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The Keeper of the Skull
by Stephanie Sharp (stephaniecj2@juno.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



TITLE OVER: Altamont, IL (1993)
A faded red 1976 Ford Pinto, with the back seat packed full
of clothes, pulls up in front of an old vacant and abandoned
(yet livable) farmhouse. After a brief pause, both the
driver and passenger side doors slowly open.
CHELSEA, a beautiful young brunette in her early to mid 20's
with big soft-green eyes, slowly steps out of the passenger
side as she appears to be in disbelief of the sight.
As she hears the driver side door close, she slowly turns
and looks at her dad, JOHN, who appears to be quite older
with gray thick hair, a mustache and piercing dark eyes.
You can't be serious.
      (sarcastically as
       he throws his
       hands up)
What? I think it has potential
and it's surrounded by beautiful
farm country.
Dad, this is the creepiest place I
think I've ever seen and you
expect me to live here?
Well, Honey, it's only temporary
until I'm able to put a down
payment on something nicer.
I know, Dad. It'll be okay. It
may just take some getting use to.
Hopefully it will be better than
where we came from. I just need
to stay positive, right?


      (walking around
       the front of the
       vehicle as he
Right, and that would be for the
both of us.
The two share a laugh as Dad, John, places his arm around
At least you could say it has
character. It sits right beside
an old abandoned railroad track
that, to my knowledge, hasn't been
used in years and the countryside
is undeniably breathtaking.
Chelsea looks at John as she nods her head in agreement.
      (looking at
What do you say we go take a peep
at our new living arrangement?
I guess, if you say so.
Chelsea shuts the car door as the two approach the front of
the house.
      (looking around
       the front of the
Well, the Realtor man said the key
would be lying around here
Don't you think it's just a little
bit strange that he couldn't even
meet us here?
Well, maybe he had prior
arrangements. He is a busy man
you know.


Yeah, I can tell there's a big
demand for real estate around
As Chelsea props her hands on her hips and sighs, the front
door pops open. The two jump as Chelsea immediately steps
As she slowly looks at her dad in question, he quickly
It's fine. These old houses have
a lot of settling issues. No harm
done. You okay?
      (nodding her head)
Yeah, I'll be fine.
John slowly steps towards the door and softly pushes it
open. As he peers inside and steps in, Chelsea closely
follows behind.
As Chelsea steps in, she slowly closes the door behind her
and searches for the light switch.
      (looking around)
Where's a light switch in this
An interior light immediately comes on as the light bulb
loudly pops and goes back out. Chelsea lets out a scream as
her dad chuckles.
Found it but it looks like we'll
need a new one.
      (holding her hand
       on her chest)
Oh my gosh, my nerves are shot.
This place is going to give me a


Oh, you watch too many scary
movies. It's all in your head.
Not exactly, Dad. Remember, I'm
not a big fan of horror movies.
That was you and Mom.
Yeah, but you were always right
there with us.
Chelsea lets out a heartfelt sigh as she looks down.
      (placing his hand
       on her shoulder)
Come on. It looks like we'll be
making a quick trip to town to get
some bulbs and something to eat.
We'll worry about getting
everything unpacked tomorrow.
Sound like a deal?
      (perking up)
Yes, I'm hungry.
We're going to be okay here,
Chelsea. I can feel it. We just
need to give it some time.
Remember, change can be good.
Yeah, Dad. I know.
The two share a laugh as they both walk out the door and
shut it behind them.
John walks into the kitchen as Chelsea is sitting at the
table, thumbing through a textbook, eating a bowel of
cereal. He quickly leans down and gives her a kiss on top
of the head.
      (rolling up his
       sleeve on his
       shirt uniform)


                       JOHN (cont'd)
Well, good morning, Sunshine.
Sleep well last night?
Okay, I guess.
John walks around the table and sits down across from
Chelsea. He takes the box of cereal sitting on the table
and pours it into his bowel.
So, you think you're going to be
more comfortable sleeping
Yeah, that way I'll be closer to
the front door should there be a
reason to try and escape.
The two share a laugh as they continue eating.
Well, listen. The crew should be
here any minute with my company
truck so the car is yours if
you're needing to run any errands.
Yeah, I probably need to run to
town to pick up some last minute
things for school.
Sure, that's fine. Get whatever
you need. Is that a book for one
of your courses?
Yeah, I wanted to prepare myself
so I would at least have an idea
as to what would be expected for
my first assignment.
      (nodding his head)
That's probably not a bad idea.
The two are interrupted by a couple of loud knocks on the


Well, that must be them. If you
need anything, call me. I put my
work number on the counter by the
stove, okay?
      (nodding her head)
Sure, Dad. I'll be fine. I am a
big girl, you know. You just be
Walking back around the table and grabbing his lunch off of
the counter.
I know, but no matter how old you
get, you'll always be my little
girl. Remember, you're all I have
Chelsea lets out sigh as John puts off a sheepish grin.
      (laughing softly)
Be careful. I'll see you this
I will, Dad. Don't worry.
John salutes Chelsea in a playful manner and then turns to
Chelsea leans back in her chair and sighs as she closes her
book, sets it to the side and then stands up to start
putting dishes away.
As she turns to the counter to place dishes in the sink, the
doorbell rings. Chelsea is startled as she drops a plastic
bowel and then looks towards the door.
Oh my gosh, Dad. What did you
forget this time?
She walks over to the front door and slowly opens it as she
peers out through the crack.


