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Sherman: Champion of the New World Order
by Brad Ward (GWizNex1@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

The story is basically a new sci-fi adventure movie that begins when a New World Order is created by evil globalists in America. The globalists took over the country in 2001 under the guise of terrorism but did not achieve their New World Order until 2020 after Civil War 2. They created order from chaos. Ex-USAF Captain Dan Burke fought for the wrong side by commanding the bio-weapon (Anthrax -B) bombing campaign against the so-called "anti-government" forces (people that wanted their freedom). Nukes were ruled out by the globalists because they cause too much property damage. Furthermore, it was necessary to use these bio-weapons because they could not be stopped with police or conventional military forces. Since these "anti-government" Americans are heavily armed, the USAF was called in to drop this top secret weapon that was developed in Los Alamos. Over 80% of Americans are killed in the attacks. Skynet is setup after Civil War 2 with UAVs and iRobots for security and labor in the USA. In 2045, Dan realizes that this New World Order is run by a pack of criminals that are hell-bent on global domination and eugenics. Dan must convince John Warner, CEO of GWizNex LLC, to join him in his fight to save their country. Sherman and the sRobots are ordered by Homeland Security as a replacement to the existing iRobots. Without John, Sherman and the sRobots can not be used as a vital military asset to defeat the evil globalists. The stakes are high and the heat is on. Will Dan convince John to fight for freedom? Will freedom and prosperity be restored in America? Are the evil globalists going to dominate America and the world with military force and lies? The answer to 1984 is 1776!

This screenplay is copyrighted by GWizNex LLC. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Scene commences with the exterior of a small, white bungalow
style home in early spring. The year is 2045. In the
distance we can see snow topped mountains and a generally
suburban environment. The sun is shining and the air is
crisp. Peering through a window, there is a man sitting in
the office portion of a living room.

The MAIN TITLE is followed by this:

Grand Lake, CO
Spring 2045
On one wall is a bookcase filled with books from every
possible genre, from religion to science fiction to
self-help. It is clear that this is an individual who has an
inquisitive nature and an appreciation for education and
learning. The balance of the room includes well-worn
furniture, with very little on the walls. The home is
essentially comfortable and efficient.

The man in this scene is Dan Burke and he is alone in the
house and, by appearances, lives alone. Dan is in his late
50's, approximately 6 foot tall and rather thin. He has
sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. He is clothed in a way that
suggests that while he cares about general hygiene, he is
not particularly concerned with making any sort of fashion
statement or being trendy in any manner.

He is sitting upright at a small, clean desk tapping quietly
on a computer. He will type for 10-20 seconds at a time,
then quietly view and reflect on what he is looking at on
the computer. This routine of typing then pausing then
reflecting then typing again continues for about two
minutes. Dan runs his hands though his hair and rests his
chin in his hands on the desk. His look is concerned and

Dan allows his eyes to trail up towards the ceiling, while
thinking out loud.
The Roman Empire emerged from the
Roman Republic when Julius Caesar
and Augustus Caesar transformed
from a republic into a monarchy.
Around the 2nd century, fortunes
slowly declined.


A picture of Julius Caesar is shown. Now thinking more
intently, Dan gets up and begins walking the perimeter of
the living room. He pauses at the bookshelf, glancing slowly
from book to book. He takes a deep breath. As he straightens
a few of the books he gathers his thoughts.
      (Very slow
The Hegemonic Empire. Power
groups. Dominating. Asserting.
Just the use of shear force.
Dan moves away from the bookcase and quickly moves back to
the desk chair.
Then you have increased spending,
just out of control. Spending more
than you are taking in.
      (A bit more
You take this and add in no
discipline by the government.
Yeah, none. Then these governing
bodies, the ones making the rules,
the ones enforcing the rules, they
are serving only themselves. Not
anyone else, just their
Dan pauses to look around the room, half expecting to have
some sort of audience as he flushes out his thoughts on the
topic. With a partial shrug of his shoulders, Dan turns back
to the computer. A few more taps, a deep breath and Dan
states with conviction.
Live in harmony, enrich the
troops; ignore everyone else…
Emperor Septimius Severus.
Dan now starts typing at the computer again, clearly
searching for something. After about 30 seconds, wherein the
camera is trained on just Dan's tapping fingers, he begins
to speak again.
In the summer of 64 AD, Emperor
Nero sets fire to Rome and it
burns for 6 days and 7 nights. It
was a false flag terrorist attack


                       DAN (cont'd)
against the Christians. He orders
the arrest of a few members of the
sect who, under torture, accused
others until the entire Christian
populace in Rome was implicated
and became fair game for
retribution. As many of the
religious sect that could be found
were rounded up and put to death
in the most horrific manner for
the amusement of the citizens of
Dan stands again, gazing out the large front window of the
home. He watches intently as two small children, ages 6 and
10, play on a tree in his neighbor's yard. The children are
smiling, happy, well-cared for and seemingly do not have a
care in the world. Their mothers are seen speaking on the
front porch, deep in conversation with their arms crossed.
It is clear that something is troubling them.
      (Glancing back at
       the computer, Dan
We haven't learned anything from
Dan walks to the door and grabs his keys.
JOHN waves good bye to his daughter, KAREN, at the Yacht
Club. He gets into his car and drives from the Yacht Club
on Lake Ave to meet his girl friend, Diane, at the local
cafe. He uses the GWizNex InfoRadio to find this soft rock
song to listen to while driving: Good Times
John gets out of his car. He walks to El Pacifico. A boy,
Liam Johnson, riding a skateboard stops John.
      (Pulls out a
Can I have your autograph John?
Sherman is the best robot on the
planet! Also, you're new GWizNex


                       LIAM (cont'd)
Infotainment App rocks! My dad
surfs and drives everyday going to
      (Signs magazine)
Thanks kid.
      (Gets back on
       skateboard and
       rides away)
Good luck at the robotics show!
Sherman will win with one hand
tied behind his back.
John meets DIANE at El Pacifico to talk about the robotics
show in Albuquerque. Diane is working on a project on her
tablet PC when John enters the cafe. Dan drives into a
parking lot across the street and observes John as he enters
the cafe. John and Diane order two cups of coffee from
their tabletop screen after John greets Diane at the table.
      (Hugs Diane)
Diane, would you like to go with
me to the Robotics show in
Albuquerque? Your support means a
lot to me. We'll be presenting
our latest robotic design.
An iRobot delivers the coffee. They both grab their cups
from the iRobot.
I can't make it.
The projection on the table shows the sRobot, SHERMAN,
showing off his physical strengths.
      (upset by Diane's
You'll have a blast. These new
sRobots are amazing. It's a
break-out technology. They are
far superior to the iRobots. It
can run circles around these


                       DAN (cont'd)
human-like designed robots. The
design is based on the Silverback.
Their feet are much more adroit
than humans, and they move quite
differently. The designers at
GWizNex incorporated all of the
best natural features of the
Silverback. We also improved on
its agility and strength by a
factor of 4. It can move about 4
times faster than its natural
speed. The sRobot can run almost
80 mph and jump 4 stories high. It
can lift 10 tons.
That's exciting John. Do you
think that this will be your big
I think so Diane. We'll
definitely take the company public
if Homeland Security selects us.
Please reconsider and fly out
there tomorrow. I really need
your moral support.
Sorry John, you know that Karen
comes first in our lives. Besides,
I told her that I would help her
with a project. I'm actually
working on some of it right now.
OK Diane, I'll see you when I get
      (kisses Diane)
Love you...
John walks out of the cafe.
As John exits the cafe, Dan quickly jumps out of his car to
meet John. Dan bumps into John on the sidewalk while John
is going to his car.


Excuse me, but are you John
Yes, can I help you?
I've heard a lot about you. I've
seen your company, GWizNex LLC, at
a lot of robotic trade shows. Can
we meet later to discuss a
possible business deal with your
new sRobots?
Sure, in fact I'll be traveling to
Albuquerque for the 20th Annual
Robotics show. If you're going,
then maybe we can meet after the
I'll be there. Oh...here's my
card. I'm with the Quad-Lateral
Commission. I'll call you after
the show. Thanks for your time.
OK, I'll talk to you later.
John walks to his car and gets into the car. Dan walks back
to his car.
John drives to the Granby-Grand County Airport. While
driving to the airport, he uses the GWizNex InfoRadio for
his infotainment. John searches for the local weather and
flight itinerary for Albuquerque. After he listens to this,
he then searches for a song, Good Times, to listen to while
driving. He arrives at the airport. The car converts from
ground mode to flying mode. He launches the flying car from
the airport to fly to Albuquerque.
Dan calls a close buddy, Joe, to tell him about his
encounter with John as he gets into his car. Joe's face
appears on the center of the screen in the car.


Joe, I'm confident that I can
convince John to join.
We'll need those sRobots for our
operational plans. We simply will
not have the strength in our
forces without him. Also, let me
know if Susan needs anything from
me. She's been a big help. I'll
talk to you later Dan.
Dan hangs up the car phone. Dan turns on the GWizNex
InfoRadio to listen to the latest global news.
                       NEWS REPORTER
PRESIDENT AKBAR in Iran has been
warned by the UN Security Council
on their nuclear program that's
supposedly used for peaceful
nuclear energy. However,
inspectors believe that Akbar may
be developing nuclear weapons. If
Akbar does not comply with the UN
regulations, then we will
implement sanctions.
Dan starts to think back on his experience in Civil War 2
and the things that led up to it. He flashes back in his
mind to a discussion that he has with a colleague, Jack, in
Washington, DC in early 2000.
                                         FLASHBACK TO:
JACK looks out of the window and then turns toward his door
to tell Dan to come in his office. Dan knocks on the door.
As Dan enters the office, he can see that Jack is wearing a
skull and bones belt buckle and a black tie. The buckle is
small and Dan doesn't focus on it. On his desk chair, there
is a decorative chair that has the eagle flying at the top
of the chair that's carrying something.

The scene opens with the following:

Washington DC
Dan, come in please.


Dan enters the office.
What's on your mind Jack? Just
tell me like it is and don't sugar
coat it. I know there's been a
lot of talk lately about the role
of the new role of the military
after the cold war. What can I do
to help?
Dan, sometimes in life we do
things that are not popular or
seem to be right at the time. The
role of the military is going to
evolve to something radically
different in our New World Order.
What are you talking about Jack?
History is littered with wars that
many thought would never happen.
We've had a plan for a long time
to create a New World Order from
I thought that was conspiracy
theory. Are you telling me that
this has all been planned?
Dan, the economy is going to be
intentionally destroyed. We are
intentionally destroying the
opportunity society by reducing
the size of the American middle
class. We are moving high paying
production jobs off shore. The
remaining jobs will be filled with
foreigners on work visas. Also,
haven't you noticed that the
people are losing control of the
rule of law? Their liberties are
being lost because the state has
to stop terrorism. The US
Constitution is being ignored
completely by all branches in the
federal government. Of course, we
control the federal government


                       JACK (cont'd)
with bribes so the law can become
a weapon in the hands of the
state. Americans will eventually
have no protection of the law.
Jack, this is rather shocking. Are
you saying that all of the reports
that I've read about the state
chasing devils like terrorists,
drugs and poverty were
intentionally created to erode the
protective features of the law?
The enforcement mechanisms to
protect and secure rights will be
practically nonexistent Dan. Look,
state and local police departments
are being militarized right now
with tazer guns, full body
scanners and street lights cameras
for surveillance to make the
public the enemy. The police will
become as dangerous as the
criminals and act as an
occupational force. There is no
self rule or freedom in the New
World Order. Government is
independent and the people are
dependent on the government with
their general welfare like food
stamps, health care, education,
retirement, housing, jobs and the
air that they breathe in the form
of carbon credits.
Are you kidding? There will be
protests and rioting in the
streets. What is the point of all
of this?
Protests will be blocked or put
down, violently if necessary.
Besides, the protests and rioting
won't be a problem for a while.
Just like Hitler said, "if we tell
a lie enough, then the people will
believe it". The masses will be
put to sleep by the main stream
media propaganda, video games and


                       JACK (cont'd)
football games while the New World
Order is being assembled. We will
advance a political agenda to
benefit us strictly at the expense
of all Americans and use
propaganda to convince Americans
that it's good for them.
      (Jack laughs
The government's huge defense
budget will be used by the UN to
increase the fictional war on
terror abroad, destabilize the
Middle East and ensure hegemony.
Also, we can secure the supply of
oil, drugs, and other natural
resources like Lithium to increase
our profits.
What about the gun owners? Don't
you think the people will fight
To demonize the gun owners and
blame the 2nd Amendment, we will
ship guns down to Mexico and have
the Mexican drug gangs use them to
commit crimes along the border.
This will allow us to control the
guns with legislation. In other
words, we will use their freedom
against them. Finally when there
is a civil war, then Americans
will not be able to defend against
our attack.
You can't take the guns away!
There will definitely be a
      (Jack interrupts
       Dan and abruptly)
We can and we will disarm all
Americans. The bottom line is
that there will be an economic
collapse. It will appear as a
failure politically and


                       JACK (cont'd)
intellectually to the brainwashed
masses by the Republicans and
Democrats which we control.
      (Jack laughs out
Political correctness will
brainwash the masses and put cops
in their minds to control the
political debate in the country.
In fact, there will be no
political debate on matters of war
and security. We will shut down
freedom of speech and control the
internet. We basically have an
internet kill switch. The New
World Order will act with impunity
and independently when we order
air strikes or setup no-fly zones.
All war will be declared at the
UN and there will be no political
debate in the Congress. The
emperor does not need the regional
governors anymore. Fear and our
money will keep the local systems
in line with our objectives.
It's inevitable Jack that the
people will raise up against this
oppression. Do you really believe
that the ends justify the means?
Of course, the ends justify the
means. We must do everything in
our power to bring about a New
World Order. Riots, gangs,
militias, exploding crime rates,
massive immigration (legal and
illegal), rising unemployment,
falling wages will only fuel the
fires of war. We will no longer
be a nation that is dominated by
one group that makes up a majority
of the population. Our American
Empire will consist of peoples of
different religions, languages,
cultures, races and nationalities.
Nations are inherently too stable
while empires are always unstable.


