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"Tolley's Place"
by shirley sarmiento (alley461@juno.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

"Tolley's Place" is a safe haven for African American women to expose their true emotions through the exchanging of conversations.It is a place where women come and learn how to save their own lives. It's a refuge for women where the silence ends and empowerment begins. "Tolley's Place" is where the women reshape their lives.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Any Urban City in America / a
small room space/several chairs
and a/table...

Women sharing their life
experiences engaging thru
conversations stories /exchange...
It's just a place, a space.

Help us get and keep our thoughts

and ourselves together. Just chill
I'll get in front of you.

(knocks on the

door several times knock, knock,

      (opens door)
Hello come in.
Just make yourselves comfortable.

You can even take off your shoes



                       SPIRIT (cont'd)
if you like.

relax /breathe here in this
      (Glances around)
So this is the place. Where

women come and shed their tears

and get rid of all their fears.
      (all the women
Yes this is the place where women

come to learn how to save their

own souls.
Ain't nothing considered

stupid or foolish up in here.

I tell you if these walls could

talk. There are lots of secrets

inside these walls. Secrets that

should have been told years ago.

Keeping secrets have killed

This Place can it help us ?
Survive/live? Can it

help us lift our spirits back up

that the locust stole.

Can it help us? We need

some kind of confirmation for our


                       KIM (cont'd)

lives? Can this place do that for

      (picks up her
       glass of water)
Miss Tolley is the owner. Me,no

I'm her assistant. I'm working on

myself as we talk.(laughs)

It is about how to quiet your

thoughts and learning how to

your life. This place is about

healing broken souls , it's about

learning how to live your life on

your own terms. It's about moving

out of your comfort zone.

Let the shame and mistakes go.

anyone of you read the book on

Shame by Dwaye Dywer? I suggest

you get it and read it. It's very

powerful. We must learn how to be

proud of ourselves. We

need to learn how to celebrate


We have to empower our own selves.



                       SPIRIT (cont'd)
There is no other race of women on

this earth that has suffered like
us Black women.

This place was made a

refuge/ a safe haven for us. So

we can share our stories freely

I think I finally found a place

I can just let it all go.
All our issues need to be

addressed. Starting from dealing

with stress to childbearing to

racism/sexism, ageism. I could go

on and on. Is there help anywhere

for us ? We were referred here via

some friends of ours. They told us

we can come visit " Tolley's
Place" for

" Tolley"s Place is a refuge place

it's a safe haven where women can

come and talk

freely about themselves. Their


                       SPIRIT (cont'd)

feelings, express themselves.

your cleansing and get them

horrible feelings out of your

system. Start believing in the

possibilities for your life.
This place sounds like the

place I've been searching for all

of my life.

The things we learned was cooking

and cleaning and a waiting on men

and the children. Lots of that has

changed now thank God. These times

are new and changing women are

working taking care of themselves.

Was taught to be nice and kind to

everyone. What a joke.

Put everyone in front of
Alley please be quiet and let her

tell us all about how this place.

So we can decide if this

place could be of some great value

to us , to our lives. Know what I


                       KIM (cont'd)


Something cold or something

hot. We have both just go right

over there and help yourselves.
Thanks water will do I am so
      (standing at the
Alley what are you having? We've

got a hot pot of coffee and

there's some tea bags. Pick any

you like.
      (standing in front
       of couch where
       she was sitting)
Spirit I will take a glass of

water. Thank you
Well , ladies Alley and kim

welcome to "Tolley's Place. Have

either one of you been here
No, no I have never been

here before. I heard about it.
I heard about it from my

girlfriend right over there (


                       KIM (cont'd)

points to Alley)
Spirit just tell us about this

Yes, please tell us all about it.

