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Drums in Her Ear
by Susanna Gervase (susiehagerty@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
A mother recounts her adventures in France to her sick daughter.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Bambi Lee Savage's "Darlin'" plays while the credits roll.

The camera pans across two bodies lying in a hospital bed,
starting with their feet. We see PERCY and her mother,
AMANDA smiling and giggling next to each other in the
inclined bed.

Percy is a pretty sixteen-year-old wearing a head scarf
cancer patients wear. Amanda is an attractive 41-year-old
woman who looks like she is 41. Her beauty is as mature as
her daughter's is youthful. However, tonight, they both look
like they have seen better days.
The heartbeat monitor beats loudly. It is hypnotic, but
then, suddenly annoying and disorienting, like saying
"salmon" over and over again.
Jesus, that's annoying.
                       ADULT AMANDA
Yeah, it's one of the most
negative positives I've ever
Why can't the normal heartbeat
play fun music-
                       ADULT AMANDA
Ooh, yeah, like The Jackson 5.
And then the flatline music could
be like, Guy Lombardo.
She pronounces it like a Long Island mother-in-law: Guy
                       ADULT AMANDA
Percy, you need to give it up. I
told you it was Grandma's.
Then why was it in your car?


                       ADULT AMANDA
Just...easy, Peanuckle. You don't
know what you're talking about.
Oooh, Guy Lahm-bah-do. Yah voice
is like buttah-scotch.
                       ADULT AMANDA
All right, I'm rolling up the
window. And anyway, he's not a
Adult Amanda makes a show of pressing an imaginary button
and pretending that a window is rising in between them.
Stop, stop.
She pushes the imaginary window down and cuddles into her
mother's chest.
                       PERCY (cont'd)
Do you think they've landed yet?
                       ADULT AMANDA
Yeah, it's not a long flight, so
they've probably been on the
ground for a while now.
Percy sighs and tries to smile bravely.
                       ADULT AMANDA (cont'd)
How are you feeling about that?
About all my friends going to
Cancun while I share a hospital
bed with Team Lombardo? It feels
super, Mom.
                       ADULT AMANDA
Ohhhh, Cancun's gross anyway.
There's nothing beautiful or
meaningful about Cancun.
I'll make sure not to share that
opinion with Senora Cantu.


                       ADULT AMANDA
Well, she'd agree with me. There's
no magic there, not anything that
a smart girl like you craves.
Be that as it may, it would have
been nice to make that
determination, myself.
                       ADULT AMANDA
I know, but there will be time
enough for all of that. You're
still so young, just 16! I didn't
have my first adventure until I
was just about to turn 18.
Yeah, speaking of, Mommy...I want
to finally hear the story of your
time in France.
                       ADULT AMANDA
Oh, Percy!
Oh, Mommy!
                       ADULT AMANDA
Knuckles, you don't want to hear
about old times. It's boring and
embarrassing and-
Don't be embarrassed, it's just
me. And Daddy's at home sleeping.
I promise I won't laugh or get
                       ADULT AMANDA
Well, I just don't think it's a
good time.
                       ADULT AMANDA
What's wrong? What do you need?


My cancer hurts.
                       ADULT AMANDA
I've heard it before. But fine.
(mumbles) Some things you try to
keep private, but what the hell.
(sighs) Let's see. Francity France
France France. Where do I start?
When you got off the plane.
                       ADULT AMANDA
No, it was before that. I want you
to understand where I was coming
from. My priorities were a little
(a beat) different back then.
The Flashback begins.
A blonde girl and her friend are packing clothes on a bed.
Wait. Is it okay if I picture
myself instead of you in the
                       ADULT AMANDA
Of course.
Because this is going to have to
take the place of my Cancun trip.
Better make it good, Mom.
                       ADULT AMANDA
I'll see what I can do.
One brunette and one curly blonde girl pack clothes on a
bed. One of the girls (the brunette) is played by the same
actress as Percy because she has put herself in the place of


her mother while she imagines the scenes in the story. The
room looks more modern than the previous room.
And if you say you listened to a
walkman, can I picture an ipod?
                       ADULT AMANDA
That sounds reasonable.
And if you make reference to
nylons or a phonograph or a
                       ADULT AMANDA
Just do whatever you have to do.
      (settles in)
AMANDA, 17, tidily packs a generic, roll-away Samsonite bag.
Clothes are encased in gallon-sized zip lock bags, all
labeled. One bag has a white cabled sweater in it, the label
reads, "Boatwear."

She is pretty, yet still with a full baby-face. She wears
her long brown hair in a braided pony-tail with a thick
headband placed carefully so as to not allow any errant
hairs to cause her any trouble. Her friend, ALLIE, sits on
the bed looking at her flit around the room.
Do you think they'll be nice?
Amanda pauses to consider the question and then sighs with
Sure, but it really makes no
difference whether they are "nice"
or not. It's the other things that
matter more.
What do you mean?


Well, people of a certain class
don't typically value "niceness"
as the ultimate compliment in
character the way people around
here do. It's like we've never
moved on from kindergarten.
Remember back then, you'd come
home and say, 'Mom, I made a new
friend,' and then she'd say, 'oh,
is she nice?' and you say,'Yes,'
and then, you know, it was end of
conversation. I mean, who really
cares? Dogs and monkeys are nice.
What about 'is she interesting? Is
she smart?'
Well, monkeys aside, I still think
the nice part counts the most.
Well, you would. You still wear
days of the week underwear.
Yeah, but days of the week thongs
are a different kind of thing
At least from behind, anyway. Hey,
did you bring those dresses?
Oh yeah. I brought two from last
year's formals. I didn't know
which one you would complain about
Allie pulls out two long dresses, one cream and one black.
                       ALLIE (cont'd)
Why do you think you will need a
formal dress?
Well, they live an hour or so
outside of Paris and it said in
the packet we'd be taking cultural
trips into the city, so I assume
that means we'll go to the opera
at least once. Although, it could
be the ballet. I don't know about


                       AMANDA (cont'd)
the seasons.
Well, sure, who can keep track.
Amanda has the black dress half-on, but cannot zip it all
the way up because it is too small.
                       AMANDA (cont'd)
      (grunting and
Just take the cream one. It's not
fitted and it's a little bigger.
I don't like that one. I'll take
the black one and wear one of your
ugly cardigans if I have to.
Amanda stomps into the closet to disrobe. Allie rolls her
eyes and puts the cream dress back into her bag. Amanda
feels guilty for her outburst and tries to smooth things
Albert, I'm going to miss you so
much, I'll probably have to swim
back early.
Yeah, yeah.
No, really. I'm going to send you
a postcard every other day and I'm
going to get you the best souvenir
      (all is forgiven)
For real? What are you going to
get me? Nothing ironic, that
doesn't count.
Well, not at least for your real
present. It will probably be
something from the beach. The
information packet said we'll be


                       AMANDA (cont'd)
taking a beach holiday toward the
end of the trip.
The beach?
Yeah, nice, huh? Now, admittedly,
I don't know which beach yet.
Marseilles, of course, comes to
mind. And look it, that would be
lovely, but I'm thinking maybe,
just maybe, it could be something
really next-level, like St.
Well, whatever. I just hope
wherever it is, you get to
Amanda gives her friend a look of confusion and disgust.
You don't go to St. Tropez to
snorkel. That's like going to
Venice to swim.
How would you know? You've been to
St. Tropez zero point zero more
times than I have. I'm sure there
are a lot of people who swim with
a tube there.
I'll call you collect and let you
                       ALLIE (cont'd)
Yeah, speaking of, can I write you
while you're there?
Yes! Yes. I thought I had already
given you the address. I gave it
to Thomas.
Do you think he'll write you?


I hope so. Considering, in a small
way, I'm doing this for him.
How so?
Well, Allie...
She sits down on the bed opposite of Allie and looks into
her eyes.
                       AMANDA (cont'd)
You're my best friend and that
means you can't think I'm weird or
creepy for what I'm about to say.
Not even a little bit.
Well, it's just sometimes I think
that Thomas dumped me because of
the difference in our families.
He's here and I'm here.
Percy holds one hand above her head and the other near her
                       AMANDA (cont'd)
He's been everywhere, seen
everything. His house is
unbelievable, like a resort. The
bananas are always yellow, it's
unreal. I just think if I go to
Europe for the summer, I'll gain
class and sophistication and he'll
see that and realize that I'm
presentable to his parents and
their friends. After that, we'll
go up east to college together and
when we're all in dorms, no one
will be able to tell that I'm on
scholarship. I'll get a job
tutoring kids and tell everyone I
just want to 'give back.' And when
I speak of my time in St. Tropez,
or Marseilles, if it has to be,
then everyone will assume I was
visiting family friends, instead
of doing a paid family visit, like
some lame middle-class person.


                       AMANDA (cont'd)
I'll be one of them. Thomas will
never be embarrassed to be with me
and we will live happily ever
Allie sighs and makes a face.
I'm going to assume that was a
piece of performance art and that
you don't really mean any of it.
If you really want to improve
yourself, I've been keeping a
journal with some suggestions.
Beyond those, I don't want you to
change too, too much.
They both lie down. Their faces are side-by-side, looking up
at the ceiling.
Well, of course, I may have to cut
my hair. If Lisette, that's my
French sister. If she has a
particular style, it might be a
good idea to copy it.
No, more like a bob, or short
bangs across my forehead.
Yikes. No offense, but I'm pretty
positive I'm not going to like the
new you.
Well, you don't have to like me.
You're my best friend, you just
have to love me. Mom says she can
tell we're going to be best
friends for the rest of our lives,
so you're stuck with me.
Fine. But I'm not going to any of
your college parties. I can
already tell your school friends
are going to be the worst.


I know, but their chalets in
Gstaad are the best. And don't
worry, Thomas really isn't the
main reason I'm going.
Do I want to hear the real reason?
I don't know, it's just I'm
looking for some moments. I want
to see things that are
take-my-breath-away (a beat)
They both smile and stare at the ceiling dreamily.
Amanda parks her old Suburban on the side of the street in
between two beautiful estates. She gets out and looks
around, suspiciously. She goes to the back of the car and
unloads her ten-speed bike.

She rides her bike happily down the tree-lined boulevard.
She passes beautiful mansion after beautiful mansion on
either side. She stops pedaling in front a Colonial
masterpiece, with a huge front lawn. She waves and shouts.
THOMAS, a wholesome, long-banged, 17-year-old boy looks
over. He is practicing his lacrosse shots into a net in his
giant front yard.
Amanda! Hey! What are you doing
He strolls over to the curb, where she waits, still on her
Amanda tries for non-chalance.
Just going for a ride. It's been a
while since I've been over, I
forgot you lived around here.


Yeah, I'm just practicing my
shots. I've got a couple of
lacrosse camps in July. One in
Virginia and the big one at
Yeah, Hopkins. That is a big one.
So, what are you going to do
before then?
I dunno. We'll probably just hang
out by the pool a lot.
Your pool?
Well, yeah. Or at the club.
Right, right.
And, we'll probably see a bunch of
Amanda tried not to notice the "we" referene the first time.
But, she can't ingnore the second.
Thomas smiles and nods at Amanda innocently.
                       THOMAS (cont'd)
What about you? What are you doing
this summer?
Amanda shrugs.
We're just going to France.


Right! You gave me your address.
I've got it...somewhere.
Oh, cool. No, it's no big deal, I
mean, the trip's no big deal. It's
just, you know, see stuff,
Oh, it's great over there. You'll
have a blast.
I hope so.
Awkward silence.
Well, I don't want to keep you
from your ride.
Right, thanks. Yeah, I want to get
a few more miles in.
Yeah, well, have a good time.
I will, thanks.
And, hey.
Amanda looks up, hopefully.
                       THOMAS (cont'd)
Don't go forgettin' about us,
Oh, I won't.
Okay, then.
She pedals off.
                       THOMAS (cont'd)
Have fun!


She rides off, making mortified faces to herself. After she
turns a corner, she stops to gather herself. She hears a
loud sound and looks up to the sky and sees a plane flying
Light classical music plays as Amanda looks around at the
airport bookstore. She is very self-conscious and very
aware, perhaps mistakenly aware of strangers' glances her
way. She leaves and walks, very primly, back to where her
mother, KAREN, sits.
Did you get gum?
Why would I get gum?
To chew when you're taking off.
The swallowing will help your ears
from popping.
Well, then I'll swallow a lot.
Honestly, mother, someone might
see me chewing gum.
No one is going to be looking at
you. Don't cut off your nose to
spite your face.
Amanda frowns.
                       KAREN (cont'd)
Oh, Mandy, I love you so much. I
will miss you more than you can
ever imagine.
I'll miss you too, Mom.
Well, don't. Don't even think
about me for the next four weeks.
Now listen to me.
Okay, I'm listening.


