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The Wink
by Drury Bynum (drury@shinecreative.tv)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

Two sisters grapple over the meaning of a simple gesture.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



SUZANNE and WENDY sit near a large window. Suzanne scans the
room while Wendy rummages through her bag.
So I was like, why did you answer
my ad if you're not looking? And
he was like, I don't know, I guess
I was window shopping. And I was
like, judging from that shirt,
your mother does your shopping.
Did his mother shop for you as
Wendy looks up, deflated.
You didn't ask me how Emma's
audition went at the Douglas
Wendy returns to her bag.
Oh, the art school? Sure, how did
it go? Did she get in?
We're still waiting for the
official notification.
Wendy is holding a small mirror, arranging her bangs.
Official notification? Is there an
unofficial notification?
Perhaps what?


Well, something rather untoward
happened during the audition. At
least, it sounded untoward when
Emma told me about it.
Wait, you weren't there for the
They don't allow parents into the
Oh, my God. That is creepy. So you
left your nine-year-old alone with
some slimy old art guy?
How did you know he was a he?
Because I've heard about these art
schools. It's just a bunch of old,
gross men drooling over naked
It's an Atelier. It's where
children apprentice under a
master. They're very common in
Oh I bet they are. And this is
where our little Emma is going to
When I asked her how the audition
went, she said "It was weird."
Jesus Christ. What happened?
That's what I said. I asked her if
she had shown her portfolio. Oh,
it was precious, all covered in
denim, with a pocket sewn on the
front where she kept her brushes
and -


Get to the point.
Then I asked her if she had
recited the cultural philosophy of
the school.
Philosophy? In middle school? What
One, respect for self and others
is the cornerstone to growth and
Uh huh.
Two, challenging expectations
leads to excellence.
Sounds good.
Three, educational opportunities
extend beyond the classroom.
                       WENDY (Gasping)
She said yes. She had recited the
philosophy. So I asked her what
had gone wrong. And it took her a
while to answer. You can imagine,
I was becoming quite concerned at
this point. She said, "No Mommy, I
did everything right. You would
have been proud. But at the end of
the interview, he.."
Wendy leans in.
He winked at her.


She said that? That he winked at
Suzanne nods.
Oh my God.
I don't know what to make of it.
Should I do something? Am I
blowing this out of proportion?
We must do something. Men can't
just go around winking at little
girls. Not my little Emma. How
inappropriate. How disgusting.
But, what if it was a sign?
Its a sign that this guy is a
No, I mean, what if he was trying
to say something else?
Like what?
They're not allowed to give any
indication of how well you perform
in the audition. It's not fair to
the other applicants. But I think
he was trying to tell her that she
was accepted without, you know,
saying it.
Oh, that's the unofficial
notification? A wink? How sick!
We're going to bury this fucker.
Well, Wendy. Now is our chance.
What do you mean?


                       SUZANNE (Cont.)
      (Points across the
That's him.
Wendy turns and spots SAM, sitting in the back of the cafe,
wearing big headphones. She turns back to Suzanne. Suzanne
Oh my God. He's cute!
Suzanne rolls her eyes. The two get up and walk over to
Sam's table.
Excuse us. Excuse us!
Wendy removes the headphones from Sam's head.
Excuse me?
I'm sorry. Hi. I'm Suzanne
Merriwhether and this is my
sister, Wendy Schmidt.
Merriwether and Schmidt. Sounds a
buddy movie. Good cop, bad cop.
I'm the bad cop.
Let's hope so. Sam Daly, nice to
meet you.
Wendy smiles. The two women sit across the table from Sam.
                       SUZANNE (To Sam)
I know you probably get approached
by crazy parents all the time.
Nah, never.
My daughter, Emma, just auditioned
at Douglas.


Oh, right. I remember her, along
with the other 387 applicants.
Wendy giggles. Suzanne glares at Wendy. Wendy is looking at
Sam. Sam winks at her. This pleases Wendy.
It's just that my daughter really
wants to get in to your school.
She adores the old masters. She
spent weeks working on her
portfolio case. She learned to
sew. I helped her pick out fonts.
Wait. She was the one with the
denim portfolio?
Yes! And on the front there was a
little -
A little pocket where she had her
pens & pencils?
And brushes, Yes.
She made up her own art movement.
Ahh, what did she call it?
Proto Rococco.
Proto Rococco! That's it. I love
it. Wow. Where did she come up
with that? Come on, you helped
No, I promise. I mean, I encourage
her, of course, but all the ideas,
all the artwork is hers. Totally.
Well, she gets a lot of her
artistic inspiration from me. I'm
a bit of a free spirit.


Sam & Suzanne look at Wendy as if they'd forgotten she was
Jesus, you know what? I've got a
class starting in 5 minutes.
Sam starts packing up his stuff. Suzanne looks at Wendy,
                       WENDY (Silently shouting)
Ask him!
So, Sam. How did she do? Is my
daughter going to Douglas next
Out of respect to the other
applicants I'm not allowed to say.
But if there's anything else you
need, don't hesitate to call me.
Sam hands a business card to Suzanne, winking at her.
Suzanne is elated. Wendy fumes. He then hands a card to
Wendy. She takes the card and begins writing on the back of
You ladies have a great day. We'll
be posting the results of the
auditions in a couple weeks.
Sam & Suzanne shake hands. He then extends his hand to
Wendy. She hands back the card. The two women exit the cafe.
Sam turns the card over. "The little bitch cheated. Call me.
410 877-3473"


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