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Sincerely Pilot Final Draft
by Glenn

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review:

I had to create a TV show for my college class. This is the pilot episode that I came up with. Please let me know what you think. Positive and Negative comments are welcome. Thank You.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Camera shows TOM BELLHORN,17, 6'2" pale white male, blond
hair and blue eyes, throw winning touchdown pass in which
the receiver had to dive to make the catch.
Camera shows the crowd going wild...Zooms in on STEPHANIE
JAMES... and MONICA BELLHORN,17, a 5'9" white female with
brown curly hair and brown eyes.
That was a great throw.
Yeah, that's my twin brother for
you...always the
perfectionist...Got to go
celebrate with him.
OK go enjoy! But remember your not
too far from the perfectionist
Camera shows cheer leading pyramid...COLLEEN SMITH,17, 6'0"
white female with a nice, curvy, muscular body figure, hazel
eyes and brown eyes, crooked nose, standing on top of the
      (To Tom)
Go Tom! You are the best!
Monica and Tom are zoomed in on amidst the excitement
You did it Tom. You are a
Tom half-smiles and then takes helmet off and looks down
towards field.


Yeah...but should have hit him in
the numbers.Mom and Dad would have
been happier. They would have
known that I gave 100 percent.
You have to stop being so hard on
yourself. Mom is so proud of you,
she was looking down...We are
lucky Colleen's mom Debbie took us
As the excitement continues around them, the camera zooms in
on Tom and Monica and the audience can see the sadness on
their faces. They embrace each other as tears fill their
They all arrive home and Debbie tries to congratulate Tom.
She goes into kitchen to open bottle of champagne that was
in cabinet.
Great job Tom. You played great
Tom does not acknowledge the compliment and instead runs to
his room. Debbie turns to Monica.
He is not right. What is wrong
with him? Is he thinking about
your parents?
      (Choked up- Teary
He is thinking of Mom. Tonight was
tough on him.
I know it is tough. Everything is
going to be OK.


Debbie puts her arm around Monica and smiles while looking
down at her. Colleen comes into room.
What is wrong with Tom? He seems
Leave Tom alone. He does not need
you to be bothering him right now.
He is going through a rough time.
Camera pans Tom's room and shows sports posters of all kinds
hanging on the wall. A shelf is on one wall that holds all
of Tom's trophies.
Camera shows Tom looking at himself in mirror with angry
expression on his face.
      (To himself)
Come on Tom! You need to make your
parents proud. Make a better pass
next time.
Tom takes out bottle and is seen taking some pills. Monica
rushes into his room--Tom quickly gets rid of bottle by
throwing it under his bed.
What is wrong Tom? You OK?
Just thinking about game and our
parents...They would be prouder of
me if I made better throw.
Stop being crazy. Mom and Dad
would be and are proud of you.
Just because they had the car
accident and aren't here
physically does not mean they
aren't here spirtually.


The fact is they are not here!
Leave me alone right now.
Tom gets up and opens the door--as to signal to Monica that
she should leave...Monica slowly makes her way to the door.
OK I understand. I am here if you
need me.
Monica goes into her room and writes in her diary that she
is worried about Tom and depressed about parents but she has
to be strong for Tom. Camera zooms in on her pen when she
writes at least excited for Dartmouth seminar at school
As Monica puts diary away in her desk drawer, Camera shows
document that reads "APPLICATION FOR DARTMOUTH."
Monica is getting ready for school when she gets call from
best friend Stephanie.
Monica's room

Camera shows photos hanging on the walls that have made a
positive difference in the world. Hanging on one of the
walls is a bookcase with books.
Good morning. How are you?
I'm good. Whats up? What you doing
Figured I would give you a ride to
school today so we can go to the
Dartmouth seminar.
Sounds like great idea. I will be
ready in 30. see-ya then.


Monica continues to get ready for school.
Tom's room

Camera shows Tom sitting at his desk with papers scattered
all around him. Camera shows Tom drawing X's and O's of
football. He violently starts scribbling with his pencil.
These plays have to be better! I
have to get better!
Tom swipes all the papers off his desk and they scatter all
over his room. Monica hears all of the commotion going on
and goes to express her concern to Debbie.

Debbie is in the kitchen sitting at the table eating
breakfast. Monica comes into the kitchen.
Good morning Monica. How are you
this morning?
Im pretty good...excited for the
Dartmouth seminar.
O yeah that's right you have that
today. Do you ---
I have a ride so do not worry. I
am worried about Tom though. He is
taking the loss of our parents
REALLY hard. He was flipping out
this morning.
Well the good news is Bob is
coming home today. Maybe he can
bond with him and get away from
the stress for a while.
That's a good idea. OK well
Stephanie will be here in 2. Going
to wait outside. Have a great day!


