna let you get me you son
of a bitch. In the name of the
Father, the Son and the Holy
Spirit, I command you to leave me,
They all repeat the same prayer.
Tom stares at the team, his eyes turn to black.
Eternus poena , torqueo quod
cruciatus specto vestri animus. Ye
vadum exsisto meus mancipium
evermore. Vos es inops quod
Help me! Please. Don't let it hurt


It's okay. It's not gonna hurt
My face is burning.
Roy turns his fading light to Tom. There are three large and
deep scratch marks across his face.
Hold him.
Roy hands his phone to Karen who continues to face the light
toward Tom. Karen says a protective prayer.
I command you demon, leave him
now. Leave his body. Go from
whence you came.
Karen sprays Holy Water on Tom.
The demon in Tom cry's out in pain.
Ut tempus leo. Non potest salvari.
I command you demon, leave him
now. Leave his body. Go from
whence you came.
Karen sprays Holy Water on Tom.
Tom struggles violently to free himself from the chair.
Donec sem ipsum. Tempus et
occident vos vado in aeternum.
Hurry! He seems to be getting
The phone dies and the light goes out.
What now?
The entire team are thrown to the floor. The basement door
blows open, A flash of lightening filter's down from the
kitchen window.


Tom's chair moves quickly up the basement stairs and
disappears into the kitchen. Tom screams and begs for help
until his screams become muffled and finally stop.
Everyone okay?
They all answer in the affirmative. Roy stands up and
charges for the basement door.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Let's go, now.
Roy rushes into base camp , hurries over to the equipment
area, grabs a flashlight for himself and Stan and a battery
for Craig to use in the camera.
Tom! Tom!
Roy rushes into the foyer. Karen, Stan and Craig follow.
Roy, wait. He's trying to lure us
He's expecting us to go after Tom.
No. Tom is not up stairs.
Why would it want us to go
upstairs then?
Not us. Roy!
Well then where is he?
Why is it trying to lure Roy


He's down here somewhere.
Is it because of Joe? He knows Roy
is angry, right?
Karen grabs Roy's shoulder.
                       KAREN (CONT'D)
And it feeds off our anger and
They can hear Tom whimpering.
Shh... Hear that?
That's Tom. Where is he?
Craig points to the short hall leading to the dining room.
They rush toward the sound of Tom wimpering.
Tom is lying on the dining room table with his shirt off.
Tom lifts his head slightly and looks to the team.
Help me!
I gotcha buddy. Don't worry, okay.
His chest.
Tom cries out in pain. The team sees writing, deeply carved
into Tom's chest and abdomen appearing as if it were being
written now.
Get the fuck away from him.
Karen takes out holy water, sprinkles it on Tom. Tom's face
turns demonic and he begins to convulse.


In the name of the father, the son
ad the holy spirit, I command you
to leave his body. Everyone, say
this with me.
The team speaks the prayer several times. Tom rises from a
lying position to an upright position. He grins at the team,
Karen sprays holy water on him and he collapses to the
table. They rush over to him.
Tom. You alright? Tom.
I want to go home. Please. I can't
stay here.
Karen whispers to Roy.
He can't go home yet. It will
follow him.
Is it gone?
Then how come Tom is Tom?
He doesn't want Tom. Let's get him
to base.
Tom lies motionless on the couch with a blanket over him.
Karen sits by his side with a cold cloth wiping the blood
from his chest.
What does it say?
It's an old dialect of Latin -
I'll try.
Karen stands above Tom. She uses a flashlight to read the


                       KAREN (CONT'D)
I'm not sure I understand.
What is it?
It says...His soul is mine.
What does that even mean?
Joe. He's talking about Joe.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
It's time.
Karen looks to Roy and nods her head in agreement.
                       ROY (Cont'd)
I'm going to perform a Spirit
circle. It may be the only way to
get rid of it.
It's energy is stronger upstairs.
We'll all go?
Karen and I will go. You guys stay
here with Tom.
What about you and Karen.
We'll be okay. But if anything
happens to me, you make sure to
get Karen.
Stan nods in agreement.
Roy stares down at the newly created spirit circle. The
flickering candles cast an ominous feel to the room.


