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The Blind, The Blue, The Brave "Pilot"
by Alexis Obasuyi (alexisobasuyi@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
After the brutal murder of her fiancé, a young, blind woman must join forces with the very people she despises the most: cops. Stay tuned for the next episode! (I posted it about a year ago, but I forget to make it available to members and nonmembers alike. Please enjoy and comment! I'll be posting the second one up really soon)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


WRIGHT BLAZE (35, African American) is waiting on his
fiancée, FERRARI RENDO, in the living room. So far, the TV
is helping him pass the time. Other than that, he proceeds
to look at his watch for the fifteenth time. We can see the
anxiousness on the face of this massive giant. His
face--usually occupied by an easy going, kilowatt smile--is
scrunched up in worry.
      (to self)
Where is she?
      (looks at watch
If she doesn't come back soon, Mom
is going to turn into a nervous
wreck. Ugh. This wedding is going
to drive us all crazy.
Wright's cellphone rings in his pocket and he answers it.
                       FERRARI (O.S.)
Hey Wright!
      (stands up)
Ferrari? Where are you?
                       FERRARI (O.S.)
Calm down, boy!
Anyway, I'll be home in like five
minutes, okay? I just got my nails
done and they look so nice...!
      (clears throat)
They better look nice because
you've been gone ALL day.
                       FERRARI (O.S.)
      (laughs and then
       gets serious)
You want to try a different tone
with me, Wright?


      (rubs back of head)
I love you?
                       FERRARI (O.S)
That's better. So, I'll see you
when I get home. Bye Wright.
Bye baby.
Ferrari hangs up.
I hope she gets home soon.
There's so much we need to talk
                                         CUT TO:
Glass shatters from the second floor and Wright bursts into
action by going to investigate. As soon as he gets to his
bedroom upstairs, he spots glass on the floor but nobody is
in the room.
      (looks around)
What the hell?
Wright rushes over to his pillow and removes a Desert Eagle
from under it.
Hmm. Who thought I'd use this old
thing again?
Wright runs back down the stairs and back into the living
room where he suddenly sees "her", which refers to a female
from Wright's past. The camera does not show her face. All
we know is that she is wearing a long black trench coat and
is holding a large gun.
      (jumps back)
What the hell are YOU doing here?
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
Well, hello to you too, Wright.
      (walks up to
I missed you...
      (touches chest)


                       UNKNOWN FEMALE (cont'd)
Did you miss me?
      (slaps hand away)
How did you find me?
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
      (laughs again)
It wasn't hard, Wright. I heard
the sergeant major had a thing for
me. So, I used that to my
      (crosses arms)
So here we are.
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
      (places hands on
Here we are. So, are we going to
pick up where we left off?
Look, I'm engaged now and--
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
--And it's to the same woman you
cheated on with me, right? What
was her name...Ferrari?
      (paces room)
So back in Iraq...that
winter...you just used me? Lied to
me? Said we were going to be
together and--
--Look. I'm sorry about that.
Ferrari got discharged and I kind
of lost it.
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
You used me.
      (crosses arms)
As you did me.
Our unknown female whips out her gun and points it at


                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
Shut up!!!
                                         CUT TO WHITE FLASH
The front door opens up and in walks Ferrari, (25, of
Caucasian and African American descent). Her wavy red hair
moves with her body as she glides along the floor with the
grace of a dancer. She places a huge shopping bag on the
floor and turns her head in every direction, half-expecting
Wright to jump out of nowhere and scare her.
Wright? Wright, I'm home!
Baby...over here.
Wright is slumped over on the stairs. He is in critical
Wright...why do you sound like
I've been shot.
      (scrambles to
       check him)
What?! What the hell happened?!
      (coughs again)
I don't have time to explain
because there's something I need
to say...
What is it Wright? Please tell me!


Baby...I always tell you
everything...except one crucial
thing...and now I'm going to die
because of it.
      (laughs bitterly)
What is it?!
      (strokes Ferrari's
I love you, Ferrari.
I love you too Wright, but stay
with me! The ambulance is probably
on the way and I'm going to make
sure that you make it out of here,
okay? Just please stay with me.
...That's why I love you, baby.
You're always so determined and
stubborn. You would've made an
extraordinary wife.
Ferrari begins to sob at the word "wife" and dutifully holds
Wright's hand while he coughs and passes on. She runs her
hand over his face and notices that his eyes are still open.
She then closes them and plants a solid kiss on his
Goodbye, love.
Shots ring out. One hits Ferrari in the shoulder and she is
thrown onto her back.

Our Unknown Female disguises her voice at the top of the
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
      (in deep voice)
So...you're the reason why Wright
flaked on me in Iraq. Hmph. A
brave bitch indeed.


      (struggles to sit
Who are you and what the hell are
you doing in my house?!
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
I'm the little secret Wright was
keeping from you.
      (grits teeth)
Well, you're about to be "the dead
Ferrari whips a pistol out of her purse and fires in a blind
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
AH! You--ugh!
Our Unknown Female doesn't wait around to be shot again. She
soon disappears up the stairs. Ferrari senses her departure
and tosses the gun aside. That is when the ambulance and
MAGIC BLAZE (30, African American) and CHAUNCEY CARTER (29,
African American) burst in. The two-both tall-automatically
come off as clear opposites. Magic looks sharp, clean, and
there is a professional atmosphere about him. Chauncey is a
stark contrast, seeing as the bandanna on his head says it
Where's the victim--
      (sees Wright)
oh no...
      (springs up from
Why is it that you damned EMTs
ALWAYS show up late?
      (clears throat)
Shut the hell up!
      (shoves Magic)
No one asked you!
Magic spins Ferrari around and slaps cuffs on her wrists.


