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Class of 1983
by David Nelson (d.nelson.10@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review:

Long before MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, there were power ballads, big hair, and up close and personal heart break and humiliation. Graduating high school senior David Stare experiences them all in this warm and funny story about growing up set in hilarious glory in 1983.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Rows of 1970's and early 1980's cars and trucks fill the
parking lot next to Rogers High School stadium. The reader
board above the main stadium entrance flashes "Class of 1983
Graduation Today! Congratulations Seniors." Straggling
graduates in blue caps and gowns run from the lot with their
families in tow. Muffled speeches come from inside the
                       DAVID (vo)
My name is David Stare. That's
Stare, like a long glance or look,
not like, well, stairs. This is my
high school, Rogers High, and as
of today, I am now an official
graduate of this fine institution.
A large crowd fills one side of the stadium. Set up on the
50 yard line is a temporary stage and podium with a

Various adults sit in a row on either side of a student
speaker. Seated next to the podium is MARY ANN STOCKWELL,
18, light brown hair pinned up, glasses obscuring a pretty
face, wearing matching honors cords.

JOHN STEEL, dark feathered hair, handsome, tall, decked out
in sunglasses, cap and gown, steps up to give the
commencement address.
Welcome graduates, guests, family
members and friends. I'm John
Steele. And together with fellow
      (consults a paper,
       gestures to Mary)
Mary Ann Stockwell, would like to
welcome you to the graduation of
the class of 1983. This is a day I
thought we would never see. A day
that is a celebration of our
tenacity and accomplishments. A
day we will remember for the rest
of our lives!


The seniors cheer.
As I look back on what I have done
during my time here at Rogers, I
realize I wish I could have done
more for others, more than win the
tri county football championship
three times, more than be
homecoming king and your student
body president. I wish I would
have worked harder. To allow
others to experience the kind of
success I enjoyed over these last
three years.
In the first two rows, several handsome young men and
beautiful girls, including AMBER JENNER, cheer and clap for

A few rows back, DAVID STARE, reddish brown hair, thin,
young looking, DWAYNE LAYTON, chubby, thinning blond hair,
short and RENDA BOLANSKI, 18, tall, long black hair, exotic
beauty, grimace and roll their eyes. At the same time,

Mary looks out over the crowd, settling her gaze on DAVID.
He looks back. Both David and Mary's faces reveal no emotion
at spotting each other.
                       DAVID (vo)
That's me, the pale one on the
left there. I do tan up in summer,
really. The other two next to me
are a couple of my best friends in
the whole world, Dwayne "The Bag"
Layton and Renda Bolanski, or
Mounds, to those of us who have
seen her naked.
Steele continues his speech as the CROWD looks on.
..as I move on to Stanford to play
ball, I will look back at this
necessary step in my ascension to
the N.F.L. and keep a warm place
in my heart for all of you I leave
                       DAVID (vo)
That's John Steele giving the
speech. Yes, that really is his
name. National honors winner,
starting quarterback, and first


                       DAVID (cont'd)
class jerk. We actually became,
well, acquainted with each other
this year. Some might even say we
got rather close.
The audience in the stands claps politely, including a bored
                       DAVID (vo)
And that's my family up there.
Mom, Aunt Milly, Uncle Clark, and,
don't ever tell her I called her
this, the bravest, coolest little
sister in the whole world,
So I say to you, class of 1983.
Congratulations! Welcome to the
real world. Now, lets get out
there and raise some hell!
John races out from behind the podium to the edge of the
stage and throws his mortar board high in the air. The
entire class leaps to their feet, screaming and yelling, as
hundreds of mortar boards lift off, filling the sky.
The crowd has moved to the parking lot outside the stadium.
Graduates hug and cry as they say their good byes. Several
take pictures of each other, laughing as they try to keep
the mortars on their long, feathered 1980's hair.
Where'd your family go?
Mom and Jess went to the car to
get the camera. Auntie and Uncle
had to take off.
Renda, carrying three mortar boards, walks up to David and
      (hands the mortars
       to David and
Success! Leslie Backerbaum was
trying to make off with them, but


                       RENDA (cont'd)
I reminded her that there was no
way her D+ brain would fill three
I dated Leslie once, when the year
started. She seemed pretty smart
to me.
Did you get anywhere?
30 minutes with her in Stewey
Johnson's basement closet.
That's totally gross.
Don't jump to conclusions, Mounds,
there's more going on under that
gown than meets the eye.
      (slugs David)
I told you to stop calling me
that, David!
You shouldn't be ashamed of what
God has blessed you with, Renda,
that's real quality.
Renda gives Dwayne a sly grin as Janice and Jessica return
with a Polaroid camera. Janice poises the friends and starts
taking pictures, pulling each shot out of the camera to
develop. The CROWDS continue to mingle. MUSIC fills the air.
                       DAVID (vo)
So this is how it goes, with me,
Dwayne and Renda. Insulting each
other, teasing each other,
clinging to each other, all
deathly afraid of our uncertain
futures. The amazing thing to me
is, I never thought I would see
this day, with my friends like
this, laughing, joking, nervously
looking ahead. I guess I need to
look back, to give you an idea of
how we ended up here, together, at


                       DAVID (cont'd)
this moment.
SUPER OVER BLACK "Nine Months Earlier"
David blows on his trombone while marching in place along
with the rest of the band. The song "Rubberband Man" echoes
around the empty stadium. DON KNOTTS, late 60's, short, fat,
bad comb-over, conducts from a short ladder. Mary works her
saxophone in a line with several other sax players. Dwayne
leans against his 1955 custom blue Chevy pickup watching the
practice. Knotts brings the song to an end.
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I
think we've got it nailed. See you
all tonight. Six o'clock sharp!
The students break up. David spots Dwayne and waves. Dwayne
makes his way out to the field. Mary glances over while she
talks to RENDA BOLANSKI and mouths "Call Me" to David. He
nods his head in understanding as Dwayne walks up.
      (to Dwayne)
So, what do you think?
I think I know why I never joined
the band.
That good, huh?
Uh, yeah. So, you wanna catch
something to eat before the game
tonight, my treat?
Sure..oh wait! What time is it?
About four.
Crap, no can do. I gotta pick up
my dad at work and take him to his
doctor's appointment.


Understand. So, see you here
      (running to his
       station wagon)
Yeah, I'll be here.
JERRY CONNER, mid 40's, thin, bushy hair, paces behind a
large oak desk. Seated across from him is STEVEN STARES, mid
50's, tall,lean, handsome. Jerry's office is full of plants
and mobiles. A large BANNER on the wall reads "Image is What
We Make It"
You see that banner, Stares, you
see it?
Steven, clearly not happy, slowly glances at the banner.
I see it, Jerry.
You know what that banner means?
I do.
      (getting heated)
You do? You do? No, I don't think
so, Steven. Because these..
      (picks up some
       papers on his
these products are not something
we can sell, not something we can
There's real potential there,
Jerry. I think I can turn those
into something.
Am I missing something here,
Steven. I must be. We need winners
here, Steven, representing
winners. These..


                       JERRY (cont'd)
      (throws papers at
..are not winners! Hell, one of
these companies isn't even going
to be paying us! What's up with
Look out there, Steven. You see
Buckner out there? Buckner just
signed up BLS Video. You know BLS.
They sell video tapes up and down
the west coast. Video tapes,
cassette tapes and accessories.
That's a winner. That's an account
with a future!
      (points at another
       person out in the
How about Lenzie? Lenzie just
closed the Bell South account.
He's running ads in all the phone
booths in the state. That's over
7500 booths. That's the future,
that's where the money is!
I think if you just..
Just what..what..wait it out? Come
A sweating Jerry comes out from behind his desk and leads a
pale, disheveled Steven to his office door. Both men look
      (quiet voice)
Zack Nelson over there just signed
up MacKenzie Vending. We are going
to be advertising not only their
machines, in all major airports in
the country, but selling
advertising space on each machine.
Nelson has even talked them into
expanding beyond food in those
machines. They're moving into
traveler convenience's. Need a
pack of smokes for the flight, hit


                       JERRY (cont'd)
the machine, need some lighter
fluid for your lighter, hit the
machine. Need a razor to take on
the plane for a quick shave, hit
the machine. There's a thinking
man, Steven, there's someone
looking to get ahead.
The men return to the desk and take seats.
This is a tough, commission based
job, Steven. You were able to do
it once. It's time to show you can
do it again.
David weaves in and out of traffic while Steven slumps
against the passenger door. When David nearly hits a kid on
a bike, Steven takes a glance at the SPEEDOMETER.
Easy, pal, you trying to give me
another heart attack.
I don't know why Mom couldn't take
you to this appointment. Seems
like I'm the only one doing my
part, Dad.
Well..your mother's been away
lately..looking for work and all.
      (turns into a
       parking lot)
OK, Dad, I have to find a phone to
call Mary. Meet you back here?
That's a deal..
..and Dave, thanks for taking me
again, really..I appreciate it.


Steven cinches up his tie and tucks in his shirt while DR.
THIEME finishes making a note in a file.
Are you sure about that? I'm
feeling a lot better.
                       DR. THIEME
You had another minor attack,
Steve. The E.K.G. doesn't lie.
Steven finishes getting dressed and puts on his jacket. Dr.
Thieme walks over and stands in front of him.
I just don't have time for this,
Doc. I've got too much going on
right now.
                       DR. THIEME
I think that might be your
problem. Stress can literally be a
Come on?
                       DR. THIEME
Look, you work at a high pressure
job in a very competitive and
cutthroat industry. You've got two
kids, a wife and a family history
of heart trouble.
I'm not even sure about the wife
part anymore.
                       DR. THIEME
Jesus, I'm sorry.
Yeah..well..I had another little
slip up last year with a young
female intern. I'm not sure Janice
is going to recover from that one.
                       DR. THIEME
You're not twenty one anymore,
Steven, it's time to grow up.
Marriage problems are something
you don't need, I'm telling you,


                       DR. THIEME (cont'd)
somethings got to give, NOW,
before your heart does, got it!
Yeah, I know.
                       DR. THIEME
Now remember, watch the salt,
careful with the booze, try not to
drive if you can help it, and if
you feel anything, well, out of
the ordinary, give me a call.
Yes, Herr Doctor, I got it.
      (opens the door)
Gotta go. My son will kill me
before any heart attack if I don't
get out of here and let him get to
his football game. Thanks doctor.
I hear what you're saying and I
will make it right, I promise.
David, wearing a spangled band uniform, wheels a lime green
station wagon down the road, fingers tapping to the music
from his RADIO. A trombone case sits seat belted in the
passenger seat. David sings along to a power ballad. Up
ahead he spots Mary Ann waiting in her driveway in front of
a suburban rambler. A wood panel station wagon parked next
to her. Mary has on a band uniform matching David's. In one
hand she holds a saxophone case and in the other, a band hat
with a huge feather plume. She smiles and waves as he pulls
in. After he stops, David jumps out.
David opens the passenger door and take his trombone out. He
then opens the lift gate and both he and Mary toss their
instruments in. David slams the lid and hustles back over to
hold the door for Mary, who laughs.
                       MARY ANN
My my, what a gentleman! What have
you done with my boyfriend?


He's been abducted by aliens. I am
his replacement, and I am here to
fulfill your every wish!
                       MARY ANN
Well, that certainly sounds
exciting. Now, if you would be so
kind as to transport me to the
human ritual celebrating excessive
violence, I would be most
As you wish. Please enter my
transport pod.
David closes the passenger door after Mary sits down, then
races over and jumps in.
                       DAVID (os)
Away we go to celebrate the
David punches the gas and the car fishtails away as Mary
Mary snuggles up next to David as he speeds towards the
stadium in the distance. Her plume hits the roof of the car
and pushes her hat down over her eyes.
Don't crush your poof.
Mary pulls off her hat and fluffs her plume.
                       MARY ANN
Why do we have to wear these dumb
things anyway?
Because this is the way it's
always been, for over ten thousand
years. The football players are
encased in modern gladiator
warrior togs while the band geeks
strut around in the plumage of a
hen's ass.


Mary laughs and tickles David with her feathers. He tries to
blow them away.
Stop it! The last time you did
that I almost wrecked the wagon.
                       MARY ANN
At least you don't have to drive a
I thought your dad was getting one
of those cool new Chrysler
                       MARY ANN
He's trying, but there's really
been a run on them. They're
suppose to be the car of the
future, you know.
David pulls the car into the parking lot in front of the
stadium. He and Mary check out the fans streaming in.
                       MARY ANN
Are you ready? First game of the
new season. Steele is suppose to
be getting scouted this year by
all big schools. I hear he's
leaning towards Stanford.
Since when do you know so much
about John Steele?
                       MARY ANN
Since he asked me out last week.
David grabs Mary and starts tickling her. She laughs and
screams as several students look over towards their car.


