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Fresh Grace
by Connie Rae McCabe Vigil (CRVigil08@live.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Psychological/Love story Drama about a woman who is stalked and raped by her childhood abuser. He comes back to finish her off but ends up raping her and he gets killed...she has to fight her demons and ends up finding out the truth about who actually killed the rapist. She ends up turning a horrible situation into Fresh Grace, a state of "starting over."

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



LINDSAY ALEXIS, a 26-year-old petite brunette woman, and her
Christian band named DELIVERED are performing a song. The
song ends and the host of the show SHERRY TOWNSEND enters
the stage as the band exits. Sherry approaches the
Every time I hear them perform I'm
blessed! What a great new group.
That brings us to our next award
presentation. The award for the
best new Christian group. The
nominees are...
                                         CUT TO:
Lindsay and her group are nervously awaiting the
announcement of the winner. Lindsay appears overly nervous
and confused. All the nominees are being read and the band
members are trying to be quiet so they can hear all the
names of the groups being announced. It finally gets quiet
as Sherry is about to announce the winner.
The winner for the best new
Christian group is: "Delivered"!
The crowd cheers. The group backstage starts hugging and
kissing each other. Lindsay backs off looking confused and
dazed. JACOB, the drummer in the group, nudges her.
Come on Lind! We did it again! Our
third award! This is so cool,
let's go!
Lindsay is blankly staring into space blinking and rubbing
her forehead. Finally, she looks up at Jacob as he is
tugging on her arm.
Yea, okay...wow---I can hardly
believe this!


The band members take off onto the stage thinking Lindsay is
with them. Lindsay, in a full-fledged panic attack, pulls
away from Jacob and leans up against a wall trying to
collect herself. An awards show OFFICIAL approaches her.
You okay? Better get out
there--they're waiting for you.
The official laughs nervously.
The rest of your band, not to
mention all your fans.
Ugh...Oh God,I'm not feeling well
at all. This headache just slapped
me in the face.
Well here...take my arm and let's
The official escorts Lindsay out on stage. Lindsay acts like
she barely knows where she is at. She approaches the
microphone and fumbles through her acceptance speech.
Ummmm...this is overwhelming. (a
few seconds pass...) Totally
Lindsay blinks a few times and looks around at her band
members. The crowd hushes in anticipation of her acceptance
speech. Suddenly, she seems to pull herself together and she
begins thanking all those who have helped her and her band.
Thank you...I thank God for
blessing me with a singing voice
and such a wonderful band. These
people standing here with me are
not just my band members, they're
family. Traveling with them and
making music that glorifies God
with them is the greatest
experience anyone could imagine.
Thank you so much for recognizing
us and enjoying our music...may


                       LINDSAY (cont'd)
God bless you all...
Lindsay and her band members walk off stage hugging each
other in excitement.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The next morning, Lindsay and her fiancee MICHAEL WARNER,
are visiting with her parents THOMAS and GLORIA ALEXIS. They
are looking over old photographs.
I can't believe you are finally
home for awhile.
Yea, me either. I really need
I'll tell ya what is more
unbelievable--that is having you
perform in my church tonight! Now
that is an incredible feeling!
Thanks Dad, it feels great to me
too. I can hardly wait. The church
I grew up in and now I'm going to
sing my own songs with my own
Gloria folds up a photo album and sits it on the coffee
Lindsay, you look sort of tired.
Why don't you go lie down in your
old room for awhile and rest...
No mom, I'm okay. Besides, how
often do I get a chance to do
Lindsay glances down at a photo album her and Micheal are
looking at.


Lind, who is that?
Michael points to a young woman in a picture who's holding a
Well...I don't know.
Gloria leans over and looks at the picture.
Who dear? Oh, you remember don't
you? That's KAREN, she used to
babysit you a lot when you were a
Lindsay tightens up. Her face flushes and she appears to be
remembering something not so pleasant.
      (confused and
Oh, yea,I think I remember her...
Lindsay stares off into space. All of a sudden a flashback
of a young man crosses her mind. He looks as though he is
getting too close to her. She jerks her head back.
Oh my God!
What? What's wrong?
Lindsay shakes her head in an effort to stop the flashback.
Oh, nothing I guess. I sort of
remembered a man with Karen. Maybe
her boyfriend? Mom, what was his
Oh honey, I don't know.
OWEN. Her boyfriend's name was
Owen. I know that so clearly
because I counseled him a couple
of times when him and Karen were
dating...he seemed to be a very
troubled boy at the time.


Yes! I was kind of glad when those
two broke up. Karen was such a
sweet girl and Owen seemed
so...well, never mind. I shouldn't
even talk like that...besides, I
couldn't even remember his name.
Lindsay seeming irritated shuts the photo album and tosses
it on the table. She leans forward putting her elbows on her
knees and head in her hands.
Honey, how are you doing with...
I know what you are going to ask
me mom. You want to know about my
anxiety and mood swings.
Gloria and Thomas glance up at Michael, he smiles and shrugs
his shoulders.
We just love you and with the
stress of being on the road so
much we just thought...
Lindsay angrily jerks her face out of her hands. She has a
completely different look on her face and her tone of voice
changes, she sounds bitter and harsh.
I know what you were thinking
D-a-d. You were wondering how your
wonderful little Christian girl is
doing on the road with her
wonderful Christian band even
though she's as crazy as a loon!
Now what is that all about?
Lindsay sweetie...


      (in a hateful
Don't call me that!
Why are you attacking me?
Lindsay gets up and walks over to the window. A few seconds
pass as she stares out it. When she turns around the look on
her face and her voice is back to normal.
I'm sorry. Where were we? I'm just
tired after all I guess.
Maybe you should go lay down for a
little while.
Yea, maybe you're right. Mom,
dad...you mind?
No, not at all. Go ahead honey.
Lindsay leaves the room. Gloria follows her. Michael and
Thomas are looking at each other in confusion and concern.
Michael, has this been happening
often? What I mean is, these
sudden shifts in mood like that...
      (nervously shaking
       his head)
Yea, they do happen quite often.
But she never seems to let it get
in the way of her song writing and
performing. It's just frustrating
sometimes communicating with her.
I do have to admit though, she's
been doing this more often since
we came back to San Diego. Well, I
say it hasn't interfered with her
performing and usually doesn't,
but a few times lately she has
forgotten some song lyrics while


I'm very concerned. As a pastor, I
do a lot of counseling and I see
so many dysfunctional and hurting
people. It's tough though seeing
my daughter like this. We've just
hoped and prayed the medicine will
continue to help control her
symptoms, and leaving the rest to
God. She is still taking it,
Oh, yea, she is still taking it.
You know, I think it's just all
the awards show hype and all the
traveling. Maybe after tonight
Lindsay will be able to settle
down some. I think I'll suggest to
her that we could take a
mini-vacation, stay here and visit
with you and rest for a few extra
Sounds like a good idea. Thanks
Michael. I'm glad Lindsay has you.
Forgive me for being so rude...How
are you? How is medical school
Good...real good, thanks. A little
rough getting started, but I'm now
doing extremely well. I just
applied for my internship.
Suddenly Gloria yells for Thomas from the bedroom. Thomas
and Michael jump up and take off towards the room.
                                         CUT TO:
Entering the doorway of the bedroom, Thomas and Micheal stop
in shock as they see Lindsay curled up on the floor in the
corner of the room with her forehead on her knees. Gloria is
trying to talk to and console her daughter. She turns around
and motions for Thomas and Michael to enter the room. Gloria
stands up and approaches them.


Gloria, what happened?
Oh Lord, I don't know what's wrong
with her. We came into the room
and she started going through her
old closet and she found this
stuffed monkey. Suddenly she
yelled "no" and threw it across
the room, began crying and then
ended up there in the corner
crying and mumbling stuff over and
Thomas and Michael look terrified. Thomas approaches Lindsay
to try to talk to her.
Lindsay? Lindsay sweetie, it's me,
      (in a child-like
No, no--leave me alone..go
Thomas looks up at Gloria and Michael.
Unfortunately, I've seen this
before. But...not with my
What's going on? So what is wrong
with her?
Thomas stands up and takes Michael and Gloria off to the
other side of the room to talk.
I'm not an expert in psychology,
however, I believe Lindsay is
experiencing a flashback of some
sort of traumatic experience. Why
or what seems to be the mystery at
this point...looks like it has
something to do with that monkey.


      (tears welling up)
What can... what can we do for
Well, let me try to talk to her.
I've had people I've been
counseling go into so-called
flashbacks like this. Although, it
hasn't happened all that often.
Thomas goes back to Lindsay. He kneels on the floor next to
Lindsay...it's me, dad. Lindsay,
you are okay now. Come-on honey,
look up at me. You are okay now, I
am here with you... Lindsay, here,
take my hand, okay?
Lindsay slowly looks up.
Lindsay has a child-like look on her face as she talks to
her father.
Daddy, I'm scared.
She falls into Thomas' arms and sobs.
It's okay honey, I have you. You
are safe now.
In shock, Gloria sits on the edge of the bed. Michael turns
and leaves the room.
                                         CUT TO:
Michael exits the Alexis' front door and sits down on the
porch steps. He looks shaken and pale. A minute or two
later, Gloria opens the front door.


Micheal, Lindsay is asking for
Michael jumps up and dashes into the house and to Lindsay's
                                         CUT TO:
Lindsay, you okay?
Lindsay is sitting on the bed. Thomas meets Michael halfway
across the room and pats Micheal on the shoulder.
I'll leave you two alone.
Michael moves towards Lindsay and softly sits next to her on
the bed.
Michael, I'm so sorry...
No, please don't be sorry. It's
okay. I just want to know if
you're alright.
I'm okay, for now anyway. I am so
scared. Some really weird things
have been happening to me lately.
All this anxiety and all. I'm not
sure I can perform tonight at
Dad's church. I feel so exhausted.
Lindsay begins to cry.
      (putting his arm
       around Lindsay)
It's going to be okay Lind. I
promise. I'm here for you. I love
I love you too.


      (taking Lindsay's
       face into his
I think if you just get a little
rest, maybe a nap, you'll feel
better. Besides, you always tell
me you feel your best when you are
singing. But if you are too tired
we can...
Yea, you're right. Maybe I'll feel
better after a nap.
Lindsay pulls away from Michael's affectionate arms. She
eases her head onto a pillow. Micheal moves to where he can
caress her head. Lindsay closes her eyes and begins humming
one of her hit songs...
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Lindsay and her band are performing the song she was humming
herself to sleep with earlier in the day. The church
congregation are on their feet and in a state of deep
worship as they sing along. There is a lot of electricity
moving through the crowd of people. Lindsay's parents seem
to be enjoying their daughter perform. A man is hanging
around the back of the sanctuary. He seems to be off by
himself, yet trying not to look suspicious. He is odd
looking and appearing sort of nervous.

