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Pussey - Pilot pt. 2
by roland mccoy (roland.mccoy@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



As GOODY comforts his sister ANGEL. KAREN seems unaffected
by the entire episode. The twins are visibly upset.
      (to Karen)
We need to find out where they are
taking him. What did he do?
      (to Tyni upset and
He didn't do nothing, they hate my
daddy, everybody hates my daddy.
      (to Angel)
Little girl you need to relax and
get a hold of yourself.
Leave me alone, your not my mommy.
                       KAREN (whispering)
      (to Delisha)
That little bitch is out of
control, I'm gonna spank that ass.
      (to Karen)
Mom, leave her alone, she's just a
little kid and her name is Angel,
stop calling her little girl.
      (to Goody)
Take your sister upstairs, you
guys need to go to bed.
I'm not going to bed, I waiting
here for my daddy.
ANGEL takes off and run into the family room. KAREN angrily
pursues her screaming. TYNI tries to calm her mother.
Through this kayos, NAYA enters from the front door. She's


STARTLED to see and hear the exchanges between KAREN and her
kids. She KICKS off her heels and before KAREN can react,
NAYA swan DIVES over the couch and tackles KAREN.
                                         CUT TO
AUSTIN is driving and SPADES is riding shot gun. TP is in
the back seat. He shakes loose the handcuffs and drop them
in the front seat.
I felt so bad pretending to lock
you up in front of your younger
kids. Your daughter was crying
I was worried about you,
stuttering over your words. You
almost blew it. White boy speaking
What's up, why did you do that?
Just a test to get my kids to
work together. Right now they
should be trying to come up with a
plan to locate me and bail me out.
But I could be wrong.
                                         CUT TO
KAREN and NAYA are rolling around on the ground. Good old
fashion hair pulling, skin scratching, ear biting, fight.
NAYA is getting the best of KAREN in this brawl. TYNI and
DELISHA are attepting to pull the women apart. GOODY and
ANGEL are standing back in shock.
                                         CUT TO


      (to Austin)
Where's Jefferson?
I went to pic him up and he said
he couldn't make it. I met this
cat over his house and JEFFERSON
told us to come pick you up and
arrest your ass.
Did he give you my money?
                                         CUT TO
AUSTIN hands TP a large envelope stuffed with bills.
He counted it out for me. It was
hundred and eighty thousand. I've
never seen that much cash, damn.
That's some money Mayweather
TP PULLS out his cell phone and calls JEFFERSON. The call
rolls to his voice mail.
      (leaving message)
Jefferson, you expect me to trust
these people with all my savings
and my kids tuition money. Where
the fuck are you. This is a deal
that you stand to make a lot of
money from too. Call me back.
SPADES who is riding shot gun, turn toward TP and tries to
      (to TP)
My name is Spades, the deal is
with my uncle.
TP gives him a cold stare.


Was I talking to you.
There is silence in the car.
So, what do you want to do?
TP LOOKS down at his phone, he slowly raises his head. The
stare in his eyes are even colder than before.
Fuck it let's go hear what they
have to offer. We're meeting at
Rails and Poles strip club on OBT.
TP LEANS forward to get a closer look at SPADES. He's
practically in the front seat with him.
That's where this meeting is
supposed to take place, right?
We're going to see your uncle,
hmm. What did you say your name
was, Spades? Like the card game
right? Spades, ok Spades..
TP puts his right hand on SPADES shoulder and runs it
quickly down his back to his belt line. SPADES JERKS away.
I'm playing the cop role now. I
just need to know what I'm dealing
with. So either I frisk you or my
man Austin is going to kick you
out of this moving car, see he's a
Karate man. Relax just let me pat
your pockets, see that's it
Spades, plural right..Your good!
TP LEANS back in his seat. He tries to call JEFFERSON again.
                                         CUT TO
Carnage in the family room. Everything is either broken or
dis-shuffled. KAREN and NAYA are sitting on the kitchen


