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The Daily Life of a Key Puncher
by Jordan Dowler and Parker Yard (jpdelizzle@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

Chris Pitters is a normal, every-day game hacker. One day, while attempting to hack a game called Minecraft, he accidentally hacks two bad guys that are scheming to illegally print U.S currency. Chris steals the plan files and races to justice as he tries to get Samuel Thompson and Blinky Fawx into a jail cell.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Chris Pitters wakes up in his bed in an average house in the
city of Santa Clarita. He yawns gloomily and heads over to
the bathroom located across from Chris's room. He brushes
his teeth, eyes half shut. While walking into his the
kitchen to fix his breakfast, he glances at the computer
with a grin on his face. He sets himself at the desk.
Then he crosses of a day on his calender a week away from a
day that says "mom and dad get back"
This is going to be good.
Chris logs onto his Macintosh computer and opens a video
game called Minecraft.Then he goes onto another page with a
bunch of computer codes on it.
      (Whispering to
Okay,lets do this.
Chris then starts to type commands into a Terminal
application. Next, Chris goes back into the game and he
suddenly has the ability to edit the game world.
      (Whispering to
Then he looks online to find other downloadable hacks and
modifications that he can download to hack the game. He
finds one that seems interesting and is one the verge of
downloading it. Yet he is interrupted by the toaster going
off. He breaths irritably. As he uses the desk as a support
to lift himself up off the chair, he accidentally pushes a
keyboard button that brings him to the next hack on the
Do doo do do do dooo doo do do od
odum doodum doodum ooooooo bippity


After coating his toast with butter, he walks back over to
desktop with his plate in one hand.
Ok,where was I?
Chris, glancing at the page for one more moment, presses the
"Download" button. Little did he know that the hack that he
thought was a simple mod, actually was a large scale hack
that served a purpose in getting past a local firewall and
allowing the user to view all files on the vulnerable
computer and/or laptop.
Chris droppes his toast by accsident and bends over what the
message "hacking the classifyed data base-M.W.M-"
notification pops up on the screen the dissiperes.
Chris runs the hack and is suprised when he sees a window
loading with codes.
What?! What is this?
Puzzled, he assumed it was part of the hack, so he continued
by grabbing the files on the desktop and dragging them onto
his desktop.
Meanwhile, at a local house, Blinky Fawx and Samuel Thompson
scheme about a malicious plot they have to illegally print
U.S currency.
Do you really think this is going
to work Samuel?
Samuel turns to Blinky while bluprinting.
It better. Think of it Blinky,
having as much money we can ever
want. We will be the richest men
in the world!
Yeah and we could find a doctor to
fix my blinking!Ana we could-


Blinky takes a sudden glance at the computer screen. He sees
files on the desktop disappearing before him!
Samuel! Look at the monitor! Our
files...their disappearing!
Samuel swings his head the opposite direction to the screen.
As he sees the files vanishing, he runs over to the computer
and tries to determine what's happening. He takes hold of
the mouse.
I have no control over the mouse!
What's happening! Who is doing
Samuel fails to move the cursor. He intantaniously thinks of
a solution. Without speaking, Samuel bends down to where he
can see the computer and rips its side off.
What are you doing?
I am trying to gain control of the
mouse so I can determine who's
doing this!
Samuel rearranges a couple of wires in the computer's
operating system.
Try the mouse!
Blinky steps around Samuel and tries wiggling the mouse.
It works!
Samuel lifts himself up in a rush then reaches for the
Good!Now hurry and track it using
the M.W.M tracker.
Samuel then opens a cammand application. He starts to type
code to figure out who is stealing the files from the
computer. All of a sudden, the application comes up with a


Got em'!
Samuel writes down the coordinates to the location.
I think this is just around the
To the van!
80's music then starts with Blinky's and Samuel's heads
popping in and out.
They ride off to the location in a hurry.
Ok I think I am done.
The camera then cuts to Blinky and Samuel racing to thier
destination. Then cuts back to Chris.
Chris then starts to open Minecraft to see if the mod has
worked. He plays it just to discover that the mod has not
What?! Dangit it didn't work! What
did I do wrong?
It, then again, cuts to the car scene where Samuel and
Blinky are almost to their destination.
Chris looks at the computer confused. Then not knowing what
else to do,he goes to the website where he downloaded that
hack to see that he had actully hacked into the classified
data base.
The camera slowly zooms in on his face,When the camera stops
he says....
Samual and Blinky then spot thier destination and pull up to
it. They get out of their car car and walk up to the house.


Ok,we have to be extremely quiet
and carefull...we don't know how
old or tough this guy is.
Samuel and Blinky go around to the back of the house and
walk up to the backdoor. Although they did not relize that
the backdoor was completely glass. They walk in front of it
and spot Chris! They turn to the wall quickly.
Oh my gosh, he is right there!
Yeah, but he is like 13 years old!
Ok heres the plan:you go around to
the front of the house and break
inside and i'll stay here...where
it's safe.
Blinky then goes to the front of the house and starts
picking the front door lock. In the meantime, Samuel is
thinking out loud of what he is going to do.
Ok umm.. lets see if I go over
there then I could mabey just-
At that moment,Chris opened the door to let his slider door
to let his dog go to the bathroom.
Samuel sees the dog and begins to breath franticly.
Um nice doggy nice boy!!!


