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by Cecilio Hernandez (cecilioh@ymail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

The Anti-Drug Alliance or A.D.A. is a front for drug trafficking through the state of Florida. The A.D.A. secretly funds the Situation Control Team or S.C.T. an elite group dedicated to hiding the existance of alien life. Both created by Senator De La Paz. In the year 2038, the Avahcians come to Earth in the R.S.S. Viata to co-exist. 26 Years later they are followed by the Renoobians in the R.S.S. Vremea. In the midst is a love story that death could not part, between Renoobian Princess Kira and Human Amos De La Paz.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The Arena is filled to maximum capacity with spectators
there to see the High School Martial Arts Competition. The
Arena Floor is covered in black padded mats where the
competetors are fighting. The crowd cheers as they watch two
seventeen year old girls representing their high schools
fight. TIARRA has her dark hair with purple highlights
pulled back in a pony tail. Her short and thin frame is
misleading as she appears playful, and fragile but in
reality is a gifted and agressive fighter. Tiarra wears
black Muay Thai fighter shorts and a matching sports top as
she toys with her opponent. The other girl who is similar in
stature has her blonde hair rolled into a bun and wears a
traditional red Gi. Her opponent becomes frustrated as she
knows Tiarra is only trying to tire her out. Tiarra dances
around her like a boxer stepping back from kicks and ducking
punches with a smile as she taunts the young girl by
throwing the occassional jab with no intent on making
ARELY is in the dimly lit concrete tunnel that leads from
the locker room to the Arena Floor. Arely has prominent aqua
blue colored eyes that stand out even more from her light
skin, and dark hair which she has braided into a pony tail.
Arely is dressed in the same fashion as Tiarra as they are
there representing the same school only Tiarra represents
the Junior class and she the Senior class. Arely is wrapping
her hands with black hand wrap that will fit under her black
padded fighting gloves as she slowly walks toward the Arena
Floor. The entire time Arely is looking at her hands making
sure they are wrapped tight as she concentrates for her
upcoming fight.
Tiarra smiles showing her opponent her blue mouth guard as
she leans in and taps her on the side of her head making her
angry. Her opponent finally has enough and jumps close to
her kneeing and kicking Tiarra. Tiarra struggles to block
her ribs and upper thighs from such a close distance as the
girl alternates her legs. Tiarra blocks her upper body so
her opponent will not hit her up top, she closes her eyes in
pain from the kicks to her sides until she spits out her


mouth guard and yells. Tiarra simotaneously hits her
opponents inner thighs with both arms and then pushes her
back with a straight kick to her sternum creating space
between them. Tiarra jumps toward the girl delivering a
flying knee to her opponents chin. Tiarra follows through
with the kick landing behind the girl in a fighting stance,
she looks back and sees the girl stagger backward. Tiarra
sees the blank expression on her opponents face and realizes
that the girl is knocked out however remains on her feet.
Tiarra steps toward her and gives her a soft nudge sending
the girl falling to the mat flat on her back. As soon as her
opponent's back hits the mat, the bell rings ending the
fight, the ring of the bell is immediately followed by
Tiarra's entrance music playing over the arena's loud
speakers. Tiarra steps away with a cocky smile and shrugs
her shoulders at the audience. The referee walks up to her
and raises her hand as most of the audience claps and yells
celebrating her victory. As a show of good sportsmanship
Tiarra stays looking at her opponent until she wakes up and
looks at Tiarra. Tiarra nods that she is okay and then
raises her other hand to fully celebrate her victory. The
medical technicians hold her head still as they fit her with
a neck brace. Tiarra's opponent hits the mat with her fist
angry that she lost.
Arely pauses and looks up at the speakers along the hallway
when she hears Tiarra's entrance music play. Arely smiles
knowing that Tiarra won and begins to fit her black padded
gloves on. Arely leans against the wall tightening her
gloves when out of the corner of her eye she notices IANA
standing on the opposite side of the wall staring at her.
Iana is dressed in a uniform similar to Arely's only hers is
blue and silver which are her school's colors. Iana crosses
her arms with a cocky grin trying to psych Arely out. Tiarra
comes jogging in and slows down next to Arely with a smile,
she looks on her other side and simply nods her head at Iana
acknowledging her. Iana's eyes follow Tiarra as she
continues running to the locker room. Iana looks back and
focuses her attention back on Arely.
      (Cocky voice)
I see the princess passed on the
head protector.
Before Arely can answer her, two emergency medical
technicians cut in between the girls pushing Tiarra's
opponent out on a hovering gurney. Tiarra's opponent has a
neck brace on and has tears rolling down her face with her
eyes closed in pain. Arely looks at the girl and nods her
head, she looks up at Iana with a grin.


I only use a head protector when I
am training, or when I feel my
opponent is a threat, and I am not
in a training room, so what does
that tell you?
Before you become too cocky
Princess, Do not forget that I am
a Three-Time Defending Territory
      (Points at Arely)
I can defeat you twice before the
bell finishes echoeing off of
these walls.
Iana puts her finger down, and takes a step closer to Arely
and speaks to her in a devious tone.
What would be the fun in that? I
want to make you cry.
You are something else.
You are one to talk, Half-breed.
I meant personality-wise, but if
you really want to make this about
our genetic make up, bring it, and
I will rearrange yours.
Arely spreads her arms out at her sides, and slightly raises
her chin making the gesture to fight. Iana slowly nods and
takes a small step backward.
Rearrange my genetic make up and
make me into what? A pathetic
human like your absent father?
Arely's eyes water as she holds back her anger wanting to
hit Iana. Iana smiles knowing she is getting into Arely's
mind and taunts her.
Come on, let your Renoobian side
free your human emotions. Prove to


                       IANA (cont'd)
everyone that being a half-breed
means you are weak.
I may have human traits because of
the blood that flows through my
veins, however weakness is not one
of them.
Show me.
I will show you out there, if I
touch you right here, right now, I
will just disqualify myself.
How about we fight later tonight
in an unsanctioned match, I want
to see you bleed in a real fight.
That is if you are able to stand
after I am done with you here.
Just name the location.
Oh how silly of me, it skipped my
mind, I can not fight tonight. I
have a previous engagement.
Previous engagement, likely
It is no excuse Arely, Drago asked
me to accompany him to your school
He would rather ask me, a girl
from a different learning district
when there is a perfectly dateless
one that if I am not mistaken, is
in most of his classes?
Iana knows that Arely likes Drago so she rubs the fact that
she is with him in her face just to upset her. Arely
clinches her jaw and looks away toward the Arena Floor.


How does that make you feel?
      (Faking sympathy)
Aw, what is the matter, are you
going to cry?
Tiarra quietly walks up to Arely's side.
I hope not...
Arely looks at Tiarra out of the corner of her eye, and
looks back at the arena floor.
Someone as superficial does not
deserve your tears. I on the other
Arely looks out of the corner of her eye as Tiarra slowly
moves Arely's pony tail from her shoulder to her back. She
takes a step closer as if she is going to whisper something
to Arely when she is interrupted by Iana.
Okay Tiarra, unlike you she likes
boys. However they just do not
seem to like her back. Now step
off, we have a match.
Tiarra ignores Iana and continues talking to Arely.
Arely have you found anyone to
accompany you to the promenade
I decided not to attend.
Iana talks out loud giving her unwanted comments.
Because she cannot get a date!
If that is the case, maybe we can
go together?


Arely turns toward her and raises her eyebrow with a quick
smile. Tiarra quickly takes a step back with her eyes and
mouth wide opened and then desperately tries to act like she
was talking to her as a friend when in reality Tiarra likes
Arely as much more.
Um, I mean as friends! You know me
and you both show up together, but
then look for boys to dance with,
or whatever. Your preference of
course, you know.
Arely smiles at Tiarra's nervous ranting and stops her by
setting her hand on Tiarra's shoulder.
Yeah, I know what you ment.
Hey Lesbiene, just give her a good
luck kiss already and move on.
She does not need it, after all
she is only fighting you.
      (Yells in Romanian)
Dracu Te
Iana's entrance music starts to play over the arena's loud
That is my song, it sounds as if
the judges already know who comes
first, because last I checked "A"
comes before "I" in the alphabet.
Enjoy your music, because you will
only hear it once!
Whatever, Half-breed!


Iana runs off toward the arena floor as the crowd cheers
with excitement. Iana comes out shadow boxing and then
performs several Capoeira style cartwheels until she reaches
the padded mats. She then points at a large screen that is
flashing a silver picture of a Griffin, her school mascot.
Underneath the eagle it says her name followed by
"Three-Time Territory Champion" accompanied by short clips
of her finishing off opponents from previous fights. Iana
steps back and raises her hands for the crowd as her music
fades. For a moment everything is quiet until Arely's
entrance music blasts through the arena. Arely does not use
as much showmanship as Iana. Arely slaps hands with Tiarra,
calmly walks out of the tunnel looking at the crowd and
smiles. Arely skips toward the fight floor, once on the
black mat she pauses in the center and faces Iana. Arely
performs a single standing back flip and then skips backward
into her corner with one hand in the air. When Arely drops
her hand she aims her finger at Iana as if it were a gun and
winks at her as she pretend shoots her. The REFEREE walks
into the center of the fight floor and signals for both
girls to walk toward him. Both girls are fitting in their
mouth guards as they make their way to the center, the
referee points at each girl, they each nod their head that
they are ready. The referee quickly backs away and calls for
the bell. Iana quickly elbows Arely in the face making her
back away, Iana then follows the hit with a stun to the neck
using the back of her forearm. Arely almost falls to the
floor but catches herself by leaning back on one hand, she
quickly pushes herself back up with the same hand and tries
to spear Iana in the torso, but Iana jumps high into the
air. Arely barely manages to clip Iana's feet which causes
Iana to spin forward over her shoulder and fall flat on her
back. Arely stands up first and runs to stomp on Iana's
chest but, she rolls out of the away and jumps back on her
feet. Arely swings her arm trying to clothes-line Iana but
Iana ducks, and grabs Arely in a rear suplex position then
throws her backward over her head. Not wanting to pin her
yet, Iana lets go of her and lets her slide away as she
stands to her feet. Arely lays on her back and looks up at
the ceiling when her eyes flash a bright aqua blue color. As
the referee is walking to see if Arely is okay, she suprises
everyone as she jumps to her feet and immediately slides
into a low standing fight stance. The referee stands
inbetween them, when he takes a quick look at Arely to make
sure she is ready to fight, he nods his head and swings his
hand as he backs out of the way.
      (In Romanian)
Iana immediately slides toward Arely with a hook kick. Arely
ducks down, and sweeps Iana's rear leg from beneath her. A


quick bright blue flash of light is briefly seen when
Arely's foot makes contact with Iana's. The flash amplifies
Arely's hit so much that it breaks Iana's ankle bone on
impact while causing no pain to Arely. Iana lands on her
back and quickly rolls on her side pulling her leg against
her body in pain. Arely spits her mouth guard out and
keeping her distance she yells at Iana.
      (Faking Sympathy)
Aw, what is the matter, are you
going to cry?
Iana nods her head slowly, then spins around using the
momentum to bring her on her good foot and uses her injured
leg to help balance herself. Iana glances at Arely through
the corner of her eye measuring her distance, she spreads
her fingers pressing them against the mat to balance herself
as she bends her knee so she can spring off of the floor and
into the air. As Arely walks toward Iana off guard, she
points at Iana and commands her to "Stay" like a dog, in
their native language.
      (In Romanian)
When Arely steps within kicking range Iana springs up, but
before she can get more than two inches off of the mat Arely
delivers a swift amplified spin kick followed by a brief
flash of blue light to Iana's head, instantly knocking her
out. Arely lands back in a fighting stance after following
through with the spin kick and stares at Iana until the bell
is rung. Her eyes flash again leaving her with a confused
expression as if she is lost. She stares at Iana until the
emergency medical technicians run to her aid. Arely looks
around at the mostly silent audience, then as her entrance
music begins to play she slowly looks up at the ceiling with
a frightened expression on her face.
      (In Romanian)
                                         18 YEARS EARLIER
JONNY ISLA 28, a Situation Control Team Agent is reclined on
an office chair as he sits with his legs crossed as they


rest on the desk. In front of him are six flat screen
televisions that display a radio transmission in waveform
with the caption, time, and date from different agencies
ranging from local law enforcement to the U.S. Air Force. On
a different screen he has the 911 Dispatch hacked for any
suspicious sightings or any type of possible alien activity.
Jonny has his personal laptop on the desk listening to music
thinking that tonight is going to be like every other night.
He holds a small remote in his hand that can control each
screen individually so he can rewind anything of interest.
CONTROL screen where everything looks and sounds routine.
The screen catches his attention when he sees that Miami
International Airport Traffic Control is communicating with
Athens 912 a commercial airliner.
                       ATHENS 912
      (Over Radio)
Miami, Athens 9-1-2
                       MIAMI CENTER
      (Over radio)
Athens 9-1-2 go ahead.
                       ATHENS 912
Ah yeah... we just had uh...
traffic pass us on our left wing
about 1000 feet above us at
approximately 0112... ah what kind
of traffic was it?
Jonny turns his music down and looks over the lid of his lap
top at the screen. He picks up the remote and turns up just
that radio transmission.
                       MIAMI CENTER
      (Over Radio)
This Athens 9-1-2 correct?
                       ATHENS 912
      (Over Radio)
Affirmative 9-1-2, we just had
traffic pass us on our left
wing... can you confirm this?
                       MIAMI CENTER
      (Over Radio)
Athens 9-1-2, negative. I show no
traffic in your area for about 30
to 40 miles.
Jonny closes his laptop, takes his feet off of the desk and
leans in closer to listen to the conversation more closely.


                       MIAMI CENTER
      (Over Radio)
What altitude did it appear to be
at Athens 9-1-2?
                       ATHENS 912
      (Over Radio)
It was 1000 feet maybe less above
us. The object was similar to an
F-16 in size and shape... uh it
was very reflective, and um... it
left no contrails what so ever.
                       MIAMI CENTER
      (Over Radio)
Athens 9-1-2 thanks, um you are
just north of a military operating
area so it may have been an F-16,
but I will look into that.
Jonny pushes his laptop aside and pulls one of the touch
screen computers closer to him. Before he can do anything he
hears the same traffic controller contact PATRICK AIR FORCE
                       MIAMI CENTER
      (Over Radio)
Giant Killer?
                       PATRICK AFB
      (Over radio)
Giant Killer go ahead.
                       MIAMI CENTER
      (Over radio)
Yes ma'am, we just had a report
come in, Athens 9-1-2 told us that
he just saw what looked like um a
fighter jet at 35 to 36,000 feet.
Do you have anything flying at the
                       PATRICK AFB
      (Over radio)
Negative, we've turned over for
the night 0-1-1-4.
                       MIAMI CENTER
      (Joking over radio)
Well then I just had a UFO report.


                       PATRICK AFB
      (Over Radio)
Huh, if I had to guess I would say
it's probably a meteor or
something, because we do not have
any aircraft out there.
Jonny brings up a menu on the computer screen that lists the
other S.C.T. Agent's last names. He runs his finger over the
names down the screen highlighting each one of them, he
touches an icon that says "PAGE" that immediately alerts the
agents to come to the base.
All of the agents are asleep when their small black pagers
simotaneously vibrate and beep loudly. Some pagers are on
night stands, others are placed in different areas of their
homes. Each agent quickly wakes up, and responds to the
beeping of their pagers. They all quickly grab a back pack
that has their tactical suits inside, others have their
suits hanging on the wall and quickly take them off of their
hangers to put them on.
A young female Air Force traffic controller in her early
twenties swings her swivel chair around and looks up at her
supervisor, OPERATIONS MANAGER WRIGHT a male in his early
thirties with a confused expression on her face. Operations
Manager Wright looks around the room licking his lips as he
thinks for a moment.
                       OPERATIONS MANAGER WRIGHT
Quickly, tell Miami that you made
a mistake and that we do have an
exercise going on in that area.
                       PATRICK AFB
Miami Control, I apologize for the
misunderstanding, we are
performing maneuvers in that area
                       MIAMI CENTER
      (Over Radio)
Copy that.