The concert winds down and the band does their last song.
Thomas gets up and gives a benediction allowing people to
come forward to the alter and pray or to receive spiritual
counseling. Lindsay and her band end the last song and they
disperse into the crowd of people who came to pray or to
meet her and her band members. Lindsay is approached by an
old high school friend.
SANDY? Wow, it's been a few years!
(hugs her) It's so nice to see you
again, how are you?
Thanks, I'm doing great! I just
want you to know, I have your new
CD and I watched you on the awards
show last night. It's so wonderful


                       SANDY (cont'd)
to see you so successful in your
Thank you. I feel so blessed. You
remember Michael from high school,
Oh, yes, your high school
Yes, we are engaged now to be
married next year.
Lindsay looks up to look for Michael in the crowd.
I wonder where he went...
Suddenly, the odd looking man from the back walks right up
to Lindsay and interrupts the conversation between her and
Hi Lindsay, remember me?
Ugh, I'm sorry, and your name is?
I have been following your career
since you and your band made your
first recording. I'm a huge fan.
Well, thank you. You said your
name was...
Owen. My name is Owen.
Lindsay's face drains completely of all it's blood. Flashes
of a younger Owen flood her mind--and the flashbacks
overwhelm her with anxiety. She begins shaking violently and
feels like she might faint. She looks back at Sandy, then
back at Owen.


I'm sorry...I'm not feeling very
well. Please excuse me...
Lindsay takes off to the restroom. Gloria spots her and
hurries through the crowd after her.
                                         CUT TO:
Lindsay bursts through the restroom doors and heads to a
sink. She turns on the faucet and runs water over her hands
and splashes it on her face. Gloria enters the restroom and
approaches Lindsay.
Lindsay, are you alright? What's
Mom, I think I am really losing my
Why? What happened?
Lindsay grabs a paper towel and begins drying her hands and
face. In frustration she throws the towel at her reflection
in the mirror.
I met up with Sandy, remember my
friend Sandy from high school?
Oh, yes...
Well, we were talking and I told
her about me and Michael. I looked
up to look for him and there was
this guy standing there. He just
walked right up and interrupted
Sandy and me.
What in the world? Do you know


Well, I did. I guess we all did at
one time. Oh Mom, this is all so
weird, he said his name is Owen.
Yea... And he was acting sort of
strange. He told me how he has
been following my career and what
a big fan he is and all. Then all
of a sudden those flashes of a man
in my mind hit me again.
Lindsay, what are you seeing when
you see those?
Some younger guy. Oh God, I don't
know. What would all of this have
to do with this Owen guy?
Honey, I don't know, but since
this stuff is overwhelming you so
much, maybe you should consider
professional help to decipher
this...ANDREA still has her
counseling practice. Maybe your
Dad can talk to her, maybe get an
appointment with her for you or
Yea, I guess. She helped me quite
a bit as a teenager..that is, when
I didn't cancel my appointments.
Gloria puts her arm around Lindsay.
Won't hurt to see her while you're
here visiting. I'll talk to Dad.
Mom, I really don't want any


No, no of course not... she works
with your Dad a lot getting his
clients from church into see her
when he thinks they need more
professional help. I'm sure it
will be okay.
      (nods weakly)
I've got to do something...
Lindsay and Gloria exit the bathroom together.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Lindsay arrives at ANDREA MCCREA's office for her
appointment. She enters through the front door and
approaches the receptionists desk.
Hello, may I help you?
Yes, Hi. I'm Lindsay Alexis. I
have a 10 am appointment with
Oh, yes. Please...have a seat and
I'll let her know you're here.
She'll just be a few minutes.
Lindsay nervously sits down and picks up a couple of
magazines and thumbs through them. She gives up trying to
concentrate on an article and tosses them back on an end
table. She sighs and rubs her forehead as if she is getting
a headache. Under her breath she whispers to herself.
I should have listened to Michael
and let him come with me...
An elderly lady named ZELDA sitting across from Lindsay
thinks Lindsay is talking to her.
What'd ya say Miss?


      (looks up sort of
Oh, no...I was just talking to
Oooh, yes I see. Well, you're in
the right place for that Miss...
Lindsay, my name is Lindsay...and
Zelda, well...most of the time.
Hey, when you get in there don't
tell them you talk to your plants
and they talk back. I made that
mistake and ended up in a
nut-house for 3 weeks one time!
Oh no! I'm sorry...
No, no dear, no need for you to be
sorry, you had nothing to do with
it. I don't even know you.
Lindsay smiles. Suddenly the door opens to Andrea's office
as she escorts a patient to the door. The patient leaves and
Andrea turns to Lindsay.
Well, Lindsay Alexis, it's been
quite awhile.
Lindsay stands to respond to Andrea's outstretched arms.
They hug and then walk into Andrea's office.
                                         CUT TO:
Zelda yells to Lindsay as the door is closing.
Don't tell 'em Miss!


Lindsay and Andrea glance at each other then out at Zelda
still sitting in the waiting area.
      (chuckling under
       her breath)
I see you've already met one of my
colorful clients...
Andrea shuts the door and invites Lindsay to sit down.
Andrea sits in a chair across from Lindsay.
Relax Lindsay. Consider me an old
friend. However, you can leave out
the word "old" as far as I am
Lindsay chuckles and takes a deep breath trying to relax.
So, how long has it been? Well,
never mind, it doesn't matter. How
have you been?
Well, if I was doing really well I
would not be here...I'm sorry, for
some reason I am really
The first appointment is always
the toughest. Unless you really
want to do some work, then every
appointment is tough. I'm sure you
remember though, huh?
Yes, I know. I was a little
difficult to work with as a
It's okay. Let's start with what's
going on right now. You have one
heck of a career going full blast,
don't you?


Yea, and the stress is getting to
me...and all the guilt.
Yea...the guilt for letting the
stress get to me.
Well, I believe I have the best
job in the world. I write songs,
sing with a wonderful band and
serve in ministry for the Lord. I
could not ask for anymore.
But...these mood swings...and I
still have to take medicine for
anxiety and depression.
Okay, so tell me where the guilt
comes in?
I get frustrated. I'm a Christian
serving in God's ministry. At
times I feel my faith is what
should make me whole and all this
in my head to quit torturing me.
Then I get anxious and depressed.
It's like a huge black cloud in my
mind. All the praying in the world
doesn't take it away. That's when
I feel my faith must not be strong
enough. Then the guilt sets in, as
if I am personally lying to God.
Like, if people who listen to my
music, buys our records, or comes
to see a concert really knew what
was going on with me they would be
shocked, let down or turned away
from God. It's like I'm hiding
alcoholism or something. It's just
I do not know what that
"something" is.


First of all, Christians are not
exempt from having problems or
mental illness. And, depression
and anxiety are forms of mental
illness. Depression and anxiety
are no different than having
diabetes or heart disease. They
require treatment too. What would
you say to a pastor who has
I would encourage him to leave it
in God's hands, take his medicine
and continue praying and seeing
his doctor.
Wonderful! So why the guilt
towards yourself? Clinical
depression and anxiety are no
different. They're treatable. God
gave us the wisdom and the
knowledge how to treat mental and
emotional illnesses. All he
expects you to do right now is
take your own advice.
Lindsay leans back slightly and her shoulders drop in a sigh
of relief.
I see what you're saying. I guess
I have never looked at it that
way...but you're right...so now
what do we do?
Let's find out what really brought
you here.
By the way, how is Michael?
He's wonderful. We're planning to
be married next year.
Congratulations! Where are you
planning to live?


Somewhere near water...
Lindsay turns and stares out a window overlooking Mission
Bay, San Diego.
                                         DISSOLVE TO
Thomas is cleaning out the cabin of his sailboat as Michael
walks up. Thomas looks up as Michael approaches the boat.
Michael, what brings you here?
Well...Lindsay didn't want me
going with her to her appointment.
Hummm,I suppose that's her
call...Hey, I was just thinking,
why don't you and Lindsay take the
boat out and sail a little
tomorrow morning here in the bay?
Just the two of you.
Oh, that sounds nice. Yea, I'll
bring it up to her. We both would
love that.
Michael steps down into the boat and sits on the edge. He
seems down in the dumps.
Michael, don't worry. Lindsay is
in good hands with Andrea.
Although Andrea is tough, she's
the best therapist I know.
I know. I'm just concerned about
how this is all going to affect
her career. I mean, she's so hard
on herself for not being up to
what she thinks is God's
standards. Plus, I'm wondering
what in the world is really wrong
with her.


Whatever it is, Andrea will get to
the root of the problem. I have to
tell ya son, it may take awhile.
You might want to start preparing
the band members for some time off
while Lindsay may need to take
some recuperation time.
      (clears his throat)
Yea, good idea. I will.
Micheal stands up.
Can I help you with anything Tom?
Thomas, the prankster that he is, encourages Michael to step
to a certain part of the boat.
Sure. Come over here and I'll show
ya what I need you to do.
Michael follows Thomas' directions. Thomas then pulls the
ropes on the mast and suddenly the sail swings towards
Michael knocking him in the chest and out of the boat into
the water. When he comes up for air, Thomas is leaning over
the side of the boat and laughing.
I should have known you had
something up your sleeve!
Got your mind off things for a
moment, now didn't it?
All I can say is I owe you one...
Naw, this one's on me!
Michael climbs back into the boat. Thomas is leaning over
coiling up the mast ropes. Michael sees an opportunity.
No, I don't think so...


Michael shoves Thomas out of the boat with his foot head
first into the water. Suddenly, Gloria's voice rings from
the dock.
I can't leave you two alone for no
time without you both acting like
little boys!
All three laughing, Thomas gets back into the boat.
I was just trying to get Michael's
mind preoccupied on something else
other than our daughter for a
Well I must admit, it worked.
Lunch is about ready. Lindsay
should be here soon. I'll see you
boys back at the house.
Gloria walks away shaking her head. Thomas and Michael crack
up laughing.
                                         CUT TO:
Lindsay arrives in time for lunch. Gloria is in the kitchen
finishing up setting the table. Lindsay walks into the
HI Mom. Um...something smells
Chicken and dumplins. You and your
father's favorite.
Thomas and Michael appear through the back screen door of
the kitchen. They are still laughing and joking around as
they walk up. Lindsay spots them and approaches the screen
door and opens it for them.
How in the world did you two end
up so wet?


