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Dark Sun, Light Moon
by Jordan D. Mitchell (jordanmitchell71@ymail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

Human experimentation leads to an outbreak of "them" otherwise know as zombies, exploitation, greed, death and tragedy are also concepts in this story. A coming of age story that involves depression, and dramatic/psychopathic actions due to certain circumstances. A graphic examination of human beings.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



                       MARTIN X (V.O)
      (holding a
       michrophone in
       his right hand,
       while the protest
       flag is in his
       left hand)
You fucking diabolical pigs! We
wont stand and fucking watch you
take our friends and family and
fucking expriment on them for war!
      (Throws up middle
the jail system has been abusing
its power in the prisons and is
now is fucking using the prisoners
for fucking war experimnents!
Recently over 8000 people have
been sent to prison. Over minor
charges, and majority of them are
immigrants. America is fucking
built off immigrants and you treat
them no wait us the people as a
fucking rat experiment! FUCK THAT!
The Camera Goes through looking at the protest, people, and
police that are there, and shows some filmimg of the
                       POLICE MAN 1
      (Pointing the Gun
       Into the crowd)
Please go home, we do not want to
have any casulities. Go to your
                       MARTIN X
We Would have families if they
weren't fucking thrown in jail and
experimented on!
                       POLICE MAN 1
      (Shoots Gun Into
       The Crowd)
Get Them All!
      (Starts to Walk


                       POLICE MAN 1 (cont'd)
                       PROTEST WOMEN 1
      (Falls To the
       ground as blood
       pours out her
They FUCKING shot ME!!!!!!!!!
The Police start throwing tear gas into the crownd, beating
and pulling people in the crownd. Bullets are shot from the
police, people in the protest start running away
      (Looks At One Of
       the Police Men)
Billy i dont know if im sure about
this, i mean-
      (Points tear gas
These fuckin wetbacks and niggers,
and chincs desreve to be
exprimented on, they're no
different than any other rat on
earth. I dont really like you
anyways boy but if you shoot i'll
have an exception for ya mexican
      (billy places his
       hand on jonny's
       gun after he
       shots into the
                       JOHNNY (OS)
      (He talks in his
If i shoot i will finally belong
to something once in my life, but
then again I'll be stuck with this
fucking pig.
Jonny looks at billy, then turns the gun to billy's face,
then Billy steps back, trying to tell him no. And Jonny
shoots billy right in the face with the tear gas can,
breaking Billy's police helmet as blood starts to pour out
of his face.
      (falls on to the
       ground screaming)
Ahh shit! What the hell is wrong


                       BILLY (cont'd)
with you, Ah im fucking bleeding!
      (Looks at Billy
You racist fuck
                       MARTIN X
      (Tries to help the
       women who is
       dying due to
       gunshot wound)
dammit, stay alive don't die on me
The camera zooms on the protest women who was shot. She
gacks up alot of blood, and starts screaming. As she dies
the police get behind Martin X and knock him out with a slam
to the back of his head.
                       CNN REPORTER 1 (VO)
As you can tell this riot was put
together by radical "Martin X" as
he claims to call himself, has
lead to violent injuries and even
a brutalized police officer, we
turn to Harao John Live for more
                       CNN REPORTER 2
      (looks around)
It seems angry protesters have
started a riot here in Washington,
D.C. Over so called "Lab
experiments" done to inmates and
illegal immigrants. Police has
taken action to keep the area safe
for us at home, but please if you
live near here it would be best to
stay home, And im Harao John
                                         BLACK OUT
Dr. Six is on the computer, checking the inmates reaction on
the drug. Who are in the other room.


                       DR. SIX
      (Looking at the
So it looks like the drug happens
to increase emotional anger, and
it kills the nerves. Lets see what
happens when we put a subject who
hasnt been dosed with the drug
with those who have.
      (presses a button)
The inmate walks in the other room as the camera zooms in on
the computer that Dr. Six is using to watch the subjects.
The inmate looks at the subjects on the drug, then one of
the subjects rushs at the inmate pulling out flesh from the
inmates neck. They then feast on him.
                       POLICE MAN 1
      (walks towards Dr.
the hell is going on?
                       DR. SIX
      (Gets up out his
I fucked up
                       POLICE MAN 1
      (follows Dr. six)
what happened sir?
Police Man 1 looks back at the computer and watches the
inmate who was dead get up and look at the camera, which
Police Man 1 is looking at.
Dr. Six walks into the room with the inmates and or now
                       DR. SIX
      (looks at the room
       covered in blood)
Inmate 2287 you should be
                       POLICE MAN 1
      (Points gun at
Watch out sir!!!
                       DR. SIX
      (leans back)
Officer the hell are you do-


Police man 1 shoots the gun at the inmates(zombies) as the
subjects run to kill Dr. Six
                       DR. SIX
      (Runs out the room)
The hell?
                       POLICE MAN 1
      (looks at Dr. Six)
The Camera Zooms On Dr. Six closing the door on the officer.
                       POLICE MAN 1
      (Trys to run as
       zombies jump on
NO!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Zombies start pulling of his flesh as they bite on him, rip
out viens from his neck, and scraping his leg till blood
pours out and pulls his limbs off slowly, the camera slowly
gives out the officers 1st person vision before he dies
                                         BLACK OUT.
The Camera shows Nia waking up Jeramiah by kissing him In
      (Gets Out of the
       bed puts her hair
       in a pony tail
       while Nude)
Mornin Babe
      (Wakes up looking
       at Nia)
Morning sexy
      (Walks in room)
Yo man wake-
      (Looks In Shock At


Nia pulls the covers from Jeramiah to cover up
      (Looks confused at
Dammit Bro Knock
      (Covering his eyes)
I shouldn't have to knock to open
my door, um ima go eat some cereal
right know... Bye
      (Closes the door)
Jeramiah Looks at Nia, Then grabs her then they start
      (gets back on the
But what about Damiano?
                       JERAMIAH (VO)
      (Camera goes on
       Damiano Eating
       Cereal in the
       living room as he
       watches tv)
He heard us before he wont trip
They get under the sheets, and when Jeramiah goes to do
it... Nia heres a noise, and stops Jeramiah.
      (Gets up and goes
       to the corner
       covering herself)
Go to the window!
      (Looks at Nia)
      (She points at the
Because i said so nigga, now go
check out!!!!
      (Walks towards the
Ok damn


Jeramiah looks at the window as the camera zooms on him, he
slowly opens the curtains. He looks into the eyes of his
mother who throwing up blood and looks as if she is
decomposing. Jeramiah walks back next to Nia.
      (grabs Nia's hand
       to leave the room)
Lets go.
      (Pulls her hand
       away from
      (tries to grab her
just follow me!
No, fucking tell me why!?!
      (Starts to cry)
Because my dead mother is outside
      (Goes to the
What the hell?
The windows breaks open as Jeramiah's mom breaks through and
then jumps on Nia.
                       JERAMIAH'S MOM
      (Bites at Nia)
      (Looks In Fear)
Get OFF HER!!!!!
      (Tossing Back And
Jeramiah grabs Damiano guitar and smashes it against his
mom. Jeramiah picks up Nia, the camera shows Damiano walking
towards the room with his cereal as they burst through the


door, Nia runs to the corner of the living room, and
Ranai(Jeramiah's mom) jumps on Jeramiah. The camera shows
Damiano bowl of cereal slowly fall and break on the ground.
      (runs to garage to
       get the bat)
I'll be back, hold on Jeramiah!!!!
Camera shows the bat in the garage and then Damiano grabs
the bat and runs into the house (in the hallway is were
Jeramiah is at)
      (Holds the bat)
Im sorry Ms. Ranai
Smashes Jeramiah's moms head with a bat intil theres nothing
Jeramiah your safe.
Camrea zooms on Jeramiahs moms body
      (Gets up and walks
       towards Nia)
Are you ok?
Cameras go looking at Nia's reflection of of Jeramiah's eyes
                       NIA (VO)
The FUCK!?! AM I OKAY!?! I'M
      (looks at Nia)
I'll call the police and ambulance
      (looks at Nia)
Holy Shit, Somebody get the medics
over here!


      (Goes to to Johnny)
Officer, um i killed someone.
Jeramiah looks at Damiano and the officer as they walk to
the dead body, Jeramiah proceeds to stop them
      (Walks in front of
       Johnny And
Um sup officer no problem here!
      (Grabs Jeramiah
I already told him
The Camera shows Damiano showing Johnny the body, then
Johnny gets some more police officers to check out the
gruesome body
      (Shakes his head)
Aw shit Damiano, why you have to
go be 'da good guy?
The paramedics pick up Nia and the cops start putting the
crime scene tape around the house, Damiano's Dad comes home
and is confused with whats going on.
                       POLICE WOMEN 1
      (Stops Mr. Richson)
Sir this is a restriced crime
scene, I'm going to have to as you
to leave.
                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (Pushes the
       officer aside and
       starts walking
       towards Johnny)
hey!! What the fuck are you doing
to my son?!?
      (Watches Mr.
       Richson Walk to
Your son is a murderer


                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (Grabs Johnny)
The Fuck You Mean Murderer!?! He
would never so such a thing!!!!!
      (looks at his
Dad... put The Detective down i
did kill someone, i killed Ranai
      (Looks in
       confusement and
Mr. Richson goes to the body where he sees Ranai's head all
bashed in, and then notices Nia getting put in an ambulance
                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (looks at the sky)
You gotta be shitting me.
The camrea zooms in on Jeramiah
      (looks around)
What the fuck is Happening?
      (gets up and gets
       in the ambulance
       with Nia)
                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (Looks at Jeramiah)
What Happening?
Mr. Richson gets into his car and follows the ambulance. Mr.
Richson then pulls out a cigarette while driving.
                       CNN REPORTER 1
      (Looks at the
Over In Stockton, California A
gruesome killing cause by 17 year
old boy, and massive injuries done
to a 17 year old girl due to some
at home problems. Authorities say
the boy is mentally deranged, the
victim was also the mother of the
boys best friend Jeramiah Mitchell
who will be seen at court on the
case of Damiano Richson.I'm Sara
Takashi at CNN and this has been


                       CNN REPORTER 1 (cont'd)
another shocking news across
                                         BLACK OUT
      (Sits In the seat
       next to the judge
       for investigation)
                       MR. CAIOL
      (Places Jeramaih's
       Hand on the Bible)
Do you swear to tell the truth and
nothin but the truth?
      (Looks up)
Why fucking not.
The Court room seems in disapproval with Jeramiah's language
                       JUDGE LONG
      (slams the hammer)
boy watch your mouth in my
      (Looks at the
Freedom of fucking speech, beside
dont yall want me to tell you what
happened or not?
      (Walks back and
       forth near
Ok then speak
      (Looks at the
I was having intercousre with My
girlfriend Nia at Damiano's house.
We heard a slam at the window, she
told me "Go check it out" so i
did. I found my already dead
mother slamming the window throwin


                       JERAMIAH (cont'd)
up blood the-
      (Stops in
       looking at
Excuse me did you say you "already
dead mother was throwing up
      (looks at
       Prosecuter in the
Yes i did, now let me fucking
finish. So my dead mom lunged
through the window attacking
nia(causing her to have the
injuries she have now), i threw my
mom off her with a guitar. Me and
Nia ran out the room, then my dead
mother tackled me trying to bite
me and then Damiano got the bat
and smashed her head in, so she
wouldnt kill me.
Court room becomes very chatty about the subject
      (A Silent look)
Sir, i beilive we should pull this
man off the stand, because he
seems to have a mental disablity
      (Gets Angry)
Listen bitch i'm not crazy tell em
Damiano, that's why you did it.
Camrea zooms on Damiano
      (looks souless)
i did it because i want to feel
what killing was like
                       MR. VICE
      (Gets Angry)
Your honor this kid is an a and b
student. He would never do such a
thing unless it was necessary, cut


                       MR. VICE (cont'd)
him a fucking break!
the crowd becomes shocked at the foul language used in court
                       JUDGE LONG
      (looks around)
order in the court!! Damiano
Richson life sentences due to 1st
degree murder. Case solved! Mr.
vice i don't want to ever see you
hear again! you got it!?!
                       MR. VICE
Fuck off
                       JUDGE LONG
What was That!?!
                       MR. VICE
      (gets scared)
Yes sure
                       JUDGE LONG
      (slams hammer)
good, now court dismissed!
                                         FADE OUT
Media flashes in on Mr. Richson and Jeramiah, asking
questions flashing pictures
                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (Walks in fury)
This is complete bullshit! Those
mother fuckers!
      (looks concern at
       Mr. Richson)
Yo bro dont worry i'll fix it.
                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (Grabs Jeramiah)
The fuck you mean fixed it, that
whole bullshit story made shit
worse, hell im startin to think
all of this shit is your fault!!!


