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Freeman Lodge
by Daniel Radder (deeradd45@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review: ****
Another mass murder at an isolated lodge in the Sierra Nevada Mountains leaves seven survivors to try to find a way out alive and deal with the strange events that seem to occur when they least suspect it. Their phones are nowhere to be found, everyone else is dead without a sound or sign, reasons to blame one another strengthen, and sanity grows thin. And soon the seven realize that the longer they stay in Freeman Lodge, the less chances they have of ever finding rescue.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We are looking at the exterior of the infamous, snow-topped
Freeman Lodge in the middle of the Western Sequoias in the
Sierra Nevada Mountains. In the background we hear elevator
music as we approach the lodge.
We are looking at the inside of the empty Freeman Lodge, no
sound or movement despite the elevator music. After looking
at a couple parts of the lodge, people gradually start to
appear and move around and sound is slowly restoring.
Eventually we are looking at the present Freeman Lodge with
the guests walking and talking and the staff on their feet.
The hotel is alive and the music lightens up and starts to
excite the mood.
We go to a smiling NELLY at the counter as he receives his
VISA card and his room key.
                       HOTEL CLERK #1
Hey, you're Nelly the writer,
      (grins modestly)
Yes I am.
                       HOTEL CLERK #1
Oh, my son loves your books. He's
a real fan. You're like his idol.
      (nods and smiles)
Thank you.
                       HOTEL CLERK #1
      (hanging him his
Here's your key, and you have a
good stay, sir. Ask for Harrison
if you need any assistance.
      (taking his cards)
Thank you.


We move over a row to an impatient JAYSON drumming his four
fingers on the counter as the clerk tries to solve the error
with a partner.
       with no
Do you think you could bring out a
cot and open the roof so I can
look at the stars while you check
me in?
                       HOTEL CLERK #2
      (feeling rushed)
I'm very sorry, sir, it'll just be
one more moment.
I'm keeping count of how many
times you say that, don't worry.
As the two work on the computer, a man waiting at the
counter beside Jayson as well looks over at his
four-fingered hand and points to the missing one.
                       GUEST #1
How'd you lose that?
      (Jayson gives him
       an intimidating
       look and he
Never mind. Sorry.
Jayson looks back to the clerks, then sees HERALD beside him
taking out his gun and badge and putting them on the counter
to the clerk.
Whoa there, Sergeant. I didn't do
anything this month, I swear.
      (smiles as he
       hands the gun
       over and shows
       his badge)
I don't want to believe you did. I
just want you to remember who I am
in the future.


Oh I will, sir. As long as you're
not walking around with that gun
I'll feel a little better.
Don't worry. I won't.
      (gets his card,
       key, and his
Have a good stay, sir.
I will.
Jayson looks back to the clerks and waits another moment
before they hand him his key and card. As we watch this, we
can also see DUSTIN walking through the lobby for the
stairs. We follow him to his room where he tries to open the
door but drops the key.
      (under his breath)
He bends over, grabs the key, and straightens up and we see
a small figure standing beside him. He jumps when he sees
KELLY, the manager's daughter, standing there.
You know, you shouldn't say God's
name in vain.
Uh, I'm Mormon, so . . .
      (holds out hand)
I'm Kelly. I'm the manager's
Dustin has gotten the key into the door and opened it
slightly, but sees her hand and fakes a smile.
      (shakes her hand)


It is nice to meet you here,
Dustin. . . . Well, I'll see you
      (as she starts to
A'right. You, too.
He watches her leave, then smiles and shakes his head before
entering his room. As he enters his room, we watch E-MAN and
JESUS walking down the hall hurriedly for the stairs.
      (a little tired)
Hey, slow down!
Come on, we're on the third floor!
We follow them to their room and watch them jump into their
beds and both sigh and relax.
We're here.
You're right, genius. Here for two
days and then we're back home.
Enjoy it, we're probably never
going to get this again.
I will, bro, don't worry.
The two lay in their beds relaxing and savoring the moment
as we back out of the room and look down the hall. Time
speeds up to night . . .
. . . and there is no sound or movement because the lodge is
asleep along with its guests.
We go to the lobby and we watch Kelly run up to Quinn behind
the front desk.
      (hugs him)
Daddy . . . when are we going to
have some time together?


      (kneels to her)
Kelly . . . it's a busy time for
      (her head inclines
       in disappointment)
It's winter and a lot of people
are coming in to stay in the
mountains for vacation.
      (she nods sadly)
Lunch tomorrow.
      (she lifts her
       head and smiles
Meet me in the buffet room you can
have whatever you want. We'll have
a whole hour together, OK? We'll
do whatever you want.
      (hugging him)
Thank you, Daddy! I can't wait!
      (smiling bigger
       than her)
Me either, honey. I'll see you
Tomorrow at lunch.
Oh, that's right.
PENNY enters holding Quinn's hot coffee with a smile to see
them together and smiling.
      (with a smile)
You two look so cute together.
OK, honey, time for bed. I'll see
you tomorrow.
Dad and I are going to have lunch
      (stroking Kelly's
That sounds great, honey. Now go


                       PENNY (cont'd)
up to bed, it's very late for you.
OK. Good night, Mom. Good night,
She runs up the stairs to her floor to go to bed and a
smiling Penny looks at Quinn, who looks back at her also
with a smile he can't help but making.
      (with a chuckle)
You know what. You two really look
cute together.
She looks cute. I don't.
      (hugs and kisses
No, you do, too. I'm glad you two
are starting to get back together
I'm trying, honey. You know how it
      (resting her head
       on his shoulder
       and hugging him)
I know you are. And we appreciate
that. We love you.
      (they kiss and he
I love you, too.
Then show her. Not me.
      (nods and kisses
       her forehead)
OK. I will.


Kelly is lying in bed trying to get to sleep with all the
covers pulled over her. She still has a small smirk on her
face, but when she hears wood creak she is soon terrified.
                       DRY VOICE
Kehhhleeeee . . .
Kelly sits up in bed and looks around, then sees the closet
door is ajar. She gulps, very scared, and stares at the
darkness in the closet. After a moment it moves open even
more until it is completely open. She shivers, unmoved, and
starts to silently cry. She wants to call out and move, but
                       DRY VOICE
Kehhhhleeeee . . .
Kelly then pulls the covers over herself and hides, hoping
for it to disappear. She is shaking, still crying, and
                       DRY VOICE
I still see you, Kelly.
      (too scared to say
There is a dry laughter and we hear the floorboards creaking
as it approaches.
      (whispering in his
Good night, babe.
      (whispering back)
Quinn takes the coffee as she leaves up the stairs for her


      (she turns to him)
Tell her our favorite story
Now you know it's past her
Just until she falls asleep.
OK. Good night.
      (smirks and looks
       down as she
We are watching her crying and shaking under the covers as
the creaking approaches, then eventually stops. There is no
sound but her heavy breathing and her sniffling. She grabs
the covers and slowly draws them off her, and the large,
unseen monster suddenly jumps out and enshrouds the screen.
We watch Penny walk down the hallway and up the stairs to
her room on the third floor. She walks into her room, and we
stay outside and look at the door and wait.
Kelly . . . ? Kelly?
Penny then screams and hurries out of the room and for the
Penny runs to the front desk and finds no one. She finds
Quinn's hot coffee on the floor a couple feet from the desk,


and no one to be seen. She put her hands to her wide-eyed
face and stands there in horror.
Looking around the lobby for her husband, Penny then stops
and steps away into the middle and starts screaming.

Eventually a couple men hurry down the stairs and go to
comfort her.
                       GUEST #2
What the hell is going on?
My daughter and husband are
missing. I can't find them!
They're gone!
                       GUEST #2
It's OK, we'll find them, ma'am,
we'll find them. Where was the
last place you saw them?
Still crying, she points to the front desk and starts to
weep again. One of the men go to check behind the desk as
the other comforts her.
What's going on here?
                       GUEST #2
      (standing up)
This lady's lost her husband and
      (going to her side)
I've got this, gentlemen. Where
did you last see (--)
The two men hesitate, then go back to their rooms.
      (points to the
       front desk)
My husband was standing right
there and . . . my daughter was
upstairs in our room.
      (hand on her
OK, and what was the last thing


                       HERALD (cont'd)
you were doing when you saw them
I was just giving my husband his
coffee and then I went upstairs
and my daughter was . . . she
wasn't there where I left her.
Then I came back down and my
husband was gone too. I don't know
where they went. No one told me
that . . . I don't know where they
It's OK, it's OK. We'll find them.
I promise you we'll find them. Do
you want to help me find them?
      (Penny nods)
OK, then let's go find them.
He helps her up to her feet and they walk to the front desk.
She is still crying, but is trying to calm herself.
Do you think you could check his
She nods, unlocks the office, and they look inside. Herald
jolts and mutters something, and Penny jumps back and
We look and see a clerk in his seat by the broken window
with an opened throat and a second clerk is hanging off the
ground against the wall by a knife to the chest.
Penny leaves the room and tries to hold in from vomiting,
and Herald studies the room thoroughly.
Help! Someone help! Help me! Help!
Herald leaves the room and checks the desks, which have no
phones or any signs left behind. He then looks to Penny and
then spies a hand poking out from underneath one of the
lobby chairs and goes to it. She stops screaming and watches
him kneel to the couch and look underneath the chair.
      (in disgust)
Oh my . . . God.