Really listen. Close your eyes.
Okay, while you're there, you are
going to see a lot of beautiful
things. But only if you look for
them. There's beauty in every
person and on every ugly street,
but it's not obvious. I want you
to play a beautiful song in your
head as you walk, everywhere you
go. That will be the soundtrack of
your time in France.
Karen pauses as Amanda serenely smiles and sits still with
her eyes still closed. Karen puts her hands on both of
Amanda's cheeks, like she is a little girl.
                       KAREN (cont'd)
Okay, you can open your eyes.
Okay, I know what song I'm going
to play.
Oh, good. What is it?
Remember when you made me watch
that movie, A Room with a View?
Yes, and you liked it.
I know, I did like it. Remember
the scene where the boy kisses
Lucy in the poppies?
Of course. It's an aria from La
Right, La Rondine. I will play
that in my head wherever I go.


I think that's perfect.
                       AIRPORT P.A. (V.O.)
We will now begin boarding for
Flight 629 in gate 44.
That's you, Possum.
Amanda walks toward the gate, turns around and waves with a
calm smile.
Amanda sits in her seat and looks out the window at the
baggage men who are moving the carts of luggage under the

A large man in a cowboy hat, COWBOY, sits down next to her.
She looks out the window and sees the beautiful blue sky and
coming sunset. She smiles and closes her eyes. La Rondine
starts to play in her head, but suddenly stops.
      (leaning over
Do you think any of them's dogs?
Excuse me?
Do you think any of them cargo
containers down there are holdin'
dogs? People want to take their
dog on a trip, that's where they
The cowboy laughs heartily and Amanda responds with a
disapproving smile and shrug. She takes out her copy of
Proust's "Remembrance of Things Past" and makes a show of
turning her body away from the man so that he makes no
mistake about her disinterest in talking to him.
The plane is coasting over the Atlantic and Amanda has
tidied what is left of her dinner. Suddenly, the lights go


                       CAPTAIN (O.S.)
Ladies and gentlemen, I have
turned off the cabin lights so
that you all can enjoy some rest.
We encourage you to relax and
sleep. We are on track to arrive
in Paris at the scheduled time.
Amanda looks around, panicked. She sees everyone settling
into their seats. The FLIGHT ATTENDANT comes to pick up her
Ma'am, did he say we're supposed
to sleep?
                       FLIGHT ATTENDANT
Yes, you really should sleep. The
lights will be off for five hours.
But what if I drool or something?
                       FLIGHT ATTENDANT
No one will be looking at you,
sweetie. Look, he's already out.
She gestures to the sleeping cowboy and leaves. Amanda rolls
her eyes and tucks her hair behind her ears. She reaches
into her bag and pulls out some lip gloss. She puts it on,
adjusts herself in her seat, sits up straight, and closes
her eys.

Amanda sits at an outdoor table at a country club
restaurant. She is with three other women. She is made up to
look older, at least in her mid-twenties.

She and her companions are all impeccably-dressed in white
tennis clothes, though it appears they have not broken a
sweat. They all sip white wine and listen intently to what
Amanda is saying.
So, then I realized the whole time
she had been talking about St.
Barts, she had been talking about
St. Barts (a beat) in the summer.


Everyone erupts in laughter.
                       AMANDA (cont'd)
In the summer!
Amanda opens her eyes and looks around. Most people are up
and the flight attendants are making rounds.
We're gettin' close.
Seriously? We're about to land?
You bet. You were sawin' logs
throughout most of the decent.
Amanda looks up, searching her mental rolodex for the
meaning of this term.
                       COWBOY (cont'd)
By the way, who's Armando?
Cowboy starts belly-laughing, his giant body heaving up and
down in his seat. Amanda looks on, baffled.

The plane lands and Amanda excitedly looks out the window,
her palm and forehead against the window.
I can't believe we're here!
I'm glad to see you smile. I was
beginning to think you were coming
here for a funeral.
Amanda immediately straightens up and responds to him
No, I'm here for four weeks to
work on my French.
Oh, fancy.


A couple of minutes later, the plane pulls up to the gate
and everyone gets out of their seats, including Cowboy who
begins to unload his stuff from the overhead storage.
Well, Proust (Prow-st), why don't
you think about mixin' in a little
fun while you're here?
Cowboy winks and Amanda frowns, sinking into her seat.

Instead of jockeying for position in the aisle, she waits
until everyone has gotten off the plane before she gets up
and walks down the aisle.
As Amanda walks out of the gate into the airport, she is
immediately struck at the crowds and the chaos. She stares
at Muslim women in burqas, German couples with their
children peeking out from unknown pockets within their giant

She reaches a crossroads and decides it is time to practice
her French. She finds an airport information desk.
Bonjour. Ou est-
                       AIRPORT LADY
What are you looking for,
Um, I just landed. Where do I go
                       AIRPORT LADY
Customs. Right that way.
Thank you. Merci.
Amanda stands in line and can see some people from the
plane, including Cowboy. She will be happy when she
separates from these reminders of home. She goes up to the
customs desk.


                       CUSTOMS MAN
Hello. Where are you coming from?
She frowns in disappointment at not being able to have a
conversation in French.
Houston, Texas.
Amanda gets her bag off of the carousel and looks up to see
Cowboy walking out the door. He gives her a friendly wave
and shouts.
Remember to have fun!
Embarrassed and annoyed, she looks around for someone from
her program. She walks into the greeting area and sees a
middle-aged woman holding a sign that says, "Programme
Amanda walks with three other girls toward a large tour bus.
Two of the girls are talking and giggling. Amanda walks with
her eyes on the ground, trying to send a "I don't want to be
your friend" vibe to the third girl.
                       AMERICAN GIRL #1
He looked at you.
                       AMERICAN GIRL #2
No, he was totally looking at you.
I think he was, like, 20.
                       AMERICAN GIRL #1
He was so hot. He really was
checking us out, wasn't he? Oh my
God, we are going to have so much


Amanda flares her nostrils for nobody but herself and walks
faster so that the girls' chatter doesn't ruin her first
breaths of French air.

She closes her eyes and looks around. She starts to play La
Rondine in her head, but it is immediately interrupted when
she boards the bus.

She takes inventory of the other teenagers, her peers, and
sees a motley crew. People are tired, dirty, and dressed
very casually. Girls are wearing tank tops and shorts. Each
and every boy is wearing a baseball hat, and most are also
wearing athletic jerseys.

Amanda raises her eyebrows and purses her lips as she sits
down and takes a window seat. She strategically puts her bag
on the aisle seat, hoping to send the clear message that no
one is invited to sit next to her.

A tragically unhip man, MIKE, stands up at the front of the
bus. He looks like he just got fired from a Christian camp
for being "handsy."
Hi everyone. I'm Mike, welcome to
The bus erupts with applause and shouting.
                       MIKE (cont'd)
All right, I know everybody's
tired, but before we go to the
hotel to get our room assignments
for the night, we are going to
take a bus tour of the city. Our
driver today is Phillipe. Everyone
give Phillipe a round of applause.
Again, the bus erupts with more hooting and hollering. Then
suddenly, the passengers break into a chorus.
                       ENTIRE BUS
Go, Phillipe! Go, Phillipe! Go,
Phillipe! (Sounds like Go
Amanda looks around, wondering if she missed the rehearsal.
                       MIKE (cont'd)
Okay, okay. But seriously, this is
going to be a great tour, so try
to stay awake. This is going to be
the crap that your parents will
ask you about and you can actually


                       MIKE (cont'd)
tell them the truth.
Contained laughter ensues.
                       MIKE (cont'd)
The other stuff will happen
tonight after dark!
Once again, the bus applauds wildly and shouts.
                       ENTIRE BUS
Go, Mike! Go, Mike! Go, Mike!
Amanda reaches for her iPod. She turns on some slow-tempoed
girl music and looks out the window as Paris passes by.

She sees the Seine, Notre Dame, The Louvre, the Champs
Elysee, the Arc de Triomphe and smiles to herself when she
sees a group of girls in yellow hats and rain jackets.
Okay, guys, leave your bags here
and find your table number by
The sun is setting outside and Amanda is temporarily
transformed by the tour of the city. She eagerly goes to
find her name and sees that she should go to Table 6. When
she gets there, there are three other girls already sitting
Oh my God, that was so boring, I
almost died.
You should have been sitting by
us. That boy, Max, was hysterical.
I think me and Laura, she's the
one over there, are going out with
him and his friends after dinner,
if you guys want to come with.
Yeah, totally.


Hi, I'm Amanda.
Everyone smiles and greets her warmly.
So, what if we never got that info
packet thingy about our families?
You never got yours?
Well, I don't know. Maybe my mom
looked at it, but I never did.
Well, you don't really need it.
Your family will just come and
pick you up tomorrow. They'll find
you, you don't have to know
anything about them.
Well, I know. I'm just curious
about how many kids are in the
family and everything.
Well, my sister did this program a
couple of years ago - had the best
time, by the way. She got wasted,
like, every night. Anyway, she
said that the families usually
have 1 or 2 kids, but they try to
match you up with a similar family
situation to your own.
What do you mean?
Amanda's interest is piqued and she leans in to really try
to catch the details of what she is describing about family
Well, like, if your parents are
divorced, they'll match you up
with another divorced family.


Well, yeah. They don't advertise
it, but my Mom called to make sure
my sister would NOT be put in a
divorced home and the lady said
that they match people up with
their home situations because,
supposubly, everyone is more
comfortable that way.
Amanda slumps in her chair. The wind has been taken out of
her French sails.
All four of the Table 6 girls are in the French-looking
hotel room. Alex is on one bed, Christy is on the other and
Ashley roams around the room. Amanda sits on the floor,
Indian-style, with her back against the wall.
Should I wear the black or the red
      (faux confidently)
The red one. It looks hot.
The phone rings.
Hello. (beat)
Oh, hey. (beat)
Yeah, sure. (beat)
Um, I don't know, like 10 minutes?
Okay, see ya then. (hangs up)
That was Max. They already got a
bunch of wine. We're going to go
pre-game in his room before we go
Everything the girls say sounds bigger than them. Every word
sounds as if they are trying on their mother's high heels,
or their sister's giant bra.
Awesome. I'll hurry.
Amanda, what are you going to


Oh, no. I don't think I'm going to
go out. I'm really tired from the
flight, so I think I'm going to
just stay here and sleep.
Are you kidding? My sister said
the night out in Paris is the best
part of the entire trip.
Oh, well, I don't want the rest of
the trip to be a disappointment,
so I think I'll just stay in. And,
that way, I can watch all our
The girls give Amanda a look they usually reserve for the
girl who asks for extra homework.
Amanda dreams. Alone in her bed.
Dream Sequence:

Amanda stands on the sideline of a polo match with another
lady. They are both wearing pastel dresses and ridiculous
hats. They sip cocktails and talk to each other out of the
sides of their mouths so that they can keep an eye on the
So, I said, 'What the hell, it's
for charity.'
The clock says 7:00 when Amanda opens her eyes. She looks
around and there is still no one else in her room. The other
bed is untouched.

She gets ready, gets all of her bags, and walks into the
hallway. She hears loud voices coming down the hallway and
she steps behind a door. Her roommates stumble by, without
noticing her. They cuss and giggle loudly because they can't


get the key to work. Finally, it does, and they pour into
the room.

Amanda goes down to the lobby and heads to the front desk.
                       HOTEL LADY
Yes, how may I help you?
Um, est-ce que je-
                       HOTEL LADY
Mademoiselle, I speak English. How
can I help you?
Can I leave my stuff here while I
go get a coffee?
                       HOTEL LADY
Yes, of course.
Thank you. (Mouths) Merci.
She walks outside looking for a place to have coffee. She
finds a street cafe and sits down, clearly feeling the
excitement of doing something unlike she's ever done before.
                       STREET CAFE WAITER
Bonjour, mademoiselle.
                       STREET CAFE WAITER (French)
What would you like?


                       AMANDA (French)
I would like a coffee, please.
                       STREET CAFE WAITER (French)
Of course. And a croissant?
Uh, Yes. Oui. Croissant. Merci.
She gets her coffee and begins to put sugar in it, but stops
herself. She drinks it black and makes a face. She steels
herself and takes another sip. She smiles to herself and
drinks more.