      (looks sad trying
       to pull away from
       Mr. Richson)
I was just... trying.... to
tell... the .. truth
                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (Starts to cry)
Their gonna send him to juvinile
prison, then prison. Those mother
fuckers are gonna experiment on
                       JERAMIAH (VO)
I read about government
experiments on prisoners and
"illegal" immigrants, so Damiano
is now a inmate so their gonna
experiment on him... i knew i had
to save him.I was in the hospital with Nia she
looked like she was already dead,
she threw up very often. But this
time she threw up blood
      (gacking up blood)
Je..ra.miah, you.. kn..o..w... i..
love you right?
      (starts crying as
       the doctors rush
       in to help her)
Yes, i'll always love you
      (gets up looking
       down on on
       jeramiah as he
Im sorry.
She lunges after Jeramiah and bites a chunk out of his arm,
she then throws him to the ground and gets on top of him.
The doctors struggle to pull her off as she bites a
nurses(female) fingers off.


      (screaming tossing
       and turning on
       the ground)
      (walks onto the
The Hell!?!
      (looking around
       for security)
Security!!!!!! Security!!!!!!!!
                       DOCTOR 1 MALE
      (holding Nia Down)
Shit! Stay Down dammit!!!
      (starts trying to
Tears off the doctor 1's head , then rips Doctor 2's arm off
      (looks at Nia
       while holding the
       blood from his
Sara take her coat off to put around Jeramiah's arm.Then Nia
runs again at Jeramiah, as she jumps into the air the
security blows two bullets in her head.
      (Stomps on Nia
What a fucking ugly site


      (He looks at Nia
       then at Annie)
You fucking bitch!!!!!!!!!! I'ma
kill you!!!!
Sara Pulls Jeramiah away from Annie. The camrea zooms in on
Jeramiah crying. He falls to the ground holding Nia's dead
      (Crying trying to
       put her flesh
       from her head
Don't go! I love you! Why would
you leave me!!!!?! Babe i will
never leave your side, I want you
back!!!!! Why!?! Please come
back!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!
      (Slaps Jeramiah)
Your fucking pathetic, start
getting use to losing those you
      (looks at Annie)
what is that suppose to mean got
      (Walks away)
Its fucking self explanitory
      (he starts wiping
       his tears)
      (Goes to hold
Its ok its ok
                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (walks to checkin
       on Nia)
Yo I brought some fo- What the
fuck happened?


The camrea shows Sara comforting Jeramiah, as his arm pours
out excessive blood, then looks at Nia smashed in head and
the doctors screaming and blood splattered everywhere
      (Looks at his door
                       POLICE WOMEN 1
Um reports of killings similar and
gruesome involving that Jeramiah
kid from last time happened at the
      (looks at dead
Holy Shit, what the fuck happened
Everyone tells what they saw, Annie admits smashing the head
of the already dead body. Jeramiah tells his story, the cops
are very confused how everyone had the same story.
They(cops) evacuate people out the hospital(just the 2nd
Damiano Sits in his cell, he notices the officer approach
his cell
                       OFFICER RAY
      (Opens the cell
       after finding the
       right key)
Get the fuck up, 95207 you got a
      (Gets up and
       leaves cell)
Um answer me a question officer
how many El salvadorians are named
Bill Ray?


                       OFFICER RAY
      (Gets mad)
Shut up i was adopted
      (Said underbreath)
Stupid buto
                       OFFICER RAY
What you say?!? Nevermind go to
your vistor!!!
Damiano walks to go see the vistor, and finds out as he goes
to sit to the table that its Jeramiah. The exchange a
brotherly hug.
      (looks at
       Jeramiahs arm)
Yo man what happened to your
      (unreavals the
Nia bit me, and lately my arm
looks like something outta a
horror movie
      (looks confused)
Bit you wait, like what your mom
did to her. What the fuck
happened? are you gonna change
like Nia?
I dont know its been about a month
since i've been bit, and it only
took Nia 2 days to change
Ok another question...What
happened to Nia?
      (gets depressed)
She died after killing and
injuring about five doctors and
nurses. She was shot twice in the


      (Gets mad)
She was my fucking childhood
friend, and she's fucking dead.
The area remain silent between Damiano and Jeramiah for a
I'm going to get you the fuck up
outta here Damiano!
      (looks confused)
How the hell you gonna do that?
I dont know but im not gonna let
them fuckers experiment on you!!!!
They then bump fists
So why you here on the fourth of
july? you aint celebrating
Why would i celebrate a holiday
when my ancestors slave holder
were just changed fom british to
white, that shit got me fucked up.
Besides, i got some news to tell
and i wanna chill with my homie.
Thanks but um waht the news?
      (Signals Annie to
       "come here")
Yo common annie!!!
      (She bows in front
       of Damiano)
I am the daughter of Folo Long the
judge that trialed you. I'm here
to help.


      (looks at her in
I hate her but she would be able
to convince her father to get you
I'm my daddies little girl
dumbass, think about it i can get
him to do anything i want.
      (Whispers to
I know she's a bitch
Daddy let that Damiano boy off
free please?
                       JUDGE LONG
Darling I can't he's a killer
No he's not he's a boy who just
needs help give him a chance, or
i'll tell the media about the drug
your going to get to bring back
                       JUDGE LONG
                       OFFICER RAY
Your free kid.
As he leaves the building he notices kids being dragged to a
room by force, they were screaming and crying.
                       BOY 1
      (Kicking and
       screaming while
       he's being
NO!!!! let me go!!!! Their going
to fucking use me as a test


                       BOY 1 (cont'd)
rat!!!! NO!!!!!!!!
                       DAMIANO (VO)
The shit i saw made me fucking
sick to my stomach, i vowed to
come back and free everyone.
The camrea shows the boy forcefully given the leatheal drug
Let's go.
      (She winks at
You can thank me later.
They get in Annies 2008 ford focus, and head off to Mr.
Richson's new house in northern Stockton.
      (Stops the car)
Unpack your shit, i got things to
      (Gets out the car
       and goes to the
       trunk to get his
Yo Annie can you unlock the trunk?
      (Whispers under
She such a bitch
      (Presses the
       unlock button)
Ok i got it smartass!
Jeramiah gets out the car, helping Damiano with his bags.
Annie then gets ready to take off to go home


      (goes to the
       drivers window
       near annie)
Thanks alot, i owe you big time.
      (bites her lip)
you'll give me my favor soon
enough, and remember you must go
to anger management next week.
Annie aren't you leaving? Damiano
hurry the hell up!!!
      (Flips Jeramiah
       off as she drives
By Bitch!!!
      (Walks to the
       front door
       knocking on the
Dad? You Home?
                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (Opens the door
      (Grabs Damiano
       Hugging Him)
Son!!!! I've missed you are you
out for good?
      (Tries to get some
Yes dad, i'm out for good now.
                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (Grabs both boys)
Its time we celebrate!!! Hooter it
They hop in Mr. Richson 2005 BMW, then they arrive at
hooter, having a night of women, french fries and burgers.
They then drive home(Except the dad is too drunk to drive so
Jeramiah drives)


                       JUDGE LONG
      (Holding the
       needle above his
       dead wifes neck)
If i just inject her with this
then things will be all back to
normal right?!? My babe will be
alive again
Judge Long calls Mr. Six on the phone
                       JUDGE LONG
      (Holding the phone
       in one hand)
Hello? Mr. Six?
                       DR. SIX (VO)
Yes what is it Mr. Long? Its a
good thing you called i have
feeback about the dr-
                       JUDGE LONG
      (Starts crying)
Ima bring my wife back with the
drug you gave me. you said it'll
bring her back strong as ever
                       DR. SIX (VO)
No don't use it you fucking fool,
you'll end up killed!
                       JUDGE LONG
      (Injects the
       needle in His
       wife's neck)
I want her back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      (Hangs up phone
       throwing it on
       the ground)
Did it work?
He starts to cry on his dead wifes chest, he sobs tears of
sadness. Then she make a noise as if she's breathing....she
then puts her hands around his neck chocking him
                       JUDGE LONG
      (Stuggling to move)
Stop babe!!!!!!!!


      (runs to her
       fathers room
       where she sees
       him being killed)
DADDY!!!!!?!?!? MOMMY!?!?!?!?!
The dead mother gets her fingers inside the neck of Judge
Long, then she starts to bite parts of him as she flips over
on top of him. The butlers run to stop the mother, the
mother kills them. Annie runs in the bathroom grabbing a
phone and calls Mr. Richson
                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (Picks Up Phone)
Help... my moms... alive... daddy
is dead.. HELP!!!!!
                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (Hears phone hang
Damiano And Jeramiah Get The fuck
up!!!! We're going somewhere
The camrea shows Mr. Richson Slapping the boys to wake up
then pulling them in his car in order to go to annies and
save her
      (Shaking to call
      (Brust throught
       the front door
       with a sword)
Yo!!!!! Annie where da fuck are
                       JUDGE LONG
      (Sneaks behind
Jeramiah's bitten hand (The hand he is also holding the
blade) swings the blade instantly cutting off the judges


                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (Walks up behind
       Jeramiah, looks
       at Judge Longs
Ha never did like the mother
fucker anyways.
                       JERAMIAH (VO)
I felt weird, like i had different
akward feeling. I almost died for
a second it felt. And i knew there
was one more off those things..
they were near Annie
The camrea hows Annie's Mom slamming on the door trying
break it in order to kill Annie
      (Curls into a ball)
Mommy stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The door breaks, Jeramiah sense come into effect he then
runs after Annie
      (Looks confused at
       how fast jeramiah
       is running)
Where you goin?
      (Continues to run
       to Annie)
The camrea shows Annie give her mom a saddened look of
dispear, then the dead mother actually shows very little
lovable emotion, as she runs to kill Annie.
      (Grabs the head of
       Annie's Mother)
The zombie tries to fight back turning its head 360 degrees,
and then with the demond hand Jeramiah squezes the head into
nothing but blood in slow motion. (Jeramiah blade on his
back in its case)
      (Looks down at
Better get fucking use to losing