floor. They both looked like they were mauled by lions. Now
they are licking their wounds. The four kids are towering
over them looking in amazement.
Two grown ass, pathetic woman.
      (sounding weak)
Watch your mouth.
I'm taking dad's car to go find
No, Don't take his car, Take one
of the other cars.
If I find him he's going to want
his car.
Tyni don't touch that mans car,
you know how he will react.
Come on Delisha.
I want to go help find my daddy
You can't go you have to stay
DELISHA and TYNI leaves the house. GOODY grabs Angel's hand
and they go off upstairs. The two women are still too
exhausted to move and are left sitting on the kitchen floor.
                                         CUT TO
TP, AUSTIN and SPADES entering the Strip club. This is one
of Orlando's more up scale strip clubs. They serve naked
chick as wells as Chicken Gordon Bleu. This is a weeknight
and the club has only the regular girls and their guys.
SPADES leads them to a table where his uncle is waiting. His


name is DANIEL, he is a short stubby dark skinned black man
with a round face. His voice is deep with a thick accent. He
has an aggressive nature like a used car salesman. They
approach the table, DANIEL is receiving a lap dance. TP is
already slightly annoyed.
                       DANIEL (to)
Nephew, Gentlemen come sit down.
DANIEL excuses the girl,but others are approaching. They
smell money in the air. The men sit. There are a couple of
hot white chicks working the poles center stage. SPADES is
taking special notice. The other girls approach. They are
trying to solicit lap dances. TP is completely uninterested
and motion AUSTIN not to participate.
Guys, let's have a little fun
before we talk shop. After all we
are gentlemen and this is a gentle
mens club.
TP takes a glance around the club paying close attention to
everything and everyone.
                       DANIEL (to)
Hey my Friend, let me buy you a
      (getting close)
Why don't you get rid of the girls
and introduce yourself to me.
Fine, I see you are a man about
business, I like this.
Daniel gets rid of the girls. Pay a few of them off.
                       DANIEL (to)
Your friend Jefferson speaks
highly of you. Said we can make a
deal that will solve a few of our
financial problems.
What kind of accent is that? Where
are you from?


I'm from Nigeria.
I hate Nigerians.
      (to Austin)
They can't be trusted.
That's a very racial thing to say
to a fellow brother African. Well,
where here to make money not
alliances, right? Did you bring
the money?
Tell me about this deal, I'm
putting up a hellva amount of
We deal in gold. My partner and I
own five pawn shops. We build them
from ground up. We're spending a
fortune buying and selling gold.
But our cash on hand is tight and
we're tapped out at the banks due
to high construction costs. We
don't rent space we own our
buildings. Gold is selling at and
all time high and selling fast.
Our store are crowded with
sellers. We always need some extra
cash to buy. If you have two
hundred thousand, I can guarantee
you three hundred fifty in ten
TP shows no emotion about the return on his investment. His
eyes tell the story and he is calculating the risk. AUSTIN
whispers to TP. Tp continues his cold stare.
We only need this cash until we
can secure some other financing,
which will come from my country.
This is a chance to make a lot of
money, with no risk.


Without asking any questions. TP instruct Austin to give
them the money.
Give them the money. It's a
hundred and Eighty thousand. Ten
days from today at eight PM sharp,
right here on this table, I better
be looking at three hundred and
fifty thousand dollars. Let's go
TP and Austin stand and proceed to the exit. Daniel secures
the money.
      (as they are
So you do trust Nigerians after
all my brother?
TP turns and approach DANIEL and SPADES at the table calmly.
If you are one second late ten
days from now. I going to bleach
that black skin of yours, put a
blond wig on your head, and put
you on that stage with a pole
stuck so far up your ass. You're
going to need a miracle from Jesus
to remove it. (TO SPADES) Then I'm
going to put a bullet between your
eyes. Enjoy your night, nigerians.
TP and AUSTIN exits. AUSTIN shakes his head in disbelief.
TP and AUSTIN enters the car.
AUSTIN starts the car.
Wait a sec. Shut it off.


