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From Greedy To Breezy
by Gustavo Barajas (sfiexecutive@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Miscellaneous   User Review:

Jack, is trying to get on with his life as Youngster, a wannabe gangster makes his life impossible. As things get complicated he ends up quitting his job and decides to risk it all for the glory of investing in foreign currency. Meanwhile, Youngster is trying to make the most of his life getting into breaking the law and street crimes. Jack finds success in his life and enjoys it, while at the end the Youngster gets what he deserves.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



EXT. SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA 11/20/2010 7:00 A.M. - DAY
A youngster (young gang member) drops off his girlfriend and
is walking over to his primered black 1991 Toyota with the
air bag suspension kit. He gets into his truck, packs his
cigarette box, opens it, then, puts a cigarette over his
right-ear (filter towards the front) Shows off a bit hitting
the switches of his truck in front of his ex-girlfriend who
has her little daughter in her arms and is crying.
                       EX-GIRLFRIEND (Crying)
You better pick me up later!
                       YOUNGSTER (Referring to himself)
He likes to rap!
The youngster speed off.
Song starts playing - Cypress Hill "Low rider" uncensored.
There's the L.A. Auto Show 2010 going on at 9:00 a.m. The
youngster has to check on his friend he couldn't call the
night before to let him in on the plan to go there, his
friend didn't have a cell phone and lives in Fullerton.
He's off the freeway and turning corners, riding over dips,
and almost runs over a dog crossing the street.
He knew that his other friends were leaving at 7:30 a.m. to
the event, so, he is only worried about his one friend whom
he is going over to see and he's finally arriving to his
friend's house and turning into his friend's block.
He sees his friend outside his house. He's just finished
washing and drying his customized 1997 Fleet wood Cadillac
and is almost done vacuuming his car.
The Cypress Hill song ends.
The Youngster drops his truck to the ground making lots of
noise with the air bags as he drops it to the ground to get
his friends' attention and steps out of the truck which is
now double-parked in the street.
The Youngsters' homie approaches his friend after turning
off the vacuum cleaner.
                       YOUNGSTER (Nodding his head back at the homie)
What up dog?!
                       HOMIE (Greets back)
What's cracka - lackin' home
skillet biscuit?


      (Fed up)
      (Fooling around)
Aye, I got something to sizzle,
you wanna smoke some shit dog?
      (Talking back)
Shit. That jacks up your teeth
Nigga please.
Aye holmes I ain't black.
                       YOUNGSTER (Informative)
Naw man, N.I.G.G.A. means "Never
Ignorant Getting Goals
Accomplished" dog. Haven't you
ever heard of Tupac he's the one
that said it?
      (Acting sad)
Naw man. I can't smoke today. I
gotta go to court today for
smoking a joint dog.
Alright. I'll catch you later
dog. Say what's up to Bubba for
Who the heck is Bubba dog? I keep
hearing about Bubba and know one's
talking about Bubba.
He's big, black and fat and he's
going to make you his girlfriend,
      (Talking back)
Naw man, he'll make you his lady,
      (Not playing
       around anymore)
Anyway, dog, I wanted to let you
know about the L.A. Auto Show 2010
man. It starts at 9:00 and it's
already 7:30 dog and everyone
already left too dog. You wanna


                       JACK (cont'd)
hit it up or what? I just got
this truck yesterday. It cost me
an arm and a leg. I'll give you a
ride dog.
      (Thinking about it)
Naw man, I can't go. You wanna
see a car show, check out my ride
dog. I just got a brand new cd
player too dog.
Homie Steps into his Cadillac.
      (Showing off)
You wanna hear some Mr Criminal
Hell yeah, dog! Slap it on.
Song starts to play Mr. Criminal- Dippin & Rollin Youtube
url link -
Youngster walks around the car checking out the paint, the
chromed grill, rims and tires.
Homie lifts the car's front then the back. Slams it to the
ground then lifts one side then the other. He then pops the
hood open.
      (Feeling good)
Check out the power house dog. I
just got an oil change and got the
engine steam-cleaned!
That looks sick dog.
The song is about to end and Homie closes the hood, gets
into the car and turns off the radio.
As Homie steps out of the caddy, Youngster approaches the
caddy and takes a look at the interior and likes it, then
walks away from it nodding his head at Homie.
That's how we roll.
Homie remembers something. It's his gun he left in his
trunk. He walks over to the trunk and pick up his all
chrome .40 caliber Derringer hand gun, lifts up his shirt,
tucks it in his waist and covers it up with his shirt.
      (acting surprised)
Dang (pronounced day-n-g) dog.