Funny of you to say that because
I'm the one handling this case.
I'm the victim's fiancée! You
can't arrest me!
I'm an officer and you shoved me.
So now, you're going in for
assault. Do you follow?
      (to Chauncey)
Take her out to the car.
Chauncey exits the house with Ferrari while Magic stays
      (cleaning Wright
What's up with you, Blaze? Why
aren't you gone yet?
That's no ordinary victim...that's
my brother.
                                         END TEASER
                                         OPENING CREDITS
      (leans against
...What's your name?
      (stares at the
I'm not saying squat until you get
these damned cuffs off of me.
      (slams hands
       against chair)


      (breathes deeply)
Oh, so now we're playing the "I
ain't saying nothin'" game?
Chauncey, un-cuff her.
      (looks his way)
And while you're at it, take off
that bandanna.
Yo. You cramping my style, Magic.
      (un-cuffs her)
      (crosses arms)
And you're pissing me off,
      (rubs wrists)
And I guess I'm surrounded by
females with all this bitchin'
going on.
      (eyes her)
Very funny.
      (grabs right wrist)
Chauncey swabs her for GSR, (gunshot residue), and shakes
the pint-sized container until the color indicator pops up.
What'd you just do to my wrist?
You'll see.
      (passes by Magic)
She tested positive.
Chauncey then exits.
      (to Ferrari)
So, you still haven't mentioned
your name.
      (crosses arms)
Why do you need it so badly?
      (leans back)


      (leans forward)
Don't play games with me. My
brother's bloody corpse was found
just a few feet away from you.
Something is not adding up and I
think you know.
      (leans back)
So, it'd be wise of you to tell me
your name.
      (makes a face)
Whoa. You said brother. Wright
told me about...
...are you Magic?
I don't know how you know my name
but I still need yours.
I'm Ferrari. Ferrari Rendo. I was
Wright's fiancée.
Chauncey returns with a fellow cop friend, SONNY ALVAREZ
(25, Columbian). Shorter than Magic and Chauncey, he makes
up for it with his striking features and deep dimples. Lump
that with a quick temper and that is one hot tamale. (Pun
      (walks in)
Ferrari, eh? What kind of name is
Nah. Don't do that. What kind of
name is Chauncey?
      (to Sonny)
Homie, you supposed to be on my
I joke where I can.


      (clears throat)
Anyway, Wright never told me about
a Ferrari. Care to explain?
      (rubs arm)
Well, Wright was going to talk to
you about the wedding soon but
Magic puts his hand up and Ferrari doesn't finish.
So, I guess I have to ask this
sooner or later: How'd you kill
      (drops arms in
Kill him?
I believe that's what came out of
his mouth.
      (pounds table)
Kill him?! I didn't kill anyone!
Really now? Because Chauncey
swabbed your hands for gun powder
and it tested positive.
      (stands up)
Good thing we brought you here
before you had a chance to wash
your hands because now we can put
a gun in your hands.
      (stands up also)
Look. I know you're trying to get
to the bottom of all this but I
didn't kill Wright. And yes there
is gun powder on me and I did fire
a gun but it wasn't at Wright.
      (faces ceiling)
There was some person in my house
and he or she is the one who shot
at Wright and me--hitting me in
the shoulder by the way. I just


                       FERRARI (cont'd)
shot at them...
      (raises voice)
Like I'm going to believe you!
You don't have much of a choice.
Oh, so you think you know
everything all of a sudden? Ah,
      (crosses arms)
So, you know that Wright had well
over thirty bullets in him?
Well, I--
And you saw how much blood came
out of him?
Did you even SEE how he looked
covered in his blood?!
      (pounds table)
I'm blind, damn it!!!
      (sits back down)
Now quit rubbing it in!
There is silence in the room while Ferrari crosses her arms.
Whoa. I'm confused. What did the
crazy lady say?
      (says quietly)
I said I'm blind...okay?
      (exhales and
       facepalms self)
Damn it. I should've noticed...


OR...you should've checked before
you started spouting off
accusations left and right.
Magic moves to wave his hand in front Ferrari's face.
      (grabs hand)
If you even think about doing that
hand thing, I swear I'm going to
be up for some real charges.
      (clears throat)
That's...uh...fair. So anyway,
where were you before the
      (drops Magic's
I was getting my nails done for
the wedding.
Near North Side.
Gold Coast.
Sonny and Chauncey look up from their phones.
Gold Coast?! THE Gold Coast?
That's like...the richest part of
Chicago, mayne!
Right! Aye lady! Can you spare a
Latino some gas money?
Magic and Ferrari both ignore Sonny.
Nobody wants your money anyways.


      (to Ferrari)
Where'd you go next?
I called Wright to let him know
that I was on my way home.
And you can use a phone how?
It's called Braille, you turd.
      (edges closer)
Turd, eh?
      (steps in between
Cool it.
      (to Magic)
Whatever man. Let's just get to
root of why we're here.
      (steps past Magic
       and approaches
So...you said you called Wright on
your way home right?
Do you have the phone on you?
      (holds hand out)
Give it here.
You got a warrant, chico?


      (eyes Sonny)
Nah. I got this Magic.
      (moves closer to
I figured you'd say something like
that. However, according to U.S.
Supreme Court precedents of this
year, I don't need a warrant to
search your phone because as an
arrestee, you lose your right of
      (facepalms self)
Now he chooses to know something
about the law...
Ferrari reluctantly slaps her cell phone into Sonny's hand.
      (looking at phone)
How much time do you think elapsed
between your phone call home and
your arrival at the house?
About five to ten minutes.
      (looks up from
So, it's safe to say that you were
the last person to have some sort
of contact with him?
      (crosses arms)
That's a question I'm not going to
answer. You, however, can say what
you want.
Sonny puts Ferrari's phone down onto the desk in front of
her and then leans on it.
Yeah...I don't really need your
blessing on this. I will, however,
tell you what I think. I think you


                       SONNY (cont'd)
didn't kill Wright.
      (laughs mockingly)
Well, that's mighty gracious of
you, Masta. You done made this ol'
mulatto gal real happy.
      (ignores her)
But you know who did...
      (clears throat)
Okay. I was going to let you run
with whatever the heck this is but
I'ma stop you right here.
Whoa, I haven't made a point yet--
He can finish. But yeah, I know
who killed him because I clearly
mentioned earlier that the killer
was still in the house when I got
there. And I mentioned that he or
she shot my shoulder with that
crazy gun of theirs.
      (stands straighter)
Slow down, mayne! You got the
killah's bullet in yo' shoulder?
      (ignores Chauncey)
Additionally, I will not stand
here while some idiot accuses me
of killing or conspiring to kill
one of the best things to ever
happen to me.
Hey! Don't get mad at me because
I'm trying to get to the bottom of