Not being able to see anyone, Chelsea slowly opens the door
a little wider and sticks her head out.
LEONA, A small old lady, sticks her head around the corner
of the door as Chelsea immediately jumps back and screams.
      (with a loud
       pitched voice)
Oh, Honey, I didn't mean to
startle you. My name is Leona and
I'm the mail lady around here. I
guess since you're here, I'll go
ahead and just hand your mail to
Chelsea quickly tries to catch her breath as the little lady
hands the mail over to Chelsea and lets herself in to take a
look around.
Chelsea takes a step back as she tries to figure her out.
      (watching the
       little lady as
       she looks around)
Can I help you?
      (waving her hand)
Oh, Honey, I'm sorry to be so
forward. I was surprised to find
there was any mail actually coming
to this address. How long you
lived here?
Just a day now but I'm starting to
feel that it's already a day too
Leona chuckles as she places her hand on her chest.
Oh, Honey, you don't know the half
of it.


      (looking on in
What does that mean?
Well, I'll tell you what. If you
will treat me to a quick glass of
sweet tea before I get back on my
route, I'll tell you all about it.
Chelsea cautiously agrees as she closes the door and leads
Leona to the kitchen.
So, what did you say your name
was, Honey?
Sorry. It's Chelsea.
      (following Chelsea
       into the kitchen)
Oh, Chelsea. What a lovely name.
You live here all alone?
No, ma'am. I live here with my
Chelsea walks over to the cabinet to grab a glass and then
proceeds to the refrigerator to pour Leona some tea. Leona
finds a place comfortably at the table.
      (sitting down)
Wait a minute. That's right. So
talk about the new family in town
was true. You've moved here from
down south. You're the Wayne
Wow, word sure does get around
fast in these parts.
Honey, it's a small town. We
don't have anything going on but
other people's business. I just
never understood how you two were
convinced to stay here in this


                       LEONA (cont'd)
      (handing the glass
       to Leona)
Why? What do you mean
Well, this house does have quite a
Yeah, from the sound of it, I
guess you could say we may have
been misinformed.
      (patting the
       cushion in the
       chair beside her)
Well, Honey, come sit right here
and I'll tell you all about it.
Chelsea curiously sits down beside her as Leona proceeds to
tell her story.
About 28 years ago, there was a
family that lived here. It was
Tom and Mary Caldwell who was
living here with Mary's mentally
disabled 19 year old son from a
previous marriage. The child was
greatly disfigured and hardly ever
went out in public unless he had
on this self-made skull mask like
the kind you would see kids wear
at Halloween.
Chelsea slowly nods her head as she continues listening.
Well, anyway, Tom physically
abused that helpless soul almost
every night, in every possible way
imaginable, with what he said was
just his approach of trying to
knock some since into him.


Leona leans in towards Chelsea as if to add more of a
dramatic emphasis to her story. Chelsea slowly leans back
as if to keep some distance.
That man abused that child so
badly that after one particular
night, we saw no more of him.
So, the boy finally had enough and
ran away?
No, we saw no more of Tom for he
had mysteriously disappeared. Now,
the town's people had obviously
suspected the boy of foul play,
but without a body, there was no
proof for murder.
So what happened to Mary and her
That's a good question. That's
what the town's people are still
trying to figure out. Some say
the boy still resides here and
that his mom suffered the same
fate that Tom did because she
allowed the beatings to go on and
never did anything to stop them.
So the whole family had just
mysteriously disappeared and none
of them were ever seen again?
      (nodding her head)
Yes, Ma'am. After realizing that
their mail was no longer being
checked and their bills not being
paid, a police officer came in and
secured the place and monitored
all activity for at least a couple
of years. After no word or sign
from anyone in the family, they
were all officially declared
missing and presumed dead.


