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The Gulf Breeze Sightings A True Story
by Eric Byler (ericbyler@comcast.net)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
This is the TRUE STORY of one family’s astonishing interactions with unidentified silent flying craft over a seven month period from November 1987 through May of 1988. The extremely well documented findings by investigators in real time go well beyond the normal limits of science and even further beyond the traditional reaches of possibility. It was the most extensive UFO investigative operation in US history and involved over four hundred reported witnesses, four families, dozens of photographs, two passed polygraph tests, extensive photographic analysis, many videos and finally answers as to WHY. It is quite possibly the most important UFO case in history.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

We get a two second look at a high speed chase of a truck
roaring down a highway in the rain with a thirty foot round,
glowing craft on its tail about twenty feet up, emerging
from the cloud cover and closing distance.
                                         CUT TO:
                       BRUCE MACCABEE (V.O.)
Bring up the validity of the UFO
phenomenon and you will get a
variety of responses by the
residents of this planet.
                                         FLASHBACK TO:
We get a two second look at a man in a canoe paddling his
boat fiercely backwards to try and get away from a thick
blue beam of light some five feet in diameter shooting out
of the water and traveling towards him.
                                         CUT TO:
                       BRUCE MACCABEE (V.O.)
Some will scoff. Some will swear
they've seen one. And others?
Well, most don't care one way or
the other.
                                         FLASHBACK TO:
We get a two second look at an eleven year old boy on his
bed in his pajamas screaming a blood curdling scream as a
blinding light permeates his bedroom window through the
                                         CUT TO:


                       BRUCE MACCABEE (V.O.)
Not caring one way or the other by
the population of Gulf Breeze
Florida before 1987 used to be the
case. That's not the case today.
                                         FADE IN:
A man is sitting in a large padded leather chair across the
room. There are many books on shelves around him. We only
see the back of his head. The camera is moving slowly
towards him as he looks down on his desk at something.
                       BRUCE MACCABEE (con't V.O.)
I have a Ph.D in physics. For
thirty nine years I was employed
by the United States Government as
a research physicist. I have
worked in the area of optics and
other subjects including the
Strategic Defense Initiative. Over
the last 40 years I have studied
the UFO phenomenon, doing both
historical research and sighting
investigations. I have published
numerous papers on the subject,
specializing in UFO photo cases.
Camera passes over his shoulder and slowly pans in towards a
photo sitting on his desk.
                       BRUCE MACCABEE (con't V.O.)
My investigation of this case has
involved personal interviews with
the witnesses, on-site inspections
and photographic analysis
including computer aided
The camera stops on a tight shot of the photo. It is of a
round UFO type craft with portholes, emanating an energy
source at the bottom and hovering over a road by a few feet.
                       BRUCE MACCABEE (con't V.O.)
I have concluded there is no
evidence of a hoax and that the
photos taken by Ed Walters are
authentic and are indicative of
unconventional aerial craft that
have appeared over Gulf Breeze
Florida and surrounding areas


                       BRUCE MACCABEE (cont'd)
during the late 1980's and well
into the 90's.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
From a high-altitude helicopter wide-shot we see water
surrounding an upper middle class community below. Traveling
along the shore we begin to come in closer to a mid-shot of
a football field on school property filled with a marching
band practicing. The camera eventually comes in for a tight
shot of a boy playing snare drums. The boy is 17 year old
DAN WALTERS, son of Ed and Francis Walters. The camera
pulls back to a mid-shot of the town and neighborhoods.
Within seconds we are at another school blocks away,
eventually going in tight on a girl standing at the curb in
front of her school. A van pulls up. We see her get into
the van and, through the driver side window, we see her give
her mother a kiss. The girl is 12 year old LAURA WALTERS
being picked up by her mother FRANCES WALTERS. The
continuous tracking shot again pulls up and away, traveling
across town and begins to drop in on a home being built in
the distance with many workers coming and going. All of the
hard hats are yellow but one, a tall man standing amongst
them sporting a white hard hat. He is ED WALTERS. As the
camera pans in towards Ed, we see men asking him questions
while others pass with lunch boxes in hand waving as they
leave for the day. The shot ends on Ed's face.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
A football game is in progress. The camera pans away from
the players and comes in tight on the band next to the
field. The camera continues in and stops on a tight shot of
Dan pounding away a solo that briefly syncs up with the drum
solo from the Tom Petty song we are hearing. The audience
cheers. Dan glances into the audience spotting his family
and smiles. Ed and Francis are sitting in the stands,
Francis giving a little wave next to her chest while
grinning. Ed looks over and makes her put her hand down with
a look as if to say don't embarrass the boy. Laura, their
12-year-old daughter is sitting between them eating from a
big bag of popcorn.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


The camera follows the Walters family van going down the
street and slowly zooms in through the side windows to
reveal a very functional, loving family of four laughing and
talking amongst each other on their way home from the game.
Laura has a French fry hanging out of each nostril. Dan
pretends he is playing drumsticks on his sister's head.
Francis jokingly smacks Ed on the shoulder for something he
just said as they both laugh. The camera pulls away from
the van as it continues down the street out of view. The
camera slows to a stop to reveal a sign along side of the
road that says Welcome to Gulf Breeze.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Shot of the front of the Walters home.
                                         WORDS FADE IN:
November 11th, 1987.
The camera is focused on a video tape machine with the words
"play" and "5:01 PM" glowing. The camera pulls back to show
the television below it. David Letterman is playing on
video and David has just talked Sonny and Cher into doing an
impromptu reunion song of "I Got You Babe". As they begin
to walk out on the stage together the camera slowly pulls
back to reveal the back of France's head as she sits
comfortably in the recliner watching the program. We hear
Sonny and Cher begin singing. The camera circles around to
the front of France's face. She is crying. The camera
continues past her down the hall and into a recreation room
where we see Dan stretched out on a couch with a large set
of headphones wrapped around his head. We can hear "Faith"
by George Michael blasting from the head set as the boy
naps. The camera backs out of the room and down the hall,
entering Ed's home office where Ed is sitting at his desk
next to the window which overlooks the front yard, driveway
and street. He is consumed with work, papers and blueprints
covering every inch of his desk. An old Polaroid camera
sits on the desk to the right of him.


Honey, are you still going to the
store before dinner?
                       FRANCES (O.S.)
Where's Laura?
                       FRANCES (O.S.)
She's at a friends. She should be
home soon.
Francis pops her head into Ed's home office, remnants of
tears in her eyes.
                       FRANCES (cont'd)
Be back in about ten minutes.
What's the matter with you?
      (waving him off)
Oh, was watching a tape of last
nights Letterman...it's a Sonny
and Cher thing.
Francis puts her hand over her mouth as she begins to cry
again and leaves the room.
      (looking confused)
We hear the front door close. We hear the van door close,
engine start and the sound of the van driving away.
The room is very quiet. The camera slowly moves in
towards the back of Ed's head as he works, eventually
revealing the silhouette of an object through the window, a
craft of some sort, glowing and slowly rocking back and
forth just on the other side of the tree branches. The
camera continues around to the front of Ed's face and comes
in close to his eyes as he reaches up to rub them. When his
hands drop, the extreme close-up of his eyes reveal the
glowing object outside in the reflection of his pupils.


We see Ed in the window through the tree limbs in the
reflection of a large, oval eye that is dark blue, almost
black, filling the screen.
Ed, without changing expression, slowly cocks his head to
the left like the RCA dog hearing music for the first time.
He sits up straight and leans forward to get a better look.
He stands and goes to the front door opening it. Through
the pine trees we see a glowing, bluish gray craft. It is
silently and slowly gliding along behind the tree branches.
Ed turns, runs back into his home office, grabs his old
Polaroid camera from the desk and runs back outside. He
raises the camera and shoots a picture just as the craft is
coming from behind the pine.
Ed moves the camera from his eye as his face fills the
entire frame with an out and out stupefied look. The craft
continues to float into full view. Ed looks down. The
hairs on his arm are standing straight out as if he has just
touched a static electrically charged source. He looks back
up at the craft. It makes no noise. There is no wind or
air disturbance. The craft slowly rocks back and forth,
does not rotate and is now about 130 feet away and fifty
feet off the ground. From his front door Ed continues taking
one photo after the other, pulling out the instant photo
after each shot. Ed darts out into the road. The craft
displays an unearthly burst of speed, like a humming bird,
nearly instantly repositioning itself directly over Ed's
head. Startled, Ed's legs nearly buckle as he abruptly
stops his sprint and looks straight up into a craft which
consists of a bright, white ring of about 15 feet in
diameter on the bottom. The body of the craft is twice as
big. Within the ring a glowing power source is undulating
and pulsating with a visual energy that looks as if it
should be blasting like a 747 engine. All we hear is Ed's
labored breathing, crickets and a train far off in the
distance. Looking up into the craft Ed is hit by a dull
concentrated beam of blue light from the craft which engulfs
Ed where he stands, completely immobilizing him with
compression. Ed's mouth is frozen half open as he tries to
scream. There is only the sound of a hollow distant noise
that comes from his mouth. There is air but it is difficult
to breath because his chest is compressed and he has to pant
to get air. We hear a voice groan from within Ed's head.
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
We will not harm you.


Ed's feet begin to rise off the pavement. Particles of dust
and twigs drifting within the beam move upward as well. Ed
struggles in panic.
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (cont'd V.O.)
Calm down.
Put me down!
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (VO)
Stop it.
Screw you!
The voice returns but is now a soothing female voice.
                       FEMALE VOICE (V.O.)
Please calm down.
We hear an easy hum fill Ed's head. Suddenly from within
his head comes the sharp vision of a dog, then another, and
another. Rapid visions of different dogs, one after the
other, for several seconds flash on the screen INTER-CUT
with facial expressions from Ed of confusion at what he is
being shown. We hear the sound of a military jet in the
distance approaching the area. Ed is suspended two feet from
the ground and rising as the blue beam suddenly disappears.
Ed's body relaxes from the rigid position it was in, falls
to the ground and forward onto his face. The camera pulls
focus past Ed where we see Frances rounding the corner in
the van off in the distance. Camera pulls focus back to Ed's
face on the pavement next to an undeveloped photo lying on
the ground. Ed chokes, sucking in air and almost vomits.
Spittle drains from the corner of his mouth. His face is
blood red and his eyes are watery, puffy and bloodshot. He
lets out a half-groan, half-crying noise. We still hear the
hum that Ed hears but is now quickly decreasing like the hum
of a speeding car that has just passed. The jet passes
overhead. The UFO is no where to be seen. Ed stands up,
looking around the empty, quiet street.
Hey! Can anybody hear me? Can
anybody hear me? Dan?


We see a shot of Dan still napping on the couch with his
headphones on. We now hear "I Want Your Sex" by George
Micheal blaring from them.
POV looking out the front window of the Walters family van
that Frances is driving as she returns from the store. We
are looking through the eyes of Frances. We see her hands
tapping the steering wheel to "Keep Your Hands To Yourself"
by Georgia Satellites coming over the radio. Up ahead we
see someone bent over in the road in front of her house. She
turns the radio off. The headlights reveal it is her
      (to herself)
What the hell is he doing?
She rolls to a stop with her headlights on Ed who is bent
over picking up pictures. She pulls around him parking in
the garage and returns on foot. She starts to open her mouth
to say something to Ed and instead crinkles up her nose and
backs up from him.
                       FRANCES (cont'd)
What's that smell? (sniffs) You
smell like (sniffs again) ammonia
and cinnamon.
Ed looks at his wife with a certain "something had just
happened" look on his face. There is a combination of
concern and fear in his eyes. His breathing is labored and
his face is now pale and clammy.
                       FRANCES (cont'd)
Ed? What's the matter with you?
      (looking up)
Not here. Let's go inside.
The undeveloped pictures are lined up in a row on the bar.
Ed is sitting staring at them as Frances walks up behind him
and sets a glass of iced tea in front of him. With Frances
looking over his shoulder, Ed begins peeling the backs of
the photos as he explains what happened.


I'm sitting at my desk. You had
left for the store. I looked out
and saw it through the pine out
Ed peels the backing off the first photo. The sound of a
camera shutter is heard as the original real photo number
one is INTER-CUT onto the screen. Each time he peels a
photo, we see the original on the screen momentarily.
                       ED (cont'd)
I went back and got the work
camera from my desk and started
taking pictures. (Peels backing
off second photo) It just floated
along like a cloud. Not a whisper
of sound. Nothing. (Peels #3)
After taking these five shots
(peels #4) I ran out in the road.
(Peels #5)That's when this bluish
light, beam, something, slams into
me. I couldn't move.
Tears begin to form in his eyes as his voice and lower lip
begin to quiver.
                       ED (cont'd)
There was air but I could barely
breath cause I couldn't get my
chest to expand.
Dan walks into the kitchen rubbing his eyes as he has just
woke up from his nap. Twelve year old Laura comes in the
front door from a friends house a second later.
Hey mom and dad.
Mom. Dad.
Laura heads for her room as Dan reaches into the
refrigerator and pulls out a carton of orange juice. He
shakes it realizing there is just enough for a swallow,
opens it and puts it to his mouth. On his way out of the
kitchen Dan looks at his dad and stops.
                       DAN (cont'd)
You mad about something?


Laura walks slowly into the kitchen as she too notices
something is wrong with dad. She has a concerned look on
her face.
What's wrong daddy?
Kids. Sit down at the table. We
gotta talk.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The entire family is sitting around the table with mostly
full plates of food. No one is eating. The kids are sitting
with stunned looks on their faces.
We need to go to the police with
this you know.
And tell them what? That's all I
need, to be known as the crazy
builder who saw a UFO.
What if this thing keeps flying
around our community? Hmmm? Don't
we have an obligation to our
friends and neighbors? One of
them could be taken you know. We
have to do something Ed.
Ed and Frances stare at their plates for a moment gathering
their thoughts of what to do.
What about The Sentinel?
The local paper?
Yeah. We submit the photos with
an anonymous letter explaining
what happened. A letter from,
like, Mr. X or something.


Oh, and what if they refuse to
keep your identity secret? What
then? No. I don't like it.
Visions of dogs flashing in your
head dad? Voices? This is crazy.
What if this gets outside this
house? People are going to think
you're either a liar or nuts.
      (Tears welling up)
Why would they want daddy?
I don't know honey. I don't know.
But hey, ya know what? It's all
over now. OK? Come on. Let's all
get ready for bed.
The kids get up from the table and disappear down the hall.
Ed and Frances walk together towards their bedroom.
The kids handled that well.
They're strong. They'll be fine.
As they reach the bedroom door, they find Laura in their
bed, covers pulled up over her face with only her eyes
showing. As they enter, she disappears under the sheets.
You think I'm sleeping in my bed
tonight you're crazy.
                                         CUT TO:
A sign in front of the building says The Sentinel. We see
Ed's truck roll to a stop in front of the building.