What's the problem? You having
second thoughts?
Of course, but I need to see
DANIEL and SPADES exit the club, and quickly enter a late
model Honda Accord. AUSTIN and TP are parked thirty feet
away looking directly at them. There's movement and talking
between the men.
There just talking.
He was getting lap dances before
we got there. Why is he in a hurry
to leave now. Look what they're
doing now. Splitting the money.
This is a fucking scam. Damn. The
deals off, I'm getting that money
TP motions to exit the car.
Wait take this. Just in case.
AUSTIN hands him a 357 magnum. TP cautiously approach the
car. He is within 15 feet and the car explodes and the
interior is completely engulfed in flames. TP is knocked off
his feet. The blast renders him temporarily incapacitated.
From the ground he watches the fiery death of the two men
and all of his money. AUSTIN rushes to his aid. TP is still
holding the gun.
Tee! Got to get back before it
explodes again. Come on, Let's go!
AUSTIN helps TP to his feet. They move away from the car
when a second smaller explosion occurs. TP face is slightly
burned and he has been cut by some flying glass. TP looks
back at the car in distress realizing that the money is
gone. The club is beginning to empty into the parking lot.
Fire engines are heard in the distance. The more TP regain
his composure the more horrified he looks. He places the gun
in his waste band.


No, no, this fucking can't be
happening, this can't be fucking
happening to me. God,god god god
god, (he screams) NO!...
Let's get out of here, the police
are going to start asking
AUSTIN tries to help TP into the car.
No, No! I'm Good! You get out of
here, I'll catch up with you
I can't leave you like this, just
let me take you home?
No, now get the fuck. I'll call
you tomorrow. I need to be alone,
I have to think.
AUSTIN watches as TP exits the scene on foot headed east on
OBT. AUSTIN exits in the car turning west on OBT. Police and
Fire dept arrive on the scene.
                                         FLASH BACK
He flashes back to his wedding day with Naya. It was four
years earlier. It's the reception, NAYA and TP seated at the
head table with the rest of the dinner party overlooking the
dance floor. She is wearing a beautiful fitted designer
gown. TP is wearing superb cut Hugo Boss Black tux. Dinner
is over, the dj is playing a line dance song. The black
people are dancing and the Spanish people are watching. The
next song is a meringue. All the Spanish people get on the
dance floor as all the black people exits. Naya and TP
notice the trend.
You have to do something, our
parents are not getting along. As
a matter of fact, no one in my


                       NAYA (cont'd)
family is talking to your family.
My family is old fashion, they
wanted us to get married when I
first got pregnant. But you
already had a wife.
But look where we are today, two
beautiful kids and a dream
wedding. They think this marriage
is a mistake. What do you think?
I think you are the greatest,
husband, lover and friend a wife
could ever have. Wow, I just said
husband, your my husband. AHHH!
Babe, do something.
TP laughs and kisses her softly.
Don't worry, I got this.
TP stand and head toward the DJ table. He is greeting people
along the way. He whispers a request to the DJ and grabs the
mic. He is now walking toward the dance floor. The song
starts. It and old Stevie Wonder song called Ngiculela. It
has a bit of a Spanish salsa beat. He grabs his mother
in-law by the hand, brings her to the dance floor. He has a
charm about himself, that she does not resist him. They
begin to dance salsa. Naya looks surprised and can't believe
TP knows any salsa moves. NAYA comes down and grab TP mom
and is trying to dance Salsa with her.
      (on the mic)
Everybody come one it Salsa time.
Spanish people help the black
people. Jefferson, get you but
down here.
The bridal party empties on to the dance floor, and others
begin to join.
      (to his family)
Let's go unk, aunt Pearl, you too.
(singing with the song) "there are
songs to make you smile, there are
songs to make you sad" Cm'n on
yall let Salsa!