      (staring in awe)
Oh, my. Well, what happened to
all of their personal belongings?
Well, without no known next of kin
to give it to, the town declared
an estate sale on the property and
the city took whatever profit was
made. Any property left behind
was just destroyed. Ironically,
though, the boy's mask was never
found and that was the one thing
he would never leave behind. This
leads me to believe that he may
still be roaming the area, just
waiting for his next victim.
Chelsea looks on as Leona senses her fear.
      (placing her hand
       on Chelsea's arm)
Oh, Honey, don't worry. You know
every town has its own history
whether it be true or not. And,
more times than not, the stories
are never true.
Leona chuckles as she pushes herself away from the table to
stand up.
Well, I've wasted enough of your
time and I really do need to get
back to work. Thank you for the
glass of tea.
Chelsea stands up to follow Leona to the door. Leona
observes the textbook lying on the table.
You in school?
Yes, Ma'am, I'm attending the
Theatre Program of Performing Arts


Yes, the Kaskaskia College in
Centralia. It's only about an
hour away. I'm really excited
about starting their literal arts
program there. I've read through a
portion of my drama book to find
out that my first assignment is
the study of 'The Phantom of the
      (appearing to be
       in deep thought
       as she nods her
'The Phantom of the Opera' you
say? Well, that certainly seems
appropriate for your living
      (shaking her head
       in question)
I'm sorry?
Well, this old structure you are
living in houses a malicious
phantom all its own.
I'm sorry, I'm not following.
      (leaning in closer
       to Chelsea)
Just as the infamous drama of that
story tells of a disfigured
musical genius haunting the
catacombs, so does the lurking
story of this house that has a 28
year old locked-up secret that I
believe is just waiting to be
As Chelsea tries to process the newly acquired information,
as well as the situation itself, Leona interrupts her
thought process.


Well, anyway Honey, it was nice
meeting you. I'll see you later.
Leona delivers a mysterious smile as she turns and walks out
the front door. Chelsea slowly closes the door as she
watches Leona walk to the mail truck.
      (pushing the door
Wow, how weird. And that is why
you do not move to a small town.
Chelsea shakes her head and laughs as she walks back towards
the kitchen.
Chelsea is sitting on the couch reading her textbook.
      (letting out a
       sigh as she
       closes her book)
I should not be reading these
things while I'm here by myself.
She then shakes her head as she laughs at herself.
But then again, it is just drama.
Chelsea overhears the doorknob jiggle as it is being
      (looking towards
       the door)
The door is pushed open.
Chelsea scoots back up against the arm of the couch as her
Dad steps out from behind the door.
Hey, Honey.
Oh, Dad, you almost gave me a
heart-attack. I didn't hear you


                       CHELSEA (cont'd)
drive up.
      (jiggling the
       doorknob trying
       to get his key
Oh, sorry. This lock has got to
be replaced. Have you had any
problems with it?
No, I've actually been here all
You didn't go to town?
No need in it. I've had all the
drama and commotion I could stand
for one day all right here.
Really? And what do you mean by
John removes the key from the lock as he shuts the door and
locks the deadbolt.
Chelsea pats the cushion beside her, inviting John to take a
Well, I first met our mail lady
who had a very interesting story
to tell.
Really? We already have mail?
Yes, but that's not the strange
thing. You see, she claims that
there were possible murders that
took place in this house and the
bodies were never found.
Really? So she's the one that's
been watching too many scary


                       JOHN (cont'd)
No, Dad, you should have heard it.
Listening to her tell that story
literally had chills going up my
spine. Maybe there is bad karma
surrounding this house.
Look, a house is nothing but a
structure that houses people. When
those people leave, so do their
problems and their karma and the
house again becomes vacant. The
only thing to be scared of, if
anything, would be the strange
people you allow in our home while
you're here by yourself.
Oh, she was harmless. I didn't
feel threatened, just a little
      (shaking his head
       as he sighs)
Right. Well, I hate to cut you
short but I've got another early
day tomorrow and I believe you
also have your first day of
Yes, I do. I'm going to stay up a
little bit longer and try to get
some more reading done, though.
      (standing up)
Alright, well I'll see you in the
morning. Sleep tight.
Okay, Dad, you too.
The two exchange smiles as John excuses himself and goes


Chelsea takes her book and lays back down on the couch as
she props her head on the armrest.
An old train (almost as if it is a phantom train) is seen
going down the tracks, right beside the house, as its
passing shutters the light of the moon through the trees.

A mysterious man wearing a black leather cape and a black
skull mask jumps off the train from inside one of the cars,
leaping towards the house and then disappearing from view.
Chelsea is lying in her bed asleep as the sound of the
passing train is heard from outside as well as the view of
the shuttering light.
Upon the light protruding through the window, that
mysterious man is seen standing in the far corner of
Chelsea's room watching her sleep.
As the light continues flickering by the movement of the
train, the man is immediately standing right above Chelsea
as he sticks out his arm and reaches for her face.