We see Ed walking up to the building from outside through a
glass window and entering the front doors. Editor DUANE COOK
sees him coming and walks into the lobby to greet him with a
Hi Ed. My secretary tells me you
were by earlier. Sorry I missed
They shake hands.
That's OK. Good to see you. How's
the family?
Great. Thanks for asking. So I
understand you have something
strange to show me? Come on into
my office.
Ed lays the pictures and a letter out on the desk. Duane
rubs his chin looking at the photos for a few moments.
Polaroid. Hard to tamper with.
Duane picks up the letter and starts reading as a Sentinel
photographer comes into the office and starts examining the
photos. Duane puts the letter down and looks up at Ed.
                       DUANE (cont'd)
      (matter of factly)
So. Who's Mr. X?
The information in the letter is
all I can tell you.
Duane stares at Ed for a moment, eye brow raised.
When were these taken?
Seven days ago.


Duane stares at the photos for a moment in silence.
Tell you what I'd like to do. I
would like to make half tone blow
ups of these to see if we can get
something decent in black and
white for the paper.
No problem.
Ed looks at his watch.
                       ED (cont'd)
I'm late to a construction site so
I gotta get going.
We'll be in touch.
They shake hands and Ed turns to leave, then stops and looks
Uh, if it's all the same could you
keep my name out of any story you
write? I'm just a messenger.
Absolutely. You have my word.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Ed comes out of his home and is about to enter his truck
when the paper boy riding his bike comes into view. He
tosses Ed the paper. Ed catches it on the fly and gets in
his truck.
Ed unrolls the paper. Two of his photos are on the front
                                         CUT TO:
It is lunch time at Ed's construction site and men are
sitting around chatting and eating from their lunch boxes.
Ed walks up to three men sitting on some lumber.


Any of you guys get the Sentinel?
                       EMPLOYEE # 1
      (Shaking head no)
Most of us are from across the bay
in Pensacola. Why?
Ed hands them the paper.
                       EMPLOYEE # 1 (cont'd)
Holy shit!
                       EMPLOYEE # 2
Ah, come on.
                       EMPLOYEE # 3
Damn thing looks real. Where can
I get a copy?
                       EMPLOYEE # 1
You know I had an uncle who had a
UFO sighting back in 73 just
outside Pensacola. He never saw
the UFO but a blue beam shot down
and tried to pick his fucken truck
up with him in it. Filed a police
report and everything.
                       EMPLOYEE # 2
Oh horse shit.
                       EMPLOYEE # 1
Swear to God.
Ya well, I know I'm going to keep
my eye to the sky when I'm out and
Ed turns to walk away as the guys continue to have a
discussion about UFOs. Ed smiles. He exits the frame as the
camera pans up into the blue Florida sky.
The band teacher is giving the band a last minute pep talk
before the game. We see Dan holding his drum set. Not far
behind him we see Ed standing with a couple other parents.
The teacher finishes and the band rush off out of the band
room towards the football field.


The football team rushes onto the field. The camera pans
over to a concession stand where we see Frances working
diligently cooking hamburgers and serving up drinks to those
waiting in line. We hear someone in line talking about the
pictures of the UFO that was in the paper and how they had
heard someone else had a sighting the same night. Frances
begins to eaves drop on the conversation. We hear someone in
line mention the names Charles and Doris Somberby as
witnesses. A person at the front of the line she is ignoring
snaps his fingers to get her attention.
                       CONCESSION STAND CUSTOMER
Excuse me? My hot-dog and drink?
Frances glances over to the band and spots Ed talking to
other parents and shoots him a forced, uneasy smile.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
We see Ed's truck pull into the driveway from the window in
Ed's front office.
                                         WORDS FADE IN:
November 20th, 1987.
Ed hops out. The camera pans over to the front door and Ed
enters the home.
I'm home.
At that point we begin to hear a slight ringing noise like
that strange high pitch sound one hears sometimes for no
apparent reason. Ed shakes his head to the side as if
clearing water from his ear after being in a pool. He walks
into the kitchen where Frances is working up a sandwich.
                       ED (cont'd)
Everybody getting ready for
Working on it.
What time does Dan have to be at
the band room?


He's already left and you're
supposed to be there by six.
We hear the ringing getting louder in Ed's head. Frances
glances over at Ed who is now wincing and shaking his head.
The sound is becoming piercing in it's annoyance and volume.
Frances watches her husband as he leaves the kitchen and
out the door to the back yard.
                       FRANCES (cont'd)
Ed runs from the back porch to the edge of the swimming pool
and stops, shaking his head as if an insect has entered an
ear canal. Frances is seen not far behind him.
What's wrong?
She puts her arm around his waist. His legs almost buckle
as she tries to support him. He puts his arm around her
waist and they walk to the edge of the fence beside the
pool. The high pitched noise softens to a vibrating hum. Ed
and Frances sink to the concrete together as Frances can no
longer hold him up. Ed looks into France's eyes with a look
of extreme concern.
Damn humming. My head is humming.
What the hell is going on?
Big tears begin to fall from France's eyes as she looks into
Eds. Seeing the effect this is having on his wife he looks
away, takes a deep breath and gathers his composure.
                       ED (cont'd)
I'm OK now. The hum is gone.
They hold each other tight. We hear the humming continue.
Ed's eyes flinch from the sound in his head he is now trying
to hide from his wife.
I'm taking you to the doctors
right now.


No...no, no, no. I'm fine. I
gotta get ready to get to the
school. I'm OK. Really.
Ed smiles and reaches for the edge of the pool to help him
get back up. They walk towards the house. At the door we see
Laura standing in the doorway about to cry. Ed places his
hand on her shoulder on the way by and leans in for a kiss
on the cheek.
                       ED (cont'd)
      (Whispering in her
Everything's OK honey.
Ed and Frances enter the office and look back to make sure
Laura isn't within listening distance. They begin to
The humming in my head. It was
the same one I heard when I was in
the blue beam.
You think it's back?
Maybe. Or maybe it's just
leftover from before or something.
Ed takes Frances by the hand and they walk together to the
front door and out onto the porch. They look up in all
directions but see no air traffic. Ed tries to keep from
wincing so as not to alert Frances to the fact that the hum
is still there. We can now hear the hum roaring in Ed's head
even louder like a hand vibrator being held against ones
                       ED (cont'd)
It's fine. The hum is gone. We
need to get ready for Homecoming.
OK. I'm going to go get ready.
You gonna be alright?
I'm fine. Go.


Camera follows as they enter the home, Ed taking a seat in
his office as we hear Frances turning on the shower from
another room. We hear the hum still in Ed's head as he
bends over in his chair placing his face in his hands and
staring at the floor. Drops of sweat are forming on his
forehead. His face is pale, cold and clammy. Suddenly the
hum stops and we hear a blast of air like one would hear if
standing next to a bus releasing it's air breaks. Ed is
startled by this new noise and his eyes widen. We begin to
hear a voice, deep, heavy and garbled, speaking in some sort
of African dialect. The sound of the voice has the same
mechanical sound as the one we heard when Ed was in the blue
beam. Ed puts his hands over his ears and closes his eyes.
We hear the voice speak, then pause, then speak as if we are
hearing one side of a conversation. Camera pans up to a
clock on the wall that reads 4:30 PM.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Clock now says 5:00 PM. Camera pans down to Ed sitting at
his desk. He still is hearing voices. We hear Frances
coming. Laura is by her side. Ed pretends to be doing work.
Laura and I are leaving honey to
pick up her friend Tina and then
we're off to the stadium. I wanna
get there early to get the food
started so I can actually watch
the game with you for once.
She pauses, examining his expression closely.
                       FRANCES (cont'd)
You gonna be alright?
I'm fine. Let me finish up here
and I'll be along directly.
Bye daddy.
Bye sweetheart.
Laura gives her dad a kiss and her and Frances walk out the
front door. We hear the van start up and leave. Ed is alone.
There is still a one sided conversation going on in Ed's
head. He reaches for his Polaroid on the table, gets up and
walks out to the front porch.


It is dark out with only a hint of light left in the sky. Ed
takes a few steps toward a bushy tree and stands between the
tree and the house. He looks out over the horizon. The
street is empty and quiet. The sky is clear. The voices
continue in his head.
I hear you, you bastard.
The voices stop.
                       ED (cont'd)
I know you're there.
We hear a rush of air sound blast through Ed's head which
startles him. Ed looks up while quickly backing towards the
house behind him. The camera pans up in the direction he is
looking and we see a small speck of light appear very high
in the sky. The speck begins to grow bigger as it descends
at an incredible speed. Camera pans back down as Ed slams
his back into the brick front of his home, biting his tongue
in the process. He puts his finger to his tongue, pulls it
out and examines the blood on the tip of it. Camera pans
back up and follows the craft as it descends.
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
      (very forceful and
Be calm. Step forward.
Camera pans back down to Ed raising his Polaroid, following
the downward path of the UFO. He looks into the viewfinder.
We see the UFO coming into view in the viewfinder.
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
Don't do that.
                       FEMALE VOICE (V.O.)
Please don't do that.
                       FEMALE VOICE IN SPANISH (V.O.)
Los fotos son prohibito.
                       FEMALE VOICE (V.O.)
You can't expose them. They won't
hurt you. Just a few tests,
that's all.


We see the continued fall of the UFO in Ed's viewfinder and
hear Ed's voice.
                       ED (O.S.)
Right. Tell ya what. If I want
to be examined, you'll be the
first to know.
The UFO stops it's rapid decent on a dime and hangs just
beyond a power pole in front of Ed's yard. Ed snaps his
sixth photo, the original of which appears briefly on the
screen. Ed lowers the camera. The UFO makes a sudden move to
the right extremely fast and deliberate like a hummingbird
would. The craft hovers and displaying a slow rocking
motion. With each rock we see the power light at the bottom
grow larger as it tilts towards the camera, and lighter as
it tilts away. The craft appears to have a luminescent glow
of energy surrounding its entire round fuselage. It slowly
spins from right to left. Camera pans back to Ed as he lifts
his Polaroid and shoots his seventh photo, the original
again briefly appearing on the screen.
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
Step forward. We will bring you
No way. What gives you the right
to suck people up into your ship
against their will?
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
We have the right.
Ed raises his Polaroid and takes picture number eight, the
original of which appears briefly on the screen.
                       FEMALE VOICE (V.O.)
You must do what they say. They
haven't hurt us and we are going
back home now.
Suddenly Ed gets a look of shock on his face as we see
visions of naked women begin popping into Ed's head in the
same way the dogs had in the first encounter. Flash after
flash...big, small, short, tall, of all races and colors
flashing through Ed's head one after the other.
Is this supposed to be encouraging
me to come with you? If so it's
not working.


                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
We will come for you.
Ed raises the camera and snaps picture number nine, the
original briefly appearing on the screen. The craft moves
slightly toward him and then shoots straight up in a flash,
disappearing into the darkness. Ed looks down in his hands
at the four pictures waiting to be peeled and then looks at
his watch.
Ah shit.
Ed turns and stomps angrily into the house. The camera
follows. He reaches the bedroom and pulls a shotgun from a
gun cabinet in his closet. He grabs some shells, loading
them into the underside of the rifle. He turns it over and,
with a determined look on his face, cocks it, puts it on
safety and heads out to the truck, placing it behind the
seats. As he sits in the drivers seat with the door open, he
looks to the sky once more.
                       ED (cont'd)
      (under his breath)
Ed closes the door and roars out to the driveway.
Ed enters an already full band room. Dan rushes over to his
Dad! Why you so late? It's the
last game for heaven sakes.
I know.
I was starting to think you
weren't coming.
I'm sorry. I got (beat) held up.
A couple of boys walk over to Ed and Dan.
                       BAND STUDENT #1
Hey Mr. Walters.


How's it going boys?
                       BAND STUDENT #1
Hey, um, like, we were just
wondering. Are you like the UFO
guy from the papers?
                       BAND STUDENT #2
      (wiggling eyes
       brows up and down)
Yeah, come clean Mr. Walters.
Inquiring young minds want to
know, ya know?
Ed puts on the best fake laugh he can muster. Dan tries to
smile but looks away shaking his head.
Tell you what boys. I'll believe
in UFOs when one lands in my back
                       BAND TEACHER
To the field. lets go.
A spectacular end of the season half time event is underway.
As the camera pans across the field we see a special UFO
cheer taking place. The camera passes a vendor with a sign
selling "UFO burgers that are out of this world". The
camera eventually stops on Frances and Laura sitting in the
stands looking uncomfortable as the people beside them are
debating whether UFOs actually exist or not. Ed is seen
climbing the stands and sits down by his family. We see Ed
lean over and whisper something into France's ear. Her eyes
get wide and she leans back to look at him.
Shhh. Later.
We see Laura stretched out on her bed in her Alf pajamas
with her friend Tina. They are watching Back To The Future
on VHS. Frances walks in.


Girls, it's time for lights out.
The girls groan as they get under the covers. Frances turns
off the TV and tape player.
                       FRANCES (cont'd)
Goodnight girls.
Goodnight Mrs. Walters.
Goodnight mom. Love you.
Frances blows her a kiss and closes the door.
Frances walks into Ed's office and joins him where he is
standing by the desk. Ed plops down the new pictures. She
puts her hand over her mouth and begins shaking her head in
disbelief. Tears well up in her eyes.
I can't believe they came back.
What I really can't believe is you
didn't tell me you were hearing
them when I was still here.
I didn't want to worry you.
Ed. I need to know when this
stuff is going on. You can't just
leave me out of the loop. Hell, I
can't believe you risked coming to
the game. What if they had zapped
you right there in the stadium?
Too many people around. They're
behavior is stealth like and I get
the impression they don't want to
get busted. But hey, the good part
is if they had, we wouldn't have
to be secretive about it anymore,
Ed smiles big. Frances does not.


