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Back to 13( Pleiades School Of Magic ) (Chatelaines)
by Mizuki (jojo371_sim@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review:

The story is about the unexpected serious incident that happen to the seven chatelaine of the Pleiades School Of Magic. The kind of pranks adventures, jokes from the seven young chatelaine in the school.

This Screenplay is copyrighted to its author. It should be the unique and only one because it is make specially for the PSOM members. Some information are adapted from JK Rowling example the school name Hogwarts. It is actually the graduated grown up life of the students of Hogwarts.



Seven young Witch who named themselves the Pleiades Sisters
reunited in The Netherlands after they graduate from
Hogwarts and pursue their career, found an island where they
built their very own Magic School naming it Pleiades School
Of Magic. These seven young witches were once playful,
mischievous and bold young girls who often play pranks on
their professors and friends around them. They were famous
for their pranks and the whole school know about their
infamous big name call the Pleiades Sisters.
It have been a year since they built the school and it is
running smoothly. The chatelaines were happy about their
very first Anniversary that they gather at the very Antilles
Square Tower at midnight for a nice party.
(all the seven Chatelaine were sitting by the table with
champagne and some food for the party)
                       MOONY MIZ
      (looking up at the
" Time really flies, it has been a
year since we first built this
school. I still could remember the
days when we were at Hogwarts,
doing our pranks, taking Owls and
Newts. Look at now.... (look at
own size) although i didn't really
change in physical size but yea
i'm changed from human to vampire
and mother of two. Miss that days
really.... its so much fun."
      (Looking at Mizuki
       with a smile)
" oh yes of course i remembered
the days in Hogwarts and i agree
with you Miz, that time you are
still with Claud. And yes i missed
our pranks too, the unforgettable
one is the prank that we do at our
very last day of school. The
expressions of the Professors were


                       YINGY (cont'd)
so funny."
      (popping grapes
       into her mouth)
"oh yea, Miz with Claud and Ying
with Raiden while Zaylie with
Logan. The three couples in us
Pleiades. Sad that you are not
with claud now Miz, both of you
are good together. What will you
like to change if you could go
back to the past? like
relationships or greater and
better pranks?"
                       LUNY LUNA
      (Looking at the
       rest while
       attacking the
" I would say better pranks since
i don't have any boyfriend at that
time. Perhaps study more for Newts
or Owls i don't know but i have no
regrets for that really. Just miss
the days when we only need to
study and now we are teaching,
working. "
      (Holding the
       champange cup and
       twirl the liquid
" Well missing the time studying,
detentions. I still could remember
the prefect duties, they were
tiring and really limit us on our
pranks. I was thinking the same
thing as you Chrys, its a pity
that Miz and Claud didn't end up
                       MOONY MIZ
      (Looking at her
" Oh well it is yea a pity, but
I'm quite happy with my marriage
now. You see, carlisle is a good
husband too although he is a
slytherin, cunning but still he
treasure our relationships.


                       MOONY MIZ (cont'd)
Thinking back actually if not for
him i might still be with Claud.
Hmm wonder what will it be like if
i marry Claud instead of Carlisle.
Its already the past and i have
gotten over him already. Don't
remind me of him again please."
      (looking at Miz)
" Great you and Carlisle are back
in good terms though. You have
already forgiven him? thats great.
Although i didn't know much about
the pranks and all back in
Hogwarts, it sounds kind of fun at
that time. If time could go back,
i just wish that i can become one
of you to prank together."
      (giving a
       disapprove look)
" Don't say about relationship
girls it kind of spoil the mood.
The pranks are much more better.
Yea Tammy that will be fun and I'm
sure you will be as crazy as us
back in those days."
      (Laughing at
" Oh i see Grelda's man-hater
attitude still never change all
this years. Alright, enough of
that lets have a toast. Cheers to
the bright future of Psom
( The seven Chatelaines held up their champagne glass pacing
them together under the bright moon light)
                       MOONY MIZ
      (Holding up her
"cheers to the bright future!"
      (Holding up her
"cheers to the bright future!"