This is where I first found him;
just standing here in the middle
of the room.
Karen places each index and middle finger on either temple
and closes her eyes.
He knows what we're doing.
Karen walks around the room with burning sage - repeating a
protective prayer and sprinkling holy water. Roy and Karen
communicate with base via radio.
                       STANLEY (O.S.)
How's it going?
We're good.
                       STANLEY (O.S.)
Be careful up there.
Karen completes the prayer.
Tell them not to make radio
contact while we are performing
the spirit circle.
                       STANLEY (O.S.)
Go Ahead.
No matter what happens do not try
and contact us.
                       STANLEY (O.S.)
Roy turns to Karen.
The door to the other side could
stay open and allow other negative
energies to cross through it.
It's too dangerous.


Karen walks over to the spirit circle and steps in it.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
What are you doing?
You're not ready.
Karen sits in the circle, crosses her legs and rests either
arm on her legs with palms facing up.
Karen don't do this. I'm willing
to take the chance.
Roy walks as if he is going to step into the circle.
Never broach the boundary of the
circle while someone else is in
He steps back.
                       KAREN (CONT'D)
No matter what happens, I must
stay in the circle until the
portal is closed. You have to be
strong Roy.
Karen, don't. Let me do this.
Let go of all your fears. Focus on
surrounding yourself in a white
Tom lies on the couch. Stan and Craig sit in front of the
monitors watching Roy and Karen performing the spirit
What if this thing follows us
Don't worry about it. We're going
to take care of everything


Unseen by STAN, CRAIG AND TOM - A dark figure stands in the
second floor hallway near the master bedroom. Tom senses
something. He lifts his head and looks in the direction of
Stan and Craig. His eyes open wide.
Stan and Craig turn to Tom. They see that he is animated and
motioning with his fingering at the monitors.
Tom, what is it?
Craig walks over to comfort Tom. Tom continues to motion
toward the monitors.
Take it easy. Roy and Karen are
going to get rid of the demon.
Craig turns and looks at the monitors. He sees a large dark
figure standing in the hallway near the master bedroom.
Stan. Look.
What the...
Call Roy.
Can't do that.
The figure walks toward the camera. It walks slowly but with
intent. Stan jumps back off the chair.
What the fuck!
The figure finally reaches the hall camera.
Jesus Christ. What the hell is it
It moves toward the camera and disappears.
Where the hell is it?


Suddenly a large black arm comes through the monitor. It
places its hand on the table as support.
Oh God!
They help Tom off the couch, hurry into the Foyer. Craig
turns back and sees a large black foot and leg coming
through the monitor. It places its foot on the floor.
They run through the foyer to the stairs. Stan and Craig
assist Tom as they climb the stairs. Stan turns toward the
living room.
Oh Christ. Hurry up!
It let's out a Growl.Stan, Craig and Tom look to base. They
see a shoulder coming through the monitor and then a demonic
head and face appear. It looks directly at them.
It pulls itself completely through the monitor and stands
Go! Go!
They're less than halfway up the stairs when Tom is pulled
down the stairs and onto the floor by an invisible force.
Tom screams, twists and turns to escape - trying to latch
onto anything to prevent him from being dragged.
They run after Tom and grab onto him as he is pulled into
the kitchen.