He has motivated everybody to join in. They are dancing,
laughing and having a good time. You can see the expression
on NAYA's face that she feels like he has saved their
wedding day. TP catches a glimpse of his beautiful bride and
casually strolls over to her. She is beaming with happiness.
The song ends and TP addresses the crowd , while everyone is
standing around.
      (to both families)
Hey listen everybody, listen up.
Things for Naya and I got off to a
slow and rough start. Real life is
like that sometimes. All the road
that leads to happiness aren't
smooth, but we have two beautiful
little children and two very
beautiful teenagers that we love.
This is our family, and so are
you. Naya is the love of my life,
be happy for us and send us your
blessing. Were family, now and
forever. Now a real salsa song, DJ
TP kisses his new bride
                                         END FLASH BACK
TP walk alone down the normally busy street. The businesses
along the road are closed. The day pedestrians are all gone
and replaced with a few ghetto prostitutes both female and
transvestites. A distraught TP spot a small Chinese carry
out in the distance. The red neon lights reads "open".
Instinctively, he heads that way.
The carry out is small with only a few tables and chairs for
patrons to sit. There are three Chinese men working. It's
late and no other patrons are in the place. They are a bit
cautious of TP, though he has on a suit, shirt and no tie.
It is clear that he has had a rough night. He walks to the
counter, and glances over the pictures of food.
                       CHINESE MAN 1
Can I help you. We will be closing


Give me two spring rolls and small
wonton soup.
                       CHINESE MAN 1
Five twenty.
TP pull from his pocket a ten dollar bill.
Keep it.
TP sits at a table. The gun in his waistband when it falls
to the floor. He slowly picks it up and places on the table
in front of him. TP is holding his head in his hands.
Suddenly, he reaches for the gun, a 357 Magnum that holds
eight shots. He empty the chamber and replace two of the the
bullets and rotate the chamber. Without hesitation he place
the gun to his temple and pulls the trigger twice. Two loud
clicks. TP grabs the bullets off the table and swiftly exits
without his food.
                       CHINESE MAN 1
Mr. here's your order.
TP doesn't look back, he place the gun back in his waistband
and grabs his phone. He search his wallet for a business
card and calls DR. DELORIS TAYLOR.
      (into the phone)
Hey, this is Terrence Pussey. I
need your help.
                       DR. JONES
Terrence are you ok, how can I
help you?
I'm in trouble, I need you to come
pick me up. I'm in east Orlando
the corner of Larchmont and the
the trail.
                       DR. JONES
That neighborhood, this time of
night, what's going on?


It's not like that, just get
here...please I need you.
                       DR. JONES
On my way.
                                         CUT TO
DELISHA and TYNI exits the Orange county jail receiving hall
after looking for TP. DELISHA is clearly upset.
I'm going to call Naya to see if
they heard from dad.
They would have called us. We've
been everywhere and this is where
they said he should be. And
that...bitch in there didn't even
look for him. You know what, I'm
going right back in there and make
her ass look again.
DELISHA heads back into the jail receiving area. TYNI tries
to stop her to no avail.
No Delisha, calm down.
      (very stern)
Tyni, get your hands off me.
DELISHA and TYNI enters the receiving area and approach the
officer sitting behind the bullet proof glass room. The
officer is a slightly heavy set black woman who looks a
little too made up to be a security Officer. Her hair is
big, nail too long. She approaches the counter. Her name tag
reads Officer Howard.
                       OFFICER HOWARD


DELISHA leans in to get a good look at her name tag.
Excuse me Officer "need a gun". I
mean officer HOWARD. They said our
dad should be here, can you look
again. His name is Terrence
Pussey. Do you even know how to
spell Pussey, cause you didn't ask
us how to spell it.
                       OFFICER HOWARD
Young lady, calm down there is no
Terrence of any kind of name, that
came in tonight. I search for P O
O S A Y.
      (her and Tyni)
                       OFFICER HOWARD
That's not Poosay, that's the
other word.
Your gonna tell me how to spell my
own damn name, bitch type it like
I spelled it.
OFFICER HOWARD hits the panic button and within seconds four
security guards are in the receiving area trying to escort
We're just trying to find our dad
                       SECCURITY OFFICER
Ladies you have to leave, before
you get arrested, now..now..
Officer Howard, your just mad they
won't give you a gun cause your
nails are too long, mess around
and shoot your self in the pinky
toe. Hey, scratch my ass from over
there... BI ATCH
TYNI and DELISHA are escorted out.
                                         CUT TO