Thanks I will. Good luck with your
seminar. See you later tonight.
Bob, 6'2" hefty white male, is shown in his car driving home
when he receives a phone call.
Hi. Is this Bob Smith, the legal
guardian of our former patients
Tom and Monica Bellhorn?
This is him. Who is speaking?
This is Dr. Reen of Maryland
Children's Hospital. I know you
have not been with us in a while
but you are going to need to come
What do you mean I have to come
back? I do not want to relive the
nightmares that I have had...
Well you were the primary doctor
that looked after them while they
were here and we were looking over
their medical records and we found
that one of them is in danger. We
need you at the hospital right
You can not tell them that I was
their doctor. It will raise major
issues. I will be right over.
Bob hangs up the phone and slams his fist on the dashboard
in frustration. The camera shows the nervousness and
frustration in his eyes.
End of Act One


Act Two
Stephanie and Monica are driving to school. They are in
Stephanie's 1999 Kia Spectra.
So you exxcited for Dartmouth?
Of course. I have worked very hard
and waited a long time for this
Yeah, your not 3rd in class for
As they get closer to school, Monica starts to breath harder
and faster.
Hey girl, calm down. You are going
to be fine. Deep breaths.
Monica takes a couple deep breaths.
I'm worried that I won't be good
enough. Like maybe I could have
something better to prepare for
You have all your school records,
your transcript and all. Just go
in there with a smile on your face
and be yourself. Whatever happens
I am here for you.
Stephanie pulls into school parking lot. A sign that reads
"Dartmouth Seminar Today" is shown. Monica takes one last
deep breath.
Yeah your right. I can do this.
Monica grabs her paperwork and they go into school.


Bob arrives home from a business meeting after he receives
the phone call. Before he goes inside he tries to gather
himself so it does not seem like he is rattled by something.
Bob enters the front door to see Debbie in the living room
getting her briefcase case ready for work. They share a
quick kiss.
The living room is neat and organized. There is a couch
aligned with a love set. A coffee table is in the middle of
the room. A television sits in the corner.
Hey hunny. Glad that your home.
Sorry that I seem rushed but the
interns start today.
Oh, big day then. You going in
Yeah, and I do not have time to
give Tom a ride. Can you give him
a ride?
Footsteps are heard coming down the steps.
He has been upset lately and I
think male bonding would do him
Sure, I can give him a ride.
Tom enters the living room.
Hey Tom. Good Morning. (To Bob) He
led his team to the state
championship last night.
That is great Tom You---


Stop talking about the damn game!
I could have played much better.
Bob walks over to Tom and puts his hand on his shoulder to
try and calm him down.
You did your best kid. That is all
anyone can ask for.
Shut up. You act like you know me.
You are not even around here half
the time. Just take me to school.
Tom grabs his book bag and storms out the front door. He
slams the door behind him.
Just take him to school. Don't try
and talk to him. He needs some
space. I am going to call the
psychologist to set-up an
appointment tonight. He has helped
them deal with their parents death
and Tom really should.
OK. Yeah he probably does need
some space.
Bob goes into the kitchen, grabs a cup of coffee and makes
his way out to the car. Debbie goes into the kitchen and
grabs the phone to call the psychologist.
Hello....I'd like to set up an
appointment for Tom Bellhorn to
see his psychologist Steve.
Steve can see him today. What
seems to be the problem?
He just seems to have some anger
problems. The death of his parents
is hitting hard and I think seeing
Steve would do him good.


OK. I set up the appointment for
tonight at six.
OK. Thanks, have a good day.
Debbie hangs up the phone and heads out the front door to
drive to work.
Monica and Stephanie are at the Dartmouth seminar talking to
different representatives. Monica is looking to show her
intelligence. She walks up to one representative sitting at
a table.
Hello. My name is Monica Bellhorn.
I am currently filling out
applications for college and
Dartmouth is one of my top
Well we are happy that we are
appeal to you. Do you have any
Actually, I have read a lot of
books about Dartmouth.
Oh, so you know a lot about us
Camera switches to Tom walking the halls of the school.
Classmates are around him giving him compliments and
                       CLASSMATE 1
Good job yesterday! You played
                       CLASSMATE 2
You should play baseball again
this year. You would lead them to
state championship as well.
Classmates are swarming around Tom. Colleen tries to impress
him by acting like she knows sports.


