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by Nate Walstrom (natewalstrom@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This short 15 minute film is currently being filmed by a couple high school students, Nate Walstrom and Dillon Kangas, for their first hour video production class, we only have one camera to shoot this so it's not going to be a crazy film, will look very home made but we will try our best to make this as realistic as possible, by the way this is our first script we have ever made, Scene headings more sound like book chapters. The short film is about a kid that got beat on by four high school football players one night and got killed by them, but they didn't know he died, so they kept going on about their business. Dillon, the good kid that usually is against what his other three friends do and is always trying to stop them, takes on the kids personality and becomes schizophrenic, but no one finds that out till the very end of the film. The kid that they killed was a crazy kid that had no home and was abandoned by his parents in a abandoned warehouse a long time ago. So Dillon's other half, or Kyle, goes out and gets revenge on the teenagers.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Camera shot shows front point of view of warehouse from
Camera shot shows down sidewalk, showing Dillon walking
along the sidewalk towards camera
Camera shot shows a close up on the Dillon face turning
towards the warehouse
camera shot shows front of Dillon in a full body shot as he
is looking at the warehouse
Over the shoulder shot looking towards warehouse
Camera does an over the shoulder shot, then pans forward
towards the warehouse then goes inside the warehouse
Camera pans around the warehouse then enters a room, Kyle
sits in the corner staring down, camera focuses on him, his
hair covers his face, almost looks depressed, sad
Camera pans in a rewind, goes out of the room, out of the
warehouse, all in backwards motion, then back into the good
kid as if it was going back into his point of view
Camera goes back to the full body shot of Dillon, then
Dillon walks off as the camera pans him walking down the
sidewalk then off scene
Camera shows 2 weeks earlier
Camera shows TV eye point of view and shows all four kids,
James, Matt, Bryce, and others sitting on a couch in James's
home, they are all watching the news channel, (as it's being
heard in the background) a broadcast about mutilated animals
around the old warehouse in their town is on, James begins
to speak
Camera does an upper body shot on James
I knew that stupid kid would start
causing problems around here, now
we have the news channels
broadcasting that crap hole.
Camera shows side view from left side of the couch, showing
everyone but at a slight slant
Right? The news should be coming
here to broadcast our football
team, not a bunch of dead animals


                       BRYCE (cont'd)
around a building no one cares
Camera shows side view from right side of the couch, showing
everyone but at a slight slant
That kids really going to get it
now, I mean hey if we can kick the
crap out of him maybe he'll stop
mutilating all those animals and
we can get our shot in the spot
face shot of the good kid
      (frustrated, sad)
I don't know, you guys it could
really get us in a lot of trouble,
and I mean a lot of trouble.
front point of view shot, showing everyone
Everyone nods there heads as if they were saying what? Are
you kidding me?
What trouble! No one even knows
this kid exists, screw him, I
honestly could care less, that's
all I am worried about is getting
that spot light, eh guys?
Face shot of Bryce
Hell yeah! I think I am going to
get the spot light way before you
Matt is laughing as James and Bryce start wrestling
Face shot of Matt while he is laughing

Then front point of view shot on James and Bryce wrestling
to the ground
You wish man, I could kick your
ass, you would never have a shot.
Camera goes onto Matt with a full body slant shot of him
sitting on the couch


      (still laughing)
Come on guys lets go take a ride
past that freak building and check
it out
Matt gets up and walks towards the door
Camera goes back onto the guys wrestling

Bryce gets James into a headlock and James taps out

then Bryce speaks
yeah lets go, maybe we can find
that kid
Camera is at a full body shot of bryce and james, they get
up, then the camera pans around them and sets up a shot
behind them
Then everyone walks off scene
Camera shows the front of the warehouse for a couple seconds
camera shows empty street, then a car pulls around the
corner, its the guys
The car pans across the camera then switches to there point
of view in the car
Bryce is driving, James is passenger, Matt sits behind
James, and Dillon sits next to him
Camera does face shot of Bryce
well here we are boys, welcome to
freak town
Camera does face shot of James
this place really does look
terrible, I am surprised the news
people aren't still here
Camera does face shot of Matt
Dude maybe we can get inside and
mess the place up
Camera does face shot of James