Well at least I can SEE! If our
roles were reversed, you wouldn't
be able to do anything whatsoever.
      (facepalms self)
Oh my God. Sonny!
What?! It's true!
      (stands up
You all know it's true!
      (approaches Sonny
       and gets in his
Ay dude! Shut the hell up!
Magic begins to shake his head. Afterward, he solemnly
studies Ferrari to see how she will react.
I hope you guys got a kick out of
harassing "the blind lady". Now if
you will excuse me, I'd like to
leave with what little
self-control I have left.
      (directed at Magic)
I realize you lost you brother,
okay? I get it and I know the
feeling. However, think about how
it feels to be me right now.
      (raises voice)
I am a VICTIM of horrible
circumstances and I'm being
treated with the same contempt one
would treat a criminal and I just
don't think that's fair. But, I
get it.
Ferrari storms past Magic, Chauncey, and Sonny and then
exits. Chauncey shakes his head at Sonny while Magic directs
a glare at him.
      (rubs back of neck)
Uh, Magic--


      (shakes head)
Sonny, I really don't want to hear
But Magic--
You're off the case.
You heard me.
      (stands straighter)
Not only did you accuse Ms. Rendo
of murder on circumstantial
evidence--even though we clearly
established that she had nothing
to do with the murder--but you
also threw her obvious handicap
back in her face...and you know
what? I really thought you were
above that...better than that
But Magic--
Save it.
      (slams chair down)
Man, this is some bull--!
      (approaches Sonny)
I dare you to finish that.
Magic and Sonny stare each other down. Sonny hesitates and
decides not to finish and he soon exits, leaving Magic and
Chauncey behind.
So, I'm going to see if I can
catch up with our only lead.
Chauncey exits with Magic still lingering around in the
interrogation room.


                                         END ACT I
Ferrari is power walking down the hall to get to the exit.
      (from far away)
Ferrari speeds up but Chauncey catches on and cuts in front
of her.
      (puts hands on
Look LLCoolJoke, I'm trying to
leave now because as you can see,
I am highly annoyed. So I'll be
seeing you.
      (grabs Ferrari's
LOOK, "Ferrari", I ain't here to
hound you or nothing like that. I
just came to apologize.
Ferrari angles her head toward Chauncey's arm. Chauncey
drops her arm.
      (crosses arms)
So, you came to apologize?
That's the plan.
I get that, but what for?
Sonny. That's my friend and
everything but he was acting a
fool and I apologize.
Well...that's actually pretty
sweet and I appreciate the
gesture. However, you weren't the
one "acting a fool". If anyone's


                       FERRARI (cont'd)
going to be apologizing, it's
going to be Sonny or whatever his
name is.
      (rubs back of neck)
That's fair. Anyway, take care.
      (reaches into
I will, but before I leave, if you
guys--minus Sonny--still want to
talk to me about evidence and all
that nonsense, this is where I'll
be at.
Ferrari hands Chauncey a piece of paper and then she exits.
We are following Magic who has just entered the morgue. The
medical examiner, MARVEE GARCIA (Age 21, Indian American),
spots him and waves him over. Ms. Garcia--with her cascading
waterfalls of curly black hair--shines with radiance and
intelligence that makes her past as a child prodigy obvious.
      (as Magic closes
Took you long enough, Blaze.
Sorry about that. Had to help
clean up a mess I helped to make.
      (crosses arms)
...You let Sonny interrogate
someone again, didn't you?
Marvee slaps Magic upside the head.
Well, what was that for!?


Damn it, Magic! How many times
have we talked about this?!
      (rubs head)
Marvee, I--
I'm not done!
      (throws arms up)
I swear if you keep letting down
your guard like this, slipping up
like this...the rest of the team
will pick up your bad habits.
Excluding me though because I
obviously know better since I'M
the one correcting YOU on this!
You're the flippin' lieutenant.
Act like it!
Okay. Just calm down. I'll fix it;
I promise. Now...can we get to
that autopsy?
Alright. Right this way.
Marvee and Magic walk down an aisle way. After a few
seconds, they reach the examining table where Wright lays.
Magic looks away for a few seconds and then looks back.
      (places hand on
       Magic's shoulder)
...Are you really ready to do
this? Because I know how much he
meant to you...
      (ignores her last
Just give it to me straight:
What's the cause of death?
      (points to upper
Even though he was hit by well
over thirty bullets, only one was


                       MARVEE (cont'd)
fatal and it entered through his
upper chest cavity and somehow
punctured his right lung, causing
the hemorrhaging.
Magic experiences a flashback.
                                         CUT TO:
Magic crosses his arms while he stares at his brother's
bullet-riddled body in quiet disbelief.
      (cleaning Wright
What's up with you, Blaze? Why
aren't you gone yet?
That's no ordinary victim...that's
my brother.
                                         BACK TO:
Magic shakes his head to release himself from the disturbing
So basically, you're telling me
that my brother didn't even get a
peaceful death? That he just bled
out like a retarded cow?
...That's not exactly what I'm
saying but--
Magic turns to leave but Marvee puts a hand on his shoulder.
...Is there anything else I should


...He's in a better place, Magic.
I hope so.
Magic exits.
We revisit our Unknown Female as she patrols an unknown
neighborhood. She passes several houses; all is quiet.

Just as she passes the last house, she hears glass breaking,
followed by a scream. There's another scream and she runs up
to the house. After looking from the window to the door, our
Unknown Female reaches into the far corner of her jacket,
where she pulls out an Uzi.

She pulls the gun back and then brings the gun forward and
smashes it against the window, cutting one of her fingers in
the process. She unlocks the door and steps inside.
Soon after, some guy in his twenties descends down the
stairs in front of her, struggling to zip up his pants.
      (looks up at her)
Who the hell are you?!
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
You haven't changed a bit, Cody.
Tell me who you are before I call
the cops!
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
I broke in, smart one, so some
nosy neighbor probably called the
cops. So, that gives me about five
minutes to shoot you up.
Shoot me u--?!