Dan looks disgusted look on his face. He is in a state of
People are not going to take this
lying down. We're a nation of
free and brave individuals.
Are you kidding? Americans are
weak and domesticated. They are
sheep. People focus on their
surrounding pastor, their
offspring, their jobs, their
immediate needs, much like sheep.
Individualism will be shunned at
every opportunity Dan.
Entrepreneurship will not be
encouraged whatsoever. Central
planning will control the economy
and entrepreneurship has no need
in the New World Order. The
people will be compartmentalized
in their jobs like rats in a cage
trying to get crumbs from their
master. Ultimately, we would like
for humans to merge with machines,
but depopulation will work too.
Look Dan, eventually this
multi-ethnic empire will break up
in cataclysmic violence which is
exactly our desired result. The
combined effects of these policies
will be to create social,
political and economic forces that
will pull America apart and drive
her toward a bloody conflict that
may fracture the nation into
several different countries. From
chaos, we will have our New World
Order and a new currency instead
of the dollar. Now be a good
American soldier Dan and join us.
I don't know Jack. This sounds
crazy to me. I can't wrap my head
around this stuff. What is your
timeline for all of this chaos to


We were originally thinking around
2012, but I think that we're going
to get it started in early 2020.
Dan, let me be clear. We can have
our Renaissance and you will be
promoted to the upper echelons of
the military. Join us! The ends
do justify the means. We must
depopulate America and Civil War 2
is the best way.
Depopulate? Civil War 2? What?
Look, most humans are parasites
and animals. They are so stupid
that we call them "animals" in the
drug laws and they don't care. We
don't need them. We have UAVs and
robots for security and labor. We
have perfected the ultimate type
of revolution. We will achieve
full spectrum dominance in the
world. Join us!
Dan returns from his flashback as he drives into his
driveway. He takes a deep breath before he gets out of his
car. He is clearly disturbed by his flashback.
                                         BACK TO THE PRESENT:
Dan walks into his cabin that overlooks the lake. Susan
calls Dan on the video phone and she appears on the flat
screen in the living room as Dan enters the room.
Can you talk?
Hey Susan, it's good to hear from
you babe. How's the weather in
It's hot as hell as usual. So
when can I expect to see you here?


Well, I plan on flying out of here
tonight. I'm going to meet with
Joe and Frank later this evening
before I go. John should be
arriving there in a few hours.
Dan be honest with me, will John
get on board?
I don't know, but we must do
everything that we can to recruit
him. The sRobots will give us an
edge when the fight breaks out. I
firmly believe that without him
our plans may fail.
Unfortunately, you're right Dan.
We have got to do everything in
our power to persuade him.
I know Susan. Everything that
we've worked for will be lost
without him.
Things will work out just fine
Dan. I have full confidence in
you. Have a safe trip.
Susan smiles at Dan as he turns off the video phone. Dan
walks over to a gun case on his coffee table. He opens the
case up. It's a 1970s .357 Magnum Revolver. On the handle,
it has an eagle. Dan takes the gun with him on his way out
of the cabin.
John lands at Double Eagle II Airport and converts from
flying mode to car mode to drive to the hotel. He gets on
the highway and calls Bob at the GWizNex Albuquerque Test


Bob, I should be at the hotel in
about 10 minutes. Have you
completed the final system checks
on Sherman?
He's 100%. He'll perform
outstanding tomorrow. Are you
stopping by later tonight?
No, I'm going to see Susan at the
hotel for drinks.
OK, but don't have too many. We've
got a long day ahead of us
Bob don't worry; you know there's
not a robot on the planet that can
match Sherman's performance.
I agree John, but I never
underestimate the competition.
You're right as usual Bob.
Besides, they can help us identify
some of our weaknesses as well. I
have to go. I'll see you first
thing in the morning.
John turns off his video phone in the car and pulls into the
hotel parking lot.
HENRY is talking to Samuel over the video phone from DC.
      (Henry is drinking
       a glass of
       whiskey that's a
       quarter full)
Sam, what is the latest status on
the Regulators?


We are definitely on their trail
right now. The iRobots and UAVs
have been monitoring the Rockies
very closely. In fact, our intel
shows that Dan may be in the area.
Video clips of the surveillance over the Rockies are shown
at this point. Dan's vehicle is spotted by a UAV.
I know Sam. I've read the same
reports. Listen, I want that son
of a bitch dead or alive. He has
caused me more trouble than he has
ever been worth to us.
Sir, we have all available
resources in the area right now. I
think that we can accommodate your
request Henry.
Keep me informed of all of the
latest details. Our organization
cannot afford to let this yahoo
run free.
Will do. Don't worry, he can run
but he can't hide.
Dan is driving to Joe's place to talk to Joe and Frank to
discuss their latest operational plans. He calls Joe to
tell him that he is on his way.
Dan, be careful on your way over
here. Frank and I think that
we're under tight surveillance
from Homeland Security right now.
I think that they may be on to...
      (Dan interrupts
       Joe before he can
       finish his
I gotta let you go. Shit...


An iRobot on a motorcycle with his flashing lights on is
spotted by Dan coming toward his vehicle. Dan takes evasive
action. Dan takes a right on a dirt road and the iRobot
follows behind him on his motorcycle. Dan stops his car on
the side of the road and runs into the woods where he hides
behind a tree. The iRobot gets off his motorcycle at the
parked car and pursues him into the woods on foot. Dan
hides behind a large tree and watches the iRobot advance on
his position. He pulls out a flash bomb from his pocket and
mounts it on the tree. He then backs away from the tree and
hides behind another tree. The iRobot hunts around in the
trees forward of his position. However, the iRobot quickly
advances toward Dan. As the iRobot gets close to Dan's tree,
he peaks around it. Dan presses a detonator switch in his
hand when he sees the iRobots eyes look at the flash bomb.
The flash bomb explodes and the iRobot is temporarily
blinded. Dan jumps up and swiftly kicks the iRobot. The
iRobot bounces off the tree. Dan picks up a huge log and
slams it into the iRobot's head, knocking it down. Dan runs
back to his car and drives off quickly. When he gets back on
the main road, he sees more iRobots in his rear view mirror
on motorcycles and in cars turning down the dirt road to aid
in his capture. He then turns left down another back road
to escape. He drives to Joe and Frank's cabin.
When Dan arrives at the cabin, he's still shook up from the
encounter with the iRobot. Joe, Dan and Frank discuss their
latest operational plans to disable the robotic security
apparatus of the US which is their main threat.
Are you OK?
That was a close call, but I took
care of him.
Thank god you're OK. What are we
going to do?
The robotic shield that guards the
borders and polices the streets in
the cities must be taken down. The
main weakness is the fuel that the
robots use to operate. If we can
capture, sabotage or destroy the
fuel source for the robots, then
they will be out of fuel in less


                       DAN (cont'd)
than 20 minutes and will no longer
be an effective fighting force.
It's similar to WWII, the Germans
actually ran out of gas at the
battle of the bulge in 1944.
Otherwise, they would have done a
lot more damage to the Allied
Video clips of the battle of the bulge will be shown at this
That's it Dan. What is their fuel
They are fueled by a wireless
power transfer system designed and
controlled by SME, Inc. (Solar
Microwave Energy, Inc.). We must
destroy the space based solar
platforms or the control center in
Los Alamos that are used to relay
the microwave energy that is
converted from the sun's energy
back to the iRobots. They use
this microwave energy to convert
to hydrogen and use it as fuel for
their high powered engines.
Video clips illustrating the technology as Dan is speaking
will be shown.
That sounds feasible but will
Homeland Security call for
reinforcements from air and ground
strikes with conventional warfare
techniques or nukes to stop us? I
can't believe that they would just
let us walk in there and blow up
their main source of energy.
Yes that's true, but they won't
have time to reach us before we
take over control. We'll hit them
hard and fast. The nuclear and
conventional defenses are
primarily for external forces.
This is another weakness of their
defense system. The globalists


                       DAN (cont'd)
rely heavily on the iRobots and
UAVs on the interior for security.
One of the main reasons for this
is that there's not enough
manpower to police the states
after Civil War 2. When we take
out their interior police forces,
this will leave them vulnerable
for an attack head on so we can
take control of their external
forces before they are deployed
against us.
Since we can't fly into space to
destroy the satellites, can the
sRobots help us break into the Los
Alamos headquarters?
The sRobots can do it without a
doubt Joe. The hard part will be
to convince John to join us. I'm
flying out to Albuquerque right
now to meet with John.
      (Warns Dan)
We'll meet you at the
headquarters. Be careful,
Homeland Security will be on your
      (Walking toward
       the front door)
Frank, I've already thought about
the risk. I'll be undercover for
the most part to avoid the face
recognition technologies while I'm
attending the Robotic's show. See
you there.
Dan opens the front door and leaves.
As Dan is leaving the meeting with Joe and Frank, he recalls
more details from Civil War 2.
                                         FLASHBACK TO:


The scene opens with the following:

Various US Locations
Spring 2020
The people have become frustrated
with politics as usual. The Tea
Party rallies have been
infiltrated with Republican
Rhinos. The people's voice is not
being heard by Congress.
Video clips of the tea party flag will be shown.
Rioting breaks out in various
cities in America over losing
their homes, high food prices and
energy prices. Gas prices exceed
$12/gallon. Medical care has been
rationed for most people as a
result of the health care takeover
bill and there are long waiting
Video clips of the long lines at a clinic will be shown at
this point in the movie.
Flash mobs attack neighborhoods of
illegal aliens for taking high
paying jobs in construction.
Video clips of rioting and fights breaking out will be
The UN and US President order
airstrikes against the so-called
"anti-government" forces or people
that want their freedom. Dan was
a Captain in the USAF at the time
and took part in directing and
planning these airstrikes.
Young Captain Dan is in a war room looking at a map and
talking about operational plans to attack various resistance
However, the airstrikes are
causing too much property damage.
The elite families do not want a


                       MONOLOGUE (cont'd)
lot of property damage. Nukes are
ruled out as well. Therefore, the
generals decide to drop an
advanced Anthrax-B bio-weapon on
the people. Anthrax-B is a
bacterium that eats people alive
if they don't have the vaccine.
It's an advanced derivative of the
original Anthrax that was
developed at Los Alamos and used
in terror attacks in the past.
Video clips of dropping the bomb on a city are shown and
people dying from the being eaten alive by the bacteria.
The people that survive the
Anthrax-B attacks are rounded up
and put into FEMA concentration
camps (about 16 million). About 62
million people survive. Most of
these people are elite families
and their friends.
Video clips of people being rounded up and put into
concentration camps are shown.
Over 248 million people or about
80% of all Americans are killed in
Civil War 2. With so many
Americans killed, the depopulation
agenda has been fulfilled as well.
A security apparatus called
"Skynet" is setup with UAVs and
Video clips of Armageddon and the new security arrangement
are shown.
                                         BACK TO THE PRESENT:
      (Thinks out loud)
Damn, I hope we don't repeat those
mistakes that the people made!
Dan gets into his car. He becomes very emotional before he
starts the car. He tries to hold back his tears. It seems
like an impossible task to stop from crying. After 20
seconds, he calms down and he drives to Granby-Grand County
Airport to fly to Albuquerque after the meeting. He listens


to his GWizNex Infotainment App while driving and selects a
song. He converts his car from car mode to flying mode and
then takes off.
Susan is at the upscale hotel in Albuquerque. There are
various professional individuals scattered throughout the
bar. Many of the folks are wearing suits, appear to be
wealthy and do not appear to be American born. However, the
bartender is an iRobot. The bar is a bit dark and there are
several small candles accessorizing the bar area. Susan
walks into the bar and pauses before very carefully choosing
her seat in a cozy corner of the bar. She is dressed in a
professional, burgundy colored skirt and jacket. She has on
a sheer, ivory colored blouse that is a fairly low-cut. She
takes a few moments to adjust her seat, run her fingers
through her hair and apply fresh lipstick.
Good evening, Miss. What can I get
for you?
Ummm….let's see….how about a glass
of Merlot?
Excellent. If you are staying at
the hotel, I would be happy to
start a tab for you.
Sure, that would be great.
While the bartender leaves to get her drink, she looks
anxiously around the bar. Sighing at not having seen anyone
that she recognizes, she settles back comfortably into her
seat. Looking intently towards the door, a small smile
crosses her face as though a happy thought or fond memory is
occurring to her. After 10 seconds or so, John walks into
the bar and immediately heads towards Susan. He is smiling
and clearly happy to see her. Susan stands up and leans in
to hug John. John is dressed in very professional manner and
is well groomed.
What are we drinking tonight?


