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The Group - Episode 1: "Pilot (Part One)"
by Luke Valle (rocker10541@gmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Comedy   User Review: **
Sandy Barker has just started her first year at Berkley Academy. Today, she meets two nice boys (Alex and James), friends of Zack and her roommates, Cherry and Vicki. Then, they all go to a party and things don't go well. Episode 2: http://www.scriptbuddy.com/community/?p=4291534626&t=&pg

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The lounge is buzzing with teenagers. Some are in groups in
mid-conversation others are texting on their phones.
VICKI PARKER, a black high-school sophomore at 15, sits on
the couch watching TV and doing her nails.
SANDY BARKER, a high-school junior at 16, descends from the
stairs. She walks over to VICKI and sits next to her.
Hey Vicki.
      (doing her nails)
SANDY looks up at the TV.
What are you watching?
      (still doing her
Don't know, don't care. Don't
wanna know, don't wanna care.
      (picking up the TV
Can I change the channel?
      (still doing her
SANDY changes the channel and the theme to "Hannah Montana"
starts to play. SANDY makes a disgusted face and clicks the
button on the remote, but nothing happens.
SANDY starts to press the button furiously.
                       VICKI (cont'd)
Can you change the channel before
my ears start to bleed?


       pressing the
I'm trying.
SANDY starts banging the remote on the coffee table. VICKI
stands up, concerned.
I'll get some batteries.
VICKI runs out of the lounge into the kitchen. SANDY
continues to bang the remote then stops and presses the
button again.
       pressing the
C'mon dammit!
SANDY starts banging the remote on the coffee table again.
                       SANDY (cont'd)
      (banging the
Don't die on me!
VICKI runs back into the room.
No batteries!
Oh my god!
Everyone! Everyone!
All of the students in the lounge stop and look at VICKI.
                       VICKI (cont'd)
The channel is set to Hannah
Montana and the batteries in the
remote are dead! Start looking for
two double-A batteries!
All of the students in the lounge start scrambling, looking
for batteries.


As the rooms empties, VICKI leaving with them. SANDY
continues to press the button, then she presses a different
button and the channel changes.
      (staring at the
Oh well.
SANDY lies back and watches TV.
                       SANDY (cont'd)
      (laughing at the
They're gonna kill me.
                                         FADE OUT.
                                         FADE IN.
CHRISTINE "CHERRY" COOPER, same age,(a redhead) sits on her
bed reading "Carrie". She moves her lips, reading quietly to
herself, but she doesn't speak.
As she gets to a part in the book, her eyes widen and her
jaw drops. She then turns the page and continues reading to
The door opens and VICKI enters. She goes to the closet and
starts searching for something.
VICKI looks around the corner and sees CHERRY.
Hey Cherry.
CHERRY doesn't respond, she's too into her book.
                       VICKI (cont'd)
CHERRY continues to read, ignoring VICKI.
                       VICKI (cont'd)


CHERRY SCREAMS and through her book in the air. She looks
over and sees VICKI.
Dammit Vicki!
CHERRY picks her book up off the floor.
                       CHERRY (cont'd)
How many times have I said-
      (holding up the
-when I'm reading Stephen King,
don't sneak up on me?!
Sorry, I just came up to get a
jacket. I'm gonna go shopping on
the library's computers and it's
like twenty degrees outside.
I don't get spring. Before noon
it's below freezing temperature
and in the afternoon it's at
boiling temperature. I mean, make
up your damn mind!
SANDY enters the room with a pile of magazines in her arms.
Hey guys, my sister came through.
She sent us each a copy of this
month's Cosmo UK. You know, the
one with the nude centerfolds.
Twenty eight naked men from a
foreign country, I'm sweating
      (pointing at Sandy)
Try taking of your jacket.
SANDY takes off her jacket and throws it into the closet
landing on VICKI's head.
VICKI takes the jacket off her head and throws it on the
floor of the closet.


It's early May and it's like
thirty-something out there.
CHERRY reaches down at a vent on the wall.
      (feeling the vent)
And the air conditioning is
blaring away.
CHERRY takes her hand off the vent.
                       CHERRY (cont'd)
Who is the retard that controls
the heating?
I don't think they hire anyone for
that, I think that they just turn
it on and off whenever they
VICKI pulls out a jacket and starts to put it on. CHERRY
continues to read her book.
      (putting on her
Then they must have amnesia.
      (to Vicki)
Where are you goin'?
I'm going shopping at the library.
What's wrong with using the
school's computers to shop for
clothes online, paying for it with
my father's credit card?
      (reading her book)
VICKI exits and SANDY walks over to her bed. Just as she
gets there, SANDY stops and turns to CHERRY.