Penny sees the hand and steps back to weep again.
      (in her hands)
What is happening?
On cue, a few others have entered the lobby cautiously and
still tired. We see Jayson, Nelly, Dustin, and GUEST #2
enter the lobby and go to a hysterical Penny and a terrified
I'm sorry, but what the hell is
going on?
                       GUEST #2
This girl's lost her daughter and
her husband.
      (looks at him
How'd you know that, Criss Angel?
                       GUEST #2
I came out here earlier to help
her. They're just gone, she says.
Wait, what?
      (pointing to the
What's that under the chair?
There are two dead clerks in the
office back there (--)
      (in disgust)
Oh -- shit!
                       HERALD (cont'd)
(--) and this here is another
clerk. No one else is around and
the phones are gone.
      (now awake)
Wait, what?!


Everyone checks their pockets for their phones, but cannot
find them.
      (now agrivated)
What the fuck?! Where the fuck is
my phone?!
What the hell is going on down
      (checking his
Ohhh shit.
That's what I'd like to know.
Alright, alright, everyone, let's
just talk about (--)
Do you have your phone?
      (empties pockets)
No, no I don't. Now (--)
Well where the hell's your goddamn
      (holds up a hand)
Hold up -- wait, what? Why?
Well if those guys are dead I just
think it would be smart to have a
gun around in case that bastard
shows up.
      (to Penny)
Hey, lady, are you the manager's
wife? Where's the kitchen?


That's a great idea, guy. Yeah,
where's the kitchen?
Are you people seriously hungry
right now?
Penny points to the corner of the lobby to the hall that
leads to the kitchen, and Nelly and Jayson go that way.
      (to Dustin as he
       hurries by)
      (holds up a hand)
Wait, hold up, hold up.
Everyone stops and looks at Herald.
What do you mean hold up?
I don't want that guy coming back
and kill us 'cuz we weren't ready
for (--)
No, we don't need knives to
protect ourselves. The person who
did this is obviously gone because
we would be dead as well. And even
if he does come back, my gun is
probably in the office so we will
be fine. There is no need (--)
Then get your gun.
OK, I'll go get my gun. But can we
all calm down first? I would
appreciate it if we all just (--)
Yeah, sure, whatever, boss, OK.


                       HERALD (cont'd)
(--) calmed down. OK, I think it's
in the office, I'm not sure.
      (watching him walk
       to the office)
You mean the one with the . . .
Is that where they put my gun?
She nods and Herald goes to the office. The others just
relax and look at each other, then at the body, then around
them. One of the lights in the corner of the lobby flicker
and die out.

But Jayson looks to the hallway to the kitchen as if he
needs to be there, and hesitates. Dustin sees this, and
starts to worry.
                       GUEST #2
Oh, wait! I have my phone in my
room, maybe he didn't take it!
Maybe it even works!
Don't waste your breath,
                       GUEST #2
      (leaving the lobby)
I'm going to look for it anyway.
Tell the cop I'll be right back.
Jayson watches him leave the lobby and spies the blood on
Penny's dress and scowls. Nelly sees him looking at her, and
sees it as well.
      (pointing at her
What's with the blood on your
dress, lady.
A sniveling Penny looks down to the blood and crosses her
arms and looks away, shaking her head.
I don't know.


Well how did it get on your dress?
I don't know. One of the . . .
bodies . . . must've fallen on me
or something.
I don't know!
Or something. Well you don't
remember a body falling on you or
how you got that much blood on
you? I mean (--)
      (stepping to her)
Did you kill those people?
Penny looks at the group looking darkly at her, sniveling,
and backs away from them as they start to make her feel
uncomfortable and awkward.
I didn't . . . Herald! Herald!
The others roll their eyes or step back and Herald hurries
out of the office to her.
What are you people doing? Can't
we just sit down and tell each
other happy things? Tell each
other your names, say something
you're good at, just -- don't --
freak out.
      (points to her
She has blood all over her.
      (sees the blood
       and shrugs)
So? She got to close to one of the
clerks. Guys, she just lost her
husband and her daughter. Let's
try to work together to find help
and get the hell out of here, OK?


                       HERALD (cont'd)
But first, let's just all sit down
. . . and shut up.
Don't you tell me what to do, guy,
I'm not gonna sit here while you
look around for your gun in that
office. If you're the killer
you'll just come back and shoot
all of us up.
      (holds up hands)
OK, OK, OK. Would you want to help
me look for my gun?
We are looking over a big figure's shoulder at the lodge,
listening to it breathe heavily and grunt under its breath
for a few seconds as it stalks the lodge.
We watch Guest #2 hurry down the dark hall, looking at the
room numbers for his room. He finally finds it, opens it,
and goes inside, but we see a figure step into the doorway
watching the old man look for his phone.
The group is sat down, not talking, with Jayson and Herald
looking around the office for the gun.

When Dustin goes to say something we hear a loud scream from
the old man upstairs, and they all jump to their feet.
      (hurrying out of
       the room)
Who was that?
The old guy!
Nelly, Jayson, and Herald rush for the stairs, and Penny
steps away trying to keep herself calm.


We watch the three run down the hall for where the scream
came from upstairs.
Why did you let him leave the
lobby (--)
He said he had his phone in his
room and he had to get it.
Well that was smart now wasn't it?
Where the hell is he?
We're coming for you! We're here!
They hear a wet choke and the three go to the closing door
and see the old man lying beside the TV holding his neck.
Herald kneels to him and sees his throat has been slit and
tries to help him.
It's OK, sir, you're gonna be OK.
You'll be fine, just don't talk.
      (to the other two)
I need a napkin or kerchief or
some cloth!
Nelly pulls out a kerchief from his pocket and gives it to
Herald and the cop sets Guest #2 up against the TV and puts
pressure on the small cut with the kerchief.

Jayson looks and sighs with disappointment and we see that
the old man's Blackberry is shattered out of his reach.
      (head inclined,
       fingers in his
       closed eyes)
The bastard really had a phone.
The other two see it and their teeth grind. Herald looks
back to the old man and he is white and dead.
      (feeling his pulse)
Sir? You there, sir?


At least you know now it's not the
Jayson nods and wipes his face with one hand. Herald looks
up in thought and stands up and looks to Nelly.
You're the mystery writer, right?
Uh, yeah. What's that have to do
with (--)
You don't think . . . don't look
at me weird, but . . . do you
think this could be a -- a ghost?
Jayson looks at Nelly as he looks at Herald in bewilderment.
Everyone is sitting around, bored and silent as hell, and we
see a hesitant, ready-to-dash Dustin looking at the suicide
doors. Penny sees this and goes to sit next to him.
I know what you're thinking.
I have to get out of here. If I
can get to my car (--)
No, you can't do that. The killer
could be out there waiting for you
to do that and kill you. You can't
go out there. . . . And plus, your
car could be wired or something.
Then what am I supposed to do, I
can't stay here forever, lady.


I think we should put some hope
into Herald, I think he's a good
man and he's going to help us get
out of here and get us help.
But if I get to my car I could get
help, the fucker can't out-ride
me. My friends can vouch me, I can
go get help for the rest of you
      (grabs his arm)
No. No, you can't go out there.
Just . . . stay inside where
you're safe. Just . . . give
Herald one day and then we can
talk about you getting help for
us, OK? One day.
Dustin thinks about it, sniffles, and nods. He tries to say
'OK,' but cannot. Penny smiles and massages his shoulder.
We skip ahead a few minutes.

The three walk back into the lobby and the four stand up.
What happened?
Jayson shakes his head and the others give mixed expressions
of terrified and sorrow. Herald stands before them as they
all sit back down.
OK, with all that's going on . . .
we have agreed that what's going
on is most likely a paranormal
catastrophe and if we (--)
      (confused, shocked)
Wait, what?
Who's we?
Nelly, Jayson, and I. We found him
with a slit throat and his phone
broken next to him. One of the
shards from the phone screen was


                       HERALD (cont'd)
in his hand, so . . . either it
was suicide made to look like
murder or he was murdered by a
spirit of this lodge (--)
What the hell are you smoking?
It could've been a man who did
that, are you kidding?
There were no clues that a man was
ever in that room when he died. No
one was outside or in the hall. He
would have had less than five
minutes to kill him and get out
after the old man screamed. There
was no one around and no prints or
anything that could prove there
was someone else in there but the
old man (--)
OK, OK, OK, hold up. What are you
-- you a detective or something?
Actually yes, I was. I'm a
battalion chief now but yes I was
a detective for the Newport Police
Department. So, my point is that
we all stay together at all times.
At least in pairs. 'Cuz it'll just
be safer. OK?
OK, so what if it is a ghost . . .
what the hell are we gonna do now?
There is a pause and they all look uncertain. Jayson looks
to the hall to the buffet room.
I'd still feel safer if you had
your gun.
I'm kinda hungry.


OK, great. Let's eat first, get
some food into our systems and
then exchange some names. Is that
a deal?
The seven are walking into the room and then instantly see a
pot-bellied chef lying on his back with the emergency axe in
the back of his head.
      (covering her
Oh my God!
Shit, that's messed up.
Herald, Jayson, and Nelly enter the room first and head for
the kitchen as the others enter cautiously. The three follow
the drops of blood to the kitchen, open the swing door, and
are terrified to find what they thought was behind the door.