Before he can finish, our Unknown Female empties an entire
magazine into him and he sinks down to the floor in front of
the stairs. She walks up to him.
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
It's a shame. This place was so
pretty. Now it's stained and
splattered with your vile,
virus-ladened blood.
It's been exactly one week since
you did that to me...and I only
wish I could have gotten rid of
you sooner before you got someone
There was more running down the stairs and our Unknown
Female looks up only to spot some pale, blonde girl looking
back at her. She barely looks eighteen and she has the words
"Daisy" spelled across her shirt.
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
So, I guess it's safe to assume
that your name is Daisy?
Who are you?!
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
See, that doesn't really matter
right now.
Daisy runs over to our Unknown Female and grabs a hold of
her collar.
You don't understand! If Cody
wakes up and you're still here--
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
      (slaps hands away)
He's dead.
WHAT?! Dead?! What did you do!?
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
I shot him, but don't act so sad
because I know what just happened
to you up there and I decided to
do something about it. So, it's


Our Unknown Female turns to leave, but then she stops.
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
Oh, and do me a favor and don't
snitch, okay?
It is 3 a.m. in the morning. Magic and his crime team have
just arrived to evaluate the crime scene. This excludes
Sonny but includes AURORA DAUGHTRY, (29, Caucasian,
Brunette), ballistics expert. Around the same height as
Sonny, Aurora's happy-go-lucky attitude is immediately
noticeable by the widespread smile on her face despite being
in the presence of a gruesome crime scene.

Magic ducks under the yellow tape and enters the house. When
he gets inside, he sees Daisy sitting on the stairs in front
of some blood spatter on the floor.
      (turns to face
       Aurora who just
Hey, Aurora.
      (walks up to Magic)
      (points in Daisy's
You think you can talk to that
girl over there for me? She looks
grief-stricken which leads me to
believe that she witnessed
whatever happened here.
I have no problem with that at
all. Quick question though.
And your question is?


Why aren't you speaking with her?
      (crosses arms)
Let's be honest, Aurora. What do I
look like walking up to the
witness in a predominantly white
neighborhood at three in the
Aurora laughs.
Exactly. Now make do with the
talking, will you?
      (begins to walk
Geez. Calm yourself Magic.
Aurora makes her way over to Daisy and takes a seat next to
And you are?
Aurora Daughtry, crime scene
investigator. You can call me
Daisy forces a smile.
So...what's the story?
      (laughs bitterly)
There's not much to tell. This guy
I've been seeing for a
month--Cody--raped me and then
some-some person came in and shot
Cody is the guy they're putting
into the bag, right?


      (starts to tear up)
Aurora puts a hand on her shoulder as they sit together for
a few more seconds. Afterward, Aurora walks back over to
where Magic is still waiting for her.
What'd she say?
Nothing much. She got raped by our
victim, "Cody", and the intruder
who broke in also shot "Cody".
      (crosses arms)
Well, what do you think we're
looking at? An angry ex-girlfriend
or what?
I'm not entirely sure because we
don't even know if the assailant
is/was a woman and second of all,
if that's the case, Daisy would've
have been shot too because women
can be a little spiteful. Believe
There's a spark in Aurora's eye, letting us know that that
last line was a little too personal.
Good point.
      (rubbed eyes)
I guess that means we have to
bring her in for further
Whoa, right now?
No, I mean later. Of course I mean
right now!


Magic, have a heart.
Aurora, you're not making any
sense and I'm really tired, not to
mention cranky. So, what the hell
are you talking about, again?
Magic, it's like three o'clock in
the morning and the girl just got
raped. You really want to further
her pain and suffering even more?!
Magic stares at Aurora long and hard. Then, he sighs.
Fine, Mother Theresa. We'll come
back and get her later. Anyway,
where's Marvee?
      (motions toward
       front door)
Marvee's outside with the EMTs.
Wanna head out there?
No, we should just stand here like
Dude, your sarcasm really bites at
three in the morning.
Magic ignores her and proceeds to exit through the front
door. Aurora follows suit and soon they both spot Marvee
arguing with an EMT.
      (getting closer)
Marvee, what's going on?
      (puts hands on
This bozo here says that the body
has to visit the hospital first
before it's turned over to me. And


                       MARVEE (cont'd)
you know what? He's about to be
      (to Marvee)
Marvee, cool it.
      (to EMT)
Are you new?
                       EMT 2
Well, yes sir.
Okay, here's how it works, newbie.
This is OBVIOUSLY not a death of
natural causes. Therefore the body
is turned over to US. Now, if you
would excuse our medical examiner
here, she would like to take the
body back to the lab and I would
like to be back in my bed!
The EMT jumps a little and then proceeds to walk off.
      (to Magic)
Thanks. Now I'm going to go ahead
and take this darn body to the
Where's Chauncey?
      (from front door)
Over here! Mayne! You guys gotta
see this!
Magic, Marvee, and Aurora look at him curiously but comply.
      (looks up and
Broken glass.


      (squints at glass)
What do you mean and? The glass
was broken from the outside.
      (crosses arms)
Its relevance?
      (holds up glass)
Broken glass ALWAYS equals blood
and in this case, our murderer's
                                         END ACT II
Magic pulls up to the address that Chauncey had given him
days earlier. Even though there's a fresh case on the table
from earlier in the morning, Magic is determined to not let
his brother's case go cold.

Magic quickly approaches the doorbell and has a peace
offering to offer Ferrari just in case she wants to slam the
door in his face.
      (opens door)
Can I come in?
Sure....you can do whatever you
      (shifts uneasily)
Um...are you alright?


I'm tooootally fine.
      (bites lip)
And speaking of fine--
From far away, the name "DAYSHA" is called. And what we soon
realize is that this in fact is not Ferrari at the door. It
is actually her twin sister, DAYSHA WATKINS, (25, of
Caucasian and African American descent).
      (looks away from
Gosh, Ferrari! You never let me
have any fun!
                       FERRARI (O.S.)
Leave that poor man alone!
Ferrari--with her bandaged arm--soon makes her way to the
door and bumps her twin out of the way. By this time, Magic
is really confused.
So...a twin. Interesting...
Yeah. It's real interesting. Now
if you will excuse me, I would not
like to be harassed by you or any
other member of your "cop circle".
Ferrari moves to close the door but Magic sticks his foot
between the doorway. Ferrari faces his direction with an
irritated look.
      (crosses arms)
I got this address from Chauncey,
so obviously you expected one of
us to show up with
questions...which is why I'm here.
No. I gave HIM the address because
I expected HIM to show up not YOU
or the Sonny guy.
      (sighs and looks
       down at peace