Youngster's cell phone rings. He takes it out of his pocket
and he looks at the caller ID and notices it's his
Man, it's my ex, dog. I don't
know why she's calling me, I just
dropped her fat-ass on the curb.
Doesn't answer the call and puts the cell phone back in his
The chubby one, dog? Didn't she
have a little girl a little while
      (Not caring)
Yeah, dog. You know me, I don't
discriminate a fat B - I (first
two letters of the word "bitch"
spelled out). You know what I
Too bad you can't go to the show
dog, but, I gotta go, dog. I
gotta get some gas too.
Youngster and Homie shake their gun-shaped hands.
      (Feeling good)
Peace out bro.
Youngster reaches in his for his stereo's remote control. He
pauses and he hits the play button now his cd player is
playing playing a song.
Song starts to play - Mr. Criminal- And My Heat Goes ft. Lil
Youtube url link -
He puts the remote control back into his pocket and reaches
into his other pocket and pulls out the truck's keys. He
walks over to the truck. He gets into the truck,takes out
the cell phone out of his pocket and throws it on the seat,
puts on the seat belt and turns the truck on. He gets an
urge to hits the switches and lifts up the front end of the
truck and puts the truck in drive.
Song ends.
He gives his homie a peace sign and drives off.
      (Messing around
Say whatup to Bubba for me.


EXT. CAR JACK IN PROGRESS 11/19/2010 5:00 P.M. - DAY
The youngster is leaving the car show. He gets into a
stolen car, a beat up black 1979 Datsun 280 ZX. He knew
that nobody bothers to look at an old beat up car and so
uses it so as not to attract any attention.
The youngster spots a nice looking truck on the way out of
the parking lot. The truck driver was showing off a little
and caught the youngster's attention and he's never had a
truck like that one, one with an air suspension and air
bags. He decides to follow it.
The youngster stays far behind but not so far that he looses
The truck gets on the freeway and the youngster is following
not too suspicious.
Half an hour later and still unnoticed, the youngster is
following the truck into a restaurant where the truck driver
decides to stop and eat. He gets off the freeway on Valley
View where there is a Carl's Jr. Firestone and Valley View.
There is a lot of people there. The youngster, like the
truck driver is alone, he walks in and sees the truck driver
leaving the restroom and getting in line to order something
to eat and he too walks into the restroom. He just walks
into the restroom to wash his hands and he's out quick and
gets in line too.
The truck orders his food and not to go. He then takes his
seat and waits for his food.
The youngster sees that the truck driver didn't order too
much so does the same and takes his seat not too far from
him but, avoiding eye contact.
The truck driver is served his food and he starts to eat.
Not long afterwards, the youngster is served his food and he
too starts to eat.
The youngster finished eating before the truck driver does
but waits for a little before leaving the restaurant. He
gets into the black Datsun and waits for the truck driver
and follow him from there.
The truck driver is finished eating, gets up and empties out
the tray in the trash. He still hasn't suspected that he is
being followed.
The youngster is waiting patiently for the truck driver as
the truck driver leaves the restaurant and gets back into
his truck.
The truck driver is back on the freeway and so is the
youngster. 15 minutes later, the truck driver gets off the
91 E. freeway. He happens to live a few blocks from his
friends' house. The youngster sees the truck go into a
driveway, he's home. The youngster is watching from about
ten houses down and he parks the Datsun. He decides to pull
out a map and pretend he's looking for directions; there
were some kids playing outside on the front yard. The
parents quickly tell them to go inside.