Chelsea immediately screams as she is awakened by a terrible
nightmare. The man suddenly disappears.
Chelsea reaches over and turns her lamp on as she sits up in
her bed.
      (breathing heavily
       as she places her
       hand on her chest)
Oh, my gosh, what was that?
Chelsea observes her surrounding area to find nothing but
peace and quite.
Oh, Man, this is crazy. Why do I
have to believe everything that
anybody says?
She rolls out of bed, grabs her house coat hanging on the
door and exits her bedroom.


As she exits, the mysterious man briefly reappears, standing
on the opposite side of her bed.
TITLE OVER: Two Weeks Later
Chelsea is sitting at the kitchen table talking on the
      (while talking on
       the phone)
School is going great. I really
like my professors. I think I've
chosen the right field.
Chelsea pauses as she listens to the response on the phone.
Yes, everything is fine. No, he
hasn't made it home yet. I told
you there was no reason to worry.
He really seems to be trying hard
this time to make things work. It
will be okay.
There is a loud knock on the door.
      (still talking on
       the phone)
Hey, somebody is here. I'm gonna
have to call you back. Yes, I
will. I love you too. Bye.
Chelsea gets up from the table, hangs up the phone and then
proceeds to the door.
       approaching the
As Chelsea stands still, waiting on a response, there is a
large shadowy figure that swiftly passes behind her.


      (standing still
       and facing the
There's another loud knock on the door as Chelsea jumps
      (talking louder)
I said hello.
                       JASON (O.S.)
      (from the other
       side of closed
Chelsea, it's Jason.
Chelsea unlocks the deadbolt on the door, making sure to
leave the chain lock intact, and slowly opens it as she
peers through the crack.
      (waving at Chelsea)
Hi. I'm Jason from your theater
class. Remember me? I just
wanted to come by and see how you
were doing.
Chelsea opens the door as JASON, a tall lanky boy with dark
greasy hair, thick eyebrows and dark blue eyes, stands in
front of her.
Jason? What are you doing here?
It's late.
Oh, I know. Sorry about that. I
just wanted to come by and see how
you were coming along with your
assignment and maybe visit for a
little while. I thought I might
could get some ideas from you. I
hope I'm not intruding.
      (unlocking and
       opening the door)
Uh, no. You startled me. That's


                       CHELSEA (cont'd)
all. I was just on the phone.
Come on in.
Chelsea stands to the side as Jason walks in.
      (looking around as
       he slowly nods
       his head)
Wow. Interesting place you have
      (shutting the door)
Yeah, it has its moments. How did
you know where I lived?
Oh, I kind of followed you. I was
just out riding around when I saw
you pass and I tried flagging you
down but I guess you didn't see
me. Sorry, I'm not a stalker or
anything. I just wanted to talk
to you. You really seem to be
into the theater program.
Yeah, I guess you could say that's
why I've chosen that field.
      (pointing at
       Chelsea as if to
       imply an
Exactly. That's why I wanted to
bounce some ideas off of you.
Chelsea suspiciously looks at Jason as he just stands there,
placing his hands in his pockets.
Well, would you like to go into
the living room and sit down?
Sure, that sounds good to me. Lead
the way.
Chelsea leads Jason into the living room. As he takes a
seat at the far end of the couch, Chelsea makes a move over


to the chair on the opposite side of the room and takes a
There seems to be a bit of awkwardness as Chelsea breaks the
So, how long did you say you've
been in school?
Well, I guess you could say I'm
one of those that could make a
career out of going to school.
This is my 6th year of college. I
just can't seem to make up my mind
with what I want to do. You
really seem to find reason behind
what you're doing. It really
appeals to me.
Chelsea nods her head in disbelief as she lets out a sigh.
Well, I've always had an interest
in the theater-arts field because
of all the acting drama that
surrounds it. It's real if only
for that one moment. You see,
with art, anything is possible.
Jason sits in silence as he continuously stares at Chelsea.
      (in awe and
       suspense of Jason
       and his demeanor)
I'm, uh, going to get something to
drink from the kitchen. Would you
like anything?
      (nodding his head)
Sure. That sounds great.
Chelsea gets up and heads towards the kitchen.
As she walks into the kitchen, she quickly turns around and
peers around the corner as she sees Jason still sitting on
the couch.


