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by Joshua Dyer (drumwvu@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

Devin is on a quest to find himself and discovers that he already exists.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

The breeze is shifting the sands across the tops of the
dunes on this cold night. A pair of high powered night
vision binocs scans the outskirts of an urban, yet
demilitarized town. The numbers on the bottom of the finder
are skimming between 400 and 650 meters.


is moving in from the west. There are two men in the back
and two in the cab. One of the men in the back begins to
shout in arabic.
                       MAN IN BACK #1
      (slamming fist on

Here! Here!
The truck comes to a sliding halt a few yards ahead.
                       MAN IN BACK #2
      (jumps out of
       truck bed)

We must be cautious, sir.
The other man in the back jumps out of the bed, and both men
move to the passenger side of the truck -- scanning the
horizon as they go.

The binocs move down to reveal a large sewer pipe under an
embankment... then they pan back up to the men at the truck.
                       MAN IN BACK #1
      (points gun at
       sewer pipe)
You must go down there... It's the
only secure route.
THE FIGURE is a skinny man -- his turban has two strips of
white cloth hanging to one side. His beard is long and
mostly brown with a touch of gray.

The two men look around once more to make sure the area is
clear before opening the door.

The screen goes black...
Then, a neon screen with two axes and a set of crosshairs



The crosshairs zoom in on one of the men -- blurry at first,
then so sharp that you can count the hairs on his eyebrow.

The crosshairs zoom out -- and back in on the figure in the
truck... no clear line of sight on the head, yet.

The figure gets out of the truck. He is wearing a long white
gown. He, too, weilds an assult rifle and scans the horizon
                       FIGURE IN TURBAN
Are you sure that this is secure?
                       MAN IN BACK #1
Of course, sir...
                       MAN IN BACK #2
...You must go -- quickly!
The crosshairs zoom in on the figure's head. There is heavy
breathing from off screen.
There is the sound of metal grinding on metal, and just
before the click... one of the men steps in front of the
gowned figure blocking the shot.
                       SNIPER (O.S.)
Ahh... shit....
The crosshairs remained trained on the figure as he talks to
one of the other armed men.
                       SNIPER (O.S.)
C'mon, you bastard... Move.
The three armed men begin to move over the embankment toward
the drainage pipe. The crosshairs follow the figure, now
shakey from the shooter's nerves.
                       SNIPER (O.S.)
      (following target)
(Lets out a deep sigh)
There.. we .. go... just about...
The crosshairs are now trained just above the left ear of
the figure in the gown. Again, we hear the sound of metal
grinding on metal... then a click, followed by a high
pitched "twip" as the rifle recoils.


Seconds later, the figure stops stunned in its tracks. Then
its arms go stiff, and it falls limply to the sand... The
two other men begin to shout frantically, and fire off
rounds into the night at God knows what.
                       SNIPER (O.S.)
Delta three... This is the
A pause.
                       VOICE ON COMM BOX (V.O.)
      (distorted and
Secure comm code, Sandman.
                       SNIPER (O.S)
Bravo, charlie, 2-1 niner. Code
A pause.
                       SNIPER (O.S.)
This is the Sandman. The rat has
been eliminated, repeat... the rat
has been eliminated.
                       VOICE ON COMM BOX (V.O.)
Affirmitive, Sandman. Confirm
again that Bin Laden has been
The crosshairs move in again on the figure that is now being
quickly placed into the back of the truck. The view zooms in
to show the bullet hole in the left temple of the man.
                       SNIPER (O.S.)
That is affirmitive. He is dead.
Repeat, Bin Laden is dead.
Off camera static...
                       VOICE ON COMM BOX (V.O.)
Confirmed, Sandman. Target aquired
and eliminated. Pack your goods,
and move out. Rendez-vous point
Red Phantasm. Oh- four hundred.


                       SNIPER (O.S.)
Copy... Oh four hundred, Red
Phantasm. Over and oww...
His voice is inturrupted by a swift boot to the side. He
rolls over to the sound of a pistol being cocked...
A young man of his early twenties shoots up in bed from the
waist up. His light brown hair is going in all directions.
His well developed physique is bulging through his favorite
heavy metal t-shirt. A high pitched beeping is pulsing
loudly. He's in a cold sweat. Shaking out of control. He's
breathing heavily. The golden glow of the sunrise is
beginning to wash thru the sleek disshevled bedroom.

LEGEND: 2026
Devin nearly knocks over the 5x7 photo of a very young
Marine on his end table as he pulls a thin clear rectangle
from the corner of his bed out on a swivelling stainless
steel arm. It reads 7:15 AM. BIO CLASS IN 45 MIN.
Sorry, Pop...Ahh.... Shit... not
this again! There's four inches of
snow out there at least! I hate my
Bio cl...
He picks up one of his scarce momentos of his father, looks
at the old photo and groans again.
      (to the photo)
Alright, Pop... you win. I'll go,
I'll go... (lowers his gaze from
the photo)
But, you do realize that I'm still
really hung over...
He stares at the young soldier's "game face" waiting for a
response... his stern gaze... chiseled jawline... broad
      (to the photo)
Yeah, it's my own damn fault...
but my head still...


Devin sternly puts his dad's picture back on his nightstand
and slaps himself in the forehead.
      (to the dorm room)
FUCK!! My report! Morgan's gonna
have my ass for sure now!
He quickly throws on some jeans, two shirts, a heavy coat, a
ballcap, grabs a black folder from the desk, and bolts out
of the room.
Devin rushes out of the side door of the dorm and dashes out
across the quad, now shin-deep in snow. There are other
students and faculty meandering out to their destinations on
this clear but brisk Febuary day.
Devin runs up a set of stone stairs into an older building.
Up another set of stairs inside to the second floor,
rounding the corner and nearly knocking over a cute girl on
the way.
                       GIRL IN BUILDING
Hey!! Watch it, jerk!
Devin is too worried to care. He keeps moving down a long
yellow and white tiled hall, the ceiling lights' reflections
swiftly passing under his feet. The smell of formalgahide is
strong this morning. He makes it to the end of the hall and
enters the door on the right.
The class is full of its usual pre-lecture bussle and chit
chat as Devin charges thru the door. He's breathing very
heavily -- scanning the room for his friend. He starts
toward the center set of stairs continuing to look. Then,
about midway up, he sees COOPER.

Lounging back in his seat, Cooper is the epitome of
twenty-something African-American cool in the 2020s... the
newest self-lacing Nikes...the newest designer jeans
complete with the hologram logo... clean cut round baby
face... deep blue shades... and a white pinstrpie on black
20th anniversary edition SnoopNation ballcap.


      (to Devin)
Hey, Cane! Y'almos' didn' make it
again, boy! I told you to lay off
the booze, man -- but no....
Cooper begins to laugh uncontrollably, pointing at his
Devin keeps his cool and smirks at his roomate.
Hey, Coop.... Make like a tick...
Cooper gives his buddy a puzzled expression.
      (flipping Cooper
       the bird)
... and BITE ME!
You really shoundn'a had that last
shot, dude. You were all fucked up
as it was.
Devin slides into the open, cold seat next to Cooper on the
outside of the aisle.
                       DEVIN (DEDUCTIVE)
As I recall -- it was you who was
telling me... oh how did you put
again Coop?
Devin looks to the ceiling sarcastically, as if he's
searching for the right words.
Ah, yeah... I rememer. Your
immoral words were, "Down dat
shit, boy." Wasn't that it, Coop?
Cooper smacks his lips and leans back in his seat with a
defiant look in his eyes.
      (in a high voice)
Dude, you know as well as I do
that I didn' put no gun to your
head, or any shit like that...
Man! The nerve o' some people!


Cooper looks around the room, as if he's needing the
approval from his "audience".
Yeah, but you didn't bother to
smack it out of my hand either,
(adding strong sarcasm on the last
Hey. You didnt come crawlin' out
from between my legs, fool. Your
life's your own.
They both look away for a moment, then Devin begins to flip
thru his black folder looking for his report.
So.. 'D'you get your report done
for this?
      (trying to stay
Man... I did this thing in my
sleep. They really need to make
this shit more difficult, if they
wanna challenge a brotha anyway.
Devin slides a clear page of film with some circuit-like
lines all over it out on the table in front of him.
Cooper takes his out and places it on the table as well.

Moments later, a 3-D fan of light beams errupts from the
ceiling in front of the large panel on the wall in front of
the classroom. The image of a fairly attractive brunnette in
her mid-thirties appears.
      (tossng his head
       on the desk)
(Sigh) Damn! Morgan's not even
gonna be here today!
                       MORGAN'S HOLOGRAM
I am regretful to announce that I
am going to be out sick today;
however, this does NOT give you a
free pass for a day off. We will
continue with the study of virtual
ecosystems, and a quiz will follow
at the end of class.


      (and Cooper
                       MORGAN'S HOLOGRAM
Please take out your reports and
place them on the scanners to be
uploaded into the server.
Devin takes his film from the top of his folder and sets it
on top of a green rectangle in the center of the desk in
front of him. A circular lazer then begins scanning the
page. Within a few moments, a dialog box appears and a
friendly female vioce states that the data has been
successfully uploaded.

They both ease back in their seats and try to block out the
boring lecture that's about to take place.

Making himself comfortable, Devin brushes the dress shirt
he's wearing out of the way to reveal an old black tee of a
metal band's long immortalized undead mascot.
                       COOPER (IN DISBELIEF)
Man, what's your trip on those
metal dinosaurs?
Hey! They may be old, but they've
got more creativity in one record
than the rest of these acts today
But they're old...
Yeah, but all these acts nowdays
are fucking flakes...
anti-establishment... bitch,
bitch, bitch...
But, they're OLD...
My old man -- Lord rest his soul,
used to listen to these cds til
his ears turned blue... or so my
mom tells me. It's one of the few


                       DEVIN (cont'd)
things I know about my dad.
Besides, how can thousands of
topless college girls be wrong?
      (rubbing his chin)
Shit, I didn't know it was like
that, bra. You do have a good
point though, my boy. Good
point.(he raises one brow)
So, you gonna be skillin' at the
party this weekend on that fine
young hunny o' yours?
                       DEVIN (DEFIANT)
She's NOT my "hunny". Yeah, nice
ass... but that's all, Coop.
Shit... I'd say "nice ass". You
were on her ass tighter than a
two-day-old pimple!
                       DEVIN (BASHFUL)
I have a soft spot for
intellectuals... or maybe it was
the booze...
      (in disbelief)
Uh huh... She had really big
"brains"...Booze? Yeah, it was the
beer's fault. Right... (dragging
out the word in that "yeah, I
believe you" way)
Keep diggin' Cane... I'm sure
you'll eventually smell the shit
you're shovelin'!

(to himself)
"Brains" my ass...
They drop it, sit back in their seats, and begin to press
buttons on their desks as the Morgan hologram continues to
lecture on the changing 3-D images of different organisms as
they appear on the screen at the front of the class.

The class seems to drag on into college kid hell... then,
the hologram's voice wakes the class from its trance...



                       MORGAN'S HOLOGRAM
Alright... please place your
personals under your desks and put
on your retinal scanners for the
The students do as commanded. Devin pulls out a sleek pair
of shades from the side drawer of his desk and slides them
                       VOICE IN QUIZ
Hello, Devin... Please select
"confirm" from the menu to
initiate the quiz.
Devin stares at the word CONFIRM which has appeared in
mid-air in front of him... The word lights up and
                       VOICE IN QUIZ
Thank you... Good luck on your
quiz on... (in Morgan's voice)
Virtual Ecosystems.
Devin reads the first question which materializes before
him...he looks down at choice D.
                       VOICE IN QUIZ
Confirm... choice D?
Devin stares at YES for a moment.
                       VOICE IN QUIZ
Choice D confirmed... next
As Devin finishes his quiz and places his shades back into
their drawer, the camera fades out on him strolling out of
The door to the room swings open with force. Devin
sluggishly mianders into is abode and tosses his backpack on
the floor. He walks over to his small fridge, past his
hologram collection of his favorite metal band's figurines.
The little udead characature of a soldier of the empire is
holding up the tattered remains of the British colors, and
thrusting his sabre at an unseen foe. He grabs a beer out of
the mini-fridge and turns toward the open window...


      (to room)
A pause.

Then the vision of a young teenage blonde appears in the
middle of the room. Devin turns toward it and walks through
it on the way to the ultravision system.
                       KENIAH (WARM)
      (facing Devin as
       he moves around)
You have one new message from ...
(in his mother's voice) "Your
mother" ... (back to to Keniah's
voice) at 2:45 pm.
      (to hologram)
Can you retreive it, please?
      (in Devin's
       mother's voice)
Devin... It's your mom. Just
wanted to see how things were
going, and if you were planning on
coming in this weekend. Cograts
again on your bio quiz! Love...

(back to Keniah's voice)
End of message. Shall I play it
again, Devin?
      (to Keniah)
Uh.... nah...

(to himself)
I JUST took that thing...