Tom's legs are partly up in the air. Stan and Craig continue
to pull on Tom's arms, but are being dragged through the
Don't let go. Please.
We gotcha Tom. We're not letting
Tom is dragged around to the open basement door. He grabs
onto the door looks at his feet - a flash of lightening
makes visible what is dragging him. He screams. Stan and
Craig fall back and let go of Tom. The Old Lady appears.
                       OLD LADY
In nomine Christi, praecipio tibi
redire ad infernum. Tu mihi
impotens. In nomine Domini nostri
Iesu Christi, praecipio tibi hodie
locum relinquere!
She sips a liquid from a bottle and spits it onto the demon.
It let's out a roar and let's go of it's grip. Stan and
Craig fall back with Tom in their grip. They pull him into
the kitchen. Stan gets up to thank the Old Lady. She is
Where did she go?
Karen takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out.
I invite any negative spirit into
my circle.
The flames of the candles seem to gently flicker. Karen
Roy has a puzzled look.


What do you see?
No. I don't believe you.
Do you see Joe?
Karen's body shakes violently. Her eyes open and are solid
Your sourcery impotens est in me.
Ecce ego Abdiel dominus daemonia
mei mandabo super contritione
magna exercitus meum et introibunt
domain. Et aeternum, ego summum
Karen seems to gasp for air. Her eyes are no longer black.
I command you in the name of Jesus
Christ, leave and go back to where
you came from.
You son of a bitch. Leave! Go back
to hell.
Spray holy water throughout the
The flames of all the candles go out.
                       KAREN (CONT'D)
I command you in the name of Jesus
Christ to leave this place.
Roy grabs the holy water and sprays it all over the circle
and Karen. Karen's eyes turn black.
Nunc primum fratrem iungatur.
Her head slumps forward. The breeze stops.
Is he gone?
Karen lifts her head. Her eyes are black.


Karen lunges at Roy. Her face is demonic. He sprays holy
water on her. She lets out a horrific scream and collapses
to the floor. Karen is in a weakened condition. But
gradually gains her strength.
Karen! You okay. Karen!
I couldn't close it. He's using
their energy for his strength.
It's okay. We'll try again.
There's more.
It's you. You opened the gates of
I don't know what you're talking
He showed me. You don't remember
because you blocked it. Do you
remember Bobby?
Bobby? I, I don't know.
Think back Roy. Back to when you
were about ten. In this very
Two young boys about the age of ten are sitting outside on a
driveway. An older girl walks out the side door.
Your sister's hot.


What! She's gross.
See ya jerk.
I'm telling mom and dad what you
Go ahead. I'll tell them about the
funny cigarettes I found in your
What were you doing in my room.
Such a dweeb.
Liz walks down the driveway to a waiting car. They drive
Wanna see something?
Come on.
They walk inside the house and hurry up the stairs to the
first bedroom on the right.
I don't think we should be in
here. What if we get caught?
Don't worry. My parents are at
work and Liz is out with her
friends. No one will be home for a
few hours.
They rummage through her drawers and belongings.
                       BOBBY (CONT'D)
Bobby pulls out a Ougi board from under Liz's bed.


What is it?
Witch board.
What's that?
Bobby opens up the box and takes out the board.
Talk to ghosts or something. I
spied on my sister and her friends
using it. Wanna try it?
Just place your fingertips on the
plastic thing.
Roy and Bobby place their fingertips on the planchette.
                       BOBBY (CONT'D)
Don't press down on it.
He looks up.
                       BOBBY (CONT'D)
Are there any ghosts here?
No response.
Is anyone here?
He giggles.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Any demons here that wanna scare
Don't ask that.
Why not? It's not real.
I don't know...


Come on. You're the one that
wanted to try it.
Bobby grins, nods.
Are there any demons here?
Come on, show us something? Scare
us if you dare!
Bobby pulls his hands away from the planchette.
That's enough.
Roy pulls his hands away from the planchette.
What's wrong?
I don't know. I don't want to do
this anymore.
The planchette starts moving on its own. Both Roy and Bobby
jump to their feet.
Whoa! How is that happening?
I don't know.
I think it's spelling something.
The planchette moves from letter to letter. It spells -
Abdiel? What's that?
I don't know. I told you we
should have stopped.
The room gets much colder.
                       BOBBY (CONT'D)
I feel cold.