Oh, just a glass of Merlot. You? A
couple of shots of tequila to
brace yourself for tomorrow?
A light beer, I think. I need to
keep my head clear and try to be
totally focused for tomorrow. But
maybe a small amount of
distraction is not a bad thing.
Susan looks down at her blouse, fingers one of the buttons
and then looks back up at John. She smiles and cocks her
heads slightly to one side. The bartender drops off the
And for you, sir?
Light beer. Whatever you have on
tap is fine.
John reaches for his wallet in his suit pocket and as he
does, Diane reaches over to put her hand on his hand.
Not tonight. This is my treat.
John silently put his hand on top
of her hand and lets it rest for
5-10 seconds before pulling away.
So, no Diane this time around?
Thought the two of you were joined
at the hip.
Joined at the hip? Hardly. No,
sometimes she does her thing and I
just do mine. I try not to be
irritated, but a little interest
in my career would be nice. You
know, a "How's that project
going?" or "What can I do to
help?" or "I believe in you".
Maybe that is just too much to
expect when you have been together
as long as we have. They say


                       JOHN (cont'd)
behind every great man is a great,
supportive woman. Don't know what
this says about me!
John ends his statement with a bit of a laugh and tries to
draw Susan into the joke. Instead, she maintains an intent
look on her face. At this time, the bartender brings John
his beer.
Diane is a fool. This could be a
great moment in your career,
something that can never be
replicated, and something that
could change you professionally. I
can't believe that she can't see
that. I can't believe that she is
not here to support you. You
deserve better, John.
Susan leans in as she is speaking, looking John directly in
the eye. She then very slowly and seductively takes a sip of
her wine.
Oh, look at me….I've messed up my
Hardly. You look perfect to me.
Ma'am, I am preparing your bar
tab. What room are you in?
      (Staring at John)
I am in room 418. That is on the
fourth floor you know, overlooking
the pool and hot tub. Best view in
the hotel. 418 is where I will be
all night long.
The scene fades away as the bartender walks away, John is
smiling and Susan is gently reapplying her lipstick again.
John and Susan leave the hotel together and drive to the
20th Annual Robotics Show from the hotel the next morning to
display some features of Sherman to various military and


commercial buyers. Dan is also undercover at the show to
observe the events. Sherman is shooting at various targets.
Dan walks in the front of the building and avoids face
recognition scans with his disguise. A security scan video
will be shown after Dan enters the building. He meets with
John while Sherman is being tested.
How's it going John?
Fantastic, Sherman is in the
runoffs. Do I know you?
We met the other day by the cafe
in Grand Lake.
Oh, you're with the Quad-lateral
Commission right?
That's right. I've changed my
hair up since we met last.
What can I do for you?
Can you meet me later for a
business discussion? I would love
to take a look at your technology
for our organization.
Sure, that won't be a problem. I'm
going to a party later at the
hotel and should be available
after that.
OK, I'll see you then. Thanks for
your time.
Dan walks away from John. The Scorpion that is built by
Centrafuse Dynamics comes very close to matching Sherman's
performance in a fight against two iRobots. Jack is also in
this scene and observes the events. He expresses
frustration that the Scorpion fails to beat Sherman's


performance. Jack walks over to John after the scorpion's
Congratulations, it looks like
you're the winner. By the way,
I'm Jack with Homeland Security.
Glad to meet you sir.
Can you meet me tomorrow to
discuss a contract with your
company? I want 1000 sRobots in
our ranks.
      (He can't hold
       back enthusiasm)
1000! That's great. Anytime is
fine with me.
I'll give you a call later.
Thank you sir.
Good job!
Jack walks away from John. John is very excited. The final
scores are announced on the speaker system and Sherman is
the winner.
John is laughing and joking with some buddies as he is
leaving the noisy party. Dan meets him at the exit.
John, do you have a few minutes so
we could talk?
Sure, didn't you say that you have
a business opportunity to discuss?


Yes, can you meet me at the Doc &
Eddy's Bar down the road in 15
minutes? It's a little quieter
over there.
John and Dan drive over to "DOC & EDDY'S" to talk. Dan and
John meet at the Bar.
John, would you like to have a
No, I had enough tonight.
John, this country is not what you
think it is. America has been
taken over by the UN and foreign
interests. I know this sounds
crazy, but these are the facts. We
are just another puppet state to
be used for the wars against East
Asia or any country that opposes
the UN and rich, elite families in
the world because we have the most
advanced military in the world.
Most people believe the comic book
fiction that the government feeds
them. Look, I was there when
Civil War 2 broke out. I saw
atrocities that should have never
happened. However, our technology
was so advanced that we didn't
have to personally experience the
destruction and killing first
hand. Everything was done
remotely with UAVs, satellite
guided bombs and the bio-weapons.
The UN and American forces killed
hundreds of millions of Americans
because they would no longer go
along with the UN. Some of the
American forces did not want to
attack other Americans. However,
they were just following orders.
The soldiers are trained to be
servile and follow orders until
death. This training is similar
to the Shogun or Samurai
philosophy in Japan. Americans
were rioting in the streets. The
UN and the puppet US government


                       DAN (cont'd)
labeled many people as terrorists
and put them on no-fly lists. You
see, the UN and the American
government create devils to
destroy or breakdown countries
which they can use as a
justification for a police state
that is incrementally phased in so
that they can control the people.
They are masters at deception. But
that didn't work in America.
People began to understand the big
lie. The fraud was exposed and
there was a great awakening.
Video clips of internet radio stations and youtube videos
online that will be displayed at this point while Dan is
talking. Also, there will be video shots of rioting in the
streets and Tea Party demonstrations at this point in the
There were too many internet radio
stations and videos online that
were telling the truth and not the
UN and American government run
mainstream media fictional
version. The American people
stood up for their birthright –
freedom. However, it turned out
disastrous. As the riots began,
many Americans were simply
protesting the tyranny with Tea
Parties and other organizations.
Video clips of government buildings blowing up will be
The elites decided to stage terror
attacks like blowing up government
buildings and blaming it on gun
owners and patriot groups. There
was unconstitutional legislation
like the Patriot Act that was
passed to take the guns from the
homes. The people fought back. It
only takes 5% of gun owners to
cause a lot of problems for the
police and military. They came
for the guns and got the bullets.
The local police departments were
overwhelmed on the first day of


                       DAN (cont'd)
the uprisings. A lot of cops were
shot with deer rifles and
shotguns. Many gun owners put up
a fierce resistance, but it was
not enough. We used UAVs and
airstrikes to easily defeat the
small arms.
Video clips of UAVs and airstrikes attacking Americans will
be shown while Dan is talking.
Of course, Americans are stubborn
and stayed in the fight. There
were many attempts to take over
military bases and arms caches,
but all of them failed.
Ultimately, it was decided that we
drop a bio-weapon to kill everyone
because the resistance was too
Why haven't I heard about this
before now?
They control the media. Besides,
the government thinks that most
people are so stupid today or are
on their payroll that they don't
care to figure it out. You see,
the US government backs terrorists
groups to support the UN goals. In
other words, it's brazen and
hidden in plain view. The US is
controlled by foreign banks, elite
families and their interests.
Congress doesn't have to even be
involved. They are only there for
ceremonial purposes to appease the
people. The UN always uses the
cover of human rights and
democracy to accomplish its goals
of protecting corporate interests.
It's all smoke and mirrors.
Foreign gaggles of unelected
bureaucrats that are controlled by
the globalists will control
America's banking system,
military, and government. Congress


                       DAN (cont'd)
will never be consulted.
This is insane.
You are being lied to right now by
the Homeland Security John. If we
don't have the Bill of Rights and
Constitution, then we are slaves
to this New World Order. That is
the history of the world. It is
the history of civilization.
However, we can change the course
for our country and do the right
thing for our children. Our
interests and lives will not be
protected by these crooks. Our
future is in jeopardy if we do not
act now. John, resistance is
victory. We can win this fight
and bring the power of the purse
and the power of the sword back to
the people. We can win our
freedom back for all of us. Our
goal is to bring the spirit of
1776. Let's follow Jefferson who
rightly said, "When injustice
becomes law, rebellion becomes
Have you lost your mind? This
can't be real. Haven't you read
the US Constitution? The
government must govern by our
consent and we're protected by the
Bill of Rights. If not, then the
people can throw the bums out in
the next election.
Our Republican form of government
is nothing but an illusion. Your
freedom is an illusion. Every
time we the people vote the bums
out, we just get more bums. The
ballot box is nothing more than a
Jack in the box. There are clowns
from both parties. In fact, it
has been that way for a long time.
We are only electing puppets that
attempt to appease the people with


                       DAN (cont'd)
empty promises. The real action is
taking place behind the scenes.
It's the power behind the throne
that I'm talking about here John.
WAKE UP JOHN! If you want your
daughter to be free in the future,
then we must take action now. We
need you in the fight. I made a
mistake back then. I didn't
realize that the jewel of liberty
must be guarded at all costs.
Thomas Jefferson was absolutely
right. I fought for the wrong
side before and I'm now asking you
not to make that same mistake.
Dan, you don't realize how late in
the game we are and how dark this
enemy is. We must take action.
You're nuts man. Are you talking
about treason? I can't be a part
of this. I just got a
multibillion dollar contract with
Homeland Security. I gotta go.
Truth is stranger than fiction.
You don't have to believe me. I
understand that you must convince
John starts walking toward the door.
      (Looking at John
       as he walks out)
Beware of Jack! He's not who you
think he is and he's not your
friend. He's a globalist scumbag
that it is hell bent on
maintaining the New World Order at
all costs. Just watch him close.
John just looks at Dan as if he is crazy and walks out. Dan
takes another drink of his beer and walks out of the bar. He
walks over to his car to drive to the headquarters. Dan
calls Joe as he drives to Santa Fe.
I couldn't persuade John.


What are we going to do?
We have to get Jack to show his
hand. In the game of poker, it's
called a "Tell". Once John
understands the nature of this
evil New World Order, then he will
be on our side.
How are we going to do that?
We will give Jack enough rope to
hang himself. I'll see you in a
few, I'm heading your way right
Dan uses the GWizNex InfoRadio to find a song to listen to
while driving.
John walks through the lobby of the hotel. As he enters, he
looks fatigued and concerned. Also as he is entering he is
loosening his tie as though he is ready to relax for the
evening. He walks over to the hotel house phone, pauses for
just a moment, picks up the phone, asks the Operator for
room 418 and begins speaking. We can only see him and hear
his half of the conversation.
You still awake? Good. Yeah, I
did. I don't know, it was weird.
What Dan said was unbelievable and
I really just want to put it out
of my mind, but it's kinda gnawing
at me. Yeah, that's what I
thought. Exactly, I wondered about
that too. Oh, really? Are you
sure? I mean, it would be great. I
think you were right about Diane.
And Dan, for that matter. Be up
in a minute.
John walks to the elevator, enters the elevator takes his
tie off in the elevator and exits on the 4th floor. He walks
the very short distance to Susan's room. She opens the door,
dressed an over sized men's t-shirt that is just barely long
enough to cover her decently. She smiles broadly.


