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by Dylan

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***1/2
This is my Fan Fiction version of what I imagine Scream 5 to be! Kirby is still struggling with her troubled past. When she tries to escape all of the traumatic memories of the past by going on A Spring Break vacation, her nightmare of the past haunts her and her friends again!

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Allie walks over to it. It says "Sorry you couldn't come
along! Don't worry! We can go to the beach over the summer!
Have a great time with your family over the break! Tell the
fam. that Kirby said heyyy!!"
Allie laughs and sighs. She picks up her phone and replies.
When she is done she seems sorta sad and bummed out.
I wish I could go! Stupid college
Her cell phone begins to ring. She takes a look at her phone
and the Caller ID shows that the caller is a restricted
caller. She answers with curiousity.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Who is this?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
I don't know?
Who are you trying to reach?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Is this Allison?
      (Rolls eyes)
It Allie, dumbass!
Allie lets out a quick chuckle.


                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Why so rude?
Because this is my retarded
boyfriend trying to play a 'Stab'
prank on me! And I was just
joking! Lighten up, Tyler!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Who said this is Tyler?
      (Playing along)
Then who is this?!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Look in the parking lot and find
Excuse Me?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Do it!
Allie jogs over to the window and slowly pushes the curtain
to the side, scanning through the lot of cars.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Can you see me?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Allie squints her eyes a she pears out into the parking lot.
All of a sudden, a rock comes straight through the window,
scaring Allie.


                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
      (Laughs in a dark
Did you see that?
Who the hell is this?
The phone line is completely silent.
Okay asshole! Fun's over! Im
calling security!!!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
But I haven't even got to the fun
part yet!
What 'fun' part?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Ripping you open end to end and
filleting you like a fuckin' fish!
She begins to cry and run quickly to the door. She reaches
the door and turns the handle.
She sees a masked figure with a long flowing black robe with
fringes hanging down of its sleeves. Its Ghostface!

Ghostface raises his blade and Allie dodges it, taking a
picture from the hallway's wall and smashing the glass from
the frame over ghostface's head and throwing a flower pot
that stands beneath it on a table! Allie runs quickly now
reaching the elevator!
She is pressing the down button as the light slowly moves
across the buttons reading the floor levels. Ghostface
begins to walk towards her and his run gradually gets faster
and faster into a sprint! The elevator dings and catches
Allies eyes for a quick glance before cautiously returning
them to Ghostface.


The door opens and she repetitively clicks the close button
and ghostface comes into sight from inside the elevator
before it closes into safety.
Allie accidentally presses the '2' button instead of '1'
Allie, who is now shaking and crying and heavily breathing
with a scared look on her face, is interrupted from her
silent security from her ringtone. She answers.
Tyler! What the fuck are you
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
What makes you so sure this is
Stop it, Tyler, God dammit!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Poor Allie. It's a shame Kirby has
to loose yet another friend!
What are you talking about!? Which
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Leave me alone!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Are you scared? Because this is
just the beginning!
...the beginning of my Spring
Break and your ruining it!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Sorry. I just wanted to have fun,
just like every college student!


Well this isn't fun!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
It isn't supposed to be! Not on
your part, anyway...
Look! I just wanna go home!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Well you gotta chance to escape
and win our little game of 'Cat
and Mouse"! Can you do it?
What do you mean, escape? This
isn't a horror movie! It's life-
and its time you take it more
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Realisitic? Don't you think
killing you is very realistic!?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Watch the language! This is a
PG-13 slasher-- Your death won't
be as brutal as it would be in an
You're full of shit!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
You just made it rated R!-- That
means more blood and violence on
your part, Girly!
Im done with this bullshit! Im
checking out of the dormitory!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
      (very sure tone of
I'll make sure you DO!


Allie hangs up.

A text message from the Killer comes on Allies phone.

It reads: "You shouldn't have hung up on me. Actions have
The elevator dings once more. The elevator opens on the
second floor. Allie, who is timid to go out of the elevator,
slowly makes her way out of the elevator.
As she prepares to dash out quickly, fear races through her
and her face truly shows it.
She runs out!...but no one is there.

The emergency staircase, which is to the left of her, is her
only option that makes her feel safe. She takes it.
Slowly turning the handle that opens the stairway's door, it
finally is turned and it opens. The stairs are right in
front of her. In between the small space between the stairs,
we see water leaking from the roof. The eerie noise of
hearing the echoing drips of the water is all she can hear
in the silence. The door closes behind her, revealing
ghostface who stabs her in the shoulder.
Allie, who is now scared, is pushed down the first flight of
stairs. She looks up at ghostface who is now wiping the
blade of his knife.
Allie runs down the last flight of stairs, holding her open
wound on her shoulder. She rapidly reaches the door as
Ghostface slowly sneaks down the stairway, only footsteps
behind her.
The stairway door opens to reveal the hallway filled with
half drywall-covered wooden boards where doors should be.


And the array of the construction site makes it seem like a
maze. Tarp covers some walls, temporarily, and the light of
the main doors leading to the parking lot lurks at the end
of the hall.

Allie quickly makes her way down the hall, quickly leaping
into the construction of the 1st floor dorms to hide from
the pursuing ghostface. She stays tight to the wall, going
from dorm to dorm, crawling through tarp and through holes
in the wall.

Finally, she trips over something {a saw of some sort} and
crawls under a table, as Ghostface appears from the corner.
She holds her breath, and through the tarp, a shadow of
shoes walks by. Its dead silent. She has come so far and she
sees the Lobby doors are just a few feet away. Her phone
begins to ring, breaking the silence and making her give a
short scream. In her attempt to silent it, she knows
ghostface has heard her. She crawls out from the table, and
is greeted by ghostface who has cleverly hid atop of the
table and jumps down, stabbing the knife through her back!
AHHHHHHH! Get the hell off-
Allie has barely anytime to finish her sentence as Ghostface
stabs her through the neck, silencing her. Her eyes still
watching in horror. Ghostfaces grabs a saw and saws her
stomach. Allie lets out one last scream!
The Security manager who sits in the office in the Lobby is
awakened and jumps.
He runs to the source of the Scream, finding Allie strung up
from the neck with a electric cord and hanging from a
scaffold. Blood drips from her body and blood is smeared all
over the wall.

Her Phone lays on the floor. It begins to ring. He goes to
pick it up. Very frightened.
                       SECUITY MANAGER
Ghostface pops up behind him and stabs him, making the man's
legs collapse and he falls to the ground.


                       SECUITY MANAGER
Ghostface races his knife and shakes his head to signify
that there is no help to call for. Ghostface goes for
another stab. The man kicks him away. He attempts to crawl
away as we hear a fan start. It a big fan made of Metal! It
is going very fast!

Ghostface drags the man over to fan.
                       SECUITY MANAGER
Ghostface throws his upper body in fan!

CUT TO: Opening Credits

It's hard, you know.
I know. That's why I'm here for
you, Kirby.
Well its so unreal that this all
happened over a year ago.
I know.
The nightmares, they've been
poppin' up in my dreams lately.
Not so much now rather than a week
Once you're awake, just take a
deep breathe. Remember that its
over and that that nightmare isn't


So, changing topics, I heard
you're going away for Spring
Break. Must be nice, huh?
Definitely. I need a break.
Did you remember to pack your
Yeah, I packed my crazy people
Both Sid and Kirby laugh together.
I know what it's like to be one of
those crazy people.
I know.
But there's something that my
theater teacher taught me in
And what's that?
He told me that I'm a fighter. And
I know you are, too.
But you're stronger.
And that's why I am here. To make
you stronger as well. Think of me
as a mother bird that keeps you
closely under her wing to guide
you. You're like my baby bird.
Well I have to go.
Why so early?


Remember? I'm going away. I told
them to pick me up here, and so
they are.
Have a good time and be safe.
Will do!
Kirby walks out of the living room door and climbs into an
We see 7 college students in a car. Kirby Reed, a blonde who
is tough, yet fun! Lynn Tierre, a brunette who doesn't care
what people think about her and is very spiteful and loves
to party. Chris Ferris, a boy, who is a soft yet strong
person at heart and has a big crush on Kirby, has brown hair
that is very short and has a line-up haircut. Mikey Greene,
a boy who is unpredictable and always loves to have fun.
Lily Summers, a brown haired girl who is very shy and
everybody loves (very innocent). Audrae Jones, a girl who
has long black hair and is the average college girl; ready
to drink and party. Chase Moneer, an outcast yet oddly
likeable. They are all talking, excited about going to the
cabin to stay for a week on Spring Break.
Oh my God! I'm so glad we get a
break from school! I've been
stressed and I'm ready to let
I know right! This college shit is
Can we go see Stab 8 one day? I
mean, I love these movies and I
wanna go see it since I've been to
busy with school and work and
everything else!?
You're such an asshole, Mikey!


What?! I just said I wanted to
Kirby interupts him.
Audrae it's okay-- I need to get
over it. It's been a year now. Its
over with... When we decide to
come into town to go shopping one
day, we can go see it. It'll be
theraputic to all this trauma and
post-dramatic stress shit!
Well you lost a lot of friends
from that...and--and I just-never
mind...I didn't want you to think
about it.
Apparently not all of them WE"RE
my friends...
      (Trying to change
       the subject)
Well... We are almost here. Its
time to party, bitches!
Yeah! Kirby, babe, we are gonna
have one hell of a week! Just you
and us!
I love you.
      (laughs a bit)
I love you ALL! We're almost
here...Chris took me here a year
ago and I remember where we are
now; we're close
Yeh...Here we are...welcome to the
Ferris Family Cabin!
Everyone is taken back by the size of this "cabin" It is
very big and looks more like a big house.