That's not funny.
We are looking straight down towards Ed and Frances lying in
bed as they kiss each other goodnight. Frances rolls over.
Ed remains on his back staring at the ceiling. The camera
pans down to his face and over left to reveal an alarm clock
sitting on the nightstand. It reads 11:15 PM.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Clock now reads 2:30 AM. The camera pans back to the right
and stops on Ed who is again simply lying in bed staring at
the ceiling. He gets out of bed and opens a closet across
the room. He reach in and opens a gun case, removing
several guns and begins loading first a shot gun, then a
.32-caliber pistol and finally a .22 rifle. He puts them
back in the cabinet and quietly returns to bed, trying not
to disturb Frances. He closes his eyes trying to get some
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Song "100 YEARS" by Five for Fighting begins to play.
The dining room table is decked out with all the fixings of
a great Thanksgiving dinner. The only thing missing is the
turkey. Many relatives are at the Walters table. Frances
enters from the kitchen carrying the bird on a large serving
platter and sets it on the table. Everyone looks very
pleased that it's time to eat. They all bow their heads in
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Francis is placing dishes in the dishwasher. Ed enters and
hands her some plates. He wraps his arms around her
shoulders and gives her a light kiss on the cheek.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


Everyone is sitting around the living room talking. The kids
and some of their cousins are playing board games in the
middle of the carpet. Frances is pulling out Christmas
decorations and putting them out.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Ed walks into his sons room. Dan is asleep. Ed reaches
over and gently strokes his hair. Ed smiles.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Ed walks into his daughters room. Laura is asleep. Ed
bends over and kisses her gently on the cheek. Ed smiles.
The camera pans over to the door where Frances is standing.
She smiles.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Paper boy rides by on his bike and throws the morning paper
towards their house. Frances comes out and gets the paper,
returning into the house. There is a moment of silence then
we hear Frances yelling from inside the house.
Frances is reading the paper. Ed enters the room from the
shower with a towel around him. He is dripping wet.
What are you yelling about?
The sightings being reported are
coming out of the woodwork and
most of these happened on the same
night as your sighting on November


                       FRANCES (cont'd)
11th. Listen to this.
                                         FLASHBACK TO:
Events read about appear on the screen.
                       FRANCES (con't V.O.)
Jeff Thompson reported a sighting
at 8:15 AM, the morning of your
first sighting, over Oriole Beach
Elementary School. The UFO shot
up and hovered for over thirty
Seconds before speeding away.
Thompson says that moments later
he saw two jets that appeared to
be chasing the object. When the
air force was questioned about
Thompson's report, an unofficial
spokesman said that there are no
air force, quote unquote, flying
saucers, but that if a UFO were
intercepted, the information would
no doubt be classified.
Ed and Frances shoot a glance at each other, eyebrows
      (in spooky voice)
Frances looks back down at the paper and continues reading.
                                         FLASHBACK TO:
Events read about appear on the screen.
                       FRANCES (V.O.)
At about 6 PM, an hour after you
took your first five photos Ed,
Linda Lube reports having a
sighting while outside barbecuing.
let's see. We have a sighting by
Diane Hanson at 7:30 PM and
another at 9:30 PM apparently by
an executive whose remaining
anonymous and says the UFO lit up
the woods behind his house. At 2
AM on the 11th Mrs. Joseph Zamitt
reported she was awakened by her


                       FRANCES (cont'd)
dog growling. She got up and,
holding on to the dog, was led to
the door. She says she looked up
into the sky and saw the same
craft that was depicted in the
Sentinel. She says there was a
stream of light that came down
into the canal. Four days later
we have Cathy and three friends
reporting an object hanging over
Bayou Texar. She said the object
dipped toward the right and
Ed interrupts. He has clothes on now.
That's exactly what they do. They
dip toward the right then take off
so fast it looks like they just
disappear. I wouldn't be surprised
at all if radar isn't picking them
up as they come and go.
Listen to this. The following
reports have been forwarded on to
To who-fon?
MUFON honey. Stands for Mutual
UFO Network. Apparently it's an
international UFO investigative
organization based out of Sequin
Texas that educates the private
sector on how to investigate a UFO
sighting. Been around since sixty
Never heard of them.
      (still looking at
I guess they enter the information
into a data base and put out a
monthly journal. Oh, look at this.


                       FRANCES (cont'd)
Doris and Charley Somberby...
                                         FLASHBACK TO:
We see an elderly couple far below on the sidewalk looking
up and pointing towards the camera up.
                       FRANCES (con't V.O.)
...saw one, apparently right
before you did at the same time I
was at the store. According to
this they were walking along
Hickory Shores Boulevard in the
midway area.
Twenty bucks says that's the one
that parked in front of our house
flashing blue.
Somberbys too?
Feel better.
A least maybe the "hoaxed photos"
talk will stop now.
Wanna bet?
Frances lifts the paper and shows the headlines "Skeptics
blast photos as fakes".
                                         CUT TO:
Christmas decorations are out. Crystal the family dog, a
white Spitz, is sitting next to Frances on the floor at the
                                         WORDS FADE IN:
December 2nd


Frances is channel surfing and every other channel has some
sort of news report about all the growing sightings taking
place in their little community. Actual news coverage is
used on the television for this shot. Ed enters the room on
his way to his office.
Kids in bed?
I've got a little work to do
before tomorrows job then I'm
going to bed.
Ed turns to leave but stops as Frances speaks.
It's been twelve days you know.
Without looking back he reaches down and "knocks on" an end
I know. Put Crystal out before
you go to bed. I'll be in, in a
Ed walks through the house checking and locking doors,
looking in on the kids and glancing out the kitchen window
towards the sky before dropping the shade.
Ed climbs into bed. Frances joins him. They kiss and turn
over to sleep. We see the alarm clock says 11:15 PM. Camera
slowly zooms in on Ed's eyes as they slowly start closing.
They stay closed for a couple of seconds and slowly start
opening. The camera pulls back as Ed looks over at the clock
which now reads 2:00 AM. As he rolls over he hears a slight
buzzing noise off in the distance. He turns his head towards
Frances who is asleep.
I left the pool pump on honey. I'm
going to go out and turn it off.
There is no response from Frances as she is in a deep sleep.
We hear the sound of a baby crying. Ed gets a confused look


on his face. He lies quietly listening. We begin to hear
voices and Ed's eyes snap wide open. The voice has a
computer-type machine sound to it, very deep almost as if it
is through a blown out speaker. The words can not be made
out as they are too distant and garbled. Ed nudges Frances.
She shifts but does not wake. He pokes her. She rolls over
laying her arm across his chest. She starts to snuggle,
opens her eyes and snaps awake.
What's wrong?
Ed gently puts his finger to his lips, signing to be quiet.
The voices are now coming in clearer in Ed's head and we can
hear it is someone speaking in Spanish.
                       FEMALE SPANISH VOICE (V.O.)
      (baby still crying)
She wants some milk.
                       MALE SPANISH VOICE (V.O.)
If they don't give us something
more than bananas, I'll...
                       FEMALE SPANISH VOICE (V.O.)
Hush. They'll hear you.
                       MALE SPANISH VOICE (V.O.)
Why just bananas?
What is it honey?
                       MALE SPANISH VOICE (V.O.)
Son of a bitch. Look at all of
those, maybe twenty? What is this?
What's happening?
                       FEMALE SPANISH VOICE (V.O.)
I saw them like that last night.
The Chief said they were taking on
power fuel.
We see sweat beginning to form on Ed's face. He slowly slips
the covers off and slides his legs over, resting them on the
floor without sitting up. He then slips off the bed, still
on his back and lays on the floor.


Stay put. Everything will be
Ed reaches up and retrieves the .32-caliber pistol from the
night stand. Frances sticks her head over the edge of the
bed looking down on Ed.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to see if they're out
there somewhere.
Ed begins to crawl on his knees towards the bedroom door.
Not without me you're not.
Frances slides quietly down to the carpet and follows. The
camera, very low to the ground, tracks the two of them as
they crawl through the house trying to stay low as they pass
windows. They reach the front door. Ed reaches up and opens
the door just a crack and peeks out. He sees nothing,
closes and locks it. They then begin to crawl towards the
kitchen. When Ed reaches the back door he opens it and
peeks out looking for the dog.
Ed eases slowly and cautiously from the kitchen out on to
the deck looking for his dog. We see France's arm reach out
the door after him but just miss grabbing a piece of his
      (in a loud whisper)
Ed, get back in here!
Ed sees the family dog sleeping on a bench next to the
house. Ed smiles, looks up and the smile leaves his face.
The camera rotates around to the back of Ed's head and looks
up, revealing what Ed is looking at. We see a soft glow far
off in the distance. Suddenly the small dot begins to grow
rapidly as it descends at an incredible speed, from the size
of a dime to half the size of Ed's pool in two seconds. It


comes to a halt about one hundred feet above the pool. He
screams and stumbles backward, scrambling and falling over
patio furniture as he retreats back to the kitchen door,
knocking over Frances standing in the doorway in the
process. Frances sits up looking out the door and, for the
first time, sees the UFO hovering over the pool. She is out
and out stupefied by what she sees and is frozen with her
mouth open. Ed scrambles to his feet and slams the door.
They back away from the door. Ed's gun is still in his
hand. Through the glass in the door we see the craft
slowing moving out over the vacant field just beyond the
fence. Then, from within his head, we hear what he hears.
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
Step forward now.
Not in this life.
Ed pissed off now, walks to the breakfast bar to retrieve
his Polaroid camera. He returns, opens the door and walks
out on the patio defiantly. With one hand he points the
pistol at the UFO while pointing the camera with the other.
We see the craft move a little further away from the house,
hovering out over the field. The UFO changes color and
almost disappears. All we can see is the bottom power light
which has turned from white to orange, and the top light.
Light from the portholes can also be made out. Ed takes off
running, stopping briefly behind each of the four
windscreens in his yard for cover. He stops around the last
one, peeks around the side, raises the camera and shoots
photo number ten, the original of which appears briefly on
the screen. The flash on his camera goes off lighting up his
Damn! Damn!
Realizing he has just lit up his position he takes off in a
dead sprint back towards the house. The UFO can be seen
behind him but it does not move from its position as he
runs. He reaches the house and darts through the kitchen
door. Frances closes the door behind him. She is very


What was that flash?
I forgot the flash cube was still
on the camera. (To himself)
They both turn to the window. We see the UFO out over the
field through the window. The hum can still be heard in
Ed's head. Frances turns and slaps Ed on the arm.
What were you thinking? Don't
ever do that again damn it.
As they look at the craft through the window, the bottom
turns from orange to bright white as it shoots straight up
and disappears. We hear the hum in Ed's head fade away.
Camera follows Ed with a tracking shot as he walks through
the house systematically unplugging things, first the
refrigerator, then the fish tank. He then reaches into the
breaker box and flips a switch labeled "central heating". He
peeks in on the kids who are still sound asleep.
Frances is sitting up in bed waiting for Ed as he walks in.
He stops for a moment to listen. He is holding the photo in
his hand.
It's so quiet.
Ed peels the back of the film on the Polaroid, looks at the
picture for a moment and tosses it on the bed next to
Frances. Frances picks it up. She reveals a look of "been
there, done that" on her face and puts the picture on the
nightstand next to the bed.
What have you been doing?
I was shutting off anything that
makes a humming noise. I woke up
earlier thinking the humming in my


                       ED (cont'd)
head was the pool pump. I don't
want to make that mistake again.
Let's get some sleep. You have to
get up early and its already two
They spoon.
Like sleeping is an option.
                                         FADE TO BLACK:
Close up of the alarm clock fills the screen. It is 2:32
AM. Camera pans over to the Walters who are asleep. We
hear Crystal bark, just once. Ed and Frances both pop their
eyes open at the same time and look at each other.
Do they ever sleep?
Oh no, please, not again.
Ed reaches for his handgun on the nightstand as he gets out
of bed.
If they're back, this time I'll
use this thing.
With his other hand he grabs his Polaroid camera.
And how do you know that won't
just piss em off?
I don't care. I've had it.
Ed starts walking toward the French doors that lead from his
bedroom to the back yard.
Frances crawls to the foot of the bed.
                       FRANCES (cont'd)
Don't just go charging out there.


Don't worry. I'm going to check
The doors have cloth mini blinds that cover glass on the
other side. With the hand holding the pistol he reaches for
the cord and pulls it down, leaning forward close to the
glass as the blinds come up. On the other side of the glass
we see a small creature with big dark blue/black eyes
staring into Ed's, only inches away. Ed screams and falls
backwards, stumbling over his own feet and slamming the back
of his head and shoulders against the closet door. Frances,
on her knees at the foot of the bed, also screams, tumbling
back towards the head of the bed getting her feet caught in
the covers as she retreats from the doors.
Oh my God! What is that?
Jesus, I don't know.
The camera focuses in on the creature. It is about four
feet tall. A grayish-black body shield is hiding most of
it's body. It is wearing some sort of helmet like aperture
over it's head with only a clear insert to reveal it's large
dark blue/almost black eyes which cover the top half of it's
head. In it's right hand it holds a glowing silver rod or
wand like thing. Ed is lying on the floor about fourteen
feet away staring at the creature through the glass doors.
He shoots a glance at Frances who is staring at the creature
with her hand over her mouth. She looks at Ed with a
panicked look on her face. Ed raises his pistol at the
creature. As the camera looks down the barrel of the pistol
we see the cross hairs directly between the eyes of the
creature. The camera pulls focus on the creature which
stares back at Ed with eyes that show no fear, calm eyes,
almost sad but somehow curious. Ed drops the gun an inch or
so mesmerized by the look on the creatures face. The
creature turns and walks out of view. Ed jumps to his feet
running towards the door.
Ed! What are you doing?
Ed reaches the door and has to drop both the Polaroid and
the gun on the carpet in order to grab the door handles. He
fumbles with the locks to open them.
I'm going to catch the little


Are you crazy?
As Ed opens the doors, Frances leaps from the bed and
retrieves the shotgun from the closet.
The camera is behind Ed looking down the deck as we see the
small creature has made its way to the end of the deck and
is in the process of opening a gate that leads out into the
field towards the school.
Frances is heading for the door, shotgun in hand. Ed, at
the door, starts to bolt for the creature as a thick blue
beam flashes down from an angle somewhere above catching
Ed's leg and holding it in place. Ed winces in pain as his
leg twists from the abrupt stop in forward motion.
      (in pain)
Frances drops the shotgun and rushes over to Ed, grabbing
him under the armpits and wrapping her arms around the front
of his shoulders from behind.
                       ED (cont'd)
Get back!
Ed's leg begins to lift off the deck. Frances pulls with
all her might. As Ed's leg lifts into the air, his head
sinks towards the deck. The camera drops to ground level
behind Ed's head, pointing up to reveal the craft at the
other end of the blue beam about fifty feet up and at an
angle so as the beam just clears the covered porch. Ed's
left foot tips into the beam as he struggles and groans to
pull it out before it too gets stuck. With one wrenching
pull Ed and Frances groan as his leg is pulled from the beam
like a body part from quicksand. Ed's leg releases and they
stumble backwards. The beam disappears. They jump to their
feet looking out over the field towards where the creature
had run earlier. Ed and Frances both turn and run back into
the bedroom, Ed grabbing the camera and Frances the shotgun.
                       ED (cont'd)
What are you doing?


