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The Old Breed
by Josh Kirk (Rush9x@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

SUIT UP- Carson, a well dressed young man stands in a small
bedroom at the end of a hallway, adjusting his bullet proof
vest. He fixes the final strap then walks down the hall to
grab a joint and lighter on a coffee table in the living
room, he walks back to the bedroom while lighting the joint.
BRIEFCASE- Dressed in his suit, bullet proof vest, black pea
coat, black fedora, and surgical gloves, Carson sits behind
the wheel of a black BMW, driving with methodical ease,
while his silenced pistol lays on the seat next to him.
SUIT UP- He sits on the edge of the bed smoking his joint,
he then reaches for a pair of surgical gloves on his
nightstand and puts them on.
BRIEFCASE- He turns off of the busy street and into a less
populated apartment district. Without any emotion other than
a carefree attitude Carson effortlessly drives through the
SUIT UP- Standing by the edge of his desk he makes himself a
drink. After putting out the joint and taking a swig from
his glass of scotch he reaches for one of the many pill
bottles and takes three pills.
BRIEFCASE- Stopping the BMW in a driveway, he grabs his
pistol and exits the car. He walks up to a house with the
silenced pistol by his side, he stands in front of the door
and turns on the pistol's laser sight, then continues to
face the door, silent and calm.
SUIT UP- In front of a mirror Carson casually puts on his
black pea coat and black fedora, then grins to his
BRIEFCASE- He opens the front door, enters the living room
and immediately moves to the hall where he shoots a currier
in the chest, sending him flying back, dropping his pack of
cigarettes and matches. Carson then quickly moves to the
kitchen to shoot a shotgun totting currier in the stomach,
causing him to bend forward before collapsing. Carson then
moves around the corner to another hallway, walking down
with unflinching focus, he stops when he comes a bedroom
door, with his pistol still aimed he uses his left hand to
quietly push open the door. The last currier sits in a chair
facing the window, with his shotgun resting against the wall
next to a black briefcase. The currier lays back, rolling a
joint on an album cover while listening to his iPod;
completely oblivious to Carson creeping up from behind him.
Carson lowers his pistol, turns his laser sight off, then


puts it down on the counter. He pulls out a small thin rope
with a knot tied in the middle. Wrapping the ends around his
knuckles Carson silently moves directly in back of the
currier then quickly catches the rope around his throat and
pulls him out of the chair, knocking over the albums, the
currier struggles to get free while Carson remains locked
behind him. The two fall to the ground as Carson tightens
his grip of the rope. The currier gasps for air as he kicks
at the ground. Slowly the camera pans out of the room,
backing through the hallway, Carson exits the room with his
pistol in his right hand and the briefcase in his left. Calm
and collected while walking down the hall he moves back to
through kitchen, while leaving through the living room
Carson shoots the first currier one last time then leaves
through the front door.
He pulls his car into a well lit garage, exits the car, and
opens the trunk to examine the briefcase, he pulls it out,
closes the trunk then sets the briefcase down, he takes off
his surgical gloves and opens the case. Rows of stacked
bills, large notes, each separate bundle kept together by
rubber bands. Carson's smile is uncontrollable, he burst out
into laughter and celebration, jabbing the air and kicking
in excitement. Carson moves back to the briefcase and closes
                                         CUT TO BLACK
A white Uhaul truck cruises down the city's factory
district. Inside the truck, boxes full of product are
stacked in tall rows lining the walls. LED lights stuck from
the ceiling; lighting up the shipment. Avery; a young woman
dressed mostly in black sits on the metal floor holding a 12
gauge pump shotgun, smoking a cigarette, wearing sunglasses
while an opened box of product sits next to her.
In the separated front part of the truck the driver calmly
smokes a cigarette.
The truck accelerates, routinely moving through the factory
district to its drop off point.
Inside the cargo section of the truck Avery takes another
drag from her cigarette, then blows out a small cloud of
smoke. Suddenly the truck comes to a screeching halt, making
Avery rock back. The truck is stopped. Avery puts out the


cigarette on the metal floor, stands up, rests her shotgun
against a stack of boxes, then lightly stretches in a calm
Outside the truck, a car is parked facing directly in front
of it. The driver's side door is open with the hijacker
reaching over the corpse of the dead transport driver. His
blood is splatted over the passenger's side window from the
hijacker's pistol. The keys are taken out of the ignition
and the hijacker jumps down back onto the street. He's
dressed in black suit pants, thin black tie, and a white
button up, with a bandanna across his face, he is Anthony
Tarcello, the youngest of the Tarcello brothers.
Inside the truck Avery walks over to the right side, hidden
behind a column of boxes, with her right hand she pulls out
a switchblade, and waits.
Outside the truck Anthony Tarcello casually moves to the
back, he uses the key to unlock the cargo door, and
unlatches the lock then opens the sliding door in one fast
(Music stops)
He climbs up onto the cargo section of the truck, pistol
casually to his side. He walks further in, checking out the
rows of product until, before he can comprehend what
happened, Avery stabs him in the stomach, pushing him
against the wall as she rapidly cuts into his lungs. Blood
pours from his mouth and gut, and in a matter of seconds
he's on the metal floor, dying. Avery wipes off the bloody
knife, puts it back in her pocket, then casually hops out of
the truck. She takes out a pack of cigarettes and a silver
zippo, then looks back at the dead body in the truck,
smiling, she lights her cigarette and closes the zippo.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
In the Queen's mansion's "sitting room" Avery stands by a
small table, with a .45 in her shoulder holster and another
across her hip in a leather holster. She checks her watch
then looks over to the shotgun carrying bodyguard in a black
three piece suit standing by the fireplace, Avery looks back
at her watch, waiting.
The Queen's hand; rings on every finger, bracelets covering
her wrist, slides along the second floor's wooden banister.
The Queen wearing a fur robe, carrying a bottle of vodka,
walks slowly down the left staircase that meets with the


right; both leading to the wide stairs down to the main
hall. She casually walks over to the glass doors overlooking
the giant deck that overlooks the water, she then walks out
of the main hall and over to the sitting room where Avery
waits. The Queen walks over to a table, picks up a glass,
pours some vodka in it then puts the bottle down. She takes
a sip then looks over to Avery.
Who the fuck are you?
Avery Nosova, I work over at the
Slaughter House with Benny
Pearlman, and I'm security for the
shipments to Ridge county and
Right, right, you did Thursday's
delivery? The one with the little
Yes ma'am.
Yeah, good work on that, I heard
you gutted the hijacker, opened up
his stomach and everything haha,
So I'm gonna want you on Saturday
night's shipment too, alright.
Well thats actually what I came to
talk to you about. The route goin'
into Bushwick obviously can't be
used anymore, so I was thinkin'
the shipment could go a couple
streets outside of the factory
district by usin' Duke street.
      (taking a sip from
       her glass)
We'll be using the same routes. I
don't know if you'll understand
this but it costs a lot of money
to change regiments.


Then with your permission, I could
hire at least another operator for
the delivery on Saturday.
Why? You bagged the hijacker last
night, nothings compromised.
That's the thing, he's the
youngest outta these three
Tarcello brothers, Italian kids,
they're a couple of hijackers from
Bushwick. So I figure the other
two know just as much as he did,
and they're probably a bit more
serious than he was.
Then you'll take em' down if they
try to hit the next load.
Well I was actually thinkin' of
hittin' the other two before
anymore deliveries went out, or at
least set a trap on the next
Are you kidding, this is a
business and thats a huge fuckin'
waste of time and money.
The Queen sips her glass of Vodka.
I'm sure you heard what happened
over in Eastbrooke, the payment.
Carson Barris from Harlem.
Exactly, so you can see I have
bigger, more back stabbing fish to
fry, so to speak. So chin up, I
don't pay anyone for complaining.
You'll be on the Saturday night
shipment into Bushwick, and it'll
be on time, understood?