There is a chef lying on the floor on his back with an eye
stabbed and the remains running down his face. Another was
dead over one of the counters, knife in hand, a small bullet
hole in his head. A third was sitting against the wall with
three small bullet holes in his body.
My God.
You still think this is a ghost?
Herald shakes his head, speechless, as he studies the room.
Outside Dustin is getting his food when he sees a foot
sticking out of one of the aisles between the food columns
and a soft gurgling. He puts it down and goes to check what
it is, and finds a dying chef with a hole in his collarbone
and a bloody slash across his chest.
      (to the others)
Guys! Guys, I got a live one here!
The others gather around and Herald helps him sit up against
a column as he starts spitting blood.


Oh my (--)
What happened here, sir?
      (coughing, dying)
Don't . . . help me.
      (to the others)
Someone get me a wet towel and
then I want you to find some
tweezers or any kind of (--)
      (grabs Herald's
No . . . help.
Sir, you're going to be OK.
All white.
It was in all white. . . . Phil
and I came out and it just . . .
barged in and killed us.
The doors open and a white, unseen figure swings the ax and
drives it into the back of the chef's head, then shoots the
other with a silenced gun. The chef falls back but holds
onto a column and the figure pulls out his knife and slashes


With a silenced gun?
      (looks to others)
This was definitely a man.
No! It was in all white . . . it
was a spirit of some kind, I could
not -- see it clearly. It wasn't
really . . . there.
In slow-motion we watch the figure get into the light so it
barely fades out and looks unreal, but the light is just
making everything look weird and bright for the chef as it
neared him.
So what, this guy's saying it's a
ghost, too?
Sh, please!
A ghost can't do this!
      (turns to Jayson)
Shut the hell up!
      (turned back to
       the chef)
Did you remember if it said
anything or did anything that
would (--)
      (shaking his head)
It was too fast. . . . It all
happened too fast.


I'm not an expert at this
paranormal shit, but I'm pretty
sure a ghost doesn't use a
silenced gun to kill people (--)
Yeah, he's right. All the movies
I've seen I've never seen a ghost
using a gun on anyone, this was
definitely a person.
That's what I'm saying.
One person could not have killed
all those people!
We didn't say it was one person,
it could be a group for all we
Are you sure there was only one,
were there any others that were in
the room when you were shot?
      (shaking his head)
No. It was just the one. Such a
bright white.
Can you describe it? How tall, how
old, any features at all (--)
      (shaking his head)
No. I didn't see anything.
The chef then starts to cough up blood and lean, but Herald
holds him up.
Stay with me now, OK? Stay with
me, just don't move. I'm gonna try
to (--)
      (holds up a hand)
Stop. Please.


He then coughs and slowly falls to his side, and Herald lets
him. He starts to die off and Herald inclines his head and
sighs. Jayson grits his teeth and puts his hands on his
waist, agitated. Herald stands up and rubs his jawbone in
So what, are we back to the 'This
is a Ghost That Did This' idea?
      (shakes his head)
I'm still not convinced.
Neither am I. He saw a figure in
white approaching him. But it
could just have been the perfect
direction of the light to throw
off his vision to make him think
it was a spiritual being.
That doesn't mean it wasn't. Maybe
he really saw something.
Lady, I really doubt that a ghost
killed everyone in this lodge with
a silenced gun.
Herald studies the slash across the chef's chest and Dustin
leaves. Penny watches him.
And some kind of blade. Whoever it
is was well-equipped. And he had
this planned out for some time
because no one in this building
made a sound.
Yeah, like what the fuck is up
with that? No one screams? I mean
-- are you kidding me?
Herald feels the chef's pulse and finds him dead. Dustin
grabs a plate of food and sits at a table and eats. Penny
goes to comfort him, but Nelly stops her and goes to him.
                       JAYSON (cont'd)
So what are we gonna do now?


Well I think we should get in our
cars and drive and try to find
some help, that's what I think.
What I think we should do is sit
down here in this room . . . and
just talk. Before we do anything
else we should just sit and try to
calm ourselves from what is going
Talk about what?
You're not even going to look for
your gun?
No, I'll look for that later (--)
When? When the guy who did all of
this gets back and holds a gun to
your head. Is that when you're
gonna say 'time-out' and go look
for it?
Right after we just calm ourselves
down a little I will (--)
I'm calm. I think we're all calm.
I think Herald is right, let's
just sit down. There's no rush
No rush? You think that bastard
just killed everyone but us and
thought that was good enough and
Please listen to Mr. Herald.
Oh it's Mr. Herald now. Great.


I think they're right. Take a load
off. Everyone just sit down.
      (smiles, shrugs)
We skip a couple minutes later to the seven sitting at the
tables together with plates of food, eating their breakfast.
Alright, so what's the deal here,
Alright. Well I just thought we
could all sit down and say our
names and something about
ourselves to one another so we get
to know each other a little more.
Because with all that we're going
with, I figured that we should
know whether or not we can trust
each other to get out of these
mountains (--)
      (quietly to Herald)
Listen . . . I know what you're
trying to do. I know what you cops
are. But you're not going to get
anyone to confess or hint that
they're the one doing all this.
      (to everyone)
I just want your names!
There is a small pause of awkward hesitance, and Penny
shrugs and stands up.
I'm Penny. My husband is the
manager of this lodge.


Quinn, right? That's his name?
Yes it was. And my daughter's name
is Kelly. The last time I saw them
was an hour or two ago.
There is a small sad pause as she begins to cry, and Penny
takes her seat.
      (turns to everyone)
My name's Jayson. I am a carpenter
at Woodsmill Incorporated up in
Lake Tahoe and . . .
      (holds up
. . . I lost a finger when I was
half-asleep at the drill. Never
killed anyone in my life. Aaand I
guess . . . that's my story. The
OK. Anyone else want to (--)
My name's Dustin. With a D. I'm a
freshman in college and I guess
you can call me a straight-B
student. And yeah . . . that's it.
My name's Nelly. I'm a
writer and I came out here on
vacation to see if I could get
some good ideas in the mountains.
Well that didn't work out too well
now did it?
Actually, this would be a great
idea for a new book. I'm already
writing all of this down.


They watch him write it down on his notepad and E-Man stands
Hi, my name is E-Man. My brother
here (--)
      (gestures to Jesus)
(--) and I are twins. We are here
on vacation until our parents come
pick us up.
And when are they supposed to come
pick you up?
Two days. Maybe three.
The others' hopes fall again and they sigh with
disappointment. Penny stands up again shaking her head.
No. No. I'm not waiting in this
lodge for another night without my
husband and my daughter.
I agree, we have to think of
something else other than sit here
in this room of dead people and
wait for something to happen.
      (holds up a hand)
OK. OK, fine. I'll go out to the
ranger outpost and see what I can
find there.
      (stands up)
I'm going with you.
Yeah, you're not going alone.
No, no, I want you all to stay
here together. Do not leave this
You're going to leave us here?


I don't give a rat's ass what you
say, guy, I'm going with you. Is
that going to be a problem?
      (avoiding eye
I'd feel a lot safer for these
people if you stayed behind to
watch them.
What, you don't trust us?
Dammit, I'm going to that outpost
whether you're going or not.
Jayson looks at Herald another moment and then goes to the
kitchen and the others look at him nervously. Herald sighs,
and nods.
You can't go with him, Herald, are
you crazy?
I have to get help. Nelly and
E-Man and his brother will take
care of you, don't worry. We'll be
back before sundown, I promise.
I just don't like you being (--)
I'll be fine.
You should keep looking for that
gun before you leave (--)
I can't. I'm sorry, but I can't
find it. I looked.
      (entering room
       with a butcher


                       JAYSON (cont'd)
Here! This should be good enough,
Yeah, it would be if he lost his
brain and stood right in front of
you. He has a freaking gun, man.
Well it's better what we had
Is there another one in there?
No, this is the only one I found.
      (to Herald)
That's OK. We'll be back before
Wait! Please stay. Don't leave us.
I have to get help for us. I'll be
back with the rangers.
Come on, you've got to be kidding
us, right? Your gun is somewhere
in this place and we have to find
a working phone, we just gotta
look a little harder.
Just let 'em go, people. If they
wanna die let them go. It's their
      (with a sarcastic
Thanks, Nelly.
We'll be back with help. I promise
we'll be back.


The two leave and Penny hesitates to say something and the
others shift in their seats awkwardly, scared for both of
them, but mostly Herald.
We watch Herald and Jayson leave the lodge for the woods in
the snow, Jayson holding the knife at his side firmly,
Herald cautious.
Jesus gets up and heads for the bathroom, but Penny jolts in
her seat to see him and sits up.
Where are you going?
      (stopped, to Penny)
I have to take a piss. You want to
E-Man laughs at his reply. Feeling awkward, Penny sits back
in her seat and shakes her head. Nelly is still writing.
Jesus goes into the bathroom.
Anyone wanna guess who'll be back
      (sighs irritatedly)
Please don't.
The hairless Yetti, definitely.
Definitely. What do you think,
Seriously, boys, let's just stop
talking about it. They'll both be
back with help and we'll be out of
here by tomorrow morning. Let's
just sit and wait, OK?