Okay, Chris, what the hell is your
definition of a cabin? This is a
fuckin' mansion! And there's a
guest house to the left of the
      (looking at Kirby)
That's for you and me!
It was supposed to be for me and
Lily, but its cool. Dibs on the
master bedroom!
It's scary out here...but I'll
feel safe with you, Chris.
Hopefully Jason doesn't get us!
Lily...You obviously don't watch
your horror movies. There is a
lake in the Jason movies. And
there isn't a lake here. But there
are woods in his movies, so nice
attempt at trying to make a
comparison but it was a complete
failure. But your effort gets an A
Shut the hell up, you horror
Chris parks the car in the garage and they all get out.
Chris, there's a pool and a hot
tub behind us! I'm SOOO jealous!
The Hot tub and pool can be seen through a small window in
the garage. We see a swimming pool and Hot tub surrounded by
an army of trees. The swimming pool is complete with a
diving board and loungin chairs circling around it! It's
like paradise!


Lets go check out the house, then
we can check out our little
cottage thing, Kirbs!
Everyone grabs their luggage from the SUV. They go through
the door in the garage, which leads into the Kitchen of the
first floor of the House.
This house is beautiful!
Everything seems in order...too
bad its gonna get trashed by
me!--Im so glad I came along with
all you guys!
Everyone go grab a room. I'll show
Kirby amd Chase to the
Kirby and Chase follow Chris out through the front door and
they walk over to the guesthouse.
So is the guesthouse nice?
I think it's nicer.
Sweet! So what are the plans for
I dont know. It'll be fun,
whatever we do.
Chase throws his cigarette wrapper on the ground as they are
Don't throw shit on the ground
like its a freakin' garbage can.
Pick it up!


Jeez! You don't have to kill me
over it. You could've just told me
to pick it up.
Oh boys...please be quiet. Your
unintelligble actions are
interfering with my start to a
great weekend.
When did you pick up a vocabulary
like that, Kirbs?
I had an 'A' in English this
semester, Thank you!
Here you are...The Guesthouse.
The guesthouse is like a loft with a kitchen, with a bar
table and a bedroom on the otherside. You can see the
bathroom door beside the bed. On the other side of the
guesthouse there are tall glass doors to reveal trees and a
beautiful natural scene.
A spiral stairway in the middle of the loft leads to a
second bedroom that sits high above the 1st floor. Windows
surround the second bedroom to let the sight of green trees
and brown branches and flower beds that hang from the
outside of the windows ledges in.
Well I'm going to the house. Come
over when your done unpacking and
Audrae is staring out the window, as Lily is accompanied by
Chris by the poolside.


So, when are we leaving for the
      (Replying from the
       1st floor)
I'm ready now...
Well let me get changed, quick.
Okay. I'll be waiting outside.
The front door is heard cracking closed.
Lynn walks into the room
You've been awful quiet since we
arrived. What's wrong?
Oh, nothing! I've never been out
in the wilderness. I love dogs and
cats; not bears and mountain
lions. And its just all new...
Well since you feel so AFRAID, go
change into your swimming suit and
chill by the pool with Chris and
I need a tan, anyways.
I'm leaving to go explore the
beauty that surrounds us, waiting
for us outside. I need to get away
from my phone.
But your always on it! Isn't it
like a child or something!?


No. I just need to stop seeing the
light of my phone's screen and see
the sun's light.
Couldn't we all?
Some of us. Well I have to go
downstairs and find Mikey. He's
outside awaiting my Royal Wedding
arrival...after all, I am a
After all, you're spoiled from
your dad's money!
You're jealous!
You're in denial!
You're boring!
You're overly presumptuous and
completely conceited...but I love
you anyway.
Seriously I gotta go, see you in
about 3 hours?
Sure thing!
Audrae runs downstairs and out the front door. Lynn sees
Mikey and her walk, holding hands, slowly away from the
house and into the woods on a trail.
Lynn walks into her room. The curtains of the one window
flap in the summer breeze that comes through the window. She
lays on the bed.
Lynn stands from her bed, walking over to the dresser. She
rummages through the middle drawer until she finds her
bathing suit. As she is getting dressed, her door eerily


creaks, She faces it. The door is ajar, unlike how it was
open when she first came into the bedroom.
Her eyes are locked on the door.
Lily is that you?
Convinced that everything is okay, she continues to dress
herself in her swimming attire.
BAAM! The bedroom door slams shut and Lynn turns around
quickly. No one is there.
Not funny! C'mon guys, stop
shittin' around!
Lynn. dressed now, slowly walks over to the door. Step by
step, her pace gradually slows as she is afraid what will
await her on the other side of the door.
She gains the courage to run and open it!
Lynn looks terrified and jumps out of her skin!
      (Now angry)
What the hell are you doing?! I
hate being scared.
I'm forced to scare you shitless
now that you've said that.
Lynn heavily sighs.
So, can I help you?


      (Sighs again)
What do you want!!!
      (Laughs a little)
OHHH! I just wanted to know when
you were coming down to the pool?
How'd you know I was going to the
pool, hmmm, stalker!?
First off, no one says stalker.
Second, I heard you and Audrae
talking. And last, you need a tan.
It's obvious!
I don't need a tan...Your just
Italian and you don't need a tan,
therefore, you are tricked by your
simple comparison between our two
skin tones that I am too white
when you, under thinking this all,
is actually too dark.
Wow...and I'm over thinking!
Lynn and Lily both laugh.
Shall we go to the pool, mad'am?
      (Interlocking arms
       with Lynn)
We shall!
They walk out of sight to the pool.
Kirby is laying on the bed. Chase is outside smoking a
cigarette. Kirby becomes impatient.


CHASE! Get your ass in here. We
are going to the pool.
Chase rolls his eyes and walks in.
Why are you wearing a one piece
bathing suit, babe?
Um... Maybe it's because I nearly
got stabbed to death and I have an
ugly scar that would barely bring
the slightest attraction to you or
anyone else.
I'm sorry, Kirbs. I didn't mean to
bring IT up. I should've though
before I said anything!
Well now I've thought and I'm
thinking we're gonna go over to
the pool, regardless of my awful
looking body.
I said I'm sorry...
I'll get you back. I'll get you
wet before you wanna go into the
They both laugh as they exit the guest house and walk over
to the pool.
                                         CUT TO: POOL
Party's here, guys!
Hey! You came just in time. We're
gonna play beer pong!


It's barely even nighttime!
Yeh, I'm with Lily, I don't feel
like getting smashed right away.
Chase groans...
Sorry, Chase. Your far from being
lucky tonight. I'm a pretty crazy
girl but you know I ain't
sex-crazy. So why bother?
It wouldn't kill you!?
This is why I'm still alive right
now. No way!
Stupid horror movie cliche and
rules and shit!
Wait till your married!
Kirby! That's a no-no in the guys'
rule book!
Fuck the guys' rule book. I follow
my own rules!
Damn Straight!
WOW! Where's Audrae and Mikey?
                                         CUT TO: FORREST


My legs are seriously killing me!
Well, mine aren't!
Let's stop and take a breather so
I don't disappoint you by
abandoning you for all the high
expectations of me "COMPLETING
That's the spirit!
What the hell is this, Camp
Diamond Lake?
Your acting like some nerdy camp
counselor! All creepy and shit!
Uh...it's Camp CRYSTAL Lake and
Jason isn't a counselor.
Well whatever he was, he had
something to do with the word
counsel. I mean he was a psycho
and needed COUNSELING!
I feel bad.
For what?
For Kirby!


She's been through hell and back!
I'm glad that we can try to make
her forget it! It just seems like
she has thoughts about it all the
I know!
This taking her on a vacation
business can't suppress the past.
But at least we are helping.
I love you...
Well your just so thoughtful, that
it amazes me! And you must think
about me all the time, babe!
In your dreams!
I could kill you sometimes, but I
love you for all you got!
Mikey laughs.
I'm sorry, Mikey, but I'm going
back! I can't go another step
...But you can go a million steps
                                         CUT TO: POOL


When are they gonna get back?
We hear footsteps and finally see Mikey with a back pack on
his back, easily exhausted from his long hike.
How was it?
Lily suspiciously scans Mikey.
Where's Audrae?
She said she was comming back?
She's not here!
Well I told her to call me if she
gets lost. She's probably just
wondering around...
I'm going for a dip, who's in?
Chase jumps in the blue water of the pool as Kirby follows.
After Kirby, everyone follows behind her, too... except
C'mon Lynn, don't be a
I'm catching the some since I'm
"not tan enough!"