The place is already messed up, I
don't think we could honestly do
much more to it
Camera does face shot of Bryce
yeah we really couldn't, with our
luck we would probably fall right
through the floor
Camera does a face shot of Matt
yeah your right, probably
shouldn't take the chance
Camera goes outside and shoots the car going into the
parking lot and parking
Camera shows Dillon's face from the inside of the car
turning his head and looking out the window of the car

then camera shows his face outside of the car looking out

then camera shows his point of view looking at the warehouse
Camera shows outside of the car and everyone gets out
Camera pans everyone walking across the street
Camera shows them walking along the warehouse from a front
point of view

Camera shows them walking along the warehouse from a back
point of view
Camera shows james's face then he speaks
Keep a look out for any of the
dead animals, I am pretty sure
they got it all cleared out but
you never know if they forget one
or two
We have a dead one over here!
I really don't want to see that...
What kind of animal?


It's a squirrel, it's guts are
hanging out
All kids start walking towards dead animal then camera
switches views and shows someones eye point of view looking
out the window of the warehouse down at the kids
Camera shows back to the kids point of view on the dead
animal as they are talking in the background
wow that smell!
Yes it's horrifying! That thing is
ripped to pieces
Camera goes back to James's face, James speaks
Lets go take a look at the other
side of the building
Everyone agrees
Camera pans along side the kids walking along the warehouse
Camera shows dillon's face then a sound is heard off to the
side, no one else but dillon hears the sound, he stops as
the others keep walking, no one else notices that he stops
Camera does a low shot looking up past kyles head and
shoulders, almost like a shoulder shot looking up towards
the window
      (says to himself)
hmm what was that?
Camera shows back at the persons point of view looking out
the window at dillon, slightly closes the shades to give it
a creepy feel
Camera shows Dillon from behind, he's still looking up, but
then notices the guys are starting to get ahead, looks
forwards then starts running towards the guys
hey guys! Wait up!
Camera does a pan as he's running along the side of the
building, then trips on something
Camera shows what he trips on, it's a animal carcass ripped
open with a small blade next to it, the blade has blood on
it, almost looks like someone did it themselves
Camera looks at Dillon's face


hey you guys! We need to get out
of here
Camera does a full body shot on dillon looking down at the
carcass, the guys are running towards him in the background
Camera points at James's face
      (worried like)
what the hells going on over here?
Everyone looks down at the carcass
maybe Dillons right we should get
out of here
Camera shows everyone together
Matt starts to walk off back towards the car, then Bryce,
Then Dillon, James stays behind
what are you guys scared?!
Camera just shows James now turning towards the warehouse
and yelling out
bring it on you piece of crap! You
got nothing on me, I'll kill you!
Let's go!
Camera shows front shot of James (away from warehouse)
showing the others in the background walking back to the car
      (in a hurry)
Come on dude lets go! I'll leave
without you
Camera goes back to the person in the windows point of view,
a finger comes across the screen and he puts a blood x on
the window showing over James
Camera goes back onto James
psh, whatever, I'll be back you
piece of crap
Camera shows James running back to the car, gets inside then
they drive off scene
Camera shows warehouse then fades out


Camera pans around warehouse then into basement
Kyle appears around the corner, he is standing by a work
bench table, camera is showing behind him, not showing his
Camera pans around him, now slightly showing his face
Kyle slams his fists down onto the table and yells out
Camera closes up onto kyle's face, he is very angry and wide
eyed (freaking out like)
his face fades/transitions into flashbacks of him getting
beat by the guys, football players
Camera goes back to his face, he looks more angry then
                       PSYCHOPATH KID
      (pissed off)

Slams fists on the table
Camera shows is fists tightened against the table
Camera shows kyle's face again

words whispering kill him, rings through his head
                       PSYCHOPATH KID
ugh! Get out of my mind!
whispering stops

Camera points at kyle's face, he begins an evil smile
Camera shows him from behind again

Camera shows above him then pans as Kyle leaves the room
Camera is inside of Bryce's car
Camera goes on Bryce
good game tonight man, to bad we
couldn't pull it off there at the
Camera goes on Matt
it's Dillon's fault, the kid can't
even catch the ball right


Camera goes on Dillon
psh oh whatever maybe if you would
give our QB James over here more
time to throw it to me I'd get a
chance to catch the damn thing
Everyone laughs
Camera does side angle of Bryce, then of James
Alright c ya guys later
Camera from the inside shows James getting out of the car
then Camera shows outside of the car and James walking to
the outside of the road
James waves as the car is taking off, from a behind view

