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Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

A murder at a prep school. A relentless homicide detective hunts for the killer. A priest with a secret no one can believe.(unfinished)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Looking around this room we see candles and hear music in
the background (Marilyn Manson). There are two people in the
room and they are making out on a desk. The woman thinks she
sees someone outside the door.
      (looks towards
What the fuck?
      (eyes closed still
       kissing Brandy on
What? What's the matter baby?
      (gettig up going
       to the door)
Somebody is about to get fucked
up, that's what!
Brandy goes to the door and looks out the small window. Then
she opens the door a little and looks out. She sees another
girl standing there and she jumps back a little.
      (lets out a little
Damn girl you scared the shit out
of me. What the fuck!?
I thought you wasn't workin'
      (rubbing Tammies
       face softly)
Baby you know I'm workin' all the
time. Gotta make that money for me
and my boo for when we make that


      (puts her hand to
You really want to take care of me
like that?
You my baby ain't you?
      (talking loudly)
Is somebody gonna take care of me?
Don't make me spank you boy!
      (turns back to
You want in on this? He got some
deep ass pockets.
Nah I know you like working alone
and I don't want our first time to
be work.
      (enticingly gets
       up and goes to
       Brandy and puts
       his arm around
Hey tell her to come on in. I
wouldn't mind a threesome.
      (rolling her eyes)
Don't pay no attention to him. He
lost a lot of blood flow to the
brain if you know what I mean.
      (pointing to his
Anyway, I'll be done in about a
half hour and I can hold you 'till
you go to sleep again if you want.


      (smiling softly)
Thank you.
      (Gives Tammie a
       kiss on the cheek)
Like I said you my baby, I gotta
make sure my baby is alright.
They smile at each other and Tammie walks off from the door
down what looks to be a long dark hallway.
Damn baby, you should have invited
her in. I'd love to see both of
you going at it.
I did, but me and her got a thing
and she's still a little new at
this. Maybe next time.
Shane and Brandy start kissing and groping each other again
as Shane turns the music up. they don't even notice a dark
figure rising from behind the desk until it's too late. The
figure rises slowly, concentrating on it's intended victims
while they are kissing passionately. Shane is on top of
Brandy and she is the first of the two to see it. When she
stops kissing back, Shane looks up to see what she is
staring at. By this time the figure has brought out an ax
and is holding it over head ready to swing down. They both
say the same thing at the same time...
      (in shock)
      (in shock)
Tammie is seen walking back down the hallway towards the
room. When she reaches the door she looks in and sees Brandy
and Shane lying on the desk and, from the way they are
lying, it looks as if they are still making out. She looks
around nervously and then slowly opens the door. The music
is still playing and she can't hear them because of it. She
walks over, taking off her top.


You know what, I think I will join
you. It's about time I started
gettin' in on the action.
As she reaches the desk, she sees what has happened and that
the two people lying on the desk don't have heads. She
slowly looks down and realizes that she is standing in a
pool of blood. She opens her mouth to scream and sees a
shadow on the floor in front of her, and that it's getting
bigger.She turns around slowly and sees the figure standing
there. As the figure raises the ax overhead her last word is
the same as her would be lovers.
      (Looking shocked)
                                         FADE IN
The bell rings and we see all girls walking through the
hallways and on their ways to class. Some of the girls are
standing by their lockers talking about what they did the
night before. Girls are stuffing books into their lockers.
Now we focus on a group (5 girls) walking into a specific
classroom and we hear a loud scream. THE NUN walks in,
pushing the girls aside and stands there and looks on
                       THE NUN
      (A slight smile
       across her lips)
Fucking figures
We see a car (unmarked squad car?) pull up into the driveway
of a big house. It looks to be early in the morning. A woman
gets out of the car. She's wearing sunglasses and casual
clothes. Looks to be about 30-ish and in her prime.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (looking down at
       her watch)
Damn! I hope it stays quiet today.


Jazmine opens the door and throws her keys on the table in
the foyer and heads for the kitchen. On her way she turns on
the T.V. and pushes the button on her answering machine.
Continuing to the kitchen there is a bottle of Smirnoff
vodka on the counter. She opens it and pours a shot and
drinks it. She goes into the fridge, grabs a can of beer and
opens it. As she opens the beer and takes a couple of gulps,
her cell phone rings. She fumbles with the phone on her belt
clip for a second and finally gets it loose. She looks at
the caller I.D. and it says Chief. She answers.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Detective Stone...
                       CHIEF (O.S.)
Stone, it's Chief Carter, I need
you at Saint Alexander's School
For Girls twenty minutes ago.
Triple homicide, it's a fucking
mess down there.
                       JAZMINE STONE
What about Carson and Hedgeford? I
just got off of a sixteen hour
stake out.
                       CHIEF (O.S.)
It should tell you something that
I'm calling you in on this one and
not your captain.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (very tired)
On my way Chief.
                       CHIEF (O.S.)
And Stone...
                       JAZMINE STONE
Yeah chief?
                       CHIEF (O.S.)
I don't want the press in there at
all. And you report straight back
to me on this one.
                       JAZMINE STONE
You got it Chief.


                       CHIEF (O.S.)
Stone you been drinkin'?
                       JAZMINE STONE
What, are you watching me?
      (very irritated)
Jesus Christ, just get to the
Jazmine hangs the phone up and then cautiously looks out the
kitchen window, like she's making sure that the Chief really
isn't watching her.
                       FATHER JUDAS
Mr. Saduj walks off into the school, as Det. Stone
approaches she appears to look into the doorway past the
priest. almost as if she's trying to see where the other man
went and determine whether or not he's the one she needs to
speak to. Just then the priest steps forward and extends his
hand. Det. Stone shakes his hand.
                       FATHER JUDAS
I'm father Judas.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Hello father I'm Detective Stone.