                       MARY ANN
Stop it, stop it, you're denting
my spangles! I won't twinkle
      (keeps tickling)
Twinkle right? Is that what John
likes, to see you twinkle while
he's conquering the universe!
                       MARY ANN
David finally stops tickling Mary. Her hair has fallen out
of her clip and cascades down over her face. Both Mary and
David breath hard as they stare at each other, then share a
passionate kiss. Just as things get going, Dwayne and Renda
bang on the hood of the car.
Come on, break it up. It's time
for you two to march into the
Grab your sax, Mary, let's go kick
some Central ass!
David and Mary smile, jump out of the wagon, grab their
instruments and sprint off towards the stadium.
American rock group POSTERS cover the walls. FEET stick out
from the laundry covered bed. The door opens and Steven
switches on the light.
      (under the covers)
Steven walks over, hands on hips, and stares down at the
mountain of debris on the bed.
Are you kidding me with this?
The mound shifts.
Big day buddy, come on.


      (under covers)
Need sleep, must have sleep.
      (turns to leave)
Come on princess. Just because the
teachers take a Friday off doesn't
mean you get to. Need your help
with this months products. Plus,
you have work today. See you for
Steven leaves the room as David pokes his head out from
under the pile.
JANICE STARE, late 40's, slightly pump, cute but not
beautiful, cooks at the stove. Jessica sits at a small table
eating as David, sleepy eyed, shuffles in and takes a heavy
Morning sunshine.
You smell bad.
Leave your brother alone, honey.
But he does Mom. Smell him!
Steven, now in a shirt and tie, walks in and pats Jessica on
head, then heads over to the stove.
Your brother had entered the
senior slog, Jess. Better get used
to it, we have a whole year to go.
Steven attempts to kiss Janice on the neck, but she resists.


      (not happy)
Cool it, Steven.
He steps back, frustrated, then moves back to the table,
smile back on.
OK, now, before we get to the
product preview..
Jessica, excited, rocking in her chair. David hangs over a
bowl of cereal, clearly not excited.
..lets review the weekend!
Steven takes a drink of coffee as Janice drops a plate of
pancakes in front of him. Janice returns to the kitchen.
First thing tomorrow morning,
David and I will load up the wagon
with all necessary supplies.
Jessica will get the fishing gear
together and Mom will provide the
Janice frowns and shakes her head.
I've already started getting the
tackle together!
Good girl.
Then, if he can wake up, David
will drive us up to the lake
estate for a little R and R. Sound
good, everyone?
It sounds really great Dad, great!
Steven hugs Jessica and digs into his breakfast. David looks
up and gives his Dad a slight grin. Steven grins back.
                       DAVID (vo)
Dad weekends at the quote, lake
estate, have become things of
legend in our family. The funny


                       DAVID (cont'd)
part is that Dad calls it the lake
estate. The truth is, it's a small
cabin. One that's pretty much been
under construction my entire life.
Mom stopped going a few years ago
after she found a possum in her
bed. Since then, me and Dad have
pretty much been official
contractor and slave labor
assistant. As much as I try to act
too cool to go now that I'm a
senior, I still like the time I
get to spend with my Dad. I think
we both are realizing that our
times at the lake will be coming
to an end.
OK, now, everybody ready! I need
your help with this months new
releases. Hold on, let me get my
Steven jumps up and leaves the room. Janice comes over and
clears Stevens plate, then returns to the kitchen.
                       DAVID (vo)
Dad's an advertising executive for
Conner, Zachary and Butt's, or
it's more acceptable name, C.Z.B.
Images. Every few months he brings
home some of the new products his
firm has to figure out how to
advertise. Usually it's a bunch of
crap that no one would buy no
matter what you say about it. He
gets so excited about this stuff,
we don't have the heart to tell
him it's junk.
Steven returns with a large tray covered with three silver
platter covers. He sets the tray on the table. Jessica sits
up in anticipation. David looks on.
OK, David, you can help with this
one. You know how rock and roll
groups get popular, playing their
songs on the radio, MTV, Jackson


Michael Jackson, Dad!
What's that?
Michael Jackson, Dad. He's only
the biggest star in the world.
Even little kids love him.
Oh..OK..well then both of you can
help with this first one.
Steven, in dramatic fashion, swiftly lifts the lid on the
first item and picks up a record album, U2's War. David and
Jessica stare a beat, then burst out laughing.
It's a new group out of Ireland.
They are called U2. Very big
overseas. The lead singer's name
is Bozo and the guitarist is
called Ledge. So, what do you
Are you kidding, Ireland? I know,
I know! You can give away a copy
in each box of Lucky Charms!
I know, Dad, you can sell them on
Saint Patricks Day!
Both kids crack up. Janice grins as Steven scowls.
OK, fine, maybe Irish music might
be a tough sell, but I know you'll
like this next one..ready!
Steven rolls up his sleeves, then whisks the cover off a cup
of Starbucks coffee, complete with the old fashion topless


She doesn't have a shirt on!
      (sits up)
I like the looks of this one.
This is from a coffee company
right here in Seattle called
Starbucks, you know David, from
Moby Dick.
      (in the kitchen)
Coffee company, like Folgers?
Starbucks is a coffee shop in
Seattle. What they want to do is
open coffee shops all over the
world, to, you know, sell cups of
Just coffee? Nothing else?
Well, no. But it's gourmet coffee.
What's gourmet mean?
It means expensive.
So, any idea?
A beat, then Jessica speaks up.
You could play that Irish music in
the coffee shop, you know, so
people can listen to it while they
drink their expensive coffee.
Janice, Steven and David all nod their heads, impressed with
the idea. Steven makes a note.


That pretty good, real good in
fact. Kill two birds with one
stone. Well done, Jessica.
Jessica beams.
What's next, Dad?
Next we have a product that I'm
not sure I even understand, but
it's from a local technology
company that's trying to get into
the computer business. You know
about computers, don't you, David?
Sure, we have a new computer class
at school I'm taking this year.
They bought these machines from a
company named Apple. I hear from
the kids that already took the
class they're pretty cool.
Perfect, you're my demographic.
So, without further adieu..
      (lifts the third
I give you Windows!
Sitting on the tray is a box for Microsoft Windows. They all
It's a box.
What is it, Dad?
Steven picks up a card with the famous picture of a young
Bill Gates and a bearded Paul Allen and reads from the back.
Well, lets see. It says here
Windows is a DOS based computer
operating system designed to be
marketed to personal computer
manufacturers. It can be
integrated with independently
coded applications to perform a
variety of common functions in


                       STEVEN (cont'd)
everyday life.
Your joking, right?
I wish I was.
Dad, all I can say is I hope they
paid you up front, cause you've
got some work there.
For once, Steven hesitates to respond. Janice notices.
Steven, they are paying you,
aren't they?
It's like this. They are paying
us, but in stock.
Yeah, stock. I'm getting stock in
their company when it goes public.
And when will that be?
Uh, in about 3 years.
Jesus, Steven.
Jessica and David take notice of the tense exchange.
So anyway, any ideas on how to
market this product?


Yeah, I'm struggling too.
Steven puts everything back into a case and gets up from the
Need a ride to work, David?
Dwayne's picking me up. We're on
the same shift today.
Well O.K. then, got to get going.
New guy out of L.A. starting
today, showing him the ropes.
Heck, maybe he'll have an idea for
this stuff. Have a great day,
Steven kisses Jessica on the head, pats David on the back
and gives a nod to Janice. Right before he leaves out the
front door, he pauses, takes a couple breaths, then is out
the door. David and Jessica watch him go, then take their
dishes into the kitchen.
      (to Janice)
Remember I've got that back to
school party tonight at Stewey
Whose's Stewey again?
You know Stewey. Parents have that
big house up on the ridge. His
Dads some big talent agent or
something, remember?
No, but sounds like fun. Well,
I've got to get going, Jessica's
school tour today. Have a good
day, honey.
Janice kisses David on the cheek and leaves the kitchen.
Jessica sticks her tongue out at David and trails Janice


David and Dwayne lean against a wall next to a door marked
"Office." Both wear orange polyester McDonald's uniforms
with matching paper hats. Across the restaurant Mary mops
the floor in an empty dining room.
How do you know that?
Because I know.
Because I'm a man of knowledge.
A man of knowledge?
A man of knowledge.
So what'd you hear?
Dwayne looks around to be sure the coast is clear.
You know Joey Headman?
Well his sister is friends with
Mary's older brother.
So Mary's brother picks up the
phone the other day when Mary's on
with Renda Bolanski.
Mary looks up from her mop and waves, both boys wave back.


And Mary's telling Renda she
thinks she ready to...
      (laces his fingers
..form a union with you.
You know..
      (sticks his finger
       in a hole formed
       by his other hand)
merge..share her cave.
No way!
I'm telling you!
Oh man! What should I do?
You really like her, don't you?
You've been going out for a year,
haven't you?
A year tonight.
Well, there you go. It's your one
year anniversary. The parties
tonight. Booze, music and plenty
of bedrooms. Buddy, you better
gear up. Are you ready?


What do you mean?
I mean do you have the tools to
handle the job?
I don't know?
Here, this should cover you.
Dwayne takes out his wallet and slips David a condom from
inside. He gives David a second look, then hands him
another. David quickly stuff these in his pocket. A second
later, Mary walks up pushing her mop bucket.
Hey, Mary.
                       MARY ANN
So you going tonight, Dwayne, to
You bet your ass.
      (nods towards the
Xerox'ed up.
                       MARY ANN
Suppose to be the bash of the
year. Pick me up at eight, David?
It's a date.
As David and Mary smile at each other, the office door opens
and bangs into Mary's mop bucket. She quickly moves it out
of the way. The manager, JASELLE MINKS, black, big, in a
yellow shirt, exits.
Oops, excuse me.
      (looks at Mary)
Mary, if you're finished mopping,
you can leave for the day. We're
pretty slow.
      (eyes the boys)
You boys got enough to do?


      (and Dwayne
Oh, yes ma'am!
      (long stare)
Uh huh.
1980's MUSIC thumps into the night as teenagers mingle on a
huge pool deck surrounding a lighted pool. Several KEGS
cover a table next to the pool. Standing next to a gate in a
fence is STEWEY JOHNSON. Stewey, 18, tall, middle eastern
looking, collects papers from the teens as they enter the
party. It's unclear at this time what the papers are. He
thanks each person as he directs them to the kegs.
                       DAVID (vo)
Stewey Johnson is famous for his
parties. His father is some sort
of agent for foreign movie stars
who want to be in films in
America. He's alway traveling
overseas to cool places like Iraq,
Afghanistan and Pakistan. They
have the biggest house of anyone
in our class. Somehow Stewey is
able to cross all the social
classes and always invites
everyone, nerds, jocks, and all
those in between, to his raves.
Tonight is no exception.
Standing away from the bar next to the pool are David, Mary
and Dwayne. All have tall beer cups. David and Mary snuggle
while Dwayne checks out the GIRLS.
      (to Mary)
Well, are you in the contest?
The only way to get into the party
is to enter, Stewey's collecting
from everyone.
      (to Mary)


Mary takes a drink, toying with the boys.
                       MARY ANN
Like you said, it was the only way
to get in.
Both boys bust out laughing.
That is totally awesome!
So come on, which one is your?
David points over towards the house. On a large wall between
two french doors Stewey and another teen are tacking up
Xerox'ed pictures of peoples bare asses on the wall. There
are dozens of photos. Above the collection a banner screams
                       MARY ANN
You play your cards right, you
will know soon enough.
David and Dwayne grin and share a glance before taking swigs
of beer.
So come on, let's go make our
guesses. You coming, Dwayne?
Dwayne continues scanning the crowd until he spots a
beautiful blond standing next to the kegs alone. She looks
over and smiles. David notices her too.
I think I need another beer. I'll
catch up to you two later.
Dwayne walks off towards the blond while David and Mary move
over to join a crowd admiring the ass display. Behind them
several kids in swim suits start jumping in the pool.
Party debris litters a large open family room with french
doors that lead out to the pool. Against the walls
surrounding the room are several love seats and couches
filled with teens drinking, making out or passed out. In the
middle of the room several couples slow dance to the MUSIC
from a stack STEREO system. David and Mary dance while they


share a soft kiss. Dwayne and the blond from the pool, AMBER
JENNER, snuggle on a couch behind the dancing couple.
Are all your parties around here
like this?
Not really. This is as good as it
gets for us. Usually we're
drinking beer out in the woods,
freezing our asses off.
Back in L.A. we pretty much do
this every week. My dad works with
a lot of Hollywood and big
business people. They have awesome
Sounds pretty cool.
So, does your boyfriend have a big
Who said anything about a
Dwayne and Amber snuggle closer. A crowd of teens, including
John Steele, pass by. John notices the two cuddling. David
also looks on.
Looks like Dwayne's got her in the
                       MARY ANN
Of him, never! Mary, this last
summer has been the best of my
life. Without sounding like a
mush, I can't imagine anything
better than being with you, right
here, at this moment, tonight.
                       MARY ANN


Mary stares into David's eyes.
                       MARY ANN
David, will you follow me, please?
David slowly nods his head as Mary leads him across the room
to a staircase. Dwayne and Amber take notice. Holding his
hand, Mary leads David up the stairs.
David closes the door to the large semi dark bedroom.
Standing across the room with her back to him, Mary takes in
the view from the open slider that leads to a walk out
balcony. Slow music from the party filters in. At the sound
of the door closing, Mary looks over her shoulder as David
makes his way over to her. At his touch, she turns around.
Tears fill her eyes. David touches her face.
What is it?
                       MARY ANN
I've never felt like this before.
Mary gives him a playful punch.
                       MARY ANN
Stop it.
                       MARY ANN
                       MARY ANN
I think..I think..I think I may be
in love with you.
      (wipes her tears)
I'm sorry I'm such a dork..I can't
help it. It's just how I feel, you


I love you too, Mary.
                       MARY ANN
      (David nods)
Oh, David.
A big smile breaks out on Mary's tear stained face. She
grabs David in a tight hug, then finds his face and softly
kisses him.
                                         QUICK CUTS
-David and Mary Ann kiss.