She enjoys the people-watching as the morning breeze blows
her hair in her eyes.
Mike is standing in the lobby with a clipboard. He is
sporting a bright neon green Programme Pascal shirt and
matching hat.
Hi, Mike. I'm Amanda White. Do you
know when the Blondeaus are
scheduled to pick me up?
White. Blondeau. Wait, I think
they just showed up. Yes, that's
them over there on the chairs.
Amanda looks over to the couches and sees LISETTE, a chunky
girl with frizzy, orange and black hair. She is wearing
faded black jeans and a baggy FIFA sweatshirt, with zig-zags
allover it.

She is making out with a tall boy, CHRISTOPHE, who is
wearing a red and green soccer jersey. He is a 6 to
Lisette's 2 on the proverbial 10-point scale.

Next to them, is an 11-year-old boy, CHARLES. He is smiling
and talking to the kissing couple, oblivious to the fact
that they are not interested in what he is saying. He is
missing the bottom diagonal half of his right front tooth.

Next to him, his mother, short and plump ANNETTE, surveys
the room pleasantly.


      (with flat
The Blondeaus.
She looks around and sees people she recognizes from the bus
trip double-kissing and greeting perfectly lovely-looking
people. Before Amanda can overcome her shock and disbelief,
Mike is shouting in her ear.
Madame Blondeau! Voila!
                       ANNETTE (French)
Oh, there she is.
Annette and Charles run over to Amanda. Annette grabs her by
the shoulders and double-kisses her.
                       ANNETTE (cont'd)
Je m'appelle Annette, your mother.
      (heavily accented)
She is Annette. She is your
Charles gives Amanda the least self-conscious and most
friendly smile she has ever seen. Then, he remembers his
                       CHARLES (cont'd)
I am your brother. My name is
He reaches up to double-kiss her.
Lisette! Allez-y! Allez-y!
Lisette rolls her eyes and walks over, pulling the hand of
her boyfriend.
She is your sister. Her name is
Lisette rolls her eyes and leans forward to give Amanda a


                       CHARLES (cont'd)
...and her boyfriend, Christophe.
Amanda recoils a bit when Christophe leans in for a

Lisette scrutinizes Amanda and decides she does not like
what she sees.
                       LISETTE (French)
Do you know who Bob Marley is?
Bob Marley?
She says if you know the singer,
Bob Marley.
Bob Marley!
She starts to sing in a very heavy French accent.
                       LISETTE (cont'd)
Buffalo Soldier, comin' to
Oui. Oui. Oui.
Lisette smiles and speaks quietly to Charles while keeping
both eyes on Amanda.
                       LISETTE (French)
How do I say, 'I am?'
I am.
Lisette glares and Amanda and leans into her.
I am Bob Marley.


                       AMANDA (French)
                       ANNETTE (French)
Good, good. Let's go to the car.
They walk down the cobblestone street, lined with parked
cars. Charles is pulling Amanda's rolly-bag, while he and
his mother speak to each other, too rapidly for Amanda to

Lisette and Christophe walk far behind, hand in hand.

They arrive at a very old and beat-up Citroen Visa
hatchback. As everyone arrives at the car, all four speak
and argue amongst themselves. They appear, from all the
gesticulating, to be discussing logistics of seating and
luggage placement.

Amanda looks on, waiting for a resolution.
Okay, you sit here. Your luggage
will sit here. D'accord?
He begins to put her luggage in the trunk.
Everyone piles into the car and they begin to drive. Amanda
sits in the back with Lisette and Christophe. Annette speaks
to Charles as Lisette rolls her eyes.
My mother says if you are hungry?
No, I just had a croissant.
Charles translates to his mother and she replies.
My mother says do you know Dallas?


                       AMANDA (French)
Yes, my cousins live in Dallas.
No. On the tele.
He sings the Dallas theme song in "Dah, dah dah, dah dad dah
da dah dah..." Annette bobs her head in enjoyment.
                       CHARLES (cont'd)
Do you know it?
Oh. Yes.
It is my mother's favorite.
It is good.
Annette looks at Amanda in the rear view mirror and nods.
      (heavily accented)
Very good.
Amanda looks out the window as Paris disappears behind her.
She feels guilty about the silence in the car.
Charles, your English is
Oh, thank you, but I do not think
so. This is why you are here. I
want to speak English better.
I'm here to help you with your
Of course, Lisette doesn't want to
Lisette, annoyed with all the talking, leans over her
mother's shoulder and turns Bob Marley on full blast. "Don't
worry 'bout a thing. Every little thing's gonna be all


right," plays while the Citroen, collectively, hopes it's
They drive up to a large apartment building. Lisette and
Christophe eagerly get out of the car and disappear into one
of the entrances.
Charles, Annette, and Amanda are ass-to-elbows in the
elevator. Charles and Annette cheerfully confer over things,
but Amanda doesn't understand anything.
Charles opens the door to a small apartment. There are only
two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen with a small
table. Amanda follows Charles as he gives the tour. She nods
and smiles as much as she can.
Et le bath.
He briefly demonstrates how to use the shower.
                       CHARLES (French)
Like this.
Oh, bon.
He leads her into Lisette's room. It is adorned with posters
of Bob Marley, Jim Morrison, and Pink Floyd. She has Hello
Kitty things sprinkled about her room and her bedspread and
sheets are another cartoon character, Fido Dido. Her bed is
a full.
This is where you sleep. Avec
Charles makes a face.
                       CHARLES (cont'd)
But...comment je dis? She...
Charles makes an exaggerated snoring sound.


Yes. Snores.
The Blondeaus, Christophe and Amanda sit around a small,
round table. The spread on the table looks very unappetizing
to Amanda. It is mostly tuna, mayo, cucumbers, and olives.

Charles and Christophe are turned toward the t.v. watching
Equestrian follies. They laugh and look at each other after
every gruesome fall off a horse.

Lisette and Annette are arguing loudly. Lisette begins to
scream and flings a plate off the table. Annette huffs and
smiles at Amanda.
                       ANNETTE (French)
Amanda is taking a shower. Suddenly, it goes cold and she
rushes to rinse out her hair.
Amanda walks in with wet hair and Christmas jammies.
Everyone is sitting in front of the t.v., now watching
soccer follies.

Lisette and Christophe make out on the couch.

Charles is entranced by the soccer follies and sits with his
mouth wide-open. Every now and then, he will erupt in
hysterical fits of laughter.

Annette smiles as Amanda enters the room. Amanda sits down
next to Charles and tries to watch, too.

A soccer player gets kicked in the groin.


Lisette and Annette are screaming again (O.S.). Charles sits
on Lisette's bed as Amanda unpacks clothes.
Have you had a happy day?
Oui. Yes.
Tomorrow, Mama will work.
A door slams and Lisette storms into her room.
                       LISETTE (French)
Go away!
She turns off the light in the middle of Amanda's unpacking
and plops down in the middle of the bed. Amanda stops
unpacking and tries to lie down on one side of the bed, but
Lisette huffs loudly and rolls onto that side.

Amanda grabs a pillow and a blanket and lies down on the
floor next to the bed.
Amanda's Swatch-watch light says 12:03. Lisette is snoring
loudly and Amanda's eyes are wide open. She gets her pillow
and blanket and goes out of the room. She looks into the
living room, but Annette is asleep on the couch she was
hoping for.
Amanda lies down on the laminate, rests her head on her
pillow, and looks at the ceiling.
Amanda sits up on the kitchen floor in the middle of the
night, hunched over a postcard and pen. She illuminates her
writing space with her Swatch-watch light.


                       AMANDA (V.O.)
Dear Mom...Well, my great
adventure has not progressed quite
as I had imagined. I spend my days
here in France playing Jenga and
watching people hit their heads on
diving boards.
Amanda sits on the floor playing Jenga with Charles while
watching diving follies.
                       AMANDA (V.O. cont'd)
The constant soundtrack of my new
life is bad Pink Floyd, face
sucking and...
She sits in the semi-dark room playing Go Fish with Charles
while Lisette and Christophe make out on the couch behind
her. She stares over Charles's shoulder at a lamp. Cut to:
Lisette and Annette having a raucous fight.
                       AMANDA (V.O. cont'd)
...yelling in a language that I
now loathe with every small part
of me. Even the particles down
deep inside that I imagine are the
only traces left in me that don't
now smell like smoke. And I don't
even know how to play Jenga. My
new best friend is the calendar.
Amanda sits Indian-style on the bathroom floor. She draws
meticulous diagonal lines on her calendar.
                       AMANDA (V.O. cont'd)
I cross off a line for every hour
that passes. The best part of the
day is the morning because I get
to cross off, all at once, the
hours from when I was sleeping.
Still on the bathroom floor, she finishes her lines and
stares at the wall.
                       AMANDA (V.O. cont'd)
I think time passes slower here.
How are things with you?
Amanda is back on the kitchen floor with her Swatch-watch
light. We see the postcard she is working on. It says, "Dear
Mom," but nothing has been written. Suddenly, she is jolted
out of a staring jag and writes.


                       AMANDA (V.O. cont'd)
Dear Mom, I'm getting adjusted to
my new life in Orleans. Tomorrow
is Saturday and I've been told
we're going to sightsee at some
castles and then on to Paris. I'm
ecstatic. More to come. XOXO,
A pleasant Bob Marley song plays as the Citroen rolls
through the countryside. Everyone, including Amanda, seems
to be in good humor. She smiles as her nose is pressed up
against the glass. She sees fields of sunflowers that seem
to go on forever.
                       CHARLES (French)
I see it!
Amanda looks expectantly and squints to see what they are
looking at.
Amanda, Annette, Charles, Lisette, and Christophe stand

Lisette giggles and runs off. Christophe chases her.

Annette and Charles beam. In front of them is a vast
miniature chateau park. Every French Chateau is replicated,
in miniature.
Charles, Amanda, and Annette walk with a large group among
the mini chateaux. Amanda wears her hair in her customary
pony-tail, but she has eschewed her favorite headband. As a
result, she has long bangs falling over her eyes, which is a
nice look on her.

They stop in front of the miniature Blois Chateau. A tour
guide dressed as Louis XIV describes the intricate details
of the castle, in French. At least, Amanda thinks he is
describing the intricacies since she doesn't understand a
word. Everyone nods, oohs, and aahs in unison.


The pack follows the tour guide to the next chateau when a
bossy-looking woman, MICHELLE, leans into Amanda's space.
Hey, there.
Oh, hey.
I heard you talking back there and
noticed you were a fellow
Oh, yeah. Where are you from?
She leans in and whispers to Michelle.
                       AMANDA (cont'd)
What do you think of this place?
Michelle whips around and answers Amanda's whisper in a loud
and defensive tone.
This is one my favorite
attractions in all of France. Why?
What do YOU think of this place?
I don't know.
What don't you know?
Well, I haven't even seen any real
castles yet, so it kind of feels
like seeing Young Frankenstein
without seeing the one with that
Boris guy first.


Why can't you just appreciate
these structures for the
masterpieces they are?
Cuz I kind of want to see the real
Michelle stops in her tracks and, against her better
judgement, Amanda stops, too.
You're why I'm embarrassed to be
an American. Here you are, a
spoiled rich kid in the middle of
a beautiful French park and you're
bitching because it's not
Amanda starts backing up as Michelle gets in her face,
walking toward her.
I wasn't exactly bitching.
Of course you were. You're a
disgrace. It's not enough that you
were lucky enough to be born in a
time where women can vote, in a
country where they don't
surgically remove your clitoris,
in skin with a pigment that the
world seems to prefer...
Amanda keeps backing up until she very close to one of the
                       MICHELLE (cont'd)
...into a family that thinks
nothing of sending their spoiled
princess half a world away without
a semblance of cultural
perspective or appreciation.
That's not enough for you, is it?
I mean, what more could you
possibly want?
Amanda has backed up so much, she is now standing in the
waters surrounding the Chambord Castle model. Michelle stops
her rant and stares down at Amanda.


I just want things to be
Grow up.
Michelle walks off and Amanda stands frozen, ankle deep in
the Chambord moat. Christophe walks over and looks her up
and down, with no outward signs of surprise or interest.
                       CHRISTOPHE (French)
Have you seen Lisette?
Amanda shakes her head slightly and Christophe walks away.
Amanda holds her wet sandals out the window as they drive
through the countryside.