Hey, I just realized something.
CHERRY looks up at SANDY.
What's that?
I've known you for almost a week
and I still don't know your real
name. What is it?
You'll never find out.
SANDY throws the magazines on the bed and there's a KNOCK on
the door.
Come in!
ZACK ALLEN, same age, enters. CHERRY continues to read her
Hey guys.
Hi Zack.
The guys are coming back today
from that field trip. It's been
five days, the dorm is too quiet.
I'm starting to hear ghosts, or
rats, I don't know I can't see
Where did they go anyway?
I think they went to DC to go
Why didn't you go?
No internet.


That's why you didn't go?
Internet is like oxygen to me,
without it I turn blue and
The sound of a bus driving down street BLASTS from the
Is that them?
There is a sound of SCREECHING coming from the window.
Yep that's them, the bus is
pulling into that
ninety-degree-angle turn to the
parking lot.
Who designed this school? There's
a ninety-degree-angle turn into
the parking lot, there's a door on
the second floor that goes
      (sitting down on
       her bed)
-, and don't get me started on
that one shelf in the library with
fifty copies of the same book.
Cherry, tell Alex and James to
come up and meet Sandy.
Why don't you do it?
You're closer to the window.
I'm reading.
Fine, I'll do it.
ZACK heads over to the window.


Are James and Jared as bad as you
I'm not at liberty to say.
ZACK opens the window and sticks his head out looking for
What are they like?
Alex and James?
SANDY nods her head.
                       CHERRY (cont'd)
Well, Alex is mine so back the
hell off and James is like the
oldest living virgin so he's
perfect for you.
But what about their
Alex is my clone and James has
absolutely no signs of insanity,
so that'll be a change for you.
      (yelling out
Hey, Alex, James, get your asses
up here, Cherry wants you to meet
Easy, Zack, I'm right here.
ZACK steps away from the window as a paper airplane flies
in, hitting CHERRY in the head.
CHERRY looks around to see what hit her and finds the
airplane. She picks it up.
What is it?


      (opening paper
I don't know...
CHERRY reads the paper.
                       CHERRY (cont'd)
Oooooo, a party tonight.
Who's giving it?
I don't know it's written with
magazine clippings like a death
Where is it?
      (reading the note)
The dorm seven basement.
      (reading the note)
It starts at eight and ends at
The sound of people YELLING comes from the window.
                       CHERRY (cont'd)
      (getting up)
Let's go find Alex and James
before they get run over in the
SANDY gets up and rushes after CHERRY and ZACK as they head
for the door.


Why are they rioting?
Who cares?
They all exit.
The room is filled with young teenage boys with their
luggage. Several conversations buzz throughout the room.
CHERRY, SANDY, and ZACK come from upstairs. They begin to
search through the crowd, the three staying together to
avoid getting lost.
      (calling out)
      (calling out)
                       ALEX (O.S.)
Over here!
                       JAMES (O.S.)
Guys, we're over here!
The trio walk over to a spot and the room.
                       JAMES (O.S.)
Meet us in the kitchen!
The trio walk across the room and exit into a side room.
CHERRY, SANDY, and ZACK enter. The room is completely empty
except for them.
Where are they?


                       ALEX (O.S.)
Several pieces of luggage fly through the doorway, landing
in a pile in front of them.
Hey, watch it! What are you trying
to do, kill us?!
ALEX LAPPETITO, same age, pops out from the crowd.
What do you think?
ALEX and CHERRY hug and kiss.
I missed you so much.
I know.
ALEX and CHERRY continue kissing. ZACK starts looking
through the crowd.
      (looking through
Where's James?
JAMES KNIGHT, same age, is thrown from the crowd onto the
pile of luggage.
JAMES gets up and looks at the crowd.
                       JAMES (cont'd)
Damn animals!
Welcome back guys!
Hey Zack.
      (to Cherry)
Hey Cherry.
CHERRY ignores him.
JAMES notices SANDY standing next to ZACK.


      (pointing at Sandy)
Who's she?
ALEX pulls away from the kiss.
This is Cherry, dumb-ass.
Not Cherry.
      (pointing at Sandy
ALEX turns and sees SANDY.
Who is she?
Oh, guys, this is Cherry and
Vicki's new roommate, Sandy.
ALEX and CHERRY continue to make-out.
      (holding out his
Nice to meet you...
JAMES and SANDY shake hands.
                       JAMES (cont'd)
      (shaking Sandy's
...welcome to Berkley.
JAMES and SANDY pull away from the hand-shake.
Thank you.