DR. DELORIS TAYLOR pulls up in her blue Chrysler 300 and
spots TERRENCE sitting at a bus stop on the opposite side of
the road. She makes a u-turn and rolls down her window. TP
lifts his head and gets in the car.
Thanks for coming.
                       DR. JONES
My god, what happen to your face,
your bleeding. Did you get mugged
out here.
She REACHES in her glove compartment and grab some wipes to
help with the bleeding and scorch marks on TP's face
I'm good. I need you to take me to
Shiply Terrace, 324 Shiply. It's
not far from here..Here it's on my
He hands her his phone. She looks and drives. TP lean and
lay his head on the passengers window and gazes. It is
silent in the car.
                       DR. JONES
Do you want to talk about what's
going on with you tonight. You are
obviously very stressed.
You are a very attractive woman,
and very successful. What kind man
would let you out of the house
this late. Do you have a man?
                       DR. JONES
Had a man, my husband died two
years ago, Struck by a drunk
driver who fell asleep at the
wheel and crossed the medium on
I-4. That's why I volunteer my
time to help Alcoholics. That's
what brings me out of the house
late at night. To help keep people


He must have been a good man for
you to take this kind of stand.
Your a good person and your fine.
                       DR. JONES
Is that all you can say is that
I'm attractive and fine. Or do you
want to talk about what happened
to you tonight and stop avoiding
the issue.
Yeah, I'll talk about it. The
house is up here. Pull into the
drive way.
                       DR. JONES
Is this where you live?
No this is my friend's house. I
need to talk to him for a min.
I'll be right back.
TP KNOCKS on JEFFERSON'S door. Amy responds and TP enters.
Amy gives him an hug, TP doesn't respond.
Where's Jefferson?
Where else, but sleep on the
Do you mind going upstairs, I need
to talk to him, alone.
AMY exits. She senses that something is about to happen.
TP'S anger is building as he approaches the the couch where
JEFFERSON is sitting up sleeping. TP sits on the couch next
to him and nudges him to wake. JEFFERSON come out of is nod
and is surprised to see TP.


Hey, what's up Tee? How did that
thing go tonight.
TP sitting close to Jefferson looking directly into his eyes
speaking in a low calm voice.
We met. I listen to them like you
asked me to. But you weren't there
and I don't fuck with Nigerians,
JEFFERSON, tries to interject.
My bad Tee.. I..
      (calm to anger)
Wait, wait, wait, I don't want to
hear it. So I agreed and gave them
the money. A hundred and eighty
fucking thousand dollars. All the
money I have in this world. Money
that I busted my ass to get. My
savings, my kids tuition,
investments everything. And it's
all gone and my life is more
fucked, and my kids future is in
jeopardy. My kids Jefferson. The
only thing I have in this world.
What the fuck are you taking
So I gave them the money and later
realized, the whole thing was some
bullshit..nothing but a scam. They
were splitting the money up when
their car blow up..with all my
money..You set me up..you greedy,
Whoa! Whoa!
In an instant, TP pushes JEFFERSON down on the couch, with
his left hand he gabs the gun from his waistband and unload
three rapid savage pistol BLOWS to the side of JEFFERSON


face. Blood shoots in the air. He YELLS in pain. AMY RUSHES
down stairs and GRABS TP before he can unleash any more
damage. JEFFERSON is dazed.
      (begging and
Please TP don't kill my husband.
Please! Please stop!
Tee, no man, I would never do no
shit like that man, you know me
better than that. I would never
fuck you over...
So where were you tonight, why
didn't you answer any of my
fucking calls, all god damm
night..You set this meeting up..
Tee, I was at a club.
TP STRIKES him again with the pistol. You can see the fear
of death on JEFFERSON'S face. He is beat down.
Tee, I'm sorry man, I was with
this bitch I had been trying to
fuck. She called me to hang out.
That's why I gave everything to
Austin. I'm sorry Tee.
Amy's eyes swells up in tears as she disappear upstairs.
      (weak voice)
You fucked me over for a piece of
TP EXITS the house. JEFFERSON STAGERS to hIS feet and
follows him outside.