Thomas and Michael glance at each other and smirk.
Oh no, don't you boys come in here
soakin' wet like that! At least
take off your shoes and leave them
on the porch.
Thomas and Michael sit down on the porch to take their shoes
off. Thomas decides to attempt to embarrass Gloria and
Lindsay and starts stripping off his clothes. Michael is
cracking up at Thomas.
Dad, what are you doing? Reverting
back to your childhood or
Thomas just laughs boyishly at his daughter, strips down to
his underwear and dashes through the kitchen pausing to give
Gloria a kiss on the way through.
I love you honey!
Gloria goes after Thomas with a wooden spoon, laughing at
his nutty behavior.
Yes, I know. Sure wish you'd grow
up and act like a pastor!
They all laugh as Thomas heads upstairs to get dry clothes
How did you and Dad get so wet?
Thomas was playing games again on
the boat.
      (kind of disgusted)
Never mind. I can well imagine...
I'm going to go change. I'll be
right back.
Michael leaves the kitchen.


So, how'd it go today honey?
Well Mom, I definitely need
Andrea's help. I don't know how
long this is going to take, but I
think I need some time off to get
things under control.
Yes, I agree.
The band and I have talked about
taking time off after the awards
show anyway, so we all could spend
some quality time with our
What about your apartment in
I've got to talk to Michael, both
of our apartments should be okay
for awhile. Michael's being on
campus is no problem, and mine,
well, I can get SARAH or one of
the other band members to check on
it once in awhile. If this takes
too long Michael will have to go
back without me.
You know he is not going to want
to do that...
Lindsay quickly becomes frustrated.
Yea, well Mom, I know...I'm just
sort of tossing ideas out right
It's okay Lindsay, we'll work
something out.
Lindsay rubs her forehead.


Sorry for being snippy. Whew, I
got another one of these headaches
Hold on, I'll get ya some Tylenol.
I love you...
Oh honey, I know. Your father and
I love you very much. So does
Michael comes bouncing back into the kitchen in dry shorts
and a tee shirt.
I sure do.
Well, I'm so glad you're so sure
about everything.
Gloria and Michael glance at each other in confusion.
There you go changing into that
attitude of yours Lind, what's up?
Lindsay sighs and rubs her face as if trying to snap out of
her "attitude".
Lindsay does not respond.


      (clears his throat)
Ughmm, I thought you and I might
go out on the sailboat in the
morning. That is, if you want to.
I think it will be good for both
of us.
Lindsay blinks a few times, not looking up...then answers
The what?
The sailboat, you know...that
thing your Dad has that floats on
the water and has sails?
      (looking up
Sure...yea, sounds good...when?
Michael takes a deep breath for having to repeat himself
In the morning...
By the way, how did therapy go?
Oh...okay I guess...that's
something we need to discuss.
Michael walks over and gently puts his arms around her.
Yes I know.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


Owen, the guy Lindsay previously met at the church concert
is hanging out in his car just down the street from the
Alexis' home. He is far enough away from the house that no
one can see him from the house but he can see the house.
Driver's window is down.
      (in a demented
My little sweetie Lindsay, I've
got to make sure no one ever finds
out our little secret...
                                         CUT TO:
Lindsay and Michael are enjoying the San Diego sun and
sailing in the bay. They are relaxed and enjoying each
others company. They are very happy and very much in-love.
They spend most of the day out sailing. About 3 p.m. they
head back to the dock. Once in dock while Michael is
securing everything, Lindsay decides to head to the house
without him.
While you're tying everything
down, do you mind if I run up to
the house and get a quick shower?
No, go ahead...I'll be done here
in about 15 minutes or so...
Lindsay takes off towards the house.
                                         CUT TO:
Owen is still sitting inside his car, however, he is
somewhat closer to the house. From where he sits he can see
Lindsay run up to the house from the dock. She disappears so
he assumes she enters the house through the back door. Owen
gets out of his car and approaches the house and then the


front door. He knows Thomas and Gloria are not home. He
watched them leave earlier. He knocks on the door.
                                         CUT TO:
Lindsay is passing through the living room headed to the
bathroom when she hears the knock.
Who in the world?
She approaches the door. She can see a figure of a man's
head through a small window in the door. Assuming it's one
of the Elders in her Dad's church, she doesn't hesitate in
opening it.
Oh, may I help you?
Hi Lindsay, it's me again...
Do I know you?
Of course you know me.
Oh, wait, the guy at the church...
Now is that a way to refer to an
old long lost friend like me?
      (slowly and softly)
Owen reaches for the screen door, opens it, and begins to
calmly force his way into the house.
      (in a slight panic)
Umm, wait, can I help you? Are you
looking for my Father?
Owen gets into the inside of the doorway.


No Lindsay, I came to see you.
Owen gets closer to Lindsay, she backs up.
Oh, I have waited quite a few
years for this moment. You see...
Owen, I think you'd better back
off. Now, I don't know exactly why
you're here but...
Let me show you why I'm here.
Owen reaches out to kiss her.
Owen! Stop!
Lindsay pushes him away and tries to shove him out the door.
Oh no sweetie, you know you want
Suddenly at Owen's last words, Lindsay changes from a
self-defensive attitude into a child-like state. She falls
to the floor and curls up with her arms around her knees.
Now that's more like my little
sweetie Lindsay...
Owen forces himself on top of Lindsay and pushes her flat to
the floor. He begins kissing her then proceeds to rape her.
She switches from her submissive state to a kind of
masculine state.
      (in a deep voice)
You get off me or I will kill you!


Ooooh, getting rough and tough now
I'm not kidding, you're not going
to get away with doing this to me
Owen seems to be losing strength over Lindsay's new power,
so he slaps her across the face.
      (in a determined
You want it rough, you'll get it
Lindsay then gains super human strength. Her and Owen fight
violently but Lindsay's anger and will to survive over
powers Owen. In fear that he's losing control of the
situation, he pulls out a knife. Lindsay screams. Michael is
approaching the back door when he hears her scream.
                                         CUT TO:
Michael looks up in horror.
Michael disappears into the house screaming for Lindsay. The
back door slams closed behind him.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
A POLICE OFFICER comes out of the front door of the house.
The street is filled with police cars, an ambulance, fire
engine and a rescue squad. PARAMEDICS wheel a stretcher out
of the front door of the home with a body fully covered on
it. Thomas and Gloria pull up slowly in their car.
                                         CUT TO:


My Lord Thomas, what's going on?
Oh dear God, please don't let
something have happened on the
boat--please let Lindsay and
Michael be okay.
                                         CUT TO:
The policeman approaches the car as Thomas and Gloria are
getting out.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Thomas and Gloria Alexis?
Yes, please tell us what's
Suddenly, two police officers escort a handcuffed Michael
out of the house and into a squad car.
                       POLICE OFFICER
Mr. and Mrs. Alexis, please, come
on inside. Let's go the back way
into the kitchen.
Thomas grabs Gloria's hand as they both watch the squad car
leave with Michael. Then they follow the officer around
their home to the back door. They enter the house.
                                         CUT TO:
Lindsay is sitting at the kitchen table, crying. A FEMALE
POLICE OFFICER is trying to talk to her.
Thank God, Lindsay, you're okay!
      (looking up)
Mom? Dad?


Lindsay jumps up and runs to her parents arms. Thomas looks
over her shoulder at the female police officer.
Officer, could you please tell us
what has happened and why my
future son-in-law has been
Gloria helps Lindsay back to the chair.
                       FEMALE POLICE OFFICER
Well, sir. I'm going to get right
to the point. Your daughter was
attacked about 3:15 p.m. in your
living room by a man named Owen
Dear God!
                       FEMALE POLICE OFFICER
During the attack, it appears that
Mr. Wheeler raped Ms. Alexis at
knife point. Also during the
attack Mr. Warner entered the
scene, wrestled Mr. Wheeler for
the knife and during the attack
Mr. Wheeler's neck was broken. It
appears to be self-defense in Mr.
Warner's case, however, we had to
take him in for questioning. He
may be held overnight in jail.
      (taking a deep
Oh no... well, thank you officer.
                       FEMALE POLICE OFFICER
Sir, there are a few more
investigators here who need to ask
you two some questions. I'm very
sorry. I'll go show them in.
The female police officer exits out the back door. Thomas
approaches Lindsay.
Lindsay, are you okay?


No daddy, they want to take me to
the hospital, but...
Paramedics are standing by the back door.
No honey, you must go. You've been
hurt. We'll be right there with
Gloria motions for the paramedics to come over. They help
Lindsay onto a stretcher. They leave with Lindsay out the
back door. Thomas and Gloria stay behind to answer questions
before heading to the hospital.
                                         CUT TO:
Lindsay is resting in a hospital bed. Andrea enters and
quietly sits by her bed. A few seconds later, Lindsay
struggles to open her eyes.
HI Lindsay.
Andrea reaches out and gently takes Lindsay's hand.
Andrea...Where's Michael?
He's still talking with the
He's not going to jail is he?
I don't know. I do know he saved
your life though.
Lindsay tries to sit up but is in a lot of pain. She falls
back on the pillow and looks over out the window.
Andrea, he raped me. I only
remember him trying to force his
way in through the door, but I
know he raped me.


I am so sorry.
Lindsay begins sobbing.
Where's Mom and Dad?
Right outside the door. Want me
to get them?
No, that's okay. I just want to go
home. I wish Michael was here.
I'm going back to the office and
I'm having my receptionist fit you
in my schedule tomorrow. Think
you'll be up to it?
I'm so sorry this has happened,
but I'll help you through this
every step of the way.
Thanks Andrea.
I'm going to go now and let you
rest. I'll send your parents in.
Andrea exits the room. Thomas and Gloria enter and approach
Lindsay's bed.
The DOCTOR said you can go home.
I'll help you get dressed.
I'll wait outside the door.
Thomas exits, Gloria takes a set of clean clothes out of the
bag for Lindsay and begins helping her get dressed.