      (Holding up her
"cheers to the bright future!"
                       LUNY LUNA
      (Holding up her
"cheers to the bright future!"
      (Holding up her
"cheers to the bright future!"
      (Holding up her
"cheers to the bright future!"
      (Holding up her
"cheers to the bright future!"
( They drank the champagne together)
Right after they drank the champagne something weird happen.
The seven of them were beginning to shrink to the size of a
13 year old. Those with abilities like Mizuki, Ying, Grelda
and Chrysta, they are facing some problem controlling their
abilities and causes them to feel the pain. The seven of
them begin to panic looking at each other been back to a 13
year old kid.
(seven chatelaines begin to realize that they are starting
to shrink and powers fading)
                       MOONY MIZ
      (Looking at
       herself and her
       friends with
       surprise look)
" What Happen? I....I'm Shrinking!
and Ying! Chrys! Grelda! Luna! Z!
Tammy! you are all shrinking too!
Oh My Gosh! Your Face change! What
Happen to us? Why are we like
this? Ouch, i feel like i'm


(Because Mizuki is a vampire, she is changing back into a
human 13 years old and that causes her to feel like she had
been burnt, her hair and eye color was changing rapidly)
      (Touching Face
       with anxious look)
" What happen? Oh my! Miz your
hair color are changing all the
time and your eyes. And Z your
face change! you look like the
time when we are in Hogwarts!"
(Because of ying's ability fading and unable to control
storm came with lighting strike across the sky.)
      (Clutchig head)
"ouch the thoughts were all
flooding in! I'm going crazy soon!
Chrys you are having fire all over
the place!"
(Grelda is a telepath so back when she is 13 she have a hard
time with people's thoughts flooding in and was in a
      (Fire coming
       everywhere from
       her palm)
" I can't control the fire
anymore.... we are shrinking! What
is in the Champagne? Who bought it
( Chrys couldn't control the fire ability of hers so the
place is having fire coming up and distinguish
                       LUNY LUNA
      (Looking at the
       rest of her
       friends with
       physical ability
       that could be
" It must be with the champagne,
who brought the champagne in?"
      (Looking at the
       champange bottle)
" I brought it in since it is a


                       Z (cont'd)
gift from someone. But why do they
do this to us? Who is the sender?
there is no name written on
it..... Sorry guys i have bought
this on us."
      (Went over to Z
       and put an arm on
" Its ok Z, not your fault. But
who hated us so much that they
prank us like that? Do you all
have any enemy back in Hogwarts
time? Some really bad enemy? "
                       MOONY MIZ
      (Scratching her
       head like she
       used to when
" but who could it be..... I don't
remember having this great enemy
though. It could never be the
Professors that we prank or
something. But who could that be?"
(looking at the rest of the Pleiades (Chrysta, Luna,
grelda,Ying, Z)
                       MOONY MIZ
"Possible could it be.....?"
      (nodded to Miz)
      (eye contact with
       the pleiades)
"yea.... i think so too...."
      (With an angry
"damn it. Let's go find em!"
      (stop grelda)
"wait..... we got no evidence that
em do it. and lets think of how to
get back to our ordinary


                       Z (cont'd)
appearance "
                       LUNY LUNA
      (Nodding to Z)
" I agree with Z, think of it we
didn't have the evidence and what
if it is not em i mean we would
end up losing if we go find them
like that right. But seriously
what we can do with this size now?
Anything can cure?"
      (Looking at the
" Lets find some help from The
Centrum. But i think we should
plan on how to keep it secret
first. I wonder what will happen
to the school if they see us like
that. First where should we go
      (Thought for
"My house, all of you come to my
house. My twin could help and
Raiden too with Claud....."
                       MOONY MIZ
      (Look at ying with
       a smile)
" it seems nice....but claud.....
well ok then lets go your house
ying. "
( so the seven Chatelaines went to Ying's House)
The seven kiddie Chatelaines went to chatelaine ying's
house, first to hide themselves and try to keep it a secret
to the students and secondly thinking of something to change
them back, seeking help from their family members and
( The seven chatelaines quietly went in Ying's house into
the living room and up to a empty bedroom whispering)


      (Closing the door
       behind her as all
       came in and
       locked it)
" So lets discuss what we should
do? our duties who are we going to
ask for help?"
                       MOONY MIZ
      (went to sit on
       the bed)
" what about our duties, good
thing the its holiday now and no
classes. Our duty in The Centrum
is the problem. Do you think this
is a curse or something? but it
happen after we drink the
champagne it should be some
potion. But i never heard of this
type of potion before"
      (sit down beside
" you taught potion and you never
heard it? then who would? Man!
what should we do?"
      (folding arms)
" what should we do now? since we
haven't even heard of it all these
years it must be newly invented.
And that is difficult to break the
potion spell. DAMN! I would crash
that person if i find out who did
it to us!"
                       LUNY LUNA
      (patting grelda)
" we all would crash whoever that
did it together Grelda. Now the
only ones that could help us are
the adults and the curse
      (Looking at all)
" Right, set! we will go find the
curse breakers tomorrow. Lets turn
in for the night? "