                       MAGIC (cont'd)
Look, I brought a peace offering,
okay? Now, just give me the honor
of erasing that train-wreck of a
interrogation off your mind so I
can solve Wright's murder.
Ferrari tenses up at the mention of "Wright" and Magic
realizes that he might have found common ground.
      (opens door wider)
Come in.
Magic ducks under the doorway and Ferrari closes the door.
Looking around, Magic finds himself in a kitchen. At the far
corner, three kids--JANELLA (11), LASTACEE (2), AND LETWAN
WATKINS (13)--are sitting at a table.
      (to the kids)
Letwan, get your behind to that
bus stop now. Janella, you better
have already changed those booty
shorts I caught you in earlier
before you go to the bus stop and
Lastacee, go take a nap,
Letwan and Lastacee comply, and pass Ferrari on their way
out. Ferrari realizes that Janella is still at the table and
she crosses her arms.
Go change. Now.
Janella rolls her eyes and storms out of the kitchen.
Ferrari then turns to Magic.
Sorry about that. Now, follow me
to the living room.
      (starts walking)
Those your kids?


      (keeps walking)
You're funny. They're not my kids;
they're actually my sister's kids.
I love them like my own though.
Ferrari and Magic proceed and walk down a spacious corridor
until they reach the so-called living room. When they get
there, Ferrari motions for Magic to sit down while she
herself takes a seat. Magic slowly sits down and places his
"peace offering" on the table before him.
What is that anyway?
Chinese food.
Smart man.
So, what did you want to ask me?
      (claps hands
Right. So, back in the
interrogation room, you talked
about being shot by the killer
who was still in the house.
I believe I did.
So you think the same gun that was
used on you was the same one that
killed Wright?
      (sits back)
I don't think. I know. Have you
and your cop friends found out
what type of gun it was yet?


      (shakes head)
You cops work slow as hell.
Hey. We had a new case come in
this morning and besides, I don't
see you doing anything to help.
      (crosses arms)
I'm talking to you, aren't I?
Magic doesn't say anything and it is quiet until Ferrari
decides to speak again.
Anyway, the gun you're looking for
is an Uzi. Carbine, I think.
Really? How would you know?
      (smiles faintly)
War does that to you. It trains
you to do things...hear
things...see things you've never
seen before.
Iraq, '06. That's where I met
      (straightens up)
I actually stayed there for two
years and then I was discharged
because my mother was dying of
whatever disease.
Well...I'm sorry about your
mother... but what were you doing
in Iraq?
Oh, don't be sorry...because I was
definitely not. But anyway, I'll
skip the grisly details and tell
you that I enlisted to go to Iraq
because I was looking for an


                       FERRARI (cont'd)
escape or even some random
While...while I was there, I
became a well-known hostage
negotiator and in some delicate
situations, they'd send me
in--armed--with some elaborate
plan to rescue the hostage. So
that explains that.
Well. That's...that's, uh--
--Not what you'd expect from a
blind lady? Yeah, I get that a
lot. People expect the glasses,
the stick, or the guide dog but I
have none of them...which is
saying a lot.
Shows character.
      (clears throat)
Anyway, I remember you saying
something about shooting at
Wright's killer. Do you think you
hit him or her?
      (shakes head)
Nah. I was angry, scared, and
confused. I don't think I could've
hit a drunken bunny.
      (laughs a little)
I think I missed, but I hope I
      (stands up)
Let's pray you're right. Anyway,
thanks for the valuable
information you gave me and thanks
for agreeing to speak to me. You
didn't have too and--
      (stands up also)
And before you ramble on and
leave, you might need something.


Ferrari reaches under the couch and pulls out a single
bullet sealed away in a Ziploc bag. Magic looks at it with
      (hands it to him)
It's the bullet that hit me in the
shoulder. Hopefully, you cops can
match it to a gun and find the
flippin' idiot who killed Wright.
      (grabs bag)
Thanks. You don't know how much
this helps.
Nah. I think I do.
      (turns toward
       front door)
Now come on, copper. I have to
escort you out.
Magic follows Ferrari to the front door.
So, how's your shoulder?
      (shrugs injured
Sore, but it could be worse.
Glad to hear that. Anyway, I know
that with everything that's
happened, I'm probably not your
favorite person but we would have
been brother and sister-in-law if
Wright was still here. So, I have
to ask...are you going to be okay?
Okay? Define okay.
      (smile sadly)
In all honesty, I won't be okay
for awhile...but I'll pull
through. I have to. But you
know...the question is whether
you're going to be okay.


      (raises eyebrows)
What do mean? Why wouldn't I be
So now you're feigning machoness?
Wow. I might be blind, but I'm not
stupid and unlike most people, I
can tell a lot of things by just
listening to the sound of a
person's voice. So in a nutshell,
you're in the same place as I am
in this grieving process.
I hate that word...grieving. It
sounds so--
Yeah. Thanks again. For
everything. And if you ever need
help or anything like that--
--I got it. You have my back and
all that.
After that, Ferrari and Magic part ways with Magic heading
back to the precinct.
Magic is walking the precinct a couple of hours after
delivering ballistics evidence to Aurora.
      (from far away)
Magic! Magic slow down!
Magic stops walking and turns around. Aurora almost runs him
Whoa. Why are you so out of


      (hits Magic in
I'm out of breath because I was
chasing YOU down.
Or you could be out of shape.
Aurora hits him once again.
You GONNA stop hitting me.
Yeah, yeah. Anyway, you need to
follow me back to the lab. There's
been a breakthrough with that
bullet you brought in earlier.
Aurora holds two bullets up to Magic's face.
You see these two bullets I have
in my hand?
I sure do see them because they're
only in my FACE.
      (lowers bullets)
MOVING ON, Marvee passed on the
bullets she found in Wright and
Cody and I decided to compare them
to the one Wright's fiancée gave
to you. And get this: they all
Well, this is what we needed...a
breakthrough. But everything is
still so...disconnected.