-David removes Mary's glasses and hair clip.

-David slowly unbuttons the front of Mary's summer dress.

-Mary pulls David's shirt off over his head.

-David opens Mary's dress and drops it to the floor.

-Both in underwear, Mary leads David to the bed, where they

-David and Mary lay on the bed kissing while their hands
move over each others bodies.

-Next morning, both are asleep under the covers as the sun
breaks through the windows.
As David and Mary sleep, the DOOR cracks open and Dwayne
peeks in. He checks his watch, takes a deep breath, and tip
toes over next to David. He taps him on the shoulder.
Hey, Romeo.
David opens an eye. Mary stirs.
Sorry to intrude, but aren't you
suppose to be meeting your dad
this morning?


David suddenly bolts up and looks around. Mary wakes up,
sees Dwayne, screams, and runs into the bathroom, slamming
the door.
Jesus, what the hell are you doing
in here? What time is it?
It's after seven. You better get
going, pal.
Crap...OK..uh..can you give Mary a
ride home? I gotta get going. God,
my dad is gonna kill me.
Sure, no problem..So..
      (points to the bed)
How was it?
Are you kidding? Get the hell out
of here, will you! I'll be ready
to go in a minute. Jeez!
      (big grin)
Sure, sure, will do, buddy.
Dwayne take another look at the messed up bed, then leaves,
closing the door behind him. After he's gone, Mary opens the
bathroom door and come out in a short kimono robe.
                       MARY ANN
Oh my God, I can't believe he saw
Don't worry about him, he'll keep
                       MARY ANN
      (sits down on the
Wow, what a night, huh?
David searches around the room looking for his clothes. He
finds his shirt and throws it on.


I'll say..so..uh..Mary, I hate to
do this, but..I..have to go. My
Dad and sister are waiting for me.
                       MARY ANN
What? What to you mean?
Looks, it's not what you think.
This is suppose to be our big
weekend at the lake, you know,
bonding with dad and all that.
                       MARY ANN
I thought we could spend the day
together, David?
I'll call you as soon as I get
back, I promise, but I have to
go..like now.
                       MARY ANN
Dwayne has agreed to give you a
ride home.
                       MARY ANN
Oh, great. Now I get to answer all
his questions about last night.
David continues to cover the room, finding his shoes and
It won't be like that, I promise.
      (stops in the
       middle of the
Have you seen my pants?
                       MARY ANN
Mary gets up and walks back into the bathroom.


Mary walks over next to the shower and picks up David's
pants. As soon as she takes a step, the two condoms fall out
onto the floor. She stops and slowly picks them up. A cloud
of emotions cross her face. She goes back out to the
Mary walks in as David searches behind the dresser. She
storms up and throws his pants at his head as hard as she
can. David catches the trousers smack in face and crumples
to the floor. Mary stands over him trapping him against the
                       MARY ANN
      (pissed off)
                       MARY ANN
                       MARY ANN
Mary starts kicking David as he tries to cover up, then
throws the condoms at him.
                       MARY ANN
      (quieter now)
I want you out of here, now!
      (starts crying)
Don't try to call me, ever again.
      (get up, tries to
       approach her)
Mary please, don't say that, it's


                       DAVID (cont'd)
not what you think, honest!
                       MARY ANN
      (gets in his face,
Don't you talk to me about honesty
again. Do you understand?
David stares a her a beat, then walks out. Mary, crying,
collapses in a ball on the bed.
David speeds down the street in his family's Country Squire
station wagon. Up ahead, he spots his dad and sister, along
with all their gear, waiting in the driveway.
David whips the car into the driveway, jumps out and starts
hustling to load up. Steven and Jessica stare at him, frowns
on their faces.
Dwayne, with Amber next to him, and Mary next to the
passenger door, drives down a busy street. Amber cozies up
to Dwayne while Mary sulks against her door.
So Dwayne tells me you and David
got a little dirty last night.
Mary shoots dagger eyes at Dwayne. Amber notices the
Oh, sorry. I thought it was, you
know, something that everybody
did. Back in L.A. it's, like, no
big deal to lay down with someone
every weekend.
      (pats Dwayne's
My little lover here seems to get
the picture.


Dwayne half smiles uncomfortably.
Are we getting close to your
hotel, Amber?
Amber looks around trying to spot her hotel.
Up there, on the right, see it?
I got it.
Dwayne pulls over in front of a hotel. Mary gives Amber a
questioning look.
My parents and I just moved up
from California. Our house isn't
ready yet, but my dad's new
company wanted him ASAP to work on
some new projects they've got.
Dwayne opens his door and gets out to let Amber out. She
slips over and climbs down.
So, uh, can I call you later,
maybe we can do something?
Amber gives Dwayne a sultry look, then a soft kiss.
I'd like that a lot..
Mary rolls her eyes.
..but I've gotta go with my dad on
some lame business outing today.
      (Dwayne pouts)
..oh, don't worry sugar..
..I've got my own room here..See
you soon.
Amber gives Dwayne a wink and Mary a wave and she's off to
the hotel front doors. Dwayne sighs and climbs back in the
truck. Mary burns him with her withering stare.


Steven, David and Jessica all sit in silence. David,
driving, slowly grinds his teeth as Jessica leans forward
from the back seat.
So you say you fell asleep at your
friend's house. I don't get it?
Let it go, Jessica.
I don't think so, Dave. You knew
we wanted to get an early start,
you knew we had to load up the car
and you knew you were driving the
car, so, yeah, explain to those of
us who WERE ready, what exactly
kept you from getting home on
Steven gives David a hard sideways glance.
It's not really something I think
we should talk about in present
company, Dad!
      (gestures towards
Steven shakes his head.
That's just great, Dave. You've
got a lot of making up to do this
weekend, to both of us. Do YOU
Yes, sir.


David pulls up to a small cabin tucked into a grove of
evergreen trees. Surrounding the cabin are piles of lumber
debris, saw horses, and tarped items. Everyone gets out,
stretches and walks down the side of the cabin. Lakeside on
the cabin is a half built deck complete with several
Adirondack chairs and a barbecue. A small dock with a
fishing boat tied up completes the picture.
Can I go down to the water?
Jessica takes off down to the lake before Steven can answer.
Uh, sure.
      (to David)
Come on, let's unload.
David and Steven head back to the wagon.
David walks into the small kitchen that opens up to a main
room. He puts down a box next to the rest of the gear while
Steven watches Jessica throw rocks off the dock. The main
room has a couple couches pushed against he walls. A band
saw, a couple saw horses, a large table and a drill press
fill the space. Steven walks over and picks up a half
finished wood sign on the table that read, "Life's
Happening, This Very Moment, Don't". David loads supplies
into the refrigerator. He stares at several pictures from
past trips to the lake.

-Steven and Jessica fishing.

-David and Steven hamming it up next to a campfire.

-Steven, Jessica and David standing next to snowmen, with
Janice off to the side.

-David standing in the lake with Jessica on his shoulders.
OK, champ. Come on over, lets hear
David looks over at Steven, who is now sitting on a couch.
He sighs and walks over.


Dad, I messed up.
David and Steven both sit on the couch. Steven has four beer
cans at his feet. David has a couple Coke cans. Both look
out at Jessica now chasing a squirrel around the yard.
I didn't mean to hurt her, Dad.
I'm not sure I was even ready for
this big of a step. Stupid Dwayne
had to give me those condoms. Now
I don't know what to do?
You didn't go there to just get
her in bed did you? That's not why
you've been going out?
Of course not. Things had been
good, really good, without having
sex. Now, I'm not sure HOW I feel.
      (rubs his head)
God, what a mess.
Look Dave, I'm no expert about
teenage love or anything. This is
a talk I didn't think I'd have to
have so early with you, but, take
it from me, I wish I had this
advise at your age. I think you
need to back off from Mary. You
are going way too fast, way too
soon. Do you understand?
I guess, although the way she left
it with me, I'm pretty sure
cutting it off with her is not
going to be a problem.
Don't be so sure, Dave..
      (messes up David's
Like I always say, life's
happening, this very moment, don't
you dare miss it! Don't worry,
they all end up coming back to us


                       STEVEN (cont'd)
Stare men, I guarantee it!
      (stands up)
Now, lets get to work. I think
we've almost got this place
As David rolls his eyes while Steven smiles, Jessica runs in
holding a huge wiggling bunny.
Can I keep it, Dad, can I, can I?
David and Steven stand on the deck. Steven measures and saws
two by fours while David holds the wood in place. Jessica
chases the huge bunny around the yard.
                       DAVID (vo)
So this is how it goes. Dad
working to try and finish the
never ending project that is our
cabin while I pretend with him
that he will get it all done.
We've been doing it for years. I
listen to his grand plans as he
keeps chipping away at a dream
that will never be fulfilled.
Hand me that tape measure, would
David hands Steven a tape measure from a tool box.
So, how's Dwayne doing, other than
getting you in trouble with Mary
He picked up a new friend at the
party last night. New girl from
Is she bag worthy?
Jesus Dad, I don't know!


From everything I've heard, pretty
much anything in a skirt meets his
I am not having this conversation
with you, Dad.
What? Do you think I'm too old to
talk about girls with?
Before David can response, Jessica runs up, out of breath.
I want to go swimming. Will you go
with me, Dad?
David would love to go with you,
wouldn't you, Dave?
Yeah! Come on, David, I'll race
you to see who gets their suit on
Jessica bolts into the cabin leaving a fuming David and a
smiling Steven.
Thanks, Dad.
My pleasure. Oh, one other thing,
I invited the new guy and his
family out for dinner. Can you
pick up a bit while you're
changing? Sure would help me out.
Thanks, pal.


David scowls and stomps into the cabin. Jessica blasts past
him in her swim suit and bombs down towards the lake.
David throws Jessica off the dock. She pops out of the water
screaming and laughing. David does this over and over again.
Finally, he collapses on the dock and Jessica climbs out of
the lake and sits on him.
Come on! Throw me again!
I'm pooped!
But it's fun!
I threw you in like a million
times. I'm done.
While David and Jessica continue to argue, DIRK JENNER, late
40's, tall, handsome, CHLOE JENNER, late 30's, thin,
beautiful, and Amber exit their car now parked next to the
cabin. Steven hustles out to greet them, handshakes all
Great that you all could make it.
Come on in and make yourself at
home. Who needs a drink?
That was quite a drive. I could
use three.
Double that, Steven, line me up.
Excellent, follow me.
The group starts to head into the cabin when they hear
Jessica yell.


                       JESSICA (os)
A large splash noise causes the group to detour down the
side of the cabin towards the lake. They all see Jessica
jumping off the dock to a floating David. AMBER'S FACE
lights up.
Can I go swimming, Dad?
      (looks at Steven)
I don't know?
Absolutely! In fact, how about
everyone in?
Sounds great to me!
I'll stick to the drinks.
Where do we change?
Follow me, I'll get you all set
The group all follow Steven onto the deck and into the
cabin. David watches the group from the lake until Jessica
lands on top of him.
Amber adjusts her revealing bikini as she checks herself out
in the mirror. She stuffs her underwear in a small bag
hanging on a hook and starts to leave when she spots a pair
of JEANS hanging on another hook. She hesitates, then
spreads the pocket open with her hand and peeks inside.
Steven and Dirk relax on the deck enjoying a couple beers
when Amber and Chloe walk out. Chloe is stunning in a high
cut one piece while Amber is equally hot in her bikini. Dirk
smiles while Steven chokes on his beer. Chloe walks over to


the seated Dirk and give him a long kiss. Amber gives Steven
a flirty smile.
OK there, Steve, old buddy?
Oh, oh yeah, fine. I'm just not
use to being surrounded by such
beautiful women.
Well aren't you the charmer.
Chloe struts over and sits on a stunned Steven's lap. Amber
laughs and starts walking towards the lake.
Careful with that one, Steve,
she'll eat you alive!
A speechless Steven blushes as Chloe gets up and starts down
to the lake. As she passes Dirk, he give her a playful tap
on the ass.
I'll...I'll be sure to do that.
David slowly pulls himself out onto the dock trying to
recover from Jessica landing on him as Amber and Chloe walk
up. After beaching himself on the dock, he looks up and is
blinded by the blazing sun. Squinting, he focuses in on
Amber as she stands over him. He quickly recovers and sits
up. Amber backs up to give him some room. Behind her is
Are you OK?
      (still in the
Who are you?
I'm Amber. Who are you?