(to Keniah)
Call my mother...
The young busty blonde disappears as the telltale ringing of
his mom's phone starts on the other end. Finally, she picks
up and a projection of a brown-haired woman in her forties
wearing a large white hat and matching working gloves


                       DEVIN'S MOM
      (in the hologram
Hi, hon... what is it? I'm outside
trying to get these rose bushes in
before next weekend.
Oh (lowers his head) well. I just
got your message. How did you know
about my quiz already?
                       DEVIN'S MOM
Quiz..? Oh, didn't you tell me
about your history quiz you took
last week sometime?
He tosses his mother a confused expression.
      (to himself)
The hologram of the still petite and attractive woman leans
in closer.
                       DEVIN'S MOM
You'll have to speak up,
sweetie... this breeze is making
it hard to hear you...
Oh... nothing, nothing, ma...
(rubs his nose out of nervous
Mom? Do you think that Dad would
be okay with me doing what I'm
doing if he were around?
His mother places a closed fist over her mouth to try and
hold back another monsoon of tragedy.
                       DEVIN'S MOM
Wh-what do you mean by that, Dev?
(Sigh) I mean... here I am chasing
my dreams, and he gave his life to
his country... I just don't


                       DEVIN'S MOM
Dev... You've managed to make it
farther than your dad could have
ever imagined. He loved his rock
cds... and playing with his cover
band... He went in to play in the
drum and bugle corps, you know...
then the war started...
(smiling) No matter how hard I
tried to get you to get interested
in law or medicine, anything other
than music... you just didn't want
anything to do with them! You have
too much of your father in you.
(her chest deflates in exhaustion)

Just do what your instincts tell
you to, hon... THAT'S what your
father would probably tell you.
Thanks, ma... I guess I just
somtimes wonder what he'd think
about what kind of man I'm turning
into, ya know?
His mother begins to choke up again.
                       DEVIN'S MOM
Listen, hon... I-I'd better get
these bushes in before too long...
You okay, mom?
                       DEVIN'S MOM
Yes (sniffle)... Yeah... I'll be
fine... Listen, I'll leave you a
couple of subs in the fridge for
when you come in this weekend,
Thanks, mom... I guess I'll let
you get back to your project. Call
me if you need me, alright?
                       DEVIN'S MOM
Okay... good bye...


The hologram disappears from sight. Devin opens his beer,
takes a big gulp, and moves over to the ultravision and
turns it on to the national news.
                       NEWS ANCHOR
      (on the UV)
Another attack in Kingdom of
Zimbabwe today killed ten members
of an American led strike team as
they attempted to leave a helipad.
Sources say that the team was on a
seek-and-destroy mission of a
known camp of the global terror
group calling themselves The Four
Winds. American intel gathered in
the past four weeks suggests that
this terror group was planning to
destroy another grid generator in
neighboring Niger. No one from the
CIA could be reached for comment.
      (talking to
Man, someone needs to just find
the ringleader and assinate his
Devin flips through the channels with his retinal remote.
Same ole' bag. Stupid talkshows, cartoons, Blackhawks are on
a 10 game win streak, the Prez doesn't know his ass from a
hole in the ground...

Then a BANG at his door...
Yo, Dev? Wha'd you think o' that
qiz man?
      (not looking up
       from the UV)
Ahh, it was alright I guess...
It was ahh'ight...
(a snide smile surfaces)
You gonna give yourself a brain
tumor watchin that shit, man.


And you're gonna turn into a
gullable asshole if you believe
those dumbass tabliods you always
Man, why you godda be crushin me
like that for, bra?
Coop holds his hurt face pose as if he's waiting for an
invisible director to say, "Cut...and print!" Then he
straightens up with a smile on his mug.
How many years have we been living
in the same shithole? (he
retaliates with a smirk of his
What was that about smelling
what you were shoveling again?
Pshh... First you takin' my girls,
now you takin' my lines too?!
(tosses his open hand at Devin
like he's trying to waft away a
So... We still hittin that party
up on frat row later or what?
      (while giving Coop
       their secret pal
Damn right.
Yo (sniff) you got those Prex
Yeah, they're over on my desk.
I don' wanna be spewing my guts up
til my sac turns inside out
tomorrow, so -- I'll just put 'em
in my pocket so we don't forget.
Cooper places the anti-hangover Prexamine tablets in his
front pocket and flops on the couch next to Devin.


      (to the UV)
Channel 58... I gotta get myself
in the mood for tonight! Why're
you watchin' this depressin' shit
The UV now shows a group of scantly-clad women grinding on
the star rapper of this video escapade... His torso hanging
out the sunroof of a large muscle car... deep blue
shades.... designer hologram tattoos...
      (shaking his
Right!! Now tha's more like it!
The Pi Sig house is loaded with people tonight... the rap
tunes shake the old windows of the house. The brothers are
all in their matching red tees. Two sorority sisters stagger
down the street on the steep hill to two young men huffing
up it. One of them is a guy in a black vulgar-looking tee.
The other looks like some sort of hood rat to the snooty
                       PARTY GIRL 1
Completely ghetto trash!
                       PARTY GIRL 2
      (whispering to
Cloud-sniffing bitches...
Fuck them, man... Let's roll on to
more important things -- the end
of the keg line!
Cooper fishes in his deep pockets.
      (pulling out the
Here, man. Take two o' these.


      (looking at the
       prex tabs in his
Are you SURE these things don't
have any negative sides to them?
Have I EVER steered you wrong bra?
Nah... You haven't, man. Sorry.
You will be if you don't pop those
things pronto. Three minutes
before you take a swig..dig?
Yeah, (laugh) I dig, man.
They both pop two of the prex tabs dry and force them down.
Tears start to form in the corners of Devin's eyes from the
tabs scratching his esophagus on their way down.
                       FRAT BROTHER
What'll it be, boys?
A 16 of Bud.
Same for me, man.
                       FRAT BROTHER
      (pointing to his
       bulky frat
Hand your "Lincolns" over to Tiny.
Devin and Coop shell out a five dollar blue back a piece to
the ogre, take their brews, and head for the ground beat
coming from the inside of the two story frat house.
The insde of the house is stuffed elbow to asshole. There
are cute girls grinding on half wasted do gooders as far as
they can see. They quickly kill their first glasses and pick
up two more from the row of brews on the bar table. The
music seems to be nearly shaking the windows out of this old


      (shouting into
       Devin's right ear)
I don't see your hunny anwhere in
here tonight, Dev.
(starts groovin to the beat)
I gotta go get my skill on, bra.
There are some FINE looking,
anatomically correct specimines of
the female in here TO-NIGHT!
Coop boogies off into the sea of drunkeness toward a cute
girl in the middle of the room.

Devin scans the room. Behind the masses, he catches the
shifting form of a gorgeous petite red head with curly hair
smiling in his direction... tight red top that show the form
of her ample bust... and even tighter jeans... Devin's
weakness... He takes another swig of his beer and makes
toward the far corner trying to see if he can cross her path
near the kitchen. He makes his way thru endless girls
rubbing on him as he passes thru the mob, determined to meet
this enravishing red head. As Devin get closer to the
kitchen, he can hear Coop in the backgroud over the noise
yelling, "Shake what yo momma gave ya!"

He finally makes it to the kitchen. The red head is now
moving out tot he patio area. He moves and pushes a little
faster now. The adrenaline is beginning to surge thru his
veins. He takes another huge gulp of his drink hoping that
it'll calm his nerves to the point that he can talk to her
without looking like an idiot.

The music has become nothing more than a dull thud in his
mind now. His focus is solely on his "prey". Like a wolf on
the prowl. The shouts of the frat brothers near the corner
of the pool startle him a bit. Two of them are holding a guy
upside down in what was known decades ago as a kegger.

Devin looks back in the direction of his catch only to find
that she is gone. He looks in all directions, sweeping in a
360 degree arch. Gone.
The camera follows Devin as he makes his way back into the
hose, then it pans out wide to a long shot of the frat
house, and finally fades out.


The music has grown a lot softer now. Dozens of people are
passed out on the front lawn and in the street. Cooper is
drunk off his ass and Devin is crutching his buddy along
back toward their dorm -- hammered out of his own mind.
      (drunk and slurred)
Man, thatfwa a damgoo' summabichin
POTTY! Whoo!
      (halfway stumbling
       down the hill)
Coop... you're fuckin toasted.
Whuh? Toas'ed? Shi'... I'muh
zshuss geddin stodded, fooo. ha,
Hah, HAA!!
      (heaving under the
Let's just get home and sleep it
off and wait for the tabs to kick
They stagger back down the street tot he corner. They make a
left and go two blocks back into their dorm building. Coop
continues his ranting as they try to sneak back up into
their room past the kerfew via the back stairwell. They make
back to their doorstep without so much as a hint of trouble.
In fact, the dorm seems eerily quiet tonight to Devin. Myabe
it's just the beer, he thinks.
Devin throws Coop on his bed in the corner and kicks his
shoes off and climbs into bed himself. Staring at the
ceiling, the rain stained tiles begin to zoom in and out of
foucs. Devin looks over at his sleek clock on its steel arm.
It begins to swirl counterclockwise. He tries to focus on
another far off object -- his lamp, yeah the lamp. To no
avail. He restlessly slips into a vortex of inebriation --
his mind going blank....


The view slowly comes into focus. It's a grey room. Matching
table, matching walls, matching big door with little barred
window at eye level.
      (groggy and
Whuh? Where duh hellhuh?
The high pitched squeak of the big grey door prying open on
its hinges makes Devin sit up in his unknown bed. A man in a
suit and coat strides into the room. The echoing pit-pat of
his obviously high dollar dress shoes pounding in Devin's
                       MR JONES (NONCHALANT)
Good afternoon, Mr. Cane. Had a
nice rest, I hope?
Devin sits up on the side of the bed holding his pounding
head in his palms.
      (still half asleep)
Who the fuck are you, where the
hell am I, and why the hell didn't
those prex tabs work?
(rubs his eyesockets with the
heels of his hands)
I'm gettin' my damn money back
when I figure all this shit out.
The thirty-something sleek looking man strides closer to
                       MR JONES
You can call me Mr. Jones...
You're in a safe undisclosed
location at the moment, and you
have a lot to learn, my boy.
      (shooting him a
       stern look)
As long as you can get it done by
dinner time. You have NO idea what
kind of bitch my mom can be when
she's worried.


                       MR JONES
Don't I, though, Mr. Cane?
Mr. Jones walks toward the door, closes it, and tosses a
dark blue folder on the desk against the grey wall.
                       MR JONES
      (setting down in a
There's a great deal about your
situation that you don't
understand, Mr. Cane. And a great
deal more that you will probably
never know. But that's neither
here nor there.
Mr. Jones picks up the folder and begins to thumb through
the large stack of antiquainted papers.
                       MR JONES
      (looking intently
       at the folder's
Um hmm.... Mother -- Ashley.
Father -- Charles F. Cane...
Hmm... Another military brat, eh?
No siblings. Grade school reports:
Second Grade, Mrs. Paresh
Pasedina, CA -- Devin is a
pleasure to have in class. He
shows great promise... (smiling)
If only she knew. Moving on...
High School -- Lycee de Touluose
in Paris, France...received
detention over 22 times in one
year. Principal remarks: A
hellraiser, ruffian, and not
applying himself...
Yeah, yeah. So, you're another
"Spook" from The Farm. Big deal.
"Va-tu fais feutitre."

SUBTITLE: "Go and fuck yourself."


                       MR JONES
      (raising his stare
       over the top of
       the folder)
Cute (he perks his lips) The
"deal", Mr. Cane, is that I know
everything about you and what
you're capable of. (he raises a
single brow)
I have a proposition for you.
Why should I give a shit?
The tall man pulls out a remote and activates a screen that
appears in midair. A profile of Devin comes up with a list
of crimes under it.
                       MR JONES
      (pulling out a
       slender remote)
Attempted robbery... auto theft...
arson.... three counts of
manslaughter... hacking into the
NATO GhostComm mainframe...
WHAT??!!! I've never been accused
of ANYTHING in my whole life! My
record's clean, jack. I don't know
where you got your 411 -- but it's
                       MR JONES
Don't get me wrong, Cane. I know
you haven't been convicted -- yet.
But I have the surveillance to
lock your little dimpled ass away
for two lifetimes.
This -- is EXTORTION!
                       MR JONES
      (closing the
       folder and image)
No, Mr.Cane. This -- is the DEAL
(Jones leans into the tabletop)
You will aid me in protecting a
few (rolls his head back)
"assets", and maye I'll forget
that I have these video files.


Devin walks over to the wall and slaps his hands on it
Fuck me!
Jones glides out of the chair in true "spook" fashion --
without a sound.
                       MR JONES
      (walking toward
       the door)
You may be, if you screw up. Come
with me, Mr. Cane. We have a lot
of material to cover in a very
short amount of time.
                       DEVIN (SARCASTICALLY)
Am I gonna be tested on this?
                       MR JONES (KEENLY)
      (holding the door
Call it -- a lab practical. And
you don't want to fail it, Mr.
The two walk out of the room. The large door slams shut --
it's echo ringing down the empty corridor.
Devin follows Mr. Jones down the labrynth of hallways into a
large oval room with velvet walls and a large onyx oval
table at the center.
                       MR JONES
      (pulling out the
       remote again)
Mr. Cane.... Do you know much
about virtual ecosystems?
You know damn well I took the
class... what's you're point?
                       MR JONES
      (no expression)
Yes, I know that you are enrolled
in the class, Mr. Cane. That's not
what I asked. What do you KNOW


                       MR JONES (cont'd)
about them?
Devin turns his back defiantly on Jones and crosses his
I know a little about government
sponsored and controlled
Mr. Jones walks to the far wall and presses a button on his
remote. A large section of the velvet wall begins to slide
away revealing a screen with the Earth in its view. There
are several green lazer-like lines crosshatching the
                       MR JONES
      (looking at the
This, Mr. Cane -- is The Grid. An
intricate system of over 2,000
satellites in high orbit around
the Earth...
Mr. Jones presses another button that zooms in on a large
section over Africa.
                       MR JONES
Each individual satellite is
emmitting a sort of, "plasma-like"
substance that is acting as the
only barrier between the Sun, and
the ground.
      (turning to face
So you're talking about some sort
of virtual O-Zone layer..?
                       MR JONES
Very good, Mr. Cane. You catch on
fast. (Jones draws in a clean

The Grid is controlled by a
network of servers on Earth. There
are 24 different "nodes" if you
will -- scattered around the
globe... each one's position is
known and protected by only one
person. These Nodes are emmitting


                       MR JONES (cont'd)
the signals and necessary
programming for The Grid to remain
functional. If one of these Nodes
would happen to go offline --
well, the results could be
Like what?
                       MR JONES
A large section of the Grid would
vanish leaving the area and its
inhabitants below subject to
temperatures of 145 degrees in the
daylight and 70 below at sundown.
So, within a matter of a few days,
the water would dry up, the
ecosystem would be off balance,
and eventually -- the entire
section of the Grid would die off
from either dehydration,
starvation or be frozen to death.
      (jaw hanging open)
Holy shit! (stares into Jones'
So, where do I fit into this
little plan of yours, Jonesy?
Mr. Jones changes the screen to 27 mugshots of different
people... men, women, and children.
                       MR JONES
These... are our compiled list of
know affiliates working for an
international terror organization
calling themselves The Four Winds.
It has recently come to our
attention that they got themselves
into a position to get to a
generator. We believe that they
will try and get to one of the
Nodes and try to deactivate it,
theoretically holding that part of
the world for randsom. Or, it's
quite possible that they just
might wipe them all out in that
area just for the fun of it.
Mr. Jones sits at the table.


