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Deal With Death
by David Bumgarner (yourdespicable@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Animation   User Review:

A small town exterminator must work with the Grimm Reaper to save an innocent life.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


FULL SHOT of a deep mahogany desk in a dark office. The
only light is coming from a small, green bankers lamp on the
desk and the faint moonlight shining through the blinds of
the window behind the desk. The faint light reveals some
papers fanned out on the desk. The desk appears to be neat
and organized. Everything seems to be in its' proper place.
There are wood book cases, filled with books, around the
room. There appears to be a deer hunting trophy hanging on
the wall and a taxidermied bear standing ferociously in the
corner. The silhouette of a man in a plush office chair is
sitting behind the desk. A match is struck and for a moment
you can see a hand reaching up to light the end of a cigar.
The hand then reaches under the desk lamp and picks up a
cordless telephone. BEEP, BOOP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BOOP,
BEEP. The beeps of the glowing buttons on the phone appear
extra loud compared to the silence of the night. There is
the sound of a ringer coming from the earpiece of the phone.
CLICK! Someone picks up.
                       MR WINTERS
Mr. Winters. Times up. I need to
know if you are going to sell.
                       MR WINTERS
You Again! How many times do I
have to tell you? It's NOT for
Don't be so hasty with my generous
offer Winters. Only bad things
will come from HASTY decisions.
                       MR WINTERS
LOOK! This land will NEVER be
sold as long as a family member's
alive. That's the deal my Great,
Great Grandfather made with the
town's people all those years ago!
The towns rich history and our
values will be preserved.


If your sure that's the way you
want it Mr Winters. Remember,
when BAD things come, you are the
one to blame.
                       MR WINTERS
Is that a threat! I'm calling the
The chair swivels around with a squeak. A hand puts the
phone down in the light of the desk lamp. The hands of the
dark figure come together. The glow of the tip of the lit
cigar hovers above the hands
You heard him. The land will not
be sold as long as a family member
is alive. You know what
must be done.
A man sighs. his chair squeaks as he gets up from it.
Footsteps move through the darkness and the sound of a door
opens. The dim light in the hall reveals a man wearing a
sheriffs uniform.
Are you sure this will work. What
guarantee is there that we will
get the land?
How many times do we have to go
over this. Just relax sheriff.
Remember, I'm a lawyer, I helped
create these laws. Better yet I
know the loopholes and how to
twist the law into my favor.
Without an heir, we can have all
that they own.
I thought that this would only be
done as a last resort?
We are at our last resort. We're
running out of time. You are part
of this. You have to see it to
it's end. Or... I suppose you can
share in the Winters family fate!


I'll get the job done.
The door shuts and his shadow walks across the window of the
door. Cut back to the Baron smoking his cigar.
See that you do sheriff. See that
you do!
The baron fades out leaving the glowing tip of the cigar and
steady rising smoke that forms the title, "Deal with Death"
in an eerie type style. The title dissipates like smoke and
the screen fades to black.
WIDE SHOT of interior of bar. The bar has a rustic feel,
with exposed wood beams on the ceiling and wood floors.
There are peanut shells all over the floor. Some booths are
against the wall opposite the bar. Round four person tables
are spread throughout the center area of the room. The back
of the bar houses a pool table, dart board, a couple of pin
ball machines, an old Pac-Man game and a jukebox. A lively
tune plays on the jukebox on a busy Friday night. There is
a group of pretty young ladies trying to catch the eyes of
the rugged mountain men in the bar. The ladies are not
having any luck. Every man in the bar has his eye on the
dark haired woman with the pixie hair cut behind the bar,
DARCIE. She is in her mid twenties and is extremely strong
and independent. As the successful owner of the business,
Darcie knows how to use her looks to her advantage in the
bar. Even the guys that have wives and girlfriends are
turning to putty at the site of the busty bar owner. JOHNNY,
A tall, well built rugged man wearing a red flannel shirt,
blue jeans and a stocking cap approaches the bar with a
drunken stagger.
Would you like another, Johnny?
A drink isn't what I'm looking for
right now.
The bathroom hasn't moved Johnny.
It's to the left of the EXIT, as


Does it always have to be this way
Darcie? Come on, just one date. I
promise you won't be the same
Don't be making promises you
obviously can't keep, John.
An OLD MAN in his sixties with balding gray hair and a cane
shuffles up to the bar next to Johnny. The older bar patron
gestures to Darcie and places some cash on the bar.
                       OLD MAN
How about a pint darlin!
Right away Hon!
Darcie turns and grabs a glass
I'm not done talking with you yet
Johnny pounds his fist on the bar. Darcie moves to the tap
to pour the customer's beer.
      (Under her breath)
Is there someone here that can get
rid of this guy?
A phone rings from the last, quiet booth, closest to the
back of the bar. CHAD, a handsome young man in his mid to
late twenties, wearing a gray jump suite with his name
embroidered in red on the left side of the chest. There are
a couple bites left of a hamburger and a small pile of fries
on a plate in front of him. Chad looks at the caller ID and
reluctantly answers the phone.
Hello, this is Critter Rescue.
MRS. WARCHESTER, an uptight, loud older retired woman is on
the other end of the phone. Usually seen in a nightgown and
robe with curlers in her white hair. She is very angry
                       MRS WARCHESTER
It's horrible! There's garbage


Calm down MRS. Warchester. Take a
deep breath and tell me what's
                       MRS WARCHESTER
That Mangy, creepy, thieving
scoundrel is in my garbage again!
What scoundrel is in your garbage?
                       MRS WARCHESTER
You know what monster it is. The
same one I always call you about!
Ugh! How many times must I tell
you to get a can with a lock on
                       MRS WARCHESTER
Why should I lock up garbage? Just
get over here and get that
raccoon. This time I want you to
dispose of him properly. So he
never comes back!
CLICK, Mrs. Warchester hangs up her phone. Chad slowly
closes his phone, takes the last bite of his dinner,
finishes the last of his cola and gets up from his seat.
Looks like I'm back on the job.
Chad gathers all of his dishes and heads towards Darcie at
the bar. Cut back to Darcie and Johnny at the bar.
Don't make me call the sheriff
again, John!
It's just a kiss sweet cheeks!
What's the harm!
Chad walks up to the counter and puts the money for his tab
down as Darcie reaches for the phone


This is your last warning John. If
the sheriff comes you are not
allowed back in the bar.
Darcie Dear, are we still on for
later tonight?
Hey, do you mind giving me and my
lady a minute here pal.
Uh, Oh Yeah! Later tonight. Of
course darlin! Can't wait!
Oh, sorry man. Uh, I. I., I gotta
Johnny staggers to the exit. Darcie moves to the window to
make sure he leaves. She giggles as Johnny fumbles and
loses his car keys, then slips and falls into a mud puddle.
A green jeep pulls up and a couple guys wearing similar
clothes to Johnny help him up and into the vehicle. They
then peel out of the parking lot hollering. Darcie turns
back towards the bar.
Thanks Cha..d?
Darcie looks around but Chad is gone. She sees the back
door swing shut. One of the other girls in the bar walks up
to Darcie, leans up against the bar. Places her tray down
on the bar and blows a bubble with the gun she's chewing.
Are you really meeting that weird
loner tonight?
No, not really.
Then what was that all about?
Chad's just doing what he does


The girl looks at Darcie with a confused look on her face.
Getting rid of a pest.
MR. WINTERS, a handsome man in his late thirties, is in the
den of his home. He is on the edge of an expensive looking
chair next to a small table. He is holding his head in one
hand and a telephone in the other. The phone slips out of
his hand and hits the floor. MRS. WINTERS, an attractive
woman in her mid thirties, with her blond hair pinned up and
wearing a nightgown and silk robe walks into the room.
                       MRS WINTERS
Is everything alright dear?
Mr Winters is still sitting there holding his head in his
hand and rubbing his eyes. The phone starts beeping,
signaling that it is off the hook. Mrs. Winters walks up to
her husband and places her hand on his shoulder.
                       MRS WINTERS
Honey! What's going on.
                       MR WINTERS
Oh, that was the Barron guy again.
I think he may do something
drastic. We might be in trouble.
Mr. Winters reaches down and picks up the phone. He pushes
a button and turns it off. He looks up at his wife with a
worried look on his face.
                       MRS WARCHESTER
Is this all about the land again.
You know we can't sell. Why is
this land so important to him?
                       MR WINTERS
I don't know. I really don't
know. Here, please call the
Sheriff and tell him that we need
him here. I need to go check on
Mr Winters hands the phone to Mrs Winters and heads out of
the room. CUT to living room. Mr Winters walks into the
large living room. There is an inviting, warm fire
crackling in the fireplace on the back wall. A large soft
sofa in the middle of the room and large, staircase with an


ornate banister right next to the door to the den. Mr.
Winters stops at the staircase. He looks towards the top of
the stairs and loudly calls for his daughter.
                       MR WINTERS
Tiffany, will you come down here
Mr Winters walks to the fireplace and pulls a small
decorative jewelry box off the mantel. Tiffany, a cute 9
year old blond girl in pigtails and purple pajamas skips
down the stairs and stops at the second to last step.
I brushed my teeth and am all
ready for bed Daddy.
                       MR WINTERS
Good girl. Come on over here and
sit with me for a few minutes. I
have something for you.
Mr. Winters walks to the sofa and sits down with the small
box. Tiffany jumps from the second step to the floor and
skips over to her dad. She climbs up and cuddles next to
                       MR WINTERS
Do you remember how long our
family has lived here?
Um, a long time! Since Great,
Great, Great Grampa!
                       MR WINTERS
That's right! And he left us
something else that has been
handed down from generation to
generation. I think it's time to
hand this over to you.
Mr Winters opens up the box and pulls out a gold necklace.
On the end of the necklace is a gold charm with what looks
like ancient runes on it. Mr Winters takes the chain and
hooks it around Tiffany's neck.
                       MR WINTERS
This necklace represents the love
that the family has, for each
other and this town. It
represents our responsibility to
make sure that this town survives
and the good people who live here


                       MR WINTERS (cont'd)
always have a home. I pass this
down to you, for you will one day
own this house and have this
responsibility. Know that your
Mom and I love you very much.
Grandpa said that this necklace
was very special and holds the
love of the entire family. I
believe that it will help protect
I love it! I will always wear it!
I love you Daddy.
Tiffany gives her dad a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Then Mrs Winters walks into the room.
                       MRS WINTERS
The Sheriff is on his way.
                       MR WINTERS
Now I think it's time for bed
Tiffany Dear! Head on up stairs,
your Mom and I will check on you
in a bit.
Alright. Goodnight Daddy!
Tiffany gives her Dad one more kiss on the cheek. She gets
of the sofa and skips over to her Mom and gives her a hug
and a kiss on the cheek as well.
Good night Mommy! I love you.
                       MRS WINTERS
I love you too, Good night sweet
Tiffany runs up the stairs. Mr Winters gets up and walks to
his wife. He gives her a hug, and she starts to cry.
                       MR WINTERS
It's alright. Everything will be
taken care of when the Sheriff
Fade out.


A car is driving up a long private road. The car's
headlights flash against the side of a two story, ranch
style house. There is a well manicured yard and plenty of
decorative trim adorning the house. The windows on the
bottom floor glow yellow from the interior lamps. Mr.
Winters' shadow can be seen pacing back and forth in the
window. The door opens on the car and a man in uniform
steps out. Pan back to reveal the word SHERIFF painted on
the side of the car. The Sheriff, a large man with a pot
belly leans against the car and shakes his head. he looks
down and grabs the hilt of his pistol with his right hand.
He sighs and looks up towards the porch. The light is on,
he is expected.
      (talking to
Does it really have to come to
this? I'm mixed up in it now. I
have to see it through. Ugh!
Let's get this over with.
The sheriff gathers himself together and walks towards the
house. He pauses one more time before ringing the doorbell.
DING DONG, The Sheriff hears the deadbolt unlock and the
door opens a crack. There is a chain still holding the
door. Mr. Winters looks through the crack in the door.
                       MR WINTERS
Thank God it's you Sheriff.
The door closes and the Sheriff hears the chain un-latching.
Mr Winters opens the door.
I heard there was some sort of
                       MR WINTERS
Yes, we had a very disturbing
phone call. Please come in and
I'll tell you about it.
The Sheriff walks into the house and Mr. Winters shuts the
door behind him. There is a moment of silence and then the
sound of a lamp breaking on the floor. The light in the
window goes out.
                       MR WINTERS
What are you doing?