Oh Mom...
Lindsay falls into Gloria's arms sobbing.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Lindsay and Gloria are sitting in the waiting room. Andrea
opens her office door and walks out a patient. Andrea
motions for Lindsay to follow her into the office. Gloria
waits in the waiting room.
Good to see you...
                                         CUT TO:
Andrea shuts the door. Lindsay sits on the couch. Andrea
sits across from her.
So...tell me how you are feeling?
How do you think I feel? I feel
like I've been raped...that's how
I feel.
That's a good start.
I'm sorry, I'm still trying to
understand all that's happened.
You have the right to be angry.
Yea, I know. But I'm also worried
about Michael.
How's he dealing with all this?


He's been really quiet since he
came home from all the
interrogation yesterday.
Have you two talked?
Not much. I'm still exhausted.
That's understandable. I'm willing
to work with both of you and help
you guys through this. Think he'll
start coming with you?
Yea, I think he will.
Oh, good. Now sweetie, I'd like
Lindsay all of a sudden switches to a defensive attitude,
even changes her position on the couch. She snaps at Andrea.
Do not call me that!
Call you what?
Sweetie, don't ever call me that!
I'm sorry, I didn't know that
offended you.
Yea, well it does. That dead
disgusting pervert used to call me
that, guess he got what was coming
to him.
Excuse me?
Andrea observes Lindsay's switch from her previous state.
She notices the change in facial features, gestures, even
tone of her voice. It suddenly hits her what is going on
with Lindsay.


You know...Owen. (mocks his name)
Never could leave his hands off
So, what's your name?
Well, it's nice to meet you Buddy.
So, how long have you been a
friend of Lindsay's?
Oh, I'd say about 23-years.
Okay, so you've been around
Yea, so what's your point?
I'm just trying to help Buddy.
Remember, I am your friend too.
Yea sure, that's what Owen said.
Well,you must trust me some to
come out and talk to me.
I guess...whatever...
Lindsay's head lowers and her eyes close. She begins rubbing
her face and blinking her eyes.
Gosh, I'm getting one of those
headaches again.
Andrea notices Lindsay's regular actions are back.
Get them often?


Lately, yea, a lot.
Lindsay, I'd like to ask you some
questions, is that okay?
Now I know some of these questions
are going to seem weird to you,
but I assure you I have good
reason in asking them. Do you ever
notice lost time or periods of
time throughout the day that you
can't account for, especially
before or after the headaches?
What do you mean?
Well for example, can you tell me
about the conversation we just had
over the last couple of minutes?
Yea, we were talking about Michael
coming to therapy with me.
No, I mean after that.
That's when I got my headache.
That's what I figured.
Andrea, what are you getting at?
I'll explain when I have a little
more information. Let's continue.
Okay, now sweetie...(purposely
calling her this to see if there
is another switch).
Lindsay changes again, this time to a child-like state.


      (leaning towards
Lindsay, it's me, Andrea.
Lindsay curls up on the couch like a scared little child.
She is whimpering.
Please don't hurt me...
No, I won't hurt you. I'm here to
help you, okay?
Okay...where's Mommie?
Andrea points to the door.
She's right out that door. You are
safe in here with me, you're okay.
So do you have a name?
Hi Lindy, how old are you?
Lindsay holds up six fingers.
Would you like to draw or color?
Lindsay nods yes. Andrea gets a pad of paper off her desk
and a pencil and puts it in Lindsay's lap.
Draw or color anything you want,
maybe something you feel or
something you like or don't like.
Lindsay takes the pencil and starts drawing. Several minutes
go by, then she hands the picture to Andrea. Andrea takes
the picture and examines it, it's a child's type of drawing
of what appears to be male genitalia.


Lindy, do you want to tell me
anything about this picture?
Lindsay shyly shakes her head no.
It's okay, you can tell me when
you want to. I'm sorry if this
person scared or hurt you.
Lindsay begins crying. Andrea moves to the couch to console
her childish sobs. She takes Lindsay in her arms and holds
her, rocking her back and forth.
It's okay. This person will never
hurt you again.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Lindsay and Michael are in an embrace. Lindsay is comforting
Michael over his bad news he just received.
I'm sorry they turned down your
application for internship at Holy
Cross Christian Memorial.
What else can they do at this
point? It's okay, right now you
are more important.
Michael, it is everything you've
ever worked for. Medicine is your
life! Now you might not become a
doctor, how can that be okay?
Look, I can still be in the
medical field in some other way. I
just did not get accepted for
internship at the hospital. There
are other places I can apply. It
isn't the end of the world.


Lindsay staggers over to the couch and flops down putting
her face in her hands. Michael sits next to her and puts his
arm around her.
I feel so guilty...
Don't even go there, please...this
is not your fault. Sometimes
things happen and plans change. If
we just leave all this in God's
hands it will work out.
Oh, I just don't know how you can
have all this rock solid faith.
Aren't you even upset a little
that you're being forced to put
your medical career on hold and
could possibly be over that you
have been working on most of your
Sure it's a bit disheartening. But
I still have you. That's more
The front door bursts opens and Gloria enters with a bag of
Oh, hi you two.
Hi Mom.
Michael stands.
Any more in the car?
Gloria rushes to the kitchen but yells over her shoulder.
Yea, there's three more bags and a
12 pack of soda.
Lindsay gets up and follows Gloria to the kitchen.
                                         CUT TO"


Gloria sits the bags of groceries on the kitchen counter.
Mom...Micheal just found out he
got turned down for the internship
at Holy Cross Christian Memorial
because of what happened.
Oh no...I was afraid of that. I'm
sure he can get accepted somewhere
else or they might even reconsider
once things settle down. Honey,
don't give up or feel guilty over
      (shrugs her
Too late! I already feel guilty.
No, don't do that to yourself and
Michael, please...somehow you'll
both get through this. Faith,
Yes Mom, you're right, you're
always right. (throws her hands up
in the air) Mom is always right!
The answer to everything is "have
faith". I get raped, my fiancee
kills the guy and I'm finding out
I am really nut-so and the answer
is still "have a little faith!"
Gloria is standing with her mouth wide open at Lindsay's
I'm sorry you feel that way...
No Mom... I did not choose this!
Mine and Michael's lives are in
shambles and on top of it I am
losing my mind and I'm just
supposed to grab that old mustard
seed of faith and barrel right on


                       LINDSAY (cont'd)
through all of this?
Lindsay throws her hands up again in total frustration.
Lindsay storms out of the kitchen.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Andrea knocks on the Pastor's office door. Thomas answers
holding books and a Bible as if heading out to his car.
Hi Thomas, catching you at a bad
No, no, come on in. I was just
catching up on some extra work and
finishing up a sermon for this
                                         CUT TO:
Sorry to just show up like this,
but I spoke with Gloria earlier
and she said you'd probably still
be here.
It's okay...so what brings you


Lindsay...It's about Lindsay. I
asked her if it was okay if I
talked with you. She even signed a
consent form.
Thomas sits his books back on his desk and invites Andrea to
sit down.
What's wrong?
We've got a very sensitive issue
here and I may need your help.
Actually, the whole family will
need to help and be supportive.
Andrea sits up on the edge of the chair and takes a deep
Thomas, I saw something the other
day in session with Lindsay. This
is real serious and I want to do
some more work to be absolutely
sure, but I have substantial
evidence to believe that Lindsay
has Dissociative Identity
You mean...multiple personalities?
That's exactly what I mean.
My God...how do you know for sure?
I saw Lindsay switch twice. They
told me their names when I asked.
Thomas takes a deep breath and falls back in his chair.


My Lord, that means my daughter
had some sort of childhood sexual
Yes, and I suspect the man who
raped her, Owen Wheeler. One of
her alter personalities seemed to
know him and was glad he is dead.
Good Lord Andrea, what are we
going to do?
I've treated multiples before and
to be honest, they have a very
good prognosis. It just takes
time, a lot of work and a lot of
support from loved ones. Also to
be perfectly candid about this,
Lindsay has it easy with all the
family support. Many times we
treat individuals without their
family members or loved ones being
involved at all due to the fact
that sometimes they are the
Well, we do what we have to do.
Does Lindsay know?
No, just you so far. I want to see
how things go for awhile before I
confront this head on with her.
The walls of amnesia will start
coming down as we progress in
therapy. I'd like to see her twice
a week if that's possible?
Yes, by all means. Whatever is
going to work.
Good, so I'll see you Sunday?
Thomas scratches his head.


Yes...yes, Sunday.
I know this is tough on you too.
You feel like you let her down and
didn't protect her. It is not your
fault, you didn't know. Lindsay is
going to be fine Thomas...you have
my professional experience and my
word on it.
Andrea, I saw all the signs. I'm a
trained pastor. I should have
noticed something was not right.
All those turbulent teenage years,
I just thought she was a bit high
strung. I let down my own
Denial is a leading symptom in
familial situations like this. It
is too close to us for us to
accept. It wasn't your fault. Hang
in there, we will get through
this. Let's let God guide us.
Thanks Andrea...I trust you.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Lindsay takes off out of the house on a walk. Michael takes
off down the street after her.
Lindsay...wait...where are you
I just want to walk, please, leave
me alone.
You sure you're okay?


Yes, I'm fine, please, I just need
some fresh air.
Please don't go too far, it's
I'm fine, just a short walk.
Lindsay is so agitated she begins walking faster and faster.
Every car that goes by her she looks at in terror. In every
car the occupant looks like Owen to her. She begins running
faster and faster. She's sobbing and running. Thomas turns
onto the street and spots Lindsay and approaches her in his
      (calling out from
       his car)
Lindsay...honey, where are you
going? Come on, get in the car.
I'll take you home.
No, leave me alone! Don't hurt me!
No, I won't hurt you.
Thomas pulls a ways ahead of Lindsay and stops the car and
gets out. He calls out to Lindsay. Lindsay keeps running and
I swear, I'll hurt you if you come
near me!
Lindsay, it's Dad. It's me your
Father. I won't hurt you.
Lindsay makes a sharp turn to avoid him but Thomas runs up
behind Lindsay and tries to grab her arm. Lindsay screams
and jerks away, stumbling and falling to the ground. Thomas
tries to help her up but Lindsay grabs a rock and hits him
in the face. She gets back up and starts running again.
Thomas is stunned and bleeding, but gets back up and chases


Lindsay, please stop! I'm not
going to hurt you, I'm your
Lindsay takes off down the street then turns down an alley,
Thomas follows her. She finds some big boxes sitting behind
a house. She runs up and tries to hide behind one. Thomas
approaches. Lindsay lunges out and barrels over Thomas,
knocking him down. She takes off down the alley. She darts
out onto another street when a car plunges into sight and
has to swerve to miss her with its horn blowing and wheels
Lindsay runs into the front left wheel fender of the car and
falls to the ground. The driver gets out to check if Lindsay
is okay. Thomas runs up and helps her stand back up.
It's okay, I think she's okay.
Man, ya freak! You could have been
The driver gets back in the car and leaves. Thomas puts his
arm around Lindsay's shoulders.
Come on honey, let's go home.
Lindsay seems disoriented but physically fine and walks back
to the car with Thomas.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Andrea and Lindsay are in session. Lindsay looks tired and
depressed. Andrea has the picture she drew during the last
session of the male genitalia.
So, tell me how things have been
going since our last session...
I don't know, okay I guess...