The youngster goes to get some more gas. He then calls his
friend and see if he's home. He needs to kill time and
check on the truck after a short while has passed and his
friend's home, so he goes over.
He arrives at his friends' house and is finished putting the
car cover on his Cadillac when the youngster gets there.
They greet each other and Homie invites the youngster
inside, he was going to watch a movie after putting the car
cover on his car. They both go inside.
They decide to watch low rider videos instead. The
youngster let's his friend know what he is up to and tells
him the situation. Homie already knows that the Datsun is
stolen and can't believe that the youngster is planning to
steal the truck too.
2 hours go by quick and the youngster wants to go take a
look at the truck and see what is going on over there. He
passes by slow at first and makes turns the car around. He
parks not too far from the house where the truck is parked
and since he doesn't have a working interior light, he parks
under the street light and he decides to wait for a moment.
He looks at his watch, it's 3 minutes later and he sees that
the lights that were turned on inside the house where the
truck driver lives are all turned off. It's his perfect
opportunity to get the truck even though the outside light
is turned on..
Song starts to play - cypress hill - Prelude To A Come
Up--Feat MC - IV 4 Youtube url link -
He grabs his ski mask, but, deciding no to use it, tosses it
on the carpet of the car and then he opens up the glove
Come here baby.
The blue steel of the gun is gleaming before his face as he
looks at while he is pulling out his ACP Blue .45 Colt with
an attached silencer from the glove box. He cocks it, takes
a good look at it and tucks it in behind his back and into
his pants. He reaches for the dent puller which is close by
in the back seat. He steps out of the car only he doesn't
close the car door all the way so as not to alert anyone. He
then crosses the street.
He notices that the truck doesn't have the alarm on. He
takes his center punch and puts it to the corner of the
window of the driver side. He taps it with the dent puller
and the window cracks, there's not really any noise at all
because of the tint on the window. He unlocks the truck,
looks around to check his surroundings, not seeing anyone
gets in the truck quietly.
He takes the dent puller and sticks in the ignition and
screws it in a little bit. He pops out the ignition with


the dent puller as if pulling out a dent. He looks towards
the house and there isn't any threat of anyone aware of him
stealing the truck.
The youngster is about to turn the truck on and leave, but,
he notices that he left his cell phone inside the Datsun. He
gets out of the truck and closes the door as slow as
possible making the most minimum noise as he can. He
crosses the street and gets to the car. The window was
opened so he just needed to reach in and get the cell phone
and does just that.
Song ends.
Just as he is getting close to the truck, the owner of the
truck is opening the front door, he is going outside to
smoke a cigarette.
The truck driver sees the youngster walking down the
sidewalk. The youngster knows that he has been seen and so,
he decides to pretend to forget his cigarettes and asks the
truck driver for one.
      (Sounds honest)
Excuse me, neighbor. I live
around the block and came out for
a short walk around the block.
This never happens to me, I left
my cigarettes inside the house, do
you mind if I have one?
                       TRUCK DRIVER
      (Being nice)
No, you can have one. I have a
whole pack to myself, do you like
Marlboro Lights?
      (Doesn't mind)
Yeah, no problem. I appreciate
The truck driver hands the youngster a cigarette and the
youngster receives it. The truck driver is looking for the
lighter but he doesn't remember which pocket he has it on.
                       TRUCK DRIVER
      (Being nice)
Let me get the lighter for you.
He checks his left pocket and doesn't find the lighter, he
then checks the right one and he finds it and takes it out.
                       TRUCK DRIVER
      (Being nice)
Got it.
The youngster puts the cigarette in his mouth and gets
closer to the truck driver as the truck driver is turning on
the lighter. The cigarette is lit.


Thanks, man.
The truck driver then takes the lighter and puts it back
into his pocket. He looks at the Datsun, he notices that it
doesn't have the door closed all the way and gets a feeling
that something is wrong; he has never seen that car there
The youngster take a puff of his cigarette and blows the
smoke out up towards the sky.
The truck driver suspects the youngster is not a neighbor.
He takes a puff of his cigarette and blows out the smoke up
in the air just like the youngster. He looks at him and
gets serious.
                       TRUCK DRIVER
      (Notices a broken
       window on his
What the hell!?
The truck driver sees through the front window and notices
that the side window has been broken and starts walking
closer towards the truck.
The youngster quickly throws down his cigarette and pulls
out his gun then orders the truck driver to stop.
Slow your row, I got this lick.
I'll pull it.
The truck driver stays still, then tries to approach the
youngster, but the youngster pushes him back with the
silencer of the gun.
The truck driver can't believe what's going on. He gets mad
and tries to approach the youngster again. The truck driver
gets even more mad and tries to grab him, but, the youngster
knows that it's just a matter of time that the truck
drivers' neighbors look out their windows, so, he takes his
gun the shoots the truck driver on the left-side of his
chest throwing him against the house and to the ground. The
Youngster sees that he is still alive, so, he shoots him
square in the forehead at point blank range.
      (Mad and scolding
That's what you get for being
The truck driver is dead and the youngster is just looking
at him, he's never shot anyone before and he feels good
about killing the truck driver.
The youngster runs over to the truck's door and gets in.
After closing the door, he tosses the gun on the front seat.
He had left the wires ready to hot-wire the truck, so, he
doesn't struggle. He quickly turns on the truck and hits


