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Spiritual Warfare
by Donald Hugaboom (ncatied@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

Angels have been living among us sense the creation of the universe. They all lived in heaven until one rebelled. His name was Lucifer however we know him as Satan. Now, it is the job of The Archangel Michael and his team of warrior to stop Lucifer and team of demons from turning God’s creation against him; and For Sara and her father, Captain Nathaniel Adams, they are no exception. What happens when you realize we do not wrestle against flesh and blood watch as Michael and his team of warrior fight against Lucifer and team of demons over your very soul? For Captain Adams and his daughter, Sara, they must realize the only way to win is faithfully trusting in Christ alone. You will see the creation of the universe, a view of heaven, a view hell, the original battle between Michael and Lucifer, and the visible wrestling against invisible forces of the spiritual realm. It is Spiritual Warfare, welcome to the real world.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


It is late, you hear children laughing and their mother is
attempting to get them into bed.
                       SAM (V.O.)
Sara, Joel it's time for bed.
She knocks on the playroom door while gently sliding it
      (Inside voice)
OK kids come on it's time for bed.
      (Grunts in
Mm, do we have to go to bed?
      (Slight Sarcasm)
Yes, it's time for bed.
We're not tired. Are we sis?
I'm sure, but your father will be
home within a few hours and you
know how he gets when y'all are up
late on a school night.
Yeah, ok we'll go to bed.


Yeah, we'll go but can you at
least tell us a story first.
So you want me to tell you a
bedtime story, do you? Well okay,
I'll tell you one story them it's
time for bed.
Joel laughs as she is tickling him.
Okay, okay we'll go.
      (Low voice)
Have I ever told you the story of
how God created the heavens and
the earth?
I don't think so.
For this story, I need you to
close your eyes and imagine it.
You are looking over a very dark
and empty void...
The children still have their eyes closed. They see a pitch
black and empty void in time and space. They begin to hear a
soft roll of thunder, and then they hear aloud earth-
shattering clash of thunder and lightning. It flashes across
so quickly it startles them, and the mist of noise they hear
a voice.
                       GOD (V.O.)
      (With authority)
Let there be light.


When the bolt lightning stuck, dust particles flow all
across the once empty void and creating the stars. God
stretched his hands and some of the dust particles even
began swirling around make planets and putting them into
orbit around the Sun. He even gave them all names, some of
them were given moons, and some and other were given rings.
He took what looks like a paintbrush and made the asteroid
belt, and from constellations from the different stars,
planets, and the two galaxies in our solar system.
Constellations like Orion the Hunter, Leon the Lion, The Big
and Little Dipper, and many more.
Then on a tiny little planet he called Earth, it started out
as a planet with nothing but water; however, he made dry
land. Then he created life. The animals are walking on the
ground, while fish dolphins and other sea critters are
swimming around in the water, and he is painting clouds in
the sky while the birds are flying around.
Then back through the clouds and through our hemisphere into
outer space, and racing into another dimension.
There is a huge, bright light of sardius and jasper. It is
God, and there a rainbow of pure emerald on the top a
mountain. God is sitting on his throne.
      (In a pleasing
It is good.
Jesus is stepping out from the light and his walk down the
steps of the holy mountain. There are 12 thrones on his left
and 12 thrones on his right. They are the thrones for the 24


                       ALL OF HEAVEN
      (Repeatedly in
       reverence to God
For the Lord God Almighty reigns

For the Lord God Almighty reigns

Holy are You Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb

you are holy

Holy are you Lord God Almighty

Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb

Jesus makes is way down the steps and every one are on their
knees bowing before him.
You see the streets of pure gold with a river, which flow
right through the middle of streets. It is the River of
Life. It starts from Gods throne and it never ends. The
walls are 1,500 miles long, 1,500 miles high and 216 feet
wide. It was made out from jasper stones; it was
crystal-clear and gates made from a single pearl. There are
huge mansions and people all around over the place. The
Elders are casting down their crowns before the feet of


The mountains' have snow on them and eagles a soaring around
them. They see bosom of Abraham and he was greeting all of
the new souls who enter into Heaven. They are seeing people
enter some are wearing gowns of salvation and other wearing.
Priestly robes of righteousness. They see horses galloping
in fields, they see flowers in gorgeous color, but they did
not see any shadow because there is no darkness or shadows
of turning. They see royal greens, reds, yellows, and other
colors. They are amp theaters all over the place.
Meanwhile in the playroom, every bodies' eyes are still
      (In aw)
Wow, Mama this is so cool. It
looks so real.
      (In aw)
Yeah, it's as if you can just
reach out and touch everything. So
what about the angel how many
angels are there?
There are multitudes of angels.
So you don't know how many there
No one knows for sure, because not
all of the angels are in Heaven
any more.
So what happen to them?


Well, some of them turned evil.
Oh okay, I have to hear this.
Okay; now, where was I? Oh, yes
now I remember. Now keep your eyes
                       SARA AND JOEL
The kids still have their eyes closed.
Now, like I said, "There are
multitudes of angels" but there
are three angels, who are above
the rest and they are known as
archangels. They are Gabriel the
messenger, Michael the warrior,
and Lucifer the musician.
                       JOEL (V.O.)
So who fell?
                       SAM (V.O.)
I was just getting to there.
                       JOEL (V.O.)
Oh, okay.
                       SAM (V.O.)
Meanwhile, the music was playing…
People were worshiping, laughing, and having fun. They had
some who were climbing the mountains, other were running in
the open fields, and some were sliding down the streets of
gold is their sock playing air guitar.

Joel and Sara start laughing.


                       JOEL (V.O.)
That's funny mama.
                       SARA (V.O.)
Yeah, that's a good one.
                       SAM (V.O.)
Lucifer, the Archangel of Music,
was watching everything; however,
he was not pleased. In fact, he
was furious at God.
                       LUCIFER (V.O.)
      (In his mind)
How could God allow these people
do this? If it were I, I would
make everyone bow down and worship
In a fit of rage, Lucifer flow over to Gods Throne and he
was storming angry as a hornet. Lucifer stands before God.
God, how could you let these
people get away with this?
What are you talking about, my
Oh, don't you dare play stupid
with me Lord. You know exactly
what I'm talking about God. Lord,
they should be bowing down and
worship you; you should have more
control over your people.
Lucifer, they are not doing
anything wrong. Now, go back to
what you were doing.


-But Lord, you're not listening,
and if you won't listen to me.
Then, I'll make you listen.
      (God is getting
-Lucifer; hold your tongue.
      (Out raged)
NO! God if you won't listen to me
then and if you won't make these
people bow down and worship you.
Then, I will ascend; I will exalt
myself above you; I will assume
your throne; and I will put my
throne above yours-
No Lord, I will rule over everyone
and everything including you.
Lucifer quickly draws his sword to attack God. When
suddenly, another sword clashes it is Michael. Michael
throws Lucifer back with his sword.
      (Enraged in a
       giant flame of
Get him out of my house, now.
      (With authority)
It will be my pleasure.
They stare each other down with the thousand-mile stare.


I'll never leave.
Michael stands about 6ft 7in. He is about 240 pounds of sold
cut muscle. His wings span 35ft wide. His armor is a
sterling silver angel's breastplate, which covers his front
and his back, with sterling silver shoulder pads, underneath
his armor; he wears a golden warlord's tunic, and under the
tunic, he wears a crimson red chain mail. Over his hands, he
wears sterling silver angel gauntlets, and his pants are
crimson red slack with a golden belt. For his feet, he wears
sterling silver angel's greaves; and his has long pitch
black. His sword 6ft long with a 2ft wide sterling silver
blade, and 1ft golden handle with all 12 birthstones in
bedded on three corners of the handle four on each side, and
a leather black grip.

Lucifer stands about 5ft 11in 170 pounds of cut muscle, and
his wings span is about 28ft wide. His armor is a sterling
silver dragon scaled breastplate, which covers his front and
his back, with sterling silver dragon scaled shoulder pads,
underneath his armor; he wears a pitch-black dragon's tunic,
and under his tunic, he wears a crimson red chain mail. Over
his hands, he wears sterling silver dragon scaled gauntlets.
He wears pitch-black slack with sterling silver belt, and
sterling silver dragon scaled greaves; and he has long
blonde hair. His sword is 5ft long with a 2ft wide crooked
sterling silver blade, and 1ft golden handle with 4
sapphires, 4 blood rubes, and 4 jasper stones in bedded into
all three corners of the handle with a black leather grips
around the handle.

Michael and Lucifer swords clashes, and when they do spark
start flying. It is sword against sword. They were blocking
and dodging each other attacks. When, suddenly Michael
finally slices through Lucifer's armor.

Then, Lucifer drops to his knees, and then in fit of rage.
His heartbeats start pumping faster and faster as begins his
transformation and his beauty diminishes into a dark and
horrifically, terrifying ten-story seven-headed, fire-
breathing dragon with ten horns; two horns on the first
three and one on the last four. His wings spanned stretching
to eighty feet wide. His hands and arms turn into dragon's
claws, and his feet and legs turn into dragon's feet. Then


Michael pushes a bottom on the right side of their collar
and helm form over their heads and shields form from their
left and to some from their right arms. Lucifer spits fire
from his mouths. Michael lifts his shield to block the fire.
You fool, I am Lucifer; Satan the
Devil; the Great Dragon did you
honestly think you could defeat me
so easily? Angels, attack!
Then a huge war broke out in heaven, Michael and his angels
fought against Lucifer and his angels.

Michael has several angels at his command but here are four
he worked with more. You have Cornelius, the courageous;
Abishai, the honorable; Lydia, the passionate; and Ariel,
the just.

Lucifer has several fallen angels at his command but here
are four angels he works with the most. You have Akel Dama,
the deadly; Melchizedek, the cunning; Jezebel, the
enchantress; and Sapphira, the sorceress.

Michael and his warriors were focusing all of their efforts
on Lucifer. They were dodging Lucifer's fire while trying to
block his sword attacks, and keeping Satan's angels under
submission. They were jumping away from the fiery flames of
Satan's breath. While he was blowing the fire, his demons
would swoop into attack Michael and his angels.
Then suddenly, Michael finally got in one might blow, and he
hit Lucifer so hard he was hurled out of heaven along with
his angels; and like a flash of lightning Lucifer and angels
fell to earth and landed into a place called Hell, and they
are doomed to stay there for eternity until the day of
      (Shouts in victory)
You will never win.
Everyone in heaven shouted in victory.