                       JERAMIAH (cont'd)
those you love.
      (Runs in
       Jeramiah's arm)
Why? Why would she do this?
      (Holds Annie)
I really dont know
      (Runs in the area
       where Jeramiah is
Yo! The dead butlers and shit, are
comming back to life!!!! We gotta
The camreas shows the people world wide being attacked by
zombies, bordered up homes, us armies killing some zombies,
the whole world comming to an end. The next scene takes
place 1 month after incident.
                                         FADE OUT.
The camrea shows Damiano and Jeramiah getting ready to go
outside, putting on coats, and getting empty backpacks,
along with Jeramiah getting the sword and Damiano getting
the bat.
      (Opens front door)
We got to be quick, other people
are gonna try to get the food as
      (Points the blade
       at the sky)
Fuck other people


The camrea shows both Jeramiah and Dimiano sprint through
the zombies with out getting caught, the stops start to run
after them. Then Jeramiah and Damiano starts attacking
anything in their way as they run
      (as he cuts a
       zombies neck off)
Aw shit, theres hella of these
mother fuckers!
      (While running
       with Jeramiah)
Dammit who cares lets just get to
fucking safeway
The run and come to a stop when they hit the entrance of
safeway, and as they look around them they see people also
running and being attacked by zombies and screaming. The
camrea shows lots of gore when it reviews the parking lot.
      (Looks at the
Holy shit....
      (opens safeways
       baracade with his
Lets go.
      (Looks at people
       in the store)
Holy shit, i'm guessing were not
the only ones here
Damiano watches people fight over food, women and men
fighting each other. Kids being pushed around
      (Grabs Johnia's
No bitch that belongs to me!!!
      (Falls to the
Im sorry


Damiano goes to Johnia to help pick her up
      (Holding Johnia)
Are you ok?
      (Holds her head in
       mild pain)
Fuck no, that mother fucker pulled
my hair
      (Lets go of Johnia
       and walks up to
Excuse me sir but um, you just
threw the girl over there
      (Points at Johnia)
on the fucking ground
      (Pushes Damiano)
Bitch deserved it, what you gonna
do bout it kid.
      (Walks behind bob
       and places it on
       his neck)
its no what he's gonna do nigga,
its what i might do.
      (Turns and moves
       somewhere else in
       the store)
      (Looks at Damiano)
Hurry up, we need to get as much
food as possible. And make sure
you have food that wont spoil
hella quick, because at some point
all the electricity is gonna cut
off sooner than later
      (Looks at Johnia
       after he signals
       Jeramiah ok)
Um aite J. Um Miss my i ask your


                       DAMIANO (cont'd)
Um Its Johnia Miao, what's your
      (smiles and walks
       away waving)
Its Damiano Richson, pleasure
meeting you.
Damiano Goes looking around gathering food that's left, as
Jeramiah get cooking supplies from around the area
      (looks at the milk)
Well i guess i could get it, this
one time
      (grabs milk
       placing it in the
What else should i get, ive
already gotten the supplies?
      (Walks up behind
Common brah its time to go.
They put the back backpacks tightly on their backs. Then
rushes outside to find zombies looking at them.
      (Pulls out blade)
      (Grabs Jeramiah's
Put it down, we have no time to
fight "them" we need to get home.
      (Puts blade up)
Aite then, lets run da fuck outta


they run through the zombies as one of the zombies grab
Jeramiahs bitten hand.
      (Stops running
       looks at Jeramiah)
The zombies tries to bite into Jeramiah's hand but Jeramiahs
hand expands into some sort of Monster mouth looking figure
which the spikes rap around the zombies head and eats it.
      (Looks at his hand)
WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!!!!!
      (His hand
       starts stretching
       tkilling more of
       the zombies that
       gather around him
       and Damiano)
      (Grabs Jeramiah)
Common we need to fucking go!!!!!!
      (Gets up and
       starts running
       with Damiano)
Jeramiah's arm settles downn, when he calms down. Which is
around the time when he get into the house.
      (Runs to bathroom)
What the hell is wrong with
me!!!!!!? What the hell is wrong
with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!?!
      (Looks at
       Jeramiah's arm
       due to the
       bathrrom door
       being open)


                       ANNIE (cont'd)
What the hell?
                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (Holding a gun
       pointed at
Are you turning?
      (looks at Mr.
       richson as he
       shakes and cries)
I don't know
      (Tries to grab his
Don't shoot!!!!!!!!!
                       DAMIANO'S DAD/ MR. RICHSON
      (Shoot the gun)
I'm sorry Jeramiah, tell your
mother i said hi.
      (Infected hand
       grabs the bullet
       with the ease
       with no injuries)
I can't do that.
Everyone takes a step back as Jeramiah goes to the living
room, and then lays comfortably on the couch like nothing
has happened.
The camrea films everything Jeramiah just said as he
                       JERAMIAH (VO)
my mother always told me that i
was special young boy. i never
knew what she meant, but if this
arm i now have proves that im
"special" well then theres
something wrong with my mom.
Everything became awkward at the
house, no one talked to me. Mr.
Richson always jumpy when i was
near him. Damiano was still the
same with me, even though i was
mixed with some sorta monster. I
know for a fact that were gonna
have to leave this place sooner or


                       JERAMIAH (cont'd)
later. I told Damiano that leaving
this hellhole will require work,
and we gotta leave. Mr. Richson
said for us to take Annie. We did
and we told him to give us a ride
to her house, in order to get her
car. He did and my arm acted up
again Mr. Richson shot at some
zombies and was pulled out of his
car and killed, Damiano wouldnt
talk when we got in Annie's car.
This world is fucked up.
                                         BLACK OUT.
      (Sitting in the
Where the hell are we going?
Shit i don't know
      (Hits Jeramiah in
       the back of the
The fuck you mean "i don't know"?
      (holding his head)
I didnt think that far
      (Shaking his head,
       also in passanger
      (Looks at the road)
Damn, theirs not that much cars on
the street.
      (Slaps Jeramiah
No fuckin duh. When the military
got involved they cleared the


                       ANNIE (cont'd)
roads so that the president, and
other government officals
including those who were rich
enough to escape through the
regular roads. While everybody
else were killed if they tried to
      (Points at a
       nearby tank)
But the army weren't competition
to those things out there
      (Looks at a zombie
       eating near the
Nasty fucker....
      (Turns the car
       backwards, then
       stops car)
Hey come here you nasty fuck!
      (The zombie gets
       infront of the
       car about 25 feet
      (looks at Jeramiah)
Don't do it!
      (Grins at Annie)
too late
The car throws itself about 120mph at the zombies crush the
zombies body into a gory set of guts splattered on the car
and road.
      (Hits Jeramiah)
Got dammit! Why would you do that?
      (Looks angrey at
Why would you smash Nia's head?


      (Shuts up, sitting
       back down in her
      (Looks confused)
Nothng Damiano forget what I said.
      (Looks at Annie)
..... so where we gonna go?
In Elk grove there's an apartment
my dad had gotten for me to
celebrate my sweet 16, i never
gave the key back. So lets go
They head to Elk Grove, CA. to the apartments. Which look
very nice, her room was on the first floor. She tries to
open the door with the key but it doesnt work.
      (Shakes his head)
Damn, i knew this wasnt gonna
work. You are smart Annie, because
you would know that if a key goes
missing then they change the whole
      (Clunches his bat)
Time to break the door.
Yo D, while you do that ima go
find some wood foor a baracade.
      (Breaks the door)
No wait, got it.
      (stops and looks
       in the apartment)
Yo there wood and fuckin nails,


                       JERAMIAH (cont'd)
      (Notices two dead
       people in the
there more fucking dead people
Damiano takes out the bat and starts smashing in one of the
zombies head, and Jeramiah goes and slices a zombies head
Why hit their heads?
      (cleaning his
       blade off)
Because that one of the things
that keep "them" going. besides i
tried to kill em with out damaging
their brain. and it doesnt work.
      (Grabs a body)
Help me throw these fucking
zombies outside.
      (goes to grab the
       other body)
Ha so their called zombies now?
      (Throws body
What else would you call it?
      (Throws body
       outside and
       closes the door,
       but the door
       doesnt really
Ha your right. So now we gotta
board the door up and check the
      (Grabs wood and
Ill baracade the front door.


use your bat as a hammer, and i'll
go check for broken windows or any
back doors, annie are their any
back doors?
None that i can remember of.
They then start to baracade the doors and windows. there
happens to have some food(alot) in the refridgerator, there
are only two rooms and 1 bathroom. They split the area.
Jeramiah and Damiano in the same room and Annie get's her
own. The story now begins.
                       NIA'S VOICE
      (In Jeramiah's
I miss you, why didn't you die
with me? we coulda been together
      (looks around in
       an area of
Nia? Is that you? Where are you?
                       NIA'S VOICE
      (Shows her face
I am everywhere.
      (Tries to grab the
       image and falls)
Babe I've missed you, why have you
been hiding?
      (Appears in front
       of Jeramiah)
No, why have you been hiding?
      (Hugs Nia)
Hiding what?


      (Her body
      (He backs up)
His arm turns into a Giant claw, and his body starts to
decompose itself, slowly his body grows out wings out from
his back. His eye's turn red, and skin color goes from brown
to blue with his veins in every part of his body showing
      (looks at his
       hands, which both
       have turn to
      (She goes to kiss
You have 4 years my love....left
      (Wakes out of his
Bro can you um move to the other
side of the bed. i swear you
kicked me in my nuts just right
      (Gets up out the
Sorry um ima go to the bathroom.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Jeramiah goes to the bathroom, and notices his arm that was
bitten excessivly bleeding. He then faints
      (Gets up at 6:00
       AM to pee but
       walks in on
       Jeramiah in a


                       ANNIE (cont'd)
       pool of blood)
      (Runs to Annie)
What happen Ann-
      (looks at Jeramiah
       in horror)
The hell happened?
Jeramiah has turned completely blue, his veins purple, eyes
blood red, and his arms are two big claws one with a
blade/gun the pit of his hand. Black wings in his back and
his two eyes closed but a third on his forehead. with a
number on his hand that read
'in.209", He's stuck shaking back and forth. Damiano steps
to Jeramiah as Annie falls to the ground on her knees in
I'm sorry Nia, i want to be with
you..... i...am...so..rry....
      (Leans near
Yo man speak to me, what's wrong?
      (Points at
       Jeramiah's hand)
That 209 mark was just like the
one mommy had.
      (Goes to grab
Shit! Common Annie go to bed, or
eat something but don't think
about that women, she's dead now
      (Shakes her up a
      (Crawls back a


      (In a disturbing
       deep voice)
Your mother is fucking dead, just
like mine. You once told me to get
use to losing people so why can't
      (Holding her fist)
Because i'm not suppose to lose
people, not my mommy or daddy. You
wouldn't understand what it's like
to have a father anyways.
      (Gacks up blood)
Yea, I'm a bastard. you don't have
to remind me of shit i already
know. but listen hear bitch
      (Throws up)
I know excatly how it feels to
lose the ones you love. it hurts
because they left something in you
and then took it out. But remember
this your not alone...yet
Annie cautiously grabs Jeramiah's hands aand starts singing
      (His voice turns
       to normal slowly)
      (Looks in
Holy Shit.
Damiano, she's going to save me.
Nia is going to save me.
                       NIA'S VOICE
I'm always here for you babe
      (Throws up more


Damiano grabs Annie and he closes the bathroom door, as
Jeramiah looks at the light in the bathroom. He slowly
changes back to normal
what the hell was that?
      (Kisses Damiano)
Bring Jeramiah back to life
      (Starts getting up)
ha, I've made a mess.
      (Then falls.)
      (Runs opening the
       bathroom door)
      (Looks at Damiano)
Don't just look help me pick him
      (Picks up Jeramiah)
Why are his wings still on him?
      (He and Annie set
       Jeramiah on the
       bed in the back)
Hell, i don't know
      (She looks at

She runs in the hallway puking due to the graphicness of the
situation that had just occured.


