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The Outbreak
by Dustin Pearl (dustin.pearl73@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: ****
NOT FINISHED. Rating is not for sure yet. Episode 1

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Scientist is asleep at desk. Lights are dim, and computer is
*Camera pans room the cuts to unknown silhoute, and back to
snoring scientist
Loud noise. Glass breaking. Scientist is startled awake
What the hell?!
Scientist looks up at computer as it is flashing. WARNING!
WARNING! Sirens begin to go off.
Gosh dang it!
Scientist stands up. Walks towards containment area, where
the sound came from.
There is little tapping noises behind the door. Scientist
opens door and zombie attacks. Knocking scientist to the
Get off!
Shows shaddow of the patient attacking the scientist on the
wall. Red light flashes over the wall, as blood squirts out
in the shaddow. Patient and scientist fall down, as
scientists SCREAMS.
Patient rises into camera, blood dripping from mouth. Flesh
dripping. Then hobbles away.
Camera looks down at sientist after zombie exits scene, to
see a bloody body.
                                         FADES IN


Camera fades into a living room. Diegtic sound of kids
playing in the back ground. TV show is interupted by a
breaking news broadcast.
Attention viewers of the
tri-county area, we interupt this
program to bring you this
important news bullitin. I'm Mason
Phillips. We have recieved
numerous accounts of uncomfirmed
reports of random acts of
violence,mass murder, and extreme
chaos from all over the city.
Details are un-clear and no
official statement has been made
by law enforcement. We will try to
keep you updated with the latest
information as we recieve it.
TV station starts to static and goes back into original
Camera zooms out of the TV and pans around to show the house
People scream in fear and zombies are moaning in the
                                         FADES OUT
                                         DISSOLVES IN
Camera zooms into store window, as a woman runs past,
In the wondow is a TV, which cuts to another breaking news
Now for those of you just tuning
in, we are goin to remain on air
for the remainder of this crisis.
As we have reported earlier, the
city is increasingly being over
run as to what are being described
as "bloody corpses", in a trans
like state.


Puts script down.
Now whatever is happening, it does
not appear to be a local
phenominon. We have been informed
that similar reports are comming
in from other cities all over the
country. We still have no specific
answer to why this is happening.
Causes are ranging from a germ, to
a virus with a mind altering
affect, a chemical spill of some
sort, or a behavioral disorder or
mass hysteria. All roads and
freeways are jammed with people
trying to get out of the city. Now
the govenor has issued a
statement. "All people are urged
to stay in their homes, and lock
their doors, until the situation
is detained."
Camera zooms out of TV. Jacob turns and looks at Laurie.
Something is going wrong. This has
got to be bigger than they are
letting on.
Laurie gives Jacob a reassuring look then walks over to him.
Didn't the news guy just say it
was like a virus or something? It
can't be too serious.
Why are you being so ignorant? The
flu is a virus! Do you turn into a
lifeless walking creature,
attacking people and killing them?
And why did this just start?
Laurie looks at him and goes back to her seat at the table.


I'm sorry Laurie. This is all just
weird. I'm gonna go lock up, just
in case.
Jacob gets up and walks to the front door. He pauses and
looks out the window.
Jacob turns, and stares out the door at neighbors house.
Camera looks across the street at a suspicious man walking
down the road. (FIRST PERSON)
Laurie, come here....
Just please come here.
Laurie gets up and walks up next to Jacob. She looks out the
door. Camera follows her eyeline.
Man is pacing back in fourth in circles on the sidewalk.
Dripping blood from mouth and moaning.
Oh my gosh! Is that blood?!
I really don't know. But something
is wrong.
Laurie pushes Jacob aside and steps onto front lawn.
Excuse me! Are you ok?
Laurie, come here! We are
suppossed to stay inside!


Jacob grabs Lauries arm and tries to pull her back, but she
pulls away and starts walkin towards the man.
Excuse me sir!? Im tryn to ask if
your okay.
Laurie walks up till she is right behind the man
Come back! Babe please come back!
Laurie continues to ignore Jacob
Laurie pulls on the mans arm and then falls to the ground
with the detached limb in her hand
Oh my gosh i am so sorry!
As Laurie goes to give the arm back the man turns around to
reveal a face with no lower jaw and several cuts along his
cheekbones. Laurie screams and Jacob runs after her
Laurie get up! Move!
Laurie is in shock and cannot move, only look at the man
that is slowly limping towards her
Jacob grabs Laurie's arm and pulls her up as they run back
to the house, knocking the arm outta Laurie's hand right
before they get back into the house.
What do you think you were coin
Laurie starts cry in and falls to the floor. Jacob looks out
the window to see if the zombie is gone and then goes and
sits next to Laurie.
*Camera go to window and pans outside