      (quietly to
       herself as she
       shakes her head)
Wow. This is so not what I need.
Jason is seen turning around.
I'm sorry, are you talking to me?
Chelsea immediately dodges his look as she heads over to the
Uh, no. Sorry. I tend to talk to
myself from time to time.
                       JASON (O.S.)
Oh, that's okay. We all do.
Chelsea opens the refrigerator as she grabs a gallon of tea.
She then reaches for the cabinet and takes out a couple of

After pouring the tea, she puts the gallon back into the
refrigerator and closes the door.
      (carrying the
       drinks into the
       living room)
So, where did you say you were
Chelsea hands Jason his glass of tea as he takes a drink.
She then proceeds to her chair and sits down.
Oh, sorry, I'm from Beecher City.
It's a pretty interesting place.
The actual platting of the town
was done by railroad engineers in
the late 1800's. I don't know
about you, but I have always found
small towns divided by train
tracks to be of great interest.
      (nodding her head
       in agreement)
Yeah, it seems to set off that


                       CHELSEA (cont'd)
little country appeal.
      (slowly nodding
       his head in
Yes, it does. You, uh, live here
No, I live here with my Dad.
Really? You help take care of him
or something?
Yeah, I guess you could say that.
Slowly nodding his head, Jason turns up his glass and drinks
all of his tea.
Whew. That is some good tea.
Would you mind if I had another
No, not at all.
Chelsea gets up and approaches Jason to take his glass for a
refill as he grabs her arm and pulls her down beside him.
As she quickly tries to stand back up, Jason grabs her arm
and pulls her back down.
      (looking at Jason
       in fear)
What are you doing?
      (scooting closer
       to her)
Oh, come on, Baby. You know this
is what you want. I've seen you
constantly staring at me in class.
      (trying to pull
Are you crazy? Let go of me. My


                       CHELSEA (cont'd)
Dad will be here anytime so I
think it's time for you to leave.
A quick image of the skull-masked face is seen peering
through the window, placing focus on his dark piercing eyes
as he stares at the couple. The action of what he is
viewing becomes visibly reflected in his mysterious stare.
Chelsea continues trying to pull away as the window right
beside the couch is immediately shattered.
Chelsea lets out a frightful scream as the two immediately
jump to their feet.
She runs to the opposite side of the room in an effort to
distance herself from any suspecting harm as she and Jason
both take notice to the object that had just been thrown
through the window.
Jason approaches the object and slowly picks it up.
      (placing her hand
       on her chest)
Oh, my gosh. What is that?
      (looking the
       object over)
It's my Vendetta Knife prop from
our Theater-Arts class.
Chelsea stares at the knife being held by Jason that had
been meticulously taped to a rock, as in an effort to
increase its weight for purposes of being thrown through the
      (looking at
Somebody's outside and has broken
into my car.
      (looking at Jason
       as she continues
       to keep her
What? Why did you even bring it?
You're not supposed to have it.


Well, I know, but I have seen
other people take props and return
them later. I just wanted to show
it off to some of my friends.
Chelsea looks at Jason as she lets out a chuckle.
Well, who would be outside? Did
someone follow you?
      (sighing heavily)
I have no idea. Not to my
Well, maybe you should go check it
Yeah, you're probably right but
not before I have some protection.
Jason begins to quickly remove the tape from around the
knife. As his concentration is placed on that, the front
door is violently kicked in as both Chelsea and Jason jump
in a swift dramatic manner.
      (looking back
       towards the door)
What the hell is that?
      (raising her voice)
Look, I have no idea what is going
on here but I want it to stop
right now.
Jason stares at Chelsea as if to start showing concern.
Can you please hurry up and go
Okay, fine. If I'm not back in 5
minutes, call the police.


Jason heads towards the front door (with Chelsea a few feet
behind) and then slowly walks outside after glancing back
towards her.
After he walks outside, Chelsea runs up to the front door,
closing and locking it, as she then runs back into the
kitchen to peer out the back door.
Jason slowly walks to the corner of the house as he looks
around to the side. Seeing nothing, he turns back around
and is suddenly hit on the back of the head.
As the hit knocks him forward (but not down to the ground),
he turns to face his attacker as he is then hit in the
stomach by an unknown force and pushed to the ground on his
Still conscious, Jason painfully lies on his back as in a
fetal position as he looks up to find a mysterious man
wearing black leather and a black skull mask standing right
above him.
The mysterious man immediately drops to his knees as he
becomes face-to-face with Jason who is frozen in fear.
      (starting to shake
       and cry profusely)
Please don't hurt me. Just tell
me what you want. I'll do
As the stranger lets out a mysterious and eerie chuckle, he
slowly takes off his skull mask as if to peer directly into
Jason's soul.
As Jason takes a closer look at the perpetrator's face, he
finds a set of dark, piercing eyes (somewhat resembling the
shape of Chelsea's dad's eyes), looking right back at him
through the mysteriously looking skull.
      (fiercely speaking
       under his breath)
What the hell? Who are you?
Jason begins to scream as the man immediately covers his
mouth. His eyes begin to roll to the back of his head as
his body jerks from being stabbed multiple times by the


