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The Living Truth (ie 'Concept' Phase)
by Stephanie Sharp (stephaniecj2@juno.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Family   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A young couple pulls in to the school parking lot as they
see students in formal wear approaching the entrance to the
Daniel, senior captain of the football team, parks the car
as he looks at his girlfriend, Nicole.
Daniel and Nicole are a striking couple, both with beautiful
blue eyes and blonde curly locks of hair that perfectly
accentuate their face.
Well, are you ready for this?
      (looking at Daniel)
Sure. Why wouldn't I be?
Well then, let's go do some
The loud echo of dance music coming from inside the gym is
heard as Daniel exits the car.
As he exits the car and shuts his door, he walks around to
the other side of the car and opens Nicole's door. She then
takes his hand as he assists her out of the car.

As they walk up to the front door and enter the gym,
everyone stops to take notice. After a couple of seconds,
everyone resumes dancing.
      (looking at Nicole)
Wow, I knew you were beautiful but
I didn't know it would cause that
kind of reaction.
      (softly laughing)
Yeah, really.


Daniel is approached by one of his best friends, Richie, a
petite, young-looking classmate with thick brown hair and
big brown eyes
Hey, Man, how are you?
Daniel and Richie engage in a secret handshake, only known
among Daniel and his closest friends, that had come about
early on in elementary school.
It begins with a firm handshake, the interlocking of thumbs
as in a thumb-wrestle position, the end of thumbs touching
and then releasing with just the waving of the fingers,
ending with the pointing of the index finger at the opposite
Rich, my man. How's it going? Who
did you end up bringing?
Are you kidding me? Take a look
around. There's at least two
girls to every guy. It's open
season out there.
Daniel and Nicole start laughing.
I'll catch up with you two a
little later. It's time for to me
go hunting.
Daniel shakes his head and smiles as he leans in to Nicole.
Listen, I need to make a quick run
to the bathroom. I'll be right
back. Are you going to be okay?
Yeah, I'll be fine.
Maybe you can go find us a place
to sit. I'll be right back.
Daniel leans in to give Nicole a kiss on the cheek as he
excuses himself.


April, a tall, slender girl with long dark hair approaches
Wow, look at you two. You are
absolutely stunning.
Thanks. I can say the same for
you too. Where's John?
Oh, he's made his way over to the
DJ to put in some early requests,
so he says. I think he just went
to spike the punch bar.
April and Nicole both nudge each other and bend over with
laughter. Nicole looks up in time to see a fellow classmate
approaching them.
Timmy, a shy and somewhat timid individual with bright red
hair, freckles, large eye-glasses and a crooked smile walks
up to the girls.
Hello, ladies.
April rolls her eyes and shakes her head as Timmy looks
directly at Nicole.
I'll never know what he did to
deserve you. You are definitely
the most beautiful woman I have
ever seen.
Well, thank you, Timmy.
      (promptly bowing
       his head out of
You're very welcome. It is
definitely my pleasure.
      (looking around)
So, who are you here with?


Myself. Since you were already
taken, I figured I had no other
      (taking Timmy's
Timmy, you are a wonderful guy. I
know that you will find someone
that will love you the way you
deserve to be loved. Maybe, in
another lifetime, things could
have been different.
April busts out laughing as she looks at Nicole.
Timmy looks down at Nicole's hand and takes notice to the
So, is that just part of your
costume jewelry or is there
something else we don't know
Nicole immediately withdraws her hand.
I'm sorry. I need to go find
Daniel. I'll talk to you later.
Enjoy the prom, Timmy.
Sure. I'll see you later.
Timmy watches Nicole as she turns to leave. April
immediately follows.
Wow, you really should give that
guy a chance.
I can't see that he's all that
bad. He's a nice guy. I just
prefer to be with a guy more like


Yeah, right. You and every other
female in the world.
Both girls start laughing. April immediately steps in front
of Nicole to stop her dead in her tracks.
      (taking Nicole's
       left hand)
However, he does bring up a valid
point. What is this?
       withdrawing her
It's nothing. It's just a promise
      (looking at Nicole)
Yeah, right.
It is. He just wanted to make a
new promise to me as we tried to
start fresh.
That is some promise ring.
Nicole casually smiles as she timidly looks towards the
Daniel is seen coming out of the bathroom. As he stands in
front of the bathroom door, he takes in all of the action on
the dance floor right in front of him.
As he glances up towards the entrance of the gym, he sees an
older gentleman dressed completely in white staring in his
direction. Daniel immediately does a double take towards
the man and watches as he casually nods and turns to leave.
As in a ghostly manner, the man walks right through the
student standing behind him as he exits the gym.
Daniel's jaw drops as he immediately gasps and then stares
in that direction as in a state of shock.


He is then approached by Amber, a very recent ex-girlfriend,
who pats him on the back. Daniel immediately shakes his
head as if he had just imagined what he had seen.
Wow, you look amazing.
      (turning to
       address Amber)
Well, look at you. You look
amazing as well. Who are you here
Well, nobody in particular. At
least, not right now. Where's
      (looking around)
Oh, I don't know. She's around
here somewhere. We haven't been
here long.
Daniel and Amber stand still as they casually look at each
      (interrupting the
I, uh, guess I better go find her.
Yeah, sure. Maybe I'll see you
Yeah, maybe.
Amber grabs Daniel's arm as he attempts to walk away.
Do you think that maybe we could
share one last dance for old time
sake before the night's over?
      (shrugging his
       shoulders as he
       gently pulls away)
Yeah, sure. I don't see why not.
I just have to go find Nicole


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
right now. I'll catch you later.
      (casually smiling)
Yeah, bye.
As Daniel turns to leave, he throws a quick glance back in
the direction of where he saw the man and then runs right
into his best friend, John, a burly 18 year old with short
brown hair, who Daniel had just had a fallen out with.
      (looking at John)
Oh, excuse me.
Daniel begins to walk around John as he is abruptly stopped.
      (taking Daniel by
       the arm)
Look, Man, I don't want to do this
anymore. We have been friends for
way too long. Can we just call a
truce for now, if not for anything
else but for the girls?
      (swiftly pulling
       away from John's
Yeah, sure, whatever.
Look, I know you're dealing with a
lot right now and I'm willing to
give you time to work things out.
Just don't shut me out, okay?
Yeah, sure.
Daniel and John conduct their secret handshake.
      (looking around)
Where's Nicole? You two did come
together, didn't you?
Yeah, I need to go find her. Maybe
we can catch up with each other
later, okay?


      (nodding his head)
Yeah, I would like that.
Daniel nods his head at John and then turns to leave. John
continually shakes his head as he watches Daniel walk away.
As Daniel makes his way through the crowd, he looks to the
dance floor and sees April and Nicole standing off to the
side, swaying gently in front of each other as the soft
music plays. He then smiles as he heads off towards them.
      (looking up as
       Daniel approaches
Hey. I was wondering where you
      (dancing in sync
       with Nicole)
I'm right here.
Yeah, I see that.
April smiles as she continues to move to the beat of the
After a minute or two of Daniel, Nicole and April dancing
together, the screen goes black.
There is an unknown voice that yells out the word
'Dance-off' as a student, in his formal wear, comes on
screen. He jumps out onto the middle of the dance floor and
begins to perform a break-dance routine.
The students begin to chant and rave, clapping in sync with
the music, as they observe the dancer.
After a couple of minutes, the dancer jumps to his feet and
into the crowd as another dancer comes in behind him and
resumes the dancing technique.
As the dancing continues, John is seen doing his own style
of break-dancing as his close friends laugh and clap to the
beat of the music.


Two or Three more dancers make their way down the middle of
the crowd while showing off their dancing ability. As the
last dancer makes his way down the aisle, the DJ takes the
                       DJ (O.S.)
Can you believe that? How do
those people move like that? Okay,
let's do a complete 360 and
implement a more traditional form
of dancing with a little twist of
West Point.
The divided group of students begin to mesh on the dance
floor as the DJ continues.
                       DJ (O.S.)
Instead of musical chairs, we are
going to play musical partners.
How this is going to work is that
I am going to play a variety of
country songs and as I play the
fast, upbeat ones, move your feet
to the steps of a square dance
involving everyone on the dance
floor. When the music stops and
changes to a slow song, quickly
find another partner to slow
things down with. You can not
remain with the same partner or
dance slowly with that same person
again throughout the game. You
must quickly find that someone new
to finish out the song with.
Should you be left standing alone,
you will be eliminated from the
game and must leave the floor at
The group begins to laugh and a few of the guys even take
their bows in a joking manner as to initiate a traditional
dance with a lady.
                       DJ (O.S.)
Remember, we have captains walking
around so all cheaters will be
spotted and immediately
eliminated. Also, for those of you
who know nothing about square
dancing, just follow my lead. We
will begin with the arm-in-arm,
skipping around, square dancing


                       DJ (cont'd)
As the first song begins to play, the students start
maneuvering themselves in a square dancing method, while
laughing and yelling 'Yee-haw'.
                       DJ (O.S.)
      (in a rhyming,
       rhythmic nature)
Swing your partner round and
round, don't look down cause you
will frown. After going round and
round, switch your partner to this
The music stops as students scuffle to find another partner
before the slow song starts up. As Daniel turns around, he
is confronted by Amber who casually smiles and takes him by
the hand.

April and Richie are seen matching up as well as John and
Nicole who all die with laughter as they sway slowly to the
motion of the song playing.
As the slow dancing continues, Amber addresses Daniel.
      (whispering in his
Are you sure that you're making
the right decision?
Amber slowly withdraws as she kisses him gently on the
      (putting up his
Amber, I can't do this. I'm
sorry. I have to go.
Daniel quickly turns and exits the floor as Amber remains
still, staring in his direction.

The music immediately changes speed as a new song begins
playing and students maneuver in laughter to find another
partner. Amber, however, remains still as she becomes the
main focus of the scene, staring off in Daniel's direction.


Daniel is seen exiting the building as he sighs and places
his hands on his hips. He looks up to the sky, turns around
as if to see if anyone has followed him out and then turns
to walk off.
The students in the gym, surrounding the dance floor, come
back on screen. There are five students left on the floor.
                       DJ (O.S.)
      (music stopped)
Okay, everybody, we have got five
people left on the floor. In this
case, we will have two winning
couples. I need all remaining
individuals to stand back from
each other and quickly grab your
partner at the word go. Now get
ready, cause here we go. Go!
Nicole and Timmy are two of the five last remaining
individuals. At the word go, each student rushes to claim
his partner. Upon quickly matching up, Nicole finds herself
with Timmy as she looks up and beholds his smile.
The students start clapping for the two remaining couples as
the DJ again chimes in.
                       DJ (O.S.)
We finally have our winners. Let's
allow our remaining couples to
finish their last dance to our
last, slow song.
Everyone stands back as the two remaining couples continue
their slow dance. The focus is now placed on Timmy and
Wow. How could I have been so
I'm not sure. Just the luck of
the draw, I guess.
Are you enjoying yourself?
      (nodding her head)
Yeah, I'm having a really good


Nicole pauses as she takes a quick look around.
Have you seen Daniel lately?
      (looking up)
No, not within the 30 minutes or
Hm. Who knows?
Daniel casually makes his way back into the gym. As he looks
around, he catches sight of what is on the dance floor.
What the hell is this?
He immediately takes off towards Timmy and Nicole.
John is standing near the entrance of the gym and takes
notice to Daniel heading towards the dance floor.
Hey, where have you been?
Daniel immediately looks at John in question as he proceeds
to the dance floor.
      (sighing to
Great. Here we go.
As Daniel makes his way onto the floor, the students look on
in confusion. Daniel quickly approaches Timmy and Nicole.
      (talking to Timmy)
What do you think you're doing?
You know I don't allow geeks to
dance with my girl. Go find
somebody in your own league.