BANG, there is a flash at the window as the gun goes off.
Mrs. Winters screams in terror. There is the sound of more
things crashing. BANG BANG, two more flashes at the window
and the screams are silenced.
The Sheriff goes to the front door and hooks the chain. He
then walks through the house looking in all directions. He
walks into the kitchen and searches the drawers. He finds a
large knife. He takes the knife to the back door and
quickly sticks it high in the door jam, keeping the door
from being opened. He continues to search from room to
room. As he passes the staircase to the second floor,
SHOOP, SLAM, he hears a noise from up stairs. He slowly
starts up the stairs.
Hello Tiffany. Pretty girl. Come
out, come out! I'm not going to
hurt ya. You know me, it's your
friend the Sheriff! I'm just
playing a little game with your
mom and dad. We need you to come
play with us!
The Sheriff slowly opens the door to Tiffany's room. He
pans the room with his eyes and heads towards the closet.
After not seeing Tiffany in the closet he walks over to the
bed. He kneels down to look under the bed. He quickly
pulls up the bedding to reveal a stuffed rabbit, shoe box
and a few miscellaneous toys. As the Sheriff stands up to
continue searching the girl's room, he sees an open window.
He rushes to the window and watches as Tiffany makes her
escape into the woods. He reaches into his pocket and pulls
out a cell phone. Dials some numbers and waits for an
Is it done.
Sorry Boss. The little girl got
away. But she won't get far.
Be sure she doesn't. I don't want
any more delays.


I'll make it look like this place
was robbed. Then I will go after
the girl. She won't get far.
The sheriff closes his phone and heads out of the house
Close up on a fish bowl with bright colorful rocks, castle
and fake plant at the bottom. There is a very dead goldfish
floating on it's back at the top of the bowl. The bony hand
of the Grimm Reaper slowly reaches into the bowl and pinches
the fish's tail. The fish's lively spirit starts to wiggle
and shake in the Reapers clutches. Pan out to medium shot of
the REAPER. He is wearing an old tattered cloak. The once
black cloak is now a dark gray from years of color fade. The
edges are frayed and he has a tired look on his face. The
Reaper looks towards the camera.
Don't look at me that way. I
didn't kill it!
The Reaper pauses and looks down at the fish spirit
wriggling between his fingers. He holds the fish up and
shakes it in front of the camera. The fish escapes and the
Reaper stumbles to get his grip back on it.
Look, the fish is fine! He's
The camera pans down to the fish's dead body still floating
at the top of the fish bowl.
Don't look down there. The fish
is here!
Cut to an over the shoulder shot of the reaper looking at a
cute baby, wearing light blue one piece pajamas and sitting
in it's high chair. The baby tilts his head at the reaper
and blows some spit bubbles. Cut back to medium shot of the
It...He just died! It's time you
learned that things die. There is
nothing you can do about it.


Wide shot of baby and Reaper. The Reaper is putting the
fish's spirit into a plastic bag of water. The baby reaches
out his arms to the dead fish.
Ugh! Don't make this any harder.
I know he was your pet. You loved
him. It's just time to say
Fishy, fishy fishy fishy!
He was seven years old! Do you
know how old that is for a gold
fish? Huh? He was like five
thousand in people years, for
crying out loud!
The baby starts to cry and the Reaper starts to panic.
Oh no. No no no no no no. Don't
cry. I didn't mean for you to cry
out loud. Please stop. Hush,
hush. Just stop.
Wide shot of exterior of house. The sound of the baby
crying fills the air. The Reaper walks through the closed
door of the house shaking his head.
      (talking to the
Why is it the babies can always
see me? I have the worst job in
the world. No, Really! WORST IN
THE WORLD! There has to be
something better out there.
The fish shrugs his shoulders and gives the Reaper a
sheepish smile.


Yeah! What do you know? Oh well,
at least this is the end of my
The Reaper places the bag with the fish into his cloak. As
he glides down the front walk, the Reaper pulls out a device
that resembles a remote control. He points the remote in
front of him and pushes a button. The remote beeps twice
similar to a car door unlocking, and a swirling purple
vortex appears. The Reaper walks into the vortex and
disappears into the portal.
Chad is on the side of a house. The wood siding is painted
a horrible pink color. He finds that three garbage cans
have been knocked over and there is garbage everywhere. Chad
has a disgusted look on his face as he starts to rummage
through the garbage.
How can one woman have so much
Chad takes one of the garbage can lids and scoops up a big
part of the garbage with it into one of the fallen cans. He
then picks up a second can, looks intensely around the mess,
and starts to talk to the next pile of garbage.
Come on Scamps. You've really
gotten yourself into trouble
tonight. You can either come with
me, or deal with the witch.
Chad reaches behind the mess of garbage and pulls out a
moderately sized raccoon. The raccoon has a banana peel
covering his face, his back foot stuck in a dirty napkin and
an old toilet brush in his hands. Scamps drops the toilet
brush then shakes the rest of the garbage off. Chad puts
the raccoon in a pet carrier and heads towards his old 50's
style pickup truck.
                       MRS WARCHESTER
      (From inside her
Take that, that, that MONSTER to
the river and drown him!


I got it MRS. Warchester. He
won't bother you again. Put a
lock on your garbage cans and
these critters will stop getting
into it.
                       MRS WARCHESTER
I want his hide as proof that he
is gone!
Chad stops and turns towards the house.
Now you know I don't work like
                       MRS WARCHESTER
Aren't you an exterminator? It's
time you started exterminating.
I'll fumigate for insects! But I
don't kill innocent creatures Mrs
                       MRS WARCHESTER
That thing is far from innocent!
It just keeps coming back, over
and over again.
Do you know how many raccoons are
in these woods? How do you know
this is the same one as before?
                       MRS WARCHESTER
You can tell by those shifty eyes!
He's out to get me!
Chad and Scamps look at each other, then back towards the
You can't be serious!
                       MRS WARCHESTER
The next time he shows his face
around here will be his last! You
hear that you little monster!
Chad turns and starts walking towards his pick-up truck.


Good night Mrs. Warchester!
Chad reaches for the handle on the passenger side of his
truck. The door sticks for a minute before popping open,
nearly knocking Chad on his butt. Chad puts the carrier
onto the passenger seat, shuts the door, climbs into the
driver side and drives away from the house.
Chad is driving with Scamps in the passenger seat next to
him. There is an old fifties song playing on the radio. The
truck shakes and jumps a bit as it drives down the un-kept
roads. The raccoon starts fussing and gets real noisy. He
grabs the door of the cage and starts to shake it.
What's that Scamps?
Squeek squeek, coooo!
You want out! Well OK, but behave
yourself. No sitting on the dash
in front of me and no crawling on
the floor at my feet.
Chad reaches over and unhitches the carrier. The raccoon
leaps out and scampers onto Chad's shoulders. Scamps licks
Chad's face and puts his head out the driver side window to
feel the rush of wind around his round face.
What is your fascination with that
woman's garbage cans?
You know what I'm talking about.
How many times have I had to save
you from Mrs. Warchester now?
Scamps shrugs his shoulders and runs to Chad's opposite
shoulder. He takes a quick glance around the cab of the
truck and reaches into Chad's shirt pocket, hoping to find a
small snack.


Let's see, if I remember
correctly, the first time was
around Christmas three years ago.
Chad looks up at some photos clipped to his visor. Zoom in
on one of the photos showing a snapshot of Scamps coming out
of a garbage can filled with broken Christmas lights and
ornaments. He has an old stocking on his head. The
Stocking is battered and torn with a patch on the heal. Cut
back to Scamps who sniffs at the photo, then looks back out
the window.
Then there was Mrs. Warchester's
grandson's birthday party.
Chad reaches up and grabs one of the photos. He shows it to
scamps. Cut to over Scamps' shoulder shot of the picture.
The picture shows Scamps running through the birthday cake
wearing a party hat on his rear end. Mrs. Warchester is
chasing him with a broom hitting presents. Cut back to
Scamps who starts to quietly chuckle at the picture.
Then there was last Halloween,
when you almost gave the old woman
a heart attack by jumping out of
that old jack-o-lantern.
Cut to a picture of scamps in a jack-o-lantern looking down
at Mrs. Warchester passed out on the ground. Scamps sighs
as he views all of Chad's photos.
Seriously Scamps. One of these
days she will just start shooting.
She is eventually going to get
tired of calling me and try to
finish you off herself.
Scamps waves his hands and turns his head in a gesture that
says he is not worried.
I think this time she was serious
about getting rid of you
permanently! You need to really
stay away from there.
Scamps hangs his head.


Do you understand? You stay away
from her!
Scamps shakes his head yes and continues to hang his head
out the window.
Good. Although, I love the way
you always get under the Old Bag's
skin. It's great for a laugh.
It is now around two in the morning. The parking lot of the
bar is almost empty. Only two cars remain. One is a green
jeep and the other is an old Town-car. Tiffany runs up to
the jeep and tries the handle. The door opens so she climbs
into the back seat to hide. Within minutes the lights in
the bar go out and the door to the bar opens up. The older
bar patron staggers out and stumbles for the town-car.
Darcie follows, turns and locks the door. As she turns to
head for her jeep she sees the old man scratching up his car
trying to get his house key into the car door. Darcie walks
by and offers to help him. Darcie takes the man's keys,
drops and kicks them into some bushes. The drunk man goes
searching for them.
That will keep you from drunk
Darcie walks to her jeep and climbs in. Darcie does not
notice Tiffany hiding on the floor in the back seat.
Exhausted from her night of work, Darcie slowly pulls out of
the bar parking lot. As she drives away, she passes a large
billboard that advertises a local gas station and quick
stop. This is the main road through town and the Sheriff
has hidden his vehicle behind the billboard. As Darcie
passes the billboard, Tiffany pops her head up to see where
they are going. The Sheriff spots Tiffany in the back seat.
Clever girl, but not clever
enough. Now I've got you.
The sheriff starts his car and follows a distance behind
Darcie. The road weaves back and forth a few times before
bringing Darcie down a steep hill. At the bottom of the
hill is the main town bridge. This bridge is fairly modern
compared to the rest of the towns architecture. Mostly
concrete and steel. It was built across a large deep river


to create a more convenient path for the residents that
built their homes and businesses on the other side of the
river. The Sheriff sees his opportunity to finish his task
and slowly gains on Darcie's car. As Darcie starts across
the bridge, she sees Chad's truck already on the bridge
coming the other direction. She gets a smile on her face
thinking how he helped her at the bar earlier.
Inside Chad's truck. Chad and Scamps can see a couple cars
drive onto the bridge in front of them. He realizes the
first car is Darcie's and decides to slow down and give her
a wave. As Chad's truck reaches the midpoint of the bridge,
Scamps senses danger and looks for a place to hide. In a
panic Scamps climbs down Chad's chest and hides at his feet.
HEY! I told you to stay away from
the feet!
Chad is temporarily distracted by Scamps' actions. The
tires of the Sheriff's car squeal as he speeds up and
Darcie's car is rammed from behind and thrown out of
control. Chad sees the jeep heading for him and attempts to
slam on the breaks. Instead he steps on Scamps' tail.
Neither car can stop. Darcie's car crashes into Chad's truck
and sends it falling into the deep river bellow. Before
Chad's truck sinks into the water he sees Darcie's car
teetering over the edge of the bridge above him. The
sheriff once again rams Darcie's car and it goes crashing
down onto Chad. Chad's seat belt is stuck and he can't get
out. The last thing he sees before blacking out is Darcie
knocked out in the driver's seat of her car, and a scared
girl in the back seat.
A swirling vortex opens up and the Grimm Reaper emerges to
enter the Reaper Office Building to drop off his collected
souls. The office is very modern looking, with large white
marble pillars and silver trim along the white walls. The
place looks very sterile, similar to the halls of a
hospital. There is an instrumental version of popular
Eighties songs playing throughout the halls of the office.
The one anomaly is a very natural looking, large tranquil
pond in the middle of the lobby. The pond is surrounded by
rocks with stepping stones going across the center of it. At
the end, there is a tranquil waterfall cascading down the
rocks, with small trees and plants decorating the entire
thing. The Reaper approaches the pond and starts to get
harassed by another reaper that saw him come in.


Hey number 11! Joe! How many
souls you reap today?
( to himself )Here we go again. (
to co-workers )Why do you care!
Whoa! Don't get angry there! You
bring in more than anyone else big
guy. Hahaha.
I am so tired of this.
The Reaper pulls out a clear plastic zip lock type bag. He
opens it up and pours its contents into the pond. The bag
looks like it would only hold a few fish, yet hundreds seem
to pour out of it. The process takes a while so the Reaper
leans against a nearby pillar waiting for the bag to empty.
Better hurry and dump those fish!
I hear fluffy the cat is choking
on one right now! You may
actually get to reap something
The Reaper lowers and shakes his head and lets out a sigh.
Oh wait, do you hear that. The
sound of a toilet flushing! Better
hurry up before the fish goes down
the drain!
The reaper has had enough of the harassment. He angrily
shakes the last soul out of the baggy and turns to confront
his harasser. He is stopped short when he runs into a short
round reaper with some clipboards in his hands and an angry
looking face.
                       REAPER BOSS
Number 11! I've got some overtime
for ya!
What!?! It's time for me to go
home! Why can't someone else do


                       REAPER BOSS
Look, we have an emergency
situation. A level 8.2 earthquake
hit a poor city back east and
there are a lot of souls to
process. You need to handle a few
others tonight. You will be
temporarily off probation, and if
it goes well, then maybe we can
make it permanent.
I'm tired. Uh!
                       REAPER BOSS
Look! We need everyone right now.
That includes you.
All right. Where do I have to go.
                       REAPER BOSS
Here's the paper work. No
mistakes! Consider this your last
chance. If you screw this one up,
then it will be 10 years of worm
The Reaper Boss points to a group of misfit reapers in
training. They resemble the Three Stooges as they trip over
each other clumsily. They smack each other in the face and
each accuse the others for not being able to catch the worm
soul wiggling in front of them. The worm seems to actually
be enjoying besting the trio. The Reaper shivers at the
thought of joining them in the childlike sandbox.
                       REAPER BOSS
You'll need some equipment for
this so go to the supply counter
and check out what's on the list.
The Reaper grabs the clip board and heads for the supply
counter. The supply counter has white marble counter tops
and small bank like windows. All the windows have silver
bars with a small opening at the bottom, much like bank
tellers. All the windows say closed except for one. He
approaches the counter and sees a large line. After a long
wait he makes it to the front of the line and hands the
female reaper some paperwork. She walks to the back leaving
the Reaper in an awkward silence. She comes back and starts
handing him equipment. The first item is an old 1950's
movie projector with screen.


