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by bob marley (jruddy@zoominternet.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: 1/2

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


I don't know I was just standing
there and thinking, I don't know I
could write a short story about
this. So I like wrote an opening
line and then I made up what the
conversation was in my head.
Do you ever finish your short
Um I finish some of them, I write,
well I start a lot of them that I
don't finish. I write poems like
every day and I never want to
finish them.
How do you only half way write
poems for me its just one straight
shot. There just like done so
I don't know I write like a stanza
down and then don't feel like its
Someone turn that off its really
bothering me. That kind of just
freaked out.
What did?
the television. Turn it off.
you want me to turn the tv off .
yeah we have to talk.


you want me to turn the tv off
yeah we have to talk.
What happened when you were riding
I was just riding and thought all
of a sudden oh, this sounds like a
really great verse to a poem.
Maybe a song sometimes. I go home
and try to write the poem or the
verse. I can never finish. Some
I legitimately try to finish and I
try to help my friend write songs.
I try to legitimately finish
poems and I can never do it. I
write a verse and then write a
Try to write something like pumped
up kicks
That's what I try to do every day.
I always sit down to write. I
think about trying to put meaning
behind the words but i cant do it.
Thats the issue. Stop trying to
place the beauty there. Its
something you uncover not
something you implant.
Well they say the way they do it
is pretty planned. They create a
character. Then they build a
story around that becomes a song.
Thats just the thing though it
became a song. No body made it
into that thats just what it
became. It cant be about the
meaning it has to be about
everything else.


I get it. You have to give
something for the listener to
Its like stained glass, You can
mold the glass into glorious
shapes, paint it with colors of
all shades and place it inside a
frame of stone and jewles but its
the view on the other side of the
glass that truly makes it
beautiful and thats up to the
person looking through to create.
Wheres jake
I dont know i think hes still at
the dance
He texted me and said that it was
a waste of time and hes leaving
I honestly dont know why he went
in the first place.
Theres no way you really dont know
I mean he wants to treat girls
like objects because he thinks he
needs to be more self centered.
Why would he want to do that
I dont know I think it has
something to do with his myers
Oh my god all you guys have been
so obsessed with that lately


It tells you everything you need
to know about someone
I dont think that. It seems like
a bit of bull shit to me
Thats because you arent in touch
with yourself.
Wow fuck you Katz
Im just joking. But you really do
just hate it because you got two
different answers.
That may be so but i still hate it
Hey how was the dance
It was terrible
Oh really grinding twelve year old
girls wasnt as envigorating as it
None of the girls were whores.
Wouldnt that be a good thing
No i couldnt get with anyone
Was elliot there


What did he think of it
I dont know. The seniors all just
like sat on the bleachers on didnt
do anything.
What seniors were there
I dont like a lot
was mike there
Well who was there then
I dont know Elliot, Reece, Matt,
Kyle people like that
Did anyone get with anyone
No, no one even tried i dont
understand why people do stuff. I
liked the juniors there tonight so
much more than the seniors.
What no way
How can you possibly think that
they are better
im not saying i like them better,
I just liked them better tonight


I still dont understand how they
could be better in any situation.
They are so empty. They just go
around and drink and try to hook
up with random girls. Thats a
terrible way to fill the void.
How do you think they should do it
Whats the void
Its like that essay that we read
last year.
What essay
The one in the great essays book
I know that. At what point in the
year did we read it
I have no idea. It was like
nevermind. Well maybe, i think it
was the one with the lines on the
typed words. How like they make
tracks so men can hunt and stuff.
It said like the man says to his
woman when you leave ill feel
empty. The girl then is like i
dont know what your talking about.
The point was like that girls
dont have the emptyness that guys
Oh i think i remember that
ya i thought you would
well the juniors were like being
adventurous while the seniors were
just sitting there talking about


I dont think following
distractions is adventerous
Why not? its doing something. I
dont want to be in a bubble like
in farenheit 451
No i think thats what puts you in
the bubble. The fat lady was in
the bubble because she over
indulged herself with television.
Thats how the juniors are with
random hook ups. They feel the
void but they arent smart enough
to search for anything that
actually has any prospect of
filling it.
How do you think they should feel
I dont think i can answer that
question for you
why not
Because ive taken the drug
What do you mean
I took the heroin and now i cant
go back on that. I dont know how
i can communicate this to someone
who hasnt taken it because my view
is completely different.
You took heroin?
No he means love
How is love like heroin


Its exactly like heroin. or at
least like the matrix. You take
it and then your in constant pain
without it but you cant have it
for long so it makes life
miserable because its a great
addiction. You start to wish you
never took the drug. Thats a
terrible thought because the drug
has brought you such good
feelings. And even as im saying
this im realizing that its exactly
because i think its a terrible
thought that makes love so
addicting. My subconsious
convinces me that its bad to go
back. My mind has built up an
aresenol of all the great times
ive had with her and it fires them
without mercy anytime that trying
to untake the drug even enters
back into my mind
Do you really think its like all
I think it does. But i dont know
if your like that josh
What do you mean
I dont know what do you think when
you see hot girls.
I really dont think i even see
them, but i honestly dont think i
ever did.
You definitely do look at them
I really dont. Like when we used
to go to mainstreet and stuff.
When all of you would look at a
girl and even stop to follow her i
would just go get food. I just
dont get how she could be