      (Slamming on the
      (Looks at the door
       whie walking to
       see if Annie is
      (Throws up, wipes
       her face with her
                                         CUT TO NEXT SCENE
                       JOHNIA (OS)
      (Slamming the
       Door, Outside)
      (Going to grab his
       bat to break the
Hold on Johnia!
DAMIANO IS THAT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damiano Starts slamming the Barricade, trying to force it
opening. As zombies try to rush to Johnia
      (Grabs Damiano,
       Trying to pull
       him away from the
Stop It!! If you open the door
you'll end up letting "them"
in!!!!! Your gonna get killed, let
her die!!!


      (Still breaking
No!!!! I was always told to save
those in need, no matter what
The barricade breaks, then the Johnia runs into the
apartment with a horde of zombies chasing her.
      (Stumbles to the
       front door out of
       Annie's bedroom)
I got this.
      (His hand points
       at the zombies)
The wings that are still on Jeramiah, flings its razor like
feathers at the zombies, then time slows down as Jeramiah
starts pulling zombies bodies into his Infected arm which
looks like a giant mouth
      (On the ground
       backing up away
       from Jeramiah)
What the hell?
      (Grabs Johnia and
Stay Back
      (Kills the Zombies)
Ha....Damn I'm tired
      (Wings Fall off)
      (Points At
Your a fucking MONSTER!!!!!! Your
one of those government made war
      (Grabs Johnia By
       The Neck)
I know I'm a monster dammit! Don't
remind me of things i already know


      (Looks Into the
       eyes of Jeramiah)
Put her down.
Jeramiah Puts her down, he now looks normal. His arm looks
more gruesome than before. He gets a towel, to wrap around
his arm.
      (Looks at the
       broken door)
This needs to be barricaded quick
      (Pulls off the
       doors of the two
       bedrooms placing
       them in the front
       door entrance)
There. Damiano you take care of
the nailing and all that other
shit, call me when you need to
move something
      (Looking in
       confusement and
       shock picking up
       his bat)
Um okay?
12:00 PM In Living Room
      (Sitting on the
       couch next to
       Annie and Johnia)
So Johnia. What the hell do you
mean when you say that Jeramiah is
a "government war experiment"?
The Camrea goes into showing the birth of the drug, the
selling of other countries, protest of the drug nd Johnia's
family being slaughter by the "Walking WMD's" as she talks
                       JOHNIA (VO)
Well for about 10 years in 2004
the U.S. government wanted to
create the perfect war machine.
This developed many conflicts when
the IRA had leaked some
information from the British
Government who had ties with the
U.S. This then started countries
like Mexico, Ghana, and etc. to


                       JOHNIA (cont'd)
become more aware f North
America's advancement in war. Even
though the U.S were already the
top leading in weapons. So in
about 2012 the Leftist(including
myself) were to rebel and stop
this plot because they were using
"Illegal Immigrants" and Inmates
as Rats for this experiment,
basically a violation of human
rights . Unfortunately the drug
and or injection they created had
t have a certain type of blood
type to create a "Walking WMD."
Majority of other countries bought
the drug (Even though the U.S. had
know about the drugs defects) from
the U.S. and the U.S. sold it for
profit. But never gave them the
complete version of the drug. Well
the drug had a malfunction which
was deadly. It caused its
subordinates to be subjects to
violent and cannibalistic
behaviors. And it slowly killed
humans, destroying the nerves so
that this "things" could continue
doing what they do without pain r
feeling. Their brain is really the
only function that works in
"them." Jeramiah is one of the few
"walking WMD's" that still live.
Their another one, who is the one
that killed my mother, she
dangerous and was made in the
Philippines. But mainly the drug
and or disease has been given
through bites(mouth to flesh
injections), sharing body fluids.
And apparently we have and
advantage with Jeramiah but don't
trust him because he might turn on
Annie and Damiano looks very puzzled, Jeramiah walks out the
room into the living room.
      (looks around then
       looks at Johnia)
I was bitten, and i sure as hell
wasn't injected with any drug.


Jeramiah i hope you know that
"them" are counter offsprings of
those weapons, so they carry the
drug in their body. And when you
were bitten you were mostly in
ties with the drug. your a fucking
      (Looks pissed)
Ain't that somethin
Jeramiah walks near the kitchen(which is next to the living
room) and opens the refrigerator. Looking through the
refrigerator pulling out a sprite and lays on the couch
pushing Johnia over, so he can have room
      (Holding close to
You know we only have a certain
amount of time before we run outta
food right.
No shit, while your over there
'huggin on Damiano to keep you
safe. We have food to last us for
about 2 weeks if we eat very
little, and knowing that its four
of us... ha shit i wouldn't be
surprise if we ran outta food in
the next 5 days.
The camera shows what Jeramiah is talking about.
                       JERAMIAH (VO)
And i was unfortunately right, we
ate the food in about 5 days, and
we had two days of starvation, and
the toilets and water and
electricity stopped working. Ever
day we would look at the front
door seeing more and more zombies
try to break through it. And i
remember getting up and saying "We
need to go" hahaha and that just
what we did, they used me to kill
the zombies that broke through the
door. We were now outside about 1
mile away from the apartments.


      (Trying to calm
       his arm down)
      (Walks backwards
       away from
Holy shit, we going to have to
fucking kill him soon ya know.
      (Holding Jeramiah)
The fuck!?! He's my best friend i
will never kill him!!!!!!!!!
      (Holding his arm)
I need to learn how to control
this fucking arm
Jeramiah then sees Nia, who seems as if she's across the
street. Nia points to the moon which is in sight of the day.
                       NIA'S VOICE
Go to the school Jeramiah.
      (Holding a Handgun)
Son of a bitch brah
      (Shoots the AK-47)
Way to many of these mother
fuckers. My nigga we gotta get da
fuck up outta here!
They look at "them" eating people, a big red comes near
Shawn and Roshawn,
                       SIR RENOLDS
      (OPuts the window
       down yelling at
       the boys)
Yo kids! Get da fuck in da


                       SIR RENOLDS (cont'd)
The back of the big red is wide open with people with
weapons, shooting at the zombies
      (Points at the Big
Shit bro I'm a hop in the back off
that mother fucka over there
      (Follows Shawn)
I'm agree nigga
They hop in the back of the big red.
      (Trying to catch
       up with the
       moving car)
Hey cousin wait up!!!!!!!!!
      (Looks for Chris
       in the car)
Oh shit where is Chris?
      (holding the new
does it matter, shit by now he's
dead. His dumbass didn't get to
the car in time.
      (Puts a couple of
       guns in a bag
       along with a
       shotgun on his
He's my cousin, i gotta go save
that little nigga
The hell are you-
Roshawn hops out the car, landing feet first on a zombies
head(Smashing the head)


      (Looks at the gas
Shit im at the gas station, that
about 5 miles from home. This is
gonna be a journey.
A zombies tries to run up on Roshawn, Roshawn gets his
shotgun firing the gun into the zombie. Splitting the zombie
in hal. the zombie is still alive so he blows its head off.
      (Throws up)
I hope i get there before Chris
turns to one of these disgusting
      (Hiding under the
       table in the
What's going on?
Zombies walking around for some reason not noticing Chris,
until he hits his head on the table.
      (Holding his head)
Damn that hurt.
      (looks at the
       zombies looking
       at him)
oh crap!
The zombies dash after Chris, who's now running away into
his cousins bedroom, trying to find a weapon. as he locks
the door behind him.
      (going through the
Dammit there must be a weapon
around here somewhere.
He finds a crowbar in the closet, he know that this maybe
his only weapon.


      (grips his weapon)
damn this will have to do.
He dashes through the window as he grabs his skateboard, he
falls onto the ground.
      (holding his arm)
Damn! I'm bleeding i need to get
out of here
      (Hops onto his
       skateboard riding
       as fast as
Chris passes some zombies which he slams the crowbar into
some of their heads, and chests. He notices a car, he rides
abut half a mile to the open car. And by chance the car has
keys in it, a zombie in the car. Chris takes the crowbar
through the zombies head killing it instantly
      (Closes door and
       throws zombie out
       the car)
Persistent mother fuckers
      (Shooting at
Its too fucking hard to shoot them
right in the head, I'm missing too
much shots. I might as well shoot
them in the fucking legs to stun
Uses his shot gun to start blowing off their legs, holding
the bag of guns on his shoulder. he runs through them but
then falls.
      (The shotgun and
       bags falls out
       his hands and
A zombie rushes on top of him, he struggles then grabs to
the nears weapon. An .9 mil that fell out from the bag,
shooting the zombie in the mouth.


      (Gets up putting
       the guns that
       fell out the bag
       into the bag and
       grabs his shotgun)
what the fuck man.
A car drives near Roshawn. The car has Chris in it, who's
driving it
      (Waves out the car)
Roshawn get in the car!!!!!!!!!
      (looks at Chris)
What the fuck are you doing Chris?
Don't worry bout that right now,
get in the fucking car.
Roshawn gets in the car surprised to hear Chris cuss.
      (Putting on
Little nigga you need to watch
your language
Fuck you I'm only three years
younger than you. So where are we
To a high school near elk grove.
You don't know the name of the
high school?
Naw, but I'll know the school when
i see it. It's the one where
Damiano had the jazz festival
E.G High?


      (Punching his arm)
Yeah that's it, your a smart
little nigga huh.
or your just a dumb mother fucker.
      (Shaking his head)
Nothing we got about 60 minutes
before we get to Elk Grove.
And they drive off into the distance, to go to the safe
house in Elk Grove
                                         FADE OUT.
      (Huffing and
We...need..to go...to...the school
      (Picking Jeramiah
       off the ground)
What do you mean we need to "go to
E.G. High, there's
And what if your wrong?
I'm not, I'm positive bout this
You better not be lying to us
      (Pulls out blade
       off the side of


                       JOHNIA (cont'd)
Because if you are I'll cut you
with your own blade.
Johnia holding the the blade at Jeramiah neck
      (Pushes Johnia
       blade away from
Stop it! We need to work as a
team! there's no time for fighting
right now!
      (Gets up on his tw
       feet after being
       helped by Damiano)
Follow... me....
                       NIA'S VOICE
Remember... Me.....
      (Holding his head
       in headache)
Nia appears in Jeramiah's eyes showing him the direction to
the school.
Where the fuck are we?
      (said quietly)
Don't be surprised if he tries to
kill us all right here
I can.. still hear you....
      (Collaspes to the
Jeramiah sees images of Nia, he starts seeing his past with
her. She then appears in front of him(he could only see her,
due to her being a figment of his imagination)
      (Undressed holding
Its okay, I'll always be with you.