                       FATHER JUDAS
Yes, yes right this way please.
They both walk into the school. Before the priest is all the
way in he catches site of a red vehicle driving slowly past
the school. He shakes his head slowly and continues in.
As Jazmine and the priest are walking down the hallway they
see four girls standing near the restroom with a uniformed
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (talking to
Are these the witnesses.
Yes ma'am.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (talking to THE
Father is there somewhere they can
have them wait for me. I'm gonna
check in with C.S.I. first and
I'll be right back.
                       FATHER JUDAS
Of course. When you're ready you
can use my office. Girls go and
wait for me in my office
please.The classroom is right this
way detective.
They continue walking down the hallway to the classroom.
When they arrive there they meet a nun standing in the
doorway watching C.S.I. checking out the scene.
                       FATHER JUDAS
Mother Mary Francis, this is
Detective Stone. She's in charge
of the investigation. Detective
Stone, this is Mother Mary
Francis. She takes care of most of
the day to day operations
involving the girls here at the
school and she will see to
whatever you need. I'm afraid I
must get back to my office. I've
had parents calling about their
children all morning as you can


                       FATHER JUDAS (cont'd)
imagine, and some will be leaving
as soon as their parents arrive,
which should be anytime now.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Some should be leaving?
                       THE NUN
Not all of the girls can leave
Detective Stone. This institution
of learning is also a center for
troubled girls to get a second
chance. Instead of a juvenile
detention center the judge agrees
to send them here where they can
get help and continue their
education. As long as they stay
out of trouble they can leave when
they turn twenty one. Otherwise
it's off to jail which, apparently
is where some of them belong.
                       JAZMINE STONE
OOOkk. Well if i need anything
Sister, I'll let you know.
                       THE NUN
It's Mother, Mother Mary Francis.
Jazmine shoots a glance at THE PRIEST.
                       FATHER JUDAS
Well. as I said, I have a lot to
do. I'll be in my office.
The priest hurries off down the hallway towards his office.
                       JAZMINE STONE
O.K. guys run it down to me.
                       TECH #1
Well, well Detective Stone.
Congratulations on you promotion.


                       TECH #2
Yeah, congratulations. Now that
you made it, you gonna stay in
                       JAZMINE STONE
That's the plan. So what happened
                       TECH #1
Well, we're pretty sure the two
here on the desk got it first.
                       TECH #2
yeah they still have their shoes
on and the third vic is barefoot.
See the blood pool there.
Jazmine looks down at the footprints in the blood.
                       JAZMINE STONE
                       TECH #2
      (holding up weapon)
Good old fashioned ax.
                       TECH #1
Damn thing is sharp as hell, too.
Look at this.
Jazmine walks over to the two bodies on the desk where the
first tech is standing.
                       TECH #1
See here. Normally you'd see some
splintering of the bone or
something if the ax had been the
least bit dull. That thing went
through them like it was slicing
through air.
                       JAZMINE STONE
What about time of death?
                       TECH #2
All things considered, I'd say
somewhere between 2am and 6am.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (walking towards
       the door)
Alrighty then. Get everything
you've got back to the lab. When


                       JAZMINE STONE (cont'd)
can I get a report?
                       TECH #1
Well we can work up a preliminary
by the end of the day.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Thanks guys.
Just then they hear a scraping/screeching sound. It's low at
first, and then it grows louder. They are all fixated,
looking at the door of the classroom. after a few seconds,
they see the janitor with a mop bucket standing in the
doorway. He has a steel brace on one of his legs. He also
has a stuttering problem and looks a little crazy too. The
sight of all the blood and body parts doesn't seem to bother
him at all.
Do you need me to clean this up
for you?
Jazmine, tech#1 and tech#2 all look at each other curiously.
Jazmine shrugs her shoulders.
                       TECH #2
About an hour?
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (gesturing towards
       tech#2 and
About an hour.
The janitor walks off. Leaving with the same scraping noise
that he came with. Jazmine gives a look to the nun, who is
still standing near the door, as if to ask "who is he?"
                       THE NUN
Marcus Williams. He was hired here
about two weeks ago from a work
referral program for veterans. He
was in the Marine Corps. The
vehicle he was driving was hit by
an explosive.


                       JAZMINE STONE
      (turning towards
       the techs)
O.K. I'll let you guys finish up.
I'll see you later.
                       TECH #1
      (same time as tech
Not if I see you first.
                       TECH #2
      (same time as
Not if i see you first.
The two techs look at each other and then at Jazmine.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (walking away
I knew it.
Jazmine walks over to the door to exit the room and the nun
is still standing there.
                       JAZMINE STONE
The nun looks at Jazmine with fire in her eyes.
                       JAZMINE STONE
MOTHER Mary Francis.....you know,
you could wait somewhere else.
Something like this could keep a
person up at night.
The nun looks away from Jazmine and back to the scene.
                       THE NUN
      (looking at the
It doesn't bother me at all,
      (looking back at
       Jazmine with an
       ever so slight
That's what happens to bad people.


Jazmine looks back at the techs and sees them looking at her
curiously, like none of them can believe the nun just said
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (looking back to
       the nun)
Ya know.....This ain't TNT...
      (Now the nun gives
       her a curious
No need to get dramatic....
Jazmine then walks off and the nun looks at her with
contempt as she is walking away.
The priest is sitting at his desk on the phone.
                       FATHER JUDAS
      (ON PHONE)
I understand your concerns but you
know how Mr. Saduj is about these
things.He doesn't like the police
around here anymore than you do.
And with everything that's
happened here today it couldn't be
avoided. I can assure you there is
no need for threats, everything
will be ready for Friday night.
suddenly there is a knock on the office door.
                       FATHER JUDAS
I have to go. I'll have him
contact you later. (he hangs up
the phone and looks towards the
door) come in please.
Jazmine stone comes in.
                       JAZMINE STONE
did you know some of the girls
left? There's only one sitting out
                       FATHER JUDAS
      (getting up from
       the desk)
i'm sorry ill have them brought
back here right away.have a seat