                       MR JONES
This is where YOU come into play,
Mr. Cane... You will be trained as
an operative. We will specialize
your training to fit your
objectives. You will trail the
terrorist to Madrid where you will
ensure the safety of the
generator, and eliminate the
operative. More on that later...
Right now , we need to get you to
The Meadows... You have 3 hours to
gather yourself... then it's off
to camp, sonny....
The sun rises out of its Eastern slumber and starts to add
small hues of green and grey to the distant patches of trees
in this large wilderness. Devin stands by a large oak --
outfitted in his teeshirt and some ragged jeans. His bags
are at his side. He looks down at the card in his hand: 5:30

A black Hum-vee makes its approach. It pulls up beside
Devin's position and comes to a screeching halt.

Three muscular men in all black and wearing masks tackle
Devin and throw him to the ground.
Hey!!! Whuh?!!
The men say nothing. Devin is bound, masked, and thrown in
the back of the vehicle.
Ohh.... I get it! This is all a
nice big set up -- right?!
All a part of your "training
                       MASKED VOICE
      (In an alien tone)
Lights out, spyboy!
With that, he is slapped across the temple with a heavy cold
object. He tries to make a verbal comeback but his words are
slurred into mush.


The lights above him begin to soak up his field of vision
through his mask. Distant voices are now closer and are
accompanied by heavy footsteps.
                       MASKED VOICE
Coming around...are we? Take his
mask off!
Whuh thuh...?
                       MASKED VOICE
Save it! I'll be the one to make
the inquiries.
Devin's mask is pulled off with force. He can make out a
large silhouette beside the lights, but they're too bright
to see the figure's face.
                       MASKED VOICE
You know the location of one of
the nodes.
      (smikrs and shrugs
       his shoulders)
I don't know what the fuck you're
talking about.
                       MASKED VOICE
The Grid... You mean you don't
remember THIS man?
An old photo is thrown on the desk in front of Devin. His
eyes grow large with fear and anger. The photo shows a tall
older man -- lying on the pavement with his throat cut wide
You weak, spineless, shitstains!!
                       MASKED VOICE
Ahhh.... So, Mr. Jones is an
aquaintance of yours? Or rather,
Theodore Allan Mollohan...
Recruiter for the Omega Group...
Omega what?


One of the unseen men tears Devin's shirt off and pokes his
chest with a metal prod. His scream -- and the electric
shock -- echo out into the darkness.
                       MASKED VOICE
You spoke with Jones... He was
placing you into one of his
highest operations (grabs Devin's
For what!!
Fuck you... you alien sounding,
pussy from another dimension.
(raises his nose as he talks)
Even if I knew shit, I wouldn't
share it with your sorry ass.
The tortuous harmony of another scream and electricity fill
the stagnant air.
                       MASKED VOICE
They must have planted it in a

(to one of the unseen figures)
Let's hook him up to the Lobescan.
Before he can object, two disks are placed on either of
Devin's temples. He hears a small click as two small pins
pierce the flesh on either side of his head.
Ahhh! Shit -- you assholes! Okay,
okay, I'll tell you what I
Too late. Devin feels a tugging sensation from both sides of
his head... Like the device is trying to tear his skull in
half. A hologram screen in front of him begins flashing
images...stills of him in training camp...talking to
Jones.... learning Kung Fu.... Being shown the Grid....
The cold autumn wind is chewing at Devin's skin. His eyes
come into focus on a fire escape stairwell that seems to go
on forever up into the dark. His back and head are both
rigid and sore. His extremities are all so cold that he can
barely move them.
      (looking around)
Great.... now what?

Where did they dump my ass this


                       DEVIN (cont'd)
time? (slams his fists into his
thighs) Oh, shit! The Grid! They
must have... I gotta get there
before they do...Damn!
He staggers to his feet as fast as his half-frozen muscles
will let him and runs toward the open end of the alleyway --
and out into the unknown.
Devin turns the corner only to see an ocean of people on
bikes make their way up -- what appears to be -- a main
road. All of the signs are in Asian.
      (in awe)
How in the f... but, what am I
doing...? I can't even READ any of
this shit! (he heaves a desparate
sigh) I gotta get a brew...
He makes his way down the busy sidewalk and turns into what
looks like a tavern. The techno music is loud... people are
swaying... there's a lingering stench of booze....
My kinda crowd...
Devin pushes his way up toward the bar and slams an empty
glass on the finely polished cherry. A small (but stalky)
barkeep swaggers over to him and starts rattling in Korean.
At first Devin can't make heads or tails of it, but it
quickly begins to make sense -- somehow.
      (to Devin)
(Echoing in Devin's mind)

"So, what'll it be, mister?"
"Where am I?"
But without even thinking about it, what came out of Devin's
mouth was the same phrase in the native dialect.
      (to Devin)
"You're in Seoul, Korea... From
the sound of it -- you should know


                       BARKEEP (cont'd)
that as well as I do..."
"Seoul?! None of this makes
"Are you drinkin' or what, fella?
I've got about a hundred other
lunatics to deal with tonight."
      (shaking his head)
"Oh, sorry... yeah a sake..."
"Right... One native brew comin'
As the bartender leaves to fill his order, Devin scans his
current environment. One bopping DJ, several hundred drunken
Koreans, one knockout redhead....
      (to himslef)
Whoa! I'd KNOW that tush anywhere!
Their eyes meet for only a second, but long enough for Devin
to mouth the word "you" to her.
"Okay, one sake... the best in the
Devin slides him an American $5 blueback.
"Thanks... Keep the change."
Devin turns his attention back to the petite redhead in what
appears to be a tight blue top and jeans. She's sitting at a
booth trying to look nochalant. Devin makes a b-line right
for her.
      (shaking his
You! From the partry... right?! Pi
The redhead slowly turns her head up to face him.


I'm not sure who you are exactly
(sips her highbrow cocktail)
but there's a LOT more to you
than you ever thought.
I... I don't underst --
...Sit down and listen VERY
carefully... They've probably got
a tracer on you, so we'll have to
make this conversation quick.
Devin starts rubbing his sleeves and pants.
Don't bother. It's not like the
bugs in the movies. It's an
injectible serum. Non-lethal, not
deadly, but it coats all of your
veins and your internal organs.
They can see you coming and going
from miles away.

You can call me Emily. Whatever it
is they wanted from you, they must
have not been able to get it.
They said something about a CMC...
and probed my mind with
A Classified Memory Cortex... you
must be high up there...
How do you know all this stuff
about me?
Emily peers around nervously... following a pair of Korean
men as they swagger through the tables.
Listen.... We've gotta move. We're
already being tracked.


      (scanning the room)
By who..? Where?
Stay here.... I'm going to go out
through the door behind the bar.
When the door closes, wait five
seconds, then follow me.
But what it they have..?
Oh.... and when you open the door
(her eyes widen) duck.
She takes a swig of her drink and glides out of the booth
toward the far corner of the bar. Then, she disappears into
the shadows.
Oh, great! Where the hell'd she go
Devin looks around the room and sees the two men standing at
the bar keepin close tabs on him.

Then his gaze is driven back to the far side of the bar by a
sliver of light that is cascading across the bartop.
Then.... darkness again.
      (to himself)
That must be the cue...
One... two.... three... four...
He gets up and walks for the door. The two men keep an eye
on him, but don't move just yet. Devin peers over his
shoulder to see if they're trailing him at all.
Shit! C'mon!
He moves past the liquor wall and heads down a narrow
corridor with a door some fifty feet at the other end. Devin
cautiosly strides forward... not daring to look over his
shoulder again.


I hope they're back there...
Not too long after his last word, he hears a "thwip" and
looks over at the left wall just in time to see a large
caliber round explode a large area of the cheap wallpaper
into shreds.
      (ducking down and
Fuck me!
Two more rounds hit very close to him as he bolts for his
only escape route. Then he hears one of the men screaming at
the other.... "No! No! They want him alive, jackass! Let's
go!" Devin slams through the door as their footstep draw
Get down...NOW!!
He dives to the pavement as the first of the men comes
crashing through the doorway into the alley. There is a
loud, wet crunch as Devin turns around to see the slender
Asian man go limp to the ground with a rusty piece of bent
pipe portruding from his right eye socket.
Get moving! His buddy isn't too
far behuh....!
The door comes slamming into her side throwing her up
against a nearby dumpster. Devin jumps to his feet to face a
rather short man -- his muscles being barely contained by
his black leather vest. The man pulls out a pair of small
cylinders from either pocket, clicks the ends together, and
slowly pulls them apart. A large elictric bolt leaps across
the open air between them and connects with the other
cylinder with a loud CRACK! The huge man starts swinging his
contraption around like a pair of numbchucks as he creeps
around Devin in a circle.
Step up and take a bite, big dog!
Devin steps back and picks up another piece of the busted
piping -- this one straight and about five feet long. With
no hesitation, he swings the pipe and maneuvers it around
his torso and neck like a Kung Fu pro.


C'mon, 'roidboy! Put up...or shut
The big guy says nothing but continues to circle Devin like
a wolf around a stag. He swings his chucks from time to
time, trying to pull his adversary out of the zone. The man
comes at Devin, one pair of chucks high -- the other low.
Devin ducks to dodge the higher attack, and thrusts his
makeshift staff out to his side at the lower assult. The
high chucks snap thru the air missing everything... the
lower pair make contact with the end of Devin's weapon and
sever off a three inch piece. The air fills up with acrid
stench from the molten chunk of piping now sizzling in a
shallow puddle.
That's gonna cost ya....
The man smirks and looks down at his handiwork on the
pavement. In that instant, Devin seizes the opportunity and
swings the still molten end of his staff around and lunges
it into his opponent's right cheek just below the eye.

The man shreeks out in pain... a small wisp of smoke snaking
up from the end of the pipe in his face. Devin pulls his
weapon back to reveal a bleeding ring where it once was. His
attacker staggers back a bit, but quickly regains composure
and pounces on Devin with the speed of a panther.
Ahhh...! You bastard!!
One of the man's pair of chucks strikes Devin's pipe right
next to his hand and lops off a dime-sized piece of flesh.
In a fraction of a second, Devin's adversary slices his pipe
in half and is now swinging for his neck and torso.
I hope they planted something in
that thing in my head that'll get
my ass outta this!
Like a hammer striking his kneecap, Devin does a sideways
handspring to avoid both attacks simultaneaously. Now on one
knee, he turns back around to face his foe.
Okay... that'll do....


Without stopping, the husky man charges Devin... both sets
of chucks flailing in a big blur. His light show and the
snap and pop of the chucks force Devin to stagger back
closer and closer to the wall on the other side of the
I'm REALLY not sure I can ballyhoo
thru all that crap!

Man... I'm in it deep!
Devin continues to back up.... until his left heel is
stopped by the wall. He sucks in a large gulp of air.
                       KOREAN HENCHMAN
      (echoing in
       Devin's mind)
"Pepare to meet you maker!"
The snaps of his chucks are halted. The henchman's arms go
limp at his sides as a stream of blood flows down from the
scrap of sheetmetal splitting his cranuim, and down the
bridge of his nose. The big man falls forward beside Devin
with a heavey THUD.
      (to the henchman)
Pick out a pretty postcard, and
email it to me, asshole!

(to Emily)
Shit! It took you long enough!
He KNOCED ME OUT! I couldn't do a
thing if I wanted to!
Yeah, well (points to the street)
while you were catnapping, I was
over here trying not to get cut in
half by this neo-ninja sushi
C'mon! We don't have time to
argue. We gotta keep moving! They
traced you this far... we've gotta
strip that tracer out of your
system pronto. Otherwise.... we're
already dead.


Fine...! What do I..?
Emily starts to run down the alley...Devin trots after
her... unsure of what to expect next.
I think I saw a motel around the
corner from the bar... Let's just
get out of the open for now.
The camera moves up past a blue neon sign in Korean.... past
two empty dark windows, and finally coming to rest on the
third floor where Emily is looking out over the downtown
district to the river beyond. There is a hint of worry in
her gaze.
      (looking out the
This -- isn't going to be pretty,
but you need to get that serum out
of you now.
Devin says nothing, but looks at her with a slight cringe on
his mug.
      (looking back to
You're going to have to drink a
glass of your own urine....
      (throwing his head
       into his hands)
Geez! Why couldn't it be
bleachwater, or snake venom.... or
hell -- I'll even eat panda tirds!
      (shaking her head)
No... I wish it were that easy. We
don't have access to the antidote
out here. The only other way is to
strip the serum out of your system
with your body's own digestive
enzymes. It's either that (shrugs)
or we'll be picked off one by one
when we least expect it.