                       NIA (cont'd)
Trust me, I'll guide you all the
      (Grips Jeramiahs
       blade that she
He's gonna fucking turn on us!
      (Grabs onto
       Damiano's arm)
Is he turning again?
      (Backing up)
Yeah, um just stay calm everyone.
      (Holding his head
       in pain)
NIA!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT
TO DO!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!
A lot of zombies start to gather near the group.(about 15 of
                       NIA'S VOICE
Jeramiah takes off with extreme speed.
Jeramiah where the hell are you
      (Runs after
Let's go dammit!!
Everyone is barely able to keep up with Jeramiah, they all
approach the school. Along with a load of zombies sprinting
after them


      (Slamming on the
Can someone please open the
      (Start slamming on
       the door)
Please open the FUCKING
      (Looks around)
The zombies are getting closer!
The door opens, Annie and Johnia fall in the floor of the
front of the Multi-Use-Room, Jeramiah and Damiano walk into
the area. The door shuts instantly as they get into the
      (Starts holding
       his stomach)
Something doesn't feel right
      (Shaking ne of the
       guards hands)
Thank you.
                       SIR RENOLDS
      (Walks to the kids)
Welcome boys and girls. As you can
see this is are fortress it isnt
much but it works. My name is Sir
Renolds, may i ask for yours?
      (Shakes Sir
       Renolds hands)
      (Shakes Sir
       Renolds hand)
Annie Long, pleasure to meet you


                       SIR RENOLDS
Pleasure all mine
Johnia Miao
                       JERAMIAH (VO)
About 3 days passed, and more
people came. We met new people, we
all got along in some parts. And
old friend from the bay area came,
to. He greeted me in his old
fashioned way
      (Walking towards
Yo Jera, You look like shit.
They look around noticing a lot of people, The Shawn walks
up to greet Jeramiah.
Shawn goes and gives Jeramiah a bro hug
Yo, um where's Chris and Roshawn
Shit, they probaly dead. Shawn
went after your brother Chris. But
htat was almost 2 days ago.
      (Punches Shawn in
       the face)
What the fuck? What the hell makes
you think telling me this shit...
Would be a good thing, and you
would just let them die.
      (Spits out blood)
Hopefully their alive
Both Sir Renolds and Johnia In the middle of a conversation


                       SIR RENOLDS
A "walking WMD"
Yes sir, we'll need him. I'm with
the leftist from southern
California. We'll need him in
order to fight off those pigs who
caused this whole outbreak. But he
can't be trusted.
                       SIR RENOLDS
      (Starts walking
       towards a big
       hall closet)
I am of the LOTN(Leftist
Organization of the North) So...
      (Opens door
       pointing at a
Well you see, we already have one.
The door opens slowly, as a figure of a beautiful women with
dark brown hair filing her nails in dress. Looks at Johnia
      (Walks past Johnia
       out into the MUR)
Hey Johnia its been awhile
Johnia falls back

You Monster. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Everyone in the MUR(about 150 people) stop and turn to look
back at Johnia
I feel weird
Everyone Runs up to Anita, Everyone tries greeting her. She
treated like a hero by everyone in the MUR.
                       DAMIANO (OS)
The camera shows Johnia in complete shock while the security
tries to figure out what's wrong with her,


      (Runs up to hug
How was your sleep Anita?
      (Hugs the little
It was great, how's you and your
That's good to know, now go play
with your friends
The little girl goes off running to play with her group of
little kids. Anita is smiling, but when she notices Jeramiah
she starts to feel weird
      (Coughs violently)
Yo what's wrong bro?
That girl that....everyone's so
eager to meet... that Anita girl
is a fucking....
"walking WMD"
       Jeramiah's Back)
Help anybody, My friends throwing
Jeramiah and Anita exchange looks, Anita then puts her hand
over her mouth. She falls of her chair, and passes out.
From the eyes of Jeramiah(Blurry Vision): He sees Sara walk
up to him and this is what her hears when he's abut to pass
                       SARA (OS)
What's wrong? Wait don't tell me
is he a "Walking WMD"?


                       DAMIANO (OS)
Yeah and he's having some sorta
                       CHELSEA (OS)
Sara, Anita passed out!!!!
I got it, don't worry ma'am I'll
get Anita!
Officer Falmes?
What the fuck ....is..going...on?
Jeramiah wakes up in a dark room, he looks around in
confusion. He feels a little nauseous. He noticed he's in a
bed with a band on his infected arm..which looks somewhat
normal but with a small bite mark
      (Looking at the
       wrist band on his
       infected arm)
holy shit where am I?
      (Said in his head)
What is is this fucking wristband?
No. 002, the hell does tha-
      (laying in a bed
       next to
       looking at
Its your number. Your the second
"Walking WMD" discovered. The
wristband also prevents you from
using your abilities. So that your
won't turn into a monster...yet
      (Puzzled Amazement)
Did you just read-


      (Cuts Jeramiah off)
Your mind. Yeah we can do that to
each other.
Huh? what do you mean? we can both
read each others mind?
      (Starts speaking
       in her mind)
Precisely. Can you hear me? My
      (Starts to speak
       in mind)
Yes i can. Its as if we have the
same brain
No we are created or formed to
think all alike or to at least
know what's one another is
thinking. We are able to track
each other whenever necessary
What do you know about me?
      (Speaks aloud)
I know you've been very confused
and you've been suffering the lost
of your lover, mother, Mr.
Richson, and you plan on killing
Annie as soon as you get a chance.
      (Speaks aloud)
You know about-
      (Cuts Jeramiah off
Nia. Yes she was a good person
indeed. Can you tell me something
about me Jeramiah?
      (He gets a
Ow, it feels like my head is being


                       JERAMIAH (cont'd)
attached to something.
He starts seeing images of her being dragged away from
juvenile hall, into a room. With Dr. Six slamming her into
the wall
                       DR. SIX
      (Grabs her arms
       latching them
       onto the
       operation bed)
Your pretty cute to be in here
      (Kicking her feet
       while the gaurds
       attempt to force
       her feet on the
       latch on the bed)
Dr. Six picks up a needle containing the drug.
                       DR. SIX
      (Walking back and
If this works we can use it on in
mates 5 days from now. Men forget
about latching her legs I'll
handle to please leave Officers.
Officers say "yes sir" and then leave the room, Dr. Six
close and locks the door as they leave. Giving Anita a
deadly Grin.
      (looks frightened)
Why the fuck are you grinning? Why
                       DR. SIX
      (Pulss off Anita's
Did i ever tell you how pretty you


      (Starts kicking
       and moving)
STOP IT!!!!!!
                       DR. SIX
      (Pulls Her Panties
       off and lifts her
       shirt up)
I don't know what a pretty girl
like you would do in a place like
                       POLICE WOMEN 1
      (Shaking her head)
That sick fuck.
                       POLICE MAN 1
Shit, I'm glad that isn't my
Anita kicks Dr. Six on the face, causing Dr. Six to fall to
the ground. Dr. Six then gets back up latching her legs to
the bed.
                       DR. SIX
Your my pretty girl
The camera only shows the shadow figure of Dr. Six and Anita
as he proceeds to rape her. He then grabs the drug and
injects it into her neck after he rapes her.
      (Camera on her
Anita starts reacting to the drug, and as Dr. Six hoped she
started transforming into the perfect being. But when she
transformed sh didn't look different as her transformation
reversed her to normal
      (Spits in Dr.
       Six's face)
I hope you burn in hell


                       DR. SIX
      (Wipes spit off
       his face)
Your a fucking failed project. But
i will be testing the drug in D.C
and selling this drug to other
countries, maybe the drugs
counter-part will work on
humans... I'll have them find out
on their own
You demented fuck!
                       DR. SIX
Officers put this bitch in
solitary confinement.
The officers come in as Dr. Six unlocks the door. They
unlatch Anita who's in emotional and physical shock. And
take her to solitary confinement, under the lab(about 3,00
feet underground). She's left there for 5 days
I must leave. I must leave.
Must..... Leave
                       CHELSEA (OS)
Mommy!!!!!!! Who are they?
                       RAINA (OS)
      (grabbing her
       daughter hand)
Their bad people, we need to go
Anita grows winds and her left eye turns purple, she breaks
through the room by gently touching the wall. She hopes in
front of Raina and Chelsea to protect them
      (Her hands start
       shooting bullets
       from the plam of
       her hands)
Stay the fuck away from
On Anita's forehead a mouth appears pulling in the zombies
as if their lunch meat


Um, there's a car outside. If you
want you can come with us!
      (throws up some
You gonna invite a monster with
you, well thank you ma'am but I'll
survive on my own
Raina grabs Chelsea and runs away but Chelsea stops running
What your name miss?
Zombies are gone for now, Anita walks towards Chelsea
Chelsea Common!!!!!
      (looks at Chelsea
       in her eyes)
Anita Honuli, what's yours?
      (Hugs Anita)
Chelsea Swanzti and thank you for
saving me and my mommy.
      (She tehn runs off
       to follow her
The camera shows Anita smiling. And for the next couple of
days killing zombies, have reactions to the drug. And then
being able to fly using her wings, stumbles upon Johnia's
family. Anita is overwhelmed with power and ends up killing
Johnia's brother, mother, father, and little sister. Anita
eats some of the corpses remains. Johnia is hiding under her
bed in her room as Anita pulls off the cover.
you.........Anita......my best
friend....why would..you....
      (walks out the
Because things have changed


Camera zooms on the disturbing demon faced version of Anita,
who teeth are showing, along with veins consisting around
her facial area
      (he looks at his
       hand trying to
       convert into a
       the 'WMD")
Anita..... Dr. Six....Chelsea is
that little girl from earlier in
the MUR. And you......
      (throws up a
were raped
      (walks in front of
       Jeramiah taking
       off his covers)
Get up and follow me.
                                         BLACK OUT
He follows her and ends up noticing their in a patient
robe...with nothing under it. She gets a ladder that opens
from the inside of their room and goes up the rooftop. she
climbs first and he follows her.
look at the moon
um why?
because, now just go and look!
It looks light a moon
      (Puts her hand on
When the moon becomes the holder
of light, and the sun becomes the
associate of darkness the world
will end


What do you mean?
      (Leans to kiss
You'll know soon enough
Jeramiah and Anita share a passionate kiss, as if they have
been connected forever
                       NIA'S VOICE
You lying, cheating fuck, I can't
wait to kill you and that bitch.
As if they both heard Nia they immediately stop kissing
                                         BLACK OUT
Sara walks in the the room that contains Jeramiah and Anita
in it(K-3). Sara turns on the lights
      (Walking towards
       the cabinet)
Do you guys feel better?
      (Getting up slowly)
Yeah i was doing fine till you
turned that damn light on.
Jeramiah rubbing his eyes as he gets out of bed. Anita looks
like she's been up almost as if she's been getting ready to
go out
      (Goes up and
       kisses Jeramiah)
I feel perfect Sara
Sara looks confused, and Jeramiah is in even more shock
I'm awake now.
      (Throws some
       clothes on
       Jeramiah's lap)
Here's some clothes now go get


                       SARA (cont'd)
      (Puts on his
Um may i ask your name?
My name is Sara Minano, and its is
my pleasure to have you by our
side number two
Sara slams the door, leaving the room
      (Looks at
Number two?
remember to them were nothing but
tools for war, they barely know us
as humans.
      (Reaches for his
Um where's my blade?
      (Looks at Johnny)
Officer its been awhile hasn't it?
Yeah it has kid.
what brings you here?
Isn't that all our reasons. You
know the women i had supposedly
"killed" was one of "them"
I know and so was Nia Renee.Hell i
was in D.C. a little before the
manifestation of the virus. Ha


                       JOHNNY (cont'd)
protesters were telling us this,
that the rich would leave and let
us fiend for ourselves...and they
were right. And the fucking
experimentation on human beings
were wrong, morally. And i let
this shit happened, right when i
was back in california...shit went
down hill. My wife and kid were
killed , i had been starving for
days till this LONA saved me.
LONA Stands fr Leftist Organization of North America, which
is a subbranch of the Leftist Global Organization Of the
Got damn, apparently you not so
good as your supposed to be.
The cafeteria is serving breakfast to everyone, Anita and
Jeramiah go to get something to eat.
                       SIR RENOLDS
      (Standing on a
       chair yelling)
Remember you only get to get food
once, you are not allowed to get
or sneak seconds. this is so
everyone has enough to eat, and we
are limited very until our
soldiers get more food for us.
Jeramiah and Anita walking with plates in their hands
      (Gets confused)
Soldiers? Is he gonna send the
guards to go fetch food?
Annie and Johnia eying Jeramiah and Anita. Anita delivers a
rude look at them, back Annie and Johnia away from looking
It been awhile since Jeramiah has
ever smiled
      (Clinches her fist)
It makes me sick.