TP standing by the car, JEFFERSON trailing him.
I'm sorry Tee. I would never set
you up.
Fuck your sorrys, your a man and
you're weak. This is what I did
tonight, when I lost everything.
TP PULLS the gun from his waistband, and EXTRACTS the
bullets. DELORIS gets out of the car to get a understanding
to what is going on. TP RELOADS the gun with two bullets
side by side. He THROWS the rest of the bullet towards
JEFFERSON. DELORIS is looking in shock. He SPINS the
chamber, places the gun to his temple and pulls the trigger.
"CLICK". He then points the gun at JEFFERSON.
                       DR. JONES
Terrence please stop..
Still pointing the gun at JEFFERSON
You want to try one Jefferson?
If you think I set you up Tee,
then pull the trigger.
Without hesitating TP pulls the trigger. "CLICK".
JEFFERSON's eyes blinks. TP gets in the car. They pull off.
JEFFERSON is standing looking like he shit his pants.
DELISHA and TYNI enters the house very frustrated. They
enter the family room which is still in disarray from the
altercation. They find KAREN asleep on one couch and NAYA
sleeping on a large family chair, GOODY is asleep in his
mother arms. ANGEL is the only one awake. She has tears in
her eyes as she approach the twins.
So you didn't find my daddy?


No not yet.
KAREN wakes up
      (to Karen)
Did he call?
No, but he will, just be patient.
No, cause I do not want him
spending any time in no jail. If
it was one of us, he would have us
home by now, and you know it.
                                         CUT TO
To the right, that's my house.
They pull up to TP's house. It's been a quiet ride.
                       DR. JONES
Here's your chance to talk.
Not now, not tonight. I need to
see my kids.
Ok, but I have to tell you that
your behavior is not rational, and
will lead to a serious situation.
Im glad your thinking about your
kids. Now, go and explain to them
what you just did, and how they
almost lost their dad. That's all
I'm gonna say until I hear from
you again.
Not saying a word TP exits the car and enters his home.


He enters the house and ANGEL takes off in his direction.
TYNI and DELISHA follows. NAYA and GOODY wakes.
Dad, we looked all over for you,
what happened to your face?
I swear, If they Rodney King-ed
you. I'm calling Johnny Cochoran.
Johnny Chocroan's dead stupid.
Did OJ get him?
That's not even funny. Dad what
TP WALKS into the family room and see the broken furniture
and mess that has been made from the two women's brawl
earlier tonight. He looks at KAREN and TYNI. His anger is
evident but controlled.
Karen, get out of my house.
NAYA walk over to him as if to explain.
      (to Naya)
Get out of my face.
Both women leave. He turns his attention to his kids and
embraces all of them for a long few seconds. Relief comes
over his face as he embraces them all.
Dad did they try to take your man
love while you where in there?
I'm a salesman and I lie for a
living most of the times, but I
would never lie to my kids. I
didn't get locked up tonight. I
had a meeting with some people to


                       TP (cont'd)
work out a deal to make some quick
money. But it turned out to be a
bad deal and I lost a lot of
How much money did you lose.
All that I had in my
savings...including your tuition
money. Your going to have to sit
out of school next semester.
The girls looked shocked.
Dad I can't believe you spent our
school money. What's going to
happen with my plans for the
furture with no school.
It's just for one semester, I
promise I will get the money back.
You see all this around here, this
house, cars, boat, jewelry, all
this stuff that nobody in this
house really appreciates. Look at
the broken furniture..nobody
cared. Cause I paid for it all. My
hard work day in and day out. Do
you trust me?
Of course daddy.
Yes. I need a break anyway. That
school is kicking my behind.
One semester, I promise..
I trust you too daddy
Me too daddy.