Checking the kids.
Fine. Go.
Ed rushes back out onto the deck as Frances bolts out of the
room, shotgun in hand.
Ed rushes toward the back fence as he watches the UFO slowly
head out towards the center of the field.
Tracking shot following Frances running through the house.
Halfway across the living room she stops, looking into the
recreation room where we see a dark shadowy figure move at
the far side of the room. Frightened she turns and runs
back towards the kitchen and stops at the door just in time
to see the UFO out over the field shoot the blue beam down
into the dark below.
Ed, I think there's something in
the house.
She watches as Ed raises his camera and takes his 11th photo
(the original of which momentarily flashes up on the screen)
of the craft with the blue beam shining down into the field.
He turns and runs back into the kitchen and joins Frances as
they hurry through the house towards the children rooms. As
they enter the recreation room we again see shadowy figures
that seem to dart around the back of the room. Ed flicks on
the light switch to reveal they are looking towards a mirror
that is reflecting back their images. They look at each
other and release the breath they were holding. They quickly
cross into the hallway between the children's bedrooms. Ed
reaches for Dan's doorknob as Frances reaches for Laura's.
The camera follows Frances as she opens Laura's door, which
stops as it bumps into something. Her eyes widen. She
reaches in, turns on the light and peeks around the corner
to find the door is bumping into a chair. Laura turns over
and covers her head with a pillow.
      (half asleep
Turn off the light.


She turns off the light and turns to leave, running into Ed
who is standing right behind her. She is startled. Ed puts
his hand over her mouth to stifle her scream.
Damn it Ed, are you trying to make
me piss my pants?
Sorry. Nothing in Dan's room or
the spare bedroom.
The camera is focused in on the deadbolt to the kitchen door
that leads to the back yard. Ed's hand enters the frame
turning it. The camera pans up though the door windows to
show the sun starting to come up as we hear Ed and Frances
                       FRANCES (O.S.)
Can we go to bed now?
                       ED (O.S.)
What's the point? It's almost
time to get the kids up for
Ed, Laura and Dan are sitting around the table having
breakfast before work and school and are in the middle of a
heated debate. Frances is busy moving back and forth from
the stove to the table to the refrigerator as she serves
Look, we've gone over the pros and
cons a dozen times. We need to
decide what we're gonna do once
and for all.
I say we come somewhat clean. I
call this Donald Ware fellow with
MUFON and tell him the first five
photos were taken in front of my
Not a good idea.


I thought you didn't want anyone
to know who you were.
I'm thinking I just tell them they
were taken by a friend while
visiting us, the Mr. X person.
This way we can still protect
ourselves while giving the
investigators something to work
I don't know if that's a good
Neither do I but at least maybe we
can get some answers. Perhaps
these guys can validate the photos
and tell us what this is all
Just don't tell them it's us
Right dad?
For now, yes, I think remaining
anonymous is the best plan. I'm
curious if these guys are really
legitimate scientific
investigators who might be able to
give us answers, or better yet,
how to stop it. Frances?
I'm OK with this as long as the
kids don't get hurt. I don't want
to turn this into an inquisition
putting them on the spot.
What's an inquisition?
      (looking at Ed)
It's your daughter walking out of
the house to go to school and
being rushed by the press, that's


                       FRANCES (cont'd)
      (looking towards
       the kids)
Trust me, I won't let that happen.
Look. This is more than just
seeing crafts in the sky we can't
explain. This is attempted
kidnapping. It's a big deal. It's
visitation by, for all accounts,
what appear to be someone from not
around this neighborhood, OK? We
spend billions of dollars on space
toys to try and validate if
micro-organisms exist on far away
planets while we have solid craft
and little bug eyed critters
running around on our back porch
at night. We have to do
something. Eventually I suspect
I'm going to have to come clean
with who I am here. But hey, this
ultimately has to be a family
decision. If one of us is not OK
with it, we don't come forward.
I'm fine with it dad.
Me too.
OK. Then it's settled.
      (taking deep
Fine. I make the call to MUFON
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Doorbell rings. Ed reaches for the door and opens it to see
two men standing in the doorway. The men are DONALD WARE


Hello Ed?
      (reaching to shake
Hi. I'm Donald Ware. This is
Charles Flannigan. We're with the
Mutual UFO Network?
Oh yes. I've been expecting you.
Come on in.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Frances looks out of Ed's office window as the three walk
around in front of the house talking, pointing and taking
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Thank you so much for your
If it's alright with you, I'd like
to leave this form for you to give
to Mr. X. It's a standard MUFON
UFO sighting report.
Also, if you could, would you ask
him if he would be willing to meet
with us personally? As with any
UFO investigation, anonymity is
strictly adhered to if the witness
I will certainly let him know.
Thanks guys.


They shake hands and Ed goes into the house as the men walk
Ed walks in and opens the refrigerator, snooping for
something to eat. Frances is sitting at the bar looking at
Think they know you're Mr. X?
Ed pulls his head out of the refrigerator. He has a piece
of leftover chicken in his hand. He closes the door and
sits down at the kitchen bar.
If they did, they didn't act like
Ed looks at his watch.
Local news is on.
Camera follows Ed and Frances into the living room as they
turn on the TV. A man is on the screen and a caption under
him says Dr. Frank Palma. In the top corner it says
WKRG-TV. He is having a conversation with a reporter.
                       DR. PALMA
      (photo in hand)
There is no doubt that people are
seeing a number of things. As for
the photos, I can tell you what
it's not, but I can't tell you
what it is. It's an unidentified
flying object. It's a very
fascinating picture and frankly I
just have to say I don't know what
it is.
Camera pans into the screen of the television set, onto the
photo in Dr. Palma's hand and beyond until the images can no
longer be seen, only pixels.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


Fade in to a tight shot of the alarm clock which reads 5:45
                                         WORDS FADE IN:
December 5th

The camera pans over to reveal Frances sound asleep. The
covers on Ed's side are flipped up and he is gone.
Ed is fumbling through a cupboard looking for coffee. Over
Ed's shoulder, through the window, we see off in the
distance a craft over the soccer field softly glowing and
hovering near the tree line. Ed does not notice. There is
no hum. Ed gives up trying to find coffee and sits at the
kitchen bar with the morning paper. He glances up at the
clock near the window which reads 6 AM. The camera pulls
focus from the clock to the craft off in the distance. The
camera pans back to the stool where Ed WAS sitting.
Camera is in tight on the nightstand. We see a pistol and
the old Polaroid camera. Ed's hands come into the frame
retrieving both and leaving the frame. The camera slowly
pans over to Frances lying in bed. She opens her eyes a
      (very groggy)
Where you going?
Camera swiftly follows Ed through the house as he makes his
way back to the kitchen and out the door onto the deck. We
can see the craft off in the distance hovering low to the
ground near the school. Ed stealthily begins making his way
from windscreen to windscreen stopping at the last one for a
moment before whirling around it, pointing the camera and
shooting his 12th photo (original of which briefly appears
on the screen). As he quickly hides back behind the cover
of the windscreen, a voice sounds in his head.


                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
Do not resist. Stay where you
are. You are in danger. We will
not harm you Zehaas.
Ed takes off at a dead sprint towards the house as the words
grind in his head. As he runs we hear what Ed is thinking.
                       ED (V.O.)
      (thinking to
Won't harm me my ass. Right. I
know all about your blue light and
I'm not interested. I know what
it can do.
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
Zehaas. We have come for you.
                       ED (V.O.)
      (thinking to
Please. Someone else has to be
seeing this too and has called the
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
Ed screeches to a halt on the deck and whirls around,
staring now at the craft as it gets closer.
                       ED (V.O.)
      (thinking to
No? No what?
Ed lifts his pistol and points it at the craft.
I'll shoot.
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
No. Step forward.
Screw you. Come and get me.
In a flash the UFO zips straight up and is gone from the
frame. Ed gazes up with an angry look on his face. He
glances down at the photo in his hand. He turns and walks
back into the kitchen, gently closing the door behind him.
We hear him say something on the other side of the door.


                       ED (O.S.)
What the hell is a Zehaas?
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Ed is sitting in a chair on the back porch writing in a log.
We hear what Ed is writing.
                       ED (V.O.)
December 17th, 1987. The TV and
news reports have the town in an
uproar. It feels good that so many
others are seeing the UFO too but
it's stalking me is beginning to
wear me down. I miss the days
before the UFO came calling, the
days when we could talk about
family things rather than having
every conversation be dominated by
the what, where and why of these
unwelcome visitors.
Ed and Frances are preparing to get into bed.
                       ED (V.O.)
I'm not sure how much longer I can
hold up. At least it has been
twelve days since they came
knocking last. Perhaps it really
is over.
This will be twelve in a row you
Probably wishful thinking but I
don't think they're coming back. I
haven't slept in twelve days
thinking about it and I intend on
getting some sleep tonight. I
don't want to talk about it
anymore. Christmas is coming and
we have a lot on our plate.


You're right. Sorry for bringing
it up. Good night honey.
They kiss and pull the covers up around them.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Camera refocuses on the Walters now asleep. Clock on the
night stand says 1 AM. Suddenly there is a white flash that
fills the screen followed by total blackness. POV Ed's eyes
as they open to blurriness within the room. Next to the bed
are three fuzzy images of motionless figures. Toward the
foot of the bed we see other shadowy figures moving to and
Hey! What's going on here?
We now see Ed trying to sit up in bed as small four foot
figures scatter like insects around the room. Ed reaches
and tries to grab one running by. As he does we hear a
sound similar to a roaring waterfall blast into Ed's head.
He grabs his head with both hands, rolls his eyes to the
back of his head and falls flat on his face at the foot of
the bed. The last shadowy figure exits the room. Frances
Ed. What is it?
Frances leaps from under the covers and starts shaking Ed by
the arm and checking for vital signs. She tries to move him
but he doesn't budge.
                       FRANCES (cont'd)
Ed! Talk to me!
Ed comes to and tries to get out of bed and stand, only to
fall again, this time on the floor.
                       FRANCES (cont'd)
Honey what's wrong? Do you hurt?
Ed please. What is it? Is it
them again?
Ed gets his bearings and stands, looking towards the door
with a determined and angry look on his face. We still hear
the waterfall noise in his head only now it is combined with


an odd sound that has the same tone as the UFO voice only
with high and low tones like heard when playing music
forward and backward quickly.
Stay put.
He grabs his camera and heads for the door. Frances follows.
Ed and Frances walk into the kitchen and, through the window
we see a craft hovering only 150 feet away. They recoil
back so as not to be seen.
I'm going out.
I know. Not this door. Go out the
side by the laundry room and stay
behind the wind breaks for cover.
You're not going to try and stop
Has it ever worked before?
The door slowly opens and we see Ed's head peek out. He
exits closing the door behind him and sneaks along the side
of the house to the back porch. He climbs under the porch
and crawls down to the kitchen door and then out to the edge
to view the UFO. It rises and falls slowly and smoothly as
it glows and fades. Ed raises his camera and shoots his
13th photo as the flash goes off (original photo appears
briefly on the screen). The UFO does not move and Ed holds
his ground. Ed pulls the picture from the camera and shoves
it under the waistband of his boxer shorts. Somewhere above
him we hear a door open. Camera pans up to see Frances
peeking out the door.
You've taken its picture now come
Camera pans away from Frances and out into the yard where we
see Ed already halfway to the back fence, the UFO still in


the distance. Suddenly we see a cloud of vapor and liquid
expel from the bottom of the craft as Ed reaches the fence.
                       FRANCES (cont'd)
Damn it Ed that's enough. Get in
The craft, already low to the ground, drops within inches of
the grass. Ed turns and starts running back to the house
looking over his shoulder as he goes. The lights on the UFO
blink out. Ed stops.
It landed. I think it landed.
It's gone. Get in here.
The hell it's gone. It landed.
Ed turns and sprints for the back gate leading towards the
field and darts into it.
Ed runs a few yards into the field and stops. He looks into
the darkness.
      (to himself)
Ed, what the hell are you doing?
He turns and starts heading back for the fence looking over
his shoulder the whole way.
                       ED (cont'd)
Frances, it's landed. It's
sitting out there I know it. Call
the police!
At that very moment the glow surrounding the craft reappears
and raises from the grass to a few feet. It is a different
                       ED (cont'd)
Wait. It's in the air again. What
the hell, it's a different craft.
Ed raises his camera and shoots photo number fourteen
(original appears briefly on the screen). No flash goes off


this time. Ed pulls the film and slips it under his shorts.
He begins running for the kitchen door. As he reaches for
the knob, it flies open and Frances is there. They startle
each other.
                       ED (cont'd)
What are you doing?
What are YOU doing?
They look back to see the UFO slowly drifting towards the
house. Ed turns back to Frances.
Get me some flashcubes, OK baby?
The camera follows Frances as she runs to Ed's office and
gathers up more flashcubes and another pack of film. She
throws them in a plastic bag and runs back to the kitchen
door. She stops and looks out. Ed is no where to be seen.
Oh no.
Camera scans the yard back and forth POV France's eyes,
looking for Ed. We see movement at the corner of the fence.
It's Ed and he is on his knees. Frances takes off across
the yard, bag in hand, and drops to the ground next to him
when reaching the corner of the fence.
What the hell are you doing out
She shoves the bag of flashcubes and film at him.
Take the picture, fast.
Just beyond them we see the craft closing the distance
between them. Ed pulls the pictures from his waistband and
hands them to Frances. He puts a flashcube on his camera.
As he does the craft, some 400 feet away, excels to directly
over his head almost instantly. Ed quickly raises his
camera and fires off his fifteenth photo (original appears
briefly on the screen). He pulls the photo and give it to
Let's go. Let's go. Run!