reverse. He's in the middle of the street and he looks at
the dead truck driver once more, feeling no remorse he puts
the truck in drive and takes off peeling out.
The youngster drives the truck to his house. Luckily he
makes it all the way home. He parks it in the driveway. He
looks at the neighboring houses and sees that no one is
outside watching him so he goes inside his house and comes
out with pin-striping tape and some some stickers to put on
the truck. He goes back inside his house and comes out with
a license plate and swaps it for the existing one then
covers it taking his time as if nothing bad has happened so
as to not attract attention. He goes inside his house and
calls it a night, without bothering about listening to the
news either. He needs some sleep, tomorrow morning he has
to take his girlfriend to see the doctor, her little girl
has been coughing a lot lately. He has to pick her up at
6:30 a.m.
Jack turns on his speaker system connected to his laptop and
clicks on the play button on his youtube player on his
laptop. He's listening to one of his favorite hip hop songs
- Ice Cube - What You Gonna Do Feat T.I. & Lil Wayne.
Youtube url link -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6tXXh-5Uak His fresh out of
the shower, dressed and needs a shave. The song starts and
he goes in the restroom to shave while the song is playing.
He puts on the shaving creme, starts to shave and finishes
shaving quickly. He brushes his teeth and rinses his mouth
with mouthwash. He's out of the restroom, the songs is just
about to be over and he turns off the speaker system, the
browser and laptop and is headed out to the attached garage
where he has his car already turned on with his remote
control and pushes the button to the automatic garage door.
      (Feeling good)
Alright, let's do this.
Song starts playing - Ice Cube Ft L.A & Krayzie Bone -
Street Life 2011. Youtube url link -
Jack gets into his car (a Rolls Royce Corniche IV
Convertible) turns it on, puts on his seat belt, checks the
mirrors and he's off to the freeway. The song playing fades
into his car as he drives off. Before the first verse of
the song, Jack turns up the volume on his stereo and
continues driving. He reflects upon himself that he just
got out of his shower, is clean-shaved and his hair is
combed slick-back and plus he's all dressed up in clean
attire. He is headed down the freeway and driving his car
with the top down and smoking a Romeo & Julieta Cuban Cigar
and is feeling as good as can be though the money has him
holding on to a mean behavior. He's contempt that he used
all of his Employee Stock Ownership Plan - $100,000.00 worth
of stock shares when he got fired from his last job and
decided to roll the dice and he turned those $100,000.00 to
$1,000,000.00 in 3 weeks and then turned his $1,000,000.00
to a little more than $5,000,000.00 trading foreign currency
on his Forex account 3 weeks after that and thanks to the


for some research and examination he did it all by using a
Forex Auto-trading robot that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week; he can't help but just to remember how he did it. He
bought a house and now wants to put something new in his
driveway so he's going to buy a new car.
The song is over.
The youngster is driving down the 5 N. freeway, right
between the 710 N. junction and the 101 N. junction and
makes two lane changes. He is surprised to see that he is
about to pass up Jack (whom is not aware that the
youngster's going to pass him by) because he hasn't seen him
since he last got fired when they used to work together. His
chin is raised up high because he can barely see over the
dashboard of the truck and he is trying to intimidate Jack
at the same time.
Jack recognizes the youngster as he passes him by on the
Jack remembers the look that the youngster had on his face
when he looked at him on his way out of the building at his
ex job on the day that he got fired; especially after the
youngster thought it was funny to see him leaving the work
premises and winked an eye at him and then was told, "you're
greedy" by the youngster when he was already out the door
Look at this guy.
Jack drives for about a minute and now all the traffic that
was in front of him is behind him, but, the youngster is
still directly in front of him and the freeway is clear of
other traffic.
The youngster begins to slow down, he takes his foot off the
Jack who is directly behind the youngster and is now annoyed
at his slow driving and how he is driving the truck with the
front end up high and the back end almost scraping the
pavement plus he didn't like the youngster's chin-up-high
He lets out a loud laugh.
Jack quickly accelerates to about 80 miles an hour and
rear-ends the Toyota hard, knocking the cigarette off the
Youngster's ear. He keeps pushing the Toyota as it's tires
are screeching and skidding on the pavement. Finally, the
Toyota comes to a halt and also the Rolls Royce, Jack gets
out of the car and walks towards the driver of the Toyota
who also steps out wondering what in the world was going on.
But, before the Youngster could tell Jack anything, Jack
looks at him in the eyes.