Then pans around him walking along the side of the road
James notices that city park would be a short cut to his
house so he takes it
Camera goes along side of James as he is walking along

Showing the playground and etc behind him (or side of him)
As the camera passes along the playground, the audience will
notice a kid dressed in all black swinging on the swings
Camera does a close up shot of the kid swinging on the
      (worried like)
woah did not see him there, what's
he going to do, just some little
Camera shows back on James noticing the kid on the swings,
he stops and looks for 2 seconds but doesn't think much of
it and then moves on
Camera angle shows back to the swings to notice that the kid
is gone, but the swing still swings
Camera angle shows almost a over the shoulder shot to notice
that the kid is standing creepy like in a street light afar
down the road
Camera pans around him while James is stopped in place
      (creeped out)
what the hell?!
Camera goes back to a over the shoulder shot and the kid is


Camera does a full front body shot of James looking towards
the camera scared about where the kid went

then camera notices that he is down the street under a light
behind him
James turns around and speaks
Oh crap
James begins to run away

Camera pans him from the side running
whispering goes through his head as he is running, person
talking to him is Kyle
                       KYLE'S WHISPERS
Don't run from your fears
watch out
watch out
behind you
James runs towards the woods, his house was on the other
side of the woods
Camera pans the side of james running through the woods
Camera sows back of kyle chasing james, walking fast
James trips, camera shows from behind getting closer to him,
creating suspense
James gets up runs for about another 8 steps and turns
around to notice kyle is not there anymore
He keeps looking in the same direction and starts backing up
slowly, camera shows him from behind backing up

Then he turns around and shows a scared face
Camera shows side view of kyle and James face to face
                       PSYCHOPATH KID
It's you! What do you want from
                       PSYCHOPATH KID
      (creepy like)
James gets up and starts to run again back the way he came
from, camera shows a side view of him running along
James hides by a bush of trees and lays low, breathing
heavily, scared for his life


                       KYLE'S WHISPERS
Don't hide from your fears
watch out
watch out
Camera does a full body shot of James crouched down grabbing
his head and saying
get out of my head! you bastard!
                       KYLE'S WHISPERS
watch out
watch out
behind you!
Camera shows a stick going through james back and out his
stomach, blood will be placed, lots of blood
Camera shows James slowly dying and fading away
Camera shows kyle walking up to his body, they go eye to
eye, you cant see kyles face but you should get the feeling
that kyle is staring down at him, kyle laughs
James dies
Camera shows James dead and scene fades off with kyles
Camera shows front of the skatepark
Camera shows Matt, Bryce, and Dillon pull up (Bryce's car)
The three guys get out of the car and stretch a little bit
Where's James you guys?
      (just finishing
I really don't know, usually he
lets me know ahead of time if he's
coming to the park or not
      (walking up to the
I am sure he will show up
eventually and say his phone was
broken or something


      (walking up to the
yeah guys lets just skate
All the guys skate into the park and ride around
Camera will get a couple shots of each person riding around
and showing just the skateboards
Camera shows Matt and Dillon standing along the fence, Bryce
rides up to them and stands next to em
Well he's missing a good day
yeah he is
Where do you think he could be? I
haven't talked to him at all since
yesterday night
now I think about it, he left me a
weird message last night, from his
What did he say?
It wasn't him, or well I'm not
sure really, it was just a minute
of creepy laughing, I thought it
was just him messing around with
me like he always does, I couldn't
get to my phone at the time he
called because it was dead and I
forgot to plug it in when I got
Camera goes back into a flashback, shows half of James's
body and his hand and the phone shows sending voice mail to
Matt, Kyle laughs in the background, flashback fades out
Camera shows all three of the guys standing along the fence,
kyle appears in the far background of the shot, camera goes
onto Bryce
I don't know, let's go chill at
the park for a bit, then later we
will swing by his place see what
he's up to
Camera shows all three of them again, Kyle is gone from the
background, all three guys walk out of the skate park and
start riding through the driveway part by the civic center,
camera shows them riding along until they get to the very