Whoa, whoa whoa! What is this. I
don't know if you heard, but
technology has become way more
advanced. Shouldn't I be using a
blue ray, or at least a DVD player
or something?
The female reaper gives him a stern look and then hands him
a Portal Potion, followed by a rusty old scythe.
A Portal potion. We haven't used
these in decades. Don't we have
that teleportation technology? Why
would I use this potion? And this
scythe passed its prime about one
hundred years ago! Does it even
have any magic left in it?
                       FEMALE REAPER
Perhaps you haven't heard! There
are souls in trouble back east.
This is the only equipment we have
The female reaper hands the Reaper a cell phone.
Wow, something somewhat modern. It
is an older model. Do you have
anything newer?
The female Reaper reaches up and pulls down a metal gate to
close the desk.
I'll take that as a no. Well OK!
Guess it's time to reap some
The Reaper cracks his knuckles and stretches out his legs.
He struggles with the cork on the portal potion bottle.
Another small wimpy looking reaper walks by and helps number
11 open the bottle.
Hey thanks. How humiliating.
The Reaper puts a couple drops of potion on his scythe. The
scythe starts to glow, sputters and spark, then goes dead.


Oh, come on!
The Reaper grabs the scythe in both hands and starts to
shake it violently. It sparks back to life. The Reaper
makes a large circular motion with the scythe and a portal
I hate this part.
The Reaper leaps into the portal with a scream and the
portal closes in a puff of smoke.
Chad's truck sinks to the bottom of the river. The river is
pretty bare at the bottom. A few fish swim away from the
truck as it approaches the bottom of the river. Seconds
after the truck settles, Chad's spirit emerges through the
door. Chad rubs his head and looks around.
Wow! What a ride. What just
Chad looks around and sees his truck at the bottom of the
river with Darcie's car floating above it. He blinks his
eyes and shakes his head. When he opens his eyes again,
there is a fish swimming around him. He follows the fish
with his head as it swims away.
I must be dreaming. Well, let's
see what it's about.
Chad walks up to his truck and looks inside. He is shocked
to see his own body, lifeless in the driver seat.
I'm starting to think this isn't a
dream. Did I make it? I can't
quite remember what happened.
Time seems to be standing still. Suddenly a darkness
overtakes the area. A shadow lingers over Chad. Thick
magical black smoke forms out of the water. A dark, cloaked
figure emerges from the shadow. He suddenly stops, bends
over and puts his hands to his knees. The Grimm Reaper is
GASPING and COUGHING trying to catch his breath


Hey Pal, sorry I'm late. That
traffic is hell, but only if
that's the way your HEADED! HA HA
HA, get it, HELL! HA HA HA
The Grimm Reaper sees a confused look on Chad's face.
OK, so it wasn't that funny. Man
I hate this job. Alright, let's
go buddy, it's time. I am a very
busy skeleton.
What exactly is going on here?
Oh yeah, death usually does make
you people forget things. This
should clear things up for ya!
The Grimm Reaper reaches into his cloak and pulls out the
portable movie screen. He struggles to unfold the legs and
the screen won't stay down. It takes him several attempts
to make it stay. The Reaper complains the whole time,
getting more and more frustrated with each attempt.
Ugh! I hate this thing. I ask
those corporate stooges for a
portable DVD player, but Noooo.
They don't have it in the budget!
Now the Grimm Reaper is struggling with an old film
projector. He keeps trying to force the film reel onto the
projector. He hits it so hard that the projector falls
over. The reaper picks it back up and tries a couple more
times before turning the reel around and sliding it on the
spool. He pulls the film out and attempts to feed it through
the machine. He accidentally bumps the on button and the
film goes everywhere, covering the Reaper from head to toe.
The new guy got a DVD player. What
do I get after 500 years of
service?!? I get an archaic hand
me down. Come on you stupid film
reel. Get on the projector.
As the Reaper continues to struggle with the camera, PAN to
Chad's truck. The spirit of Scamps exits the truck and
heads for a trash can sitting at the bottom of the river.


Another small dark cloud appears and a raccoon reaper comes
out and heads for the same can. They start to sniff and
circle the can with curiosity.
Cut back to Grimm Reaper.
Finally, it's all set up. Come on
over Chad, take a seat
The Reaper swings his scythe and a wooden stool and a lazy
boy recliner appear out of a cloud of smoke on either side
of the projector. The Reaper turns and walks off screen.
Chad walks over and sits in the lazy boy.
Something just doesn't seam right.
The Reaper walks back on screen holding a large popcorn and
soda. Popcorn is spilling out of the bucket behind him.
What? You want popcorn? You
can't watch the movie of YOUR life
without a super mondo cherry cola?
Hey wait a minute! That's my
seat newbee! You get the stool!
The reaper waves his scythe and Chad is levitated off the
lazy boy and sat back down on the wood stool. He then jumps
into the recliner with his soda and popcorn and gets
What do you mean the movie of MY
Ugh, I hate to be the one to break
this to you, but you're dead. Now
you have to watch your life flash
before your eyes. Well, not your
whole life. Just selected
highlights. So sit down, relax.
The movie will reveal everything.
The Reaper pushes the play button and the film whirs to life
with a sputter. There is a title shown on the screen that
says "So you are dead!" and a voice comes from the machine
to Narrate.
So you're dead. Now we present to
you... your life.


Time passes, Scenes from the young man's life pass by on the
screen. The Reaper reacts to what he sees.
HA HA HA! I can't believe you
thought that was a good Idea! HA
More time passes.
Uuugh! SNIFF, That is the saddest
thing I ever saw. I need a
tissue, do you have a tissue?
Even more time passes. The Grimm Reaper is asleep and
drooling. The movie ends with Chad seeing Darcie's car
falling on top of him.
No mommy, I don't want to go to
the dentist.
THAT'S IT! The girl!
Chad's excitement abruptly wakes the Reaper from his
slumber! The reaper jumps out of his recliner swinging his
scythe like a weapon.
Huh! What? It's over?
I can't die. I have to live.
Oh, That's just the fear talking.
Everyone says that.
No, I have to live. I have t...
Ya ya. You have unfinished
business. Look, I don't make the
rules. I just take you to the
other side
It just doesn't seem right.


What? What did you say? It
doesn't seem right! Oh, I've got
to hear this. So tell me. What
do you have to live for?
I just don't think the girl should
die. Can't someone save her.
Hmmm. Well she sure is beautiful.
I can see why you want to save
her. But don't worry.
The Reaper pulls out a clipboard and shuffles through some
She'll be right behind you. You
and your sweetheart can spend an
eternity on the other side. Just
watch out for Elvis, He still
get's all the ladies.
No, I mean the little girl in the
back seat.
Don't try to argue... Wait, did
you say little girl?
The Reaper looks into Darcie's car and sees Tiffany in the
No, no, no, this is all wrong.
There are only supposed to be two
deaths here. You and that Darcie
The Grimm Reaper paces back and forth while shuffling
through his paperwork. He drops a couple pages and fumbles
to catch them. A nearby fish grabs a page and the reaper
has to pry it from the trouts mouth. He gives the fish an
angry look then stomps back to Chad.
There has to be some sort of
mistake here. What should I do? I
know! They must have forgotten
some paperwork. I'll just call
back to the office and clear this


                       REAPER (cont'd)
The Grimm Reaper pulls out a cell phone and starts pushing
I know this is wrong. We have to
do something!
Hold your horses hero. I'm
working on it.
The phone starts to ring and then shorts out.
Ow! Cheap phone. Can you hear me
now, can you hear me now! NO! I
can't hear you under water! Cheap
equipment. Those bookworms just
don't think about what we really
need in the field.
Well, we have to do something!
Can't you use your supernatural
powers or something?
Look, It doesn't work that way. My
powers only effect the dead. Just
let me think here.
CUT back to garbage can where Scamps is rummaging through
the garbage with the Raccoon Reaper. They both disappear
into the can. CUT back to Chad and the Grimm Reaper.
      (To himself)
What do I do! This is my only
chance for ten years. I have to
do something... don't forget the
worms. You don't want worms.
I'm getting that girl out of that
OK, this is against the rules, but
I have an idea. I'll make a deal
with you. I will bring you back
to life. But as soon as the girl


                       REAPER (cont'd)
is safe you are mine.
Let me get this straight, you
can't use your powers on the
living. But you can bring me back
to life.
I'm really just trapping your dead
spirit in your original body.
Look, it's the only thing I've
got. You will not die until the
girl is safe. You want more?
Either way I'm going to hear it
when we get back to the
underworld. So take it or leave
CUT back to the garbage can. Scamps Lifts his head out of
the can chewing on a bone. The raccoon Reaper then lifts
his head up and Scamps realizes that it is the Raccoon
reapers leg. The Raccoon reapers hood falls back to reveal
his bony face. Scamps gets scared and swims to Chad to
OK, OK, I'll do it. Let's save
the girl.
The Grimm Reaper raises his scythe and reaches out his bony
hand. A dark storm cloud forms and circles over the
Reaper's head. Lightning shoots out in all directions. Fire
forms in the Reaper's eyes as the power of the underworld
surges through his body. Chad reaches out and grabs the
Grimm reaper's hand. At that same moment, Scamps jumps into
Chad's shirt. Suddenly Chad's eyes open. He rushes out of
his truck and swims to Darcie's car. He forces the drivers
side door open and pulls both Darcie and Tiffany from the
water. He drags Darcie onto the river bank and sets Tiffany
down on a rock. Tiffany is gasping for breath and coughing,
but other than that she is alright. Darcie, on the other
hand has stopped breathing. Chad listens to her chest and
hears a faint heartbeat.
Oh no! No, no no no.
Chad starts to give Darcie mouth to mouth. As he does this
the Grimm Reapers makes his way out of the cold water.
Ringing out his cloak and shaking water everywhere.


Sheesh! Would you look at this
mess. There's nothing worse than
a wet soggy cloak. Hey, what are
you doing? Don't do that! She's
supposed to die!
Suddenly Darcie starts to cough and spits up water. Chad is
gently supporting her head.
You weren't supposed to do that.
The deal was that you save the
girl not the woman.
I couldn't just let her die.
But she was SUPPOSED to die. Ugh,
now I have to find a new way to
kill her.
Why do you have to kill anybody?
Chad!?! Who are you talking to?
Darcie raises her head and looks in the direction Chad is
talking. Tiffany runs over and grabs Darcie hiding her head
in Darcie's shoulder.
I'm talking to him!
Chad points to the Grimm Reaper. Darcie shakes her head in
confusion. Tiffany grips Darcie harder and starts to cry,
afraid of Chad's weird behavior.
I don't see anyone.
He's right here! Right in plain
Chad walks over to the Grimm Reaper and starts waving his
hands around. Cut to Darcie's point of view to see Chad
waving his hands around at nothing.


I think you swallowed a little to
much water Chad.
Don't you see DEATH standing here!
It's no use buddy, you're the only
one that can see me. Remember,
you are technically dead. The
only ones who can see me are the
dead. If you didn't save her life,
then she would see me to,and no
one would think you were crazy!
I know the river almost took us,
but you saved us Chad. I don't
know what's happening, but I think
you might have hit your head.
Chad lowers his arms and walks calmly over to Darcie and
Tiffany. He gently helps Darcie up off the ground.
I'm sorry, are you two alright?
We are, thanks to you!
Tiffany runs over and gives Chad a big hug. Darcie walks
over to Tiffany and kneels down on one knee to talk to her.
So little one. Where did you come
Don't be mad. I was hiding.
Hiding in my car? Why were you
That bad man was trying to get me.
The one that knocked us into the


There was a car behind you Darcie.
I think that car hit you and
knocked us both off the bridge.
Well, the important thing is we
are all O.K. Let's get to the
hospital, get checked out and call
you parents sweetie.
We can't call my parents. The bad
man shot them.
Tiffany starts to cry. Darcie pulls her close to comfort
her. The Reaper walks up and puts his hand on Chad's
This is real touching and all but
it's time to say goodbye Chad. The
deals over. I need to get you
over to the other side. Man, do I
have some explaining to do.
      (to the girls)
I have to go now. Promise me you
two will stay out of the water.
We just about DIED! We all need
to go to the hospital and get
checked out.
You two go on ahead. I'm sure you
can make it without me.
Are you sure Chad. You seem fine,
but should probably be checked out
I...I...I'll catch up to you.
Ok, don't take to long. Come on
Honey, let's get some help.
Darcie takes Tiffany and heads for the road.