Yes ma'am
Good, now I have a party to get
ready for, so if you'd be so kind
as to let yourself the fuck out.
The Queen turns back to the table and pours more vodka in
her glass as Avery walks out of the living room, and through
the main hall.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
A dead Anthony Tarcello lays sprawled out over Avery's work
table, his bandanna down around his neck, dried dark red
blood covers the bottom half of his face, down to his neck,
with his shirt soaked from the knife wounds in his stomach.
A full shot of the inside of the Slaughter House; Avery
stands on the left side of a big room covered in blue tarps,
with counters and work tables covered in clear tarp. Blood
covering most of the tables and some of the floor. Avery
dressing up in her "carving" apron, latex gloves, and
painter's mask down around her neck, while Anthony Tarcello
remains lying on the work table. She walks over to another
room. In a small tarp covered room, Benny "The Butcher"
Pearlman; a menacing young Jewish man wearing black suit
pants, blood stained white button up, work apron, and
glasses, stands behind his work table holding two blood
soaked carving knives while cutting up livers. Avery leans
against the wall, reaches into her pocket and grabs her pack
of cigarettes.
A man walks into a butcher's shop
and he asks the butcher "Are you a
gambling man?" The butcher says
"Yeah, of coarse I am." so the man
says, "I bet you five hundred
dollars that you can't reach up
and touch that meat hanging on the
hooks up there."
The butcher looks way up at
ceilin' at the meat hanging on the
hooks and he says, "I'm not
betting on that.", so the man
"But Butcher, I thought you were a
menshe, a real gambling man,"
"Yeah, I am," says the butcher,


                       BENNY (cont'd)
"but the steaks are too high"
Haha you told me that one before.
Eh I lose track, did I tell you
the one about the woman that
walked into the deli?
      (lighting her
Hah yeah, about her husband's rib
So what'd the Queen have to say
about added security?
Well, basically told me to fuck
off, and I guess I'm workin' the
Saturday night shipment into
See, I knew it wouldn't go well.
Somethings wrong with that girl's
head. So it's obvious you've been
brainstormin', and my question is,
Benny slices a slab of blood soaked meat with the blade in
his right hand while prodding it with the blade in his right
What do you plan to do about these
Italian brothers.
I'm gonna bring the oldest one in
and we'll find out whats happenin'
for Saturday night, (takes a drag
from her cigarette) so I can get
the middle one during the


      (pointing his
       knife in the
       direction of the
       fixer's work
Haha smart, I like that, haha, you
still shlepin' around the youngest
ones body?
Yeah I'm gonna cut him up before I
go out tonight. (taking a drag
from her cigarette) The oldest
brother's usually at some bar over
on Knight street so I'm gonna
check that out.
Hah, Its a mitzfa ya know haha, I
love the way you think, very
Hah, should be fun.
Hah exactly, right there, "fun"
thats the word.
Hey, got a joke for ya.
Hit me with it.
A young boy enters a barber shop,
and the barber whispers to his
customer, "This kid right here,
he's the dumbest kid in the world.
Watch while I prove it to you."
The barber puts a dollar bill in
one hand and two quarters in the
other, then, he calls the boy over
and asks, "Which do you want, kid"
The boy takes the quarters and
leaves. "What did I tell you?"
said the barber. "That kid never
learns!" Later, when the customers
leaves and the shops closin' up,
he sees the same young boy coming
out of a store with some ice
cream. So he says, "Hey, kid come


                       AVERY (cont'd)
here, can I ask you a question?
Why did you take the quarters
instead of the dollar bill?" The
boy takes a bit of his ice cream
and replied, "Because the day I
take the dollar, the game is
Hahah thats a good one.
Avery exits the Butcher's cutting room, pushing away the
clear tarp covering, as she walks toward her work station;
with the lifeless body of Anthony Tarcello on her cutting
Single static shot, fast motion, low looking up to Avery's
work table, Avery starts with her back to the camera.

Using various knives, cutting, slicing. Duct tape peeled
from its roll, A leg shaped object wrapped in black garbage
bag and tape is placed in the foreground; Avery's apron has
blood splattered on it. Back to the table, slicing,
separating bone, peeling tape, another wrapped ligament in
the foreground. Cutting, wrapping garbage bags, placing
another in the foreground which has now become a pile. Blood
soaking her apron. Back to cutting, and separating, and
wrapping tape around bagged ligaments, this time; a round
tapped up bag. Back to the table, she fixes herself a glass
of rum, drinks a couple sips, back to cutting and taping,
placing another part in the pile. Benny enters covered in
blood, holding half of a sandwich and a can of sprite, he
talks to Avery while eating and drinking. She bags and tapes
another body part and throws it in the pile, then finishes
her drink while talking to Benny. He sits down after
finishing his sandwich, still talking and joking around.
Avery takes out a pack of cigarettes, lights one, then sits
down across from Benny the Butcher and the pile of wrapped
body parts. The two talk and joke and laugh. Benny gets up
and exits while Avery continues to smoke her cigarette, he
re enters with a can of Iced Tea for Avery, she drinks it
while joking and watching The Butcher's dance moves, she
laughs. The two joke some more, The Butcher stands up and
demonstrates some combo punches and jabs to the air, Avery
laughs and jokingly fake stabs at The Butcher. The two laugh
and joke some more, Avery works more on the cut up body
while Benny walks out of frame. She throws another garbage
bag wrapped body part in the pile.
                                         FADE TO BLACK


On a wealthy city street in the middle of the finical
district Avery sits in a parked car smoking a cigarette.
Panning across the windshield, around to the open driver's
side window. Avery lets smoke seep from between her lips.
She puts out the cigarette in the ashtray, and exits the
car. Skip frames begin: She walks down the well lit street,
crossing the next street, then onto the next. She walks
toward an expensive bar, she leans against the wall on the
outside of the building, waiting.
Skip frames resume: Victor Tarcello at the bar, laughing,
checking out a few girls from across the room, fixing his
hair, taking a sip from his glass of scotch, fixing his hair
again, finishing his drink, walking across the bar, walking
out the front door of the bar, moving to the sidewalk,
walking down the sidewalk, stopping, reaching into his suit
jacket's pocket, getting out a pack of cigarettes, lighting
a cigarette.
Skip frames resume: Avery walks toward Victor Tarcello, he
notices her and smiles, she asks for a light, pulling out
her pack of cigarettes, Vincent pulls out his Zippo, lights
her cigarette, the two start talking and joking around, they
walk down the well lit street, then onto another, crossing
another, they laugh and talk, Victor takes a swig from a
flask of vodka, the two walk into a parking garage, they
talk and laugh in an elevator. Skip frames stop: doors open,
they walk out, Victor moves toward his car, taking the keys
from his pocket, Avery, trailing behind by a couple feet
takes a taser out of her jacket, then almost instantly; she
sticks it into Victor's side.
(The music stops)
Victor is painfully knocked out, his body hitting the
parking garage's pavement. Avery puts the taser back in her
jacket then walks over Victor's body, crouching down, she
looks through his pockets, she then stands back up, grabs
his feet and starts to drag him.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
Inside the Slaughter House, Victor Tarcello sits handcuffed
and duct tapped to a chair. Avery casually sits across from
him smoking a cigarette, leaning back in her chair, while
the Butcher stands behind a work table smoking a cigar and
sharpening his knives.


Monster, a soulless, thievin',
monster. Fuckin' scumbags. You
guys think your fuckin'
businessmen, your fuckin' back
dealin' little cunts. Your fuckin'
jokes, ya know that?
      (taking a drag
       from her
Your pretty talkative, you've just
been goin' on and on and on hah,
and it's all the same shit.
Yeah fuck you ya fuckin' bitch.
You better watch your mouth boy,
you know where you are?
Ha, first off, It ain't boy, cause
I know you both know my name, half
the city knows Victor Tarcello
hah, I burnt me three babtist
churches, killed more coons than
you can count haha, and yeah I
know where the fuck I am, I'm in
the Slaughter House, which means
I'm on the corner of 8th Street
and Walker Ave, so I'm gonna take
a guess and say your the Butcher
of 8th Street. We usually call you
the Kike of 8th Street hahah.
Benny Pearlman right? haha, you
fuckin' kike. I'll tell ya when I
get outta here I'm gonna set a
couple fuckin' temples on fire,
burn all your little jew friends.
Hah, yeah hows your youngest
brother doin? He still hasn't
turned up yet right?


Ya know what pal, I should put you
in the oven where you fuckin'
Hahahah, I like this one. Your
makin' it much more enjoyable.
      (taking a drag
       from her
Haha, ya know I'm the one who cut
up your brother.
What was that?
I said I'm the one that cut up
your brother. (taking a drag from
her cigarette) And I'm gonna cut
you up, and when I kill your other
dumb racist brother, I'll cut him
up too.
Yeah, and whats your name?
      (taking another
       drag from her
Avery Nosova.
Well Avery, you guys are fuckin'
lower than niggers. I fuckin know
your organization, I know its ah
bunch of back dealin' money
hordin' jews, fuckin kikes sell
their own mothers for a profit.
And you all work with Niggers too,
workin' with dumb coons, those
fuckin' coons'll slit your throat
for fuckin pocket change hahah,
and you work with fuckin
towelheads, and spics, and fuckin'
slope eyed japs haha, you guys are
fuckin' pathetic, work with anyone
who'll get you some fuckin cash