He kisses all of his kids.
I know...
Are we still having our birthday
barbecue Saturday, you know it's
Pussey tradition.
And the Boat on Sunday?
Can we finally bring dates on the
boat or is Sunday still just for
the family.
You wanna change the tradition
now? You'll be with your dates on
Saturday, Sunday is still just for
the family. It's late lets go to
bed. I have to work in a few
hours. I have a tuition to pay.
They turn ofF the lights and head up stairs.
                                         CUT TO
The house is dim. JEFFERSON is asleep wrapped in a blanket
on the couch. AMY is carrying the baby in a car seat as she
quietly tip her way to the front door. She places the
sleeping baby by the door and heads back up stairs. After a
long few seconds she returns with a large suit case. She
trying to be very quiet, but the awkwardness of the suitcase
makes her stumble. She remains still, then head down the
stairs to the front door. She unlocks the door and slowly
opens it. The door is creaking loudly, so she pauses and
opens the door with caution. She picks up the the baby seat
and head toward the SUV parked in the driveway. She unlocks
the door and and move quickly to put he baby in the back.
JEFFERSON battered and bruised face pops out from the back
seat. She screams in terror and almost drops the baby. He
gives her a haunting stare. She begins to sob and walks back
into the house. He exits the SUV and follow behind her
saying not a word. They enter the house and shut the door.


                                         CUT TO
TP wrapped in a towel after his shower looks in the mirror
to examine his facial wounds. He applies ointment to his
face, dresses for bed and lay face up looking a bit dazed
and depressed. The bedroom door opens and he see the shadow
of ANGEL and GOODY. They walk over to the bed and climb in
and they all fall asleep.
                                         CUT TO
A well dressed TP walks into the office of the sales
Manager. DARRYL BLAYLOCK is dressed in cackie pants and
white company logo polo shirt. His eyes light up when he see
There he is Mr. Presidents Club
winner. How you doing TP. There's
no meeting today. Oh but while
your hear I need your help.
Wait a second, I need a favor.
Talk to WHALLS and see if I can
get cash for the trip, I can't
make it.
Terrence you have to try to make
it. You've earned it. Paradise
Island the Bahamas. Four days of
fun in the sun. I'm not suppose to
tell you this but, they are
presenting you with a special
award. It's going to be great.
Can't make it Darryl, you owe me,
so make it happen. I need that
money ASAP.
I was able to get your commission
percentage increased to thirty
percent, that's a ten percent
raise for you.. senior sales rep.


TP is not impressed.
What happened to your boy
Jefferson. He called out sick
So what do you need my help with.
Oh! UH! I need you to take a guy
in training out in the field with
you today.
Hell no Blaylock, I don't have
time for that bullshit today.
      (fires back)
Hey ,that was part of your
promotions six months ago, and you
haven't taken anybody out. You
always have an excuse. I have two
people or I wouldn't ask for you
help. I'm taking one and you the
BLAYLOCK steps out of his office and returns with a young
nerdy looking white guy.
Terrence this is Ernie Pascal.
      (hand shake)
Hello. nice to meet you
Ernie he's going to take you out
and show you why he's the number
one sales guy. Pay attention, take
notes, whatever. Thanks Terrence,
see you soon.
Earnie, do you have a middle name?
Yes, it's Steve.