That's what they have been talking
about on the news. That was it.
Jacob gets back up to look out the window and Laurie settles
Is it gone?
Before jacob can finish the man jumps at the window and
starts clawin against it. Jacob and Laurie both jump back in
surprise and Lauri starts cry in again.
Babe get up. We have to oak all
the doors and windows. We need to
cover them up.
They go and lock all the doors and windows.
So what do we do? We can't just
stay here foever. There aint
gonnna be enough food. They could
turn off the electricity and turn
off the water. Jacob I'm sorry
about earlier, you were right. Im
just really scared.
Jacob leans against the wall and sighs heavily.
Babe don't know, i really don't.
Im gonna go see if the news has
reported anything new.
Jacob goes tot he kitchen and turns on the tv. Laurie
follows and him. They turn the tv on.
Wide spread panic all over the
country, communities are without
telephones, many are without
power, and some are without water.
These things walking around are
not people, these things have no
souls. Aviod these things at all
costs. If you are bitten by one
you too will contract this


                       ANCHOR (cont'd)
disease/virus and there is no
cure. The only ay to kill these
things is to shoot them in the
head, hit them in the head, cut
there heads off. Shooting in any
other area does not effect them in
any way. For people that are
trapped or nowhere new your home,
there are shelters set up in
nearby areas. pleas try to make
your way to one of them as soon as
possible. There is no more law,
people have become chaotic. These
stations will be your best bet.
Then TV goes blank and static.
We are join to die. I coulda just
died. how are we supposed to make
it there from here!?
Jacob just stands motionless in front of the tv. The zombie
is still outside moaning and jacob is thinking.
I have a gun under my bed and m
pretty sure dad has a few under
his. Mom has one that will work
for you.
Laurie jumps outta her chair
Gun for what?! Im not leaving. We
could die out there. You heard the
anchor, if we get bitten then we
will become one of them.
Jacobs walks up and grabs her by the arms and looks into her
He also said that the power and
water is bein shut off in
different places. We can't stay
here. That shelter is our only
shot. I saw one that was in
Shelbville . That was the closest
one on the list. We can drive till
we run outta gas so we don't have
to wok the whole way. Babe we have


                       JACOB (cont'd)
to go.
Laurie looks from jacob to the ground and puts her hands to
his arm. just as she does they hear a sound.
That was the glass in the front of
the house!
Camera cuts to zombie crawling through window in living
room. Jacob and Laurie run to the living room, zombie is
making noises.
Laurie, go into my room and shut
the door. And lock it. Don't come
out until I tell you its ok!
Laurie hesitates but then does so. Jacob goes to parents
room and pulls out the handgun. Zombie is about to reach him
when Jacob shoots him between the eyes.
Go to hell...!
The zombie falls just before Jacob's feet.
Babe, it's okay. Come here.
Jacob walks to his door, and Laurie bursts out hugging him.
I will go wherever you go, just
promise that you won't leave me.
promise we won't get bitten.
Laurie looks up for reassurance.
Baby, ain't nothing is going to
Jacob and Laurie then talk about supplies that will be
needed. They gather them and take one final look at the
house as they walk out the back door.
Camera looks around to see half a dozen zombies in their
back yard.


We can go in my car, it has more
gas than yours.
Jacob nods and they bolt for the car. Zombies start to
surround the car when Laurie starts it.
Hit the gas and don't let off!
Laurie hits zombies and makes it out of the yard and halfway
up the street when the car dies.
I don't know, it won't turn back
We don't have time to play with
it. We will have to walk the rest
of the way.
That's 30 miles from here! How are
we gonna carry all this and watch
for these things.
Jacob looks down, and shakes his head.
As much as I hate it, we have to,
we will have to leave some food
behind. You can go longer without
it than water. And we will stay on
the main road. We can do it babe.
Laurie looks out the windshield and starts emptying her
backpack with some canned foods. They get out of the car and
start walking down the road.
Jacob and Laurie agreed cutting through yards would be
Just stay close and watch. Try to
be quiet as well. We don't want to
be heard or seen.


Laurie nods and they pass through a few more yards.vCamera
zooms between 2 houses to show the main road, loaded with
Jacob... stop. Can you hear that?
That's when Jacob and Laurie notice the zombies.
Jacob starts to count the zombies in his head.
I counted 6. I could easily shoot
them in the head, but we need to
save rounds. We could probably run
through them. We're faster than
Jacob looks at Laurie for approval. Laurie is looking down
at the ground. Laurie picks up several rocks and holds them
in her hand.
Laurie, we can do it!
At that moment, Laurie sneaks behind the closest house.
Jacob follows, scared. Laurie then takes and throws 1 rock
at a time down the opposite end of the street. The zombies
turn, and follow the noise.
I'm not taking any chances.
Jacob and Laurie have been walking for 2 hours without any
Camera is from a long shot, watching Jacob and Laurie walk
through the field. Distinct talking.
You know how the news guy said
that you can become one of them?
Laurie is sulking. Jacob looks at her.