                       JACK (Contempt)
      (Laughs loudly)
Ha ha ha!
Jack walks away letting the Youngster know that it was funny
to him and completely intentional. Not worried, walks back
to his Rolls Royce while the Youngster is rubbing the back
of his neck, Opens the door, reaches into his center console
and grabs a bundle of $100 dollar bills. Closes the door,
walks a little towards the youngster and tosses it to the
      (A little mean)
It's not good for man to be alone.
Jack gets back into his Rolls Royce not worrying about the
damage done to his car and drives off feeling good about
                       YOUNGSTER (Angry)
      (Yells at Jack as
       Jack drives off
       trying to get
       attention on Jack)
You're greedy!
Looks at his car and nods his head
disappointed because it's totaled
even though he has money in his
An OG gangster yells at Jack in the background. He was
closely watching and following the youngster on the freeway
from a far away distance along with a passenger using his
binoculars. He was a close friend of the owner of the
stolen truck the youngster is driving and wanted to get some
revenge for his friend. As they saw the accident, they
pulled over on the side of the freeway.
                       OG GANG MEMBER (Happy about the accident)
      (Very loud)
I love you homeboy!
The youngster doesn't know what to do, he is just standing
there and the traffic begins to build. He acknowledges he's
running from the law now and he can't drive the truck
anymore, he goes inside the truck, but, the truck won't
Not far behind, there's a Highway Patrol car approaching the
stalled truck parks behind it directing the traffic to go
around them.
The youngster is surprised to see the officer who is now
standing by the truck's opened door. The police doesn't
even suspect that the truck is the one that was stolen, the
youngster had put pinstripes and stickers on the truck to
change the appearance of the truck and it's license plate.


                       HIGHWAY PATROL
      (Trying to be of
Good morning, do you need help,
are you hurt?
      (Smooth talking)
No, I'm alright. I got rear-ended
by some guy and he took off.
The youngster steps out of the truck and walks to the back
of the truck and is trying to look for somewhere to run and
hide before the officer catches on and arrests him.
The officer follows close behind now looking at the truck's
The youngster sees his chance to run and he takes it. He
jumps over the center divider on the freeway and crosses the
freeway as quick as he can.
                       HIGHWAY PATROL
Hey, wait a minute!
The youngster keeps running while the officer is calling for
back up finally realizing that the truck happens to be the
stolen black truck of a murder victim that happened last
The youngster sees an small RV trailer that has a window a
little bit opened. He forces the window opened the crawls
in. He closes the window and is now hiding.
Not too far from there and on the freeway Jack sees an AMBER
ALERT for a armed teen murder suspect driving a stolen black
1991 Toyota.
                       JACK (Surprised and laughing out loud for a short moment)
      (Talking to
       himself and
       referring to the
Say hi to Bubba.
Song starts to play - Tommy Gunn ft. Ya Boy - Not Fair
Youtube url link -
We see different places, tall buildings and skyscrapers on
the left and right of the freeway on the way to the
dealership Jack is going to.
                       JACK (Still on the freeway)
      (Comtempt with his
       plans to buy a
       new car)
Jack's still driving down the
freeway and is now close to his
exit. He is going to the Prestige
Rolls Royce dealership in Beverly
Hills. He's got his heart focused
on a White Rolls Royce Ghost 2011.
He sees his exit and makes his


                       JACK (cont'd)
lane change.
      (Getting out of
       his car)
Singing in a mild voice, "You know
it's not fair..." (verse from -
"Not Fair" by Ya Boy) as he steps
out of his car and shuts the door.
Jack turns around facing the Rolls Royce cars that are for
sale and takes off his dark glasses.
                       JACK (Pleased at what he sees)
Mark notices Jack and remembers talking to him a couple of
days ago while Jack was car shopping at the dealership.
                       MARK (As he approaches Jack)
Hey Jack! Welcome to Prestige
Rolls Royce, how are you doing
today Sir?
                       JACK (Before shaking Mark's hand)
Cornelius! What's happening my
Jack shakes Marks hand.
      (Feeling down)
It's Mark man.
                       MARK (Not worried about Jack's kidding around)
      (Serious but
So you came back. I'm guessing
you still want to buy yourself a
car huh? Which one you want Jack?
You're the man.
Well, after car shopping and
picking the right price, I'm
considering for me the White
Rolls Royce Ghost 2011 on the
condition that you take my car as
a trade-in. You already did a
credit check on me and you saw
that my credit is spic-and-span.
Now what do you say, I already
took the car out for a test-drive
and all that and I find it an