Operations Manager passes behind another Traffic Controller
and taps him on his shoulder.
                       OPERATIONS MANAGER WRIGHT
Launch two Raptors to that area.
The Traffic Controller nods his head and quickly gets on the
radio to scramble some fighter jets.
Jonny laughs to himself knowing that Patrick Air Force Base
is making up at story about their maneuvers. He pulls a
screen up and hacks into one of the Air Force's own
      (To himself)
We will just see about that.
He quickly brings up an overhead view of Florida. He zooms
down toward the Cocoa Beach area, he makes his way to
Patrick Air Force Base. He flies over the tarmac and takes a
quick count of the fighter jets.
      (To himself)
Like I thought, you're all still
on base.
He taps the screen highlighting a row of fighter jets so he
may keep track of them when they are launched.
      (To himself)
I will just tag all of you just in
case, and I am out.
Jonny closes every screen erasing his tracks.
Two pilots are running down to their fighter jets, they
climb ladders and jump inside the cock pit as fast as they
can. The pilots put on their helmets, buckle in and begin to
flip switches turning on their jet's engines. They


communicate with the Patrick Air Traffic Control telling
them that they are ready for take off as the canopies of
their jets are still closing.
                       PATRICK AFB
Raptor 1 and 2 initiate Jump
Sequence 9 for coordinates.
                       RAPTOR 1
                       RAPTOR 2
Copy that.
As Jonny changes into his uniform in front of the computer
he pauses when they say Jump Sequence 9.
      (To himself)
What the hell is Jump Sequence 9?
Amos and Titus are speeding down the road in Amos' blue
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution equipped with white under-body
lights. Only the buzzing of the 4 cylinder engine is heard
that early in the morning. Amos changes gears letting the
blow-off valve from the engines turbo hiss. Titus looks in
the side view mirror when he hears the powerful engine of a
Ducati motorcycle closing in on them traveling at speeds
well over 150 miles per hour.
Here comes my baby
Who, Blaze?
You're funny
Amos looks through his rear-view mirror and sees Blaze
closing in on DANELLA on his black Kawasaki 3200, coming
closer to them both is an orange Nissan 350Z that passes
Blaze with ease.


Damn here comes the real
The two Raptor jets begin to catch up to a thin triangular
shaped aircraft made out of a reflective metal. The aircraft
appears to be made out of a single piece of metal with it's
tips slightly bent giving it the appearance of wings. The
pilots watch as it glides effortlessly with no means of
visible propulsion. The surface of the aircraft has a
mirror-like finish that reflects the night sky and the
blinking lights from the tip of the Raptor's wings,
effectively camouflaging itself. The pilots focus their eyes
on the aircraft in amazement.
                       RAPTOR 2
      (Over radio)
Raptor 2, we have a visual,
distance about 1500 feet 12
o'clock and closing.
                       PATRICK AFB
      (Over radio)
Copy Raptor 2, can you give a
description of the aircraft?
                       RAPTOR 1
      (Over radio)
Patrick we better initiate jump
sequence 9 just to keep it safe,
you are not going to believe this.
                       PATRICK AFB
      (Over radio)
10-4,jump sequence 9 initiated.
All three begin to talk over multiple channels that are in
sync with eachother, however to someone who is not in tune
they just hear one to two random words every 9 seconds on 9
different channels.
                       PATRICK AFB
      (Over radio)
Go ahead with discription Raptor
                       RAPTOR 2
      (Over radio)
Base, the aircraft is reflective
like a mirror, triangular in
shape. It almost looks like, like


                       RAPTOR 2 (cont'd)
a chrome hanglider of some sort.
                       PATRICK AFB
      (Over radio)
A chrome hangglider?
                       RAPTOR 1
Yeah, the pilot who spotted it
needs to have his eyes checked. It
does not look like any fighter jet
I have ever seen.
                       RAPTOR 2
      (Over radio)
Really I have no idea how this
thing is flight capable. The UFO
has almost no wings, no rear
stabilizer and does not appear to
have any form of propulsion.
                       RAPTOR 1
      (Over radio)
From this distance I cannot see a
cockpit, something is definitely
not right here.
After hearing the last transmission the air traffic
controller swivels back and looks at Operations Manager
Wright in confusion. He has an ear-piece on as he is
carefully listening to every transmission made. He clasps
his hands together and looks at the floor for a moment.
                       OPERATIONS MANAGER WRIGHT
No cockpit huh? It has to be some
kind of U.A.V. Have them try and
establish radio contact.
                       PATRICK AFB
Sir I already tried it is not
registering on any frequency.


                       OPERATIONS MANAGER WRIGHT
Just have them do it again. Say
something, silence is suspicion.
The sound of the Evo and 350Z's engines are suddenly dwarfed
when a roaring supercharged,Chevy Camero passes everyone at
198 miles per hour. The driver suddenly pulls the handbrake
and burns the tires as he swings into the private drive of
the S.C.T. Base. All of the other vehicles follow him down a
narrow paved road until they come upon a chain-link fence
covered with razor-wire.
Jonny hears a beeping signaling that someone or something is
nearing the entry gate. He looks at a screen that shows the
vehicles through an infrared camera. He presses a button
from the control booth that opens the gate to let them
through. They quickly speed into the quarter mile long
driveway and park close to the buildings parking lot which
is only feet away from the main entry. All nine agents of
the Situation Control Team step out of their vehicles filled
with excitement. Jonny opens the heavy reinforced steel
automatic sliding door to let the rowdy crowd inside.
      (Shouting with
This better not be another one of
your damn drills Isla!
It's not, this sounds like the
real deal.
CAPTAIN BRIGGS 32 walks over to Jonny and looks at the
computer screens.
What do we have?
A commercial airline pilot
reported seeing an unidentified
flying object to Miami
International. Miami checked with
the Air Force, they had turned


                       JONNY (cont'd)
over for the night then a minute
later changed their story.
So I checked their base all of the
jets were accounted for so I
tagged some fighter jets just in
case they are launched.
Last transmissions between Patrick
and the two jets they launched was
that they were initiating
something called jump sequence 9.
What's Jump Sequence 9?
I think they're scanners are in
sync so its one fluid channel to
them but to us we hear one or two
words before the channel changes
again. The scanner is not fast
enough to keep up with their
channel jumping. They have some
type of pattern in place, I just
can't figure it out. I think they
know we are listening.
If anything they think someone is
listening, no one knows us.
Step aside Isla.
Jonny moves out of the way as Eddie sits in his place and
starts to input codes, after less than a minute Eddie stands
up with a smile.
Bam, Jump Sequence 9 code cracked,
way too easy.


How did you...
Former Code Cracker for Tyndall
AFB. Read my profile sometime,
I've read yours.
Eddie pats Jonny on the shoulder as he steps aside to finish
getting ready. Briggs looks at the screen and listens as
they are now in sync with the other transmissions and are
able to clearly listen in on the transmissions.
      (To Everyone)
All right, let's go before the
pilots hurt themselves.
The two Raptor jets drop altitude and position themselves
directly behind the aircraft when it suddenly spirals to the
right. It maneuvers out of sight at a speed that would make
any human pilot pass out. The two pilots have to bank their
jets just to try and keep a visual on the aircraft.
                       RAPTOR 1
      (Over radio)
Base, I believe the aircraft may
have spotted us. It is taking
evasive meneuvers.
                       RAPTOR 2
Wow, something is not right here,
that was way too fast.
While Raptor 1 is talking, Miami International contacts
Patrick Air Traffic Control warning them to keep their
                       MIAMI CENTER
      (Over radio)
Patrick this is Miami, you are
dangerously close to an active
                       PATRICK AFB
      (Over radio)
The aircraft is failing to respond
and is nearing Miami International
Air space. It is to be treated as
a hostile you are clear to engage


                       PATRICK AFB (cont'd)
I repeat clear to engage.
All of the agents are putting on their bulletproof vests on
over their black tactical suits. They reach into their
lockers pulling out a personal side arm. After they are
fully armored they walk by a gun rack and grab a machine gun
like weapon and make sure it is loaded before they strap it
on their shoulders. Two other older men that are pilots only
carry a side arm and put on their helmets as they walk out
to the back lawn where the tilt rotor helicopter and
sky-crane sit.
The Raptor jets have engaged in air combat with the
unidentified flying object only firing their machine guns at
it. The bullets simply ricochet from the air craft as it
remains on a straight course spinning every time they shoot
at it.
                       RAPTOR 2
Darn thing keeps on spinning, it's
not firing back, should we still
                       RAPTOR 1
It may not be firing back but it
is still violating M.I.A.
airspace. Raptor 1 launching
missile 1!
When Raptor 1's missile drops from under the wing it expels
the fire that propels it passed the jet. The rear hatch of
the unidentified aircraft opens up revealing a red glowing
                       RAPTOR 2
Base, the aircraft is opening it's
rear hatch and is glowing red.
A red glowing mesh net made out of laser light comes
spiraling out toward Raptor 1. Raptor 2 watches as the net
cuts through the missile causing it to explode, the net


keeps moving toward Raptor 1. When Raptor 1 looks forward he
sees the net cutting through his jet in slow motion. Raptor
1 closes his eyes as the net cuts through the instrument
panel and finally through him. Raptor 2 watches helplessly
and banks her jet in the opposite direction to avoid the
inevitable explosion. When the laser net cuts through the
fuel tanks and the other missiles, it causes a massive
mid-air explosion before dissapating.
                       RAPTOR 2
Oh God, Raptor 2 to Base, Raptor 1
is down! I repeat Raptor 1 is
      (Takes heavy
Some kind of red colored net of
light just, oh God, it just cut
through him. I am positioning
myself behind the aircraft,
locking on target...
Raptor 2 positions her jet behind the unidentified aircraft
and nods her head as she prepares to launch her missile. The
unidentified aircraft opens up it's rear hatch again.
                       RAPTOR 2
Base, the aircraft is opening it's
hatch again.
                       PATRICK AFB
Raptor 2 abort mission, I repeat
abort mission.
                       RAPTOR 2
As Raptor 2 is about to bank her jet, however she finds that
she cannot move the jet and is no longer in control.
                       RAPTOR 2
      (Breathing heavily)
Base, I can't take evasive action,
it has me locked in some how.
                       PATRICK AFB
Raptor 2 eject, I repeat eject!
                       RAPTOR 2
Raptor 2 arming all missiles,
target is locked on.


The pilot flips each switch that controls it's missiles, and
then squeezes the trigger simotaneously launching all of the
                       RAPTOR 2
Raptor 2, ejecting now!
The pilot leans her head back against the seat when she
pulls the ejector handle and crosses her arms over her chest
as the canopy flies off of the jet. She closes her eyes as
she is shot out on her seat by tiny explosions under the
seat. Raptor 2 opens her eyes looking down in time to see
all of the missiles feet away from the unidentified aircraft
when it deploys a defensive shield that sets off all of the
missiles before they make contact with it. The defensive
shield stops the missiles however the force of the explosion
pushes the rear of the U.F.O. over it's front making it flip
forward out of control. The fighter jet begins to nose dive
when it collides with the U.F.O.
                       RAPTOR 2
Raptor 2 to base, all missiles
fired, target is hit but not
                       PATRICK AFB
      (Over radio)
Copy Raptor 2, I will have M.I.A.
deploy a rescue team to your
                       RAPTOR 2
Copy, I lost visual of target.
All of the agents are filled with excitement as they run out
to the black tilt rotor helicopter with the pilots inside
ready to go. Captain Briggs jumps inside first and grabs a
hold of a safety strap as he counts heads making sure every
agent is on. After everyone is in he slides the side door
closed and signals for the pilot to lift off.
      (To Pilot)
Let's go, 8 klicks north of M.I.A.


He looks at the agents as they secure themselves to their
seats that line the walls of the spacious aircraft. Some are
laughing, others are hyped and ready for action, while a few
are deep in thought. Danella is sitting next to her
boyfriend Titus with her hands on her lap as she stares
straight forward at the empty seat in front of her. Titus
slides his hand under hers and whispers.
No one could have predicted what
happened to her.
I know.
Danella nods her head lightly knowing he is right.
You know I got your back right?
Danella closes her hands clasping her fingers with Titus'
and smiles at him.
Titus and Danella both close their eyes as they lean in to
kiss each other. After a brief moment of silence they both
open their eyes to see why everyone suddenly went quiet.
Everyone starts to poke fun at them as if they were kids.
Amos leans in and puts his cheek toward Titus.
      (In a girl voice)
I'm scared too Titus, will you
kiss me?
Quit hatin' fool, you just sad
cause nobody loves you.
Hey, we all know there is a line
of ladies looking to settle down
with this Adonis of a man.
Yeah, yeah, so why don't you
settle down, Adonis?


I'm not the settling type, I like
to keep my options open.
Typical lonely bachelor answer.
      (Regular voice)
Well if you want to kiss me I have
no objection.
Hey Bro, watch it she is going to
be your sister-in-law someday.
Danella smiles and turns toward Titus to face him, right
when she is about to ask him a follow up question Captain
Briggs interrupts everyone.
Okay, it's almost time, remember
we leave how we came.
Captain Briggs looks at the empty chair for a brief moment.
Everyone notices that he was looking at the empty chair and
know what he was thinking.
It was no one's fault but her own,
she exposed herself to the
      (To Davey)
It was not her fault, she was not
careless, the mask was defective.
Now inspect yours, because I don't
wanna have to tell another parent,
that their kid is never coming
home again.
      (To everyone)
Check and double check your masks
before you strap them on, I want
to see masks on every face!


The agents pull their radiation proof hoods down over their
head and begin to inspect their full face masks before they
put them on. After they put the mask on they look to the
agent next to them who pushes the mask against their face so
that the agent may pull the straps tighter. They nod their
heads telling them that their mask is secure. The agents
then press a release valve that fills the mask with oxygen
clearing the glass shield of any fog build up. Once Davey
helps Briggs put his mask on, Briggs looks at everyone.
Radio check, nod if you hear me.
After everyone nods, he turns around and looks out of the
cockpit windshield. He then sees that they are arriving at
the crashsight and turns to face everyone again.
Alright, we're coming up to a
smoking crater I wanna see gas
masks on everyone. If I see any
part of your ugly faces, you will
be suspended indefinately.
      (Looks at everyone)
This is not a game, am I
Every agent nods their head up and down as Captain Briggs
walks down the aisle between them and points at each one as
he assigns them their duties.
Amos, Titus, Danella, and Jonny
retrieval Unit. JOE, DAVEY, JOSH,
and Blaze. You four, Wreckage
Recovery Unit. Sky Crane is about
two miles out.
Captain Briggs looks at the last two remaining agents and
smiles sarcstically, knowing that they are on the least
exciting unit.
Usual cover up?
Captain Briggs nods his head and kicks a large cloth bag
that makes a thud sound.
Solar panel is in the bag.