No, not okay...things are bad...
Talk to me...
Michael lost his appointment for
internship at Holy Cross Christian
Memorial Hospital in Nashville.
I'm sorry to hear that. Does he
have any other plans?
Yes he does, and he is taking this
fine. It's me that is falling
My mind is so messed up. I tried
going for a walk last evening and
I ended up almost getting hit by a
car. I could barely remember the
walk, then all of a sudden there
was my dad, helping me back to his
car. About the only thing I
remember is that I started seeing
Owen in every car that passed by.
Then that was it. Dad said he
tried to get me to stop running
down the street and I yelled at
him and hit him in the face with a
rock. I don't remember any of this
Andrea glances down at the band-aid on Lindsay's arm.
Is that how you hurt your arm?
Ugh...no. I did this sometime in
the middle of the night.


What did you do?
Please don't tell Michael or my
No, of course not...what happened?
I just did it. I have done it
before years ago when I was a
teenager. I felt really out of it,
like I was sort of out of my body
looking down on myself. When I was
in the shower, I reached for the
razor and cut myself. I felt
relieved watching the blood go
down the drain, as if it was
washing all my inner pain away...
May I see it? Do you need
Lindsay takes off the band-aid and shows Andrea the cut on
her arm.
Okay good. It looks good. I've
seen this before but I still have
to ask you, do you want to hurt
yourself or do you have a suicide
No! No, I've never wanted to kill
myself. It's against everything I
believe. It's just that sometimes
I don't feel alive or that the
inner pain inside is just so
intense that I do this to bleed so
I feel better...you know, alive,
like the pain is oozing out with
the blood. Suicide is the farthest
thing from my mind, actually.
I just have to make sure you are
safe. We really need to discuss
some things... Do you recognize


Andrea holds up the picture that Lindy drew of the male
No. No I don't. Who drew it?
You did.
      (confused and
Well I should say, Lindy drew it.
Lindsay gets up and nervously walks over to the window.
So that's it, I really AM CRAZY!!
Nope, not crazy...just
Lindsay turns to Andrea.
Yes, you dissociate, like daydream
but you do it, well, sort of
deeper than the average person
because of childhood sexual trauma
you unfortunately experienced.
You're losing me Andrea.
      (motions with her
Please, come here and sit back
Lindsay walks back to the couch and sits down. Andrea takes
her tablet and draws a graph on it.


      (showing Lindsay
       the graph)
It's like this, on this end is
normal everyday daydreaming...then
due to stress and/or trauma you
move up the scale and there is
fragmentation of the psyche. As
you move up different levels as
your mind deals with the trauma
there are a range of symptoms to
go with it. As you get towards the
end of the continuum and the
trauma is repetitive and/or severe
the mind splits and we are looking
at multiple personalities.
However, professionally nowadays
it is called DID, Dissociative
Identity Disorder.
Multiple personalities?
Dissociative... something or
other? You're scaring me!
No, you're okay. You've just
suffered trauma. Sexual abuse, and
I'm not just talking about the
So, who is that in the drawing?
I was hoping you could tell
me...or maybe Lindy could tell
me...Lindy, I know you are
listening, do you want to tell me
who this is?
Andrea stop...what are you doing?
I need to talk to Lindy. Lindy,
it's safe to come out, I'm your
Andrea, please...


Lindsay rubs her face and begins squirming on the couch. She
looks down at the floor, then back up at Andrea, but with a
curious childlike look on her face.
Hi Lindy...how do you feel?
Andrea hands Lindsay a doll from a box next to her desk.
Would you like to hold this?
Lindsay shakes her head yes. Andrea hands her the doll.
Lindy, can you tell me who this
Andrea holds up the picture. Lindsay acts as if looking at
it makes her uncomfortable. She answers in a child's type of
Who honey?
Her boyfriend.
Who's boyfriend?
Who is Karen?
My babysitter.
Lindy, did Karen's boyfriend hurt
Ugh huh...


Did he touch you?
Lindsay tightens up if not to convey a secret...
Lindy, can you show me on that
doll where he touched you?
      (backing away)
Ugh ugh. no...
Lindy, this is very important. You
can trust me, I am your friend. I
am here to help you. No one is
going to hurt you anymore.
Lindsay shyly touches the doll on the crotch, slowly moves
her hand to the chest and then the mouth.
Lindy, I know it's difficult, but
can you tell me more?
Lindsay shakes her head yes.
How did he touch you, did he use
his hands?
Lindsay shakes her head yes and points to the crotch and
then the chest.
What about here?
Andrea points to the mouth. Lindsay points to the picture
(the picture of the mail genitalia). All of a sudden Lindsay
flies off the couch and heads towards the door. Andrea
rushes to the door to keep Lindsay from opening it. Lindsay
is in a panic, she starts screaming.
No, no, no! Stop!
Andrea grabs Lindsay's shoulders and comforts her cries. She
helps her back to the couch and Lindsay begins to calm down.


      (holding Lindsay's
It's okay, he'll never do it
(a few seconds later..) This was
not your fault, Okay? You did
nothing wrong...Lindy, you're
welcome to talk to me anytime you
want to, okay?...can I talk to
Lindsay now? Lindsay?...Lindsay?
Lindsay reaches up and rubs her forehead.
Whew, I feel dizzy.
Just take a couple of deep
breaths. Were you able to hear
anything we just talked about?
I'm not sure what just happened
Andrea. But everything is so
vague. I felt like I was in a
tunnel or a hole. I could hear you
in the distance but could not
respond. I heard something about
Yes, obviously Owen was her
boyfriend years ago?
      (wide eyed)
Yes! Yes! He used to come over
while she babysat me...Oh my God,
Oh my God!
Just made a connection?
That is his...his....umm, he is
the one in the drawing!
Great job Lindsay! You'll be
getting pieces now to your life
and we'll put them together like a
jigsaw puzzle. Trust me, you are


                       ANDREA (cont'd)
NOT crazy or losing your mind. In
fact, just the opposite. The
ability to dissociate from this
horror saved your mind and your
life. It kept you from going crazy
and it protected you from this
torture this man put you through
over and over at such a young age.
We call this ability a God-given
gift because it allows our mind to
However, we have a lot of work to
do, you up for it?
Yea, I suppose so...(she turns and
peers out the window)
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Lindsay is going through stuff on her old dresser in her
bedroom at her Mom and Dad's house. She finds a music box
and opens it. She winds it up and begins listening to the
music. Michael enters.
There you are!
      (glancing up)
Oh, hi dear...
That's beautiful.
Greensleeves. It's my favorite. I
used to play it all the time as a
little girl.
Isn't that the theme song to


Yea...but the lyrics describe a
love story...remaining lovers and
coming back to love. I wondered if
this was the way love truly is.
What do you think now?
A bit confused. I love you dearly
and I believe our love will stand
the test of time. Yet, hate seems
like such a close tie with
love...like deep love with you,
and pure hatred of someone else, I
wonder how they can co-exist in my
heart and soul like that...
I think you don't hate anyone
Lindsay, but hate the sin or the
evil that people do.
Then why is a part of me so glad
that Owen is dead?
You don't hate Owen, the human,
but Owen the sinner. He committed
an evil act. That is what you
What about you Michael? You fought
him, killed him to save me... how
does that make you feel?
      (hesitates and
       then clears his
Ummm, a bit conflicted also. But I
know I had to do what I had to do.
You are more important to me than
I guess that is why I love
Greensleeves so much, it too is a
bit conflicted. But he loved her
so much, finally setting her free
praying she would come back to


                       LINDSAY (cont'd)
him. I think that is what God does
to us too. Sets us free in hopes
we come back to him, just like
Lady Greensleeves.
"If you love something, set it
free. If it comes back to you,
it's yours. If it doesn't, it
never was."
Yes...I think God is working on me
right now. He wants to set me
free. But there is something so
dark in me that is coming to the
surface that scares me. This might
be a pivotal point in my life
right now, God setting me free to
see if I come back to him...
Lindsay sits the music box down on the dresser. It continues
to play then slowly winds down as they both listen. Slowly
and slowly then it stops...
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Lindsay arrives at Andrea's office looking tired and
disheveled. This time she drove herself there. Andrea opens
up the door to her office just as Lindsay is about to sit in
the waiting room. Andrea escorts out her client then motions
for Lindsay to follow her back to her office. They enter and
Andrea closes the door behind Lindsay.
So how are you doing Lindsay?
Looking a bit worn around the
edges I see.
Lindsay gladly sits down on the couch and takes a deep
Yea I am struggling.
Struggling with what exactly?


This whole rape and molestation
thing with Owen, with Lindy and
the memories that are starting to
flood my mind. I can't sleep.
It takes time Lindsay. It is a
process. We cannot get through all
this in one session.
I know that. But I just have a
life to live, but everything is on
hold because of all this insanity.
Okay, so how about if we work
harder? Do you feel like you could
take on some extra work?
What do you mean?
Well, it is time to step up
therapy a bit. I am going to start
giving you assignments to complete
in between sessions. Some writing
assignments, other objectives to
physically complete.
Great...now I am back in college.
Trust me, it's nothing like
Okay, I'll try anything to get
this process moving on...
It is going to be difficult,
uncomfortable and down right
disgusting at times, but you have
to dig deep down within yourself
and that is a scary place right
now. Are you ready?