I'm Jessica. That's my dumb big
brother, David. I just
cannonballed his head.
Yes, I can see that. Well done,
Are you going swimming?
We sure are.
How did you stuff your bathing
suit top like that?
Oh, uh, that's just a little
padding, to, you know, keep warm
in the water.
Jessica swims out from the dock and starts doing dives.
Chloe walks up next to Amber and offers a hand to David.
Can I give you a hand?
      (takes her hand
       and stands up)
Thanks. I'm David Stares.
Oh, I know. Amber has told me all
about you.
She did?
Oh yes. Quite the playboy, aren't


Uh..David, this is my mother,
Chloe Jenner. Mom, please behave.
      (pushes David into
       the lake)
Come on! Last one in is a rotten
David and Amber tumble into the lake, with Chloe right
behind them. Splashing and playing ensue.
                       DAVID (vo)
So this is how the afternoon goes.
Me splashing at the lake with
Amber and her way too hot to be
fair mother. If I would have just
left it at that, I think I could
have smoothed things over with
Mary. Unfortunately, I'm pretty
much a moron, and usually talk
before I think.
David, Jessica and Amber sit around a roaring campfire. Up
on the lighted deck, Steven, Chloe and Dirk say their
I'm really glad you could make it.
Dirk, your ideas for the new
products are fantastic. I'll be
sure to mention them to our boss.
I think he'll definitely want you
on the team.
Thanks for having us, Steve. It's
really nice your son took the time
getting to know Amber. We were
kinda worried that she would have
a tough time making new friends up
They all look out towards the campfire. David is feeding
Amber a marshmallow while Jessica laughs.
Oh, I don't think you have to
worry about that, Dirk.


Amber glances up at the adults getting ready to leave. David
notices too.
Oh, man. I looks like we're
      (rugs Jessica's
Sorry, honey, that's my ride.
      (looks at David)
I sure had a great time today.
Me too.
Both teens look back to the adults. Chloe is waving for
Amber to come up.
                       DAVID (vo)
Here I go. Mr. Big Mouth.
You know. We've got plenty of room
here. I don't you spend the night.
We could have you back first thing
tomorrow morning. What do you
Oh, stay..please..please..please!
Well, I don't know. I do really
like it here.
      (looks at David)
Alright! Let me check with my mom.
David smiles as Amber walks up to talk to her parents. After
a moment, Amber runs back down, hugs Jessica and takes a
seat right next to David.


It's all set. My mom will pick me
up tomorrow at your house. I'm in!
      (jumping around)
Woo Hoo!
      (nervous smile)
Uh, yeah, fantastic.
Dwayne and Mary stroll along on a quiet residential street.
Dwayne has a tape Walkman clipped to his belt. Huge
headphones cover most of his head.
What was that?
                       MARY ANN
I said take those stupid things
Dwayne pulls the headphones down around his neck.
Oh, sorry.
                       MARY ANN
I don't know if I believe you,
Dwayne. Your reputation for
veracity is suspect.
Uh, thanks?
                       MARY ANN
It means you're a know liar!
                       MARY ANN
Look, all I'm saying is I find it
a little unbelievable that David
was holding those condoms for you.


But that's what happened Mary,
honest. I didn't want my mom to
find them..again..and I didn't
want to toss them..you know..if,
well, if Amber was looking for a
Mary stops walking and gives Dwayne a hard stare. He gives
her the big innocent eyes back.
                       MARY ANN
So he didn't bring those because
he thought we were going to make
Absolutely not. He has too much
respect for you, he really does!
Mary breaks her stare and walks ahead of Dwayne. Dwayne
rolls his eyes in mock frustration and shows he would like
to strangle Mary, then hustles back up next to her.
Well, are you going to forgive
him? He was only trying to help me
                       MARY ANN
Well, maybe I did jump to
conclusions pretty fast. We'll
see, as long as your bullshit
story holds up.
Thank you.
Mary and Dwayne walk up to the Stare home and sit down
together on a porch swing. Both scan the street.
When I called, Mrs. Stare said
they should be back about now.
                       MARY ANN
Shouldn't we let her know we're
here or something?


She said she wouldn't be here when
they got back and that we could
just wait if we wanted.
Mary nods her understanding as they continue to watch the
street. To their left at the far end of the block, they spot
the Stare wagon turn and head their way. Mary and Dwayne
both stand. Mary waves while Dwayne has a questioning look
on his face.
Steven and Jessica sit in the front seats bopping their
heads to the music from the RADIO. David and Amber stare out
the windows from the back.
This seat belt buckle is hurting
my butt!
Don't use that word, Jessica. If
it's bothering you, move it out of
the way.
Jessica reaches under herself and slides out the unbuckled
SEAT BELT BUCKLE. She looks out the window and her eyes go
We're almost home! Someones there.
      (sees Mary and
Oh boy.
      (looks out the
Who is it?
David sees who it is.
Oh God.
Hey, look David, it's Mary and


Uh huh.
Steven pulls the wagon into the driveway while Mary and
Dwayne walk out to meet them.
Jessica bounds out of the car first, running up to Mary and
Dwayne. Steven slowly gets out next.
Hi Mary, hi Dwayne! We had a great
time at the lake. Amber stayed
over, Amber stayed over!
Mary and Dwayne's smiles fade as Mary shoots a look at
David. Steven walks up and herds Jessica towards the front
Come on honey..
      (looks at David)
..lets go see if your mother is
Jessica skips to the front door and runs in with Steven
trailing. At the same time, Amber steps out of the car. She
sports a Roger High School Band tee shirt straining against
her chest with "David" lettered across the top of the back.
She walks up and gives Dwayne a big hug while David slinks
up behind her.
Well, isn't this a nice surprise!
I didn't know you would be here,
I'll bet.
Amber steps back and stares at Dwayne.
What's that suppose to mean?


                       MARY ANN
It means, what the hell are you
doing here?
Take it easy, Mary.
                       MARY ANN
Shut up, David!
      (looks at Dwayne)
I knew I should have never come
here. You and your bullshit story!
What story? What are you talking
The condoms, I gave them to you to
hold, you know, at the party?
You told me you didn't have any,
I didn't, I gave them to David!
                       MARY ANN
      (to Dwayne)
You told me you gave them to David
to hold in case, quote, Amber
wanted to get some!
I did?
Everyone watches Dwayne.
                       MARY ANN
So you gave them to David to hold
for you, then tell Amber you don't
have any?


                       MARY ANN
Why do I even try? I'm done with
both of you. Thanks for a great
start to my senior year, David!
Mary marches off down the sidewalk. David starts to follow.
Mary turns back towards him.
                       MARY ANN
David stops and watches her leave.
      (to Dwayne)
I can't believe you, Dwayne. You
have no idea what you're going to
be missing, no idea.
      (to David)
David, thank you for..
      (glares at Dwayne)
a wonderful evening. Please let my
mom know I took the bus back to
the hotel.
Amber takes off in the same direction of Mary.
David and Dwayne watch the street as they rock on the porch
Heck of a way to start the year,
What the hell are you doing,
showing up with Amber, anyway?
Her parents came out to the lake.
Her dad is my dad's new partner at
No friggin way?
Yeah. Oh, and you should see her


Chloe pulls up into the driveway in a Mercedes convertible.
She gets out wearing a short skirt and tight top and struts
up to the swing.
Hello..Mrs..Chloe..Amber isn't
here, she decided to take the bus
Is your dad here?
Oh sure, go on in.
      (big smile)
Good seeing you again, David.
      (big smile back)
You too, ma'am.
Chloe goes in while both boys watch her ass. Chloe closes
the front door.
Jesus Christ! You were not joking,
no sir.
Dwayne stands up.
Well, I better get going. I think
I'll swing by the hotel, see what
Ambers doing.
Are you kidding?


Oh, I don't know. Maybe because
she just stormed out on you.
I just have to find out what I
might be missing, you know.
You're the man, pal.
That's what they say. So, you
still got those rubbers, you know,
in case I get to the promised
      (reaching into his
I like a guy with confidence.
      (still searching)
Funny, I had 'em right here?
David stands up and turns his pockets out. He checks the
ground around him.
Huh? I can't seem to find them.
Sorry buddy, I guess you're on
your own.
Dwayne give him a look full of suspicion.
That's sure the fuck interesting.
What?..You show up after spending
the night with Amber and
conveniently can't find the
rubbers I gave you.
You're quite the friend, aren't
You can't be serious?


      (gets up)
I'm not sure if I am or not right
now. I've got to think about it.
      (starts walking
Thanks for EVERYTHING, pal.
Dwayne, wait!
Just leave me alone, Dave. I'll
talk to you later.
David watches Dwayne go, then turns and goes inside the
David walks into the house and see Jessica watching TV in a
living room to his left. He spots a prom PICTURE of himself
and Mary on the table, sighs, shakes his head and moves
further into the house.
                       DAVID (vo)
So this is how my year started.
With my best friend suspecting I
slept with his future potential
girlfriend and my future ex
girlfriend convinced I not only
tricked her into bed, but also may
have bedded Dwayne's new squeeze.
David walks into the kitchen, aimlessly checking the
refrigerator and cabinets.
                       DAVID (vo)
I'm not sure how things could get
any worse after what appeared to
be a great first month of my
senior year.
David wanders past the kitchen and slows as he nears his
Dad's office. Chloe and Steven can be heard laughing from
behind the partially closed door. David inches forward and
slowly pushes the door open a little more. Inside David
spots Steven sitting on his desk with Chloe leaning on him.
Both giggle as they share kisses. David's mouth falls open.
                       DAVID (vo)
Unfortunately, they did.


Students fill the hall next to David's locker. Standing at
his open locker, David spots Mary and Renda talking with
Mary admiring Renda's newly feathered hairdo. Renda nods
towards David and Mary looks over. David smiles and give a
weak wave. Mary turns around and keeps talking to Renda.
Across the hall from David, John Steele, surrounded by a
small cadre of admirers, including Amber, takes notice of
the cold exchange between David and Mary. John then gives
Mary a long look, which she catches, and returns with a
slight smile. Down a few lockers from John, Dwayne sees all,
clearly concerned for David. Grabbing a book, David closes
his locker and slinks down the hall, away from Mary, Dwayne
and John.
David sits in the middle of a row of desks, zoning out, as a
teacher gives a lecture on the revolutionary war. Just as he
is about to nod off, a note lands on his desk. He look
around, spots Dwayne, who is apparently engrossed in the
lecture, and opens the note. It reads "P.E. Storage, after
school-D." David look back at Dwayne again, but Dwayne gives
him nothing.
David opens the door to a huge room filled with a variety of
gymnastic and track and field mats. He slowly enters and the
door slams with a BANG behind him.
Hello? Hello?
David slowly makes his way around the room, past the
practice pit for the high bar.
Dwayne, are you here?
David hears a noise and looks up to the balcony that
encircles the room. Moving in the shadows is Dwayne. David
spots him and moves quickly to the stairway.
                       DAVID (vo)
Dwayne has never been known for
his subtlety. I suspect this
encounter will be no exception. I


                       DAVID (cont'd)
also suspect Dwayne has decided
that our friendship is more
important to him than any further
possible chances to get into
Amber's golden panties. The only
problem with Dwayne's approach to
making up is that it usually
involves considerable violence.
David makes his way along the edge of the dimly lit balcony.
He hears a noise behind him. Just as he turns, Dwayne blasts
him head on at a full run and launches both of them off the
balcony, free falling into the high bar pit below.
Dwayne leaps out of the pit and grabs a foam jousting lance.
Just as David crawls out of the pit, Dwayne smacks him with
a bruising blow to the crotch. David instantly doubles over,
trying to catch his breath. Before he knows it, Dwayne grabs
him, lifts him over his head and tosses him up and over a
high jump mat. David rolls violently off the back of the mat
and crashes out of sight to the floor.
Had enough, you two timing pussy!
As Dwayne starts to circle around towards the back of the
mat, David charges him with a large medicine ball, bowling
Dwayne over a life size boxing dummy.
David pounds Dwayne in the stomach with the medicine ball.
Dwayne finally grabs the ball and shoves both David and the
ball off him. The battle is on.
-Dwayne swings off the high bar, catching David on the fly
in the head with both feet.

-David rolls Dwayne up in a wrestling mat and throws him off
the balcony.

-Dwayne completes a perfect dismount from the rings and
landing on David's back.

-David pole vaults up over the bar and landing on Dwayne's


You ready to admit I'm the better
Never! You ready to admit I'm the
better ladies man!
Dwayne grins.
Never happen! You ready to admit
Amber would never look at you
HA! You ready to admit you're a
Dwayne busts up laughing, picks up David and throws him
across the mat. David lands with a thud. Dwayne waltzes over
and stands over his defeated opponent.
OK, buddy. I admit it, I'm a big
pussy. And I'm sorry, I'm sorry
about doubting you and questioning
your friendship. If it's OK with
you, I'd like to be friends again,
Dwayne holds out his hand and David take its. Dwayne pulls
him up.
I suppose. After all, it's the
least I can do after the thorough
ass kicking I just gave you. Come
on, I'll buy you beer.
David and Dwayne lounge in the TV room watching the Alan
Thicke show. The guest is a love consultant discussing how
to create a strong relationship. Both boys are enthralled.
This is good, this is what we're
going to need to do to get our
women back.
David give his a "you've got to be kidding" look.