      (With all out
So, you want to kick me out of
heaven do you? Then I will make
the earth a living hell. I will
make your creation wish they were
never born. These souls are now
This means war!
Meanwhile back in the playroom, Sara and Joel barely able to
keep their eyes open.
That's cool, mama.
Yeah mama, God is cool.
As they fine fall asleep.
Meanwhile, Samantha is laying the children into their beds.
When in the driveway you hear the tiny squeak of a car
Samantha is quietly slips out of Joel's room. She eases the
door shut. When, you hear voice in a quiet tone from
      (Small holler)
Sam, I'm home. Sam


      (Low voice)
Sh, don't talk to loud. I finally
got the kids to bed.
She is walking softly down the stairs.
      (Low voice)
Oh, sorry...
He puts his keys on the table in the front entrance.
Samantha walks over to him. She put her arms around him, and
they kiss. She puts her head on his chest.
      (Low voice)
I love you babe.
I love you too.
They head into the kitchen. Nathan walks over to the fridge
to make himself a sandwich.
There's some leftover spaghetti if
you'd like some.
OK thanks; but I'm not that
He leans with his back to counter after making his sandwich.
He takes a bite.
So, how was work?
Well, it was work. We made another
bust today.


Yeah, I heard about that on the
news. How big was the lab?
It was big.
I just do not get it. It seems
like the more people you catch.
They multiply.
Well, they never said this job was
going to be easy.
I'm just worry, but anyway you
made it home safely today.
Therefore, I'm thankful. Oh before
I forget, are you still taking
Sara to school tomorrow?
Well, considering she volunteered
me for her career day project,
absolutely. Are you taking Joel to
the zoo tomorrow?
It was my plan. Why do you ask?
Are you taking the cobalt?
Of course,
So, how long did take you to get
the kids to bed?
Well, consider they wouldn't let
me put them to bed before telling
them a story a couple of hours.


So, what story did you read to
I didn't read them a story
tonight. I ended up telling them
the story of creation, and the
battle between Michael and
Nathan slams the refrigerator door after cleaning his mess.
Jesus, Sam why must you insist on
feeding them this nonsense?
Christianity isn't nonsense.
Listen, from what I've seen on the
streets with all of the drugs, the
rapes and whatever else is out
there. How can you say there is an
almighty and loving God? No, it is
all a bunch of foolishness. Sam,
tell me something? If we have such
compassionate and love God as you
say, then why don't he stop people
from being murdered in cold bold
or stop an incent child from being
rape or molested?
You know I can't answer that
That's what I thought. Therefore,
until you can get an answer to
that question, I do not what you
read or tell our kids anymore of
these ridicules Bible stories.
Sam turns away from him.


      (Whisper in her
Hey, I'm sorry. Okay, I love you.
I just don't believe in God.
Nathan eases his way over to her. He puts his arms around.
      (With tears in her
Well, I'm sorry you feel this way,
but I will never stop telling them
story, or believing in God. If it
helps the kids get to sleep, then
I will continue to use what works.
He kisses her on the back of the head. She turns slowly
turns around puts her arms around him with her head cradled
in his arms.
I forgive, and I love you. Yes, I
wish you would start, but I know
you have to come to that
conclusion on your own.
Yeah, well don't get your hopes
up. So, are the kids asleep?
-Oh, yeah
      (Kissing her on
       the neck)
Well, would you like to teach me
more about speaking tongues?
      (A small sexy grin)
Oh, I'd love it.
They kiss as they make their way to their bedroom.


It is 6:00 a.m. when Nathan and Sam's alarm clock goes. Sam
rolls over and she kisses her husband on the forehead.
Hey babe, it's time to get up.
Nathan kisses her.
I know, and I'll make the coffee.
Therefore, you can wake up the
Nathan is slowly rolling out of bed and he puts his slipper
on, and he heads downstairs. While, Sam is slowly rolls out
of bed, and she makes her way down the hallway to the kids'
rooms. She knocks on Sara's door, and she gently opens it.
Sara sweetie, it's time to get up.
She walks over to Sara bed, and she gently shacks her to
wake. Sara finally opens her.
Good morning mommy
Good morning sweetie, it's time to
get up. You don't want to be late
for school.
I know. I'm getting up.
That's a good girl. I be back to
check on you in a minute.
Sara is rolling out of bed as Sam is leaving room.


Mommy, I love you.
I love you too, sweetie. I'll see
you downstairs.
Sam step out and she gently closes the door, and she walks
across the hallway to wake up Joel.
She knocks on his door and she gently opens it. She goes
over to Joel's bed.
Joel, it's time to get up.
Joel rolls over. She nudges him a few times, and he finally
wakes up. He slowly opens his eyes.
      (He rubs his eyes)
Yes Hun, it's I. It's time to get
Ok mommy, I'm getting.
He starts to roll back over.
Joel, come on. Get up. I'm going
down, and I'll see you in a few
ok. And do not forget we are going
to the zoo.
He finally sits up as she is heading out the door.

Sam heads downstairs and into the kitchen.


While, Nathan is sitting at the table reading the newspaper
as he finishes his coffee. Sam walks over to him and kisses
him on the forehead.
I love you.
Well, I love you too. So, are the
kids up?
Of course, Joel was a bit
difficult, but you know Joel. He's
just like his father.
Yeah well, what can we do right?
Sam sits down with her coffee.
Well, I'd better start getting
ready. I'll be upstairs if you
need me.
Nathan heads upstairs as Sara and Joel are making their way
She leaps over to him and gives him a huge hug.
Oaf, well good morning sweetie, I
love you too.
Good morning daddy


Good morning, to you too champ.
He puts Sara down.
Daddy, are still taking me to
Of course, I wouldn't miss it. You
can't have a career day without
the best display there, and you
get to ride the front seat of my
police car.
Oh, cool.
Uh, can I ride with you?
Well, not this time champ maybe
next time besides you are going to
zoo with your mother.
                       JOEL (SIGHS)
Well, ok
Ok, now go eat your breakfast;
I'll be back down in a second.
The kids head into the kitchen as Nathan headed upstairs.
                       SARA AND JOEL
We will.
A few minutes later, Nathan had finished putting on his
Police uniform. Samantha is already downstairs with the
kids. Sara and Joel are sitting at the kitchen table they


have finished their breakfast. Nathaniel walks back
downstairs dressed out in his complete uniform.
OK teams let's move out.
Ok, it's time for school.
Samantha and the kids walk into the foyer. She grins and
raises an eyebrow.
Wow Lieutenant, you know I have a
weakness for a man in uniform.
Nathaniel and Samantha kiss.
Eww, get a room.
Sara, you're riding with me.
And Joel, you're with me.
They are all walk to their cars. The kids are buckled into
their seats. Samantha and Nathaniel both open their driver
side doors.
Which way are you headed?
I was going to head down the
interstate it is rush hour in town
traffic would be a nightmare this
time of the morning.


Oh yea Montgomery and Birmingham
traffic is much easy than
Auburn's. Thank God, The school
just a few blocks away.
I think I can handle it. This is
why I'm talking the I-85 north.
The interstate may not be the
quickest way to Birmingham;
however, is the easiest and I can
Alex city avoid traffic as well.
That works, I see you when later
on tonight.
Ok well, let's move out.
They get into their cars. They pull out of the driveway Sam
makes a left turn heading towards the interstate; and,
Nathan makes a right turn heading towards the school.
Samantha gets to the on-ramp and they head down the
interstate. Meanwhile, they are cursing on the interstate
when two cars are racing. They are swerving in and out.
                       DRIVER 1
Woo, you can't hand this.
                       DRIVER 2
You wanna bet.
They are flying passed Samantha. When suddenly, diver 1
blows both front tires, and his car does a front flip and
crashes in front of driver 2. Driver 2 swerves to miss
slamming the side of his car into the grill of driver 1.
They slam on theirs, but when Sam goes to slam on her, she
does not stop. She slams on them again, but nothing happen.


She attempts to swerve but it is too late. She slams into
driver 2, and all three vehicles blow up.
Meanwhile, Nathaniel is standing in front of Sara's fourth
grade class and there is a knock on the door. Sara's teacher
Mrs. Jones walks over to the door. She has been given a
                       MRS JONES
      (Tears swell up in
       her eyes.)
Lieutenant Adams
Yes, Mrs. Jones
                       MRS JONES
      (With tears in her
I'm sorry children. The
Lieutenant's presentation is over.
Lieutenant, may I have a word with
you and Sara?
They follow Mrs. Jones into the hallway.
What's wrong Mrs. Jones? Why are
you crying?
                       MRS JONES
I'm crying because Samantha and
Joel were a in an accident on
No! What happened?


                       MRS JONES
      (her hand is over
       her month)
They were on 85, and there were
two street racers. Well, the
wrecked into each other; and Sam
was in the wreck as well...
                       MRS JONES
There is more, they are gone. Sam
and Joel were screaming from the
top of their lungs. No one could
get to get over to them. By the
time they did, it was too late.
I'm so sorry; Nathan but Sam and
Joel are gone.
Mrs. Jones walks back into her classroom. Nathaniel and Sara
are holding each other as the tears are overwhelming the
both of them.
The ambulance arrives; the firefighter are hosing out the
fire; and the police officer are getting statements and
directing the slow moving traffic In the mist of the
wreckage, Akel Dama appears.
                       AKEL DAMA
These souls belong to me.
he reaches down to grab Samantha and Joel. The Holy Spirit
quickly intervenes.
                       THE HOLY SPIRIT
Don't, you touch them. These two
belong to God the rest are yours.
                       AKEL DAMA
No, we want them. They dead belong
to me.


                       THE HOLY SPIRIT
Do you dare defy the words of
Akel Dama reaches for Samantha and Joel, but they shock him.
Then crosses appeared on both of their foreheads.
                       THE HOLY SPIRIT
These two have accepted Christ,
but the others have not.
                       AKEL DAMA
Fine, have it your way.
Akel Dama takes the two races; and the Holy Spirit takes
Samantha and Joel as the fire is being put out.
Days later, Nathan and Sara are at the funeral. Melchizedek
appears to standing next to Nathan.
      (Invisible to
       every one)
Look at what God has done, it's
like you said, "If God is a God
love, why didn't protect them?"
You're right.
Sara looks over to her father.
Daddy, who are you taking too?
No one, I was just thinking aloud.
She looks behind him and she sees nothing.
Hey, Daddy may I say something?


What's that?
It's going to be ok. Joel and
Mommy are in a better place. God
took them to heaven.
Nathan knees down and looks Sara in the eyes.
Listen Sara there is no God. And,
if there were a God, he would have
stopped them form dying. He would
not have allowed this to happen.
But daddy...
No but... Now, I'll not have
speaking of God ever again. There
is no God. There is no heaven or
You're wrong.
No, Sara you are wrong; and, if
there is a God, He will pay. Do
you understand? Now, let's finish
watching the funeral.
Yes Daddy
She holds onto his right leg, and her tears are falling from
her eyes.
I love you daddy, but you're
wrong. You're dead wrong.