When they get to the end they got off their boards and start
walking along but Dillon stops to notice there is someone
standing at the outer edge of the woods
hey guys, who is that?
It looks like James kind of
      (yells out)
hey James! Where you been man!
      (yells out)
hey come over here!
Camera shows James walking back into the woods slowly and
creepy like, he disappears
      (yells out)
Hey James wait up!
Camera shows Bryce starting to jog after James
Come on guys lets go see what
James is up to!
Camera shows Matt starting to run with Bryce, Camera goes on
      (says to himself)
there is really something going on
here, he didn't look right at all
Bryce, Matt, and Dillon all run together towards the woods,
Camera pans with them as there running, then camera shows
them from a distance entering the dark woods, they disappear
Camera shows the kids point of view walking through the
woods, then panning along with them as they speak
      (yells out)
hey James! Where you at dude!
They all continue to yell out James's name after Bryce as
they walk deeper and deeper into the woods
                       KYLE'S WHISPERS
Over here!
Did you guys hear that?
I don't think that was James


It came from over here
Camera shows the guys taking a different path and going
towards where they thought they heard James yell back to
Bryce is walking fast towards the noise going through trees
and branches, Matt follows behind him, Dillon follows behind
      (slapping around)
god these mosquito's get worse and
worse every step we take
Yeah its getting rediculous
Bryce gets ahead of the guys leaving matt and dillon behind
10 feet or so
Camera shows that Bryce has stopped and kneeled down on the
Camera shows Matt's point of view walking towards Bryce then
looking over Bryce to see James body laying against a tree,
he is very bloody, torn apart like someone ate a part of
him, there's not much of him left
      (cries out)
What the hell! James!
Bryce is to shocked to speak, he is wide eyed and horrified
Dillon sees the body and looks away right away to the side
and notices in the distance a kid dressed in all black
looking down (Kyle), Dillon blinks and Kyle disapears
Camera pans out the kids sitting down next to James from the
sky and fades out the scene
Camera shows Bryce pacing back and forth in his living room
as Matt and Dillon sit on his couch just hunched over
Who the hell would do something so
crule! I will never understand
He was so mutilated, we should
have gave him a ride all the way
home, even if he didn't want it we
should have forced him to


There's nothing we could have done
Matt, how were we suppose to know
that this was going to happen?
God only knows who did this, I
wish he would tell me so
I can kill the guy myself, ugh
There's nothing we can do guys
Bryce sits down next to Dillon and Matt, then then news goes
on and the story is about James Halford, a strong marine
football QB and a good student, was murdered last night in
City Park, it is strongly suggested that kids stay indoors
during after hours
I wish we could find some way to
catch the guy
Even if we could we should
probably just let the police
figure this one out, I'm not
taking any chances ending up like
ya know, I think I seen someone
there when we discovered James's
body, but he disappeared, but I
felt like he was watching us, like
it was all planned
now I think about it, it really
looked like that kid from that
abandoned warehouse that you guys
used to pick on all the time
Oh Dillon shut the hell up, I am
pretty sure you didn't see him,
the pussy never even leaves that
warehouse to begin with
Yeah Bryce is right, don't be
stupid Dillon
The guys pause for a little bit then Bryce speaks
Do you guys need a ride home
Yeah actually I could use one,
Dillon you only live down the road
don't you?


Yeah just a couple blocks down, I
think I'll walk today,I'll talk to
you guys later
Everyone says their goodbyes, Dillon leaves, then Matt and
Bryce take off in Bryces car leaving the scene
Camera shows from inside of the car showing Bryce, we thin
he is by himself, but the car stops and pans over to Matt
getting out of the car
Alright thanks for the ride dude,
see you tomorrow I'm sure
okay see you later man, take it
Camera shows the outside of Bryce's car showing Matt walking
away out of scene
Camera stays on the outside of the car as Bryce drives away
Camera goes back inside of the car showing Bryce turning
onto the street
Bryce then turns on the radio and it gets played in the
background louder and louder
Camera shoots a couple angles from inside the car, and some
panning the car outside
Then camera does a over the shoulder shot showing more of
the road, then that's when Kyle appears in Bryce's
headlights and startles Bryce
What the hell!
Bryce steps off the gas and steers hard left, as he steers
the camera angle shows just Bryce, he stops hard then slams
his head against the steering wheel
As soon as Bryce hits his head and stops, the Camera
switches to the outside and pans around the car, not showing
what he ran into, pans around till you see him laying his
head on the steering wheel
Camera goes back into the car and shows Bryce starting to
sit up slowly
      (hurt, weak)
ughh my head, ugh god dammiit my