I've been waiting.
Sorry, the elevator took a whole 8
seconds. You are one impatient
girl, Susie.
John, you have no idea.
John enters the room and shuts the door behind him. The
camera remains focused on the closed door, but slowly zooms
out. The sounds of a ringing cell phone are heard. Again, we
can only hear John's half of the conversation.
Damn, it's Diane. Hello? Are you
kidding? Here? When did you get
here? Uh, no, uh, I am in a
meeting. Yeah, one of those late
night things. Okay, yeah, much
later. Bye.
As the dialogue above is being said by John, the camera
continues to zoom out from the closed hotel door and pans
down the hallway and zooms in on room 432. Behind the closed
door we can now hear Diane's voice.
Wow, unbelievable. Why do I bother
with him?
Dan drives into the parking lot at the headquarters. Joe
and Frank meet Dan at the door.
I'm glad that you could make it
man. Come on in and get some
rest. By the way, Susan is going
to a high level meeting with the
globalists and the GWizNex Lab
tomorrow. She's gathering some
intel on the current production
Good, I'm glad she's on our side.


Jack invites a high level general over to discuss the latest
developments with Sherman and the Robotics show performance.
John and Susan join them after they have a private
discussion about its capabilities and their latest military
strikes in the Middle East. John enters Jack's home.

The scene opens with the following:

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jack's Home
John, how the hell are you? Would
you like a drink?
They shake hands. Jack is drinking a small glass of whiskey
and smoking a cigar.
No thanks.
      (Hugs Susan)
Susan, I'm glad that you could
make it. What would GWizNex do
without you?
      (Smiling at Jack)
I don't know, but the brains and
looks for that matter behind the
company is definitely John.
Jack, we are really glad that you
decided to choose our product.
      ((Blows smoke from
       his cigar)
It was a close call. The Scorpion
has a lot of capabilities that we
could use in our global security
I agree, it has some solid
strengths that we should be
concerned about, but it's no match
for Sherman.


I'm taking a risk with this design
John, but I think Sherman has what
it takes to meet our operational
So where do we go from here?
Well, we have some formalities to
take care of with the lawyers, but
that's not a big deal. I'll send
the contract over for you to sign
Great, you won't be disappointed
Jack. We'll begin mass production
at GWizNex immediately.
Jack and John shake hands again. John leaves through Jack's
front door.
      (Talking to the
This will give us the edge against
Akbar in Iran. He's dug in with a
pretty good robotic protection
grid. We would take significant
losses if we tried to take him out
now. However, the sRobots can
defeat them with minimum loss on
our side.
The general nods his head and takes a drink of whiskey.
Bob calls John from the GWizNex Lab as he travels to the
hotel and leaves Jack's home. Bob's face appears on the
center screen in the car.
John, how did your meeting go with
It looks good so far. We'll have
a contract tomorrow.


That's great John. Send it to me
as soon as you can so I can review
the technical aspects of it. Also,
there's something important that
we need to discuss regarding
Sherman and the new Personality
Module that our team developed.
It's still experimental, but I
think that the PM can enhance
Sherman's natural senses and
emotional intelligence. In other
words, the algorithms that we
designed for the PM can literally
give Sherman the ability to learn
from his environment based on game
theory. It's a rapid way of
That's awesome!
We'll install it in Sherman and
continue testing while mass
producing the others without it.
That sounds good Bob. Let me know
if anything else comes up. Also,
Susan should be there any minute.
She wanted to see the GWizNex Lab.
I'll see you later.
Bob hangs up. After hanging up on John, Bob turns to
SHANNON (his lab assistant).
Shannon, please install the PM
into Sherman. We'll have to run
some more tests on this device
before we mass produce it. Of
course, we might have to tweak the
programming to get it right.
Thanks for your help.
Susan walks through the front door of the GWizNex Lab in the
GWizNex Test Facility.
What's the latest production
status Bob?


Hey Susan, we just started mass
production with the resources that
we currently have available. I've
also reviewed the contract and
sent it back to John for final
approval. It looks good to me.
I've ramped up all production
lines. Would you like a tour of
the facility.
Sure, if you have time.
Bob takes Susan on a tour of the various assembly lines and
points out many cool features of the sRobots. After the
tour is over, Bob shows Susan the latest experimental
improvements to Sherman.
Susan, there are some interesting
developments with the PM. It
appears that he is learning more
rapidly than I anticipated.
Bob shows Susan the enhanced performance of Sherman. He is
able to show emotions like smiling and joking.
      (Looking at
I call him SHERMAN.
Why Sherman?
William Sherman was an outstanding
General in the Union Army during
the first Civil War.
I've never heard of him. I think
King Kong is more fitting.
King Kong? Are you kidding? That
would be copyright infringement.
Besides, I have a lot of respect
for General Sherman. He was one
of kind. He was tough and
persistent. The only problem is
that we can't make anymore like


                       BOB (cont'd)
him. The material to make the PM
is quite rare and will take 6
months or longer to acquire it to
make another PM.
      (She looks serious
       and pats Bob on
       the back as if to
       reward him for
       the good work)
Thanks for the tour Bob, but I
have to run.
What's the hurry?
I'm meeting with John.
I didn't...
      (Interrupts Bob)
This is our little secret. Shhh...
Dan calls Susan over the video phone as she's leaving the
GWizNex Lab.
Susan, we must move forward with
phase 1 of our operational plans.
Homeland security is clearly aware
of our resistance and tracking our
      (Looking at the
       center screen)
Dan, I understand the urgency. I'm
going to the Hotel right now to
try and convince John to join the
fight. Also, GWizNex will be done
shortly with the first 20 sRobots.


Susan, don't try to stop the
shipment of that first batch!
What are you talking about? We'll
need all of them in the fight.
We will not be able to convince
John by talking to him. He must
be convinced through Jack's
military actions that he's a
tyrant. Besides, my understanding
is that Bob will go into
production with 980 more right
after this batch. That may be
enough to execute our operational
plans successfully, but I don't
know. All I know is that we have
to get Jack to show his true
OK, where are you now?
I'm at the Regulators'
Headquarters in Santa Fe. Don't
worry about how to get here. We
are undercover and it would be too
dangerous for you here anyway.
John is at the hotel with Karen and Diane. John has a copy
of the Homeland Security contract in his hand as he walks up
to Diane. He leans over and gives her a kiss.
      (Upset and slaps
       John 3 times on
       the face)
What is going on with you and
Hey, 3 slaps but only 1 kiss!
There's nothing going on with me
and Susan. I only have eyes for
you baby.


      (John looks away
       from Diane and
       toward the news
       that appears on
       the TV)
Don't lie to me. If you want her,
then just tell me. I love you but
I won't be second in your life.
The global news comes on the flat screen in the room. The
news reporter starts talking about the latest air and ground
strikes in Iran. These strikes were aimed at Akbar in Iran
and were highly successful. The reporter also mentions the
use of a new experimental robot that played a significant
role in toppling Akbar's robotic defense shield. John seems
very surprised by the story and turns to Diane.
Diane, have you heard about this?
No John, but I don't follow the
news much. Why are you changing
the subject?
Diane, there's something very
strange about this story. Who
ordered the strikes? What is this
new experimental robot that was
used in the strikes?
John turns his attention back to the news story and the
                       NEWS REPORTER
We are now going to Cindy in DC
where we have an exclusive
interview with Jack.
      (Talking to Diane)
Jack! What in the hell is he
doing involved with this mess. I
thought he was head of Homeland
                       NEWS REPORTER
      (Talking to Jack)
What are your thoughts about the
latest air and ground strikes in


I knew that we would have great
success. Our human causalities
were zero and the destruction to
our robots was minimal. I would
say that our mission was a
resounding victory for the UN and
the world.
John suddenly has a flash back to an earlier conversation
with Dan and then turns to Diane.
                                         FLASHBACK TO:
Truth is stranger than fiction.
You don't have to believe me. I
understand that you must convince
                                         BACK TO THE PRESENT:
Was Congress notified about this
It appears that this was a UN
action and didn't need
Congressional approval.
That's in violation of the War
Powers Act of 1973 which has never
been revoked. The UN cannot
engage our forces without
Congressional approval.
That law was written a long time
ago before Civil War 2 and has no
barring today. A lot has changed
since Civil War 2.
Diane, we are talking about our US
Constitution and the laws that
govern our society. We can't take
this type of unprovoked action
lightly. We are a nation of laws
and not men.


I agree John, but there's nothing
we can do about it.
      (Pissed Off)
I won't stand for this naked
aggression against other nations
without any political debate in
our country whatsoever. It's not
John storms out of the Hotel Lobby. He runs over to his
car. He calls Bob on the car phone. Diane doesn't want
John to go. However, she doesn't try to stop him.
Bob, I've been busy reviewing the
contract and some other details
about Jack's proposal. Do you
know the latest status on the
first 100 sRobots that were
shipped to Homeland Security?
John, we actually beat the
schedule. Jack was very surprised
by our productivity and gave us a
bonus check for doing such a good
OK Bob, thanks for the info. I've
gotta go.
John immediately calls Susan after hanging up with Bob.
Susan, do you know where Dan is
currently? I want to meet with
him asap.
John, he's in Santa Fe. It may be
difficult to find him. He'll
probably have to meet you in a
discrete location. Homeland
Security is looking for him.
Call me back in a few minutes with
as many details that you can
gather. I'm on my way to see it.


John runs out of the hotel lobby.
Dan is quietly talking to Joe about the operational plan.
Susan calls and interrupts Dan's discussion.
John wants to meet you in Santa
Fe. He should be there in a few
Tell him to meet me at the Dale
Ball Trails near the Twomile
OK, he'll be there. I'll see you
      (Talking to Joe)
Keep an eye on Homeland Security's
surveillance and don't hesitate to
call if anything happens. This
shouldn't take long. If I'm not
back in an hour, then something
has gone wrong. Launch the
operation without me.
Joe and Frank nod in agreement. Dan walks out of the front
      (Walking towards
Mark Twain once said rumors of my
demise have been greatly
exaggerated. I'm not out of this
fight yet.
Dan, you were right after all.
There's three ways to learn John:
experience, teaching and
revelation. I'm just glad that
you stopped looking at the bird


                       DAN (cont'd)
cage liner. You finally started
looking at the bird. John,
there's been globalist revolution
against all of us. This is
basically what is going on.
Imagine if Hitler could have been
as smart as these globalist elites
are now. If he would have hired
terrorists rebels and trained them
in Berlin, then these so-called
communist terrorists would have
tanks, robots, UAVs, planes, and
other weapons to wreak havoc on a
country like Iran. However, the
news media would call them
"protesters". The news media
would demonize the dictator like
Akbar so the globalist elites can
launch strikes with the sRobots
and other forces to take him out
because he is not playing ball
anymore. They call this a
"Kinetic Military Action" and no
one notices. They don't even
consider it a war.
It's time that we all become
patriots and get our freedom back
for us, our children and grand
children. Dan, don't start this
revolution without me.
In the beginning, a patriot is a
man that is hated, feared and
scorned. But in time when his
cause succeeds, the timid join him
because then it costs nothing to
be a patriot. As Benjamin
Franklin once said, if we don't
hang together, then we will surely
hang separately. Let's take a
trip. We've got a lot more to
discuss. We'll take my vehicle.
Dan and John start walking back to Dan's vehicle.
Are there more resistance groups
that we can count on?


The Regulators are spread out all
over the country. Our numbers are
growing everyday. Freedom is a
powerful motivator. I think that
the largest group of Regulators
are in East Texas. I think that
they have over 10,000 troops.
Wow, that's great. We can beat
these evil globalists.
When Dan and John get into the car and drive off on Upper
Canyon Rd, iRobot #3 immediately pulls up and blocks their
exit from the park in an SUV. The blue and red lights are
flashing on the dash. There's a Homeland Security magnetic
plate on the side. iRobot #3 steps out of the SUV.
Hang on John!
Dan throws out a flash bomb and then turns the car around.
He turns down Cerro Gordo Rd. The flash bomb goes off, but
iRobot #3 turns away before it blinds him. iRobot #3
pursues Dan and John on the road.
      (Looking at the
       vehicle for
       iRobot #3)
It's right behind us!
Dan's eyes widen. He then follows the road until it dead
ends. The iRobot #3 pursues right behind him, but he's
slightly delayed from pursuing because the flash bomb slows
him down. John and Dan get out of the vehicle and run over
the hill.
We can't out run it!
We're not going to out run it.
We're going to draw him in and
Dan puts a flash bomb in his chair as he exits the vehicle.
Dan and John run over hill and hide. The iRobot #3 pulls up
behind their vehicle. He steps out with his gun drawn and
surveys the vehicle. He calls in support on his radio.
iRobot #3 sticks his head in the vehicle and a flash bomb
goes off.