I'd almost rather take my chances
with more of those neo-ninja
He throws himself bacward onto the bed.
What if I don't have to go...?
We have roughly a thirty minute
window of time to work with before
they figure out that you're on the
move again and their "neo-ninjas"
are toast.
(motions toward the can)
So, go piss and stop your whining.
Devin huffs off toward the tiny half-bath in the corner and
begins mumbling to himself.
A week ago, I was willing to buy
you a beer just to meet you... Now
I've got you, and I'm drinking my
own piss!
Emily is patiently scanning the horizon for anything out of
the ordinary. A few moments later, she hears a gagging noise
errupt from the little bathroom.
You okay in there...?
I just chugged a glass of my own
whizz... What do YOU think?!
She goes back on watch. Nothing out of the ordianry just
yet. Lots of passers-by.... the occasional sreaming
cabbie... the local hookers in barely anything trying to
turn a trick. Her attention is broken by the hollow gurgle
of the toilet flushing. Devin comes slugging out of the
restroom wiping his chops off on his shirt sleeve.
So (flickers his tounge) wanna
make out?


Cute (rolls her eyes) real cute.
That should buy us some time.
They're gonna know your last known
location... here. But this'll make
it much harder for them to track
us from here on out.
Devin walks back over to the bed and flops back down on it.
So (leans in closer) Who's "them"
and "they".... and what do they
want with me..? Better still, how
do YOU know so much about al this?
Emily sighs and looks at him cooly.
You're a rod.
Devin sits straight up in bed.
No, no.... I mean that they are
using you as a lightning rod for
the molehunt.
They... who?
The Omega Group.
Devin starts to from the "O" in Omega but she cuts him off
before he has the chance to ask.
Omega Group is an elite class of
government trained assasins. Their
work is strictly classified... not
even the President is aware of
their existence. They are a
Pentagon phantasm. And you.... are
far more important than even
Mollohan could have imagined.


He sets stunned for a moment... trying to soak it all in.
And how do you know all this?
I'm a rogue agent... I uh, "took a
leave of abscence on my own
recognences." I was assigned to
The Grid protection protocol for a
while. I got in deep with one of
the Big Wigs for the Four
Winds...I was his attache to the
organization's Asian assets. They
thought that they had uncovered a
node in Singapore... I set it up
as a decoy... I was being trailed
by another pair of our own -- all
the way in from Warsaw...Once the
other two fell for my bait, I knew
something else was up. My FW
contact then found out about me as
well... I hid in Laos for a few
months digging up all the intel
that I could on Omega agents. Then
I found out about a new highly
classified project designed to
draw out the moles once and for
all... They've been after me
since... and those individuals now
want me dead.
      (rubbing his
What do the moles want with me?
They think you've got the location
of one of the Grid generators
buried in your head. They will
probably auction off the
information to the highest
bidder... terrorists, thugs, their
own bosses. What they don't know
...my info on the generator is


EXACTLY! But, we still need to
lead them to the location in order
to catch them. (her tone becomes
solemn) This isn't the Group's
first attempt at this... A few
weeks ago, Omega commissioned a
SEAL team to go into Zimbabwe and
try to draw out the moles.
Yeah... I saw the aftermath on the
Emily jumps up fom the windowsill and strides toward the
C'mon.... We'll move to a safer
motel down the street, catch some
shuteye, and in the morning --
we'll catch a flight outta here
and get to a place where I can see
what is in your CMC for certain.
Feeling like he's in a tornado that just won't stop, Devin
follows her out the door and into the humid night's embrace
once again.
The cold wind is whipping around inside the jump area of the
C-140. The view pans down to show the name tag on the
uniform as "MORGAN". A man in a black jumpsuit approaches
the camera.
                       MAN IN C-140
      (screaming over
       the engines)
We're approaching the drop zone.
Have you doublechecked your
                       SNIPER (O.S.)
A voice over the intercom comfirms....
                       VOICE OVER INTERCOM (O.S.)
Fifteen seconds to zero point!!
Repeat -- Fifteen seconds to zero


The man in the jumpsuit moves to the open side door of the
aircraft and hooks himself onto the guidecord hanging just
above him.
                       MAN IN C-140
Okay, Okay!!! When the light goes
green -- exit the machine!
The camera goes black... then our view is replaced with
infared. Our view is fixed first on the soft green of the
plane hull. Then it moves to the crouched red-orange figure
near the exit.
                       VOICE OVER INTERCOM (O.S.)
Drop zone in three....
                       MAN IN C-140
      (waving his arm
Go, GO, GO !!!!
Our view is turned upside down.... the plane quickly
shrinking into a green blob. Then the camera turs rightside
up again. The cool green land mass below is slowly getting
larger.... The timer on the right wrist reads 28 sec...

The wind is howling past the camera making it impossible to
hear anything else. Again, the camera pans up to the right
wrist... three seconds.... two ... one...

There is a loud FLAP followed by a sudden jerk upward. Our
view is now slowly gliding over an open desert. The dunes
growing steadily larger and more prominent. Then suddenly, a
SNAP! The right side flops down sharply... the dunes below
are now spinning out of control. The camera pans up to the
left wrist... 1300 ft.... 1200.... 1100...
Oh, shit!
                       VOICE ON COMM BOX (V.O.)
Sandman... come in... what's the
                       SNIPER (O.S.)
Main shute's out.... going to
There is a jingle of metallic chains, then... we are
freefalling again. The main parachute curling into a
snarling mass above. The left wrist comes nto view again...
800ft.... 700... Then another muffled FLAP. The descent is


slowed somewhat, but the sand still seems like it's
screaming upward.
The left wrist comes into view to stay this time...
400ft.... 300... 200... 100..... SNAP!
                       SNIPER (O.S.)
Shit...! SHIT !!!
                       VOICE ON COMM BOX (V.O.)
Sandman... SANDMAN?!!
The ground is flying up to meet us at lightening speed.
Devin bolts up from his slumber. He looks around to gain his
bearings... Emily's in the bed... he's on the sofa... The
small steel clock built into the lamp reads 4:27AM.
Man... I've gotta cut back on
bodily fluids before bedtime.
He gets up from the sofa and walks over to the window. The
streets are now relatively silent... the occasional drunk
staggers past his view, but not much beyond that.

The minutes turn into hours. The sun is beginning to creep
up over the distant horizon. Emily is still fast asleep in
the bed. Devin remains in the sill with his head propped up
on his left hand. There are shouts of people going into work
from time to time.
      (looking at the
Crap! Six thirty already?!
He runs his hands through his dusty brown hair and then
stretches them out overhead. Just then, he feels a quick,
light burst of air between his outstretched arms.
A fraction of a second later, the corner of the comforter on
the bed explodes into a plume of cotton and polyester.
Devin's eyes grow wide and the sudden POP makes him loose
his balance on the windowsill.


Oh, shit!
The first shot has awakened Emily... she now is sitting
upright on the side of the bed. Seconds later ... a loud
whistling noise followed by the explosion of the bedside
Damn! Stay low and make for the
door. They've managed to trace us
regardless -- and they're after
She joins Devin on the dusty carpet in nothing but her
underwear and scrambles for the door. She stops at the
batroom vanity on the right and grabs her jeans and tshirt
on the way out.
      (looking at Emily)
Teddy bears and hearts (licks his
chops) very chic...
Two more bullets hit the door and its frame just inches from
Emily's shoulder as she struggles to jump into her pants.
Save it, Cane. If you don't stop
looking at my butt, you might end
up with an extra hole in yours.

Out into the stariwell... NOW!
They dodge another bullet that zings off the door frame as
they storm into the hallway and then the stariwell.
      (bobbing down the
Sniper... They don't want me near
you any longer! He had a shot --
but he didnt' kill me...
The intensity of the moment has slipped from Devin's mind.
As they stampede down the stairs, his world seems to be
running in slow motion. All he can see are Emilys's natural,
deep red curls dancing some sort of hair folicle ballet. Her
green eyes peering back at him as they round the next
flight... the strength in her slender arms...

Reality comes snapping back as she slams thru the door


leading into the main lobby. Emily quickly scans the
room.... Relativly slow at the moment... An old man behind
the desk watching American re-runs, two drunks in the
ultra-vision lounge arguing over something -- and then three
armed men burst through the front doors.
We need to...
      (completing her
... head for the side door. Yeah,
I know.
Devin darts out ahead of her toward the glass door at the
far end of the lobby's western hallway. The three thugs are
now charging thru the lobby cocking their uzis. When the
thugs round the corner, Devin and Emily are nearly halfway
to the open air. The first one around the corner attaches a
silencer to the snub of his weapon and releases a firestorm
down the corridor.
      (falling to the
Devin turns as soon as her hears the limp THUMP of Emily's
body hit the ground. Another spray of silent flesh-eaters
march up the carpet just to the right of Devin's leg.
      (thru the pain)
Dev.... m-my leg! H-help me up...
The other two thugs have now rounded the bend and are
affixing their silencers.
(grunt) C'mon! The other two are
here. We've got nowhere to hide!
Devin leaps in front of her and pulls her up from the floor.
The hell we don't!
Another wave of bullets tear a gash into the wall just to
their left. Devin is now standing in front of her skating
backward toward the exit. He hears one of the thugs scream
at the others, again it echos in his mind.


      (to his cohorts)
No... NO!! Not him!! They want him
The thug slams his gun against his fist.
Damn!! (points to the walls) Back
outside -- NOW!
Two of the three high tail it back out the front doors and
make a right preparing to cut Devin and Emily off.
      (to Emily)
Run for the door!!
She makes a mad dash for the door. Devin turns around to
join her in the footrace to the side street. Devin hears the
CLICK of the thug's magazine being reloaded as he too makes
Shit (waiving her on) go, GO, GO
Emily charges the door and sends it splintering into three
big chunks on the pavement. She falls forward sprawling out
in a dissheveled heap. Devin nearly tromps her into the
ground as he trips and is sent flailing into the air.
Two of the thugs round the corner at the end of the small
alleyway behind the Golden Sun Motel. Emily looks up from
under Devin's legs to see them training their uzis on her
      (pushing Devin
       toward the
Get over there!
Devin drags her behind the rusty brown barrier as a stream
of bullets riccochets off the concrete where she had just
      (looking toward
       the head of the


                       DEVIN (cont'd)
Do you think we can make it to
that corner?
Another flurry of steel chews up the side of their
barracade. Causing Devin to flinch.
I don't think we have much choice!
The thug that was trailing them appears through the busted
remanents of the alleyway door. He pulls up his uzi and
loads a mag -- smirking at them huddled behind yesterday's
eggdrop soup.

Devin begins to rub his hands down his jeans nervously.
We're gonna die... Shit!
Just then, he feels a cylindrical bulge in his pocket and a
bolt goes off in his head...
The chucks..! Emily... take these
-- and take care of Guy Smiley!
I'll cover ya!
He tosses Emily the lightening chucks and starts pushing the
dumpster for all he's worth down the alley at the other
thugs. Emily rolls forward and punches the thug in the
doorway in the kneecap. The loud crack of his cap is quickly
followed by a howl.

Devin has the dumpster rolling as a barrage of fire dents
the steel in front of him and bounces around inside the
half-empty box.

Emily moves behind her opponent as he collapses to the
concrete. She quickly clicks the chucks together and they
spark to life.
      (to the thug)
(looking at the bloody hole in her

I just shaved, you asshole!
Emily spins the chucks to form a nooce around her
assailant's neck. In an instant, he is decapitated... his
lifeless form colapses to the alley.


She gignerly gets up, clicks the chucks, and limps toward
the doorway. She's greeted by a booming THUD!
      (peering around
       the corner)
Yeah... I'm alright!
She hears Devin's footsteps pattering up the alley.
Let's go! I think I've bought us a
couple of seconds at least!
She takes his hand and they make a run for the open end of
the alley. She peers back to see the other two thugs
struggling to push the dumpster out of the way. They've
already got it moved up about three feet.
Another wave of fire sends bits of demolished brick shrapnel
from the neighboring building into Devin's left cheek. As
they round the corner into the open, Devin's gaze is quickly
held by the street bike ten feet away.
Devin makes a run for the bike with Emily not too far
behind. He stradles the streamlined bullet-like speedster
and a touchpad screen appears in front of the gas tank. A
deep male voice demands in Korean, "Please enter your
ignition security code..."
(shakes his head in disgust)
The thugs' shouts are now echoing up the alley.
The bike's watchdog shouts at Devin again, "You have five
seconds to enter the ignition security code..." The fingers
on Devin's right hand begin to work at almost a blur on the
      (looking toward
       the alley)
C'mon, Dev!


Please do not add any more stress
to the situation that there
already is, "Emmie".
The watchdog barks again, "Three... two.." Devin's fingers
finally press 2-7-2-7-8-6.... "Security code confirmed...."
The 225 cc engine revs to life.
Keep your cheeks to the seat, and
hold on tight!
He rolls the throttle and the bike's front end jumps four
feet off the ground. A woman in the coffe shop comes running
out cursing them for stealing her speedster.
Eeeee Hahhh!!
As the two ride off down the sidewalk doing a wheelie, the
thugs round the corner and unleash a wave of steel that
shatters the windows out of two very expensive cars parked
along the sidewalk, but does no harm to the bike.
      (to his cohort)

Damn! Quick... into that car!
The two thugs shatter the front windows the rest of the way
out on the Beamer and the driver hotwires the engine with
what looks like a small tuning fork. The car's motor revs up
and the driver hits the gas and peels out after the bike
some two hundred feet down the sidewalk.
      (looking back)
Devin! (her mouth slowly lowers)
They're gaining..! Try to loose
them in the side streets.
Devin peers into the left mirror to find a black Beamer with
the windows blown out swerving in and out of traffic closing
on them.
Left... or right?!
I don't.....