I feel equally confused. I
mean...are we looking at a serial
killer, Magic?
      (crosses arms)
At this point, anything's
The door to the lab opens and Sonny pokes his head inside
the room. Aurora looks at him with an amused smile while
Magic looks less than pleased.
      (to Sonny)
What are you doing here?
Well, hello to you too, "boss".
OKAY! What do you want, dear?
Magic and I were talking about
something important.
Well, some chick wants to see you
in your office. She was rambling
on about some important lead or
tip or whatever.
      (turns to leave
       but stops)
I would have jotted it all down,
but I'm not on the case anymore
      (cuts Sonny off)
So, you better get back to the
Sonny gives Magic a look as he exits.
Hey, you put all this on yourself.
If you hadn't been shooting off
your mouth--


UGH! I don't need a lecture from
you, Aurora. Our shall I say mom?
You wish I were your mom. Anyway,
back to your desk, mister.
Sonny shakes his head and then exits, leaving Aurora behind.
Aurora is currently pondering the evidence.
I just don't get it. Who uses the
same gun for all of their victims?
Aurora leans onto the table in front of her with a puzzled
look on her face.
Wait...it could be that whoever
this is new to this killing
thing...and maybe all these
deaths--minus the fiancée--are
Maybe it's time to revisit that
female killer theory that Magic
came up with.
                                         END ACT III
Magic enters his office where he spots a slender, smoldering
brunette sitting in front of his desk. She turns around just
in time to see him enter the room. She then gets up to
introduce herself.
      (shakes Magic's
Hi. My name is Adonica Moss.
      (returns handshake)
Nice to meet you, ma'am. What
brings you to my office?


Oh, that. Oh, well, I heard about
the recent case with the two
murders and how one of those
murders happened to be personal to
you or your precinct and I figured
that you cops needed a tip.
Tip, eh? Alright then, let's hear
Adonica leans to her side to pull something out of her
purse. She then hands it to Magic. It is a picture of Daisy,
with shades on, near a car at night. She is handing money to
some hooded-figure. This of course looks suspicious.
      (looking at
Where'd you get this?
      (looks at picture)
Well, I'm a night owl and I
usually take a jog around my
neighborhood around 8 or 9 at
night--not without pepper spray of
course. I saw this happening on
one of my jogs and I decided to
take a picture of it on my phone
just in case something happened.
      (looks up at Magic)
And when I heard of this case
involving the same girl, I got
this photo blown up immediately.
So, here we are.
That..that little...
      (exhales and looks
       at Adonica)
Thank you for this. This was very
much needed and this changes
      (faint smile)
I figured it would. Good luck with
your case.
Adonica and Magic shake hands once again and then Adonica
exits. Magic waits until she is long gone before he picks up


his stapler on his desk and angrily throws it at the door
where it explodes into separate pieces.
      (to self)
I CAN'T believe I let Aurora
convince me to let that conniving
chick go home. I might have just
let a killer escape through my
As we will find out, Magic doesn't know how right he is.
Magic takes some time to recompose himself and then he
slowly steps out of his office.
Still livid from the new evidence, Magic is now searching
for Chauncey so he can let him know what has happened. He
ends up running into RODERICK RONORHA (African American, 21,
blades expert). Roderick--a midget when compared to
Magic--comes off as cute yet goofy and lax, basically
exemplifying a kid.
Yo, Magic!
Don't "yo" me. And don't "hey" me
either because that's for
horses--and don't even throw a
joke about the last one.
      (puts hands up)
Okay! Geez. Sorry. Who stuck their
foot up your--
Magic glares at him.
I was going to say behind, so
Whatever. Do you know where
Chauncey is? I need to talk to


I saw him around earlier. You
should try the front desk.
Thanks. Where are you headed?
      (blushes and turns
       to leave)
You're headed to harass Marvee
again, aren't you?
      (begins walking)
      (shakes head)
Boy, she don't want you...
Magic, nobody asked you!
Magic waves Roderick off and turns around to continue
walking when he spots CHANEL ALVAREZ, (22, Colombian,
Brunette, baby sister of Sonny), strolling towards him. She
waves at him and a few people whistle at her. A obvious
head-turner, Chanel is bright and not to mention ambitious.
And to most of the other employees in the precinct, it is
also obvious that Chanel is totally into Magic--well, it's
obvious to all but Magic and Sonny.
      (waves again)
Hey, Magic.
      (nods slowly)
Chanel. What are you doing here?
Did you come to see Sonny?
      (rolls eyes)
Why does everyone ask me that? Why
can't I just come to say hi or
something? I mean...what if I came
to see you, huh? Maybe I came to
say hi and all that.


      (crosses arms)
Fine, Magic. I just stopped by to
wrestle some gas money from Sonny,
okay? So do you know where he is?
He's on desk duty.
Oh my gosh! What'd he do?
That, young Chanel, is for me to
know and for you to find out.
I'm not that young...
Yeah, you kinda are.
No, I'm not. You make it sound
like I'm fifteen or something.
You might as well be.
      (rolls eyes)
Yeah, because twenty-two is
totally equal to fifteen, smart
Yeah, okay Chanel. Get worked up
over the fact that I called you
young; I don't really care. You
can, however, talk to me in eight
years when you're thirty and
twenty-two begins to seem like it
was a stupid age.
Magic walks off. Chanel lingers behind, staring at him
longingly as he disappears.


I don't want to talk to you in
eight years...I want to talk to
you now.
We revisit Sonny. He has been placed on desk duty due to his
horrid interrogation of Ferrari.

Sonny shoves some paper into a folder and pushes them across
the desk. The folder doesn't hesitate to skid off the desk
and onto the floor. He curses under his breath as he leans
over to pick it up.
      (pops up)
      (drops folder)
WHAT THE--! What are you doing
sneaking up on people!?
I just wanted to say hi! Damn!
Anyway, how is desk duty going?
      (narrows eyes)
Fine...thanks to you.
      (puts hands up)
Hey mayne, don't get mad at me.
You're the one who shot yo' mouth
off at a visually-handicapped
female. And it didn't help that
you insulted her.
Visually-handicapped? Really
I wanted to sound sophisticated.
Okay holmes.