Melchizedek walks away with an evil-smirking grin on his
It is eight years later Sara is in her room. She is getting
ready for school. When, her father knocks on her door.
                       NATHAN (V.O.)
      (From behind the
Sara, are you almost ready?
Yea, coming...
She grabs her book bag, purse, iPod, and cell phone; and she
heads out to the hallway.
Hey, I'm ready.
They leave the house.
They get into the car, and they head toward the school.
Ok, let's go. Oh, before I forget.
I want you to come straight home
after school today.
But, Dad it's Wednesday. I have
Human Video practice from 5:30 to
6:30 and then youth group right
Sara, I told you. I do not want
you going to church or anything of
that nature.


But dad, I'm 17 years old. I can
make my own discussions.
No Sara, I'm telling you. You are
not going to church.
But we have a youth rally in two
      (Getting angry)
I don't care. What you choose to
do with life; however, it will
never include religion, or
anything illegal. Do you
understand me?
      (Fighting the
Yes sir, I'll come home.
They pull into the school parking lot and Sara steps out of
the car.
Now remember, you will come
straight home. I won't be home
until late tonight. So, you'll
have to make support. Oh, here's
some money for lunch.
      (Rolling her eyes)
Yeah dad, whatever I'll see you
Sara heads into the building as the captain drives off.


Sara opens her locker; and, her best friend Meagan greets
Hey Sara...
Oh, hey what's up?
I was just getting something from
my locker. What's wrong?
      (tearing up)
Nothing, It's nothing.
Ute oh, you got into another
fight, didn't you.
      (tearing but
       holding it in)
Meagan puts her arms around Sara.
Is he still going on about you not
going to church?
      (She's stop crying)
Yea, I mean you would think he let
me make my own choose but he still
treats me like a baby. I mean he
won't we let me get my license
until I graduate which is if he
really wants me get it.


Tell you what; are you still going
to church with me again tonight?
I'd planned on it.
Then you need to still down with
Pastor Mike and see if he can help
He's already tried. It is so
frustrating sometimes. He won't
even take the time to listen. He's
been this way ever scents my
mother and brother were killed in
the car accident.
Wow, that's harsh.
He told me, "He never wanted me to
go to church ever again. I tried
telling him. It wasn't God's
fault, but he won't listen. I just
don't know what to do anymore."
Suddenly the warning bell rings.
                       SARA AND MEAGAN
Oh shoot...
Hey we'll talk more after school
ok. Hey thinks will get better.
I know whoever said, "Living a
Christian life is easy." They
needs to double check who they're


Right, well see ya after later.
Sara makes it to her class just as the tardy bell rings. Mr.
Theriault enters the classroom. He seats his briefcase on
his desk and he greets the class.
                       MR. THERIAULT
Good morning everybody, people
take your seats and open our
textbooks to Chapter 26 on page
300. Today we are we will be
learning the Philosophy behind
Spiritual Warfare...
Excuse Mr. Theriault, I have a
                       MR. THERIAULT
Yes, Alicia what's your question?
Mr. Theriault, I'm sorry; but do
you think this an appropriate the
subject in a public school?
Sara raises her hand.
                       MR. THERIAULT
Yes Sara?
I think it's great for us to talk
a spiritual warfare.
Of course, you would. You're a
Christian. All Christians' believe
in spiritual warfare.


Honestly, not all Christians
believe in spiritual warfare. Some
don't even believe there is a
place called hell.
Well, do you believe in hell?
Well of course, I do but I also
believe there is alternative which
is, heaven.
See Mr. Theriault, spiritual
warfare or another religious topic
is not a subject we should be
discussing in this classroom. Sir,
does this conflict with separation
against church and state?
Here is a question? How can you
truly separate the church and the
state, if the state itself was
founded by the church?
They look at each other with evil eyes.
                       MR. THERIAULT
Ok, ladies let's not argue. Sara,
come on turn around. Besides, the
philosophy of spiritual warfare is
recorded throughout history, and
it has preapproved by the school
board. Otherwise, it wouldn't be
in your textbooks. Even Plato and
Aristotle have made their comment
of the subject, and they are all
record in this chapter as well.
Alicia leans forward in her desk.


      (whispers into
       Sara's ear)
I'll deal with you later.
While, Mr. Theriault's back is turn away for class and he is
writing on the blackboard.
Hours later, Sara makes it to her lock. She gets it opened
when Alicia slams it shut.
Hey, what is your problem?
      (evils eyes)
You know exactly what my problem
is. How are dare you play innocent
with me.
      (rolling her eyes)
She re-opens her locker and put her books away.
      (pointing her
       towards sara)
Don't you whatever me. I'm telling
you if you ever talk about God in
the classroom again. I'll make
such you are suspended.
      (evil eyes)
Get me suspended for what it's a
philosophy class. We are supposed
to have different opinions on
certain topics; otherwise, it
wouldn't be philosophy.


      (With an evil tone)
Now, let me tell you something. If
I ever caught you praying, reading
you Bible, or saying anything
which some much pertains to
Christianity during school or on
school grounds. You will wish you
had never stepped foot on this
campus. Do you understand me?
      (with a serious
Whatever, let me make one thing
crystal-clear to you, Alicia. I
will never stop praying, reading
my Bible, or doing anything which
pertains to being a Christian. I
am and I will always be Christian
for the rest of my life.
Therefore, if you want to get me
suspend or attempt to get me
expelled then do your worst,
because I will never stop doing my
best for Christ.
      (evil tone)
Why would you give your life to
      (firm and
Because He gave his life for me,
all I did was return the favor.
Sara closes her locker and walks away.

Meagan is turning the corner. While Sara is walking away
from Alicia.
Hey Sara, are you ready?


Yeah, let's get out of here.
They are heading toward the parking lot.
      (very excited)
Hey, guess what I have a new
Are you serious? What is up with
you and your different boyfriends?
I mean want happened to that Mike
Oh, I broke up with him like a
month ago, and I really like this
other guys; and look, here he
comes now. He's talking to Aaron
your boyfriend.
While Aaron and Meagan's new boyfriend Caleb are talking.
Meagan waves at then to come over. They notice Meagan and
they walk over to them. Meagan and Sara light up like
Christmas trees.
Oh hey handsome, How was your day?
It was definitely a day, and you?
My day's been trying, but hey what
can you do right.
Right and how are you Meagan?


Well, my day's been good. I can't
complain. As you can see, I have a
new man in my life. Sara, this is
Caleb he is my new boyfriend and I
see you have met Aaron Sara's
Of course, we know each other
considering he is lab part for
They are walking towards the city buses.
Caleb, do you have plans for
I have no idea.
Well then, why don't you know come
to church with us tonight. Meagan
and I have to be there early for
Human Video practice, but I'm sure
you come pick him up right Aaron.
Of course, I'd love to pick you.
Yea, ok I'll go.
The bus is pulling up to the curb.
Oh, there's our bus. We'll see you
guy later, OK.


Yeah, we will see you later. I
Love you.
They kiss one last time. The girls get on the bus, they take
their seats, and they wave good-bye to the boys. The boys
wave back, and the bus heads off into the distance.
The bus is making its was downtown as the sun is beginning
to set.
Sara notices some police cars park about six blocks away.
Hey Meagan, we have to get off at
the next stop.
Why, it's the wrong way. The bus
will drop us off at my apartment.
Yea but there are a few cop car
about six blocks away, and I
cannot risk being seen. Especially
if my father is with them, he will
flip out if he sees me.
I guess ok.
They get off the bus, which is nine blocks away from
Meagan's apartment.
Meanwhile Michael, Cornelius, Abishai, Lydia, and Ariel are
all training in the sky above the city. When Abishai notice


the two girls are walking down a dangerous street. He gets
every one's attention.
Hey Michael, look.
Michael and every one stop and they take look as Abishai is
pointing toward the girls. The girls are walking down a very
creepy part of town. As they are walking, they walk past a
very dingy and bloodcurdling alleyway.
Um Sara, we need to hurry up and
get out of here. I hate this part
of town. It gives me the creeps.
I don't blame you. Come on we're
almost out of here.
They past a dumpster, and suddenly a beggar terrifies them.
                       THE BEGGER
Please, could you spare some
Na...No, we do not have any.
The girls ease their way back, and they both dart of into
the alleyway.
Shoo... We've finally got rid of
him, Meagan...
Sh... I can so people talking.


Meg, what are you doing? We got
away from him. Now come on, let
get out of here.
Hey, come on let go.
They turn around to leave when suddenly they are snatched by
their shoulders, and they are slammed into right wall. It is
a drug dealer and he possessed by legions of demons.
                       THE DRUG DEALER
      (Passive tone)
What are you doing here?
      (Gasping for Air)
We're sorry. We didn't mean any
harm. We're not here to cause
      (Gasping as well)
Yea, we were just trying to get
way from someone.
                       THE DRUG DEALER
      (In very sinister
Well, guess what? You just stepped
into to a world of shit.
When someone grabs him from behind and slams him into the
wall behind him. It is Mr. Luis and he is being guided by
                       THE DRUG DEALER
Oh hell no, you just pissed off
the wrong person.
                       MR LUIS
You haven't seen pissed off yet.
Girls run.


The girls are slowly getting their strength back. They
finally stand up OK.
                       MR LUIS
Girls, I am not going to tell you
again. Get out of here.
The drug dealer and Mr. Luis begin fighter. The girls
running are toward the other exit; and suddenly, two thugs
stop them. Who jump out from a side alley on the right side.
                       THUG 1
      (Sinister voice)
Where do you think you're going?
The girls scream from the top of their lungs.
                       THUG 2
      (Sinister voice)
We are not through with you yet
The thugs leap to grab the girls but the girl quickly evade
them by running down the side alley which almost as long as
the main alley; however, what they didn't know is the side
alley is a dead-end which swarming with demons. The girls
running for but they run right into the back wall of the
      (In Terror)
Oh My God
      (In a horrific
They start running back but the thugs snatch them and they
brutally slammed into the back, which knock the breath out
of both girls.
                       THUG 1
I hope you girls, like pain...


                       THUG 2
Because, you are going to be in
pain for the rest of you lives.
Meagan gains some of her strength, and she tries swinging
her book bag at one the thugs but he snatches it with his
empty hand, and he tosses it behind him.
                       BOTH THUGS
      (Passive tone)
You girls are now dead.
They start pounding on the girls. When, they are suddenly
hit from behind, and one of the demon's is slammed into the
wall. The thugs and the demons look around, and it is Aaron
and Caleb (Michael and Abishai behind them). The girls feel
to the grounded.
                       THUG 1
Oh, you shouldn't have done that.
                       THUG 2
You and your girlfriends are all
The thugs leap toward Aaron and Caleb. While the demons
clash their swords against Michael and Abishai's swords.
They are fighting throughout the alley and they are going
through walls of the different buildings. While Lydia and
Ariel are protect the girls from the rest of the demons.
They are alive...
Barely but they're alive.
While, they are all fighting.
Good... Cornelius, Abishai are you
Let us do this think.