The fragrant smell of the water of the Han River fills her
... Right! Go right toward the
Devin squeezes the brakes and leans the bike into a slide
around the next corner taking out the mirror on a parked
SUV. They're now on a downhill sprint toward the shipyard in
the distance.
The bike starts to swerve as Devin grabs his left shoulder.

The Beamer screams around the corner in a powerslide banging
up the door on the same SUV. Rounds from the uzis sizzle up
the street and put a few holes in the exhaust pipe of the
One of the thugs pulls out an earpiece and places it in his
left ear.
      (to voice comm)

We're tracking them toward the
shipyard on the Han! Send in
backup on the West side!
Devin's bike makes another squealing turn into the yard. He
quickly takes the bike up a ramp in front of the warehouse
and running parallel to the shipyard. The ramp is littered
with crates, workers and wooden loading flats. One of the
workers flings a large sea dolphin out of a crate and into
the air toward a co-worker in the warehouse.
Damn..! Duck!!
Emily's head barely clears the thirty pound fish as it's
lifeless carcas zips past and into the waiting hands of the
man in the warehouse.

The Beamer cuts around the corner and quickly flies down the
lower deck past pyramids of crates and spires of deisel fuel


      (to passenger)

Take out their tires!
The thug in the passenger seat hangs out the window and
loads another mag into his uzi.

Devin looks down briefly to see the thug cocking his gun and
aiming it in their direction.
      (to Emily)
Get a good grip on me... it's
about to get shakey..!
The end of the muzzle lights up again... Devin maneuvers his
ride in between stacks of crates and a few men. The rounds
chew up the crates in front of the bike as it passes sending
slivers of wood, crushed ice, and fish flesh popping in the
air like popcorn.

Devin gets into a stretch of clear ramping and cranks the
throttle. The bike speeds off toward several workmen
unloading unopened crates. The car speeds up to come
parallel to them once again. The passenger thug unloads his
uzi up toward the warehouse ramp. This time, his shots mow
down several workers in a small bloodbath.

Devin looks ahead only to see a five foot wall of crates and
a pair of wooden loading flats leaned steeply against them.
Oh, crap!
What is it Dev...?! (gasp) Oh,
shit! We're outta room!
Whatever you do (loweres his torso
to the gas tank) DON'T LET GO!!
Devin cranks the throttle for all it's worth sending the
bike whailing at the wall of crates. He shouts at the
workers in their native tounge as they zoom past...
      (to the workers)



                       DEVIN (cont'd)
Out of the way!! Stand clear!!
The thug sends another barrage of fire toward them that
pings inside the spokes of the rear tire.

Devin focuses in on one of the 2x6 boards tilted against the
crates on the loading flat, and unwinds the motor for all
that it's worth. The lower cage of the bike scrapes the ramp
and spits out a flare of sparks as it runs up the skinny
angled board and into the air.

The bike clears twenty feet of deisel barrels and pavement
before it lands in front of the Beamer.
The thug reloads once again... Now with the target right in
front of him, he takes close aim -- and squeezes the
trigger. This time, there is a low frequency BANG as the
rear tire on the bike disintegrates causing the bike to slow
down and swagger from side to side.
I -- I can't keep it straight!
Pop the gas cap -- and keep it
straight! (pause) When I say go...
jump off!!
Devin takes his right hand and unscrews the cap while he
steers the bike with his left.

Emily pulls the chucks from her hip pocket.

She looks back to see that the Beamer is still trailing
them... and it is. The thug is pointing the uzi at her back.
Devin jumps to the left and Emily to the right. The spray of
gunfire tears a path in the leather seat that they once
occupied. The bike skids forward on its side -- spilling its
fuel on the pavement as it goes.


Emily clicks the chucks together and waits for the Beamer to
get within ten feet of the skidding bike before she tosses
them into the path of the fuel...
      (to the driver)

No... NO !!!
Too late... The bike errupts into a fireball right under the
hood of the Beamer. This, in turn, causes the Beamer's
engine to errupt and send its hood cartwheeling into the
air. The Beamer falls on its side and skids some fourty feet
before turning over on its top.
C'mon, Devin! No time to waste!
As he runs over to join her, the car explodes.

Two speed bikes streak past them through the flames of the
remains. They skid to a halt some distance past Devin's
position, and then come racing back toward he and Emily.
These people won't take no for an
The rider of the blue speedster pulls out a long metal
chain. As he drops it to the side of the bike, Emily sees
fours smaller chains terminating in smooth black orbs. The
rider on the red bike unsheaths a sawed off pump action
12-gauge from his back.

The reflective visors on their helmets prevent her from
getting a "read" of their poker faces.
      (to Devin)
Into the warehouse..!
We'll be cornered! What good will
that ...?
We stand a better chance of
picking them off in there than we
do out in the open... Shit!


She hears the bike's engines rev and speed toward her and
Devin. They both climb up a stack of crates and Emily
smashes open a low window on the side of the warehouse.
Holy Shit!
Watch your hands on this side...
there's glass everywhere.
With the moves of a panther, she maneuvers through the three
foot hole in the window pane and into the dark warehouse.
Once he sees that Emily is safely on the other side, Devin
climbs in after her. He's got his torso thru the hole when
the alarm sounds....


Very shortly following this, the hologram of a young Korean
woman in a blue jumpsuit appears right beside Emily...

Perfect!! What next?!
Shut up and get your ass through
that window!
Devin follows orders and carefully wiggles thru the hole. As
his left foot touches down, another hologram, this one a
young man, appears right beside Devin...


A spray of buckshot tears out the upper left corner of the
busted window pane. Devin looks over the edge of the hole to
see both bikes outside the widow -- Mr. Red thrusts the
pump of the gun with his right hand. An empy cartridge
pounces out onto the concrete. Mr. Blue wraps the chain
around his shoulder, dismounts, and starts to scale the pile
of crates toward the window.
Let's get to the floor and find a
place to cover up.


They run along a row of crates until they reach the end, and
jump off onto the concrete floor. Their holograms follow
them to their exact positions.
Cover does us no good with these
two (thumbing toward the
holograms)hanging around.
Cover is NOT the idea...
So, we have two of Hell's Angels
outside the window closing in
fast, and on top 'o' that... soon
this place will be crawling with
cops armed to the teeth! Good
thinkin', Emm.
Emily grabs Devin's arm and forces him to run after her down
a long row of highly stacked crates. At the end of the row,
she drops down behind a large flat of crates under a cargo
net. Their holograms are running after them.
The IDEA is....
She peers up over the edge of the crates to see their
holograms stop in midstride, turn around, and sprint back
toward the busted window. The two thugs are now crawling
through the hole.
Just as I thought!

(nods toward the holograms)

See... that's the drawback of
Integrated Hologram Security...
They can only tail whomever breaks
in. If someone else comes in thru
the same or another opening, the
holograms track them. It's a
programming bug that corporate


                       EMILY (cont'd)
hasn't figured out how to fix yet.
But how did you...?
The IHS sticker just above the
window we came in thru...
      (scanning the
Beautiful... so, how the hell do
we get back out?
Emily's gaze is fixed on the two thugs. They are swearing at
each other over their hologram "buddies". She scans the
warehouse's insides... large front door, four rows of
windows, one ground door to the rear, and one to the side.
I haven't got that far yet...
Jesus, Emm! Rule number one....
Know your outs...!
Emily turns her head sharply toward Devin. A stern epression
wrinkles her face.
Lecture me again, and I'll reach
thru your nostrils and tear that
chip out of your skull myself!

(now calm)

Besides (traces shapes on a crate
with her finger) I was never good
at following directions in school
The high pitched whail of the sirens on the cruisers has now
become audible. Suddenly, rows of stainless steel bars SLAM
down over the windows. Loud clicks followed by BEEPS
radiate from all the doors...



Okay... Didn't see THAT one
Devin drops his head heavily into his crouched knees. Emily
is still fixed on the thugs. The holograms are still acting
as stool pigeons. Then, Mr. Red reaches into his sleek red
suit and pulls out a shiny reflective pyrimid.
I think things are about to change
for the worse...
      (talking into his
He picks his head up and looks around the corner of the
crates. Mr. Red is placing the object directly under the
hologram standing next to him. The pyrimid unfolds itself
and within two seconds, beams of light fan out in a cone.
The hologram is frozen in place -- muttering like a broken
record. Mr. Blue follows suit, and his hologram is frozen as
So much for keeping them
Hang on....
A moment later, the bars release and slide up from the
windows. The doors click once again. The two thugs jump to
the floor and press the sides of their colored outfits. The
air next to them both begins to crackle...
Our way out, genius....
Silouetted forms take shape next to the thugs. Moments
later, two exact clones are standing on either side of them.
Mr. Red mutters orders to them and Mr. Blue and both of
their holograms spread out and commence a search of the
warehouse. The screaming of the sirens is much closer now.
Sure... If we can get thru them,
She tosses Devin a flirtacious look.


Not thru... AROUND... You men and
your macho shit...
Emily follows the thugs and their holograms as they begin
their search of the warehouse. The two Reds are moving for
the far side door... the two Blues are walking toward the
front loading bay. She glides behind Devin, brushing her
hand across his lower back.
Alright... when those two in the
red get past those stacks of
crates just ahead, make a break
for the window ledge we came in
And try to keep it quiet...
Hey, I grew up in the 'Burbs,
honey... sneaking around is second
She pays his ego no heed and remains fixed on the Red boys.
They are moving past a large stack of crates some twenty
feet northeast of Devin and Emily's current position.
Okay.... go!
She shoves Devin's back cueing him to make a run for the
double stack of crates under the row of windows. He stays
low , crossing one foot in front of the other toward the far
wall. He's still got a visual on the two Reds.
      (to himself)
Shit, I hope they don't turn
He creeps up to the edge of the crates under the windows and
kneels down behind them. He looks back in Emily's direction.
      (mouthing the
Keep going...
He peers over the edge of the crates the find one of the
Blue boys crossing in front of the loading bay door. The two


Reds have disappeared form his view. He climbs up onto the
first crate -- doing his best to keep his body extremely
close to its surface. He hears thunderous footsteps behind
Move your butt, or I'll do it for
Man... you sounded like an
elepahnt in a bubblewrap factory.
You might wanna consider taking
stealth killer off your next
She tosses him an angry look and shoves him foreward on the
crates making him move in the direction of the frozen
      (crawling behind
What are you talking about? I
could barely hear myself moving.
Yeah, well... tell that to the
dead cat that just meowed at
Zip it, and get to the window
before they come back around.
We REALLY shouldn't have had those
beans for dinner last night...
Devin feels something poke him between the cheeks which
makes him jerk upward.
If you can't control your bodily
functions, then I'll plug it shut.
Hey! I was just kidding...


                       DEVIN (cont'd)
The twitching shin of the female hologram is right in front
of Devin when he catches sight of a figure in blue pointing
a barrel at his chest. In a panic, Devin grabs one of the
unfolded pyramids and slings it at Mr. Blue.
No, Devin... wait!
The object passes right thru the neck of the hologram of Mr.
Blue and lodges itself into a wooden crate behind the
Great! Now you've really done it!
A spray of buckshot blows out the window just above Devin
showering them he and Emily with glass.
      (angry at himself)
The female hologram is now on the move again following
Devin. He slides over to the male hologram and picks up the
pyramid under it.
Emily...! Get thru that window -
I'll hold 'em off!
Another shower of buckshot penetrates the thin aluminum
siding of the warehouse right behind Emily. As she jumps
thru the window, Devin slings another makeshift throwing
star toward the real Mr. Blue. The camera follows the object
as it passes by the pumping 12- gague and lands in the
throat of Mr. Blue. He and his hologram fall backward to the
cold concrete.

The police cruisers are now squealing into the lot in front
of the warehouse. Mr. Red is now running toward Devin's
      (to the warehouse)
It's been fun, fellas...
Devin jumps out the hole in the window, and as he does, the
watchdog holograms turn away and move toward Mr. Red who is
now climbing the stack of crates.


The cops bust down the side and front doors and storm in on
the holograms' location next to Mr. Red.

Devin pounces down the crates outside the window where Emily
is waiting on the blue bike and jumps on the red bike. He
hears the cops scream "Freeze!" as he fires up the engine.

The camera pans upward to show Emily and Devin speeding
northward toward the International Airport just a few miles
Emily is working with a number of wires behind a rack of
processors and blinking LEDs. Devin is lounging in a small
leather chair not too far off.
Okay.... so begin at the beginning
and tell me what you know about
your family.
Devin rubs his forehead and heaves a sigh of frustration.
Do we really have to do this?
(gestures toward the computer)
I mean, shouldn't all this be in a
record somewhere, or something?
Emily turns around from her work and peers between the one
of the open spaces in her rack of "homegrown" gear. A look
of determination is on her face.
There is... It's not what the
record shows that's going to make
the difference, it's what you were
led to believe.
Devin tosses his torso back into the chair and slouches into
its velvet embrace.
What do you mean by, "what I was
led to believe"? (trying to
imitate her)
It'll all make sense soon enough.
Right now, I need you to tell me
what you remenber anout growing


                       EMILY (cont'd)
up. Then, I can fill in the gaps
of what I know about your files.
Devin fidgits around in the chair for a moment and gets
comfortable before recounting his childhood.
Fine.... (calms down)

I don't remember a lot of
      (now back at work)
... That's fine. Just tell me what
you remember...
      (staring off into
       the ceiling)
Well, I remember growing up in a
decent neighborhood. I was just my
mom and me...
What about your dad?
      (tosses a cold
       look toward Emily)
He was killed in action over in
Afganistan or something fighting
the terorists before was born. My
mom told me when I was seven that
he was in a helicopter crash.
Devin sees her kneel down and the tell-tale ratta-a-tat-tat
of a keyboard tells him that she's up to something.
Do you remeber his name, or
anything else your mom told you
about him?
He leans his head back against the headrest and shuts his
eyes trying to remember.