An hour later, the Blondeau Citroen drives into Paris with
much shouting and gesticulations. They head down the Champs
Elysee. The Arc de Triomphe stands in the background. They
park the car and get out.
Lisette and Christophe run off. Charles and Annette have a
discussion. Annette walks off and waves, without looking.
What do you want to see?
I don't know. Everything.
      (puts his hands
       close together)
A petit Tour Eiffel?
Amanda smiles.
Amanda tries to breathe and take everything in. She tries to
play beautiful music in her head, but everytime she sees a
beautiful scene unfold, like sunlight on the Seine, she is


interrupted by something crude, like cussing Americans, or
pushy Japanese tourists.
As the sun sets, Amanda manages to walk peacefully and
thoughtfully down the cobblestone street. She listens to
music in her head.
                       CHARLES (French)
I know him.
Charles points to a group of six people sitting on some
steps. Above them, is a sign that says, "Theatre." Charles
suddenly sprints toward the group. Amanda follows him, but
stops when she realizes that Charles is speaking to the most
beautiful person she has ever seen in her life. He is NATE.

Nate is in his very early twenties, with brown hair that
can't decide whether to stand up straight or spill over his
eyes. Perhaps a shower would settle things, but it might
wash away some of his charm.

He smokes a cigarette and chats away with Charles in French.
                       CHARLES (French)
I remember you from La Rochelle
last year. You were part of the
acting group, right?
                       NATE (French)
From last summer? Yeah, I was
there. You remember me from last
                       CHARLES (French)
Yes, you played Athena and you
farted on Zeus's head. We laughed
for days and now my sister does it
to her boyfriend.
Amanda is still paralyzed and staring at them, 20 feet away.
                       NATE (French)
Is that your sister?
At that moment, he and Amanda make eye contact for the first
time. Nate's eyes widen and flicker. Amanda takes in a sharp


                       CHARLES (French)
No, she is an American girl who is
staying with us for the summer.
Amanda forces herself to walk over to the group.
                       CHARLES (cont'd)
Are you playing at La Rochelle
again this summer?
Nate's eyes don't leave Amanda. She, on the other hand, has
suddenly gotten very busy looking at the roofs of the
surrounding buildings.
                       NATE (French)
Yes, we leave here in a few days.
Oh, bon.
Charles stares at Nate, grinning widely. Amanda is now
standing with them, looking stupid. Four of Nate's friends
get up to leave. Nate addresses Amanda.
How do you like Paris?
She swoons a little on the inside at the realization that he
is British.
We just finished rehearsal and are
going to a cafe. Would you like to
join us?
                       LISETTE (O.S.)
Lisette screams at the top of her lungs down the street. She
looks fatter and uglier than usual.
                       LISETTE (cont'd)
Where were you? We have to meet
Mama at the Hard Rock Cafe.


Amanda is profoundly horrified by the juxtaposition of the
disgusting Lisette and the heavenly Nate. Mainly, she is
embarrassed that she belongs with the Lisette side of
The Hard Rock Cafe? Will you be
going to McDonald's for a
Lisette growls at him and pulls both Charles and Amanda down
the street. She stops, turns around, and points at Nate.
She laughs and Nate winks at her. He looks at Amanda and
they make eye contact one last time as she looks over her
The Blondeaus, Christophe and Amanda sit in a booth at the
Hard Rock Cafe. Everyone but Amanda is devouring their
burgers and fries, but she is gazing out the window,
presumably trying to catch another glimpse of Nate.

The song, "Shout" comes on the loud speaker.

"Now waaaait a minute..."
Lisette and Charles start to get up and stand on their
seats. Everywhere in the restaurant, waiters and a few
diners climb up on their chairs and tables.
Come on!
Annette stands up.

The slow part keeps going as they look down at Amanda.
                       LISETTE (French)
Get up!


The fast part of the song starts and Charles smiles down at
So we can dance!
They start dancing and jumping to the music. Zany Hard Rock
waiters try to get reluctant diners to get up and dance,

It dawns on Amanda that this must be a nightly tradition at
the Hard Rock. She reluctantly stands, but doesn't move a

Charles bumps her hip with his.
                       CHARLES (cont'd)
C'mon! Dance!
Amanda claps her hands and awkwardly bends her knees to the

Across the table, Lisette leans into Annette and shouts to
                       LISETTE (French)
She makes me bored!
                       ANNETTE (French)
I know. She can't help it.
Amanda tries her best to survive the next 3-4 minutes
without any further cajoling to "smile" or "have fun."

She shouts to Charles.
How do you know Nate?
How do you know Nate?
Yes, he is my friend.
Cut to: The song has advanced to the "A little bit softer
now, a little bit softer now..."


Everyone is getting very low, low, low.

Then, all of a sudden, "A little bit louder now, A little
bit louder now..."

Amanda sings along a little and rises. If you really look,
you can see Amanda's having a tiny bit of fun.
Everyone is taking an after-dinner stroll along the Seine.
Charles, Lisette, and Christophe walk ahead of Annette and
                       ANNETTE (French)
I don't know what I'm going to do
with her.
She motions up to Lisette, who is looming behind Charles,
kicking the bottom of his shoes as he tries to walk.
                       AMANDA (French)
Oh. She is beautiful.
Annette laughs.
                       ANNETTE (French)
I think so, too. She used to have
ringlets and enormous green eyes
and people would stop me in the
street and ask to hold her.
She smiles at Amanda, so Amanda smiles back. Annette speaks
slowly to her.
                       ANNETTE (cont'd)
Do you understand what I am


                       AMANDA (French)
A little bit. But, it's okay. I
like to hear you talk.
                       ANNETTE (French)
Good. She wasn't always like this,
I want you to know. There was a
time when she made up songs about
The Little Prince and slept in a
tutu. She loved Charles. She used
to call him her baby. She used to
say, "My baby needs a bottle" or
"My baby knows his colors." It was
so dear. But more than me, more
than The Little Prince, more than
her baby, she loved her Papa.
Loves her Papa, still. I think our
mistakes have taken a piece of her
heart away.
They continue to walk along, watching Christophe, Lisette,
and Charles jack around.

As usual, Amanda doesn't understand anything, but she feels
very peaceful just listening to Annette talk.
                       ANNETTE (cont'd)
She misses the house, she misses
the holidays, and of course, she
misses him. She's not the only
one. It hasn't turned out the way
I pictured, but there's always
tomorrow. I think you being here
has done wonders for Charles,
which is important because he is
so often forgotten. Lisette? I
don't know because I think she may
be a bit jealous, but that's okay.
I hope you can ignore her and then
forgive her. She'll be fine, and
someday, the world will see that
green-eyed girl again.
She looks at Amanda, wondering if she understood anything.
Amanda looks back, giving a blank, but pleasant smile that
shows she didn't understand a thing.

Annette grabs Amanda's hand and holds it up to her cheek
warmly and maternally. Amanda gladly lets herslef be
mothered and walks hand-in-hand with her down the riverside.


                       ANNETTE (cont'd)
You are good at being a daughter.
You will be good at being a
mother, someday, too.
Everyone is tired and silent as they drive back in the dark
from Paris. Amanda doesn't seem like such an apple in a car
full of oranges anymore.

She thinks about Nate.
Amanda lies in the kitchen, drifting off to sleep.
Dream sequence:

Amanda and another girl shimmy up to the ski lift chair in
At which point, I said, 'Buy them
They laugh smugly as two workers help them onto the chair.
                       AMANDA (cont'd)
My pleasure.
The chair is already whisking her up the mountain as she
whips around to look back.
It is morning. Amanda drinks coffee and crosses off nine
lines on Monday's calendar. She looks up and sees Charles
holding two tennis rackets. One is nice and one is wooden
and looks like something Bjorn Borg's grandmother would have


handed down to her housekeeper.

Charles extends the relic to Amanda.
Do you play tennis?
Amanda smiles. Finally, something to do outside.
They are walking to some tennis courts that back up to a
thickly-wooded city park.
Why do you always carry that bag?
My turtle bag? It has all my money
and my passport in it.
Mama has a box in the apartment
where we keep all of our important
things. You could keep it in
That's sweet, but what if there's
a fire? Not that there will be,
but if there was, I just want to
make sure that I'm able to get
back home.
You really want to go home, don't
No, I just have a lot to do, like
graduation and stuff.
Amanda feels uncomfortable and tries to change the focus of
the conversation.
                       AMANDA (cont'd)
Oh, shoot! We forgot balls.
No, we find the balls.


Charles gestures to the woods.
A clearly aggravated Amanda trips through the woods. She
hits her legs, trying to kill bugs. She has flashes of Nate.
She grows more agitated.

She thinks she sees a ball and runs after it. She trips and
falls on the ground and sees it is a wrapper. She is so
frustrated, she tries to throw it, but it doesn't go

She falls to her knees and presses on her temples as hard as
she can with the base of her palms. All of a sudden, her
eyes get very large and she starts to run into the thick
bushes. She wrestles through them and disappears. Charles
shouts for her.
Amanda! Amanda!
We see nothing but still bushes for eight seconds. Suddenly,
she emerges with scratches on her face and arms, but with a
huge smile as she proudly holds a faded yellow ball high in
the air.
Tennis Montage:

We see 14 days being crossed off the calendar, interspersed
with scenes of Charles and Amanda waking up, leaving the
house, walking to the tennis courts, playing tennis, and
eating outdoor meals.
                       AMANDA (V.O.)
Dear Allie, did you know that I
play tennis? Well, I do. Every
morning, after coffee, Charles and
I walk a mile to the courts and
play all day. Sometimes, we rest
and sometimes, we eat. You might
imagine that 8 hours of grunting
in the sun hasn't done wonders for
my French, but I am enjoying
myself quite a bit more than
before. Not to belabor the point,
but my French has not improved, as


                       AMANDA (cont'd)
I had hoped. I only mention it
because from what I do understand,
there is much talk around the
house about our upcoming beach
trip. The only thing I have
deciphered is that we are going to
a place called La Rochelle,
although I have not been able to
locate it on a map. My inability
to authenticate its existence
leads me to believe La Rochelle is
a figment of the Blondeaus'
imagination, as it now appears
Nate was of mine. I barely
remember what he looks like
anymore. Anyway, if you're not too
busy, you should sail over.
Everything seems like it would be
loads more fun if you were here
with me. XOXO, Amanda
It is raining very hard outside. French rock music plays as
Amanda and Charles watch Gallagher destroy watermelons on
the television. Lisette and Christophe speak intimately on
the couch.

Amanda gets up. When she gets up, we can see her her obvious
transformation. She is very tan and very toned. Between the
distaste for Annette's food and tennis every day for two
weeks, she has lost at least ten pounds and gained some
great color.
I'm going to get the mail.
Charles nods absently.
Amanda takes out the mail and is thrilled to see she has two
letters. She drops to the ground and rips one of them open.
                       THOMAS (V.O.)
Dear Amanda, Thanks for the
postcard. Glad to hear you have
been taking in some equestrian


Amanda raises her eyebrows guiltily.
                       THOMAS (V.O.)
Are you in St. Tropez yet? My
mother's cousin will be there in
August and she said you should
drop in on her. Her address is on
the back. I hope you're having a
good time. I'll see you when you
get back. -Thomas
Amanda smells the letter and takes in a deep breath. She
looks at it again and then puts it down her shirt. She opens
the next letter.
                       ALLIE (V.O.)
Dear Amanda, I'm so glad you are
having fun playing tennis. Beware
of this thing called "tennis
elbow." I don't know what it is
exactly, but if it's anything like
"swimmer's ear," trust me, you
don't want it. I found La
Rochelle on the map. It's half a
gummy worm north of Bordeaux. I
don't have the energy to use the
key to give you any further
details, but at least now you
know, it does exist. I have the
best story about that slut stack,
Bordeaux? (whispers) It's on the
Atlantic? (mouths) What the fuck?
The Blondeaus and Amanda are packing the Citroen for the
beach trip. Christophe hugs Lisette on the curb as she sobs
in his arms.

Charles makes a show of packing the two tennis rackets.
Amanda smiles and makes a tennis stroke motion with her arm.

Amanda, Annette, and Charles all take their seats in the
car. Annette honks at Lisette. Lisette does not move, so
Annette honks again.

From Charles and Amanda's backseat P.O.V., we see Annette
get out of the car, slam the door, and walk over to Lisette.


While Annette calmly speaks to her, Charles and Amanda look
at each other with eyebrows raised in anticipation for what
is about to come.

Without any fight, Lisette gets up and sits in the front
seat. As soon as the car starts up and leaves the parking
lot, Lisette lets out an earth-shattering cry and starts
sobbing. Amanda rolls her eyes and cranks down the window of
the Citroen. They are off to the beach.
Lisette is sleeping and Charles and Amanda are looking out
their respective windows. Amanda smiles as they go past
fields of sunflowers that are as vast and constant as the
cornfields in Texas. Annette speaks to Charles in French.
My mother says we will stay at
Five-star, uh...
No, uh...
No, not like that. It's a...
Oui, yes, like a resort.
Amanda nods, but is clearly skeptical.
      (under her breath)
Well, it is the Atlantic. I guess
anything is possible.
Two hours later. The Citroen cruises into La Rochelle and
Amanda sees beautiful green beaches and very chic boutiques
and houses all along the beachside. She sees a marina and
grins with unbridled anticipation.


