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"In Life" (short)
by Bjorn (bjorniruna@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



It's a rainy afternoon.
An old black Mercedes drives into the Mary-Rose
Institution's car park. Through the passengers window, can
hardly be seen because of the rain, a building with gray
The same rainy afternoon.
The wipers move rhythmically on the front glass. Only
raindrops are heard and a low noise from the engine. The car
stops. Wipers stop moving in the middle of the front glass.
A sad and tired face appears in the middle mirror. Meet
Adrian. A pale man, with a rare and very short brown beard.
                                         CUT TO:
Adrian walks with slow steps toward the institution's
building. A big black umbrella protects him from the rain.
Water flows on his back. His eyes stare at the dark asphalt.
A car horns, but Adrian doesn't listen. He climbs slowly the
stares and stops at the main door. It is a glass door, which
opens automatically. Adrian walks in. A phone is ringing in
the background, which mixes with a murmuring chat. Nurses
dressed with soft pink uniforms move across the hall. He
walks toward the reception desk.
      (talking to the
The receptionist doesn't notice him. She's talking on the
Excuse me ma'am. I'm here for...
The receptionist puts the phone down for a moment.


Sir, can't you see I'm talking on
the phone?
I'm... I'm sorry ma'am.
So, please sit and wait just a
Adrian walks toward one of the free chairs and sits, turning
his head right and left, trying to see everything.
                       RECEPTIONIST (V.O)
      (on the phone)
Yes, I'm listening. Can you repeat
your name, sir
An old man with a wrinkled face full of brown dots, sits at
Adrian's left. He opens a news paper and starts reading. Now
the receptionist has stopped talking on the phone. She's
staring at Adrian
You may come in now, sir.
Adrian doesn't hear. He's staring at one of the news paper
      (insisting voice)
Sir, you may come in now.
Adrian looks like he just woke up. His steps are not
I'm here to meet my wife: Jennyfer
The receptionist searches Jennyfer's name in the register.
Noise of turning pages.
                       ADRIAN (O.S)
      (murmuring in low
Taylor Jennyfer, Taylor


      (scratching his
She came here two weeks ago. We
both did, in fact.
      (pointing the
There she is!
Adrian lasts his neck over the reception desk, trying to see
Walk down the corridor and turn
right to the third door. Your wife
will be there in a minute.
                                         CUT TO:
Steps reverberation. Adrian walks slowly and hesitating as
always. Stripes of yellow light come out under the closed
doors. Someone screams, breaking the silence.
                                         FLASH BACK TO:
It is a rainy morning. Soft music in background (Beatles-"In
My Life"). The old black mercedes driving in a road out of
town. Trees and grass on both sides of the road.
The same morning. Rain leaking on the front glass. Wipers
moving rhythmically with a soft scratching noise. In the
middle mirror is the half of a woman's face. She looks sad.
      (turning down
       radio's volume)
Does this bother you, honey?
No answer from the woman.


      (a little bit
You know, if we could talk more,
none of these would have to
happen. But all you do, is keeping
your mouth closed and crying all
the time without any cause.
They both stay silent for a short moment, then Adrian starts
talking again. The woman's eyes are watery, rady to cry.
Adrian grabs her gently from her neck.
      (warm voice)
Baby... Come here.
He kisses her hair softly, with some kind of parental love.
I'm sorry. I didn't want to say
that. It's just... You've got to
talk more to me. It's the only way
to understand each other.
The same rainy morning. Car's left signal turns on. The car
enters Mary-Rose Institution's car park. They hardly find an
empty lot.
Adrian turns off the engine and only raindrops hitting on
metal are heard. Adrian looks at the middle mirror. Two sad
reflections of their faces in its glass
      (smiling sadly)
Ok., baby. We're here. Let's go.
                                         CUT TO:
Adrian and Jennyfer sit on two chairs near the window. Still
raining. Murmuring chat can be heard from other people.
Adrian touches her face gently, with love.


Don't worry, honey. I'm sure
everything will be okay. The
doctor sad it would be just a
routine control.
Adrian breathes deeply.
After that, we'll all go home and
continue our life... Together.
Adrian turns his head to the reception desk, then again to
his wife.
I'm going to ask if the doctor is
He walks across the hall and stops at the reception desk.
Piano music on background. Adrian talks about something but
we hear only the piano. After a short conversation with the
receptionist, he turns back again to his wife.
She said the doctor will be here
in any minute.
He sits on his chair. Behind their backs, as a background,
is the rain in the window.
It's important for you not to
worry about anything. I've heard
they some of the best doctors
here, and they also have cured a
lot of people...
      (with a trembling
In fact I'm not, Adrian. I'm not
worried about this.
Jennyfer wipes out a tear with her palm, and takes a deep
If you say that everything will be
fine, I don't worry 'bout
anything. That's because i trust
you, Adrian. I always do.