Let us finish these wanna be
Michael, Abishai, and Cornelius all jump into midair and
they all shout.
                       ALL THREE (V.O.)
      (In unison with
       Arron and Mr.
       Luis's mind)
Satan, in the name of Jesus, be
Then the angels split into multiples and vanishing all of
demons in the alley, and the drug dealer and the thugs run
out of the alley and Mr. Luis and the boys rush over to
check on the girl. Mr. Luis checks the girls' pulse. Aaron
calls 911.
                       MR LUIS
They are alive barely but their
The ambulances are on their way.
It is going to be OK girls. You
are going to make it. Just hold
on. Just hold on.
A few minutes later, the alley is light with polices lights,
when another car pulls up. It is Captain Adam, and he is
being greeted by Sergeant Michaud. Captain Adams steps out
of the car. It is a 2015 black and white Chevy Nova
customized with all of the police modifications.
                       SERGEANT MICHAUD
Hey, Captain
They shake hands.


Sergeant, what do have her?
Sergeant Michaud rubbing the back of his neck.
                       SERGEANT MICHAUD
Well sir, I don't know how to say
this, but…
-But what, Sergeant?
                       SERGEANT MICHAUD
It's Sara, your daughter, she's
been beat up; and it gets worst
Meagan, her friend was beaten as
well. It doesn't look.
The captain walks over to the ambulance. He tries to get her
Sara, are you ok? Can you tell me
anything? Sara...
Sergeant Michaud puts him aside.
                       SERGEANT MICHAUD
Sir, you have not been able to get
a response from either one of
them. Now, the paramedic have
assured us the girls are alive but
they are I very critical state.
They lost a lot of blood. We are
starting an investigation right
now. Do not you worry sir. We will
catch whoever is behind this, and
if it was not for these three men
standing over there they would
probably be dead by now.
He point to Aaron, Caleb, and Mr. Luis. The Captain walks
over to the men. He pulls out his note pad.


So, Aaron do you care to explain
why my daughter is being carried
away in an ambulance?
                       MR LUIS
-Excuse me sir, I am Steve Luis. I
was visiting me sister. She lives
on the top floor of the apartment
across the street.
Okay, explain.
Mr. Luis begins to explain; and, Michael and his team are
from the rooftops over the alley.
Michael and His team are watching to make sure other goes
                       THE HOLY SPIRIT
Michael my friends, The Lord needs
your help.
Michael and His team kneel before him.
Yes my Lord, how may we serve you?
                       THE HOLY SPIRIT
Do you see the young lady Sara?
Yes my Lord.
                       THE HOLY SPIRIT
She has been try to lead her
father to Christ, and the Lord
wants you and your team help in
her quest to lead her father to


We will not fail.
                       THE HOLY SPIRIT
I know you will not my friend.
Now, arise and go.
The Holy Spirit finishes and Abishai notices a lurking
shadow of the alley across the street. Abishai looks again
but he doesn't see anything.
Abishai, did you see something?
Well, I think so. I thought I saw
Akel Dama lurking across the
I would not double it, which means
we need to hurry. OK, come on let
us move out. Abishai and Lydia you
two ride with Sara. Cornelius and
Ariel you two watch after Meagan.
I will stay nearby in case Satan
tries to intervene, OK. Let us go,
and may God get the glory.
Akel Dama steps back into the shadows, and he vanishes.
Akel Dama is flying through caves and swerving around
stalactites and so stalagmites. He makes his way into the
bowels of hell.
                       SOULS IN HELL
      (Screaming in
       horrific- agony)
Akel Dama pulls out his scythe as he swoops into a pit of
souls. He gets into the middle of them making them go into
the air as he slices through them all of them.


He flies out from the pit and he glides over the dark
kingdom. There are cages and dungeons all around the dark
kingdom and it stretches. People are being tortured and
humiliated. Demons are laughing. The walls are the
measurements as the walls in heaven, and instead of rivers
of water it is blood and sea of water it is burning lava.
Akel Dama approaches Satan's Throne. It is craved out of
bones and dragon scales. It is on a mountain, Akel Dama
walks up the steps, and he kneels before his master.
                       AKEL DAMA
Satan, my master, I have return
with news on Captain Adams.
Satan walks out as he is transforming from is dragon form
into his human form.
Akel Dama, what is it? I hope it
is good news.
                       AKEL DAMA
I'll get right to the point. Your
plan is working perfectly Legion
and his minions have put the
Captains daughter and her best
friend into the hospital.
                       AKEL DAMA
-but, wait there's more.
                       AKEL DAMA
Michael and his band of idiots
have joined the fight.


God wants Michael and his goober
to aid Sara in her quest to save
her father. Well then, let the
real game begin. Melchizedek,
Jezebel, and Sapphira come.
They arrive and they kneel before Satan.
                       ALL THREE
Yes, my master how may we serve
We need to stop Michael and his
band at all cost. I need you go to
the hospital and wait for the
ambulance arrive, and when it does
you will began doing everything in
your power to stop God's angel
from achieving their God's plan.
The Captain's soul is mine. Now go
and do not fell.
                       ALL FOUR
Yes, master may your evil will be
done. We will return victorious.
They stand to their feet and they head back to the surface
of the earth, and they head over to the hospital. When, a
new soul enters the gates.
                       SATAN (V.O.)
Mmm, lunch.
                       NEW SOUL
Lord Satan, I have made it. So,
where is my part in your kingdom.
Satan looks at him in his human form.
-So, I promised to share my powers
with you did?


                       NEW SOUL
-Yes sir, you did.
Satan leans over to whisper in the person's ear.
Well then, here is your first
Satan laughs as he changes back into his dragon form. The
person screams in a horrific-terror.
                       SATAN (Cont'd)
I share my powers with no one.
Satan grabs the person and he is hurled into a steel cage;
and he is cover in worms and maggots. He reaches for the
bars of the cage.
                       NEW SOUL
Satan you promised.
-Lesson two I lied.
Satan and ever demon in Hell laugh horrifically. While, the
guy is screaming in agonizing, torcher, and torment.
The ambulances pull away from the alley with their sirens
on. The Captain is finished with his notes.
Well, thanks for your time
gentlemen. You can head over to
the hospital and let them finish
examining you. I think we have
enough information to start our
-Excuse me Captain, but there is
more. The marks on the girls'
bodies, they are not human. The


                       AARON (cont'd)
way I fought the three men fought
it all seem demonic. I think Satan
is behind this.
Yea well, I will just put that in
my notes for a later time.
But sir, you do not understand…
-Aaron that is enough and I never
want to catch you around my
daughter again or I'll have you
-But sir
-No but, now you may go visit her
is the hospital, but when she
wakes up. You two are done do you
understand me.
Yes sir
Now, I will see you guys at the
Captain Adams closes the door to the last ambulance, and it
heads over to the hospital.
The sirens to the ambulance are going out. The EMTs are
radioing with dispatch and on route to the Nashville General


                       EMT 1
Attention dispatch, we need you to
contact the Nashville General
Hospital. We have two young ladies
one Caucasian and the other is
Latina, mixed about 16-17 yrs.
with major cuts and bruising. One
is barely breathing and has a low
pulse. It is a trauma 4. Have
every available medical personal
waiting in the ER.
                       DISPATCH (V.O.)
Copy that, all personal is ready
and waiting.
Meanwhile, in the back of the ambulance, Abishai and Lydia
are sitting next too Sara; they are watching over her.
Abishai has a discouraged look on his face.
Ab, are you ok? What's bothering
      (Discouraged and
This nothing, don't worry about
Ab, I know that look and something
is bothering you. What's up?
Well, do you remember the first
assignment we give as partners?
Yes, I do remember. It ended in
suicide. Is that what's bothering
you? Tell me.


                       ABISHAI (V.O.)
It was July 11, 1994...
INT. JULY 11, 1994 - NIGHT
It was summer night in Muscle Shoals, AL. A 13-year-old boy,
Mike was attending a bible study with some of the people
from his church.
Hey John, can I talk you?
Yea, what's up buddy?
Hey before you take my sister and
I home, I need to ask, "Can you
teach me how to pray?"
Awesome, I'd love to teach you.
Let me get my stuff and meet me by
the car.
OK, I will be ready.
EXT. JULY 11, 1994 - NIGHT
They step out from the house, and they walked across the
street. They get to the car.
So, John are you going to teach me
how to pray?


Yea, but let me ask you a question
ok, shoot
Have you ever accepted Christ as
Lord and Savior?
I don't know. I think I have. I
mean, I have been to church all my
Well, would you like to know?
                                         FLASH FORWARD:
Abishai and Lydia are still in the ambulance.
                       ABISHAI (V.O.)
I was standing over John as he led
him to Christ. I was so excited.
The time had passed and he was
back in school. He was being
picked on in the public schools;
however, he was used to it. They
picked on him for the first six
years. Why should they change now?
He was prepared for them; however,
he wasn't prepared for the
Christian school. The kids picked
on him some much he just couldn't
take it anymore...
                                         CONT'D FLASHBACK:


Mike comes home from school. He ran straight back to his
room. He was crying.
                       MIKE'S MOTHER (V.O.)
      (Knocks on door)
Mike are you OK?
I'm fine. go away.
                       MIKE'S FATHER (V.O.)
      (From behind the
Hey Mike, could you come out here?
We need to tell you something.
He stops crying and he heads over to the living room. His
parents are sitting on the couch and Mike sits in the living
room chair.
Yea, what is up?
                       MIKE'S FATHER
Well, how would you like to attend
a Christian school next year?
                       MIKE'S MOTHER
The church is adding an 8th grade
and a 9th grade level to their
school, and we though you like.
So, we signed you up.
      (Cheers up)
Oh, cool. so I would be around the
kids I go to church with and
                       MIKE'S MOTHER
Yep, it'll be good for you.
                       ABISHAI (V.O.)
Boy, were they wrong. Mike was
picked on worst in the Christian
school. I'm even the teach were
bad and before I know it was too


                       ABISHAI (cont'd)
Some of the boys in Mike's Gym class were pushing him
arround. One boy takes a basketball and he slams it into his
face. Another, curls up behind him while another pushes him.
Pyshically, he was seeing the boy tormenting but spiritual
their were multiple demon surrounding them.
Mike's parent walk into his room. He is hanging lifeless by
a hangman's noose.
                                         FLASH FORWARD:
      (in tears)
Yea it was horrible, but Ab you
cannot blame yourself. It was not
your fault. Everyone has to make
his or her own decision to follow
Christ. He choose to fight his
battle allow. We cannot fight this
battle allow. He had every
available opportunity to ask for
help. I mean, yea he accepted;
however, he chose to fight Satan
alone and when you choose to fight
him alone he will kill you every
single time. We cannot fight him
without the help of Christ. He is
to strong.
Lydia holds Abishai's hand as they approach the hospital.
the ambulance arrives at the Nashville General Hospital and
ever- available doctor and nurse are waiting for paramedics.
They come bursting through the Emergence Room doors.