There is an awkward, recoiling silence and E-Man smiles as
Nelly continues to writing.
Example A of what happens to an
author when you interrupt him
during his work.
Nelly smiles first and the twins laugh.
We watch Herald and Jayson walk through the trees and snow
with caution and stealth for a good distance.
So, guy, what happened back there?
I wish I could tell you.
Oh I think you can.
      (stops and turns
       to Jayson)
Why do you want to pin this on me?
Hey, guy, I don't wanna (--)
Just stop trying to get me in
trouble. I highly doubt any of us
did it. I can't say I can explain
to you what could have happened,
but I'm gonna say that if you have
to pin it on someone pick someone
else. 'Cuz all I wanted to do was
take my vacation out here and not
worry about any work. Now I'm
walking through the woods with
Vinnie Jones with a knife trying
to save five more lives back
there. So if you would like to be
enemies with me, I'd rather you
tell me now before I continue to
act friendly to you.


      (smiles and shrugs)
We're good, boss.
Herald nods and continues on the trek, and Jayson follows
with a straight face.
Penny glances to Nelly writing, then to the buffet entry to
see the figure in all white standing there. She screams and
falls out of her seat and the others leap up to help her.
What the hell?
Dustin just stands by his seat and watches the others help
her to her feet, trembling and frightened.
Jesus flushes the toilet and goes to wash his hands. He
looks up into the mirror when the lights dim and sees a big
dark figure standing behind him and he jumps and turns
around. Nothing is there.
Ohhh no . . .
The two are walking through the cold woods for a moment and
Herald spies furry monster with antlers standing on its two
hind legs in the distance and he freezes.
Holy shit. Look at that.
The monster then walks away behind some big trees as Jayson
tries to find what Herald is pointing at.


What did you see?
      (shakes his head)
Never mind, let's keep going.
A confused Jayson follows a confused Herald onward.
An hour or so later the two come across an outpost with a
lone car beside it.
Oh, thank you, Lord.
The two approach the outpost and then slow down to find a
pair of fresh corpses in the car's front seats. They then
see a cold, gray arm poking out of the outpost's open
doorway on the floor and Herald stops and closes his eyes.
      (approaching the
No. No. Ohhh shit, come on. Fuck!
Jayson looks in the car and finds two bloody holes in the
couple's chests and opens the door to check them for phones.
Herald looks into the outpost and sees the ranger sitting up
against the wall with his entire throat opened.
I cannot believe this. This is a
dream, isn't it? Come on, guy,
tell me this is a dream.
I would love to tell you that.
Fuck . . . well what are we
supposed to do now?
Herald goes to the car and sees the dead couple and Jayson
bows his head and groans when he sees the ranger's corpse.
We see the ranger reading in his outpost, then lifts his
head when he hears something and goes to stand up, but an
unknown figure appears out of nowhere and buries its knife


into his throat and he falls on his butt as he chokes and
bleeds to death.
We skip ahead to see a car driving up to the side of the
outpost and the driver sees the dead ranger and goes to do
something but the figure appears out of nowhere and buries
the knife in his chest. Then his wife the passenger screams,
but another figure appears and stabs her in the chest as
There has to be two of them.
One person could not kill both of
these people without one of them
getting the chance to at least
unbuckling out of his or her seat.
Unless one got out and tried to
run and the killer got him or her
and put the body back in the car
to make it look like there is more
than one of them.
But why would the bastard do that?
I don't know. I don't know.
Well they don't have any cells.
Neither does the ranger.
I figured that. Why would they do
that to just us back at the lodge
and not these people?
Damn. I would have loved for that
motherfucker to try to kill me.
Would've pinned his sorry ass and
snapped his neck before he could
cry out for his momma.


I can't really explain how any of
this happened. There are only
seven of us alive and the others
were all killed last night without
anyone knowing it. Our phones are
gone, my gun is missing, and now
they've probably killed all of the
rangers and anyone who has tried
to get into our (--)
So what are we supposed to do now?
I mean, what do you think this
person wants us to do?
      (shakes his head)
I don't know.
Well what do you know?
I know that we have to get back
before it gets dark or we'll be in
serious trouble.
Wait, you're going back already?
You're not even going to try to
look for anyone (--)
Unless we sit here and wait for
more campers to drive by, the next
outpost isn't for another couple
miles. And I really doubt that
they would have let that ranger
live too, so I think for now we
get back to the lodge and think of
another way out of (--)
      (slams knife into
God! Dammit!
Herald looks to an enraged Jayson stepping away from the car
with the knife in the hood, shaking his head. He looks at
the knife, then at Jayson in terror.


      (holding Penny's
What did you see?
Yeah, what the hell is wrong with
      (to E-Man)
      (to Penny)
Are you OK?
I saw a man in all white walk by
outside of this room.
E-Man shakes his head and leaves her and sees Jesus walking
back into the buffet room.
You missed the show.
      (Jesus jumps at
       his voice)
Dude, why you all jumpy?
Uh, I don't know.
So what happened?
Oh, nothing. She saw something
      (sees Penny)
Do you know what he looked like?


No. Just a tall man in all white
walked by. I didn't get a good
Are you sure it just wasn't the
      (shakes her head)
No. He was there. I saw him, he
was real.
Jayson and Herald are on their way back to the lodge through
the woods, and it is a little darker to show it is in the
So what are we going to tell them
when we get back to the lodge?
I guess the truth would be
reasonable, right? What did you
have in mind?
I don't know. Something better.
Well I'll have you think of
something to say then.
The bushes shake and Herald turns and stares at the swaying
bush a little startled.
What is wrong with you? What are
you seeing?
You didn't hear anything?
Um, no I didn't. Are you sure
you're alright?
As Jayson talks we see something sneak up behind Herald and
a claw lowers on his shoulder and he jumps and spins around


with a small gasp. The birds leave the trees and Herald
looks that way, perspiring now. Jayson glares at him with
concern, hand firm around the knife.
Do you want me to . . .
No. No, let's get back.
Everyone is gathered in the buffet room as it starts to get
dark. Dustin is in the hallway between them and the lobby to
see when they get back.
Nelly is watching E-Man eyeball the knife and fork next to
his plate. Penny is glancing at the door she saw the figure
at as she tries to force herself to eat.
I miss my Kelly. I need to find
You will. Once we figure out what
the hell is going on and they
bring back help, you'll be
reunited with her soon.
What if they don't come back with
help? What if they just found
rescue and left us here?
No, I know Herald would never do
that. He wants us to get out of
here more than he wants to find
help for himself. I promise you he
will help us all get out of this
I hope you're (--)
Ah, come on, man, don't give the
lady false hope. You can try but
really, it all depends on who
returns and with what.


Penny slumps back in her chair and Nelly gives E-Man a
'Really?' look. There is a short awkward pause.
Hey, they're back!
Everyone gets up and hurries to the lobby to watch Herald
and Jayson walk towards them with disappointed faces.
Did you find anyone?
Yeah, we found people.
What did they say?
      (with a small
They weren't really talkative.
Oh, come on, Jayson. We found an
outpost but the ranger there was
So what the hell does that mean?
Whoever made this entire situation
planned it all out to a T. They
made sure that we could not find
help close by and that we would be
trapped in here until they slip or
we do.
So what you're saying is that we
have no possible chance of getting
out of this shithole?
No, no, no, we are going to find a
way (--)
How? Everyone's dead!
Everyone, please settle down.


I swear to God if I don't find my
baby girl by tomorrow morning (--)
You will. We're going to keep
looking for ways to get out of
this mess, we're not going to give
up, OK? We are going to find your
Can you promise that?
Yes. I can.
Penny nods and hugs Herald crying as the others look
disappointed and sigh.
Everyone is eating in the buffet room quietly, not wanting
to talk to one another. Jesus is sitting with E-Man, Nelly
whispering to Herald, Penny with Dustin, and Jayson by
      (whispering to
You know the guy doesn't have a
plan right?
What do you mean?
He's just trying to keep everyone
calm and loose and sane for the
time being.
But he promised he would (--)
Find your daughter? How is he
going to do that? Whoever did this
has your daughter and won't just
give it up if he comes and asks
for her. I don't know what that
guy's thinking of doing, but
finding rescue is not on the top


                       DUSTIN (cont'd)
of his list.
Penny sits back in her seat in thought, now seeing the whole
horror unfold before her.
We go to Nelly writing in his notepad next to Herald.
What are you writing?
Oh. Well I know what we're in
right now is kinda traumatic and
all but . . . I thought it would
be a great idea for a new book.
I mean we don't have a camera to
record this so if any of us get
out, the world will know what
happened to everyone else.
You don't think we're going to get
out of here?
Nelly leans back and shrugs and continues to write in his
We see Dustin asleep on one of the lobby couches dreaming of
something horrible that makes him cringe and turn.
Dustin is walking down the hall, but stops mid-step to find
a colorful, life-size dummy at the end of the hall looking
at him with a happy expression and an open mouth. He
hesitates and then approaches the dummy cautiously. As he
approaches the dummy changes colors, expressions, and starts
to change. There are blood spots, cuts, its limbs are
broken, and it starts to turn gray.
He stops and looks at the dummy confusedly for a moment.