Why what do you have against them?
      (Points at Anita)
That bitch killed my family, as
far as I'm concerned i would
prefer them both dead
Johnia then takes a bite out of her bacon, with a pissed
expression on her face.
      (Takes a sip of
       her water)
Um, sure.
The camera goes back to Jeramiah and Anita talking
      (Giggles as she
       sit down at the
You make me laugh, since were the
only ones capable of fighting
"them" we will be getting the
      (sits next to
Wait what?
      (Smiles at
Were going grocery shopping
But how will we be able to use our
Simple we take off our wristbands.
But if you get out of hand, or if
the powers devour you... I won't
hesitate to kill you.
What if you get devoured by your


      (Giggles again)
That won't happen
Roshawn(and Chris) who arrived sometime after Jeramiah and
Anita passed out sneaks up behind Jeramiah greeting him
What's up nigga!!!!!!!!!!!
      (looks behind him
       seeing Roshawn)
      (Gets up to hug
       his cousin)
Bro i thought you were dead
Well I'm not and neither is your
little foul mouth brother
Chris tries to grab Jeramiah by the neck, and Jeramiah
throws him off putting his brother in the head lock
      (Struggling in
       head lock)
Bro, I'll get you one day dammit.
Shit, you wish little bro. How
been little bro?
Chris gets out of head lock
I've been fine, but I'm doing even
better now that i see this beauty
      (Gets next to
       Anita looking at
      (Looks at Jeramiah)
Yeah bro who's this? Is this your
new female? Are you on top or
Fuck you man


      (Punches Jeramiah
       softly n the arm)
Nigga you know I'm just play with
you, so how you be-
Anita gets up from the table and holds Jeramiah's arm
      (Smiles at Chris
       and Roshawn)
My name is Anita Honuli, ts a
pleasure to meet you.
Anita and Jeramiah walk away, to go meet with Johnny in the
A pleasure indeed
For real though
Jeramiah stops to get his blade from Johnia
Um Johnia can i get my blade
      (Hands the blade
       to Jeramiah)
Take the blade and go.
Jeramiah walks off looking at Johnia, who seems very angry.
Jeramiah then proceeds to catch up with Anita at the front
You guys set?
Hell yeah
      (Unlocks door)


      (holding a shot
I'm coming along
Dammit boy your staying here
      (Cocks his shotgun)
Sorry sir i can't do that
The door opens and Jeramiah, Anita, And Damiano run out with
big bags on their shoulders. When the exit the MUR safe
house the door closes almost immediately as they leave
                                         CUT TO
EXT. A DEMON 9/1/14 1:00 PM - DAY
Anita gently takes off the wristband and puts it in her
pocket as multiple zombies gather around them. Damiano has
ran out of bullets by now
      (tries shooting
       the gun and the
       gun shots no
Damn I'm completely out of bullets
      (Pulls out an
I love Roshawn for these weapons
he gave me from his bag though,
haha and his ex-group that left
Jeramiah Take off your
      (He watches
       Anita's eyes turn
       blood red as her
       hair turns purple
       and skin turns
       gray with orange
       wings growing out
       of her back)
I don't want to change i won't be


                       JERAMIAH (cont'd)
able to control it.
      (Changing form)
Got dammit Jeramiah Do it!
Jeramiah looks at Anita who still looks as beautiful as
                       NIA'S VOICE
I hope they kill you all
      (Pulls off his
       wristband giving
       it handing it to
NO DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!
Damiano puts Jeramiah's wristband in his pocket. Jeramiah
starts to see a mouth in the out of his hand and his other
hand spill out gore, as it forms a blade and a whole in his
palm for bullets(which are formed by blood) his eyes close
and his third eye appears on his forehead,. Jeramiah's skin
turns blue, and his veins shown to be dark red all over him.
Black wing pour out.
      (Fighting zombies
       smashing their
       heads in with her
       fist , doing alot
       of mixed martial
       arts including
       tae-chi ect)
Be calm Jeramiah!!!!!!!!!!
      (Scary low voice)
      (His monster hand
       expandes starting
       to eat zombies)
I.. need...to...be..ca..lm
Anita starts simply touching zombies bodies and then the
bodies explodes. She is able to use her wings flying, and
expanded her nails as blades to slice through zombies like
butter. Damiano shooting zombies trying to remain sane


      (He holding his
       mouth like arm
       down, trying to
       control his
AHHHHH!!!! Listen to me Dammit!!!!
      (His regular eys
       opens up)
I control you !!!!!!!!!!
Jeramiah manages to pull in 3 zombies in his mouth arm, and
blows away a blast at The other zombies with his other hand.
Anita starts to fly towards the grocery store building
The hell? what about me i can't
      (Holding Damiano
       as he flys
       following Anita)
I got you bro
They get at the store, landing in front of the front door.
      (Throws up)
Damn my stomach hurts
That's how the first flight feels
      (Holding his head)
Um i think the door is fuckin
Anita touches the wall blowing up the doors
      (She walks in the
Not anymore
The rummage through all the food and cooking supplies they
could find. The fill their bags but before they leave they
notice a aircraft passing by outside. That dumps a loud of
dead bodies in the town.


                       NIA'S VOICE
Anita i want you t know that you
are gonna be just as dead as those
fucks along with my ex lover
      (In her mind)
It's Nia voice
      (In his mind)
Yeah i can hear her too
Yo can you guys stop dozing off!
We need to fucking go!!!
Aite lets leave this place then
                       NIA'S VOICE
Just like how you left me.
They fly off along with Jeramiah holding Damiano. Jeramiah
and Anita are now near the school. Jeramiah drops Damiano
and Anita catches Damiano. Jeramiah then crashes into the
roof of the building falling into the middle of the MUR
                       SIR RENOLDS
      (Looks at Jeramiah)
What the fuck?
                       ANITA (OS)
      (Slamming on the
      (Walks to the door)
Aw shit. Men open the door!
Sara and her small group of medics runs to Jeramiah
Someone go get a towel to clean up
all this blood, make sure the
blood doesn't get in you r eyes or
mouth understand!


Nia is coming.
Um shouldn't you like put on the
What would you know about the
All i know is when you had it on
you looked "normal" and when you
took it off you look like a demon.
      (Smiles as she
       goes in her
       pocket to reach
       for her wristband
       and then puts it
       on her wrist)
Your smart
Her wings tuck in her back, here skin originates back t tan,
and her hair goes back to being dark brown. The MUR door
opens and Damiano and Anita rush inside, Sara rushes to
hand me the wristband quickly
      (reaches in his
       pocket and gives
       Sara the
Um here.
                       ANITA (VO)
What is normal? Is it a projection
of what everyone is suppose to be
and if were not of that projection
does that make us different? and
if we are then why is it so wrong
to be different? Do people don't
like things that are different
because they wish in their desire
that they were different? I'm a
demon some would say and yet I'm


                       ANITA (cont'd)
able to have emotions like
everyone else, is it because i
have abilities above an average
human? Yet I'm still a young teen,
me and Jeramiah are yet we are
given these responsibilities
because we are different. So very
The camera shows Jeramiah struggling in the MUR with pain,
and Sara putting the wristband on him. Anita and Jeramiah
kissing, and a review of everything including Anita life
when she was in school
                                         FADE OUT
INT. OVERDRIVE 5/11/16, 7:00 AM - DAY
Annie and Johnia are in the same bed
      (Holding Johnia's
When do we tell Damiano?
      (Kisses Annie)
Honestly I wouldn't give two fucks
about Damiano
      (Pulls away from
       Johnia's kiss)
But babe I've been lying to
Damiano for about 1 year now.
He'll find out soon enough
      (Starts licking
       Annie's neck)
Annie and Johnia make out and soon get under the sheets, the
camera shows their shadows
      (laying down
       tossing a ball
       around the room)


                       DAMIANO (cont'd)
How long do you guys think me and
Annie will stay together?
Everyone yells at Damiano telling him to "shut up"
      (Cathces ball)
Shit, i wouldn't keep your hopes
up. She doesn't seem to be a trust
worthy person.
Shit man forget you women problems
i got my own
Everyone but Chris laughs
      (Throws the ball
       at Chris yelling
       at chris)
The hell you mean "I got women
problems" you are still dealing
with little girls
      (Throws the ball
       back at Shawn)
Dammit I'm only 17 and dammit you
guys are only 20 so leave me alone
      (Looks at Damiano)
Damiano you a homie so gots to
keep it real wit ya. I think she
ball humping the pancake man.
Roshawn Translation: She probably gay, and is with a female
Bullshit man i really doubt it.
      (Cathces the ball
       chris tosses at
When the last time yo ass got some
from her?
We never did but-


Everyone laughs
You never done it with her?
That a loud of BS. Because the
nurse has hell condoms in the
closet n the back i call it the
P-5 room.
(Actually called K-5)
Will yall shut up, me and her will
be doing that soon so shut up!
Everyone including Damiano laugh
About a day later Damiano gets condoms and he goes into
Annie's tent. Its now only him and Annie in the tent
5/12/14 5:45 PM
      (Starts kissing
Hey babe, let's do it.
She pushes him away. He's in his boxers and she's in a long
t shirt
      (Looks confused)
What's wrong?
Do you have condoms?
      (picks the condoms
       up out of his
       pants pockets)
Yeah of course. We need to be pro-
      (Looks at Damiano
       in Disgust)
Get out.....