I'm not kidding. They wouldn't
have these people on T.V. unless
they knew what they were talking
Uh huh.
Behind them, the boys hear the front door open and Janice
walks by with Jessica. David watches her, then gets up.
Hey, hey, where are you going?
They're just getting to the part
about showing respect and crap
like that.
I'll be right back. Gonna see what
my Mom's up to.
David leaves the room while Dwayne takes up a pen and pad.
Janice whistles while she puts away some groceries. David
walks in and gives her a long hug.
Well, well, what have I done to
garner such a show of affection?
Uh, nothing. Just glad you're
here, Mom. I haven't really seen
much of you lately.
Oh, well, I've been busy looking
for a job, honey. And good news! I
got one, just today!
Hey, that's great, Mom! What's the
You know how I used to be in
commercial real estate, before
Jessica was born. Well, I got a


                       JANICE (cont'd)
job as a site researcher and
coordinator for an east coast up
and coming real estate developer
that is looking to expand west.
When do your start?
That's the really exciting part! I
have a trip to New York next
month. I can hardly wait!
Wow. Dad must be really excited.
Janice slams the cabinet door, then stares directly at
David, I don't really care what
your father thinks about my new
job. This is my life and I hope
you will just be excited for
      (stares back)
Uh, sure Mom, of course.
Janice smiles and gives David a kiss on the forehead, then
leaves the kitchen.
Jessica and I are going shopping.
You and Dwayne are on your own for
Sure, Mom, no problem.
David walks back in and finds Dwayne tearing off a sheet of
notes and putting it on a large pile on the coffee table.
Alan Thicke is cutting to commercial. Dwayne looks back to
David, then quickly looks away. David notices the avoidance.
You alright, buddy? Sure took a
lot of notes.


      (still turned
       away, quietly)
Tons of good stuff, Dave. Should
really help us out.
Should we go over what you wrote
Dwayne quickly gathers up the papers and starts to leave,
avoiding David. David grabs Dwayne's arm and turns him
around. Dwayne has obviously been crying and is still teared
Little too much relationship talk
there, pal?
Shut up.
Should we convene tomorrow to
mount our offensive..if you think
you'll be up to it by then?
      (hustles away)
Fine, sure..uh..I'll call you
tomorrow. See you later.
Dwayne leaves with David laughing him out.
David walks into his room in pajamas and tosses his clothes
onto a pile next to an overflowing hamper. He throws himself
onto his bed and takes in some of the pictures on his walls.

-David and Steven go-carting.

-David and Steven holding up fish. David's fish is huge and
Stevens is tiny.

-David and Steven dressed as Laurel and Hardy.

-David, Steven and Jessica smiling with their faces covered
with ice cream, while Janice stands off to the side in the
picture with her arms around herself, with a far away look


on her face.

David stares at the last picture for several moment, sighs,
then turns off his light.
                       DAVID (vo)
I can't remember when I had seen
my mom so happy, especially the
last couple years. I guess I
always took my Dad's side when
they would argue. Now, I think I
understand why she has been like
she's been. I wonder if she knows
about Dad and his..thing..with
Chloe..or I wonder at this point
if she even cares. After what I've
seen from Dad the last few weeks,
I'm not sure if I even care now.
David appears asleep with his face turned towards the wall.
The CLOCK reads 2:25. His door cracks open and a sliver of
light crosses the room. The door opens wider and Steven tip
toes over next to the bed.
Dave, Dave, you awake?
David's eyes remain closed.
Dave, I was hoping we would be
able to have a chat, Dave?
Well OK then, we'll try again
Steven takes in the pictures David reviewed earlier. He
frowns when he gets to the ice cream shot. He glares at
Janice's FACE in the picture, then gets up and leaves the
room, closing the door behind him. After he leaves, David
opens his eyes and stares at the wall.


David and Dwayne each lounge on separate log framed couches
on a stage set up like a 1850's log home living room. Dwayne
gets up and turns on a fan in the faux rock fire place that
blows fake plastic fire flames. David reaches into a box
next to the couch and dons a coon skin cap. Dwayne grabs a
pie cap from a hat rack, puts it on, then places a corn cob
pipe in his mouth.
                       DAVID (vo)
So now it starts. Me and Dwayne,
two swinging ladies men, plotting
on how to win back the girls of
our dreams. What a couple of
This is totally awesome. How did
you set this up?
You know Leslie Backerbaum?
Well, she's starring as Mary
Ingalls in the Little House on the
Prairie play they're doing here.
So she needed help with the whole
blind thing. You know, reading
Braille, pacing a room off, how
the blind match clothes and stuff.
Uh huh?
Yeah, well, I tell her about how I
volunteer down at the community
center, you know, helping blind
children learn all that stuff.
Oh God.


So then I tell her to really get a
feel for what will help her, I
need to check out the stage, you
know, to get a feel for things.
You didn't?
We're here, aren't we. Pretty
cool, huh.
      (puts on a huge
       buffalo coat)
I think it really sets the mood,
don't you?
Sure. I know when I think about
wooing back hot tempered
girlfriends, the first thing that
comes to mind is a 100 year old
blind prairie girl.
Exactly. Besides, the girl from
the TV show, you know, the sexy
one with the long blond hair and
tight calico dresses, kinda looks
like Amber, don't you think?
Can we just get to business. Did
you bring the notes you took the
other night?
Got 'em right here.
Dwayne sits next to David on the couch. Still wearing the
giant coat, he pulls the pages out of his pants pocket,
grabs a huge metal spittoon, flips it over and sets the
papers on it.
OK, I've spent several hours
researching this stuff and think
I've got it down.
You do, huh?


Yes. It seems according to all the
experts on the subject, women like
to be listened to. Not only that,
women want men to consider what
they say as the truth AND they
also want to be thought of as
equals to men and treated fairly.
Yeah, I know, and that's just the
beginning. They also want to feel
like they are being pursued, like
a wild animal or something. They
want men to try and tame them.
Plus, they want attention from
men; constant, relentless,
attention, only not like some type
of pussy man, but like some great
Nordic Viking conquering warrior
named Magnus, Thor or Gunther.
Yeah, Gunther. And you have to do
it all with grace and manners and
How the hell is a guy suppose to
do all that?
With merchandise, money and
motivation, that's how. Now, if
you will just give me a minute..
Dwayne reaches behind the couch, pulls out a thick binder
and heaves it onto the spittoon table. David stares wide
eyed at the thing.
I'll go over our plan of attack.


Mary and Renda change out of their orange polyester
uniforms. Both pull several bobby pins out of their tight
buns, pull off their paper hats and shake their hair out.
Both are in their underwear.
                       MARY ANN
You can't be serious?
Serious as a teenage pregnancy.
                       MARY ANN
But I'm a low life band geek. What
in the world would a stallion like
John Steele see in this?
Mary points to her body.
Don't sell yourself short, Mary.
You are a beautiful girl. With the
help of a gravity bra..
Renda pushes up both of Mary's breasts, revealing some sexy
                       MARY ANN
      (let's go of
       Mary's boobs)
You could really work it.
Mary looks in a full length wall mirror and strikes several
seductive poises. Renda looks on.
                       MARY ANN
You think, really?
Renda walks over and admires both of them in the mirror.
Oh yeah, girlfriend, oh yeah.
Renda and Mary walk over to Mary's car. Renda looks great in
a short mini shirt and tight sweater. Mary sports a loose
sweatshirt, overcoat and tight hair bun.


                       MARY ANN
I don't think I'm ready for John's
league, Renda. David and I have
been together a long time. I still
have real feelings there I need to
deal with, you know?
Look, John asked me specifically
to find out what your situation
is. He's interested.
The girls stop at Mary's car.
So, what's it going to be Mary,
what do I tell John?
Mary looks down, then back up at Renda. A slight grin creeps
across her face.
David and Dwayne huddle next to David's open locker. The
inside of the locker is covered with photographs of Mary and
David engaged in various activities. Renda and Mary are down
the hall hanging out at Mary's locker.
                       DAVID (vo)
For better or worse, Dwayne has
now become my own personal love
consultant. Why I let him be my
guide back into Mary's heart, I
have no idea. Probably because,
deep, deep down, I'm an idiot. I'm
also an embarrassment to all men
and have no idea how I ever got
Mary to like me to begin with and
no idea's of my own to get her
back. But anyway, I've bought into
Dwaynes carefully researched three
step plan, and today begins step
OK, first up, merchandise. You
made the call right, for delivery
between first and second period,


Why was it so important for this
exact time?
I told you, she has human sexual
development first period.
And she's got Early European
Romance Languages second period,
So she's primed! Sex talk followed
by romantic poetry in foreign
tongues. There's no way she's not
primed for love with those to
classes back to back. It's a sure
Dwayne looks down the hall past the girls and spots a
handsome Spanish guy in a tuxedo, complete with black cape,
approaching Mary and Renda.
OK, here we go, he's here.
      (also looks down
       the hall)
Oh my God! I can't believe you
talked me into this! I've got to
get out of here, now!
David starts to leave, but Dwayne grabs his arm with a vise
like grip. David's not going anywhere.
Come on buddy.
Remember...Gunther.. no pussy men.
Mary and Renda are in deep conversation when the Spanish
stud saunters up through a growing throng of students. The
man gently taps Mary on the shoulder. Mary, now surrounded


by a huge crowd, slowly turns around. Her mouth drops and
eyes go wide.
                       MARY ANN
Uh, yes?
                       SPANISH GUY
      (heavy accent)
You are the one, no?.. You are
Mary, yes?
                       MARY ANN
Uh, yeah?
                       SPANISH GUY
      (deep bow)
I am Juan Carlo, and I bring you
treasure, that, although grand,
pales to your heartbreaking
beauty. Surely, you must have a
stable of suitors waiting
breathlessly on bended knee to
drink in your every essence.
Juan takes Mary's hand and gently kisses it. The girls in
the crowd swoon. Renda pushes in on Mary's back. Mary elbows
her in the chest.
                       MARY ANN
Uh, I don't know, I guess?
                       SPANISH GUY
Your economy with words only adds
to your overpowering allure.
Juan swiftly pulls Mary into a tight clinch. His face inches
from hers.
                       SPANISH GUY
Please do not continue to toy with
me. You are a shameless vixen, who
would surely crush my aching
heart, should I not take leave of
you this instant.
She absolutely would!


                       SPANISH GUY
Then, I beg of you, please let me
depart, before your siren song
takes me hostage for all of
Juan drops to his knee, pulling Mary down onto his knee. He
throws his cape back and presents Mary with a red velvet
wrapped box. All the girls strain to catch a look.
                       SPANISH GUY
But before I spend the rest of my
life searching for a sun that
burns as bright as your radiance,
please, please, accept this small
token of admiration I have been
sent to deliver on behalf of your
true love. The one who understands
that heaven truly is missing an
Juan holds the box up to Mary as he bows his head to the
floor. She takes the box and looks it over. Juan raises his
head, slowly gives Mary a gentle lingering kiss on the lips,
then whisks away in a trail of red rose petals. Mary watches
him go right past David and Dwayne. Dwayne's face carries a
huge grin. David's face is crimson with embarrassment. Mary
frowns and looks down at the box.
David turns the corner on his block, walking down the
sidewalk. Up ahead, his front door opens and Chloe rushes
out, jumps in her car, and speeds away. Seconds later,
Janice drives in with Jessica. Jessica jumps out and runs to
the mailbox just as David arrives. Steven comes out the
front door, buttoning up his shirt. Jessica opens the
mailbox and pulls out the box Mary got from the Spanish
stud. Steven gives David a half wave, which is returned with
a scowl. Janice brushes by Steven, giving him not a look, as
she goes in the house.
David got a present in the mail.
Look, David, a present!
Jessica takes the box, reads the card, frowns, then runs
over and hands the box to David. He reads the small card
attached to the side, "Do not call means leave me
ALONE!...M" David shakes his head and heads in the house
with Jessica trailing. Both pass Steven without even a


glance. Steven signs, looks up, then turns and heads in,
slamming the door behind him.
David stands, wearing a lime green leisure suit, at Mary's
door, holding a massive armful of white roses.
                       DAVID (vo)
So it beings, a humiliating cycle
of rejection, dejection and
outright pain as I follow, to the
letter, the plan of attack Dwayne
has meticulously mapped out for
Mary opens the door, bursts out laughing, and slams the door
in David's face.
Mary, Renda and another girl stand at the mirror fluffing
their hair and working their makeup. David barges in,
wearing a Tarzan loincloth, picks Mary up and carries her to
a picnic set up on the 50 yard line of the football field.
The picnic includes a smoking barbecue filled with steaks, a
bear skin rug for a blanket and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer on
ice. As soon as David set her down, she runs away,
David stands next to the dumpster at McDonald's, holding a
huge, heart shaped box of chocolates. Mary leaves the
McDonalds and start walking towards her car. Just as David
begins to move, Mary stops and looks back towards the door.
John Steele comes out and hustles over to her. David stops
in his tracks while watching Steele open Mary's door for
her. After she gets in, Steele move around to the passenger
door and gets in. Mary drives away. David, heartbroken,
turns and tosses the candy into the dumpster. Unknown to
David, Janice waits in the drive through line while Jessica
takes in the entire scene as it unfolds.
David sits in the Christmas decorated living room watching
Fall Guy on T.V. Jessica colors on the floor. The clock on
the wall reads 6:20. The TELEPHONE RINGS.