We watch Kirby and Chase kiss and twirl around in the pool.
Later they start to splash each other. Its just a series of
pool games that take a minutes worth of screen time.
I got a headache...
So, don't be a puss and bail!
Sorry, but I get bad migraines
from the sunlight. I have to take
an hour nap, and then I'll be
ready for some more partying!
Mikey gets out and goes into the house threw the back door.
Lily, I'm going to our room, I
need to get the camera.
Chris slowly climbs out from the pool. He walks inside.
Chris walks into the kitchen, going out, and through the
living room until he gets to the staircase. He walks up it.
Chris walks into the master bedroom, and goes to the
dresser, which on top of it, has the camera. He grabs it.
He begins to walk out the bedroom door, but he hears his
phone ring.
He continues, but then finally decides to go back to his
phone. He answers, reluctantly.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Hey Chris!


uh--Do i know you?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Sure you do.
Well--then, who are you?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
That's no fun. It's boring and
unoriginal. Let's play a game.
Let's play "Guess Who"!
Sorry, I got other games to play!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Play or die! Make your choice.
Okay...I'll play. I GUESS I'm
gonna hang up...
Chris hangs up the phone.
He goes past Mikey and Audrae's room, tucked in the bed to
sleep away his migraine, is Mikey.
He walks down stairs, with his cellphone, and out to the
There's some prank caller calling
me. He blocked his number and
Kirby's eyes grow narrow, processing what he had said.
Are you SURE that its a prank
Chris's phone begins to ring, again.
Chris ignores it, letting the phone ring till it stops.


Whoever it is, they're very
The phone rings again. Kirby swipes it from Chris's hand.
The phone screen is lit up, barely, though, against the sun.
On the screen it says "Incoming Call: Audrae."
      (Answers Phone)
Oh really Audrae. You forgot to
block your number when you called
this time. Nice try though.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Kirby! I remember you, do you
remember me...?
      (Sinisterly laughs)
This is your phone app for
'Stab'...once again, nice try.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
What do you mean, "Nice Try" This
is real!
Is it? Then--Bring your cowardly
ass out here...if you got the
It's silent...no answer.
Exactly. Hurry up 'Drae, we're
getting worried.
Kirby hangs up the phone.
Kirby gives the phone back to Chris. It rings again.
      (Answers Phone)
What the hell do you want?!
Sir? Would you be interested in
buying a property in the Woodsboro
All tensions leaves Chris, as well as the audience. Chris
lets out a laugh, indicating relief.


No, Thank you! Have a nice day.
Chris hangs up the phone.
Audrae had me scared for a minute!
What a bitch!
That had me scared for a minute.
Payback's a bitch! That's what you
get for scaring me earlier.
Wait, you made those calls.
This is why your in all basic
courses in school. Just sayin'!
How can I make calls when I am
right beside you...?
....It's easy...
Never mind. Your stupidity is
      (walks away, to
       continue sun
Kirby stares at Chase who is asleep in one of the lounging
chair lined against the edge of the pool.


I can't believe you fell asleep!
Through aaallllllllllll that!?
Sometimes Lily can't be the only
one to blame for stupidity...
My point, exactly!
                                         CUT TO: NIGHT
Its dark outside and hours have passed and there is no sign
of Audrae. The party had died down, and everyone is inside
the house watching scary movies.
Everyone is sitting around the TV, all on couches and sofas.
Okay, this prank of Audrae's has
gone way passed the limit of fun.
I'm worried.
Chris, do you have an ATV or
Yeh, its parked behind the garage.
I'm going to look for my girl.
Let me get you the key.
He goes into the kitchen, and comes back with a key to the
ATV. Chris hands it to Mikey.
Mikey gets up and goes out of the front door, in the pouring
down rain. He is determined to find Audrae.


We hear the ATV zoom passed.
I'm thirsty for some Soda.
There's some in the SUV.
Why is there only beer in the
Because beer is better. No one
like soda except for you...
...and me!
Lynn walks into the kitchen and into the garage.
You told me you drank a lot in
high school.
I don't drink as heavily. Just 2
or 3.
Well you've changed a lot since
High School.
Hold the events that happened to
me accountable for my dramatic
Lynn opens the car door. She see the soda. She grabs one,
when she hears a noise in the back seat. She closes the
door, scared to look. She waits. She gets brave, opening the
door again, and quickly looking into the back seat to see
Oh my God! Are you okay?!


Audrae has duct tape around her mouth and duct tape around
her wrists, binding them close together as well as her face.
A ray of light from the kitchen peers onto Audrae's face.
She is badly beaten and had blood on her face.
Let me go get the others!
      (she begins to cry)
Audrae waits for a few seconds, sitting upright against the
back seat, in the trunk. It grows dead silent. Nothing is
moving. Until black gloved hands go around her face, pulling
her from the trunk and out under the SUV. Ghostface puts her
on the bottom, holding a knife to her, in case she makes any
noise to save her.
      (from in the
Audrae?! Where are you?
Kirby looks around, she is nowhere to be found. All the
others follow behind, and Kirby seems as if all hope is
She's gone.
The camera, looking through the other side of the SUV and at
the group of people, slowly drops, revealing under the SUV
where we see a close up of Audrae's terror ridden face.
Everybody look outside.
Do it god dammit! I'm gonna look
in the house.
Everybody scatters, some running through outside doors in
the Kitchen, some in the garage, except Kirby. She closes
the garage door and goes into the house.
Its silent, keeping the same position the camera had as
Kirby exited. We hear a distinct stabbing noise.


Ghostface comes out from under the car, and Audrae barely
squeezes her hands through the duct tape. She untapes her
mouth and and feet, then getting up through the opposite
side, holding her stab wound. She tries to run in the house,
but Ghostface comes behind her, pulling back and stabbing
her for a second time. She punches him and he stumbles. She
jumps into the open car door, closing it and pressing the
'LOCK' button. The car is locked.
      (closing her eyes)
She opens them. Ghostface is gone. The phone on the console
begins to ring. Terrified she answers.
Help me, whoever this is!...
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Im at 24 Pine Str--
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
This isn't the person to call for
help. I'm the guy making you call
for help.
Audrae's bloodshot eyes become full like the moon. She is
What do you want?...
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
I wanna play a game...
This isn't 'SAW'. You can't play a
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Sure I can, and I sure as hell
will. Here's the question.


                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
What Horror movie is the guy with
the white mask from?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Too bad your not horror movie
savvy. You loose...
Wait! Wait! WAIT! one more
question please?!!!!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Alright Audrae, time for your
question of redemption.
Oh God!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Where am I at? Under the SUV or
beside your door?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
No way!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
It wasn't multiple choice. There
were other answers.
That was a trick question!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Jokes on you, dumb bitch!
Audrae peers out through her window. No one is there. Terror
overcomes her.
Two hands punch through the sun roof, wrapping a rope around
her neck! She tries to resist, but Ghostface throws the
other side of the rope over the garage door track, suspended
in the air. She falls to the ground, Screaming and trying to


struggle her out of the rope. But it's too late. Ghostface
begins to pull on the rope, as she hangs in the air. He
jumps down from the car. throwing the rope inside the car
door and closing it, so she stays hung. She kicks him for
one last attempt at retaliation. But it fails, Ghostface
stabs her in the stomach, and she is left there to die. We
finally hear her neck snap. He goes into the house.
                                         CUT TO: KIRBY
Kirby's phone begins to ring. It's Chase.
Kirby! The ATV is flipped outside
and there's blood on the ground!
Go to the guest house!
I already am. Let Lily in, she
wants to help you find Audrae.
Okay but where's Lynn and Chris?
They went to the guest house.
Well I'll get Lily, go try to find
Kirby hangs up the phone. Another call comes in. It is
listed as restricted.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Didn't find Audrae, yet, did ya?
Fuck You!


                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Be cautious, you don't want to end
up like Audrae...or Allie?
Kirby is sad and terrified. Her anger kicks in!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
You don't get a motive 'til act
Audrae isn't dead! Your a fucking
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Am I?! Or are you just trying so
hard to not comprehend what I'm
telling you!?
What the hell do you want?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
I just wanna play a game?
What game?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Lily is waiting for you at the
front door, which is locked. How
do you know that I'm not Lily?
I quit this game!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Your call!
Kirby hangs up the phone and begins to run down stairs.


We see Lily through the small window mounted in the center
of the door. Her face looks impatient. Kirby unlocks the
door and opens it. She locks it again.
What's going on?!
I don't know. But we're getting
out of here!
What about them?
We'll get them on are way out. You
know he killed Allie?!
They begin to walk to the Garage.
Allie is d---Who is 'he'?
I don't know...
They reach the garage door in the kitchen. They open it.
He said he also killed--
Kirby flicks on the light switch. Audrae is hanging from the
garage door track and the girls both scream!
Oh my god! Lets get in the car!
Lily grabs the keys closely following Kirby. Kirby opens the
driver-side door. Ghostface pops out through the backseat,
and climbs into the front and tries to chase them, but Kirby
slams the door on him.
They run to the front door. They can't get it unlocked and
Ghostface takes a swing, merely missing Kirby but it goes
through the Door.
Run! To the front door!


      (Lily is running
       up stairs)
Kirby follows, and they go to the Master bedroom, to the
left of the hallway and the last door down. They get in and
lock it. The door is banging. Ghostface is mad, trying to
get in!
Go into the closet. Hide! I'll
handle the bastard!
Lily listens to Kirby's command.
Kirby grabs the DVD Player that is hooked up to the TV. She
unhooks its wires, quickly, trying to get ready to transform
it into a Weapon.
Ghostface breaks in. Kirby hits him, but not hard enough.
Ghostface charges at Kirby, making them crash into the
closet. Lily is at the other side of the two- doored closet
and, timid to go around the fight, she breaks the wooden
weaves of the closet door, and crawls out. Lily hits him in
the head with the DVD Player. He is struck again, backing
up and knocking him out cold. He falls in front of the
bedroom door. There is no easy escape.
No prob, but the fun isn't over
yet. How do we get out?
Let me go through the door. I'll
carefully open it.
      (listening with
       full attention)
Then I'll help you through the
window so you can come inside my
window in the other bedroom.
Kirby. There's no roof for me to
walk on.