What the fu (--)
The dummy sits up and screams out shrill and pounces at him.
He screams and runs away as the dummy chases him down the
hall laughing and waving its arms as it skips after him.
Dustin runs from the dummy down the halls and the stairs to
the lobby as the lights flicker and soft voices circle
around him.
Help! Herald! Someone help me!
Help me!
He runs into the lobby and finds the six hanging from the
ceiling, bleeding from the throats. Dustin freezes in aghast
at the site and stumbles back into the monster's arms.
Dustin jumps out of his nightmare with a shout on the couch,
chest heaving and eyes watering. He looks around and finds
Herald walking towards the office, but turns to everyone.
Alright, I'm going to check the
front office one more time and see
if I overlooked something so I
will be in there if anyone needs
me. Everyone stay together please,
and if anyone wants to help me
look around I'd really appreciate
No one moves or acknowledges him and he looks around before
turning to Dustin, staring at the cars in the parking lot.
It may even speed things up a
little bit . . . Dustin?
Dustin hesitates, very worried and scared, and gulps. His
hands clench and he is perspiring, and we see in one hand he
is holding his car keys so no one can see them.
Penny and Nelly look up to see Dustin in his hypnotized
state and Herald hesitates. He takes a step towards the


Dus (--)
      (Dustin runs for
       the doors)
Stop! Dustin!
Herald runs after Dustin as he leaves the lodge.
      (stands up, gasps)
Oh my God!
Holy shit.
Dustin runs out and gets to his car and opens it with his
Dustin, no! Don't get in the car!
Everyone is gathered at the front doors watching Herald run
to Dustin as he slides into his car and locks it.
Oh my, don't do it.
      (joining them)
What's going -- holy shit, what's
that kid doing?
Dustin's trembling hands finally put the keys in and he
starts up the car and he drives off. Herald slams his hand
on the back of the car as he runs after him.
      (waving his arms
       in the air)
Stop! Dustin, wait!
The car drives to the second exit and down the path for
rescue, leaving Herald to slow down and stop at the edge of
the parking lot in defeat.
Penny steps away shaking her head, almost in tears. Jayson
tries to prevent himself from laughing. Herald doubles over
gasping for breath from the heavy sprint, and shakes his
God . . . dammit.


Lord, please watch over him like
You have watched over us. Please
give him passageway to shelter and
have him bring back help for the
rest of us so we can leave this
Lady, you know you're just talking
to yourself, right? He ain't
coming back for shit.
Penny ignores him and walks away. Jesus shakes his head as
well and wipes his eyes.
Wait, why can't the rest of us do
      (points to Herald)
Ask the boss.
E-Man looks at the defeated cop in the parking lot just
watching that car drive off.
Whatever, man.
Penny is on a lobby couch looking at pictures of her husband
and daughter.
Herald is sitting in the buffet room eating lunch by himself
in the silence.
E-Man and Jesus are upstairs in their room, Jesus trying to
get the TV to work while E-Man is eyeballing each page of
his Playboy magazine.


Jayson is in his room taking a nap when he awakes to find
something missing. He storms out of his room and down to the
lobby for Herald in the office.
What is it, Jay (--)
Who took my knife?
What knife (--)
You know exactly what I'm talking
about, guy, the knife I had when
we went out to that outpost. You
know what knife I'm talking about.
OK, OK, what about it?
Where is it?
      (holds up a hand)
Calm down, there's no reason to
get excited about anything right
This seems like a perfect time to
get excited. The only weapon we
have to protect ourselves is gone
and there are like thirty dead
bodies throughout this lodge.
I'm still looking for my gun, and
if we find it we will be more safe
than you with that damn knife.
Why don't you ask the bitch where
the knife is, she's the manager's


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't call her
Are you kidding me? That's the
only thing she's been so far.
      (standing up)
It's not appropriate and I'm not
going to continue talking to you
if you are just going to accuse
and insult.
Jayson shoves Herald up against the cabinets by the shirt.
I better not find that knife
anywhere near you, boss. 'Cuz I
will find it. Someone here stole
it and I will get it back.
Who are you thinking of using it
on? So far there hasn't been any
signs of life besides us. Whoever
did this killed everyone and left.
No one is here but us.
I'd still like to have a weapon
with us in case something does
happen. Wouldn't you?
Let go of me, Jayson.
Nelly walks into the office doorway and Jayson releases hold
of the cop.
You OK, Herald?
I'm fine, thank you.
      (points to Nelly)
You, too. I better not find my
knife anywhere near you either.


They watch him leave the office to look for the knife. Nelly
looks back to an excited Herald.
Are you sure you haven't found
that gun yet?
Jayson hurries to the twins' room and tries to open it but
it is locked.
Open up!
He steps back and kicks the door open and walks in to find
E-Man hiding something under the bed.
      (approaching them)
What the hell was that?
What was what?
Dude, what the hell are you doing
in our room?
What did you just put over there?
Man, get the fuck out of our room!
Fuck it.
Jayson goes around the bed for what E-Man hid and he gets
off of the bed to stop him.
Herald! Herald! Help us! Help us!
Nelly and Herald hear the two screaming upstairs and stop.
Oh, shit.


For the love of God.
The two hurry for their room upstairs.
No, you need to get out of here
right (--)
Jayson pushes E-Man aside and goes to his knees by the bed
and looks under at the magazine. E-Man then kicks him in the
stomach and he groans and looks up at him angrily.
You motherfu (--)
He grabs the twin and throws him to the floor, then grabs
the magazine and stands up. He looks at the two in disgust.
Are you serious?
      (getting up)
Get the fuck out of our room!
                       HERALD (O.S.)
Jayson, stop!
Nelly and Herald enter the room breathing heavily from the
run and approach the three.
What the hell is going on (--)
He just broke down our door and
attacked E-Man.
What the fuck are you smoking?
It's true! No, it's true.


God, you're all such children!
What the hell are you doing in
their room, Jayson?
I told you, Herald. I'm looking
for my knife.
And you thought we had it?
Don't lock the fucking door then.
If you wanna look at this (--)
      (holds up magazine)
then go in the goddamn bathroom.
We don't have your damn knife!
Just hold up, please. Just hold
I'm getting rid of this shit.
      (throws magazine
       out window)
That's just sad. Do you not see
the situation we are in right now?
I wouldn't be talking, Jayson.
Oh really? Well I haven't checked
your room yet so don't get too
      (steps aside)
Be my guest.
You know you don't have to, right?
It's OK. If it'll make Jayson
Jayson gives the twins an evil look and then leaves for
Nelly's room. Penny then joins the group and Herald sighs.


It's 318.
Jayson walks to Nelly's room with the five following, and
opens the door to stand there in surprise.
Well look at this.
He steps into his room and the others follow and look with
jaws dropped and wide eyes to find Nelly's room covered in
their names carved into the wood. Dustin's name is crossed
Now how do you explain this?
I . . . I have never seen this
before. That wasn't here last
No shit, look! Dustin's name is
crossed off.
What the hell, what the hell is
going on here?
      (cornering Nelly)
I think you know exactly how this
got here (--)
No, this is crazy, I have never
seen this before. I did not do
Then who did?
No, we've been in pairs since last
night, he could not have done
Then who did? Do you have any
friends hanging around here?


What -- no! What the hell (--)
Shut up, that's ridiculous, OK?
That's just ridiculous.
Then who did it? Huh? I'd like to
know who's doing all of this!
And you don't think we don't need
to know either?
Apparently not 'cuz I seem to be
the only one doing something
around here.
Oh, OK. And I just sit in that
office all day because it's so
OK, me and Herald. Anyone else
doing anything? Exactly. Just
sitting around waiting for orders.
Bunch of worthless pussies if you
ask me.
Excuse me, but I'm not going to
stand here and take that shit.
We're all doing our best to
survive, man. Why do you have to
make this more difficult than it
already is?
You're the one with a fuckin' hit
list on your walls! And that kid's
name is crossed off the list so
what are we supposed to think?
      (gets between them)
Hey. Please control yourself.


Don't talk to me like that. And
don't touch me unless you wanna
fight me, guy.
I don't want to fight you, Jayson.
There's no need to fight. We just
need to (--)
Stay together and act like nothing
ever happened . . . ? You're
unbelievable. Look around you,
man. Do you see what's on these
walls? You're all unbelievable.
Fuck y'all.
Jayson leaves the five in the room in amazement. Herald
closes and rubs his eyes and Nelly looks at the names in
disbelief as everyone else looks with horror.
                       PARK RANGER #1
      (into the
Hey, Mikey. Mikey, pick up. . . .
      (puts it down)
Goddamn him, he's gonna get all of
our asses fired someday and his
wife will murder him. I've met his
wife before and she will murder
him, I'll tell ya.
                       PARK RANGER #2
      (eating his
Maybe Mikey's on his break. You
know he doesn't like to be
disturbed when he's on his break.
                       PARK RANGER #1
Or he's asleep, and that's worse.
If he doesn't pick up soon you're
gonna have to go check up on him,
                       PARK RANGER #2
Awww, why me, why can't you send
someone else down there? Send
Philly, he hasn't left this


                       PARK RANGER #2 (cont'd)
building in forever (--)
                       PARK RANGER #1
I'm sending you, and don't act
surprised. I'm giving Mikey an
hour, if he doesn't pick up by
then, you're headed out. Bring
that big-ass flashlight too, it's
pitch-black out there, I'll tell
                       PARK RANGER #2
      (now bummed)
Aw, dammit.
E-Man and Jesus are in their room, E-Man looking out the
window on his bed and Jesus trying to entertain himself with
some string.
Hey, I'm going to look at Nelly's
room again, OK?
Man, you're obsessed with that,
aren't you? I don't care what you
do, just be careful.
A'right, see ya.
Jesus leaves the room and goes to Nelly's room as E-Man
looks out into the darkness.
Come on, you bastards. Come on in.
Let's see who's the real shit
here. You and me, I know you're
Jesus looks at the names on the walls and pauses and looks
at every wall to find that someone's name is crossed out,
but we never see who.
Oh my God.