                       JANICE (os)
I got it.
David and Jessica continue watching and coloring. Janice can
barely be heard on the phone in the other room. Her VOICE
starts to get louder, her demeanor heated. David picks up a
huge remote control off the coffee table and turns down Colt
                       JANICE (os)
      (on the phone)
Steven, it's almost seven o'clock!
I've got an early flight
tomorrow!..It's always the next
big thing, Steven...Fine, just
don't wake me up when you get
home...In fact, just sleep on the
couch..I'm done listening,
Steven..good bye!
David turns the volume back up as he and Jessica share
uneasy looks. Just as they settle back in, Janice appears
behind them.
Kids, your Dad has to work late
tonight again. New product pitch
meeting. I've got to get some
things for my trip to New York
tomorrow. David, can you handle
dinner for yourself and Jessica,
I'll be gone a couple hours.
Uh, sure Mom. Is everything
alright? I mean with Dad and
Of course, honey, everything is
fine. You know this is when all
the account execs outline their
prospective accounts for the
coming year. Dad's insists he's
got some real winners to present.
      (checks her watch)
Gotta run. Thanks, David.
Janice bolts, slamming the front door on her way out.


Bye, Mom.
Steven, sweating and out of breath, hustles out of an
opening elevator and quickly walks into his cluttered
office. He grabs up several different folders on his desk
and puts them into a large red box. He stops for a second,
feels his pants pockets, pulls out a pill bottle, pops the
top, and downs a pill. At the same time, Jerry Conner walks
in, clearly frustrated.
Where the hell have you been,
Steven? Everyone is in the
conference room waiting for you.
I had another doctors appointment
I couldn't miss.
And that took 3 hours?
Well..uh..my son couldn't drive me
so I had to take the bus.
Three hours?
Yeah..well..had to take a couple
tests too..
But hey! I'm here now!
      (pats the red box)
And I've got some real winners to
present..Come on, lets go!
Steven squeezes past Jerry and heads towards the conference
room. Jerry looks around Stevens office, frowns, and follows
Steven to the conference room.
A large table covered with papers and samples fills the
smoke choked conference room. ZACK NELSON, early forties,


balding red hair, huge gut, is finishing his presentation.
On a screen behind him is a projected picture of "New Coke".
The early beta test results have
been very positive. This product
is going to revolutionize the cola
industry. And my team is ready
with a huge roll out strategy. We
will be focused solely on this for
the next 20 months or so, then,
boom, the sky's the limit!
The table full of men erupt in applause. Jerry beams his
approval. Steven, sweating even more, mops his forehead with
a handkerchief and grabs his red box. Zack finishes his bows
and sits down.
Thank you Zack. And thanks for
landing this account. I may get
that new Delorian yet!
The men all guffaw.
And now, last but not least..I
hope..Steven Stare will share his
vision of the products of the
David struggles with the red box, finally arriving at the
head of the table. Straighting his tie, he blazes a dazzling
smile out to the silent room.
Gentlemen! The hour is late so
I'll be brief. In this box is the
future of this firm and the future
of America! Lets get started!
Steven sits, head in hand, at his desk. Outside his open
door, several men are saying good bye and Merry Christmas to
Jerry on their way out. After the last one leaves, Jerry
turns and slowly makes his way into Steven's office,
stopping next to his desk. The red box sits between Steven
and Jerry.
Jesus, Steven.


Steven continue to hold his head, barely moving. Jerry pulls
a bottle of Evian water out of the box.
Bottles of water..with a name you
can't even pronounce..for two
bucks each. Are you fucking
kidding me?
He tosses the bottle back in and pulls out a small PACKAGE
of Depends Adult Diapers.
      (throws the
       diapers back in)
Jerry rummages around in the box and pulls out a pair of
original Air Jordans, complete with double laces.
Tennis shoes that won't be ready
for two years that cost a hundred
bucks? And we won't see any money
until they hit the market..if the
guy who wears them isn't washed up
by then. You think you are going
to spend the next year on these?
Jerry puts the shoes back in the box, goes and shuts the
door to the office and walks back to Steven's desk.
We need to talk.
David stands next to his bed, which is covered with gift
boxes of clothes from Fredrick and Nelson. He pulls the
various pieces of 1983 clothing out and holds them up on
himself in front of a mirror. All are awful, but in a great
way. Sitting behind him, Dwayne looks on.
How about this one?
Absolutely fabulous.


      (grabs a brown
       plaid sweater)
What about this? Too much?
Fantastic, very Burt Reynolds.
David continues to hold up different togs while Dwayne
peruses David's record album collection. An album spins on
the turntable.
                       DAVID (vo)
After pretty much failing with all
Dwaynes limited ideas on
merchandise and spending all my
money, we have mutually decided
that, one, I am done listening to
Dwayne when it come to love
advice. And, two, that if I'm
going to steal Mary back from the
clutches of the man of Steele,
I've got to work at his level.
Fortunately, with Mom's new found
wealth, I scored big at Christmas
in the clothing department. With a
new wardrobe that rivals anything
the superstar quarterback can
muster, I am ready to rock and
roll! Plus, after doing a little
sleuthing, I have learned that
Mary will be attending the annual
New Years eve bash at Stewey
Johnsons. I think with the right
moves and a little more style, I
definitely can swing Mary back
into my camp. After all, it is the
place of our first mutual
de-nuding. We will see.
How'd you get all this stuff
again? I thought your Dad got
canned from his job.
He's been a little vague on that.
He likes to say they had creative
differences on where the consumer
markets were heading and they
mutually decided to pursue their


                       DAVID (cont'd)
own visions.
So thrown out on his ass, huh?
Pretty much, yeah.
Janice stops in the doorway. She looks stunning. Her hair is
longer, she is thinner and wears a form fitting dress.
Clutched under her arm is a large binder with "Trump"
written on the end.
You boys OK in here?
Great, Mom.
If you need anything, just let me
      (pats the binder)
I'll be reviewing the specs for
the new property we're putting up.
You boy's have fun tonight.
Thanks Mrs. S..and might I say
uh..you are looking..well..hot
ma'am..I just had to say it!
You may say..Thank you, Dwayne.
Good night boys.
After Janice leaves, David throws a box, smacking Dwayne
squarely in the head. Dwayne hits the floor in mock defeat.
What? She looks great! What's the
big deal?
That's my mother, you pervert!


Yeah, well..so what!
So what!..So what!
David launches himself off the bed and lands on Dwayne. The
battle is on.
                       DAVID (vo)
Even though Dwayne is right. Mom
is looking great, I have to defend
her honor, at least until Dwayne
has had enough, then I will
retreat before he kicks my ass.
The truth is Mom is looking good.
Her new job has given her a
confidence I have never really
seen in her before. And I also
think that Dad leaving, to quote,
find out who he is, after
Christmas, seems to have actually
buoyed her spirits even more. I'm
happy for her, and hope she finds
the joy in her life I think has
been missing for a long time.
Something I think I missed about
her not all that long ago, when
Dad seemed to be a better man,
than he turned out to be. Anyway,
the house seems rosier now. Next
up, the conquest of Mary, let the
games begin.
The RADIO blasts MUSIC as David runs a giant green plastic
comb through his blown dry parted hair. Dwayne mouths the
words to the song as he drums the steering wheel.
That plan totally blows. I told
you I'm done with your crazy lame
It does NOT blow! You blow! If you
would just pay attention, you are
bound to see the brilliance in
it's simplicity!


The only thing simple about your
plan is it's creator!
Hell, screw you! At least I've got
Amber talking to me again. So
while you're parked on the losers
bench tonight with all the other
clarks, I'll be swinging from the
David, clearly frustrated, hesitates with his next retort.
Finally, a big sigh.
Fine..what's your dumb plan again?
Dwayne grins.
Renda and Mary over makeup in front a huge wall mirror
fronted by a dressing table. Both are vamped up with sexy
dresses hugging all the right parts and big hair fluffed in
all directions. Renda unleashes a cloud of aerosol
                       MARY ANN
Hey, hey, hey! Do you mind there
Laverne! This Shirley needs to be
able to breath tonight!
Sorry, trying to get maximum lift.
This stuff promises to keep
deflation under one inch per hour.
                       MARY ANN
Is that good?
When it comes to lift, every inch
The girls finish applying their lipstick and make a final
inspection of the results.
Well, I think we're ready to greet
the new year in style. We look
smoking hot.


Mary tries to vamp in the mirror, but can't quite pull it
                       MARY ANN
I guess...Do you think this is
really me? I never saw myself
as..you know..sexy.
      (stands behind the
       shorter Mary)
Girlfriend, you are the best kind
of sexy, the kind the guys love.
Sexy and not a clue what to do
with it.
                       MARY ANN
Really..Come on, let's get this
drama on the road.
                       MARY ANN
Do you actually think my plan will
work? Do you think this is how to
land a man?
You just leave the man trapping to
me and have a good time.
With one last look in the mirror, the girls grab their coats
and are out the door.
Cars cover the street and driveway in front of Stewey's
house. MUSIC blares from inside. Different MUSIC blasts from
Dwayne's truck as he roars up in front of the house. Just
before he stops, a car pull out from it's parking spot and
Dwayne bombs the truck into the empty space. The MUSIC from
Dwaynes truck stops when he cuts the engine. Dwayne and
David get out and hurry up to the crowded front door area.
After greeting Stewey, they walk inside.
An oscillating light BALL hanging from the ceiling throws
spots of multicolored light around the huge living room.
Teenagers cover the space, laughing, talking loud and


drinking from a comical variety of glasses. Dwayne and David
take in the scene, spot the bar and head over.
      (to the female
       black bartender)
Jonny Walker Black, neat, 4
fingers, and keep 'em coming.
Dwayne stares at his friend in amazement.
Uh, make that two, my lovely pour
master friend.
The sexy bartender sets them up, giving David a sultry look
as she hands him his drink. Dwayne catches the exchange.
After they get their drinks, they step to the side of the
bar to take in the sights.
I got a good feeling about
tonight, pal.
What makes you say that?
Did you catch the sugar that
bartender was heaping on you?
Well, it was there, trust me..So,
are you ready to start the games?
Do you even see her here? I
thought you said Mary was going to
be here.
That's the word I got..Hey,
there's Amber...
      (waives to Amber)
..lets see what she knows.
Amber sees Dwayne's wave and breaks away from John Steele
and his posse. While she walks over, Steele checks her out,
then glares at David. David glares back.


Happy New Year, fella's. My,
aren't you two handsome tonight.
Amber give a playful tug on David's sweater before snuggling
up to Dwayne.
I hope I get to see both of you at
midnight for a kiss?
I wouldn't miss it.
David ignores the conversation while he continues to search
the room for Mary.
Dave? Dave old buddy?
What? What's that?
Looks like someone has an agenda
this evening.
Uh..yeah..I mean no..No, just
looking to have a good time.
Uh huh, sure. Well, I think I saw
that good time walking towards the
front door right before I came
While the three friends watch the room, Steele and his group
move in mass towards the front door, blocking David's view.
      (straining to see)
Jesus..great. I can't see a thing!
Steele disappears into his cadre and emerges a second later
with Mary on his arm. She is stunning and catching the eye
of several other boys in the crowd. Renda follows in Mary's
wake as Steele escorts the ladies towards the bar. Dwayne
and Amber take in the production as David downs his entire


Ready, David.
       whispers back)
That's Magnus, pussy man.
I think I need another Scotch.
Amber, can I set you up?
Without waiting for an answer, David move over next to
Renda, who is standing behind Steele and Mary at the bar.
Hi Renda. You look beautiful
Oh, thank you, David. You, uh,
look very nice too.
In front of them, Steele picks up his and Mary's drinks as
Mary rolls her eyes at David's faux flirtation with Renda.
Steele turns around and tries to squeeze past David and
Little space, there, Junior?
David doesn't move.
Renda takes David's arm and moves him out of the way. Steele
and Mary pass.
      (loud, but to Mary)
What a little shithead.
Mary frowns at Steele's crack, but continues across the room
with him back to his group on the other side. At the same
time, a power ballad starts playing and several teens start
slow dancing. Renda continues to stand arm and arm with
Amber, would you like to dance?


      (big smile)
Well, of course.
Amber and Dwayne head out and start dancing, close. David
looks on, then notices Renda's still holding his arm. He
looks up to her face, which is not easy as she is taller
than he is, and finds her grinning at him.
Um..well..would you like to dance
with me, Renda?
      (big smile)
I thought you would never ask.
David and Renda hit the dance floor. She pulls him in tight,
almost squishing his head against her chest. Dwayne grins as
he takes in all in while he dances with Amber. On the other
side of the room, Mary appears bored standing next to Steele
as he regales his group with war stories. As the song
continues to play, Renda starts whispering in David's ear.
David, at first, quickly looks up at her, but Renda crushes
his head back into her chest and continue to whisper. The
song ends and a fast tune starts. Renda releases David, nods
her head and retreats back over towards Mary. Amber leaves
the room and Dwayne walks back over the David, who is now at
the bar ordering another drink.
      (notices the new
Better take it easy, Dave. Those
things can sneak up on you.
You're not going to believe what
Renda just told me.
That your pointy Spock ears popped
her miracle bra?
She said Steele plans to bed Mary,
here tonight, in the very room me
and Mary shared not three months
ago! Can you believe that?
No way Mary would let that guy
into her pants, no way.