I'll miss you, Darcie.
Sorry you had to lie to them. It's
for the better, though. They
shouldn't have to see you... Well
you know.
Let's go Chad. I think you're
going to like the other side.
The Grimm Reaper reaches out his hand and Chad grabs a hold
of it. Nothing happens.
The after life looks a lot like
regular life.
We're not in the after life.
Something's wrong. I don't get
it. I can't pull your soul out of
your body.
Scamps walks out of the river and sees Chad. He excitedly
jumps up onto Chad's shoulder.
Hey Scamps, you made it.
Uh, no he didn't Chad.
The Grimm Reaper points down at the Raccoon Reaper, who is
chewing the Grimm Reaper out. The Raccoon Reaper kicks the
Grimm Reaper in the shin and runs back into the dark cloud.
I think my magic accidentally
worked on him as well. But that
doesn't explain why I can't take
you. The deal is over, you saved
the girl. She's safe. I should
have your soul.


The girl. She said something
about a bad man shooting her
parents. If she saw him do it,
then the man will be after her!
She's not safe. There is something
more happening here. I have to
save her.
Chad runs in the direction that Darcie and Tiffany went.
Wait! There has to be another
explanation! Oh man, I am in BIG
The sun is starting to rise. The Sheriff is parked to the
side of the road near the bridge, talking on the phone.
I saw her go under. There's no
way she survived.
The State will need proof. I must
have a body.
No Problem. Come tomorrow, The
AUTHORITIES will come out to
investigate the broken railing of
the bridge. When I find the body,
it will be ruled an accident. Then
the land will be yours.
Suddenly, Darcie and Tiffany emerge from the woods and limp
to the side of the road. The sheriff sees them and his
temper flares.
I need that body Sheriff. Be sure
you get it.
There's just been a change of
plans. I'm getting your body now.


What is it Sheriff? What's wrong
with the plan?
The Sheriff hangs up the phone. He grits his teeth as he
see Darcie and Tiffany looking down the road. Darcie is
holding Tiffany's hand as they start to walk towards town. A
little down the mountain road they stop at a tree stump and
Darcie sits Tiffany down upon it.
Sit here sweetie while I flag down
a car.
The sheriff starts his car and gently starts down the road.
Slowly gaining speed so as not to raise suspicion.
I think a car's coming hon! We
are going to be alright. Come
here and stand with me.
I don't like this. I want to go
back into the woods.
It's OK! Look, it's the Sheriff.
He'll help us for sure.
Cut to interior of sheriffs car.
You got lucky once girl, nothing
can save you now.
The Sheriff slams on the gas and steers straight for the two
young ladies. It's too late for them to run. Just before
impact, Chad rushes out of the woods and pushes them out of
the way. Chad gets hit by the car and is thrown back into
the woods. The Sheriffs car hits a tree. Darcie grabs
Tiffany's hand and they run towards Chad. The Sheriff
shakes off the pain he feels in his head and looks up to see
the girls run back into the woods. He looks to his side and
reaches for his shotgun. The car door is stuck from the
crash. The Sheriff uses his legs to force the door open. He
slowly emerges from the car.
You can't run from the law,


The putter of a car draws the Sheriff's attention away from
the woods. As the Sheriff looks up, he sees an old Cadillac
coming down the road. There is an older gentleman driving
the car. The car slows at the wreck and stops. The Driver
is straining to see what had happened.
That you Sheriff? What in blazes
happened here?
The Sheriff puts the shot gun back in the car, finishes
getting out and stretches. He pulls up his pants and walks
towards the driver.
A deer ran in front of me. I
skidded into the tree to avoid it.
Get in Sheriff, I'll take you to
see the doctor. Make sure you
don't have a concussion or nuttin.
Good idea. I'm much obliged
The Sheriff steps into the car and glares back at the woods
as they drive into town. Darcie and Tiffany make it to Chad
who is lying unconscious on the ground.
What was that all about? The
sheriff tried to run us over!
He's the one who hurt my parents.
Chad is alive, but he's hurt
badly. We have to get him
somewhere to take care of him.
Suddenly Scamps emerges from the woods. He pauses and
sniffs the air. He sees Darcie and Tiffany standing over
Chad. Excited to find them he runs up and jumps on Chad.
Not sure why Chad isn't moving Scamps starts sniffing and
nudging Chad's face with his nose.
Does he need a hospital?


He does need a hospital, but we
can't go into town. The Sheriff
tried to kill us and I don't know
why. If he is out to get us then
who can we trust? He'll probably
be looking for us at the hospital
anyway. Let's get Chad someplace
safe while I think about a way to
get us some help.
The Grimm Reaper comes out of the woods out of breath. He
sees Chad laying on the ground and walks up to him while
holding his back as if he was in pain.
Oh, just look at him. He's a
mess! I give him a chance and the
power goes right to his head.
I just don't know where to go.
The Reaper starts talking to Darcie as if she could hear
Don't know where to go? How about
a doctor? At least take him to
the empty cabin I passed while
coming up the hill.
I'm sure the Sheriff saw me, so
he'll know to look at the bar.
I said the abandoned cabin...oh
it's no use trying to talk to the
living. But you can hear me,
can't you?(talking to Scamps)
The Reaper kneels down looking at Scamps. Scamps looks up
and nods his head acknowledging that he understands.
Then you have to get them to
follow me to the cabin. Can you
do it.
Scamps jumps off of Chad. Scurries up towards Chad's head
and starts biting and tugging at the collar of Chad's shirt.


The tugging starts to become more violent and frantic.
Desperately trying to get Darcie's attention.
What is the racoon doing?
Shoo! He's not food. Get away
you little pest!
I think he's trying to take him
That's it little guy, show them
where to go
Scamps runs in the direction of the cabin, stops, turns and
looks at Darcie and Tiffany. He raises his paw asking them
to follow.
I think we should follow him.
This sounds crazy, but I think
your right. Help me with Chad.
The Baron's ominous silhouette is standing in front of the
window looking out. The blinds are shut with the least
amount of light possible showing through. The Barron
separates some of the blinds with his fingers, and looks out
at the harsh daylight. The light reveals that the Baron is
talking on the phone.
What do you mean she's STILL
She had help from that floozy
bartender and the loner, animal
freak. But not to worry, I hit
the freak with my car. There's no
way he could have survived. With
him out of the way, the girl will
be easy pickens.


I NEED THAT BODY! ( pounding his
fist on the desk ) Sheriff, need I
remind you how much I have riding
on this? How much you have to
gain? I will not tolerate
failure. I will have a body by
tomorrow. Either the girls, or
I WILL get the girl. It won't
take long. Remember when you
first approached me about the
plan, you said we may need to
monitor the town. I went ahead
and installed cameras around all
the major businesses and on the
roads coming in or leaving the
town. If they show their faces in
town, or attempt to leave I will
Cut to multiple shots of cameras in all the businesses and
on streets of the town.
cut to shots of more cameras pointed at the roads coming in
and out of town
The terraine throughout these
woods is way to dangerous for them
to hike out in their condition. So
even the woods won't be safe.
Cut to shots of cliffs, raging rivers and old fur traps
throughout the woods.
They will have no where to go. I
For your sake, I hope you are
The Barron hangs up the phone. He Sits in his chair at the
desk and turns on the desk lamp. He unlocks the top drawer
of his desk and pulls out the plans for what appears to be
an elaborate mining rig. The rig has three large tubes
attached to it. They appear to be a power source. Inside
the tube are a drawing of a man, a woman and a little girl.
The man and woman are crossed out.


That girl is the last piece. With
her death, my re-birth will begin.
It is time for a new beginning.
Chad's point of view. Chad slowly opens his eyes. His
vision is blurred. He squints and blinks a couple times to
clear it. He sees Darcie smiling down on him. She's wiping
his forehead with a wet cloth.
We thought we lost you.
Where am I?
Chad starts to lean forward and groans in pain. Darcie
pushes him back down onto the bed. He looks around to see
that he is in an old bedroom in a log cabin. The furniture
is mostly covered in sheets. Anything not in a sheet is
covered with dust.
Just lay down. We are all safe,
thanks again to you. Funniest
thing, we followed this raccoon to
this empty cabin. It has power,
and some supplies. I'm guessing
it's someone's vacation home. Now
you hold tight and I'll get you
some water.
Darcie leaves the room. The Grimm Reaper suddenly appears
out of nowhere, scaring Chad half to death.
You reckless maniac. You really
have made a mess of things. Look
at you. You can't finish your
business in this condition.
Why is all this happening? What is
going on here?
I don't know, something doesn't
seem right. When you sacrificed
yourself by throwing your body in
the path of the moving car, you
saved the girl. Your spirit


                       REAPER (cont'd)
should have left your body. I
should be taking you to the other
side by now.
Why do I hurt so much? I thought
I was invincible!
Invincible? Ha ha ha, invincible.
Look, the deal was that you would
not die. You can still feel pain.
You can get broken bones, you can
bleed, you can get a headache and
even a cold. The difference is
that you will live through it all.
Well, you must have some
supernatural magic that can heal
this body of mine.
You got yourself into this mess,
you will just have to heal on your
Don't you need to finish the job?
The sooner I heal, the quicker I
can make the girl safe, the sooner
you can take me to the other side.
Well, I guess I'm in enough
trouble. I'll be reaping fish
forever after this so helping you
more won't do any more damage. I
do have an underworld secret that
can help heal you.
The Grimm Reaper waves his scythe and a large black pot
appears. He waves the scythe again and a desk covered with
tubes, vials and pots. The Reaper starts picking up items
and deciding what ingredients to put in the pot. The
ingredients he chooses include bat wings, chicken lips and
frog tongue. He starts throwing the ingredients into the
pot. The pot starts to bubble and boil.


I learned this from Tina, a witch,
er... Girl I dated some time ago.
The Grimm Reaper pulls a black and silver, skull and
crossbones goblet out of his robe and dips it into the pot.
The skull on the goblet coughs and plugs its nose as the
fumes boil over the edge of the glass and fall into its
face. The Reaper hands the goblet to Chad.
I thought you were going to help
heal me, not poison me.
That's a grade A cure all.
Anything that smells that bad has
to be good for you.
I'm an exterminator. I know
poison when I smell it.
Honest, it will heal the body,
mind and spirit! Guaranteed!
Chad smells the liquid in the goblet. Shrugs his shoulders
and takes a drink.
Tastes like Chicken Soup.
That's it, chicken soup. With a
little hint of underworld magic.
I think I am starting to feel
Chad Slowly sips the soup.
So what's this about you reaping
Oh, it's just that I've been on
probation for a while now. My
punishment was to reap fish souls
until I proved myself worthy at
reaping people again. You were my


                       REAPER (cont'd)
shot of getting off probation.
Oh great! I have a dysfunctional
Reaper on my side. No wonder we
are in trouble.
Don't start with me. I used to be
the best!
Oh, sure the best. Why don't you
tell me what I should expect from
the best.
No, I don't want to tell that
story. Besides, it will take a
Well, I have the time. It might
help me take my mind off this
I don't know... Well all right. In
the beginning there was only one
reaper. The Original Reaper. Good
old number one. At first things
were fine, but soon people started
to live longer. Populations grew
bigger and number one needed help.
He brought on ten more reapers to
help him out. That's where I come
Cut to a flashback of the reaper in the early days of his
reaper career. The Reaper is at a school. He is young and
wearing a new deep black cloak, with a shiny new scythe.
There are other young reapers with him.
Number one started a school for
reapers. Only ten were admitted
and we were numbered from two to
eleven. The number was based on
our skill level as determined by
our grades and performance in
class. I was placed at number
eleven. I guess I goofed off too
much in class. I actually slept


                       REAPER (cont'd)
through most of our lessons. The
other reapers started to tease me.
I did excel at one thing though.
That was with field training. I
was a natural at reaping. I guess
it was because I felt I was
helping people. I was taking
people away from their pain and
suffering and bringing them to a
better place. Number One had big
plans for me, and he believed in
me. When we were placed on the
job, I had something to prove. I
was the best. I was meeting my
quotas in half the time of all the
others. So number one started
giving me more. I was doing so
well that I was about to get a
promotion. Then we became
overwhelmed and number one decided
to train more reapers. That's
when HE came into the picture.
Number 13. He was bigger and
meaner than all of us. He meant
business. He started beating all
my records. I was no longer the
best and it was getting on my
So you weren't the best! You were
still really good at your job.
There's no shame in that.
Cut back to the cabin and Chad and the Reaper.
Hey! I'm telling this story. You
just drink your soup sick boy!
It's alright. Now, where was I?
Oh ya...
Cut back to flashback
So number thirteen was beating all
my records, and he was getting
recognition. Then the rumors