The second time is a charm!
John and Dan attack the iRobot #3. After they disable him,
Dan and John get into Dan's vehicle and they drive to
headquarters. At the fork in the road, another Homeland
Security iRobot #4 pulls up in an SUV ahead of their
I'm ramming that son of a bitch!
Throw a flash bomb at him!
Dan hands John a flash bomb. He rams the side of iRobots #4
SUV and it spins around. They bounce off the vehicle and
John throws the flash bomb out of the window at the iRobot
#4 vehicle. It lands on the hood and explodes. iRobot #4
is blinded by the flash bomb. Dan drives off and gets on
the road to the right of the fork. When Dan and John get
back on Cerro Gordo Rd, then two more Homeland SUVs get
behind them.
      (In shock)
There's two more on our tail!
Dan takes a right after the curve. The two SUVs follow
close behind with their lights on. They get close to Dan's
vehicle and try to ram him off of the road. Dan takes
evasive action. Samuel calls iRobot #5 in the SUV. His
face appears on the center screen in the SUV.
Kill him! Take no prisoners!
                       IROBOT #5
There are two subjects in the
vehicle sir.
Who's the other person?
                       IROBOT #5
I don't know. We haven't
identified this subject.
Fuck them! Kill them both!


                       IROBOT #5
Yes sir!
The iRobots raise their Gatlin Guns from the roof on their
vehicles. They take aim at Dan's vehicle.
They're going to open fire.
The iRobots fire on Dan's vehicle. Dan and John hit the
deck. The vehicle explodes in the rear and flips off the
road. Dan and John slowly crawl out of the vehicle. The
iRobots drive up to Dan and John with their Gatlin Guns
pointed at them as they crawl out of the vehicle. The
iRobot #5 puts his hand on the red fire button as it looks
at Dan and John. Immediately after that, two missiles fly
in and explode the vehicle. Another missile flies in and
blows up the other iRobot's vehicle. Platoon #1 pulls up
with their jeeps and Nathan jumps out.
      (Looking dazed)
Thanks, Nathan, but we had 'em
right where we wanted 'em.
      (Helping John and
       Dan get up off of
       the ground)
I'm sure you did Dan.
Jack walks into Henry's office. Henry and a servant are
waiting for him by a desk as he enters the room.

The scene opens with this:

ECHO 666
Jack, would you like a drink?
Yes sir?


      (Henry is pouring
       the drinks by the
Jack, you've done a great job with
Akbar in Iran. We now have
control of most of the Middle
East. This will boost our profits
significantly. Also, I've
authorized a bonus check for you.
Henry hands Jack a glass of whiskey.
Thank you sir.
However, I need for you to
redirect your focus from missions
abroad to a problem that's much
closer to home.
Henry sits down with Jack and begins to explain the problems
that he's having with the Regulators. He also shows Jack
digital videos from the dash cam on the flat screens in the
the last fire fight in Sante Fe with Dan and John and how
effective they were at eluding capture or destruction.
      (Takes a sip of
       his drink)
Jack, there's a strong rebel
undercurrent taking place right
now in our great country. Our New
World Order is being tested to its
limits. Do you understand what
I'm talking about?
Yes sir, I understand.
Jack, I know Dan worked for you
before the war. Let me stress
that it is of the utmost
importance that we stop him and
this resistance in its tracks now.
They are a danger to our way of
life. My understanding from our
sources on the ground is that they
are planning to execute an
overthrow of the government. These
resistance fighters think that
they are fighting for freedom and


                       HENRY (cont'd)
liberty. What a joke? There are
only a few people that can
actually live this way. Are they
nuts? Listen Jack, I want all of
your available resources to stop
Sir, we will execute Operation
Resistance Shield. This plan has
been in the works for a while.
However, I didn't want to make any
moves without your approval. This
operation will mobilize all
available land and air forces to
strike them down. Also, we can
deploy the new sRobots designed
and built by GWizNex, LLC. I
think that these new robots will
give us the ace in the hole to
track them down.
Jack, you have my approval.
However, let me warn you. If you
don't stop these people, then your
ass is on the line. You will be
terminated from your position
immediately and I will personally
make sure that you will never work
for the New World Order again.
I won't let you down sir. I'm not
just fighting for my position. I'm
fighting for my country. The New
World Order must be maintained at
all costs. It's my patriotic
Dan and John get into Dan's vehicle where he takes them to
the headquarters. Dan shows John the war room. There are
flat screens in the front of the room that show various
Regulator groups on maps of the US. Some screens have
direct communication links and status of the troop strength
in each group. There are three rows of integrated computer
desks that are manned with military strategists and
planners. Two elevated high level stages behind those rows


that wrap half way around the room are shown to John as
This is impressive.
Our communication and logistics
mechanisms are incredible. They
can provide us with battle field
stats in real time for each group.
We are ready to fight. However,
we still need your sRobots to give
us the edge. Our enemy is dark
and powerful, but not invincible.
You're right Dan. We must restore
the rule of the majority to our
government and this constitutional
republic that secures our freedom.
We must engage this enemy head on.
We are dealing with globalists
that believe in nothing more than
power and money. It's like
dealing with Lucifer himself. The
devil instructs his minions to
control us at every turn like
chess pieces so that they can
profit. This is a fight that has
been going on for centuries. Our
country was founded on biblical
principles and it was once a pure
or Puritan country. America
hasn't been a perfect country, but
at least we were wholesome and
great at our core. That core is
rotten now. We must clean our
What can I do to help?
Thank god that you're on board. I
thought that you would never ask.
Operation Overlord 2 will not be a
success without you. Look, we can
beat them. We shouldn't over
estimate their competence. That's
where their weakness lies. They
are not competent. Their program


                       DAN (cont'd)
depends upon denying fundamental
principles of nature and the human
being both. These globalists do
not see things the way that we see
them. It's hard for most people
to understand their point of view
because it is alien to most of us.
They literally think that they
are masters of the universe. They
are utterly insane and have no
sense of reason. How is it that
these people can literally look
through their eyes and see the
same thing that we look at and see
a completely different picture?
They don't see the world the way
that we see it. They don't see
life as we do. They don't see
anything the way that we see it.
Their system ultimately does not
work. Our resistance has gained
strength over the years because
ideas are bullet proof and the
desire for freedom is an
unstoppable force. Throughout
history, these types of globalist
elites have tried to crash the
system to accomplish their end
goals. However, there are
spiritual forces that go beyond
their command and control. We
should focus our attention on our
own weaknesses and make the
necessary corrections. We should
think strategically and not
emotionally. These elites have
schemes and plans but they are not
that smart and they are certainly
not invincible. They think that
they control reality. One of the
main flaws is that they don't
realize what is going to happen to
them in the process of
implementing their schemes. This
is a war that has been building
for a long time. We are just now
putting the pieces together to see
it. Sherman and the other sRobots
will decimate their UAVs and


Homeland Security has at least 20
of them currently. How can we
stop them?
I'm not sure. Can you get your
technical guys at GWizNex to
brainstorm this problem?
I'll give Bob a call and see if
there's a way to get them fighting
on our side. Otherwise, they are
going to give us a lot of
John, let's drive down to
Albuquerque instead and meet with
Bob. We need to know exactly how
to formulate our attack plan with
the sRobots.
You're right. Let's go.
Dan and John leave out of the front door.
Dan and John are driving to Albuquerque. Joe and Frank
report the attack against the East Texas Regulators. Dan
answers the incoming call in the car.
Dan, Homeland Security is
attacking the Regulators in East
Texas. Is there anything that we
can do?
I don't think that we have any
military assets in the area to
repel the attack.
Frank takes the mic from Joe.
Dan if they don't get some help
now, then they will be captured or
killed. We are receiving reports
that it's a full frontal assault


                       FRANK (cont'd)
on their compound.
Frank, tell them that they will
have to retreat. There's no way
that we can send reinforcements to
defeat their forces. They can
regroup with us after they
Immediately after Dan finishes his sentences, they can hear
in the background from some of the other folks in the room
that they have been defeated. All of the Texas Regulators
are captured or killed in the attacked.
We've lost communication with
them. They've been defeated!
Damn it!
John and Dan race over to the GWizNex Test Facility to meet
with Bob, Shannon and Susan. They pull into the parking lot
at GWizNex and run into the door. Dan, John and Bob meet in
the lobby after they enter through the front door.
What's going on guys?
Bob, we need your help. There's a
lot things happening right now and
we need your expertise.
I'd do anything for you man.
You've help me so many times in my
life that I couldn't even begin to
repay you with one favor.
Great, I knew that I could count
on you. Is there anything that we
can do to get those sRobots back
under our command and control?


Why do you want to do that?
I don't have time to explain.
Homeland Security has gone
completely rogue Bob.
Well, there are a few innovations
that we've been working on lately
that I think will help you. The
PM may provide us with the answer
that you're looking for.
What is a PM?
It's basically a way to make the
sRobot come alive in a sense. His
emotional and situational
intelligence increase
significantly with the PM
installed. We haven't worked out
all of the details, but in theory
it works on the premise that it
will learn from the environment.
Come with me. I'll introduce you
to Sherman.
Dan, John and Bob exit the lobby and go down to the lab
where Shannon is currently working on Sherman.
Dan, John and Bob are running into the lab to see Shannon
and Sherman.
Shannon, is Sherman progressing
with the PM?
His progression is off the charts.
I've never seen anything like
this. It's almost surreal.
Shannon turns around and demonstrates Sherman's abilities.


Sherman, show these boys a few
tricks. Get ready for battle.
Sherman pops up from his sitting position. His Gatlin Gun
hatch opens and the Gatlin Gun quickly moves up from his
back. Sherman then back flips to the back of the room and
opens his missile hatches on his arms and smiles. Next,
Sherman side flips and then front flips back to his original
position. His gun is drawn back down and the hatch closes.
His missile hatch closes as well. He does a funny dance.
Would you like for me juggle too?
I have pretty good hand-eye
This is cute, but what leadership
abilities do you have Sherman.
Bob didn't name me Sherman for no
reason. I'm ready to lead us to
victory just like the Sherman
tanks overwhelmed the German tank
divisions in WWII.
      (Looking at
Well, the Sherman tanks were
actually poorly designed and took
heavy losses against the Germans,
but that doesn't matter. Sherman
let's get serious, are you able to
gain control of all sRobots?
John, this new PM gives me the
ability to lead any of them. In
fact, Bob specifically designed me
for command and control leadership
during an operation involving
coordinated attacks. This type of
strategic battlefield readiness
gives us the ability to strike the
enemy hard and fast where they
don't expect it.
Dan's cell phone rings right after Sherman finishes his
sentence. Joe is on the phone.


Dan, we need help right now. There
are hundreds of iRobots scouting
for our headquarters and they're
getting close to uncovering our
How much time do you have before
you have to engage them?
I don't know. I think we might be
able to distract them and buy some
time, but it looks like they have
some pretty good intel because
they are getting close.
Video clips of the iRobots scouting will be shown. Also,
Joe and company are reviewing their surveillance activity on
the flat screen maps.
Do everything that you can to
stall them? It's time to execute
Operation Overlord 2.
Homeland Security still controls
the sRobots and they have been
deployed to guard against our
attack so be careful.
Video clips of the sRobots at the Los Alamos facility that
have been strategically positioned will be shown as Joe is
We can handle it Joe. Buy us some
We'll do everything we can.
In the background, you hear Frank discussing the iRobots'
positions and how close they are getting.
I gotta go.
Joe hangs up and walks toward Frank to get the latest


Let's go!
Where are we going?
Los Alamos! We're taking out
their power supply.
Bob, stay here to monitor the
production of the sRobots. We'll
need you in the fight as quick as
you can get them out there.
Bob shakes his head. John, Dan and Sherman run out of the
lab. They get into a large truck and drive to the airport.
Dan uses the GWizNex InfoRadio to pull up a map of the Los
Alamos Intel Center.
Let's hit them hard!
Frank and Joe are monitoring the iRobots surveillance.
      (Pointing to the
       East side of the
We need to draw their fire over
here. This will give us time to
launch the other forces out of the
west gate. As they mass and
concentrate their fire at the
diversion, then we will initiate a
pincer attack on the right and
left flank and destroy them.
Joe, what will we do when they
reinforce their position?
God help us.