                       FATHER JUDAS (cont'd)
the priest walks out of the door and closes it behind him,
and turns to Mr. Saduj who's sitting in a chair near the
      (rolling his eyes)
I'll get them.
Mr Saduj walks into the waiting area and over to the girl
sitting there. She starts to speak and he puts his
forefinger to his lips and nod his head towards his office
door.The three girls follow him in.
                       SADUJ (lovoice)
you tell those bitches to get
their hot little asses back down
here or there will be hell to pay.
I still plan to have our little
party Friday and I don't need them
fucking this up for me. and remind
them that if they say one word
about anything they shouldn't.....
We won't say anything.
make sure you don't. now be a good
little bitch and go fetch the
saduj turns around and the priest is standing there.
and you....make sure you watch
what you say in there. this one
looks like a smart one. get her
out of here as soon as you can.
                       FATHER JUDAS
not to worry i know just what to


you better hope you do.
the priest enters his office to find detective stone reading
some of his awards and degrees that are hanging on the wall.
                       FATHER JUDAS
sorry to keep you waiting
detective, I've sent Stephanie to
get the other girls from the
bathroom. They're quite upset as
you can imagine.
                       JAZMINE STONE
yes i can. is there anyone
though....who doesn't seem upset?
                       FATHER JUDAS
how do you mean?
                       JAZMINE STONE
let me be blunt here. the evidence
that we have so far suggests that
this was something personal.
nothing was taken from the victims
even though the male had over four
thousand dollars in his pocket and
about a quarter pound of marijuana
in the room as well.
      (sighing heavily)
i mean i just can't see leaving
this school open until we know
what happened in there and why.
someone else could be in danger.
Lakiesha, Tina, Tiffany, Dalia, and Robin are all in the
restroom Lakiesha is talking on the phone and the others are
talking about what happened and how it could have been one
of them.
Man I'm tellin' ya'll this shit is
crazy, I'm gettin' out of here as
soon as i get in touch with my
boy. he said i could stay with him
if i need to at his mommas house.


Shit i ain't got no place to go.
      (sniffing a line
       of cocaine)
Man ya'll know who did that shit
right. he fucked Brandy up before
for not lettin him know when she
was trickin'.
you think he did it for real?
      (wiping her nose
Hell yeah you know he crazy as
hell! i almost gave him some ass
one time.
hey you think I could stay with
you at your boys house, i ain't
got nowhere else to go.
damn girl you ain't got no side
      (shaking head back
       and forth)
aight girl but you know he gonna
want the draws. you gotta pay to
shit as long as i get up outta
here i don't care.
                       LAKIESHA (os)
Aight daddy I'll let 'em know. Am
i gonna see you later? Aight bye.
Stephanie walks in.Lakiesha takes the straw from Tiffany and
does a line of cocaine.


Hey that detective is waiting for
us in the office. and i was told
that none of us had better say
anything about anything or else!
      (wiping her nose.)
yeah yeah we comin', but check
this out, Big Daddy said we ain't
leaving this school, he said the
party is still on and he said he
know who did that shit last night
and he takin' care of it right
I ain't stayin here, fuck that!
Bitch, if Daddy say you stayin you
stayin. now all we gotta do is go
in here and tell this bitch we
don't know nothin', cause we
don't, and when we have our party
friday we all makin' some fat ass
      (rubbing robins
just chill out i'll let you sleep
with me tonight.
      (talking to
now yall take a hit of this good
shit and lets get it over
with.Daddy is gonna take care of
everything trust me.
everybody leaves the bathroom and heads toward the office.
before stephanie leaves out lakiesha grabs her arm and....
      (talking very low)
I know you fuckin' him. you betta
watch your ass, i heard he killed
a bitch he was fuckin cause she
got pregnant.
Stephanie doesn't say anything and instead just walks off
and lakiesha follows.


Tina comes out of the office followed by Jazmine. She has
her head down but glances at the priest who gives her a
gentle smile.
                       JAZMINE STONE
well, that was interesting.
                       FATHER JUDAS
                       JAZMINE STONE
all these girls were friends but
nobody knows anything.
just then Tech #1 pops into the waiting room area
                       TECH #1
we're all done Detective. We'll be
down at the lab if you need
                       JAZMINE STONE
O.K., thanks Danny.
      (back to the
i'll be in touch, in the mean time
if anyone remembers anything
here's my card with my direct
                       FATHER JUDAS
thank you detective, if anyone
does i'll make sure to call you.
as she leaves she she notices Stephanie giving her eye
contact and jazmine gives her a brief smile.
detective stone is walking from the school to her car
talking to someone on the cellphone.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (talking on
yeah it's a mess down here.
definately somthing going on with
the priest, i don't trust him as
far as i can piss standing up....


just as jazmine is about 5 feet from her car stephanie comes
running up behind her.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (turning towards
hey, gotta call you back.
can i help you?
      (a little hushed)
yes, or at least i hope you can. i
think i might know what happened
to the people in that room, but i
can't talk here. can i meet you
somewhere later?
                       JAZMINE STONE
tell you what, give me a call
around 4. here's my card, cell
number is at the bottom.
      (taking a
       cigarette out and
       lighting it while
       getting into her
make sure you call. don't make me
come back here looking for you.
i will. and thanks.
she watches as Jazmine pulls out of the parking spot and
heads off. behind her in one of the school windows we see
someone standing there watching her but she doesn't notice.
the priest is standing in the window watching Stephanie
outside just finishing her talk with Jazmine. Saduj walks up
behind him.
i told you she was a smart one. it
won't be long now before she
figures out what you did.


                       FATHER JUDAS
what do we do?
We? You hardly have the balls for
this kind of thing. You just make
sure you keep that detective off
our ass. I'll take care of
In fact, i think it's time i
introduced her to Janet.
                       FATHER JUDAS
Please, I don't think I can go
through that again.
Don't worry it'll be quick.
Jazmine is sitting at her desk looking at some paperwork.
Tech #1 comes in and hands her a folder.
                       TECH #1
Hey. here's the work up on the
bodies. It's the prelim. but it
looks like it's also gonna be the
official. Severe blood loss due to
decapitation. Definitely a
      (matter of factly)
unless.. they somehow chopped off
their own heads during some kind
of satanic ritual to give them
immortality, and now they're
ghosts wandering the halls looking
for other people to kill until
they have an army of ghosts.
Jazmine gives him a strange look.
                       TECH #1
Don't look like that, most horror
movies these days are based off of
some true events. I'm telling you
this would make a good story right


