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Deadly Stranger
by clive smithson (sclive11@yahoo.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Horror   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The film opens in the incedent room of derbyshire police in
the room is di niel grace and ds mickey steele di Grace
paces across the room stopping in front of the white board
on it are two photo's one of blonde haired middle aged women
Julie Kent the other was also of a midlle aged women this
time with the dark hair Sophie Reynolds
have you found any link between
these women Micky
no gov they both come from
different back grounds Julie comes
from the grover estate and Sophie
lived in the manor brook area
mickey points at the photo's in turn
the only thing in common is they
wer both found in their living
rooms and both had been strangled
any joy with door to door
nothing and not only that gov he
is clever too, no cctv in either
locations reckon he picks women at
random and case's there area and
homes before choosing his victims
think your right mickey this is
going to be along one and he wont
stop at these two he's got the
appitete. ok Mickey take uniform
and go do a second door to door
around the kent house ill do same
around the reynolds place


ok gov
Niel and Mickey leave room to gether
in th far corner of the city centre bar are two midlle aged
camera moves around the bar and zooms into the two women the
nearest is Mrs Susan Boyle a dark haired slghtly over wieght
woman the second woman is Judith Simpson very attractive
blonde haired woman who was widowed 6 months earlier they
chat happily and sip their wine
the camera pans round and stops at the bar a well dressed
buisness man sits drinking a beer and smiling pan back to
the women
that was a hell of a day i'm glad
its over
me too Dr Thompson can be a real
grumpy old sod
      (sips wine then
did you see the way he snapped at
the woman with the little boy
yep poor woman she was only scared
with this flu scare she wasnt
wasting our time
there conversation stops, as they both watch the tv screen
in the corner. a news reporter is reporting on the latest
murder in the area, a second middle aged woman had been
found strangled in her home. the man sat at the bar also
watches then turns to the bar tender
its about time they caught him
before he does it again
the bartender nods in agreement and serves another customer
camera pans back to the women they watch intently fear
etched in their faces


      (breaking the
Judith you must be carefull both
those women were around our age
and both lived alone just like
      (in shaky voice)
i'll be ok Sue 've just installed
new locks and have a full alarm
why dont you come and stay with me
and steve for awhile
thanks hun but i'll be okay honest
dont worry
      (drinking her wine
       off she
now drink up lets have another and
change the subject
Judith gets up from her seat and taking their empty glasses
goes to the bar
at the bar she orders two more glasses of wine
she notice's the man sat in the corner he smiles at her so
she smiles back.
you should listen to your friend
with this lunatic running around
thanks for your concern but i'll
be fine
sorry didnt mean to but in, but
coundnt help over hearing
no thats okay


did i hear you say you had
installed new locks?
yes i have the latest yale double
oh good they are supposed to be
burglar proof. just remember dont
open your door unless you know who
it is.
thanks i wont
Judiths pays for her drinks and eturns to her table
tommy finish's his drink and leaves the bar smiling at
Judith as he leaves.
what did he want?
oh nothing he was just concerned
with that lunatic on the loose
you should be more carefull he
could be the killer
dont be stupid he was a
respectable buisness man now
change the subject please
Tommy sits in his car outside huggies bar he watches the
whilst waiting he picks up a folder from the passenger seat
opening it inside their is a sheet headed Judith Simpson
camera zooms in on the sheet it list all of Judith's details
her address, phone number, place of work. camera pans back
to the pub entrance as Judith and susan leave the pub a taxi
pulls up outside and they climb in watching Tommy talks