Exactly. That's why I'll help you!
Don't leave me here.
It'll be fine. I promise.
Kirby slowly approaches the door. She opens it, slowly
moving Ghostface's body with it. She doesn't open it all the
way, afraid to awake him. She opens it to an extent, and
now all fear races through her. She squeezes through the
door, slowly, until she slips her way through, falling on
the ground. She has made it.
Kirby runs to the next-door bedroom, flinging the window up
in the air. She pops here head out of it. She sees Lily
Okay, c'mon! Reach my hand!
Lily reaches as far as she can, but cannot reach Kirby's
It's too far.
Grab onto the window's shutters.
Then grab my hand.
I don't know Kirby! That's risky.
You take that risk or die in that
room. Choose.
But I'm afraid of heights.
Lily! You wouldn't die if you
would fall.
C'mon! Hurry before he wakes up!


Lily looks back into the bedroom.
He's not awake.
Well he will be soon if you don't
hurry your ass over here!
Oh my God. What did I deserve to
do this? Why am I--
Shut up! Nothing is going to
happen to you if you come now.
Lily makes a sigh!
C'mon Lil!
Lily sits in silence for a moment and finally comes up with
an answer.
Lily begins to put her right leg out of the window.
There you go. You're doing great!
Lily's phone begins to vibrate in her pocket. She freezes.
But what, Lily? Would you really
risk you live to read a text.
But Chris said he would text me if
he had any updates on where Mikey


Come with me now, then you can
look at it.
Ugh! What does it possibly say?
Lily pulls her phone out her pocket, and the screen lights
up her eyes that grow wide.
It says "Look behind--"
Lily becomes silent. Her mouth drops open.
What's it say!?
We hear a knife being removed from Lily's back. Ghostface
pops out of the window. He stabs Lily several more times.
Kirby darts for the bedroom door.
Kirby runs into the hallway, where Ghostface meets her from
the other room. She is tackled to the floor. Ghostface tries
to stab her, but she kicks him, sending him down the steps!
She tries to get up, but fails. She tries again, struggling,
but finally gets to her feet. She calls Chase...
The phone begins to ring.
C'mon! Answer the phone!
It still is ringing.
His phone rings once more. It goes to voicemail.


      (hangs up)
Kirby tries to call Lynn. She slowly makes her way down
Lynn, where are you?
I'm walking over.
What's wrong?
Audrae and Lily are dead!
Yeah just please stay at the Guest
house. I'm on my way.
Kirby hangs up. She is at the bottom of the stairs. She
stairs into the locked door knob.
If you're here, don't play games.
Just come and get me, you
It's silent...
C'mon! I'm not playing your games!
Kirby runs to the front door.
Ghostface appears from the kitchen. He runs to her.


Kirby gets the door open, slamming it on Ghostface's face!
Kirby runs over to the guest house. She beats on the door.
Ghostface slowly walks over to her, coming closer and
Let me in!
No one answers!
Open the fucking door! Hurry!
He gets closer and closer.
Jesus Christ, please!
He's approximately 10 feet away from her.
We hear the door unlock! It opens. Lynn gives Kirby a stare
of shock.
      (very rapidly)
Hurry! Close the door! Lock it! Is
everything else locked?! Hurry!
Lynn runs around the house as Kirby walks upstairs where she
feels safe. Lynn follows, giving her a hug.
Are you okay?
I am fine! I swear! Are you?!


Lynn hugs her again.
Why? What the hell does he want?
I don't know, but I'm here for
you. We're gonna make it through
...No. It doesn't happen like
that. It isn't a movie. There
isn't gonna be any magic-shit! And
NOTHING is gonna be okay!
It will. I promise.
I'm sorry. It's just this is all
happening again! And Jill was
supposed to be my friend but was
the mastermind of it all!
What does Jill have to do with
what's happening now?
She was from Woodsboro. Allie was
from Woodsboro.
Allie's dead.
How do you know?
He told me.
Oh my God. I'm going downstairs to
get a knife.
Don't! I got one right here.


      (walking over to
       her bags in the
       corner. She pulls
       a knife from the
       one compartment.)
See. We'll wait!
'til when?
Until I become so impatient that I
confront the fucker myself!
Where's Chris?
He went with Chase.
Kirby grabs the remote and flicks on the TV. A news channel
is on.
We see Gale Weathers-Riley, who is reporting at a dorm. It's
Allie's dorm. She says "Two bodies were found here at this
local Woodsboro Community College Dormitory. Allie Martin
was brutally murdered, along with a security officer who
tried to save her. Allie was a friend of last year massacre
survivor, Kirby Reed. Kirby Reed was brutally stabbed and
we wonder if she is the killer's next target..."
Kirby turns the TV off.
I sure am the next target...as
well as other innocent people!
What the hell does this sick-fuck
I don't know!
I'm gonna hand his ass to him by
the end of the night!
Kirby's phone rings. Her face shows an expression of fear
and anger!
She answers.


                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Are you gonna hand me my ass!?
You best bet your sorry ass I
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Then do it. NOW!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
I'm downstairs waiting...
Kirby removes the phone from her here. We hear ghostface
laugh on the phone. Lynn looks scared. She is hiding behind
Kirby goes to the edge of the staircase. She stops.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Ya scared?
No. Just pissed!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Then come 'nd get me!
No way. No FUCKING way!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
You're a coward.
You're the coward, asshole! I'm
not the one wearing a cape to hide
my identity. If i did know who you
are, I'd report you to the police.


                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
You got me scared.
You know what, I'm calling the
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Do it! Then I kill Chris.
      (not believing
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
The patio.
This is a failure of a homage to
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Who said it was a movie?
Then what the hell is it?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
A game.
What kinda game?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Trivia--maybe a few trick
questions to boggle your mind,
like Jigsaw!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
What movie does the fictitious
town, Antonio Bay, come from?


The Fog!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
What did the town of Crystal Lake
change it's name to in Friday the
13th Part VI: Jason Lives?
Forrest Green!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Now for the last question. Before
I say it, come down stairs!
Kirby, at the edge of the top of the stairs, slowly making
her way down, step by step. The suspense builds in her. She
can't take it no longer. She runs down the rest of the way.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Thank you!
Whatever! Just please stop!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
I ask the questions! It's not your
It wasn't a question...it was a
I demand you to answer this
question: Where am I watching you
The sunlight window on the roof!


Kirby sees the patio. She sees Chris tied up in a chair.
Answer me, dammit!
Kirby hangs up.
Lynn! Come down here, please! I
want you to be with me! I'm
untying Chris.
      (yelling from
       upstairs as she
       runs downstairs.)
He's tied up! Oh my God!
She runs beside Kirby.
Stay Here. I'll tell you when its
Lynn shakes her head, tears streaming down her face.
Kirby reaches the doorknob. She has her hand on it,
beginning to twist it. She stops dead in her track.
"...This is making a move"
We see a flashback of Kirby being attacked by Charlie. She
then lets go of the doorknob.
I'm not going out there. Chris is
the killer!
No he isn't! No! Kirby, that was
the past.
"...the past comes back to bite
you in the ass!"


No! I'll go untie him if you
No, Lynn, don't! Please!
No! He needs help!
Lynn opens the patio doors, walking over to Chris. The first
thing she does is rips the duct tape from his mouth.
He's out here! I saw him a minute
ago. Untie me, quick!
I--I don't want to.
Kirby is watching from inside. She doesn't trust Chris.
What do you mean?
Kirby said that you're the
What!? Untie me! Kirby is a
fucking lunatic, can't you tell by
her crazy past!?
No! You're the killer! Don't think
I'm stupid! I've lived through
this shit, unlike yourself.
Please stop, both of you! Just
help me, Kirby!
You psycho-bitch! You're the
freakin' killer!


Lynn bends down, trying to get Chris free from his chair.
Kirby walks away from them, disgusted with Chris.
Kirby begins to walk away, but her phone vibrates.
      (from outside)
What's wrong!?
I got a text.
Kirby slowly reaches down into her pocket, then pulling out
her phone. The screen is lit, and she clicks on the message.
It opens.
What's it say?
Kirby looks down.
Uh---uh. It says 'wrong answer'.
What does that mean?
I--I dont--
Kirby's eyes light up like a firecracker. She remembers the
last question that the killer had asked her. She now knows
where the killer is...
      (Running toward
       the patio)
Lynn, watch out!!!
We see Ghostface stab Lynn in the shoulder, as she turns
around to see Ghostface. Kirby starts running up the stairs,
scared out of her mind. She wants to hide.
Lynn continues to scream as Kirby reaches the bedroom


Kirby kicks out the window beside the bed. She doesn't here
anyone coming. She stops.
She can't see barely anything on the first floor over the
railing. She edges her way to the top step, hoping Ghostface
has fled the scene. But he hasn't! As soon as she scans the
whole visible part of the downstairs, he appears, looking
strait at her, with a raised bloody knife. He runs up the
stairs. Kirby runs out the window.
C'mon, you piece of shit!
Kirby runs up the slanted roof. There is no where to go but
to jump on the flat roof of the first floor. Before she
jumps, she hides behind the slanted roof, so Ghostface
doesn't see her. We hear glass shattering as bits fall from
the window on to the roof. Ghostface appears. Kirby looks
at him. He looks at Kirby.
Fuck You!!!
Kirby kicks him from the second floor roof down to the flat,
first floor roof. She jumps down, punching him. He punched
her back. He raises his knife. The blade comes down, as she
quickly turns her head to the other side, the knife barely
missing her head. Ghostface struggles to get the knife
detached from the shingle,and Kirby kicks him once again. He
goes back. Kirby, now ready, gets to her feet. Ghostface
gets up, too. He raises his knife again, but fearless Kirby
kicks it from his hand. It falls on the glass of the
sunlight window.
Who's the coward, now, Bitch!?
Kirby kicks him extremely hard this time. He falls, falling
into the glass of the sunlight window. He lands on the floor
below, right beside the kitchen. He lays, defeated...for
We see Kirby breathing heavily, as she looks down on
Ghostface's seemingly lifeless body. Kirby jumps onto the
other side of the Second floor bedroom roof, and she
shimmies her way up. She then quietly tip-toes back to the
window, crawling in.