                       TECH #1 (cont'd)
                       JAZMINE STONE
You sir are a sick man.
                       TECH #1
Indeed! Comes with the job though.
      (almost as an
Hey! what the hell was up with the
nun. she kinda creeped us out !
                       JAZMINE STONE
That's what happens to bad people.
Oh, and make sure you get a file
on that janitor.
                       TECH #1
will do
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (raising an
                       JAZMINE STONE
you said ' she really creeped US
                       TECH #1
yeah us, as in me and my partner
another look from Jazmine as if he just confirmed her
suspicion that tech #1 and #2 are dating
                       TECH #1
as in me and my lab partner who
are only lab partners so stop
looking at me like that
                       JAZMINE STONE
uh huh.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (looking at the
       file she just got)
Be a hell of a lot easier if they
did chop off their own heads
though.....hey i don't see


                       JAZMINE STONE (cont'd)
anything about fingerprints on
                       TECH #1
well my dear that's because there
were none.
                       JAZMINE STONE
just then the phone rings. it's the chief telling her to
come to his office
                       JAZMINE STONE
Detective stone. yes sir i'm on my
Jazmine knocks on the door and sees that the chief is on the
phone. he motions for her to come in.
      (on the phone)
Yes sir. I'll let you know as soon
as i find out.....yes sir.....i
understand. She's here now. I'll
be getting back to you as soon as
i find out all the facts. Thank
you sir.
The chief stands up from his chair and starts to feel on his
own butt. Jazmine gives him a curious look, and he sees her
looking at him but he just keeps feeling. he then turns his
butt to her and asks....
Is there a hole in my pants?
                       JAZMINE STONE
uhhh. no.
      (looking back over
       his shoulder)
You sure?


                       JAZMINE STONE
I'm sure.
      (a little
You wanted to see me about
Yeah I wanted to make sure I
didn't have a hole in my pants.
The mayor just chewed me a new
ass, and this is a brand new pair
of pants.
      (sitting back down)
look whatever you said to the
priest about closing down the
school went from the priest to the
mayor, and it ain't gonna happen.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Yeah but.....
      (leaning forward
       in his seat)
Yeah but nothin'. Look i'm five
weeks from my thirty on this one,
got me a nice retirement spot all
picked out.. And I swear to GOD if
i get replaced before then because
of some bullshit I will kill
myself, come back and haunt the
shit out of you.....I'm talking
rattling chains and a whole bunch
of movin' furniture....the whole
      (sitting back in
       his chair)
We understand each other detective
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (sitting back in
       her chair)
yes sir.
Good. Now unofficially find out
what the fuck is goin' on.
somethin' don't sit right with me
on this one. I got the fuckin'
mayor, even senator Hairston
calling me on this shit.


                       JAZMINE STONE
      (smiling slyly)
A senator?, I didn't know you
traveled in such circles.
Don't get me started.Just do what
you can as soon as you can do it.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (standing up from
       chair heading to
Got it covered.
      (looking a little
Oh and Jazmine?
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (turning back to
       the chief)
Just so you know, that assignment
Blake was on ended yesterday.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (looking worried
Yeah right, look, just get me this
      (looking a little
watch your ass on this one.....too
many people who shouldn't be
asking questions about this case
that are.
                       JAZMINE STONE
You got it.


Stephanie is walking through some woods looking for a spot
to sit down. She finds a quiet spot to sit at and pulls out
a joint.she puts on some headphones and starts listening to
tainted love by Marilyn Manson. she lights the joint and
starts smoking. after a couple of seconds of rocking her
head back and forth to the music, she thinks she sees
something out of the corner of her eye, she pulls one side
of the headphones off and listens.
she gets no answer so she puts the headphone back on. she
then sees Saduj walking towards her from some bushes and
takes the headphones off all the way and starts trying to
put the joint out.
Hey, i didn't know you knew about
this little spot out here.
      (walking towards
oh i know about all the SPOTS.
      (leaning back
       pulling up her
Oh yeah, you know about this one.
Now that is the best spot of them
Saduj closes in and sits down next to her. They start
kissing and he slips a hand under his skirt. She leans back
a little and starts moaning.
You know you really shouldn't have
said anything to that detective.
She stops moaning and gives him a look. he gives her a sly
smile. She sees something is wrong and tries to pull away
but he grabs he by the neck too quick for her to get up.
Just then he thinks he hears someone coming and he looks out
into the woods around them. Then he looks back to Stephanie.


Saduj then gets up and straightens his clothing and walks
off with a smile. Stephanie stands up and watches him walk
away. She pulls the joint back out and lights it back up.As
she starts to put her earpiece back in she hears
something.....she takes the joint away from her lips...
Who is that? Tina?
She turns around a couple of times and all of a sudden
there's a figure standing in front of her.
everything snaps to black
Key being put in the door from outside. Jazmine walks into
her house and throws the keys on the table next to it. she
heads straight for the kitchen and on her way there throws
the files she has with her on the coffee table. she reaches
the fridge and grabs a miller high life. she open it and
takes it back to the living room while taking a few gulps.
she stops, turns around and goes back to the fridge and gets
another beer out and brings it with her to the living room.
she sets one of the cans down on the table and continues
drinking out of the one in her hand, she then pushes the
button on her answering machine and it starts playing back
some messages while she is taking her jacket off, then she
starts to hear a familiar voice on the answering machine.
                       LT. BLAKE (OS)
Hey Jazz, it's me. listen this
assignment ended today and I
should be back in town soon.
There's something we need to talk
about when i get back, so i hope
you're not to busy with this case
they got you workin' on. Look I'll
be honest this last one wasn't a
good one at all. I ran into some
trouble, and it got me thinking,
Especially with what you said
before i left... Anyway, I gotta
run, I'll be home soon.
she almost looks as if she's about to cry and then she gets
it together. she finishes off the beer and then grabs the


other can off the table and heads to her room. On the way
she opens the beer, stops at the bathroom and turns the
shower on she then goes to the room and takes off some of
her clothes and grabs some sweat pants and a t-shirt she
then heads to the shower and when she's done gets out, gets
dressed and finishes off that beer. she grabs her smokes and
heads to the fridge to get another beer. when she gets the
beer open and then the doorbell rings. she walks down the
stairs to answer the door. when she opens it she sees the
mayor there.
                       THE MAYOR
Hello detective stone.
                       JAZMINE STONE
what do you want
                       THE MAYOR
right to the point, i always liked
that about you. may i come in for
a minute please.
jazmine nods her head to the right as if to say come on. the
mayor has a bodyguard with him and he starts to come in also
                       JAZMINE STONE
You need a babysitter?
guard gives her a look but the mayor nods his head towards
the car and the bodyguard walks off.
                       THE MAYOR
O.K. I'll get to the point. i
called your chief this morning and
told him i wanted the best he had
working this case at the school.He
told me you were it. As you may
know the school runs off of
donations from some very wealthy
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (crossing her arms)
Here we go.
                       THE MAYOR
There are people who need that
school, it's a big selling point
that we have a private school in
this city especially to people who
want invest in this city. And as