Back in his room, E-Man leans over to the window and looks
at the trees. He looks around and smiles, then leans back
and we see the monster in the window. E-Man notices it in
the corner of his eyes and looks but the window shatters and
it attacks him.
From Nelly's room Jesus hears his twin's scream and runs to
the rescue.
Help, someone help, up here! Help,
Jesus gets into his room and sees his brother on the floor
grabbing his bleeding neck, gargling on the blood and
writhing as he talks to talk.
E-Man! Holy shit, man, what
He falls to his knees beside him and sets him up against the
bed, holding his hand and E-Man grabs his brother. His neck
has a small open cut and he is bleeding rapidly and Jesus is
Nelly enters the room first, the others following, and
Herald pushes Jesus away and gets to his knees and tries to
stop the bleeding with the bedsheets.
It's going to be OK, E-Man, you
just gotta breathe and keep
breathing and I'm gonna fix you
right up.
      (to everyone else)
I'm gonna need a needle and
thread, and if anyone can find
where the First Aid Kit is that
would be great.
Oh, I have a needle and thread. I
usually knit when I get nervous or
bored or some (--)
Great, get it!
Penny rushes to get the needle and thread as Herald holds
his head still and pushes the sheet into his wound.


What the fuck happened?
I don't know, I don't know, I just
heard a scream and I came in here
and found him on the floor like
this and I don't know what
happened, I didn't know what (--)
You two were alone? God, what did
I tell you about staying together?
I know, I know, I'm sorry, I'm
sorry, I was just gonna be gone a
minute, I didn't know anything was
gonna (--)
Is he going to be OK?
I think so, it's a small cut.
Do you think he did it to himself?
No, no, he wouldn't do that.
No, I don't think so. People don't
usually scream when they're
committing suicide.
      (E-Man tries to
Hey, you gotta keep breathing.
Don't talk. God gave you air so
just take it in, don't do
Jesus tries to hold back his tears and Herald looks to the
broken window. The others look as well and understand now.


                       PARK RANGER #1
      (into the
Mikey, pick up the goddamn walkie.
This is my last try, Mikey.
                       PARK RANGER #2
Goddammit, Mikey, pick up. Pick
                       PARK RANGER #1
Mikey? Mikey. You there, man?
      (puts it down)
Alright, Philly, you know what
time it is.
                       PARK RANGER #2
Goddammit, do I have to? Can't we
just (--)
                       PARK RANGER #1
No arguin', Philly, it's protocol.
                       PARK RANGER #2
Come on, it's almost morning,
can't we just wait 'til then?
                       PARK RANGER #1
Let's go, I'm serious, just get it
over with. Take the big-ass
flashlight and you'll be fine.
There's nothin' out there, ya big
pussy, now let's go. Go, go, go.
So Philly gets up and mumbles under his breath and his
partner just sits back and chuckles to himself as he eats
his burger.
Penny is lying on one of the lobby couches half-asleep,
dreaming of happier times.
      (fake gasp)
What did you get?


Penny is sitting on her heels watching Kelly open another
present as Quinn videotapes it. It is Christmas and they are
gathered before the lit Christmas tree and there are torn
wrappers all around an overjoyed Kelly.
I got . . . this!
She holds up her princess makeup kit with a big smile and
Penny takes a picture of her doing so.
                       QUINN (O.S.)
Wow, Santa knew exactly what you
wanted, huh?
      (dancing on her
Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!
I'll look just like Theeping
Theeping Beauty?
Yeah, that's my favorite princess!
She's my favorite!
                       QUINN (O.S.)
I thought Snow White was your
      (looks at camera
Nooo, Daddy, it's Theeping Beauty.
Snow White is my second favorite.
Yeah, Dad. Duhhh.
The three laugh and Kelly tries to open the makeup kit.
Hey, don't you wanna open your
other gifts before you play with
Nooo, I wanna play with it now. I
wanna put it on now.


Ha-ha-ha, OK, sweetie pie.
      (looks at Penny in
Mom! Mommy!
Penny opens her eyes on the couch and looks around. She rubs
her eyes, then sees her pale daughter Kelly out in the
parking lot under the only lit lamppost.
      (still half-asleep)
      (waves her to come
Mommy! Mom!
Penny sits up on the couch and looks at Herald in the office
almost asleep, no one else around her. She looks outside to
her daughter again and stands up.
      (holds out arms)
      (cries out)
Kelly baby?
Herald's eyes open and he looks at Penny moving towards the
Penny! Hold up! Stop!
Penny sees the cop going to catch her but she runs out of
the hotel for her daughter. Herald breaks into a run again
and goes to get her as Jayson enters the lobby from the
buffet room.


The fuck's going on?
Penny's making a run for it!
Penny barges out of the lodge and goes to her daughter in
the spotlight and Herald runs after her, Jayson watching
from the door.
      (going to hug
Kelly baby, oh my God, oh my God!
The lamppost light cuts off and Herald slows down and Penny
screams out and then starts to choke on her blood as she is
pulled away. Herald tries to search for her, but it is pitch
black and he cannot feel or find anything. He hears her
trying to scream and breathe, but she is dragged away and
then he can hear no more.
Back in the lodge Jesus joins Jayson at the front doors and
looks outside.
Who's out there?
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumbass.
Herald and the lady?
      (opens the door)
Herald! Someone! Hear my voice!
Yell back to me!
      (looks around for
Shit . . . shit, shit . . . shit!
                       JESUS (O.S.)
Follow my voice! Come on, someone
say something! It's me, come to my


      (losing hope for
Shit! Shit! Yeah, I'm here! I'm
Follow my voice! Look for the
lights! Come on, you're close!
Herald follows his voice to the lodge's dim lights, shaking
and scared to death. He eventually sees the two in the
doorway and hurries towards them.
We watch Philly in the woods with a Streamlight Firebox in
one hand making his path, his other hand on his holster.
                       PARK RANGER #2
Damn you, Mikey. Damn you. You
better be in perfect health when I
find you 'cuz you'll be making a
sick day tomorrow.
Bushes shake and birds leave the trees. Philly jumps and
looks across the trees and the suspense grows. A shadow
passes by and he looks around nervously, shaking from cold
and fear.
                       PARK RANGER #2
      (calling out)
Mikey? Mikey, get the hell out
here or I'm going back. Mikey, I'm
going back with or without you.
A twig snaps and he spins around to find the monster in his
A claw juts out of the darkness and trips Herald and he
falls on his knee and he screams out in pain. Jesus yelps
and looks away.
      (leaving the lodge)
Hey! Back the fuck up!
Jayson hurries to Herald and helps him to his feet and
guides him limping to the lodge.


You OK, boss?
Herald tries to talk but he is too scared, and before they
can get to the front doors the monster with the antlers
emerges from the darkness and goes to grab Jayson with a
huge claw.
Hey! Look out, behind you!
The monster recoils and backs away into the darkness and
Jayson turns to watch it fade into the blackness. He carries
the trembling cop into the lodge and E-Man locks the door
behind them. The three are breathing heavily and scared
straight as Jayson leans on the table like he is having
trouble picturing what just happened and Jesus' back is up
against the door as he tries to catch his breath.
What the hell was that?
I have to go find her.
No, boss!
Jesus stops Herald before he can leave and pushes him back.
Stop, get out of my way, she's out
She's gone, man, she's gone.
No she's not, she's out there, I
need to go get her!
      (grabs Herald's
You're not going back out there.
I'm not gonna let you.
Herald then stops and stares when he sees the monster
standing out there just in view of the lodge's lights, half
in the darkness.


                       PARK RANGER #2
      (backing away)
Holy shit.
But the monster is no longer there in his spotlight and he
lets out a breath and shakes his head from imagining things.
The suspense enhances as the ranger looks around and
continues to walk with the big flashlight, shivering and
terribly frightened.
                       PARK RANGER #2
      (calling out)
Mikey, if you hear my voice, I
want you to say something! Mikey,
if you're there, please respond!
His flashlight flickers and he stops and gasps. He smacks it
and it continues to shine, then looks up to see only
Philly then continues to walk for another second before
leaves crackle and he turns to it and the monster suddenly
jumps out and slits his throat open with something sharp.
We see E-Man asleep in his room, dreaming of something
horrible again as he twitches and grimaces.
E-Man is running through the woods from the unknown figure,
pushing branches aside and jumping over logs and bushes. We
see flashes of the large monster with antlers watching him
run and then the figure standing beside a tree he passes,
but they are not really there.
He then turns around and sees no one chasing and a branch
scrapes his face and he falls to the floor at a pair of
furry paws with sharp talons. He wipes his face and goes to
push himself up but sees the paws and jolts and looks up.
E-Man screams as loud as he can and the monster growls and
grabs him before the screen cuts black.


      (trying to sit
       Herald down)
Hey, come on now, let's sit down.
She's gone, man, she's gone.
Did you see that?
Yeah, what the hell was that?
I don't know, but let's sit down,
we don't need to be near the doors
right now.
      (entering lobby)
Hey, what happened?
Penny's dead! It took her!
Whoa, what?
Shut up, she's not dead.
That thing with the antlers took
her! She ran out and it grabbed
Hey! Hey, shut up!
Wait, she's gone? Penny's gone?
Wait, where's E-Man? Where's
Jesus stops and looks at Herald and remembers his brother,
and runs to their room.
Oh, Jesus.