Sherman, Dan and John drive into Los Alamos Intel Center
parking lot.
      (Pointing to the
       GWizNex InfoRadio
       and current map)
Sherman, draw the sRobots out to
the woods at this location. John
and I will go through the front
door to attack the satellite
dishes after the sRobots are
Right on!
What about the iRobot guards?
Flash Bombs. I've been working on
this particular flash bomb design
for years to evade capture. It
does work, but only temporarily.
It's designed with a high
intensity of light to blind their
optics and cause disorientation
with their electronics.
Good luck.
Frank and Joe are monitoring the iRobots surveillance
      (Talking to Joe
       and pointing at
       the map)
Send your platoon! They are
getting too close.
      (Talking to the
Let's go!


Joe's Platoon #1 mounts up and rides over to the diversion
site. Samuel and the iRobots spot them on radar and close
in on their position in their armored SWAT vehicles and
      (Pointing at the
We've located their position.
Engage them now!
The iRobots and vehicles are racing toward Platoon #1.
      (Talking on the
       radio to Frank)
We've reached the diversion site!
      (Talking on the
       radio to Joe)
They are closing in on your
position rapidly. Dig in and take
out as many as you can!
      (Talking on the
       radio to Frank)
10-4. Over and out.
      (Yelling to the
Take defensive positions. Shoot
on my command only.
The platoon takes up various defensive positions on the
      (Talking to the
       radio to Platoon
       Leader #2,
       NATHAN, and #3,
       CAMERON, and
       pointing at the
Launch the pincer attack!


      (Talking to Frank)
Are you sure? If we send them
early, then they won't have time
to mass?
      (Talking to Joe)
We have to send them now! They
can't hold them off for long. It's
a calculated risk.
      (Talking to Frank)
I hope you're right!
The iRobots are closing in on the diversion site.
      (Looking at the
Where are they?
Platoon #1 opens fire on the iRobots' position over the
hill. Their front lines take heavy losses from the gun and
rocket fire. The iRobots in the rear return fire on Platoon
#1. These iRobots advance on their position.
      (Talking on the
       radio to Frank)
Frank, they are moving in fast!
We're givin' 'em hell, but I can't
hold them long.
Shots hitting the ground/armor and bombs exploding around
their position are heard in the background.
      (Talking on the
       radio to Joe)
Reinforcements are on their way.
Hang in there!
A bomb explodes close to Joe that throws him out of the
      (Pointing at the
Joe are you OK...The iRobots have
massed their troops at the
diversion site just as we
expected. Joe...Joe...What the


                       FRANK (cont'd)
hell is going on?
Sherman leaps over the fence at the Los Alamos Facility. Two
iRobot guards run at full speed toward him when he lands on
the other side.
                       IROBOT #7
Stop, you have entered a protected
Sherman's Gatlin Gun pops up and fires on both of the
iRobots. They disintegrate into smoke. Another iRobot
sneaks up behind him and grabs his Gatlin gun. Sherman
immediately lowers it into his back and the iRobot slips off
his back as he loses grip of the Gatlin gun. Sherman
quickly grabs the iRobot on the right foot with his back
right foot. He jumps high up in the air with the iRobot. He
backs flips on his way down and hurdles the iRobot far into
the woods and over the security fence. Sherman lands back
on his feet and smiles. This iRobot hits the ground and
Come on, is that all that you got?
You gotta be kidding me.

20 sRobots start massing around Sherman to attack. 8 of
them land immediately in front of him on the ground and on
top of building. The other 12 surround his position on all
Oh boy! This is gonna get
Sherman leaps high into the air and over the fence. The
sRobots quickly follow him and leap over the fence. Sherman
lands, takes evasive action and runs through the woods. The
sRobots that are on his tail open their gun hatches and
fire. Sherman dodges left and right as he runs through the
woods. He narrowly avoids the gun fire. Two more sRobots
in the back fire missiles at Sherman. He jumps high into a
tree as the missiles explode below him. The tree falls over
with Sherman at the top of the tree. Sherman slowly pops
his head out of the branches of the fallen tree. The


sRobots immediately surround his position with guns drawn
and missiles ready to go.
Now that's good shooting!
Sherman climbs out of the fallen tree debris.
John and Dan enter the front door of the Los Alamos
facility. They approach iRobot #7 that is standing behind a
                       IROBOT #7
      (Looking at John
       and Dan)
Excuse me sir, but this is a
secure building. Can I help you?
Hi, I'm John Warner with GWizNex,
LLC and this is my colleague,
Chris. We're here to survey the
security of this facility.
                       IROBOT #7
      (Looking at the
Your company is not authorized
according to my records. What's
in your bag?
John removes his bag from his shoulder and hands it to the
iRobot #5. The iRobot #5 takes the bag from John and opens

is on a detonator switch. John looks at Dan.
John and Dan turn away and duck. Dan presses the red button
on the switch. The flash goes off in the bag. The iRobot
#5 shakes around aimlessly from the blinding light. Dan
pulls out his hand gun and shoots the iRobot twice in the
head. iRobot #5 falls to the ground. John immediately
looks up the floor layout of the building on the computer.
He locates the Power Planning room at the top floor.


Here it is! Let's go!
John and Dan quickly run to the elevator. They ride to the
highest floor in the building. When the elevator door opens,
Dan throws a flash bombs out of the door as two iRobots rush
them at the elevator. The flash bombs explode. The iRobots
are stunned. John blasts both of them with his forty five.
Good shot!
Dan and John run down the hall and into a top secret room.
There's a sign on the door that reads ONLY AUTHORIZED
PERSONNEL. Dan shoots the locks on the door. As they open
the door, Dan and John are in a state of shock.
What the hell?
This is the Nazi Party.
As they look around the room, they see a Nazi Flag displayed
at the front of the room in a corner. Each chair in the
room is decorated with an Eagle holding a Nazi symbol.
This is the rise of the Fourth
In America?
They've been operating in stealth.
Dan has a flashback to a conversation with Jack in 2000.
                                         FLASHBACK TO:
Dan enters Jack's office, he can now see Jack wearing a Nazi
skull and bones belt buckle. On his desk chair, there is a
decorative chair that has the eagle flying at the top of the
chair that's carrying a SWASTICA.
                                         BACK TO THE PRESENT:


The Nazis are only one branch of
the New World Order. Of course,
they are probably the most
aggressive. I believe that there
are 8 big families that control
everything. These are mainly
banking families and royalty from
Dan picks up a file on the desk and opens it.
      (Looking at the
Look at this. They've been
working on human cloning
Cloning? They're insane!
It looks like they have plans to
replace the population with clones
of themselves.
I wasn't aware of this plan. This
evil has gone further than I could
have ever imagine. I can't make
this up in my wildest dreams.
These slithering slime bags of
shit are out of their minds.
What are we going to do?
We have to find the location of
power station and the layouts.
But where?
The door suddenly is slammed open in the room. John and Dan
quickly draw their guns to shoot. Two iRobots enter the
room and shoot their guns out of their hands before they can
do anything. Dan and John scream in pain as their guns fly
out of their hands. Jack walks in behind the other iRobots.


      (Agonizing screams)
To hell with you Nazis!
      (Smirk on his face)
Captain Dan…
Did you really believe that you
could just take out a few iRobots
and shut down the entire power
grid of our great country? That's
Jack laughs out loud. You are an enemy of the state.
Fuck you Jack! You're going down
with this New World Order.
No, fuck you. You are traitors!
      (Talking to the
Kill them!
Sherman blows the door in the room and enters with his
Gatlin Gun drawn. The iRobots and Samuel shoot at him but
their bullets bounce off. Sherman unloads a few rounds of
his Gatlin Gun at the two iRobots. They are immediately
blown away.
      (Pointing his gun
       at Jack)
I would advise you to drop your
gun. My gun is much bigger.
Sherman points the Gatlin Gun at Jack. Jack drops his gun
and puts his hands up. Dan and John pick up their guns.
Sherman, thank god you're OK.
Where are the other sRobots? I
was beginning to think that you
were captured or destroyed.
They are guarding the building. Of
course, now they are on our side.
I talked them into it.


Good job Sherman. Grab that Nazi
and let's go!
Sherman grabs Jack by the arm. They leave out of the front
Joe slowly gets up. He brushes himself off. He grabs his
AR-15 on the ground. He runs passed his burning jeep. Bombs
and bullets are hitting the ground everywhere. The iRobots
are overrunning their position. They are shooting men left
and right of Joe. Joe takes aim at an iRobot. He shoots
him in the head. The iRobot falls over dead. Two more
quickly run behind the fallen iRobot and shoot at Joe. Joe
takes a defensive position next to another jeep that's
laying down a suppressing fire on the mounted .50 cal rail
gun. He grabs the radio and calls Frank.
      (Talking to Frank)
We cannot last much longer.
Where's the backup damn it?
      (Talking on the
       radio to Joe)
Reinforcements should be there by
A bomb explodes close to Joe and throws him. The soldier
that was shooting the 0.50 cal is killed and falls dead. Joe
staggers to get back up. Two iRobots advance on his
position with guns blasting toward him. Bullets hit the
ground close to his position. One of the iRobots has a
shoulder mounted missile launcher and raises it to shoot
Joe. Just before the iRobot pulls the trigger, Nathan from
Platoon #2 attacks him with 0.50 cal rail gun. The iRobot
is blown away by Nathan.
Joe turns around to see Platoon #2 racing toward him. Joe
runs over to a 0.50 cal that fall off the jeep. He picks it
up to start shooting the iRobots. Three iRobots are
immediately blown away by Joe that are advancing on his
position. Platoon #3 races in from the right side of Joe's
position. Platoon #3 attacks many iRobots with rail guns


and missiles. The iRobots take heavy losses on the right
We got your right flank Joe.
Joe turns around to see Platoon #2 racing toward him. George
runs over to a 0.50 cal that fail off the jeep. He picks it
up to start shooting the iRobots. Three iRobots are
immediately blown away by Joe that are advancing on his
position. Joe runs over to the front lines that are dug in.
      (Out of breath)
Who has a radio?
                       SOLDIER #1
I have one.
      (Still winded and
       calling Nathan
       and Cameron)
I can handle the iRobots advancing
toward us. Take out their flanks!
10-4 good buddy. We're on it!
      (Talking to
       soldier #1)
Tell our troops to focus their
fire on the center?
Joe grabs his gun and prepares to run.
                       SOLDIER #1
Where are you going?
      (Pointing at
Come on. We have to take out
their field commander. If we kill
the head, then the body will die!
Joe, Soldier #1 and Soldier #2 race across the battle field
on foot toward the field commander. They dodge the onslaught
of bombs and bullets. As they get close to the field
commander (Samuel), they duck down behind a hill to avoid


being seen. They narrowly avoid being hit by a bomb and
bullets from the iRobots.
      (Talking to
       Soldier #1)
Cover me, I'm going in for the
kill shot!
Joe grabs his gear and takes off toward the field commander.
After he takes 10 steps, a bomb explodes close to him and
throws him off his feet. He is dazed and confused. Soldier
#1 and #2 are screaming at him to "get up". Joe slowly
recovers. He gets back on his feet. He sprints forward
toward the field commander. Several iRobots take aim but
are blown away by the cover fire from Soldier #1 and #2. Joe
stops within 30 yards from the field commander. The field
commander is too busy with his communications to the iRobots
to notice him. He is directing the fire power of the iRobots
at the flanks that are moving in on his position. Joe gets
on one knee and takes aim with his AR-15. He has trouble
focusing with the bombs exploding and bullets hitting the
ground near him. He takes a deep breath and slowly lets it
      (Talking to
Focus, focus.
Joe slowly squeezes the trigger with his sites pointed at
the heart of his target. The field commander drops
immediately after he fires.
      (Yelling to
       soldier #1 and #2)
Yeah! Bring in the troops!
Soldier #1 instructs the other troops on the radio to
advance. The soldiers advance on the bewildered iRobots.
The center, right and left flanks advance toward Joe's
position. The iRobots are picked off easily since they
don't have direction. Nathan pulls up next to Joe.
      (Excited and yells
       to Joe)
We got them on the run!
The iRobots begin to retreat, but are getting decimated by
the attack. Joe gets a radio call from Dan. Soldier #1
picks up the call. He runs the radio over to Joe.


                       SOLDIER #1
      (Hands the radio
       to Joe)
It's Dan and it's urgent.
Dan, they're on the run!
The remainder of the iRobots is destroyed in a barrage of
gun fire and bombs.
      (Calling from the
That's great! I had no doubt that
you could do it. I know you want
to rest but we must attack the
power station now. It's called
Echo 666. I'll send you the GPS
coordinates that we got from one
of these Nazi bastards captured at
Los Alamos.
Sherman is squeezing Jack's knee in the back seat of Dan's
vehicle. He is clearly in pain.
Mobilize all of the troops for
operation overlord 2!
      (Talking to Dan)
We're on our way! Over and out.
      (Talking to the
Regulators, mount up!
Dan gets a call from Frank on the car's video phone.
What's going on Frank?