                       THE MAYOR (cont'd)
you can imagine a triple homicide
is very bad publicity.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Well since i just got the case
this morning and there aren't any
suspects oh and you know now days
killers don't usually walk into
the police station and say 'hey i
killed three people at that school
today can you arrest me' it may
take a few days your honor.
                       THE MAYOR
let me put it to you this way
then. you have you have
fourty-eight hours to come up with
something or I'll have your chief
bring in Blake on this.
jazmine gets a bottle of vodka sitting that is sitting on a
stand nearby and pours herself a shot. she drinks it down
                       JAZMINE STONE
So which one of em are you
                       THE MAYOR
you know i hear things about you
detective stone. graduated top of
your class from Harvard law
school. A doctorate from M.I.T.
and on top of all that you're
rich, and don't want anyone to
know. mommy and daddy left you a
lot of money when that died in
that accident. what was it?..
50...60 million? Yet here you are
trying to play cops and
                       JAZMINE STONE
Get the fuck out of my house.
                       THE MAYOR
      (smiling a little)
fourty-eight hours or Blake comes


the mayor walks to the door and lets himself out. Jazmine
pours a double shot and drinks it down quickly, and pours
jazmine is asleep on the couch. we see that the t.v. is on
an infomercial or something like that and there are a few
empty beer cans on the table in front of her. doorbell rings
and she wakes up. she looks at the clock and sees that it's
7 in the morning. she gets up stretching and walks to the
door. the bell rings again.
                       JAZMINE STONE
I'm coming!!
she opens the door and no one is there. she looks around and
then wiggles the button for the doorbell on the outside. she
takes another quick look around and closes the door. she
turns and walks back to the living room and sees a someone
sitting in the chair in her living room. she quickly grabs
her gun and points it at the back of the figures head. At
the same time her phone starts to ring.
                       JAZMINE STONE
show me your fucking hands!!!
hands go up. phone still ringing in the background
                       JAZMINE STONE
stand up slowly
the figure slowly stands up
                       JAZMINE STONE
now turn and face me
      (a second goes by)
how the fuck did you get in here
and who are you!!??
the figure starts to turn slowly....dressed in all black we
slowly start to see as the figure turns that it's not all
black. it starts to look like the figure is actually a nun
with the habit and all.....the phone keeps ringing. The
figure is turned all the way around now. it's a nun in a
clown mask. Jazmine suddenly wakes up and looks confused.
Her phone is ringing. She sees her gun on the table and


grabs it and looks around some more. she looks at the clock
and it is 7am. she answers the phone.
                       CHIEF (O.S.)
Get back to the school.....we got
another one.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Jazmine hangs up the phone and lets out a sigh. she then
looks at the chair the figure was sitting in during her
dream. She looks at the vodka bottle on the table, grabs it
and pours another shot.
Jazmine pulls up and sees several reporters standing around
the yellow tape. An officer in uniform meets her when she
gets out of her car.
                       JAZMINE STONE
How the hell did the press get
here so fast?
What can i tell you, there's an
app for that.
reporters run up to jazmine and they are all asking her to
comment on the murders the day before and now this one.
Reporter#1 sticks a mic in her face as she ducks under the
crime scene tape to the other side.
Come on detective you gotta have
something. That's four murders in
two days.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (pushing the mic
No comment.


Jazmine continues to walk away as another reporter, followed
by his camera man, ducks under the tape and follows her.
                       REPORTER #2
Detective Stone, Will you be
assisting Lt. Blake on this case?
Jazmine storms back over to reporter #2
                       JAZMINE STONE
Get the fuck out of my crime scene
before you find yourself part of
Jazmine goes past the yellow tape and the officers are
holding the reporters back. she is met by tech#1 and they
both walk over to a sheet that is covering a body.
                       TECH #1
Ya know people are gonna start
talking if we keep meeting like
                       JAZMINE STONE
I doubt that! They're already
talking about you and Denise.
What's on the menu today.
                       TECH #1
I told you Denise and I are just
                       JAZMINE STONE
uh huh.
                       TECH #1
      (giving Jazmine a
       look and bending
       down towards the
      (Lifting the sheet
Behind curtain number one we have
Stephanie, female white 19 yrs
old. been here at the school for
about three years. Body found by
one Tiffany Rhodes. Said she came
out here to take a smoke. Based on
liver temp and rigor I'd say she's


                       TECH #1 (cont'd)
been here since yesterday.
                       JAZMINE STONE
I'd say you're right. I just
talked to her yesterday when i was
leaving. She caught me outside and
said she wanted to talk but she
never did call.
      (turning around)
Where's the one that found her.
                       TECH #1
Right there next to my CO-WORKER.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (standing up)
Just give it a rest already.
Jazmine stands up and starts to walk over to tech#2 and
                       TECH #1
Just a minute detective....you
might wanna take a look behind
curtain number 2 first.
Jazmine turns back around as tech#1 walks a few yards from
the body and stands next to a tree.he fans his arms as if
she's just won a prize. the tree is a large one but looks
like it's been scorched by lighting.
                       JAZMINE STONE
o.k. what am i looking at besides
a big ass burned up tree?
                       TECH #1
      (kneeling down)
The burned tree is only the first
clue. take a look at this.
      (brushing dirt
human bones...and before you ask
we won't be able to tell anything
till we get em back to the
lab...they seem to be pretty old
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (looking closer at
       the burned tree)
what's this?