The Air Force is supposed to
believe that they were chasing a
downed satellite solar panel?
Not the Air Force, the public.
Everything has a witness.
Briggs removes a large railgun from the wall and looks back
at everyone. He racks the weapon and hits a green button on
the wall that opens the rear hatch.
Let's go, everybody out!
Let's go!
Everyone runs toward the large crater that was created by
the downed aircraft. Amos, Danella, Titus, and Jonny
carefully run up the mound of dirt with their weapons drawn.
They pause momentarily as they see that the aircraft is
partially buried in the ground. As soon as Jonny takes one
step closer what seems to be the cockpit of the aircraft
makes a a loud pop sound before sliding open. Everyone is
silent looking into the dark hatch until LORD RICHTER a
seven foot tall white colored alien steps out, He looks
around in a daze at everyone with his large reflective
almond shaped eyes. He takes a slow blink looking at his
damaged aircraft, he looks at the ground and takes one step
out. Jonny pulls the trigger on his gun and shoots out a ten
foot long steel cord with a clamp on the end of it, the
clamp closes on Richter's thin wrist. Richter pulls his hand
close to try and remove the clamp when Jonny presses another
button shocking Richter with 100,000 volts of electricity.
Damn it Jonny!
Richter swings Jonny around on the cable making Amos,
Danella, and Titus hit the ground as he flies over their
heads. As soon as he passes over they get up and have no
other choice but to shoot their weapons at Richter's other
wrist and both ankles. The three quickly press the button on
their gun that sends a combined 300,000 volts of electricity
into Richter. The other four on wreckage recovery try and
shoot tranquilizer darts at it but they bounce off of


Richter's thick skin. All the way from the helicopter
Captain Briggs is looking through the scope of his gun at
Richter's body when he notices that the skin on the back of
Richter's head appears to be softer than the rest of his
body. Briggs shoots a single tranquilizer that pierces
Richter's skin and takes him down instantly. Amos and Jonny
climb out of the crater and press a button that retracts the
cable into their guns pulling Richter out of the crater by
his wrists. Danella and Titus run to the helicopter where
they grab an over-sized stretcher board to lay Richter on.
Meanwhile Sky-crane drops large cargo straps with magnetic
ends into the crater Joe, Davey, Josh, and Blaze each grab a
strap and find ways to connect them to the aircraft so it
may be hauled out. Sky-crane drops a large black tarp as it
lifts the aircraft out of the crater. The four agents
quickly climb out of the crater and cover the aircraft
strapping everything down safely and signal for Sky-crane to
haul it away. While they start to collect the smaller pieces
of debris, Eddie and Ralph pull a large damaged solar panel
belonging to a small satellite and drop it into the crater.
They kick dirt all over it making it look like that is what
made the crater. Ralph pulls out a small grenade from his
vest pocket and throws it into the dirt above the panel. He
and Eddie watch it explode making fresh burn marks on the
panel and covering it with more dirt.
Okay let's put a move on it!
Sky-crane spotted military
vehicles heading this way about
five miles out!
Everyone runs toward the rear hatch and jumps in as Amos,
Danella, Titus, and Jonny secure Richter and the stretcher
onto the helicopter floor. Everyone else carefully walks
passed it and sit as far away as they can from it.
Captain Briggs grabs a radiation detector off of the wall
and runs it over everyone and himself. The needle slightly
moves detecting any natural but non-leathal radiation. He
nods his head, places the detector back where it was and
removes his mask. Everyone follows his actions and emoves
theirs with excitement.
Now that was something! No picking
up little dead bodies. We had
ourselves a fighter!


Captain Briggs turns around and immediately calls SENATOR
SANTANA DE LA PAZ but instead speaks to his personal
assistant JENNY. After all of the agents remove their gas
masks they stare at Richter with curiosity. Richter's body
suddenly twitches making everyone jump back in their seat.
They all look at each other and start laughing at how they
all reacted the same way. Davey becomes concerned when he
sees Richter's hand move which goes unnoticed by everyone
else, he continues to stare at the hand to see if it will
move again. When the hand moves once more Davey looks at
Captain Briggs, he waits until he is off of the phone to
tell him what is happening.
Hey Cap?
Hey the alien, um it's starting to
So tranq it again.
Davey hesitates to touch the body so he turns to Amos to try
and convince him to do it.
Hey Amos, Cap said for you to put
another tranqualizer in the alien.
Nice try I heard him tell you,
besides you're the closest, if it
wakes up it's getting you first.
Look all you have to do is get a
needle from your side pocket,
remove the safety cap, and jab it
in the back of his head.
Fine I will do it, but only if you
announce to everyone that you're a


Jonny watches the two talk about who is going to tranquilize
the alien and turns around to talk to Captain Briggs.
Captain Briggs stares at the two nodding his head while he
is hanging on to the safety strap when Jonny breaks his
So Cap, what are we going to do
with the E.T.?
Once we arrive at the base,
assuming it is capable of
intellegent communication, Senator
De La Paz wants to attempt to
conversate with it.
So he wants to interrogate it?
As Jonny talks, Captain Briggs' attention is drawn back to
Amos and Davey as they are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to
determine who will tranquilize Richter.
Danella, will you please
tranquilize the E.T. again, show
these two pansies how it's done.
Sure thing Cap.
Pansies? That's a little harsh.
Yeah, that's not very nice Cap.
Tell me again how you two made it
on to this team, cause it's
definately not for having balls.
Danella quickly bends next to Richter's head with a
tranquilizer already in her hand. She carefully removes the
tip and stabs it in the back of Richter's head, the needle
immediately empties itself into Richter. Danella takes the
empty syringe, puts the safety cap back on and sticks it in
a small pouch located on her duty belt. After she is done
Jonny and Captain Briggs go back to talking as if nothing
has happened.


So as I was saying, what are we
gonna do with this thing once
Senator D. finishes interrogating
We take it to the Super max in Key
Super Max, why a prison?
Because prisons are guarded
twenty-four seven, three
sixty-five, and at a Super Max the
guards carry high powered machine
guns and no one asks questions.
I thought S.C.T. was supposed to
be an elite team and now we are
trusting some... guards?
Don't worry your pretty little
head. Only two high ranking
ex-military officers and the
warden are in the know. Since you
are such a good elite agent you
along with Amos, Danella, and
Titus will be assigned there as
part-time correctional officers.
Jonny quickly stands up, backs away and begins to raise his
voice grabbing everyone's attention.
What? I just bought a place in
Miami, I am not moving to Key
Well being elite has its perks,
however it also comes with a price
including but not limited to,
relocation on demand. Read your
contract signed by PRESIDENT RHEA


Man, fuck that bitch!
Before Jonny can say anything else, Titus hits him in the
stomach with the butt of his gun, stands up, and flips the
gun around aiming it at Jonny's head.
Watch what you say about my mom
you stupid Cuban!
Captain Briggs quickly draws his side arm with the laser
sight aimed at Titus' left temple. Everyone quickly stands
up to calm Titus down, Danella carefully tries to push the
barrel of the gun down while Amos pulls Titus back.
If you shoot I shoot, so put the
gun down.
No Cap, wait!
Bro, put the gun down and step
You better listen De La Paz, I
don't want to but I will.
Titus removes his finger from the trigger, puts the safety
back on his gun and then lets it swing down hanging on his
shoulder strap. Titus grins and then looks at everyone as he
steps back with his hands up.
Okay, okay, I'm done.
By the way I'm Puerto Rican, not
Cuban, asshole.
As everyone starts to calm down Titus punches Jonny directly
in the nose. Jonny steps up holding his nose with both
hands, checking for blood.


Okay, now I'm done.
What the hell Titus?
That's it, Titus, suspended!
You deserve worse you racist son
of a bitch! I never call you a
fuckin' nigg...
Isla shut up or you're next.
Captain Briggs sits Jonny down on his opposite side
separating him from Titus. Jonny sits with his hands clasped
together covering his nose and mouth. Titus sees him spit
blood on the floor and grins at him. Jonny becomes angry and
quickly lunges at Titus but is held back by Captain Briggs.
Fuck you pussy!
Jonny, now you're suspended too!
Danella hangs on to Titus' bicep holding him down as she
looks at him with concern.
Are you okay babe?
Yeah, I'm fine, I'll be back.


The camera slowly backs away as SERGEANT MIRANDA ATENCIO 28,
a natural brunette and make up less beauty with a fit
military body to match walks toward the camera. She looks at
the camera directly with a serious face as they film a
commercial on the green lawn of the campus.
Hello, I am Miranda Atencio,
Sergeant in the United States
Marine Corp, and...
I just forgot my line.
Miranda looks away with a smile giggling. She stomps her
foot frustrated looking at SENATOR SANTANA DE LA PAZ who is
off screen as he laughs.
Quit looking at me, I'm trying to
be serious!
                       SANTANA (OS)
Quit looking at you? I'm going to
be at your side in a second.
That's if you can ever get passed
your first line.
I cannot help it, I'm not an
actress! Okay take two, let's do
Miranda closes her eyes and shakes her entire body preparing
herself to act.
Take two? More like take twenty!
Okay, shh. Everyone shut up.
She takes a deep breath and looks at the camera man and
director nodding her head signifying that she is ready.
Ready, and action!
Hello, I am Miranda Atencio,
Sergeant in the United States
Marine Corp. Back in 2034 drug


                       MIRANDA (cont'd)
trafficking through the great
state of Florida was at an
all-time high. That is when
Florida's own Senator Santana De
La Paz formed the Anti-Drug
Alliance. The A.D.A. is a
paramilitary task force solely
dedicated to the war against
drugs, and with your help we can
win it.
Senator De La Paz a natural and confident public speaker
steps into the screen and walks along her side.
That's right, so come this
November re-elect me, Santana De
La Paz and together we will make
Florida s drug-free state in 2038.
Miranda and Santana pause staring at the camera with smiles
on their faces waiting for the Director to say "Cut".
And cut.
Miranda and Santana quickly drop the smiles and walk away
from the camera crew. They head toward a limousine that is
waiting for him. As they walk side by side Miranda lets out
a deep sigh. Santana immediately stops and faces Miranda
showing concern.
Hey what's the matter?
Nothing, Well I know this is
politics and all, but I am sick of
lying. I mean more than half of
the time we just re-route the drug
trafficking. We are not a solution
to anything.
Look I deal with the politics and
you just sit here and...
Look pretty?


I am not using you for your good
looks. When we choose to make an
actual bust you run the show
Look, you're young, beautiful,
intelligent, and rich with a
career that can only get better.
Speaking of which, when are you
going to give me a crack at your
elite team that the A.D.A. funds?
Santana looks around to make sure no one was around to hear
what she said. He takes a step closer to her and speaks
The day you don't say things like
you just did out loud.
I apologize sir, what can I say?
I'm a loud mouth when it comes to
talking, off camera of course.
A loud mouth is the last thing a
secret team needs. I tell you
what, come by my cabana tomorrow
around noon and we will discuss
your situation.
Yes sir.
By the way, great job today.
Thanks, you weren't too bad
As Miranda turns around and starts walking back to the base,
JENNY HUNT 24, Santana's young dark haired mistress, posing
as his personal assistant surprises him by jumping on his
back and covering his eyes.


Guess who?
Santana smiles and sniffs the air.
I don't know who it is but I am
sure she is aware we are in the
public eye.
Jenny uncovers his eyes, Santana swings her around his body
holding her by the hips and lowers her down in front of him.
He looks at her up and down then licks his lips.
Hey beautiful.
Hi Boss.
Santana slightly leans in and sniffs her perfume.
New perfume?
Strawberry scent, you should know
you bought it.
Smells delicious.
Maybe you should have a taste.
Do we have time?
Jenny reaches into her breast pocket, pulls out a small
see-through tablet. She touches the screen, scrolls through
his schedule, and bites her lip as she slowly nods her head.
Unfortunately we do not. However
you did receive a call from
Captain what's his name, he said
"The you know what is you know
where" Oh sounds mysterious.
Santana smiles and leads the way to the limousine.


You don't know the half of it.
Clear the rest of my schedule
please, and that does not mean
just delete everything. It means
if I have appointments, make some
calls to cancel or reschedule if
need be.
My God, you're still on that? I
was like your intern when I did
that. Oh, did you still want to
pick up your wife yourself or
should I send for her?
That's right, she comes back
tonight. I will pick her up
Okay, she will be at heli-pad 28
at eight o'clock.
The driver opens the limousine door for Santana. Santana
greets him and sits inside, he looks at Jenny and signals
for her to get inside. Jenny laughs and jumps inside sitting
face to face on his lap, straddling him. The driver closes
the door as she begins to kiss Santana on his neck.
S.C.T. Agents Blaze and Josh stand at both sides of Richter.
They are holding him up on a steel chair behind a steel
table keeping him from falling to his sides as he is still
unconscious. They feel his muscles tense as he begins to
wake up and immediately step away to a safer distance.
Richter slowly opens his large black eyes, he quietly stares
at each agent as his vision slowly begins to clear. Each
agent simply stares back without saying a word to him.
Richter looks at his wrists and ankles noticing that he has
handcuffs and shackles on. He examines the cuffs and pulls
his arm following a steel tether to the wall. Richter turns
around and examines the steel anchor when Titus steps
forward with an ASP Baton.
Hey Chief, eyes forward.


Richter looks at Titus straight in the eyes.
The title is Lord, not Chief.
Titus steps back in surprise with his mouth slightly open.
All of the other agents look in aw as Richter speaks
English, they wait to see what he is going to say next to
Titus. Titus looks at everyone and tries to show off acting
You speak English?
I speak the languages of many
worlds Agent De La Paz.
Yeah? Speak whatever languages you
want, just don't taint my name
with your alien tongue.
As you wish, but first may I ask
why you are still here? Were you
not suspended earlier for the same
attitude you are showing me now?
Richter smiles with his small mouth purposely making Titus
mad. Titus takes a step closer to Richter.
How do you know that?
I was asleep, not dead.
Your death can be arranged if
you'd like.
That can go both ways.
Was that a threat?
Take it as you will.


Titus extends his baton and slams it on the table trying to
intimidate him. Lord Richter flinches and quickly pulls away
from the table, as Titus stares at the dent he made with a
breath of excitement.
No one threatens me!
Amos steps in and pulls Titus back toward the door.
Come on let's go!
I believe I just did.
That's enough, both of you!
Titus raises his hands trying to intimidate Lord Richter as
Amos and Blaze take Titus out of the room.
Come on your majesty, fuck'n do
Amos hands off Titus to Blaze and Joe then turns to Lord
Hey no more, got it?
Ask and you shall recieve.
Titus manages to peek his head back inside of the room
passed the large vault door.
What about tonight?
Amos walks completely out of the room passed the vault door
with Titus. Amos pushes Titus against a concrete wall in the
hallway and looks him up and down before he starts talking.
What the hell is your problem Bro?


Nothing, the fucker just pissed me
off trying to make me look like a
You're allowing him too.
Ignore him, you need to control
that temper of yours before you
get into more trouble.
Titus looks down at the floor ashamed to look Amos in the
eyes. He then hears two sets of footsteps coming down the
hallway. They both see Santana and Jenny walking their way.
Amos immediately steps away from Titus, Titus backs off of
the wall, stands up straight looking at Santana with a
nervous smile.
Hi Pops, hey Jen.
Jenny smiles acknowledging him but remains quietly behind
Santana. Santana looks at Titus and nods his head in
Suspended again are we?
I'm sorry, I guess I just let my
temper get the best of me.
What a surprise.
Santana grabs Titus by the collar, pushes him against the
wall and leans in close to his face making Titus slightly
slide down the wall in fear.