      (Frightened and
       looking at the
There are thousands of iRobots and
UAVs heading your way. It looks
like the globalists are bringing
in reserves to mount an offensive.
Video clips of the iRobots and UAVs racing across the New
Mexico desert toward Albuquerque are shown.
Holy shit! What's their ETA?
Our radar indicates that they will
arrive at Echo 666 in less than 30
That won't give us much time. We
are at least 10 minutes away.
Thanks Frank...Keep an eye on them
and let me know if anything
Dan puts the pedal to the metal. He races to Echo 666. The
other sRobots are racing with him on foot next to his
vehicle. The sRobots are traveling at full speed which is
80 mph.
      (Talking to John)
Give Bob a call and tell him our
situation. We need to buy some
John calls Bob on the car video phone.
      (Talking to Bob)
We need all of the sRobots you
We only have 238. The final tests
are almost complete on them.


      (Upset expression
       and talking to
I don't think that's going to be
enough. What are we going to do?
      (Talking to John
       and touching John
       on the shoulder)
As the Marines say, we have to
improvise, adapt and overcome.
      (Talking to Bob)
Send those sRobots to attack the
reserves coming our way. Frank,
we will send you the GPS
OK Dan, they are on their way.
      (Talking to Bob)
Bob, I can't emphasize the
importance of your mission. We
must have some time to shut down
Echo 666. Give 'em hell!
      (Nods his head)
10-4 and good luck guys.
Dan hangs up on Bob. He appears nervous about the execution
of Operation Overlord 2.
      (Talking to John)
I think that we're about 5 miles
from Echo 666 according to the
GPS. We'll need to instruct the
sRobots to do a pincer attack on
the facility. That attack
strategy worked great against Sam.
I'm sure that they will fall for
it again.
Frank calls Dan on the video phone.


Dan, I've picked up some strange
anomalies on the radar at Echo
666. I hate to be the bearer of
more bad news, but I thought that
I would warn you.
What are you talking about Frank?
It's probably just a few iRobot
I don't think so. This is
something very different. These
robots are much larger and are
moving around in a pattern that
I've never seen before. Their
footprint on the radar is huge. We
need to reaccess the strength of
their forces.
There's no time for that Frank.
It's probably just a cluster of
those damn iRobots. We can take
them out easily with Sherman and
Jack is smiling in the back of Dan's vehicle. Dan looks at
his rear view mirror and sees Jack smiling.
      (Talking to Jack)
What's so funny Jack?
Sherman starts squeezing Jack's knee. He screams in pain.
All of the sudden there are artillery bombs exploding around
their vehicle. Two of the sRobots are hit with the bombs
and thrown off of their feet.
What the hell?
      (Talking to Dan
       and looking at
       the artillery
       coming in)
Incoming! We need to take evasive


                       JOHN (cont'd)
action now!
Dan swerves left and right to avoid getting hit by the
artillery. The sRobots are also aggressively maneuvering to
avoid the explosions. One of the shells explodes next to
Dan's vehicle and causes him to swerve off of the road. Dan,
John, Sherman and Jack get out of the vehicle. The other
sRobots continue moving forward in formation to attack Echo
666 with a pincer attack. Dan grabs a pair of high tech
binoculars to take a look at the robots that are attacking.
      (Hands the
       binoculars to
Those aren't iRobots.
What the hell are they?
John looks through the binoculars.
What the fuck! Those are
You guys got some balls. You have
no idea what you are up against.
Don't you understand that we have
full spectrum dominance!
Dan walks up to Jack and punches him in the face. Jack
falls to the ground. He looks up at Dan. Dan draws his
.357 magnum, cocks it back and points it at Jack.
      (Pissed Off)
How many Scorpions are there Jack?
Fuck you Captain Dan. You are
      (Talking to John)
What do you know about these
Scorpions? Do they have a


                       DAN (cont'd)
weakness that we can exploit?
Attack their underbelly!
Centrafuse dynamics designed the
exoskeleton strong, but that
doesn't mean that their insides
are. I noticed this weakness at
the Robotics Show.
How are we going to attack their
underbellies? We can't get close
enough to them. A frontal attack
is too risky. Do they have
impenetrable land defenses?
      (Talking to
Sherman, pull up your battle field
Sherman turns his right arm over and opens the hatch to show
John his onboard computer and battle field map.
      (Pointing at the
       battle field map)
If we strike them at their flanks,
it will force them to re-position
their fire power there. Once that
happens, we will initiate a
blitzkrieg at their center to
break through their front lines.
Are you suggesting that the
sRobots attack the scorpions in a
hand-to-hand battle after they
break their front lines?
That's exactly what I'm saying
Dan. The sRobots can flip the
Scorpion over and shoot their
underbelly in a hand-to-hand
That's a bold plan, but I think
that it might work. Sherman, can
you coordinate this attack with


                       DAN (cont'd)
the sRobots? Also, slow the
advance of your sRobots. The
other platoons are on their way
but they are behind you.
Consider it done. I'm on my way!
Sherman jumps high into the air toward Echo 666. When he
lands, he races to join the other sRobots.
      (Talking to John)
Keep an eye on Jack. I'll call
Frank on the video phone to
coordinate the new attack plans
with him and the other platoons.
Dan runs over to the driver's side of the vehicle. He calls
Frank on the video phone.
What's going on?
There's a change of plans. We
need to attack their flanks with
everything we got. Tell your guys
to do a hit and run on their
flanks! Those Scorpions are
vicious and you don't want to get
caught in their artillery barrage.
      (Talking to John)
Let's go!
Dan, John, Sherman and Jack get in the vehicle. Dan spins
his tires as he races toward Echo 666.
Frank calls Cameron, Joe and Nathan on the video phone.
      (Talking to
       Cameron, Joe and
Guys, you're not fighting the
iRobots! You're headed directly


                       FRANK (cont'd)
toward a fight with the Scorpions.
I'm sending over a revised attack
plan. You should be receiving the
new GPS coordinates right now.
Scorpions! How many?
I've estimated about 100
That's impossible! We can't
defeat them!
We have to attack their flanks and
draw their fire power. This will
give Sherman and the sRobots
enough time to initiate a center
blitz to break their front lines.
The sRobots can win a hand-to-hand
combat if they can get close
enough to them.
God, I hope you're right Frank.
Those Scorpions have wickedly
strong defenses, but we are faster
than they are. Nathan and
Cameron, sweep around to the right
flank and attack. We can handle
the left side.
10-4 good buddy! This is a good
day for freedom. Let's kill these
cold-blooded bastards!
Joe, Nathan and Cameron race toward Echo 666. They
split-off into two groups. The sRobots are dug in ahead of
the platoons and shooting at the Scorpions. The battlefield
is full of smoke, bombs exploding and gun fire. Joe and his
platoon head toward the Scorpion's left flank. They are
within 50 feet of them when Joe gives the open fire command.


      (Talking on his
       radio to his
Open fire now!
Joe's platoon opens fire with .50 cal rail machine guns and
rocket fire all along the left flank of the scorpions. Joe's
platoon stuns the Scorpions with their brazen attempt to
destroy them. One of the Scorpions is flipped over on its
side from a rocket explosion. The Scorpions turn to their
left flank and advance toward them. Joe and his platoon turn
in the opposite direction after the attack and run away. The
Scorpions open fire with rail machine gun and artillery
fire. A couple of their vehicles are destroyed by the
artillery fire. Joe's vehicle is struck with machine gun
fire. He takes evasive action as he tries to flee from the
Scorpions' attack. Nathan and Cameron attack the Scorpions'
right flank. They quickly race away from the Scorpions
after opening fire.
      (Smiling and
       talking on the
       video phone to
Good shot Nathan!
Several Scorpions are flipped over by the attack. The other
Scorpions turn to engage these two platoons.
Sherman and the sRobots are shooting at the Scorpions from
about 150 yards. Bombs are exploding around Sherman. Also,
gun fire is hitting close to his position. Sherman shoots a
few rockets that damages a Scorpion with one of his shots.
Dan calls Sherman on his radio. Sherman takes cover and
looks at his video screen located on his arm.
      (Talking to
       Sherman on the
       video screen)
Blitz the center! Hit 'em hard


      (Talking to Dan on
       the video screen)
Ya buddy! No holds bar. We're on
our way!
      (Talking to
Regulators, let's go!
Sherman and the sRobots race toward the center of the
Scorpions' lines.
Dan and John are behind Sherman and the sRobots' blitz.
There are a lot of bombs exploding around them and smoke
filling the air. Sherman and the sRobots are dodging the
explosions as they advance toward the Scorpions' center
Hang on John, we've got to make it
to the front door.
Sherman and his buddies can handle
I hope you're right. These
Scorpions can put up a hell of a
They've never met Sherman.
The UAVs and iRobots are driving across the desert in
formation. They are attacked by the sRobots. The sRobots
use rocket fire and their .50 cal machines guns to wreak
havoc on their ranks. The iRobot field commander calls
                       IROBOT #8
      (Talking on the
       vehicle phone to
Sir, we are being attacked by the
sRobots. They are slowing our


                       IROBOT #8 (cont'd)
The sRobots are shown destroying several UAVs and iRobot
vehicles at this point.
      (Upset and talking
       to iRobot #8)
Destroy them! They are attacking
our facility right now. What is
your ETA?
                       IROBOT #8
Sir, we can not advance any
further. Our ETA is unknown.
Keep them busy. I've ordered the
B-3 Bombers from Barksdale, Air
Force Base to attack them. Prior
to the bombing, you'll need to
retreat. I'm sending over the GPS
coordinates for the bombers right
now. They're on their way!
The B-3 Bombers are shown taking off at this point.
Dan calls the three platoons on his video phone.
Swing back around for another
attack on the flanks. We are
hitting their center lines right
      (A little bit
       shook up)
Dan, I think that we're going to
take some heavy loses if we do
Don't worry Joe. We've got your
back, but we must have some more
support on their flanks.


We'll be there Dan.
Sherman and the 20 sRobot jump high into the air and onto
the backs of the Scorpions as they engage their center
lines. A couple of the sRobots are thrown off of their
backs as they buck them back and forth. Sherman grabs the
tail of his Scorpion. He flips the Scorpion into the air.
Another sRobot punches Sherman's Scorpion in the underbelly
as it lands back on the ground. The punch penetrates the
armor of the underbelly and into its guts. It flops around
aimlessly for a split second prior to Sherman shooting a
missile at the head and destroying it.
Bring it on!
Sherman punches the underbelly of another Scorpion that is
thrown from the sRobot next to his position. This Scorpion
is shot with Sherman's Gatlin Gun as it flops on the ground.
Immediately after that, a Scorpion grabs Sherman's head
with its right claw. The Scorpion lifts Sherman into the
air. Sherman responds by shooting the claw off. Sherman
falls to the ground. The Scorpion quickly engages Sherman
with his tail gun. The Scorpion starts shooting but Sherman
grabs the tail and points the fire away from him. Next,
Sherman slings the Scorpion into the air. Another sRobot
punches the underbelly and it flops to the ground where it
is quickly destroyed by Sherman with his Gatlin Gun.
Dan is taking evasive action as he drives through the center
lines. The battlefield is hectic with sRobots and Scorpions
fighting to the death. As Dan passes one of the Scorpions,
he takes a swipe at his vehicle with the left claw. Dan's
vehicle flips over two times. The vehicle lands upside
      (Talking to John)
Are you OK?
Yeah, but it seems like deja vu.
Are you OK?


Yeah, but we better get out of
Dan and John crawl out of the vehicle. They grab Jack as
well as he crawls out. They take off running towards the
front entrance of ECHO 666. A bomb explodes their vehicle
as they run away from it. Gun fire and bombs are exploding
around them.
      (Points at the
       front entrance)
Over there, let's go!
They run through the front entrance. Three iRobots start
shooting at them as they enter the facility. They narrowly
avoid the gun fire by diving away it and behind a column.
Dan pulls out his .357 and returns fire. He hits one of the
iRobots. It falls over dead. The two iRobots shoot back
but miss them. Dan returns fire again and kills the two
iRobots. They quickly run over to the elevators.
      (Talking to Jack)
What floor Jack?
Fuck off!
Dan shoots Jack in the knee cap. Jack yells out in pain.
      (Talking to Jack)
You might want to re-think your
Dan cocks his .357.
      (Screaming in pain)
Top floor...It's the top floor you
Dan pushes the top floor button.