Ed takes off at a full dash towards the house. As he
reaches the deck steps he turns to see the craft nearly
overhead now and moving over the top of the house. He
throws the camera up and snaps photo 16 (original briefly
appears on the screen). He looks back the direction he came
and realizes Frances is not with him.
                       ED (cont'd)
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
We are here for you.
As Ed looks up from the steps, a white flash fills the
screen. As the white flash dissipates, the camera is now in
tight on Ed's head as, in slow motion, it is seen falling
into the fence next to Frances. She is on her knees looking
straight up into the UFO. We do not know how he got from
the porch back to the fence. Ed bounces off the fence and
face down into the grass. He lifts his head dazed and looks
over at Frances.
Are you OK?
Staring straight up into the craft in sort of a daze and
without moving, Frances responds.
Ed reaches for a pack of film laying on the ground and loads
the camera. He lifts the camera and shoots his 17th photo
(original briefly appears on the screen). He grabs Frances
by the hand and they both sprint towards the house, the UFO
hovering along slowly behind them until they dive into the
kitchen, slamming the door behind them. The UFO continues
on over the house and out of frame.
They are holding each other tightly, heads buried into each
others shoulders. Ed glances up and out the window.
This is bullshit.
                                         CUT TO:


Tight shot of the mayors desk with a desk name plate that
reads "Mayor Ed Gray III". A newspaper with yet another UFO
picture on the front page enters the frame and slams down on
the desk.
                       ED GRAY
This is bullshit!
Headlines read "UFO sightings continue". The camera pulls
back as a conversation ensues between Mayor ED GRAY and
Police Chief JERRY BROWN.
                       ED GRAY
Some prankster with a damn UFO
model and a camera drops a few
shots in the papers lap and the
whole damn town starts loosing
their minds.
Do you have any idea how many
calls have been coming into the
police station with people seeing
things in the sky they don't
                       ED GRAY
Well gee Jerry, we're only
surrounded by four major military
installations with air traffic
coming and going every direction
24/7. Throw in a couple of
pictures in the paper to make
people think little green men are
taking up residence and what did
you think was going to happen?
Look Mr. Mayor, Ed, you can't just
dismiss this many sightings being
reported to the police station as
a bunch of yahoos who don't know
the difference between a fighter
jet and what those photos in the
paper show. People are reporting
exactly what those images in the
paper show.
                       ED GRAY
And what people is that?


Good people. Respectable people
Ed. Pastors, businessmen,
teachers. Do I need to remind you
of what kind of people live on
this expensive little chunk of
land surrounded by ocean?
                       ED GRAY
Do I need to remind you that
people can be mistaken by what
they see in the sky sometimes?
                       ED GRAY
No, you look. I'm the Mayor of
this God damn town and I'm quite
proud of it and it's history. I'll
be damned...BE DAMNED if I'm going
to allow some joker with a camera
turn this town into UFO central
and the laughing stock of the
nation. Whoever is out there
shooting phony photos of UFOs, I
want to know who it is. Got that?
When and if this so called
photographer reveals himself...
Camera pans back down to the UFO photo in the paper.
                       ED GRAY (cont'd)
...I wanna be the first to know. I
suspect when this charlatan is
found, these sightings will
disappear and this town will get
back to normal.
Ed is washing something in the sink while focused on a point
out the window. He pulls a washed butter tub from the sink
and dries it as he gazes out into the field beyond his
backyard fence.
Looking at Ed home in the distance, we see Ed walking across
the field towards the camera. The butter tub is in his
hand. As he reaches the camera he stoops down. The camera


follows as we watch Ed scoop up a small pool of bubbling
Tight shot of refrigerator door. Ed opens it, places the
tub in the fridge and closes the door.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The home is covered with Christmas lights and yard
decorations. In the distance we hear people laughing and
music playing.
A Christmas party is underway. The room is near capacity
with high schoolers and an occasional chaperon. "I Saw
Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" by John Mellencamp is playing on
the stereo. Frances is at a table serving punch and snacks
while Ed mingles amongst chaperons and kids. The doorbell
Ed answers the door and it is Donald Ware.
Hello Ed. I hope I'm not
No, no. It's a Christmas party
for the kids from school. It's an
annual thing. You're welcome to
come in.
Music changes to "Christmas In Hollis" by Run D.M.C.
Oh, no thanks. I just wanted to
drop off a copy of this report
that we intend on filing with
MUFON. If I could have you pass
this on to Mr. X to check for
accuracy that would be great.


Donald has a slight grin and eye brow lift, sporting a sort
of I-know-you-are-really-Mr-X look on his face. Ed gives
back a soft grin.
I'll do that. Thanks Don.
Ed closes the door, leaning against it.
                       ED (cont'd)
      (to himself)
He knows.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
It is dawn. Ed is outside writing in his journal.
                       ED (V.O.)
December 23rd, 5:55 AM. I can't
keep up this charade much longer.
Next time I see them I will try to
get a picture and, no matter what,
call the paper and tell them when,
where and mostly who I am finally.
I will also call MUFON and file a
full report as myself.
Ed stops writing and looks up from his journal. His eyes
widen. The camera pans in the direction he is looking to
reveal, out over the field, three UFOs in a single file line
in the dim of the morning dawn.
      (to himself)
You gotta be kidding me?
Ed calmly gets up from his chair and retrieves his camera
from the kitchen. When he returns, we see that the middle
UFO has positioned itself higher than the other two. Ed
raises his camera and takes his 18th photo (original appears
briefly on the screen). In an instant the highest craft
zips straight up, followed by the other two a moment later.
Ed stares into the empty sky for a moment and then pulls the
picture from the old Polaroid.
                       ED (cont'd)
      (to himself)
Looks like today's that day.


Ed hands his new photo of the three UFOs to Duane Cook of
the Sentinel. DARI HOLSTON also from the paper looks over
his shoulder. Donald Ware and Charles Flannigan of MUFON
gather and look as well.
I have something to show you also.
Duane pulls out a stack of photos from his coat and hands
them to Ed.
                       DUANE (cont'd)
There's nine of them, taken by
someone I can only call "Believer
Bill" who wishes to remain
Tight shot of the pictures as Ed flips though them. They
are like Ed's and show the same three UFOs from a different
                       DUANE (cont'd)
Ed. These were taken just two
blocks from here around the same
time you were taking yours.
Frances is working up a food tray of sandwiches and snacks.
From the other room we hear a heated debate going on. They
are arguing over who should have the right to run Ed's
photographs first. Ed strolls into the kitchen. He reaches
for the tray Frances has just filled and gives her a
sheepish look. She gives him back a slight grin as if to
say it's OK. He grins back with a thank you and leaves with
the food.
Ed is walking everyone to their cars.
Just so you know, you still don't
know the whole story.
There's something you need to know
as well. Your first five photos?
Dari and I recently got back from
a trip to the Jet Propulsion


                       DUANE (cont'd)
Laboratory in Pasadena California
and met with a man named Dr.
Robert Nathan.
Dr. Nathan had agreed to look at
the photographs as an independent
investigator not representing the
Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He
does photo analysis for them and
dips his fingers into UFO photo
analysis on the side.
Anyway, he used a horizontal
process camera, sort of a giant
version of what we have at the
Sentinel, and took several shots
of each Polaroid at various light
intensities and shutter speeds to
bring out different features of
the originals. They also shot a
35 millimeter print sent in to us
by an anonymous reader after the
veterans day photo on November
All in all, Dr. Nathan was very
cordial but cautioned us not to
expect too much from him.
How do you mean?
Bob's skeptical about the UFO
subject in general and made it
very clear that his objectives
were to find flaws in the photos
that would suggest a hoax, not to
prove anything authentic. As a
result the best we could expect
from him was an admission he
couldn't find any irregularities
in the photos.
Duane and Dari get into the car and roll down the windows.


He couldn't find any
irregularities in the photos.
Car drives away. Ed waves as the camera pans back.
                       ED (V.O.)
Several months later Dr Nathan
made a statement in response to a
reporters question in the Orlando
Sentinel. He had determined the
photos were not hoax by double
exposure. I wrote him and tried
to confirm the statement but never
heard back from him. As he
promised to Duane, his objective
was to debunk the photo. If he
couldn't do that he would have
nothing to say.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Camera is focused on the front door.
                                         WORDS FADE IN:
December 27th
We hear the doorbell ring. The words fade away and we hear
someone running full speed to answer the door. Frances
enters the frame and slings the door open. PATRICK HANKS,
Dan's best friend, is at the door.
Hi Mrs. Walters. Is Dan home?
It's here!
Frances turns and runs back into the house, Patrick right
behind her. They stop in the middle of the living room,
looking out the window. Out the window is a craft hovering
at the far end of the field by the tree line. Ed bursts
through the kitchen door running. The moment Ed sees
Patrick, Patrick glances back at the UFO which instantly


shoots straight up and disappears. The three stand in the
living room looking out the window for a moment saying
      (to Ed)
Is it just me or did it take off
the minute you saw me?
I believe it did.
I know what you would ask of me
Mr. Walters but I can't. My
parents would freak if a bunch of
UFO investigators barged in and
started asking me a bunch of
questions. If it's all the same,
I'm OK with reporting what I just
saw but would rather keep my name
out of any reports.
Patrick gives Ed a worried look, searching his eyes for
acceptance of what he has just said. Ed puts his arm around
Patrick's shoulder and pulls him in.
You're like a second son to me
boy. How could I ask you to do
something that I haven't fully
done yet myself? Don't worry
about it.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Ed is sitting in a chair on the back porch writing in a
journal. We hear the family inside laughing and carrying
December 28th, 1987. 8 PM. School
is out, Christmas is over and 1988
is just around the corner. The
family are quick to recover from
each sighting, especially Frances.
She is the rock who keeps
everything running around here and
she is hurting more than all of


Frances, Danny and Laura are knee deep in a game of
Monopoly. Frances briefly glances up from the game and out
the window as if on guard, then back down to the game.
                       ED (con't V.O.)
...her family being torn apart by
strangers who come to investigate,
strangers from across town and
from out of state. But the worse
were those strangers who came in
the night with shields. Ones who
come and go as they please,
pressing a buzzer in my head when
they're around.
Cut back to Ed writing in his journal.
                       ED (con't V.O.)
But then again sometimes they
would arrive unannounced, maybe
trying to catch me off guard.
Ed puts down his pen, reaches for his coffee and brings it
to his lips. Over the brim of his cup, something catches
his eye. An easy shadowy movement slowly slides from the
back of the high school gym along the dark grass field
towards Ed's back fence. The textured shadow moves along
the dark green grass changing its color to a fuzzy orange as
it moves. We see nothing but the glow of the power source
drifting along and casting a glow on the grass below.
I see you.
Ed slowly and calmly walks over to the French doors that
lead to his bedroom, keeping his eye on the stealth object.
He cracks the bedroom door.
                       ED (cont'd)
                       FRANCES (O.S.)
I'll be right there. Danny just
landed on my hotel.


Ed watches for a moment and turns to call Frances again when
the craft pops into view, full form, about ten feet above
the ground and about one hundred fifty yards away. Someone
touches his shoulder. It is Frances.
                       FRANCES (cont'd)
Call the police.
You call the police. I'll get my
The UFO winks out and is gone.
                       ED (cont'd)
They stand for a moment looking out over the field. It is
almost dark. The UFO has vanished. Laura walks into their
bedroom looking for her parents.
Mom? Dad?
Laura sees her parents standing at the French doors.
                       LAURA (cont'd)
What's wrong?
The UFO was out there a second ago
but it's gone now. There's
nothing to worry about.
Mom look!
The UFO has popped back into view in the same spot it had
disappeared. The three gather close, Laura in the middle.
The craft is slowly traveling towards the house.
                       LAURA (cont'd)
It's coming this way.
They all back into the bedroom and close the door behind
them. Ed picks up his camera and discovers there is no film
in it. He runs into the living room and grabs his video
camera. Laura and Frances are in the living room window now
giving him a play by play of what the UFO is doing. Ed goes
to the kitchen window and looks out but the UFO is behind a


windscreen from his vantage point. Ed runs to the laundry
room and tries to exit into the yard. A hand on his
shoulder stops him.
I'm going with you dad.
Frances and Laura enter the laundry room.
                       ED AND FRANCES
Please daddy, don't go out there.
I'll be alright sweetie. Just
stay here with mom and Dan. Dan,
help take care of your sister
Ed runs out the door and makes his way to the edge of the
fence. He raises the camera and starts taking video footage.
Frances and Laura are now watching Ed through the window as
we hear a dead bolt lock turn in another room. France's
eyes widen.
Oh no. Danny.
Frances and Laura run through the house to catch Dan trying
to exit into the back yard through the rec room door.
Frances grabs Dan's shirt, stopping his forward motion.
I told you no!
What if Dad needs me? With two of
us out there maybe they won't come
after him.
Your father is perfectly capable
of taking care of himself. He
doesn't want you out there to
worry about.
Don't go out there Danny!


Dan turns to head out anyway and Frances pulls him back in.
Laura wraps her arms around his leg and holds on tight.
Ed is seen rolling video on the UFO as it hovers and floats
around by the school (original video footage taken by Ed
Walters is briefly shown on the screen).
Look young man. Your father is
counting on you to take care of us
while he's out there. Don't let
him down. You hear me?
Suddenly Ed bursts through the door nearly knocking everyone
over and slams it behind him. He raises the video camera
over his head and smiles.
      (wiggling eye
I got video.
                                         CUT TO:
The video (the original) is playing on a TV. Donald and Ed
are sitting watching.
My God. This really ups the anti.
What do you mean?
There's something you need to
Donald pulls his chair over to Ed and sits directly in front
of him. Ed lifts the remote and pauses the video. Donald
leans forward for serious eye contact.
                       DONALD (cont'd)
I've been doing this for a lot of
years Ed. I've seen a lot of
cases come and go and nothing even
remotely comes close to what's
going on in this town right now.


                       DONALD (cont'd)
Nothing. The Walton case, the
Hills, Alagash...good cases, but
nothing like this. One thing I've
learned is the stronger the case
gets, the more controversial it
will become and the more it will
attract those who wish to destroy
the case and anyone associated
with it. I can guarantee you
there are some out there already
working on what it's going to take
to make this story go away. It
won't matter how many photos are
taken or how many witnesses there
are. They will come out of the
woodwork like fucking termites,
tearing holes in the case in any
way they can. They will spin
everything...EVERYTHING. They
will try to discredit the evidence
and compromise the facts to suit
their purpose.
What purpose?
To deny the existence of UFOs,
extra-terrestrially speaking that
is. They will try to discredit
you, your wife, your kids and
every citizen in this town who has
seen something and reported it.
How? How can you possibly
discredit this many people, this
many photographs?
Phony news releases. Official
looking analysis. Planting
evidence. Flat out lying about
witnesses. They are compelled to
attack any and all who testify to
seeing a UFO. The attack is even
more aggressive if there are
photographs to support the
witnesses testimony. The attacks
are highly motivated and
relentless. They are usually
individuals from the secularist
community who believe nothing


                       DONALD (cont'd)
science has not given them
permission to believe, including
God himself. They're called
Frances has been listening in the other room and rounds the
corner into the office.
The Debunker Mrs. Walters is a
person who unequivocally denies
even the possibility that we have
or are being visited and who, in
trying to discredit a UFO sighting
will stoop to ANY level of
distortion to convince others that
all cases are without merit. From
what I understand through the
grapevine, there are two or three
already at work trying to disprove
this case as we speak. If you
haven't heard from them yet, you
What are we supposed to do?
I think it was James Garfield who
once said, "the truth will set you
free, but first it will make you
miserable". Just tell the truth.
We see Ed at his construction work site. People are coming
and going.
                                         WORDS FADE IN:
January 12th, 1988.
Ed is staring at a blueprint when a man approaches.
Hey Ed?