                       JACK (cont'd)
interesting buy? What is it going
to take for me to take that car
Well, I would first have to check
the Kelley blue book for your car
and see how much that will be. For
that I'll need your mileage and
the year of your car, and the
engine size.
Well let's check it out
Jack goes to his car and check the mileage on the odometer
and gets the information for the Sales Rep. as requested.
      (Happy he might be
       looking at a sale)
Show me the biscuits!
I have 39,114 miles on the
odometer and it's a V8 automatic
Mark quickly writes down the mileage and the rest of the
information and looks at Jack.
You tha man. You can come into my
office while I check this out for
you, it won't take long. Please
keep in mind that your car has
some damage done to it and it's
going to lower your cars value,
I'm talking about the front
bumper. What happened anyway Jack?
Your car wasn't like that a
couple of days ago when you paid
us a visit? Mind I ask you?
      (No remorse)
It's cause, you can't see what's
      (A little confused
       but determined to
       make a sale)
Jack looks at Mark with a smile.


Well, let's see what we got.
      (Satisfied to be a
Alright! Let's see what we got.
Jack follows Mark into the Auto Dealership and into his
private office while they wait for the results.
Mark returns with the results
Alright my man! You are looking at
$100,000.00 because of the slight
fender bender the car has. What
do you say? Do you want to go on,
I can get started on the
paper-work for you at your
$100,000.00 only... How much for
the new car, can I get you to
agree on $200,000.00 flat, I'll
pay it in full?
      (Asking himself)
$200,000.00 flat and that's below
the MSRP of $245,000.00 but you're
paying it off too... Let me talk
to my Manager and see what he
says. I think we can work
something out.
Sure. I'll be right here, I won't
go anywhere.
I'll right back, Sir.
Mark heads to his Manager's office.
Sir, I have a customer who wants
to buy the White 2011 Convertible
Rolls Royce Ghost and he is
offering a trade-in worth
$100,000.00 and is willing to pay
off the remaining balance in full
Sir, his offer is $200,000.00
flat. I already checked his
credit which is immaculate sir,
what should I tell him?


      (Eager to make the
What is the MSRP?
      (Quick response)
Well, his credit is good, his
offer is decent. Sold.
Thank you Sir, I'll go talk to him
right away.
Mark returns to his office to inform Jack.
      (Anxious to hear a
What did he say? Hit me with it.
Yes or yes?
Alright, I'll contact my
car-buying concierge service
agent. He's already been paid the
fee and he says he can be here
before dark. He's driving the new
car to my house, I'll sign the
papers and he's also bringing a
buddy with him to drive my
trade-in back here from my house
as well. Meanwhile, I have some
important things to do and have to
go now. It's been a pleasure
doing business with you. Take
No problem, and Jack,
      (Happy and
       pointing at Mark)
Thank you. You tha man.
They shake hands.
Jack takes a look at his Corniche before getting back in it.


                       JACK (Talking to his car)
      (A little sad)
I'm going to miss you buddy. Sorry
about the wreck.
Jack gets into his car and just when he is about to leave he
gets a call to his cellular phone, it's the concierge
service agent.
Hello Jack is that you? It's me
Tim from the car buying service,
what do you want me to do? Do you
still want that car?
Yes it's me Tim. I absolutely got
to have that car. I want that car
so bad I actually came to see the
car today.
Yes Jack. But you know, you
didn't have to go, I could've
taken care of taking the car to
your house and the paperwork for
you to sign and it's a done deal
you know?
Yes, but, you know how it is when
you really want something. Plus,
I had some extra time this
morning. I want you to go to
Rolls Royce of Beverly Hills and
let them know that you're there on
my behalf. Ask for Mark he is
waiting to here from you.
No problem Jack. I'm on my way
and leaving my office with my
partner. I'll see you at your
house Jack.
Alright, be careful with that
Jack hangs up on Tim, looks at the 2011 Convertible Rolls
Royce Ghost again before leaving and is headed home anxious
to get his new car.
Jack closes the roof of his car and turns on the air
conditioning and is now on his way to the freeway entrance.
Jack's attention is caught by a billboard on the freeway.
The billboard sign reads: Hollywood Nightclub - People Like
Us. Hottest Nightclub - Free drinks after 10:00 p.m. -
Ladies in FREE - Dress to impress. Hottest music and light
show.It has a picture of the Three Wise Monkeys just under
the name of the club in it. Jack can't help but to laugh
out loud.