A short moment of silence. Tear drops run over Jennyfer's
face. She covers her mouth with her hand. Takes again a deep
Even though you have no trust on
Honey, what are you say -
It's the truth, Adrian. You've
never believed in me. Since the
beginning you have told only lies.
You never told me about this
madhouse, or about the doctors
you've been contacting. You never
tell me anything.
      (with an excusing
But that's because I don't want to
worry you 'bout anything and -
Please, for god's sake, Adrian!
Stop talking. Stop telling more
Adrian lasts his hand toward her face, but Jennyfer leans
back in her chair. The piano music in the background.
                                         CUT TO:
It is a small, square room with wall painted in a blinding
white. There are wooden tables and chairs everywhere. Adrian
sits in one of them. A woman around fifties is eating an
orange. Her mouth and her chin are dirty with orange juice.
She bites the fruit furiously. There is an older man sitting
at the chair in front of her and two little children (a bour
and a girl around ten-eleven years old). The man takes a
handkerchief out of his pocket and cleans the woman's lips
and chin. An old doctor, with gray hears approaches Adrian's
                       PROF. ROSEMAN
Hello! You must be Mr...


Taylor, sir. I'm Adrian Taylor.
                       PROF. ROSEMAN
Glad to meet you, Mr. Taylor. I'm
Professor Roseman.
A false smile appears in Adrian's face.
                       PROF. ROSEMAN
So, you're Jennyfer's husband,
aren't you?
Is she ok, professor?
                       PROF. ROSEMAN
She's well now, but during these
two weeks, she has been a little
violent. Anyway, it isn't her
fault about that
A short moment of silence. Adrian throws a look at the
floor, than glances Prof. Roseman's face.
Well, is she coming now?
                       PROF. ROSEMAN
I'm afraid she might not be able.
As I said, she's been showing
signs of violence and we had to
make injections so that we could
calm her down. Right now she must
be sleeping. She was very stressed
out about being here
                                         CUT TO:
Darkness. Adrian opens his eyes slowly, revealing a very
small room. There are different faces around him. People
dressed in white. Doctors
                       OLD DOCTOR
Adrian, can you hear me?


Where am I?
He breathes rapidly. He's lying in a bad, dressed with blue
      (warm, relaxing
All I can say, is that you're
      (breathing rapidly)
What? But I came here just to meet
my wife. Is she alright?
A short pause. Adrian stares at the half opened door.
How long have I been here,
and...Who brought me?
                       OLD DOCTOR
Three days ago, wee took a phone
call from your wife. She said you
were behaving strangely...
Adrian gets up from the bad, looking strangely and terrified
the doctors' faces. He walks slowly toward the door and
sometimes turns his head back to see if any of the doctors
is following him.
I... I have to go. I came here
just to see my wife.
                       OLD DOCTOR
Adrian, you know you cannot get
out, don't you? At least not
without staff's permission.
Adrian stops in front of the door. He turns slowly his neck,
closes his eyes and sighs. Two young doctors approach him
and try take him back to the bad, but Adrian refuses.
      (tired voice)
No! No! No! You don't understand.
Adrian covers his face with his palms and breathes deeply.


      (with hands on his
When we first came here, she said
that I was lying her. Can you
believe it, doctor? She said that
she always believed in me, but I
didn't. I never trusted her.
He sighs again and puts his hands down, revealing a crying
face. His lips tremble.
I have to go home. Jennyfer must
be waiting for me. If I don't go
home as soon as possible, she'll
think that I'm still lying her.
That I'm cheating her with another
woman, or who knows what.
Adrian lasts his hand to the door, to open it but the two
young doctors grab him from his shoulders. They fight for a
short moment but the young doctors win. They put him back to
bad. Finally, Adrian surrenders.
      (tears running
       over his face)
She shouldn't get worried, doctor!
I love her.
                       OLD DOCTOR
No, Adrian. The one that shouldn't
get worried is you
But, doctor... My wife...
                       OLD DOCTOR
      (firm voice)
She's dead, Adrian.
                       OLD DOCTOR
She was found dead in your
bedroom. Police said that she was
suffocated with a pillow.
A short moment of silence. Sad piano music, while Adrian
puts his hands on his head, crying.


                       OLD DOCTOR
They found your fingerprints all
over the room.
      (breathes deeply)
Even on the pillow you used to
murder her. The prosecutor said
that you killed her when you
learned that she had called us
about your strange behavior.
      (crying in a low
It can't be true! God, I can't
believe it...
You're lying to me, professor
Roseman! I met you in the
afternoon at the waiting room, and
Adrian cries desperately. He looks hopeless.
                       OLD DOCTOR
Adrian, you've been here for three
months. The judge decided that you
had mental disorders. And my
name's not professor Roseman.
Adrian stares to the old doctor.
Then he reads the name on the old doctor's white uniform:
                       OLD DOCTOR
You've been creating the whole
story, Adrian. In fact, that's the
reason you're here. Your brain
creates stories unconsciously. And
you tend to believe them. We all
think that was the cause which
pushed you to kill your wife.
Adrian gets up and runs furiously towards the door.
                                         CUT TO:
Adrian runs along the corridor. We can see he's face covered
from tears. Sad piano music in background. Two young doctors
appear at his back after a short moment, chasing him.




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