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Aircheck: Things To Know, Before I Go
by Dylan (Hawkilles@live.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A small video project I'm making that was suppose to be part of a larger series, theis is about 9 episodes in.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Organs are playing sad funeral music. At the door, THE
PRIEST is welcoming people by shaking their hands and
guiding them into the funeral home.
Welcome. Welcome God Bless You.
The organ is still playing as people coming in find their
seats in the room. There's a good amount of people spread
out in the pews, but not overly crowded. As the last few are
getting seated the priest steps up to the podium and begins
the ceremony.
We are gathered here today to say
farewell to Sam Valencia and
commit him into the hands of god
As the priest is talking, we pan across the pews to see
CHANCE, who is still, and ALLISON, who is crying, sitting
together. Behind them is EMILY, who is also crying, while
JOSH sits in the back holding his emotions.
                                         CUT TO
There are people going up to HANNAH and giving their
condolences. While the priest is in the background
announcing the plans for the rest of the funeral.
EMILY is next in line and walks up to Hannah eager to speak.
      (To Hannah)
Miss Valencia, I just want you to
know how much of a friend and a
good person Sam was to me. I
didn't know him well but the times
we did speak really helped me. I'm
sorry for your loss.
Hannah nods and shakes Emily's hand as a condolence.


Thank you so much dear. I know Sam
would have loved to know how much
you cared.
Hannah sees JOSH walking out behind Emily and reaches her
hand out as she calls him.
                       HANNAH (Cont'd)
      (to Josh)
Josh stops and turns back to talk to Hannah
                       HANNAH (Cont'd)
I was hoping you could do what we
talked about right before Sam is
lowered. It would really mean a
lot to me and the rest of the
family and I know wherever he is
Sam will love it.
      (to Hannah)
I don't know Miss Valencia, I
really don't think it would be
appropriate with the situation and
I'm not feeling great.
None of us are feeling great, Hun.
but don't you think you owe him
this much?
I'll think about it.
Josh exits the funeral home as Emily follows behind him.
Allison and Chance walk up next, holding hands. Allison lets
go of Chance to give Hannah a hug. Chance stands in the back
Hannah, I am so sorry this
happened. But you look amazing I
just wish it were on better


I know thank you dear. Sam would
be smiling right now if he could
see you here with...
Allison replies before Chance can say anything, but Chance
doesn't try.
Oh this is Chance, my boyfriend.
He's was in the class with Sam and
Chance shakes Hannah's hand out of respect but isn't able to
quite look her in the eyes.
Your son was an incredible man. I
know for sure my days won't be the
same without him ma'am.
Well thank you that's very kind of
you both.
The priest walks up behind Hannah. Everyone glances to him
once he puts his hand on Hannah's shoulder.
Excuse Me
Hannah nods her head.
      (To Chance and
Excuse me I have to take care of
some things before we can lay my
son to rest.
No please by all means go on.
Thank you.
Hannah walks off with the priest. Chance and Allison go


Outside, Josh is walking strongly away from the funeral.
Emily catches up to him practically jogging, but still
Hey wait. What did she mean back
there? Are you going to give a
No. I'm not doing anything.
What? Why not? Josh, he was your
best friend.
"Was" being the key word.
Josh stop,
Emily grabs Josh's arm and pulls him around. Josh turns
while rolling his eyes and breathing out a heavy sigh.
                       EMILY (Cont'd)
You haven't talked in a month
because of some stupid fight that
doesn't mean you weren't best
Emily, you don't get it. It's not
just a month anymore.
Yeah, but don't you think you can
do this one last thing for him and
his mother.
It was a song, okay? she wants me
to sing a song, but that women has
never cared what Sam wanted and
she never will. Today is all an
act to her and if you knew better
you wouldn't play along.


Josh walks away while Emily is left standing there watching.
She pauses for a few moments to contemplate then shakes her
I don't get why he's so damn
Suddenly we see SAM standing at her side but she does not
react, as if he'd been there the whole time. Sam is also
watching Josh walk away.
He's always been like that. I mean
I've seen him do it to other
people but, damn, that guy can
give the cold shoulder like no
                                         CUT TO
Chance and Allison walk along the side of the funeral home.
Holding hands. They both look sad but Chance looks like he's
trying to shake something off.
Baby, are you okay? You've been
really quiet all day.
No, I'm fine, just have been going
through all the memories in my
mind all day, with Sam and all.
Allison pulls Chance in hug.
                       ALLISON (Cont'd)
It's gonna be alright, Chance.
Chance slowly pushes Allison off without her noticing.
Yeah, I need to go... talk to some
people I'll be back.