                       REAPER (cont'd)
started. He was going to get the
promotion that I worked so hard to
get. I couldn't let that happen,
so I worked harder. Every time I
thought I was in the lead he just
barely beat me. It was driving me
crazy. I worked longer and
faster. Then I became careless. I
started making little mistakes.
Things that were not that big a
deal. Like taking someone minutes
before they were actually ready.
Then I screwed up big time. There
was a woman dying in the hospital.
What I didn't know was that she
had an identical twin sister. The
night I went to claim her soul her
sister was visiting. Well, the
sister fell asleep in the empty
bed next to the soon to be
departed. So when I showed up, I
saw the woman laying in bed. All
the paperwork checked out so I
reaped the woman. Well, I reaped
the wrong woman. I then found out
that the woman I reaped was
supposed to discover how to create
world peace, while grieving the
loss of her sister. This was
apparently an unforgivable
mistake. I have been reaping fish
ever since.
Cut to cabin bedroom. The Reaper is hanging his head in
shame. Chad glances over at him,then looks back down at his
goblet of soup.
That seems to be an honest
I know. I told them they were
over reacting!
How long has it been?
About a hundred years. What harm
has it done? Ok, so the human
race would have avoided some major
conflicts with world peace. I


                       REAPER (cont'd)
thought that everyone would be
able to get over it, but they
didn't. I was never able to
Chad finishes the soup and the goblet disappears.
Maybe I should talk to the girl.
It may help us figure out what
exactly is going on here. Did you
happen to get the girls name?
No, but she left you a little
The Grimm Reaper points to the night stand next to Chad.
Chad picks up a folded piece of paper. He opens it to
reveal a kids drawing of what appears to be Chad in tights
and a cape. It says THANK YOU real big with hearts around
it. The bottom right hand corner it is written Love
Well, let's see if this cure all
of yours is having any effect.
I suggest you take it easy. This
won't cure you over night.
I don't have much choice. We are
all still in danger. I need to
get to the bottom of this before
the unthinkable happens.
Chad moans as he sets up in the bed. He makes his way to
his feet and stumbles across the floor to the doorway.
      (To himself)
The unthinkable has already
Chad is standing in the doorway and sees Tiffany sitting on
the floor next to the fireplace, with paper and crayons
drawing pictures. Darcie is in the kitchen with some pots
on the stove. She reaches up, grabs a glass fills it with
water. She turns to head for the bedroom and sees Chad in
the doorway.


CHAD! What are you doing out of
bed. You were just hit by a car.
You shouldn't even be able to
move. Much less walk around.
I feel fine. You don't need to
worry about me.
I might not need to, but that
doesn't mean I won't! I know
something weird is happening here
Chad. I think I should get some
sort of explanation. If I was hit
by that car I would be dead. It
doesn't take a brain surgeon to
know that. The car threw you
fifty yards. You scared me and
Tiffany to death.
Death didn't say anything about
you being scared that badly.
Now you're cracking jokes? We
could have all died there. You
should have died and somehow you
survived. What is going on here.
I'm not exactly sure what is
happening. I just know we are in
danger. As for me surviving the
crash. I...I'm not sure how to
explain it without sounding crazy.
Try Me!
Let's just say there's someone
watching over me.
Scamps runs up to Chad and climbs up his leg. Circles his
chest and back and settles on Chad's Shoulders. Scamps
licks Chad in the face and rubs against his head messing up
his hair. They both then glance over at Darcie.


Oh, I see. You have a magic
raccoon! I'm starting to think
I'm crazy.
Scamps? Well yes, he is watching
over me, but there is something...
Someone else who is also watching
out for me. He is from, well,
he's magic, er not from here.
Who? The Grimm Reaper? Like from
before, when you pulled us from
the river?
Well, yes. The Grimm Reaper.
Either you are crazy or you were
hit too hard.
I just don't know Darcie. Maybe I
am crazy. I do know we are all in
danger and we need to find out
The sheriff tried to kill us! I
don't know why, but I think he
will try again. We have to find
someone to help us.
Well, we can't just go strolling
through town. The sheriff will be
watching for us. If the Sheriff
is in on this, then there may be
others in town in on it as well.
We can head to the next town.
Contact the state authorities.
The next town is too far on foot.
Our cars are under water, and we
can't go into town. I don't
really have any friends to go to


First things first. I found some
canned food and am making us
something to eat. Then I'm going
to scope out the highway. You
just get back in bed and rest.
Darcie pushes Chad back into the bedroom and makes him lay
back down. She then sets the glass of water down on the
night stand next to him.
I'll let you know when the food is
Just promise me you will be
careful when you go out there.
Don't approach anyone unless your
sure it's safe.
You don't need to worry about me.
If I can handle a bar full of
drunks, then I can handle a few
Chad falls asleep. Cut to the dining room of the cabin.
Chad, Darcie and Tiffany are all eating their dinner. Darcie
places her fork down and gets up from the table.
I'm going to check things out.
Tiffany, you take care of Chad and
make sure he behaves himself.
Darcie puts on her coat and exits the front door of the
cabin. As the door closes behind her Chad looks over at
Tiffany. Smiles and gets up from the table. He sits down
in a rocking chair by the fireplace. Tiffany goes back to
her paper and crayons.
Hey Tiffany. Are you doing all
I'm scared!
Tiffany gets up and climbs into Chad's Lap. Chad struggles
through the pain. He holds her tightly.


We will figure this out.
Everything will be alright.
Why is he after me? Why did he
hurt mommy and daddy?
It's OK. That's what we are going
to find out. I'll make sure that
nothing will happen to you.
You promise?
I promise, as long as I am alive
nothing will happen to you.
Chad leans his head back as Tiffany falls asleep in his lap.
The answer is out there. We just
need to find it.
Darcie cautiously approaching the road. She can hear a car
coming and her first instinct is to flag it down. She
pauses and hides behind a tree. She realizes that it is a
sheriff's car. Darcie starts to get an uneasy feeling.
                       DARCIE (V.O.)
Who can I trust? I don't know if
we can trust anyone. We do need
supplies, so I'll try to get to
the mini mart.
Darcie cautiously makes her way down the road and makes her
way to the closest gas station. She waits for all the people
to leave the store and makes her way in. Darcie purchases
supplies and food not aware that she is on camera. Cut to
the Sheriffs office, where the Sheriff has spotted Darcie at
the store.
I see you. Where are you going


The Sheriff uses the cameras to follow Darcie. He loses her
as she heads back into the woods.
Well well well. You can't be far
from there. It is only a matter
of time before I find you now.
Tiffany is keeping Chad company. She is dressing Scamps up
in doll clothes and putting on a fashion show. Darcie comes
in the front door with a couple bags of supplies. She sets
the bags on the counter, takes off her coat and goes in to
check on Chad and Tiffany.
How are you feeling Chad?
I'm still sore, but I'll be
Are either of you hungry for
dessert? I have ice cream
Yeah! I'd love one! Thank you!
Darcie hands them each an ice cream sandwich. Scamps runs
up and hold his hands out for one too.
I'm not sure if you should have
Scamps sticks out his bottom lip and makes his eye's as big
and sad as possible. He is as cute as he can be.
Well, I guess you deserve a treat.
Darcie hands Scamps an ice cream. He rushes to the sinks
and washes his hands in the soapy water before trying to
bite through the paper wrapper. Scamps starts to struggle
with the wrapper. The wrapper breaks at the bottom and the
ice cream spills all over the floor. Scamps shakes the
empty wrapper off his tongue and dives into the ice cream


I'm more interested on finding out
what is going on here, but ice
cream is a good idea. Thanks
I want to find out what's going on
too, but that would mean going to
the Sheriff.
He's trying to kill me.
I know. He will more than likely
kill any of us if we try snooping
around there.
So how will we get close enough to
find anything out.
Chad looks over towards Scamps. Scamps is even more of a
mess, with ice cream all over his fur. He has a large glob
of the ice cream sandwich stuck to the end of his tail.
Scamps starts to run in circles chasing after his tail until
he gets dizzy and falls over. As he falls his tail lands
right over his face. His tongue comes out and scoops up the
ice cream. Scamps then gets up, walks over and sits at the
Reaper's feet.
Ewe! don't come by me! You're a
mess. Go clean up!
Maybe we can send him.
Chad points towards Scamps and the Reaper. The Reaper looks
behind him, then down at Scamps, then finally points at
Oh no. Not me. I'm not your
little spy. Leave me out of this.
Scamps? Just when I thought you
may have regained you senses. You
want to send a raccoon to spy on
the enemy.


He can stake out the Sheriff's
office and let us know when the
Sheriff is gone. Then we can
sneak in and try to find out what
is going on.
Listen, I am not letting you out
of my sight. Eventually, this
deal will be over and I will have
to escort you to the other side. I
am not going to risk missing that.
Send the raccoon if you want. We
will all stay here for the night
and figure out what to do in the
morning. At least you are not
trying to go out there in your
Darcie takes Tiffany's hand and leads her into another room.
Let's go clean up sweet heart.
Leave Chad to do what he thinks he
Scamps can do it. He is a smart
raccoon. He will help us.
Darcie looks over at scamps, who is chewing on his foot
trying to get the ice cream from between his toes.
Sure he will.
As Darcie and Tiffany leave the room Chad gets up and walks
over to Scamps and the Grimm Reaper.
I know what you're thinking, and
no. I'm riding this out here in
the cabin. I'm in enough trouble,
I don't want to make it worse.
Look, Someone has to get to the
bottom of this. I'm too weak and
the girls are in no position to
go. The only one left is you.


But what if someone sees me. What
makes you think I can do this? I'm
a guide, not a spy.
Remember, only the dead can see
you. You will be fine. It will
be easy. Just go to town and see
if you can get some information.
Oh! All right. If I don't go,
I'll have to listen to the three
of you all night.
The reaper walks through the closed door and Chad rushes out
behind him.
Hey, take Scamps with you. You
may need him.
What do I need a raccoon for?
Whatever, come on rodent.
Keep him safe Scamps.
Coo click click
Scamps goes running after the Reaper.
Everyone else gets to rest, but
does the Reaper? Nooooo. I have
to take a raccoon on a walk in the
dark. Maybe I was better off with
the goldfish.
The Reaper and Scamps walk through the woods trying to get
to town. The Reaper is stumbling through the dark. He
trips on a stump and stubs his toe. As he jumps on one foot
in pain he runs into a tree branch and is knocked on his
butt. He is now sitting in a puddle of water. Scamps runs
up to him and motions him to follow. The Reaper brushes
himself off as he gets up from the ground.


Yeah, yeah I'm coming. Ugh!
What's with all this nature. Ow!
Trees are attacking me. I don't
even know where I'm going. Do you
have any idea how to get to town.
Scamps sniffs the air, nods at the reaper and heads deeper
into the woods.
Hey, hey! Wait for me.
The Reaper follows Scamps to Mrs. Warchester's garbage cans.
Scamps gets sidetracked and starts to rummage through the
What are you doing? This is not a
buffet! Well, maybe for you it
is, but we have a job to do. Come
on, I need you to show me the way
to the Sheriff's Office.
Suddenly the front door of the house swings open and Mrs.
Warchester comes running out in a bath robe with a mud mask
on, carrying a shotgun.
AAAAGH! What is it? It's
                       MRS WARCHESTER
I'll get rid of you my way this
time. You rotten rodent.
Oh no the awful beast is after
Mrs Warchester points the shotgun at the garbage cans and
pulls the trigger. BLAM! Garbage goes flying everywhere.
Scamps is left open as garbage falls around him. He is
laying his head on the ground hiding under his arms. His
butt is sticking up in the air. Mrs Warchester takes
another shot and Scamps jumps up and runs behind the Grimm
Don't draw its attention to me! Oh
god, it's coming! I can't handle
this. Run! Run!


Scamps and the Grimm Reaper run into the night.
                       MRS WARCHESTER
I'll get you yet, you little
monster! Don't you dare come back
The Sheriff is walking through the woods, being as quiet as
possible. His flashlight carefully scanning back and forth.
He sees a light in the distance and decides to investigate.
As he gets closer he shuts off his flashlight and sees the
light is coming from the cabin. He approaches carefully and
hides behind some trees so as not to be seen. Chad is
sitting outside on a porch swing with a blanket. Darcie
comes out with a couple cups of coffee. She hands one to
You worried about your little
Yeah. Well, there is a lot of
danger out there.
You're really weird Chad, but I
like it. You have a lot of heart.
You're not so bad yourself. For a
normal girl.
Normal? That's the first time
I've ever been called a normal
girl. I'm not sure how to take
Yeah, well what else should I
call you. You're not talking to
raccoons or anything.
Yeah, talking to raccoons is
probably a little easier than
talking to a room full of drunks.
Besides, as far as I see it no one
normal could be so fond of you.