Charles Cane...he wanted to be a
musician in the coprs... I can't
remeber her telling me aything
else about him... Don't you think
that's a bit strange?
Emily merely mumbles in acknowledgement and continues with
her work.

Devin looks at her sarcastically.
Yeah...well... Beyond that, all I
remember is always having enough
of everything I ever wanted or
Did your mother work?
NO! She rasied me.
And don't you find it strange that
she still managed to pay the bills
and afford all the nice things for
No... It's called Military
The Marines sent us a monthly
check to help us get by after my
dad died.
Emily gets up and walks out from behind the stack with a
folded sheet of paper and sits down in a desk chair in front
of Devin.
      (handing him the
Does this photo mean anything to


Devin takes the picture and studies it. A young man in green
fatigues and a cammo vest standing out in front of a green
and red makeshift sign that reads "Airborne Rangers: 101st,
C- Company, Da Hnang".
She hands him a small magnifying glass and then begins to
put together something with the UV monitor next to them.
Take a closer look.
Devin takes the glass and scans the photo. The man looks all
of twenty... light brown hair, brown eyes.... bulging
muslces... Then something catches Devin's attention.
      (IN SHOCK)
Holy SHIT!!
Uh huh... You two look a lot
alike, don't you?
      (pointing at the
Well... a little, I guess... But
it's not that. Look at this!
      (leaning in)
The view moves in to show the name tag on the vest as being
THAT! I had a nightmuh... well
more like a dream, about jumping
out of some aircraft -- but I
clearly remember the name on the
suit being "MORGAN"!
Emily's mouth is now hanging open... her eyes are wide with
Do you recall where you were in
this dream?


Oh... damn! (snapping his fingers)

No, wait! It was somewhere over a
desert! I'm not sure which one...
but definitely a desert.
      (reaching for a
       nearby folder)
This runs deeper than I thought!
      (waving the glass
What...? Do you think my dad's
still alive or something..?
No... no way... He woulda tried to
get in touch with me by now... it
can't be.
Emily starts rummaging thru her folder of photos and data.
      (shaking her head)
I -- I'm not sure... Could be
something like that.
(mumbles to herself)
That's what I thought anyway.
He leans in and turns an ear toward her.
What did you say?
Nothing... look. This guy, Morgan.
He was a spec op in Vietnam...
Served in Lebanon in the '80s...
went on to be a CIA field ops
assasin in the 90s. He retired
from service in 2006... highly
decorated. His last address was in
West Virginia... some small little
hick town... Lost Creek.
What's all this have to do with
She places two small clear suction cups with gray discs in
them up against Devin's temples.


We'll both soon find out.
As she rubs the cups on Devin's temples, the snow and static
on the UV screen begins to phase in and out with the picture
of a copmuter graphic.

She moves the discs around to the front of his forehead.
Devin trembles slightly as she looks into his eyes from a
very short distance. The picture is now clearer.
      (to the picture)
Just... about...There!
The UV is now showing a rotating 3-D icon that reads "Omega
Group: Classified Memory Cortex ID: 23257ax7b".

Emily places his hands over the cups.
Hold these... and DON'T MOVE!
C'mon! I look like some sort of
retarded martian.
She only smiles flirtaciously and plugs a keyboard into the
UV. A box appears in the lower portion of the screen that
reads: "please enter access code".

As she begins to type away, the box quickly disappears and
reappears before Devin's sight.
The screen goes dark, then a white screen with several small
Greek omgea symbols appear. She starts to scroll down the
      (pointing to the
See here... martial arts
training... sniper... self
defense... weapons... There's
desert survival and simulation
trainig, but nothing on Morgan.


So.... (in her normal voice)
You know stuff about Morgan's
files that only HE'S supposed to
know about... Highly classified
stuff. And it doesn't show up in
your CMC... We need to get to him
Oh wow....
A large list of longitudes and latitudes streaks up the
"Wow" what? (his eyes shift to the
What are those?
The complete list of every Grid
node on the planet.
But, how do I know stuff only
Morgan's supposed to know?
That's a question we need to ask
The bustle of the nighttime traffic on the streets below is
hectic... a person in an old pair of white coveralls kneels
on the painter's platform of a large highway billboard sign.
The person is looking thru a pair of binocs and muttering
into a telecomm device.
EXT. I-79, WV - DAY
Emily's asleep in the passenger seat of their chevy rent-a-
car. Devin is struggling to stay awake. He looks at the
hologram clock display on the interior of the car's
windshield. It shows the local time as being 6:28AM. The
faded lines on this old stretch of highway are lumbering
past his lowbeams. Then finally... he sees his salvation.


Exit 110 -- Lost Creek

He veers the car to the right and slows it down as it
descends down the ramp and into the sleeply little town.
Emm...? Emily?!
She rolls around a little and pulls her coat up around her
Emily! We're here!
      (WAKING UP)
Hmmm? Oh, man.... (rubs her eyes)
Okay, okay... Let's stop somewhere
and get some coffee.
Devin drives the car down what appears to be the only road
in or out of the place until they reach a four-way stop.
I don't know that we're gonna have
much more of a choice beyond that
old gas station over there. The
one up ahead looks like it's been
out of commission for years.
Fine... whatever.... just get me
some coffee.
He maneuvers their wheels across an old set of railroad
tracks and pulls into the raggety looking fuel depot.
Emily fumbles around the aged stands partially piked through
of their books on tape and scuffles toward the coffee
machine in the back corner. Devin walks up to the counter.
An older woman in her forties brushes back her frazzled
brown locks -- trying to perk herself up for the "hunk o'
man that just mozied into her life."
      (to the attendant)
Excuse me, miss...


                       GAS ATTENDANT
What can I do for ya, sweetie?
Uhhh, well. I was wondering if you
might be fimiliar with the
She props her head up in her hands on the countertop.
                       GAS ATTENDANT
Well.... The only Morgan I know is
Frank... here in town anyways.
Devin mimicks her and leans in propping his head up in his
hands on the counter in front of her.
Well (gives her his patented Cane
smile) do you think you might be
able to tell me how I could get to
his place?
The still ravishing woman leans forward to flash Devin her
cleavage and points out the glass double doors.
                       GAS ATTENDANT
      (IN A STRONG
Jus' go back on out there, sugar,
and hang a left. Go straight out
til ya get to Duck Creek Road.
Then turn onto it and go straight
out for about 200 yards... Big
two-story white farmhouse on your
left... Can't miss it.
Emily is now scuffling up toward the counter with her cup of
How much for the brew?
The attendant looks over at Emily with a scowl on her face
and waves her hand at her.
                       GAS ATTENDANT
On the house, darlin'.


The attendant turns her best smile back toward Devin. Emily
walks up to him rubbing her belly and leans in between them.
Come on, honey...
Devin turns to her flabbergasted.
... the baby's waking up. We need
to go get something to eat.
She pushes Devin forward and smirks at the stunned
attendant. As they walk out the door, Emily turns an eye
back toward the attendant to see her mouth the word "bitch".
She walks out the door satisfied with herself.
God, Dev... flirting with a woman
TWICE your age!
Hey! I got us the directions,
didn't I?
They hop back into the car and pull up to the four-way, make
a left, and scutter off into the distance.
Our view is thru a pair of crosshairs with a meter on the
bottom that reads 124 meters. A silver Chevy sedan is
gradually rolling up the skinny paved road thru the canopy
of trees. The view zooms in on the car as it slows and turns
left into the gravel driveway in front of a large white
two-story farmhouse.
                       VOICE (O.S.)
They're approaching Morgan's
house. He appears to still be
intact and operational.
                       VOICE IN EAR (V.O.)
Good... Keep out of sight and an
eye on our boy. I'll personally
make contact with him when we are
certain they're not being tailed.


The view zooms out and pans the hills and sky in the
                       VOICE (O.S.)
No signs of anything yet, sir. My
scopes show no signs of the serum
                       VOICE IN EAR (V.O.)
Very well. Stay on them... I'll be
in touch on frequency "Gamma Two"
in the near future.

God... out.
                       VOICE (O.S.)
Amen... Guardian... out.
Devin and Emily are making their way up to the front porch
of the house. A large old rig is setting in a tuft of high
grass off to their right.
      (to Emily)
Should I just knock, or what?
(looking at his wristwatch)
It's still only quarter to eight.
I don't know, I guh...
Don't bother... I heard ya comin'
from two miles up the road.
A large man with a touch of brown in his mostly graying hair
is lumbering around the corner of the house. His old torn
jeans are spattered with fresh mud... his rusted pail and
trowel in his right hand.
Frank Morgan..?
The old man looks her sternly in the eyes.
You can tell your bosses back at
the phone comp'ny that I'm gonna
pay 'em as soon as I get paid for


                       MORGAN (cont'd)
my last haul.
We're not here about your bills,
Mr. Morgan.... We're here about
HIM. (pointing to Devin)
The old man huffs and looks over her shoulder at Devin. A
wave of shock so powerful overcomes the old man that he
forgets to breathe.
      (to Morgan)
Col. Morgan, we have to talk to
you about your military record.
The old man shakes his head and snaps back into reality.
I -- I'm sorry. You got the wrong
Morgan (shrugs) I'm just a truck
driver tryin' to make it.
You mean you didn't serve in
Nam... Lebanon... the Middle
East...? CIA assasin? This folder
tells quite a story about you.
What's he got to do with me?
We have proof that you and Devin
share the same blood.
I only had one ex... and we never
had kids... it can't be
      (going through her
Let's see... both blood type O
Neg... brown eyes, brown hair...
both left-handed, same hairline...
DNA match...


Jesus, Emm!
We need to step inside... you had
Morgan drops the pail and trowel on the front porch and
leads them into the foyer of his home.
Morgan is now over an older electric stove flipping thin
slices of sizzling bacon in a teflon skillet. Devin and
Emily are seated at his small round oak table near the door
to his back porch.
      (to Devin and
So... how do you guys like your
Scrambled's fine by me...
I'll have the same, thanks... so
Mr. Morgan... can you tell us
anything about the Omega Group as
you knew it?
Frank peers over his left shoulder momentarily.
Omega what?
The Omega Group.... Weren't you
one of its founding fathers... so
to speak?
Morgan gathers up the last of the eggs and bacon, and brings
it over to the table.
      (sitting down)
Listen, honey (shakes his head) I
don't know a thing about this
group that you're talkin' about...
all's I know is, after the desert
misions in aught five, the powers
that be contracted me to train and


                       MORGAN (cont'd)
instruct agents and snipers in
their program.
Emily starts to fiddle with her food using her fork.
      (pointing to Devin
       with her fork)
Then how do you explain his dreams
about your missions?
      (turning to Devin)
Tell him, Dev...
Devin looks up over the remaining pile of eggs at Mr. Morgan
and ceases inhaling his food for a second to talk.
Hmmm? (swallows the last bite in
his mouth)
Oh... yeah. I had this one dream
that I was jumping out of some
plane at night over the desert...
That doesn't mean anything...
Please allow him to finish...
Morgan tosses his torso back into the old wooden chair and
Yeah... so, I looked down at the
patch on my suit and the name was
"Morgan". Oh, damn! (slams the end
of his fork on the table)
It's coming back to me now! There
was one before that... I kept
having it over and over again... I
shot a bent ladel -- or something
-- a guy in a turban with a long


Frank Morgan's face flushes to a pale white color. He drops
his firk onto the faded linoleum floor.
How....how could you know about
Bin Laden?
Devin claps his hands together with excitement.
YES!! That was the guy's name!
That shit was extremely
classified... I and only two other
people even knew about that
Yeah (smikrs and eases back into
her seat) the government told the
public that he died of kidney
failure and his body was
discovered in an underground
bunker weeks later.
Morgan begins to rub his chin thoughtfully -- his brows
wrinkled in deep perplexing thought.
      (to Devin)
Do you remember where he was shot?
As Devin answers, Morgan chimes in with him.
      (with Morgan)
Devin: In the temple.
Morgan: .. the temple.
My God....
Tell me about it...
The view glides in to show Morgan walking out in his front
yeard with his two new "aquaintances". The sun begins to
nestle in just behind the hills.


So, Frank.... How did you end up
here? I mean, you went from
training assasins to driving a
Morgan stops some twenty feet from his old Peterbuilt rig
and lets out a long sigh.
Well... I guess I just got tired
of the job... needed a change of
Yeah, I'd say this was a change of
pace alright!
Frank glares at her.
If you'd seen your buddy's left
eye and cheek blown off in 'Nam...
or three hundred eighty-eight of
your fellow Marines melting where
they stood(pulls a slender tube
out of his back pocket) or one of
your own gunships bomb an APC with
half of your platoon in it... then
maybe you'd wanna quit your job,
Emily lowers her head trying to hide her blushing face
behind her mahogany locks.
I-I'm sorry... I didn't know it
was that bad.
      (lighting up a
Yep (exhales a plume of smoke)
there's a lot 'o shit that your
little "folder" don't tell ya,
idn't there?
(nusrese the end of his Dominican)
Well, anyways (puff) I started
running shipments of food,
clothing, machinery, whatever I
could make a dime on across from
coast to coast.


                       MORGAN (cont'd)
Then, in 'aught twelve, President
Clinton (spits out some loose
tobacco bits) Hil, not Bill, let
Congress pass that bill on
limiting the driving range that a
person could haul (flicks the end
end of his stogie) I took a big
hit then( takes a drag) A year
later, they stepped in again and
started up that govenrnment
sponsored rigging outfit --
Standard American -- that put us
all out of work real quick.
Devin wanders over to the side pannel behind the front door
of Morgan's truck... the unmistakeable sticker of a face --
half man and half red-fleshed demon...
      (pointing to the
       faded sticker in
Hey! They're my favorite, too!
Yeah( exhales another plume) I
used to listen to those old metal
tapes all the time when I was on a
long haul (takes a drag) I'm
suprised that anyone still
remembers who the hell they are!
My dad used to listen to them,
Frank turns to Emily with one brow raised.
So... you really think that I'm
his (thumbing at Devin) dad?
(Sigh) Well... That's what all the
info that I've gathered points
She hands Frank the Vietnam reprint.