Daniel casually pushes Timmy away from Nicole and takes her
by the arm. Timmy just stands there, arms to his side, as
he looks for something to say.
What? Are you going to cry now?
Get a life.
The DJ catches wind and tries to control the situation as he
immediately stops the music.
                       DJ (O.S.)
Whoa, hey, what do we have here?
The contest is over, Dude. You'll
have to make your way off the
Daniel immediately directs his attention to the DJ.
Don't call me dude, alright?
The picture of the DJ, with his headset on standing behind
all of his equipment, comes on screen as he gives off a
disgruntled look and shakes his head with a partial smile.
John walks up behind Daniel.
Daniel, come on, Man, it's just a
game. You don't want to do this.
      (turning around to
       address John)
Don't even start with me. Come
on, Nicole. We're out of here.
Daniel partially pulls Nicole off of the dance floor as
everyone continues staring.
As Daniel approaches the door to leave, he is confronted by
other students who are standing in front of the doorway,
blocking the exit.
If you know what's good for you,
you'll get the hell out of my way.
Daniel, while literally pulling Nicole, swiftly moves
through the crowd and out the door. John, followed by
Richie and April, walk out right behind them.


                       DJ (O.S.)
Well, somebody needs to loosen up
on the dance floor. Let's resume
this party, shall we? We'll show
'em how to have some fun.
The crowd yells in agreement as they continue dancing.
Daniel and Nicole, with his hold now released, walk outside
as John, April and Richie quickly follow.
What's up with you, Man? Have you
lost your mind?
      (turning around to
       address John)
Nobody dances with or touches my
fiance but me.
John immediately displays a look of disbelief.
I knew it!
Look, Daniel, she's not Amber.
She's not going to do you like
that. You have to relax and learn
how to trust again. What is your
need in trying to prove some kind
of a point to everybody?
Why don't you just learn to mind
your own business?
Maybe I need to make it my
business for the sake of Nicole's
safety. You're losing it, Daniel,
and you need help.
Daniel laughs casually as he shakes his head and looks down.
The girls, along with Richie, just look on helplessly.
      (looking at John)
Let me get this straight. You are
concerned about my girlfriend's


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
Yes, Daniel, I am. She's my
friend too. Nicole is a great
person who deserves to be with
someone who truly understands her
and is not out for his own selfish
Oh, please, give me a break. I
bet there are times when you wish
that other person was you, right?
John jumps at Daniel as he places his forearm directly under
Daniel's chin and against his neck, pushing him back against
the vehicle.
      (looking directly
       into Daniel's
You need to choose your words very
carefully around me. You know
exactly how I feel about April and
no one else. It's time to grow up,
Daniel abruptly pushes John off of him.
I'm only trying to discuss these
issues with you because you are my
friend too, my best friend, and if
you don't watch it, you're going
to lose the best thing that has
ever happened to you.
      (breathing heavily)
No, we use to be friends but not
anymore. Don't ever approach me
Daniel turns around and firmly addresses Nicole.
Get in the car.


Teary-eyed Nicole softly waves as she and Daniel both get in
the car. Daniel immediately backs out in a fury and
promptly leaves the premises. A few extra onlookers
casually make their way outside.
John, April and Richie, as they stand in shock, watch Daniel
drive away. The onlookers, standing in the background near
the front entrance of the gym, look at each other and
genuinely shake their heads.
      (turning to
       address the group)
Guys, I'm sorry. Let's not let
this ruin the rest of our night,
The individuals slowly make their way back inside the gym as
they occasionally look over their shoulder in the direction
of Daniel and Nicole as if to imply a possible return.
John is the last one to enter the building as he stops and
stares out into the distance.
      (sighing as he
       shakes his head)
John then turns and enters the gym.
                                         FADE OUT.
The front exterior of the gym, which seems to be a little
less kept, is briefly shown as the sun shines brightly.
Inside the gym, people are engaged in conversation and
A heavier April, with much shorter hair, is accompanied by
another female as they approach John sitting at the bar.
John now has less hair and has seemed to age quite a bit as
Meagan, this is my husband, John.


      (nodding her head)
Wow, April. Nice catch.
      (smiling as he
       extends his hand
       to Meagan)
Thanks. It's nice to meet you.
Did you go to school here?
      (shaking John's
No, I guess you could say I
married into it.
Remember Matt Bonner? That's her
Oh, okay, the bone man. Now I
remember. Where is he? I need to
make my way over to him.
      (looking around)
Oh, he's around here somewhere. I
guess maybe I need to go find him.
It was nice meeting you.
Yeah, you too. Maybe we'll see
you later. Bye.
      (turning to leave)
April, come find me before you
leave, okay? Do not leave without
saying bye.
Yes, I will. See you later.
April smiles as she leans in to give John a kiss on the


Have you made your way around to
Yeah, I think I have.
No sign of them yet?
      (shaking his head)
Not that I've seen.
      (sighing as she
       looks around)
Do you think they'll even show?
Who knows. I tried everything I
could think of to get a message to
If I know anything about Nicole,
it's that she'll either convince
him to come with her or she'll
find a way to get here. The last
letter I received from her implied
just that very thing.
John shakes his head and continues talking with his fellow
classmates. As he lets out a chuckle, he just so happens to
turn towards the entrance of the gym and immediately does a
      (looking towards
       the door)
April, look at the door.
As April quickly glances towards the door, she beholds
Daniel and Nicole, a couple resembling a high school king
and queen, standing in the entrance area looking around.
Everyone near the couple stops dead in his tracks.
      (never taking her
       eyes off Daniel
       and Nicole)
There they are. They haven't


                       APRIL (cont'd)
changed a bit.
      (looking at April)
Well, come on. Let's go meet
As John and April approach Daniel and Nicole, Nicole and
April lock eyes as John casually extends his hand to Daniel.
      (looking around as
       she directs her
       attention back on
Wow, talk about dejavue.
      (extending her
       arms to Nicole)
Yeah, tell me about it. You
haven't changed a bit.
As April and Nicole embrace each other, Daniel and John
conclude their casual handshake.
It's nice to see you again,
Yeah, likewise.
Everyone else commences talking as April addresses Nicole.
I have tried desperately to get in
touch with you. Where have you
been this whole time? I wrote you
several letters and it was only
until six months ago did you
April, please, not now.
Nicole looks at Daniel and John.
Excuse me, boys, but us girls have
a lot of catching up to do.


April takes Nicole by the hand as they walk over to join the
other group of girls. Daniel watches her every move as he
is interrupted by John.
So, has it really been 20 years?
It seems like it was just last
Yeah, it does. Time doesn't wait
on anybody.
No, it doesn't. That's for sure.
You, uh, want to go grab a drink?
John leads Daniel over to the bar as they take a seat.
So, tell me. What's been going on
in your life for the past 20
years? You and Nicole been
getting along okay?
      (shaking his head)
Yeah, everything has been going
okay. It just seems like all I
ever do is work.
Yeah, I know what you mean. It
was so easy in high school. We
had less responsibility and the
times seemed to last forever.
Yeah, tell me about it.
      (looking at Daniel)
I really hate that we didn't get a
chance to go to the wedding.


      (shaking his head)
Yeah, us too.
      (laughing while
I guess, maybe, our invitation got
lost in the mail?
Daniel flashes a questionable look at John as he then looks
straight ahead.
Look, Daniel, I know this has been
harder on the girls, but I'm
really ready to clear the air.
It's terrible the way we left
things off. I just wanted to say
that I was sorry, okay. Maybe I
made a few unlikely assumptions.
That, I'll admit.
Daniel sighs, nods his head and looks at John.
Yeah, I know. It's okay. We'll
get past it. Don't worry about
      (looking calmly at
After how long? It's been 20
Daniel takes a drink and looks down. After sitting in
silence for a brief moment, John begins to speak.
Well, what do you do for a living
      (looks up and
       stares straight
Well, for the past two years, I've
worked in construction with a
buddy of mine that owns his own
business. He recently promoted me


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
to supervisor.
That's good. Sounds like a pretty
good job.
      (looking at John)
Yeah, it pays the bills. How
about you?
After college I took on a job as a
graphic designer for a small
company in Oklahoma. I was there
for about four years.
Hm, that's pretty exciting work.
Did you design anything I may be
familiar with?
Have you ever heard of the Ruff
Mix Dogfood?
      (shaking his head)
Yeah, I think so.
Well, I designed their company
website right before I accepted a
job with April's uncle. He owns a
huge manufacturing facility in
Texas and asked if I would head
their marketing team.
Really? I thought you were
wanting to major in recording arts
or something along those lines.
Well, I did but with the rapid
advancement of technology, I was
beginning to see more of a
potential income in what I do now
and the possible offers that could
come my way given that April's
uncle is also in the business. So,
with that, I opted out of the
field, majored in multimedia


                       JOHN (cont'd)
graphic design a few years later
and the rest is history.
Sounds pretty high-tech.
Yeah, it can be pretty demanding
at times, but I really enjoy it.
The two quietly share a drink as John breaks the silence.
Your long lost friend really seems
to have it together.
      (looking at John)
Yeah, and who would that be?
Remember your buddy, Timmy
How can I forget. That kid gave
me the creeps all through high
Well, he's doing pretty good,
actually. He developed his own
networking company that has
already profited more than 2.5
million dollars just within the
past two years. He couldn't even
make it to the reunion this year
because of his demanding job and
all of the responsibilities that
go with it. Sounds to me like he's
definitely made it.
Really? Good for him. Did he
ever get married?
I don't think so. I haven't heard
any differently.


Yeah, even with all of that money,
he still can't find anybody stupid
enough to take him.
John casually shakes his head as he looks down.
Daniel nods as he turns to check out the crowd. Everyone is
dancing around and enjoying each others company.
Have you seen Amber around
No, she pretty much skipped town
right after graduation just like
you did. It would greatly
surprise me if she shows up.
Daniel calmly nods his head with a smirk.
      (looking at Daniel)
Man, are you ever going to let
that go? What is this hold she
has on you?
      (looking at John)
Hold? What are you talking about?
All of that is history. I'm just
trying to catch up on old friends.
Really? The only thing I could
think about after you left was how
egotistical and arrogant you were
in thinking that everything has to
go at your pace on your own time.
Daniel chuckles as he shakes his head.
Come on, Man, not now. Okay?
No, I have to get this off of my
chest. Just hear me out. Nicole
never deserved to be isolated from
her friends, taken for granted and
treated like an object by anyone
whether it be by the likes of you,


                       JOHN (cont'd)
Amber or anybody else.
      (looking at John)
Amber? What does she have to do
with this?
Come on, Daniel, it's not like
that whole ordeal with her wasn't
mainly your fault. I think that
much of your attitude with Nicole
was simply a carryover from her.
      (chuckling while
       looking at John)
What? You have absolutely no idea
what you're talking about. You
haven't even been around for the
past twenty years. Maybe I just
extended myself as far as I wanted
to go at the time. As long as us
men get what we want, that's all
that matters, right? Trust me,
John, Nicole never has, nor ever
will, want for anything.
Daniel pats John a couple of times in a friendly manner on
the back as he stands up.
      (looking around)
So, when is Richie going to show
up? Does he still have to be late
for everything?
      (looking at Daniel)
What? You mean you didn't know?
      (looking at John)
Didn't know what?
Daniel, Richie was killed about
three years ago in a terrible car
accident. He was hit head on by a
drunk driver.