      (checking her
Alright, so we've been listenin'
to your Hitler youth speeches for
awhile, and its wasting my time,
so now we're gonna skip alotta
Yeah, hows that?
I'm gonna go in the other room and
get my clip thats not loaded with
hollow points, cause if I shot you
in the stomach with a hallow point
then your not gonna have a
Avery stands up
Haha, tough gal, ya gonna shoot me
if I don't tell you what you wanna
know, haha.
      (taking a drag
       from her
No, I'm gonna shoot you then he's
gonna dig the bullet out while
your tellin' me what I wanna know.
      (sharpening his
Don't worry, I'm a very gentle
Haha, be right back, hey don't go
anywhere haha.
Avery turns up the volume on her CD player, then walks down
the main room toward a hallway where she walks down three
steps then into another room; the volume from the CD player
softening the further she walks away. Avery stops when she's
in front of a table, she opens a small black gun case, and
replaces her clip with normal grain rounds. She puts the
clip in her .45, pulls the slide back, then walks out of the
room and back down the hallway where the music from the CD


player becomes louder. Avery re-enters the main room,
casually walking toward Victor. She stops about ten feet
away then playfully aims the pistol at his stomach. Suddenly
she fires a round directly into his gut, he bends forward in
pain, blood slowly streaming from his mouth. Avery stands
smiling with her pistol by her side, while Benny starts
walking toward Victor with two knives gripped in his hands.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
BURNING- Outside the Slaughter House, in an empty gated
parking lot Avery stands silently as she takes a drag from
her cigarette.
THE FOX- Avery sits on a wooden chair in a small dimly lit
gun room with a book in her hands, she turns a page and
while smiling starts to read an except to herself; out loud.
BURNING- She takes another drag from her cigarette then
while holding it in her right hand, drops it into a small
puddle of lighter fluid, the puddle ignites then starts to
light up a thin line that leads to a corpse wrapped in
garbage bags and duct tape. The heap lights up in an orange
THE FOX- Avery smiles while reading the definition. Guns
scattered around the small room.
BURNING- Avery's silhouette is lit up by the flames as she
stands, watching.
Red Foxes are mostly nocturnal,
they do most of their hunting from
2 hours before sunset to about 4
hours after sunrise, the red fox,
unlike other mammals, hears
low-frequency sounds very well and
can hear small animals digging
underground. They are solitary
hunters who feed on rodents,
rabbits, birds, and other small
game. They stalk their prey and
often play with their catch before
killing it. The Red Fox utilizes a
wide range of habitats including
forests, mountains, deserts,
farmlands, and urban areas. Their
resourcefulness has earned it a
legendary reputation for


                       AVERY (cont'd)
intelligence and cunning.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
On the road. A white Uhaul truck cruises through the city.
Avery sits on one of the many boxes full of product, holding
a shotgun with her back against a tall stack of boxes. LED
lights cover the ceiling. Avery checks her watch, but she is
suddenly rocked forward then back, as a result of the truck
abruptly stopping. She gains her balance, then calmly lays
back again.
The driver's body drops onto the pavement, Dean Tarcello
stands over his corpse then quickly enters the truck, and
closes the door. He drives it down side streets then backs
it into an abandoned factory's loading garage. He parks the
truck, exits, then quickly enters the loading bay and shuts
the door, closing the back of the truck in with him and the
Avery stands up, pulls a gas mask out of a black backpack,
puts it on, then walks to the center of the truck while
holding the shotgun.
Dean Tarcello stands outside the truck by its sliding door,
he pulls off his backpack, opens it then, and takes out a
gas mask, he puts it on, then unlocks the lever on the
sliding room. Dean reaches into his backpack and pulls out a
poisonous homemade smoke grenade, he lights it, opens the
sliding door only a few inches, throws the smoke grenade in,
then closes it.
Avery remains standing in the same place, completely
unshaken. Yellow smoke cascading out of the small grenade,
lit up by the bright LED lights. Smoke fills the truck as
Avery stands calm and relaxed.
Dean Tarcello checks his watch, grips his gun then opens the
sliding door in one fast motion. He stands on the garage
floor, staring into the cargo hold of the truck and the
stacked boxes of product. The thinning yellow smoke seeping
out of the truck as Dean hoists himself up onto the truck's
metal floor. He casually stands at the edge, aiming his gun,
but then when he notices no one is there he drops his guard.
In a split second Avery springs out from around a stack of
boxes and sends a round right into his chest, Dean flies
back off of the truck and onto the garage floor. Blood
pouring from his body. Avery walks out from the columns of
product, taking off her gas mask. She hops off the truck


then over to Dean, she pulls out a pen and a small notebook,
she opens it then crosses the last Tarcello off of the list.
She puts the pen and pad away, she then takes out a pack of
cigarettes, lights one with her silver Zippo, then snaps the
Zippo closed.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
A semi automatic Remington shotgun is held in the well
dressed bouncer's right hand, while he puffs his cigar with
the other, then he casually walks past the poker table full
of gamblers. The dealer flips the river card and draws the
ten of clubs, one of the gamblers lightly slaps the table
and brings the pot into his chip count, other gamblers
chuckle while the dealer grins at the lucky bad beat. The
Bouncer moves down the hallway as we see into the back
office of the gambling den, owned by Roy Brixton and Marcus
In the back office, Roy sits behind the desk with his suit
jacket off, sleeves rolled up, pen in hand, running numbers
for an upcoming boxing match while Marcus; in a three piece
suit with his jacket also off, smokes a cigarette while
shuffling out cards on the other side of the desk, playing
blackjack with himself.
      (dealing out three
       separate hands)
So what was that shit about
Marissa, that slip up thing.
      (flipping through
       pages to one of
       the betting books)
Haha yeah nigga, bit more like
freezin up then slippin up.
Haha so its a loss for words type
      (taking a drag
       from his
Yeah more or less, I'll break it
down, right, so last Thursday, we


                       ROY (cont'd)
were outside her place and I think
I was leavin' to meet up with you,
and she was leavin' to go to that
new bar down by the waterfront
with some of her friends, so I'm
just fuckin' with her and I say
"ya know there's gonna be alotta
niggas for you gals to flirt
      (dealing out
       another card on
       one of the
       blackjack hands)
Haha what'd she say?
      (putting down the
       betting book)
She goes, and listen to this, she
says "Ya know, the people who
think about cheatin' are always
the ones that cheat."
Ohhhh nigga hahahaha. Now I know
you, you probably just stood there
with your jaw all open and shit.
Hahah nah nigga I was seriously
caught off my fuckin' guard, but I
recovered, I was like "Baby you
know I'm just protective of you,"
haha ya know, shit like that.
      (dealing another
       raise to his
       second blackjack
Damn nigga hah, I woulda handled
that differently.
      (taking a drag
       from his
Hah yeah what would you do
different then?


      (taking a drag
       from his
Okay so ya said what ya said,
about how theres gonna be all
these wanna be Casanova motha
fuckas for her and her friends to
be tryin' to get with, and she
comes back at you with that
indirectly accusin' you of
cheatin' shit. So she goes ya know
the people who think about
cheatin' are always the ones that
cheat, but here's what you gotta
say, ya go "No baby, its not like
that.. I've just been hurt
Hahah Niggaaaaa, that's fuckin'
it, that's perfect.
Yeah yeah exactly motha fucka,
cause they empathize with that
shit. See now they think, oh this
nigga isn't gonna hurt me, he's
already been hurtin'.
Haha yeah I like that, I'm gonna
use that shit, thats some good
contingency plan shit.
Marcus looks at his watch then starts to gather his playing
      (taking a drag
       from his
Hah, alrigh', can't keep the Queen
waitin. Gotta look respectable
right? Haha
      (taking another
       drag from his
Hah yeah somethin' like that.


It'll be funny bein' in the rich
part of town hah, c'mon lets go
make some white people
                                         CUT TO BLACK
In a wealthy dinning room The Queen sits at the head of the
table eating a piece of chocolate cake while a servant
refills her glass of vodka, bows his head then exits the
room. An intimidating well dressed bodyguard brandishing a
shotgun sits in the corner of the room behind The Queen.
Marcus and Roy standing at the other end of the table.
Marcus with his fedora in his hands.
Roy, Marcus, how long have I known
you two?
About four years maybe, I'm not
too sure.
When you guys started out you were
stealing boxes of cigarettes off
of trucks and selling them to some
of my bars. Now look at ya, your
tailored suits and Italian shoes
haha, you boys crack me up.
Taking a sip from her glass of vodka.
You've got a funny sense of style,
lemme guess, your Sinatra and your
Dean Martin haha.
Yeah, I do a pretty good "Fly Me
to the Moon" if the its the right
Haha you boys are funny, ya know
I've been looking over your books,
decent amount on the tracks and
fights last week, and you made
collections pretty fast.