What the hell is going on, Herald?
Where the hell is she?
Herald hurries after Jesus as Jayson stands to face Nelly.
What do you think is going on
here? Huh? You seem to think
everyone else knows. So what do
you know?
Nelly looks over Jayson's shoulder and sees the monster
standing on the other side of the doors looking in, and
Oh dear God.
      (turns around)
Jesus entered their room first, followed by Herald, and
found it empty and the window shattered open.
Oh my God -- E-Man! E-Man, where
are you? E-Man!
Herald goes to the window as Jesus calls for his brother and
looks out to find something on the cars below that makes him
shiver and cringe.
Ohhh no.
What the hell is that?
I don't know, but now would be a
pretty good time to have my knife,
now wouldn't it?
The two back away from the door staring at it just stand
there and look in at them.


The lights flicker again and the two jump. They hear
footsteps coming down the stairs and Jayson is ready to
attack, but he can see it is just Herald and relaxes.
Hey, boss, it's waiting outside!
Where are you going?
There's something outside.
The two hesitate and follow Herald to the side of the lodge
and look out to find a cold, bloody body laid out on the car
hoods in the parking lot.
It is Penny on the hood, neck opened and eyes dangling from
their sockets and clothes torn and ripped. She is covered in
blood and splayed out on the hood, but only her neck is cut.
Oh, dear God.
Holy shit. That's . . .
Herald just stares and studies the scene, trying not to cry
or freak out. Jesus arrives and sees the mess and freaks
before eventually throwing up on the carpet.
God! Dammit!
                       PARK RANGER #1
      (into the
Yo, Philly, pick up. Goddamn you,
Philly, it's not funny, pick up.
      (looks around room)
Philly, ya there? Pick up. You
ain't scaring me, man, so just
pick up, you're wasting both of
our time.
There is only static so he puts the walkie down and throws a
fist on the table.


                       PARK RANGER #1
Dammit, Phil! OK, I'm going with
protocol on this one, funny guy.
      (backing away)
God . . . I can't (--)
He then turns to find the monster inside the building,
standing before the door in the lobby staring right at him.
He stands there in petrified horror, unable to move, jaw
E-Man! Where are you? Answer me,
dammit! E-Man!
The hell are you looking at?
Jayson goes to Nelly and looks at what he was staring at,
but nothing is there. Jesus then stumbles and sits himself
on a couch to recover from what he had just seen.
Herald hears footsteps and looks to the office and sees
something on his desk and goes to it. He freezes when he
sees Jayson's knife in the middle of the desk.
Herald looks to find a concerned Jayson standing a few feet
away. He tries to speak but cannot find words, and Jayson
walks into the office to find the knife.
I had no idea (--)
Is that my . . .
      (grabs the knife)
. . . this is my fucking knife!
I just found it in here.
Yeah, so did I. What the fuck are
you doing with this?


      (a little scared)
I didn't put it there! Ha-ha, I
swear I've never had it before.
I don't need you lying to me
anymore! You tell me why you have
my fucking knife in that fucking
office (--)
I am not a liar! I have never seen
that since you lost it!
Shut up! Just shut up, guy. Now
you tell me the whole truth right
now or I'm leaving 'cuz right now
I see you as the reason for all of
the shit we're in.
I'm telling you I have no clue how
that got in my office, I'm still
trying to figure this out.
Oh, so it's your office now?
What? No, what are you talking
Jesus' vision starts to fade and he becomes weak as Nelly
stands close to the two to break up an oncoming fight.
You should know this entire
building, boss. Considering you're
a suspect and you could be the one
that killed everyone.
Hey! Come on, guys.
I should cut you up right now. Gut
you like a fucking pig.
      (holds up hands)
Wait, hold up, please. Please.


Nah, I've been waiting for days
for this shit to settle over but I
can't hold it any longer. How many
of us are dead already? Three?
My brother is not dead! He is
still out there (--)
      (points knife at
Shut the hell up, boy, you're
Stop swinging that knife around
and put it down.
Hey, let's be cool here.
Shut the hell up, nigger. That's
it, I'm out of here. Fuck y'all,
I'm going with that kid with the
car, hope you all rot in this log
Jayson turns and leaves for the front doors, knife in his
fist, and slows down when he hears the cop speak.
You can't go out there. Everyone
who has ever left this lodge has
never returned. Everyone inside
has been fine.
Fuck you, boss!
He then stops before he can get to the door when he hears
the cock of a gun and he smiles.
Leave the knife.
      (turns to see
       Herald with gun
       pointed his way)
You found the gun.


You're not leaving with the knife.
Drop it and you can go.
Nelly and Jesus are watching in horror. Jayson smiles and
Herald holds the gun with both hands.
Or what? You're going to shoot me
down? You think I would even
bother to come back to this
fucking shithole and cut y'all up
like a seafood dinner? Even if I
couldn't find any help for the
next hundred miles? See, boss, you
don't know me.
Just leave the knife, Jayson.
That's all I'm asking you to do.
Jayson grins and steps towards them. Jesus gulps and Nelly
steps closer to Herald.
OK, let's handle this like men
then. Winner gets to decide what
happens next. Get out of my way,
you worthless piece of shit (--)
I think I'm good where I am now.
How about you step aside.
      (looks to Nelly
       with a smirk)
Wow, look at you. All grown up,
huh? Standing up to a guy with a
Jayson then grabs Nelly and holds him to his chest with the
knife under the author's neck. Jesus jumps and gasps and
Herald tries to aim the gun at the carpenter's head.
Let him go!
Drop the gun.


You drop the knife first.
Correct me if I'm wrong. But I
think if I drop my knife and you
drop your gun, you could still
kill me in a draw, right? You get
what I'm saying, right? A gun to a
knife? So I think it would be more
logical if you dropped your gun
first before I drop my knife.
Herald hesitates, sweating and shaking heavily. Jesus has
backed away and hid behind a couch.
Don't do it, Herald. Shoot him in
the face! Don't listen to this
Jayson just laughs and Herald shakes his head.
Herald places the gun on the ground and Nelly closes his
eyes and sighs. Jayson's smile fades and he stares at the
Now let him go! Jayson!
Jayson suddenly throws Nelly aside and runs at him. Herald
tries to pick up the knife, but it slips out of his hand and
he cannot grab hold of it before Jayson tackles him to the
Holy shit!
We watch Herald wrestle with Jayson as he tries to choke him
or cut him, but he manages to keep the knife away from him.
Nelly hurries to the rescue and tries to pull the carpenter
off of Herald, but he is pushed to the ground as well.
Get off me, you bastard!


      (gasping for air)
Don't do this!
Nelly then spies the gun and grabs it and aims it at Jayson.
That's it, Jayson! Drop the knife!
Drop it!
Jayson looks to Nelly pointing the gun at him and pushes
Herald's head to the floor.
Take the Safety off!
The carpenter slashes Nelly's ankle with the knife as he
looks for the Safety button and he falls to the floor with a
yelp of pain.
Jayson lunges for the gun but Herald pulls him back and
Nelly slides the gun across the lobby floor towards Jesus.
Take it! Run!
Jesus grabs the gun and runs for the buffet room, and Jayson
groans. The carpenter punches the cop in the face and runs
after the boy with his knife.
Come back here, kid! Put the gun
down on the floor and I won't kill
He enters the buffet room and looks around, but there is no
sound and no one in there. Before he can react Jesus jumps
out from the side and smacks him in the face with the gun.
Jayson then grabs Jesus' wrist and throws him into the wall
and the gun slides away. He goes to grab it but Herald jumps
onto him and tackles him to the floor. Jesus is grabbing his
dizzy head and moans.
The carpenter and the cop wrestle again, each making a move
for the gun while throwing punches and kicks at each other,
but neither can overwhelm the other. Jayson eventually
shoves him aside and grabs the gun, but Nelly pulls it out
of his hand and leans against one of the food columns and
flicks the Safety switch off.
That's enough, gentlemen.


But Jayson just laughs and punches Herald in the face and
grabs his knife again.
No it's not. I said winner makes
the decisions. So you'll just have
to wait.
Herald goes to grab Jayson but he swings and slashes him
across the shoulder and he falls back to the floor. Nelly
points the gun at Jayson and their cold eyes meet.
Jesus watches wide-eyed and horrified as Jayson goes to
attack him, but Nelly shoots him in the face and he stands
there on his knees for a long moment gargling on his blood
before falling on his belly.
There is a long pause as the three stare at the dead
carpenter, both terrified and relieved.
We see Philly's boots hanging over the ground a few inches,
hanging from a branch on a tree with an open throat. The sun
is rising, telling us that dawn is approaching.
With Jayson's corpse lying a few feet away the three sit at
the table in the dim-lit buffet room.
So I think the only option we have
left to do is try to get the power
back on. We should have done this
a long time ago (--)
I'm not going anywhere unless it's
looking for my brother.
We're going to find him, Jesus.
I promise we will. Don't worry.
How can you promise that?


We will find him. He is alive and
we will find him. OK?
I don't trust you anymore, man.
All of us are gonna die and you
haven't done anything to help any
of us so far.
Herald has been trying his best to
get us out of this shit since the
very beginning.
I am going to get you out of here,
Jesus, I promise you. And I will
reunite you with E-Man if it's the
last thing I do.
And he has a gun. So there's no
need to worry.
Yeah, we're safe now.
      (shrugs in defeat)
OK. What's the plan?
Well I'm going to go to the roof
and see if this walkie can get a
signal. I'll leave Nelly my gun
and you two will check the
basement and get this power back
on. You know what the power box
looks like, right?
      (with a smile)
I wasn't born in the Ghetto.
Ha-ha-ha, yeah, I know that,
Wait, you're leaving?