Do you like it here so far?
Yes, it's been very interesting.
Good, being friends with Cherry
and Vicki can be interesting.
So, how was the trip?
It was okay.
ALEX and CHERRY pull away from their kiss.
It sucked.
ALEX and CHERRY continue to make-out, again.
Yeah, it sucked.
Well, halfway there the bus driver
was pulled over and got arrested
for DUI and one of the students
had to drive us the rest of the
way. Then, when we got to the
hotel, we found out that the
reservations were booked for the
next day and we all had to sleep
in the lobby. Over one-hundred
teenage boys in a single hotel
lobby, it was living in a damn
sardine can.
That sounds horrible.
Wait, there's more. Then, the next
day, we checked in and then
immediately left the hotel to go
sight-seeing. You know what we
did, we waited on line for two


                       JAMES (cont'd)
hours to see where the president
eats lunch. After that, we saw the
gigantic penis statue that they
call the Washington Monument. It
gets worse, then a two-day
rainstorm hit the town and we were
trapped in the hotel the rest of
the trip.
That does sucks.
Thank god I didn't go.
Ya' know, there's a party going on
later, wanna go?
Where is it?
The basement of dorm seven.
A dorm seven basement party? I'm
so there.
What's so great about a dorm seven
ALEX and CHERRY pull away from their kiss quickly and look
Are you kidding me right now?
They say that you never leave a
dorm seven party sober.
ALEX and CHERRY continue to make-out, again.
You gonna get drunk tonight,


Well... maybe. Oh, who am I
kidding, I'm willing to try
anything once.
      (smiling evilly)
ZACK picks up a piece of luggage and heads for the stairs.
James, will you be drinking
No, I'm not really a big drinker.
Good, can make sure that Zack
stays away from me, far, far away.
Sure thing.
JAMES and SANDY each pick-up a piece of luggage and head for
the stairs. JAMES hits ALEX in the leg with his luggage he's
                       JAMES (cont'd)
C'mon lovebirds, upstairs. Bring
one piece of luggage with you.
ALEX and CHERRY pull away from their embrace and each
pick-up a piece of luggage.
                                         FADE OUT.
                                         FADE IN.
The room is filled with teenagers. Some are dancing as music
blares away and others are their own little conversations.
Almost all of the teens in the room are holding drinks
(probably alcohol). Most of these kids are obviously drunk.
ALEX, CHERRY, JAMES, and SANDY enter. SANDY looks around the
room amazed.


They're all drunk aren't they?
No doubt.
Lindsay Lohan is more sober.
A bottle of beer flies out from the crowd towards them.
JAMES catches it.
      (holding the
       bottle out to
Want some?
      (taking the bottle)
SANDY busts the cap off of the bottle and takes a sip.
Two more bottles fly from the crowd towards them. ALEX and
CHERRY each catch the bottles. As they open their bottles
another flies from the crowd at JAMES. He ducks and the
bottle flies over him, crashing behind him.
JAMES stands back up and looks at SANDY.
Wanna dance?
Oh my god, just dance!
JAMES and SANDY walk to the dance floor and start dancing
ALEX and CHERRY sit on an old sofa near them and begin to


VICKI and ZACK enter. VICKI is dusting off her dress and
ZACK is rubbing his neck in pain.
I told you not to walk so damn
Alright, but you didn't have to
grab my neck.
I wasn't trying to grab your neck.
You see, you were walking too
close to me, then you stepped on
my dress and when I tripped I
tried to smack you, but I fell to
quickly and accidentally grabbed
your neck, pulling you down with
me. Which is just as good as
slapping you for revenge.
I still think that you did it on
purpose. Those stairs that you
dragged me down were too
Two beer bottles fly out from the crowd and VICKI and ZACK
each catch one. VICKI opens her bottle and takes a swig
before ZACK can even open his.
                       VICKI (cont'd)
Dance up on me douche!
VICKI and SANDY step out on the dance floor and start
dancing together.
ALEX and CHERRY pull away from their kiss and each take a
synchronized swig of beer. They finish and start making-out
Everyone is still dancing. JAMES and SANDY sit together in
the corner of the room. SANDY is slightly buzzed. They are
in mid-conversation.


Ya know, the teachers at this damn
school are so...stupid. I mean
truly, truly stupid!
JAMES nods.
SANDY does a shot of whiskey.
I mean... this one time, before
you came back from your trip, this
teacher spent a good twenty
minutes telling us how Columbus
tried to discover america, when he
was really trying to find Japan or
India or one of those damn
SANDY pours herself another shot of whiskey from the bottle
sitting next to her. She places it back next to her.
                       SANDY (cont'd)
Dumb bitch!
SANDY does another shot.
VICKI and ZACK are still dancing. VICKI is obviously drunk,
as is ZACK. They dirty dance with one another. VICKI jumps
onto ZACK hoping that he'll catch her.
ZACK gets her at first, but he slips and the two fall to the
ALEX and CHERRY are now at second base. They are also drunk.
They get up for a second, take a shot in sync and continue
to grope each other.
JAMES and SANDY continue to chat.
Ya' know what else I hate? Vicki
is such a bimbo!