                       THE DOCTER
So, what you have for use?
                       EMT 1
We have two young ladies one
Caucasian, and the other is
Latina, mixed about 16-17 yrs.
with major cuts and bruising. One
is barely breathing and has a low
pulse. They have been unconscious
for about an hour hour in a half
at the most.
                       EMT 2
We have to revive one other twice
on the way here.
They get the girls into the trauma room. The paramedics and
the doctors lift the girl into their beds. While, the nurse
are hooking the girls up with I.V.s and to the heart
Excuse me miss. I am Captain Adams
of the Nashville Police
department. The paramedics just
brought in two young ladies. What
room are they in?
                       NURSE AT THE COUNTER
Yes, they just took the girls into
the trauma room, but you have to
wait. The doctor will be with you
in a minute.
Nathan, walks into the emergency room right after the
ambulance arrives. He walks over to the nurses counter. He
flashes his badge to the nurse.
While they are talk, Sabrina Joiner Meagan's mother runs
into the emergency room.
Hi, Ms. Joiner I'm ...


      (With tears in her
Captain Adams, Sara's father.
Please call me Nathan. So, we
finally have the chance to meet.
Yes, Sara talks about you all the
time. What's going on? What
Let's get some coffee, and I will
explain everything.
They make their way to the cafeteria.
Nathan and Sabrina get their coffee, and they have a seat in
the cafeteria.
So, Nathan what can you tell?
The girls were found eight blocks
away from your apartment.
Eight blocks away, they would have
been. Why, the girls know not to
go into that part of town. It
filled with nothing be drug
dealer, whores, and gangsters.
I can't tell you why they were in
this part of town, but I will find
out as soon as the girls wake up.


So, how bad are they?
They were hurt pretty bad, however
it would have been worse if Aaron
and Caleb had not shown up when
they did.
Aaron, and who?
They claim to be the girls'
boyfriends. I told them to stay
away after to day.
Now are not you being a little
harsh on the boy who helped your
Well, maybe but they should have
been with the girls for all of
this had happen.
Well, still you should be thanking
them, for being so brave. Nathan,
tell me about you.
Like what? Besides what Sara has
told you.
Well, she told me about losing her
mother and brother in a car wreck
a few years ago. So, how did you
meet your late-wife?


                       NATHAN (V.O.)
That's an interesting story. It
was the fall of 1993 during the
Iron Bowl...
Nathan is in his Auburn University police uniform. He was
just promoted to sergeant, and it was his first day in the
student section. He was helping to check bags, and purses.
Samantha and one of her friend's entered through his line.
He checked the purse and there were a few small bottle of
alcohol in the bottom of her. She looks at his with a guilt
look on her face. He winks at her; and he lets them slide.
      (Winks his eye)
Your bag is clear. Enjoy the game
ladies and War Eagle.
      (Winks and grins
War Eagle.
Nathan was watching the girls as they were leaving the
stadium; however, they were being harassed by two drunk frat
                       FRAT BOY 1
Come on ladies, we just want you
Leave us allow.
                       FRAT BOY 2
Hey don't talk to my buddy that
way. Did your mommy teach you any


                       FRAT BOY 2 (cont'd)
Well did your mother ever teach
you who to treat a lady?
                       FRAT BOY 1
They grab the girls, and as they are about to swing. Nathan
grabs the boys, and arrested them.
      (Pissed off)
You want to swing at someone? Then
take a swing at me.
The boys are arrested, and Sam and her friend are standing
by Nathan's patrol car. Nathan walk over to them.
Hey are you, alright?
Yea, I am fine now. I was waiting
to give my statement. Officer
Please call me Nathan.
Well thank you, Nathan for coming
to my rescue.
Well you are welcome.
                       AUBURN POLICE OFFICER
Excuse me, Ms. I have to get a
statement from you.


No Harold, her statement is go. I
have it.
                       AUBURN POLICE OFFICER
Oh, I am sorry.
Well, I have to go. I have report
to write, However, if you have any
question, here is my card.
Ok, thanks.
It was weeks later; Nathan was in his patrol, and he saw
Samantha walk into Mellow Mushroom. He pulls is car around,
and he parks his car.
      (On his CB radio)
Hey dispatch, I'm going some
lunch. I'll be back in 30 minutes
or so.
                       DISPATCH (V.O.)
      (CB radio)
That's a 104.
Nathan enters the restaurant. It is there lunch rush, and
everyone is busy.
Hey Nathan, welcome back.
Hey Jill, how's the family?


He notice Samantha is sitting at the bar, and there is no
one sitting next to her.
Excuse me Ms. Is their anyone
sitting here?
For the last time bu...
      (Looks up and
Oh well hello, no you may sit.
So, how are you?
I'm great, and yourself?
The waitress walks over.
Hey Nathan, would you like you
As alway
Will you ever change?
Only if you what me too
Nice answer
The waitress writer his order.
So, I take it you eat here a lot.
It's a weekly habit.


Yea right, he could probably make
a calender out of his receipts.
They laugh as Taylor gives Nathan his drink. He and Sam
begin talking, laughing, and eating their lunches.
                                         FLASH FORWARD:
Nathan and Sabrina are still sitting down as they finish
their coffee.
And, then a few years later were
married. Then in 1998, Sara was
Then you lose both your wife and
son eight years ago in a tragic
car accident.
Yea, we go to Auburn every year
for the home games of the season.
I am a scholarship donor, and Sara
is planning to attend after she
Wow, that sounds great and may I
say, "You are doing great job."
She gently grabs his hand.
Well, thank you. Did Sara invite
you and Meagan?
Oh, of course, we wouldn't miss


Great now all we have to do is get
through this.
The doctor walks up, as they are getting ready to leave the
Yes Doc. do you have any word on
our girls?
                       THE DOCTER
Yea, they are in CCU. They are in
the observation room. I can make
any promise but let's just pray
they make it through the night.
The leave the cafeteria, and they make their way to the CCU.
Captain Adams was watching Sara through an observation
window in the hospital.
                       BROTHER JESSE
She looks just like her mother,
doesn't she?
More and more every day, her
attitude included.
Jesse, her Pastor, walk-ups and he stands next to him.
                       BROTHER JESSE
I'm Nathan sorry. I know this must
be difficult for you.
What do you mean?


                       BROTHER JESSE
I'm talking about seeing Sara like
Yea well when she wakes up. I'll
get to the bottom of this.
                       BROTHER JESSE
Well, let me ask you a question?
Well, I don't really have the time
to be answering question, but ok
                       BROTHER JESSE
I know, you blame God for what
happened to your wife and son.
And, what about it?
                       BROTHER JESSE
I also know, you are blaming God
for what is happening now. It's
perfectly understandable. I would
be angry as well but to be honest
with you. It isn't God's fault.
So, you are saying that an
all-powerful and loving just
allows people to have a car wreck
and then allows your family
members blow up.
                       BROTHER JESSE
Now Nathan, God did not kill your
wife or your son. The truth is God
took them because if they had
lived. It would have been worst
then death for the both of them.


See, this is why I do not want
Sara going to church. There is no
God, no heaven, and there is
definitely no hell.
When suddenly, a psycho patient broke out of the ward, and
she is extremely angry. The patient runs into the pastor.
Then the patient leaps onto Captain Adams...
The patient leaps into the air then the pastor jumps in
between the gun and the patient.
                       BROTHER JESSE
The patient immediately drops to the ground and Nathan puts
his gun away. He faces the patient as the guard grabs her to
take the patient back to the ward.
                       BROTHER JESSE
The pastor kneels to down to look at the patient but the
patient starts twitching. The pastor raises his hand toward
the patient as she is trying to escape. Then-
                       BROTHER JESSE (Cont'd)
Who are you?
                       THE PATIENT
Don't worry about us, Jesse. We
are going to kill you.
The patient attempt to leap again, but the pastor quickly
raises his hand towards the patient.


                       BROTHER JESSE
      (With authority)
Satan! Come out of her, in the
name of Jesus.
The patient seizes and foams so more, and then the demon
come out of the girl's body. The patient drops to ground.
Then she looks up at the pastor.
                       THE PATIENT
Thanks you.
The guards pick her up and they take back to the ward
however, there are four guys watching this from waiting.
In the waiting Room, there are four teenage boys, they are
Brother Jesse's sons Troy, Mark, James, and John. Troy is
watching the commotion. While the other three are play a
card games.
Dude, did you guy see what that?
Yea, we did why do you ask?
You know if find the guys who did
this to Meagan and Sara, and we
use the same technique our father
just used...
I'm not so sure about that, bro...
Oh come on, guys. Mark, think
about it. You've liked Sara from
the day she began attending
church, right?


Well yea, but...
But, what if you found Sara's
attacker, and we brought him down.
Sara would leave Aaron for you.
Think about it.
And what if her attacker is demon
And if he is then, we will just
cast the demons out of him? Hey if
dad can do it, so can we.
I'm in
Well, if y'all are going on a
suicide, I'm not going. you do
what you want but, James and I are
staying here.
Good, we need someone to cover for
Yea, whatever...
Troy and Mark head out the door.
Hours later, James and John are now play trading card games
in the waiting room as a part of EMTs are rushing into the
Emergency Room with two boys. It is Troy and Mark. Brother
Jesse and The Captain are running over to them.
                       BROTHER JESSE
Troy, Mark what happened?


We found one of the girls
attacker. We thought we could
bring him in.
The boys made their way back to the crime scene. They were
walking through the alley as they notice an open door on the
far end. They enter and they see man standing on the
farthest of the building. They saw pentagrams and spell book
all over the place.
                       TROY (V.O.)
      (In his mind)
Excuse me? Are you the one
responsible for attacking the two
girls earlier day?
                       THE MAN
      (Demonic tone)
And if I did, What of it?
                       TROY AND MARK
Satan, come out of in the of
Jesus, in whom our father Brother
Jesse Preaches...
                       THE MAN
      (Angry and Demonic)
I know Jesus, and I know Jessie...
The man quickly turns his head. The door suddenly slams
behind the boys.
                       THE MAN
      (Passive and
       demonic tone)
Who the hell are you?