They drive through this central area and keep driving. And
driving. They drive into the woods and Amanda tries to look
ahead for their destination.

Suddenly, she sees a lone billboard-sized sign that says,
"Parque de Cirque." There are five blue stars underneath the
letters. Annette clicks the blinker and turns where the sign
                       ANNETTE (French)
We are here.
They slowly drive down the dirt road into a huge mobile home
park. There are mobile trailers set up everywhere. People
who are eating lunch on the patios of their trailers wave to
them. On the right, there are people dressed like court
jesters. One is juggling and one is walking on his hands.
There is a circus school here. Do
you know Cirque du Soleil?
Amanda winces at the memory of one of the most uncomfortable
nights of her life. After her one and only Cirque du Soleil
performance, she has been terrified of acrobat theater.
Yes, I know it.
Je l'adore. I go to circus school
Baba cool.
They pass by old, nearly toothless men playing horseshoes.
                       LISETTE (French)
Look! That's where they have the
Athena et Zeus!
Everyone but Amanda erupts in laughter as they pass by a
central plaza with a stage and rows of plastic green chairs.
They arrive at a plain mobile home. There is a flower pot
waiting in front of the door.


Amanda looks around the minimalist trailer. There is a
sitting area, kitchenette, bathroom, and two bedrooms. One
is very small, and is larger, with two beds.

Annette puts her bag in the room with one bed.

Charles runs to the other room, excitedly.
I get to sleep on the floor!
Lisette, Amanda, and Charles stand waist deep in the green
ocean. They are being knocked over by strong waves. Annette
is waving at them from 30 yards down the beach. She motions
for them to come back to her.
                       LISETTE (French)
The undertow is stronger than last
                       CHARLES (French)
Yeah, everyone is getting pulled
to the right.
They are hit by a wave. They struggle to regain their
                       CHARLES (cont'd)
How do you say when the water
pulls you?
They trudge to shore and re-enter the ocean in front of
Annette, who smiles in relief to have her children close
again. They are again braving the deeper waters when Amanda
spots a ghost.

The middle guitar part from Guns N' Roses "Rocket Queen"

Nate strolls down the beach with two friends. Amanda is


transfixed as she watches him kick off his shoes and take
off his shirt. He and his friends enter the water about 20
yards to the left of Amanda and the Blondeaus.

Lisette and Charles have already drifted about ten feet
away. Amanda grits her teeth and makes up her mind not to
move an inch. She fights the waves and swims against the
undertow as forcefully as she can. She fights the battle of
her life to stay in the same place, knowing Nate will soon
be pulled close to her.

Lisette and Charles get farther away as Nate and his friends
get closer and closer. They are right next to each other.
They lock eyes and just before a wave hits, Nate opens his
                       NATE (French)
The undertow is strong, isn't it?
The wave hits, they fight to continue their conversation.
Yes. Um, I speak English.
Oh, an American.
Amanda is a bit stung that he doesn't recognize her from
their brief encounter. His friends drift off, but he stays
with her.
                       NATE (cont'd)
Are you traveling with friends?
Um, no, not exactly.
Are you here with your family?
Amanda looks toward Lisette and Charles, who are 50 yards
away, but have spotted Nate. They run to shore while waving
wildly in Amanda and Nate's direction.
I'm here with a family.
She looks at Lisette and Charles as they re-enter the water
right in front of her and Nate.


I know you.
Yeah, I think we met in Paris.
Oh, right. Hard Rock. You look
                       CHARLES (French)
Nate! How are you?
                       NATE (French)
Excellent. How are you?
                       CHARLES (French)
Good. Are you performing this
summer? I will come to see every
                       NATE (French)
Yes, I hope you do. Are you going
to bring your sister?
Amanda smiles and Nate grins confidently.
                       CHARLES (French)
Yes, yes. And my Mother too.
A wave hits. When everyone comes back up, there is some
separation between the Blondeaus and Nate and Amanda, since
they are the ones working so hard not to move.
Listen, I was wondering-
Lisette screams at the top of her lungs and points at the
water around them. Suddenly, Amanda feels the sting of a
jellyfish (Medusa).


Oh, shit, Sod's law. Come on.
Nate grabs onto Amanda's waist and starts pulling her toward
the shore. Soon, they are shallow enough to be able to run
in the water to the shore. Nate still holds on to her waist.
Lisette and Charles follow. They all sit down at Annette's
                       NATE (cont'd)
She got you pretty badly.
Everyone inspects the long red marks running up and around
Amanda's leg.
Does it hurt?
Amanda tries to be brave and maintain her compusure and
dignity around Nate. However, the stinging is killing her.
It's fine, it doesn't even really
She looks at Nate.
                       AMANDA (cont'd)
Let's go back out.
No, no, no!
                       LISETTE (French)
You need to pee on it.
Annette nods. Charles and Nate look at each other and smile
meekly. Charles gives Nate a look and Nate laughs and shakes
his head.
                       LISETTE (cont'd)
Tell her, Charles.
Through the pain, Amanda starts to realize something is
going on.


She says that you should, uh, piss
on your leg. It will make it
No. It's fine. I'm going back out
into the water.
                       LISETTE (French)
Then get him to do it.
Lisette points to Nate and Amanda understands what she is
saying and dies 45 times. Nate laughs and puts his hands up,
palms-up, in front of him.
I actually have to go get ready
for the show. Will you all be
there tonight?
Oh, yes. I will be on the front
Bon. Amanda, are you sure you'll
be all right?
Yes, I'm sure. I'm perfect.
Ace. Well, I'll see you all
tonight then.
Nate walks off in the sand and everyone watches him in
silent admiration.
The entire Blondeau trailer is abuzz. A French pop song
plays and everyone's mood is high.

Annette smiles and prepares food in the kitchen nook.
Charles, Lisette, and Amanda are showered and fresh-looking.
Amanda is radiant in a black sundress.

She, Charles, and Lisette laugh and bop around with the
electric anticipation of a Friday night.


The Blondeaus and Amanda sit in their green plastic seats as
the amphitheater fills up. The dress code is decidedly
French Atlantic Trailer Park.
They start with the circus
students, then the play, then the
real circus.
Amanda nods and claps as 20 children, dressed in bright
lycra, run on the stage. They perform impressive feats of
amateur acrobatics to loud techno music. Even Amanda is
touched by the children's triumph. She claps again as the
children bow with pride.
This is Nate! This is Nate!
Okay, shhh.
Amanda's heart starts to beat faster in anticipation. A man
walks out in French Revolution-era garb and sits in a chair,
center stage.

Five women walk by him in full Marie Antoinette getups. They
overact frivolity. The man overacts boredom as they pass.

A woman crosses stage left in her own Marie Antoinette
costume. She fans herself. She lowers her fan and reveals
she is Nate, in drag.
      (under her breath)
Oh no.
30 minutes pass.

Amanda's buoyancy has been replaced with tense discomfort.
She is slouched as low as she can go in her chair. Charles,
Lisette, Annette, and their brethren howl with laughter.
Monsieur, non!
One Frenchman cups Nate's breast area, as another tries to
crawl up his skirt. Amanda slowly exhales.


30 minutes pass again.

The play ends. The crowd erupts in applause and gives a
standing ovation. Charles looks at Amanda and gives her the
universal, "How 'bout that?!" look. She tries to smile and
nod in return.
Charles, I feel sick. I'm going
back to the trailer.
But, the cirque!
I know, but I just don't feel
well. I think it's because of the
Annette and Lisette look at her questioningly as she steps
over them to slip out.
                       AMANDA (cont'd)
Le Medusa.
She makes the sleeping motion with her head and hands.
Annette nods and double-kisses her.
Amanda leans back in a plastic chair, her feet on the patio
railing. She can see the lights and hear the sounds of the
performance about 75 yards away. She looks at the stars and
writes a letter.
Amanda gets up to go back in the trailer, but spots Nate
walking toward her trailer with another actor from the play.
She panics and jumps over the railing and hides under the
trailer patio. Through the slats, she sees him separate from
his friend and bound up her stairs.

He knocks. He walks the length of the patio and then knocks
again. He descends the stairs and pauses. He looks around
and lights a cigarette.

He walks back in the direction he came from. Amanda remains
under the trailer patio, humiliated and confused.


Annette, Charles, and Amanda are on the patio. Everyone is
still in full throes of the morning, with messed-up hair and
bad breath. They are all still wearing jammies and eating
weird French cereal with boxed milk.
                       ANNETTE (French)
How are you feeling?
She asks if you are feeling
Oh, yes! I feel wonderful.
I can't believe you missed the
I know.
At least you got to see Nate.
She pauses and pours more milk into her cereal. With her
departure rapidly approaching, she feels emboldened to speak
her mind.
                       AMANDA (cont'd)
I didn't like Nate's performance.
Charles and Annette gasp.
                       CHARLES (French)
Why not?
Amanda shrugs.


It was because of the Medusa. You
will like tonight's better.
Amanda again shrugs skeptically.
                       ANNETTE (French)
What are you going to do today?
Do you want to go to the beach?
Perhaps we will see Nate.
No. I don't want to go to the
beach. Let's pack a lunch and play
Several rapid strokes are shown to convey Charles and Amanda
have been playing tennis for a couple of hours. Amanda makes
a great cross-court stroke that fools Charles and wins a
point. They are both breathles when they hear a familiar
Bravo. Brill shot. What were you,
ten, when he was born?
Bonjour, Charles!
He looks at Amanda, who cowers in front of him, afraid he
has somehow discovered her secret about hiding under the
trailer the night before.
By all means, play, play! I didn't
mean to interrupt the game. I'll
just watch.


Amanda sighs and takes the ball back to serve. She throws it
up and serves it into the net.
Amanda gets the ball back and dribbles it in front of her
for an extra, extra, extraordinary long period of time. This
time, the serve goes almost straight down and bounces five
feet in front of her.
                       CHARLES (cont'd)
Two faults!
All right, let's take a break.
Amanda puts on her black two-piece bathing suit. She takes a
second to peek out the tiny window in the crowded bedroom.
She sees Nate talking to the Blondeaus on the patio. He
looks amazing.

She leans closer into the window and stares for a prolonged
moment, mesmorized by his eyebrows and jawline. She snaps
herself out of it and sits down on the bed. She mouths words
to herself like she is shouting.
She concentrates and gets a grip on herself.
Amanda walks out in a short black cover-up. Nate stops
mid-sentence in appreciation.
Okay, ready.
                       CHARLES (French)
Lisette, are you coming to the
                       LISETTE (French)
No, too many Medusas.


Nate, Charles, and Amanda walk through the woods on the way
to the beach.
I saw you all at the performance
last night.
I loved it! It was even better
than last year's shows!
I'm so pleased.
Amanda keeps her head down and waits for a change in
                       NATE (cont'd)
Amanda, what was your favortie
Probably the end.
How's that?
She did not like your play.
No, I just didn't feel well.
We think it was the Medusa.
Oh, the sting made you feel
poorly? That makes sense.
They walk together in silence, now on the sand.
But, I think it was more the
cross-dressing and breast-grabbing
that made me feel sick.


All right, the truth revealed!
Charles lies in between Amanda and Nate, who are deep in
conversation. They pile sand on top of Charles, who is
content to be buried, even while being ignored.
You can't like doing that, do you?
Amanda, it's a job.
Then quit. It's awful. I mean,
you're supposed to be British, for
God's sake.
I am British and what's that
supposed to mean?
It means you're supposed to be too
dignified to wear makeup and have
some dude grab your butt.
Who do you think invented
The French, obviously. I expect it
from them, but not from you Brits.
How many Brits do you know?
Just you, but it's not what I
expected from you.
Well, what about you? You're
supposed to be an American. I
didn't expect you to be so
judgemental. I imagined that you'd
be cool and think I was brilliant.
Amanda stops piling sand and looks at Nate.