its time to test your new locks
laughing Tommy starts his car and drives away
the sun shines brightly on a warm summers morning the camera
pans up and down the street then zooms in on number 9 the
home of Judith simpson then pans back down the street into
view comes a dark blue saloon the car stops just up from
number 9 inside the car Tommy turns off the engine and
pulling on his gloves then sits and waits, gloved fingers
drumming on the steering wheel.
Judith appears from her bathroom fresh from the shower with
towel wrapped around her. picking up her watch she realizes
she is late quickly dressing she goes down stairs into the
kitchen she as a quick sip of coffee . then grabs her coat
and picks up her keys from the table in the hallway and
dashes out the camera pans to the alarm control box as the
door closes behind her to emphasise that she forgot to set
the alarm. outside she double locks her front door climbs
into her car and drives away to work
Tommy sits in his car his gloved fingers still taping on the
steering wheel as he watches Judith come out of her home she
locks the front dooor behind her and climbs in her car a few
moments later the car engine fires into life and reverse's
out of the drive she drives past Tommy's car as she heads
for work
he slides down the seat so she doesn'tt see him
Tommy gets out of his and walks towards Judiths home he his
dressed from head to toe in black,black jeans ,black jumper
and black gloves he carries a small hodall
when he reaches number 9 he quickly steps unoticed down the
side of the house to the rear door taking from his a bag a
set of lock picks within a few minutes the door opens and
he steps inside


its 11.45am the morning surgery as just finished sue boyle
is in the staff room making coffee for their tea break
Judith enters
i'm ready for this
as Sue hands her a steaming cup of coffee
i was late up this morning and
only had chance for a sip before i
shouldnt have had that last glass
of wine
sue laugh's
i know its straight home tonight
got lots of jobs need doing
have you thought anymoreabout what
i said last night
about what ?
dont play dumb with me lady about
moving in with me and steve for
awhile. at least untill they catch
this lunatic
oh that no i'm fine honest i'be
got those new locks and the alarm
i'll be
Judiths stops in mid sentance look of horror on her face
shit in my rush this morning i
forgot to put on the alarm


i'll come home with you tonight
make sure every thing is okay
no it's fine steve wont like you
late home again i'll nip home now
and set it.
      (worried look)
what if he his there now
your paranoid why do you think he
will pick me anyway
dont know i ust have a horrible
feeling babe sorry
its okay thanks for caring, no
itwill be okay anyway he only
attacks at night
judith finishes her coffee and turns to leave
      (calling as she
ring me when you get home and let
me know evything is ok
will do hun
judith waves and heads for her car
how did your door to door go
the detectives gather for a update briefing as well a two
detecties two unioform pc's are prsent
zilch gov blank nobody heard or
saw anythng he his like the bloody
invisable man


yep mickey same with us he is one
clever son of a bitch this one
or lucky
he aint lucky mickey thats for
niel looks across at the taller of the two pc's a fair haird
good looking young man
lance have we got anything from
nothing gov no prints no dna
nothing at all
niel sends a chair flying across the room with a swift kick
of his right leg then regains his compusre
right.(a long pause) we need to
get some background on these women
talk to there friends and family
we ned to know if they noticed
anybody hang around prior o the
Mickey take lance and go question
the 1st victims family and friends
dig around and see what you can
come up
will do gov come on lance you can
niel looks across at the other pc
a more older and street wise
career cop your with me Art oh and
mickey tread softly dont forget


                       NIEL (cont'd)
these people are grieving
mickey nods and he and lance leave the room
Tommy sits in judiths front room watching the tv and
drinking a beer looking at his watch its 12.15 he checks a
sheet of paper from his holdall camera zooms on sheet at the
bottoom it reads judith arrives home aroun 5pm everyday he
smiles and takes another swig of his beer car noise outside
he hears a car turn into the street he quickly moves to the
window his face turns red when he sees it is judith
      (hissing aloud)
you fucking bitch im not ready
he quickly tidys up the room and hides behind the kitchen
door his holdall is still in the room he hears a key in the
door quickly sliding the kitchen door open he grabs the bag
he takes a pair of womens tights from his bag as the front
door opens
Judith drives her car into the drive way of number 9 she
turns of the engine and climbs outwalking towards her front
door she dosnt notice the curtains moving ever so slightly
as she unlocks the door and steps inside
shutting the front door behind she stands and listen the
house is silent shurgging her shoulders she goes into the
living rom looking around she sees the room is just as she
left it walking over to the small table next to the fire
place judith pcks up the phone with her back to the kitchen
she taps numbers onthe key pad
hello pear tree medical centre sue
Sue its me