                       TECH #2
      (looking closer)
Not sure, people carve all kinds
of things in trees ya know..
she traces over a symbol that looks like it's been carved
into the tree recently, and it matches the symbol carved
into the desk in the classroom.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (standing up)
and school desks..
this just get's better and better.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Hi Tina, you wanna tell me what
you were doing out here?
      (still visibly
       stunned and
       shaking her head)
I just came out here to smoke a
cigarette....that's all.....and
she was just laying there......
                       TECH #2
I think she's gonna need some
time, i can have her ride back to
the station with me if you want.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (sighing deeply)
sure, thanks.
Jazmines cellphone rings
                       JAZMINE STONE
Detecive Stone.
                       CCELL PHONE VOICE
Detective stone we have someone
here at the station says they need
to speak to you about the murders,
they say they have information
about one of the victims.
                       JAZMINE STONE
I'll be right there.
      (turning back to
you guys wrap this up and and call


                       JAZMINE STONE (cont'd)
me when you get back to the
                       TECH #1
      (looking up from
       his work)
Sure thing J.
Jazmine start walking back towards her car, when the
reporter named allen yells out at her...
                       REPORTER #2
Detectiv Stone are you still
Jazmine "accidentally" bumps him to the ground while walking
past him. She reaches her car and gets inside, she lights up
a cigarette and reaches under her seat. She come out with a
silver flask and unscrews the cap, then looks out towards
the crowd of reporters who has their attention back on the
crime scene techs.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (takes a drink.)
                                         CUT TO SCENE OF
Scene cute to Jazmine walking into her office, having just
left the second crime scene at he school.....
      (kKnocks on window
       and peeks in room)
Hey, that guy that wants to see
you is in interview room 2
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (pouring coffee)
Did he say what it was about?
      (shakes head)
All he said was it was abut the
murders at the school, and that
the only person he could talk to


                       WESTERFIELD (cont'd)
was you.
                       JAZMINE STONE
You got info on him?
David Emery, 43 years old, lives
in Zion, Illinois,married with two
kids, owner of Emery towers, with
holdings in multiple real estate
deals, a couple of tv networks, so
far worth about 2 billion plus.
Couldn't imagine what he knows
about this. Oh and one other
thing, he brought his lawyer with
                       JAZMINE STONE
Imagine that!
Jazmine opens the door and walks in the room, she nods to
the officer standing there to leave, and he walks out of the
                       JAZMINE STONE
So, Mr. Emery you wanted to see
      (Standing up
       extending his had
       for a shake.)
Detective Stone, I'm Mr. Emerys
attorney, Jack Bishop....
Jazmine Ignores his handshake and sits down while sipping
her coffee..
                       JAZMINE STONE
I know who you are Mr. Bishop,
what I don't know is why your
client only wanted to talk to me
and what kind of deal he's looking
Deal? Detective my client is here
as a concerned citizen who's
looking to do his civic duty. To


                       LAWYER (cont'd)
give information that may help the
police in their search for a
killer. Also this is off the
record or we walk out of here
right now.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (Raises eyebrow
       and liftes hand)
First you have to understand, I
had no idea who she really was...
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (Raising hand to
who are we talking about?
Tammie Summers, one of the girls
you found dead yesterday, but when
I saw it in the paper I figured I
had to come forward. I met her out
on the street, looking for.....
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (Touching his
       clients arm)
This is off the record detective.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (Shaking her head
      (nervously looking
       at his lawyer and
       then back to
I was looking for company when I
came across Tammie, she looked
like a nice girl and we seemed to
hit it off, mind you I had no idea
she was only seventeen and I am
married. My wife, Jennifer is


                       DAVID (cont'd)
older than I am and.....
                       JAZMINE STONE
Your wife is 78, I know who she
is, get to the point.
      (his attorney pats
       his arm)
Tammie was a prostitute that Mr.
Emery saw from time to time. He
wanted to come in rather than
someone find out, and have it all
over the news. Knowing who his
wife is I don't need to tell you
what would happen if this got out.
                       JAZMINE STONE
I would imagine a very broke Mr.
      (leaning back in
       her chair a
The young lady in question also
had a pimp. He was often seen by
others abusing the young ladies in
his employ. There are also several
other ladies at that school who
engage in the same activity and
several other....shall we
say.....prominent individuals who
seek their company.
                       JAZMINE STONE
My client has ever only heard of
the pimp referred to as "Big
Daddy". As for who else might seek
the company of these girls, my
client would like to keep that
information private until such a
time when it's valuable to him.
I'm sure you understand.


                       JAZMINE STONE
You mean when he want's to keep
the names to himself until it's
time to make a deal?
Jazmine gets up clearly irritated and walks out the door, as
she closes it, Westerfield is still outside the door.
What do you wanna do with him?
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (making air quotes)
"It's off the record." Get this
piece of shit outta here.
Just then Jazmines cell phone rings
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (Answering phone)
Detective Stone.

Sure I'll be there right away.
      (talking to david
       and his lawyer)
You two, beat it, we'll call you
if we need you, don't leave
town....blah blah.
      (turning to
what's up?
                       JAZMINE STONE
The priest says he's found
something, I'm on my way back to
the school.
Several reporters are still outside the school and watch as
Jazmine pulls up withe the crime scene techs and immediately
rush over to her asking about a break in the case. She
continues walking straight passed them without saying a
word, the crime scene techs follow right behind her.


the priest meets them just inside the door
                       FATHER JUDAS
      (frantic and
Thank you for coming so Quick
Detective, I didn't know what to
do when I found it, so I called
you right away.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Calm down father, what did you
                       FATHER JUDAS
      (Still a little
I really think it's better if I
show you, I didn't want to touch
anything, right this way.
                       FATHER JUDAS
I notice our janitor was acting
strange lately, and with the
murders and all I figured I'd look
around down here in case there was
something worth noting, especially
with us not knowing how the killer
got into the school.....well our
janitor max lives down
here.....since he's homeless and
served in the military I figured
there was no risk.....but now I've
found this.....
The priest points to a bloody axe that is stored behind the
janitors locker
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (talking to the
bag it and take some samples....
                       TECH #1
      (to the priest)
Is he the only one who lives in
the school besides you?