When were you doing all of this
imagining about me?
Yesterday. After the beach. Then,
before the performance, I watched
you in the crowd. I imagined I was
about to blow your mind. Then,
afer the show-
Bonjour, Nate.
A woman walks by Nate and gives him a flirty wink and wave.
Bonjour, Chloe.
Nate coldly, but politely, returns the greeting. He
refocuses his attention on Amanda.
                       NATE (cont'd)
Then, after the show, I saw you
left early, so I came to see you.
Amanda flushes red and redoubles her efforts with the sand.
She avoids eye contact.
Oh, really?
Yes, where were you?
Ciao, Nate. Ca va?
Another woman is greeting Nate. She has giant breasts and
bends over Amanda to throw them in his face as she
double-kisses him. She looks like she wants to eat Nate for
Ca va.
I miss you.
Amanda realizes she has already had Nate for lunch.


Thank you.
Marie senses his discomfort and finally notices Amanda. She
inspects Amanda and looks back at Nate with a smile.
                       MARIE (French)
Goodbye. Be good.
                       NATE (French)
Of course. Ciao.
Amanda watches Marie as she walks off. Nate watches Amanda.
Is there anyone here you haven't
done it with?
What about you? Who were you with
last night?
Double gross! I wasn't with anyone
last night. Is that why you came
I don't know, there have been
worse reasons.
I'm only seventeen.
What the hell does that explain?
You act as if that's closer to
seven than eighteen. I thought you
were American!
                       CHARLES (French)
Let's go to the sand dunes!


Charles stands up and walks to the sand dunes. Amanda and
Nate follow him, scowling, while not taking their eyes off
each other.
Now that you know that I'm not
going to be your cliche of the
week, why don't you go hang out
with her for the rest of the day?
She points in the direction of Marie and her giant French
Well, I would, but I think it
would upset Charles. Charles! Wait
for me (French)!
Nate catches up with with Charles. Amanda trudges behind.
They all take turns running up and "swimming" down a 20-foot
sand dune. Soon, the tension is gone because they are having
so much fun.

Amanda and Charles wrestle and fall into Nate. They fall
backwards down the dune and become entangled. They land at
the bottom of the dune, covered in sand. They look at each
other, searching for the right thing to say.
Look, I know you think I'm
repellant, and I think you're
bloody awful. But, I want to see
you while you're here. Is that a
Do I have to go to your shows?
No. Do I have to act like a eunuch
around you?
I guess not.
They smile at each other. Amanda rises and runs up the sand
dune, shouting over shoulder.


                       AMANDA (cont'd)
We've got three days, counting
Amanda, Charles, and Nate all lounge on a beach towel. Nate
has a cigarette in one hand and half of a baguette in the

Amanda and Charles laugh as Nate waves his arms wildly to
punctuate his story. Something offends Amanda and she hits
Nate on the arm. Charles laughs hysterically.
Charles does handstands in the water while Amanda and Nate
talk next to him.
Dammit! I have to go get ready for
the show.
Have fun.
You're really not going to come?
I'd rather die. I want to think of
you like this, not in a dress.
I'm not wearing a dress tonight.
Do you think I'll like it any
Nate pauses to consider the question.
No. Can I see you after the show?
Sure, if you want to hang out on
the trailer patio.


Amanda rolls her eyes.
Amanda sits on the trailer patio on a plastic chaise. She is
all alone and can hear laughter coming from the
amphitheater. Despite her prejudices, she smiles at the
thought that people are enjoying Nate.

30 minutes later, Amanda is reading a book when she hears
running. Nate emerges out of the darkness, smiling. She
smiles back.

20 minutes later, Nate sits on a patio ledge and Amanda
stretches out on the steps.
The crap thing is, you're right. I
never meant it to turn out this
way, here. Well, I mean, I guess
that's obvious.
How did it happen?
I was 18. I wanted to act, but I
didn't know anything about the
world. I just knew school and
family and I knew I needed to know
more. So, I came to Paris. I got a
couple of parts and had a lot of
fun. A lot of fun. I met these
French guys, joined their troupe,
and this is part of their summer
How long have you been doing this?
This is my third summer here.


What are you going to do next?
Nate looks at her blankly and avoids the question.
What about you?
Are you happy you came?
Yeah, definitely. It's not what I
thought, but yeah.
What did you think?
I don't know. (sighs) I thought it
would be Coco Chanel but it turned
out to be Marcel Marceau. And I
guess I learned that's okay. Or
not. I'm confused about a lot of
things these days. But I guess
I've changed, which is the point
of a trip like this, right?
He smiles and shrugs at her. Amanda smiles in
acknowledgement that she had asked a rhetorical question.
She tries to change the subject.
                       AMANDA (cont'd)
What's been your favorite role, so
To play, you mean?
It was in Romeo and Juliet,
without a doubt.
Oh, were you Romeo?


God, no. Ugh. Romeo really shows
his ass in that one, doesn't he?
No, I was Mercutio and it was the
best run of my life.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, see Mercutio's this guy's
guy. He's tough, he's funny, he's
- well, you'd hate him, obviously,
because he talks about sex a lot.
Amanda flashes him an annoyed look.
                       NATE (cont'd)
But he has this speech, the Queen
Mab speech.
As he begins to describe the speech, Nate removes himself to
his own little world. He looks into the darkness of night
and sometimes closes his eyes for a long period of time.
                       NATE (cont'd)
It's all about the subconscious
and dreams and people dreaming
about what's on their mind. Lovers
dream of love, soldiers dream of
fighting, lawyers dream of lawyers
fees, but that's too simple-. See,
it starts off sweetly, with a
fairy visiting people in their
dreams, "And in this state she
gallops night by night, Through
lovers brains and then they dream
of love." And it goes on like
that, until it gets a little
darker. "Sometimes she driveth
o'er a soldier's neck, And then he
dreams of cutting foreign throats,
of breaches, ambuscadoes, Spanish
blades, of healths five fathoms
deep; and then anon Drums in his
ear, at which he starts and
He has said the words beautifully and Amanda can see, for
the first time, that he is a gifted actor.

Nate opens his eyes and realizes that he had gotten carried


away with his words. He looks at Amanda, who looks back with
admiring eyes.
                       NATE (cont'd)
      (standing up)
Well, look who's showing his ass
now. (Pauses) Anyway, the really
ace part is that he dies in the
3rd act, so I could always go have
a smoke and get a head-start on
drinks for the night.
      (rolls her eyes)
Of course.
People start pouring out of the amphitheater. Lisette,
Amanda, and Charles head to the trailer.
Do I have to leave?
No, but you're in for a lot of
I'm up for it.

Amanda looks glorious in exquisite sailing fashion. Lots of
navy and white. She stands on a pier, looking at a large
sailboat. Many people are already on the boat, bustling

Thomas stands by a ladder with anchors embroidered on his
shorts. He shouts down to Amanda.
Are you going to sail or swim?
Amanda looks up at the boat and looks down the long pier. We
see Nate at the end of the long pier with his swim trunks
and a towel.

She studies him and looks back up at the Thomas.
I haven't decided yet!


Amanda wakes up and squints into the sunlight coming through
the octagon window. She stretches and looks at Lisette's bed
and Charles's bedroll on the floor. They are both empty.

She hears squealing, laughter, and bouncing from the living
room. She opens the door and sees Lisette and Charles
hugging and fawning over a middled-aged man in a beard. He
Amanda! Amanda! This my Father! He
is Gerard.
Oh. Bonjour.
Amanda smiles shyly. She looks at Annette, who stares
lovingly at Gerard.
The Blondeaus and Amanda eat breakfast and talk a mile a
minute, all at the same time. When Lisette or Charles get
especially excited, they nearly climb over the table to get
in their parents' faces to be heard. Annette and Gerard
expertly guide their children back to their seats without
interrupting or offending.
                       GERARD (French)
What will we have for lunch,
He casts a conspiratorial look at Annette.
                       ANNETTE (French)
I don't know. I planned on going
to the market later.
Gerard produces some cash.
                       GERARD (French)
Kids, go to the market and buy
some bread, salami, and cheese.
Oh, and wine too.
Lisette snatches up the money.


                       LISETTE (French)
Can I buy some Mentos?
                       ANNETTE (French)
No! No Mentos!
                       LISETTE (French)
But, I want some Mentos!
                       GERARD (French)
Fine, fine. Have some Mentos.
Still in their pajamas, Charles, Lisette, and Amanda begin
their walk to the market.
Charles and Amanda stand in front of a wine display. Lisette
peruses the candy aisle. Charles inspects wine labels and
talks excitedly.
My father is a brilliant man, I'm
sure you can tell. I can't believe
he is here! Which one should I
That one. I like the label. I
thought your parents were not
Me, too! I always knew he would
come back, and now he has.
When was the last time you saw
Christmas. It was right before we
moved into the apartment. Lisette!
Charles sets the wine on the counter, Amanda sets down the
food, and Lisette shoves several rolls of Mentos toward the


Lisette walks alone, alternately tearing off chunks of bread
with her teeth and popping Mentos in her mouth. Charles and
Amanda walk ten feet in front of her.
I wish Mama is not so fat. I think
Papa would stay if she has less
Charles, that's terrible! Mama is
fine, I'm sure that's not why your
Dad left.
How do you know? Do you think Nate
would want to kiss you if you had
so many kilos?
Why do you think Nate wants to
kiss me?
Charles groans and rolls his eyes as they arrive at the

As they enter the trailer, they see Gerard hugging Annette
from behind in the kitchen. They are giggling and
disheveled. Lisette and Charles are oblivious and commence
rapid chatter, while Amanda inspects the scene.

Her eye catches Annette's bedroom and she sees the sheets
are all messed up and the comforter and a couple of pillows
are on the ground. She looks back at Annette, who is in
heaven in Gerard's arms.
Everyone has now made their way to the beach for the
afternoon. The Blondeaus are having a great time on a beach
towel. Nate has joined Amanda in waist-deep calm water,
looking out at the vast ocean.
So, because of what that stupid
girl in Paris said, I always
assumed they were divorced because
my parents are and he was never


Let's just be thankful you didn't
check the molested box on your
No kidding.
They do look happy, though.
You should have seen them when we
got back with lunch.
So, you really think they shagged?
Ughh. Yes, it was gross. I wish I
had never seen anything. It felt
like when I once walked in on my
Grandpa peeing.
I did that to my aunt once. It was
A boy in a group of three walks across the beach, motioning
for Nate to join them.
                       LUC (French)
Nate! Let's go!
                       NATE (French)
Go ahead!
He waves off his friends and turns to Amanda.
                       NATE (cont'd)
So, after the show, then?
Yeah, I think so.
Nate starts walking backwards toward the shore.
She thinks so. Christ, this used
to be easier.


He turns around and walks to the shore, calling over his
                       NATE (cont'd)
Watch out for Medusas!
The Blondeaus sit on the same beach blanket, talking. Amanda
lies on her back, sunning, a benevolent observer of family
                       ANNETTE (French)
Let's go back to the trailer to
clean up.
                       GERARD (French)
Good idea.
Amanda doesn't move.
                       AMANDA (French)
I think I'm going to stay a while.
                       ANNETTE (French)
Are you sure?
                       AMANDA (French)
Yes, if that's okay. Have fun!
As the Blondeaus leave, she puts her shorts on her face and
promptly falls asleep.

A couple of hours later, it is now 5:00. She gathers her
belongings and starts walking home.
Amanda enters the trailer and finds the Blondeaus having
marvelous family time. They all watch Gerard play Jenga with
doctorate expertise. They are the picture of bliss and don't
notice Amanda's entrance until the door shuts behind her.
Bonjour, ma cherie.


                       ANNETTE (French)
Did you have a nice time at the
                       AMANDA (French)
She pauses and starts walking backwards toward the bathroom.
                       AMANDA (cont'd)
I am going to go take a shower.
                       ANNETTE (French)
Of course.
Amanda sits on her bed in a black tank top and dark jeans.
She finishes blow-drying her hair, but it still looks a
little unkempt. She sits a moment and listens to the
Blondeaus laugh and talk. She smiles. Her beauty is wild,
freckled, and free.

MUSIC MONTAGE BEGINS Rufus Wainwright's "Hallelujah" plays.

She creeps through the living room, trying not to disturb
the family moment.
                       ANNETTE (French)
Where are you going?
                       AMANDA (French)
I am going to visit Nate. Is it
okay if I come back afer the show?
                       ANNETTE (French)
Of course. Have fun!
Amanda nods and makes eye contact with Charles. He gives her
a sweet smile that says, "I'm happy." She smiles back.



Standing on stage with his arms outstretched, Nate holds a
cigarette between his lips. Two people attend to his

Amanda appears at the edge of the empty amphitheatre.

Nate smiles as much as he can with a cigarette in his mouth.
He motions with his head for her to come over.

She shakes her head, points casually to the left, and
mouths, "I'm going to the beach."

Nate breaks free of his people, takes the cigarette out, and
hops down off the stage. He loks at her questioningly.