Camera shows angle of Bryce sitting all the way up holding
his head and crying out in pain, he puts his hands to his
side then opens his eyes and looks into the mirror
Camera shows a over the shoulder shot looking into to the
mirror to see Kyle is in the backseat
Camera shows Bryce freaking out then getting out of the car
Camera shows Bryce from the outside crawling out of the car
and crawling away slowly, he is heavily bleeding from the
head and is screaming in pain
he keeps crawling staring down then sees feet, he slowly
looks up and you cant see Kyle's face because it's so dark
Who are you?!
                       PSYCHOPATH KID
your fate and worst nightmare
Camera shows kyle holding a steel pole, he lifts up then
down right through the back of Bryce then goes out his
stomach, the poll holds Bryce in a bear crawl position and
blood leaks from the hole, last shot of the scene shows
Bryce in the bear crawl position with a pipe through him in
the street light, scene fades out
Camera shows the news from Matt's eye point of view, his
feet show somewhat, the story is about Bryce Anderson,
another victim of the unknown Marinette killer, was murdered
last night, Matts hand appears going for his cell then
camera switches onto a full body shot of Matt, he gets up
from the couch or chair and walks out of the living room to
the next room as he is calling Dillon, camera pans him as he
walks into the next room
      (freaking out)
hey Dillon! Did you watch the news
at all today? Oh you just got up?
Well dude turn it on, it's Bryce
man, he's dead
Camera shows Dillon on the phone at his house walking
towards the TV
This Can't be happening, I don't
believe you
he turns the tv on, the same story is on, the camera shows
Dillon dropping his phone and kneeling down and just staring
at the TV blank minded
Camera goes back to Matt calling out Dillon's name after a
bit of no response
Camera shows Dillons phone and you can hear Matt saying his


Camera fades out with Matt calling out Dillon's name
Camera shows Dillon just getting home from bryce's parents
house, he walks through his front door and notices that his
phone in on the kitchen table ringing, it's Matt, Dillon
picks up the phone and answers
Dillon where have you been! I have
been trying to call you all day!
Like what the hell!
Woah woah! slow down, what's going
There's heavy breathing at the other end
Matt are you okay? What's going
I think somebody is following me
man, I don't know, everytime I
feel like somebody is there I look
around and it disappears
Matt where are you?!
I am in the woods by the football
field and school, after practice I
thought I seen Bryce at the edge
of the woods so I chased him in,
something really weird is going on
Dillon, I don't think it was him
Matt you need to get out of the
woods and go back to your house,
I can't man, I'm to scared to
move, whoever it was I was chasing
led me so far into the woods I
don't know where I am anymore
Okay Matt do not move! I am going
to come find you, don't move! Ill
be right there!
Dillon hangs up and the camera goes back onto Dillon, he
drops his phone and sits down against a tree and curls up,
then a sound of branches and leaves crunching comes from
behind the tree he is sitting against, the camera angle does
a strait shot of him so you can't exactly see what's behind


him, Matt slowly lifts his head up and turns his head to the
right, then gets up and runs forward away from the noise
He runs for a little bit as the camera is panning him
running through the woods, then he trips and instantly looks
back as he's crawling backwards, then he bumps into someones
legs, the camera does a strait shot of Matt looking up, not
showing the upper body half of the person he bumped into, he
looks up, screams or yells, then a piece of plywood comes
down in front of Matt's face as if the guy smashed his face
with the plywood and knocks Matt out, then scene fades off.
Camera fades in to matt's face looking down, then he looks
up slowly as if he was waking up from being knocked out,
because he was, matt's face will be beaten up and bloody,
Matt looks around to notice no one is there, but his hands
are tied, he has a rope around his neck that is tied up on a
tree branch, and is standing on a chair
He starts to breathe hard and freak out but can't really
move, then Kyle appears in front of him
What do you want from me! Let me
go! Please let me go! You god damn
                       KYLE'S WHISPERS
you can't run from your fears
Kyle walks up to the chair or stump slowly
                       KYLE'S WHISPERS
You can't hide from your fears
No please! No! No!
Kyle kicks the chair out from under him and stands back and
watches, matt comes down on the rope and a broken neck crack
is heard, his body hangs lifeless, camera shows a behind
matt's feet swinging back and forth on and off camera, kyle
appears in the background when the body goes by twice, then
disappears after the third
Dillon pulls up to the woods in the school parking lot and
gets out, he notices Matt's trails through the woods and
follows them, eventually he finds Matt's sports jacket on
the ground, then he starts running along the trail, camera
angle pans Dillon running around as he yells out Matt's name
Matt! Where are you! Matt!