                       JOSH (cont'd)
attractive when she wasnt mine.
Well why do you think hollys
Thats different because she is
Ya but even before she was yours
you found her attractive.
Yeah i did but what attracted me
to her was the fact that there was
a possibility of something so
beautiful being mine. All most
people see is that without the
beauty someone cant be attractive
but without the possibility she
cant be attractive either. The
attraction needs both. Its just
like magnets. Of course if one of
the objects isnt magnetic or if
the other one isnt metal then
there isnt any attraction. Thats
exactly like the beauty. Then if
you were to put a glass wall in
between the two objects then there
couldnt be an attraction either,
Thats like the possibility.
Speaking of holly she texted me
and told me to tell you to call
her later.
Ok well my phone died can i use
Yeah sure
Who are the five sexiest guys in
our grade


I dont know why do all you guys
just ask me to rate people. Josh
does it all the time. Everytime
the two of us are alone he always
brings up rating or ranking
Well who do you think are the top
five? Can you tell me, if you do
ill tell you the top five girls
I dont care who you think the top
girls are. I dont get how guys do
that anyway. You have the ability
to rate just on looks alone. Girls
cant do that when we rate guys its
so much more wholistic.
I think thats because girls dont
think about stuff. They just like
feel things.
      (coming back into
       the room)
Yeah i definitely think your
right. Girls are so self
centered. When five guys are
hanging out and one of them gets a
call from his girl, its perfectly
acceptable for him to go off and
talk to her for an hour but if a
girl did that her friends would
call her a bitch. I hang out with
my friends so we can all be happy
and if thats what makes my friend
happy then id be glad to let him
do that.
I dont think girls are self
centered. Well nevermind, they
probably are a lot more self
centered than guys.
Phoebe wont rate the top five guys


Come on phoebe just rate them, i
dont know why you make this so
oh my god ill never understand
We need to leave soon
Why? cant you drive without a
I meant cant he drive after eleven
or whatever?
Yeah i can, im just getting tired.
The roads are pretty icy too
I know i was worried about that
ok we can go i guess
you dont want to?
no no its fine
Alright bye guys, be careful call
me when you get home.
Are you serious?
Yes nevermind one of you just text


Bye phoebe
What did you two do while i was
We just watched Aladin and talked
about random adventures
Do you like Aladin?
I like Lion King more, but i think
Aladin is my second favorite
dysney movie. Its all about
Everyone just want to be free.
Aladin wants to be free to eat and
live without being chased by the
guards or worrying about being
caught. Jasmine wants to be free
to leave her palace and see the
world, she wants to be able to
make her own decisions and marry
who she chooses. Then the genie
obviously wants to get out of the
lamp so he can be free. Then
Jafar is evil because he restricts
peoples freedom. Wishing on top
of that is the ultimate freedom.
With a wish you can choose from
anything in the world.
I guess its about freedom. We
should have just recorded all of
our conversations tonight and made
that into a screen play.


I wish. It would have been so
realistic. I wish my whole life
was more like tonight.
Why you didnt do anything
Yeah but i talked about so much.
All the time im just trying to
find something to do and i think
thats why everything is so
Why do you think its disapointing?
Because it is. Everything i think
is going to be amazing turns out
Yeah but everything we think is
going to be bad turns out to be
I guess but i think thats the same
thing anyway. Imagination is so
much more powerful then real life.
Nothing real can ever live up to
its own expectation.
Like what?
Like dances, partying, sex,
getting high its all just
Dances i agree with, im not sure
about anything else.
Well i am. The other day when we
were talking about how we think
and jessie said he cant see and
feel things just by thinking about
them i sincerly felt that if i
could do that i would just lie in


                       JOSH (cont'd)
bed all day. Its because reality
is so much worse than imagination.
Do you think that has something to
do with his myers brigs.
I dont know. When your talking
about something interesting do you
go hey im gonna think about this
No i dont like save thoughts for
later? What do you mean?
When im thinking to my self and i
think about something interesting
i always think to myself im going
to talk to someone about this
later. I was wondering if that
was just because im an e and if
i's did the opposite.
It sucks to be an I
Why do you say that?
we are such losers. I know were
smarter but the way that sounds is
terrible Id much rather be an E
I dont think that any of the
things are better than the others
except i think s sucks.
I think E is better than I. N is
beter than S. T is better than F.
And P is better than J
So you think im all the best


Yeah i think you have all the best
ones but i dont think your thing
is the best.
I agree
Which one do you think is
They definitely are. They just
run shit naturally. I think INTP
is like the worst.
Why do you say that
Because i think all the time. If
ignorance is bliss than INTP is
i guess if you look at it that way
      (after long pause)
How do you manipulate people
I dont know
Yeah you do your so good at it
No im not
I dont think its a concious thing.
I think people just do it their
whole lives and then get good at
I dont know i definitely have to
think about it when i try to
manipulate someone.