No. But let's go for it anyway.
Let's see. First thing I want you
to start doing is to journal
everyday. You can do it whenever
you feel like it, as much as you
like. Write about your feelings,
the thoughts in your head and the
flashbacks you experience in your
mind that disturb you. No matter
how bad they are, write them down.
You do not have to let anyone read
it. However, I would like you to
bring your journal with you to
every session so we can discuss
what you have been processing. If
you do not want me to read it,
fine. We can just talk about it. I
would prefer to read it though to
help you process this information,
but that is up to you. The idea is
to get it out of your head.
I think I can do that. I like to
write. I used to keep a diary.
Good. It's just like that. Talk
about you. Also, I am not sure you
are ready yet, but I would like
you to start going to group
therapy. There you will be with
other patients like you, who have
experienced sexually based trauma.
There is a therapist there to
guide the sessions so don't be
afraid. But, I think that is in
the near future for you, if you
would like to go. It would be of
great support and help and assist
in moving you along in therapy.
Oh I don't know... talking about
this to other people, I am not
sure I can do that. This is super


So is there's Lindsay. These other
patients have been through the
same trauma as you, they
understand. You will see how well
you will bond with them once you
share things.
Kinda like AA?
Yes, exactly.
Sounds difficult, but I will pray
about it and plan on going.
Great. Now lets talk about the
memories you are having that are
keeping you awake at night...
Lindsay shuffles in her seat.
Every time I close my eyes I see
Owen coming towards me. With that
crazed look in his eyes. I feel
terrified then everything goes
black. It happens both when he
looks young and then also the day
he recently raped me.
In the flashbacks, is he saying
      (shakes her head
No, no I can't tell.
Just relax and listen. When the
flashbacks come try to let them
play out and listen to what is
being said.
What are you flippin' nuts?!! You
WANT me to relive that hell?


It's all about processing the
information Lindsay. We gotta get
it out to deal with it.
Lindsay plummeting her head into her hands nearly in tears.
Oh my God, this is going to be
harder than I even imagined.
Yes but I am here with you every
step of the way. Nothing bad can
happen to you now. It is just a
matter of dealing with the
Lindsay slowly raises her head. A tear flows down her cheek.
A few seconds pass as Andrea allows her time to collect
I'm okay.
Think about when you are trying to
go to sleep at night. Relax and
close your eyes. Try not to force
any thoughts, just let your mind
go. Then tell me what you see...or
Lindsay closes her eyes.
It's foggy. I feel so little. Owen
is coming towards me. He has that
sick look on his face. I can't
tell what he is saying.
Suddenly Lindsay gets quiet. She throws her head back but
her eyes are still closed. Andrea notices a facial twitch.
Lindy? It's me Andrea, your
friend. What are you seeing honey?
      (in a childlike
Owen. He is touching me. No, stop!


It's okay Lindy, it is just a
memory. He can't hurt you anymore.
Lindsay gets quiet and calms down some, but still seemingly
upset by her memories of Owen.
He called me "his little sweetie"
and he said If I tell anyone he
will hurt my Mom and Dad.
Lindy, it's over. Owen cannot hurt
you or your family anymore.
Lindsay blinks then lowers her head. Calmed down now she
seems as though she is gathering herself together. She looks
back up at Andrea and it appears that Lindy is now gone and
Lindsay is back to herself.
Andrea, Owen did some really
terrible things to me when I was
young. Many times.
So you were able to listen in on
mine and Lindy's conversation?
Yes, this time I was. It was as
though I was looking through two
sets of eyes. I could see Owen as
clear as ever, like it was
happening right now, but it
happened so many years ago.
That's good, that's good. The
walls of amnesia are coming down.
That is progress towards achieving
wholeness and wellness.
Sure doesn't feel like it.
Andrea reaches out for Lindsay's hand...
Just hang in there...
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


It is late in the night and Michael is up working on his
laptop in the living room on the couch in front of the TV.
Lindsay appears from her room in her pajamas looking
exhausted but wide awake. She sits down next to Michael.
What are you doing up so late
Just about to ask you the same
You first...
Oh...I am searching out other
places to apply for internship in
the Nashville area. Hopefully
others will not have as strict of
rules. I was not even charged for
Heaven sake...
Guess it is that Hippocratic oath
type of thing...
      (deep sigh)
Yea...I am supposed to save lives,
not take them.
I know, but we all know and God
knows you had no choice in the
matter. But still, a tough thing
to deal with.
Yea Lind, even though I did what I
had to do, I feel so much
confusion and I have nightmares
about the whole thing.
I'm sorry.
No, not your fault. We are victims
of circumstances. Sometimes the
devil does that, but we must keep


                       MICHAEL (cont'd)
our faith and God will prevail.
Yes, you are right. Faith. I guess
without it we both would really be
messed up right now.
Got that right. Why don't you go
back to bed and try to get some
Michael sits his laptop on the coffee table.
I wish I could, but every time I
close my eyes I see everything
over and over again. Besides,
Andrea gave me an assignment to
journal. She said when I couldn't
sleep to write about what I am
seeing in my mind that is
disturbing me.
Sounds like a therapeutic thing to
do to me.
Yea...so, on that note, back to my
room and get out the journal...
Michael reaches out to hug Lindsay. She slightly pulls away.
Oh, I'm sorry..I don't want to
invade your space... just wanted
to hug you goodnight.
No, it's okay. I apologize for
that. It was just kind of a reflex
from dealing with the images in my
mind. Nothing to do with you. I
love you.
Lindsay hugs Michael.
Okay, goodnight then...


Lindsay gets up and goes back to her bedroom. Michael takes
a long deep breath and wipes his face with his hand. He
picks up his laptop and clicks back on it.
                                         CUT TO:
Lindsay fumbles through a duffel bag she has near the desk.
She pulls out a journal then clears off a space on the desk
and places the journal there. She looks through the top
drawer for a pen. She opens the journal and stares at the
blank page.
Well...here goes...
Lindsay closes her eyes. Immediately she is taken away. Her
breathing becomes rapid and a few seconds later her eyes pop
wide open and she gasps for breath...she gathers herself and
the pen and looks at the blank page then begins writing. As
she is writing a tear drizzles down her face. She stops and
wipes it away glancing out the window. It is dark outside
but she can see the shadows of a tree outside the window
blowing in the night breeze. Suddenly, she sees a vision of
Owen in the glass. She gasps, throws the pen at the window
and flies out from behind the desk. She backs up to the edge
of the bed and slowly sits down staring at the window but
the image of Owen has faded away.
      (takes a deep
Boy, this is going to be harder
than I thought...
She decides to try it again. She reaches over to the window
and closes the shade. She sits at the desk and begins
writing. This time she finds her flow. She begins writing
and does not stop.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Lindsay is driving down the road seeming nervous running her
hands through her hair. The radio is on but turned down low.
She is thinking out loud.


God, this is what I get for
journaling and sharing it with
Lindsay looks out her left window for a few seconds then
back at the car in front of her. She has to slam on the
brakes because the car stopped as she was distracted from
thinking out loud and overwhelmed with frustration. Coming
to a complete halt, her head jerks back in place and she
looks shocked.
What the heck am I doing! That
was a close one...
The traffic picks back up and Lindsay takes a deep breath
beginning to calm down. She keeps looking out the
passengers window then her drivers side window looking for
something. Suddenly she spots the building she was looking
Oh, there it is... Brother,
thought I'd never find it...
Lindsay parks and fumbles through stuff in her car looking
for a piece of paper and then looks for her cell phone.
Finding both, she stuffs them in her purse then gets out of
her car. She slowly looks up at the front of the building.
A sign on the building reads "Desire for Wellness Center."
She peers at it for a few seconds and shakes her head as if
to gain composure, then shuts the car door.
                                         CUT TO:
      (walking towards
       building mumbling
       under her breath)
Well, this must be it. Here
Lindsay enters the building.
                                         CUT TO:


Lindsay stops as the door shuts behind her. There are about
7 to 8 people in the room and there is a circle of about 12
chairs in the center of the room. She sees a couple of
people chatting and a few others just moseying around the
room. She spots a table with refreshments and a coffee pot
by the wall. She decides to wander towards it. A gentleman
with dark brown, gray-streaked hair about 45 years old
approaches her.
      (holds out his
Lindsay? Hi, I am JONATHAN
SANDERS. You can call me Jon...I'm
the therapist Andrea told you
about, I'll be heading up this
Lindsay shakes his hand.
Nice to meet you.
Come on in we are about to get
started. Feel free to get a drink
over there or something then have
a seat.
Oh...okay thank you.
Lindsay goes over to the table and decides on just grabbing
a bottle of water, then heads to the chairs and picks one
and sits down.
Everyone, it's about time to get
started...please take a seat...
Five women and three men wander over to the circle of chairs
and all take seats. Everyone seems a bit uncomfortable.
Some seem depressed and withdrawn and a couple others seem
to be overly glad to be there. Lindsay just feels nervous
and wants to run out.
Okay...well we have a new person
here today, everyone this is


Jon motions towards Lindsay as he introduces her.
Hello Lindsay.
Lindsay squirms in her seat.
      (manages soft
      (talking to
We all go on first name basis here
Lindsay. So group, let's all
introduce ourselves to Lindsay one
at a time. JOE let's start with
HI I'm Joe.
The introductions go around the circle...
Hi, I'm BRIAN.
Hello, my name's MARIE.
Name's SAM.
Hi, I'm LACIE.
And I am Jon...therapist and
leader of the group. So let's
Everyone adjusts in their seats...


Does everyone understand what we
discussed Friday about the
continuum? How we are all on it
and it just depends on the level
of trauma we endured as to where
we are on it?
Everyone but Lindsay seems to nod in agreement. Lindsay
looks a little puzzled.
Lindsay, let me catch you up...
This is a trauma-based therapy
group. All of us here have faced
some form of past or present
trauma, some sexual and/or
emotional in childhood, some other
forms of trauma in adulthood or
      (nods slowly)
Jon gets up and goes over to the chalk board on the wall
near the circle of chairs.
Having said that, let me explain
what I meant about the
Jon draws a vertical line across the chalk board, then adds
short vertical lines randomly along it to the end.
      (pointing to the
       left end of the
It's like right here, we all
start, everyday normal thinking
and emotional stability. Then...
John moves the chalk up to the middle of the line...
Here is daydreaming and what you
might call "zoning out", we
therapists call it dissociation.
Then as trauma, may it be
physical, sexual, emotional,
mental happens the psych or mind
dissociates and kinda just


                       JON (cont'd)
splits...separating us from the
trauma as a self defense
Jon then points to further up the line.
Then as we dissociate and trauma
continues to happen we move up the
continuum, or line here as we'll
call it, and separate
personalities begin to develop as
we deal with the trauma. As the
trauma continues, the dissociation
continues and more personalities
seem to develop, protecting our
minds and center of self from the
trauma. Amnesia is usually
present between the personalities,
otherwise known as alters, until
the person enters therapy and the
walls of amnesia begin to break
down as trust is restored and
hopefully also the trauma has
Jon stops and looks at the group, focusing mainly on
I apologize, Lindsay, if this
seems to be a lot to digest all at
once. I am giving you a quick
course in dissociation and I know
it can be overwhelming. Please
stop me if you have any questions.
Umm, no I am okay. Andrea has
explained a little bit of this to
Okay, well good, that is half the
battle, understanding. Anyway, we
are all on different levels of the
continuum. It is just a matter of
getting in touch with self and
finding out where we stand within.
Jon leaves the chalk board then returns to his seat.