Yeah, collections come in quick.
The neighborhood seems to know.
Glad to hear it, I'd like to talk
business and I rather tell you
gentlemen this in person than have
you hear it from an emissary.
What exactly?
I've been hearin' a couple rumors
that I hope, for your sake, aren't
What do you mean?
Well, my youngest cousin lost
quite a bit of cash in your poker
game last Tuesday, and he feels
that he's been cheated. But that
can't be true, can it, gentlemen?
It ain't, the kid can't play, he
came in and bet big from the
We cut him off after three drinks,
offered to get him a lift, he told
us to fuck off and his driver took
him home.
I can't say that doesn't sound
like him, but never the less, I
don't like hearing about your
establishment unless its pertains
to money your bringing to me. Now,
I think a friendly gesture or sign
or good faith should be made to my
cousin, so you'll reimburse him
with what he lost.


What the fucks this shit about?
      (trying to keep
       his friend in
      (takes a sip from
       her glass)
And, I'll be adding a ten percent
tax on your game.
What? What the fuck for?
I could always make it fifteen
No, he didn't mean anything by it,
the details are just, fuckin'
And fuckin' unfair.
There isn't anything murky or
unfair about it, numbers are
numbers. Its protection and
jurisdiction (taking a sip from
her glass of vodka) I mean, you
can always move.
No, we ain't sayin' that, if this
tax is for protection, I mean we
don't need the security, I know
our dens located in less than
respectable area but as far as
security goes, we're fuckin' fine.
Exactly, and 10 percent over the
regular, we're already payin' half
so that leaves 20 percent for each
of us, I mean, the margins are too
small for anything to happen.


Well you gotta increase your
revenue, I don't know what to tell
you. (holding her glass) You guys
are resourceful enough, I'm sure
you'll think of something.
But ten percent.
Its fuckin' unfair.
Our payments are always on time,
and the den brings in a good
amount of cash as is, I mean
there's nothin' we can do to make
our numbers jump.
Well I guess we've covered
everything then, I appreciate you
gentlemen coming up here to talk,
but if you'll excuse me I'm very
With her silver fork The Queen cuts a small piece of cake
then eats it.
Everyone in the dinning room in frame.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
Roy and Marcus slowly but agitatedly walk out onto the city
street; outside of the Queen's lavish building in the
finical district. Both now in their pea coats, Marcus
wearing his fedora. Roy takes out a pack of cigarettes,
gives one to Marcus, they each pull out their own lighters.
Roy lights his cigarette and takes a drag.
      (lighting his
So what the fuck she think we are,
fuckin' slaves right?
Well, she couldn't've made it
anymore obvious. She thinks we're
chumps with that fuckin'


                       ROY (cont'd)
      (blowing out some
And we ain't fuckin' relocatin'.
Yeah, I ain't movin', (taking a
drag) too much fuckin' work and
it'd be payin the same percent to
some other dumb fuck.
Let's take a drive over to
Brooklyn, see if we can set up a
meetin' with Andre Calvino.
What the fuck for?
      (making a gun out
       of his right hand
       and pressing it
       to his temple)
Cause the Queen's a greedy white
bitch, who needs a bullet in the
fuckin' head.
Obviously nigga, but lets think of
ideas more in the realm of
What the fuck you gettin' at?
Marcus takes a drag from his cigarette then runs a hand over
his face.
That she can't be fuckin' touched,
so fantasizing ain't gonna help.
      (taking a drag
       from his
I'm not hearin' you spittin' out
any fuckin' answers.


      (takes a drag from
       his cigarette)
I don't know nigga, we gotta pay,
I don't know, thats all we can
fuckin' do.
We need to send a fuckin' message.
Like what nigga? What the fuck can
we do, I ain't havin' her take the
Whats gonna stop her cracka self
from raisin' the fuckin rent in a
couple months or some shit.
That ain't gonna happen nigga.
What the fuck makes you so fuckin'
sure, we ain't dealin' with
someone reasonable, so kick that
shit to the fuckin' curb nigga.
Ey I don't wanna deal with her
hand in our fuckin' pockets
either, we just need to chill the
fuck out. (taking a drag from his
We need to put a fuckin' pipe bomb
in one of her cars.
Nigga we ain't gettin' anywhere
close to her with any kinds of
metal haha, we get checked every
time and I doubt we're that
welcomed around here. So suppress
that shit, cause that ain't
I need a fuckin' drink, and a
fuckin' joint.


Marcus throws his cigarette to the ground and starts walking
to the car. Roy takes a drag from his cigarette then flicks
it to the ground and starts to follow Marcus.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
Inside the back office of the gambling den Roy sits behind
his desk smoking a joint while Marcus stands making himself
a drink on one of the counters.
      (taking a hit from
       his joint)
Ya know what I need, a fuckin'
gorgeous South American Indian
girl, like that Brazilian
Hah your dream girl then?
Hah yeah nigga, and she's gotta be
a fuckin' dynamite dancer, I'm
talkin' dancer's body. Long smooth
light brown legs.
      (taking a sip of
       his drink)
Hah, I was thinkin' more Chilean.
Chilean huh?
Yeah, I'm thinkin', my height,
black hair, brown eyes, light
Chilean skin, and she's bound to
be a good dancer if she's from
that country right?
Yeah nigga, I bet that South
America in general is full of good
dancers, (taking a hit from his
joint) kind of a good stereotype I


A very well dressed man in a pea coat, gray fedora and black
pinstripe suit walks into the doorway of the office.
                       MR ELLIS
Gentlemen I hope I'm not
interrupting any business. Your
bouncer let me through, he
recognizes a face when he sees
Yeah, no its fine, just didn't
know the Queen was sendin' anyone,
we just got back from a meeting at
her building a couple hours ago.
                       MR ELLIS
Yeah, thats what I'm here about
Taking a seat across from the desk
                       MR ELLIS
The Queen loves tellin' bad news,
just not more than once a day, if
its twice or more I think that
constitutes as work for her.
What do you mean?
                       MR ELLIS
I'm sorry, I haven't introduced
myself, although I'm sure both of
you know me, Bobby Ellis, thats
Ellis with two L's.
Yeah, we know you, it's just hard
seein' you in our neck of the
                       MR ELLIS
Yeah, I'll tell ya, it was an
experience for my driver, haha, it
looks like a bit of a jungle
around this area, lotta colorful
Yeah, well I'm Roy and this is my
associate Marcus.


                       MR ELLIS
Its ah pleasure, lovely little
rats nest ya got here.
What can we do for ya?
                       MR ELLIS
Message from on high, with regret,
taxation on your dens marked by
What the fucks this? Ah fuckin'
                       MR ELLIS
You think I came down to this
shithole to tell two fuckin'
minorities a joke.. Tax marked by
We had a fuckin' meetin' today.
                       MR ELLIS
I don't give a shit. Why do you
think I'm here, ya got the
message, if you guys got any
questions then take it up with the
Queen, I'm sure she'd welcome that
(moving his thumb across his
Our fuckin' tax just got raised
                       MR ELLIS
Haha, why are you tellin' me? Not
my problem.
Well what the fuck is the reason
                       MR ELLIS
No idea, didn't ask, I don't
really care to be perfectly
fuckin' honest.


So their's no fuckin' reason for
the 10 percent just like their's
no fuckin' reason for this added
                       MR ELLIS
Hah guess so, now I've been in
this Nigger den for more than I
can take, so If you guys got your
months payment to the Queen I'm
goin', otherwise ya got each
other's shoulder to cry on, haha.
      (looking in the
       desk draw)
Yeah, can you hold up one second,
I bought a bottle of Scotch, gift
for the Queen, forgot to give it
to her today, can you give it to
her for me.
Marcus takes a pistol out of the desk draw and shoots Mr
Ellis in the chest; sending him flying back off of the chair
and onto the ground.
BOOM! You sideways motha fucka!
Damn Nigga! What the fuck, coulda
gave me some warnin'! My fuckin'
ears are killin' me!
Nigga you know I can't be givin'
no warnin' with these snake-like
motha fuckas, and besides I knew
you were gonna agree with me. I
wanted to twist this white boy's
wig back the second he fuckin' sat
down. Uppity, smug motha fucka.
God Damn fuckin' bazooka blastin'
off right next to my fuckin ear!
      (walking over the
       body then leanin
       out the doorway
       of the office)
Chill nigga, ey yo everyone clear


                       MARCUS (cont'd)
out for today.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
Outside the den, Roy and Marcus carry the bloody corpse of
Mr Ellis. Roy carrying him by his legs while Marcus holds
him by his arms. The two slowly move the body across an
empty factory parking lot, to the side of a random building.
So other than the disappearin'
aspect, whats the plan?
I'm bettin' the Queen's gonna be
hearin' bout' our message by now,
so no use in bringin' this cracka
to the Butcher, and we're gonna
have some heavy skull poppin'
niggas on our backs pretty fuckin'
soon. So let's just get to a
friendly spot and get some ammo
and shit.
Right, right, yeah I like that
plan but who the fucks gonna take
us in right now?
Avery wouldn't care, and we can
buy some ammo from her, she was
tellin' me about some new shit she
just picked up.
I know how this is gonna sound,
and bare with me on this cause I
know its kinda like the pot
callin' the kettle black, ya know,
given this current dilemma, but
Avery's a bit of an odd motha
Ya know, nigga, sometimes you're a
fuckin' premadonna.
What nigga, how?