      (Grabs a metal
       plate in the tent)
Get the fuck OUT!!!!!
People hear a loud clinging noise, some people were
listening to Annie & Damiano's conversation. People in the
area get near Anni's tent and notices Damiano on the ground
in his boxers holding his head as blood leaks from it.
      (Bleeding out of
       his mouth and
Ahhhhhh! Annie why!!!!!!?! What
..did.. i do?
      (No expression on
       her face)
You didn't get out.
      (Runs to Damiano)
Holy shit bro are you o...
      (Looks around sees
Sara we need your help!!!!
      (Runs up to
The hell happened to the kid?
      (Picks him up)
Sara runs over to check out Damiano,who's now in Sara's
medical room
      (Looks at Johnia
       get in the tent
       and kiss Annie
       who's inside)
What the fuck?
      (Lays Damiano
       gently on the bed)
Got damn she give him a full blow
to the head


Why....why Annie?
The start some test on Damiano, who's suffered intense bone
damage to the skull. Jeramiah wakes up in the middle of the
night, and get out his bed
      (Wakes up in the
       bed with Jeramiah)
Where are you going?
      (Puts on his
To get revenge
      (Making out with
babe I should of killed him
      (Kissing Annie)
Don't worry babe he'll be dead
soon enough
      (Gets under the
I love you babe
Annie then notices Jeramiah. Jeramiah's eyes look blood red,
and one of his arms have take a claw form. She epically
notices this when she sees his wristband is off his wrist
Hello you guys
      (Back out from the
       covers in nude)
oh shit, um hi...Jer.a..miah
You give women a bad name.
Exploiting yourself by cheating on
your so called "man", i wouldn't
be mad at you if you were gay
      (Walks in the tent)
Its just you cheated and bashed in


                       JERAMIAH (cont'd)
my best friends head. And you guys
were discussing to kill him?
      (Gets into Annies
I'm gonna fucking kill you
Johnia tries to run but Jeramiah grabs her, and Annie in
fear urinates on herself. Jeramiah then puts on his
wristband, reverting to normal
But not yet.
Jeramiah leaves the tent
She's been lying to me? That bitch
INT. DECEPTION 7/2/16 10:00 AM - DAY
Damiano wakes up from a temporary coma. Damiano gets up
looking confused, he stumbles to the floor due to him not
using his legs for two months
      (Holding his head)
Holy shit,
      (Looks at him self
       in the mirror as
       he forces his
       body with with
       his arm up to the
Why the hell is a white bandana
wrapped around me head?
Annie walks into the ER room to see Damiano
      (Drops the plae of
       food she had down
       on the ground in
Damiano your awake?!?
      (Looks in the
       mirror seeing
       Annie behind him)


                       DAMIANO (cont'd)
Would you prefer me to be asleep?
      (Runs to hug
So how things with you and Johnia?
      (Walks into the ER
Pretty damn good.
      (Kisses Annie)
      (Throws up a
So...how ...long.. have you guys
been doin this shit to me?
      (Tries to hold
Are you o-
      (Pulls annie back)
1 year and 5 months
Anita walks int the ER grabbing Damiano helping Damiano on
his two feet
      (Holding Damiano)
You bitches make me sick
      (Gets in Anita's
Says the delinquent turned monster
      (Grabs Johnia by
       the neck)
I shouldn't have killed your
family, it should of been you I
3:00 PM


      (Hears a gun shot?)
The hell?
      (Runs towards the
Johnia has Chelsea at gun point and Raina lays on the ground
shot. The guards are all pointing their gun but hesitates to
shoot due to the situation. Sir Renolds is puzzled by the
acts done by Johnia, Anita is next to Sara
      (Walks up to Sir
The fuck is going on?
                       SIR RENOLDS
Johnia has lost her mind along
with your other friend Annie
Annie starts walking back and forth demanding supplies
      (Smiling in a
       insane way)
Listen up mother fuckers!!!! I
want a key to one of the fucking
dozens of the cars you have out
there. And we want all the fucking
food you got moved to our car. If
i don't get that in five minutes
than I'll put a fucking bullet
through this girls fucking
Anita HELP!!!! They shot mommy
      (Hits Chelsea to
       shut her up)
Shut up ! you stupid bitch
Anita holds her wrist, she thinking about taking off her
      (Places her hand n
       Anitas Hand)
Don't do it Anita


What's stopping me?
Sara points at Damiano who far in the back with the door
creaked opened barely. Damiano holding a sniper gun on the
floor, pointed at Johnia's head
      (Looks at Sir
Evacuate everyone out of this
building Sir.
Sir Renolds nods his head.
                       SIR RENOLDS
      (Yells into the
Plan es3 B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      (Shoots at Johnia)
Gotcha bitch
The bullet leaves a giant gash through the back of Johnia's
head, everyone runs to the back gate(which leads to the
buses) Anita goes with the people. And Jeramiah takes off
his wristband, having control of his powers he blows up the
wall that Johnia and Annie are near but purposely making
sure the explosion doesn't touch Chelsea. Chelsea goes to
her mom crying. Anita stops running to go get Chelsea
      (Grabbing chelsea)
Common we need to go
      (tries pushing
       closer to her
NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANITA MY MOMMY IS
DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!I WANT TO
STAY!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH HER
Shawn, Chris, Roshawn I need you
guys to go get with them on the
bus. You'll be safe
But bro...


GO GOT DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      (Stummbles on his
       cane next to
Jeramiah were the fuck are we
I don't know.....Where Anita???
                       ANITA (OS)
      (Talking in
       Jeramiah's head)
Go to Washington D.C., there's one
more car for you to use. Its a
minivan, but it works. The key is
in Sara's room
      (Grabs his demonic
Damiano stand back!
Jeramiah's mouth like gruesome arm starts eating away more
and more of "them" or zombies you could say. And for every
zombie he heats the strong he gets. Jeramiah can control his
abilities by now. So he gives it all he got to clear the
area of zombies.

      (Falls to the
       ground passed out)
Shit I'm tired.
They all left.
      (looks at the
       leftover remains
       of Annie and
They deserved it. Yo there's not a
single zombie in sight.
They stay at the MUR with little supplies for about 4 days,
no zombies have shown up. And on the forth day they both
decide to leave, the go and get the car keys and leave the
area. A year passes up as Damiano and Jeramiah looks for any
survivors around northern California. There are none, but


there are a lot of zombies. The reside at an the Juvenal
hall that Damiano lived in which has a lot of protection
4/21/2017 7:00 PM
Jeramiah we need to find somewhere
to go, this constant fighting to
keep alive is some bullshit.
We go to Washington D.C. and don't
trip we've lived like this for
awhile now bro.
                       NIA'S VOICE
1 more year my love. 1 more
fucking year!
                       JERAMIAH (OS)
Let's go now!
                       DAMIANO (OS)
Um okay
                                         FADE OUT
Damiano is driving the car as Jeramiah is laying down in the
back seat
Yo bro, do you even know how to
get to D.C.
      (Shaking his head)
Yea, sorta i went there on a music
bus to perform for the congress
years back. I mesmerized how we
got there...a little
      (Goes back to
       laying down)
I'm guessing were gonna be
searching for the city then.


      (Looks at Jeramiah
       from the mirror
       in the car)
I'm pretty sure that we're near
Washington D.C.
Where do think Anita went to?
I'm guessing she went with, the
LONA. But who knows where they've
The went to go meet up with a city
that the LOA have put together,
its supposed to be in D.C. where
its "safe"
I don't believe anywhere is "safe"
from "them"
I can't believe all the shit that
happened in the past 3 years.
      (Looks at Jeramiah
       again through the
Do you even miss Nia?
      (Starts to get up)
Bro answer the question.
She's not dead.....
      (Stops the car)
Wait what?
She's not dead....


      (Grabs Jeramiah by
       the shirt)
Jeramiah what the fuck do you
mean"she's not dead"?!? If there's
something you know then you better
tell me.
Nia been in my dreams and in my
head ever since she left us
physically, she showed me how to
get to that LONA fortress, and
she's the reason i changed so
often. When i started to dating
with Anita, Nia said she would
kill me and her both. Anita knows
about this, Nia is far from dead
      (Letting go of
       Jeramiah slowly)
The fuck?
What the fuck is going on
7/23/17 12:00 AM
Jeramiah and Damiano drives into Washington D.C., the town
is completely barricaded. Zombies try scratching at the wall
trying to get through the wall. The zombies notice Jeramiah
and Damiano
      (Prepares to take
       off his wristband)
Aw shit
      (Reaches for his
Damn more of these mother fuckers
Both Jeramiah and Damiano get out the car. As the get out t
fight "them." A giant light flashes over the barricade into
the street were the zombies are at


      (Covering his eyes)
What the fuck is that?
      (His eyes barely
                       GENERAL MAYS (VO)
      (Only Voice)
Prepare for fire
      (putting his hand
Fire? what the fu-
      (Grabs Jeramiah
       throw them both
       into the behind
       the car)
They both get behind their car as the light starts flashing
bullets into the crowd of zombies trying to break the
      (looking at
       zombies being
Holy shit!!!!!!!!
What the hell is-
Lights flash off, then barricaded doors open very slowly a
man walks towards Jeramiah and Damiano
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
Welcome to the city of explo-
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
      (Looks around
       starts whispering)
Leave this place now.


why we can't just fuckin-
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
Shhhhhh. Whisper
      (Starts whispering)
Will, may i ask why?
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
This is a city of exploitation
boys, inside there's prostitutes,
violence, AND GREED. Going in
there isn't a good idea. People
change in this city boys
Doesn't the Leftist Organization
of America Own this area?
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
We did but....but that was almost
a year ago. Before the government
overran us. They own-
      (Cuts his dad off)
                       GENERAL MAYS
Hurry the fuck up Mitchell!!!!!
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
Stupid fucker
      (Starts walking
Yes sir.
Dr. Six walks out the barricade doors, looks at Mr.
Mitchell. And then walks over towards the back of Damiano
and Jeramiah's car where he sees Jeramiah and Damiano
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
aw shit.
                       DR. SIX
Lookie over here, I've found new


      (Remembers some of
       Anita's Past)
                       DR. SIX
      (gives both of
       them a hand shake)
Dr. Six, a pleasure to meet you
The soldiers go and hit both Jeramiah and Damiano in the
back of their head with the back of their Guns(mainly
rifles) Knocking Damiano and Jeramiah out
                                         BLACK OUT.
INT. DISTURBED 7/23/17, 9:23 AM - DAY
      (wakes up on the
huh? Where the fuck are we?
Jeramiah looks around and notices Damiano on a torn bed
mattress. Jeramiah gets up looking at the bathroom, the
toliet filled with shit. And he looks at the wall in which
the wallpaper has been slightly ripped
      (Walks towards the
       windows, noticing
       the windows are
       barricade with
The hell?
      (gets up on the
       bed confused)
What the? Where am I?
Damiano holding his head in confusion walking towards
Jeramiah, Jeramiah accident pushes Damiano on the floor when
they unknowingly bump into each other.


      (Falls on the
Jeramiah watch where the hell you
      (Lends Damiano a
Yo my bad, but where the fuck are
Shit i don't know.
Jeramiah walks to the front door, opening it. He then sees
regualar living people walking back and forth. Most of the
people do although look completly miserable. He then
proceeds to walk outside with Damiano following behind.
      (Looks around
Holy shit.....
There are people.....
They reach downstairs seeing a man inject himself with
heroin, Jeramiah and Damiano notice that alot of the women
in the building young and older are dressed as prositutes
      (Opens the door to
The streets look like hell itself. People are fighting each
other, the police are beating civilians. The area looks like
shit, you have people having sex in alleys. The area smells
of urine.
      (Walks outside)
What the fuck?
Jeramiah follows Damiano outside, Jeramiah reaches for his
blade but then realizes its gone.