Chance walks off quickly while Allison stays there confused.
She watches him walk away as well.
Oh Chance, what am I doing with
We then see Sam sitting on a wall behind Allison.
You know I've asked myself the
exact same thing. I mean, about
you, not about me. That'd be
Allison steps back and turns to sit on the wall with Sam.
Smiling at his joke she playfully punches him in the arm as
she sits.
Shut up.
I mean don't get me wrong I've
dreamed about me and the charming
Chance Baxter before. I just don't
think he has what I'm looking for.
Okay, now you're just being mean
No really, I think I might give
Chance a chance.
Sam sticks his thumb up and brings it to his shoulder
smiling as if he was mocking Chance.
      (Laughing loudly)
Oh whatever, if you were gay I'd
know it by now.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Looking forward,The two slowly stop laughing. With each
passing moment the silence gets more serious. Sam turns his


                       SAM (Cont'd)
      (to Allison)
So how you holding up Aly?
Chance sits at the foot of a tree. He has a black stare and
doesn't know what to say. He finally finds the words and
slowly begins to speak.
      (voice cracking)
Forgive me father, for I have
Sam appears behind Chance leaning on the tree with his arms
I would say so.
Chances head sinks into his arms.
                                         CUT TO
Chairs are lined up in rows by the graveside but none are
taken yet. Josh walks up and sits in the one on the very end
holding the program for the funeral. Looking through it he
sees "MUSICAL PIECE BY JOSHUA ALLEN". When Sam appears
sitting next to him.
Hey Josh
Josh gets up and walks away without a word or
acknowledgement to Sam, also leaving the program. Sam hangs
his head. With his palms together he presses his fingers to
his lips.
                                         CUT TO


So why does your mom want Josh to
do a song?
It's one day, really? I can't have
just one day. It's my funeral. One
day without Josh talk.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it. But it's a
long story. Not as simple as yours
and Josh's though.
Thought you said no Josh talk?
Eh, shoot me.
Emily shoots Sam a dirty look.
Not funny.
Josh walks by in the distance. Sam throws his hand up,
waving, trying to catch his attention.
Hi Josh!
Josh keeps walking and doesn't pay attention to Sam.
                       SAM (Cont'd)
      (to Emily)
See, nothing.
I tried to talk to him, he just
won't open up.
He's just dealing with it in his
own way
Yeah we all are, obviously.
Emily motions to point out that she's talking to Sam.


                       EMILY (Cont'd)
I just wish I knew how to get
through to him. Something at
least. I feel like I had one
chance and I blew it.
You know as well as I do that's
not true. Just give it time like
Sam, it's been months. If nothings
happened by now, it's not going
Alright, so new plan. You make it
happen. It just takes the smallest
jolt and you'll go miles, but it
needs to be you that does it.
Why do I have to do it? Doesn't
the guy have to make the move?
Because, Em, this isn't "making a
move." It's starting something
real. Don't dive head first into
shallow waters. Just, be there for
him. He needs someone right now.
Sam looks to the direction that Josh walked off in.
                       SAM (Cont'd)
Take care of him for me.
Emily smiles softly. She pauses for a moment to let what Sam
said sink in. Then, she looks up at him.
Goodbye, Sam.
Sam looks back over at her.
Goodbye, Em.
                                         CUT TO


I'm doing pretty good Sam, seeing
as the first boyfriend I ever had
committed suicide. I'm peaches.
That's not fair, Aly.
No what you did to everyone is not
fair, Sam. Why didn't you talk to
me? I would have listened I would
have been there. After everything
we went through.
Sam Stays Quiet.
                       ALLISON (Cont'd)
I mean I know things between me
and you aren't what they used to
be after we kissed, but Jesus. Not
to mention what you and Josh were
going through, you probably
scarred the kid for life.
Sam rolls his eyes at Allison's last comment. His body moves
with as he gives his back to her.
Now I remember why we broke up.
This isn't a joke. You have
officially done the most selfish
thing that can be done.
Sam turns around quickly to defend himself.
I came back to you, you told me to
leave and that's what I did.
Allison starts to cry.
Not like this


Sam pulls Allison's head to his chest and wraps his arms
around her.
Come here. There's nothing I can
do to make this better. It's just
a new start. This is me moving on.
Just like you did. And I'm okay
Allison pushes off of Sam's chest. Still crying, her anger
This isn't how people "move on"
Sam. You don't get to just go and
kill yourself. It's not a free
Aly, I know, okay? But this is how
it is now.
Aly keeps staring at Sam, silently.
                       SAM (Cont'd)
I'm sorry.
Allison begins to start calming down. She wipes her tears
from her face.
It's going to be so different
without you.
It's not gonna be that different.
I mean we haven't talked for
Not since you kissed me at your
Oh great, thats what you're gonna
tell people and I'm not even alive
to defend myself.