The boys scream from the top of there lungs, as the man
leaps onto the boys.
                                         FLASH FORWARD:
Jesse looks into the boys eyes.
                       BROTHER JESSE
What were you thinking?
      (Fed up)
Enough, I don't care what they
were thinking. This is why I blame
God, and this is why I do not want
my daughter believing there is
Nathan storms off. He is heading towards the exit.
Nathan, where are you going?
      (Extremely pissed
I'm doing what I should have been
doing this whole time. My job and
if there is a God. He will pay, I
Nathan leaves and the door cloes behind him. While, Sabrina
is still standing in the waiting room.
Caleb has not left Meagan's sides, and he is holding her.
Lydia and Ariel were heading over to check on Meagan. When,
they were greeted by The Holy Spirit.
                       THE HOLY SPIRIT (V.O.)
Lydia, Ariel greeting.


They kneel with their heads bowed.
                       BOTH OF THEM
      (In reverence)
Yes Lord?
                       THE HOLY SPIRIT (V.O.)
Girls it is time. Meagan has
suffered enough, and it time for
her to come home.
                       BOTH OF THEM
We understand Father. Your will is
The Holy Spirit leaves as the girls head over to Meagan's
bed. They give her a gentle nug.
Meagan, Meagan...
Meagan opens her eyes. She sees Ariel and Lydia. Her body
stays lifeless as her soul sits up on her bed.
What, what's going? Why am I here?
Yes Meagan, you have suffered
enough. The Lord has decided to
bring you home.
Startling all of them, a sword gently taps Ariel on her left
                       DEMONIC VOICE (V.O.)
I wouldn't do that if were you?
Ariel and Lydia quickly draw their swords while turning
around at the time. It is Akel Dama with Jezebel and
                       AKEL DAMA
We'll take her with us.


Akel Dama swings his scythe; however, it was suddenly
blocked and he was thrown back.
                       AKEL DAMA
What? Cornelius...
This should even the odds.
We were wondering when it this
would interesting.
Meagan's chariot arrives on the other side of the room.
While the angels and demons are fighting. Meagan is wearing
her armor as well.
Ariel, when I give you the signal.
You grab Meagan and you get her
into the chariot.
Right! and how are we going to do
that, with all of the fighting?
They are still fighting.
Ariel, go now!
Ariel grabs Meagan and they are gunning it to her chariot;
however, Sapphira and Jezebel do not make it easy. They jump
right in her way. Then Lydia joins Ariel as they are
fighting off both of them. Cornelius is still fighting Akel
Dama. Then Ariel and Meagan finally have a small window.
They make break for it, Ariel successfully gets Meagan into
the chariot, and she closes the door.
Meanwhile, Meagan earthly body is going through shock. The
doctors and the nurses are racing in and out of the room.


They are trying to get her stabilized. Caleb is freaking
What's going on. Will some answer
The nurse looks at him getting him out of the room.
                       THE NURSE
Sir, you will have wait outside in
the hallway.
The nurse closes the curtain, and Meagan flat lines. The
doctor walks out from behind the curtain.
                       THE DOCTER
I'm sorry. We've lose her.
Caleb runs out of the hospital and Aaron attempted to catch
Aaron, Abishai him is with, he catches up to Caleb. Abishai
reaches for Caleb.
                       DEMONIC VOICE
Get away off me...
Caleb throws Aaron's hand away as someone grabs Abishai's
hand. It is Melchizedek.
I said get away for him.
I don't think so.
They stand facing off. They Abishai and Melchizedek begin
fight. They are punching and blocking; and that draw their
weapon and begin fight with them.


Abishai and Melchizedek are in an all-out brawl. They are
punching, kicking, and throwing each other through walls.
They are swinging, clashing their swords, and blocking each
other attacks.
Give it up Ab. You will never
defeat me.
Oh yea! Well the last I checked. I
you were all ready defeated.
Well, the last time I checked you
were still crying over the loose
of Mike. Thanks to me.
O yea, I killed Mike, and you will
never lead Sara's father to
Oh yea...
Abishai leaps into the air.
Ten thousand assaults
Then over what appears to be over 10,000 angels suddenly
surround Melchizedek. Melchizedek is looking confused as the
angels jump on him, and the real Abishai get behind him and
with one kick. He knocks Melchizedek into the air, and
Abishai flashes behind him and he slice through Melchizedek
and Melchizedek is vanquished.


      (With God given
Be gone, in the name of Jesus.
Meanwhile, Aaron and Caleb are fighting as well.
      (Fighting with
We should have died not Meagan.
Aaron grabs Caleb and puts him in an arm lock and a
Listen, Meagan is die.
Caleb pushes away as Aaron releases him. Caleb turns and
looks at him.
      (Claiming down)
What do you mean?
I mean yes Meagan lives but here.
Meagan accepted Christ three weeks
ago during our Wednesday night
service. She was even baptized in
the same night.
Aaron places his hand firmly on Caleb shoulder.
      (Firmly and gently)
Yes and you can accept Christ as
Really, how...


Here, I'll show you.
Caleb and Aaron have a seat on the nearest bench. Aaron
pulls a small Bible from him back pocket, and he opens it.
Early the next morning, Nathan is sleeping on the couch in
his livingroom. He has been awoken by the sound of his cell
phone; however he just missed it.
      (in tears over the
Hey Nathan, it's Sabrina...
Early the next morning, Nathan is sleeping on the couch in
his living room. He has been awoken by the sound of his cell
phone; however he just missed it.
Sabrina, I came as quick as I
could. What's wrong?
      (Drying her eyes)
It's Meagan. She's gone.
And Sara, how about Sara?
She's still out; however, she is
getting better.
Nathan grabs Sabrina as she start crying again. He holds and
he begins to swell up with tears. Aaron and Caleb step
closer. Aaron places his hand on Nathan's right shoulder.
Nathan stands up.


Listen boys, I want to apologize
for earlier. And once this over,
you boys are more than welcome to
join us for the Iron Bowl.
Hey there is nothing to apologize
for, you were doing your job.
      (Smiling a bit)
Yea, it's cool. So, can we get the
Aaron gently pops him on the back of the head. Caleb shrugs
his shoulder.
Well, I have to head back out. I
have case to solve. Call me, when
she wakes up.
Nathan heads out; with a half grin, a small chuckly under
his breath.
Hours later, Nathan is combing the alleyway looking for
clues and he's putting them into evidence bags and taking
pictures of the crime scene. He kneel down and looks around
some more. He's cell phone rings.
This is Nathan... I'm on my way.
Nathan walks back to his car, and he give it another officer
combing the area as well.
                       NPD COP
Hey Captian, did you find


Yea, here take this to the
evidence locker. She's awake.
He give the officer his finding, and he drives back to the
Meanwhile, Sara is waking up with the doctor looking over
her. Sara sits slow sits up. She looks around slightly dazed
and very confused.
      (Dazed and
Why, where am I?
                       THE DOCTER
You are lucky to alive. The man
upstair must really like you.
Knock, knock
The doctor steps aside.
                       THE DOCTER
      (Smiles and looks)
Oh, Look! your heros
Aaron and Caleb are waiting by the door. They walk over to
Sara's bed.
      (With tears in her
Hey baby
Aaron hugs her they lean into kiss; however, they are


                       NATHAN (V.O.)
      (Clearing his
Am I interrupting something?
Nathan is leaning by the doorway. He is walking toward Aaron
with a very angry look in his eyes.
      (Angry tone)
I thought I told you to stay away
from my daughter.
We... well you did sir, but you
Sara have a very worried look in her eyes knowing she is
trouble. Her father stares down her boyfriend.
      (Busted into
I'm just kidding with you. Hey
They are all laughing as Sara laughs with a very confused
look, but trying to laugh anyways. It hurts.
They stop laughing, and Nathan sits on the edge of her bed.
Looking serious again.
What's going on?
Do you remember anything from
yesterday afternoon?
Well, I remember Meagan and me
getting off the MTA about eight
blocks from her place. We were
spooked by a homeless guy, and
then we end up being chased


                       SARA (cont'd)
through and alleyway. And Then...
She quickly sits straight up, and she quickly looks around
the room.
Meg? Where's Meagan?
I'm so Sara...
      (Begin to cry)
No, she can't be. She's my
bestfriend. I want my bestfriend.
Sara's crying as Nathan and the boy are attempting to claim
her down. The doctor walks back into the room.
                       THE DOCTER
I'm sorry folks; however, I will
have to ask everyone to step out.
I know you have a million
questions; however, you really
need to rest.
ok, Sara you get some rest and
I'll be back later ok.
He lets go of her hand. He looks at the doctor.
So how much longer before she can
head home?
The doctor glances at her charts.
                       THE DOCTER
Well, if everything is correct,
she will be out of here but monday


Awesome, we finally have some good
Nathan shakes the doctor's hand as him and the boy head out.
      (Upset and
Hey daddy, I'm sorry for
disobeying you.
Nathan looks back.
Everything will be fine.
Everyone excluding Sara and the doctor walks completely out
of the room.
Satan is watching everything telepathically from his throne.
You imbeciles, I can never rely on
you for anything, can I?
                       AKEL DAMA
      (In fear)
But lord...
Oh shut the hell up. This is why
if you want something do you have
to do it yourself.
Do you have anymore-bright ideas
my lord?


Yes, all of you, follow me. I will
have the last word. Michael you've
pissed off the wrong Prince of
Satan, Melchizedek, Sapphira, Jezebel, Akel Dama, and few
other; follow him as he storms away from his throne. They
are all racing to make their final stand against Michael.
Sara, with her legs tucked under her, is leaning on the left
side of the couch. Nathan, her father, walks in through the
front door.
                       NATHAN (V.O.)
      (Shout and small
Sara, I'm home. Sara...
Dad, I'm in here.
Nathan enter through the right side enters. Sara closes her
Hey kido, how are you feeling?
I'm getting better. Do you have
any new leads?
Not yet, but don't worry. We'll
find them.
He kisses her gently on the head, and takes a seat on the
right side of the couch.