She begins to walk off, but turns to him and smiles
slightly. He smiles slightly back. Amanda breaks into a huge
grin. Nate can't help but grin right back.

She turns around and walks away. His face immediately falls.
Frustrated, he runs both hands through his hair, trying to
figure out what the hell was communicated between the two of

Amanda walks along the beach as the sun sets.

Now totally dark, Amanda sits Indian-style, looking out at
the ocean. She begins to unbutton her jeans.

We see her from her bare shoulders up, in the dark water. It
is an almost moonless night, but the stars are a blanket.

Hair wet, she sits again, watching the dark waters she has
just conquered.

She walks back through the trailer park and hears Nate's
play in the distance.

As she walks closer to the Blondeau trailer, the music
stops. She hears all hell breaking loose inside the trailer.
Amanda stands frozen, ten feet away from the trailer. The
sound of hysterical cries, violent yelling, and breaking
glass rock the trailer. Each scream is worse than the last.
The walls shake as if someone or something is being slammed


up against them. A window breaks and someone screams a
blood-curdling scream. Amanda runs.
Amanda runs as fast as she can. Tears stream down her face.
Terrified and crying, Amanda weaves her way between acrobats
and costumed actors. She nervously waits by the stage steps
as Nate performs on stage. He catches a glimpse of her, and
rushes to finish the scene.

Finally, he comes off stage and rushes to her.
What's wrong?
It's the Blondeaus. They've gone
crazy and I can't stay here and I
need your help. Is there a bus
station in town? I need to take a
bus to go to Paris.
Hold on, hold on, hold on. It's
too late to take a bus. Did they
kick you out?
No, I think they're going to kill
each other. I can't stay here,
I'll never make it back home. I'll
walk to Paris if I have to.
Okay, just give me a minute to
He looks over to Luc, one of his castmates.
                       NATE (cont'd)
Just wait here.
Nate walks over to Luc and has an involved back and forth
with him. Luc nods and Nate takes off his watch and hands it
to him. Luc points to a bag against the wall.

Nate goes over to a clothes rack and grabs a white t-shirt


and jeans. He quickly takes off his costume and puts on the
shirt and jeans.

He goes over and rummages through the bag Luc pointed to.
                       STAGEHAND (French)
Nate, now!
Nate pulls some keys out of the bag and grabs Amanda by the
Come on.
                       NATE (French)
The stagehand looks on in disbelief as Nate and Amanda run
This way.
Wait. I need my bag.
What bag? I thought this was an
It is, but it's my turtle bag. I
have to get my passport!
Nate and Amanda crouch outside the trailer. The fighting and
glass-breaking have gotten worse.
Where is it?
Right by the door.


Okay, wait here.
No, I'll get it.
Amanda, just.
He motions for her to stay put. He runs up the porch and
quietly and gently puts his hand on the doorknob, waiting
for an opportunity to grab the bag.

Amanda waits anxiously. Suddenly, she catches sight of
Charles looking out of the octagon window in his bedroom.
All you can see are his eyes, which are red with tears.
Amanda's heart swells and she finds herself running up the
trailer steps.

She looks in the window, surprising Charles. Their foreheads
touch, separated by glass. They linger for a moment like
this until Charles suddenly turns his head as his door slams
open. Nate opens the front door and grabs her turtle bag.
Come on!
They run down the steps and disappear into the darkness.
They run, weaving around parked cars.
I can spend the night at the bus
station. You don't have to wait
with me.
I'm not dropping you off at the
bus station. Here, it's this one.
No, seriously. You don't have to
wait with me.
They both get in the car. Nate looks at her firmly.
Amanda, stop with the orders.
We're not going to a bus station
and we're not going on a bus.
We're taking this car to Paris


                       NATE (cont'd)
She is struck silent.
They drive in dark silence. Amanda looks out the window and
Nate looks at her and rolls his eyes. He slows down and
stops the car on the side of the road.
Why the hell are you pissed off?
I'm not pissed, I'm just freaking
out. Did you, like, just quit your
job and steal a car for me?
Did I-? Goddammit, you're
He gets white-knuckled gripping the steering wheel and looks
                       NATE (cont'd)
This is unbelievable.
I didn't ask you for this. I asked
I know. I know.
Nate looks out the window and sighs. His entire body
                       NATE (cont'd)
I made a mistake.
He starts the car and rolls back on the road. They drive in
more silence.


After about three hours, they pull into a nice neighborhood
and stop.
We're about an hour outisde of
Paris. If we want to sleep, I
think this is the safest place to
do so. Are you okay with that?
He turns off the car, locks the door and reclines in his
seat. He closes his eyes. Amanda watches him and squints her
eyes hatefully. She forces her own eyes closed.

Neil Young's "Unknown Legend" plays.

Amanda rides a Harley Davidson alone on a beautiful desert
highway. The rocks of Monument Valley are illuminated and
the stars are as bright as stadium lights.

Her long brown hair blows behind her.
C.U. on Amanda's eyes as they open. The sun is just
beginning to rise. She shakes off the cobwebs and looks to
her left. Nate is awake and looking at her.
They look at each other with forgiving and smily eyes.
                       AMANDA (cont'd)
You have a watch that's worth as
much as a car?
A shitty car.


I guess there's a lot we don't
know about each other.
Well, I know you're kind of a rash
And I know you're a bad
decision-maker. A bus stop in the
middle of the night? Honestly.
I would have been fine.
You would have been raped.
Yes, and pillaged.
She looks away and stretches. She fidgets and looks down at
her hands.
I'm sorry about...all that...last
night. I guess I was confused.
Yeah, I was, too. But I woke up
this morning and I'm so glad I
quit. I'm glad you provided me the
opportunity to quit. But, it is
the end of the line for me. I'll
have to go, hat in hand, back home
and start over now. What a gig
that'll be.
So, you're going to leave France?
I think it's time.
When are you going to leave?


After you do, I guess.
Then today is your last day, too.
So it is.
What do you want to do?
Probably not the same things you
want to do.
Amanda opens her turtle bag.
Well, I have 500 francs.
Nate opens his wallet.
Okay, give it to me. I've got
1500. Let's try to spend it all.
Or, at least most of it.
On what?
I'll choose places I want to see
for the last time and you choose
ones you want to see for the
Good. And if we run out of money,
we can trade my watch for half a
Very upbeat British or French punk music plays.

We see quick shots of Amanda and Nate at:

-Notre Dame: They stroll the plaza in front of the
cathedral, watching street performers.

-The Catacombs: They walk past skulls.


-Luxembourg Gardens: They are surrounded by exquisite

The music stops. They are at Le Cafe de l'Enfer, a
Hell-themed restaurant. They are sitting next to each other,
deep in conversation, unphased by all of the demonic decor
around them.
Then, my second girlfriend was a
girl called Jane. And she could
draw like crazy. She had an
enormous nose, which kind of
ruined things, but God, that girl
could draw.
I can't draw at all.
That's okay because you have an
effing fantastic nose.
                       NATE & AMANDA
They are scared out of their seats by a man who pops over in
a devil's mask.

The punk music montage starts again:

-They walk under the Eiffel Tower. They look at each other
and shrug, a little unimpressed.

-They walk in a pack of tourists underground, taking the
sewer tour.

-They are at Deyrolle, a famous, but small taxidermy museum.
We see a polar bear in the foreground. Under his belly, we
see Nate and Amanda in deep conversation with a giant Zebra
right by his head.

-They are at Sacre Coeur. Amanda walks backwards, facing
Nate, talking animatedly. We see a beautiful Paris skyline
in the background.

The music stops.

They are in the middle of a massive pack of people at the
D'Orsay Museum. The guide is droning on and suddenly, Amanda
gets the giggles. Nate grins as everyone gives them the evil


The music starts again.

- They take a picture by the Louvre pyramid

- They walk under the Arc de Triomphe.

The music winds down as they walk down a crowded street by
some street vendors.
C.U. of Amanda and Nate navigating their way through the
I'm supposed to get Allie a
souvenir and I probably should
since I left half her closet back
in that trailer.
What kind of things does she
What doesn't she fancy? But she
said nothing ironic.
Oh, then what's the point?
The camera has slowly panned out into a super-wide shot. We
can barely make out where Nate and Amanda are in the mass of
people. We still hear their voices clearly, off-screen. We
just see a wide shot of Paris bustling all around them,
while they experience a magical day.
                       AMANDA (O.S.)
I know! Clearly, she's a little
bit off, but she's the best. If
she were here, we'd be having the
best time. I mean, I'm glad she's
not, because you'd be the third
wheel and all.
                       NATE (O.S.)
I doubt that. I bet Allie and I
would get on just fine and we'd
make you the third wheel. She
sounds like the brains of this
operation, if you ask me.


                       AMANDA (O.S.)
I don't think she'd like you.
She's not into British guys.
                       NATE (O.S.)
No? What's her type?
                       AMANDA (O.S.)
                       NATE (O.S.)
Dime a dozen. I'll set her
straight one of these days. Hey,
would she like this...
Their dialogue is drowned out by the sounds of Paris.
Amanda and Nate walk along the Seine as the sun sets. Their
mood has turned from adventurous to romantic. They come to a
line forming to board a tour boat.
My turn to choose.
Amanda and Nate find their way to an empty row of seats. The
sun sets on the most romantic city in the world at the most
beautiful time of day. Amanda and Nate are bonded after
their perfect day together and are brimming with attraction.
If ever there was a time for a first kiss, this would be it.

As they wait to disembark, Nate looks boldly into Amanda's
eyes. She returns the gaze, but is shier and frequently
looks around. As they enjoy this intimate moment of
anticipation, a young couple walks down the aisle and sits
in front of them.

They are a perfect "bizarro" version of Amanda and Nate. The
girl, Sarah, has lighter hair than Amanda, but looks not far
removed from her gene pool. She wears a Canadian flag
backpack. The boy, James, has darker hair than Nate, but
wears similar jeans and a black t-shirt. They speak loudly.
Very loudly.
I never imagined you could look
more beautiful than you did
earlier today, but somehow, you've


                       JAMES (cont'd)
done it.
After hearing him speak, it is obvious James is Irish.
Oh, James. You are so sweet. This
is the best day of my life.
Then why are you so reluctant to
love me? To really give yourself
to me?
Amanda and Nate exchange looks. The total lack of
self-awareness is excruciating to them both.
James, don't.
No, Sarah. I'm willing to put it
all out there. I'm willing to love
you. I'm willing to put my heart
on the table and say here, it's
yours. Why are you so afraid?
Nate winces in pity for his British Isles brother.
James, try to understand. I'm
dying here. I want to love you so
bad, but how can I know it's real?
There's a ton of girls that come
to Paris everyday and fall in
love. For a little while, they get
treated like princesses, but a few
days later, all they have to show
for it is an awkward note and an
Amanda covers her eyes in embarrassment. Nate chuckles.
                       SARAH (cont'd)
I don't want that to be me. I
couldn't take it.
Sarah. Love. How could you ever
think that what we have is
anything like that? What we have
is unlike anything that any two
people have ever experienced


                       JAMES (cont'd)
before. I feel that way. Do you?
Sarah studies James's eyes for a prolonged moment. During
that moment of hesitation, Amanda looks up in anticipation
of what Sarah is going to say. She turns her head and looks
at Nate. He raises his eyebrows in amused, shared
Of course, I do. I love you, I do.
I love you, too.
They begin to sloppily make out with a breathtaking view of
Paris in the background.

Amanda and Nate's potential moment is gone forever, replaced
by amused disgust for their bizarro counterparts.

Nate takes out his cigarettes and offers Amanda one. She
laughs. The aria Amanda always tries to play in her head
starts. Nate lights his cigarette and looks out over the
water. He spreads out his fingers and offers his hand to
Amanda. She takes it. He lifts her hand up and kisses it.
Hand-in-hand, they enjoy the beautiful Parisian landscape
drift by while Sarah and James suck face in front of them.
It is now dark and very lightly sprinkling. The aria still
plays, reaching a climax. They run through the street, hand
in hand, until Amanda stops in her tracks.
That's the l'Opera Bastille, isn't
Yeah, I imagine it is with all
those people dressed up. I've
never been.
Amanda focuses on a beautiful young woman, with impeccable
style and grace. A handsome man holds her umbrella as they
move toward the opera entrance. The woman notices Amanda's
gaze and gives her a slight, but kind smile, before dashing
up to the steps.
                       NATE (cont'd)
What is it? Do you know her?