Yeah, but Nelly will be with you
and he'll have the gun so you'll
be more than safe.
No, you keep the knife, Herald,
I'll take this.
      (grabs the knife)
We'll be fine.
If you think so, that's fine with
I'll be joining you two shortly,
OK? Go down to the basement and
find that power box. See if you
can fix it, I'll see what I can
get upstairs, OK?
We'll be fine soon. We're leaving
tonight. Just stay with Nelly,
I'll be right there.
Jesus nods and goes with Nelly downstairs and Herald nods
and goes upstairs.
You doing OK, Jesus, are you gonna
be OK?
I don't know.
Well you're going to be fine. By
morning we'll be far away from
this nightmare.
The two make it to the last staircase but freeze when they
hear the echoing gunshot from upstairs.


Oh my God.
No. No-no-no-no.
The two hurry up the stairs to the top floor to find Herald
sitting up against the wall with the gun in his hand at his
side and his brains blown out.
Holy shhh (--)
No . . . no-no-no . . . no, no,
no, oh my God, no!
Jesus approaches Herald to see if it is real and starts to
cry and Nelly stands back in horror. Jesus continues to
repeat 'No' as he shakes his head and cries before the cop's
He didn't . . . he couldn't have.
He would have never done that.
      (takes gun)
Come on. We have to get to the
basement and call for help. Let's
go, come on.
No! I can't do this! Herald's dead
and we can't get out of here now!
Yes we can and we have to try.
Come on. You and me. We can do
this. OK?
Trying not to cry, Jesus eventually nods and gets to his
feet and follows Nelly.
Nelly and Jesus enter the basement again and look around for
the box. Nelly finds a flashlight and tries to get it to
work and Jesus looks in the corner to find a puddle of
blood. He then looks up and finds the window that pokes up
out of the ground to the surface. Jesus stands on a chair to
look out it.


Jesus! Come back (--)
I'm just looking.
Nelly shakes his head and looks for the power box. Jesus
looks out into the darkness to see the monster standing in
the woods as one of the lampposts in the parking lot
I found it.
The author opens the box and turns on the lights and the
lodge comes to life. Jesus looks back at Nelly then back to
the monster, but it is no longer there.
Hey, Nelly.
Yes! I got it! It works! It works
Jesus unlocks the window and looks around before opening it.
Nelly is looking at the other buttons and switches with a
big smile.
I'm coming, E-Man. I'll find you.
Now we just need to try that
walkie-talkie and we'll be outta
Nelly turns around and sees Jesus trying to get out and he
jumps to pull him back in.
Stop! Stay inside!
Jesus is halfway out and Nelly grabs his ankles and pulls,
but the teenager pulls on the ground to get out.
No! I gotta look for him! I need
to find him!


Jesus! You need to stay in here!
You're not safe out (--)
We see the monster's feet step to Jesus' face and we hear a
deep growl before Jesus looks up and screams as something
smacks him in the skull. Nelly then lets go when the
teenager's blood splatters on his face and arms, and steps
back into the basement. He looks at the limp body lying half
in the basement and half outside, his blood on him.
The speechless author backs away from the mirror watches
Jesus' body being pulled away by the monster. Nelly pulls
out the gun and cocks it, and waits there in the middle of
the basement shaking and terrified. He stands there for a
while waiting for something to happen.
The door to the basement opens and the monster walks in and
looks at Nelly, who does not go to kill it. The sweating man
in the costume takes off the mask and sets it aside and
Nelly lowers the gun.
Big G is dead. He's on the road
without his costume like you asked
What about the girl?
Gagged and tied up at the first
ranger outpost from here.
OK, good. Well done.
We go to Nelly's opened notepad and Nelly reads them to us
from the background.
                       NELLY (O.S.)
'So it seems that no one even
suspects anyone yet. Woke up to a
woman screaming to her husband and
daughter missing, and that started
the story. All the staff and
residents were dead save seven
traumatized people, including me.
No one is suspected yet. But I
feel like everyone will turn to me
eventually so I have to be


That night a few nights ago while everyone in Freeman Lodge
was asleep, the two henchmen -- also guests of the lodge --
woke up and killed all of the residents and staff with
silenced guns. Both were dressed in all white and painted
white when they did it so when the chef said he saw a ghost
it was really Joe in the light. They washed off the makeup
in their rooms and left the lodge before anyone could see
We see Nelly dress into the monster outfit and slide into
the Reskuai room as Kelly runs out to find her mom. That is
where he hides in the closet and jumps out to ensnare her,
tie her up, and bring her to the woods.
Quinn is drinking his coffee at his post when a monster with
antlers jumps from the darkness and puts a drugged napkin to
his mouth and puts him in a headlock until he passes out.
The henchman takes his limp body outside and ties him up,
gags him, and throws him into a bush far from the lodge.
The henchman then goes back inside with the manager's master
keys, takes the gun from the drawer, and puts it on Herald's
cabinet for him to find.
Herald wakes up the next morning to find it and sticks it
down the back of his pants so no one knows he has it.
Nelly kneels before a gagged Kelly on the ground with a
knife in his hand with his two henchmen behind him.
Listen to me, OK, Kelly? You're
going to do exactly as I tell you
to do -- exactly as I tell you to
do it or I will kill you and
mommy. Do you understand, sweetie?
She is almost crying, and she nods.
We cut to Kelly standing in the lamppost spotlight that
night when Penny runs out to grab her. When the light cuts
out Joe jumps out and kills her.
Nelly looks at a hesitant Dustin when they wake up to find
everything wrong and when they split up to find phones, he
gestures to Big G from a window and Big G rewires Dustin's
car so it would explode when he started it.
We see Nelly whispering in Dustin's ear from behind him as
they stand in the lobby talking.


You know there's no real hope
staying here any longer. The
ranger outpost is like three miles
from here. Just take your car and
get the hell out of here. What is
there to lose?
Why don't you do it?
I don't have a car. I got dropped
off here. You have a car, right?
Yeah, but . . . I don't know. Why
don't you come with me?
No, no, no, you're fast and young,
you'll get to your car quicker
than I can. I don't want to ruin
your chance. You'll make them look
like such losers, I promise you.
Why are you telling me this?
You do whatever you want, boy.
Just trying to help. Won't be long
before someone loses it.
We see Joe slide into the room and write into the walls with
a sharp rock, making sure no one was coming down the hall as
he did so.
Dustin thinks about it, looks at Jayson, and gulps.
We see Nelly place the knife down on the desk and hurry away
quietly and Herald turns to the sound of his footsteps.
E-Man is having the nightmare when a monster enters his room
and puts the drugged napkin to his mouth until he passes
out. He then carries his body out of the lodge and throws
him to the ground before he wakes up, sees it, and flees.
The other partner is waiting a mile away to catch him as he
gets tired, and then snaps his neck when he trips.


I'll be back in a few minutes,
just go. We have to hurry, please
When Herald goes upstairs with the walkie-talkie in one hand
and the gun in the other, a door opens and a monster with
antlers jumps out and puts a leather bag around his head. He
drops the gun and the henchman smacks the walkie out of his
hand and strangles him until he suffocates. The man in the
costume then sits him up against the wall and shoots him up
the chin and puts the gun in his hand so it looks like a
Big G sets a scared and gagged Kelly beside the road.
                       BIG G
Now you're going to stay here and
be a good girl, right?
      (Kelly nods)
Good girl.
Big G turns to leave her and Joe shoots him half a dozen
times in the chest with a silenced gun. Kelly screams and
looks away and cries, but Joe leaves her behind as he goes
to report to Nelly.
OK, so it sounds like we're done.
You never told me what to do after
I got rid of Big (--)
      (cocks gun)
I know.
Nelly shoots Joe twice through the costume and he falls to
the wall on his side and then Nelly shoots him again and he
falls dead to the floor. We watch the killer empty the gun
and carry it upstairs to drop it in someone's sink and turn
on the water.
As we watch Nelly walk away from the empty lodge we look at
the characters' corpses. We find E-Man on the wet ground in
the middle of the woods with a pale face, suffocated to
death; Penny in the bushes with a slit throat, Herald in the
hallway sitting up against the wall like we last saw him, a
car with a slit tire and Dustin in the driver's seat with
two holes in the front mirror and in his chest; Jesus on the


floor beside the lodge with a hand ax in his skull; Jayson
in the buffet room with the bloody hole in his face as we
last saw him.
                                         ONE WEEK LATER . . .
We zoom in on a TV with the news channel on as the reporter
announces to the world.
                       NEWS REPORTER (O.S.)
Well it seems like the infamous
Masked Murderer seems to be on an
unstoppable killing spree as he
hits a lodge up in the Sierra
Nevada Mountains, leaving none
alive. The body count increases as
the search continues and the
stakes rise as FBI and all of
nearby police stations are trying
their best to catch the mysterious
killer. Where is he headed to
next? What is his objective? And
will we ever catch him? Those are
the questions, ladies and
gentlemen. Back to you, Katie.


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From Eric Nifong Date 9/23/2011 ****
Nice work! You definitely had a concise idea on how to make the story work. Good stuff!

From Dakota Gamble Date 9/11/2011 ***1/2
I really appreciate the originality and organized plot that made this story so suspenseful and left the truth so terrifying.

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