So, are packed and ready for some
Auburn football?
War Damn Eagle.
Sara leans over and she rests her head against his left
shoulder. Nathan puts his arm around her.
Hey dad, may I ask you a question?
Anything, what's up?
Why do you hate God, so much?
Oh, this question again?
Dad, I'm being serious. It seems
like ever sense Mom and Joel
passed away. You've had this
vendetta against God I understand
you've never been a big fan of His
but why?
Well I do not have a vendetta
against God, and I do not hate
Him. I just think He should be
held accountable for His actions.
Like how?
Well, why would a loving allow a
pastor to rap is his own 15 yrs.
old daughter? Why would a caring
allow a mother beat the hell of
her child until they can barely


                       NATHAN (cont'd)
breathe? Why would an all-powerful
and knowing God allow so much evil
to take place, when he has the
power to stop it?
You do not have to get so
defensive. First, we are evil by
natural. It is why we need to be
taught right from wrong, and when
a person molests or raps someone
whether it is a church member;
someone walking down the street;
or even a next-door neighbor. It
is usually because they were
either rap or something when they
were younger. And, God hates it
when person kill their child
regardless of when it happen, but
all child who pass whether it be
natural or murder they are sitting
in the lap of Jesus for eternity.
They are protected. And, God do
have the power to stop everything;
however, He wants to weed out
those are truly severing him.
Well, that makes sense...
It's like when you bust someone
for selling drugs and you let
them. You let them go knowing they
will lead to source, right?
Eventually they will slip and if
you don't catch them death will.
We all have to make the chose to
do right or wrong and God wouldn't
be a God of love and mercy if He
took away our ability to chose
Him. Even, the angel have to make
a decision about who they will


                       SARA (cont'd)
So, why did God chose to take
you're mother and brother? Why did
God chose to take Meagan? Why does
God get to decide who lives and
      (Gentle sigh)
Well, it says in God Word, "No one
is promise tomorrow." when God
chooses to take someone it's
usually for one of three reasons;
the first is, when someone if
someone from an injury or an
accident would be in some much
pain for the rest of their life.
It would inhuman to keep them in
that pain for the rest of their
life. So, God will take them home.
And the second is, when God has
given someone every available
opportunity to turn away from what
he or she evil doing and the
refuse to change. He may not take
them right away; however, they
will be judge and they will be
held accountable for their actions
whether it is in the court of law
or it is the eternal court. I
mean, does God like it NO;
however, He will respect our
decision whether we follow Him or
not. It's why He says, "Choose you
this day whom you will serve."
People like Mom, Joel, and Meagan
chose to live every day for
Christ, it's not a one-time pray,
and all is well. It is a day today
decision to follow Him, they were
reward, and they were take home.
And, the third is when they have
fulfilled the journey God has set
for them. Dad, I love you and even


                       SARA (cont'd)
you must choose...
Meanwhile, in the Nathan's mind, everything suddenly turns
dark. He and Sara are still on the couch. Nathan turn his to
the right and through the bay window. They see a bright
light approaching them. they hear two voices one female and
the other a small boy.
                       SAM (V.O.)
                       JOEL (V.O.)
Hi, daddy
It is Samantha and Joel. Nathan is tearing up. They get up
from the couch, as shadows of the psychical bodies remain
Samantha, Joel is it really you?
                       SAM (V.O.)
Yes Nathan it is us. Hi, Sara how
are sweetie?
Mom, it can't be you.
                       SAM (V.O.)
Of course it is, and we brought a
friend with us.
                       MEAGAN (V.O.)
Hey Sara,
      (Tearing up)


                       MEAGAN (V.O.)
Yes, it's I. I just came to say,
"I forgive you for not being there
for me when I died."
      (in tears)
No, I didn't die because of me.
                       SAM (V.O.)
Nathan, of course, it's your
fault, if you had insisted we take
the 280 route, we'd still be
                       MEAGAN (V.O.)
Right, and Sara if you hadn't
disobeyed you father. We wouldn't
have gone down those forbidden
Sara immediately stops crying and she stands firm unaware
Satan is standing behind the light with his sword ready to
      (Firm and
NO, you both made your own
decision. Mom you could have taken
280 but you chose the interstate.
Meagan you could have chosen to
stay on the bus; but you did want
me going alone. Yes, I chose to
disobey my father; however, God
has forgiven and you are not your
Satan! You must stop this at once.
Get out of your minds and
Sara is standing between the light and her father. Suddenly,
Satan jumps from behind the light to strike; however, Sara
is now in her armor and she blocks with her shield. Satan


throws her over father. She grabs her father they duck down;
and, suddenly, another sword clashes with Satan's sword.
      (With authority)
She said, "Get away."
      (With evil
Michael, I thought you'd never
Melchizedek, Jezebel, Sapphira, and Akel Dama fan out from
behind Satan like a flying-V.
You seem to be out numbered, old
                       ABISHAI (V.O.)
I don't think. So...
Abishai, Lydia, Cornelius, and Ariel land behind Michael in
the same formation.
What's up, Luci?
Yea Luci, are you ready to be sent
back from whatever pit you crawled
out of to get here?
Satan laughs and points his sword towards ceiling of the
room. It lights up. Abishai and Lydia look up as Abishai's
cocky grin changes its tone.
Oh Mike...


Demon, attack!
The hordes from the ceiling, and from behind Satan surround
Michael and his team.
      (On guard)
Mike, suggestions?
      (Witty and
yea, I wish you the best of luck.
Yea, we were hoping for a bit more
then that.
Well, would you like me to say...
watch out!
Yea, I see your point.
No! Watch out! The darts...
The angels and demon are in an all-out war. The angels are
clashing swords, blocking with shields, and dodging fiery
darts from the other demons still hanging on the ceiling and
some from the demons flying around them. Sara has her shield
covering her and her father so the fire darts cannot hurt
      (Shout with
Oh! Yea, just when I thought this
fight was getting dull. Is this


                       CORNELIUS (cont'd)
the best you've Luci?
It is an all-out brawl when suddenly through chaos.
                       SARA (V.O.)
      (Stands firmly)
Satan, I command you to leave my
father and me a lone in the name
of Jesus.
Satan cringes.
      (Trembling in
Oh Shit.
He quickly glances over his right shoulder, and it was like
a bolt of lightning. Satan and all of his minions were
slammed against the wall.
      (Terror and
       gasping for air)
Jesus I was just... OK.
      (in Satan's face)
Never come near my child ever
Jesus choking Satan's with his right. He quickly stretches
out his left light flashes, and every demon is vanquished
and as they are screaming. All the demons including Satan
are wiped out. Jesus stands as Michael and his team are
surrounding Sara and her father back to back. Jesus get
behind Sara and her father as he holds them.
      (with eternal love
       and compassion)
It's OK. I have you, and I will
always love you.


Jesus looks straight ahead with the same love and
And, I love you.
Back in the living room, Sara and Nathan have their arms
wrapped around each other. They are still sitting on the
couch. Sara wipes the tears from her eyes. When, Aaron and
Caleb come walking in the front door.
Knock, knock...
Yea we're in here.
The boys walk into the living room.
      (Turns and looks)
Hey, we've finished loading the
Yea, all we need is yawls' stuff
and we can head out.
Yep, mine is right next to the
entrance. Sara, where is yours?
They see Nathan has one small bag next to the door, and Sara
has almost ten bags no the other side of the couch. The boy
look at each other like well.
WWell, let's get it load and get
out of here. Aaron you grab Sara's
Why me?


She's your girlfriend.
Aaron walks over to get Sara's bags.
Before I forget, here take this.
      (Kind of surprised)
Oh, what is it?
It's a DVD. They did a special
song and some human videos to
remember Meagan. They were some of
her favorites.
      (Really excited)
Oh, yea thank you. Can we watch it
on the way to Auburn?
She leans and grins at her father. He looks at her.
Well OK come on. We'd better go.
The R.V. won't drive itself to
Nonsense, we've got this.
Sara and Nathan get up from the couch and they head out the
Nathan is driving the R.V. While Sara, Aaron, Caleb, and
Sabrina are starting the DVD.


                       BROTHER JESSE (V.O.)
I'd like to welcome everyone here
tonight. This is very special
night and tragic night for
everyone and for those watching by
DVD. Because, a few days ago, we
lost very sweet girl Meagan
Elizabel Joiner and we would to
honor her and welcome her home in
the kingdom of heaven. Let's pray,
Father God, we thank you for this
night and thank you for your word
and for allowing us to hear night.
Lord, this is your night and we
want to welcome Meagan Elizabel
Joiner home for eternity, in Jesus
Name amen!

Well, right now, I would like to
welcome to the stage a very dear
friend and brother in Christ Lenny
                       LENNY (V.O.)
Thank you. Jesse. Wow, OK well,
I'm going play a song real quick
and then I know our Holy Nation
will take over from there. I'd
written these song years ago for a
very dear friend of mind. I would
like to sing this song in
dedication to Meagan's friends and
family. The song is Strong Arm.
While Lenny begins Nathan is listening and suddenly he is
getting flashbacks. They start from the Mellow Mushroom,
birthdays, their wedding, and the day the kids were born and
brought home from the hospital for the first time. He is
also remembering the days he would chase Sara and Joel in


the autumn leafs, and making snowman. He was see these
images and playback throughout the song.
                                         FLASH FORWARD:
Lenny is finishing.
      (over audience
Wow, and at this time, please
welcome Holy Nation.
A young lady steps onto the stage, and gets the microphone
from Lenny after he finishes.
Welcome and again let's pray
before we get start Father God we
thank you for being our strong-arm
and when nothing is the way we
want to. We know you are still in
control. And, Lord we thank you
for this, in Jesus name we pray,
Well, I'm Kelsie. I am lead and a
member of Holy nation and our
first human video is "The Last
Night" by Skillet.
A young man grabs the wrist of a young lady with his left
hand and he points to the scares on her right arms. She
pulls her arm away, and she puts her hands over eyes as if
she is crying she attempts to walk. He grabs her again…


He pulls her close, and he grabs her chin. They look each
other in the eyes. He wraps his arms around her and holds
her. She breaks free and they exit.
The same young lady is seated on a two-seater couch. He
father is yelling at her, and pointing at her scares. Her
mother looks into the young lady's eyes and brushes her hair
with her left hand. She pulls away her arm, and she turns
her head away again and attempts to leave…
The parents catch up with the girl, and she grabs the girl's
chin. They look her in the eyes. They wrap their arms around
the girl and hold her. The girl pulls away and the exit.
The girl's parents are arguing in the kitchen with the girl
enter from the right. She attempt to break up the argument.
The boy walks in from behind her. When, her father slaps her
knocking her to the ground. The girl runs while the boy
attempt to stop her. The boy goes to her parents. They drop
to their knees in prayer. While the She drops to her knees
stage right while pulling a gun out her pocket…
Jesus quickly grabs the gun from the girl and he throws it
aside. He grabs her by the chin, and he looks her in the
eyes. He wraps his arms around her and he holds her. He
walks the girl to her parents and the young man. They run
other to her and hold in their arms; and they all kneel
before the feet of Jesus.
It is a dark stage, a guy is on the left side, and he is
surrounded by eight demons dressed in black with one
different sin around each others neck and the eight demons


had death around its neck. Two strobe lights flash quickly
behind him. Jesus is there as well and he is surrounded by
angels dressed in white. Jesus and the angels reach for the
Then guy is covering his head with is arms while the demons
are mocking him and pointing to Jesus. The Demons are
beating on the guy. While, Jesus and the angels are
attempting to stop the demons they stop the demons. Jesus
and the angels grab the guy…
However, the angels and the demon trade places. The demons
grabs Jesus and the drag him away from the guy to the other
side of the stage.
Peter stands bewilder, and explaining to the audience.
Jesus is standing in a circle as a roman soldier places a
crown of thrones on his. Then two soldiers grab Jesus by his
arms. They make Jesus kneel down while another soldier is
given a whip to flog Jesus.
Peter is showing and explaining the audience.
The soldiers grab Jesus from being flog and place him on his
back with is arm on out. They bang the nails into his hands,
and hoist up onto the Cross.
Peter is still explaining to the audience.