Your probably just saying that to
manipulate me right now.
Fuck you, your so wrong
See thats exactly what
manipulators do. They insult
people and try to convince them
they're wrong thats what your
No way that was too up front to be
me manipulating. Manipulators
dont make people feel bad by
telling them that they're wrong up
front. They suggest things and
then pretend they dont care about
it and then they mention a bad
Like what?
Like if i wanted Dairy Queen right
now i could be like jake can you
please take us dairy queen. Or i
could be like You know what would
be really good right now? Ice
Cream. Nevermind i dont feel like
making you drive all the way to
dairy queen even though i would
pay for gas.
Your definitely just saying that
because you want dairy queen
No i really wasnt. Even though
now that you bring it up i could
use some ice cream right now.
Oh could you?
yeah but its fine. Even though I
would pay for gas when go.


Your acting like your joking but
your really not.
Yeah I am
So you wouldnt go to dairy queen
right now?
Oh no i would. Im just saying i
really dont care.
Well we definitely arent going now
What, why not
Because, im not sure if your
trying to manipulate me now so i
have to make sure i dont get
Why does it matter that much
Im not gonna be someones tool.
Whenever Danny says something now,
no matter what even if i agree
with what hes saying i go against
him or do the opposite thing just
because i dont want to be
manipulated by him.
Danny manipulates so much.
Everytime we go to mainstreet or
something we always end up going
where he wants to go or eating
what he wants to eat.
I know which is why it sucks.
Everyone always go with him and i
have to walk off and be alone and
on top of that im doing something
i didnt want to do in the first
place just to disagree with him.


That sucks. He does it the way i
said. Hes always like yeah sure
you guys go to dp dough ill go to
Mainstreet sliders. Dont worry
ill walk alone even though its
such a long walk and its cold
outside and i dont have enough
money to pay for food here.
I guess, people always go with him
though and i dont know why.
You inflate my ego so much
I dont know like even when you
were just calling me manipulative
You think thats a good thing
Not really, I just think it all
comes back to like running shit.
What do you mean
When me and parker were watching
the lion king that one time he
said he was simba and i was scar.
Like how scar tricked simba into
killing mufasa and go to the
elephant graveyard and stuff. Then
i think about how you i used to
run shit. With all of that
together i all i could picture
when you were saying i was
manipulating you in the car was
you like holding a stick and
poking me while i was a wounded
lion trying to lore you in just so
could i pounce.


Did you really think all that
yeah kinda. i guess thats kinda
cocky now that i think of it.
Yeah its a little cocky. I think
its even more cocky that parker
says hes simba. Who were other
Kevin was zazu because me and
parker figured hes our little
bitch. Plus he always follows all
the rules and is worried about
what society says is right and all
Thats funny i like that.
You were Rafiki because your quiet
but then you say something
profound. Wiz was Mufasa because
he used to be king but then he
left us and expected parker to be
the new king.
Wiz is like the most accurate one
so far.
Yeah i think so too
Who were Timone and Pumba
oh i forgot about that. I think
these are the best two actually.
Elliot was Timone and Jordan was
Pumba. It might not seem that
good at first but if you go back
and rewatch the movie its so
accurate. Theres a scene where
they first find simba and theyre
arguing about whether or not they
are going to take simba back with
them. Pumba says they should and


                       JOSH (cont'd)
then he carries simba back and
when simba wakes up Timone is like
i saved you, i did all the work.
Thats exactly what elliot would do
to jordan. Like how elliot says
hes always good at soccer when its
jordan who is. When they go to
partys and stuff its always jordan
who finds them but elliot tells
people that he finds them and
Its crazy how true that is
I know thats exactly what i
thought. i dont think there are
anymore people
damn we should go through and do
that for more movies.
Yeah we should it was fun when we
did it. Oh and the three hyenas
were sam elisabeth and alexandra
Who was who
I have no idea. I dont remember
the names of the hyenas. Sam was
the one that couldnt talk though.
What movie would you want to it
I have no idea. Me and parker
just started watcbing the Lion
King and went from there
Ok well lets go pick a movie
Alright sounds good.


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From Zuri Date 8/26/2012 0 stars
I'm sorry but this is a piece that needs work. The story is weak. The audience has no idea what the characters are doing. The dialogue is great. You need to capitalize and spellcheck. We are not in preschool.

From Brandon Marconet Date 3/19/2012 1/2
This was the first screenplay I have ever read on the site. Very entertaining! I giggled quite a few times.

From lashawn anthony Date 3/13/2012 0 stars
This wasn't that good but you should keep working at it until you get it right.

From Frank D. Antonacci Date 2/29/2012 *
I have to agree with Curtis. Even though it is a screenplay, the basic rules of spelling, punctuation and grammer apply. Also, dialogue is an avenue to further the story. I'm sure you had something specific in mind, keep working and develop your ideas.

From Curtis Coffey Date 2/26/2012 0 stars
Is this a joke? Have you ever read a screenplay before? Your formatting is non-existent. There's no action, just page after page of dialogue. There's no story at all here. It's just a bunch of poorly written "conversation." Filled with spelling error and total lack of punctuation and capitalization. What did I just read?

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