Speaking of, have you told ol'
Chance yet?
No, no definately not. He would
kill me.
Aw poor kid.
Sam pauses.
                       SAM (Cont'd)
You really think you two will
I'm not sure, but I'm going to
Allison turns to Sam. When their eyes meet, a smile comes to
Sam's face.
I Love You, Allison.
Allison smiles to hold back tears.
Goodbye Sam.
Sam and nods his head. We see a front shot of the two but
this time Sam is gone. Allison once again wipes the
remaining tears from her eyes.
                                         CUT TO
Chance sits at the foot of the tree, head in his arms. Sam
steps in front of him and crouches to meet him eye level.
What'd you expect to happen,
Chance shakes his head without lifting it.


I don't know.
      (increasing volume)
Come on, you bring a gun to school
what do you expect to happen,
I don't...
Sam interrupts.
Look at me!
Chance pulls his head up. They are now face to face.
I don't know!
People die, Chance! That's what
happens! I died.
It was supposed to be me.
Sam stands up.
Yeah? And then what? You'd be the
one in the casket right now?
Chance slowly makes it to his feet.
That's still an option. It'd be
better that way.
No idiot, it's not.
You did it.
You wanna trade places? I'll do it
right now.


Just... Go away.
I will, Chance, but first I need
you to realize this. You are
Don't do that.
Why not? Little Chance Baxter,
always making things out like he's
the victim. Always taking things
for granted.
You have no clue what I go through
and what I've lost.
No but I know what you have and
everything you were willing to
give up.
Sam grabs Chance's shoulders and turns him around. In the
distance he sees Allison sitting on the wall by herself,
crying. Chance stares for a moment before Sam starts to
You need to stop thinking that the
whole world is always taking
things away from you. Because the
way I see it, you deserve nothing
more than you've been given. Maybe
not even that.
Sam starts to walk away, hands in his pockets. Chance turns
Sam is gone as Chance breathes in a sigh of relief. But
before he can fully exhale, Josh pushes Chance against the
tree. Josh's arm is against Chance's throat holding him
secure while Chance struggles.


                       CHANCE (cont'd)
      (breathing heavily)
Josh, Josh I'm sorry I didn't mean
Without a word, Josh breathes heavily with rage. His fist
raises in the air ready to punch. Pushing harder against
Chance's throat the more he struggles.
                       CHANCE (cont'd)
Josh, I understand you're mad ok.
I get it.
You have no possible idea what I'm
feeling right now, Chance.
Sam appears behind Josh.
Josh, let go of him.
Please, please don't I'm sorry.
And you have nothing to say to me.
Not a god damn thing!
It wasn't his fault.
      (to sam)
Shut up!
Josh throws Chance to the side and punches the tree before
he storms off away from Sam. Chance slowly pulls himself off
the ground. While walking, Josh stops and grabs his chest
out of pain and starts to catch his breath. Sam walks up
behind Josh with his hands in his pockets. He stares for a
second while Josh struggles bent over.


The heart thing again?
I'm fine. I don't need your help.
Ah, so you can hear me.
Josh gaining breath again slowly stands up regaining his
I could hear you this whole stupid
Josh starts to walk away but Sam follows him.
Josh, wait. Can we talk about
Josh turns around to Sam.
Talk about what? You leaving me
now? Or a month ago when you
decided all your drugs and
partying were more important than
your friends?
Josh turns and starts walking away.
                       JOSH (Cont'd)
Y'know what? No, we're not doing
this now, Sam.
Josh turns around in a burst of rage.
Sam pauses, staring, as Josh is looking him in the eyes for
the first time.
Then when?


Josh's frustration slowly turns into tears.
I don't know.
Tears overwhelm Josh.
I don't know, okay? What do you
want me to say, Sam? Please stay,
Don't go? I need you? Because for
once in my whole damn life, I have
no clue what I'm doing.
Sam moves towards Josh with his hands up cautiously.
Josh, I know how you feel and I'm
      (through his teeth)
No, you don't get to do that!
Josh screams at Sam.
                       JOSH (Cont'd)
You can't just say sorry and it
all evaporates away like that. I
lost my best friend...
Motioning to himself.
                       JOSH (Cont'd)
Because he was too selfish to see
the people that needed him. All
the while being too prideful to
ask anyone for help with whatever
problem he had and took the worst
way out. He ran away...
They both pause for a moment.
You mean like you did to me?
It's not the same.