                       FATHER JUDAS
no no some of the sisters are here
as well through the night, but in
a separate part of the school,
he's the only one with constant
access to this area though.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (Looking at the
       axe being bagged)
Where is he now?
                       FATHER JUDAS
In the west wing making repairs.
In slow motion we see Jazmine walking with the janitor in
handcuffs escorting him out of the school, followed by the
crime scene techs, one of whom is carrying an axe in a
plastic bag,his head is hanging down, and his foot with the
brace on it is making a low scraping noise, much like the
sound when the first two girls were killed, he doesn't say a
word. Behind them near the office door Mr. Saduj watches as
the lead the janitor out the door, and smiles slightly.
      (placing his hand
       on the priests
I told you I'd take care of it.
The priest turns his head slightly and looks at the hand on
his shoulder
Still in slow motion Jazmine emerges from the school with
the janitor in handcuffs, followed by the two crime scene
techs and the reporters swarm them asking him why he did it,
he has a confused look on his face and they all simply push
through the reporters and to their vehicles. Jazmine places
the janitor in the back of her car, gets in the front and
drives off.


The janitor is seated in the interview room with his hands
on the table, they are cuffed and his head is down, staring
at pictures of the crime scene left there by the detective,
she is outside the room looking through the one-way mirror.
Jazmine is standing outside the interview room watching the
janitor look at the pictures she left there as Westerfield
approaches her with a file in her hand.
      (standing next to
       Jazmine looking
       in the window)
So this is the guy huh?
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (quick glance at
       Westerfield and a
       deep sigh))
No, it's not.
      (looking at
come again?
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (Shaking her head
Just doesn't feel right.
      (Shrugging her
Been there before. So what's the
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (Looking down at
       the janitors file)
Well if he is being set up he's
safer here. Give him a cell, I'll
talk to him tomorrow.


(one continuous shot) We see Jazmine pull up outside her
house and get out of the car. She grabs her book bag with
files and paperwork from the car and goes to the front door,
unlocks it and goes inside. She lays her keys down on the
table just inside the door and throws the back on the coffee
table. She then goes into the kitchen and grabs a glass from
the counter. She opens the fridge, grabs some ice and throws
in in the glass. She puts the glass back on the counter and
then opens a bottle of vodka and pours some in the glass.
She then takes a drink and just as she's bring the glass
down from her mouth, she has a look on her face like she
knows someone else in in her house, she shakes her head
slowly from side to side as if she knows exactly who it is.
She then quickly drinks the rest of the vodka in the glass
and pours another.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (letting out a
       deep sigh)
You know, you can't just go around
breaking into peoples houses.
Music from the song "No Ordinary Love" by Sade is playing
softly in the background. We see someone move up behind
Jazmine as she takes another drink. The camera is behind him
so we don't see his face. He puts his arms around her and
lays a door key on the counter in front of her.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Ahhh, so you remembered you had a
                       LT. BLAKE
You mind pouring me one of those.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (Holding up
       another glass of
Already did.
                       LT. BLAKE
      (slight chuckle)
                       JAZMINE STONE
So where are you off to next?
Pakistan, Guam, Somolia?
                       LT. BLAKE
For now my plans include on going
absolutely no where.


                       JAZMINE STONE
      (Putting her arms
       around his
       shoulders and
So we finally get to spend some
quality time together.
Jazmine gives him a quick kiss on the lips
                       LT. BLAKE
Just then his phone sounds off with a text message alert he
looks down at it on the counter and it says CHIEF on the
screen. Jazmine sees it also.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (raising her
       eyebrows with a
       small sigh)
Or not..You better get that.
                       LT. BLAKE
      (Lifting her chin
       up to him)
You sure?
                       JAZMINE STONE
Yeah, besides, I need to go over
these files. I got a guy sittin'
in jail and I'm pretty sure he's
innocent. Something just isn't
right about this case...
Lt. Blake looks at his cell phone and scrolls through the
                       LT. BLAKE
O.K. well this looks like a simple
assault anyway. I'll go talk to
the VIC and I can come back and
help you sort through it. How's
that sound.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Like a good idea, bring coffee.
                       LT. BLAKE
Got it covered, be back soon.


Files and photos of the homicides are laid out on the coffee
table, with a glass of vodka on the side. Jazmine is
shuffling through the papers and autopsy reports.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (to her self)
What are you missing Jaz?
Jazmine takes another drink and notices that the handle on
the door leading out to the deck is moving. She slowly
reaches for her gun on the end table. She moves towards the
door with her gun in hand and slowly looks out of the
blinds. She doesn't see anyone and turns around. There's a
man in a clown mask standing face to face with her. As she
raises the gun, he knocks it from her hand and grabs her
around the throat with one hand. She grasps his arm with
both hand and tries to free herself. He pulls her away from
the door and then turns her around and throws her to the
couch. She sees the gun on the floor and eyes it. He looks
at is also, as she tries to get up he quickly moves towards
her and pushes her back to the couch by her neck. She knees
him a couple of times with no effect. He then pulls a knife
and she struggles even more, he puts his finger to his mouth
in a gesture telling her to be quiet. He then runs the knife
along her face, now hes pressing so hard on her neck she can
hardly breathe and is still struggling to get away. He
raises the knife slowly and just as it comes down she wakes
Jazime palms her face with both hands, trying to rub the
sleep away, along with the nightmare she just had. She stops
suddenly and notices it's morning, then glances at the clock
which now says 7:30 am. Then glances at the photos on the
table and the empty glass.
                       JAZMINE STONE
"Be right back" my ass.
Jazmine grabs the glass from the table and walks to the
kitchen. She pours a shot of vodka, looks at the clock on
the microwave that now says 7:38 am.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Fuck it.
She drinks the shot. Just then the doorbell rings and she
pours another. She walks towards the door and a sudden flash
hits her from the nightmare. She stops, looks towards the
table and her gun. She grabs the gun and continues to the
door. She looks out the window and doesn't see anyone. She


opens the door, looks around and no one is there. She closes
the door and then pauses for a moment. She turns around
slowly and can see someone in her living room, sitting on
the couch with their back to her she can see a hand on the
arm of the couch. She raises her gun slowly.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (Moving towards
       the couch)
Show me your fucking hands!
The figure doesn't move.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (still moving
       towards the
       couch, coming
       around the side.)
I said show me.. your fucking..
She stops mid sentence and lowers the gun just a bit. The
camera swerves to the person on the couch and it's a nun,
looking directly at Jazmine.
                       JAZMINE STONE
What the hell are you doing in my
house? And how did you get in
Jazmine gives a quick glance to the other door. She has a
quick flash of the nightmare and then turns back to the nun
shaking off the flash and raising her gun again.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (still pointing
       the gun)
I asked you a question.
The nun slowly raises a hand and points towards the
television. Jazmine slowly turns to the sound of the
television, which is suddenly on. she lowers her gun a bit
at the sight of it. There's a video playing of a woman
being attacked by a man in a clown mask. The womans face
isn't shown. Just then her phone starts to ring, she looks
back at the nun who loos at her.
      (Looks just like
Wake up child.