After 5 stabs to the chest, the villain takes his knife and
begins to cut at Jason's throat.
                                         CUT TO
Chelsea is still standing at the back door, looking from
side to side. She is again alerted as she hears the front
door fiercely swing open and slam into the wall.
      (jumping as she
       looks in that
Without an immediate response, Chelsea slowly walks out of
the kitchen towards the front door.
As she continues moving slowly towards the door, she quickly
becomes face-to-face with her dad who abruptly walks into
the house, causing Chelsea to immediately jump back.
Upon jumping back and catching her breath, she takes a
closer look at her dad whose hands are covered in blood.
Dad? What are you doing? What
happened to you?
It's okay, Honey. I didn't mean
to startle you. I tripped over
this huge leather jacket that was
bundled up in the yard and sliced
my hand wide open.
Chelsea stares at her Dad in awe as if to try and mentally
make sense of what is going on.
      (holding up the
       heavy coat)
Do you have any idea whose this
      (shaking her head)
No. I've never seen it before.


Chelsea approaches her father as she takes his hand to
observe his wound.
This looks horrible. We've got to
get you to the hospital.
      (pulling away from
No, it's fine. There's no need in
that. I'll just doctor it up here
As John proceeds to the living room, while pulling a
handkerchief from his shirt pocket to wrap around his hand,
he takes notice to the broken window and glass all over the
      (looking at
       Chelsea while
       wrapping up his
What happened here?
      (shrugging her
I don't know. Jason and I were
sitting on the couch when this big
object was thrown through the
Jason? Jason who?
He's a guy from school that just
came over to visit. Did you not
see anyone outside? He went to
check things out and never came
back in.
      (shaking his head)
No, I didn't. How did he even get
here? Did he come home with you
after school or something?
No, he drove his own car and
followed me here.


So, he followed you here without
your permission and then you let
him in the house?
Yeah, I mean I really didn't feel
threatened or anything. He just
wanted to talk about school.
Right. Well, I'm assuming he's
left. There's no vehicle outside
or anything.
What? He couldn't have left.
Chelsea runs to the front door and glances outside.

After pausing for a second, she turns around and looks at
Dad, where's your truck?
Oh, I broke down about 10 miles
back up the road.
So you walked all the way here and
never saw any other vehicles pass?
      (slowly shaking
       his head)
No, Honey, I sure didn't. And, if
I had, don't you think I would
have tried to hitch a ride?
Chelsea stands directly in front of the closed door as she
slowly starts walking back towards John.
I don't understand what's going
She stops a few feet away from him, as if to be pondering
the situation.


It sounds to me like your friend
just up and left. Maybe he had
some other buddies here that were
just trying to scare you or
something. Who knows?
John sighs as he turns and walks over to the shattered glass
on the floor and bends down as he starts to clean it up.
As he bends down, Chelsea notices a single left-handed glove
that had been severely cut-up in his back pocket with blood
covering only the tips of the fingers.
As he takes the bits of glass and stands up to go discard of
it, he is immediately confronted by Chelsea.
Dad, were you wearing any gloves
when you cut your hand?
      (facing Chelsea)
No. I didn't have any at the
time. I had actually found just
one fancy-looking glove right
outside. Why?
I don't know. No reason, I guess.
I was just wondering.
Chelsea slowly begins to back away.
Are you okay?
      (in a concerned
Yeah, I just haven't been feeling
very well and all of this
commotion has made it worse. I
think I'm just going to go lay
down, if that's okay.
Sure. I'll take care of this.
Don't you worry about a thing.
Chelsea turns to head towards her room.


You don't think we need to go try
and find your friend?
      (looking back at
No, it's okay, Dad. It was time
for him to leave anyway. I'll see
him later at school. Good night.
Chelsea again turns to head to her room.
      (as Chelsea walks
Okay, well, good night. I love
you, Sweetie. See you in the
      (nodding her head)
Love you too, Dad.
Chelsea quickly heads to her room.
                                         CUT TO
As she approaches her room, she immediately goes in and
closes the door behind her, making sure that it is locked
and secured.
      (to herself)
Oh, my gosh. What is going on?
Those gloves had to have been used
for something. If he wasn't
wearing them when he cut his hand,
what was he doing with them?
As she lets out a big nervous sigh, she walks over to the
side of her bed and sits down.
      (mumbling to
Jason, I hope you're okay. One
thing I will do is kill you when I
see you at school.
After a moment of pondering, she kicks off her shoes, takes
her pants off and crawls into bed.


As she lays down on the bed, she reaches over to her
nightstand and turns off the lamp.