oh judith thank god your safe
the camea pans to the ktchen door tommy as pushed the door
open slightly and is watching her a wicked grin on his face
camea pans back to judith
i'm fine silly everything is aas i
left it this morning
oh good are you coming straight
back ? dont forget the alarm
no i'm going to grab a quick
sandwich and a coffee ill be back
in 30 minutes or so and i wont
forget the alarm
ok see you seen bye
judith hits the disconect button and turns towards the
she stops her face a mask of horror she drops the phone it
makes a loud bang on the pine floor tommy is stood in the
door way the tights hanging from his left hand
      (menacing voice)
hello judith
      (terror filled
who are you? what do you want?
please don't hurt me
dont you reconize me
oh my god you were in the bar last


tommy moves slowly towards her
yes i was and you should have
taken your friends advice
oh no please please dont hurt me
she steps back and turns to run for the door but she as
forget abouthe couch and stumbles face down onto it tommy
moves swiftly and pins her to the couch she struggles to get
free but his wieght is too much for her he turns her over so
she his facing him
no no please dont kill me please
pointing towards her bag and trying to reach it her fingers
out stretched
i have money its yours take it
please just leave me alone please
      (laughs menacingly)
i dont want your money judith i
have plenty off money its you i
oh dear jesus help me
she goes to scream as he wraps the nylon around her neck
Sue wlaks down the corrider a worried look on her face she
stops at the far end outside a door mr doctor Thompson she
knocks at the door
      (from inside the
come in
sue enters the office its a typical doctors office computer
on table a consultation couch in the corner Dr thompsom is a
auster old doctor in his early sixtys he looks up as sue


Sue whats wrong
i'm worried about Judith doctor
judith why whats happened
she forget toset her alarm this
morning so she went home at lunch
to check every thing was okay and
set it she rang me when she got
home everything was alright se
said she was having a cofee and
that she be back in about half an
hour that was 12.30
the doctor looks at his watch the time is 2.30
mmm i'm sure she is okay sue
i'm really worried doctor with
this lunatic on the lose n all
okay tell maggie to hold the for
here we will go round to juiths
and see s that everything is okay
thank you sam
10 minutes later doctor thompsons car pulls into fern close
and stops outside number 9 the doctor and sue get out of te
car and walk up judiths drive
the doctor is first to the door he knocs on the door as he
does the swings open slightly he looks startled turning to
you wait here
sue nods terror etched on her face
the doctor pushes the door open and steps inside


judith are you there love
he pushes the living room door open and stops dead in his
tracks his face ashen white
the camera pans around the room falling on the couch judith
is laid face up her legs spread wide and trailing on the
floor her arms at her side the camera zooms in on her face
it is swollen and a dark red cour her lips are white and her
tongue proturdes from the side of her mouth the nylon tights
still otte tightley around her neck
the doctor holds onto the door to steady himself then backs
slowly out the room nearly falling over sue who had followed
      (shocked face)
dont go inside sue
and gently moves her back outside
doctor what is it please whats
a few moments silence
sam for gods sake tell me
i'm sorry sue she's dead
nooooo she carnt be
sue tries again to push past the doctor but he holds her in
his arms as she begins to sob
judiths next door neighbour as heard the commotion and as
come to see what is going
what is going on here then?
its judith
judith what wrong with her


she is dead,murdered call the
Di Neil Grace is sat at his desk eating a quick sandwich
when the phone rings
mickey seeing his gov is eating picks up the phone
oh fuck okay got that have you
sent forensics (pause) good we are
on our way

mickey turns to Neil stone faced
gov we've got another one found
ten minutes ago just the same
middle aged woman stragled with
DI Grace pauses for a minute chewing the last bite of his
      (calmng voice)
bring the car round to the front
and bring lance too ill meet you
out front
okay gov lance come on


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