I love watching you play Tom. I
learn so much by watching you
play. I know all the positions in
football now.
I need to get out of here.
Tom is becoming overwhelmed with emotion. He does not know
what to do. He runs into the bathroom and goes into a stall.
      (To Himself)
Imagine if you did lead the
baseball team to the ship as well?
The scholarship to Michigan would
be yours.
Tom peeks under the stall to make sure no one else is in the
bathroom. He takes his bottle of pills out of his bag and
takes a couple. He puts the bottle back in his bag and gets
ready to go to class.
      (To Himself)
Not to mention, you would get away
from Tom and Debbie as well. That
may be even more important than
the full ride to Michigan.
Tom gathers his things and heads off to class.
Camera shows Stephanie and Monica at the Dartmouth seminar.
Monica is still talking to Dartmouth representatives.
Here is my transcript.
The representative looks it over. She smiles and seems very
These marks are great. You must be
ranked high in your class. You
could be eligible for some
academic awards.
Well that is music to my ears. I
will look into that.


Go to our website and click on the
academic awards tap and follow the
Monica seems very pleased and is about to get up from the
Before you leave I just wanted to
inform you of a requirement for
all in coming freshmen. We require
that freshmen write an entrance
essay about a moment that has
changed thier life.
Monica no longer seems pleased. She starts to breath heavy
What if your not good at writing
about those sorts of things?
We have a center of professionals
whose job it is to help freshman
express thier feelings.
Monica starts to shake.
It will be OK. Just breath, we
will work on it together.
      (Shaky voice)
I don't mean to be rude but I need
to get air. Thanks for your time.
Camera shows Monica get up, body shaking as she goes outside
with Stephanie.
End of Act Two.
Act Three
Stephanie and Monica are on the way home after the Dartmouth


Monica is still tense and nervous. Her body is still shaking
and she is still breathing pretty heavy.
How am I going to do that essay?
How am I? I can't do that. I can't
express my feelings about my
parents like that. I have tried to
be strong for Tom but I do not
have the self confidence in myself
to talk about my feelings like
Monica takes a deep breath
When my parents were around they
instilled confidence in me. I know
Debbie is trying, but it is just
not the same.
Stephanie pulls the car over and tries to settle
Monica down. She puts her arm around Monica.
We will work on it together. We
will talk about what you are going
to write about before you write
it. We are in this together.
Monica smiles and nods her head in agreement. They embrace.
Stephanie starts the car up and they continue home.
Tom is shown outside the office of the baseball coach Rob.
Rob's nameplate is hanging on his door. Tom knocks on the
door and Rob tells him to come in.
Rob is surprised to see Tom.
                       COACH ROB
Oh, hey Tom. Didn't expect to see
you so soon after your heroics.
Tom shrugs shoulders
Thanks Coach but I am all about
baseball now. Football season is


                       COACH ROB
I like that dedication. What can I
do for you?
I have already started practicing
for this season, but I was
wondering if you had any
suggestions for me?
                       COACH ROB
Practice makes perfect. I also
have this strategy book on
defensive positions on the
diamond. Take it home with you and
study it. You will also need a
physical so you can try and get
that out of the way.
I can get that done tonight. No
problem...I don't have any plans.
Debbie walks in the door and the phone rings. Bob is on the
other end.
Hey hun. I am not going to be home
until late tonight. Got called out
to a business meeting.
Again? I wish you could be around
more. Anyway, I will put dinner in
the fridge for you. Bye.
I wish I could be home more. You
know that hunny.
O really? I know that? No...I do
not. Otherwise you would be here.
Your dinner will be in the fridge.
Do not bother waking me when you
get home. Bye.
Debbie hangs up the phone. She stands there for a moment and
her eyes water up. She wipes away the tears quickly because
she hears car pull into driveway.


Monica swings open the front door and bursts into the house
What's wrong Monica? What
Monica runs over to Debbie. They embrace as the conversation
I REALLY want to go to Dartmouth,
but I don't know if I can. I can't
express my feelings like that.
Express your feelings like what?
Everything was going well and then
the representative said that I
have to write an entrance essay
about s life changing moment in my
OK. We can get through that. We
can start with small steps. We
will work on it together. Calm
down, it will be fine.
Monica takes some deep breaths and goes over to the sink to
get a glass of water.
I don't want this to stop me from
filling a dream of mine.
And together we won't let that
Stephanie told me that too. I'm
just worried.
See? We all have your back.
Debbie goes over to the phone to call Tom.
Who you calling?