      (Holding his knee
       and in pain)
You son of a bitches will pay for
The elevator door opens at the top floor.
      (Talking to Jack
       and pointing the
       .357 Magnum at
       his good knee)
Where's Henry's office and don't
make me ask twice?
      (Talking to Dan)
Get me up first damn it!
Dan gestures to John to get him up. John picks Jack up.
      (Screaming in pain)
It's over there!
They walk over to Henry's office and enter. Henry is
sitting down and looking at his computer. He is drinking a
glass of whiskey as they enter the room.
      (Pointing his .357
       at Henry)
It's over Henry. Your New World
Order is finished.
Captain Dan, you haven't learned
anything. You're still grasping
for straws and searching for
something that never was and never
will be. There will be no freedom
for the people.
Bombs are heard exploding outside of the building as Henry
and Dan are talking.


You have clearly lost site of what
matters in life. Freedom is the
tie that binds our humanity
together. Without it, we have
It many ways we are both a like
Dan. It's all a matter of
perspective. You see, there's
freedom for some, but not everyone
can live that way. The New World
Order can only maintain its wealth
and prosperity through direct
oppression of the people. You had
your chance to be free once in the
New World Order.
I don't want your lies and
misconstruction about freedom. You
don't get it. All people want to
be free regardless of your
exclusive club that you have
cleverly created. Come with me.
You freedom is history.
      (Laughs and stands
No, you don't get it!
Susan opens the door and walks in with Diane. She is
pointing the gun at Diane. Jack is smiling at this point as
      (In shock)
Susan, what are you doing?
I'm sorry John. I didn't know
      (Interrupts Diane)
Shut up bitch! Drop the gun Dan.
      (Smirk on his face)
We have full spectrum dominance
Captain Dan. Sure, you'll have
some luck and win a couple of


                       HENRY (cont'd)
battles. That's to be expected.
After all, we trained you. But
you can't win this war. There's
too much at stake. Now do
yourself a favor. Drop the
You'll never get away with this
Henry. How many hearts and minds
do you think that I've changed
over the years? How long do you
think that you can suppress free
That's bullshit. You know that
most people are apathetic sheep
anyway. Give me the gun.
Dan slowly places his gun down on the table. Henry signals
with a hand gesture to Dan to push it to him. Dan pushes
the gun to Henry. Henry turns on the video flat screen
behind him. The aerial bombing of the sRobots is shown.
You're sRobots won't save you.
They are being destroyed by our
B-3 bombers as I speak.
No! Stop this madness now! Can't
you see this New World Order is
evil? What's wrong with you?
      (Takes a sip of
       his whiskey)
What is evil John? Is creating a
new world that is just and free
for our people evil?
You're not god. You can't decide
who is free and who is not! All
men are created equal and are
endowed by our creator which is
not you.
Suddenly a loud explosion is heard that shakes the room. Dan
runs full speed at Henry. He does a jump kick to Henry's


gut. Henry falls down from the kick. At the same time,
Diane elbows Susan in the gut. She doubles over in pain and
John grabs her gun. Dan picks his gun up and points it at
Henry. Jack lunges at John to try to get his gun. Dan
turns around and shoots Jack in the heart. Jack falls dead.
      (Hugs Diane)
I'm glad you're OK. I love you.
      (Talking to Dan)
We have to find the power kill
switch. We don't have much time!
      (Pointing the gun
       at Henry)
Where is it Henry?
Henry looks up at Dan with disgust.
A Scorpion attempts to grab Sherman's body with his claw.
Sherman grabs the claw and prevents it from clamping his
I don't think so punk. You're
Sherman shoots the Scorpion in the face with his Gatlin Gun
which stuns the Scorpion. Another sRobot rushes the
Scorpion from the side. He rams the Scorpion with his body
and flips it over. Sherman shoots off the claw and then
stabs the underbelly of the Scorpion with his claw. It
flops around aimlessly. Sherman looks around the
battlefield. The Scorpions lay dead everywhere and there's
smoke and fire in several places. The other platoons are
seen at a distance on the left and right flanks of the
Scorpions. The platoons are cheering as well.
      (Stands tall and
Silverbacks! Hurrah!
The sRobots stand tall across the battlefield and start
chanting, "Hurrah! Hurrah!" As the sRobots are yelling,
Sherman spots something coming their way. It looks like a


black cloud in the distance. Sherman turns to one of the
What is that?
The sRobot behind Sherman opens a hatch in his right arm and
pulls out the binoculars. He hands the binoculars to
Sherman. He looks through them. To his surprise, the black
cloud is the UAVs and iRobots that the other sRobots were
trying to stop.
      (Calls John in his
       video phone)
We've got more company on the way!
      (Talking to
       Sherman on the
       video phone)
We know Sherman. Get ready to
battle. We're in the process of
disrupting their power supply.
      (Talking to John
       on his video
We're seriously out numbered, but
I won't let that small detail stop
us from kicking their ass. Over
and out.
Henry is working on his computer to pull up the power supply
Shut it down now Henry!
The controls are blocking me from
shutting it down.
      (Cocks his .357
       and points it a
       Henry's head)
We're not playing games Henry. If


                       DAN (cont'd)
you don't shut it down, then get
ready to take your last breathe.
Do you want to end up like your
      (Upset and tries
       to gather his
Do you think that I'm the only top
level globalist in the country?
They won't let me control this
entire power grid. That would be
stupid. What were you thinking
when you attacked us? There is no
single point of failure. We have
full spectrum dominance!
      (Pissed off)
That's it! I'm killing this
Dan grabs Henry and throws him on the ground. John stops
Dan before he blows Henry away.
Wait! The power system for Skynet
is based on a relay system to
improve its accuracy. Where is
the communication dish that
controls this area?
I don't understand. Why is this
We may not be able to shut down
all of Skynet, but we can shut
down the power to this area by
destroying the communication host
      (Turns to Henry
       and grabs him
       from the front of
       his shirt)
Where is this dish located?


It's on top of the building, but
you'll never be able to get to it.
      (angrily replies)
      (Calm voice)
It's heavily guarded. There's a
new experimental Scorpion that we
put there to guard the dish.
It's a new model that Centrafuse
Dynamics developed to improve on
the weaknesses that they found
while competing with the Silver
I don't have time to debate this
shit. Shut the Scorpion down and
lets go turn this thing off.
I can't shut it down Captain Dan.
These things are out of my
control. Skynet is controlled by
globalists that are above my pay
      (Pissed off)
Fuck that!
      (Talking to
       Sherman on his
       video phone)
Get a couple of your sRobots and
meet me and John on the roof.
We've got to take out the
communication dish!
We're on our way!


      (Turns to Diane
       and hands her a
Keep an eye on these two. Don't
hesitate to shoot to kill.
Dan and John run out of the room.
Sherman, the sRobots and the platoons are shooting at the
UAVs and iRobots that are coming their way. Some of the
UAVs and iRobots are hit with the artillery barrage. Sherman
runs over to two of his closest sRobots to talk to them.
Let's go guys! We've got a big
fish to fry!
John and Dan slam open the roof door with guns drawn. They
see the Skynet dish in front of them.
There it is!
Dan takes off running toward the dish.
The Scorpion grabs Dan around his body. He lifts him high
into the air. John shoots the Scorpion in the face, but the
bullets bounce off. The Scorpion throws Dan to the other
side of the roof. Dan hits the ground hard. He's in pain.
John shoots the Scorpion again, but the Scorpion is
unharmed. He runs toward the dish. The Scorpion whips its
tail around to strike John. John is swept off his feet and
slammed to the ground with the Scorpion's tail. He is
clearly in pain. The Scorpion advances toward John. The
tail gun whips around to shoot John. John looks up at the
tail gun. In a sudden fashion, Sherman and the two sRobots
jump on the Scorpion. They immediately go to work on this
Scorpion by pounding on its head and body. The Scorpion
bucks two of the sRobots off of its body. Sherman is able
to hang on to its tail. As the Scorpion slings the tail
around Sherman is slung across the roof. He lands over by
the other two sRobots. The Scorpion turns its tail gun on


the sRobots and shoots. Sherman and the other two sRobot
jump away from the gun fire. Sherman lands on the other
side of the roof. Dan slowly gets up. The Scorpion advances
toward him. Sherman charges at the side of the Scorpion. He
rams the side hard. The right side of the Scorpion lifts in
the air. Another sRobot rams the left side of the Scorpion
to help Sherman. Sherman and another sRobot lift the
Scorpion high in the air. The Scorpion wiggles around to
try to escape.
Throw him now!
Sherman and the sRobot throw the Scorpion onto the fist of
the third sRobot. The third sRobot punches the underbelly.
However, the Scorpion bounces off of the sRobot. He's
unable to penetrate the underbelly. The Scorpion whips
around tail gun and blows away the sRobot. His body
explodes into flames.
      (in shock)
Oh no!
The other sRobot immediately jumps into the air to attack
the Scorpion. He lands on the Scorpion's tail gun.
Hold the gun. I'll take care of
the head.
Sherman jumps on the Scorpion's head. The Scorpion shakes
Sherman off of his head. Sherman lands in front of the
Bring it on you bitch!
The other sRobot is holding down the tail gun from shooting
Sherman. The Scorpion raises its right claw to grab
Sherman. Sherman jumps over the right claw and kicks the
Scorpion in the head. Sherman lands and immediately does a
round house kick on the other side of his head. The
Scorpion is dazed. When Sherman tries to punch the Scorpion
again in the head with a straight jab, the Scorpion grabs
him with his left claw. Sherman tries to escape, but the
grasp is too tight. The Scorpion whips around its tail gun
with the other sRobot still hanging on. The tail gun is
aimed at Sherman's head. Sherman closes his eyes. The
other sRobot uses all of his strength to move the tail gun
away from Sherman's head and toward the Scorpions left claw.
The Scorpion opens fire, but he blows off his left claw


instead of destroying Sherman. Sherman falls to the ground
with the left claw still attached to him. Sherman
immediately breaks free from the claw when he hits the
You will pay for that you
Sherman jumps and does an undercut on the head of the
Scorpion. He's blow penetrates his head and it explodes.
The Scorpion flops around and dies.
The other two sRobots chant, "Hurrah, Hurrah!" Dan and John
slowly get up and walk towards Sherman.
      (Pointing at the
       satellite dish)
Sherman, blow that thing up and
let's finish this fight.
With pleasure...Let 'em have it!
Sherman and the sRobots turn to the satellite dish. They
open fire with missiles and their Gatlin Guns. The
satellite dish explodes into a fire ball.
The UAVs and iRobots run out of power before they reach the
platoons and sRobots. John, Diane, Dan, Susan and Henry
walk out of the exit in the building and onto the
battlefield. Susan and Henry are in handcuffs. Dan is
pointing the gun at them. There is smoke and fire
everywhere they look. The Scorpions, iRobots and UAVs are
found everywhere they look.
      (Talking to Henry)
You're not going to sell us a bill
of goods built on lies and
deception anymore Henry! We're
taught that we have to be
corporate drones that serve the
system and that's how we get
ahead. Your philosophy is
bankrupt. Now you're going to


                       JOHN (cont'd)
jail asshole.
You could have been filthy rich
John. Why did you give everything
up for these people? They don't
care about you. They are just
It's not about money Henry. What
does it profit a man to gain the
world and lose his soul? Take him
It's better rein in Hell than
serve in Heaven. You haven't seen
the last of this New World Order.
We will rise again just like the
You don't get it. We're not
living under this tyranny anymore.
The New World Order is already
here. It's called "Freedom". The
answer to 1984 is 1776!
      (Grabs Henry by
       the arm.)
Let's go you jerk!
      (Talking to Dan)
We didn't get control of their
external forces. How much time do
we have before we are attacked
Look John, we won this battle but
not the war. This is a blow to
the New World Order. How do you
slay a dragon? With a thousand
cuts! We control this region of
the country and they will have to
come and get it. However, no
weapon formed against us shall
prosper. We're not staying on the
defensive. We will fight
offensively for our freedom. We


                       DAN (cont'd)
will not rest until this evil is
brought down!
      (Talking to the
       Silver backs)
Silverbacks, "Hurrah, Hurrah!"
The Silver backs chant, "Hurrah, Hurrah!" They are seen
throughout the battlefield chanting. John is hugging and
kissing Diane.
      (Talking to Diane)
Will you marry me?
Of course, what would I do without
John kisses Diane again. Sherman walks over to John and
Love birds...So when are you going
to make a female Silverback?
I'll get started on that project
immediately Sherman. Everybody
needs love including you.
Sherman, Diane, John and Dan start laughing.


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