You're right, Josh, it's not. You
shoved me out. I'm not asking you
to be ok with this.
Yeah, just live with it.
And be happy that you can. You
don't know what to do? For once in
your life, try learning from
Like what?
Sam tries to work a smile to Josh's face.
Like the time you asked out Chloe
Harkins at lunch.
He succeds
She introduced me to her
And what did you do?
Josh smirks
I asked her out in class.
You asked her out in class. I had
to walk in front of you to every
period for a week after that.
They share a laugh before it fades into a bittersweet tone
You can do this. With or without
me you're gonna be okay. You don't
need someone to block view of you
while we sneak by Chloe's first
period. I'd like to think you'd be
smarter than that by now, god


                       SAM (cont'd)
knows you're not.
One last laugh comes out of Josh
                       SAM (cont'd)
But you can take care of yourself
now. That's how I knew it was
gonna be okay.
Josh softly smiles
You really think it's going to be
the same without you?
Sam puts both hands in his pockets and shrugs his shoulders.
Maybe not the same, but with some
Sam points with a nod past Josh
Josh turns around to see Emily standing with her hands down
in front of her. She tries to find words to not set him off
                       EMILY (Cont'd)
I know you don't want to, but the
funeral's starting.
Josh looks back to Sam, who jokes at him
Hey, you can be late to yours but
not mine.
Josh smiles one more time before he shakes his head and
turns back to Emily. Nodding to her, they begin to walk
toward the cemetary.
Music plays quietly in the background as Josh and Emily take
their seats in front of the closed casket. The Priest starts
the ceremony as glimpses of each charater are shown. Josh is
then called up and given a guitar. He sits at a stool behind
the casket. The music grows louder as it is actually the


song Josh is playing. He looks to the crowd and sees Sam
sitting in his seat staring back at him. Sam smiles and nods
in approval. Josh nods back right before singing. The song
plays through the remainder of the scenes, being flashbacks
of each person remembering Sam at some point in their past,
right before it shows the person watching Josh at that very
moment. For Chance, the memory is short, but to the point.
Hannah's memory makes her cry knowing that was the last time
she saw her son. Emily's bring a smile to her face. Allison
crys as she starts to realize how much she will truly miss
Sam. Josh has his memory as he walks up to the coffin after
everyone has left.
Inside a classroom Chance walks through a conversation
between Sam and another student. Sam is sitting on a desk
with his feet in Chance's chair, while the other student is
leaning on one across the isle.
Hello gentleman, My name is Chance
Baxter and this happens to be my
desk so if both of you would
please just leave that'd be great.
The student gets up and walks to his seat while Sam spins
around into the seat behind Chance's. Chance sits down and
lets out a sign as he hits the chair. Sam taps on Chance's
shoulder and introduces himself with a sarcastic handshake.
Sam Valencia, I can already tell,
you are going to have one great
At Sam's house, Hannah comes home late while Sam is sleeping
on the couch. She wakes Sam up and begins to yell at him.
Sam wakes up and argues back. The argument moves all around
the house as Sam eventually gets near the door. The argument
freezes over something that is said until Hannah throws a
vase. Barely missing Sam, the vase shatters into the wall
right next to the door. Sam on the brink of tears rushes out
the door.
Emily and Sam are running around the school. They hide
behind a wall, waiting, as Josh walks up reading a stack of


paper. Emily starts to take a step to meet him in the middle
of the hallway. As she is doing this, Sam pushes her into
Josh, the papers fly everywhere. Emily apologizes and they
both bend down to pick up the mess. Emily smiles and looks
over to Sam who is still hidden and laughing histarically.
Allison and Sam are sitting on a bed together, half-clothed.
It's easy to tell they are in love. Allison is feeding Sam
chips but starts to play keep away. He jumps on her and they
proceed to wrestle around on the bed. Ending up on top,
Allison looks deep into Sam's eyes and smiles right before
she kisses him.
Outside a house, Sam and Josh are sitting on a car drinking
Y'know what, I just really feel it
this year. Like something new is
finally here.
Right, that's why our first day of
school has been so utterly
Sam hops off the car and turns to Josh
Oh come on, you can't honestly
tell me you're going to be the
same Josh as last year.
Josh slides down
I don't know. New year, same here.
That's how it always is.
No, no, no. Not this year my
friend. This time it's new year,
our year.
Sam lifts up his drink to cheers and Josh obliges.
Josh remains staring at the coffin until he finally lets out
what he's been holding in.


Goodbye, Sam.
Emily walks to Josh's side and slowly puts her hand on his.
He grabs her's as they both stare at the coffin and the last
words of the song drown out sound.
"Well i guess... This is growing


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