I am calling Tom to let him know
about your psychologist Steve. He
has an appointment tonight. He
lashed out at Bob when he came
home this morning. You should
Yeah I am worried about him. It
will talk my mind off of
Dartmouth.It may help me to talk
to Steve aswell.
Tom is still talking to the baseball coach when his cell
phone goes off.
Excuse me coach, I have to take
Tom sees that it is Debbie calling him and he steps out into
the hallway.
What do you want?
I wanted to tell you that you have
an appointment with your
psychologist, Steve, tonight.
Why was that set up for me? I told
the baseball coach I would get my
physical done tonight.
We are all worried about you. Your
behavior has been crazy lately.
Let's make a deal. You go to Steve
tonight, and I will drive you to
doctors office afterward to see if
we can get a walk-in appointment.
There is nothing wrong with me but
I will go to prove to you that
nothing is wrong. Then I want my
physical done.


OK. Thank you. Get a ride home
with Colleen after she is done
cheer-leading practice.
Ok. Bye.
Tom hangs up the phone while muttering under his breath. He
walks back into the coaches office.
I gotta head out coach but I will
not let you down. I will be
                       COACH ROB
Ok sounds good Tom. You don't need
to be perfect but---
Yes I do and I will be. Talk to
you later.
Tom leaves the coach's office and sits waiting for Colleen.
As he is waiting he is studying the book Coach Rob gave to
him.He spots Colleen after she is done cheer-leading.
Hey, I have to get a ride home
with you.
Colleen does not ask why and smiles ear to ear.
That sounds like fun. Let me say
good-bye to coach and we will head
on home.
They are driving home when Colleen starts to put make-up on.
Why are you putting that on? You
just got finished practice.
I always want to look my best.


Tom shakes his head at her and opens up the baseball book he
was studying from earlier. Colleen glances over and sees it
is about baseball.
Studying baseball? I love
What do you know about baseball?
I know there are 10 guys on the
That shows how much you know.
There are nine people.
I was close.
Tom shakes his head in disgust and Colleen turns the car to
the left.
We were supposed to go right
weren't we?
Going left is faster trust me.
Colleen and Tom get stuck in traffic. They arrive home late.
Monica is sitting at home with Debbie when she hears a car
pull into the driveway. She runs outside.
      (To Colleen)
What took you so long?
Colleen shrugs her shoulders.
We got stuck in traffic because
Colleen thought it would be smart
to turn left when we should have
turned right.


      (To Colleen)
Great Job. Tom has an important
appointment tonight. Now we are
Debbie comes outside with car keys in hand.
Calm down guys. Let's go we are
running behind.
Colleen heads inside and Tom and Monica get into the car.
Tom, Monica, and Debbie enter Steve's office. Steve, 6'2",
white skin, with brown eyes and gray hair, is sitting at his
desk when they walk in.
Hello guys, how are you?
I do not even know why I am here.
Debbie told my secetary that your
were having anger...
Do not listen to what Debbie says.
She does not know what she is
talking about.
You have been having issues Tom.
You need to talk about them. I am
going to stay here with you.
Tom rolls his eyes and sits down.
Debbie, can you please step out.
Debbie steps out of the office and sits in the lobby.
So how have you guys been dealing
with the death of your parents? I
haven't talked to you in a while.


Camera switches scenes
Bob is shown sitting at his desk. He pulls a folder from a
file cabniet. The camera zooms in and it says "TOP SECRET
M+T." Bob picks up his desk phone and dials a number. The
phone call goes to voicemail.
Hey...This is Bob. Listen I got a
phone call earlier today saying
they needed me at the hospital.
Whatever you do, keep your mouth
closed about the M + T
Bob hangs up the phone and starts pacing around the room.
Monica and Tom continue thier converstation with Steve.
We have been doing fine---
No we haven't. I have been extra
stressed and depressed and your
behavior has been crazy.
I think you are in denial Tom. You
Don't tell me I am in denial!
There is nothing wrong with me. I
have been doing fine.
You know, maybe you can look at
some memories together that you
have stored away of your parents.
      (to Tom)
That is a very good idea. We have
belongings in the attic. It really
could help us don't you think?