Darcie walks back into the cabin. The Sheriff is watching
from the bushes.
One, Two of the targets. Where is
the girl. I can't have her
getting away again. No matter,
now that I know where they are
hold up, I can come back anytime
and finish the job.
The Reaper and Scamps run behind a building and slam their
backs against the wall. They are both out of breath and
scared. The Reaper peeks around the corner.
I think we lost her. Man that was
the scariest thing I've ever seen.
And I've seen some crazy things
in my line of work. Where are we?
The Reaper looks around to get his bearings. He looks up
and sees a exterior lamp shining on a wood sign attached to
the fascia that reads "SHERIFF".
Hey look, we found the place. Now
we need to find a way in. You see
anything Scamps?
Scamps climbs up the Reapers robes and jumps to the nearby
window sill. Scamps' tail brushes the Reapers face and he
starts to sneeze.
Hey, I may be supernatural, but I
still have feelings. I'm not a
springboard for you.
The Reaper stretches his back and his bones crack. Scamps
looks back at him and gestures the Reaper to be quiet. The
Reaper then bends over to look through the window as well.
Hey! I'm not taking orders from
you. I am in charge of this
operation not you.
Scamps looks back at the Reaper and gives him a stern look,
pointing at himself.


What? No, Chad did not put you in
Scamps folds his arms and starts tapping his foot.
No he did not. He was talking to
you so that the girls wouldn't
know he was talking to me.
Scamps starts shaking his finger at the Reaper. Then he
gives the Reaper a little push away from the window.
Why am I arguing with a raccoon?
Alright, you are in charge. Let's
get this over with.
The Reaper realizes that the window is dirty and uses
Scamp's tail to wipe it off. They look through the window
into a dark room. There is no movement. The office looks
clean. The reaper sits down on the ground.
Oh well, looks like no one's home.
I guess we should head back to the
Scamps smacks him in the face and points at the window.
Look, it's locked. We can't get
in. Well, I can, but you can't.
And I'm not going in alone.
Suddenly there is a flash from a car's headlights. Scamps
and the Reaper see the Sheriffs car pull behind the office.
Well well well. The chicken has
come to roost. Shall we see what
our flighty friend has been up to?
Scamps raises a paw and gives the Reaper a high five. They
follow the car to the back of the station. They watch as
the Sheriff steps out of his car. He is humming the song "I
Got You Babe" as he walks into what appears to be a small
office not attached to the main building. Scamps and the
Reaper approach the window of the small office.


I'm starting to get a real bad
feeling about this.
Scamps gives the Reaper a condescending look and a cowardly
Hey, I am not a coward. I just
sense a presence. Something evil
is happening here.
They try to look through the window but the blinds are
closed. All they see is a faint glow through the cracks.
They put their ears up to the window to see if they can hear
I can't see anything, and no
matter how hard I strain, I can't
hear anything either. I guess
this does it. The only thing I
can do now is go inside. Wish me
The reaper takes a deep breath and slowly passes through the
wall. Scamps jumps off the window and tries to walk through
the wall as well. He flattens against the wall and falls to
the ground. Scamps shakes it off and jumps back onto the
window sill. He presses his ear up to the window to listen
The Grimm Reaper enters the office and almost runs into the
Baron, who is sitting behind the desk just in front of the
window. He quickly hides in the corner shadows.
So you found them. How come you
didn't KILL them?
I wasn't sure where the girl was.
I didn't want her to slip through
my fingers again.
I am running out of time. We must
take care of this tonight.


All right. I'll go back and
finish them off.
Wait, I'll go take care of it
myself. I will make sure this
does not get screwed up. This
land is very important to me, and
I must have it.
Should I get you a gun?
The Sheriff walks to a gun cabinet, pulls out his keys and
unlocks it. He reaches in and pulls out a gun.
Sure, although I don't think I'll
need it. While I'm gone, I need
you to go down and make sure the
machine is in place and ready. I
want to move as quickly as
possible with this.
The Sheriff walks over and hands the Baron the gun. Then he
walks to a globe that is sitting in the corner of the room.
He turns the globe to a particular position and a secret
door underneath it opens up. The Sheriff takes his first
step down the stairs and is stopped by the Baron.
Hold on a minute. There is
someone we need to take care of
The Baron's eye's start to glow red. He quickly swivels his
chair around and traps the Reaper in a red cloud of raw
power. The Reaper becomes visible to all and is powerless
to escape.
Well well well, what do we have
here. A spy? Oh. A reaper. I
see. You are not doing your job
my friend. You are supposed to
bring those people to the other
side. Why are you keeping them
Hey what is this? How did you
know I was here?


The Reaper pounds against the energy field with his fists.
When that doesn't free him, he starts swinging his scythe at
I know a lot of things. You would
be surprised about all I know.
Like I know what's buried under
this land. The power and wealth
that is ready to be set free.
What are you talking about? What's
buried under this land?
Someone didn't study in little
reaper school. You of all people
should know what's here.
The Baron Reaches into his pocket and starts to unfold some
You should know all about this.
This machine that will release me
into the real world.
The Reaper looks at the paper and sees the plans for an
elaborate mining drill/rig. It all seems very familiar. The
Reaper then has a flashback to his reaper classes. The
reaper is asleep on his desk while other students are
learning about one of the most powerful demons ever to exist
who was trapped in a mountain.
So the Demon Devlin was so bad
that he was often called the son
of the Devil himself. The truth
is he was even worse than the
devil. The devil wished to
manipulate souls so that he could
gain control over them. Devlin
would take control of souls by
force. Especially weaker souls.
Devlin was slowly creating an army
that he could use to take over
hell. With the power of hell at
his command, Devlin might have
even been able to take over
heaven. Although that is disputed
in several underworld scholarly
schedules as a falsehood. Since
the Devil's main goal was also to


                       TEACHER (cont'd)
take over the heavens, Devlin was
a major threat. The Devil
declared war and defeated Devlin
on earth. Devlin was imprisoned in
a mountain. The only thing that
would keep Devlin trapped was the
purest gold on earth. The whole
cell is lined with gold. And it is
sealed with a gold door etched
with an ancient spell. There he
waits for his chance to escape.
You are never to go near this
tomb. While it's location is a
secret, if by chance you find it,
there is a threat of setting this
evil free. Every supernatural
being that goes near the demon
will have its power stolen, until
Devlin gains enough strength to
escape. This will throw off the
balance of good and evil and might
even bring about the end of the
A student raises his hand.
Yes trainee number 4.
What does any of this have to do
with us as reapers?
Ah yes. This is the most import
thing to remember. Devlin needs
at least three innocent souls to
escape. So as long as we are
efficient and can get these souls
to the other side before Devlin
can get a hold of them we can
ensure the safety of the world.
      (Whispering to
Huh! Can you believe this crap.
They tell us this so that we will
work harder for less pay. It's
all phony. I don't believe a word
of it.


You have something to share with
the class number 11?
The Reapers flashback ends and the Baron is blowing cigar
smoke in his face.
It's you. But how? I thought you
were trapped forever.
Time is the answer to that
question. You see, after a couple
hundred years, even gold starts to
wear down. All I needed was a
A crack! So the seal isn't
That's right! It's not broken.
But that crack was enough for me
to leach a little bit of power
out. All the souls here are so
pure and strong, I wasn't able to
take anyone over. Then this
lawyer came to town. What a
perfect subject. He knows the
law, is willing to lie to get his
way. He was easy to convince.
After telling him about the gold
that would be his, he gave me his
soul. Hell he would sell his
mother's soul for 20 bucks. I
know he tried. I had him build
this machine that will set me free
You're dreaming! No drilling
machine can break you from your
The only thing that can break the
Devil's spell on the seal are the
souls of the innocent. Three
souls to be exact. What better


                       BARON (cont'd)
than using the souls of the family
that helped put me here to begin
with! You see, after the devil
sealed me away, God decided to add
a little extra insurance to keep
me safe. Only the purest people
were able to live here. That way
I would not be able to control
anyone. The earliest settlers
even promised never to sell the
land, with fear of bringing about
the end of the world. They were
my guards. And even though that
little girl doesn't know it, she
is a descendant of those guards.
She is destined to be one of my
guards. I would very much like
them all to be gone.
So you have that girls parent's
souls? That's not possible! The
moment they died we would have
heard about it.
That's why I put a cloaking spell
around their house. But the girl
got away. It's taken almost all
the power I can release to expand
the cloak around this whole town.
But the power I get from you will
free me up to go get that girls
soul. Then this world will be
So when you thought she was going
to die, you expanded the shield
and I was trapped without any
communication with headquarters.
A fortunate side effect. For me.
Sheriff, take our guest down to
the machine where I can drain his
power. I am going to go finish
Suddenly Scamps starts to slip off the window sill outside.
He bangs against the window and draws the Baron's and
Sheriff's attention.


Scamps! Tell them to get out of
there. Get them out of the cabin.
Tell them all to hide! Tell them
to hide!
Scamps jumps from the window and runs into the woods. The
Baron quickly lifts the blinds, but is too late to see
Scamps running away.
Who were you talking to?
The Reaper doesn't say anything. The Baron gets into the
Reapers face as he takes a big puff on his cigar.
Not talking? No Matter. With
your power, nothing can stop me.
You have just made everything
possible. Get him down there, and
make sure he doesn't get away.
The Sheriff starts through the secret door in the floor, and
forces the cloud of smoke down ahead of him.
They'll be gone by the time you
get there. You are not getting
Chad is asleep on the porch. The only sound is from the bug
zapper hanging by the door. Scamps comes running out of the
dark and jumps in Chad's lap. Chad does not wake up, so
Scamps starts slapping him in the face. Chad wakes suddenly
and falls out of the porch swing. Dazed and drowsy Chad
looks around in an attempt to catch his bearings.
Whoa! What's happening? Oh
Scamps. You're back.
Scamps starts to jump up and down on his hind legs. He
points towards the woods and then to the house. It looks as
if he's doing a little dance.


What's going on. Where is the
Reaper? Is he lost?
Scamps Crosses his arms and thinks for a moment. Then he
runs into the cabin and starts knocking things over. He
breaks a couple lamps and tries to knock over a chair, but
just pushes it in a circle around the floor.
Scamps! What's wrong? What are
you doing?
Darcie and Tiffany come out of a bedroom to see what is
happening. They are rubbing their eyes and Tiffany yawns.
They see scamps standing on the back of a chair jumping up
and down trying to knock it over. He slips and falls to the
What is going on out here?
Why is Scamps going crazy?
I think he is trying to tell us
Chad starts chasing Scamps all over the room. He steps on a
glass on the floor, does a short balancing act and falls on
his back.
Well, stop him.
I'm trying!
I think we should leave!
He's going under the sofa!
I'm scared and want to go!
I can't reach him.


Let's go, please, we need to get
out of here!
Scamps runs into Tiffany's arms and points at her trying to
indicate that they should do what she's saying..
Let's go. Please! Something is
wrong and I want to leave!
At that moment the Baron kicks the door down. He waves his
gun at all of them as he steps into the room. He steps on
the glass that Chad slipped on and it breaks under his foot.
You should have listened to the
girl and left. It's too late now.
Tiffany steps back and hides behind Darcie. Scamps jumps
out of her arms and stands in front of Darcie. He puffs up
his chest and takes a heroic stance as if he will protect
Who are you and what are you doing
I'm here to finish what the
Sheriff could not.
You stay away from us!
Don't you think for a minute that
I would have a problem killing the
both of you darling. If you move
aside and let me finish this I
will make it worth your while. You
can have all the wealth you
I won't let you!
Then I'll just have to shoot
through you.
The Baron raises his gun to shoot Darcie. Chad runs in
between them and the gun fires. Chad is shot in the chest


and he collapses down onto one knee. Chad quickly springs
back up and rushes the Baron while yelling to the girls.
Run! Take Tiffany and get out of
Darcie grabs Tiffany by the hand and runs out of the Cabin's
back door. Chad is still struggling with the Baron. Scamps
runs up and bites the Baron in the leg. Chad gets thrown to
the ground. Scamps runs after Darcie and Tiffany. The
Baron takes aim at Chad and shoots three more times. Cut to
the back exterior of the cabin. Darcie and Tiffany run to
the back gate. There is a large padlock on the gate and it
won't open. Darcie tries desperately to kick the gate open,
but it won't budge. The fence is too high to climb. They
realize they are trapped and prepare for the worst. They
stop at the sound of the gun shots.
Oh Chad, no!
The Baron calmly walks out of the cabin reloading his gun.
He looks up and sees the girls trapped at the back of the
Looks like your boyfriend is
finished. One down, two to go.
I'll do what I can Tiffany. When
I distract him, you run. Run as
fast as you can.
The Baron once again takes aim. Darcie pushes Tiffany
behind her and gets ready to charge at the Baron. The Baron
takes a couple steps forward to make sure he doesn't miss.
Suddenly Chad rushes up and hits the Baron in the back of
the head with a log. The Baron falls to the ground, knocked
Chad! You're alive!
It hurts, but we have to get out
of here.
Chad, Darcie and Tiffany run back into the cabin and escape
through the front door. Right after they leave, the Baron
gets up with his eyes glowing red and holding the back of
his head. He looks all around the yard and sees that they


are gone. His anger flares and he lets out a scream and a
red glowing power bursts from his body.
Pan through a dark cave past picks and shovels. Cases of
dynamite and a backhoe to Devlin's prison. There is a large
gold seal with ancient runes all around it. The Sheriff is
pushing the Reaper towards the seal. Just past the seal
there is a large mining rig with the Souls of Mr. and Mrs.
Winters trapped inside.
Do you know what you are doing?
This is going to bring about the
end of the world.
Not the end of the world. Just an
end to the world as we know it.
Yeah! It will be a world of hate,
torture and suffering. Is that
really what you want?
Now, don't be so dramatic. There
is suffering and pain in the world
now. We are just talking about a
shift in power. Power that will
be shared with me. I will finally
be on top for once!
He won't share his power with you.
It's all a lie. All will suffer
if this seal is broken.
Just shut up and do your part!
The Sheriff gives the Reaper one final, large push towards
the seal. A green mist starts to pour out of a small crack
towards the bottom of the seal, and slowly creeps it's way
towards the soul collector.
This is bad. I have to do