Yes Chuck?
Ed is looking at his blueprint and not particularly paying
Make sure and check that the power
meter is up and running before you
leave will ya? We're servicing
the air conditioning tomorrow at
the crack and need the two twenty.
Gotcha. I'll take care of it.
                                         CUT TO:
Frances is stirring spaghetti sauce as Ed enters the
kitchen. Ed reaches around Frances for a hug and steals the
spoon in the same move, putting the spoon to his mouth for a
taste. Frances lightly slaps his arm in protest.
That's good...oh damn it!
I forgot to check the power before
I left. Shit.
He grabs his coat and heads for the door.
                       ED (cont'd)
I gotta run back out there for a
minute. I'll be right back. You
guys go ahead and eat without me.
I shouldn't be long.
From a short distance up we see Ed's truck below traveling
down the highway. He exits the four lane right onto a
smaller two lane highway. The setting sun is casting long
shadows of pine tops across the narrow road below. The road
is curvy and traveling through pine woods. The camera
suddenly descends down behind and slightly over the truck
and begins to overtake it.


"Say You Will" by Foreigner is playing on the radio. The
radio first begins to crackle, then there is silence. There
is a blinding flash of white light from above somewhere. The
white reflects off the hood and into the cab lighting up
Ed's arms up to the elbows.
Whoa! What the hell?
Another flash goes off. Ed tries to take control of the
wheel but his hands and arms are numb. Ed looks out the
windshield and up as we see a UFO come into view, a few feet
over the truck and heading down the road. It stops and
hovers in the middle of the road about five hundred feet
This is not good.
Ed glances at the speedometer. He is doing 45 miles per
hour and gaining ground on the craft fast. Ed hits the
brakes hard and slides off to the left side of the road into
grass. The craft is hovering just over the road ahead and
rocking slowly back and forth. Ed reaches behind his seat
feeling around for the shotgun while keeping an eye on the
craft but can not find the gun as his hands are numb. The
craft raises slightly and begins moving towards the truck.
Ah shit.
Ed opens the door, jumps out, pulls the seat forward, grabs
the shotgun, pushes the seat back and sees the Polaroid
camera in the passenger seat. He climbs back in, grabs the
camera with his half numb hands and wrestles it up to the
steering wheel. He points the camera and takes his 19th
photo (original appears briefly on the screen). He pulls
the photo and looks up to see the craft is now only about
200 feet away and slowly closing. Door still open, Ed grabs
the shot gun and camera, exits the vehicle and drops to the
ground. He crawls under the truck and looks down the road
ahead from ground level. The UFO is not there.
POV UFO looking down on the truck, Ed's legs sticking out
from the knees down. A white flash goes off flooding the
spot with extreme bright light.


Ed screams and desperately digs into the grass with his
fingers, pulling himself further under the truck until his
legs are protected. From under the truck we see the UFO
descend once again just above the road ahead. Ed fumbles
with his Polaroid in an attempt to take a picture but to no
avail. We suddenly hear a loud hum in Ed's head. He
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
You are in danger. We will not
harm you. Come forward.
      (to himself)
No way. You're going to have to
drag me out from under here.
A blue beam shoots down from the UFO depositing a creature
on the road close to the craft.
Ah shit!
Another blue beam deposits a second creature. Ed's eyes
Oh, fuck this.
Another three are briskly deposited via blue beam down onto
the pavement. They are all of the same likeness as the one
that stood at Ed's bedroom door. They begin walking down the
road together towards Ed's truck, moving in perfect unison,
as one. They each have a glowing wand in their hand. Ed
quickly backs out from under the truck and gets back into
the truck. The creatures are now halfway between the craft
and the truck as Ed starts the engine, throws it in reverse
and backs back onto the road. Without looking back he takes
off down the road away from the craft. In the rear view
mirror we see the creatures stop briefly in the road as the
craft swiftly zips over to their location, lifts them back
into the craft via the blue beams and shoots straight
up...all within a couple of seconds.
Ed roars his truck out onto the highway and pulls over.
Through the windows we see Ed rubbing his arms and legs as
he tries to regain feeling in his limbs.


Frances walks into Ed's office and sees his truck pull into
the driveway through the window. She goes to the door to
greet him. As she opens the door, Ed nearly stumbles into
the foyer. Frances reaches for him and keeps him from
Ed is lying on the bed in his boxers. Frances is rubbing
his legs. France's eyes are red and puffy like she has been
                       FRANCES (V.O.)
All of our experiences had been
frightening. This was terrifying.
Why wouldn't they leave Ed alone?
Why this dogged determination to
get him? They are obviously far
advances but they seem to have
lost their sense of compassion, if
they ever had any.
Ed is sitting at the bar rubbing his calves. Frances is
hurrying the kids to finish breakfast so as not to be late
for school.
                       FRANCES (con't V.O.)
We decided not to tell the kids of
this latest encounter, at least
not yet. Our lives had been
altered so much already. We were
not sure if we wanted to make it
worse for the kids...then again,
what could make it worse?
Dan and Laura exit the house with kisses for their mom and
goodbyes as they leave for school.
      (to Ed)
I'm going to go shower.
Ed is at his desk looking over a blueprint. We hear the
shower running. The doorbell rings.


Ed opens the door. Two men in suits are standing very close
to the door and move forward into the foyer while flashing
                       AGENT MCKATHEY
Are you Edward Walters?
                       AGENT MCKATHEY
I'm agent McKathey with Air Force
Special Security Services. This
is my partner agent Johnson.
They put their badges away as they enter the house and make
their way into Ed's office.
                       AGENT JOHNSON
We know you have some photos of a
The man hands Ed a piece of paper.
                       AGENT JOHNSON (cont'd)
This is a material seizure warrant
to confiscate the photographs and
Ed takes the warrant and scans it over for a moment before
it is taken back. The man begins snooping around the
                       AGENT MCKATHEY
Where are the photographs?
I gave them to a reporter from the
Miami Herald. He was here a few
days ago doing a story.
There is an uncomfortable pause as the two agents stare at
                       AGENT JOHNSON
If we find out you're lying, we'll
be back.


The two men let themselves out. We hear car doors close and
a car drive away. Ed walks to a closet in his office and
pulls out a shoe box. He opens it. It is full of pictures,
the top of which has an image of a UFO on it.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The sign out front indicates we are in front of a Holiday
Inn in Washington D.C. The reader board says "Welcome Fund
For UFO Research Group".
Lots of well dressed, business suit types are mingling
amongst each other. BRUCE MACCABEE is standing at a table
making himself a sandwich from a choice of finger foods. A
man approaches and greets him. The man is WALT ANDRUS,
International Director of MUFON. Walt extends his hand
which Bruce excepts and shakes.
Great presentation.
Well, thank you Walt. How's life
at MUFON headquarters?
Frustrating actually. When I
founded MUFON back in 69, I would
have bet the farm that we would
have popped the truth about this
phenomenon wide open by now. Yet,
here we are, 1988 and still not
quite there.
Ya well, the circumstantial
evidence is over whelming if you
ask me. Too bad we're not in a
court of law to prove our case.
Speaking of proving a case, have
you heard about what's going on in


Walt hands him a Manila envelope.
There's some pictures here I want
you to take a look at.
Bruce opens the envelope and takes out one of Ed's pictures.
What do we know about the
Remaining anonymous.
Anonymous. You know how I feel
about third hand verbal reports
made by "deep throat" type
My investigators are working with
a man who has admitted to a few of
the pictures and suspects he has
made more than he is saying. They
feel pretty strongly about his
character. Justifiably, he's
worried about going public because
he has a family. Gotta go.
Walt leaves the envelope with Bruce and moves on to visit
with other guests. Bruce stares at a grainy photocopy of
Ed's first photograph with the UFO coming from behind the
We see a large commercial flight landing.
We see Bruce coming down an escalator. The sign overhead
reads "Welcome To Los Angeles".


A man hands Bruce the keys to a car and Bruce thanks him. He
gets into a car with a BUDGET car rental sticker on the
Bruce drives into a parking spot near a large building with
a NASA insignia on it and a sign that reads "California
Institute of Technology - Jet Propulsion Laboratory".
Bruce is greeted by DR. ROBERT NATHAN in the middle of a
large foyer and shakes his outreached hand.
Dr. Nathan. Always a pleasure.
The pleasures mine.
They turn and walk together as they talk.
Hows the family Bob?
They're good, thanks for asking.
So I understand you have some
photos to show me.
I do.
Dr. Nathan stops in front of his office and turns to Bruce.
I have some photos I wanna show
you first. Come into my office.
On Dr. Nathan's desk are several 8x10 black and white
blow-ups of Ed's photos.
Have you seen these?


I recall seeing a much grainier
half-tone copy a week ago when I
was in DC for a conference. Walt
Andrus from MUFON showed that one
(pointing) to me. These copies
are much better.
I received copies of these in
early December by a newspaper man
named Duane Cook from Gulf Breeze
Florida asking for an immediate
evaluation. Said the photographer
was remaining anonymous but felt
that due to all the sightings
being reported in town, a trip
here to give me these photos in
person was warranted. At the time
I told him I wasn't impressed with
anonymous photos and assumed it
was just a hoax.
      (shaking head)
Press should know better than
accepting photos from anonymous
Ya, well, the press.
Dr. Nathan pulls a newspaper from a drawer in his desk.
                       ROBERT (cont'd)
I was also sent this copy of The
Gulf Breeze Sentinel showing these
three supposed UFOs and a letter
in it by someone going by
"Believer Bill". Not much to work
with except...
Dr. Nathan points towards Eds first photo with the UFO
partially blocked by the tree branch.
Bruce runs his finger along where the branch meets the


Tough double exposure job
with the tree branch over lapping
the UFO. If it is a hoax, someone
certainly knows what they're
Scene ends with a tight shot of original photograph #1 with
the craft partially hidden behind the branch.
                                         FADE TO BLACK:
                                         WORDS FADE IN:
January 16th.
Camera is in close on Eds eyes. We start to hear a slight
hum. Eds eyes slowly open. As the camera pulls back Ed
pulls the covers away and steps out of bed. The clock says
2:00 AM. Frances wakes and looks over at her husband. Ed
switches on the light next to the bed.
Where you going?
      (pointing towards
       his head)
Hum. I'm gonna go have a look.
You're not taking your gun?
Not this time. The investigators
suggested a more positive
approach. Attempt some sort of
communication. Maybe if I can
figure out what they want, I can
figure out how to stop it.
Ed heads for the bedroom door, Frances right behind him. He
pauses and looks back over his shoulder at his wife.
                       ED (cont'd)
They start flashing that blue beam
around though, no more Mr.


Ed is standing next to his truck looking up into the night
sky. He is holding his camera. Frances is standing at the
door watching with a very concerned look on her face. Her
teeth chatter from the cold. Ed shudders as he looks up
searching the sky.
Come on. Come on. Come on. I
can't stay out here all night.
POV UFO. We see city lights below from a very high
altitude. The camera drops from 2000 feet to 50 feet within
seconds. When the camera comes to a halt, it is focused on
Ed about 150 feet away flinching down behind his truck.
A new craft now hovers in view of Ed and Frances. It has a
conventional saucer shape with a transparent "energy veil"
glowing and extending down about four feet below the
circular power source on the bottom of the craft. Suddenly
we hear the hum grow in intensity as another UFO winks into
view slightly higher than the first one and considerably
smaller, like a drone craft too small for occupants. Ed
raises his camera and shoots his 20th photograph (original
appears briefly on the screen). Within seconds the "energy
veil" UFO slowly moves off to the east, followed by the
smaller one and both zip away at the blink of an eye. Ed
turns and walks back towards Frances standing in the
doorway. He looks down at his arms. The hair is standing
straight up. Frances reaches over and strokes his arm. We
hear the crackling noise of static electricity. They walk
into the house and close the door. Camera fades framed on
the door.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Front door fades back in now surrounded by daylight. A
group of men walk up to the door and one of them rings the


Ed answers the door. The man in front introduces himself.
Hello Mr. Walters? Walt Andrus.
Pleased to meet you.
The men are gathered around a table with Ed's pictures,
taking turns looking at them.
There's a huge difference of
course seeing it in person than in
these dark pictures.
Would you consider yourself well
read on the subject of the UFO
phenomenon Mr. Walters?
I haven't read any books on the
subject. I've been keeping up on
the media exposure of what other
people are seeing here in town,
but that's about it.
I'd like to ask if you would
refrain from reading any books on
the subject during the course of
this investigation. Also, if you
don't mind, we would like to take
pictures around your property
later where some of these
sightings took place if that's OK?
Absolutely. Feel free to take
pictures wherever you like.
Great. OK. Let's start at the
beginning with picture number one.
What happened?


Some of the men raise note pads as others turn on recording
devices. Ed motions for Frances to turn off the lights and
a slide show begins. Photo #1 appears on a screen from a
Well, I know it was Veterans day
of last year, a Thursday if I
recall, the 11th of November. I
was sitting at my desk here
working when I noticed a glow out
this window through the tree you
see out front there...
                       BRUCE MACCABEE (V.O.)
Human behavior is a hell of a
revealing thing when you're
dealing with liars. The average
faker has no expertise, is
uncooperative, won't do reference
experiments or work with analysts.
Just likes crooks first say, "I
want a lawyer", fakers want money,
fame, sex, attention and boring
analysis provide none of these,
only the risk of exposure...
Investigators watch and take photos as Ed places a briefcase
at the end of a dock.
                       BRUCE MACCABEE (cont'd V.O.)
...We ask witnesses to do really
odd things and don't explain why.
Investigators analyzed Ed throwing
a basketball and putting a
briefcase down on the end of a
dock. The basketball verified
motion-blur and the briefcase
showed depth-of-focus verses the
opposite shore. Ed didn't know
that. Ed didn't know what they
were doing but did what they asked
of him every time.
                                         FADE TO BLACK:
                       BRUCE MACCABEE (cont'd V.O.)
A faker fears exposure. A witness
doesn't fear the truth.