Daniel's face immediately draws a blank as he slowly sits
back down.
      (looking at John)
Yeah, Richie's brother tried
tracking you down but it was
almost as if you had quarantined
yourself and was no longer
Daniel is taken aback as he simply stares off into space.
John serenely interrupts him.
Daniel, I'm sorry you had to find
out like this. We honestly tried
to contact you. It was by mere
chance that you found out about
the reunion. You literally cut
yourself off from everybody.
      (as if to come
       back down to
What happened to the other driver?
Everyone involved in the accident
was killed. Richie's wife, who
was also pregnant, was in the car
with him. It was a very tragic
Daniel looks down and shakes his head as he tries to regain
his composure.
What has happened to you? We all
use to be so close. It's terrible
to let something so small affect
everyone like this. You've got a
beautiful wife who adores you and
you seem to want to close her off
to everything.


      (looking at John)
Man, did you recently become a
therapist or something? You're
not exactly perfect either. I
think you know what I'm talking
April and I have gotten past all
of that and we now share a
beautiful, trusting marriage.
We've learned how to love and let
      (laughing to
Love and let die? Are you
serious? What does that even
      (putting his hands
Look, I'm sorry, but it's obvious
that we'll never see eye to eye on
some things. It's just that we
need to try and let loose of all
of these harbored feelings. It's
time to move past it and just let
      (standing to his
Look, John, it's been quite
interesting talking to you. Maybe
I can catch up with you a little
later, okay? I'm going to go find
As Daniel starts walking away, John addresses Daniel one
last time.
One of these days you will see
what it's like to truly love and
be loved if not in the most
unfortunate way. When you
honestly find it, it may be too
late to keep it.


Daniel turns around and responds to John with a questionable
look as he shakes his head and again turns to walk away.
Nicole and April come on screen. As they reminisce, Nicole
is immediately taken aback by April's comment.
We tried everything we could think
of to find you. What has he done
to you?
Oh, come on, Nicole. Don't act
dumb with me.
I guess he thought he was doing
what he had to do to protect me.
To protect you? Protect you from
what? Living a life? He has
barricaded you from all of your
family and friends for 20 years.
How is that protecting you?
April leans over and takes Nicole by the hand to observe her
wedding ring.
I'll tell you one thing, though.
He sure knows how to pick out a
wedding set. It took my breath
away the first time I saw the
engagement ring.
Nicole calmly chuckles to herself.
I don't know. I've asked myself
that very same thing for years.


Well, have you ever thought about
Several times, but he wouldn't
hear of it.
Well, it's not really his place to
Yes, but that is always easier
said than done. I truly love him.
April lets out a sigh as if in an attempt to emphasize with
Nicole as she looks over to see Daniel heading their way.
      (looking at Nicole)
Hey, I'm going to go find John and
sit with him for a little while.
Why don't you come and find us
      (nodding her head)
Sure. I'll see you later.
April stands and flashes a look at Daniel as she begins to
walk away. Daniel returns the favor by flashing a fake
smile as he approaches Nicole.
Enjoying yourself?
Yes, I am. It's really nice
seeing everyone again.
Maybe for you.
What is wrong with you, Daniel?
It's been 20 years with no
communication and your friends
still love you. Why are you so
cautious at trying to make amends,
especially with John?


Daniel briefly looks at Nicole and then stares down at the
The exterior of the gym comes on screen as it shows the sun
Back inside the gym, the old classmates are now going at a
slower pace. Daniel is sitting in the same location as
before, while with John, as he turns up his last drink.
Hey, I thought you were going to
join us at the dart game on the
other side.
      (looking at his
Man, I'm sorry. Nicole and I are
going to have to soon go. We've
got a long ways to drive.
Oh, yeah sure. I understand that.
John watches as Daniel turns up an empty glass, as if trying
to catch the last drop.
Maybe you should find somewhere to
stay for the night or have someone
drive you home.
      (standing to his
No, are you kidding? I'm fine. I
just need help finding Nicole.
Daniel attempts to take a step and stumbles.
John walks over to Daniel and places his arm around him as
if to assist him in walking. Daniel immediately steps away.
Man, look, I told you I don't need
any help. I'm fine.


Daniel glances around the crowd to find Nicole and beholds a
small group cluttered in the far corner of the gym.
What's going on over there?
      (looking in that
I'm not sure. Maybe we should go
check it out.
John takes off walking towards the crowd as Daniel slowly
makes his way behind him.
John reaches the crowd as Daniel remains several steps
behind. Upon reaching the crowd, John immediately
recognizes the red-headed, more matured individual in the
center of a group of girls, including April and Nicole.
      (to himself)
Oh no, not again.
John quickly turns around to find that Daniel is right
behind him.
      (whispering under
       his breath)
Here we go.
      (looking at John)
Is that who I think it is?
      (smiling nervously)
Yeah, Man, it's Timmy. He's our
class millionaire.
Daniel immediately makes his way through the small crowd and
walks up to Nicole.
      (taking her by the
Come on, Nicole. It's time to go.
What? Now? The reunion's not
over yet.


Yeah, it is now.
Daniel immediately hears a distinct voice from his past.
Daniel turns to find himself face to face with Timmy.
      (extending his
Daniel, it's Timmy. How are you?
It's good to see you again.
Daniel slowly shakes Timmy's hand.
Of course my friends now just call
me Tim.
Great, Timmy, that's nice to hear.
Daniel immediately withdraws his hand.
I just wanted to offer my
condolences. I know what happened
with Richie was a very tragic
thing. It's so hard to lose our
friends, especially close friends
like the two of you were.
Daniel looks straight at Timmy and without another word,
escorts Nicole past the crowd and out the door. The small
crowd, including Timmy, briefly look on in question and then
continue talking.
John and April immediately follow Daniel and Nicole as they
make their way outside.
Daniel, Nicole, John and April all exit the gym.


      (following right
       behind Daniel)
Don't you think we need to wait
awhile or at least let me drive?
As they approach their vehicle, Daniel opens the passenger
side door for Nicole to get in. As he stands with the door
open, he is approached by John.
Daniel, are you sure you want to
do this? You know what happened
several years ago, except this
time, you're not by yourself. You
have to consider Nicole and her
Thanks, John, but I think I can
      (shaking his head)
Man, you are still the same guy
you were back in high school. You
haven't changed a bit.
Daniel stares directly at John in a non-friendly manner.
      (standing near the
       passenger side
Daniel, I am not getting in the
car with you like this. You're
Get in the car, Nicole. I am
No, I told you. I'll have John
and April take me home.
      (throwing his
       hands up)
How? They don't even know where
you live. It's four hours away. I
am only telling you this one last
time. Get in the car. I told you


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
I was fine. There's no reason to
rely on anybody else.
Nicole looks at John and then cautiously climbs into the
front seat of the car as Daniel closes the door. She slowly
fastens her seat belt and calmly bows her head. All John
and April can do are stand by and watch.
Daniel walks around to the other side of the car and opens
the door.
      (getting in the
       car as he
       addresses John)
Why would I change? I was perfect
back then and I'm perfect now.
Daniel gets in the car and slams his door.
John sighs as he looks at April.
      (inside the car)
It's not that I don't trust you,
Daniel. You may be above a lot
but your not above the influence
of alcohol. I'm only looking out
for myself, given that someone has
to. You sure seem to show no
      (looking at Nicole)
Oh, like I honestly don't have
your best interest at heart?
      (looking at Daniel)
If you did, you wouldn't want me
to get in this car with you.
Daniel starts the car, backs out of the driveway and spins
out as he takes off down the road. Friends are standing
around watching in awe. April takes hold of John's hand.
If he hurts her in any way, I'll
personally kill him myself.
John immediately looks at April and then pulls her to him as
he embraces her.


      (softly to himself)
Yeah, me too.
After a brief bit of silence, and Nicole staring straight at
Daniel, she begins to speak.
Are you trying to prove a point or
something? Why do you insist on
treating me like this? What
happened back there?
I'm not treating you like
anything. It was just time to go.
As Daniel speaks, he continues to drive, as in a drunken
fashion, all over the road.
Nicole bows her head as if in prayer. As they come up on
the first curve, a car coming in the opposite direction
barely misses them.
      (yelling as he
       sticks his head
       out of the window)
Are you crazy?
Daniel again looks straight ahead as he rolls up the window.
      (shaking his head)
Man, some people.
      (with a shaky
Daniel, please slow down.
      (looking at Nicole)
I told you, I have it under
control! When are you going to
learn to trust me?
As Daniel looks at Nicole, she turns straight ahead. Her
expression immediately turns to fright, causing Daniel to
look straight ahead just before ramming into a car head-on.


The impact causes Daniel's car to flip three times. As the
car comes to a standstill upside down, there is a brief
moment of silence as the exterior of the car is in view.
Daniel then comes on screen as he lies unconscious, hanging
halfway out of the car.
Daniel begins to come to as he makes a loud groan. He
immediately begins to observe his surroundings and finds
that he is stuck. As he attempts to free himself from the
vehicle, he immediately remembers Nicole.
He looks to the passenger side of the car but can not find
her anywhere.
Nicole! Answer me!
He tries again to free himself but is unable to move. He
slowly begins to jimmie his way out through the window and
crawls on his hands and knees as he endures a piercing ache
in his side. He immediately falls on his back.
      (in agony)
Nicole! Where are you? Please,
answer me!
As he looks towards his right, he notices Nicole's limp body
lying in the ditch. He immediately turns over, pushes
himself up and slowly crawls over to her.
Nicole! Oh my gosh, answer me!
Tears begin to wail up in his eyes as he approaches her. He
lifts her limp body, holding her tightly in his arms and
begins rocking slowly in a smooth maternal fashion.
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Please
don't die on me.


Daniel raises his head to look around and takes in the
Help! Can anybody hear me?
As Daniel looks behind him, he notices that the other car
has hit a tree with no bodily movement in sight.
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Help! Help!
Daniel's attention is drawn to a bright object, appearing to
be in the shape of a man, standing just off the side of the
      (squinting to see
       the object)
Hello? Who are you? Can you help
The object stands motionless.
Daniel continues watching the object as sounds of sirens are
heard coming up the road. He immediately turns in that
direction and then turns back to address the object, only to
find that it is no longer there. All he can do is stare.
The ambulance pulls up to the scene as the medical staff
immediately rushes to their aid.
      (talking to Daniel)
Sir, we have to take her now.
There's nothing more you can do
for her.
Daniel turns towards the EMT.
      (trying to speak
       through tears)
You have to save her, please.
We can promise you that we'll do
our best. She's not breathing so
she needs drastic medical


The EMT is assisted by two other fellow technicians who
slowly pull Nicole from Daniel's arms and place her on a
stretcher. As Nicole is taken away, the first EMT again
addresses Daniel.
Are you hurting anywhere?
Daniel begins sobbing.
      (crying as he
       shakes his head)
She's not going to make it.
      (talking to
I need some assistance over here.
      (as in a daze)
There was a strange man standing
on the side of the road. He was
here for a moment and then he just

(looking up at EMT)
I've seen him before. I now know
what he was doing.
Daniel stares the man directly in his eyes.
He was here to protect her from
      (looking at Daniel)
I'm sorry?
Yeah, I couldn't hear what he was
saying but I seemed to understand
it just the same. I know I'll see
him again, very soon.
The other two members of the team again approach Daniel with
a stretcher in hand.
Sir, we need you to relax.
Everything is going to be alright.
Don't worry about your wife.