I can see my breath.
Let's get out of here.
The planchette fly's off the board. The bed starts shaking.
They scream and run out of the room toward the stairs. An
invisible force grabs Bobby and pulls him to the ground.
                       BOBBY (CONT'D)
Help me. It's got me Roy.
It drags him to the bedroom. The door slams shut.
Bobby! Bobby!
There's no reply - just sounds of crashing and bashing, then

a faint scream fading away.
Roy very hesitantly walks back to the bedroom. He opens the
door, peeks in the room and does not see Bobby.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Bobby. Are you here?
He nervously scans the room - calling out for Bobby in a
frightened stuttering voice. He turns to the closet,
hesitates and slowly opens the door.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Bobby. It's not funny anymore.
Behind Roy, Bobby rises from the other side of the bed. His
body is stiff. He turns his head toward Roy.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Bobby. Come on. I'm going home.
Roy steps back, turns and sees Bobby. Bobby's face is
demonic. Roy screams and runs out the room. Bobby chases Roy
down the stairs. Roy continues to scream and runs toward the
kitchen. He notices the open basement door and continues
down the stairs. He grabs something metal, holds onto it and
ducks underneath a table. He can see Bobby coming down the
Come on Roy. I wanna play some


Bobby walks past Roy. Bobby continues calling out to Roy.
Then silence. Bobby bends down and looks at Roy.
                       DEMON (CONT'D)
Hi Roy.
Roy screams.
My GOD! It was me. I brought it
You were just a kid. But you have
the power to send it back.
They hear faint yelling.
Stan calls Roy on the radio.
                       STANLEY (O.S.)
Roy. Tom was attacked.
Is he okay?
                       STANLEY (O.S.)
He's very shaken. We're all a
little shaken.
We'll be right down.
Tom sits in a chair, head bent forward and hands wrapped
around his head. Stan and Craig pace around base.
Where the heck did that old lady
come from?
Roy and Karen walk in.
What old lady?


An old lady appeared from
know-where and saved Tom.
She was the same old lady that
came to the door on our first
You've seen her before?
Just briefly. She was at the front
door and then she was gone.
Roy walks over to Tom and places his hand on Tom's shoulder.
How ya doin Tom?
I wanna get out of here!
What the hell are we gonna do? How
do we get rid of it?
We're going to try another Spirit
Shouldn't we get a priest to
perform an exorcist? Or a
There's not enough time?
It was me. I brought it here.
What do you mean?
As a kid me and a friend used a
Ougi board and summoned the demon.
We were just kids. We had no idea
what we were doing. I brought it
here and I have to get rid of it.


How do we help?
You stay here. Watch the monitors
and stay in radio contact.
What if something goes wrong?
Whatever you do, don't leave base.
Use the temporary lights we
brought to keep base lit.
The demon will call upon his
minions to try and distract us
from sending it back. You'll be
safe so long as you stay in the
His minions? Shit!
Roy looks at the monitor, wipes his brow then looks to
Karen walks around the room holding burning sage and
repeating a protective prayer. Roy creates the spirit circle
with sea salt and sage. Lit candles are placed around the
GOD is our refuge and strength.
For GOD is the king of all the
earth. Forsake me not, O Lord: O
my GOD, be not far from me.
Karen completes her prayer and leaves the sage burning in
the corner of the room.
                       KAREN (CONT'D)
You say it too.
Are you sure this will work?
It's our only choice right now.


GOD is our refuge and strength.
For GOD is the king of all the
earth. Forsake me not, O Lord: O
my GOD, be not far from me.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Why not the bedroom like we did
That's where the portal was
opened, so he's strongest their.
Roy stands in the center of the circle.
I'm ready.
Listen to me Roy. Do not leave the
circle. Even if the demon is in
the room but does not enter the
circle, you must stay in the
circle until you cast him back and
close the portal. Understand?
He will do everything in his power
to get you to come out of the
Roy sits in the circle with his legs crossed and arms
resting on his legs with palms face up.
The team sit around the monitors watching Roy and Karen.
I don't feel safe. Even with the
lights on.
With what you've been through, I
can't say I blame you.
We'll be fine?