Look, if anything like this ever
happens again, you are suspended
indefinitely. In a regular job
that means you will be fired.
S.C.T. is an acronym for Situation
Control Team, now tell me how you
can assist in controlling any
situation if you cannot even
control your own temper son? You
can't! Now go home, you are
suspended for the next three
Three missions? That can be months
before I come back!
Or three days, don't be such a
Santana let's go of Titus and backs away ignoring him.
Santana walks up to Amos.
Brief me
His name is Lord Richter.
Richter it is.
He understands and speaks English.
English really? How intelligent
are we talking?
Well English is not the only
language he speaks. He says he
speaks the languages of many


He has an eerie sense of calm in
his voice, if that makes sense.
Even when he was messing with
Titus, I think it was his calm
that pissed Titus off even more
Santana smiles and looks to his side where Titus is standing
a few feet away listening to their conversation.
Why are you still here?
Titus turns around with his head hung low and walks down the
hallway to an elevator. He presses the button and looks at
them as he waits for the doors to open.
See ya at home Bro.
Titus simply nods and steps inside the elevator as Santana
walks into the vault room. Santana pauses for a second when
he sees Richter sitting at the table, he straightens his tie
and clears his throat as Richter watches him quietly.
Santana stands on the opposite side of the table and extends
his hand to Richter.
Greetings Richter, I am Senator
Santana De La Paz.
Richter simply looks at his extended hand but does not shake
it. He looks at Santana in the eyes and raises his hands as
high as they will go which is not far enough to shake his
Forgive me for not shaking your
hand Senator, but I seem to be
tethered to the wall like an
That would be for our safety.
Your Situation Control Team should
be the ones tethered to this wall.
They clamped my limbs as if I were


                       RICHTER (cont'd)
a wild beast, shock me with
electricity and then sedate me.
Richter looks directly at Danella.
Danella looks the other way not knowing what to say.
Then I wake up imprisoned, I
assure you Senator I am no
Please allow me to apologize for
everyone here, and let me welcome
you to Earth. Now before we move
on may I ask, what your intentions
here on Earth were.
Research? Please, elaborate.
You see Senator, our planets are
similar in nature. We have salt
and fresh water resources much
like your oceans and lakes.
However my planets resources are
inexplicably drying out. We have
drilled only to find mud, we have
sifted our oceans into deserts of
salt for drinking water. All I
have to do is return with samples
of water to show the council that
Earth is abundant with the
resource we so desperately need.
Otherwise, they will not approve
the relocation of our populous.
What is left of it anyway.
Richter looks down at the table in sadness as he finishes
telling his story. Santana nods his head not moved by his
story at all, he looks around with a smile.


What would happen if you do not
Richter looks at Santana in surprise and looks at the agents
thinking that they are planning on killing him.
That would depend on who responds
first. If the council does, they
will mount a rescue mission, much
like you would if one of yours
were to go missing. If my son
responds first, he will bring
everyone, and for your sake, I
hope he does not see how you have
me tethered. You see, my son
HELIUS is like Titus, very short
How would you communicate with
Once they near I will be able to
do so telepathically.
And are they near now?
Richter smiles at Santana and looks at each agent directly
in the eyes. He takes a long slow blink as his eyes move
back to Santana. Santana leans in close to Richter meeting
him half way across the table top.
I asked you a question.
I choose not to answer it until
these restraints are removed.
I cannot do that.
Then perhaps your wife, President
Rhea De La Paz can. I will wait
and speak to her, and only her.
Good day Senator.


Santana stares at Richter enraged that he is not
acknowledging his authority. He nods his head and slides his
chair back, as he stands up the steel chair falls back on
the concrete floor, causing the sound to echo all through
the room and down the hallway.
Remove the table and both chairs,
and make sure the lights are off.
As soon as he hears Santana, Richter cooperates by standing
up as far as he can and pushes his chair out so they can
take it. Eddie and Joe take the table out of the room while
Blaze and Davey each take a chair with them. Everyone walks
out of the room looking at Richter one last time, last in
line is Amos. Amos puts his hand over the light switch and
looks at Richter with sympathy.
I am sorry.
Amos turns off the light leaving Richter in the dark room.
Richter closes his eyes slowly as the last beam of light
from the hallway shines on him before the steel vault door
is closed.
Titus leans against the red brick wall building waiting for
Danella to come outside. He looks around at the lush green
grass and well kept landscaping that helps conceal the
secret installation in plain sight to passersby. When
Danella steps out she is removing her uniform top and empty
duty belt. She only wears a black sports bra, black BDU
pants, and tactical boots. She walks up to her red
motorcycle, lifts up the seat, and pulls out a backpack from
the compartment. She pulls out a red padded riding jacket,
packs her gear into the backpack, and sticks it all in the
compartment. Titus sneaks up on her, pokes her on her sides
surprising and tickling her as she is about to get on her
Hey babe, where are you off to in
such a hurry?
It's inspection day for the
cadets, later I have a class to
teach, and finally I have to get
ready for tonight... or did you


Titus wraps his arms around her waist from behind and then
rests his chin over her shoulder.
Yeah, our two year anniversary
just slipped my mind.
I thought you might be a little
upset after what happened and
maybe it would have.
So I got suspended, I will be
back. You are what matters in my
Danella turns herself around and looks at Titus' light brown
eyes for a moment and smiles.
You are going to go over Cap's
head and ask Daddy for your job
back, Aren't you?
I will see you tonight at
Titus puckers his lips as he puts his forehead to hers.
Danella gives him a quick kiss and grins.
You know Cap is going to be pissed
at you, right?
Danella jumps on her motorcycle, puts on her helmet that is
attached to the rear of the motorcycle. She slowly pushes
the motorcycle backwards with her feet, turns it on and revs
the engine. When she sees the automatic gate door open she
slaps her face-shield closed and speeds away. Titus watches
her leave as Santana passes by him.
Hey Pops, can we talk?
We are working Titus.
Sorry, Sir may I have a word?


What can I do for you?
Listen, I cannot sit out on three
missions without pay, wait it was
without pay right?
Unless you can give me a great
reason to pay you for being a fuck
up yes.
Tonight is mine and Danella's
anniversary, and I am asking her
to marry me.
Santana smiles and pats Titus on the back showing his
approval and affection.
That's great son, I will have a
talk with Briggs. I will see what
we can do, I am sure we can at
least put you in dispatch.
Thank you Sir, I really do
appreciate this.
Titus turns around to walk to Amos' car when Santana stops
him by the shoulder.
Oh, but next time. There will be
no next time! If you pull anything
like this again you are done here,
I do not care what anyone
including your mother says. Got
Yes Sir.
Santana walks away toward his limousine followed by Jenny.
Titus dances his way up to Amos as he leans against the
trunk of his car waiting on him. Amos nods his head slowly
with a grin.
By the stupid smile on your face
and your gay-ass dance, I would


                       AMOS (cont'd)
guess you are back on the team, am
I right?
You know me all too well Bro.
Titus opens the back door of the car and throws his gear on
the seat before jumping in the passenger side. Amos quickly
puts on his racing harness and turns the car on slapping it
in reverse. Amos screeches the tires making them smoke
everywhere before driving a short distance to the gate
entrance that is not yet opened.
Well that seemed a bit
It was pretty cool though, no?
Titus pulls into the parking lot where Danella lives and
works as a Teacher and Hall Adviser. He parks his yellow
Lamborghini Gallardo in a place that is reserved for
visitors. As soon as he turns the car off the Lamborghini
driver side door opens up vertically. He looks at his
reflection in the rear view mirror and then grabs a small
bouquet of white roses that sit on the passenger seat. He
talks to himself for a moment as if psyching himself up.
      (To himself)
Alright, let's do this.
Titus gets out and runs to the front door of the three story
dormitory that houses only the female cadets. He quickly
punches Danella's code on the keypad to gain entry, runs up
three flights of stairs, and down a long carpeted hallway.
He slows down when he sees a brunette cadet stepping out of
the shower room only wearing a white towel wrapped around
her body. She walks inside her room which is directly across
of the shower room letting the shower room door slowly shut
behind her. Titus pauses and peeks into the steamy room
where three other cadets are showering. He waits for the
door to close with a smile on his face.


      (To himself)
Okay, no more. You are going to be
a married man, no more looking.
Titus walks up to Danella's door, room 1C, straightens his
clothes, reaches into his pocket pulling out a small black
velvet box. He knocks twice and drops to one knee holding
the flowers and black box forward so she can see the white
gold diamond ring. Inside Danella is looking at herself in
the mirror as she wears a white tight dress with an open
mid-drift showing off her toned abs. Titus knocks again as
she calmly walks to answer the door.
She opens the door, sees the engagement ring and flowers as
he holds them up while on one knee. She quickly covers her
mouth with both hands as her jaw drops, and eyes opened
Oh my God!
Danella Vallejos, will you marry
Danella backs away jumping around hysterically with a large
smile on her face. Her eyes fill with tears of joy, and she
bends forward at the waist toward Titus.
Oh goodness yes! Yes, I will, I
mean oh my God of course I will
Other girls begin to step out of their rooms to see what all
of the commotion is about. Titus stands up and fits the ring
on Danella's finger as she keeps moving and trembling in
happiness. She holds her hand out to admire the ring and
wipes her tears away as the diamond stares back at her.
I don't know what to say.
Well you already said yes, now
just say when and where and you
will have made me the happiest man
on Earth.


We can do it tonight! How far is
Titus' facial expression momentarily becomes disappointed
thinking that she actually wanted a fast small wedding in
Las Vegas. He smiles pretending that he would be fine
getting married in Las Vegas.
Las Vegas, really?
I'm kidding, I want the perfect
wedding, a white dress with a
really long train, with white
roses all over the place... wait
how big of a wedding can it be?
It doesn't matter
So the sky is the limit?
Baby there are footprints on Mars
Aw Titus, that's so sweet.
Danella takes the roses from his hand and sets them aside,
she pulls him inside the room and kisses him on the lips.
Danella opens her eyes and looks at her cell-phone that is
sitting on her nightstand through the corner of her eye. She
backs away leaving Titus with his lips puckered and eyes
Oh my God, I have to call my
sister, and my mom to let them
know, and I have to tell...
Titus holds her hand keeping her from reaching her cell
How about right now we go and have
dinner, tomorrow is another day to
do all the calling and planning.


Another day closer until I become
Mrs. Danella De La Paz. I have
always loved your last name and
now it will be mine. Danella Of
The Peace, I love it!
Amos has music blasting from the sound system in his room as
he gets dressed for the night. He finishes combing his hair
and comes sliding out of his restroom dressed in flashy
clothes ready to hit the Miami night clubs. He walks passed
a mirror, pauses for a moment and steps back so he can see
himself. He walks up to his reflection and raises his right
eyebrow with a smile, and softly whistles as if impressed
with his good looks. Amos walks out of the room, and pauses
half way out and leans back into the room.
Lights and music off.
The surround sound system quickly turns off as the lights
slowly dim until they are off, he smiles and continues on
his way down the hallway toward the glass elevator. The
elevator senses him coming and opens the door for him.
Garage please
The elevator slowly drops down two floors into an
underground garage housing many vehicles that anyone with a
need for speed would want. Everything ranging from
motorcycles, four cylinder modified imports, to supercharged
mustangs and exotics. The elevator platform rotates so he is
facing the garage when the door opens, he steps out, walks
up to a yellow motorcycle and puts on his matching black and
yellow riding jacket. As soon as he sits on the motorcycle
and grabs a hold of the handlebar the motorcycle
automatically starts and revs its engine. He puts on his
matching helmet and slaps the face-shield closed and then
speeds up a ramp that leads to a long driveway along the
side of the house, he speeds up to the guard shack where the
guard usually has the gate waiting open, instead he has to
stop this time. Amos lifts his face-shield and looks into
the shack.
Damn it FREDDY, all you have to do
is push one button.


A heavy set guard steps out of the guard shack and flips
Amos off with his middle finger and then presses a button
to open the gate as he laughs.
Yeah and I usually use this finger
to do it.
Amos laughs as Freddy leans back into the shack and opens
the gate for him. Amos burns out the tires as he speeds out
of the driveway to the main street before disappearing into
the night. Freddy closes the gate and steps back into the
shack to watch television.
Titus and Danella drive down to the restaurant using
Interstate 95, as tonight it is light with traffic. They
cruise at the regular speed limit looking around. Danella
sees Santana's banner as it waves in the light breeze, she
laughs and points it out to Titus.
Look there's your Daddy!
Step-Dad, and he is so full of
Sure you emphasize on the "Step"
now but how was it earlier? Daddy
will you put me back on the team?
Danella laughs as she pokes fun at him while he keeps his
eyes on the road with a serious expression trying not to
laugh because he knows she is right.
      (Baby Voice)
I'm sorry did I make you mad?
Before Titus answers her, a text message appears on the
windshield that reads "Incoming text from Amos" Titus talks
to the car.
Open message


The message only says "I C U" Titus looks through his rear
view mirror and sees a motorcycle traveling at a high speed
trying to catch up, and laughs.
Discard message
When the text on the wind shield disappears Danella turns
around and sees Amos closing in on them.
Here comes my new brother-in-law
She watches as Amos comes dangerously close to the car next
to the driver window, he gets close enough to knock on the
window with one hand.
Does he know you proposed?
He's known I've been wanting to do
it for a while now.
Roll down the window I want to
show off the ring anyway.
Titus rolls down the window as Amos lifts his face shield up
and leans in close, everyone has to yell so they are heard
over the wind and the engines.
Did you do it?
What did she say?
Danella leans across Titus lap with a bright smile on her
face as she shows off the ring to Amos, and yells at him
from inside.
I said yes!
Congrats, Now what do you say?


Amos points forward challenging Titus to a race, Titus looks
at the road with temptation and then decides against it and
Na, not tonight Bro!
What did he say?
Nothing, he wants to race us is
Then give him what he wants, smoke
his ass.
Are you kidding he is on a crotch
rocket, that alone gives him an
Oh, I'm sorry I was under the
impression that this car was fast
with all the fancy turbos, and
nitrous tanks.
Oh, Oh that's how it is huh?
Titus signals to Amos to come closer again, Amos lifts his
face shield and leans in.
I changed my mind, Danella says on
Engaged for an hour and already
letting her change your mind?
Danella stretches across Titus' lap and pushes a button on
his steering wheel.


The button that she presses releases a purge of nitrous
oxide from the louver on the side of the car, momentarily
distracting Amos. Amos drops back and closes his face shield
as Danella quickly sits back in her seat and buckles her
racing harness.
Here we, go!
Titus releases the gas peddle, down shifts from fifth gear
to fourth gear by pressing a small pad on the right side of
the steering column and presses on the gas peddle again.
They accelerate passed Amos and continue climbing, Titus
closes his window and reads the digital speedometer out loud
to Danella as she sits back with a smile on her face.
Oh shit, 120, 125, 130...
Titus shifts back to fifth gear when the engine starts to
over rev, the car then speeds up.
Woo! How fast now?
160, 165, 172...
Titus looks at the side view mirror and sees Amos quickly
catching up and nearing the rear end of the car.
Here he comes, press the Nos or
something, let's kick his ass!
Right as Titus is about to press the Nos button he and Amos
both spot a humanoid figure much like Lord Richter jump over
the guard rail and start to cross the interstate. Amos
squeezes the brakes as Titus steps on his, they try and stop
but at such high speeds an immediate stop is a high demand
for the brake pads. As Titus' brake pads begin to smoke he
pulls the emergency parking brake making his car slide, he
tries to steer away from Amos, but loses control. Amos
cannot slow down as fast as Titus, so he knows he is going
to hit the front end of Titus' car. Amos lets go of his
motorcycle and jumps on the hood of Titus' car letting his
motorcycle hit the driver's side front wheel. Amos bends his
legs up avoiding the motorcycle when it hits, he looks at
Titus through the windshield as he hangs on for his life by
his finger tips. Danella screams as Titus tries to safely
bring the car to a stop without Amos flying off.