Ok, ok you see ladies this place

was created to be a haven , a safe

place of refuge for us women to

come and support one another in

times of need.
      (glances around
       the room)
So it really is that kind of

Yes, that's it women they come to

share all kinds of things that

wouldn't or couldn't feel
comfortable sharing with just

anyone. The women that come here

know that whatever they say it
will be left right here. It
doesn't go any further. The

women come here to share and work

the meaning of their own



                       SPIRIT (cont'd)
      (grinning a bit)
Share what? Share what kinds of

Like I said, this place is

a place of love and kindness

dedicated to the betterment of

women's lives. No matter what

their situations are or were. If

can help make it better we will.

You can say we are in the business

of saving are Black women.
OH MY GOD, I've have been

for a place like this most of my

What you say, share my feelings, a

place of acceptance.
      (talking slowly)
This place is where women come and

talk freely and openly.

It's about sharing, growing and

evolving into our best selves.

It is done through shared


                       SPIRIT (cont'd)

conversations and the exchange of

good positive information. It

work to get rid of negative stuff

that's been in our heads since we

were born.

Don't You know that your precious

which comes from God and anything

that comes from God is good. It's

about building ourselves up.Not

tearing ourselves down. It's

about sharing and growing into our

individual selves our best selves.

It's about This safe place is

about women and learning how to

take control of our own lives.

You need to learn how to evolve,

grow , mature into your own

Who you really want to be not who

you think you are. This is a place

that gives one the opportunity to

learn how to empower themselves.



                       SPIRIT (cont'd)
It teaches you how to take charge

of your own life. AHH empowering

ourselves with the help of each
Yep, I got it now.
Wonder why we anyone didn't tell

us all this empowerment movement


Why don't women know about these

places? Well maybe just maybe
society is still trying to keep us

females down.

Maybe years ago we didn't have any

places like this for women.

Life lessons/not written in a

book? Nope nothing to prepare us

for the ups and downs of life.

Just throw your ass out there and

shamble for it.
When you think about it , it is

hard to explain, because life is

difficult to a degree. So talking

it out and listening to others and



                       SPIRIT (cont'd)
working it out.

helps. It's an exchange of

positive information and you can

take it and do with it however you

want , but use it for your

Life has a way of testing you ,

you can test with good things or

you can use bad things , but cause

and effect will let you know

Of course I understand.
I think I understand at

least some of what Spirit is

saying. Tell us more please..
Let me just share this with the
both of you. The

women who come here for help are

not coming here to ask the world

to save them. Oh no The

women come here, because they are

to save themselves.


I'm loving this.

I'm so glad we came.
Here in this place we do lots of

work on forgiving our own selves

We learn how not to beat

up so bad. We learned to

stop carrying everyone's burdens

around. you know the weight of the

world on our shoulders.

When you come to the realization

that only you can save you. Then

and only then you will take charge

of you.

We have a little saying here we
let go and let God . Learn how

to be still.

Say it to your higher power or

whoever you pray to. It's all

We as women need tools to work

with. Just like a nail needs a

hammer. Hear what I say we need



Wonderful . I think that

is so wonderful .
Yes, alright now saving our

ownselves. Yes I like that.
You see here we provide a calm,

nurturing and loving atmosphere.
                       TOLLEY (Miss)
      (looking around
       the place)
Hello ladies welcome, I'm

Miss Tolley the owner of this

spiritual healing space.
Hello it's such a pleasure

to meet you.
                       TOLLEY (Miss)
Spirit, I trust you have been

treating the women well in my

absence? Spirit is a

wonderful friend and she's my

unofficial assistant. I just love

      (sitting down)
Sorry, women continue didn't mean

to interrupt.


Here is where you learn how to

empower ourselves.

We empower ourselves thru letting

things go that hurt us. We share

and do affirmations. For example

here's one " I can do all things

thru Christ who strenthens me/ or

just think I am that which comes

from God. Just meditate on that it

makes you think. Here we work on

      (straighting her
That is so wonderful. I can't

recall anyone ever asking me about

my spiritual nature like what's

going on inside here (points at

heart my soul.
                       TOLLEY (Miss)
The majority of people don't think

it is important until something

happens. Then bamm it just

comes up from outter no where.