Kirby has one leg in, prepared to put a second in. When
suddenly, a hand from the floor grabs her ankle, scaring her
as well as the audience! She looks down, ready to see the
masked killer.
Lynn! Oh my god, are you okay?
Lynn only has two stab wounds, one on her shoulder and the
other in her shoulder blade. She is exhausted.
We gotta get outta here!
I know! I know, baby girl.
You haven't called me that since
the 8th grade.
Kirby realizes Lynn is trying to hide her fear through out
this chaos.
      (helping her to
       her feet and
       cracking a smile)
I haven't, have I?
No, You bitch!
Both of the girls laugh.
I heard you kick the killer's ass.
I saw him come through the ceiling
like that. It scared the shit out
of me.
Is he still there?
Yeah, I think so!
Kirby walks to the railing.


That bastard's gone!
No way!
I have to look for Mikey and
Chase. You have to stay here!
No...No, No, No, No, No, No, NO!
Yes, I'm sorry.
Because you're injured! You wont
be able to run as fast.
I was stabbed in my upper torso.
Ain't got nothin' to do with your
Yeah. It does. Your back has
nerves and shit in it. I promise
to lock you in somewhere.
      (Rolls eyes)
Please? for me? I'll be back,
Lynn. I won't leave you behind!
Kirby becomes impatient...
Fine! I'll do it!
Kirby and her walk to the down stairs portion of the guest


They slowly make their way down the steps, step by step,
creak by creak!
Okay, you're gonna hide in the
bathroom. You're gonna lock it,
and then turn the lights off and
hide in the shower. The glass is
blurry-looking so he won't see
you. I promise.
Kirby glances through the open patio doors. Chris and the
chair that he sat on is gone.
Lynn nods her head as they walk to the bathroom.
Kirby and Lynn close the bathroom door. She opens the shower
door and closes it.
Come back, Kirby!
I'll be back, I promise!
Kirby locks the bathroom door behind her as she closes the
door gently. She walks outside and Lynn is all alone.
The door begins to rattle and shake. It begins to bang! It
begins to SLAM! It opens forcefully!
Ghostface walks in. Lynn clamps her mouth shut with her two
hands. She tries to scream, but her hands stop her from
doing so. The figure that is blurred from inside the shower
walks around outside form the glass door. She sees him
looking around. We see the white of his mask then it fades
away. His hand slowly caresses the handle of the shower
door. He is about to open it. Only a few more seconds. But a
slam from outside stops him. It was Kirby going inside the
House. When all hope seems to be lost, Ghostface takes his
hand off from the shower door handle and slyly moves out of
the bathroom. Lynn sighs heavily.
Lynn reaches up, pushing on the shower door. It opens
outward. It begins to creak. She stops it from doing so. She
climbs out. She shuts it in case the killer comes back and
doesn't find evidence that she left and is still alive.


She stands feet away from the door frame of the bathroom.
Wanting to go outside, but too frightened to do it! She
jumps out and no one is there. The bed lay in front of her.
She lies on it. As she lays there, she feels hands go around
her neck! Its Ghostface. He has pulled a cruel trick on her!
Get off me!
He thrusts his hands around her neck, then lets go. He grabs
a wad of her hair and begins to pull on it. He throws her
into the bathroom. In the bathroom, he throws her through
the glass door, breaking it to small pieces. Lynn, now
covered in blood, grabs a shred of glass, stabbing the man
in the thigh. She runs out the bathroom, and out of the back
patio door.
She runs and silently jumps in the pool. She grabs a raft,
and flips it over, using the small air pockets to breathe.
Blood begins to spread around the area of where she is. Her
bloody-self is being rinsed by the pool water. She doesn't
know what to do.
                                         CUT TO: GHOSTFACE
Ghostface cocks his head at the flipped raft and the blood
surrounding it. He slowly walks over. We follow his black
boots that slowly make a few "click" noises as he gets
closer and closer to the pool's edge. He reaches it, pulling
the raft over. He flips it. But no one is there.
                                         CUT TO: LYNN HIDING
Lynn is hiding in the patch of woods that surrounds the pool
and the houses. Her hair is now soaked and her clothes, too.
A maze of woods lie around her, laid out in a confusing
form, perfect for a game of Hide-N-Seek.
Lynn looks around for the killer but is nowhere to be found.
Kirby opens the door of the House, looking at the pool.
Hello? Is that you, Chris?


Lynn wants to yell her name so bad so Kirby can rescue her
into safety, but she doesn't want to give away her cover.
Kirby closes the door and a trickle of a tear runs down
Lynn's face.
Lynn debates whether to wait calmly or dash as far away as
she can. As she begins to walk to the next tree to hide,
Ghostface appears exactly beside her. Lynn stops cold in her
tracks, breathless; soundless. He wasn't looking at her and
their is a glimmer of hope for her to still not to be
caught. She is terrified and Ghostface hasn't spotted her
despite her close proximity. Her eyes are open so wide, and
he continues on. She continues her way.
She goes from tree to tree. Her foot steps on a branch and
it cracks. She is sure that he'll be coming any minute to
kill her.
He appears behind her, as they play a game of Cat and mouse,
going tree from tree as he lurks right behind her. She tries
one last attempt at running. She dashes to her left. She
runs into a knife, seeing that the Ghostly figure stands in
front of her. She gasps for air as her gaping wound in her
stomach bleeds out on the dirt floor of the earth.
Stay away from Kirby!
He goes for another stab in the abdomen.
Go to hell!
Ghostface stabs her in the heart. And her eyes slowly begin
to close as her head tilts to the side. Lynn has passed.
                                         CUT TO: KIRBY
We see Kirby looking under a bed.
No one is there. Kirby stands and walks into the closet in
the second bedroom.


No one is in the closet as well. She goes for one last
attempt and goes to the bedroom door, boldly looking out to
the hallway.
Kirby hears the front door slowly open and shut. Her eyes
are wide, filled with complete terror. She is tight against
the wall. The footsteps continue, thump by thump, climbing
the stairs. A shadow walks closer and closer to the
entrance of the bedroom. Closer and closer.
It reaches the door. But before it is revealed who it is, we
see Kirby in the closet. Her face is illuminated by the
slits in the closet door. We see a dark figure from inside
the closet walk back and forth. He exits the room.
Kirby squints through the slits in the closet door, and it
appears to be clear. She comes out of the closet and stands
dead, in front of the door. She is afraid. She is confused.
She doesn't know where the figure is. She doesn't know who
it is. She wants to be brave but the fear in her is taking
over inside her. She ponders for a minute and decides to do
what she feels is best: Run down the stairs and out of the
front door. She bolts out into the hallway. No one is there.
She turns the corner, ready to dash down the stairway. She
screams loudly as she runs into somebody. Its someone
recognizable. It is someone trustworthy. It is someone she
knows. It is Chris!
Chris! Oh My God. You scared me.
Same here! I got loose from the
chair. Where's Lynn?!
I locked her in the bathroom over
at the guest house. I had to. I
don't know where the killer is and
he is like invincible.
They stand at the top stairs.


Oh. Any clue where Mikey or Chase
are? His ATV is flipped out front
and he came over looking for You.
Where's Lily?
Kirby's face has a look of sorrow, pain, and agony.
I-I-I'm so sorry, Chris.
No! No! NOOOOO! Not my Lily!
I'm sorry.
The Master Bedroom--Don't go up
I need to go up there.
Chris! WAIT!
Chris storms down the hall. Kirby follows behind. Kirby
walks in the room. Chris is on his knees, holding her body.
He whimpers.
Sorry. I tried to save her...
I'm gonna kill that sick fuck!
We're gonna get 'em! I promise.


Kirby bends down on her knees to hug Chris. His shirt is
heavily coated in Lily's blood.
C'mon Chris...we gotta get out of
You don't understand.
I DO. I know what it's like to
lose someone.
This is different!
I know she was your girlfriend. I
know you're upset. But we have to
grieve later or will be just as
dead as she is.
She was going to be more than my
Chris reaches into his pocket, and he grabs a small box. He
places his thump on it, opening it. A diamond ring that
sparkles up the room rests inside. It was an engagement
I had no idea...
I wanted her to marry me. She was
the 'one'.
Kirby and Chris look into each other's eyes with great
despair. A silence takes over in the room. Chris breaks the
      (Kissing Lily's
I love you, baby. I'm sorry.