Alright, then. I'm going to go see
what's happening in the other,
"non-boring" parts of the lab.
I hate you.
      (holds thumbs up)
Mission accomplished!
Chauncey walks off in the opposite direction, smiling all
big while Magic approaches the desk.
      (clears throats)
      (looks up at Magic)
Oh, hey Magic. How's life?
It's good and all that. So, have
you seen Chauncey? I can't find
him anywhere.
Yeah. He was just here, like
literally. I say about ten to
thirty seconds ago.
Crap. Well, I'll see you later
Magic walks away, leaving Sonny alone once again. Sonny then
proceeds to prop his feet up on the desk until the police
scanner next to his foot comes to life.
                       OFFICER 1
Near North Side to Roger's Park.
Come in.
Near North side to Roger's Park!
Come in!
Roger's Park to Near North Side.
What's happening?


                       OFFICER 1
We've got a 211S in progress at a
Signal 24 on East Ontario Street
and North State Street.
10-4. Is this a bank we're talking
                       OFFICER 1
10-4. Could escalate to a Signal
10-4. On my way.
Sonny leans back from the scanner and angrily bangs his
hands on the desk.
Great. There's a bank robbery
going on in one of the richest
parts of Chicago and I'm stuck on
desk duty.
Hey...I am doing desk duty by
answering this call. So,
technically, I could still be on
desk duty if I left right now.
      (smiles to self)
Hmph. Sonny, you are so brilliant.
Sonny happily rubs his hands together and gathers a few
Bank robbery, here I come!
                                         END ACT IV
We cut back to Ferrari's humble abode, where she is
currently dancing her sorrows away in the lower basement
which is home to a dancing studio. As she spins once again,
she experiences a flashback.


This takes us back a few months earlier, exactly two weeks
after Wright proposed to Ferrari. Currently, she's enjoying
the cool, night breeze on the balcony. This quiet peace is
interrupted when Wright positions himself by the door.
      (crosses arms)
Feels like a nice night, doesn't
It's not just nice, Wright. It's--
Just like you.
      (rests hands on
       balcony rail)
Like I haven't heard that before.
Wright laughs and approaches Ferrari. When he finally makes
to her, he wraps his arms around her waist, kissing her
cheek softly.
I'm serious...
I know you are...
Why do I feel like the next word
out of your mouth is going to be
Ferrari pauses for a while and then Wright laughs once more.


I hate that you always predict
everything I'm going to say. I
mean, where's the mystery in all
that? You could at least let a
sister finish a sentence!
I guess you're mad. Tell me, baby,
on a scale from one to ten--
Anyway, going back to that
"but"...I'm getting the feeling
that you're about to ask me
something very
important...something that just
might involve me compromising...
Wright freezes, saying nothing. Ferrari feels his hands
tense up and turns around quickly.
Oh my goodness! I was right!!!
      (pokes Wright in
What is it? You already asked me
to marry you...what else could be
so important that you felt the
need to feel me up?!
Whoa! I did not--
Ferrari crosses her arms.
Okay. Maybe I--it's possible
that--it was just your ass, geez!
The next words out of your mouth
better be about this thing you're
neglecting to tell me about. I
don't want to hear anything else.
Wright rubs the back of his head as he works up some nerve.


      (brings hands to
The only reason you would be
silent this long is if you were
about to mention something
involving your mother.
And on that note, I'm going back
Ferrari turns to leave but then Wright suddenly speaks up.
She wants to be our wedding
Ferrari turns back around, mouth open.
Look, baby, I know my mom is a
little loopy but--
      (throws hands up)
A little?! The woman is--
Remember that she's my mom...
Fine. I won't comment on her
character or well-being. But I
will say this: NO!
I said NO! She can be a GUEST at
our wedding, but other than that,
there is no way that we're hiring
her to plan it. There's--there's
just no way!


Don't sweet talk me, Wright. I've
made my decision.
Ferrari, hear me out, please.
Ferrari opens her mouth to say something, but then she
Look, baby. My mom might be crazy,
but even her haters can't deny
that she is a damn good wedding
planner and besides, you've been
stressing over the wedding for a
week and a half now. Don't you
think you deserve a little
assistance? Hell, she could
relieve you of all this
responsibility if you let her.
Ferrari doesn't say anything for a while. At least two
minutes pass before she manages one word.
...Yeah. If it makes you happy and
all that crap.
Wright smiles and bombards Ferrari with repeated kisses and
a hug as he lifts her off the ground.
Wright! Lord! I know you're happy
but goodness!
                                         BACK TO:
Ferrari falls to the ground, as she is overcome with many
emotions. It is at this time that Daysha pokes her head
inside the room.


Looks like that was a nasty fall.
You should probably fix that.
      (sits up and
       raises voice)
What do you want, Daysha?
No need to get hostile. I was just
      (stands up)
If "hostile" will get you off
weed, get you a job, and get you
to stop flippin' depending on that
useless SOB of an ex-husband you
still "love", I am all for
It's not even like that. We just
couldn't work out our
differences...that's all. He's
better than you give him credit
      (crosses arms)
Sure. Go ahead and defend the
abusive bastard because like
always, that's your style.
Daisy clenches her fists but neglects to shoot something
smart back.
There's someone upstairs waiting
to see you.
Daysha angrily exits.
Currently, Aurora is waiting for Ferrari in her living room.
After a few seconds, Ferrari walks in. Aurora stands up.
Ferrari Rendo?


      (crosses arms)
Who wants to know?
      (clears throat)
Where are my manners?
      (stands up)
I'm Aurora Daughtry, CSI, and I'm
working with Officer Blaze to help
bring your fiancé's murderer to
Aware that Ferrari is blind, Aurora moves closer to shake
her hand but Ferrari ignores the gesture, clearly irritated.
Great. Another cop. Ain't that
just dandy...
Excuse me?
You heard me, lady. I don't
understand why there's ANOTHER cop
at my house while the case is yet
to be solved.
Well then. I clearly shouldn't
have wasted an introduction on the
lights of you.
Oh, so now you have jokes? Well, I
CLEARLY didn't walk up into
someone's house lookin' like the
ghetto version of "Malibu Barbie".
Aurora gasps.
Yeah, I went there, "Barbie". And
yes, I can't see you but I smell
it all over you. You got on heavy
perfume for no reason and you're
probably a natural Blonde but
decided to go brunette out of
frustration over Blonde jokes.
Among other things, I'm willing to
bet my arm on the fact that you
have some sort of heavy lipstick


                       FERRARI (cont'd)
on--most likely brown or red.
Aurora is red in the face now as all of Ferrari's
assumptions were correct.
Whatever, Ms. Rendo. Now, if you
are willing to put childish
matters aside, I would like to ask
you an important question.
Go ahead with your question, Ms.
Daughtry but may I remind you that
you started "childish manners"
with your "wasted introduction"
But continue.
Both Aurora and Ferrari take a seat.
Starting off blunt, the same
person who killed Wright and shot
you in the shoulder went on to
kill again. Therefore, I was
thinking that this was way too
personal to be a random person.
So, I'm thinking that--
--The killer could be a woman?
Yeah, how did you--?
Long story.
      (stands up)
I'll fill you in if you drive me
to Wright's house.
Ferrari and Aurora enter the now abandoned house. Ferrari
makes a face.
Are you--?