      (Laughs loudly)
Ha, ha ,ha! Oh, man.
3 and a half hours later and driving close by where the
accident happened with the youngster, there is a police
helicopter circling the area and 3 to 4 news helicopters
also circling the area plus cops are on both sides of the
freeway, highway patrol, sheriffs, undercover cars, gang
unit cars, even coroner vans where in on the case. The
traffic is not so slow but there is a lot of traffic.
      (Looking at the
       truck in the
       middle of the
I reckon there has been an
Luckily, there weren't any eye witnesses that saw him on the
other side of the freeway and Jack gets passes the cop
infested area. Somehow his car wasn't even suspicious as he
passed by and also as if no one had said anything about how
the accident happened to the cops.
Jack has arrived at his home and enters it.
Home sweet home.
Jack turns on the light then walks over to the living room
table and then tosses the car keys on the table. Grabs the
television remote control and turns of the television to
channel 9 to hear what's going on with the latest news. It's
Sharon Tay and Sylvia Lopez talking about the news that's
next after the commercials.
There has been an arrest this
evening. There was a search early
this morning for a suspect wanted
for murder charges.
The youngster's ex-girlfriend is also watching the news at
home and she's feeling sad and a little angry towards the
youngster's ignorance.
That's what you get, jerk!
That's right, he was apparently
hiding inside a parked van for
hours before been caught. More
after this short break.


Jack talks towards the television.
OK. I'll go to the kitchen
meanwhile, I'll be right back.
While the commercials are on, Jack is in the kitchen and
opens up the refrigerator door. He grabs a piece of cold
pizza and a bottle of Gatorade.
You're coming with me.
Jack closes the refrigerator door and goes back to the
living room as the commercials are almost over.
      (Very tired)
Oh, my favorite chair.
Jack reclines on his Lazy Boy chair and extends the bottom
of the chair to rest his feet as the news continues.
At about 8 a.m. this Saturday
morning, an Amber Alert was put on
the freeway and the suspect might
of been spotted and gotten into an
accident which then forced him to
flee on foot. Police are still
combing the surrounding areas
around the freeway where the
incident happened for a possible
gun that might have been used to
commit a murder the day before in
the city of Los Angeles. He was
considered armed and very
dangerous. Police searched for
more than two hours until they
brought the K-9 unit.
They later discovered that the
suspect was hiding in a small rv
trailer after police discovered a
broken window on the rv trailer.
The suspect in his early 20's
refused to come out and surrender
for a while, but, he has now
surrendered and has already been
arrested on murder and grand theft
charges. There was also a large
amount of money found inside the
rv trailer. The owners say the
money doesn't belong to them and
don't want to press charges for
the broken window despite being
disappointed. We've also been
informed that there has not been
any weapon found at this moment so
far. Here's some live coverage


                       SHARON (cont'd)
recorded earlier by our ground
camera crew prior to the arrest.
The suspect is seen exiting the rv trailer and has his hands
      (Acting scared)
I'm unarmed, please don't hurt me.
                       OFFICER #1
Turn around and keep your hands
The youngster does as he's told, but, he's slow to listen.
                       OFFICER # 2
Get down on the ground face-first
you slime!
The youngster's on the floor now and very quickly, he has
three officers on top of him to cuff him and arrest him.
                       OFFICER # 2
Where you going now tough guy?
Officer # 1 starts walking the youngster to his squad car
and starts to read him his rights. The police aren't so
happy about him and what he did, so the officer gives the
youngster the long version of the Miranda rights.
                       OFFICER #1
You have the right to remain
silent and refuse to answer
questions. Do you understand?
      (Acting surprised)
I was set up!
                       OFFICER #1
Anything you do say may be used
against you in a court of law. Do
you understand?
      (Getting louder)
I was set up!
                       OFFICER #1
You have the right to consult an
attorney before speaking to the
police and to have an attorney
present during questioning now or
in the future. Do you understand?