That is so true.
It get worse. Not only is she a
bimbo, but she goes around
flirting with billions of guys and
then she doesn't do anything with
them. She's such a freaking tease!
I know.
SANDY falls over. JAMES goes to help.
                       JAMES (cont'd)
C'mon. Up, up.
JAMES helps SANDY up to her feet. He looks around and spots
a closet nearby.
                       JAMES (cont'd)
JAMES takes SANDY over to the closet and the two go in.
JAMES and SANDY enter. SANDY stumbles and falls to the
floor. JAMES dashes over and helps her up.
                       JAMES (cont'd)
      (helping Sandy up)
Easy, easy.
SANDY sits on a box and looks at JAMES.
You're cute.
Ya' know, I've never had a


Nope, I have yet to find the right
I thought someone as pretty as you
would have men crawling all over
I should. I should.
SANDY stares at JAMES romantically for several beats.
What "what"?
What "what 'what'"?
Oh shut up!
SANDY grabs JAMES' head and kisses him. When she finishes,
she lets go of his head and falls of the box. She starts
laughing uncontrollably.
What was that?
      (slurred and
What the hell do you think it was?
I'll have to try it again, just to
make sure.
JAMES and SANDY French kiss. When they stop, they start to
pull away but, they morph back together and start


VICKI and ZACK continue to dance. They are still very drunk.
They get a little too close to each other and knock each
other over.
ALEX and CHERRY are still groping each other. They pull away
from each other, gasping for air.
      (slurred and
Hold on, let's take a break.
      (slurred and
They each take a synchronized shot. Police sirens start to
blare away and red lights flash through the small windows.
ALEX and CHERRY jump in shock.
The music stops abruptly and the kids in the room begin to
scramble towards the only exit.
                       STUDENT (O.S.)
They're coming downstairs!
Everyone in the room begins to panic.
What the hell should we do?
VICKI and ZACK pop seemingly out of nowhere.
I'm gonna go to jail!
I'm too young to have prison sex!
I'm not strong enough to be a
ALEX looks around and spots the closet.


      (pointing at the
The closet!
The four run into the closet.
JAMES and SANDY are still making out. ALEX, CHERRY, VICKI
and ZACK enter, slamming the door behind them.
What the hell is going on here?
JAMES and SANDY pull away from their embrace and see the
group looking at them.
Wipe that damn smile off your
faces, the cops are here!
      (jumping up)
Holy crap!
SANDY stumble, trips and finally falls on her butt.
                       SANDY (cont'd)
JAMES helps SANDY up as ZACK runs over to a small window
near the ceiling and opens it.
Let's dash!
      (pointing at
Cherry, you first.
CHERRY walks over to the window and ZACK helps her out the
window. Once she's out, she helps ZACK out the window and
ALEX helps from behind.
ALEX hops out the window after ZACK with JAMES helping him
up. He jumps through the window and SANDY jumps up after
him. But, she gets stuck half-way through.


                       SANDY (O.S.)
Help! Help!
VICKI starts pushing on SANDY'S butt.
Your fat ass won't fit!
VICKI starts pushing with both hands.
                       VICKI (cont'd)
Fit, dammit, fit!
VICKI gives one good push and SANDY pops through the window.
As VICKI climbs up to the window, the cops bust down the
                       VICKI (cont'd)
A cop walks over to VICKI.
Don't move.
      (grabbing Vicki)
You're coming with us young lady.
      (through the
Run guys! Save yourselves!
The officer starts to pull Vicki out of the closet.
                       VICKI (cont'd)
Owww! Watch it dumb-ass!
ALEX, CHERRY, JAMES, SANDY, and ZACK wait in the street.
      (starting to cry)
This is unbelievable! Vicki is
getting arrested, we're stranded
in a parking lot and I can't
remember any of your names!
What are we supposed to do?


What, sorry, I'm too buzzed right
I think we're gonna die.
Police sirens go off and a car starts to drive down the
They all jump into a nearby bush as the cop car drives by.
Once the car drives by, they creep out of the bushes.
                       ALEX (cont'd)
We're screwed.
Very screwed.
Uber screwed.
SANDY falls to the ground on her knees.
      (throwing her arms
       into the air)
Dammit all to hell!
What should we do?
Go back to the dorm.
SANDY gets up and the five start walking away.
                                         FADE OUT.


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From TONY DRAKEFORD Date 6/4/2011 **
Overall an interesting script.The one thing I would say you need to work on is your delivery of your jokes throughout the script.I recognized when you were telling a joke but by the time I recognized it,I was already on to the next line.Good script just needs a little polishing and it could be better.

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