I don't know. But what I do know
is that I do not need advice from
a guy who gets paid to make up
advice to make others feel better.
Tom storms out off the office.
I think he should go see a doctor.
He may have bigger health
We are headed there after
here...so...I guess we are done?
Yeah, it is for the best. We will
set up another appointment down
the road.
OK. Sorry about my brother.
Monica exits the office. Debbie, Monica, and Tom get in the
car and head to the doctor's office
Debbie, Monica, and Tom arrive at the doctor's office. They
get called into the testing room right away. Debbie tries to
start conversation while waiting for doctor.
Are you going to play baseball
this year Tom?
Yeah, I was in his office when you
called me earlier.
O OK. Well the team should be good
this year right?
Since when did you care---
Doctor Kraft, a 5'7" middle aged white male, wearing a lab
coat, enters the room.


                       DOCTOR KRAFT
Hello Tom. I see you are here for
a physical. Trying out for a
sports team?
Yeah, baseball. I am going to be
the best player on the team.
                       DOCTOR KRAFT
Well that is great to have that
sort of confidence in your
ability. We just need to run a few
Do what you got to do to get me on
the field.
Doctor performs the different blood tests.
                       DOCTOR KRAFT
Even though you are physically
fit, we will not know if you
passed the physical until we have
your blood test results. We will
call you.
Thanks. We apperciate your help.
As Doctor Kraft is leaving his phone rings. Monica and Tom
continue out the room and leave the office with Debbie.
                       DOCTOR KRAFT
Hello? Who is this?
This is Bob Smith. I used to work
at Maryland's Children Hospital.
We need you down here because we
discovered that patients that you
see are in danger.
                       DOCTOR KRAFT
OK. I will be right down.
Doctor Kraft quickly gets in his car and heads down to the
End of Act Three


Debbie tries to do her best to settle the hostility between
herself and Tom.
Listen Tom, I understand what you
are going through. I am not taking
anything that you say personally.
I know it is tough.
Tom is surprised by what he is hearing, but it makes him
realize that Debbie cares.
Thank you. I respect that.
Debbie, Tom, and Monica arrive home. Debbie is in kitchen
making a plate of dinner for Bob when Tom walks in.
I wanted to say I'm sorry for the
way I acted earlier today.
That is OK. I know it has been
rough. I am here for you.
Tom smiles and nods his head in content. He then makes his
way to his room. Monica enters.
It is good to see Tom is opening
up a bit. I am going to try and
convince him to look at some of
our parents stuff in the attic.
I think that is a very good idea.
May be what you guys need.
Monica starts to tear up.
Ya know, I always told my parents
that I wanted to get in a good
school. Dartmouth would be
awesome, but expressing my
feelings is hard for me.


Debbie puts her arm around Monica to try and comfort her.
I was thinking, we can slowly put
your feelings in the blog. You do
not need to let everything out at
once. Slowly but surely.
That is a good idea. Going to go
write in my diary.
Monica makes her way to her room. Debbie goes into the
living room to watch TV.
Monica is about to write in her diary when she receives a
phone call from Stephanie.
Hey...How are you?
Hey girl! What's wrong?
I'm stressing about...
your stressing about having to
write your feelings aren't you?
Stop worrying about that. I told
you that I will help you.
I know I know...Debbie also gave
me some advice on how to talk
about my feelings.
Listen, I have some good news for
I could use some good news. What's


So get this...You know how I work
at the water ice factory? I had to
sit through some boring meetings
and my boss is going over some
statistics that are wayyy over my
head about productivity over the
last month...
Monica closes her diary and lays down on her bed
That does sound pretty boring.
By this time, I am daydreaming
when my boss says Stephanie, you
know what I am talking about
right? You're applying to
Dartmouth aren't you? My wife
works there as a counslor.
You took advantage of that right?
Of course I did. However, I also
told him about you and he said he
would have his wife put in a good
Monica sits up and has a beaming smile on her face
Wow...you are always thinking
about me. Thank you so much!
I am always looking out for you.
I got to go tell Tom. Thank You
will call you later.
Monica hangs up the phone
After receiving the great news from Stephanie, Monica
quickly runs to Tom's room. She knocks on the door.


Tom! Open up, I have something to
tell you.
Tom puts away the baseball book that he was studying and
opens the door.
What's up sis?
Stephanie knows someone at her job
that is going to put in a good
word for me.
Monica is extremely excited and she embraces Tom.
That is awesome news. I have good
news too.
Tom grabs the book that Coach Rob gave to him.
The baseball coach gave me this
book that will help make me a
better baseball player.
Well that should help you a lot. I
think it would be great to go up
into the attic and remember the
memories of our parents for a
little bit.
Tom is hesitant, but then he answers.
I have been missing mom and dad a
lot lately. That is why my
behavior has been up and down.
Come on. We can do it together.
Tom nods his head in agreement and they walk to the attic.