So, for today, we are going to
start by going around the room and
just giving one word of how you
feel today. I will start... I feel
"content". Joe, you are next...
Joe seems a little despondent.
The discussion starts moving slowly around the circle...
Panicky seemed to strike Lindsay. She becomes disturbed and
then seems to switch personalities and comes very
      (rocking back and
       forth in her
Stop! Stop!
Jon gets up and walks over to Lindsay and stops in front of
Lindsay, is there a problem...
      (beginning to cry)
Just stop.
It's okay. We all understand here
Lindsay. No one is going to hurt


All of a sudden Lindsay jerks her head up, obviously an
aggressive or male alter has emerged.
No, you understand this. I am NOT
doing this!
Jon remains calm but the others seem to begin to squirm in
their seats.
Okay, so you are not going to do
Lindsay, can you be a little more
Well first off, I am NOT Lindsay,
I'm Buddy. And second, I ain't
tellin' nobody how I feel!
Some mumbles begin to emerge from the group.
That's okay Buddy, you don't have
to. This is a safe place here,
you do not have to do anything you
do not want to do.
Well...I, I ain't...
Would you mind though if we
continue and everyone else has
their chance to express their
feelings for the day?
      (reluctantly nods)
Well, yea, I guess... that'll be
okay. I just ain't sayin' nothin'.
Jon steps away and moves back to his seat.
Okay then, let's continue...Sally?


I'm Bob, and I am pissed.
Okay I think that is all of us...
Okay, that's it. I am outa here...
Lindsay abruptly leaves her chair and stomps out of the room
and out the front door. When she gets outside the sunshine
hits her in the face and she realizes she is outside but
does not know where. She looks around and sees the sign on
the building behind her "Desire For Wellness Center." She
panics and runs to her car. She gets in her car, slams the
door and begins sobbing.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Lindsay and Andrea are sitting in Andrea's office. Lindsay
is nervously rocking back and fourth on the couch. Andrea
reaches over and touches her hand to ground her.
Why don't you tell me what
happened at group yesterday...
Lindsay stopped rocking and calmed down some. Then looked up
at Andrea with a confused look on her face.
I drove there and felt kinda
stressed as I was not sure where I
was going, but then found the
building and went in. We started
group and everyone introduced
themselves then Jon started
talking and I don't remember much
from there.


Can you remember anything of what
Jon said, can you remember the
beginning of his lecture? How it
      (clears throat)
Well, something about a line,
continuum...with levels of trauma,
kinda like what you and I had
talked about...then everything
goes blank.
Hummm, interesting, did you learn
anything new?
Just that, then everything went
dark. Next thing I knew, I was
outside in the parking lot on the
way to my car. I was upset,
crying, got in my car and sat
there crying and could not stop.
Why were you crying?
I don't know, I was confused and
inside I felt all this anger and
hatred. I felt so horrible, like
something super bad happened that
I don't know about.
Well we know about the past abuse
and the recent rape by Owen, so
you are saying there is something
else bad that happened?
Yes, and it feels like something
that no one could ever know. I
don't even know. It is just a
horrific feeling inside.
No thoughts, flashbacks, or
memories that come along with the
horrific feeling?


Lindsay sits and stares at the floor for several seconds.
Andrea gives her time to collect her thoughts and answer
her. The longer Lindsay sits, the more agitated she becomes.
Andrea notices.
You know Lindsay, you can tell me
anything. I am your therapist,
friend and confidant, it is safe
and you are safe with me.
      (sharply looks up)
NO, no, no! Its too dark.
What do you mean it is too dark,
tell me, what do you feel, hear,
see, smell...
Lindsay angrily disrupts Andrea, then seemingly switches to
      (in a male-like
I don't have to tell you a thing!
That sexual pervert and low life
got exactly what he deserved!
Lousy scum of the earth!
Oh, hello Buddy. You've said that
before about Owen, wanna tell me
what that exactly means?
No, I do NOT want to tell you what
that means!
Lindsay jumps up and runs to the desk near the window and
grabs onto the back of the chair.
      (in a different
       calmer but
       whimpering voice)
I tried to stop him. He just
wouldn't stop or listen to me.
Who? who did you try to stop doing


Owen. He kept forcing his way
closer. I screamed and screamed
but he kept calling me "his little
sweetie" over and over and over
Lindsay began trembling uncontrollably yet kept talking
while practically hugging the back of the desk chair.
Then he grabbed me throwing me to
the ground, touching me like he
used to when I was a kid, then he
began raping me at knife
point...all of a sudden my
screaming stopped and everything
went black.
Lindsay shoved the chair into the desk and swung around
towards Andrea.
      (back to Buddy
It was me, I did it! I didn't mean
to, I just wanted him to stop
hurting Lindsay!
Lindsay fell to the floor, nearly in a seizure, shaking and
yelling over and over.
It was Lindsay or him and I had to
do something. He had the knife to
her throat. I grabbed him and
twisted as hard as a could in his
crotch and he winced so I got
madder and pushed him off Lindsay.
I shoved his head into the glass
coffee table, then down on the
floor over and over again until he
dropped the knife and I grabbed
his head and yanked as hard as I
could with all my strength and I
heard a sickening crack. That is
when he went limp and fell totally
to the ground. He was dead. Oh my
God I did it, I killed him!
Michael didn't kill him, I did!
Andrea shocked but jumped up and helped Lindsay get off the
floor and back onto the couch. Lindsay slumped over in


hysteria. Andrea sat with Lindsay holding her and a tear ran
down Andrea's face. Lindsay looked up at Andrea.
How can that be? How would I have
had the strength to kill a grown
Lindsay, it was your alter Buddy,
but still just a part of you. He
came out to protect you like he
always did. This time he had to
save your life. With adrenaline
running rampant like that
sometimes we get superhuman
strength. Thank God for Buddy or
Owen might have killed you first.
Yea, but what about Michael? He
said he did it? He was arrested!
...(long pause)...Oh no! Micheal
covered it up to protect me! Oh
Micheal, he gave up everything for
That is what love is all about
Lindsay, giving up all for
another. Michael was protecting
you because he loves you and knew
you could not handle the truth at
the time.
Lindsay sits up straight, wipes the tears from her face and
gets panicky.
Oh no, I've got to talk to him.
Michael can't lose everything he
worked so hard for. I'm the one
that kill Owen. I gotta talk to
Michael made his choice Lindsay,
he chose to protect you just like
the part of you, Buddy did. But
yes you must go to Michael. Tell
him you know the truth. You guys
must work this out. I am here for


                       ANDREA (cont'd)
you also.
Andrea and Lindsay hug. Lindsay stands up. Shaken but
composing herself. Andrea slowly walks her to the door.
Before I let you go, I have to
make sure you are okay. Are you
okay to drive? Do you feel safe
inside? Where exactly are you
going from here?
      (nods, rushed)
Yes, yes, I am okay. I just have
to see Michael. I am going
straight home, he should be there
by now. I will call you.
Okay dear, I am here. If you guys
need anything at all you know I am
here for you. (places her hands on
Lindsay's shoulders) Just be still
and let God be God Lindsay, he
will straighten this all out for
Thank you, yes I sure hope so.
Faith is going to surely come in
handy now... Bye for now.
Lindsay rushes out the door. Andrea closes the door and sits
down in what seems utter exhaustion and takes a deep breath.
Whew, didn't see that one
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The kitchen door busts open and Lindsay flies in yelling for
Michael. Gloria is cooking lunch. Startled Gloria jumps and
Lindsay confronts her.
Mom, mom! Where's Michael?


      (drops what she is
He's in the living room. Why
what's wrong? What's going on?
      (out of breath)
I gotta talk to him!
Lindsay takes off into the living room. Michael is sitting
on the edge of the couch using his laptop that is on the
coffee table. Lindsay bursts in and runs up to Michael. He
stands and Lindsay rushes into his arms.
Oh my God Michael, I just had a
major breakthrough! I did it! I
did it! I am the one who killed
Owen not you!
Lindsay slow down! What do you
mean "breakthrough"? Tell me what
In therapy...with Andrea. I
remembered. I killed Owen not you.
While he was raping me part of me
became overpowering and broke
Owen's neck right when you were
walking in. I remember everything!
You took the blame for me Michael,
why why did you do that?!! You
lost your internship and
everything just to protect me?
Of course Lindsay! I love you too
much to let you go down for that,
you've been through too much as it
is and you were too fragile at the
time, I just was afraid I would
lose you, I couldn't face that.
      (calming down
       seeming dizzy)
I, I just can't believe you'd give
up your career and everything for
me like that...


Lindsay begins feeling faint. She collapses in Michael's
arms. Gloria enters about the same time.
      (catching Lindsay)
Lindsay completely faints and Michael eases her gently onto
the couch.
Oh no! I'll call 911!
Gloria goes and grabs the phone and Michael tries to arouse
Lindsay. She briefly comes to.
Michael, I don't feel so well...
It's okay, your mom called 911,
the'll be here soon...
Michael caresses Lindsay's head as she struggles to stay
conscious. Gloria re-enters the living room.
      (look of shock on
       her face)
Is it true Michael? Is Lindsay
really the one that killed Owen?
Michael looks up in desperation.
Yes, Yes she did.
Michael and Gloria glare at each other in disbelief and
shock. Sirens can be heard in the background
                                         CUT TO:
Lindsay is laying in the hospital bed, Michael, Thomas and
Gloria are in the room with her. Dr. HANSON enters.