                       EMT (cont'd)
We're doing everything we can to
see to it that she has the best
possibility for survival. We need
you to focus on your health right
now and leave the rest to us. Can
you manage that?
      (nodding his head)
Yes, Sir.
Daniel is assisted in laying down on the stretcher as the
technicians proceed in getting him to the ambulance.
As Daniel is lifted up and taken off, he continues staring
in the direction of the object which had now already
dissipated and left the scene.
Daniel remains still as he lies in his hospital bed. The
sound of a knock on the door is heard. Without waiting for a
response, a policeman enters the room.
      (entering the room)
Daniel? Hi, my name is Robert
Patterson. You can call me Bob.
Daniel continues staring straight ahead as if to be lost in
deep contemplation.
I am a police officer with the
West Point police department. I
hope I'm not disturbing you but I
was hoping to have a few words
with you.
Coming out of his daze, Daniel looks up at the policeman.
      (scooting up in
       the bed)
Yes, Sir. Please, come in.
The policeman walks over to the side of the bed.


Daniel, I need to ask you a few
questions. Are you sure that now
is a good time? I can come back
later if I need to.
No, it's okay. What can I help
you with?
Well, I hate to get to the point
so quickly, but per our
investigation, we have to get
accurate information as to exactly
what happened last night. Was
there any drinking involved,
narcotics or any other drug that
may have altered your logical
thinking? We have to try and clear
your name of any wrong doings as
quickly as possible and eliminate
you as a suspect.
Suspect? Suspect for what?
Manslaughter, Daniel.
      (becoming frantic)
The other individuals that you hit
head on were all killed in the
      (heart racing)
And Nicole?
It's not quite certain yet. It
could go either way.
Daniel immediately places his hand on his chest as in an
attempt to ease the pain.


      (trying to hold
       him down)
Daniel, calm down and breathe.
After a couple of seconds, Daniel regains his composure.
I need you to answer my questions
as accurately as possible. Okay?
      (shaking his head)
Yes, Sir.
      (pulling back)
Now, was there any drinking of any
kind last night?
I had a few beers at the reunion
but not anything that would cloud
my judgment. Nicole and I got
into a fight that made me a little
irritated, but I was fine to
How many beers would you consider
to be a few, Daniel?
I don't know. Maybe four or five?
What was the fight about?
      (thinking back)
I really don't know. Me and my
ignorance I guess.
What happened right before you
left the reunion?
When we got out to the car to
leave, she started insisting on
some friends taking her home. That
irritated me even more to think
that maybe she didn't trust me or


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
think that I couldn't handle
myself, so I started yelling and
making a scene.
Why would you yell at her when she
was only trying to protect herself
given that you obviously didn't
even care about your own safety?
      (shrugging his
I don't know. I guess with the
alcohol, the fight and my arrogant
attitude, I felt I was above
everything and didn't feel like
being told what to do by anyone.
The policeman briefly stares at Daniel and then sighs as he
pulls out a small baggie from his pocket. He reaches
towards Daniel to hand him the baggie.
      (taking the baggie)
What's this?
It's the only tangible thing left
of Nicole. I'm sorry, Daniel.
Daniel slowly opens the baggie. As he peers into the bag,
he immediately glances up at the officer and reaches in to
pull out the object.
As he pulls the object from the bag, he begins to tear up as
the focus is placed on Nicole's wedding set.
      (crying as he
       glances up at the
I don't understand. You said she
was alive.
No, Daniel, I said it could go
either way and last night, she
chose the way she wanted to go and


                       POLICEMAN (cont'd)
that was home.
Daniel can do nothing but stare in complete awe.
The Doctors worked consistently on
her until they finally realized
that all hope was gone. She didn't
make it, Daniel. I'm sorry.
Daniel tightly closes his hand and clutches the ring as he
bows his head and begins to sob.
After a few moments, Daniel raises his head, wipes his eyes
and tries to address the officer.
      (hushing Daniel)
Daniel, we have a lot of issues
that we have to weed through.
Given that Nicole has now passed,
it changes the direction of our
investigation, placing the main
emphasis on you.
      (bowing his head
       to cry)
Please, I just want to be left
alone for awhile.
I'll be back with further
questions, but during the
meantime, get some rest. You're
going to need it. Once we get the
toxicology results back, I'm sure
we'll be meeting again. I'm
greatly sorry for your loss.
The policeman turns to exit the room.
Prior to leaving, he turns around to address Daniel one last
Daniel, I am truly sorry for your
loss. However, you may want to
consider getting some legal help
to assist you with all of this.
I'm afraid you may be going to


                       POLICEMAN (cont'd)
need it.
The policeman then turns and exits the room.
      (raising his voice)
What the hell does that mean? I
love my wife. I would never do
anything to hurt her.
Daniel suddenly feels a sharp pain as he immediately grabs
his side.
Is there a doctor? Please, send a
doctor in here.
In response to Daniel's loud request, a doctor immediately
enters the room.
Sir, you need to lower your voice.
The doctor walks over to Daniel to observe the area of the
Give me a chance to page the
nurse. I'll have her bring you
some medication to help you relax.
Okay? During the meantime, you
need to remain as still as
As the doctor turns to leave, Daniel grabs him by the arm.
      (through tears)
Please tell me it's not true about
my wife, Nicole Spencer. Please
tell me she's okay.
Daniel, Nicole and the passengers
in the other car you hit head on
did not make it. The impact of the
accident killed them all
instantly. You were the only
survivor and there were no other
witnesses. There is a thorough
investigation going on right now


                       DOCTOR (cont'd)
and we need your full cooperation.
The doctor looks towards the door and then back at Daniel.
We're not really at liberty to
discuss the events of that night,
but only to make sure that you get
yourself well soon to assist the
authorities with the
Daniel becomes completely frozen as his eyes wail up with
Nicole is gone, Daniel. I'm
How can this be? I've got to be
dreaming this.
The doctor pauses for a brief moment as he looks at Daniel.
Daniel, listen to me. Due to your
medical condition, we didn't want
to burden you with that loss right
now but if you really want to help
the situation, you have to get
some rest and be attentive enough
to help out with the investigation
if not for anyone else but for
Nicole, okay? Both sides of the
family have been contacted and are
on their way so you will have your
moral support soon.
      (looking down)
Yeah, that's something I really
You're not exactly in the clear
yet, either. You have two broken
ribs, a broken leg and a strained
wrist. It's a miracle you even
made it. You must rest and remain


                       DOCTOR (cont'd)
as calm as possible.
With that, the doctor bows his head once to Daniel out of
respect for his loss and turns to exit the room. However,
before he leaves, the doctor turns to address Daniel one
last time.
Your friends are here to speak
with you but they have been
informed that visiting hours are
now over. They wanted you to know
that you are in their prayers and
that they will be back tomorrow.
Daniel quickly glances up towards the window of the room and
beholds John and April staring back at him in disappointment
and disbelief.
The doctor exits the room and begins to converse with John
as April continues staring at Daniel through the glass.
As Daniel and April continue locking eyes, John takes April
by the arm, quickly peers into the room at Daniel and turns
to leave as he escorts April down the hall.
      (after a brief
Oh, this can't be happening. God,
please, please give me a second
chance. I know I can fix things.
I promise to never hurt a single
soul again, especially those that
I love. Please just give Nicole
her life back and take mine
Daniel bows his head and cries uncontrollably. As he
continues crying, a shadow of a man slowly covers him.
Daniel, is your heart true when
you say that?
Daniel raises his head to behold a very attractive
dark-haired stranger, dressed in a white leisure suit (with
somewhat of a glowing aura) standing before him.
You? It was you I had seen at the
accident and years ago at our


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
prom. I wasn't dreaming that. Who
are you and what do you want?
The man stands directly at the foot of the bed as he
addresses Daniel.
Well, my name is Gabrielle and I
come as a messenger of God. You
can call me Gabe.
      (taken aback)
Daniel looks around the room as if to find someone else
assisting with this joke.
No, Daniel, there is no one else
and this is far from being a joke.
I have heard your cries and I
have been sent here to assist you.
At that moment, a nurse walks in to give Daniel his
      (addressing the
Can you see him?
      (looking at Daniel)
I'm sorry, do what?
      (pointing towards
       the end of the
Can you see him?
      (looking in that
See who?
Him, standing right there at the
end of my bed.


The nurse continues looking in that direction as she then
looks all around the room until finally placing her full
attention on Daniel.
Sir, I'm sorry but I don't see
anyone here. It's just you and me
in this room right now. Do I need
to get a doctor?
Daniel looks at Gabrielle (Gabe) in question.
      (sighing as he
       continues looking
       at Gabe)
No, it's okay. I must be seeing
things. I'm probably tired and
just needs some sleep. That's all.
Thanks anyway.
Sure. If you need anything, push
this button on the side of your
bed and we'll send someone in
here, okay?
      (never taking his
       attention off of
Yeah, thanks. I appreciate it.
The nurse turns to leave and exits the room.
      (speaking to
This has got to be a joke.
No, Daniel, this is no joke. You
are the only one that can see or
hear me. Therefore, speaking of
this to anyone is forbidden.
I don't understand why you are
here. Why me? Are you like a
death angel or something?


Gabe walks over to the chair on the opposite side of the
room and takes a seat. After a brief moment, he begins to
speak as Daniel watches his every move.
I am the angel of life and your
soul messenger. Although God
doesn't make deals, that promise
can be granted should you choose
to take on this challenge.
What do you mean?
Amidst your pain, you promised God
that if He would give Nicole her
life back that you would never
hurt anyone else again.
Daniel sits up directly in his bed.
What? What are you saying?
I was observing you and the
validity of your sincerity.
I'm sorry, but I don't understand.
You have been chosen to overcome a
big challenge. Should you carry
through with your promise of never
hurting a single soul again,
Nicole will not be taken. However,
if your promise fails, she will
pass away. You are being given a
rare opportunity to make things
right with those you love as well
as with yourself. You can change
the course of things and save
Nicole's life. That decision will
be entirely up to you.
The decision to save Nicole's
life? But what would I have done
to be given this opportunity?


Well, from the way I understand
it, you are the perfect subject to
learn the true meaning of
sacrifice. Thus far in life,
Daniel, you have yet to sacrifice
anything. From what I have seen,
you had everybody else sacrificing
for you.
Yes, Daniel, sacrifice. Nicole
will be able to maintain life
through this experience but only
if you allow her to. In order to
do that, though, you will have to
sacrifice something very important
to you for the sake of itself.
What does that mean?
That's something you must figure
out for yourself.
I don't know if I can do this.
What Nicole needs is your
friendship, trust and
understanding. From that, and
that alone, you can learn to trust
yourself and become that man you
were meant to be.
Daniel begins to laugh to himself.
Gabe stands to his feet and approaches Daniel as he stands
near the side of his bed in a very intimidating manner.
Should things be left the way they
are, and you resort to your old
ways, it will be Nicole who will
sacrifice her life for you because
she trusted you enough to place
her own life in your hands. Now,
it is your turn to place your life
in hers. If you are interested in


                       GABE (cont'd)
taking on this task, you must
listen very closely to what I am
about to say, for my time here is
very limited as yours will be
Daniel slowly pushes his body up against the back of the bed
as he reaches for his side and moans in pain.
Nicole's perception of time will
be changed and her memory
completely erased. Yours,
however, will not. You will have
complete recall of everything that
has happened up to this point. If
you cannot agree to these terms,
the agreement will be voided,
Nicole's life will be lost and
nothing up to this point will have
been altered. If this occurs, you
will pay for her death and spend
the rest of your life in a hellish
Gabe turns and walks towards the end of Daniel's bed as he
slowly begins to fade from existence.
Please don't go. I'm still not
sure what you're asking of me.
      (while fading)
You must figure that out for
yourself. Will you become the man
who lets love or lets die?
Love or let die? Where have I
heard that?
Gabe has now completely vanished as Daniel stares out into
space. He can still, however, hear Gabe's voice.
                       GABE (V.O.)
Forbid Nicole's death from
happening, Daniel. The key is in
your hands. Close your eyes and
count back to your high-school


      (looking around)
Wait a minute! What do you mean?
I can't do this on my own.
As Daniel waits for Gabe's response, he sits in silence.
Upon receiving no answer, he begins to talk silently to
Is this for real? I need to close
my eyes and think back to my high
school years? What does that
Daniel lets out a sigh as he looks around at an empty room.
Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to
try. At this point, I have
nothing else to lose.
Daniel slowly closes his eyes and bows his head.