I'm fine. I just don't like being
back here.
      (walks forward)
Anyway, there should be some
pictures upstairs in the old
bedroom somewhere. You can come
with me if you want.
Aurora nods and Ferrari proceeds to walk up the stairs.
After awhile, they reach the old bedroom and Ferrari walks
over to the bed and kneels before it. She then reaches under
the bed for something, pulling out a dusty wooden chest.
      (blows at dust)
This is where we keep most of the
pictures. All people of interest
should be inside this here chest.
Ferrari passes the chest down to Aurora and Aurora proceeds
with flipping through the photos. Several minutes pass by
until Aurora finally stops at a picture of interest with her
eyebrows raised. In the picture, Wright and Daisy appear to
be at a zoo, hugging and laughing.
She knew Wright...
Who knew Wright?
Uh...a witness in one of our
recent murders...she's in this
picture with Wright...
Do you think--
Before we assume anything, I have
to talk to Magic about all of
      (stands up)
Just make sure you're the last cop


                       FERRARI (cont'd)
I have to see for awhile.
Aurora grabs the picture and slides the wooden chest back
under the bed. Afterward, she follows Ferrari out of the
room and they start back down the stairs.
Thanks for your help, Ms. Rendo.
You should hear back from us in a
few days on this new development.
When you say "hear back", I hope
you mean that the case will
finally be closed. Otherwise, I
Ferrari stops walking and Aurora turns around.
You swear what?
Forget about that. There's some
hole in the wall over here and I
have some issues figuring out what
this thing inside it is.
Aurora directs her eyes to the hole in the wall along the
stairs. There, she sees Ferrari running her hand repeatedly
over the opening and as soon as she zooms in on it, she
identifies it as a bullet.
Sweet mother of Jesus...that's a
It is?
Of course! Isn't it obvi--sorry. I
keep forgetting you can't see.


I'll take that as a compliment.
Anyway, what happens now?
Well, you mentioned to Magic that
you shot at Wright's murderer,
So, this could be one of your
bullets and if I'm correct...
Aurora pulls a latex glove from her pocket and slips it on.
And then carefully, she slowly removes the bullet from the
wall and with the bullet comes a chunk of Blonde hair.
Oh yeah. Jackpot!
                                         END ACT V
At this point in time, Sonny finds himself ducking behind
his car, trying to wait for a good time to shoot. Already,
Sonny has counted six robbers in the bank.

He now lifts his arms slowly as he dares to move his head
from behind the car. One of the robbers in the far left
window of the bank spot him, but Sonny is quick to take him
out. And as if to respond, the shots fired next are solely
directed on Sonny's car. He stays low as he decides to call
for backup. Not wanting to bother with the radio, he flips
open his cell phone to call Chauncey.
      (running Sonny's
      (looks over)
Chauncey! What are you doing here?


      (crouches next to
Like you don't know why I'm here!
      (raises gun)
I came to save yo' ass.
Does Magic know that I'm not at
the desk?
No. And frankly, I don't care if
he knows. Whatever punishment yo'
dumb behind gets is yo' fault. Now
come on, mayne. Let's go inside
this bank.
      (looks at him
Have you lost it?! You want us to
brave this crossfire?! Ah, no.
Suit yourself.
Chauncey waits for a second and then runs behind a lot of
cars to get to the bank. After a few seconds, Sonny
reluctantly follows behind.

They make a run for it while exchanging gunfire with the
remaining four robbers. Sonny and Chauncey then duck into
the back door of the bank and are swiftly followed by SWAT.
      (motions to SWAT)
When did they get here?
      (keeps walking)
Why you asking me like I know? I'm
just trying to get a move on.
      (stops walking)


Aren't they gonna do that whole
flash-bang entrance thing they
always do?
Mayne, I don't know. Why you
I'm asking so I know whether to go
ahead or wait because that crap
hurts my eyes.
Look at yo' female lookin' self...
Sonny rolls his eyes as he overhears SWAT's entrance, which
consists of a loud bang followed by gunshots. Chauncey
rushes to go see what the big deal is.

Sonny follows him and when they exit from their hiding
place, members of the SWAT team can be seen giving each
other high fives and pats on the back. Sonny and Chauncey
catch sight of the dead armed robbers.
      (slaps Sonny
       upside head)
Because of yo' female looking
self, we missed all the action.
      (rubs his head)
You know what? I am sick of you
already. Maybe I should've stayed
at that damned desk because I
wasn't subject to verbal abuse
Verbal abuse? Weak...
Sonny turns away from Chauncey to survey the damage. The
bank's walls are riddled with bullets and when Sonny decides


to count the robbers up, he only counts three. Confused,
Sonny counts again.
      (to SWAT members)
What the--where's the fourth idiot
                       SWAT MEMBER
Who cares? The punk probably up
and ran off when he heard us
                       FOURTH ROBBER
      (from behind all)
Actually...the fourth and last
idiot robber is right here.
Sonny and all members of SWAT turn around to see the fourth
and final armed robber with his gun pressed into the back of
Chauncey's skull. Chauncey looks like he is going to piss
his pants.
      (facepalms self)
Damn it.
                                         END TAG
                                         CREDITS ROLL IN


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From Ayana Date 11/11/2011 ****
you have very descriptive words and as soon as I started I was hooked this would be an amazing show!

From Lexy Date 10/20/2011 ****
Wow! This is a really interesting concept. Ferrari (Odd, but different name) and Magic are some awesome characters but you need to extend everyone else a little more.

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