Chris finds the courage to stand throughout all this
devastation that is haunting him. He hugs Kirby and they go
down stairs.
I'm gonna call the police on the
house phone. I left my cell over
Kirby picks up the phone and she begins to dial. There is no
ringing. The line is silent.
      (calling over to
The lines dead...
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
I think it's YOU who's gonna be
Kirby realizes that he is on another phone inside the house.
Chris! He's in the house.
Kirby puts her lips up to the phone's microphone.
I'm done playing your fucking
games. Just come and get me and
I'll show you a game!
She quickly hangs up the phone.
Chris is nowhere.
Chris? Where'd you go?
      (from upstairs)
No one is up here.
Are you sure?


Chris stops talking as we hear a stabbing sound from
Kirby! RUNNN!
Kirby runs to the front door and opens it. There is
Ghostface. He runs to her. Before he can even think about
going for a stab, Kirby is running out the back door. He
She runs by the pool, jumping in! Ghostface walks out, and
he sees the remaining waves floating around the pool. He
knows she's in here. He walks onto the diving board. Kirby
grabs his leg. He loses his balance and falls in. She kicks
him. Kirby swims to the edge of the pool, looking back at
Ghostface. He seems knocked out cold. She turns around and
is kicked in the face by a boot. She pushes off of the edge,
blood running from her nose into the chlorine pool water.
She gets out of the side of the pool. And tries to run. She
trips over a raft. The killer grabs her shoe, dragging her
to the poolside. He strikes her in the face. She is out
We see Kirby with her eyes closed by the poolside. The
camera pans out and the patio floor changes into carpet. It
was a transition shot of Kirby, who is now in the living
room. Chase lay beside her with multiple stab wounds. He is
unconscious. Chris is nowhere to be found.
Kirby gets up from where she was laying, and walks over to
the door. She tries to open and it won't budge. She looks
and observes the lock. It's locked. She unlocks it and gives
it one more tug. It doesn't give. She is locked inside the
house. She tries the back patio sliding door. It is locked
as well. She becomes furious.
She goes over to Chase. She slaps him in the face trying to
wake him He isn't awake. She feels helpless. A phone is in
his hand. A knife is in the other. She steps back. The phone
begins to ring. She slips it out of his stiff hand. She


                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Hello, Kirby.
This shit is getting real old.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Just like all the Torture movies.
No suspense. No scare. They're
gettin' old.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Well congratulations! You've made
it to the final act.
Yay me.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Don't be a smart ass.
What're you gonna do about, huh?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
I'll slice through your stomach so
deep that your insides will fall
I bet you will.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Don't test me!
I'm scared.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Speaking of test. It's time you
play a game.
I'm not playin' your goddamn game!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Oh really?


Yeah! I'm done with this.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
You sure?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
What if I said It depends on
Chris's life.
What if I called you a liar.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Then i'll kill him. Check the
window by the front door.
Kirby sternly walks over to the window. She opens the
curtain and reveals Chris with his eyes shut, tied to a
Let him go! He already played.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
But he didn't win.
Let him the-fuck go!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Why should I?
Because this is my game, now!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Think of it as his Final Jeopardy.
Perhaps a redemption round.


                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
You're playing for him, then
you'll play for yourself and
Chase. Are you ready?!
Say the damn question already!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
This movie tried to revive the
slasher genre, but failed
Dr. Giggles.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Correct! Next Question! What was
the original title of the film The
The Glob!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Excellent! During the filming of
what classic horror film did the
set burn down and nine people
Ughh.. Ummm!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Don't let Chris down!
The Exorcist!?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Yes. What was the first horror
film to show someone in just a bra
and underwear?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
You're doing well. What horror
film caused some theatres to
suggest that patrons prone to
motion sickness sit in the aisle


The Blair Witch Project!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Time for Chris's last question:
What star Did Nightmare On Elm
Street launch their acting career?
Robert Englund.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
It isn't the right answer!
Well then what is it!?
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Johnny Depp!
No it's not! Johnny Depp doesn't
even star in that film!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Check your facts! Look it up!
I'll prove it!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Do it! If Your wrong, Chris dies!
Kirby goes onto the internet using Chase's phone. She pulls
up imdb.com and searches Nightmare on Elm Street. She
scrolls down to the cast section and there it is: Johnny
It was a trick!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Well you should've been smarter
and have known that Nancy's
boyfriend, Glen, was portrayed by
Mr Depp! I'm sorry, but
unfortunately that was a wrong


                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE) (cont'd)
Don't hurt him please!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
Trivia doesn't involve mercy!
Please don't do it!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
That's your problem, not mine! Say
goodbye to Chris!
Kirby opens the curtain, we see Ghostface slowly walking
behind him. Kirby is locked inside and leaves Chris
NOO! Get me! He doesn't deserve
Ghostface walks in front of the unconscious Chris, who
slowly opens his eyes. Ghostface goes for a deep stab, then
pulling the knife a little to the left. Chris is screaming
and bleeding. Kirby goes over to Chase to try and awaken
him. It isn't successful.
Chase! Help! PLEASE WAKE UP!
Kirby runs over to the curtain and Chris is silent, very
dead looking, and Ghostface has disappeared.
Kirby puts the phone up to her ear.
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
You looked frightened. That's
good. I WANT you to be.
It's working, asshole!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
It's time for your round of


I'm not playing!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
But there's rules!
Fuck the rules and fuck you!
                       VOICE (GHOSTFACE)
You have to follow the rules!
Didn't you learn from your mistake
last time...
What do you mean my mistake?
An arm goes around Kirby's neck, and A knife is on it!
Because! Don't you understand?
Games are in these days. I thought
I'd make a game of my own!
Who's the other Killer?
You guys wont get away with it! No
one does!
-Except us!
We're gonna make game out of this!
What! What do you mean a game!?
It's all too very simple!


You see, I ain't the smartest
person and I'm not going to
Well how'd you come up with this,
since you're a dumbass.
Planning. Take her, Mikey. I have
to explain things to this stupid
Chase roughly throws Kirby into Mikey's arms. He holds her
down at gunpoint with a gun.
Get ready for all this! "Its A
Scream!" I love that line from
So whats the motive?
As I was saying earlier: I'm a
dumbass. I can't go to college to
get the proper education. So to
let everyone know that I am smart,
here I am. The mastermind of the
greatest plan out there.
...And it gets better, Kirby!
Then after I kill all you people,
I'm gonna run away. I'm gonna fly
to somewhere where no one will
find me. I'm gonna change my name.
Like I said, Masterminds always
slip. Take it from a horror movie
buff! I didn't play the rules, and
I almost lost.
Well tonight's different. You're
losing this time around.


Anyway, I'm gonna be infamous! I
can see it now! All over the
America's Most Wanted List!
You both are sick.
Yes. We are. But you know what?
It's a great mystery game. It's
better than Guess Who. It's a very
inquisitive game.
It's gonna be classic. WE'RE gonna
be classic! Our scheme is gonna go
down in history.
What do you mean WE'RE?
Chase kicks Kirby out of the way, and Mikey drops the gun.
Chase picks it up and points it!
What the fuck are you doing?
I'm trying to win the game!
What do you mean? I thought this
was our plan?
It was MY plan. If it makes any
sense, I had a plan within our
plan to rid you so I can be the
Winner. I think its pretty fair?
You can't do this! I helped you.
Well sorry, this game has only one
winner. And you lose!
Chase shoots Mikey in the chest, and he falls to the floor,


You should've waited to kill your
Why would I do that?
I don't know! But you should've
What the hell are you talkin'
I'm talking about the fact that
its me and Chris against you!
Chase turns around to the door, looking for Chris. Kirby has
pulled a smooth trick on him. He turns around to see Kirby
up the stairs. He runs up behind her.
We see Kirby pulling down the folding stairs that lead to
the attic. She is halfway up, and Chase comes around the
corner with the knife. He pulls her down a few steps. She
turns around kicking him in the face!
Get off me!
Chase falls to the floor. Kirby goes up the steps and
quickly hides. We see Chase come up the stairs. Kirby is
hiding in the junk that makes scatter aisles in the attic.
Box from Box, Kirby and Chase are like a cat and a mouse,
hiding between boxes. This intensifies the suspense. Kirby
crawls over a box trying to get to the nest aisle of junk
where she sees a small crawlspace door, and Chris spots her
and stabs the box, barely missing her foot. Chase runs over
to the next aisle, and is looking for Kirby. Little does he
know, she took the Crawlspace and ended up in the master
bedroom closet.


Kirby stands in the closet, looking out through the slits.
We get a close up of her face and slowly drop down to her
shoes. Behind her we see the crawlspace door start to open.
Out comes a pair of hands ready to snatch Kirby's feet.
Before they grab her, she opens the closet and runs out.
Below, she hears Chris yell.
Kirby flies down the steps. Chris is holding the wound on
his stomach.
How'd you get in?
They installed latches or locks or
something on the outside of the
doors. I got in because I unlocked
We gotta get outta here. Where's
Why's it matter? Lets just get the
hell out of here.
Because he's the killer.
It gets silent as Chris tries to take in what he has just
Right here!
Mikey comes from outside and stabs Chris, who has no hope of
life. Kirby runs to the back patio door. Chase appears
behind her.
Come here, you bitch!