                       KYLE'S WHISPERS
Over here
Dillon notices the direction of the voice then heads towards
it, he eventually comes upon Matt hanging from the tree
He Kneels down and looks down
Hits his fists against the ground
Camera pans around him as he is somewhat freaking out then
the camera angle switches to the back of Dillon and the
camera pans slowly closer and closer
                       KYLE'S WHISPERS
Behind you
Dillon turns around, camera does a over the shoulder shot
over Dillons shoulder showing Kyle
I'm not scared of you! I'm done
running! Go ahead and do it, kill
me now!
There is a pause for a bit showing a couple different angles
What! You killed my friends, now
finish the job you freak!
                       PSYCHOPATH KID
I didn't kill your friends
Yeah I am sure you pshycopath!
Then who did?!
                       PSYCHOPATH KID
You did
What the hell you talking about! I
wouldn't kill my friends!
                       KYLE'S WHISPERS
I am a part of you
Dillon holds his head
What are you doing to me!
                       PSYCHOPATH KID
What you did, to me


What did we do to you! Huh!
Kyle slowly takes off his hood
                       PSYCHOPATH KID
You killed me
Scene goes into a flashback, showS Kyle walking back to the
warehouse in the middle of the night from killing animals,
then the guys turn the corner in their car the headlights go
over Kyle, the car stops then the kids get out (MAtt, Bryce,
James, Dillon)
Oh come on guys lets just leave
this poor kid alone
You can tell the guys have been drinking
Dillon shut up were going to kick
this kids ass
Bryce throws Kyle up against the fence then Matt, Bryce, and
James surround Kyle then start kicking and punching at him,
Kyle cries out and slowly fades, camera shows the heart part
of the chest and shows a punch slamming into his heart, Kyle
stops breathing then dies
Did you guys just kill him!
Nah he's just knocked out, lets
get out of here
the guys get back in the car and drive off, camera fades on
Kyle's dead body and fades out
Camera goes back on to Kyle
                       PSYCHOPATH KID
Remember that night! You guys
killed me! But no it wasn't the
end of me, I found a way out, I
found you, Dillon
What the hell are you talking
about! This is not making any
Camera shows Kyle walking slowly towards Dillon, then
placing his hands against Dillons head, then Dillon goes
back into flashback


Camera shows Dillon chasing James through the woods, then
stabbing the stick through his back, then walking away

Camera show Dillon getting in front of Bryce's car causing
him to crash then stabbing the pole through his back and
walking away

Camera shows Dillon above Matt knocking him out then hanging
Kyle takes his hand off Dillons head and steps back, Dillon
comes out of it and strikes backwards and slowly crawls
No! This can't be! I wouldn't do
that to my friends!
Dillon gets up and runs away, camera pans him as he is
running through the woods
                       KYLE'S WHISPERS
you can't run away from me, you
can't run from your fears
Dillon falls then stops and speaks
I can't do this anymore!
Dillon picks up a rusty knife that is found under a leaf
right next to him, he looks at the knife for a second, then
places it against his throat
Kyle appears a ways ahead, dillon stares him down as he
slowly begins to cut
                       KYLE'S WHISPERS
Dillon! Don't!
Dillon yells as he cuts further and as Kyle is getting
closer and closer

Dillon starts to notice the more he cuts the more Kyle
starts to fade as he is getting closer
Then Dillon cuts all the way through, bleeds out, then falls
to the ground dead
Kyle disappears, he vanishes into thin air, the scene fades
out as the camera pans out on Dillon's dead body
Camera shot shows front point of view of warehouse from


Camera shot shows down sidewalk, showing Dillon
walking along the sidewalk towards camera
Camera shot shows a close up on Dillon's face turning
towards the warehouse
Camera goes back to the full body shot of Dillon, then
Dillon fades into the air and disappears
scene blacks out, plays music, and shows the credits


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