      (gesturing to the
You sure as hell look a lot alike,
don't you think?
Frank's hand waivers a bit from the Parkinsons that he still
hasn't come to terms with. He shakes his head quickly and
pulls the picture closer to his face.
      (to Frank)
You alright?
Yeah, yeah.... just my damned
You know, it kinda looks like the
onset of Parkinsons... my mom was
just diagnuh....
If I said it was arthritis, then
it's arthritis -- got it?!
(under his breath)
You sure are a nosey little
Morgan heaves a big sigh to releave the tension and examines
the photo.
      (in thought)
Hmm... (looks up at Devin)
Well, we DO look a bit like one
A bit?! If you looked any more
alike, I'd say you were identical
Okay, fine -- fine...!
The sound of their argument trails off... a faint voice is
whispering in Devin's mind. He pretends to examine the other


stickers on the truck and walks to the other side of the rig
where he puts his index fingers into both ears.
                       VOICE IN EAR (V.O.)
'evin.... Devin.....
He turns his head in a few different directions trying to
tune in the signal like an ancient car antenna.
      (to the air)
                       VOICE IN EAR (V.O.)
      (audible, but
Devin.... This is Mr. Harris with
Omega... You need to get to your
drop point. Your goods are waiting
Harris? I thought they killed you,
too. (cocks his head to one side)
I've gotta go where to get what?
                       VOICE IN EAR (V.O.)
No... the moles just got to you
before I did... You need to get to
your drop point... Pittsburgh
International Airport... Look for
the female janitor on the C-
Terminal. She's the only female
one on shift tonight. Marcy...
She'll hand you a duffle bag... it
should contain disguises,
passports for western Europe, et
Devin peers over his shoulder through the wires on the back
of the rig... They're still at it...

He hardens his gaze... something tells him that this "sitch"
just isn't up to snuff.
How do I know that you're not a


                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
I'm one of the few people not
trying to kill you two. And
beyuond that... Well, you're just
going to have to trust me for now.
What do I do once I get the bag?
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
You will disguise yourselves as a
tourist couple on their
honeymoon... two tickets have been
reserved under the name Corsoe...
Take the flight from Pittsburgh to
London... Check into the Hilton
just south of the airport.... Once
you're settled in... I'll be back
in touch.
What's this all about, Harris? The
moles are already on our asses!
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O)
There's more to them than what you
see. Once you get settled in
London, I'll explain a bit more...
As for now, they can't trace you
anyway... so, just get your ass
across the pond.
      (changing the
And what the hell's the deal with
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
With who?
Frank -- Morgan... M-O-R-G-A-N.
There's no answer for what feels like ten minutes to Devin.
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
Just get to London... then we'll
try and make sense of everything


The static in his ear goes silent.
Hello..? Hello..?!
Devin..? Are you okay?
Her voice startles him and makes him nearly jump off the
running board of the rig.
I think our little reunion is
about over, Emm... We need to get
She tosses one hand on her hip and cocks her ass out.
What the hell are you talking
Devin gets up and walks back around the rusted out
Let's just make sure we got all
our stuff and get back on the
road... I'll tell you the rest
The two of them quickly stride back around to the other side
of the truck and head straight for their rental.
Whoa... Hey... Leaving so soon?
(He jabs a crooked finger toward
his house)
I've still got half a platter of
lazagna in there to eat! Besides
-- I'm not done with our debate
The youngsters are already getting settled into their
seats.. Devin fires up the engine.
      (leaning her head
       out the window)
Thank you VERY much for your time
and hospitality, Mr. Morgan!
You've shed a little light on our


                       EMILY (cont'd)
The car backs out of the driveway spitting gravel as it
Thanks again!!
Frank throws both hands up and as the car peels out of his
driveway, he drops them in a "shooing" manner.
      (to himself)
Bahh.... Crazyass whipper-snappers
(shakes his head in disbelief)
Jesus...! I sound like my old man!
The humidity is extremely thick in the air. The beams of the
parking lot lamps seem to hang frozen in mid-air over the
rent-a-car graveyard.

A black Chevy sedan screams into the desolate lot and cuts
quickly into an empty "grave" with a squeal.
      (slamming his car
C'mon! We need to get to the
      (chasing after)
Hey! What's this all about?! Has
Omega told you something? (she
grits her teeth)
You don't know WHO you can trust
in there, you know!
Devin is taking the ezcalator stairs two-by-two.
This isn't the time (huffs) or the
Emily does her best to keep up with Devin's cheeta-like
speed. She races after him through the sliding double doors.
The hologram of the young flight attendant barely gets the
word "Welcome" out before the two bolt past it.



The main lobby feels like it's spinning to Devin. His eyes
quickly focus in on the airport map some fifty feet off. His
eyes tighten in concentration as his brain immediately maps
the route to terminal C. As he jogs off in the direction of
the terminal, his vision scans the emergeny exits, the side
doors... then -- somehow -- he is able to see through the
walls to the back doors of the restaruants and cafes.
      (to himself)
Where is she... where IS she?
Devin stops midway down the row of seats in terminal C.
Emily slouches over at the waist to catch her breath.
I'm (panting) I'm right behind
No, no -- not you. The janitor...
Emily scans the large corridor... three janitors, but
they're all male... Two big security officers in dark suits.
Are you sure it's not a "he" that
you're supposed to get your drop
Devin's face smashes together in confusion. He spins and
grabs her by the collar of her blouse.
How did you know that? (tightens
his grip and shakes her)
Hoe the FUCK did you know that,
Emily is now paralysed with fear... Devin has managed to
catch her off guard.
      (grasping for
It - it was a hunch, Dev!
Hunch my ass!!


      (breaking his grip)
Hey (straightens her blouse).
I've been at this for a pretty
long time now... How many drops do
you think I had to make when I was
pretending to enjoy fucking that
Jordanian slimeball?! (She runs
her fingers thru her hair)
Christ, Devin! I'm the one that's
been with you from the very
beginning! So, get a fucking GRIP!
The glaze over Devin's eyes melts away.
Shit, Emm... I'm sorry... I just
don't know who I can trust at this
point... Everything's so screwed
Emmily takes a handful of Devin's black shirt and tugs his
lips forcefully into hers. At first, he's in shock... but it
only takes a few milliseconds for Devin to let his guard
down. He melts into the soft utopia of her touch.

Then... Emily slowly breaks the embrace and turns her eyes
to meet his.
You can trust me.
A quick shuddering motion makes her peer over Devin's right
shoulder. The two officers are closing in on their location.
As much as it pains me to say this
right now... get your hands off my
butt. (she pats him on the tush)
We've got company.
Is it my drop?
Nope -- looks like undercover
Devin turns his head to see an African American man built
like a brick shithouse striding in their direction. The BIG
OFFICER mutters something to the air, and another HUSKY
OFFICER joins him.


What the hell do they want?
Dunno... you don't have C-4
stuffed up your ass, do you?
You were just down there (gives
her a wink).
You tell me.
She blushes and buries her face into his chest.
                       BIG OFFICER
      (in a low voice)
Please come with us, folks...
What's this all about?
                       HUSKY OFFICER
Routine random security check,
ma'am. The HG at the front of the
main lobby shoulda told you.
The large black man places a paw behind Devin's back and
"guides" them down the hall.
What... you guys gonna sniff my
shoes and pinch my nipples?
The big officer keeps moving... his gaze straight ahead.
                       BIG OFFICER
Something like that, sir.
As they walk down the terminal toward the search station,
Devin glances inside the black man's overcoat... a .54
calibur semi-auto with a muzzle silencer... a lot of gun for
just an airport sercurity man. He looks at Emily -- his eyes

She tosses him a look of bewilderment.

They move past the larg table with another couple being
searched by uniforms.
Fellas (points to the table).
Isn't that our stop?


                       HUSKY OFFICER
Our table is just down the
Devin looks to Emily with a hard serious pair of eyes.
Then... he's off and running down the C-terminal away from
the two oversized men. Emily takes off after him... the
sound of heavy footsteps is not too far behind her.
                       BIG OFFICER
Fuck! Take her out! It's his brain
they're after, so anything below
the neck.
Upon hearing this, Emily dives behind a row of hard plastic
seats. A spray of bullets rips up the fabric just above her
                       BIG OFFICER
      (pointing his gun
       toward the seats)
Take care of her... I'll deal with
our boy...
Devin quickly glances back to see the big man cocking his
weapon and pointing it at him. The husky fellow has flanked
the rows of seats and is searching for Devin's cohort.
Devin hears the gun's trigger click... before he can turn
his head back around, he trips over something.... As he
falls to the thin carpet, a stream of bullets ping off the
gold elevator doors and chew up the wood trim ten feet
behind his position.

Devin rolls over onto his back... the world is turning in
slow motion...

To his right -- a large black duffle bag...

Above him... a petite woman with her brunette hair pulled
tightly back into a ponytail... she whips out a silenced
pistol and fires at the large black man now halted in the

The big man begins to wrythe like a fish out of water...
spatters of blood and white shirt material explode out of


his torso and neckline...

The big officer squeezes off two rounds as he collapses to
the floor...

The petite woman's back arches -- then twitches to the
left... plumes of dark blood dart out of her back...

As she falls to face Devin on the floor, Devin's face goes
flush... it's a face he knows too well....
      (caressing her
Mom! God, no (puts his face to her
chest) please!
The husky officer has now located Emily and trains his
weapon on the back of her head...
                       HUSKY OFFICER
Say, good night... bitch...
In a reflexive motion, Devin pulls the gun from his mother's
chilling hand and fires one shot into the right eye of the
husky officer. The officer falls forward onto Emily with a
heavy thump.
Devin turns his complete attention back to the dying woman
on the floor.
Mom...? Why? I don't understand...
The woman turns her warm and familiar gaze to Devin's
sorrowful eyes.
                       DEVIN'S MOM
      (gargling thru
Honey (coughs up dark fluids)
l-listen to me... You have to
forget about this (sucks in air)
me... You have to get to Spain
(coughs up more blood).


      (tearing up)
Fuck the mission! Fuck Omega!! I
wish I'd never heard any of it!

I just want you, ma... you're the
only family I've got! (sniffle)
I can't do this shit alone!
She lowers her gaze for a moment... her eyes become
                       DEVIN'S MOM
Dev.... Omega is your
familuh..(her breath becomes
just get to Spain...
Devin cradles her in his arms.
Mom..? Mom..?!!
He buries his head in her bosom... and sobs uncontrolably.
Emily staggers up, kneels down beside him, and places her
head on his back...
The lobby of the Hilton is bustling with fervor this
afternoon. Our view follows an elderly couple up to the
check-in counter.
A sleek charismatic young businessman with a polished smile
greets the couple warmly.
                       DESK ATTENDANT
      (in a thick
Good day, sir -- madame. How can I
be of service to you?
                       ELDERLY MAN
      (his voice creaks)
Reservation for two.... Corsoe
(smiles to his wife) we're on our
The attendant begins typing into his thin clear keyboard.


                       ELDERLY MAN
Give us the best room in the
(snoops around behind the counter)
What... none 'o' them fancy
holy-grams in this shack?
                       ELDERLY WOMAN
      (her voice
Now, dear... don't start a
ruckus... We just got here.
                       DESK ATTENDANT
No, sir (smirks is disgust). We
feel that the "human touch" is
much better for our business
(raises his snout in the air).
Ahh... Corsoe -- suite 4208 on the
Penthouse floor... I'll back with
your paperwork...
The attendant returns with the usual release papers and a
small thin plastic box that almost resembles an old
                       DESK ATTENDANT
Please speak into the box.... for
your voice recognition key to your
The old man wrinkles his nose and presses his thick glasses
up on his face...
(clears his throat)
Rudy Corsoe...
The little red light in the upper left-hand corner of the
box switches to green.
                       DESK ATTENDANT
Very well... just sign these
release papers agreeing to pay for
any long distance charges, and so
on... and you're set.
The old man does as instructed... the attendant whips them
out from under his hand in a white streak.
                       DESK ATTENDANT
Excellent... Please, enjoy
yourstay with us at the Hilton...
Percy will escort you and your


                       DESK ATTENDANT (cont'd)
(sniffs at the old large
dufflebag) "luggage" to your
The elderly couple waddle after the tall bellhop toward a
large bank of elevators.
Please speak into the voice
recognition box located just under
the room number, sir...
                       ELDERLY MAN
Rudy Corsoe....
The door releases a faint high-pitched beep and then swings
open. The Lurch-like bellhop leads them into their suite and
dumps the old dufflebag in the middle of the floor.
Here we are sir... fourty-two oh-
eight.... (he extends an empty
The old man places a ten in it.
Thank you, sir... enjoy your
As the heavy wooden door swings shut, the old man steps to
the oversized mirror and begins peeling the skin off of his
face. The old woman steps into the bathroom and closes the
      (looking in the
Emm..? you alright in there?!
Yeah.... fine.
Devin pulls the remaining strips of the mask off his neck
and strolls over to the large french double doors to the
patio. The air is still laced with the scent of the recent


rain. The causeways are busy with midday traffic.
His little daydream is interrupted by static in his ear.
EXT. 4208 - DAY
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
      (in ear)
Well, Mr. Cane... made it to
London, have we?
Devin walks over to the banister and leans up against the
railing. He pretends to ignore Mr. Harris.
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
Look, Devin... I know you can hear
No response.
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
Very well then. You need to make
your way to a little town just
south of Madrid called Perales Del
You set me up....
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
What happened at the airport was
not our doing. The moles had a
group of people trailing your
mother... we didn't find out about
... Yeah, until it was too fucking
late -- I know! She was the only
family I had left (slams his fists
in to the railing) and you took
her from me!!
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
No, Devin...
"No" what?
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
No... we didn't take her from
you... and no, she wasn't the only
family you have left.