The Reaper holds his scythe in both hands. He closes his
eyes and concentrates hard. The Reaper starts to glow blue
with power. He opens his eyes and points his scythe at the
floor with a determined look on his face. The Sheriff
cowers back with a surprised look on his face. A small dark
cloud appears. The cloud swirls around into a tornado and
suddenly a blue glowing rip appears. Pan out to reveal that
the rip is too small for any help to come through. The
Reaper falls to his knees from weakness.
Hahahaha! A lot of good that did!
The green mist reaches the Reaper and starts to drain his
energy. The Reaper does his best to resist, but the
struggle is pointless. He is too weak to resist.
The Reaper collapses to his stomach. He looks at the rip in
the floor and water starts to pour out of the crack. Then a
goldfish squeezes and splashes out. After a few seconds
another appears. Goldfish start coming out of the crack one
after the other. They start to swim in circles faster and
faster. They create a whirlpool and circle the Reaper
breaking the bond with the power draining mist. The reaper
stands back up revived and stronger. He raises his arms and
is able to control the whirlpool of fish. He uses the
whirlpool to knock out the sheriff.
      (TO THE FISH)
Thanks guys! I would be doomed
without you!
One of the fish gives the reaper a salute and disappears
with the whirlpool back into the crack. The Reaper dusts
himself off and checks the Sheriff.
Well, you're still alive. But I
don't want you causing any trouble
if you wake up.
The Reaper walks over and picks up some rope sitting with
other supplies in the cave. He uses the rope to tie up the
That ought to hold you.


The Reaper walks over and looks up at the large drilling
machine. As he scans the machine he notices the drill on
the front. It appears to be made out of some crystal. The
crystal has ancient writing, similar to what is on the seal,
etched all over it. He then sees Tiffany's parent's spirits
trapped inside a couple glass tubes attached to the drill.
The tubes are glowing slightly. There is a third empty tube
next to them. He continues to scan the machine with his
eyes and looks down to the control panel. There is a meter
that shows the machine is only at two thirds power. He looks
back up at the spirits.
Hold tight you two. I'll be back
soon. Right now I have to go help
Chad save your daughter!
The Reaper swings his Scythe above his head and disappears
into a cloud of smoke.
The Baron is walking through the woods. Using Devlin's
power to guide him to Tiffany. He catches up to Chad,
Darcie and Tiffany.
You can't run from me. My power
will find you no matter where you
The Reaper re-appears in the woods and sees the Baron taking
aim at the girls. Once again Chad gets between the girls
and the gun, prepared to fight.
Careful Chad! He has some evil
powers on his side!
The gun goes off and Chad goes down.
Chad, No!
Sorry dear. It's nothing
personal. It's just that this town
is sitting above the largest gold
deposit in history. And I can't
even begin to explain what kind of
power I will have. Once I
eliminate the two of you, nothing
will stop it from being all mine.


                       BARON (cont'd)
Say hello to the maker for me.
The Baron once again takes aim. This time Scamps runs up a
tree and jumps at the Baron's hands. The gun shot is
deflected and this time Scamps is thrown to the ground with
a bullet wound.
Ow! You varmint. I won't have to
worry about you anymore.
The Baron turns towards Darcie and Tiffany. The Reaper
swings his scythe, but is still weak from his experience in
the cave. He is powerless to help.
You are a couple of lucky Girls!
But I think your luck has just run
out. There's no one left to help
Someone has to do something!
Scamps crawls up to the Baron and bites his pant leg while
scratching at his ankle. Darcie and Tiffany use the
distraction to run deeper into the woods. The Baron pulls
Scamps off of his pants and throws him against a tree.
Scamps is out. The Baron goes after the girls. After
running a hundred yards Tiffany and Darcie come out of the
woods and end up at the edge of a cliff. The Baron is right
behind them. They are trapped. As the girls turn to run
back into the wood the Baron suddenly pops out.
You have nowhere to go.
Get behind me honey. I'll do what
I can to stop him.
Ha ha ha. You can't stop me. Now
it's time to say goodby.
As the Baron once again starts to aim his gun, Chad comes
running out from the woods and tackles the Baron. The gun
is knocked out of the Baron's hand.
You! I killed you! Why aren't
you dead?


The Baron punches Chad in the face and lunges forward. He
grabs Chad by the throat. His eyes glow red.
I will kill you with my bare
Chad struggles to free himself from the Baron. Scamps runs
up again and bites the Baron in the arm. The Baron lets
Chad go and stumbles backward. He throws Scamps at Chad who
is gasping for air on the ground. He starts to walk up to
Chad again. He has a red glow around his body.
How? I don't know how you can
still be alive? You have some
power in you boy! But I have some
power of my own. I don't need the
gun to finish you! This time you
will die!
The red power surging through the Baron's body grows
brighter and thicker. Chad gets up and stands between the
Baron and the girls one more time.
You're brave, I'll give you that,
but it's over!
The Baron points his finger at Chad and a stream of power
strikes Chad in the shoulder forcing him backward. Chad
gets his footing and pushes against the power. The Baron
gets angry and forces more power out. This time Chad is
thrown to the ground.
What do you have to say now?
Chad starts to rustle and get back up.
I won't let you.
What's that? You won't let me?
You can't stop me! I'm going to
enjoy this!
The Baron releases all the power that was granted to him by
Devlin and starts to form demon-like characteristics. The
Reaper emerges from the trees just in time to see the
transformation. The Baron attacks Chad, striking him again


and again. Each strike causes the ground to rumble and
trees to fall. Chad stays standing with every blow.
Why won't you fall! How are you
withstanding my power!
Chad! Use this!
The Reaper throws his scythe to Chad. As soon as Chad
catches it a power starts to flow through the scythe. Each
blow from the Baron is now absorbed by the scythe. Chad
points the scythe at the Baron and it sucks all of the power
from the Baron's body. The Baron grows week and collapses.
It's over.
Chad collapses from exhaustion and Darcie runs to his aid.
Way to go Chad!
The scythe floats from Chad's hands and back to the Reaper.
Just then the Baron stands back up.
This isn't over. I know where to
get the power I need.
The Baron uses what power he has left and shoots an energy
beam that grabs Tiffany and pulls her to him. Tiffany
screams and struggles to get away. The Baron looks at Chad
and Darcie, smiles, then swings his arm and disappears into
a puff of red smoke.
Where did he go!
He's going back to the source of
his power. Follow me.
This way Darcie.
Darcie grabs Chad's arm and stops him. Chad grabs her hand
and gives her a look of urgency.
How do you know!


I don't, but I'm trusting my
What? The Reaper again?
Yes, the Reaper. I can see him
and you can't. He knows where to
go so we have to follow him.
This whole thing has been so
crazy, Crazy or not I guess I have
to believe you. I trust you Chad!
And it's all we've got. Let's
Darcie follows after the Grimm Reaper and Chad back through
the woods. Cut to them all emerging from the woods at the
Sheriff's Office. They run to the front door of the Baron's
office and Chad kicks the door in. They rush inside.
Nobody's here. Where are they?
Darcie is looking around confused and frantic. The Grim
Reaper points to the globe that unlocks the doorway down
into the tunnel and Devlin's Prison. He shows Chad a
magnifying glass on the structure holding the globe in
place. The glass can be moved from north to south on the
globe, then the globe spins around to pinpoint areas, and
see details and names.
The globe is a lock. Spin it so
that this town is sited within
this circle and the door will
Chad quickly throws open the door and runs down the stairs.
Chad and Darcie run down a narrow tunnel and enter a large
cavern. They stop and stand in awe at the large gold prison
door before them. The door appears to be glowing a bright
yellow, still trying to contain the evil power it holds.
They look around and see Tiffany enclosed in a ball of red
power. The Baron is distracted, collecting power from the
green mist coming from the crack in the seal. They then
notice the large drilling device.
What is all this!


Ah! I see you made it in time to
see my victory!
You're killing people for gold!
It's not just gold my boy! It's
so much more! At first I thought
it was just gold. So I tried to
take it.
The Baron points to a pile of broken tools and explosives
against the wall of the cave.
I tried everything. From picks
and shovels, drills and even
dynamite! But nothing would break
up that gold. That's when I
realized that this wasn't just
gold. It was also filled with
power. Some sort of magic. I did
some research, and was able to
create this!
The Baron gestures to the large drilling machine with the
souls of the Winters trapped inside of it. The Reaper
touches Chad's shoulder.
I need to tell you Chad. That
seal holds great evil. We can not
let him break it open. It will be
the end of humanity if he does.
I realized that I needed more than
conventional tools to break this
up. I needed some magic of my own.
A flashback of the Baron trying to break the gold seal and
falling asleep from exhaustion. The green mist comes out of
the crack in the seal and the Baron starts to dream of a
machine to break the seal and free the demon.
Then, in a dream I discovered this
machine. Powered by a mystical
crystal and three innocent souls.
This will break that seal and give
me ultimate power. Your Reaper
friend is wrong! It won't be the


                       BARON (cont'd)
end. This will be the beginning!
The beginning of my rule over the
Darcie, he wants to use Tiffany's
soul to finish powering up the
machine. We have to stop him.
If he succeeds then the most
powerful demon in history will be
released on earth.
You're too late. With this steady
flow of power you will not be able
to stop me.
Darcie runs up to Tiffany and tries to grab her, but is
thrown back by the energy shield.
What is this? What can we do?
Chad grabs a pick-axe and runs up to the shield. The shield
weakens with each strike of the tool.
You got it Chad!
Oh no you don't. I need her!
The Baron throws his fist out and a huge amount of red
energy rushes towards Chad. Chad and Darcie are thrown in
opposite directions across the cave. He then moves Tiffany
closer to the machine where she sees the souls of her
This may hurt Girl. Once the
machine has your soul, it will be
up to full power and you will make
it come to life. In moments it
will be over!
Mommy, Daddy!