                       DR. HANSON
      (approaches side
       of bed)
Hello Lindsay how are you feeling
Well some better not as nauseous
and dizzy.
                       DR. HANSON
      (clears his throat)
We've got some test results back,
are you up to it?
Yea, I'm up to it. Can they all
                       DR. HANSON
It's up to you Lindsay. (Lindsay
nods)...Well first off, your about
two months pregnant.
Gloria lets out a gasp. Michael grabs Lindsay's hand. Thomas
approaches the doctor.
But Doctor, how can this be? I
mean...well you know...
Dr. Hanson looks at Thomas then over at Lindsay. Lindsay
nods her head.
                       DR. HANSON
Well, when Lindsay was being
processed for the rape two months
ago she refused the anti-pregnancy
Lindsay and Gloria begin sobbing.
      (through her tears)
I'm sorry. I just couldn't take
it. For some reason I couldn't...
Michael leans over the bed and takes Lindsay in his arms.
Dr. Hanson continues to speak.
                       DR. HANSON
Ummm...there is something else...


Michael withdraws from bracing Lindsay and looks up at Dr.
What else could there be?
                       DR. HANSON
Well, Owen Wheeler tested positive
for the HIV virus. Unfortunately,
Lindsay tested positive also.
Oh my God, my baby!
Dr. Hanson holds up his hands in affirmation.
                       DR. HANSON
No Lindsay, it's okay. We need to
get you into proper HIV treatment
and with that the baby has a great
chance of being born healthy and
HIV free. But we must get
aggressive now.
Okay, I will do anything I have
                       DR. HANSON
I'd like to keep Lindsay overnight
to push fluids and begin
treatment, if that is okay with
her and the rest of you?
Thomas, Gloria, Michael and Lindsay all agree and the doctor
leaves the room. Thomas motions to Gloria who is also
visibly upset and they also leave the room.
Don't worry Lind, everything is
going to be okay. We can get
through this.
      (wiping her eyes)
I told Andrea just before I left
that faith was really going to
come in handy now...boy I had no
idea how much. Michael this is
devastating. What are we going to


Michael walks over to the window and looks out as if looking
for an answer. After several seconds pass, he quickly turns
to Lindsay and grabs her hand.
I know what we'll do, Lindsay,
let's get married...a small
wedding at your Dad's church like
we planned all along, just sooner
than expected, but let's just do
it. What do you think?
Oh Michael! Before your
internship? We have so much to do
and prepare for. So many things
have changed...I don't know...
Lind, look, I love you. You love
me. Our love has only gotten
stronger. Now we have some
obstacles to climb so why not
climb them married? I love you
more than anything and we need
each other. Please, let's do it.
Michael goes to the door and calls in Thomas and Gloria.
They re-enter the room.
Thomas and Gloria, I want to do
this proper. It might not be the
most romantic place, but I would
like to marry Lindsay as soon as
possible and I am asking for both
of your approvals to ask for her
hand in marriage.
Thomas and Gloria look at each other with their mouths open
and look back at Michael. They both agree and hug Michael.
Michael gets down on one knee and takes Lindsay's hand.
Lindsay I know we are not under
any normal romantic situation but
I love you and would you marry me
as soon as possible?
I'm afraid you don't understand
what you are asking. Things have
dramatically changed. I am having
Owen's child and I have to face


                       LINDSAY (cont'd)
having a horrible illness, are you
sure you want to jump right in
this sinking boat with me? I love
you dearly, but are you sure?
Lindsay I am more sure now than
when we got engaged. I know this
is the will of God. I am here for
you and love you despite all the
obstacles sinking your boat, we'll
put on Christ as our life
preservers and swim together!
We've been given Fresh Grace, a
new start...So what do you say?
      (smiles lovingly)
Okay...YES! Yes, I will marry you!
Michael kisses Lindsay and Thomas and Gloria hug each other
and then they hug Lindsay and Michael.
You guys settle on the day and
time and I'll set it up at church.
When you get out of here Lindsay
we got a lot of talking to do, but
for now I think Gloria and I will
leave you two alone. We love you,
Thomas and Gloria say goodnight with hugs and kisses and
leave the hospital room.
      (looking at
Aren't you leaving too?
Not until you go to sleep. Your
eyes look pretty heavy. Why don't
you hum me your favorite song...
Lindsay closes her eyes and begins humming one of her hit
songs. Michael takes a seat next to her bed and continues
holding her hand.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


Andrea opens her office door and invites Lindsay to come in.
They sit and begin their therapy session.
      (sitting down)
So, you had quite the major
breakthrough last time, how do you
feel about that?
      (starts crying)
The breakthrough was major, but
somethings came along with it that
are heartbreaking...
Oh no! Tell me what happened.
I confronted Michael and with all
the high emotions I passed out.
They got me to the hospital. I
don't really know how to tell you
all this except just come out with
it...Andrea, I am pregnant, with
Owen's baby and on top of that, I
am HIV positive. (Lindsay begins
Oh my, Lindsay, I am so sorry. You
know it is not your fault. You did
nothing wrong.
I know, but what worse could come
out of all that happened besides
Michael losing his internship? I
hope I have enough faith now to
deal with all this. Michael wants
to get married as soon as
possible. I told him I would...
Well maybe that is for the best.
You guys are in-love and I know
Michael is the most
non-judgemental person I know. You
deserve to be happy.


I know...it is just we had so many
plans to get things done first.
Him finishing a year's internship.
Me getting back to writing and
singing again. All that has
changed. I don't know what to do
with my life now, it is all a
train wreck.
I know it looks that way to you
right now, but God has a way of
taking overwhelming circumstances
and turning them into something
beautiful. Look inside yourself
Lindsay. God has a plan for all
this. Maybe there is something
else you are supposed to do. I am
not saying you cannot go back to
your singing career, but you can
use these negatives in your life
to positively help other people.
You think?
Absolutely! Think outside the box.
Search your soul. You can do this
Lindsay, your young, strong and
creative. Use those qualities to
build a life for yourself, Michael
and your baby. You'll be just
I hope you are right Andrea...(she
looks out the window) I hope you
are right...
                                         CUT TO:
Lindsay, Thomas and Gloria are in the kitchen talking.
Michael busts in through the kitchen door excited with some
new news.
I just got a call, I've been
re-accepted at Holy Cross
Christian Memorial Hospital in


                       MICHAEL (cont'd)
Nashville for an internship!
      (jumps in his arms)
Oh Michael that's wonderful news!
Thomas and Gloria both congratulate him on his announcement.
Only thing is, Lindsay, I have to
be back there within the next two
weeks to start...
Oh my, I was hoping we had more
time than that...well...Okay, we
do what we gotta do, right?
I have an idea to add, if you guys
are still wanting to get married
soon, why don't we do it this
weekend? I have nothing planned at
the church...
We definitely need to talk about
that and make some
arrangements...Lindsay what do you
You know what... let's just do it.
I am ready. We'll just invite
close family and friends and have
a small ceremony. It will be
quaint and beautiful. I would love
to marry you this weekend Michael!
Thomas and Andrea congratulate them both.
                                         CUT TO:
It's the beginning of the wedding. Lindsay and Michael are
standing at the front of the church with Thomas. They are
facing each other and her band is playing "The Wedding
Song". The church is decorated in beautiful spring flowers
and candles. Lindsay has on a tea-length white dress and
Michael in a formal business suit. Both look beautiful as


they look into each others eyes with love. The band stops
and Thomas begins the ceremony.
Micheal, do you take the Lindsay
Elaine Alexis to be your lawfully
wedded wife?
      (looking at
I sure do...
Lindsay, do you take the Michael
David Warner to be your lawfully
wedded husband?
      (teary eyed)
I do!
I now pronounce you husband and
wife. Micheal you may kiss your
Michael takes Lindsay in his arms and romantically kisses
her as the band plays the wedding music.
                                         CUT TO:
Michael and Lindsay are packing the car. They are joined
outside by Thomas and Gloria to say their goodbyes.
      (hugs Lindsay)
Honey, make something beautiful
out of your life. Let the Lord
guide you, Him and Michael are
your lifelines.
Thanks Mom I will. I promise. I
love you and will miss you. Thank
you for everything...
Thomas hugs Micheal then Thomas hugs Lindsay.


My baby girl, I know you will get
through your challenges, God is
with you. I love you my baby...
I love you too dad. Thanks for all
you've done for us over the past
few months. We couldn't have made
it without both of your support.
      (wiping tears...)
Your welcome.
Lindsay looks at Michael...
Well I guess we're all ready to
They get in the car and wave goodbye and leave with Thomas
and Gloria waving from the driveway.
                                         CUT TO:
It's three months later. Michael and Lindsay are in a room
where Lindsay is getting a sonogram of the baby.
Well, do you guys want to know
what you are having?
A baby I hope???
Well, yeah, but I mean the
      (looks at Michael)
Yea, well? do we?
Sure do you?


      (looks back at the
Yes, please tell us...
Well it is pretty clear from here
that you guys are having a girl...
Lindsay begins crying and takes Michael's hand, she kisses
Michael, you said we are starting
over with Fresh Grace... I want to
name her GRACE if that is okay
with you?
I think that's the perfect name!
Grace it is!
      (she smiles)
That's a beautiful name.
Everything looks healthy. I will
make a copy of her for you to take
      (and Michael say
       in unison)
Thank you...
Michael touches his forehead on Lindsay's...
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Two years have gone by. Lindsay pulls up into the parking
lot of the center she now owns and runs, "Fresh Grace
Shelter for Abused Women and Children." She has Grace her
toddler with her. They get out of the car and approach the
center holding hands. As they approach there is a young
woman with a toddler standing outside.
      (fumbling with her
Hello! I'm Lindsay and this is my
daughter Grace. How are you two?


                       LINDSAY (cont'd)
Can we help you??
I'm JENNIFER and this is my
daughter CIARA...we have nowhere
to go. My boyfriend is a drug
addict and I had to leave. We were
supposed to get married, but he
can't seem to pull himself
together...I left because he was
hurting me and I was afraid he'd
hurt Ciara.
      (Unlocking the
Well, you two have come to the
right place. Welcome to Fresh
Lindsay welcomes Jennifer and Ciara to follow them inside.
The door closes.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Lindsay and her band are performing at a church in
Nashville. They finish a song and the lights turn down low.
Lindsay approaches a stool and introduces the next song.
I wrote this next song about my
daughter Grace. God always has a
way of turning something horribly
wrong around and making something
beautiful with it. The name of
this song is "Fresh Grace Gave Me
Lindsay motions stage right and out comes her daughter
little Grace and climbs up in her lap as Lindsay begins to
sing. (Credits roll during the song and then the scene fades


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