Then the other soldiers take Jesus down from the cross and
they place Jesus into the tomb and close it with the Stone.
The slowly the stone rolls away and the cross slowly falls
to the ground. Jesus is walking down a flight of stairs.
Everyone on stage is explaining to the audience while Jesus
is walking down the steps. Jesus reaches the last step; and,
everyone on stage bows before the feet of Jesus.
Kelsie picks up the microphone again.
Wow, aren't you glad Christ died
and rose again so we could have
the opportunity to spend eternity
with him forever. Question, how
many of you like getting things on
Valentine's Day from your
sweetheart? We all do. We have one
more human video and then we'll
give it back to Brother Jessie. I
know Jesus all of heaven would
like to say happy Valentines to
you. No, it's not Valentine's Day;
however, when did the rules ever
say we had to say it only one day
of the year.
Kelsie leaves the stage with the microphone in her hand.

Jesus is standing on dark stage. He begins to sign alone to
the audience.

Verse 2 and CHORUS


From behind Jesus, God is signing alone to the audience.
                       HUMAN VIDEO JESUS
In this the love of God was
manifested toward us, that God has
sent His only begotten Son into
the world, that we might live
through Him. In this is love, not
that we loved God, but that He
loved us and sent His Son to be
the propitiation for our sins.
                       HUMAN VIDEO GOD
The Lord is not slow in keeping
his promise, as some understand
slowly. Instead he is patient with
you, not wanting anyone to perish,
but everyone to come to

From the left and the right of both God and Jesus, The
angel's join in signing the rest of the song.
Brother Jessie walk onto the stage.
                       BROTHER JESSE
WOW! Did you know, propitiation
means the atoning sacrifice? In
the Jewish faith they have a day
called Yom Kippur, which is the
Day of Atonement. I am thankful.
God loved me enough to send Jesus
to die. So, Yom Kippur could be
everyday instead one day out of
the year, and for giving us the
opportunity to live with him for
eternity through Jesus Christ. The
greatest part, all he asks is for
us to follow four simple steps:
Believe, Admit, Repent, and Choose
aka BARC. Believe God sent Jesus
to live a sinless life, to die on


                       BROTHER JESSE (cont'd)
the cross, and to raise again
three days later. Admit I am
sinner in need of a saver; and
Jesus is the way the truth and the
life and their is no other way for
salvation except though him.
Repent of your sins. And, choose
to live from this day forward for
Christ and obey the Holy Word of
God and his commandments. So do
you believe in baptism? Yes, it's
important but first Believe,
Admit, Repent, and Choose. So, how
do I BARC? You pray from your
heart. I cannot do it for you,
although I'd like too. I can't
because it must come sincerely
from your heart; however, I can
help you. Everyone bow your heads
and close your eyes. If you want
to come up front and pray you can
however God knows your heart you
pray simple prayer like this.
                       BROTHER JESSE (Cont'd)
Lord Jesus, I ask You to come into
my life and forgive me of all my
sins. I confess my sins before You
this day. I denounce Satan and all
his works. I confess Jesus as the
Lord of my life. Thank You for
saving me. I believe with my heart
and I confess with my mouth that
You rose from the dead. I am
saved. Write my name in the Lamb's
book of life. Today is my God-day
with the Lord Jesus! I pray this
prayer to the Father in the name
of Jesus. Amen.
Brother Jesse finishes prayer. He receives a tap on the left


                       BROTHER JESSE
Oh second...
Um excuse me Brother Jesse, but we
have a few visitors. They heard
some people praying, and they
would like to welcome those who've
accept Christ the silent monks
Sixteen people dressed in monk robes walk to the stage
chanting. They line up with poster board flash cards. There
are four in the back right, ten in the middle, and two on
lying on the ground. They do whole Hallelujah Chorus on
flash cards. The monks finish.
                       BROTHER JESSIE AND KELSIE
Goodnight everybody have a blessed
The R.V. is now park and is set up in Auburn. the only one's
there are Sabrina, Sara, and Caleb. Nathan and Aaron went to
Winn Dixie to stock up on groceries. Sara steps out, and he
phone rings.
Hello! Hey dad, where are you?
We're starving.
      (Tones changes)
Oh OK, we're on are way
Sara, what's wrong?
I don't know. We have to get to
Winn Dixie.
Sara, Caleb, and Sabrina walk over to the next R.V. They are
all outside.


excuse me, Mr. Lee
                       MR. LEE
Sara, are you OK?
No, we need a ride to Winn Dixie.
There's been an accident.
The all get in and head over to Winn Dixie.
They pull into the Winn Dixie parking lot. The entrance is
roped off with a few ambulances and police officers by the
entrance. Sara runs over.
                       AUBURN POLICE OFFICER
excuse me Ms.
No, that's my father.
She runs over to him, and hugs him. She's crying again.
Dad, where's Aaron?
Sara looks as two stretcher have bodies and they are cover.
      (Starts crying)
No what happened?
Nathan is holding Sara.
It happened almost 15/30 minutes


Nathan and Aaron walk into the store. There were only a few
works left and almost no customers. It was late in the even
almost 10:00 pm. Aaron grabs a cart; and Nathan hands him
the list.
Here is the shopping list. I'm
meet up with you in a minute.
OK, where are going?
Restroom, wanna hold it for me?
No, it's cool. See ya, in a
Minutes later, a guy comes walking into the store. He pulls
out a gun and shoots it in the air.
                       THE ROBBER
Everyone get on the ground, all
registers open, and fill the bags.
When suddenly, two of his thugs are dragging Aaron to the
                       THUG 1
      (Evil laugh)
Hey boss look.
                       THE ROBBER
Who do we have here? It seems to
be my lucky day. You don't
remember use do you?
I can't remember ugly.


                       THE ROBBER
It was your girlfriend. I beat up
in Nashville. I was my meth in the
car years ago when my racer wreck
on I-85. It was my handed work,
and now it get to kill you. Now,
let me ask you this. How is your
before Aaron could answer. Nathan is slowly making his way
to the front. While, He is talking.

Shots are fired and the is blood all over the floor.
                                         FLASH FORWARD:
Nathan and Sara are still by the ambulance.
So, one is...
One the robber, and yes the other
is... They shoot him for saying...
      (Firm and
My savior is the King of King and
the Lord of Lords. My savior is
Jesus Christ.
                       THE ROBBER
      (gun to Aaron
So, you are a Christian.


      (Firm and
Yes! I am.
                                         FLASH FORWARD:
Everyone who knows Sara and her father walk over to comfort
Meanwhile, Aaron is standing on the rooftop with Michael and
his crew as they are waiting for Aaron's chariot to arrive.
So, why didn't you try stopping
the man from shooting? How did you
know, I would have say "Yes" at
the end?
Michael places his hand on Aaron shoulder, and looks him in
the eye.
      (Serious sigh)
You BARCed
      (Little confused)
I what?
You BARCed it's what happens when
you accept Christ.
Oh, Really?
Yea and you didn't make it a
onetime thing. You made a
continuous chose from the time
accept Christ until, now.


That's right, and it was a
reflection of your life style.
And when it was time for you to
give your answer you knew the Lord
would take care of you whether it
was to live physically or
spiritually. And, you girlfriend
and her father's bond is now
stronger than ever.
That's right, and now here's your
chariot my brother. Welcome home.
The Chariot looks somewhat like sky cart. They get Aaron in
but before the closes the door.
Hey Aaron, why did you give your
life for Christ?
      (Firm and
Because He gave his life for me
and all I did was return the
Good answer kid. Good answer.
The door closes and takes off.
Hum, BARC, I like it. Believe,
Admit, Repent, and Choose
God is strong, and he wants you
strong. So take everything the
Master has set out for you,
well-made weapons of the best


                       CORNELIUS (cont'd)
materials. And put them to use so
you will be able to stand up to
everything Satan throws your way.
This is no afternoon athletic
contest. We'll walk away from and
forget about in a couple of hours.
This is for keeps, a life-or-death
fight to the finish against Satan
and all his angels.

This is spiritual warfare.
Be prepared. You're up against far
more than you can handle on your
own. Take all the help you can
get, every weapon God has issued,
so that when it's all over but the
shouting you'll still be on your
feet. Truth, righteousness, peace,
faith, and salvation are more than
words. Learn how to apply them.
You'll need them throughout your
God's Word is an indispensable
weapon. In the same way, prayer is
essential in this ongoing warfare.
Pray hard and long. Pray for your
brothers and sisters. Keep your
eyes open. Keep each others
spirits up so no one falls behind
or drops out.
For the weapons of our warfare are
not carnal but mighty in God for
pulling down strongholds, casting
down arguments and every high
thing that exalts itself against
the knowledge of God, bringing
every thought into captivity to
the obedience of Christ, and being
ready to punish all disobedience


                       ABISHAI (cont'd)
when your obedience is fulfilled.
Whoever acknowledges me before
others, I will also acknowledge
before my Father in heaven. But
whoever denies me before men, I
will also deny him before My
Father who is in heaven.
                                         FADE OUT:
Aaron get out of the chariot, He is immediately greeted by
Father Abraham. Abraham motions for him to come over and he
gives Aaron a hug. They are walking together when to Aaron's
surprise. There is a girl walking a few feet in front of
him. It is Meagan. He walks up to her and gently taps her on
the shoulder she turns, and leap into his arms to hug him.
Aaron and Meagan are now walking together. They are looking
around viewing some of the saint like the Apostle Paul, King
David, Moses, Joseph, and many other than here come the one
and only Jesus Christ. Jesus walks up to him and he places
crowns on both of their heads. Then Aaron and Meagan bow
before Christ and placing their crowns before his feet.
      (Firm, confident,
       and compassionate)
These are my children in whom I am
well. Welcome home my good as
faithful servants.
Jesus first goes takes them to see Meagan's mansion.


Then he takes them to Aaron's mansion.
Jesus walk them over to the banqueting table, and they take
their seats. Jesus sits at the head.
"This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one
and only Son into the world that we might live through him.
This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us
and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins."- 1
John 4:9-10
"The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some
understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not
wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to
repentance."- 2 Peter 3:9


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