The dog chases Samuel around to the front of the yard Where
Samuel jumps into a corner and cowers his face.He does that
for 3 seconds then Blinky stops what he's doing (off camera)
and pickes up the dog then starts petting it.
Good boy... awwww he's so cute!
Look Samuel I found a cute little
But he- it's--nevermind right now
we need to focus on getting in
that house!
Ok Sam.
Blinky lets the dog go and the dog runs back into the
backyard.Then Blinky and Samuel resume picking the lock on
the front door.
Come on Blinky! Didn't you train
for this!
No i trained to be a zookeeper,not
breaking and entering.
Just hurry!
Samuel and Blinky open the door and enter the house
Chris is destracted by the computer so he doesn't notice the
bad guys wal in.
The bad guys turn around the corner quietly,but
accsidentally turn on the tv.Chris looks over and sees them
out of the corner of his eye.Then he inconspicuously
tranfers the hack onto a flash drive and looks at the bad
guys and then the camera zooms in on each individual persons
face and makes a dramatic noise repeatedly.


They pause for a second and then Chris runs out the back
door(which is still open) and he runs around the corner and
away from his house.
AHHHHHHH! What the heck!
You let him get away you idiot!
Samuel looks at the computer screen and notices a message
saying "M.W.M file tranfer to flash drive complete"
And he got away with our
Samuel calls his boss and says-
Boss he got away with the files on
a flash drive.
      (monotone voice)
But i didn't do nothing Sam.
Whatever-To the van!
There are a couple shots of Chris running muttering
incomplete sentences.
Then there is a shot of Chris running with the van coming up
behind him.Then the bad guys get out of their van and start
to chase him (and then the song "Uprising" starts playing)
Oh! I bet these are the guys I
accidentally hacked!
Man im really starting to hate
this kid!
Samuel and Blinky both pull their guns out of their jackets
and point them at Chris.
Take him out!


Blinky starts shooting at Chris randomly.While Chris is
somehow not getting hit.
What! They have guns!Who has
guns!No one has guns!
Chris runs around a corner of a street and hides in a
bush.While the bad guys follow him but, not knowing that he
jumped into the bush, they keep running.
What the heck is going on!
Where did he go!?
I don't know!
Mabey he's- Oh i don't know!
Well if you were a 13 year old
running for your life from two
guys,where would you go?
Aha!Thats it!He's probably going
to the police station!We have to
stop him or he will ruin our
Yeah, nothing is stopping me from
being rich!
Lets go!Turn the van around and
      (talking to
       himself and
Aww man I think I'm gonna puke.


What the hack is M.W.M anyway?!
Chris thinks deeply.
I have to get help.
Police station!
Chris pokes his head out of the bush to see if the coast is
clear.Then starts running away.
He runs about a block and there is cutting between him
runing and the bad guys driving.
The bad guys find him running towards the police station and
chase him in their car.
Samuel peers his head out of the passengers seat window and
Give it up kid!
Chris looks behind him at the van.
At that moment Smitty runs out in front of the car and sits
Blinky slams on the breaks and stops the car right in front
of the dog
What are you doing he's getting
I almost hit the poor doggie.
Smitty runs away towards Chris.
Who cares about the stupid dog,
just drive!!


Almost there!
The bad guys get out of their van and grab Chris by his arm
and pull into their van.
Come here kid!
Give us the flash drive kid!
Chris looks at him angrily.
No!I don't know what you guys are
up to,but whatever it is it can't
be leagal!
Alright thats it! I'm sick of
Samuel takes Chris's jacket and looks in the pocket to find
nothing there.
What!? No!?
Where is it!
I don't know I swear it was in my
Ah it mustive fallen out while he
was running!
Yeah......Why was he running?
You know what i've just about had
enough of you!


What did I do?
Chris thinks for a second.
While the bad guys are arguing Chris carefully takes their
guns from their back pockets,then throws one out the window
and sitts on the other.
Aw your such an idiot!
No you are!
They hear the gun Chris threw hit the ground outside the
No you--What was that?
I don't know?
Whatever lets just take care of
this kid,he knows too much.
Chris pulls out the gun and points it at them.
--but before you do that I think
you should consider your options.
What? How did he-
-But thats- we were-!
-Quiet!Now you have two
options.Option A:Get shot.Or
option B:turn yourselves into the
police and give back what you have
stolen.Your choice.
Blinky and Samuel pause a couple of seconds that reluctantly
put their hands up.


A newspaper comes up on screen saying on the front
page:Local boy Chris Pitters catches goons in their scheme
to illegally print U.S currency.
Get a shot of a wherehouse and then get a sideways back of
the head shot of the boss on the phone.
And on the side of the building there is a sign that
says:M.W.M "Men With Mushashes"
Samuel,come in Samuel..(raido
fuzz)...I heard someone stole the
files and put them on a
flashdrive...did you secure the
flash drive?Come in,
over....(radio fuzz)...We can
spare them,we will obtain that
flashdrive..at any cost.
The random kid walks out of his house to pick up the
newspaper and then sees the bush Chris was hiding in before.
The random kid walks by the bush and sees a brght red flash
drive on the ground
The kid goes back inside and pluggs the flashdrive into his
computer to see what was on it.
What the-
Just then the door opens and it cuts to black with a gunshot
It cuts to Chris still sleeping in his bed (the whole thing
was a dream)
Wow,that was a really weird dream.
Chris goes out to the computer again and opens a hack page
and hits download.Then he realizes that he accsidently
downloaded the classifyed data base firewall.


What?Thats not what i downloaded?!
Just then the door opens and you see the bad guys walk in
then you get a shot of Chris's face then it cuts to black
with a "punch" sound effect.


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