Hang on!
Amos looks up at the car as he yells and lets go, his body
flips and breaks the windshield. Amos slides over the top of
the roof denting it, he twists his body around and slides on
his stomach until he grabs a hold of the trunk lid with his
fingers. When Titus and Danella look back they see Amos
hanging on as they slide at 35 miles per hour. Once the car
reaches 20 miles per hour, Amos looks back at the road and
lets go. Danella squeamishly watches as he hits the ground
rolling letting his jacket, helmet, and feet take most of
the impact. The entire time he is rolling, he keeps his
hands tucked into his body and his head touching his chest
until he comes to a rolling stop only a few yards from the
car. Danella and Titus stare at Amos as the headlights shine
on him while he lies on the road, they let out a sigh of
relief when they see him slightly move and are relieved to
see that he is alive. Titus then looks toward the front of
the passenger side and looks straight at HELIUS. Helius
stares back at Titus with his large almond shaped reflective
eyes. Titus reaches into his center compartment and grabs a
hand gun. Danella looks at the gun and then looks up at
Stay here.
Be careful.
Titus opens the vertical door and steps out he begins to
fire his gun at the alien while making his way around the
car as it walks at Amos. One bullet ricochets off of Helius,
Amos turns his head and looks at Titus, the alien aims a rod
shaped weapon at Titus. The rod shoots a blue burst of light
from the tip at Titus. The short beam of light breaks
through the front windshield and continues flying toward
Titus out of the driver doorway, Titus turns away just in
time so the beam of light narrowly misses his torso. Titus
looks at his down and sees that the light burned through his
shirt as it grazed his clothes but missed his body, when he
looks up the alien is gone. Titus runs toward Amos, drops to
one knee, and lifts his face shield.
Bro, are you okay?
Amos opens his eyes in pain, and then laughs letting Titus
know that he is okay.


I just fell off of a moving car,
what do you think?
So, yes?
Amos knocks on his chest letting Titus know that he is
wearing his riding jacket made of Kevlar.
Kevlar jacket, yeah I'll live.
Titus helps Amos to his feet and dusts his shoulders off.
When Amos removes his helmet he stares passed Titus at
Danella. Amos' mouth slowly opens as he drops his helmet on
the street. Titus looks at Amos and immediately knows that
something is wrong, so he turns around to look at his car.
He sees that the burst of light that was shot from the
alien's weapon, narrowly missed him but broke through the
passenger's side window. His jaw trembles and eyes open wide
when he sees Danella slumped forward in the passenger seat
still strapped in. He quickly runs around to the passenger
side of the car and opens the door. He sees Danella a bloody
mess as the burst of light hit her directly in the face, and
nearly burned her beyond recognition. Titus immediately
tears up and unstraps Danella letting her body fall into his
Call for help!
Titus knows that Danella is dead so he does not try to
revive her, he just holds her close, pushes his forehead
against what is left of hers and cries.
Oh God, please baby no.
Santana pins Rhea against the wall, she turns her head to
the side letting him kiss her on the side of her neck. He
slides his hands down her sides and begins to slide her
dress up so he can remove her panties as she takes over and
kisses him on the lips. They pause and look eachother in the
eyes, his hands slowly slide down as he removes her
underwear when she rips Santana's shirt open. He picks her
up with ease and lays her on the bed and completely removes
his shirt as Rhea removes her panties as quickly as she can.


She sits up and begins to unbuckle his belt when he hears
his phone ring. He looks at the nightstand where he has his
phone laying and then looks at Rhea, she stares back at him
and nods her head.
He ignores the phone and lets the call go straight to his
voice-mail. Santana kisses Rhea as she unbuttons his pants
and begins to unzip them when his phone rings again. Santana
opens his eyes and looks at his phone out of the corner of
his eye, Rhea whispers to him while they kiss.
Turn it off.
Santana walks over to his phone while Rhea removes her
dress, he touches the screen on the phone to turn it off but
accidentally answers it as it rings again. He looks at the
screen and sees a picture of Amos as the caller. He sighs
and puts the phone to his ear.
This better be an emergency.
As she begins to remove her bra Rhea watches Santana's
expression quickly change as he hears the news about
Danella. She knows something is wrong so she leaves her bra
on and slides closer to Santana to try and listen to the
Okay calm down, where are you at?
Santana takes a deep breath, holds the bridge of his nose
with his eyes closed as he thinks to himself and covers the
mouth piece of the phone with his thumb.
Get dressed, we have to go.
Santana uncovers the mouth piece and starts to talk to Amos
as he sounds hysterical.
Okay don't do anything or talk to
anyone, we'll be right there.


Santana slides his phone closed and looks at Rhea as he
buttons up his pants. Rhea does not say a word she quickly
puts her clothes back on.
Two Florida highway patrol cars have the south bound side of
the road blocked as two emergency medical technicians have
Danella's body on a stretcher covered in a white sheet. Amos
is sitting on the hood of a highway patrol car shirtless as
a female E.M.T. is tending to the scrapes and minor cuts
that he received. He watches as the Highway patrol officer's
take measurements of the scene and photograph everything,
when Danella's stretcher crosses his field of view, he
closes his eyes when he sees that all of the blood is soaked
through the sheet on the facial area. Amos looks at Titus
standing near the edge if the highway looking at the night
sky and politely pulls away from the E.M.T. while she is
swabbing one of his cuts with alcohol.
Thanks, I will be fine.
When the paramedics place Danella inside the ambulance they
turn off their flashing lights and pull away. As soon as the
ambulance leaves the scene Santana and Rhea drive up. Amos
sighs when he sees his parents step out, Santana walks up to
him first.
Get in the car
Amos does not say a word he just watches as Rhea quickly
makes her way to Titus. Amos then walks straight to
Santana's car and sadly sits in the backseat. He watches
through the dark tinted window as Rhea stands next to Titus
holding him by the chin, when he suddenly breaks down and
leans his face on her shoulder crying. Rhea tries to wrap
her arms around him as she rubs his back trying to comfort
him. Santana looks around as firefighters arrive to clean up
the mess and exchange information with the highway officers.
Behind them a tow truck lowers it's flatbed ready to haul
away the wrecked car and motorcycle.
A silver Peter-built tractor trailer is backed up against a
concrete loading dock with its trailer door open. The
tractor trailer is parked side by side with a smaller black
refrigerated truck with government license plates and hazmat
tags. SERGEANT MIRANDA ATENCIO is dressed in full tactical


clothing with her gun strapped to her shoulder walking side
by side with NIKO. Niko is African American, always dressed
in flamboyant custom made clothing, with his hair pressed,
and equipped with a charismatic persona that makes one
forget how dangerous he truely can be. Miranda's team of
five agents have their eyes trained on all ten of Niko's
armed men as they stand along the walls looking at Miranda
and her team. Miranda and Niko pass next to twelve pallets
piled high with boxes of oranges. Miranda walks up to a
pallet and peeks closer inside at smaller boxes filled with
50/50 dissolving strips that are packed in the middle of the
boxes of oranges.
Nothing but the best 50/50 Miss
Miranda. Care to try a strip?
I don't do drugs.
Drugs get you high, 50/50 takes
you on a euphoric trip, you know
like an adventure.
Hmm, You're strippin' right now,
aren't you?
Strippin' cause it's a trip on a
strip. You're funny, now imagine
how hilarious you would be if you
joined me on my level.
Yeah I'm a real comedian, now come
on let's get on with business.
Come on Miss Miranda lighten up,
If I had a cake job like yours I
would enjoy it.
I do enjoy my job, whenever I get
to do what's right, not when I am
forced to negotiate with... the
bad guy.
Please Miss Miranda I bet you have
killed more people than I have,


                       NIKO (cont'd)
and you sleep comfortably in a
bigger bed afterward. Am I right?
Miranda stares at Niko with hatred as he reads her body
You are one sentence away from
turning this business deal into a
Your boss would not be very happy
if you did. He needs my money to
fund his little research team. You
know the ones that be looking for
little green men or whatever.
What are you talking about?
We talk more than just business
Miss Miranda, I tell him he is
wasting time and money, you know
what I say to him about the little
green men?
No, and I really don't care.
I tell him he will never find them
because they do not exist, he is
better off looking for... I don't
know, leprechauns?
I wish I knew what you were
talking about. Now hand over the
money and you can go catch the
Chupacabra for all I care.
He also talks about you Miss
Miranda goes from meaning business to curiousity. She looks
him in the eyes, Niko smiles and goes on knowing that she
wants to know what he has to say.


Sometimes you scare him.
I scare Santana? Not likely.
Not physically, but mentally. He
is unsure of where you stand.
Bull shit, he knows my allegiance
is to him.
The other night, he asked my
advice on what to do with you. You
know far too much just to be...
let go.
And what was your reply?
Niko just smiles and then points his finger at her like a
gun and moves his thumb pretending like it is the hammer to
the gun. He imitates the sound of a gun firing a single
bullet. He blows the invisible smoke and puts his hand down
as if he is holstering his weapon.
Wrong answer Niko.
Miranda quickly lifts her AR-15 and points it at Niko's
forehead. His eyes open wide and she squeezes the trigger
firing 13 bullets inbetween his eyes. Her team immediately
shoots all ten of his men giving them almost no reaction
time. Miranda turns around to her team and smiles.
Amos' alarm is buzzing, he slowly opens his eyes, unwraps
himself from his blanket, and reaches to turn it off. He
rolls over and sees a picture of himself wearing a
cone-shaped birthday hat that says "21" on it. Titus and
Danella have their arms wrapped around him toasting with
shot glasses at the bar of a club. He looks at it and
focuses on Danella and smiles at the good time they were
having back then. Amos nods his head sadly as reality sets
in on him, he gets up, walks out of his bedroom, and into
the living room. He peeks in looking to see if Titus is
there when he sees that the living room is empty he walks
over to Titus' bedroom and knocks on the door. After there


is no answer he lets himself in and looks around, he then
looks toward Titus' restroom. When he notices that he is not
in there Amos begins to worry.
      (To himself)
Damn it Titus, please don't tell
me you're that stupid.
Amos opens up the dresser door where he knows Titus keeps
his gun box, he opens the box and sees that it is empty.
Amos tosses the box back in the drawer and runs his hands
through his hair.
      (To himself)
Shit... you are!
Amos runs to his bedroom and throws on a pair of jeans and a
muscle shirt. He grabs his pager and his gun box from his
dresser drawer and pulls out his XD 40. He releases the
gun's full magazine and leaves it in the gun box. Amos racks
the gun to make sure it is empty then grabs a different
magazine full of green bullet-sized darts and inserts it in
his gun. He slides the gun into his waistband, puts his
shoes on before he runs down the hallway, bypassing the
elevator using the emergency stair case to get to the
garage. As soon as he opens the door to the garage his pager
goes off, he pauses to read the message.
      (To himself)
Son of a bitch!
Amos hooks the pager to his waistband and runs to the
fastest motorcycle that they own, on his way he grabs a
riding jacket hanging on the wall and shouts orders at the
automated garage doors.
Door open!
Amos grabs a black helmet off of the seat of the silver
Viper 6 motorcycle. As soon as he turns it on he closes the
face-shield on the helmet and speeds up the ramp. When he
pulls back on the motorcycles accelerator to go down the
driveway the motorcycle jerks forward lifting the front tire
off of the ground almost throwing Amos off. Freddy the
security guard knows about the page and already has the gate
opened for him. Amos speeds down the private driveway at 80
miles per hour. As soon as he reaches the public
intersection Eddie crosses his path on his own motorcycle as


he too is answering the S.C.T. page. Amos turns to get on
the street and accelerates so fast that he passes Eddie in
seconds riding over 100 miles per hour in a 30 miles per
hour zone weaving in and out of traffic. Amos looks at his
speedometer as it reads 125 miles per hour he cuts Eddie off
to avoid traffic. A couple blocks ahead a Miami police
officer is parked on the side of the road with his radar on
as he waits for speeders. His radar beeps and reads 185
miles per hour, he looks forward not seeing anything he
thinks that his radar is malfunctioning. As he is about to
check his radar it beeps again as he is looking at traffic
and sees Eddie speed by he looks at the radar as it says 170
miles per hour. The officer immediately turns on his lights
and sirens and speeds up to the stop sign, when he looks to
his right the two motorcycles are nowhere in sight. She
decides not to pursue turning off the lights and sirens,
instead she joins the traffic to go on patrol.
Titus is passed the front desk and has made it close to the
hallway that leads downstairs to the vault where Richter is
being held. Once he turns and takes a few steps a large
clear door made of bullet proof glass falls behind him and
locks, he looks back and knows that Jonny is closing the
doors from the main entry station. Titus starts running to
make it passed the next door before it shuts, but the door
falls in place locking in front of him. Titus hits the door
in a futile attempt to break the bullet proof glass. Titus
looks at the keypad on the wall and inputs his code but the
small screen reads "Invalid Code" Titus looks up at the
security camera.
I see you got up, you better open
it up or I will go back and knock
your bitch-ass out again.
Jonny is hanging on to the computer desk holding his eye in
pain, he looks at the monitor that shows Titus, and presses
a button that allows him to talk back to Titus through the
Fuck you Titus!


Jonny presses another button activating the fire alarm
causing the sprinkler system to go off spraying water all
over the hallway. Titus screams in anger and pulls out his
gun, he shoots the camera causing Jonny's screen to show
"Signal Lost" Jonny pulls up a map of the building and
touches a camera icon nearest Titus that shows Titus from a
distance. He sees Titus inputting a code on the keypad again
and nods his head. To Jonny's surprise the door slowly
opens, He sees Titus duck under the door and run down the
hallway that is filled with five inches of water. Jonny
looks at his screen that says "Door Accessed by Agent A. De
La Paz" Jonny nods his head and puts in another code that
will lock out Amos' code and close the last door however
Titus is already passed it. Titus looks up at the camera and
flips Jonny off. Jonny switches camera views and sees Titus
run up to the vault but Jonny inputs another code to try and
stop Titus.
Titus inputs Amos' code however this time the small screen
reads "Base Locked Down No Entry"
Ah! You son of a bitch!
Titus pulls out his gun and aims it at the keypad when he
hears the vault's inner locks pop open. Titus cautiously
steps forward with his gun drawn wondering what is going on.
Jonny sees the vault door open on the computer screen, when
he is about to try and find a different camera with a better
angle all of the monitors on the screen go black and show
"Signal Lost". Jonny looks around confused.
      (To himself)
What in the hell?
Jonny pulls up the map of the base that shows where every
camera on the base is. He sees that there is a red "X" on
every camera icon, when he presses one of the icons a small
message pops up next to it saying "Off-line".
Titus pulls the door open and stares into the darkness when
he sees the glare of Richter's eyes staring back at him.


Agent De La Paz, to what do I owe
this visitation?
I don't know how you get revenge
on your fucked up planet, but here
you hurt the one who wronged you
not the ones they love.
I prefer emotional damage,
physical pain can be temporary.
Although it was not I who caused
last night's accident I will
cherish your emotions for a
Well, your lifetime is about to
come to an abrupt end.
Titus aims his gun at Richter and pauses for a moment
thinking about the consequences his actions will bring when
Richter interrupts his thought process.
Are you going to squeeze that
trigger or just stand there and
picture the white blood soaked
sheets that covered your precious
Danella as they hauled her corpse
I thought you said it wasn't you.
I can see whatever you think of in
the same vivid detail that will
haunt you for the rest of your
Right, you're a mind-reader, than
you must know that I am about to
kill you.
I doubt that in the highest, you
see one thing I do know is that
you cannot stand it when the
villian in a movie gives a
monologue opposed to simply


                       RICHTER (cont'd)
killing the hero when he clearly
has the opportunity to do so.
So? Lots of people hate that.
True, however most people never
get the chance to prove that they
would do different yet here we are
and so far you have not done
anything different.
Shut up!
Maybe you need a little
Titus watches in surprise as Richter slowly stands up
snapping his steel restraints with ease. He quickly reaches
forward, grabs Titus by the neck and pulls him close. Titus
drops his weapon and hangs on to Richter's wrist trying to
loosen his grip before he passes out.
Richter swings Titus up and lets him go making him hit his
neck and upper back on the ceiling. Titus falls onto his
hands and knees in front of Richter and looks up at him,
Richter extends his leg and kicks Titus in the torso
throwing him across the room slamming him against the
opposite wall.
You are not so elite without your
weapon, are you?
On the contrary, the weapons that
you think make me elite, slow me
Titus stands up and runs at Richter with his fist tightened,
knowing that Richter can anticipate his every move he
changes his mind at the last moment and drops backward to
the floor using his momentum to kick Richter in the knee
with a baseball slide. Richter falls to one knee, when he
looks up he sees Titus jump over him and hang on to his


neck. Titus punches the soft spot on the back of Richter's
head over and over until he falls to both knees. Titus uses
his weight and pulls Richter backward bending Richter's
spine against his knee. Richter's eyes open wide when he
reads Titus mind and sees him reach into his pocket and pull
out a blade. Titus quickly swings the blade in a stabbing
motion at Richter's soft spot when Richter covers his head
with his hand letting the blade stab through the palm of his
hand. Richter swings Titus over his shoulder slamming him on
the floor, he stands up and lifts his leg up to stomp on
Titus when Titus pulls out a double edged dagger from his
wrist band and lets Richter stomp on it. Richter screams
when he sees the blade come through the top of his foot, He
realizes the dagger has a blade on the end and takes the
pain as he pushes down harder with his foot. Richter removes
the blade from his palm and throws it at Titus cutting him
on the shoulder, Richter smiles as he squeezes his palm over
Titus' wound letting his blue blood seep into Titus. The
blood from Richter's foot runs down the blade and it's
handle causing Titus to lose his grip. Titus tries to move
out of the way when the blade slices his jugular vein. Titus
kicks and screams in pain, panicking because he knows that
his wound is fatal. He holds his neck with his blue
blood-soaked hands looking around to see what he can do to
stop his profuse bleeding. He sees Richter remove the dagger
covered in his blue blood from his foot, Richter throws the
blade and watches as his foot heals. Titus starts to calm
down when his pain fades away, confused he looks at his
hands that are covered in purple blood as his red blood has
mixed with Richter's blue blood. He feels his neck as all
that is left of his wound are purple blood stains, he looks
at Richter scared and confused.
What, what did you do?
Consider it a gift.
What? What the fuck have you done
to me?
Richter looks at him and walks out of the room leaving Titus
with no answer.
Answer me damn it!
Richter closes the door with his telekinetic abilities
leaving Titus alone and scared in the dark.