Devin turns around with his back against the railing and
crosses his arms.
Oh... right.... the Omega Group is
my family. What the fuck is that
supposed to mean, Harris (taps his
chin with his index finger)..?
Why don't you start telling me the
truth about my family?
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
(sighs) Are you alone?
At the moment...
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
Your mother wasn't truely your
biological mother. Yes, she gave
birth to you, but you two don't
share the same genetic material...
Devin takes a seat on one of the antique brass chairs next
to the table -- his jaw dragging the stone patio.
So, then Frank IS my dad, isn't
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
No, Devin.... You are Frank
Devin leans back in the chair completely dumbfounded by this
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
It was all part of an experimental
series known as Project
Archangel... We took a bit of
Morgan's saliva and began
replicating his DNA. In a matter
of a few months, we had a
mulit-cellular fetus
self-replicating... you -- Devin.
But, we still had to insert you
into a womb to get the nourishment
for growth and development...
that's where you mom came in.
But why? Why me? Why then?


                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
Morgan had effectively eleviated
the current terrorist threat of
his time... Bin Laden. The top
brass and a few "fringe
scientists" felt that it was in
our country's best interest to
have someone of Morgan's potential
around later on -- just in case...
We were hoping that we would never
have to commission you for
service, but the Four Winds blew
into town and changed all that.
And now they want the info that
you buried inside the head of your
"secret weapon", huh?
                       MR. HARRIS (O.C.)
      (in ear)
... If we can draw the moles
... Then I can get to the son of a
bitch that had my mom killed.
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
That, too... Devin... you need to
get yourself out in the open again
-- where the moles can track you.
So, take the seringe in the
dufflebag and inject the tracing
serum into your bloodstream.
Nuh uhh... NO WAY! (waves his arm
I absolutely HATE any kind of
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
That is exactly why we had to take
a saliva sample from Morgan...
God, you are an exact clone...
So... how much of me is really me
anyway? Or am I just rehashing
Frank's life all over again?


                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
That -- we may never know for
certain... it could take years of
psychological evaluation and
genetic study.
That's not the point right now,
though. Take the next flight out
of London for Madrid and get to
Perales Del Rio... the generator
location is programmed into your
CMC... once you get to Rio... just
follow the little voice inside
your head.
The patio doors begin to swing open.
Emm's coming... I've gotta go.
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
Just get to Madrid, and quick.
You've already got them tailing
you -- now just lead them to the
bait. Your passports and tickets
are in the top drawer of the
nightstand. A strike team will be
assembled in Rio to apprehend the
moles once you arrive. God speed.
Emily leans up against the tabletop in front of Devin.
So, what's the plan, Dev? How long
do we have to get to Spain?
He rubs his eyes with the inside of his hands.
Not long at all... Can you poke
Slow down, cowboy! I just said I
liked you...
Real original (slaps her on the
I need you to inject the tracer
back into me. Needles make me pass


Devin and Emily are seated on the king-sized bed. Emily has
the seringe in her hand and is tieing off Devin's elbow with
a turnicate.
      (in a motherly
Alright (rubs the crook in his
elbow with a steriling wipe). Just
look the other way for a couple of
seconds, and this will be all
      (staring out the
Just get it overwith... I've got
someone's heart I wanna rip out
and bite into.
Alright, alright... sit still.
Devin feels a quick pinch followed by a heated pressure in
his forearm. He grits his teeth out of childhood habit in
these situations.
Almost... there... DONE!(wipes the
area clean)
Thank, God! (flexes his arm and
unstraps the turnicate)
Devin walks over to the nightstand and opens up the top
drawer... one bible.... and an area phone directory...
I don't see them! They're supposed
to be in the top drawer!
(frantically starts digging)
Emily calmly walks over to the stand and pulls the drawer
completely out of nightstand. She then inspects the back
panel of the drawer.
Look. (slides the panel to the
right. A small black bag falls
Was that what you were after?


                       EMILY (cont'd)
Devin grabs it and tears it open. Two passports for the
Eurpoean Union and one-way tickets for Madrid in --
Ten minutes! Shit! Pack light --
we've gotta run to catch it!
Emily takes her ticket and passport from Devin and slides
them into her back pocket.
Packed (strides for the door)
Let's move.
Our view follows a dark blue compact car pulling into the
side parking lot to the left of the grandiose
Victorian-style two-story mansion through a set of binocs
high up.
                       VOICE IN EAR (V.O.)
Are they in range, Desparado?
The binocs zoom in to show the back of a young man's head.
He turns and says something to a sexy redhead in the
passenger seat.
                       VOICE (O.S.)
In range, God. Should I move in?
                       VOICE IN EAR
No... stay put Desparado.

Taurus... what's your position?
An tall athletic man turns his head from the street vendor's
cart in the direction of the side of the building.
Fify feet away... South side...
They're going into the side
entrance of the embassy.
                       VOICE IN EAR
Gabriel... any sign of the



A woman in a black suit on the roof of a distant highrise.
She peers through the scope atop her high-powered sniper
rifle on one knee.
                       GABRIEL (O.S.)
No... nothing yet... No, wait!
A tv truck on the north side...
four men in black! They're going
in through the fire escape.
                       VOICE IN EAR
Alright... that's our cue. Taurus
-- Desparado... close in and tail
them into the building. Move out!
Gabriel -- keep the area clear of
any "outside assistance".
                       GABRIEL (O.S.)
Copy that, God.
Taurus on street.

Taurus on the move.
A man in a black suit glides out of the windowsill and packs
his sidearms.
Desparado... on the move!
Something's telling me to go to
the last room on the left.
You're the one leading us...
Devin cautiously moves down the somewhat abandoned corridor
to the last room on the left. The gold plate on the metal
door reads "GENERATOR ROOM".
      (shrugs his
I guess this is it...


As Devin opens the door and starts to walk into the dimly
lit chamber, four men in black suits and masks shove them
both to the carpeted floor.

Devin starts to sweep his leg around to knock the thug on
his ass.
                       MASKED VOICE
      (pointing an uzi
       at them)
Don't even think about it, spyboy!
The other three, dressed the same, join their leader.
                       MASKED VOICE
You two... tie them up and set up
the probescan. You (motions to the
larger thug weilding an automatic
rifle) guard our out.
Two of the thugs do as ordered and strap Devin and Emily
down in two of the empty chairs. One of them pulls out two
small discs and a mess of wires. The other holds Devin's
head still.
I was hoping to see you pussies
again! I'll enjoy pulling off
those masks before I snap your
thin spines!
You know these assholes?
A one night stand... little S&M...
right gang?
The thug with the discs steps in front of Devin and places
the two suction cups on his temples. The heavy boots of the
leader thump across the floor toward Devin. A few keystrokes
later, the tugging sensation is back in Devin's head again.
The thin laptop screen on the desk beside him fades from
snow to the image of a spinning Greek omega symbol.
                       MASKED VOICE
The server access code should be
buried in there somewhere.
The boss paces off to a row of interconnected computer
servers on the far wall.



Taurus and Desparado are quickly pouncing down the small
staircase to the side door. Taurus peers thru the thin
window slit and sees one of the men in black pacing away
from him carrying a twelve gague. He holds up one finger to
Desparado, then grabs teh doorknob.

Taurus swings the door open and Desparado dashes down the
hall training his muted Glock on the thug... As the thug
turns in the direction of the steps, Desparado empties three
rounds into the thug's covered skull.

The two thugs's ears perk up to the sound of footsteps
pattering down the hallway. As soon as they realize it,
three quick "twpis" are paraded by the lifeless corpse of
their colleague collapsing in front of the doorway.

Taurus sees Desparado charge down the hall and thrust his
sidearm in to the door way... By the time he joins his
fellow agent, the firefight is well underway.

The thugs spring from their seats to retaliate, but three
steps is all either get before they are barraged in sileced
gunfire. The leader empies an uzi clip into the doorframe.

Taurus moves in behind his buddy and trains his weapon on
the remaining "target" on the far wall.

The leader pulls another mag to reload... the last thing he
sees is a quick flash of fire from a thin muzzle.

Damn! (wrestles with his bindings)
Get me outta these! I'm gonna kick
his ass so hard he comes back from
the afterlife! THEN, I'm gonna
strangle his ass!
Desparado moves over behind Devin and cuts the wires with a
pocket knife. Taurus moves behind Emily and follws suit.
You two okay?
      (getting up from
       her chair)
Fine... fine....


Devin jumps up from his small "prison" and stomps over to
the lifeless body against the far wall... He kneels down
beside the head floating in a pool of its own blood and rips
the black mask off... Devin's eyes widen... he now wishes he
had left the mask on.
Devin slowly stands up... the inanimate features of his
roomate of three years frozen in an expression of shock. He
throws the mask down over the face of Cooper in disgust.
Cooper? (slams his head against
the wall) Fuck -- of course! He
was the one that took the prex
tabs from me... he must have
switched them with something else
at the party. (throws his arms out
in disgust) But, shit -- Cooper?
He was the mastermind behind this?
The whole room and everyone in it suddenly starts pulsing in
and out of a red haze.... then the static is in his ear.
      (shouting to the
Code red, code red! The Grid's
been shut down!
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
      (in ear)
Devin... The Grid's been shut down
over North America...
Shit -- where? Who?
                       MR. HARRIS (V.O.)
North... cattycorner across the
street... that's where the true
node location is... Don't know
who... get there! Taurus and
Desparado will go with you. Make
quick work of it, gang. In three
minutes, the atmosphere heats up
to one hundred twenty-eight
degrees... people are gonna start
falling like flies...


As Devin and his cohorts bolt out the far side exit, Harris
is suddenly cut off by another familiar voice.
                       MR JONES
      (staring out a
       large window)
Good afternoon, Mr. Cane...
Jonesy..? I saw your corpse!
The flashing red hones in on a four story building just up
the street from his current location.
                       MR JONES
      (turning to face a
       thin computer
Correction, Cane... You saw my
mass clone...
      (running across
       the street)
Your WHAT?!
                       MR JONES
      (typing at the
       node terminal)
Yes, well -- I wouldn't expect a
burned out fuckup like yourself to
possibly comprehend any of this,
but I'll entertain your curiosity.
You see, Devin, I've found a way
to produce an identical clone of a
human being in a few short weeks
instead of YEARS...! The only
drawback at the moment is that it
is inanimate. So, theroetically --
one could fake one's own death and
the coroner would be none the
Devin and the agents tear thru the lobby of the complex and
take the elevator up... The flashing in Devin's eyes pulses
faster as they ascend.
So, how much money were they going
to pay you, MOLLOHAN?!


                       MR JONES
It wasn't the money from them that
I was most interested in... it was
the money from every government in
the Northern Hemisphere that was
tickling my fancy.
The elevator dings and the doors slide open. Devin follows
the quickening pulse down the hall to a large suite on the
Your time's up, Mollohan...
Mollohan(Jones) presses the "enter" key on the keyboard...
the screen shows "MESSAGE SENT TO RECIPIENT".
                       MR JONES
This is SO much bigger than me,
Cane... I'm merely a pawn in the
big picture of things... by the
way -- the next time you clean up
dear ole' mom's headstone, why
don't you piss on it for me... the
bitch gave me more headaches than
she was worth and she can go to
Devin kicks in the mohogany door to the office and scans the
room for Jones...

Jones springs up from his seat and fires a shot in Devin's

Devin squeezes off two rounds that hit Jones in the chest
before his right shoulder is thrown back in pain.

Jones is staggering out from behind the desk... dodging fire
from the other agents. Sparks fountain out of the mutilated
computer. The leather on the CEO-style chair gets ripped to
shreds. Jones manages to sink a slug into Taurus' left thigh
forcing the agent down on his good knee.

Devin and Taurus unload their clips into the chest of Jones
sending him staggering backward. He loses balance and
sprawls thru the large glass window... seconds later, a loud
thump echoes up from the sidewalk below.
NO ONE -- talks about mom like


Devin strides over to the shattered window and fixes his
hard gaze on Jones' contorted corpse.
I guess we can consider this a
clean slate, Jones...
Desparado races to the node terminal and quickly reactivates
the Grid generator.
Area secure, boss!
Devin and Emily are sitting at a large onyx table in a room
with deep red walls. A tall distinguished gentleman in his
sixties gracefully strides into the room and tosses a folder
on the tabletop.
                       MR. HARRIS
Mr. Cane (Devin stares up at him)
we meet at last! Excellent work.
The moles have been eliminated,
Harris rests his large hands on the table in front of him.
                       MR. HARRIS
It appears so... Mr. Cane.
Good -- then you can get me a
fisrt class ticket back to my
school... I've gotta an exam to
take in one week.
                       MR. HARRIS
Well, Devin.... for now I suppose
that would be the best thing to
do. It'll give things a chance to
simmer down a bit. (raises an
What is your exam on?
Devin lowers his gaze to the shiny tabletop.
Molecular biology.


                       MR. HARRIS
(grimaces) Oooo.... (smiling) Good
luck with that one. I'd much
rather dodge bullets myself.
Oh, I don't know. (rubs Devin's
thigh) With the right tutor
(smiles at Devin) I think he'll do
just fine.
The Earth appears to be sitting still... The nearly
transparent yellow film of The Grid gleams in the Sun's
distant rays.


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