He was into some fucked up stuff
as a kid.
What the hell was he doing,
conjuring up a demon?
Stan stands up.
Hey, I know you've been through
allot. We've all been through
allot tonight. But we're in this
together. Got it!
Sorry. I can't wait to get the
hell out of here.
We didn't mean anything by it.
It's been a tough night.
Karen sits outside the circle in a meditative state. Roy
sits within the circle calling for the demon to appear.
You wanted me. I'm here now. Show
He hears you.
Then why isn't he showing himself.
He's biding his time.
For what?
                       ROY (CONT'D)
What are you waiting for?
They hear footsteps in the hall.


Stay strong Roy. Control your
fear. And no matter what you see
or hear, do not leave the circle
without getting him in their and
closing the portal. Your safe in
the circle.
I'm ready to send it back to hell.
The door slams open. Then silence.
What do you want here?
Come into the circle Abdiel. I'm
not afraid of you.
Karen convulses and seems to choke.
Karen! Are you alright?
I'm okay. Stay in the circle.
Karen reaches into her pocket and pulls out a cross. She
clenches her fist around it.
Something's going on their.
Craig looks around then stands up and walks toward the
Where you going? You can't leave.
Remember what Roy and Karen said.
Upstairs. I feel like they're
gonna need help.
Stan grabs Craig's arm.


They made it clear that we are to
stay in base. We need to stay
together, remember.
Ya. Besides, it wants Roy,
remember. Not us.
You're an asshole!
Karen sits in an upright position with her eyes closed and
facing in the general direction of Roy.
Joe speaks through Karen.
Roy! It's a trap.
Joe! I'm gonna free you. I won't
leave you behind, not again.
You can't save me.
Roy becomes emotional.
I'm not leaving until I cast him
back to hell and cross you over.
Karen's head slumps forward. She levitates, opens her eyes
to reveal her solid black eyes. The demon speaks through
You should have listened to your
I don't fear you demon.


I smell your fear.
Let her go. It's me that you came
for. Come get me.
I'm going to devour her soul, then
A gust of wind blows out the candles.
Leave her alone. I'm right here.
You need to save her Roy.
Karen is violently thrown across the room. She reaches up
with her hand in a stopping motion.
Stay in the circle. He wants you
to come out.
I can't just leave you by
You have too.
Stan! Something's wrong.
What is it?
I'm not sure. Karen is lying on
the floor.
Stan calls Karen on the radio.
Karen! Karen can you here me?
No response.


He's going to come after us.
Tom gets up and grabs a flashlight.
Calm down. We'll be fine.
Stan turns to Craig and has a concerned look.
Tom, sit down.
I need to leave. I can't take it
Stan approaches Tom.
Look. I know your scared. So am I.
And so is Craig. But the more of
us there are, the stronger we are.
I don't believe that.
Roy! Roy can you hear me?
                       ROY (O.S.)
Do not come up stairs.
Stan, Craig and Tom can hear Karen screaming in pain and a
demonic voice in the background. The radio fades out.
Roy! Roy! Come in! Roy!
What the Christ is going on up
their? We have to do something!
We can't leave. As long as we stay
in base with these lights on,
we're safe.
They're gonna get hurt. We gotta
do something.