      (Grabs wristband)
Don't take off the wristband, we
don't want the fucking military
after you. They know about the
"walking WMD's" so its better to
keep it quiet.
Well lets find My dad, he sure to
have some answers about this
They start walking through the streets.
This is a fucking huge ass city
I know.
Mary Maina, A young girl about 19 years old, with tan skin
and brown hair. Dressed as a school girl approaches Jeramiah
and Damiano
      (licks her lips)
Hey big boys, you want some
Um what the fuck?
You look like your-
      (Cuts Damiano off)
19 yeah i know, but you boys like
it young huh.
Sex is the last thing on my mind,
do you know who Willshawn Mitchell


I'll know who he is if you give me
some money
Um I'm sorry but we have no money,
but may i ask your name
Jeramiah punches Damiano in the Arm
Mary Maina
Enough with the introductions. I
need to know what made a 19 year
old girl into a prositute?
                       MARY (VO)
When the outbreak happened, it
took everyone i know. It killed my
parents and took everything. I was
just a girl in a nice neighborhood
graduating high school. But no i
couldnt have it the way i wanted
it, at my graduation party some
man bit a girl. and a girl bit a
guy and so forth. Everything was
turning to shit, i ran upstairs to
call my parents their phone was
off. I left the area, and a kind
man from the LOTA picked me up
while he was searching for
How did you survive?
                       MARY (VO)
Running away from my house, but
like i saidthe LOTA picked me up
earlier that night. I live in D.C
so the LOTA were very close. I
went with them and the first 2
years everything was going
great... Intil the military came
in the city. It was the first
street war to ever occur over hear
that i knew of. Many of the LOTA
and the citizens were killed.
those who lived were set into the
ghettos that were made just for
us. The rich immediately told us
we had to pay in order to get into


                       MARY (cont'd)
the "golden side of the city" i
had no money so prositution is the
only way to earn money
How much money does it cost?
More than your life
So everyone is dead that were
associated to the LOTA
Mostly everyone
Jeramiah starts thinking about his brother and his cousin.
Then starts thinking about Anita. Jeramiah proceeds to drop
a tear.
Damiano tonight we have a mission.
Were gonna find everyone. Mary do
you know where the golden side of
the city is ?
Yes, it actually prettty far why?
Because your comming with us.
10:00 PM
                       GENERAL MAYS (OS)
Remember you must be in your
sheltered house by 10 o'clock. If
your are not in the nessacry area
at this time of night THEN GET
THERE! Because my men will take
forceful action if you are not
where you are supposed to be. BE
Yo man we should go back.


No fuck that! We gotta get to the
golden side of the city
Um were almost there
Shhhhh. Keep it quiet
      (looks behind him)
Oh shit.
The light flashes in their face. Jeramiah and Damiano jump
out from the ray of the light as fast as they can. Mary
looks confused and backs up against a wall. A man holding a
machine gun shots the gun from behind the light. The bulets
splatter all over Mary's body. Causing Mary to look no more
then torn flesh splatered on the wall.
General Mays and his men grab Jeramiah And Damiano
                       GENERAL MAYS
Look what we got over here.
      (Spits in
       Jeramiah's face)
The two newcomers, who tried to
live a good life. Hahaha, its
funny how ungrateful two mother
fuckers could be a times like
Fuck you!
                       GENERAL MAYS
I would kill you like I did to
your little slut, but i want you
to suffer.
You BASTARD!!!!!
General Mays walks away


                       GENERAL MAYS
Don't kill 'em. Just rough them up
a bit, then bring 'em home.
Jeramiah and Damiano are beat up senseless by the military's
men. And Jeramiah falls to the ground throwing up, he sees a
girl. She looks Japanese, long beautiful hair. Jeramiah eyes
black out.
                       JERAMIAH (VO)
The golden side of the city? Is
that where Anita might be? What
about my brother and cousin? Who
was that women i saw earlier. This
is so...Confusing
                       ANITA (OS)
Well all be together soon.
                       NIA'S VOICE
Its only a matter of months
INT. DAMNED 2/25/18, 8:13 PM - NIGHT
                       JERAMIAH (VO)
Its been months since we took that
beating. And the slaughter of Mary
from when we tried to reach the
"golden side of the city". The
military doesnt really give us
that much food, they drop it off
and then the people start to fight
for it. I've been getting
depressed daily, Damiano has
become somewhat mute. He always
dreams saying "Annie why?"
Shit breh, i can't stand anymore
of this shit.
Common man don't be so quite.
Damiano gets up off the floor, and walks to the back room.
Damiano gets his gun out from under the bed he got a while
back when he was roaming the streets one day. He puts the


gun in his mouth and shoots.
      (Looks around)
What the?
      (He runs towards
       the room)
Damiano, Damiano.
Jeramiah opened the door that Damiano is in. Jeramiah looks
at the wall noticing the brains of Damiano, and Damiano's
corspe on the ground in a pool of blood.
      (In shock)
No....No!.....No!No!No! No! NO! It
can't be... your dead.
      (Grabs Damiano.)
Rest in peace, tell everyone i
said hi.
      (Closes Damiano
The police come into the room about an hour later grabbing
Damiano body, throwing the body with no regard about life
over the wall giving the dead body to the zombies. Jeramiah
is outside next to the General.
                       GENERAL MAYS
Sometimes this world is more than
a mother fucker can handle.
Fuck you
                       GENERAL MAYS
      (Grabs Jeramiah
Listen here you little shit, If it
wasn't for Dr. Six you've been
dead by now. Just like your li-
Dr. Six comes walking in with Anita right behind him. Anita
hair is down and she's wearing make up and a long black
dress. Dr. Six Approaches General Mays
                       DR. SIX
General put that boy down dammit,
don't you see he has a hard enough
time already.


Jeramiah looks at Dr. Six and Anita, as General Mays Sets
Him down.
                       GENERAL MAYS
Yes sir.
      (Looks at Anita,
       then at Dr. Six)
What's going on here Anita?
Anita looks away from Jeramiah
I have no idea what your talking
      (Tries tp lunge at
       Anita But the
       Gaurds grab him)
What the fuck do you mean you
don't know what i'm talking
                       DR. SIX
Obviously she doesn't know boy
Nobody asked a dirty rapist like
you so stay the fuck out m-
The guards hit one of their batons in Jeramiah middle of his
stomach, Jeramiah falls to the ground gasping for air
                       DR. SIX
Watch your tone around me boy.
      (Starts talking to
       Jeramiah in her
I am sorry but for know i need you
to lay low, i will visit you babe.
Don't worry
      (Speaking aloud)
Help me........


The guards grab Jeramiah.
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
      (Walks in with
Dr. Six i have the research you-
      (Runs over to his
       son dropping the
That's my son. What the fuck have
you done to my son?!?
                       GENERAL MAYS
Mitchell stand down
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
What the fuck!?! The hell you mean
Ai walks in, she gives Jeramiah a massive headache
presenting herself. And everyone else remains excessively
quiet. Ai is wearing a silver dress, as her wings are black.
She flys into the area
      (Looks at Mr.
Remember me brother! Men disband
at once!
                       GENERAL MAYS
Yes ma'am. Men lets go!
                       DR. SIX
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
Little Sister.
      (Throws up)
Now then.
INT. THE GOLDEN SIDE 2/26/18 11:30 AM - DAY


                       JERAMIAH (VO)
When i awoke i remember being in a
nice room. By now everything
seemed different. I looked around
the area and everything looked
like it was clean. I look outside
and there's people just walking
around. Hell there was even a
park. I went to go walk in the
park when i met up with Anita
Anita? Where am I?
Your on the golden side of the
How the fuck did i get over here?
Don't worry about it okay, just be
grateful your not in that hell
hole side of the city.
She jogs off.
Something feels weird.
Alot of people with white skin color look at Jeramiah,
Jeramiah is the only black male with long dread locks.
I felt that this side of the city
gave me a weird feeling like
everybody was always watching me,
it bugged me alot.
      (Searching in his
Damn where the fuck did i put the
      (Opens Jeramiah's
       door from the


                       ANITA (cont'd)
You looking for something
      (She holds his
       Key's in her
You snatched my key when we were
talking earlier?
      (Kisses Jeramiah)
You should keep an eye on your
Jeramiah walked into the room closing the door behind him.
Jeramiah and Anita start to kiss.
      (Taking off his
Babe I've miss you
      (Pulls off her
Me too.
They go into the back of the apartment, the have sexual
intercourse. Jeramiah is later laying in the bed with Anita
laying on his Chest
What happened to everyone, when
you left with them?
      (a sleepy voice)
Babe can we talk about it later?
No! we need to talk now! And why
the fuck are you with Dr. Six?
      (Gets up out the
Dr. Six took me, After he killed
pretty much everyone on our bus! A
secondly I'm risking my life to be
with you!


You know you could kill him, so
why won't you do it!
Because I promised i would never
kill again.
Anita puts on her clothes and leaves the room
      (falls slowly to
Anita walks into the house
Honey I'm Home
                       DR. SIX
      (Walks down from
       the stairs)
Where have you been?
No where. Just at the park and
with some friends.
                       DR. SIX
      (Walks past Anita
       to lock the door)
Your lying.
Babe i wou-
                       DR. SIX
      (Cuts Anita by
       Slapping her)
You were with that damn black boy
Jeramiah huh.
Anita falls to the ground and Dr. Six proceeds to beat her
                       DR. SIX
I have camera's all over this got
damn place! YOu think i wouldn't
know if you were fucking that
nigger or not!!!!!! You good for
nothing bitch!


Dr. Six stops beating her, and walks upstairs. Anita is on
the ground crying, and bleeding
      (Holding herself)
Jeramiah! JERAMIAH!!!!!
Mr. Mitchell is in the living room working n a project for
construction. When he hears Anita yelling he runs to her.
She in front of the stairs near the front door
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
      (Holding Anita)
Ma'am are you ok?
No! I'm not, I miss Jeramiah! I
have to sneak my way to see him.
And I...I have t....stay with sick
bastard Six.
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
Jeramiah!?! The one with the
locks? My son.
Yes. I never knew you had a son,
but what a great father you must
of been to raise him
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
Shit if i raised him at all
Jeramiah is in a dark red room. Blood and guts are all over
the wall.
Where am I?
      (Pops up behind
With me brother
Chris? What are you-
                       NIA'S VOICE
      (Cuts Off Jeramiah)
Jeramiah do you remember me?


      (Pulss himself out
       of the floor)
Yo sup man
Only Damiano's hands and Arms came out of the floor. Chris
is missing his eye balls, Roshawn pops out eating the
remains of Shawn. And Nia slowly becomes visible into the
      (Moves away from
       everyone ends up
       in a corner)
Nia? What the hell is happening?!?
      (Runs up on
       Jeramiah and
       grabs him by the
How does it feel? To be so scared
of the ones you once loved?
      (Trying to get out
       of Damiano's Grip)
You cheat on me and lied to me. I
thought it would be me and you
Jeramiah you left us to die.
      (Cuts Jeramiah in
       his throat and
       Drops Jeramiah on
       the floor)
You made me commit suicide
Guts pour out of Jeramiah's neck, he gasps for air while
trying to put his guts back inside of him
Why? Why would you let this
happened to all of us?


Jeramiah looks into Nia's eyes in sorrow and fear
I'm sorry.
      (Steps on
       Jeramiah's hand)
Sorry's not good enough
Time to eat.
Alternative Jeramiah is the ghastly version of Jeramiah. It
looks a whole lot more skinny and dead looking, it resembles
the death of Jeramiah's sanity
                       ALTERNATIVE JERAMIAH
      (appears out of
       Jeramiah's Shadow)
Jeramiah the difference between
you and us is that your still
living. But not for long
They try to go and feast on Jeramiah. But a strong light
flashes into their faces. Jeramiah's mom then walks out of
the light.
                       JERAMIAH'S MOM
Stay back!!!!!!
      (crawls into his
       mom's arms)
                       JERAMIAH'S MOM
Yes son its me
Save me....
                       JERAMIAH'S MOM
You can only save yourself.
Jeramiah wakes up to the sound of Anita yelling and is dad
shaking him
JERAMIAH WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jeramiah is slightly awake, both of his wrist have been cut
along with his throat. His father is holding him, Anita and
his Dad seemed to be covered in blood. The bed has excessive
blood in it.
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
He's up....
      (Throws up blood)
                       WILLSHAWN/ MR. MITCHELL
Anita go get some help!