As a peculiar light flashes right outside her bedroom
window, there is a quick glimpse of the man in the skull
mask staring directly at her as she tosses and turns in her
There is a knock on the door as Chelsea immediately makes
her way over to answer it.
As she approaches the door, she stops and hesitates for just
a moment.
      (leaning towards
       the door)
Who is it?
                       LEONA (O.S.)
      (from other side
       of door)
It's me, Honey. It's Leona.
Chelsea lets out a sigh of relief as she unlocks the
deadbolt then chain lock to open the door.
As she opens the door, she sees Leona who (without question)
lets herself in.
      (standing to the
I am so glad you're here.
Leona holds her hand up as if to silence Chelsea and slowly
observes the surroundings.
      (looking around)
Yes, I can sense an evil presence
in this house, almost as if it has
taken a demonic possession of its
Leona slowly turns around towards Chelsea as she tilts her
head and puts off a questionable look.


      (looking at Leona)
      (sighing as she
       shakes her head)
Nothing. I guess it's just my old
mind playing tricks on me.
Chelsea closes the front door and closely follows behind
Leona as she moves slowly through the house.
So, what do you think it is or
what do we need to do to get rid
of it?
      (still looking
We must have a cleansing, one that
can rid the evil spirits of this
dwelling and allow the good to
take back over.
Well, how do we do that?
      (stopping to
       confront Chelsea)
We must do a ritual.
      (looking at Leona)
What kind of ritual? I mean, what
does it consist of?
A smudging. We must use sage in a
cleansing process to rid the evil
spirits of this place.
A smudging?
Yes. I have all of the necessary
sage and herbs needed to conduct
the ceremony in my car. While I
get everything ready, go upstairs
and make sure to open every door
and turn on any fan if you have


                       LEONA (cont'd)
them. I'll open all the doors
      (nodding her head
       in agreement)
As Leona turns towards the front door, Chelsea grabs her
shoulder out of hesitation.
      (in a sudden
Leona immediately turns around towards Chelsea.
What if this isn't right? What if
this is something much bigger than
      (taking Chelsea by
       the hand)
Honey, you leave all of the
logistics to me and we'll rid your
house of this thing once and for
      (slowly nodding
       her head as she
Okay, I trust you.
Good. Now, let's not waste
anymore time. Run upstairs and
check everything while I check
everything down here. Okay?
Leona turns towards the front door while Chelsea sighs and
slowly heads upstairs.
While walking towards the front door, Leona passes the
bathroom. As she passes, she quickly stops to open the


Before walking off, she steps inside the bathroom and flips
the light switch on that is just to the left of the door.

Upon leaning in the bathroom and turning the light switch
on, she is immediately grabbed around the face and neck
disabling her to scream.

The masked villain, who is standing in the corner behind
her, holds Leona tightly as the light is immediately turned
back off with Leona frantically waving her arms in an effort
to free herself and get away.
While upstairs, Chelsea is walking from room to room opening
all the doors. As she opens a door, she is interrupted by a
loud slow creaking noise as if someone huge is walking up
the stairs.
      (looking in that
       direction as she
With no response, Chelsea begins to slowly back up as the
noise continues getting closer and louder at a steady pace.
      (in a shaky voice)
Leona? Whose there?
Chelsea has completely backed herself up against the wall.
A man slowly making his way up the stairs comes into view.
It's Chelsea's dad.
      (breathing heavily)
Dad? What are you doing? You
almost gave me a heart-attack. Why
are you even home? Aren't you
supposed to be at work?
John comes to an immediate stop at the top of the stairs,
facing Chelsea.
      (with his hands
       behind his back)
Well, I think I'd like to know the
same thing about you.


What are you talking about? I
told you I would be here today. I
don't have school, remember?
John holds up a bloody right-handed glove which appears to
be the equal match to the one Chelsea had seen in his pocket
What is this?
What do you mean? It looks like
the mate to the glove you had in
your pocket last night.
No, Chelsea, this isn't mine. I
told you I found the mate outside
by itself.
Chelsea pauses as she appears to be in shock of the
What are you saying? Whose are
you proposing it is?
      (holding his arm
       down to his side
       with glove in
Well, if it's not your's and it's
not mine, whose would it be?
Chelsea gives off a questionable look as she observes John's
eerie curiosity.
Dad, where's Leona?
Leona, the mail lady I told you
about. Where is she?
There's nobody else here but me
and you.


So, you're saying you didn't see
anyone downstairs when you came in
or any other vehicles outside?
No, Honey, I'm sorry. I didn't.
With that, Chelsea slowly starts moving towards John.
Sorry, Dad, I have to go call
Leona. Maybe she did already
leave. I just want to make sure
she's okay.
As Chelsea gets closer to her father, she pauses directly in
front of him, somewhat at an angle.
Are you sure you're okay?
       watching Chelsea)
Yes, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?
You know, I'm mainly concerned
about you.
      (looking at John)
I'm fine, Dad. You don't have to
worry about me, okay?
Chelsea keeps her eyes on John, as he continues standing on
the top step, and slowly walks around him as he deeply
stares right back at her.
Once around him, Chelsea immediately darts down the stairs
as she throws a quick glance behind her.
      (looking around as
       she walks down
       the hall)
Hearing John walk back down the stairs at a steady pace,
Chelsea quickly walks towards her bedroom and goes in as she
shuts the door and locks it behind her.
She places her ear against the door as if to try and hear
anything right outside.