Kirby remembers that the door is locked from the outside.
She jumps through the big sliding doors, rolling onto the
patio. She gets up and runs to the Guesthouse. She needs her
phone to call the police.
Kirby goes in and grabs her phone.
                                         CUT TO SIDNEY.
Sidney is asleep in bed. Her phone begins to ring.
Hey! Help me, Please. Oh god,
Kirby, what's wrong.
All my friends are dead. I'm being
chased and I need you to call the
police. My battery is gonna die.
Where are you?
Im in the mountains. 20 miles from
Woodsboro. The address is 24
Lacher Avenue, Greenwood. Hurry.
The line is cut off. Kirby's phone has died.
Kirby. Kirby? KIRBY!? Shit!
Sidney hangs up the phone and we see her dial '911'.
                                         CUT TO: KIRBY
Kirby is in the House. Mikey appears through the back
sliding doors.
Leave me alone!


Mikey gets closer. Kirby runs into the Living room, looking
at the front door.
So you're back for a redemption
round, too?
Yeah! I'm gonna win.
In your fucking dreams you piece
of shit!
Whatever! At least I get to kill
you, you ugly bitch!
Fuck You!
Mikey runs at Kirby, Kirby runs in the kitchen. She flings
open a hanging cabinet's door, hitting Mikey. He stumbles,
but doesn't fall. He recovers, and continues at Kirby. Kirby
is opening drawer by drawer, She can't find a knife. She
settles with the drawer itself, and hits Mikey.
She runs past him, back into the living room. She is ready
to go out the door. She is almost there, but the door flies
open. Its Chase.
Where'd you think you were going?
The party just started, baby!
Kirby heads for the back door! She is greeted by Mikey once
You're trapped.
I thought I offed you a good 10
minutes ago.
Well I am back.


...And I'm leaving while you two
fucks hack each other up.
No, No! You're not going anywhere.
You're playing the game; no
You should play my game.
And what's that? Begging for
Kirby has a knife behind her from the kitchen. She is
cornered by the two men.
Yeah...but you're the one begging.
Not Me.
Kirby raises the knife, bringing it down on Mikey's left
shoulder. She lets out a scream of fury!
That was my job!
Chase charges at Kirby, but Kirby swiftly dodges the attack,
and Chase stabs Mikey instead. Mikey is left, falling to the
floor and gargling his own blood. Chase stabs Mikey in the
heart once more.
Next time, stick to the rules!
Kirby has fled to the backyard. A thick trail of blood from
the patch of woods lines up around the pool. The hot tub is
bubbling. She cannot see the bottom because of all the
bubbles. She figures it is the perfect hiding place.
She jumps in. She goes to the bottom. A small ditch is at
the bottom for peoples feet. She tries to hide herself in
the compact space. She can't quite do it. Something is in
the way.
She looks down, seeing Lynn's body. She lets out a scream.
The scream generates bubbles from her mouth that float to
the surface with the other bubbles from the jets. She


couldn't tell the water was a thick red until she saw Lynn.
The darkness had took away that part of her ability to see
A gun drops into the water, startling Kirby.
                                         CUT TO: CHASE BESIDE
Don't need police tracking me
He quickly looks around. While he isn't looking, Kirby jumps
from the water, S=stabbing him in the back. It wasn't a deep
enough Stab. She runs out of the Hot Tub and out to the
front of the house. She darts for the woods.
Chase follows.
Kirby tears through the trees, as the trees fly past her. We
keep going from Kirby to Chase running. Chase looks slower
than Kirby.
      (far behind)
I swear to God, I'm gonna kill you
when this is over!
Kirby has no time to respond. She is too fast and too
focused on running away. She trips over a branch. She lets
out and unnerving scream. She hides quickly, tight to a tree
trunk. Over the distance we see a light. It's a House! Help
is not far away. Adrenaline full of hope and courage runs
through Kirby.
Chase appears beside her. She is silent. He doesn't notice
her. He keeps walking. He walks out of sight. Kirby sighs,
trying to relax with all of the tension that has built up
inside her like building blocks.
Where are you?
Kirby crawls on the dirt floor of the forest, hoping to not
be spotted. She crawls from tree to tree. Very slowly.
Chase's whereabouts are unknown.
It is completely silent. You can here the crickets chirping
and an ow howling. No dogs. No people. She feels extremely
isolate and even worse, ALONE.


She rests at a tree. There is only 4 trees to go until she
must risk everything and run to the door.
Oh, shit!
Kirby goes to the next tree. No one appears to be watching
her or spying on her.
She rolls to the next tree, rolling under a fallen tree
branch where she can barely fit through its compact space.
The last tree is right beside her. She crawls effortlessly
to the next one. She slowly stands to her feet. She checks
around the corners and no one is there so far. She assumes
that no one is watching her or following her. She figures
that the coast is clear. She darts to the house. Until she
is tackled by Chase. They fall to the ground.
I told you I'm the winner. Eat
your own advice!
Chase raises the knife, swiftly bringing it down, hoping to
puncture Kirby's chest. She catches the knife, and they both
struggle. The knife gets closer to Kirby. She closes her
Kirby has a short flashback of earlier today when she is at
Sid's house.
                                         CUT TO: SIDNEY
He told me that I'm a fighter. And
I know you are, too.
                                         CUT TO: KIRBY ON THE
Kirby comes back from her deep thought in her conscious, and
becomes overflowed with hate and bravery!


Kirby kicks Chase. He falls. She grabs the knife and stabs
him in his leg. He lets out a scream of sheer terror.
Kirby drops the knife, sure not to scare the people who
await her in the house, and runs. She rings the doorbell and
no answer. She repeatedly presses it. She feels that that
attempt to save her has failed. She bangs on the door.
Please let me in! PLEASE!
Chase is up on his feet. He has a slight limp and obviously
can't run. Kirby is still in a rush to find her way into
Open the fucking door! Please!
Kirby wastes no time and goes for the first window to the
left. She gives it an upwards tug. It is LOCKED.
Kirby turns behind her and Chase is coming closer. She tries
the next window, hoping it is unlocked because that is the
last window in the order of the front side of the house.
She approaches the Window and it opens. She is relieved and
quickly puts one leg in. She glances back outside and Chase
is merely a foot away. She has no time to get her foot in,
so she falls to the ground, leaving her whole body in. She
hurries to her feet. She slams the window shut and locks it.
She quickly peers out the yard, scanning it end from end.
Chase is no where to be seen. She knows it is clearly a
She falls to the floor, exhausted. She waits for someone to
help her. She observes the room that has no light, but is
dark. The occupants of the house are heard in the living
room. They sound frightened. Kirby glances over to see a
bed. She glances to the door. She defeats the overpowering
exhaustion and goes out to the hallway.
Is anybody here?


All Kirby can see is part of the living room. She sees
nothing but a T.V. in the corner with a blue screen.
Can you help me? Please?
She comes around the corner into the livingroom. A shotgun
is being pointed at her. A feeble old man stands with the
gun, holding it with a tight and firm grasp. A old lady in a
pink bathrobe stands behind the man, hiding, sheltered from
Kirby's presence.
                       OLD MAN
I'll help you alright!
Please. Don't shoot.
                       OLD MAN
I will if you come any closer to
me and my wife, you thief.
I'm no thief, I swear!
Kirby's stomach is sick. These people aren't any good of
help to her. They want to kill hurt, too. But she
understands they don't know what is happening.
                       OLD MAN
What the hell are you doin' here?
What'ya want?
                       OLD LADY
If you're here to rob us, just do
it. Don't kill us.
                       OLD MAN
Quiet, Maryanne. She ain't gonna
touch us.
I'm not here to rob you. I'm here
because there is a man outside.
He's mad. He's crazy. He's
                       OLD MAN
You damned kids, these days.
Tryin' to rob old people and trick
us. We ain't dumb. We know what
your up too.


I'm not up to anything. I'm
begging you mercy. PLEASE!
                       OLD LADY
C'mon, George. She's telling the
                       OLD MAN
Stifle! She isn't and you damn
well know it!
Please. I want you to help me as I
want to help you. Put the gundown
and look out for HIM.
                       OLD MAN
Where the hell's him?
I told you, sir. H--He's
                       OLD LADY
Waiting for what?
For us! He wants to kill us.
                       OLD LADY
George, I'm calling the police. We
need to help this girl.
The Old Lady runs out into the kitchen. She grabs the phone.
She begins to dial.
Hurry, bring it with you.
                       OLD MAN
--She isn't going anywhere. She's
staying with me!
The Old Lady sides with Kirby, walking into the bedroom
where Kirby had entered.
                       OLD LADY
George, stop it!
Ma'am, sit on the bed.