In a bit of hesitation, Daniel concentrates really hard and
in an instance, all of his mentality takes him back to that
specific point in time as a quick review of past images of
his life with Nicole and prior girlfriends flow past him.
The images then completely stop as the screen immediately
goes black.
A loud bell rings as a younger Daniel (as of that in his
high-school years) comes on screen, having been
frighteningly awakened. He immediately lifts his head from
off of his desk.
As he takes in his surroundings, he notices a very familiar
face walking up to him as the other students in the class
exit the room.
Hey, Man.
Daniel closely examines the individual standing right in
front of him.


Are you alright? You slept
through the entire class. I'm
surprised Mrs. Sanders didn't call
on you or smack you over the head
with a ruler.
Daniel observes Richie as he gets up and stands before him.
Daniel approaches him as he attempts to give him a hug.
      (calmly pulling
Whoa, Man, wait a minute. Are you
alright? What's happened to you?
Daniel pulls back as he looks at Richie.
You look the same way you did the
last time I saw you.
      (trying to figure
       Daniel out)
Of course I would. Why wouldn't
I? It was just this past period.
Are you okay?
Richie, have I ever told you how
grateful I am to have you as my
Wow, who are you and what have you
done with Daniel?
Daniel immediately pauses as he looks at Richie.
What now?


Nicole? Richie, where is Nicole?
Is she okay?
Richie has a very questionable look on his face.
Of course she's okay. Why
wouldn't she be? I left her
safely in class just this past
period unless, of course, the
aliens came and abducted her. With
the strange things that have been
going on around here, I wouldn't
be surprised.
Richie laughs as Daniel darts towards the classroom door.
With no hesitation, he immediately follows. Upon reaching
the door, Daniel stops abruptly as he quickly turns to
address Richie one more time prior to leaving the room.
What year is this?
      (pulling back)
Come on, Richie, don't ask stupid
questions. Just tell me what year
this is.
Okay, chill! It's 1984. It has
been all year long. Why? Did you
really get that wasted last night?
      (to himself)
1984? Oh, my gosh. It really
What really happened?
      (looking at Richie)
The unimaginable. Now I have to
do what I was sent here to do.


You're kidding, right? Is this
some joke or something?
Daniel turns and exits the room into the hallway as Richie
follows. As he walks past a room, he pauses (along with
Richie) to glance inside as he takes notice to a younger,
more beautiful Nicole, immediately taking his breath away.
      (after a few
See, there she is. Just as she was
last night.
      (to himself)
Oh my gosh, she is so beautiful.
      (looking at Daniel)
      (looking at Richie)
Oh, nothing. Sorry.
Daniel and Richie both step back into the hallway, out of
view of the door, as the other students walk around them
heading to class.
I was looking out for you though.
You were? What do you mean?
Well, I know that Nicole really
likes you and regardless of what
your state of mind was last night,
she was willing to let you take
her home even after you refused to
let her drive.
So, I drove her home last night?
Wow, can you honestly not remember
that? You really were shot,
weren't you? I offered to take
her home, just like every other
guy there, but she insisted on


                       RICHIE (cont'd)
going with you.
Daniel continues listening to Richie as he continues.
So, since she wouldn't take no for
an answer, I followed you when you
left to took her home, just to
make sure you both made it home
okay. I mean, you can just
imagine the possibilities of what
could have happened with you under
the influence.
      (nodding his head)
Yeah, Richie, I am very aware of
what could have happened. Thanks
for looking out for me. I
appreciate that.
Hey, no problem. That's what
friends are for.
Richie starts walking down the hall. Daniel glances in the
classroom one more time at Nicole (as she converses with her
classmates), puts off a genuine smile and then takes off
after Richie.
Richie, I've done a lot of things
to those I love but I promise you,
as sure as I'm standing here, I
will make it up to everyone.
How's that?
      (smiling and
       putting his arm
       around Richie)
Come on, walk me to my next class.
That, you and I both will figure
out in time.


As Daniel walks down the hall, observing all of the faces
from his past, he notices Nicole and April talking to a
familiar looking individual.
As he continues his deep observation of his most recent and
past surroundings, he approaches the girls and immediately
takes notice to the individual talking to them and suddenly
realizes who it is.
Timmy, who has now transformed himself from that skinny
individual with glasses to a nice looking individual
immediately grabs Daniel's attention.
Oh, hey, Buddy. I was wondering
when you might show up. You
partied pretty hard last night.
The girls start laughing as Timmy reaches for Daniel's hand
and proceeds in conducting the infamous private handshake.

Daniel immediately withdraws with a look of confusion on his
face, implying that he was shocked to find that Timmy even
knew what the handshake was.
      (looking on in
Are you okay?
Where's your glasses?
My glasses? I haven't worn those
in years. Did last night's
splurge really do that much damage
to you?
The girls start laughing as Daniel glances at Nicole.
      (patting Daniel on
       the back)
Come on, you know I'm just
kidding, right?


Daniel still has a questionable look on his face as he tries
to figure out this most recent scenario.
Look guys, I'm sorry but I have to
get to the office before my last
class to take care of some last
minute business. Are we all still
on for tonight?
The girls both answer with a synonymous yes as all three
begin laughing. Timmy waves his goodbye as he heads down
the hall.
      (looking at the
Am I missing something here?
What do you mean?
Daniel is taken aback after hearing Nicole speak for the
first time since the accident and helplessly stares right at
      (waving her hand
       in front of
       Daniel's face)
Hello? Is anybody home?
April begins laughing as she shakes her head and smiles.
What? I'm sorry, were you saying
No, it's okay. I think you
probably just need to catch up on
some sleep.
Oh, yeah probably. What is it
that everybody has planned for
Boy, you do need some rest. It's
the bonfire. Remember?


A bonfire? And Timmy will be
It's at his house, Daniel.
Since when do we hang out with
What do you mean? You guys have
been friends for years.
Yeah, right. Since when?
April and Nicole look at each other in question as they turn
to head to class, shaking their heads.
      (following the
Look, I'm being serious.
      (talking with her
       back turned to
Daniel, we've all been friends
since grade school. I wish you
would get off his back. His
parents are the ones that provide
the funding for extracurricular
school activities, especially
football. Remember the time that
we needed more uniforms and his
dad was there to pick up the
      (still following
Oh, I see. His family has money
so we all feel obligated in having
to hang out with him. Is that it?
April stops dead in her tracks as she turns to address
Daniel. Nicole turns to watch the ordeal.


What is your hangup with him? You
have always seemed to have a
problem with him. It's almost
like you think you're better than
he is which we all know is not
true. You'd think that after he
saved your life you would be more
appreciative of him. He really
loves you, Daniel, and you always
treat him like a jerk.
April turns to leave as Daniel takes her by the arm and
turns her back towards him.
What do you mean he saved my life?
What do you mean, what do I mean
The accident a couple of years
ago? Let me guess. You forgot
about that too?
Daniel looks on in question.
He was there?
You know he was there. He's the
one that gave you CPR and
resuscitated you. Thank goodness
it was only you in the vehicle
too. If there were any other
passengers in the car, it probably
would have killed them. Remember,
it all happened the night you left
my house drunk?
Daniel is taken aback.
      (mumbling to
So, this is where it all starts.
My opportunity of changing things
for the better. This is it.


      (staring at Daniel)
Daniel, you really need to seek
help, seriously.
April looks at Nicole as they again turn to leave. Daniel
stands there in deep contemplation as he watches the girls
walk down the hall. After a couple of seconds, Daniel lets
out a sigh as he turns to head to his next class.
Upon turning around, Daniel comes face-to-face with Gabe who
is standing right in front of him.
      (looking at Gabe)
Whoa. Can you not warn me before
you do that? I can't talk to you
like this. People are going to
think I'm crazy.
Without any movement from Gabe, Daniel begins walking
towards him and mysteriously passes right through him.
Daniel immediately turns around in question as Gabe
continues staring right at him.
Look, if you keep throwing me
curve balls your going to confuse
the process even more.
Now how much fun would the game of
life be without any curve balls?
Just remember, Daniel, that
everything happens for a reason.
You must never sway from that
      (shrugging his
What does that mean?
Take this chance you are given to
figure that out. This, I must
leave you with. Goodbye, Daniel.
Gabe turns from Daniel and begins walking down the hall as
he slowly fades from existence.


      (looking in that
What am I doing here?
Daniel stands firm, still staring in that direction as the
other students begin to clear out of the hallway and head to
Daniel approaches his old house as he slowly turns into the
driveway. A woman, that had just walked past the kitchen
window, suddenly grabs his attention as he leans forward to
get a better look.
As the woman comes back into view, a man walks up behind her
and gives her a gentle hug from behind.
      (eyes tearing up)
As Daniel continues watching, the man leans around and gives
the woman a kiss on the cheek as he then looks at his watch.
The woman shakes her head as she peers out the window and
sees Daniel sitting in his car.
This can't be real.
She begins to motion for Daniel to come in as she points to
the table implying that supper is ready.
      (as a tear drops
       from his eye)
Thanks, Gabe, I won't let you
Daniel arrives at Timmy's house and parks the car. He sits
in silence, watching the other students engage in
conversation and laughter.


What am I doing here?
After a few seconds of silence, Daniel pulls the car key out
of the ignition and places it in his pocket. Upon placing
his hand inside of his pocket, he immediately pulls out
Nicole's wedding ring set and gives off a confusing look.
I don't understand. How did this
get in there?
Daniel then glances back out towards the crowd and lets out
a sigh as he opens the car door and gets out.
As he heads towards the crowd standing right outside of the
house, he is approached by a very familiar individual.
There's my man!
John walks up to Daniel and initiates their secret
Hey, Man. Glad you could make it.
Sure. I wouldn't miss it for the
John reaches out with a beer as he attempts to hand it to
      (politely putting
       his hand up)
No, Man, I'm sorry. Not tonight.
I'm just not up to drinking.
Yeah, I bet. After the partying
you did last night, I'm surprised
you even wanted to socialize.
John begins laughing as he heads off towards the crowd with
Daniel just a few steps behind. As they approach the group,
Daniel notices Nicole sheepishly smiling at him and then
turning away.


As John tries to get everybody's attention, Richie walks up
to Daniel as they too engage in their secret handshake.
      (raising his hands
       to the group)
Alright, guys. I think we're all
here now. I have some news I'd
like to share with everyone.
The crowd unanimously replies with a moan.
No, this is good, really. I got
accepted to my college of choice.
Graduating high school is going to
be a wonderful thing.
And which college would that be?
I was accepted to the Full Sail
Center for the Recording Arts.
Recording arts? Oh, please. You
had us thinking it was something
like Harvard.
Everyone in the group begins laughing as Richie continues.
Oh, but instead of practicing law,
you want to ensure the highest
quality of sound in our theater
That's right. So, when you turn
on your TV and here that
theatrical audio beaming from your
set, you'll think of me.
No, I think you would be better
suited for something more
elaborate like designing websites
for large corporations.