What the fuck are you talkin'
about how? Other than the fuckin'
I'm sorry, the girl's a little
fuckin' violent, and kinda
Hah, c'mon nigga she's funny, and
she's not that strange. (lightly
swinging the corpse) Alrigh',
The two swing the lifeless body into a pile of trash bags.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
Avery sits on a couch in her room, cleaning a Browning 12
gauge shotgun with a gray rag and a small bottle of cleaning
oil. An arsenal of rifles, shotguns, pistols and all
different arrangements of ammo rest on two white towels laid
across the coffee table in front of her.
Marcus and Roy sit across from her in two leather chairs,
drinking from their glasses of rum.
Soooooo, that, is alotta motha
fuckin weaponry.
Haha that's true.
Hah so what you doin' invadin' ah
Ya know what Clint Eastwood said
about gun control?
Haha no what'd he say?
He said, "I have a very strict gun
control policy: if there's a gun
around, I want to be in control of


                       AVERY (cont'd)
Haha he's a badass nigga, ten
times more badass than Lee Marvin,
or Charles Bronson.
That is correct my mocha skinned
      (taking a sip of
       his drink)
Haha it goes without sayin' but
his best work was in the Dollars
"For a Few Dollars More" was a
fuckin' masterpiece.
Yeah him and Lee Van Cleef, and
they both used .45s too, and see,
thats what I'm always tellin' ya,
the .45 is the best fuckin'
caliber for a pistol, you can't go
wrong with it.
Haha you always pushin' the .45,
and I take your word for it,
(taking a sip from his glass of
rum) but we got ourselves a little
Hah, yeah den under new
management, well she's a greedy
And that's puttin' it lightly.
So what do ya think about me and
Roy hittin' the den?
Sendin' another message so to


Well I got just the things for
that. Your both using 12 gauges so
I got some fun ammo for ya.
Looks like a lot more than some.
Nigga this looks like an arsenal
You guys want a kick in the shot,
with alotta security in the kill,
(holding up small bag of ammo)
then you should go for the Double
Slugs, they send out two rounds in
a close distance of each other so
it packs a punch.
      (picking up a
       small bag of
Dammnnn haha I like these motha
If your in the mood for theatrics
and ya wanna be a bit louder then
there's always Explosive rounds.
Whattt, hahah crazy motha fucka.
Haha so they explode on contact?
Nah, each ones fuse is the same,
so think of it like launchin'
little sticks of dynamite.
Haha damn nigga.
But if you guys are lookin' for
more stoppin' power, like maybe
you wanna stop a truck or
something, then you can always go
for the Armor piercing.


Damnnnnnn, hah Avery, who's gonna
fuckin use these?
Whattt, you kiddin'? You can blast
through an armored car or a
fuckin' building with this shit.
Who's gonna need to shoot through
a fuckin' buildin'?
If you wanna shoot someone inside
and you don't feel like walkin'
Haha your crazy.
Haha we just need some rounds
that'll go through some bodies,
nothin' too special.
Yeah, so what do you recomend?
      (holding up a
       double slug shell)
Well... can I interest you guys in
some double slugs?
The three all in frame, smile and laugh.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
Hash smoke rises from the ashtray in the foreground. Marcus
and Roy in the midst of preparing for the unknown. Marcus
sits at a small table by the window cleaning the barrel of
his shotgun with a steal brush over a white towel. He wears
a gray wife-beater, black suit pants, and surgical gloves.
While Roy sits on the couch cleaning his shotgun's breach
over a coffee table. He wears a white wife-beater, black
suspenders, and charcoal suit pants.


I think my favorite Clint Eastwood
role has to be.. Marshal Jed
Cooper from "Hang Em' High".
Good one, good one. That's a
vicious nigga.
Yeah, when he pulls down his
bandanna and you can see his
hanging scar. (taking a drag from
his cigarette) haha how bout you?
I'd have to go with..Josey Whales.
Badass motha fucka. (taking a drag
from his cigarette) That nigga is
fuckin' ruthless. When he drops
those four confederates with his
revolver before they can even
reach for their guns haha, best
part in the whole movie.
Haha yeah that was fuckin'
dynamite. I thought you were gonna
say Frank Morris from "Escape From
Thats true, he's coola than a
motha fucka, I love when he sits
down next to Doc and shows him
he's not scared of him and all the
Fuck yeah, definition of chill.
(taking a drag from his cigarette)
Dirty Harry though, he was one
fuckin' tough nigga in that.
Haha yeahhh no one can gun down
Harry Callahan
Haha that's a fact.


Ey remember Franky Quinn from over
on 3rd street?
Haha yeah, motha fucka looked like
a black James Cagney, up until
closed casket hah.
Haha exactly.
What made you think of that?
I always think about that, haha
that shit was funny as motha
fucka. Dumb country ass nigga
tryin' to pull some shit on me.
Haha that was a long ass game of
five card. The nigga was eatin'
his garlic chicken with one hand,
and playin' with the other, gettin
the cards all greesy and shit.
Filthy motha fucka.
Puffin' that blunt, ramblin' like
a motha fucka bout' some new car
or some shit, actin' like some
famous nigga.
Up until that dumb motha fucka got
cocky, slapped his hand on the
table, and three cards fall out of
his sleeve.
Hahah I never seen someone jump up
so fuckin' fast, nigga bolted out
the room, haha, well not before
you pulled out your burna and
drilled one right in the back of
his fuckin' knee haha.


Haha all limpin' to his car and
Dumb card cheatin' nigga.
Funny shit seein' you follow him
out, and he's tryin' to move
faster hah, jived that country ass
nigga up, made work with that
straight razor, carvin' that nigga
like turkey.
Haha yeah, that driveway was
soaked hah, (takes a drag from his
That dumb motha fucka.
Haha ey nigga, if your done
reminiscing about times when your
dreads were shorter and I wasn't
shavin', then I think you should
check your watch, twenty minutes
to showtime haha.
The two laugh
                                         CUT TO BLACK
MASSACRE- Outside the den's side entrance Roy and Marcus,
dressed in black suits, black pea coats, surgical gloves,
Marcus wearing his black fedora. Roy carries a long object
wrapped in a big garage bag while Marcus carries a small
duffel bag, he kneels while reaching into the bag, pulling
out a battery powered screw driver, he turns it on and
starts working on the lock to the door.
THE DANCE- Roy and Marcus, each in their black three piece
suits but without suit jackets, and with their sleeves
rolled up and a smile on their faces, they sit relaxed at a
table drinking shots with a bottle of rum at a small party.
The two joke and laugh. A young black haired Spanish girl
approaches Marcus asking him to dance as she holds his hand,
pulling him in. He smiles, laughing, blushingly trying not


to be forced into dancing, Roy smiling, urging his friend to
dance with the girl, jokingly pushing him up out of his
seat. Marcus laughing, accepts the dance and grabs the
girl's other hand while dancing onto the living room floor.
MASSACRE- The two now inside the Den, but in the unoccupied
hallway where the lighting is dim. Marcus drops the small
duffel bag, Roy takes off the garbage bag, reveling two
shotguns, he hands on to Marcus, the two check their
shotgun's breaches, readying themselves.
THE DANCE- Marcus and the girl laugh and dance as Roy takes
his shot glass, motioning cheers, then drinks, smiling,
about to pour himself another shot, when all of a sudden a
young black haired Indian girl walks up to him. She takes
his hand while smiling and asking him to dance. Roy smiles,
saying that he couldn't possibly but he quickly gives up the
act and strolls out onto the living room floor expertly
dancing with the young Indian girl.
MASSACRE- The two walking down the hallway, into a red lit
hallway, past their former office, then they abruptly stop
when they reach a newly hung up curtain; dividing the poker
room from the hallway.
THE DANCE- The four laugh as they dance. Roy and Marcus
extremely comfortable on the dance floor, spinning their
dates, and moving expertly to the music.
MASSACRE- The two move through the curtain and into the
poker room where four gamblers sit at the table while a
bouncer stands holding a shotgun. Everyone in the room
immediately jumps up, shocked, caught completely off guard
the bouncer swing his shotgun toward the two but Marcus
shoots him in the stomach, sending him flying to the ground.
The gamblers stand in terror, yelling at the two.
THE DANCE- Roy dips the Indian girl as Marcus imitates the
cha-cha with the Spanish girl; moving closer then further
away, then closer.
MASSACRE- Roy and Marcus yell for the gamblers to get
against the wall. The gamblers with their hands up; trying
to frantically reason with the two businessmen. Marcus and
Roy begin shooting. 12 gauge double slugs ripping through
the gamblers, sending them flying back and to the ground,
their bodies lifelessly collapsing as the shotguns unload on
THE DANCE- Roy, Marcus, and the two girls laugh and giggle
as they dance with extreme precision, expertly moving,
flowing through the dance floor.