                       OLD MAN
Maryanne! Get over here with me!
Sir, please come in here and lock
the door.
Kirby backs up to window to get a look. She slides the
curtain from its rail to reveal an empty yard. She closes it
and turns back at the Old Man.
Sire, pl--
Kirby is interrupted from a bang coming from the window. She
looks out and see's no one.
                       OLD LADY
Where is he?
Silent seconds pass by. Its so silent, that we could hear
the heartbeats of Kirby. The man still stands, with his gun
erected toward the ceiling.
Ma'am, I don't know. We are--
The gun booms. Kirby and the Elderly woman look over to see
Chase stabbing the Old Man. Kirby runs to close the door.
Before she closes it, Kirby stabs him again, and his blood
splatters on Kirby's face.
                       OLD LADY
George!!! No, not George!
Kirby locks the door. She ushers the Old Lady under the bed.
Go under there, and call 9-1-1!
Tell them your address and tell
them your name as well as mine!
                       OLD LADY
You never told me your name!
Its Kirby!---


                       OLD LADY
The Old Lady is on the phone as Kirby paces around the room.
She doesn't know what to do anymore. She decides to slouch
in the corner of the door and cry. She has broken like a
dropped vase.
                       OLD LADY
      (on the phone.)
Yes...I am...Kirby Reed...Hurry,
he's got my husband.
                                         CUT TO: DEWEY
Sheriff Dewey Riley is observing the aftermath of the
vacation home. The front door is wide open We hear a car's
wheels screech to a halt. We hear a car door slam. Moments
later a figure walks through the door. It's Sidney.
Oh My God!
Sid, there's no sign of Kirby. We
can't find her.
Shit! How bad is it?
We've found four bodies in this
house. One was sunk in the hot tub
in the back. The guest house is
currently under investigation.
Where can Kirby be?
I don't know, Sid, but we will
find her. I know she is as close
as family gets to you.
She can't be dead.


She ISN'T. I know she isn't. She
is just like you, Sid. You're a
survivor. She's a survivor. She's
gonna make it.
Sidney feels defeated as she looks around. It's all
reminiscent to her horribly troubled past. She looks at
Dewey. Dewey looks at her and he gives her a comforting hug.
Dewey's radio begins to sound

Kirby! Hurry, Dewey! Let's Go!
C'mon! You can ride with me!
                                         KIRBY PACING IN THE
Kirby is pacing again. She stands still. She gets to her
knees, looking under the bed.
C'mon. I think he might be gone
for now.
                       OLD LADY
No. I can't go without my husband.
I don't think he is alive. I'm
                       OLD LADY
No! How can you say that!
It wasn't meant to offend you.
Just prepare you for the worst...


                       OLD LADY
The worst of what?
You're husband. US! There are many
people dead back at the house.
                       OLD LADY
Where's the house?
What street does your driveway
turn into?
                       OLD LADY
Then the house is right down the
                       OLD LADY
Speaking of road, lets get out of
Kirby gives out a hand, to help the old woman from under the
                       OLD LADY
The car in the garage.
No, no, no! You can't just go out
there like that.
                       OLD LADY
Why not? I'll die trying...
TRY another way.
                       OLD LADY
Once we get going, he'll never get
Not if he's in the backseat.
                       OLD LADY
I'm going.


Don't! PLEASE!
                       OLD LADY
Or else what?
Or I won't go with you.
                       OLD LADY
Then Don't! I'll leave you to die.
Maryanne runs out the bedroom door, and She makes a sharp
left, tearing through the hallway. Its silent.
There is no answer, only the crackling of the fire remains.
We hear something as if a metal can was following over,
hitting the ground, hard. Then it falls silent once again.
Kirby doesn't know what to do.
C-Come back! Shit!
Her voice echoes through the crackling flames. She stands on
her feet now. Her feet, trembling per every step she takes,
take her to the hallway.
Where'd you go?
      (muttering under
       her breath)
Please, God, let her be long gone,
in the car, from this place.
She reaches the end of the hallway. Peering into livingroom,
Kirby's horrific eyes go straight to the fireplace. There,
lay Maryanne's body, burning and a fire poker in her head.
Kirby stands there, searching in every given direction for
her to look. She tries to spot Chase, but he isn't there...


If you're gonna kill me, j--just
do it! I'm tired of your game. I
want to lose!
WE hear the blade of a knife make a "shing" noise, as it is
pulled from a sheath. But Kirby cannot find the source of
the unsheathing knife.
That's it! C'mon. You got me where
you want me. NOW DO IT!
Kirby looks opposite of the living room, finding the front
door. Beside it is a coat closet. Where does Chase wait?
This is becoming ridiculous. Grow
a pair and come and get me!
She stands waiting, but nothing happens.
I know this is sick-fun for you,
but it isn't for me. Killing you
is the definitive point in this
round of villain versus heroine.
Kirby remembers the Killer always appearing at the front
door earlier that night. She figures it is the new cliche in
Chase's book. She tries to plot against him by masterminding
his though-to-be-flawless GAME.
She opens the door, but no one is there.
She turns to the coat closet. She flings it open. As she
opens it, we hear the front door close.
Looking for me?
Get away from me!
Did you really think you would
win? Did you truly think in your
heart that you we're gonna live to
tell the story and ruin my plan!?


I do think and I am positive that
I will! This isn't over just
'cause you have me cornered. That
don't mean shit!
But you're a girl. You won't put
up nearly as good of a fight as
Chris did.
That's a sexist opinion, not a
Its the truth! Don't test me!
Well I'm going to live, and there
isn't gonna be a game, or whatever
the fuck you call this! I'm going
to be the SOLE SURVIVOR!
What makes you so sure of that?
It's a lil' sexist, but its okay
when its true: WOMEN ARE SMARTER
No! You're wrong!
Really? Or am I just right and
your in complete denial!
You're completely full of shit!
Am not! That's why out-thought
Kirby grabs a knife from her pocket, and she stabs Chase in
the stomach. She pulls away, and Chase gives a quick slice
at Kirby's arm, but she has fled to the bedroom. She locks
the door. Chase is outside the door, banging and kicking. He


finally gives a hard blow, forcefully opening the door.
Chase observes the room, noticing the window that is lifted
ajar and the curtain is blowing. He runs through the hallway
and out the front door, pursuing Kirby.
Get back here, bitch!
We see Kirby running towards a barn. The barn is in the
middle of a cornfield just beside the House.
Chase walks into the Barn. In the barn, we see a tractor
with a planter being toed on the back of the tractor with
razor sharp blades. He reluctantly passes by it. The tractor
door isn't fully shut. Chase goes into to see if Kirby is
there. Kirby isn't there. His phone begins to ring.
      (He answers)
Hey, Chase!
Where are you!?
That isn't how this works. I've
played your game. Now its time you
play mine.
Chase goes to open the door.
Don't! You open the door and
you're dead.
Oh, please! What the hell are you
gonna do?
Do it and I'll show you.
Chase is extremely timid to open the door. He truly is
terrified but doesn't want to admit it to Kirby.


...If you're man enough. Because,
apparently guys are stronger than
Wh--How are you on you're phone? I
ran the internet on it to kill
your battery.
This isn't my phone!
Then who's is it?
The old couples. Taking the phone
right in front of you was Step 1
of my game.
How many steps are there?
Three. This is Three, here. The
Third step is killing you.
Whatever! I'm not afraid of some
whore like you!
First Question!
I didn't ask to play!
I'm not asking you to play....I'm
Either way, you're gonna die. My
trivia game prolongs your life for
maybe ten minutes...if your lucky.


Anyway, First Question!
Fine! I'll go along with it. But
I'm gonna kill you when you're d--
Kirby angrily interrupts him, wanting no more attempts from
him at stalling.
Am I in the barn?
Wow, this is easy.
Answer the question, or I'll MAKE
IT hard!
Yes, you are.
Okay! This is too easy!
What movie does this quote from:

"I don't even know you, and I
dislike you already!"
It's not hard.
I don't know.
When A Stranger Calls?
Is that your final answer?


Are you sure?
Yes, I am sure!
Are you surely positive?
I am damn sure!
Kirby laughs in disbelief.
I can't believe you!
Where's your Woodsboro pride?
This movie took PLACE in
Woodsboro. The answer was Stab!
YES! I thought you liked Stab?
I like the newer ones! The ones
with Sidney Prescott suck!
Well I'm afraid that was a wrong
and incorrect answer. One answer
that is wrong is a guaranteed
death sentence!


You tricked me!
How's it feel to be scared? Are
you ready to die?
Glad you feel the same way all the
people you've killed tonight have
felt. Its good for you.
Please! Don't hurt me!
But you didn't PLAY by the rules
and you lost your little game.
Please, just one more question!
You know what's funny about that
question. Even if you do get it
right, you still die. I would
know, only I lived, remember?
Fine! One more question!
How am I gonna kill you!
Slit my throat, gut me, strangle
me, shoot me!? Did I get it? Do I
NONE. Of. The. Above. It's MORE
What's the answer!?


I'll show you!
An axe comes through the windshield. Kirby was hiding atop
the tractor. Chase peeks his head out from the now shattered
windshield. Kirby stabs him in the back. She pulls him out
and he falls to the ground. Kirby jumps on him. She stabs
him in the shoulder. He punches her in her face, and she
falls over. She gets up and takes the latter up to the
crawlspace stacked with the bundles of hay.
Kirby moves her foot quickly up to the next step before
Chase can grab it and drag her down.
Chase follows!
Come here! I'll make it quick I
Then I'll drain you out like
slaughtered deer!
He trips Kirby. Kirby rolls to her side. She grabs a hay
stack and puts it in between her and Chase's grasp.
She knees the bundle of hay, which sends Chase flying at the
other side.
She throws the hay to reveal Chase charging at her. She is
on the ground and Chase now has a hold of her knife. He
raises it and stabs Kirby in the Shoulder. He raises it
You lose!
Before he can stab Kirby, a gun shot goes off and Chase
gives a puzzled look on his face. He is silent, then coughs,
omitting blood. Someone has shot Chase!


Sidney! Turn on the planter down
Just do it!
We hear the engine start up and the blades start turning.
Kirby stands Chase to his knees. She stabs him in the chest.