Dwayne and David look over and see Steele fast dancing with
Mary. Steele has no rhythm.
I can't let that happen, Dwayne. I
don't care if she doesn't like me
anymore. She's way too good for
that piece of shit.
So what are you going to do?
Renda said Steel wants to make his
move right before midnight. She's
going to signal me when he makes
his play.
And then?
And then..and then..I'll take the
necessary action.
Necessary action, huh?
David give Dwayne a "please help me" look. Dwayne smiles
Don't worry, buddy, old Dwayne
will be right behind you, I
The party is in full swing. The dance floor filled with
sweaty teens bouncing to the loud MUSIC. Amber, Dwayne and
David fill a couch pushed up against the wall. David downs
another drink. Dwayne and Amber share little kisses.
      (yelling, drunk)
I haven't seen her in 10 minute.
Where the hell is she?
Jesus, take it easy buddy. I see
Renda, no signal yet.


The music turns down slightly as Stewey stands up over the
crowd on a chair. Everyone turns towards him.
Half an hour till midnight
everyone! Half an hour!
The music turns back up and Stewey disappears back into the
crowd. A second later, Stewey appears in front of David.
You got a phone call, Stare. You
can take it in my Dad's office.
David stares at Stewey a moment, then, with some help from
Amber and Dwayne, gets off the couch and follows Stewey down
a side hall off the living room.
David walks into a wood paneled office. Several photos of
Arab men cover the walls. David spots the PHONE on a large
desk, sees the hold button flashing, picks up the receiver
and pushes the button.
      (on the phone)
Hello?...Dad?..What is
I'll be right there.
David quickly crosses the living room and leaves out the
front door. At the same time, Steele comes down the stairs,
scans the room, walks over and grabs a bottle of champagne,
and head back up the stairs. Dwayne, with a look of concern,
gets off the couch.
      (to Amber)
Somethings wrong, this is not part
of the plan.
What plan? What are you talking
Suddenly, Renda quickly walks across the room through the
dancers, a concerned look on her face. She reaches the


What's going on?
Their gone, Dwayne, John and Mary.
They slipped out. You've got to go
now, now. Where's David?
I don't know. He went out the
front door!
Then we've got to get upstairs,
both of us, now! John's been
drinking. Mary thinks David's
coming up. This was not part of
our plan, Dwayne.
Dwayne and Renda hustle off across the room, leaving a
bewildered Amber behind.
Dwayne, Dwayne, you and Renda had
a plan?
David weaves across the large lawn that leads down towards
the street. Steven slowly walks up. They meet on the
Dad, what is it? I'm kind of busy
I just wanted to wish you a Happy
New Year, Dave. I haven't seen you
much lately.
      (looks closer at
Are you alright, Dave?
I'm fine Dad.


I thought we could talk about when
we're going to open up the lake
cabin this spring, you know, start
Now? On New Years Eve? I don't
think this is really the best
time, Dad.
Whys that?
      (sees David
Something with Mary?
I gotta get back in, Dad. It's
almost midnight.
Alright, all right.
David stares at his Dad, then gives him a tentative hug.
See you around, Dad.
David starts to leave.
You know, if you're having girl
trouble, I'm sure I can share some
advice, you know, if you need it.
David stops in his tracks, a look of frustration and anger
on his face. He slowly turns back towards Steven.
What did you say?
I, uh, said, if you needed any
Advise? Advise..is that what you
said, Dad?


Gets back in Steven's face.
That's rich, Dad! Rich! Coming
from the guy that cheated on his
wife, in her own house and lied to
his kids!
Save it, Dad! I know about you and
Chloe, Dad. Hell..
      (gestures towards
       the house)
Everybody knows! Thanks to Amber
and her big mouth!
David starts again towards the house.
David, wait..WAIT!
As snow starts to fall, David continues into the house
leaving Steven alone on the lawn. David reaches the door,
goes in and slams the door behind him.
David runs into the crowd in the living room. He spots the
empty couch he was sitting on. As he frantically scans the
room, Amber taps him on the shoulder.
Amber points towards the stairs. David takes off, pushing
through the throng.
Renda and Mary whisper next to the sliding door in the dimly
lit room.


                       MARY ANN
David's coming, right?
Uh..yeah..of course..that was the
plan, right?
                       MARY ANN
Yes, it was.
Dwayne appears at the door and motions for Renda to come
over. Renda gives Mary a hug and walks over to Dwayne, where
they start whispering.
OK, then, good luck, honey. I'll
see you later.
Renda slowly closes the door, leaving Mary hugging herself,
looking out to the view of lights.
Where the hell is he?
David or John?
I haven't seen John since he
grabbed that champagne. That was,
like, 10 minutes ago.
Let me see if I can find Dave.
Last I saw HIM, he was headed
Renda and Dwayne head off in different directions. With the
hall empty, a door opens at the opposite end and Steele
walks out balancing a silver tray, complete with champagne
in an ice bucket, a rose in a vase and two glass flutes. He
gets to the master bedroom door, knocks quietly, and goes
inside, closing the door behind him.


David splashes water on his face and hair as he stares at
himself in the mirror. He takes a deep breath, combs his
hair up, straightens his shirt and opens the door into the
Mary continues to take in the view as Steele silently closes
the door behind her. He stares at her a moment, puts the
tray down on a table and slowly makes his way over behind
                       MARY ANN
      (still looking at
       the view)
I'm glad you came.
Steele walks up behind her and rubs his hands over her
shoulders and arms.
                       MARY ANN
God, I love your touch. Please
tell me you love to touch me too.
Steele slows his hands and moves them to her back. He
lightly runs them from her shoulders down over her ass.
                       MARY ANN
I'm sorry, David, I'm sorry I ever
doubted you. I sorry I thought you
were trying to take advantage of
me. Please, can you ever forgive
Of course I can.
Mary whips around, shocked that Steele is there. She quickly
takes a step back.
                       MARY ANN
What are you doing here?
      (drunk, advances)
Sorry it took so long to find the
      (gestures towards
       the champagne)
And the rose was a challenge too.
                       MARY ANN
Where's David?


Steele advances on Mary, pinning her against the sliding
glass door.
Come on, Margie, you know I turn
you on.
Mary shoves Steele off her. Now he's mad.
                       MARY ANN
Get the hell out of here!
Oh, I don't think so. I think I'll
be staying, yeah. I think I'll get
everything I need tonight, right
As Steele advances towards Mary, the bedroom door crashes
open and David races across the room as full speed, hitting
Steele and smashing both of them through the sliding glass
door. Mary screams and runs out as David smashes Steele's
faces with his fist's of fury. As Mary reaches the door of
the bedroom, she pushes past Dwayne and Renda, who have
arrived at the same time. While Renda turns and runs after
Mary, Dwayne coolly walks in and watches David dismantle the
man of Steele.
David lays on the living room couch with an ice pack on both
hands. He face is covered with cuts, scraps and bruises and
his shirtless chest is covered with long claw marks. He
gingerly moves to pick up the huge remote control on the
coffee table to change the channel on the TV. Janice walks
in with a tray of food.
Here you go, honey, your favorite,
Count Chockula and banana slices.
Janice sets the tray down on the coffee table as David
slowly swings his legs to the floor. She sits down next to
him and tenderly straightens his hair.
You sure you don't want to go to
the hospital?


I'm sure.
Well, OK then..You sure it's fine
Jessica and I are going out. I
need to get some items for my next
I'm good, Mom, really. I can
handle thing here.
      (caring smile)
Alright then, well, I'll just grab
a few things, then we are gone.
Janice straightens up the room and grabs a coat and some
books. David struggles to take a bite of his cereal.
                       DAVID (vo)
When I got home last night,
everyone was asleep. Dwayne
stopped at the 7-11 for overpriced
medical supplies and patched me up
as best he could. When Mom saw me
this morning, she really freaked
out. I had to assure her over and
over I was fine and that it was
just an accident that I went
through the sliding glass door.
Even though I doubt she actually
believes me, I think at this stage
of the game, any time a high
school senior comes home more or
less in one piece, it's considered
a success. I didn't mention to her
my little run in with Dad. Even
including the dust up with Steele,
having Dad show up was definitely
the strangest part of the evening.
As far as Mary, she disappeared
into the night.
Janice finishes her gathering and fusing, touches David on
the cheek and meets Jessica at the entrance to the room.
Janice moves away towards the front door while Jessica
lingers a moment staring at David, a sad look on her face.
Then, she too turns and leaves. As David eats, the PHONE
RINGS. He gingerly picks up.


      (on the phone)
Dwayne, complete with orange uniform, lounges on two folding
chairs in the empty breakroom. A giant pile of food wrappers
covers the table in front of him.
      (on the phone)
Dave! Dave! Is that you?. The word
is out, man!
      (on the phone)
What are you talking about?
      (on the phone)
You kicking Steele's gold plated
ass. The news is all over town!
      (holding his head,
       on the phone)
How did that happen?
      (on the phone)
The whole class was at the party,
Dave! How could anybody not know.
I hear Steele's gone into
seclusion. His Stanford free ride
might even be in jeopardy!


      (on the phone)
Oh God.
As David hangs his head, the doorbell RINGS.
      (on the phone)
Dwayne, someones at the door, I
gotta go. I'll call you later.
                       DWAYNE (os)
      (on the phone)
OK buddy, be careful, talk to you
The bell RINGS again as David slowly makes his way to the
door. He looks through the peep hole. Surprised at what he
sees, he quickly throws open the door. Standing there is
Mary, in a simple dress, glasses on, hair up, holding a
single rose. They stare at each other, unsure where they
stand. After a moment, Mary slowly moves forward towards a
frozen David. She pauses a moment an inch from his face,
then tenderly kisses him. He winches a bit from the bruises
around his lips.
                       MARY ANN
      (in a whisper)
I'm sorry.
      (also in a whisper)
I'm sorry too.
Mary looks up into David's eyes. She is crying. She takes
his face gently in her hands and kisses him all over,
avoiding the bruises. She ends at his lips. This time
there's no pain from David, only submission. They share a
passionate embrace.
David and Mary slowly undress as they continue to touch
each other. Soft lighting and MUSIC add to the atmosphere.
As David unbuttons the front of Mary's dress, his hand hits
on a piece of red paper sticking out of a small pocket next
to the buttons. He pulls the small card out, glances at it,
drops it to the floor and continues with the buttons.


                       DAVID (vo)
You could have knocked me over
with a feather when I found Mary
at my door. And it wouldn't have
taken much more when she kissed
me. Turns out her and Renda had a
plan the entire time for me to end
up back in the very place where
our trouble began. What no one,
Dwayne, Renda, Mary or I figured
in all our schemes, was the
arrival of my father and the
surprising actions of John Steele.
However, what finally pushed Mary
into my arms was someone that no
one figured to be matchmaker, my
crazy, annoying, wonderful little
sister, Jessica.
As David and Mary move to the bed in the back ground, the
RED PAPER gets kicked over next to the record player. In
slow motion, the folded hand make card with a child's drawn
picture of a HEART on the front opens. Inside, in Jessica's
perfect handwriting is written, "David loves you, do you
love him?" Next to the message are two boxes, one for NO and
one for YES. The YES BOX is check.
Sun drenches a large parking lot full of cars. A bell RINGS
and students stream from the school out towards a line of
waiting buses and cars. David, Mary and Dwayne laugh and
shove each other as they all head to their cars parked next
to each other.
                       DAVID (vo)
Since ringing in the New
Year right with the visit at my
house by Mary, things have been,
well, pretty damn good between us.
I think we both grew up a little
and learned that when two people
trust and respect each other
first, the loving gets easy! I
wish I could say the same for
Dwayne and Amber.
Across the parking lot, Steele and posse, along with Amber
firmly clutched under Steele's arm, strut over to his 1969
Camaro convertible.


                       DAVID (vo)
Unfortunately, she turned into a
Southern California Florence
Nightingale at the party and
tended to the wounds I inflicted
so heavily on old Mr. Steele. I
never thought she was Dwayne's
type anyway, other than that
absolutely fabulous body of hers.
Suddenly Mary smacks David in the head.
What was that for?
Mary give David "the look."
                       DAVID (vo)
Oh my God. Now she can read my
mind! Scary. Well, anyway, after
much debate and discussion, we
have agreed that our relationship
is solid enough to stand a week
together in the wilds of the
Cascade mountain range over spring
vacation next week. And, to the
absolute surprise of everyone,
including himself..
David and Mary glance over from Mary's car as Dwayne
continues on and stops at Renda's car. They huddle in
intimate conversation, as Renda absolutely towers over the
smitten Dwayne.
                       DAVID (vo)
..Dwayne and Renda have
unofficially become a couple and
have agreed to go with us, to
quote Dwayne, make sure all social
graces and virtues are upheld to
the highest standards. Whatever
the hell that means.
David finishes putting camping gear in the back of Dwayne's
truck. Dwayne, standing in the truck bed, stows the gear and
tightens a tarp down on the overflowing cargo. After a final
shove, he jumps down.