MASSACRE- Lite clouds of sulfur smoke fill the air. The
table flipped, with cards and poker chips, and bloody
freshly killed corpses covering the floor. Marcus and Roy
stand over the bodies then, in a victorious manor; perform
their handshake.
THE DANCE- No longer dancing, Marcus leans up against the
living room wall flirting with the Spanish girl, while Roy
and the Indian girl giggle; stumbling past the couch toward
the other two, but the Indian girl grabs Roy's tie and
starts to lead him down the hallway, as this is happening,
the Spanish girl grabs Marcus's hand and leads him down the
hallway. Roy and the Indian girl flirtatiously enter the
second bedroom on the right, while Marcus and the Spanish
girl aggressively enter the first door on the right. Both
doors close simultaneously.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
In his temporary apartment, Carson stands in the bedroom
smoking a bong while taking off his shoulder holster, he
hangs it up on the back of a chair. He takes another hit
then walks down the hall and into his living where he lays
out his suit jacket on the couch. After rolling up his
sleeves and putting the bong on the coffee table Carson
strolls back over to the bedroom, grabs another lighter then
walks back, but in a split second a well dressed man jumps
out from behind his kitchen wall and slams him in the chest
with a hard right jab then swings a left hook but Carson
ducks and with an open palm he sticks the man in the throat,
then slams him against the wall, he tries to kick his right
knee cap but the well dressed man catches his kick and
backhands Carson in his face then punches him in the
stomach. The well dressed man throws Carson over a coffee
table but Carson recovers as the man tries to grab him,
Carson pushes the man away then kicks him straight in the
chest. The well dressed man's back slams up against the wall
but he quickly swings at Carson's head, Carson blocks it and
tries to jab the man in the ribs but the man blocks it.
Carson grabs the man's arm; trying to lock it between his
elbow but the man intensely swats at Carson's arm then grabs
him by the throat and slams him down to the ground. The two
struggle to get dominance but the man quickly hits Carson
and locks himself on top, with one hand choking him while
the other fends off Carson's attempts at freedom. Carson
tries hitting the man's arms and elbows to escape his grip
but the man now uses both hands to choke Carson. The two
struggle. Carson gasping for air as the man tries crushing


his windpipe, both of them red faces and rage filled. Carson
starts sticking the man in the face and left ear with jabs,
then he finally knocks one of the man's elbows, causing him
to break him grip around Carson's throat. Carson frantically
wrestles the well dressed man off of him, and creates enough
distance so the two stand facing each other, alert and
vicious, but cautious of the other next attack. The well
dressed man pulls a large knife from the sheath around his
belt, the blade shines as the man grins. Carson analyzes the
situation and runs down the hallway, and into in the
bedroom. The man runs after him but stops abruptly when he
sees Carson standing alert with his silenced pistol aiming
directly at him, the laser on his neck. Carson takes two
steps to the left and turns off the CD player on the shelf.
Silence, then the well dressed man drops his knife.
Ahhh fuck, pretty quick, that was
fuckin' good... (putting a finger
in his mouth) I think you knocked
out a mouler.
Against the wall, take a seat. I'm
gonna have to ice my back now.
The well dressed man painfully sits and lays back against
the bedroom wall as Carson crouches down in front of him
with the silenced pistol in his hand.
Your a popular guy, Carson.
Are you with anyone else?
Nope, just me.
No one outside, or walkin' around
the block?
Nah, came here alone.
Whats your name, you already know
mine, so I might as well know


Duke Sullivan.
Hey Duke, nice to meet ya, so how
the fuck you find me?
Was ordered to watch the curriers
for more security. So I just
picked up on you as soon as you
hit the briefcase. Figured you'd
have your guard down a couple days
So you called it in then, the
Queen knows I did it?
Haha coarse she does, the second
you walked into that apartment I
Okay, so did you call again? Like
What do you mean?
When you found out where I was
stayin', did you tell anyone?
Haha I was gonna take the
briefcase after I got you, so as
far as the Queen was concerned I
got hit after the curriers did, so
she wouldn't be lookin' for me.
Haha good idea, pretty sneaky.
Yeah, not as sneaky as you though,
haha. If you get caught, they're
not gonna be as nice as me haha
probably gonna take you in for


Yeah I considered that, but the
Queens not really as smart as me.
Hah, so what you doin' with the
briefcase then, retiring?
Not exactly.
Ohh, its an investment then.
Yeah something like that. You sure
you didn't tell anyone where I am?
I couldn't, I was gonna break your
neck pal, haha, take the money
myself haha, you can trust me.
Yeah, I guess so..
Yeah,... So listen if we could
just cut to the chase.
Right, the head or chest?
In one motion Carson points his silenced pistol toward
Duke's chest and shoots him twice. The two remain motionless
in the bedroom room of the apartment until Carson stands up
and starts to drag Duke's body.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
In a thirty yard long metal storage container boxes are
stacked on both sides up to the top; lining the walls, with
the middle isle empty to walk in. LED lights cover the
ceiling. Carson slowly walking to the end as Marcus and Roy
stand near the entrance looking at all of the boxes.


So you've been busy, its a little
flush don't ya think?
Hah yeah, filled to the brim, and
ya got yours truly to thank for
Haha yeah nigga, ya know, your a
bit too famous right now.
Hah got that right, the proverbial
wanted posters are up.
Hah could say the same for you
Hah, don't remind me nigga, just
lemme know how many containers
includin' this one?
Eight, and it's steady, sent
quarterly, once every three
How many kilos in each box?
Ten in each.
Alright, can you part with two
crates for the east districts, I
already know they're lookin' to
keep it steady, so two every three
months, and build from there.
Yeah, and one down in Brooklyn,
plus another for the south
district, and two over in the
Russian and Jew territories.
Yeah no problem, you just tell em'
to place an order anytime, Andre
Calvino and his guys got security


                       CARSON (cont'd)
when it gets in, up until when
it's in their district, then your
people got it.
Sounds good, you have that meeting
with Avery yet?
Nah, the Butcher said Thursday,
but I don't feel like waitin' that
long, I might just break into her
house to talk to her.
Haha nigga, that'd be a bad idea,
You hear about those Bushwick
The Tarcello Brothers
Heard they got chopped up.
Haha yeah all Avery's work.
Ey, so I got a question for ya,
how you plan on movin' all this
with the Queen in the picture? If
you don't mind me askin'.
Hah yeah stop breakin' my balls,
you wouldn't have this shit if you
didn't already have something in
Well get me a meeting with Avery
and you'll see.
Hahah nigga, Me and Marcus, and
hell even Avery, well we think
your a bit crazy.
Eh I can work with that.


                                         CUT TO BLACK
Carson stands smoking a cigarette on the very lit up dirt
driveway between the house and garage of a private compound.
Two cars face him, with four gunmen; all in black suits,
black pea coats, black leather gloves, and black fedoras,
each carrying a different gun. The black haired gunman
holding a semi automatic shotgun walks to the back seat of
the second car and pulls out a young well dressed boy
handcuffed with a blindfold around his eyes and duct tape
around his mouth, the gunman throws the boy forward. The boy
is now in the middle, kneeling. Carson takes a drag from his
cigarette while watching this. The four gunmen stand
watching Carson. Out of the darkness behind the gunmen a
very well dressed young man in a three piece suit, black pea
coat, black leather gloves, scarf, and black fedora strolls
forward then stops when he's next to the brown haired gunman
holding a Winchester lever action, he takes a pistol out of
his jacket and a silencer from his pocket then attaches it
to the pistol, screwing it in as he walks toward the
blindfolded kid. He stops, then in one motion puts the
pistol to the back of the kneeling boy's head and shoots.
The boy's head rocks forward, his body lifeless as he hits
the ground face first. The well dressed man is Andre
Calvino, he laughs then puts the pistol back in his holster
while walking over to Carson.
Hey, need to check something over
with you, Bruce lee did The Big
Boss, then Way of the Dragon
No, it was The Big Boss, then Fist
of Fury, then Way of the Dragon.
Shit, I thought Fist of Fury was
the third one.
      (taking out his
       pack of
Nah second, remember, he was
tryin' to find out who killed his
teacher in that one, then he was
in Rome when he was in Way of the
Dragon, tryin to protect his
relatives restaurant from some


                       CARSON (cont'd)
Shit your right.
Haha why, what'd ya do, lose a
Yeah, well now I did. We were just
at that new bar over on Grove
street, I was talkin' about it to
the bartender, this fuckin
knockout Greek girl, like I'm
talkin' Ursala Andres in Dr.No
good lookin', cheek bones, full
lips, great tits, like fuckin'
Haha yeah, and she was right on
the bet. Gotta love a Bruce Lee
Hah, that's a fact.
      (taking a
       cigarette from
       the pack and
       giving it to
Hah by the way I know your really
busy, I wanna thank you again for
meetin' up, really appreciate it.
Carson takes out his lighter while Andre leans forward
having his cigarette lit by the zippo's flame.
Yeah no problem, we're both pretty
busy. Crates comin' in off the
shore like clockwork.
Hah glad to hear it.
How's everything on your end, that
tail shake you up?