Let's say the Lords prayer
Is that gonna help?
It's not going to hurt.
Karen is levitated against a wall. She is grabbing at her
throat as if to pull something off of her. Roy is very
animated within the circle - baiting the demon to enter.
Let her go!
Roy takes a bottle of holy water and sprays it at Karen. She
reacts in pain. He does it again and again. Karen has a
painful reaction each time.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
In the name of Christ, I command
you to leave her.
Karen drops to the floor. She screams and looks at her hand.
The Cross she was holding has burned into her palm.
Come Roy. Save your friend. Before
I devour her soul.
Karen tenses and shakes. She looks up and yells.
In the name of Jesus, leave this
Karen collapses to the floor.
Karen. Is he gone?
Karen lays on the floor but looks over to Roy.
He used my energy. He's stronger.
He's coming for you, Roy.


I'm getting you out out of here.
He'll never let me leave. You have
to send him back. He's coming.
Don't let him get you out of the
Karen is thrust up into the ceiling and falls heavily onto
the floor.
Get away from her!
Karen again levitates horizontally and is bent over backward
with her hands and feet touching the floor. She turns her
head toward Roy to reveal a demonic face.
I know you want to fuck me Roy.
Karen crawls speedily over to the edge of the circle.
Your brother begs for my mercy
every day.
Fuck you!
The demon laughs. Roy lunges at Karen with an open bottle of
holy water. He grabs onto Karen and pours it all over her
and down her throat. She screams and rolls around the floor
with Roy still holding onto her. Roy is thrown off of Karen.
She stops rolling and lies face down on the floor. Roy
stands away from her.
You shouldn't have come out of the
Are you okay?
Get back in the circle. Hurry!
I'm getting you out of here.
Roy bends down and picks Karen up.


Roy carries Karen, looks down to the floor and notices the
sage and sea salt are spread all over the room.
You can't stay out of the circle.
I'm taking you down stairs.
Unseen by Roy and Karen, someone stands at the top of the
stairs leading down to the second floor.
                       OLD LADY
He'll not let you leave. Ye must
cast Abdiel back to hell and close
the portal.
Shit! Where the hell did you come
                       OLD LADY
Lay her down.
What? Why? Who are you?
                       OLD LADY
If you wish to save her lay her
Roy lays Karen on the floor. The Old Lady waves her hands
over Karen repeating unheard words. She pulls a bottle of
liquid from her pocket and pours a few drops into Karen's
palm with the Cross burned into it. She clenches Karen's
fist and rubs her fist repeating unheard words.

Next she then pours a drop of the same liquid on Karen's
lips and rubs the liquid around her lips. She grabs the
burning sage that Karen left in the corner of the room and
repeats words in a foreign language while waving the burning
sage over Karen.

Her treatment complete she lays the sage next to Karen,
stands up and takes the same liquid spreading it around the
                       OLD LADY (CONT'D)
He was going to take her, you


Is she gonna be okay?
                       OLD LADY
Listen carefully, if you wish to
save your brother's soul.
How do I know I can trust you?
The Old Lady looks over to Karen. Karen stands up.
How do you feel?
Like I've been in a fight. Only I
have my energy and strength back.
Karen moves closer to Roy.
                       OLD LADY
You opened the door many years ago
and only you can close it. I can
help. Take this.
The Old Lady extends her hand to Roy holding and old
tattered leather bound book.
What's this?
                       OLD LADY
The Grimoire!
I did not think they were real.
                       OLD LADY
Real it is. And dangerous if in
the wrong hands.
Roy reaches out and takes the book from her hands. The Old
Lady moves closer to Roy and Karen.
                       OLD LADY
Use the Grimoire to create a
strong Spirit Circle.
We've tried doing a Spirit circle,
it didn't work.


The Old Lady moves even closer to Roy and Karen. A breeze
blows through the room once again kicking up and swirling
the sea salt, sage and debris on the floor.