In the field, your name is Steve
Pascal, nobody is going to by from
an Ernie. Lose those glasses and
get some contacts, moose your hair
and slick it back. The dress code
is a suit and tie. Dress as if you
don't need their business. You got
it? So Blaylock, who are you
taking out?
Just the new girl, never sold
before. So I have to spend a
little more time with her not like
my man Ernie here.
Where is she?
She waiting in the lobby?
Ernie, go get her.
Ernie exits quickly. Blaylock begins to fumble and gather
his things.
Terrence, believe me, it's no big
deal your wasting time. You could
be in the field making money.
Ernie returns in awe, with the hottest Puerto Rican beauty
he has ever seen. She has long dark hair, beautiful smile,
impeccably dresses, with dynamic curves to match -
absolutely gorgeous.
Silvia, this is Terrence, Terrence
this is Silvia Sanchez.
Nice to meet Terrence. Mr Blaylock
speaks highly of you.
Welcome to Bluestar, c'mon Ernie
let's go.


BLAYLOCK breathes a sigh of relief as TP leaves the office.
In an instant TP heads back into the office, walks directly
to Silvia and hands her a business card. The card is white
with a beautful faint gold design in the back ground. The
front of the card has TP and a phone number on it.
Thanks you.
She examines the card.
Wow, I never felt a card like
this. If feels like fine linen and
its raised. Incredible
Turn it over.
The back is blank..
Hold it up toward the light.
She holds the card up towards the light. Red beautiful
letters appear on the card, they reads."Persistence Pays".
Persistence Pays, yes, thank you.
Ernie and TP exits
TP receives a text message. "Thank you, please save my
number Silvia"
Do I get one of those cards
Shut up and listen, Go do what I
just told you to do, fix yourself
up and get in the field. This is
all the training you will get from
me, and if you're hungry, you will
eat cause only the greedy
survives. Get going.


The front and back of the house is beautifully decorated to
celebrate the twins birthday. Guest are sill arriving, many
with gifts. There is a huge barbecue grill being attended by
a very large black man in a a red apron. The DJ is under a
tent shielded from the sun doing his thing. People are
dancing. eating, drinking. There are round tables,
beautifully decorated. Two of the tables have large ice
sculptures of the number eighteen sitting in a bowl that is
cooling off the punch. TP is dressed in white linen pants,
white blue tip shoes and a white and blue short sleeve
fitted shirt with blue buttons on the sleeve. GOODY and
ANGEL are dressed pretty fly as well. TP and the kids are
chatting with guest. JEFFERSON arrives with two gifts
wearing dark sunglasses. TYNI spots him and make her way
over to greet him. TP leaves the kids and head in his
Hey uncle Jefferson.
      (low tone)
Hey sweetie, Where is your Dr.
Jeckle other half.
She's in the house tripping cause
her so called boy friend is not
here yet.
TP walks over.
Here sweetie, take these gifts.
Happy Birthday.
TYNI takes the gifts into the house. JEFFERSON and TP share
an awkward moment of silence.
A hundred and eighty thousand
dollars is no longer a lot of
money. I was living like I was
rich, when I really wasn't.
Because I knew the next thirty or
forty thousand dollar check was
only couple of weeks apart. I get
a second crack at it, and this
time I will be rich. But I need
that money, Who ever killed those
guys owes me one hundred and
eighty thousands. You need to find


                       TP (cont'd)
out who wanted them dead and why.
No problem...Are you going to
apologize for damn near killing
      (serious tone)
I still might kill you, go have a
TP walks into the house. JEFFERSON heads towards the outside
There's people inside the house kitchen and family room
eating and chatting. TP spots DELISHA headed up the stairs
with a young man.
TP rushes to the foyer.
He gives her a stare.
Dad this is my friend Malcolm. I'm
just showing him the rest of the
Don't worry sir, there will be no
funny business up there.
TP walk over to the young man. TP removes his thin wired
blue sunglasses. He looks at the young man.
Malcolm if my face ever looks
worried about you. than you better
be very worried about....you!
Dad, leave him alone, come on


JEFFERSON standing near the bar having a drink. NAYA
approaches the bar and grabs a glass of wine. She walks over
So what happened idiot. You blew
up the wrong damn person. Stupid..
I don't want to talk about this
He quietly walks away.


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