Amos rides his motorcycle up to the front gate entrance, to
his surprise the fire alarm is blaring. Amos pauses for a
moment until he realizes that the security gate is open.
Amos nods his head knowing that something is wrong so he
speeds on to the front parking lot, followed by Eddie who is
just arriving on his motorcycle. When they get closer they
see the front automatic steel door is already opened. Amos
and Eddie quickly jump off of their motorcycles and run
toward the front door crouching down on opposite sides of
the doorway leaning against the red brick walls. Eddie is in
full black tactical gear only armed with his .45 caliber
handgun, he looks at Amos as Amos is only dressed in his
street clothes wearing no protective armor, they have to
yell just to hear eachother over the fire alarm to
Where is your shit at man?
Didn't need it, it's just a slight
breach of security.
News flash there is no such thing
as a slight breach of security
here. Anyone who enters, enters
witha fuckin' purpose!
It's just Titus, he's having a bad
day, so if you absolutely must
shoot, shoot to stop not kill.
I will try, but if he aims at my
skull I'm blowing his apart.
With that little thing, you'll
barely cause a dent.
It's what I had within quick reach
when I got the page.
Yeah well when we get inside
exchange it for a real gun, ready?
We go in on three...
They both chamber a round in their guns and tactically take
a quick peak inside.


One, two...
They hear a loud sonic boom crash in the sky above them,
they both look up and see a blue cacoon like object with a
white comet-like tail enter the Earth's atmosphere at a high
rate of speed. When they see that the metallic cacoon is
heading directly at them, the only reaction they have is to
close their eyes and brace themselves for the impact. The
object crashes into the parking lot only fifty yards away,
blows cold air at them, throwing them back against the brick
wall, and covers them in frost and fine black asphalt powder
made from the parking lot. When they both open their eyes
they see a large metallic humanoid figure nine feet tall
step out of the crater it created on impact. It looks around
completely ignoring them until Eddie looks around, picks up
his gun that he dropped when he and Amos were blown
backwards. He takes a single shot at the creature but the
bullet has no affect, it simply ricochets off of him.
However the bullet does get his attention and immediately
identifies them as a threat. It aims its arm at them as it
begins to glow a bright blue color making a noise like a
turbine engine as it charges.
Oh shit!
They do not say a word to each other, they both
instinctively know it is a weapon, and dive out of its path.
They quickly run around to the other side of the building
that is slightly on a hill. They lean against the wall
trying to stay out of the view when a blue beam of energy
flies out of the creatures hand, and hits the building
causing it to shake. The beam of energy creates a large hole
where the door once was. Everything but the sound of their
breathing goes quiet, the loud wail of the siren appears to
have turned off while their ears are ringing. For a moment
they look at each other scared as they mouth words unable to
hear eachother speak. After a minute their hearing comes
We have to get inside and get to
Jonny, look to see if it's still
I don't hear anything.
No shit, that's why I said look.


Why do I have to look? You look!
You have to look because it was
your dumb-ass that shot at it with
your pea-shooter!
Fine, I'll look!
As Eddie is about to peak around the corner they both hear
the static of his radio attached to his duty belt. They hear
Jonny on the other end of the channel.
Wait, you had you're radio this
entire time?
Yeah, why?
Amos snatches the radio from Eddies belt to try and see if
he can make contact with Jonny.
Isla, do you copy?
      (Over radio)
Amos is that you?
Yeah, what's the status inside?
      (Over radio)
Titus is here somewhere, I lost
track of him, but I think he might
have let Richter out, I'm not
sure. I hear a lot of commotion
coming from the elevator shaft. I
can't verify anything all of the
security cameras are out.
Are you at the main consule?
      (Over radio)


Listen, get under the desk and
wait for us, we're coming, do you
Jonny is crouched under the desk when he hears the metalic
humanoid creature walking on the otherside of the desk. He
holds the button down so Amos cannot transmit through.
Shh, I hear something walking
around on the other side of the
Amos and Eddie listen as Jonny breathes heavy in fear. Jonny
feels his side for his gun, when he feels that the holster
is empty he looks down to confirm that his gun is missing.
Right at that moment the security doors inside come flying
off of the heavy-duty hinges, the sprinkler system goes off
along with the fire alarm. The fire alarm is replaced with a
loud buzzing siren just as loud that sounds in intervals.
Jonny looks over the computer desk and sees Richter about to
make his way down the hall, he quickly ducks down behind the
Fuck, it's Richter.
      (Over radio)
Glass and shards of metal near Jonny blow out of the hole
where the front door once stood next to Amos and Eddie.
Eddie points his finger over Amos' shoulder.
Eddie looks beyond the first gate as all of the other agents
begin to arrive in their vehicles. They jump out of their
vehicles, open the trunks and hand out their high powered
weapons quickly taking cover behind the vehicles. They all
pause for a moment when they see Lord Richter meet with the
metallic humanoid in front of the building.


What in the hell is that?
I don't know, but it's about to be
blown into pieces.
As all of the other agents take aim, Lord Richter leaps into
the air and the metallic being jumps into the air with him
wrapping the both of them in a protective metal cocoon and
speeds into the air causing another sonic boom. The two
beings disappear leaving the Earth's atmosphere faster than
any man-made aircraft. Eddie stares at the sky with his
mouth opened, he slowly turns and looks at Amos.
Your dad is gonna be so pissed...
A silver Mercedes Benz convertible pulls up along side of
the street curb, Miranda steps out dressed in civilian
clothes. Miranda walks around her car, leans over, grabs a
black leather folder off of the passenger seat and walks
toward the house. She takes a step onto the porch when
Santana's two guards stop her from entering, GUARD 1 leans
back and shouts into the house.
                       GUARD 1
Santana, Miranda is here to see
Let her in, I am expecting her!
Miranda walks into Santana's office that has no door, she
stands at the doorway with her arms crossed in front of her
while holding the black leather folder in her hand. Santana
leans back in his chair with his hands clasped behind his
head, he looks down at the folder and looks at Miranda.
Come in, have a seat.


I already made the deposit into
the account, here is the bank
Miranda lays the black leather folder on the desk, Santana
just looks at it and then looks at her face noticing that
she is antsy.
Have a seat.
Actually I have a thing, I have
If my assistant is not mistaken I
believe we had a meeting scheduled
for today.
Miranda knows about the meeting but is nervous about what
Niko told her last night, and is scared so she pretends that
she is barely remembering about the meeting.
A meeting? Oh that's right, about
the team thing, now I remember.
Yes the Situation Control Team
Well I changed my mind about...
Santana stops her by putting his fingers up to her signaling
for her to be quiet.
Before we get started, usually
after our little deals my friend
Niko likes to chit chat about this
and that. Only this time he did
not call me. Did he say anything
to you?
Yeah Niko, about him. He's dead.
Miranda stays looking at Santana expecting him to be upset,
instead he just keeps his mouth closed and stares back at
her. The silence makes her nervous causing her to talk more.


I killed him.
Santana leans forward with his hands on his desk.
May I inquire on why you killed my
business associate?
I don't know, something about him
seemed a little off last night. I
had a bad gut feeling about him
Santana stands up and slowly makes his way around the desk.
So you shot and killed a man
because you had a gut feeling
about him. May I ask what this gut
feeling was telling you?
Miranda stays quiet for a moment looking at Santana with a
worried expression.
      (Shaky voice)
It told me not to trust him.
That's funny, you see Niko and I,
we were having a similar
conversation about trust not to
long ago. You know what he told me
to do with people that I do not
      (Shaky voice)
He told you to... kill 'em.
Miranda swallows a knot in her throat keeping her eyes
trained on Santana's hands fearing that he might try to
cause her harm.
Exactly. You're gut instinct told
you to kill him, you naturally did
what I had to discuss with him, I
like that.


Santana looks down at his hands to make sure that Miranda
sees they are empty by moving them when he talks and walks
around her.
The other day you made a comment
about being a loud talker. For
some reason that bothered me. I
felt as if it was some kind of a
threat. You know, if I did not let
you on the S.C.T. you would run
your loud mouth to the public
about us.
Miranda takes a couple of steps away from Santana.
      (Shaky voice)
Sir, I can assure you I did not
mean anything by that. I literally
tend to speak in a loud manner.
I have a gut feeling now, do you
want to know what it is telling
Miranda takes another step back and nods her head up and
down while trying not to show fear even though she knows
what is going to happen next.
It is telling me not to trust...
      (Points at her)
      (Shaky voice)
Sir I am sorry about Niko, I swear
to you I will never say a word.
We both know what is going to
happen next, don't we?
Miranda has a tear running down her cheek as she nods at
Tell you what, you are a trained
soldier, I will give you a chance.
On three we both draw, one...


      (Shaky voice)
I didn't bring my weapon.
      (Shaky voice)
Sir I don't have a gun! Just give
me a chance, this is not fair!
Life is not fair, Three.
As Santana draws his weapon, Miranda grabs the gun by the
slider, she tries to twist it out from Santana's grip. The
gun goes off a split second before she can disarm him
sending a bullet into her chest. Miranda flies backward into
the door way breaking a piece of the door frame off. Her
eyes close as she slides down to the floor in a sitting
position with blood coming out of her chest. Santana takes a
step over her outstretched leg with his gun at his side,
Miranda opens her eyes, quietly pulling out a throwing knife
from her pocket. Miranda stabs the knife into his hand
making him drop his gun. Before Guard 1 can react she grabs
Santana's gun from the floor, rolls on her stomach and
shoots the guard in the head from inbetween Santana's legs.
Santana drops to his knees holding his hand looking at the
blade as it protrudes from his palm.
      (In pain)
How in the hell?
Splatter vest
Miranda lifts her shirt part way showing Santana a thin
bullet proof undershirt that is equipped with small pockets
filled with fake blood. Santana yells when Miranda bends
over and pulls the blade out of his hand and throws it
toward the door as Guard 2 steps in with his gun in hand
stabbing him inbetween the eyes. Miranda quickly jumps to
her feet and looks down at Santana pointing the gun at his
face. Santana smiles when he sees that the slide of the gun
is locked back because it is out of ammunition.
Two bullets?


Miranda pulls out another throwing knife from her pocket,
throws it at Santana stabbing him in the chest, and runs to
the front door. As she is about to exit she is shot from her
right side in the neck by a silenced gun. She hits the front
doorway with her left shoulder and falls to the floor
holding her neck as it bleeds profusely. Santana smiles when
he sees Jenny walk in with a gun equipped with a silencer in
her hand. Santana stands up with a smile watching Jenny
calmly step over Miranda as she struggles to breath. Jenny
aims the gun at Miranda's forehead to end her suffering when
Santana stops her.
Jenny looks at Santana with concern for Miranda's suffering,
and slowly removes her finger from the trigger. Miranda
looks up at Jenny with tears rolling from her eyes, and
blood spitting out of her mouth as she is making light
gurgling noises. Santana removes his shirt, rips a piece off
and wraps it around his injured hand.
      (To Jenny)
No, let her suffer.
Jenny can see in Miranda's eyes that she would welcome the
bullet to end her suffering, however her loyalty is to
Santana so she lowers the gun to her side. She steps over
Miranda leaving her to choke on her own blood.
      (Mouths words)
I'm Sorry
Santana pulls the knife from his chest making the splatter
vest leak out a small amount of fake blood. Santana looks at
his hand that is wrapped with his shirt and closes his eyes
holding in his pain.
      (To Miranda)
You aren't the only one who wears
a splatter vest.
Santana drops the knife on the floor still holding his hand
in pain when his phone rings. He looks at the phone as it
has Amos' picture and slides it open.
      (Over phone)
Dad we have a slight problem, well
not so much a problem, more like a


                       AMOS (cont'd)
Does this concern Titus?
      (Over phone)
Kinda but not really, I mean he
did get pretty banged up doing
something stupid, but he will be
Amos what is the damn problem?
      (Over phone)
Richter escaped with the aid of
another E.T.
I'll be right there.
Jenny pulls out her pink diamond studded business cellphone
as Santana closes his phone and dusts himself off.
Yeah it's me, listen we need a
clean up at the cabana. Three of
them, yeah pretty messy. Thanks.
Santana walks to the restroom removing the shirt he has
wrapped around his hand. Jenny runs ahead and grabs the
first aid kit from a bottom cabinet, and searches for the
laser pen as Santana removes his bullet proof splatter vest
that saved his life. After Santana throws it into the
bathtub Jenny hands him a small pen, he turns it on and runs
it over the knife wound watching it heal his cut using a
small red laser. Jenny watches curiously as Santana breaths
heavily holding in the burning pain.
A firetruck, ambulance, and a police car are lined up at the
front chain-link gates. Josh and Blaze stand in front of the


Stay standing right here so they
don't pass, I'll be right back.
No prob.
Blaze walks up to the driver window of the firetruck and
stands on the sidestep so he can talk to the driver.
look I don't know who called you,
but you might want to check the
I.D. cause everything is fine
                       FIRE CHIEF
We received the call from a hunter
out in the woods back there.
The FIRE CHIEF points to the small wooded area behind the
S.C.T. Base.
                       FIRE CHIEF
He said he heard what sounded like
an explosion.
Oh that, that was just a drill we
were performing earlier. Real life
scenarios, no better way to trane,
you never know what can happen
this day and age, right?
                       FIRE CHIEF
Of course, however we are still
required to investigate all calls.
Excuse me for a minute, I'll be
right back.
Blaze steps off of the side steps and walks back to Josh.
Fire Chief says a hunter made the
call. If he heard something,
chances are he also might have
seen something.