      (sitting on the
       couch near the
" sounds good, and...i don't think
there is enough beds here..."
      (with a big smile)
" well girls, its been along time
since we are able to be in the
same room like last time in the
same dorm room. Except for Z but
now we have got Z too isn't it
                       MOONY MIZ
"oh yea, you reminds me of that
ying. Actually it is not bad
though to be in this shape now. we
could do pranks too. "
                       LUNY LUNA
"thats awesome, we will plan
tomorrow whose office we should
crash huh? the Heads office of
course. And yea Z finally we are
able to be in the same room. We
could all squeeze in one bed
actually since we are this small
size now."
"certainly, that's nice we are in
the same room, same bed for the
very first time. Never thought
that it would be in this
circumstances. Actually i find it
quite funny, oh pranks lets do
that. What about our Famous Bleach
powder balloons with portable
      (Gets on bed)
" i like the pranks and the
sharing bed idea but believe me i
still am angry with the one that
do this to us. "


      (chuckles and jump
       on bed)
" Aww grelda, take it easy man.
Being angry doesn't really help
now. We would get some help
tomorrow and find out the culprit
and off we could go for our
      (Claps for
" alright girls let's turn in!
                       MOONY MIZ
"good night!"
"good night!"
                       LUNY LUNA
"hehe good night!"
"good night girlys!"
"good night!"
" night!"
(Ying turn off the lights and the seven chatelaine all tug
under one blanket and have their sleep)
The girls all woke up early in the morning and went down to
the living room for breakfast. The six of them sitting by
the table while the cute little Ying was in the kitchen
fixing their breakfast. They were all look like seven dwarfs
now so short and cute, well not exactly that short but how
tall could a 13 year old be. Sakura, Raiden and Claud were
still sound asleep not knowing what happen and the surprise
that awaits for them right at the living room.


(Ying wearing her pink lace cute apron came out of the
kitchen, making the seven plates of food floating with her
wand and carefully distribute it to her friends with a
bright smile)
      (grinning with a
       teasing mood)
" i feels like a mum fixing
breakfast for my little daughters.
Have your breakfast darlings, aww
you all are sooooo cute in this
size. "
                       LUNY LUNA
" aww we should call you mummy
then. Mummy ying thanks for the
breakfast. wow they look
delicious! "
                       MOONY MIZ
      (holding up her
       fork and knife
       sticking her
       little tongue out)
" wow little mummy ying, your
breakfast smells nice! and your
cutee apron! Ying you look so cute
with it. Thanks for your
breakfast. Wow its been long since
i actually ate breakfast. I get to
eat and sleep too! that feeling is
great. Believe me you will feel
the same too if you ever become a
vampire for a long time like me."
      (claps hand in joy)
" mummy mummy mummy yingy! thanks,
hehe smells nice. Pancakes! i love
pancakes. pass me that honey
      (pours honey at
       own's pancake and
       pass to chrysta)
" thanks Ying, it smells great i
suppose it taste great too."


      (smelling her
" the aroma is so nice.... thanks
yingy mum and i wanna have a go
with your pink apron too. Chrys i
wanna honey too!"
      (grinning while
       chocloate out of
       chocolate bottle
       onto pancakes)
" thanks ying, yummy you are good
in this."
      (chuckles and sit
       beside Miz)
" still prefer the original taste
of the pancakes miz? you never
change always likes the original.
                       MOONY MIZ
      (grin while eating)
" yeah, original still taste the
best to me. "
They were all happily eating their breakfast until Sakura,
Raiden and Claud woke up finding the seven chatelaines in
kiddie size eating breakfast
Sakura woke up and came down for breakfast with eyes half
open. Once she saw the seven kiddies she was shock and
rubbed her eyes several times to get a clearer look.
Screaming at the top of her lungs and approach the seven
kiddies she found out that they are the seven chatelaines.
By her screaming the seven chatelaines were shock and stun
too. This powerful loud scream woke up the two guys in the
house too, raiden and Claud who also came down to see what
had happen.
(Sakura walked over to Ying's side and playfully pinched
ying on her cheek)
      (Still pinching
       ying on her cheek)
" awwwwww Ying young little ying,
i miss this face alot!!! Sooooo


      (Annoyed face)
"arrghh stop it...it hurts okay?"
      (let go of ying's
       cheeck and tug
       her hands on her
"aww you are sooooo short and
cuteee my little baby sister. What
happen? how come all of you are in
this state now?"
      (Stunned there
       when he saw the
Speechless for a few seconds
before he regain his thoughts.