With Roy still holding the book the Old Lady reaches out and
places her hands on the book, with her long, skinny and
wrinkled fingers, she opens up the book to the right page.
                       OLD LADY
Ye must follow these directions
precisely, must not waiver from
what is written.
The Old Lady points to the writings in the book. Her voice
becoming louder and more forceful.
                       OLD LADY (Cont'd)
Set up the spirit circle we do not
have long to wait.
The Old Lady hands Karen a piece of chalk. Karen draws a
thick white line over the faint lines of the existing
circle. Roy walks carefully around the circle spreading sea
salt and the sage along the circle outline.
                       OLD LADY (CONT'D)
Now make the door way that will
allow the demon to enter this
circle. The doorway must be facing
Karen walks over to the Northeast part of the circle, looks
back for the Old Lady's approval and begins to brush away
the sage and sea salt.
                       OLD LADY (CONT'D)
Now place the candles around the
circle and light them.
Roy stands up still holding the book in his hand and walks
slowly around the outside of the circle. He closes the book
using his finger as a bookmark and rests it down by his
Are you sure this is all I have to
do...read from this book.
                       OLD LADY
Do exactly as written and as I
say. Enter the circle through the


Roy hesitates at the opening. The Old Lady walks quickly
towards him.
                       OLD LADY (CONT'D)
Do not hesitate, do not question
and do not fear.
Roy walks cautiously through the circle doorway, the book
still at his side. He sits down and crosses his legs placing
the book on his lap.
                       OLD LADY (CONT'D)
No precautions can be taken.
Roy looks up at the Old Lady and then at Karen, his face
filled with confusion and worry.
What do you mean no precautions
can be taken?
                       OLD LADY
Do not ask! Just listen and do!
Now, open the door to the circle
and invite the demon in.
Roy closes his eyes and rests his hands on the open book.
                       OLD LADY (CONT'D)
Once it is in the circle with you
it can not leave without your
permission. But you must be
careful as it will do whatever it
has to to force you to allow it to
Roy nods in understanding.
                       OLD LADY (CPNT'D)
Speak to the demon Roy! Call upon
Abdiel and lure him into the
circle. Challenge him!
Abdiel it was me that brought you
into this world and it is me that
you want.
A harsh cold comes into the room. The cold breaths of Karen,
Roy and the Old Lady can be seen.
                       OLD LADY
He is here!


                       OLD LADY
Quickly, invite it into the
The sound of Heavy FOOTSTEPS can be heard walking up the
attic stairs.
I can feel you are near Abdiel.
A strong wind blows across Roy flapping the pages of the
                       ROY (CONT'D)
You do not scare me anymore.
He's right here. I can feel it!
Roy puts his hands on his head and shakes his head back and
I feel confined.
                       OLD LADY
Abdiel, he is in the circle with
you. Now you must cast him out!
How...what am I supposed to do?
The Old Lady walks closer to the outside of the circle.
                       OLD LADY
Ye must call upon another,
stronger demon to cast out Abdiel.
Use the book, use the Grimoire.
Roy's eyes open - his face flushed. He turns to the Old
Invite a stronger demon? That's
Roy looks to Karen who gives him the okay with a nod.
                       OLD LADY
Ye must call upon a stronger
demon. Invite it into the circle
and allow it to push out Abdiel.


                       OLD LADY (cont'd)
Read from the Grimoire!
How will I cast out the stronger
demon? This doesn't make any
                       OLD LADY
You will read from the book.
                       OLD LADY (CONT'D)
Abdiel is not as strong as it
wants you to believe. You must do
Roy moves his hands away from the open book and looks down
at the words.
                       OLD LADY (CONT'D)
Speak the words Roy!
Demon of the Fire, Remember!
Satan, Spirit of the Fire,
Remember! Satan, Spirit of the
Flames, Remember! O Dark Lord of
Fire, Mighty Son of Lucifer, Most
terrifying among Thy Brothers,
Rise! O lord of the Furnace, Lord
of Destruction, Remember! Rise Up,
O Lord of Fire.
The candles flicker and become brighter the flames higher.
I can't breath to well - I feel
pressure on my chest.
A large swirling wind blows out the candles and flings the
debris around the room. The Old Lady stands still while
Karen fights not to be blown over. LOUD THUNDEROUS noises
are heard, The window SMASHES.
                       OLD LADY
Thy Dark Majesty, devour my
enemies! Rise up, O Lord of Fire,
in Thy Power, and Destroy them!
Consume their powers! Carry them
away! Rise up, O Spirit of Fire,
Thou art Conjured!