Everyone in the group immediately stops what he/she is doing
and looks directly at Daniel.
Designing what?
Daniel looks around and notices the confusion of the group.
It's something that will come
later. You'll see. Maybe April's
uncle can give you a job with his
company and put you in charge of
their marketing team.
John looks at April and starts laughing as he then looks at
Daniel to respond.
Yeah, Daniel. You really do have
a sense of humor.
As the group laughs together, Daniel glances back over in
Nicole's direction and notices that she is looking at him.
As their eyes meet, Nicole immediately turns away.
      (to himself)
What am I doing?
Daniel then excuses himself from the group.
Sorry, guys, if you'll excuse me
for a moment, I have to go find
the bathroom.
Daniel turns to leave as the group commences talking.
Daniel walks towards the house as he notices a huge tree
just on the other side. He walks towards the tree and sits
down behind it so as to be discrete.
      (stepping out from
       behind the tree)
Enjoying yourself?
Daniel jumps as Gabe, standing right in front of him,
addresses him.


How is it being around the old
crowd again?
      (remaining seated)
You need to warn me before you
just show up like that.
Gabe begins to laugh as he responds.
Why is that? Faint heart?
Daniel sighs as he seems to not be in favor of Gabe's humor.
Yeah, it's great being around
everyone like this again, but I
still don't understand what I'm
doing here.
Gabe, dressed in his white leisure suit, stands right in
front of him.
It's all about sacrifice, Daniel.
You'll figure that out in time.
      (looking up at
Yes, but what does that mean?
Just remember as a general rule of
thumb, Daniel, that misery loves
company. However, in your case,
this will not ring true. You have
the power to love or let die. The
decision is yours.
Daniel stands to his feet as Gabe slowly begins to vanish.
There you go again with this love
or die nonsense. I don't
understand what any of this means.


Think about it Daniel. You now
have the power to make that change
and save a life.
Gabe has now completely vanished as Daniel stares off into
You truly come and go in the
strangest ways.
Daniel sighs as he shakes his head.
I don't know what I'm here for but
I'm willing to give it a try and
make things right.
Daniel steps out from behind the tree and heads to rejoin
the group.
As Daniel heads back towards the group, he sees Timmy
laughing and joking around with Nicole, who seems to really
be having a good time.

As he observes Nicole's enjoyment, past images of he and
Nicole fighting immediately go through his head. He then
pulls Nicole's wedding ring from his pocket and looks at it
closely as he again glances back up at Timmy and Nicole.
He is then approached from behind by John who pats him on
the back. Daniel immediately puts Nicole's ring away.
      (talking to Daniel)
Hey, Man. I've been looking for
you. We were beginning to get
worried. Is everything okay?
Yeah, everything's fine.
Daniel again glances back towards Timmy and Nicole as they
seem to greatly be enjoying each other's company. John
observes the ordeal and decides to confront Daniel.
So, when are you finally going to
go for it?


      (looking at John)
Nicole, goofy. When are you going
to ask her out?
      (glancing back
       over towards
Oh, I don't know. You think she
      (looking over
       towards Nicole
       and the group)
Are you kidding me? I know she
would. You're the only thing she
talks about.
Really? Well, what's the deal
with Timmy?
What do you mean?
How does he fit in with us? He
hasn't always been a part of our
group. What's the catch?
      (looking on in
Well, I don't guess there is a
catch. If you would just take the
chance to get to know him, you
might find that you actually like
the guy.
Yeah, Daniel. His dad is a very
giving member of the community and
has even sponsored many of our
school activities. Timmy has the
same giving tendencies. I can
assure you that he's bailed me out


                       JOHN (cont'd)
a time or two. What is this
hang-up you have with him anyway?
      (looking at John
       as he lets out a
I don't know. Maybe it's
something I'll figure out,
Both Daniel and John peer out at the group as they stand in
      (breaking the
Just to give you an idea as to
what kind of guy Timmy really is?
Just look at him. He is head over
heals for Nicole but he knows that
she only has eyes for you. With
that, he has taken a step back
just to see her have what she
wants. And you? It's almost as if
you think the world revolves
around you. From the looks of
things, maybe it does.
With that, John excuses himself to rejoin the group. Daniel
heads off after him, staying a few steps behind.
Timmy turns and notices Daniel and John heading back towards
Hey you two. We were starting to
wonder if you got lost.
Timmy approaches John and initiates the handshake and then
walks over to Daniel to do the same thing. Daniel
immediately coughs into his hand just as Timmy was reaching
out to shake it.
Sorry, Dude. I've been a little
sick lately.
No, that's okay. You just get
yourself well soon, okay?


As John rolls his eyes and shakes his head, Timmy looks over
at the group to address everybody.
Don't forget that we're grilling
over by the pool. Make sure to
make your way over there to get
something to eat. Now, if you'll
excuse me, I'm going to go let
everyone else know as well.
Timmy heads off to talk to the other guests as Daniel, John,
Nicole, April and Richie all head towards the pool. Daniel
remains a few steps behind as he casually observes Nicole.
      (addressing the
Have you ever wondered, though,
what all is out there? I mean,
what if we could travel beyond
space and time and have the
ability to see things before they
actually happen.
This grabs the attention of Daniel who looks over in John's
Man, think of the heartache that
could truly be avoided if that was
the case.
Daniel again looks back at Nicole and then addresses the
Guys, I'm sorry but I really need
to be heading out.
Why? You're normally the one to
close the place down.
Yeah, I just feel a little down
tonight. I would really hate it
if I made someone else sick.
You don't want to get something to
eat first?


No, I really don't feel like
eating right now.
      (addressing Daniel)
Would it be okay if I walked you
to your car?
Everyone looks at Daniel, waiting on his response.
      (shrugging his
Yeah, sure. I don't see why not.
Daniel turns as he waves goodbye to the group.
Maybe I'll see you guys tomorrow.
Nicole follows Daniel to his car as the rest of the group
watches them leave.
      (looking at John)
What do you think is up with him?
He's been acting kind of strange
I don't know, but I sure would
like to figure it out.
Richie agrees as he nods his head.
Daniel is seen walking to the car with Nicole right behind
him. As he approaches the car, he goes to unlock it.
Is it me?
Daniel immediately stops and turns to address Nicole.
I'm sorry. Do what?
Is it me, the reason that you're
leaving early?


      (shaking his head)
No, no, of course not. Why would
you think that?
Then why are you acting so
I'm sorry if I've come across that
way. That's not my intention.
I've just had a lot on my mind,
that's all. I'll see all of you
guys at school tomorrow. Okay?
      (nodding her head)
Nicole stands there as Daniel gets into his car and gives
off a genuine smile. He then shuts his door and starts his
car to leave. Nicole steps back as Daniel backs out of the
driveway, waves and takes off down the road.
      (softly to herself)
It is me. I can feel it. I just
don't know what it is yet.
As the tail lights from Daniel's car vanishes, Nicole turns
and walks towards the group.
Daniel is seen going through his locker as he searches
desperately for something.
      (throwing up his
I can not believe this. Where in
the world would I have put it?
                       FAMILIAR VOICE
Knowing you, you probably never
had it.
Daniel immediately turns around to see who has addressed
him. As he turns around, he comes face to face with a girl
from his past.


Yes, it's me. How are you?
Oh, my gosh!
Daniel gives Amber a quick hug.
What are you doing here?
Daniel closes his locker as he and Amber start walking down
the hall.
Well, I've moved back. My dad
decides at the last minute that he
wants his old job back here after
they deliver their last and final
pitch to him. He said that they
just offered him a deal he
couldn't refuse. So, with that,
the family packed up and here I
Well, that's good news. It's
always better to get promoted than
have the alternative happen, I
Yeah, you're right. No complaints
Daniel looks up as he is approached by John.
      (doing exclusive
       handshake with
Hey, Man. How's it going? You
feeling okay this morning?
Yeah, I'm doing better.
John immediately takes notice to Amber.


Wow, that's quite an interesting
Yeah, we came up with it in
elementary school and have been
doing it ever since.
Hey, John. How are you?
I'm great. What are you doing
Well, nothing like a welcoming
gesture from my good 'ol buddy.
      (addressing John)
Her dad decides at the last minute
that he wants more money.
Daniel and Amber both start laughing.
Yeah, my dad got his old job back.
So, I guess I'm here until
graduation. It'll be okay. It's
only three months and I'm back to
the place I really liked anyway.
Daniel smiles and nods his head as John verbally responds.
      (looking at Daniel)
Well, it was nice seeing you two
again. I've got to go to the
office to get my schedule squared
away. Maybe we can all get
together and go do something


Yeah, sure. See you later.
Amber leaves as John looks directly at Daniel.
So, this was totally unexpected.
Yeah, really. I never expected to
see her again.
The two begin walking down the hall.
You, uh, get any of those old
feelings when you look at her?
      (looking at John)
What? Come on, Man. Are you
Does it sound crazy?
      (shrugging his
No, it doesn't sound crazy, I
guess. She still looks as good as
she did back then, though, that's
for sure.
Yeah, she did look pretty good,
but you gotta stay strong.
Remember, you're moving on with
your life now and Nicole has just
as much if not more to offer.
Yeah, I'm very aware of that.
Thanks for reminding me.
Daniel and John both smile at each other as they are seen
walking down the hall among the other students.


Nicole and April are walking across the football field,
heading towards the bleachers.
Can I ask you something?
Sure, what's up?
Have you ever felt like you had
some strong connection to someone
but just couldn't quite figure out
what it was?
Like what?
I don't know. It just seems like
I may have known this person in
another life or something.
April begins laughing as she jokingly nudges Nicole's arm.
And who might that he be?
I think you know.
Oh, come on. Do you really
believe in past life stuff?
      (nodding her head)
Yeah, I think to a certain extent
there may be some truth to it.
Well, would that not include the
concept of reincarnation?
      (shrugging her
I don't know. Do I look like some
kind of theologists to you? I'm
just speculating the possibility,


                       NICOLE (cont'd)
that's all.
April starts laughing as they both step onto the bleachers
and take a seat.
      (opening a book)
Well, if past lives truly exit,
then both of you must still have
quite a bit of learning to do.
They say that the concept of
reincarnation is that in each life
a lesson is learned. The more
lives you live, the more there is
for you to learn.
      (looking on in
Well, if there is something to it,
what is it you think we may be
here this time to learn?
      (smiling as she
       leans into Nicole)
Who? You and Daniel?
Nicole sighs and tilts her head as if to imply that Amber is
being naive.
      (shrugging his
Who knows. Maybe its for him to
learn how to keep a relationship
and put somebody else first for a
change and maybe you're the one
God has chosen as the prize should
he learn it.
Nicole and April both start laughing.
      (nudging Nicole)
Now, come on. Enough of that deep
thinking. Let's get some studying
The two girls smile as they begin reading.


School has ended and most of the students have already left.
Daniel is in the parking lot with the hood of his car up.
After a jerk of his hand, he pops up and hits his head on
the hood of the car.
      (to himself)
Dang it.
Daniel observes his finger.
Wow, this is a sight.
Daniel turns around and sees Amber walking up behind him.
Hey. What are you doing here?
Oh, I had someone assisting me
with my studies, trying to get me
caught up. Where are your
Oh, who knows. Everyone scatters
when that last bell rings.
Yeah, tell me about it. Do you
even know what you're doing?
No, not really.
Amber places her books on the ground and walks up to the car
next to Daniel.
      (looking under the
Well, what is it doing or not
doing? Is it turning over when
you try to start it?