"what the...... what exactly just

(walks over to sakura's side and
saw little ying and the rest)

"ying? buahahahahahahahahahaha
thats hilarious man! what kind of
joke is this. and the seven of you
play this joke on us?"
      (glare at Raiden)
" what?! this is not a joke! Li
Baka! we are in this state because
we are under some curse or potion
unknowingly! its not what we
(the rest nodded their heads looking helpless with their
innocent faces)
      (Stop laughing for
       a moment and
       trying to control
       himself from
       busting into
       another one.
       Clearing his
       throat he put on
       his serious look
       and tone)


                       RAIDEN (cont'd)
"Ok.... what exactly happens that
leads to this? could you describe
what happen?"
      (look at them with
" oh no that's bad.What will
happen to all of your duties and
school. If you need any help, I'm
here to help "
      (give sakura and
       raiden a cheerful
" thanks sakura, well we are
actually partying at the tower
over there when i receive a
mystery parcel and saw a champagne
that indicates as a gift for us
for the first anniversary by a
nameless person. So i brought in
the champagne for the party and
drank it, the next moment we are
shrinking and ability faded too
until like this state now."
      (touching his chin)
" looks like that is a prank,
someone up to destroy the party.
But what exactly is the thing that
cause all of you to be in this
state? I have never heard of a
thing like that..."
" what about asking the curse
breaker department?"

looking at all of them

"i feel sorry for you..."
                       MOONY MIZ
      (giving them a
       innocent smile)
" yea we haven't heard of this
before too, right we will go to
the curse department though.
Raiden will you help us too?"


                       MOONY MIZ (cont'd)

"sakura... its alright. at least i
get to eat and sleep. And perhaps
have some prank or something..."
Claud came up after raiden and sakura, and was shock to see
the little mizuki that once belongs to him and the rest of
the chatelaines.
      (mouth wide open)
" mizuki.... you are back again...
and the rest of you. what curse is
that? i think i will discuss with
aaron and adria about this too.
Maybe you all want to follow me to
the office?"
                       MOONY MIZ
      (looking at claud
       with a smile)
" yes I'm back claud... and thanks
for helping us, we will come with
Mizuki and Claud have an awkward between them because they
once was a passionate lover until the day when miz graduate
and carlisle cut in the relationship with his cunning
method. But still they are friends and claud is willing to
help them all.
Raiden, Sakura and Claud bring the seven little chatelaines
in The Centrum to the East Wing where the Auror department
and the Curse Breaking Department are. They all went in the
curse breaking department and into the brainstorming room.
Discussing what to do with the seven chatelaines.
( curse breakers Aaron and Adria were surprise to see the
seven little chatelaines. They both recognize them because
they were same school same house same generation too. They
were curious on what had happen to the seven chatelaines and
what causes it.)
      (folding arms and
       raised his
" Woah! what had happen to them
claud? how come they look like the


                       AARON (cont'd)
days when we were 13."
      (looking at them
       with wide eyes)
" aww! Merlin's Beard! all of you
are so cute! and wait what happen
to all of you?"
      (turn to aaron and
" They have been under a curse or
perhaps a potion spell. but haven
heard of this type of potion or
spell yet. We got to figure out
the cure soon before the fall term
start if not the school will be in
great trouble with them like
      (looks at the
" they said it was cause by the
champagne send by an
unknown...wait we can't let others
know about this if not there will
be trouble. This type of thing
must be kept a secret. "
      (nodded in
       agreement with
" right! all of you shall live in
our house until you are changed
back. well for the family members
maybe you could send an owl back
with some excuses saying that you
won't be going home that soon?"
                       MOONY MIZ
      (looks up at the
       adults and her
       fellow friends)
" well guess we have to do it
then, we got no other choices left
do we?"


      (look at the seven)
" you say champagne right? could i
see the bottle of champagne ? we
need it to figure out what exactly
it is and hopefully restore all of
you back as soon as possible."
(Zaylie dig her bag for the champagne and held it up for
"here is the champagne that cause
us to be in this state. Well i
hope it will be of use, we will be
thankful to all of you if we could
get out of this shape."
Claud took the bottle from Zaylie and pass it to Aaron and
Adria who proceed to the laboratory.
      (looks at them and
       smile at miz with
       the rest)
" don't worry we will find a way
to get all of you back to normal
no matter how much we miss the old
time of you. Maybe you want to go
home and have some rest and wait
for our good news?"
      (nodded and tease
"i will bring them back, Raiden
you could go do your work. Your
Ying will be save with me"
Raiden smirked and went to his law and order department at
the south wing. Being the head of department he have got a
lot to do. Sakura brought the seven chatelaines back to the

(end of episode 1.....to be continue with episode 2)


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