Bob is waiting for Doctor Kraft in the hospital lounge. A TV
is in the corner of the room and two vending machines are
aligned close together. Bob is putting money in the vending
machine hen Doctor Kraft walks in.
Come with me to look at the
medical charts of Monica and Tom
Bob walks into a file room and finds the medical charts.
Doctor Kraft takes the charts and starts to examine them.
As you know they were born
pre-mature but what you do not
know--(Camera switches scenes)
Tom and Monica enter the attic. There are cobwebs all around
the small space. Cardboard boxes labeled "Xmas lights" and
"Xmas Decorations" are seen. Tom pulls a string attached to
a light bulb. In the corner are boxes labeled "Our family
Tom and Monica start to go through the box.
So much stuff in here that I
forgot about.
Monica holds up a "World's Best Mom" Coffee Mug
I remember when I gave this to mom
for christmas. I must have been
like eight years old. She used
this mug every day when she would
have her morning cup of coffee.
I know. Look what I found.
Tom holds up a picture of him in his pee-wee football
jersey. In the picture, Tom is smiling while he is holding a
football. In the picture he has a cut below his left eye.
The picture is labeled "Tom's first cut." Tom slowly moves
his hand up to touch the scar below his left eye. Tears
start to fill his eyes. He tries to quickly wipe them away.


Monica takes out a folder that says "Monica and Tom's first
report card" Monica looks at the grades posted and notices
that she has all A's and Tom has C's.
We never changed did we?
Monica lets out a small laugh
I am the one with all A's and you
are the one with the C's.
Tom laughs and shrugs his shoulders
Mom always said that you were the
one with book smarts.
Tom pulls out a wedding album and carefully goes through the
Wow..look how amazing they look
They look so happy together.
Tears start to fill in Tom and Monica's eyes.
It is OK to cry. Tears of joy and
great memories. (Camera switches
Doctor Kraft and Bob continue to talk.
But what you did not know, and you
can not tell anyone, was that I
did some experimental procedures
on the twins.
Doctor Kraft seems disgusted.
                       DOCTOR KRAFT
And why would you do that?


I had the permission of the
parents. We wanted to try and
prevent the chance of a
disability. We all knew that if we
tried these newer procedures that
there could be repercussions that
could occur later in their lives.
                       DOCTOR KRAFT
Why would parents let thier
children be lab rats?
I remember them telling me
something along the lines of how
fearful they were of thier
childern having a disability. They
were willing to try anything to
take that threat away.
                       DOCTOR KRAFT
Even if it meant serious harm down
the road?
They were stuck in the moment.
They were just thinking about how
the twins would be "different" if
they were disabled.
                       DOCTOR KRAFT
Well they are 17 now. Does that
mean these reprecussions could
occur sooner rather than later?
Bob sighs heavily and silently nods his head yes.
Upon doing farther
research...(Cuts to next scene)
Tom and Monica continue to look through the memories of
thier parents. Monica finds a framed picture labeled "our
two little angles." The picture is of Tom and Monica sharing
an ice cream cone at young age. Tom and Monica can't help
but burst into tears while looking at the memory. They
embrace each other as they continue to cry.


This is all I can look at today. I
need a break.
Monica nods her head in agreement as she wipes away tears
from her eyes. They carefully put the items back in the box.
As they finish up and close the box, Tom notices a piece of
paper on the ground.
Was that paper in the box?
Tom goes to pick up the paper. Monica follows closely
behind. (Camera switches scenes)
Doctor Kraft and Bob continue to talk
We learned that the experiments
are going to cause harm...
Bob pauses for a second
And even sudden death...The
drawback is we can not pin point
which experiment it was or which
child is going to be
effected....or whether both of
them will be effected.
(Camera switches scenes)
Tom opens the letter. The camera zooms in so the audience
has the view of Tom and Monica. Tom begins to read the
To the parents of Tom and Monica
Bellhorn: The procedures that we
performed on your twins to try and
prevent a disability--even if
successful--- are not fully
tested. As a result, The
procedures will
potentially-depending on future
tests- cause harm and sudden
death. Below are your signatures


                       TOM (cont'd)
to verify that you understand the
potential danger of the
procedures. Sincerely, Maryland
Childrens Hospital.
Tom and Monica see the signatures. Tom drops the letter and
they stare at each other in disbelief...speechless.


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