Tell you what, why don't I try to
start it again and you see if
maybe you can figure it out.
Amber starts laughing as Daniel goes around to the driver's
side and gets in to turn the ignition.
The car sputtered for a moment before it just quit.
      (looking around
       the side of the
When is the last time you had the
spark plugs changed?
It's probably been a while. You
think that's what it may be?
Well, my guess is either that or
the fuel pump. Hopefully it's
your plugs. That's a lot cheaper
to fix. It could even be the fuel
filter, but I would definitely try
the spark plugs first.
How do you know all of this stuff?
Well, if you grow up with three
brothers who do nothing but talk
cars, you learn a thing or two.
Daniel and Amber casually smile at each other as they
immediately look away. Amber closes the hood and walks to
the side of the car.
Do you need a ride to the parts
store? I'd be more than happy to
give you one if you do.
Yeah, sure. I would really
appreciate that.


Amber picks up her books from off the ground as Daniel shuts
his car door and locks it. They then start walking towards
her car.
As they approach her car, conveniently parked just five
spaces down, Amber gets in on the driver's side as Daniel
climbs in on the passenger side.
As Amber starts the vehicle and looks over her shoulder, she
pulls out of the parking spot as she and Daniel converse
inside the car, steadily laughing and carrying on.
As Amber drives away, Nicole is seen standing at the front
entrance of the school, in plain view of the whole ordeal.
She looks on in sadness as she looks to the ground and then
turns to enter the building.
As students enter the cafeteria, John is seen walking
towards a table, tray in hand, to take a seat. Nicole walks
in immediately after him and follows him to the table.
      (looking up as he
       sits down)
Hey, Nicole. Are you not going to
      (without much
No. I'm not really hungry.
Why not? Are you okay?
Nicole sighs as she takes a seat at the table, beside John,
as he opens his drink and begins to eat.
Not really.
What do you mean? What's wrong?
Am I wasting my time?


      (looking at Nicole
       in question)
Wasting your time on what?
On Daniel. It seems like he has
quite an attraction for Amber,
that new girl. And, from what I
understand, they use to date each
other a couple of years ago before
she moved away the first time.
From the looks of things, they
seem to be picking up where they
left off.
John sighs as he puts his hamburger down.
Nicole, the only one that can
answer that question is Daniel
himself. He and Amber did date a
couple of years ago until he broke
it off with her to have some
weekend fling with a college girl.
He had originally told her that
they were just getting too serious
and that she needed to back off.
However, when he found out that
she pretty much did the same thing
that very same weekend that he
did, he began to play the victim's
What do you mean?
Well, that Sunday afternoon at the
lake with me and Richie, he
started drinking. He drank about
two hours straight until he
decided that he needed to leave.
We tried our best to stop him, but
it was no use. He ended up having
a terrible accident that literally
almost killed him. Ever since
then, he has this attitude about
himself that unless certain girls
meet his particularly high
standards, they aren't worth the
time of day.


Wow, what does that say about me?
Look, Nicole, I think he just
needs some time. I know he really
likes you. Maybe he's just
waiting for that right moment.
Nicole sighs as she leans in to John and places her head on
his shoulder for comfort. John places his arm around her
and gives her a friendly kiss on the forehead.
It'll be alright. He'll come to
his senses at some point.
Nicole softly giggles as John flashes a smile and shakes his
Daniel is seen walking into the cafeteria as he immediately
takes notice to John and Nicole, as she rests her head on
his shoulder. At that moment, images of Nicole's limp body,
as he held her after the accident, flashes through his head.
He immediately turns his head in agony as he takes a moment
to regain his composure. At that moment, someone taps him
on the shoulder.
As he turns to address the individual, he finds that it is
Hey, what are you doing just
standing here?
Amber glances over at John and Nicole and finds that April
and Timmy have now joined them at the table. The four
individuals laugh as they converse and enjoy each other's
Hey, why don't you join me for
lunch? There's some people I want
you to meet.
Yeah, sure. Why not?
Daniel looks back over at Nicole as she raises her head and
catches a glimpse of Daniel as he turns his head and follows
Amber to the table.


      (watching Daniel
       follow Amber)
Guys, I'm sorry, but I think I'm
going to go get me some fresh air
before class. I'll see you later.
Nicole stands up from the table and excuses herself to
As Nicole turns to leave the cafeteria, everyone at the
table looks at each other in question as Timmy catches sight
of Daniel sitting beside Amber at a table across the
You have got to be kidding me.
Everyone sitting at the table turns their head in that
direction and observes the same thing.
Aw, Man. Is he crazy?
Guys, I'll be right back. I just
want to make sure she's okay.
Timmy stands up from the table and exits the cafeteria to go
find Nicole.
Nicole steps out into the hallway as she immediately runs up
to her locker, turns around with her back to the locker and
then falls to her knees with her head in her hands.
Immediately after, Timmy steps out into the hallway and
swiftly looks around until he spots Nicole kneeling in front
of her locker and approaches her.
He slowly bends down beside her and gently places his hand
on her back.
Nicole looks up with a disgruntled look and stares straight
Nicole, are you okay?


No, Timmy, I'm not okay. I just
don't understand it.
I don't either.
      (looking at Timmy)
What do you not understand?
How a heart belonging to someone
so beautiful can be breaking the
way it is.
Timmy softly takes Nicole by the hand as she continues
You need someone that will love
you, Nicole, the way you need to
be loved. I can be that for you if
you will just let me in.
Timmy, I'm sorry. I've told you
before that we are just two
different people.
Nicole withdraws her hand and puts her head back down as she
continues crying.
But what does that mean? Different
people or just you thinking that
something is wrong with me?
      (looking up at
Something wrong with you?
Yes, what is it that you think is
wrong with me? I know I'm not
quite the looker like Daniel or
John, but physical beauty will
never reach beyond the depth of
our own skin. We really aren't
that different. I can prove it to


                       TIMMY (cont'd)
Nicole gives Timmy a disgruntled look.
      (reaching out to
       Nicole as a tear
       falls from his
Nicole, please. I have feelings
just like Daniel or anyone else. I
cry when I'm sad, I smile when I'm
happy, I shake when I'm nervous
and I pray when I'm scared. I know
you do the same things so how can
we be that different? If you
would just give me a chance, you
would see. You might find that
you could really like me.
The expression on Nicole's face exemplifies the look of a
heart dropping.
See, if you look beyond all of the
superficial issues that cloud your
judgement, you might just find
someone that reminds you of me.
Nicole slowly pulls away from Timmy as she continues looking
at him, stands to her feet and turns to leave. All Timmy
can do is watch. He slowly bows his head and wipes a tear
from his eye.
As he glances once more towards Nicole's direction, he turns
around and accidentally runs into a classmate, causing a
book to fall from her hands. Nicole hears the commotion and
stops to observe.
      (picking up the
Oh, I'm sorry. Are you okay?
Timmy hands the book to the girl.
Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks, Timmy.


You're very welcome. Have a good
Timmy turns and walks off as Nicole is seen having observed
the incident. She softly nods her head as in approval and
then slowly turns to head to class.
As Timmy and Nicole walk off in opposite directions, Daniel
is seen leaning his head back against the end of the lockers
with a look of distraught as the bell rings.

Students then start filling the locker area, grabbing their
books, preparing for the next class.
Daniel is walking down the hall among the students with
books in hand. He is immediately confronted by John who
taps him on the shoulder.
Hey, Man, what are you doing?
      (turning around)
Oh, hey John.
Daniel pauses as he and John engage in their secret
handshake. They then continue walking.
I think your future girlfriend has
a lot of admirers but it's obvious
she only has eyes for you. Why
that is, I have no idea.
      (looking at John)
What do you mean?
      (shrugging his
I don't know. Just this hold you
have on her.
What hold?


This inability to move on. It's
almost like she's waiting for
definite confirmation that you
have no interest in her and that
she just needs to give up and move
Daniel lets out a sigh as he stops at his locker. John
stops and stands beside him.
I don't know. It's almost like
your just being selfish, I guess.
      (putting books in
       his locker)
Selfish? You think I'm being
selfish? How's that?
Well, in a way, you are. If you
don't want her, let her go. Why
do you insist on stringing her
along? She deserves to be happy
too whether you believe that or
      (looking at John)
What makes you think I'm just
stringing her along?
Come on, Daniel. It's almost as
if you're leading her on to keep
her from being with somebody else.
You don't want her but you don't
want anybody else to have her
either. What's up with that?
      (closing his
       locker is he
       looks at John)
Is that what you think?
      (looking directly
       at Daniel)
Yeah, it is.


Daniel pauses as he looks at John in question.
Come on, Daniel. Don't let her
life slip right through your
What did you say?
Sorry. I meant her love. I'm
telling you, Daniel, this one is a
winner. I just don't want to see
you make one of the biggest
mistakes of your life.
Daniel sighs and looks down to the ground.
I would be making a mistake.
      (looking at John)
If I'm with her, I would be making
a mistake.
John looks at Daniel with a questionable look on his face.
There's a lot of things you don't
Oh, really? Try me.
I wish I could but this is
something I have to do on my own.
What does that mean?
It means that nobody else can help
me. I have to figure it out on my


The conversation between John and Daniel tends to start
getting a little loud as other students in the hallway begin
to take notice.
So, your just going to allow her
to sit on a shelf until you decide
what it is you want to do with
God, John, why don't you just hang
it up and mind your own business.
Daniel glances up and sees Nicole walking towards them as
his heart sinks.
I can't be with her. If she ends
up with me, she'll die.
Nicole stands in shock as she looks at Daniel.
      (looking at Daniel)
What the hell does that mean?
It means exactly how it sounds.
I'm no good for her. Trust me. If
anybody knows that, it's me.
What is wrong with you?
Daniel stands in disbelief of what is actually taking place
as he hears a familiar voice from someone coming up from
behind him.
      (placing her hand
       on Daniel's
Daniel, are you okay? What's
going on?


Nicole puts off a distraught look as she looks at Amber and
then back at Daniel.
Daniel gasps as his head begins to spin. He immediately
looks down as he begins to breathe heavy.
      (looking at Nicole)
What did you do?
John begins to address Amber as Daniel stands back up.
      (addressing Amber)
She didn't do anything. It was
all me.
Daniel excuses himself as he turns to leave the building.
Amber, John and Nicole stand there and face each other.
Nicole, I am so sorry.
Nicole begins to tear up as she immediately turns and runs
into Timmy.
Nicole looks up at Timmy as she makes her way around him and
heads on down the hall. Timmy, along with John who walks up
beside him, just stand there and watch her as she leaves.
The afternoon bell has rang and students are exiting the
building. Richie is desperately trying to make his way
through the crowd in an effort to catch up with John.
John stops and turns as he is approached by Richie.
Hey, where have you been?
John and Richie begin walking.


What happened with you and Daniel?
The whole school seems to be
talking about it.
You know, to be honest, I have no
idea. He just totally dissed
Nicole in front half of the class.
Why would he do that? I thought
he liked Nicole.
Yeah, I thought he did too. I'm
just tired of his crap and the way
he thinks he can treat people.
What exactly has he been doing?
You know, it's just never a
serious matter when it comes to
him. He thinks everything is an
amusement park, designed
specifically for him. He is never
going to grow up and I don't want
to see anybody get hurt because of
his immature ways.
You don't think he deserves a fair
      (stopping to look
       at Richie)
A fair chance at what?
To make it all right. Nicole is a
big girl and it's not like they've
been dating exclusively. She can
handle herself. But as far as you
and Daniel go, you two have been
friends for far too long and have
gone through so much to have this
ruin your friendship. You don't
think that maybe this is just a
big misunderstanding?