                                         WORDS FADE IN:
January 21st
From inside the van we hear BOB REID.
                       BOB (O.S.)
Hey Ed?
      (into hand held
Can I get a radio check? Getting
a little lonely out here.
Frances is putting a sandwich into a zip-lock bag. Ed is
standing next to her with a radio in his hand. Clock on the
wall says 10 PM.
      (into hand held
I gotcha Bob. Hang tight buddy.
I'm bringing a snack out to ya.
The wife is feeling sorry for you
out there.
      (from Ed's radio)
You guys rock. See you in a
Ed walks out the door, down the road and on to a dirt path
that skirts past a neighbors house. We hear a hum. Ed
looks back towards the house, then forward at a fence with
some trees on the other side. He turns back towards the
house once more, then, changing his mind turns and sprints
for the fence, lifting the radio to his mouth as he runs.


      (into radio)
Bob, get your camera! Bob, get
your camera! I hear it!
      (from Ed's radio)
I see it.
      (into radio)
You can see it?
Bob is looking at an aircraft of some sort off in the
distance from inside his van. He is holding his video
recorder on his shoulder ready to shoot.
      (into hand held
Yeah but I think it's a plane.
      (from Bob's radio)
No. This is no plane.
Ed is running through the trees. The hum is getting louder.
      (from Ed's radio)
Yes, it is. It's a plane coming
from the west.
Ed is frantically thrashing his way through the trees as he
stumbles and falls. He gets up and exits the trees into the
parking lot. He stops and looks up. High, very bright and
to the south we see the UFO.
We see Bob looking at the oncoming plane from the west.
      (from Bob's radio)
You're looking the wrong


Ed is looking up at the UFO.
      (into hand held
Look to the south! It's next to
that brightest star! Look to the
At that moment the UFO streaks straight up and it gone.
                       ED (cont'd)
Ed takes off running towards the van at the other end of the
parking lot. In the distance we see Bob opening the sliding
door and exiting the van to search the sky to the south. Ed
runs up to Bob.
Did you see it?
Bob shakes his head no with a disappointed look on his face.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
It is slightly raining. We see a county official cutting a
large red ribbon with an oversize pair of scissors as
cameras flash and a group of people applaud. A sign in the
grass reads "Recreation Center Open House".
                                         WORDS FADE IN:
January 24th
MUFON investigator GARY WATSON walks up to Ed standing
amongst the attendees and whispers in his ear.
I should be on watch tonight in my
car by 5:30. Your radio charged
Ed nods yes. Gary walks away.


It is raining. Ed pulls into the driveway in his truck. On
the radio we hear the song "The Way You Make Me Feel"
fishing up, followed by Kasey Kasem announcing that that was
Michael Jackson coming in at number three this week with
"The Way You Make Me Feel". Ed turns off the truck. We
hear a soft quiet hum that the music was covering up. He
sits for a moment listening as the hum fades in and out. He
looks at his watch. It is 5:15 PM. Ed jumps from the truck
and runs through the rain into his house and into his
office. As he does we hear the hum surge to a roar in his
head. Frances enters behind him and stands at the office
door. Ed grabs the hand held radio.
      (into radio)
Gary, are you out there? Over.
What's going on?
      (into radio)
Gary are you there? Over.
Nothings going on. I'm fine.
Shit. Gary's not on stake out for
another fifteen minutes.
You hear it don't you?
Ed drops the radio and grabs up the phone, dialing someone.
Duane Cook please.
Eds truck comes squealing to a halt in front of the
newspaper building where we see Duane Cook and Dari Holston
standing on the sidewalk waiting for him under umbrellas.
Duane turns to Dari.
I'm not sure exactly what's going
on but Ed wants me to video tape
whatever happens. Apparently they
are up there above these rain


                       DUANE (cont'd)
clouds somewhere as we speak.
Understand? I want you to stay
here as I'm not sure just how safe
this is.
Eds truck is roaring down the rainy highway.
Duane is fiddling with Ed's Camcorder in the passenger seat.
The hum is loud and Ed winces in discomfort, putting his
hand to the right side of his head.
The on/off/standby control? Is
this thing on?
Yes. If the red lights on, the
camera's on...Ahhh! It's pulling
on my forehead Duane! It's here!
The son-of-a-bitch is here!
Duane hits the record button and raises the camera towards
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
In sleep you know.
Oh damn, damn, it just said
something. Oh damn it's here. It
just said in sleep...in sleep you
know. In sleep you know.
Duane starts to say something as Ed screams out in pain,
holding his face in his hand.
                       ED (cont'd)
Ahhhhh! Please! Please! I want
this out of my life. Oh damn. I
don't know if I can drive. Duane,
does my face look like it's
moving? Is my face moving?
No. No, it's alright. It's still.
It's OK, you're looking good.


As Ed drives he keeps glancing out the window and up, almost
running himself and Duane off the road. He looks in the
Is my eye moving?
You're OK. Your eye is stable.
Duane. Are we going too fast?
No. No you're doing just fine.
Ed is writhing in pain.
I don't think this was a good
What are you feeling?
Like a knife sticking in my brain.
We need to get off the highway.
Take Soundside up ahead.
From an aerial shot we see Ed's truck below turn sharply off
HWY 98 onto Soundside road.
I wonder if they know you're here?
      (still video
If it's reading your mind it does.
As long as it knows I'm not a
threat. That's what it needs to


I don't care if you take me. I
need Duane to film whatever
Ed buckles over and grabs his stomach like he's been punched
and gags as if he is going to vomit.
                       ED (cont'd)
Fuck this. I've had enough.
Ed pulls the truck sharply off the road and brakes hard to a
sliding stop. He exits the truck into the middle of the
road and a torrential downpour. Duane gets out, still video
taping, and stands close to the truck. Ed, pacing in the
road, looks up into the rain and throws his hands into the
                       ED (cont'd)
OK, I'm ready! Here I am you
fuckers! Duane. Be careful.
Don't worry about me.
Ed buckles over again from another massive stomach cramp and
lets out an agonizing groan. He straightens back up,
looking defiantly into the dark rainy sky.
Fuck this! I want you out of my
life! Ahhh, it hurts Duane. Come
on you son-of-a bitch! Let's do
Suddenly Ed grabs the wrist of the hand holding the Polaroid
camera and screams in pain, falling to his knees.
They're here Duane! They're here!
I'm not going to do this again!
This is it! I'm not going out
like this anymore. You better do
it cause I'm not doing this again!
Come on! Come on you fucking
sons of bitches!
We hear the hum suddenly fade and is gone. Ed stands up and
searches the sky. He starts to shiver as cold water drips
from his nose.


I think they're gone. The hums
The rain subsides to a drizzle. Ed turns and slowly walks
back to the truck. Duane gets in and continues to video
tape from the passenger seat as Ed opens the drivers side
door. Ed looks back toward the rear of the truck and into
the sky one last time.
      (into the sky)
I won't be back.
Suddenly a craft winks into view about 200 feet directly
behind the truck and about six feet above the ground.
                       ED (cont'd)
Oh fuck! Oh shit!
Ed quickly raises the camera, points it in the direction of
the UFO and snaps off his 21st photo without looking in the
viewfinder. As the camera lowers, we see the UFO has
vanished into the dark rainy night sky. Duane scrambles out
of the truck to see what Ed is yelling about as Ed marches
back out into the road, completely pissed off now.
                       ED (cont'd)
You son-of-a-bitch! You're
fucking with me aren't you?
Ed come here. Give me the camera.
Ed hands the camera to Duane and the two get back into the
I see how you manage to get these
photos. You're fast.
Duane pulls the photo from the camera, waits a few moments
and pulls the backing off the picture to reveal that Ed
indeed got the image but with an added bonus. There is a
streak above the UFO image indicating the UFO had shot
straight up at the moment he had snapped the picture. Duane
points at the streak.


                       DUANE (con't O.S.)
                                         CUT TO:
We see the familiar investigator van sitting in the parking
lot a few blocks from Ed's house.
Investigators Charles Flannigan, Gary Watson and Bob Reid
are sitting with Ed passing around a bag of chips.
You know, I really appreciate
yalls support and all, but I'm
beginning to think they're not
going to show themselves when you
all are around. All your efforts
sitting around out here night
after night are probably in vain.
There is a moment of pause as they all ponder.
Why do you think they're letting
you take so many pictures?
Letting me? If so why did they
tell me photos were prohibited?
Good point.
Last night. The hand I was
holding the camera in? I have
never felt so much pain in my
They could have had you last
Difference is there was a witness
there, with video, Duane. There
was nobody with me on the road two
weeks ago. No, this is a stealth


                       ED (cont'd)
operation and they seem to not
want witnesses to what they're
doing if at all possible.
Silent pause by all.
                       ED (cont'd)
Why do they keep coming back? Why
Cause you're stubborn. They said
no pictures and you take them
anyway. They say step forward and
you run the other way. A little
secret Ed? Yours isn't the only
family under investigation in Gulf
Breeze right now. There are four
other families dealing with the
same thing you are only they were
all caught off guard, abductions
appear to have occurred, the
persons involved returned and
that's it. You're the only one
that got away during the first
attempt and now they appear to be
having trouble recapturing you
since the element of surprise is
It's like some weird Wild Kingdom
episode where they're having
trouble capturing the crafty
critter with the homing devise on
Ed's face jerks slightly and eyes blink hard as a memory
briefly flashes in his head.
                                         FLASHBACK TO:
Close up of Ed's head tilted way back on a shiny porcelain
like surface surrounded by blue ethereal light. A long
metal object resembling really long tweezers with a small
object the size and shape of a piece of rice is on the end
of it and being put into Ed's nose.
Ed looks around but says nothing about the memory that just
flashed in his head.


Ed. I wanna ask you something. Do
you ever have any strange
reoccurring dreams?
Ed stops to ponder the question for a moment.
Now that you mention it, there is
                                         DREAM FLASHBACK:
                       ED (V.O.)
The dream always begins with me
rising high into the sky and
looking over a coastline. I can
see a sandy beach and waves
breaking on the shore below.
Sometimes I recognize the beach
but most times not. Then I quickly
descend and pass beneath the water
into the ocean. I gasp for air in
fear of drowning, but as I go
deeper and deeper I realize I am
inside a container with a large
diamond shape window. Through the
window I can see water and fish.
Shortly thereafter I see a lot of
bubbles passing in front of the
window, followed by rising sand,
which soon completely covers the
glass. Then I wake up.
Everyone's mouths are open.
Wow. No shit?
Water begins to swell in Ed's eyes.
Can we talk about something else?
I got a question. Back on the
seventeenth when you saw the craft
go black not far from the ground,
do you think it landed?


Everyone looks at each other for a moment and reaches for
their flashlights.
We see the four men walking across the field with
flashlights, about fifty feet away from each other, looking
for any disturbances in the grass. Ed walks up to the camera
and points his flashlight down. The grass looks normal.
This is the spot right here, I'm
sure of it.
About a hundred feet away Charles Flanagan yells.
Over here. I think I got
The men run over to Charles and all four flashlights shine
down on a circular pattern of about sixteen feet in diameter
in the grass.
Are you sure it wasn't here you
saw the light go out Ed?
I'm sure. It was back over there
where we were. I didn't see
whatever made this.
Camera pulls away as the flashlights remain on the circle.
                       BRUCE MACCABEE (V.O.)
Skeptics would accuse Ed of
putting a trampoline down on the
grass and making the circle found
behind the school. What they
couldn't explain is why he didn't
lead the investigators right to it
and claim that was where he saw a
craft land when he very easily
could have. The grass in that
spot remained dead for over a year
and a half.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


The screen is filled with white foggy steam. We hear a
shower running.
                                         WORDS FADE IN:
January 26th
We hear someone running and the bathroom door fling open.
                       FRANCES (O.S.)
Ed it's here! It's hear, hurry.
Ed's face emerges from the steam. He looks pissed off.
With a towel wrapped around his waist, Ed defiantly marches
through the house. As he reaches the kitchen door which is
half way open, we see Frances crouched by the door looking
out. She has a camera in one hand and an as yet peeled
photo in the other.
It's right there. Get down.
Without slowing his pace, Ed walks past Frances out the door
onto the deck. We see the smaller UFO with the transparent
veil around the bottom coming in closer over the fence from
the field. The dog is barking wildly. Ed stops on the
deck, standing in his towel shaking his fist at the UFO.
What the hell do you want from me?
We hear the familiar sudden rush of air.
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
Zehass, we are here for you.
Damn it. Land or get the hell out
of my life! If you want me then
let's get it over with!
A small flash of light momentarily lights up the area.


                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
Zehaas. In sleep you know. We
are here for you.
Know what? Bullshit! I'm not
going anywhere with you. Go
torment somebody else.
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
Zehaas. Sleep and know.
The crafts zips straight up and is gone in a flash. Ed
turns to go into the house and runs into Frances who has a
big smile on her face. She has two photos in her hands
which she hands to Ed. One shows the dog and the UFO, taken
before Ed arrived, and the other of Ed raising his fists at
the UFO (both original photos appear briefly on the screen).
Ed looks up at his wife.
They keep calling me Zehaas.
Frances giggles and reaches up to touch Eds big bushy eye
Cejas honey. It's Spanish for
They walk away off screen holding each other, Francis still
                       ED (O.S.)
That's not funny.
People are coming and going preparing to film a documentary
on the sightings. Ed is walking with news director PETER
I appreciate your understanding. I
just worry about my family being
affected by this documentary.
That's why I want you here Ed. I'm
giving you total veto power on
anything that we might want to put
into this program.


Ed and Peter walk away into the crowd of people.
                       ED (V.O.)
Since I wouldn't be on camera I
decided the WEAR-TV documentary
would be the best chance at
getting out the word of what was
going on with my family. I would
have never imagined the firestorm
this would ignite both within the
ufological world as well as the
Ed is sitting alone with his face resting in his hands at
his desk.
                       ED (V.O.)
Day after day was dominated by the
UFO even when it wasn't
present. Everyone wanted something
all the time. Landing
site investigators wanted to
review the photos again.
Abduction specialist Bud Hopkins
would be here soon and book
publishers were coming out of the
woodwork through the
Sentinel asking to write my story.
My work suffered. Family
time suffered. I wasn't sure how
much more I could take but I knew
one thing. I doubted the
sightings were over.
                                         WORDS FADE IN:
February 7th
                       LAURA (O.S.)
Daddy. Moms calling you.
Ed doesn't look up.
                       LAURA (cont'd O.S.)
      (more animated)
Hurry Daddy! Mom wants you!