                       OLD LADY (CONT'D)
A dark lord is in the circle. You
must use the stronger demon
Malphas to push out Abdiel. Do it
Now! Read!
Rise up Malphas, Great Dark Lord!
King of legions! Rise Up Master of
Hell! For one of your own, Abdiel
your lieutenant thrust upon your
authority their will! For he has
taken reign over you! Singe them!
Burn them!
Roy looks around, fear in his eyes.
                       ROY (cont'd)
It's not working, my chest is
being crushed!
Roy grabs his head and screams out in pain.
                       OLD LADY
Ye must continue!
Roy summons all his energy, forces his eyes back to the
Hear me and Remember! Mighty
Malphas, Whose reign in hell is
beyond the comprehension of man!
Hear me and Remember! The Great
Gates of hell open unto me! Lord
of demons and legions, swing open
Thy Gate! Consume Abdiel and his
minions! Rise Up O Dark Lord! Cast
them back to hell!
The winds suddenly still. Roy's body relaxes.
                       ROY (cont'd)
He's gone.
                       OLD LADY
Continue. Read!
It's gone I know it is.
I don't feel a demonic presence.


The Old Lady screams at Roy.
                       OLD LADY
Read! Read! Only Abdiel has left
this plain. It is not over.
Malphas is much stronger than the
other. Ye must push it back from
whence it came. Now! Before it's
too late.
Roy looks back at the book continues reading.
GOD, Remember! In the Name of the
Covenant sworn between Thee and
the Race of Men, I call to Thee!
Hearken, and Remember! From the
Gates of the Heavens, I call Thee!
From the Four Gates of the Earth,
I pray to Thee! O Lord, Hero of
the Gods, who in heaven and upon
the earth is exalted! Lord Hear me
and Remember! Mighty Father, Whose
thought is beyond the
comprehension of gods and men,
Hear me and Remember! Cast thy
enemy into the Dark Abyss! Strike
him down with your thunderous
bolt! This Lord of Demons has come
to prey on your sons! Let him be
struck down by he who hath power
over eternity! AMEN!
As he finishes there is a profound silence and no more
Where's Joe? Is he safe?
Karen bends her head forward and places her index and middle
finger on either temple.
He's safe Roy! I don't sense a
negative energy around him.
They're gone.
                       OLD LADY
Believe not what you see, but what
you feel. Be keen to your senses.
For they do not lie.


Roy closes the book and places it on the floor next to him.
He turns to the old lady.
Thank you, without you -
She is no longer there.
                       ROY (CONT'D)
Where is she?
I don't know.
Roy let's out a heavy breath. He bends forward and rests his
body on his hands and knees with his head down.
Has he crossed?
Not yet. He's thanking us...He
loves you Roy and will see you
See me soon?
He crossed. It's over Roy..Joe
Karen hugs Roy.
Stan calls Roy and Karen on the radio.
You two alright?
                       ROY (O.S.)
We're okay. A little battered and
bruised, but okay.
It's been a long night. Let's
wrap up. You and Karen take down
the camer's up their. We'll break
down base camp.
Will do.


What's he doing?
Eoy! Look, what is he doing?
Craig, Stan and Tom look to the monitor. Roy is in a sitting
position within the circle. He looks to the camera and is
thrust straight up and out of view of the camera. Karen
let's out a LOUD SCREAM and the monitor's go black.
                       STANLEY (On Radio)
Karen! Roy, Roy...!


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From AJ Jaffari Date 6/28/2011 **
This script is okay, unless if you don't like paranormal activity films, then this isn't the right script for you.

From lashawn anthony Date 6/24/2011 ***1/2
I think it's great.

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