      (very official)
Well, I think that should do it.
You're sure. What about toilet
paper? Girls use a lot, you know.
Got 24 rolls, that's one roll per
camper, per day. Plus we can
always use leaves and bear grass
as back up.
      (egging him on)
You sure?
Oh yeah. I've got it all figured
out. No problem.
Well OK then. So, are we ready to
Just need to bless your commode,
then we're off. Be back in ten.
As Dwayne marches with military precision into the house to
crap, Jessica passes him on the way out. She has a large
pack and fishing pole. She struggles out next to Dwayne's
I still wish you were going to the
lake with us, David. Dad loves
opening the cabin every spring
with us. I won't be the same
without you, you know?
Yeah..well...so..do you need any
help with your pack.
David helps secure Jessica's pack while she leans against
Dwayne's truck.


                       DAVID (vo)
Every since Jessica's card to Mary
bringing us back together, an
uneasy truce has settled over me
and Jessica. And as much as I
don't like to admit it, Jessica is
growing up, and probably faster
than she would like. The pending
divorce between Mom and Dad has
forced her to see things most
eight year olds shouldn't have to
see. I feel sorry for her and hope
she had a good time at the lake.
Dwayne comes marching back out of the house hitching up his
belt. He takes one look at the job David has done with
Jessica's pack and sighs in disgust. He immediately starts
undoing everything David just did.
Are you kidding with this pack
job, Dave? Come on, Jessica, let a
real scout set you up.
Thanks Dwayne.
      (big smile)
As usual, David doesn't have a
clue what he's doing, do you,
Just as David starts to speak, a loud HONK sounds from the
corner of the block. Everyone looks to see Steven driving
the station wagon towards the driveway. David taps Dwayne on
the shoulder while the car slows to turn in.
Come on, D, lets go,
      (finishes with the
Oh, yeah, sure. Well, there you
go, Jessica. All set.
Dwayne helps Jessica into the now perfectly loaded back
pack. David moves over and gets in the passenger door of
Dwayne's truck. The window is down. Dwayne gets in and roars
the motor to life as Steven completes parking next to the


truck and gets out. Jessica struggles over to meet Steven in
her big pack.
Hi Dad. I'm already to go! See my
pack, Dwayne helped me with it.
That's great, honey. Why don't you
put it in the back of the wagon.
I'll be ready in a minute.
Dwayne starts backing the truck out of the driveway. David
stares forward as Steven hustles over to his door. Dwayne
lays on the brakes.
Dave, you sure you don't want to
come? All your friends are
Silence from David.
Come on, Dave. Why can't we get
past this thing, whatever it is,
between us. I miss our time
I'm sorry, Dad. I'm not ready for
that yet.
      (to Dwayne)
Lets go, the girls are waiting.
Dwayne guns the engine again as Steven steps back from the
door. With David staring at his pale, sweaty, disappointed
father, Dwayne backs out and moves forward down the street.
Kinda of hard on the old man,
don't you think?
How can you say that?
Cause he sure is trying to make up
to you, you know?


Dwayne, he cheated on my mother,
lost his job and left when the
going got tough. Why should I be
so willing to forgive him? Huh?
Would you?
Look Dave, if you want to know the
truth, I've always been a little
jealous of you and your Dad's
Come on?
Really. I mean he actually is
pretty cool. You know, when you
get passed the corny slogans and
sayings and everything.
Life's happening, this very
moment, don't you dare miss it.
All I'm saying is it always looks
like you guys had a pretty good
time together, that's all.
Yeah, well..
Maybe after our little wild
kingdom experience with the
ladies, you try actually sitting
down to talk to the guy. What do
you think?
      (slight smile)
I think you do an awful lot of
talking for a guy that usually has
absolutely nothing worth saying.
David points to Renda and Mary ready to go in Mary's


Tell you what. If we can survive a
week in the bush with those two,
I'll have the sit down with Dad,
Dwayne pulls into the driveway and he and David both jump
out to hugs and kisses from the girls. Both men toss the
girls gear in the back and they are off.
Dwayne pulls the truck up to a wooded campsite next to a
beautiful mountain lake. The sun sparkles off the waves as
the group jumps out and starts horse playing.
                       DAVID (vo)
The spring camping trip of 1983
was one of the best times of my
young life.








David and Dwayne bop to the MUSIC from the RADIO. Both are a
mess with dirty shirts and matted hair. Both are pretty damn
That was the time of my life,
buddy, the time of my life.
Life's happening, this very
moment, don't you dare miss it!
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I said if I
survived the week, I'd talk to
him. Well, I survived the week,
and I'm a man of my word.
As well as a man of action!
Dwayne turns the corner onto Davids street. Parked cars fill
the Stare driveway and street fronting the house. Small
groups of people gather in the front yard and near the door.
Dwayne and David stare as Dwayne pulls the truck in behind a
car in the driveway. Both slowly get out.
David makes his way from the front door through more people
lining the entry way. Several of the adults pat him on the
back or turn away, trying not to cry. Making his way to the
living room, Milly and Clark Mackie greet David and lead him
further into the room. Sitting on a chair with Jessica on
her lap is Janice. She gives David a soft smile, stands,
walks up to him with Jessica trailing and hugs him. She
takes his hand and moves him over to the couch, sitting down
next to him. Aunt Milly and Uncle Clark circle in.
                       DAVID (vo)
Dad died.
David stares, disbelieving, as his mother explains what


                       DAVID (vo)
The first day at the lake, Jessica
and Dad decided to take the boat
out to go fishing.
Steven struggles to turn the leaf covered boat over. Once on
it's bottom, Jessica jumps in. Using all his strength,
Steven pushes the metal craft over the beach and into the
                       DAVID (vo)
After Dad loaded all the gear in,
he carried the outboard from the
house and hooked it on the boat.
Jessica said Dad was complaining
about his arm hurting. After a
long day on the lake, Dad tried to
get the old motor going to get
                                         FLASHBACK CONTINUES
Jessica chatters away while Steven pulls over and over on
the starter cord. With one final tug, he grabs his chest and
falls over. Jessica laughs and pokes at her Dad.
                       DAVID (vo)
When Dad had his final heart
attack, the only person there to
help was an eight year girl. A
girl who again showed more courage
and smarts than most adults.
                                         FLASHBACK CONTINUES
Jessica rows the fishing boat up to the small dock, whispers
to her panting, sweat covered Dad, jumps out and runs up
past the house and to the street.

Jessica arrives at an old phone booth next to a deserted gas
station and dials 911.

Jessica watches as Steven is loaded into an ambulance parked
in the cabin driveway.

Janice arrives and hugs a crying Jessica at the hospital.


                       DAVID (vo)
Dad spent his last few days,
mostly alone, in a dark hospital
room. When Mom or Jessica were
there, all he really asked was
where I was. They had no answer. I
never told Mom where I was going.
Steven lays semiconscious in a dim hospital room. Dr. Thieme
checks him over while Janice and Jessica huddle in the

Buzzers ring at the nurses station in the hall. Nurses rush
through the door to Stevens room. One of the nurses comes
back out and pushes a red BUTTON on the wall. As she throws
the door open on the way back in, Jessica and Janice stand
at the end of the bed.
                       DAVID (vo)
When he died, his soon to be
ex-wife and daughter stood by for
comfort. His son, no where to be
Adults and teenagers slowly make their way over the grave
site. Seated next to the casket are Janice, Jessica and
David. Surrounding them and throughout the crowd are Dwayne,
Mary, Renda, Amber, Milly, Clark, Dirk, Don, Dr. Thieme, and
Jerry. Off to the side away from the group is Chloe, softly
crying. Jessica cries on Janice's shoulder. Janice is stone
faced. David stares at the ground while a priest talks.
                       DAVID (vo)
The next few days were really a
blur. People coming and going,
speaking to Mom, saying all the
right things. Mom going along with
JANICE strokes Jessica's hair.
                       DAVID (vo)
I don't think a lot of people knew
Mom and Dad had split up. Still, I
think Mom was sad. Sad about Dad,
sad about how she'd spent so many
years of her life with him and sad
her kids had lost their father.


The priest wraps up and nods to Janice. She get up, holding
Jessica's hand, with David trailing and touches the casket.
After Jessica and David follow suit, the simple box is
slowly lowered into the ground. Several mourners cry.
                       DAVID (vo)
I never could figure out how
Jessica felt that day. I DO know
she was mad at me for not going to
the lake with her and Dad. I hope
someday she can forgive me for
putting her in that terrible
situation. All I can do now is try
to be the best big brother I can
be. I think she's gonna need that
more that she would ever admit.
Standing next to the driveway, Janice, Jessica and David
thank the remaining mourners for coming out. Several share
hugs and tears with the Stares. Finally, Janice and Jessica
get in the back of a black sedan. As David starts to get in,
a small group ahead of him gets in their car and David spots
Mary. David says something to Janice, shuts the door and
walks over to Mary. They pause in front of each other, then
she collapses sobbing in his arms.
                       DAVID (vo)
As for me, well, I'm still not
sure how I feel, or if I feel
anything. Mom says I shouldn't
worry about my emotions right now
and that everyone grieves in their
own way. Someday I hope to figure
out my feeling, and understand
exactly what happened.
David, Dwayne, Renda and Mary swim and play in the water in
the lake.
Hey, hey, hey! This is my castle.
That's no way to treat the king of
the castle!


      (and Mary and
       Renda together)
Renda, Mary and Dwayne lift David out of the water and
precariously parade him around. David's slim pale body
floundering about.
In one giant coordinated effort, the three launch David high
in the air, sending him flying until his return to earth
ends in a brutal belly flopping splash.
                       MARY ANN
      (and Renda and
       Dwayne together)
David emerges from the water and immediately starts
attacking his friends.
                       DAVID (vo)
A few weeks after the funeral, Mom
suggested I get away with my
friends. She was taking Jessica to
New York with her to meet her boss
and thought I could use the down
time. I liked the idea and tossed
it out to the group. All readily
accepted. I think they wanted the
chance to try and cheer me up. And
they were right. Since his death,
and trying to come to grips to
life without a Dad, I was slowly
sinking into a dark hole, one I
wasn't sure I would be able to
climb out of.
The group all climb out of the water and beach themselves on
the floating dock. The sun beats down and sparkles off the
water. A truly beautiful day.
I think the King needs to provide
for his subjects. What do you say,


Yes, King. What about it, I need
Dwayne, Mari and Renda all start chanting, "Food, food,
All right, all right, put the
torches away. I'll go cobble
together something worthy of you
unwashed wrenches. Just give me a
few, would you?
David gets up and jogs back up towards the cabin. The
remaining kids watch him go. Mary gives him a reassuring
smile as he looks back before going in.
David finishes putting away several condiments in the
refrigerator. A large platter of sandwiches sits on the
counter next to a tray of lemonades. Music blasts from the
RADIO. When he closes the door to the refrigerator, standing
behind it at the cabin front door is Dr. Thieme. David jumps
when he sees him. Dr. Thieme sports a beige summer suit and
has a large manila envelop in his hands.
Jesus, Dr. Thieme, you scared the
crap out of me!
Dr. Thieme walks in, smiling.
                       DR. THIEME
Sorry, Dave. I did knock.
Here, just a sec..
      (turns down the
..there, that's better..So, what,
uh, are you doing here, Doctor?
                       DWAYNE (os)
Gettin' hungry out here, King!


                       DR. THIEME
Sounds like you're having a nice
time with your friends, that's
Mom thought it would be a good
idea to get away for a couple
days, you know, after..
David stops and hangs his head.
                       DR. THIEME
It's OK David. We all miss your
Dad. He was a hell of a character.
Some of the stuff he came up with.
He always had me laughing.
Dr. Thieme walks over and puts his hand on David's shoulder.
David looks up at him.
                       DR. THIEME
Look, Dave. Your Dad told me about
what was going on between the two
of you this year.
He did?
                       DR. THIEME
He did.
I was kind of a jerk, you know?
                       DR. THIEME
No one's perfect, Dave, your Dad
most of all.
I just wish, well, I wish..I don't
                       DR. THIEME
Dave, I brought something for you,
something your Dad made me promise
to give you after he passed. He
made me swear I was to deliver it
only after he was gone.


David stands still, staring at the doctor. Dr. Thieme gently
places the large envelope on the counter, gives David a
comforting look, turns and leaves. David turns his gaze down
to the envelope.
David, holding the opened envelope, moves the half finished
sign with his Dad's slogan on it away from a drop cloth. He
whisks the cloth off a hidden old TV and VCR. David turns
the TV on, pulls a video tape out of the envelop, puts it in
the VCR, pushes the play BUTTON and take a seat on the
The blank screen flickers to life. Steven appears, pale, air
supply in his nose, sitting in a hospital bed.
                       DR. THIEME (os)
      (on tape)
OK, we're rolling.
      (on tape)
Are you sure? I don't see the red
light on, Doc.
                       DR. THIEME (os)
      (on tape)
Jesus, Steven, it's on, alright?
Even dying, you drive me crazy!
David smiles
      (on tape)
OK, if you say so, but I'm going
to check it when we're done.
                       DR. THIEME (os)
      (on tape)
You're stalling.