Yeah, only if you get bitten by
one... Why?
Laurie keeps walking. Staring at her feet.
And you can only kill them with a
shot to the head?
Jacob starts to get uneasy.
Why are you asking this...?
I could have got bit today. I
would have if you weren't
Well I was there and it's okay.
Laurie looks up angrily.
It's not. If I would have got
bitten, I would have been one of
Jacob walks over, grabs her chin and lifts her face up.
Smiling at her.
Baby, I aint gonna let anything
happen to you.
Laurie starts to tear up.
Swear to me that if anything ever
happens and I get bit, you will
kill me!
Jacob drops her face and looks down with aguish. Laurie kept
I can't kill you Laurie....


You heard the news, those things
aren't people. They are soulless.
I will already be dead. Would you
still want to be walking around,
killing innocent people, having no
Jacob then looks up with a tear in his eye.
I won't want to, but I will cause
I love you too much to see you
like that. I will only do it
though, if you promise to do the
same for me.
Laurie smiles and pulls two bullets out, and handed it to
jacob. Each went onto a necklace.
Sugar, I promise.
Jacob and Laurie set up a tent and are talking when a shot
was fired and a girl started to scream. They both become
That was close!
Let's stay quiet. Maybe it was an
accident or something. They could
be dangerous.
Jacob starts getting supplies and gets out of the tent.
Someone could be hurt. They might
be able to help. We need to go
see. That house we saw down the
hill could be where it was.
Laurie is hesitant but comes anyways. The house is old and
beat up and ransacked. Jacob suggests Laurie stay, to be a
look out while he searches the rest of the house. Jacob


finds his way to the basement steps to hear a loud crunching
noise. As he turns around, Laurie is there.
What the...!? What are you doing?!
I got scared....
Gosh dang. Well come on. I heard
something in the basement and we
are going to check it out.
Jacob proceeds down the stairs first, with Laurie right
behind him. Both guns are drawn.
                                         DISSOLVE OUT.
William looks through living room of the house. House seems
to be ransacked and desrtroyed. He steps over piles of
garbage, looking around corners.
He hears a noise coming from the basement. Rustling noises.
Is anyone there...?
William looks down the staircase, into a pitch black
William hears a crunching noise, and turns back around the
corner as Jeremy stumbles upon him.
What the...?! You scared me!
Sorry... sorry... sorry! I didn't
mean to. I was scared out there.


Whatever... I heard a noise down
stairs. I'm going to check it out.
I'll go with you.
Jeremy pulls out his handgun and places his finger on the
trigger. And follows behind William as the slowly go down
the steps.
They begin down the steps as the scene fades off. "To be
                                         FADES OUT
                                         FADES IN
Replays the last scene from Episode 1. And then continues
after opening intro, where they left off.
William and Jeremy continue down the steps. It's quiet. The
steps squeak on the way down.
William and Jeremy make their way through the dark, and
ransacked basement, looking around corners and crevaces. As
Jeremy stays alert, ready to fire.
A noise comes from a far corner in the basement, as William
and Jeremy turn around to investigate.
Who is there?
There is no response as they get closer to the corner. A
figure begins to outline.
Say something.
Girl stands up, in panic and comes out of the shaddows.
What's your name?
Girl hesitates to answer.


Is he dead?
William and Jeremy look at each other, puzzled.
Is who dead?
Girl walks back towards wall, scared.
My... brother...
Jeremy and William's eyes widen as a screech is let out by
the Girl's brother, who is a zombie.
Girl disappears. (RUNNING OUT OF THE HOUSE) Jeremy stumbles
off screen, leaving the zombie to attack William.
William fights off zombie on ground as he kicks the zombie
off and away. Jeremy panics and raises his handgun to fire.
Shoot him! Shoot him now!
Jeremy fires a round at the zombie, but doesn't kill it.
Head! Aim for the head!
Camera switchesto right behind the zombie, focused on it's
head. As Jeremy takes the shot, the zombie lays back as
blood squirts from the head.
The head?
Jeremy lowers the gun and helps William to his feet.
Yeah. I heard it on the radio in
one of the cars we passed by. They
said to either aim for the head,
or decapitate these things.
William wipes off his clothes and looks around.


Where did that girl go?
Um, I have no idea...?
Camera pans and stops at door, that is wide open. Jeremy and
William walk to the door.
She ran outside...
William walks away from door as Jeremy stands there.
Lets check the house. We heard a
gunshot, there must be a gun
I'll check for anything else.
Like what?
Clothes, maybe a pipe or a 2 by 4,
or something.
What for?!
We won't always have this gun to
protect us. And anyways, why
attract any attention?
True. Good thinking. Ok, head
upstairs, and I'll meet you
Jeremy makes his way up the steps cautiously as William
looks around.
                                         CROSS CUTTING
Jeremy checks closets, and bedrooms looking for anything of
need as camera cuts back to William finding a gun.


I found a gun!
Jeremy continues throught the house, where he finds some
better clothes. And when he walks out side, on the front
porch, he notices a 2 by 4, and picks it up.
Hey, I found a gun. You ready?


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From Anthony Corona Date 11/28/2011 ****
way too predictable. its been done multiple times. not original sorry :/

From Greg Date 11/22/2011 ****
reminds me of "shawn of the dead" a little bit...

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