John and Richie continue walking.
Richie, it's okay. It's been
coming for awhile. Remember when
he dated April? Before she and I
got together it was the same old
thing. He needs to be taught a
lesson of how to act cordially and
treat people, especially women,
with respect. It's almost like
it's more of a number's game with
Wow, I can't believe this. Just
give it time. Daniel needs you.
You're just about the only one
that understands him. His life
lesson will be learned in due
time. It's not up to us to teach
him that lesson but something
he'll have to figure out for
himself. We have our own issues to
deal with. Just give it some time
and call him later. Okay? I'm
going to go find Nicole and see
how's she doing. See ya.
Richie pats John on the back as he waves and walks off.
John's walking pace tends to slow gradually as Richie walks
ahead of him. John continues watching in that direction as
he casually stops and shakes his head.
Daniel is sitting on a park bench, appearing to continuously
wipe his eyes. As he sits with a look of deep contemplation
on his face, he is interrupted by a female voice.
                       UNKNOWN FEMALE
      (talking to
       another gentleman)
As the voice reminds him of how Nicole sounded at their very
first meeting at the park, Daniel gasps and immediately
looks up.


Upon seeing that it is actually another individual speaking
to someone else, he immediately sighs and puts his head back
After a couple of seconds, he looks up to behold children
engaging in laughter and families enjoying each other. These
sights drive Daniel to reminisce and think back to his time
with Nicole.
As Daniel sits in contemplation, images of him and Nicole
come on screen as he intimately recalls the time he proposed
to her at the park. After a few moments of contemplation, he
pulls her wedding ring from his pocket.
As he observes the ring, he is casually interrupted by an
elderly black man who sits down beside him.
                       ELDERLY BLACK MAN
      (addressing Daniel)
Hey, Son. You look like you could
use a friend. Who are you?
Daniel casually looks up to address the man.
Daniel. My name is Daniel.
                       ELDERLY BLACK MAN
No. Who are you? That's what you
have to figure out. Whatever it
is that's bothering you doesn't
amount to much in the main scheme
of things.
Daniel gives the man a disgruntled look.
Excuse me?
                       ELDERLY BLACK MAN
Find yourself first. You know,
who you are and what you're here
for. Once you figure that out,
everything else will fall into
place. We all have to. It's part
of life. It all starts with love
and yourself. Only then can you
open yourself up to true love.
Daniel continues giving the man his undivided attention.


                       ELDERLY BLACK MAN
Take the time to figure that out.
What's most important in your
life? Now there's a riddle for
The elderly man is approached by a light skinned child who
runs up to him and gives him a hug. The man picks up the
child and turns to address Daniel one last time before he
walks away.
                       ELDERLY BLACK MAN
Remember, you do know how to save
a life, and that's your own. You
just have to find it within
yourself. Truly live your life to
the depths of your ability and
allow others to do the same. Just
remember that God comes up with
the best solutions, we don't. We
just have to have faith.
The man smiles and tips his hat as he turns to approach a
mixed couple (white male and black female). As he
approaches the couple, he hugs the lady and extends his hand
to the gentleman. Daniel watches as he remains seated.
As the man walks away with his family in tow, Daniel sighs
as he stands up from the bench and turns to leave.
Timmy is sitting on the couch as he hears a knock on the
Mom, could you please get that?
Timmy sits still as he waits for a response. After a couple
of seconds, he sighs and gets up to go get the door.
It's okay, Mom, I got it.
As Timmy slowly opens the door, he beholds Nicole just
standing there, looking as if she had been crying. He steps
out of the house to console her and shuts the door behind
Nicole? Are you alright?


      (looking at Timmy)
You were right.
You were right about all of it.
Nicole, I'm sorry. I still don't
We're really not that different.
Nicole reaches out and grabs Timmy's hand.
      (through teary
Just like you, I cry when I'm sad,
I smile when I'm happy, I shake
when I'm nervous and I pray
when I'm scared. I know that now.
I just couldn't see it before.
Timmy's heart drops as he swallows to maintain his
I looked beyond all of the
superficial factors and I saw what
reminded me of you. It was me.
Timmy grabs Nicole as they slowly embrace.

After a few seconds, Timmy refrains as a loud sound of
thunder is heard overhead.
Come on, let's go in the house
before we get wet.
Timmy opens the door for Nicole as she steps inside. As
Timmy starts to go in behind her, he takes notice to Daniel
who is discretely standing on the other side of the road.
Daniel genuinely smiles as he slowly goes through the
motions of the handshake. As he ends the handshake with the
pointing of the index finger right at Timmy, he moves the


direction of his pointing to a small box sitting on the
Timmy looks over in that direction and sees the box. He
then looks back at Daniel in disbelief, who softly places
his hand on his heart, and then walks over to pick it up.

As Timmy slowly opens the box, he observes Nicole's ring. He
immediately glances back up to address Daniel, but he is
nowhere to be found.
Timmy just stands there, box in hand, looking off in that
direction as a tear falls from his face. Another roll of
thunder is heard as Timmy slowly turns and enters the house.
Rain is pouring down as Daniel stumbles around with a bottle
of whiskey in hand. He is constantly mumbling and laughing
out loud, walking alongside the track.
As the sound of a train coming up the track is heard behind
him, Daniel quickly turns around. As he begins walking in
that direction towards the train, he trips and falls to the
side of the track with the train not far from him.
As Daniel lies in agony, the train quickly approaches.

As he again looks up, he notices the train right up on him
as he is immediately pulled from the side of the track to
safety by an unknown individual.
As the train forcefully passes by, Daniel turns to address
the individual as the brightness of the entity temporarily
blinds him and he holds his hand above his eyes to shade the
light. The outline of a man starts to come into focus.
      (holding his hand
       in front of his
Daniel, it's not up to you to
determine when it is over. The
story is just now beginning.
Daniel sighs and bows his head to cry.


Why is this happening? I can't do
this anymore.
Gabe reaches down and takes Daniel by the hand to assist him
to his feet.
We know, Daniel. You're mission
is now complete.
      (trying to look at
What does that mean? What will
happen to me?
      (looking at Daniel
       as the rain
       continues to fall)
You did what you had to do to
protect Nicole. Unfortunately, the
one you had to protect her from
was you.
Daniel looks at Gabe as he tries not stumble and continues
to cry.
But I can change. I know I can.
I know you can too, Daniel. And
you've proven that very point.
Gabe places Daniel's arm around his neck to give him a
crutch and as Daniel begins to maintain balance, Gabe once
more disappears.

Daniel stands in agony as he calls out Nicole's name and
begins to fall as the screen goes black and the sounds of
rain and thunder suddenly cease.
Daniel is starting to wake the next morning as he slowly
begins to maneuver his body and moan in agony.


      (putting his hand
       to his head)
Oh, Man. What happened?
He slowly opens his eyes to observe his surroundings.
Where am I?
He suddenly observes a car heading in his direction. As the
car gets closer, it immediately comes to a stop.
      (raising his head)
The door to the vehicle opens as Amber steps out.
      (running up to
Oh my gosh, What happened to you?
Are you alright?
      (looking up at
How did you know I was here?
      (trying to assist
       Daniel to his
John called and said that you were
missing and asked if I might know
where you would be. Without
saying another word, I dropped the
phone and here I am. How did you
even get out here?
      (sighing as he
       looks around)
I honestly don't know.
With the help of Amber, Daniel stands to his feet and walks
over to the car. As they approach the car, Amber opens the
passenger side door for Daniel to get in. After he gets in,
Amber then makes her way to the other side of the car.


Daniel places his head back against the headrest and looks
out of the window, through eyes of obvious pain, as Amber
takes off down the road.
      (looking at Daniel)
What is up with you? Is it
something I did that's making you
act like this7
      (shaking his head
       as he looks out
       into the distance)
No. It's something I did.
Amber lets out a sigh as she shakes her head and continues
driving, periodically flashing glances at Daniel.
      (turning to Amber)
Have you ever been in a situation
where you felt helpless to do
anything, knowing that the worst
was just about to happen? Then,
as you focus more on what you
consider to be the problem, you
realize that the problem isn't the
event about to take place but what
you, yourself, harbor in your own
Amber looks on in question.
Do what?
I've hurt a lot of people in my
life, Amber, including you. I've
learned though that while you're
still here on earth, it's another
chance that we've been given to
make things right with not only
everybody else but also ourselves.
Daniel sighs as he places his head back against the head
rest and stares out of the window.
      (looking at Daniel)
So, what happens next?


      (still gazing out
       of the window)
I guess we die and take those
lessons with us.
Or do we?
Daniel immediately looks at Amber in question. As she
glances back at him, he is disturbed by something right in
front of them.
He immediately turns and notices the car in front of them
and quickly grabs the steering wheel, barely missing the
passing car.
Their car then comes to a screeching halt as it runs into a
tree. Daniel's head hits the dashboard and momentarily
knocks him out.
As Daniel lies unconscious, past images of events with John,
Richie, Amber and Nicole swiftly and mentally go through his
head as they bring him closer to the future.

As he once again finds himself holding Nicole's limp body on
the ground, he is suddenly awakened by a very loud and
familiar voice.
                       FAMILIAR VOICE (O.S.)
Are you crazy?
Daniel is startled as he comes to and faces the individual
sitting on the driver's side of the car.
                       FAMILIAR VOICE (O.S.)
Man, some people.
      (scooting up in
       his seat)
Nicole comes on screen as she looks at Daniel.
Oh my gosh, some people are crazy.
Are you okay? You look a little
shook up. I'm sorry that I woke
you. You looked like you were
sleeping soundly. Just make sure
not to grab the wheel next time.


                       NICOLE (cont'd)
You almost gave me a heart attack.
      (still looking at
       Nicole in
Yes, Daniel. It's me and I'm
okay. Are you going to be
alright? It was a close call but
we made it. My car is shot,
Daniel serenely leans over and takes Nicole into his arms as
they firmly embrace.

He then begins laughing uncontrollably as he peers out into
the distance and beholds Gabe standing off to the side of
the road.

Gabe flashes a pointing sign (the same as what Daniel did
with Timmy) as Daniel graciously smiles back. Gabe then
turns to leave and vanishes into thin air.
      (pulling back)
Daniel, I'm serious. Are you
going to be okay?
Yes, I am absolutely wonderful.
Daniel pulls Nicole back to him as he tightly hugs and
caresses her. After a brief moment, he slowly pulls back to
address her.
What year is this?
Why does everybody freak out when
I ask that question? What year is


      (staring off into
Hm. Well, let's see. We just had
our 20 year reunion so my guess is
It's 2004. Would that not have
been a good indicator for you?
      (raising up with
Our 20 year reunion? Yes,
exactly. How did it go? Did you
enjoy yourself?
Of course I enjoyed myself. I
always do when I'm with you. You
and Richie were a hoot. You were
definitely the life of the party,
let me tell you.
Nicole starts laughing as Daniel's eyes softly begin to
water, allowing a single tear to fall from his face.
      (to himself)
Everyone's okay. We made it.
Daniel takes Nicole's left hand as he feels her wedding band
and looks down to observe. He then looks back up at her and
leans in to give her a sensual kiss.
      (leaning back)
And you're sure you're going to be
Darling, I have never been better.
Daniel resumes his hug as laughter feels the car.
                                         FADE OUT.
As the credits roll, various scene snippets flash on screen
of Nicole, Daniel, John, April and Richie enjoying their
children as they play in the park together.

After a couple of minutes of flashed scenes, the screen
slowly fades to black as the credits finish rolling.


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