Hah yeah, fucker came outta
Haha (taking a drag from his
cigarette) so that briefcase
heavier than ya thought?
Hah, a bit not that bad, not much
of a hassle to get it though, hah
there's three guys down in
Eastbrooke who'd agree with me.
      (pointing to his
Yeah, I'm sure if they could they
might agree, but I hear they get
alotta stomach shots down in
      (taking a drag
       from his
Hah not surprised you'd already
know the gimmick.
Hah, I know the joke, the set up
to the joke, I know the punch
Haha so what do you think about
the meeting tonight then?
      (taking another
       drag from his
I think your worryin' too much,
We'll walk through it, Avery's
great, a bit violent but overall
she's great.
I'm not worryin' about it, why do
I look nervous?


Nah, but try not to think about it
so much. She's reliable, you guys
are a lot alike actually, hah you
guys could be twins, not
physically obviously, cause she's
gorgeous and your ugly as fuck
haha, (takes a quick drag from his
cigarette) now c'mon lets go, feel
like I'm gonna fuckin' freeze out
Andre walks back to the cars, as the gunmen start opening
their doors.
Hey, what was the kid about?
Informant, ran outta information
Andre enters the backseat of his BMW as the brown haired
gunman closes the door for him then the rest enter their
respective seats in each of the two cars. Carson takes a
drag of his cigarette while looking at the dead informant
then flicks it to the ground as he enters the back seat of
the black BMW. The two cars slowly exit the compound,
leaving the bleeding corpse of a young informant on the dirt
covered ground.
                                         FADE TO BLACK
Carson stands against the outside wall of Avery's house,
near the enclosed backyard. He wears a black three piece
suit, black pea coat, black leather gloves, and a black
fedora. He stands, resting against the house, he takes his
silenced pistol out of his holster then moves to the corner
of the wall where the back yard starts. He walks onto the
back deck, then switches on the laser sight on his pistol,
moving a hand in front of it to see the red dot on the palm
of his hand. Carson opens the sliding glass door, hearing
music coming from somewhere in the house, he moves into the
kitchen, pistol raised, cautious and alert. The music
getting slightly louder as Carson aims his pistol toward the
direction he's moving; down the hall to the dinning room.
The dinning room and living room are connected, with leather
chairs and couches and a polished stone fireplace. As Carson
enters, the music is blaring from a record player across the
room, he takes precise steps, his feet moving quietly on the


carpeted floor. Carson walks out of the living room and down
three steps to a room with a T.V and a dark blue couch, he
walks past and down a hallway where he disappears for six
seconds then reappears aiming his pistol back toward the
kitchen, walking up steps, he takes a turn to a long wood
floored hallway. Slowly, he walks up five steps, passing
room with closed doors, not bothering to check them because
his focus and goal is directly in front of him at the end of
the hall; the last bedroom. His laser sight aimed at the
door as he steadily approaches. He stops, then carefully and
quietly he opens the door, quickly walking in, checking
every part of the room. He walks to the center of the large
bedroom, turns off his laser sight then walks into the
bathroom where he takes a pill bottle out of his suit
jacket, opens it, takes two pills out, then swallows them
with a swig of rum from his flask. He then splashes his face
with water from the sink while looking in the mirror.
                                         CUT TO NEXT SCENE
You look all nervous, haha, what,
are you afraid she's gonna plug
you one, hahah.
Just goin' over what I'm gonna
You just gotta looked relaxed, if
you pitch this thing right then
its fuckin' golden. Ya just take a
seat and start off by appoligizin'
and thankin' her.
First off, two things, I wanna
wanna thank you for not shootin'
through the door and lightin' me
up, and second, I'm sorry breakin'
Carson, you coulda waited till
Thursday, or ya know, I have a
door bell, you coulda just rang


                       AVERY (cont'd)
Sorry, I'm a creature of habit,
and time's, eh kinda ah factor
Hah, so your in a rush. Well I
can't say I'm not interested.
Perfect, so we're off to a good
start. I'm gonna cut right to the
chase, I think we can help each
Ha, yeah why do you think that?
Its easy, its simple as fuck, and
there's no complications.
How do you think I should
transition over to it then?
Nah, you don't need to transition
into shit. I say you just tell her
right off the bat.
I'm starting a new business, one
thats gonna work a lot smoother,
and run by better suited people.
I'm forming the top table and your
just what I'm lookin' for as one
of the partners, I have two
others, actually they're mutual
acquaintances of ours, Marcus
Taseer and Roy Brixton.


Hah, a new business with better
suited people.(takes a drag from
her cigarette) You wanna take out
the Queen.
Hah thats right.
Well I love the idea of regime
change, as long as it's a good
idea. (taking a drag from her
cigarette) But what about the
I knew that'd be your next
Well if you got no product then
there's no point.
Andre Calvino's backin' me. We got
steady shipments, with boats
comin' in the harbor and enough
product to flood the city.
They'll be up to their ears in
powder haha, more than they know
what to do with.
I like the imagardy.
Hah with every district boss
placin' orders. Shipments runnin'
all night.
Hah well you did your homework, so
how exaclty are you gonna get the
Queen to pop her head up?


I'm sure you heard about what
happened down in Eastbrooke.
Hah that popular briefcase.
I like to think of it more like
bait, hah, so all you gotta do is
tell the Queen you found me, and
you know where the apartment is.
Her egos gonna get in the way and
we both know she's gonna wanna see
me personally.
She could always wanna personally
kill you, did you consider that.
Now that parts a little tricky.
What're you thinkin' if the Queen
wants to slit your throat herself?
I doubt the Queen would lift a
finger to kill me, so I'm guessin'
she'd have Avery do it.
Yeah, what if she wants to stay
and watch you get tortured haha.
Nah, I know she's gonna wanna get
to her briefcase as soon as she
can, so her and her bodyguard are
gonna leave Avery to cut me up.
So you and me leave, but what
happens to the Queen when she gets
to the set up apartment.


Pretty funny actually, Andre
Calvino and his guys are gonna be
there, they've been wantin' to
dismember the Queen for awhile.
A fuckin' long time, its gonna be
hilarious, my guys are gonna do
some surgical work. Gonna make the
place a canvas haha, you want some
pictures, cause they're bringin' a
Hah thanks but no thanks, you got
the bodyguard too right?
Hah yeah I got that little cunt,
I'll put a bullet in his chest
Sounds like its gonna be alotta
fun, why are we the only ones
missin' the action?
Hah I thought you'd be
disappointed about that, sorry but
we don't have the time. You, Me,
Marcus, and Roy have our first
meeting tomorrow night over at my
house, my actual house hah.
Hah so we gotta start actin'
serious huh?
Well not too serious, cause then
there'd be no fun in it hah.
(taking a envelope out of his suit
jacket) This is the address to the
apartment I've been stayin' at so
tell the Queen tomorrow, and I'll
walk in around seven or eight,
like I'm comin' back from dinner
or somethin' and then we can start


                       CARSON (cont'd)
this thing.
Carson stands up and puts his leather gloves on while
holding his fedora.
It'll be a good business, I hope
you can trust me on that.
Carson puts his hat on then walks out of the room, and down
the hall while Avery takes a drag from her cigarette and
sits in contemplation.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
THE GUN- Carson, in black suit pants, wife beater, and black
suspenders sits at a small table in his apartment, cleaning
his disassembled gun over a small white towel.
DANCING- Carson in black suit pants, a gray dress shirt and
suspenders off, dances casually around his bedroom. His tie
undone, he dances over to a small counter and takes two
pills out of a pill bottle, then washes them down with a
swig of scotch.
THE GUN- Carson holds up the barrel, looks into in, then
runs a steal brush pipe cleaner through it.
DANCING- Carson in black suit pants with his gray shirt
tucked in, suspenders on, black tie tightened and straight,
black pinstriped suit vest button up. He dances with his
black suit jacket thats hung on a coat hanger. Dancing
around the room, dipping the suit jacket.
THE GUN- Holding up the pistol's handle and trigger, Carson
pulls back the firing pin and cleans it with a cue tip.
DANCING- Carson now fully dressed, expertly dancing while
smoking a joint; his shoes almost gliding around the
carpeted room.
THE GUN- Carson at the table facing the window with the gun
now fully assembled, he holds it up and pulls the slide;
cocking the pistol with a sound of sliding metal and spring.