      (Sounding a little
I'm telling you I being set up!
                       OFFICER #1
If you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be appointed for you
before any questioning if you
wish. Do you understand?
      (Almost giving up.)
Officer # 2 interrupts to address him.
                       OFFICER # 2
I would listen to your rights if I
we're you, you're only told once.
Officer # 1 stops walking him for a a couple of seconds.
                       OFFICER #1
If you decide to answer questions
now without an attorney present
you will still have the right to
stop answering at any time until
you talk to an attorney. Do you
The youngster pays attention to what's left of his rights
being told by the officer and he now acknowledges he is
caught. He admits it, he's the one.
      (Feeling dumb)
Alright, I did it, I shot him.
                       OFFICER #1
Knowing and understanding your
rights as I have explained them to
you, are you willing to answer my
questions without an attorney
The youngster stays quiet. He's out of luck.
The officer who read him his rights puts against the patrol
car and over the trunk of the car and starts to frisk him
and search his pockets for anything illegal.
      (Feeling sorry)
No Sir, I'm clean.


                       OFFICER #1
Do you have anything illegal I
should know of? Drugs,
paraphernalia or switch blades?
Officer #2 approaches the youngster as Officer #1 finishes
checking the youngster's pockets.
                       OFFICER # 2
      (Acting like he
       already knows)
What happened earlier when you
where driving down the freeway? Do
you have anything you would want
to say?
The youngster remembers getting rear-ended by Jack just
before a Highway Patrol car was driving down the same
freeway too and stopped to see if anyone was hurt and the
youngster took off running.
                       OFFICER # 2
      (Talking honest)
We know all about you and what
you've been up to. We caught you
Officer #1 attempts to put the youngster into the squad car,
but, the youngster starts to resist him as he starts
remembering realizing that his arrest started all because
Jack crashed into him.
      (Almost crying and
       very angry toward
       Jack as he is
       being placed into
       the patrol car
       and looking into
       the news camera
       that's recording
       the live coverage)
You're greedy!
Officer #1 closes the door to his patrol car as the
youngster starts to throw a fit.
The live coverage recording is over.
Jack winks his eye at the youngster.
Jack is in the living room waiting to hear the weather
      (Feeling good)
It looks like it's going to be a
nice evening this afternoon.
Evelyn Taft has all the latest
news on the forecast. Evelyn.


      (Good mood)
That's right, we have a lovely
evening this afternoon. Take a
look at the radar right now, we
have some clouds a little bit of
wind. Earlier today, got up to 71
degrees. There will temperatures
in the 60's and 70's for the next
three days and a little warmer
getting close to the weekend.
Expect warm beaches if you're
planing to go to
The weather forecast gets interrupted by the doorbell. Jack
turns off the television and gets up to answer the door.
It's Tim and his partner. They are delivering the new car
and picking up the trade in.
Hey, come on in. Where do I sign?
Tim and his partner step inside Jack's house. Jack closes
the door.
Can I help you guys with something
to drink?
No thanks, we don't drink on the
job. Here is the paperwork I need
you to sign for me.
Tim opens up his brief case and takes out 4 pieces of paper
on the contract for the sale for Jack to sign.
OK, let's see here.
Jack signs them quickly and hands them over to Tim.
Thank you Sir. I appreciate it.
Tim puts the papers back into his brief case and closes it
back up. Shakes Jack's hand and hands him over the keys to
his brand new car.
Here are the keys to your new
baby. All I need from you now is
the keys to the trade in. If you
need to get anything down please
go right ahead before I take it.


      (Not worried)
No problem. I already took all my
stuff down. Here are the keys.
Jack hands Tim the keys to the trade in.
      (Finishes off the
Alright! We gotta go now. Take
care of your baby.
You bet and thanks again.
See you.
Take care.
Jack closes the door. He goes to his computer to check on
his forex account and see if there were any good results for
the day.
Alright, baby. Keep them coming.
Jack walks over to his bar, serves himself from a bottle of
red wine. He smells the aroma of the red wine then takes a
small drink enjoying the drink to the full extent. He then
walks over to his humidor and gets one of his Romeo &
Juliette cigars. He takes his cutters and cuts the end of
the cigar, removes the paper ring around the cigar, and puts
down the cutters. Picks up his butane lighter and lights up
his cigar. A couple puffs later and the cigar is lit up all
around. He puts down the lighter. Takes one good puff and
blows the smoke in the air. He's feeling successful and
Life is grand.
Jack smiles.
1st. song plays till the end - Ya Boy - How Low Youtube url
link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTRuLh9Jr2c
2nd. song plays till the end - Ya Boy - We Ready Youtube url
link -
"Copyright (c) 2011 This screenplaymay not be used or
reproduced without the express written permission of the


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