No. But, I thought I was going to
know her.
I don't know what that means, but
I have an idea of where we should
go to get out of the rain.
Nate leads Amanda into a bar called, 9th at Troon. The bar
is busy, but not too crowded to find a seat.
I used to come here a lot with my
friend, Andy. He's Scottish and
this is the only Scottish bar he
ever found in Paris. Do you like
Yeah, it's nice.
Well, it's kind of a hole, but the
thing that's great about it is
that at midnight, every night,
they play Auld Lang Syne and
everybody does this great dance.
Is that the new year's song?
Yeah, the proprieter over there,
Nick, says it's a chance to start
fresh every day.
I like that.
Of course. Everybody does. Do you
want something to drink?
Yeah, get me some wine.
You're joking.


What? I had it with like every
meal with the Blondeaus. I'm
pretty sure I even put it in my
cereal once when we ran out of
boxed milk.
All right, I won't talk you out of
a good thing.
A couple of hours pass. Amanda and Nate talk and eat finger
foods. Amanda drinks a coke and takes small sips out of her
glass of wine.

Another hour passes and Amanda and Nate are still deep in
coversation. He plays with a piece of her hair while they
talk. They are interrupted by the bartender, Nick's O.S.
voice over the loud speaker.
Scotsmen, and Scotswomen, the time
has come. A time for new
beginnings. Please dance if you
feel moved to.
Auld Lang Syne begins.
Oh, balls, it's starting already.
I wanted to get us some champagne
to toast our new year. While I go
get it, you have to watch the
dance. It's nice, you'll like it.
About 20 people rush to an empty part of the bar and stand
in a circle. They hold hands and dance in a circle. As the
music goes on, they cross their arms across their chest so
that they are touching their neighbors.

Amanda is moved by the dance and the moment and looks over
to Nate, across the room. She stares.

Cut to: Nate paying and chatting with the bartender. He
looks up and pauses as he sees something behind him in the

Cut to: A wide shot of Amanda slowly creeping up to Nate
until she is right behind him. He is still facing forward,
watching her in the bar mirror in front of him. Amanda takes


a shaky hand and rubs the back of his neck. All in the same
motion, Nate closes his eyes, takes in a deep breath, and
whirls around, picking her up and kissing her.

The kiss goes on and on as the camera pans away to the end
of the dance and the other bar patrons celebrating.
                       ALEX (O.S.)
Happy New Year! Thank God for
Robert Burns and Guy Lombardo. And
thank God for you.
The sun has risen enough that it is light outside. Nate
pulls the car in front of the airport drop-off area.
Do you want me to go inside with
No, I don't really want to do this
in front of other people.
I don't want to do it at all.
Okay, so no big goodbyes. Just,
I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay, I'll see you then.
She reaches forward to kiss him on the cheek. He pulls her
closer by the back of her neck and holds her tight.
If I live twice, the only thing
I'll do differently is not waste
those four hours in the car from
the beach to Paris. I'll never
forgive myself for losing that
time with you. What I wouldn't
give right now for four more hours
and I squandered it like a fool.


You can always get it back
someday. Maybe tomorrow.
Maybe so.
Amanda sits on the floor, leaning against the glass wall.
She is staring dreamily and suddenly smiles, unconsciously.
She looks around and catches sight of Christy, one of the
girls from the Programme Pascal night in Paris. Amanda gets
up and goes over to her.
Um, Christy?
She looks blankly at Amanda.
It's Amanda. I was one of your
roommates in Paris.
Oh, right, right. How are you?
I'm really good. How was your
It was great. My family was a
little weird, but totally great.
Yeah, me, too.
Did you hear what happened to
No, what?
Well, the morning after we all
went out, she got really sick and
had to go to the hospital.


Oh, God, was she okay?
Yeah, totally. But, they made her
go home anyway.
Oh, that's too bad.
Amanda looks around, not knowing what to say.
I can't believe we're really going
to be home soon.
I know. I can't wait to see my
I can't wait to see my Mom.
Amanda walks down the wide hallway after the Customs booth
at Houston International Airport. She sees the large crowd
of people waiting for their loved ones.

C.U. of Amanda's face as she scans the crowd. Suddenly, she
stops looking, her eyes water, and she breaks into a huge
We are back to the hospital room, the same setting as the
opening scene. However, it is now morning and early sunlight
pours into the room.
Mom, I seriously can't believe you
went skinny-dipping.
                       ADULT AMANDA
Perce, it was great. You should
try it sometime! But don't do it
with some boy, that would totally
miss the point. It would be like


                       ADULT AMANDA (cont'd)
playing solitaire with a partner.
Mom, how can you say that? I don't
get it.
                       ADULT AMANDA
Don't get what?
You! And Nate. Why didn't you
stay? Why didn't you make out with
him more? Why didn't you marry
Amanda smiles a knowing smile.
                       ADULT AMANDA
Well, my dear...There's something
important that you need to know.
(a beat) There are some boys you
just don't marry.
Heeeeey, Pursesnatcher!
Percy's father, Amanda's husband, JAKE, bursts into the room
with all the energy and warmth of Christmas morning. He is
holding a bag stuffed with boardgames. He is followed by
11-year-old J.J., who enters with the shyness and dread of a
kid visiting old relatives.
How are my girls doing? I need a
kiss from this one and then
another one from this one. Gosh,
Percy, you get prettier every day,
don't you?
Dad, what time is it?
Oh, Snatcher, I know I'm probably
late, but I got to talking to Dr.
Stevens out there and I gotta tell
you girls, doctors sure are neat.
Jake is gripping J.J.'s bowl-cutted head like a basketball
and moves it around as he talks to Percy and Adult Amanda.


He knows everything about every
damn thing and we talked baseball
and he started naming all the
players on the Big Red Machine
teams and-
I don't even know what that is,
It's the Cincinnati Reds' 70's
teams, Snatcher. Come on, get with
it. So, we talked about that, then
he gave me some stock tips. What a
neat guy.
Dad, I think you've got a man
crush on Dr. Stevens.
I've got a what, now?
                       ADULT AMANDA
A man crush!
Jake stops to process this, still while gripping J.J.'s
Yeah, sure. I've got one of those.
Dr. Stevens, hell yes. A man
crush, you bet. But don't tell
him, because I don't want to scare
him off. Tomorrow, I'm going to
bring in my autographed-
                       ADULT AMANDA
No, you're not.
Now, just hold on a second.
Dad, what's in the bag?


Jake takes off his coat and starts digging through his
shopping bag. Amanda starts to get out of the hospital bed
and stretches.
Oh, Snatcher, I've got some fun
stuff for you. We've got cards,
the old favorite, Monopoly. I
promise not to cheat this time.
We've got this new game called
Apples to Apples, which seems a
little new-fangled, but the girl
assured me it was a hoot...
Jake continues to talk, mostly to himself as Amanda reaches
the door.
                       ADULT AMANDA
Yes, baby?
Percy has nothing to say. She just looks at her mother and
smiles. Amanda smiles back, conspiratorily.
                       ADULT AMANDA (cont'd)
I'll be right back, I promise.
- Percy sits in a chemo chair. We see a C.U. of the medicine

- Amanda jogs and watches the sunrise. She is moderately

- Percy and Jake play scrabble in their living room. J.J.
plays video games next to them. Amanda watches them all.

- Amanda runs in leggings and a t-shirt.

- A friend visits Percy and shows her pictures. They laugh
like best friends laugh.

- Amanda runs in the dead of summer, with a tank top and

- J.J. sleeps on top of the covers next to Percy, who sleeps
under the covers, surrounded by medicine and equipment.

- Amanda runs in the changing leaves of fall. She starts to


walk, then sits down on the streetcurb and puts her head in
her hands.

Amanda is in a beach house kitchen, aged to her early 60s.
In a flash, Jake, Percy, J.J., Percy's husband, their three
kids, J.J.'s pregnant wife and their two kids pour into the
kitchen with groceries.

Everyone laughs, unpacks groceries and nibbles on food.
Toddlers climb on chairs and counters. Babies are passed
between adults.
                       ADULT AMANDA
There's too damn many of y'all.
How am I supposed to cook for all
you people?
You'll figure something out.
Amanda is lying on her side, asleep. She opens her eyes to
Percy's whispers.
                       ADULT AMANDA
Yes, honey.
I think we need to go to the
Through a window, we see a doctor speaking to Jake and
Amanda. He puts his hand on Jake's shoulder and walks away.
Jake and Amanda sit on a couch together. Jake takes Amanda's
hand in his and kisses it. Amanda squeezes it back.


I need to get J.J. He'll want to
be here if she wakes up again.
                       ADULT AMANDA
She'll wake up, Jake. She has so
much to do.
                       ADULT AMANDA
She hasn't even had her first kiss
yet, or, or been on airplane by
herself. Jake, there's still so
much she needs to do.
Jake has nothing to say, but tries to ward off tears by
bulging his eyes and slowly exhaling. He squeezes her hand
and kisses her on the forehead.
I'll go get the boy.
Jake leaves the room. Amanda's hands are shaking, but she
pours herself a coffee. She stares. Suddenly, she drops her
coffee cup and sprints through the hallway. She runs past
the nurse's station.
Mrs. Lee! They're not done yet,
you can't go in there!
Amanda bursts into the hospital room.
                       ADULT AMANDA
I have to speak to my daughter.
Yes, ma'am. We're done now, I was
just about to come get you.
The doctor and nurse leave the room. Amanda goes over to
Percy's bed.
                       ADULT AMANDA
Percy, baby, I know you can hear


                       ADULT AMANDA
Hi, honey. You're doing so good
and you look so pretty. Now, don't
be mad at me, Percy girl, but
there's a pinch more to the Nate
story than I told you before. I
thought maybe you would want to
hear it. Do you?
Amanda strokes her cheek and Percy nods, almost
                       ADULT AMANDA
Okay, honey. Just close your eyes,
and picture yourself in (a beat)
Amanda and Allie walk along the river boardwalk, eating ice
cream cones. They are wearing backpacks and appear to be
college students now. Allie reaches back into her backpack.
Oh, check it out. I got more
skinny juice.
Oh, good going, Albert. Here, let
me see the directions. I don't
know if we've been using it right.
I know cuz I don't feel like we're
losing any weight. I actually have
a sneaking suspicion we're gaining
No joke. Okay, it says, drink 1-2
cups daily for maximum effects.
But, it doesn't say whether you
should drink it before or after
you eat a lot.
So, what should we do?
They arrive at a bus stop.


All right, so let's drink a little
when we get home to cancel out the
ice cream we just ate and then
we'll drink some more before we go
out for pizza tonight.
Sometimes I think it's kind of a
jallopy of a weight loss system.
True. Sometimes I think we should
just do amphetamines like the 3rd
floor girls do.
I know, but it's such a
It's definitely a scene. Let me
see the tea box again. I still
think we're doing something wrong.
Amanda follows Allie off the bus, which has deposited them
right in front of their dorm. Amanda is engrossed in her
label-reading and mumbles to herself.
It says cinammon is optional.
Amanda, I think I'm looking at the
most beautiful boy I've ever seen.
Is it the boy with the limp again?
No, it's someone I've never seen
Do we even have cinammon in our


Amanda! The boy is looking right
at us. He's-
Allie grabs Amanda and nudges her to look up. Amanda looks
Oh my God.
Amanda gasps and we see Nate waiting in front of the dorm.
He looks perfect. He is clean, well-dressed, and like what
any 19-year-old would want waiting for her in front of her
dorm. He smiles and starts walking to her. Amanda is frozen,
with her mouth wide open.
Amanda and Allie start walking and they meet Nate in the

The Rolling Stones' "You Got the Silver" begins and plays
until the very last scene.
They look at each other.
                       NATE (cont'd)
      (to Allie)
Hi, I'm Nate.
I figured. I'm Allie.
Oh, you told me about her, didn't
Amanda nods.
Yeah, I think she mentioned you,
Amanda continues to be dazed and stares up at Nate.


                       ALLIE (cont'd)
Well, Manfred Mann, I'm going to
go over to Jen's. And then I'm
going to Wes's. And then I'm going
to go on that sabbatical I'm
always talking about. Just call me
when you're ready for me to come
Tell Jen I said hi.
Allie laughs and pats Nate on the back. She walks off,
looking back over her shoulder, occasionally.
I can't believe you're here.
Well, I came to get my four hours
back. And whatever else you'll
give me.
Amanda smiles. She stops smiling and looks down at the
ground. She nods to herself. She looks back up at Nate and
smiles a knowing, but bashful smile.
Amanda leads Nate through the hallways by the hand. She
sheepishly nods and says hi to the amazed girls in the

Finally, she reaches her door. She looks up at him and
smiles. She pulls him down for a kiss and they pour into her