It's no use Girl! Mommy and Daddy
can't help you!
I can!
Chad runs between Tiffany and the machine. He pushes
against the power, enduring the power surges going through
his body. Chad starts to slowly push Tiffany away from the
You persistent...reahhh!
The Baron forces more power out, pushing Tiffany back
towards the machine.
I'm with you Chad!
The Reaper rushes up to the shield surrounding Tiffany. He
raises his scythe, energy starts to build up in the blade.
He strikes down on the red prison and Tiffany falls free.
Chad catches her and starts to run to the entrance of the
cave. Darcie joins them. As they near the entrance they
see Scamps running in to help. Scamps tries to stop and
skids across the ground stopping at Chad.
We're getting her out of here
Just as they reach the entrance to the cave, the Baron
shoots out a bolt of power that bursts into flames blocking
their escape.
It won't be that easy! Looks like
I'll have to use everything I have
to do this! HaHaHaHa!
More power comes out of the crack in the seal. The Baron
grows in size and takes the form of a full demon. Chad
steps in front of Tiffany and Darcie.
Scamps! Keep them safe. I'll
handle this.
Scamps stands in front of the girls and puffs his chest out.
The Baron shoots a ball of energy at Chad and he is thrown
to the ground. After seeing this Scamps runs in fear and


hides behind the ones he was supposed to protect. As Chad
starts to get up, the Barons demon hand reaches out and
grabs him. He squeezes Chad and smacks him against the wall
of the cave. The Reaper starts to charge his scythe, so the
Baron throws Chad at the Reaper knocking them both down.
So you two are working together
somehow. Once I get rid of you
the girl will be easy to pick off.
The Baron unleashes his power on Chad and the Reaper. They
both fall to their knees. Chad glances over at the Reaper.
Can't you do anything!
He's alive! My powers won't work
on him. But Maybe on you.
The Reaper unleashes the power of his scythe on Chad. Chad's
hands start to glow blue. Chad starts to get up and the
Reaper's powers help him deflect the Baron's energy. The
deflected energy hits the ceiling of the cave and rocks come
crashing to the ground. Chad pushes against the red energy
beams and beams of blue energy start to push it back towards
the Baron.
I can't keep this up! We have to
do something else! We have to
close that crack in the seal!
Darcie! Can you stop the Baron's
power at the source! Seal the
Darcie looks around and sees some boards leaning up against
the cave wall.
I'll try!
Darcie grabs a board and runs to the crack. She pushes the
board up against it and the board breaks in two. Tiffany
looks down and throws her hands over her head to block the
shattered boards. She notices the necklace that her father
gave her. Darcie then grabs a pick and tries to wedge it in
the crack of the seal. The pick gets shot out of the crack
and sticks to the wall of the cave right above Scamps' head.
Scamps faints at the site of the pick. Darcie reaches for


a hammer and anything else she could wedge into the crack.
Tiffany looks again at her necklace, then at the seal door.
She holds the necklace up and realizes that the symbols on
it are similar to the ones on the door. She grabs the
necklace and starts to walk towards the seal. Scamps wakes
up and runs up to her. He pulls at Tiffany's clothes in an
attempt to stop her and keep her safe, but is dragged along
with her.
No Scamps. I know what to do.
Tiffany runs up to the seal and pushes the necklace into the
crack. The gold necklace starts to melt into the crack
until it is completely sealed. The Baron starts to weaken.
Chad and the Reaper start to overwhelm the Baron.
What! What is happening!
Chad forces out one more bolt of energy which knocks the
Baron to the ground.
That's it. We're all out of
The Reaper falls to the ground exhausted. Chad stumbles
towards Tiffany.
You! I was so close! I could
have had it all! Money! Power!
The world was mine and you took
Chad! Behind you!
The Baron hits Chad and starts to choke him. Chad struggles
but is too week to fight back. Chad stops moving and his
hands fall to ground.
Ha, ha! I'm gonna do it! I'm
finally going to kill him!
Suddenly there is a gunshot and the Baron stops choking
Chad. He looks down at his chest and then looks up with a
shocked look on his face. He staggers backward as the blood
starts to pour from his chest.


This isn't how it was supposed to
go. This was not the deal I made.
I was going to be rich. Powerful.
The baron takes a few steps back and falls onto the machine
holding Tiffany's parents. He falls on some levers the
machine starts to whir to life. The crystal starts to
gather energy, then the machine starts to whistle and
sputter. There is not enough energy to make the crystal
work, so a power surge backfires through the machine and
electrocutes the Baron. The tubes on top of the machine
open up and the Winter's are released. They glance back at
Tiffany and then disappear. Darcie starts to cry as she
drops the gun and runs to Chad. Chad is dying.
No Chad! Don't die! Hold on for
me. I need you Chad. I need you.
Chad looks up at her with a smile on his face.
Don't worry about me Darcie. You
get a second chance. Make it
Chad's eyes close as he passes away.
No Chad. I don't want any more
chances from you. I want a chance
with you.
Suddenly time is frozen. Chad's spirit is standing next to
Darcie and his body. The Grimm Reaper walks up to him.
What a mess. Hey Chad, you did
it! You're dead.
I guess you're right. I suppose
it's time to move on. You're late
enough as it is. I don't want to
keep you any longer.
After all we've been through. I
almost want to let you stay. It
doesn't seem right to take you


Scamps' spirit leaves his body and runs up to Chad. Scamps
climbs up Chad's pant leg and jumps up to his shoulder. He
rubs up against Chad's head and high fives the Reaper.
Hey Scamps! You're here too?
Mind if he comes with us? I'd
hate to leave him alone.
Well, it would be breaking some
rules! Oh, whatever. Let's get
                       REAPER BOSS (OS)
Wait right there!
A short gruff talking reaper comes out of a cloud of smoke
with another tall and dangerous looking reaper. The tall
Reaper passes by Chad and the Grimm Reaper. The Reaper Boss
walks up to The Grimm Reaper.
      (to larger reaper)
What's up my brother, how you
doin'. Sure walk on by. Man
that's what's wrong with this job.
No one wants to say hi.
                       REAPER BOSS
You two are in BIG trouble.
Especially you number 11. What
happened here?
Hey, none of this would have
happened if I had better
The Tall Reaper walks back by with the Baron. The Baron has
a confused look on his face.
What's going on? Where are we
They disappear in a cloud of black smoke.
He really doesn't want to know
where he's going. Ha ha ha!


                       REAPER BOSS
Don't laugh. You're in so much
trouble, you may be following. You
two, come with me.
The Reaper Boss pulls out a remote, clicks a button and a
portal appears. He gestures to Chad and the Reaper to
follow as he walks through the portal.
Sorry I got you into this.
Oh, it's all right. I needed some
excitement in my after life. I
guess reaping worms won't be that
bad. It's better than doing
nothing. Come on, it's better if
we don't keep them waiting.
Chad and Scamps walk into the portal. The Reaper pauses,
takes a deep breath and then follows. The portal closes
into a puff of smoke behind them.
Chad and The Grimm Reaper walk into a white, sterile looking
room. There is an extremely long line of people leading to
an alter of sorts. The person behind the alter is an older
gentleman. As someone approaches the alter he looks through
his paperwork, logs something into a book, then stamps a
passport for the soul. The soul is then routed to one of
the travel gates before them. The Reaper boss is standing
at the end of the line and points to Chad and Scamps. He
then wiggles his finger gesturing for them to approach.
                       REAPER BOSS
You! Wait at the back of this line
to be processed.
The Reaper Boss then glares towards the Grimm Reaper. He
suddenly becomes very angry.
                       REAPER BOSS
And you! Come with me. I don't
know what you did down there, but
the Big Boss wants to see you.
The Reaper Boss walks off screen and the Grimm Reaper looks
at Chad. Chad has a worried look on his face.


Don't worry. I'll see you on the
other side.
OK my friend. I'll see you there.
Chad gives the Reaper a hug. Scamps and the Reaper bump
knuckles. The Reaper then turns and walks off screen
following his boss.
                       REAPER (O.S.)
      (fading out)
What do you mean Boss! You're my
boss! Where are we really going?
The line moves up one. No one is talking, everyone is just
looking forward. The only sound is some quiet elevator
music playing over some speakers throughout the room. The
music appears to be instrumental versions of eighties songs.
Some new people get in line behind Chad. Chad turns and
tries starting a conversation.
Hey, what brings you here?
The line ahead of Chad moves one step. The person behind
Chad doesn't say a word, just points for Chad to move up.
Well at least I have you Scamps.
Scamps jumps into Chad's shirt and falls asleep, rolled up
like a ball at Chad's belly. Chad now looks like he is
Ok, it's just me.
The line moves up again. Chad is quick to move up with it.
He decides to count the people ahead of him, but loses count
at around 29. Suddenly there is a squeal from an intercom.
Attention Guests. Will Chad
Carpenter please proceed to the
gate. Chad Carpenter to the gate!
Chad looks up and down the line for another Chad Carpenter.
No one else moves, so Chad shyly moves out of line and heads
towards the front. When he makes it to the front he is
stopped. The large gates slowly start to open. There is an


extremely bright light. Two silhouettes start to come
forward. The silhouettes are Mr. and Mrs. Winters.
                       MR WINTERS
Chad. I want to thank you.
Thank me for what?
                       MR WINTERS
I am Tiffany's father. Her mother
and I would like to thank you for
saving her life.
Oh. Well, I just did what I
thought was right.
                       MR WINTERS
We have one more favor to ask you.
Sure, whatever I can do.
                       MRS WINTERS
Would you continue to watch over
our little girl,
That will be a little hard from
                       MRS WINTERS
They are sending you back Chad.
You and Darcie both get to live.
But from what the Reaper said, it
was my time?
                       MR WINTERS
It was your time. However, it was
not our time. Since we were
killed prematurely, we have taken
your slots. Now we need you to go
back and fill our slots with
Tiffany. Just relax, close your
eyes and wake up.
Chad closes his eyes and starts to slowly fall backward. Mr
Winter's voice fades out and Darcie's voice fades in. All
is black.


Wake up. Wake up. Please, wake
Chad opens his eyes to find himself in a hospital bed. He
has on a respirator and IVs. There are flowers and cards on
the nightstand next to him. Chad picks one up and is
surprised to see that it is from Mrs. Warchester. He
notices Darcie sitting in a chair beside the bed. She has
her head in her hands and she is asking for Chad to wake up.
What's going on?
Darcie quickly gets up out of the chair.
Oh God, your awake.
Darcie wraps her arms around him. Chad is in pain and
groans a little. Darcie quickly stops.
OH, I'm sorry. I'm just so glad
you are awake.
It's fine. I'm glad to see you
too. How long was I out?
A couple days. I really thought
we lost you this time. You are
one lucky man Chad.
I'm glad to know that neither of
us will die for some time.
You will have a short life if this
lucky streak gives out on you.
Good thing for you I'll be around
to keep you from any more reckless
You going to be around me more


I'm never letting you out of my
site. I. I need you Chad.
Darcie gives Chad a kiss. Chad is both surprised and happy.
I need you too Darcie. Always
Darcie leans over to give him another kiss. She leans on
his chest and Chad cries out in pain.
Oww! I guess I'm still a little
banged up.
Sorry Chad.
                       TIFFANY (O.S.)
He's awake! He's awake!
Tiffany comes bursting through the door and jumps on Chad to
give him a hug. She has Scamps hidden in a bag that she is
carrying. Scamps jumps out of the bag and climbs all over
Chad's head. Chad again cries in pain.
Owwww! Not you too. Who let you
in here Scamps?
They said he wasn't allowed, but I
snuck him in. Thank you sooo much
Chad. I'm glad you're alright.
I might be better without the two
of you pummeling me. I am happy
to see you both! You aren't hurt
are you Tiffany?
Nope! Doctor says I'm perfect!
But you will need a couple more
OK, come on Tiffany. Let's give
Chad some peace. We will visit
again later tonight.


Darcie and Tiffany leave the room. Chad closes his eyes,
thankful that he gets a second chance himself.
How about some chicken soup?
Chad opens his eyes to see the Grimm Reaper sitting on a
chair across the room.
Reaper! I was wondering if I was
going to see you again.
It's time Chad.
What! Wait! I was told I...I.
I'm not supposed to go!
Ha, ha, just relax, I'm just
joking with ya. By the way, call
me Joe.
Alright Joe. So this is a social
Yes and no. I'm on the job.
Oh. I guess this is a hospital.
People probably die here every
Yeah, people die here a lot. but
that's not why I'm here. I've
been promoted.
No kidding? What's the new job.
Well, word of my quick thinking
during our little advernture
reached the big man upstairs and
he made me, get this... Guardian


                       REAPER (cont'd)
The Reaper stands up to show Chad his Guarding Angel outfit.
Chad looks the reaper up and down. The reaper is still
wearing his tattered dark cloak and has his old rusty
scythe. There are some tiny fake wings pinned to his back
and strings attached to his mystical weapon. Chad looks
confused. The Reaper's halo then sputters and blows like a
light bulb.
You're not exactly what I would
expect from a guardian angel.
The white robes are on back order.
As is the harp, and the halo is a
hand-me-down. But none of that
matters. I'm to watch over the
three of you now.
So, looks like you are going to be
hanging around as well. I'm never
getting rid of any of you.
Nope my friend. You've got us for
I wouldn't have it any other way.
After credits, fade in to a blank screen. A smoke starts to
fill the bottom of the screen. The Reaper, with his
Guardian Angel gear on walks on screen. He pauses and looks
out at the audience.
What are you still doing here. The
movie's over go home.
The Reaper leans against his scythe and looks at the
So what are you expecting? You
want me to set up a sequel or
something? You know sequels are
never as good as the first. I


                       REAPER (cont'd)
won't do it! No sequels!
The Reaper's scythe slips and the Reaper falls to the floor.
The white mist puffs up onto the screen.
                       ANGEL (O.S.)
Hey, Check out the new guy! Way
to go! Have you been standing
Pan left slightly to reveal a couple angels by a water
cooler laughing and pointing at the Reaper. The Reaper
climbs his way back up and looks back at them.
Where did you get that get up? The
back dumpster? Hahaha!
The Reaper holds his head in his hand and sighs.
I thought it was going to be
different here. A new job, with
the same old harassment.
Hey we have something for you to
guard over here! Look, It's a
The Angel holds up a worm and the other angels all start
I thought Angels would be better
than this. I'm leaving. I
suggest you do the same. Enjoy
the rest of your day, or evening
or whatever. I'm out of here.
The Reaper walks off screen with his head hanging and
dragging his scythe behind him.


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