Jazmine awakes suddenly sitting straight up as if she'd
never even been asleep. She looks over that the clock and it
says 7:45 am, she hears the front door being unlocked, she
grabs her gun from the table lightning fast. She has it at
her side when Blake walks through the door. He walks up the
stairs and puts a cup of coffee down on the table in front
of her. He notices the gun next to her side.
                       LT. BLAKE
Must have been some dream.
She looks down at the gun in her hand.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Nothing a stiff drink won't fix.
                       LT. BLAKE
Ehhh, the coffee was just for show
anyway. You got some redbull?
                       JAZMINE STONE
fridge, top shelf.
Blake heads for the kitchen and starts making two drinks, he
pours the vodka over some ice and then grabs the can from
the fridge, pours a shot in each glass and then back to the
living room. He hands Jazmine a glass and sets his on the
table. he then reaches around the corner to the kitchen
counter and grabs the bottle and the red bull.
                       LT. BLAKE
Sorry it took so long. Four vics,
the coroner took forever to get
there. Shit was all fucked up.
      (pouring a little
       more red bull in
       his glass)
So what's the deal with this case
anyway? I saw the news clip with
that priest. Looks kinda touched
if you ask me.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Yeah, I know. Something real
shifty about that priest. Just
can't put my finger on it yet.
      (another drink)
What about the four bodies?
                       LT. BLAKE
      (Taking a sip of
       his drink)
Some M.C. out of Redwood shot up
Myanas club. They're looking to


                       LT. BLAKE (cont'd)
move in on his turf.
                       JAZMINE STONE
                       LT. BLAKE
A few. We think they came from a
party over on the West side that's
still going on. Can't beat that
for an alibi.
      (Drinking the rest
       of his vodka)
I'm gonna head over there, just
wanted to drop off the coffee and
check on you.
He gives her a kiss on the cheek and heads towards the front
                       JAZMINE STONE
So we're kissing on the cheek now?
                       LT. BLAKE
      (slight giggle)
I'm saving the rest for dessert.
                       JAZMINE STONE
                       LT. BLAKE
      (Still walking to
       the door)
Yes, dessert as in after the
dinner I'm making you. Tonight,
seven, you pick the wine.
Just then the phone rings
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (Answering phone)
Hey it's Westerfield, the
prosecutor has been sniffing
around asking and the suspect from
the school


                       JAZMINE STONE
I'm headed to the school in a
minute. I still think there's more
going on. I'll give you a call
when I leave there just stall him
until then.
You got it.
                                         CUT TO
Jazmine is in her vehicle and pulling up in front of the
school. She stops the car in front and gets out, she stands
and looks up at the school for a second and then heads in.
The priest walks into the main office where Jazmine is
                       FATHER JUDAS
I'm sorry to keep you waiting
detective, but a school full of
troubled young minds....
                       JAZMINE STONE
Not at all father, I just have a
few more questions and hopefully
we can get this wrapped up.
                       FATHER JUDAS
      (Ushering her into
       his office)
Indeed. This has been troubling
for us all.
He motions towards the chair in front of his desk.
                       FATHER JUDAS
Please, have a seat.
Father Judas sits in his chair and just then his office door
opens and Mr. Saduj steps in and stands against the wall
behind Jazmine. Father judas gives him a glance and so does
Jazmine. Mr. Saduj nods towards the priest.


                       FATHER JUDAS
      (Clearing his
I don't mean to be rude detective
but I'd been informed by the mayor
that the investigation was
actually over since Mr.Williams
was in custody.
Jazmine notices the nervous look on the priests face and
also notices how he keeps glancing at Mr. Saduj. She gives a
quick glance over her shoulder in his direction.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (In a measured
Well father, I don't mean to be
rude either, but, this
investigation is over when I say
so. Not the Mayor.
Mr. Saduj clenches his fist tightly.
                       FATHER JUDAS
I'm sorry, I meant no disrespect.
You said you had a few more
questions, I'm happy to help in
any way I can.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Actually I only have two
questions. Is there any reason you
would know a pimp named "Big
Mr. Saduj clenches his fists even tighter.
                       FATHER JUDAS
      (clearing his
       throat and
       looking even more
Ummm, I, I doubt it it. I mean no,
I wouldn't have any reason to know
someone by that name.
                       JAZMINE STONE
Just then her phone rings. she pulls it out, looks at the
number and answers it.


                       JAZMINE STONE
                       TECH #1
      (Sounding urgent
       and nervous.)
Hey Jaz, it's Danny, I need you
back at the station ASAP, I've got
something you're gonna wanna see.
                       JAZMINE STONE
On my way.
                       JAZMINE STONE
      (Putting the phone
       away and standing
Well father I'm sorry for taking
up your time but we have to be
                       FATHER JUDAS
      (Standing up with
Not at all my child, er,
detective. Like I said, anything I
can do to help.
Father Judas gets to the office door and opens it for
jazmine, when she suddenly turns to him
                       JAZMINE STONE
Oh, sorry I said I had two
questions. The second was, would
you mind submitting a DNA sample?
                       FATHER JUDAS
      (Almost choking on
       his answer)
A DNA sample? I....Ummm..
                       JAZMINE STONE
Listen there are no needles or
anything, just a cotton swab on
the inside of the cheek that's it.
In and out.
Mr. Saduj is still standing there and he's now clenching his
fist so tight that blood is dripping from it.


                       FATHER JUDAS
      (Not sounding
       nervous at all
Like I said detective, anything I
can do to help.
                       JAZMINE STONE
OOOk, I'll have the techs come by
the school later, I know you're a
busy man.


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