In the parking lot of an apartment complex Carson sits in
his car. He takes a drag from his cigarette and puts it out
his the ashtray. Taking the key out of the ignition, he
exits the car and starts walking across the parking lot.
Looking around, he opens the lobby door and walks in, then
up the stairs to his floor, and down the hallway. He
causally enters his apartment, taking off his leather
gloves, then pea coat, and hanging it up over the couch, he
fixes himself a glass of scotch then walks over to his
bedroom. He opens the door, to find the Queen sitting down
drinking a glass of vodka, her bodyguard standing near the
window, and Avery standing with her .45 drawn; all of them
looking at Carson.
Carson sits with his jacket off and sleeves rolled up,
handcuffed to a chair thats placed on a large blue tarp in
the middle of his living room. The Queens sits in a chair
across from him drinking her glass of vodka while her
bodyguard stands by the door and Avery stands over a counter
with an opened box full of various knives. Avery taking each
knife and laying it out on the counter. Carson with blood in
his mouth and sweat on his face. The lighting in the room is
much dimmer than usual.
I can't say that I'm surprised.
You really are a pathetic, two
faced, dumb little fuck, you know
The Queen slaps Carson in the face.
You listening to me?!
slapping him again, just as hard.
I'm listening now.
By the way, thanks for the key.
(holding up a key) Bellview
Apartments, that's over in
Midborough right?


Yeah, on Lake Street.
The Queen slaps him again.
Thanks, so you've been hidin' it
there huh?
Carson says nothing. The Queen slaps him again.
Ouch, yep, yeah thats my other
Hah your a tricky little fuck, but
your not as clever as ya think, if
you take something from me you
shouldn't be dumb enough to stick
around my city. You shoulda stuck
with hits Carson, this stealin'
thing didn't really work out for
you did it?
No not particularly well.
Hah, see. Your still kinda funny,
hah thats always a good thing to
have when you got nothin' else.
You got your sense of humor.
Yep, I use to have an accordion
too, but that broke on me.
The Queen viciously slaps him in the face again. Carson's
head is rocked to the right side.
You've heard about my house I'm
sure, hah I know you haven't been
there cause you haven't done
anything important enough to be
invited haha.
Yeah, haven't had the pleasure.


Hah Well its the most expensive
one in Gatesfield, it's this giant
three story custom built villa, I
like to think of it more like a
Manor, but thats beside the point.
Its on this peninsula in my
neighborhood so I got alotta
privacy, I have my own beach, its
great you can look at the ocean.
Sounds great.
I know you can imagine right? Well
anyway I always like to have
breakfast on the deck overlooking
my beach, its gettin' pretty cold
out but my floors and deck are
heated so I can still enjoy my
breakfast and the view. Whats your
favorite breakfast?
I'm not really much of a morning
The Queen slaps Carson again.
Well everyday I like to have two
slices of rye toast with one
poached egg plus two poached egg
whites, a side of honey bacon, a
diced orange, and coffee with skim
milk. And I usually have it on a
big crystal table that rests right
at the top of the front steps so I
can see my whole beach, but
tomorrows gonna be a good
breakfast, you know why?
No I don't know.
Cause theres gonna be pieces of
you all along my beach. Hundreds
of little sliced up pieces of you
decorating my beach, improving my
already amazing view haha, its
gonna be great, little bits of
your liver and lungs near the


                       QUEEN (cont'd)
water, some of your bones and skin
scattered all over the sand haha,
I might have a bracelet made outta
your teeth.
Well I think that's an awful idea,
I ah, I strongly disagree with the
whole direction of that idea.
The Queen slaps him again.
Hah, I'm gonna leave you with my
pal Avery here, I'm told she's
very talented with cutlery. Well
you'll find out hah, but If you'll
excuse me, I'm off to Lake Street,
and out of this piece of shit
The Queen stands up, nods to her bodyguard who moves to the
door, then the Queen puts on her fur coat.
Goodbye Carson, I can only hope
that it last for hours and you
feel every bit of pain.
The Queen turns around and starts to walk out of the
apartment while nodding to Avery who sharpens her knives.
The Queen and her bodyguard exit the room as Avery drags a
wet stone along her blade.
                                         CUT TO BLACK
THE SET UP- The Queens car parks in front of an expensive
apartment building. The bodyguard exits the car then walks
around to open the back door for the Queen. She stands on
the sidewalk, wearing a fur coat, and sunglasses she looks
at the big glass doors of the building then motions to her
bodyguard, the two walk into the apartment building.
Strolling through the lobby and into the glass elevators.
The silver doors close, the Queen and her bodyguard silently
stand while passing floors until it stops at the fourth, and
opens, the two casually walk out and down the hallway. They
find the correct room and stand outside, halting for a
moment, until the Queen motions for her bodyguard to check
the room. He takes out the key, opens the door then


cautiously walks in, closing the door behind him. The Queen
waits outside. The bodyguard exits the apartment and nods to
the Queen thats its clear. The Queen enters and shuts the
door, while her bodyguard stands watch. Inside the well lit
apartment a black briefcase rests on a glass coffee table in
front of a white leather couch
THE CON- Carson stands near the coffee table removing the
handcuff on his left wrist while rubbing his hands and
wrists from discomfort. On the other side of the room in the
kitchen Avery is crouching down, looking through an opened
THE SET UP- The Queen sits on the leather couch, as she runs
her hands over the briefcase. Smiling, she unlocks it, then,
in a calm but happy manor, she opens the briefcase.
THE CON- Avery pulls the briefcase out of a kitchen cabinet,
gets up then walks back into the living room where she
tosses it to Carson. The two walk to the apartment's front
door, Avery opens it and motions for Carson to go first, but
Carson playfully motions "after you", Avery jokingly insists
for Carson to go first, which he does. They both leave as
Avery laughs and closes the door.
THE SET UP- The Queen closes the empty briefcase. Shocked,
stunned, in an emotionless daze she remains seated, moving
her eyes around the room then back at the briefcase, then
slowly, she looks to her right. From out of the darkness of
the apartment's closet/laundry room, four of Andrea
Calvino's men; dressed in sweat suits, with shower caps and
surgical gloves, carrying large shinny blades, calmly stroll
into the living room, fanning out, surrounding the queen
from ten yards away, Gripping their knife handles.
OUTSIDE THE SET UP- In the hallway of the apartment, the
Queen's bodyguard stands in front of the door, waiting for
the Queen to exit. His eyes checking the apartment
building's vast square shaped open hallway, with railings on
each floor, and see through glass elevators. A well dressed
man in a three piece suit, peat coat, and black fedora
strolls casually down the hallway to the right, toward the
bodyguard. The bodyguard remains standing in front of the
door, keeping an eye anyone in his view. The well dressed
man is Andre Calvino, lightly grinning he walks closer
toward the bodyguard as he reaches a hand into his suit
THE CON- Avery drives a black BMW while Carson sits in the
passenger seat with the briefcase on his lap, rolling a
joint. Both smoking cigarettes.


OUTSIDE THE SET UP- In the hallway of the set up apartment,
the Queen's bodyguard lays lifeless; back against the
apartment's door with his head slumps to the left and dark
red blood covering his shirt and tie. Andre Calvino stands
near the door, he knocks on it twice while casually looking
down the hallway to his left, then walks to the center of
the hall, getting out a pack of cigarettes while the door
opens, the sitting bodyguard falls; caught by the surgical
gloved hands of one of Andrea's hit crew. The body is
dragged into the apartment as Andre gets out a cigarette.
THE CON- Avery and Carson walk through the side yard of
Carson's house then onto his well lit back patio where they
enter his house through a glass door in the living room. The
house with all it's lights on is well furnished and put
together, a large respectable house in a good area. Avery
and Carson move through the living room and into the kitchen
where Benny "The Butcher" Pearlman stands behind the
kitchen's island, drinking a glass of vodka with other
district bosses, they drink and toast to the night's
accomplishment, while Carson makes himself drink and Avery
walks into the main hall. Carson adds some ice, and a bit of
club soda to his scotch, he then picks up the glass and
offers "cheers" back to his district bosses. They all drink.
Carson then takes his glass and briefcase and walks through
the main hall, he then takes a right into a well light
meeting room with four leather chairs in a circle, occupying
three of those spots are Roy Brixton, Avery Nosova, and
Marcus Taseer. The three laugh and joke, while Carson walks
over, places his briefcase down on the coffee table in the
middle of all of them then sits down in his chair, the
fourth spot. Marcus gets Carson attention and cues him in on
the story they were telling, Carson joins the laughing.
Starting the first meeting.
                                         CUT TO BLACK


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