After a moment of silence, she slowly moves back (away from
the door) and sits down on the edge of her bed.
Chelsea lets out a big sigh and as she begins to rock back
and forth, she is immediately overtaken by thoughts of the
past. A scene suddenly emerges on-screen as if to be an
unfolding memory that she had deeply suppressed.
                                         CUT TO
In this scene, it appears that Chelsea is surrounded by an
obvious nightmare at their previous home. John is trying to
calm Chelsea down, who appears to be in some kind of an
adrenalin-induced trance, while covered in blood.
      (slowly reaching
       for Chelsea)
Chelsea, it's okay. You don't
have to be scared anymore. The
bad man is gone. You no longer
have to protect us and yourself.
It's over.
      (staring straight
       ahead as in shock)
No, it's not over. I have to
protect her.
      (slowly shaking
       his head)
No, Chelsea, you don't. She's
protected now more than either of
us could ever do. Just hand me
the knife. No one is ever going
to hurt any of us again. You have
to listen to me. Chelsea?
Chelsea drops to her knees and begins to rock back and forth
profusely as she closes her eyes.

During the midst of her rocking, she is again brought back
to the moment at hand (still sitting on the side of her
bed), after being awakened by her dad who is greatly
screaming her name from the other side of the door.
                       JOHN (O.S.)
Chelsea! Open this door right


      (looking at the
                       JOHN (O.S.)
Chelsea? Chelsea, please let me
in. We have to talk about this.
Go away. There's nothing to talk
                       JOHN (O.S.)
What? You're going to act like
there's nothing to be concerned
about here? Look what we've gone
through already.
No, Dad, there's never anything to
be concerned about. That was
always you, remember? Now, leave.
As the knocking stops, as if in a daze (and perhaps
possessed), Chelsea begins to laugh hysterically. As the
laughter abruptly stops, she gets up and walks over to her
dresser drawer and opens it.
She reaches in and pulls out a pair of gloves, identical to
the ones shown previously, and puts them both on.
As the hysterical laughter again continues, Chelsea is
interrupted by a banging noise coming from inside her
She immediately turns towards that direction and walks over
to her closet door.
While slowly approaching her closet, Chelsea grabs the
doorknob and begins to open it.
As she stands in front of the opened closet, she stares into
the darkness as a figure slowly begins to emerge and take
shape, directly coming into view.
The faint figure resembles that of a mysterious man dressed
in leather with a skull mask covering his face, as what is
identical to the masked man seen earlier.
      (speaking into the
       closet to the
       stranger as to


                       CHELSEA (cont'd)
       appear tranced)
What do you want from me?
Chelsea continues staring at the masked figure as she begins
to see her own reflection emerging through the dark piercing
eyes, then immediately changing back to their mysterious and
dark piercing appearance.
      (in a frightful
What are you?
The villain does not move as Chelsea again confronts him.
I gave you everything you asked of
me. Why can't you just leave me
and my family alone?
As Chelsea begins to cry, repeatedly saying that she cannot
hurt her dad again, she hears a faint voice (as that of a
young man) softly addressing her. She slowly looks up as he
                       VILLAIN (O.S.)
      (while view is
       still on Chelsea)
We can save each other from the
torment of this world if you would
just follow me. You must join me.
A scrawny hand slowly reaches from the closet. Chelsea
looks down at the frightful sight and gasp as she begins to
jump back. As if in a sudden motion, Chelsea is grabbed and
pulled inside as the door immediately slams shut behind her.
A faint scream is heard coming from the other side of the
closet door as it just suddenly stops. Upon the silence of
the scream, the closet door itself disappears as if to
visibly sink into the wall, appearing to have never existed.
A loud knock is heard on Chelsea's bedroom door as John
tries desperately to get her attention.
                       JOHN (O.S.)
Chelsea! Chelsea, open this door,
now. Are you okay? What's going
on? We have to talk about this.
The banging on the door continues.


                       JOHN (O.S.)
Listen to me. If you don't open
this door now, I'm going to be
forced to kick it in.
The knocking desperately continues as Chelsea's name is
repeated by John over and over again, seeming to appear to
get louder and louder.
      (continuing to
       knock profusely)
Chelsea, Honey, please open this
door. Don't do this to me. If we
have to move again, we will.
The heavy knocking continues as the scene begins to fade.
                       JOHN (O.S.)
      (one loud scream)


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