Ed snaps to attention, grabs his camera and runs from the
office to the kitchen door where we see Laura looking out
into the back yard.
Where's mommy?
Laura points into the back yard. Through the door we see
Frances running towards the house at a full sprint.
Watch out! Watch out, it's out
As Ed begins to step out onto the porch, a blue beam shoots
down in front of him next to the door. Ed instinctively
jumps back into the kitchen and raises the camera in the
same motion. The flash goes off just as Frances dives
though the door just to the right of the blue beam. Ed
slams the door behind Frances and pulls Laura to the floor
where Frances lies gasping for air.
Are you alright?
Where's Danny?
Ed leaves the two and crawls down to Dans room. He opens
the door to find Dan doing his homework with his headphones
on. Dan looks at his father on his knees and jerks his
headphones off.
Get on the floor with me.
Danny drops to the floor and follows Ed back to the kitchen.
Ed motions for Frances and Laura to follow him. They all
crawl together through the house to the hall where there are
no windows and huddle together. The camera pans up and away
as they huddle in fear.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Charles Flannigan and BUDD HOPKINS enter the family room,
Budd's hand extended.


Ed, I would like you to meet Budd
      (reaching to shake
We've spoke several times on the
phone over the last couple weeks.
Pleasure to finally meet you.
Pleasures mine. I can't get over
how beautiful it is in this neck
of the woods. Florida sure isn't
New York, that's for sure.
So I understand you have been
investigating the possibility of
kidnappings or abductions, I guess
they're referred to, going back to
the early 60's. Is that right?
I have.
So what's that all about?
Well, a typical abduction case
usually starts with a fairly up
close UFO craft sighting, followed
by a loss of conscience memory of
what took place during the actual
abduction, missing time it's
referred to, as the person often
can't account for an hour or two
during the event. There's a lot of
evidence that memories of what
took place are there but are, for
some reason, not being recalled
except though hypnotic regression.
It's as if the abductors are
giving the subject the choice as
to whether they want to know what
went down or not.
So why all this? Why no missing
time with me?


I suspect had they finished what
they came for in your driveway
back in November, missing time and
five pictures is all we would be
dealing with right now Mr.
What do you mean.
Sounds to me like they screwed up,
took off before finishing the job.
Maybe because your wife was
coming, maybe because a jet was
approaching, maybe both. Think of
it this way Ed. Without the
element of surprise as an
advantage, you're no longer a
sitting duck, you're a waiting
duck with a camera and a built in
homing devise that goes off when
they're in the area. I suspect
that whatever it is in your head
that's humming was put there to
communicate with you during the
abduction and was supposed to be
taken out after it was over. Now
they're in a pickle cause not only
are you running from them, you're
taking pictures in the process
which is not good if you're
supposed to be operating in
So if I want to end this, I need
to just let them have me, no
pictures, no witnesses.
That's a call you gotta make.
Oh, by the way. Have you
considered a polygraph test?
      (looking insulted)
Polygraph? You guys don't believe


Not because we don't believe you.
Every critic is going to be asking
if you've taken a polygraph test.
Some already are asking. Passing
a polygraph can't hurt.
Frances is standing in the doorway looking in on the
Polygraph test. Good idea.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Ed enters a room and shakes hands with a man sitting next to
a polygraph machine. The camera fades to scenes throughout
the day as the men talk, the clock on the wall advances and
the test is taken. Five hours pass during the voice over.
                       BRUCE MACCABEE (V.O.)
Ed took two separate polygraph
tests four days apart, suffering
through five to six hours of
pretest interviewing each time. He
was asked about flying objects of
unknown origin, of humanoid beings
and of unusual lights being
admitted from those crafts. He was
asked questions regarding
approximately 25 photos. After
some 12 hours of testing, the
examiner ultimately found no
deceptive responses from the tests
taken on February 18th and 23rd of
1988. Of course the skeptics
claimed that even though Ed passed
two polygraph tests, such tests
are not one hundred percent
accurate so they were dismissed.
One has to wonder what those same
skeptics would have said had he
failed them.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:


Bruce is sitting at the piano playing a beautiful piece of
music when the phone rings. He answers it.
      (into phone)
      (from Bruce's
Bruce. It's Budd Hopkins. I'm
calling about the Florida
      (into phone)
      (from Bruce's
I've been to Florida and spoke
with one of the photo witnesses. I
strongly feel there is validity to
this case but need someone to
thoroughly evaluate the photos
before we proceed any further.
      (into phone)
      (into phone)
You're the best there is and it's
a big case. Wanna go to Florida?
Charles Flannigan and Bruce Maccabee are walking briskly
through the airport having a conversation.
There's a lot you don't know.
We've got a creature in the
bedroom door window. We've got a
blue beam lifting the photographer
off the ground. We've got a dozen


                       CHARLES (cont'd)
photos. We've got video tape.
We've got a large number of the
towns population reporting having
seen what's in those photos. We've
even got passed polygraphs of the
Bruce stops walking. Charles, not noticing, walks a few
feet ahead, looks back and stops.
For real?
Charles walks up to Bruce, looking him square in the eyes.
Do I look like I'm kidding?
Bruce is bending down with a magnifying glass looking at the
image of photo 19 of the UFO in the road as his eyes move
back and forth from the photo to a piece of paper he is
doing math on.
Well, from what you've told me
today Mr. Walters, I'm going to
assume this ain't over yet.
Ed looks out the window.
Including people digging in my
Ed runs to the door and yells to get out of his garbage. The
man jumps back in a car and speeds off. Ed rejoins the men
in his office.
Careful what you throw away.
People are monitoring your
Tell me about it. Second time
this week.
Bruce stands up from looking at the photos and looks at Ed.


Would you consider using a special
We see a fancy looking camera sitting on an outdoor picnic
                       BRUCE (V.O.)
We gave Ed a four lens Nimslo
camera. All we told him was that
it would make more pictures that
could be sent to more analysts and
that it was wax sealed to prevent
tampering with after the photos
were taken. He was OK with that.
Ed picks up the camera and joins Frances on a bench next to
the beach.
                       BRUCE (con't V.O.)
What we didn't tell him was that
the camera was capable of
detecting a hoax because of its
capability to measure the distance
to an object and thus determine if
the UFO was actually a small,
nearby model.
We should be home with popcorn
watching a movie with the kids
right now.
Kids are at friends tonight.
When did sitting here freezing our
asses off take priority over
family life?
Since fourteen days ago when they
gave us this damn thing. Watch
the UFO never show up again and we
grow old sitting at this bench
every night for the rest of our
lives clutching some MUFON camera.


Frances snuggles up close to Ed as they gaze quietly into
the sky. We hear the tide pull at the waters edge and the
sound of a distant tugboat. They are completely alone.
Frances nudges Ed with her elbow.
                       FRANCES (cont'd)
There. Look over there.
We see a craft with three rows of lights and a trailing
light. An atmospheric disturbance, like heat waves,
surround the craft as it slowly passes behind a tree. Ed
leaps and runs a few yards to the edge of some trees, raises
the camera and holds down the shutter button, firing off all
ten pictures (one of the originals briefly appear on
screen). The craft vanishes into the darkness. Ed gazes
into the empty sky then down to the camera.
Here we go.
The lot is full of cars, spectators, camera equipment and
reporters talking into mikes. We see a reporter talking
into a camera.
The wax sealed MUFON camera is
scheduled to be opened this
morning inside this building
right here behind me and developed
before our very eyes. As a
precaution the camera was sealed
with wax to prevent any later
criticism that the film may have
been switched or tampered with.
Because of the volume of
photographic evidence to date and
the sheer number of witnesses
coming out of the Gulf Breeze
area, there is a virtual war, if
you will, going on between the UFO
investigative community here in
Florida, or as they are called,
"ufologists", and those within the
skeptic community, or as they are
often referred to as, "debunkers".


Ed and Frances are sitting in a corner booth drinking
coffee. Frances is tapping her fingers on the table as Ed's
leg nervously vibrates up and down rapidly. Dari Holston
walks in, sees them and smiles widely.
It was there, every frame.
On the television is a gaggle or reporters, standing room
only, inside the Photo shop as Walt Andrus opens the wax
sealed Nimslo camera. The entire Walters family is sitting
and watching.
      (shaking his head)
Only person missing is Geraldo
Ya, well, that's why we waited at
the restaurant.
Walt is on the TV speaking to reporters.
      (on TV)
This is the first time in history
we have been able to work so
closely with a witness as
sightings are happening.
Scene cuts to a reporter.
With the camera still sealed with
wax, the spectators were able to
witness the entire process of the
removal of the Kodak film as well
as the developing and printing.
John, back to you.
On the desk we see a brand new, unopened Polaroid camera
still in the box.
                                         WORDS FADE IN:


March 8th
We hear the familiar hum. Ed enters the frame and grabs the
box, opening it as he walks towards the kitchen. He grabs a
pack of film on the kitchen bar on the way by and starts
loading the camera as he goes out the door into the back
yard. Frances is knee deep in preparing dinner and doesn't
notice. He steps out into a light misty rain and walks to
the end of the swimming pool deck. We see the UFO abruptly
appear about 300 feet away just above some pine trees. Ed
raises his new camera, fumbling with the shutter button for
a moment, and finally takes his 35th picture which
automatically ejects from the bottom of the camera. As he
drops the camera down he realizes the craft is gone. He
pulls the picture from the camera as he walks back to the
house, watching it develop as he goes. He walks into the
kitchen and France runs over to see what he has. They both
watch as the photo develops showing the UFO with another
familiar streak going straight up from it. The UFO had
again departed just as Ed hit the shutter button. They are
holding the original photo.
      (into phone)
You shot it with what?
INTER-CUT with Ed's home office.
      (into phone)
I bought a new Sun 200 Polaroid
instant camera yesterday, the kind
that ejects the film
automatically. First picture out
of the box I got a streak again as
it took off, like the night I was
with Duane.
                       BRUCE (V.O.)
      (over phone,
So you have two cameras now?
INTER-CUT with Bruce's living room.


                       ED (V.O.)
      (over phone,
      (into phone)
You know, if you could mount two
cameras parallel to each other...
                       ED (V.O.)
      (over phone,
Another stereo camera?
      (into phone)
You take a shot with two cameras
at the same time, a couple of feet
apart from each other and lined up
correctly? Now that's something I
can really work with.
INTER-CUT with Ed's home office.
      (into phone)
Oh man.
                       BRUCE (V.O.)
      (over phone,
      (into phone)
Do you have any idea the pressure
put on me to take a picture when
MUFON gave me the last stereo
camera? I was simultaneously
praying they would leave me alone
while hoping they would return so
I could use the damn thing. I
don"t think I can go through that
kind of pressure again.
INTER-CUT with Bruce's living room.
      (into phone)
I wouldn't ask you to. In fact I
was going to suggest any further
photos you take stay out of the


                       BRUCE (cont'd)
press altogether.
We see two instant cameras mounted on a tripod several feet
apart and sitting on an outdoor picnic table.
                       BRUCE (con't V.O.)
Look Ed, the camera idea? Totally
up to you.
                                         WORDS FADE IN:
March 17th
As the camera pulls back we see, surrounding the contraption
and looking rather cold, Ed, Frances, Dari, Duane, News
Director Peter Neumann, his wife PHYLLIS NEUMANN, City
Councilwomen BRENDA POLLAK and her husband BUDDY POLLAK.
      (to Frances)
Honey, this is City Councilwomen
Brenda Pollak and her husband
Buddy. And this is News Director
Peter Newman and his wife Phyllis.
They shake hands.
                       ED (cont'd)
I called the Mayors office as well
and invited him but he passed on
the opportunity to come here with
us this evening.
A round of rolled eyes are seen around the group.
                       ED (cont'd)
With the almost continual nightly
sightings going on right now it
was suggested by investigators
that any further photos should be
handled in as controlled and
scientific manner as possible.
Peter. You have two new unopened
packs of film, correct?
Peter nods yes, shows the pack to the group, opens it and
loads it into one of the cameras.


                       ED (cont'd)
Buddy, I want to now take a
picture of you by the tree as a
control photo. This is to
eliminate any possibility of
double exposure of whatever image
I eventually take on the next
picture in this pack.
Ed takes the picture of Buddy which spits out under the
camera. Peter takes the picture, looks at it and starts
writing on a notepad.
What are you doing honey?
I'm writing down the serial
numbers on the film so we can
match them up to any further
photos that may be taken this
They repeat the procedure with the other camera and proceed
to sit down at the picnic table for food and coffee.
I can't believe I'm sitting here
freezing to death actually hoping
they'll show up. How did we get
to this?
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Only the Walters and the Neumanns remain. Peter looks at
his watch and yawns.
It's getting late. I think we're
going to take off you guys. We
have an early schedule in the
      (to Phyllis)
Thanks for the hot chocolate.
Oh, no problem. We had fun.


You two gonna stay for a while?
A while longer. I suspect the
cold is gonna run us off sooner
than later.
I vote sooner.
Alright. Well, let us know if you
get anything, otherwise we'll see
you here tomorrow night.
Good night you guys.
The Neumanns leave. Ed and Frances sit back down. We hear
car doors close, engine start and car pull away. Ed and
Frances take a deep breath and huddle together looking into
the sky, looking disappointed.
Well, that was a waste of time.
Ed glances to the southwest and points.
      (quietly to
Hey hey hey!
We see a UFO briefly appear around the tree line, move back
behind the trees, and again appear as if playing peek-a-boo.
                       ED (cont'd)
That didn't take long.
We see Ed jump from the bench, grab the tri-pod and swing
the cameras upward. We see two flashes go off.
We see two instant pictures spit out of the Polaroids. The
camera pulls focus to the UFO 100 feet away as it zips
straight up. Ed grabs the flashlight but the batteries are


The truck head lights.
They take off running towards the parking lot. Ed sees that
Duane and Dari have not left but are sitting in their car
with the lights out across the parking lot. Ed motions for
them to come as he runs. As Duane and Dari drive over, we
see Buddy drive up from some other part of the parking lot
as well. Suddenly several other people come running out of
the dark to join the growing number of people now huddling
around the trucks headlights. There is silence as the
pictures develop followed by a burst of excitement as the
UFO images begin to materialize. Brenda Pollak drives up
and jumps out of her car to see what's going on. The camera
begins to pan up and into the night sky peppered with stars.
A shooting star goes by.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Ed is at the sink in his boxers brushing his teeth.
                       ED (V.O.)
I now understood that the most
credible camera was the Self
Referencing Stereo Polaroids on
the tri-pod for it's ability to
measure how big and far away the
UFO was. With my first double
shot under my belt proving my
photos weren't just models on a
Ed bends over to spit, disappearing from the frame.
                       ED (con't V.O.)
...I was eager to try again if the
UFO gave me a chance.
                                         WORDS FADE IN:
March 20th
                       COMPUTER LIKE VOICE (V.O.)
Ed's head pops up, foam spilling from the corners of his
mouth as he looks in the mirror.