Alright, looks like someone is
going to have a little hunting
Take Eddie with you.
Josh goes and whispers into Eddies ear while he stands at
the gates looking at the emergency response vehicles. they
both take off running toward the wooded area behind the
base. Inside the firetruck the FIRE FIGHTER in the passenger
seat notices a sign that has a skull with crossbones.
                       FIRE FIGHTER
What exactly is this place?
                       FIRE CHIEF
He said they were running drills,
they look military.
                       FIRE FIGHTER
Every time I seen it off of the
highway, I thought it was some
kind of school or something.
                       FIRE CHIEF
I don't know, but something about
these guys just don't sit right
with me.
Under the picture of the skull and crossbones in red
lettering reads "NO TRESPASSING use of DEADLY FORCE is
                       FIRE FIGHTER
Look, check that sign out!
                       FIRE CHIEF
Okay I think his story is legit,
let's just get the hell out of
Blaze begins to walk up to the firetruck when he sees the
Fire Chief talk into his radio. The Fire Chief looks at
Blaze and salutes him as he begins to make a large U-Turn.
The ambulance and police car immediately follow behind.
Blaze just pauses and smiles as they leave.
Smart man.


Josh and Eddie are running through the wooded area searching
for the HUNTER. They pause in between some trees and look
around when they see a heavier set man in his early fifties
dressed in camouflage wearing a bright orange vest standing
out a few yards away looking in the opposite direction
through the scope of his rifle. Josh taps Eddie on the arm
and points at the hunter, they both make their way toward
the man.
Excuse us, Sir?
How can I help you gentlemen?
Afternoon, I am Deputy Johnson and
this is my partner Deputy
Richards, we are with the Dade
County Sheriff's Department.
The Hunter looks at Eddie and Josh up and down as they are
dressed in their tactical gear. He then looks at their AR-15
strapped around their shoulders and swallows a knot in his
throat. In the back of his mind he knows that they are not
with the Dade County Sheriff's Department.
I see, how may I help you
We understand that you reported
hearing some type of explosion
earlier, is that correct?
No, no, I don't know what you are
talking about.
That's funny, G.P.S. pin pointed
your location via your cellphone.
Did you know that it is a felony
to lie to a police officer?
Police officer? I thought you were
sheriff's deputies.


Josh pauses and looks at Eddie realizing that they are
caught in their lie.
It's a felony to falsify
information to any and all law
enforcement officials, Sir.
I do not believe you boys belong
to any law enforcement agency. May
I see some credentials before we
move on?
Eddie rips open his Velcro chest pocket and reaches inside.
He pulls out a short barrel handgun and pushes it against
the Hunter's forehead. The Hunter is forced to take two
steps back until he bumps into a tree. Josh quickly snatches
the Hunter's shotgun from his hand.
Edward, tomorrows obituary if you
Fat old fuck commits suicide in
Josh looks at the Hunter's body up and down.
Wow, a little harsh don't you
think? I mean he's not really that
Well he's definately not fit.
Yeah, but really how many people
are these days?
      (To the Hunter)
I take that back Sir according to
my constituent you indeed are not
that fat.


Yeah, is something wrong?
No, I just don't think constituent
is the word you're looking for.
Eddie continues keeping his eyes and concentration on the
Hunter while arguing with Josh.
Constituent means a part of
something, doesn't it?
Something like that, yeah.
So what, I'm in this partnership
alone? You don't want to be a part
of it anymore?
Partners 'til death bro, but I
just don't think constituent is
the word.
Okay you're right I'm wrong. Now
can we get back to the matter at
hand, partner?
Now that you have admitted you're
wrong, yes we can.
Once Eddie places his finger back on the trigger Josh clears
his throat to get Eddie's attention.
What is it?
And old? come on he's probably
like fifty.
      (To the Hunter)
How old are you Sir?


Um.. fifty-two?
Fifty-two with a question mark or
fifty-two with a period? You sound
I'm fifty two!
Ah, fifty-two with an exclamation
point, that's much better.
See he's barely fifty-two, my
dad's sixty.
Once again I recant my statment
Sir, you are apparently not that
old. According to Josh his father
is older than yourself.
Oh Jesus I didn't hear his name!
      (To Josh)
I don't know your name! I didn't
hear a thing, please don't kill
I'm not the one holding the gun.
Eddie pulls his gun away from the man's forehead, lets it
hang on his finger, and slips it into his vest again. He
smiles and puts his hand out so Josh can give him the man's
shotgun. The Hunter sighs with relief when he sees Eddie
empty the bullets out of his shotgun.
Just fucking with you, here's your
gun back.
Eddie hands the hunter the gun letting the shotgun barrel
swing at his face. The Hunter backs away.


What's wrong?
You pointed the barrel at my face.
It's okay you saw me empty the
bullets right?
All but one.
As the Hunter finishes his sentence he realize Eddie
purposely left the single round in the shotgun. Eddie grins
at the Hunter as he throws the gun up sliding his hand from
the barrel of the gun to the trigger guard. He lets the
barrel lean into the Hunter, just as it touches the bottom
of his chin Eddie squeezes the trigger. Eddie squints as
brain matter explodes from the top of the man's skull and
splashes droplets of blood on his face. The Hunter's body
falls back against the tree and lands in a sitting position
with what's left of his head slouched forward. Eddie lets
the gun touch the ground and lets it fall between the
Hunter's legs. Josh takes the shotgun and places the barell
near where the man's chin should be. Josh grabs the man's
hand and places his hand on the gun trying to make it look
like the man shot himself.
How does heavy set, not so old,
hunter is killed in woods work for
Had you thought of that the first
time we could have been done with
this a long time ago. Now let's
just get back to the base.
And get our asses handed to us by
Yeah almost forgot about that.
What do you say we walk really


Sounds like a plan.
Josh and Eddie and begin to walk up to the small hill toward
the base, all the while joking with each other in an effort
to kill time.
So, Johnson and Richards huh?
Next time I get to pick the names.
What, you don't like the names I
made up?
You are aware of the fact that
Johnson has alway meant dick, and
the name Richard shortened, is
Dick, right?
Whatever man, you are just jealous
that I am quicker at the improv
shit. I apologize for my brain
being quicker than yours.
Yeah leave it up to you to have
dick on the mind.
Ha, that's funny, coming from a
Amos walks through the flooded hallway downstairs, he looks
at the damage done to the elevator and nods his head. he
looks around searching for Titus in the dark, only the flood
lights light up his path.
In here!


Amos quickly makes his way to the vault where he heard
Titus' faint voice come from. he swishes through six inches
of water to get to him. He opens the vault door to see Titus
laying on the floor with his head propped up against the
wall covered in purple blood. Titus only shifts his eyes to
look at Amos and then continues staring across the room at
the opposite wall.
What are you covered in?
I slipped and must have fell in
Titus is trying to think of what he could have fell in that
would look like the purple blood that is all over his neck,
chin, and shirt. Amos nods his head and finishes his
sentence for him.
In some what, purple Kool-Aid?
Yeah, something like that.
Are you alright?
I'll live.
Not after dad is done with you.
Man, fuck him.
Titus' eyes open wide when he sees Santana's hands come from
outside and grab Amos by the shoulders. Santana pulls Amos
out of the vault making him back up slowly with his head
next to his ear.
Close the door on your way out and
wait about sixty-seconds before
you open it again, got it?
Yes Sir.
As soon as the vault door closes and the inner locks snap
into place, Titus sits up against the wall and looks up at


Santana with fear in his eyes. Santana just looks at him for
a while without saying one word.
Dad I'm sorry.
I'm sorry is all I ever hear from
you! Frankly I'm tired of those
damn words coming from your damn
mouth! "I'm sorry" does not mean
shit anymore Titus! What in the
hell were you thinking coming down
here anyway?
I, I...
You weren't! Plain and fuckin'
simple. You were not thinking! Yup
know I have an election coming up,
it's bad enough what happened last
night, but now you go and pull
this shit?
Santana walks up to Titus and offers him his hand to help
him stand up. Titus stares at Santana's hand for a moment
expecting for Santana to hit him. Santana raises his eyebrow
looking at Titus, Titus cautiously takes a hold of his hand
and lets Santana help him to his feet.
Now give me your gun.
You are in no position to question
me, now hand it over.
Titus looks around on the floor and spots his gun a few feet
away, he points it out to Santana.
It's over there on the floor.
Then go over there, pick it up,
and give it to me.


Titus quickly picks the gun up from the floor. He releases
the magazine, lets it fall to the floor, and pulls the slide
back letting the bullet fly out of the chamber. He leaves
the gun locked back and hands it to Santana. Santana looks
at the gun and smirks as he examines the gun and then
releases the slide forward.
Do you really think I'm going to
shoot you?
No, I...
Santana quickly slaps Titus across the face with the gun
causing him to fall to the floor. Titus stays bent down and
touches his fingers to his lip, he sees the purple blood and
worries that Santana will see it. Titus closes his eyes and
licks his lip, stands back up to face Santana with one mark
to show.
You embarass me.
The vaults inner locks pop open as Amos opens it from the
outside, he watches Santana walk out passed him. Santana
looks back at Titus as he stands with his head hung low.
Three hundred miles above the Earth's surface hovers a large
disc shaped silver spacecraft over a mile in diameter
covered in small windows. The disc is surrounded by a slowly
rotating ring that acts as one large turbine engine.
Connected to the rotating ring are three stationary two
hundred foot tall engines that act as rockets and as landing
gears. Under the dome is an aircraft hanger that holds
hundreds of fighter crafts, the aircraft hanger is wide open
facing Earth, however it is protected from the vacuum of
space by a light blue almost transparent ion shield. Inside
Helius, son of Lord Richter walks along the wall passing
ships similar to the one Richter came to Earth in. Helius is
followed by his three aides when one spots a blue object
hurtling at them at a high speed. Helius walks toward an
airlock chamber as bright warning lights flash signaling
that the hangers ion shield will soon be lowered for entry.
Here comes my father, hand me his
cape and crown.


His aide hands him only the cape, Helius looks at the cape
and looks at his aide again.
This is only the cape. Where is
the crown?
I apologize, I must have
You must have forgotten it?
It was an honest mistake Lord
Nevertheless it was a mistake, and
now that my father will be present
mistakes will not be tolerated.
Helius allows his two aides to walk inside of the airlock
chamber before him. Helius cuts off the third aide that
forgot the crown and steps inside of the clear glass
chamber, he turns around blocking the entrance. Once the
aide realizes that Helius is purposely blocking the entrance
he looks at the other two aides in the chamber and back at
Helius in confusion.
Helius what are you doing?
Sorry, this chamber is full.
But it seats seven. There is
clearly enough room!
Let us see if your grip is better
than your memory.
The aides eyes open wide when he sees Helius steps back and
push a button that closes the sliding door of the airlock
chamber. The Aide turns around and tries to run to the next


chamber however the door closes automatically as Richter
nears. The aide looks at the main entrance to the hanger and
panics when the large heavy doors slide and seal shut. He
desperately knocks on the chamber for Helius to open it,
however Helius ignores him. The Aide sees Richter closing in
and grabs a tiny ledge that sticks out of the chamber and
grips it the best he can with the tips of his fingers.
Helius smiles when the hanger's ion shield drops letting the
vacuum of space suck out all objects that are not anchored
down into the darkness of space. The aide's legs lift into
the air as space is trying to pull him out, his mouth is
moving as he yells but he makes no sound. The aide finally
loses his grip and flies up into the air heading toward the
hanger door. As soon as Richter and the metallic alien land
inside the ion shield goes back up barely saving the aide
from certain death. The aide hits the ion shield as if it
were a solid wall and slides down landing on his side
panting. When he looks up every warning light stops flashing
and all of the chamber doors slide open. Helius looks back
at the aide and smiles.
You should have seen your face.
Without a price.
I am thrilled that my pain amuses
Everyone knows that death amuses
me, you should consider yourself
lucky that you were not today's
The creature opens it's chest releasing Richter. Helius
walks away from the aide and over to his father carrying his
cape. The creature closes his chest, walks over to the wall
where there are other automatons like itself and powers down
onto a bended knee bowing position. Helius walks up to
Richter bowing his head as he offers the cape to his father.
Richter looks at the cape and at Helius.
Welcome back Father, are you well?
I am, now.
I do apologize for the delay, last
night we were trying to locate you


Last night you did well.
Lord Richter takes the cape and swings it around his body
and begins to fasten a small steel chain that secures the
cape to him, while Helius looks at him in confusion.
I am afraid I do not understand.
You will, in due time. Now brief
me in the happenings since I have
been gone.
Are we going to launch an attack
so we may land?
I do not feel that an attack will
be necessary. We just need to
establish contact with a governing
official, and I believe we can
reach an understanding so we may
With all do respect father but
were you not being held by their
Senator De La Paz works in secret,
others may be more understanding.
All we need to do is make our
presence known.
I like the sound of that.
Violence will always be the last
resort son.
Three days later under a tall black olive tree many mourners
sit in white folding chairs, with a red carpet separating
the funeral goers into two equal sections. Danella receives
the funeral of a soldier, with a large picture of her in


full military dress in front of the American flag placed in
the center of a wreath. Her plot is dug under the tree with
Astroturf surrounding the hole. Trumpeters begin to play
"Taps". Three marines on each side of her oak casket draped
with the American flag hang on to brass handles. They stay
with straight faces walking down the aisle showing no
emotion. When they arrive in front of everyone they rest her
casket above the burial plot, step back and stand on the
sides. The preacher walks in front of the casket to begin
the eulogy when Danella's mother in the front row falls to
her knees crying hysterically across the aisle, Titus stands
up dressed in all black wearing silver reflective glasses.
He kneels over to try and help her up when Danella's father,
MR. VALLEJOS steps in his way blocking him from touching his
                       MR. VALLEJOS
Get away from my wife, you have
done enough damage to my family.
Titus holds back his anger and stares at the short gray
haired man dressed in a black suit.
I am so sorry.
                       MR. VALLEJOS
Apologize all you want, you will
never be forgiven! Not by me, my
family, and definitely not by our
Titus does not makes a scene, he only bends to one knee,
blesses himself, and walks down the aisle. Amos quickly
blesses himself and catches up to Titus. Once away from the
crowd Amos wraps his arm around Titus' shoulder to comfort
him. Titus turns to face him and then senses someone running
up behind them. He turns around and sees Mr. Vallejo's punch
him in the face breaking his glasses. Titus shakes off the
pain and stares back at the old man.
                       MR. VALLEJOS
Because of you I will never get to
walk my baby-girl down the aisle,
or never see a grandchild. I did
not even get to see her one last
time! Everything had to be closed
casket because of you and your
wreckless actions.
Amos steps in between them and pushes Titus so he can
continue walking toward the road next to the cars. Amos


tries to hold Mr. Vallejos from making a bigger scene by
pushing him back, instead he only causes the old man to yell
so he can make sure Titus can hear him.
Mr. Vallejos please, try and calm
down you don't want to make a
                       MR. VALLEJOS
Look around you! The President,
Senators, Marines this is already
a scene that your nigger brother
caused when he killed my baby!
      (Looks at Titus)
I hope you rot in Hell you piece
of shit!
Titus stops in his tracks when he hears Mr. Vallejos and
snaps. He walks up to the old man and stares into his eyes
while standing only inches away.
What is your problem? Do you not
think I am sad? Today is the day I
bury the only person I ever loved,
so don't push me. Do so, and so
help me God I will tare you limb
from limb and then rip your heart
out of your chest and shove it
down your fuckin' throat.
A flash of light quickly crosses Titus' eyes dilating his
pupils when he makes a tight fist. Without laying a finger
on the car next to him the rear passenger window shatters
but does not break. Mr. Vallejos and Amos look at the window
and at Titus wondering how he did that. Another flash of
light crosses Titus eyes making his pupils go back to
normal. Titus turns around and continues on his way to his
car, Titus only unlocks his side and looks at Amos as he
waits for Titus to unlock his side.
I need to be alone right now.
Are you sure?
Amos walks away back to the funeral, when he looks back he
sees Titus drop his head on the steering wheel as he begins


to sob. Amos passes Mr. Vallejos, turns him around and walks
him back to the funeral procession as the seven honor guards
begin to fire three shots into the air.
Rhea's two secret service agents in their late 20's stand
outside of the Oval office door guarding it while
                       AGENT 1
      (To Agent 2)
So it wasn't until after that I
told her it...
Agent 1 stutters and then slowly looks at Agent 2 with a
confused expression.
                       AGENT 2
Agent 1 looks at the palm of his hands and then turns them
over with curiousity. He shifts his eyes at Agent 2.
                       AGENT 1
      (Speaks slowly)
Rick is my name.
What are the odds?
                       AGENT 2
Of what?
Agent 1 quickly pushes Agent 2's head against the wall
knocking him out. He catches Agent 2 and sits him on the
floor leaning against the wall.
Rhea is sitting at her desk, she looks at a short stack of
papers and sighs as she leans back in her black leather
chair. She closes her eyes for a moment when Rick opens the
door and quickly steps inside. He closes the door behind
himself and locks it. Rhea stands up but remains behind her
Rick is everything okay?


Rhea is drawn to look Rick directly in the eyes as they
quickly dialate. Rhea blinks rapidly then looks back at Rick
and sits down.
Please, have a seat.
Rick grins and sits on the chair across from her. He lays
his hand on her desk with his palm facing up and looks her
in the eyes.
                       AGENT 1
Take my hand.
Rhea cautiously lays her hand on top of his while staring
into his eyes. She slowly closes her eyes when images of all
that has happened up to this point flash through her mind
telepathically explaining everything. Rhea pulls away
breathing hard with her eyes wide opened and a tear rolling
down the side of her face.
                       AGENT 1
I apologize to have come to you in
this manner, however it is the
safest way I can make contact with
                       AGENT 1
What was all of that?
                       AGENT 1
The story of our lives.
And the human girl?
Kira is proof that it is possible
for us to coexist.
Your request, I am afraid I cannot
grant it alone.
                       AGENT 1
If we wait for the U.N. we would
only create conflict between the
individual nations. Now if you act


                       AGENT 1 (cont'd)
alone, we can pretend it was all a
You're right.
                       AGENT 1
So the answer is...
Rick smiles and nods his head.
                       AGENT 1
Do apologize to this young man for
Rick drops his chin to his chest and is startled awake, he
looks at Rhea who has her hand on top of his. Agent 2 kicks
the door open with his weapon drawn and sees Rhea's hand on
top of Rick's hand. They both pull their hands back and look
at Agent 2.
      (To Agent 2)
Will you call AF-1, we need to get
to Miami, A.S.A.P.
                       AGENT 1
What just happened?
Agent 2 quickly walks down the hallway to have Air Force One
prepared for departure when he almost runs into Santana.
Santana just looks at him and then walks toward the office
when he sees Rhea and Agent 1 stepping out.
      (To Agent 1)
We won't be needing our flight.
Agent 1 runs down the hallway to catch up to Agent 2 as he
talks into his wrist-cuff. Rhea grabs Santana by his tie,
and pulls him into the office locking the door behind them.
What's going on?


When I allowed you to dip into the
Anti-Drug Alliance profits to aid
your little S.C.T. team, I did so
with one stipulation. Now do you
remember what that was?
First I would like to point out
that you don't need to say team
after S.C.T. because the T already
stands for team.
Don't start with me Santana.
The stipulation was you were to be
the first to be notified if and
when we find something of
And I will do so if we find
What if I told you that I heard
you did find something, yet you
failed to inform me?
Who told you that lie?
Santana, Richter told me
Santana looks around licking his lips, and scratches his
head wondering what Rhea is going to tell him next.
Richter came to you?
In a sense, and by the way, I
granted them permission to land


                       RHEA (cont'd)
off the coast of Key Largo.
Santana looks at Rhea and nods his head angered that she is
giving him commands.
What? This is something that
should be discussed with The
United Nations! You can't make
such a decision alone.
I believe I just did. Besides you
know it would take far too long to
assemble a U.N. meeting.
You have no idea what you just
Santana turns away and bites his knuckle worried about the
situation. Rhea crosses her arms and stays looking at
Santana from behind.
Is this really about the world's
E.T. protocol or are you just
angered that you had no say in the
The following day, Titus wakes up in his bedroom with his
eyes swollen from crying, he looks as if he has not
showered. He walks over to his dresser and stares at his
reflection for a while. Titus grabs a small bottle of
prescription anti-depression pills and opens it. He looks at
the label that says "Take one as needed do not exceed more
than four in a 24 hour period." Titus shrugs his shoulders
ignoring the label and takes three pills. He takes his 40
caliber hand gun off of the dresser top, places the muzzle
under his chin, closes his eyes, and pulls the trigger. He
opens his eyes when he hears the hammer click and nothing
happens. Titus removes the magazine and throws it on the
floor when he sees that it is empty, he locks the gun back
and laughs when he sees that the chamber is empty. Titus
opens his dresser drawer, opens his gun-box only to find
that his extra magazines have been emptied. He takes the


gun-box out of the drawer and throws it across the room, he
tosses the gun along with it, and lowers his head.
After hearing the thud of the gun hitting the floor Amos
walks up to Titus' locked room and starts talking to him
through the door.
Are you alright in there?
When were you in my room?
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about my bullets, they
are all missing, and my gun was
Oh that, I'm sorry for trespassing
bro, but I didn't want to clean up
a mess you might have left all
over the walls and shit. I guess
you could say I did it for my own
You sneaky son of a bitch, when?
When you were asleep.
I'm a light sleeper.
Your pills are...
Okay you were in the toilet
huffing and puffing so hard you
probably didn't hear me. Are you
ready to come out for a bit?


Here after a while.
After a while meaning I should
make an extra plate of nachos or
After a while meaning early races.
Sounds good.
Everyone except Amos and Titus are having a meeting with
Captain Briggs. The agents all sit at desks while Briggs
sits on top of a plastic folding table at the front of the
classroom. The atmosphere in the classroom is not a joking
one as it once was, this time Captain Briggs seems serious
and hesitant to want to start the meeting.
Before we begin, I feel obliged to
tell you that, this will be our
final mission.
Final mission? As in we are
disbanded after this?
Yeah, this time the mission is
different, tonight we must kill.
If you do not want any part pack
your shit and get out, I won't
hold it against you.
Captain Briggs looks around as no one moves, they all stay
seated looking at him.
Had it been an option for me I
would have definitely walked.
No way Cap, we all took the same
oath, we fight or die together.


President De La Paz has authorized
an overnight landing for Richter
and his people off of the coast of
Key Largo. As you all know that
does not sit well with Santana,
however tomorrow evening they are
going to have a meeting and we
will be escorting them into the
ship. All goes well or not, the
president is not to make it out
Everyone in the room looks around at each other with a blank
expression knowing they are going to be asked to kill her.
We are to make it look like she
was assassinated by them, thus
making the Renoobian's appear
hostile. Once that happens, we
have the go ahead to return fire.
I'm not shooting her, you can all
draw straws or something.
      (Looks at all of
       the agents)
That's all.
Captain Briggs jumps off of the desk and walks out of the
classroom with his head hung low.
KIRA a human-looking Renoobian with long black hair, aqua
blue eyes, and light skin skips down the hallway. She walks
toward her sister NIRA's room with a bright smile on her
face. Kira stops at Nira's open door looking at her from the
doorway. Nira is slim, with purple skin, and black
reflective human-like eyes.
Why, if I may ask, are you so


Yes you may certainly ask, have
you not heard? Tonight we land on
the New World, I cannot wait.
Why does this make you so happy?
They are ignorant beings.
Kira's smile slowly changes to confusion as she lowers her
head and stares at the floor as she thinks.
I suppose I simply long to see
someone like myself, despite the
respect I receive here I will
never truely fit in.
And you think you will down there?
Kira leans her head out into the hallway to make sure no one
is around. She takes a step in allowing the door to
automatically close behind her.
Wait this is not about seeing just
any human, you seek a mate, right?
Kira smiles with embarrassment and looks around the room.
Well, the thought has crossed my
mind, many times.
Nira leans forward and pulls Kira by the hand sitting her
down on her bed next to herself.
I tell you what, because I am your
sister, when we land I will see to
it that you leave the ship so you
may view the "New World" with your
own eyes. So long as you speak to
no one about our plan.
You would do that for me?
Nira looks at her naive sister with a sinister smile when
she answers.


It would be my pleasure.
Jonny and the rest of the team are still trying to absorb
their new orders in a tense silence. Jonny looks at the
floor with his hands clasped together and runs his fingers
through his hair. Jonny stands up, looks at everyone to
break the tension and to get their attention.
So should we all draw straws like
Cap said?
I guess, I don't see any other
reasonable way.
Jonny waits a moment to see if there are any objections,
after a second of silence he walks out of the room over to
the break room to get coffee straws.
Jonny sees Captain Briggs sitting on a wooden table with a
blank stare on his face. Jonny walks up to him and grabs a
cup that is full of coffee straws and counts them while he
walks over to the drawer to get a pair of scissors. All the
while Briggs looks at Jonny as Jonny avoids making eye
contact with him.
You know, I don't think you are a
pussy for copping out.
Is that you're way of calling me a
      (Emphasis on
No that is my way of saying you
are a coward, Captain.
After Jonny cuts one straw short he mixes them up and
bunches them together in one hand, Captain Briggs
unexpectedly snatches one out of his hand. Briggs examines
it and smiles when he sees that it is a normal size straw.


There, you happy? Isla.
I've been better.
Captain Briggs goes back to staring at the floor as Jonny
walks out of the break room.
Everyone stands up to meet Jonny and grab a straw from his
hand. Every time they each grab a straw they sigh in relief.
When it comes to Eddie's turn Eddie looks at the last two
straws and takes a deep breath knowing one of them is the
short one. When he pulls it out he raises it to their eye
level showing Jonny that it is the long straw, Jonny slowly
looks down as he opens his palm revealing the short straw.
Jonny looks at Eddie with a surprised yet sad look, and puts
the straw in his mouth like a toothpick. Jonny walks out of
the room without saying a word, Captain Briggs is waiting in
the hallway and follows him knowing by the expression on his
face that he must have drawn the short straw.
Are you alright?
Jonny tries to clear his throat and looks in the opposite
direction when he answers.
Hey I had the same opportunity as
everyone else did, right? I could
have walked out.
Jonny takes the straw out of his mouth and looks at it with
disbelief. His jaw slightly trembles as he holds his
feelings inside.
I guess even being loyal has
Briggs looks at Jonny and slightly nods acknowledging him
but trying not to say the wrong thing. Jonny drops the
straw, turns around, and walks down the hallway to go
I'm gonna go get some fresh air.


Titus is in his room looking at himself in the mirror, and
feels the stubble on his face as he has not shaved. He walks
over to his restroom and grabs a grooming kit from a drawer.
Titus pulls out an electric battery powered trimmer, and
begins to shave trimming his sideburns into points. He takes
the hair clippers out and runs it down his head as he begins
to cut his own hair.
Amos is sitting on his recliner with his shoes off laughing
out loud as he watches television while eating left over
pizza and drinking soda straight out of a two liter bottle.
He stops laughing and almost spits the soda out when he is
surprised by Titus as he walks in shaved, showered and ready
to go out.
Well look at you, looking all
smooth and shit.
Pushing the boundary, we're Bros
not Homo's.
Same old Titus, can't take a
simple compliment without being a
smart-ass. I'm glad you're back
Save the hugs and kisses for my
ass, get ready, I need some fresh
Let me get my shoes.
Yo, I'm gonna check my reflection
again. When you get your shoes on
pull out something fast, I'm
Fast is all we have, are you sure
you want to drive?


I wouldn't have said it if I
Amos quickly puts his shoes on, and walks down the hallway
and into the glass elevator.
Amos looks around at all of the vehicles trying to decide
which one to get. He gets on the tips of his toes and smiles
when he sees the car that he wants. He sits inside of a
silver BMW and starts it with the push of a button that
reads his fingerprint. He drives it out and parks it close
to the elevator door for Titus. Amos looks at his wrist
watch as he slides over to the passenger seat. Titus opens
the door and sits in the driver seat, he closes the door and
hangs on to the steering wheel with one hand as he puts the
other on the short gear shift. He takes a slow blink and has
a flash of when he was driving fast with Danella the night
that she was killed. Titus snaps out of his day dream and
looks at Amos with a blank stare. Amos knows what happened
and looks at Titus without making him say a word.
Trade you seats?
Amos steps out of the car, running around to the driver seat
as Titus slides into the passenger seat from the inside.
Titus makes sure that he is buckled up when Amos jumps
inside and straps in. He burns the tires as they head up the
ramp that leading outside.
A large crowd of young people gather on the side of the
bridge to watch the drag races and have music playing loud
showing off their own vehicles. In the center of the crowd
is a young man standing in between two girls acting as a
referee as they finalize the details of their races. The
RACE REF turns around holding a small microphone and
announces to the crowd the details as they unfold in front
of him.
                       RACE REF
Alright ladies and gentlemen, the
details are done and apparently
the first race of the night could
not wait to be the main event. The
new comer ARACELI is challenging


                       RACE REF (cont'd)
the "Reigning Queen" MACIELA to
straight up pinks. No cash an all
bragging rights race, correct?
Araceli leans in to the microphone and answers with a tough
That's right.
The Race Ref turns to his side and looks at Maciela who has
a cool and calm attitude.
                       RACE REF
Araceli is ready, Massy do you
Before Maciela can respond, Amos and Titus pull up through
the crowd revving the engine that gets Maciela's attention.
The Race Ref stops, looks at the silver BMW and immediately
knows who it belongs to. Maciela puts her finger up to
Araceli to keep her from talking.
Hold up little girl.
Araceli stands back with her arms crossed annoyed that all
of the attention has shifted from them to Amos and Titus.
Race Ref walks up to Amos, slaps his hand, and shakes Titus'
                       RACE REF
Well if it isn't the Prodigal
      (To Titus)
How you holdin' up?
I'm here, listen I know I have
been M.I.A. but, is there still
honor among...
                       RACE REF
Titus, if you're inkling at spots
back... don't sweat it. Massy's
been holding it.
Wait a second, spots back? This is
no supermarket line that you can
just cut into. Here you have to
earn your way to the top.


      (To Araceli)
He's more than earned his way to
the top, he is the top. He just
had to take a justified leave of
      (To Titus)
And now that he has returned we
can reign side by side.
Over all of the cheering and yelling Titus hears Maciela and
smiles, he excuses himself from the Race Ref and everyone
around him. He walks up behind Maciela and wraps his arms
around her waist from behind lowering his head next to hers.
Massy, Massy, Massy, you know the
only side by side I do is at the
starting line.
Hey it was worth a try, wasn't it?
Not even close.
Maciela turns around and gives Titus a hug and a friendly
kiss on the cheek.
How you been?
Araceli steps in and interrupts before Titus can answer
Hold up, who the hell is this
Titus raises his eyebrow and passes Maciela going face to
face with Araceli with a smile. He speaks to Maciela while
looking at Araceli.
      (To Maciela)
Who is this?
      (To Titus)
This is our new friend Araceli,
last week she redlined onto the
scene from Florida City looking
for the top. We were about to race
but since you're back...


                       MACIELA (cont'd)
      (To Araceli)
Deals off.
Wait a damn minute, what did you
      (looking at
I am gracefully stepping down to
the three spot, so you can race
him for one.
      (Looks at Titus)
That is, if he accepts your
Whatever Massy, I don't care what
spot you move to, just clear out
so he can line up.
      (To Araceli)
Listen, I wanna say Araceli,
My name is on my license plates,
you'll see and remember it soon
      (To Araceli)
Listen Araceli, first off only I
call her Massy. Second, here we
race to win, brag, and get paid,
not make enemies. So chill or race
your way back to Florida City.
So are we going to line up or
what, friend?
Alright, I'll line up with you.
However here are the new stips, I
win you skip back down to Florida
City and tell them who sent you. I
don't want to see your face on my
turf again, not even as a


                       TITUS (cont'd)
Araceli looks at everyone and takes a step closer to Titus.
And if I win?