                       TOLLEY (cont'd)
like that famous saying I love by
Ralph Emerson said

he was standing at Walden Pond

was getting ready to die and

he came to the conclusion that he

had never lived.
You've must take the time

to discover yourself and then your

life will become a fascinating

journey. When you discover who
you are. It takes work to
understand ourselves.
We meet the women wherever they

are at. You must remember you

control over your own life and

up to you.Depending on where you
want to go in the stream of
      (In deep thought)
Never really took the time to

relate to my own feelings and my

own emotions. I just never took

the time. I was always so busy.
plus being tried. I
I got a divorce

and kept it moving survival of the



                       TOLLEY (Miss)
Whether you want to believe

it or not that is some serious

stuff you've been through. That

kind of stuff is a struggle for

us women. Going thru divorce or
whatever else.
You are right.
If we don't do it/nobody else is.
We gotta fight for us.
Kim, husband

kids? Feelings of abandonment?
I was shame that my marriage


I never wanted to come out of the

house. I was embarrassed and

feeling like a failure.

I thought my depression would

last forever. What a shocker. Just

like that my marriage was

over. I divorced him so quick and

never looked back. I had to keep

moving for me and my children.
                       TOLLEY (Miss)
It doesn't matter where you came

from. Or what your issues are.

kind of circumstances you were in.


                       TOLLEY (cont'd)

That stuff doesn't matter to us.

We are here to listen and assist

women to be the best that they can

be.Here the women really teach

themselves. We do a
lot of talking things out.

We love all the women who come


We don't care where you come from,

but what we do care about is where

are you going. When you leave
      (teary eyed)
Truth be told we are here,

one of our best friends died and

can't cope with her passing and we

don't know what happened to her .

We can't understand it. We are

We cant understand it.
      (teary eyed)
Miss Tolley gets up and gets box

tissues from off the coffee table

and hands the box to her. Kim


                       KIM (cont'd)

passes tissues to (Alley)

We are just devastated . She died

so suddenly, so quickly, so

quietly without a warning.. Almost

as quick as a blink of an eye.

Understand what I'm trying to say?
We we need healing and

whatever it takes? God give us

strength to endure and the
courage to go on.
We were close very close all us.

I feel horrible just horrible.
      (someone could be
       dancing or music
       in background)
My woman hood

Makes me who I am

I am a African American

I am Black

I am beautiful

I have confidence

I am me

I fight for my freedom

hard and long

I am me

I am not as strong as you may


                       SPIRIT (cont'd)

at times weakness overwhelms me

many times

so many times

I have confidence

I believe

have hope

Still standing

sometimes weak at the knees

still standing

fighting for my life and others

can't speak for themselves

still standing.
That was beautiful I loved it.

I can get a copy of that.

Hey man upstairs(pointing her

finger to the sky) or my higher

power women upstairs give us Black

women a break down here. Life

this hard for White women at least

not the white women I know.

I tell people all the time that

when I be dreaming.


                       ALLEY (cont'd)

I feel just like getting a big can

of white paint and paint myself

white and walk around all over the

place. Remember the book/Black

Me? Where the white man painted
himself Black?

I'd take that paint and

roll it all up and down my colored
body. I just

wonder how it feels to be

I mean ain't

nobody ever celebrated us Black

women or gave us any credit for

we contributed to this society.

Where's our holiday? The black and

white men raped us and got away

with it. Got the nerve to say we

wanted it. That's a dam lie not

rape we wanted. They did give

women a little credit down the


                       SPIRIT (cont'd)

let me name a few of us Harriet

Tubman and Zora Hurston and a few

others. We need a Black women's

celebration month. Hey Let's

one for ourselves. Wouldn't that

wonderful just wonderful.
Sounds good to me lets create our

own celebration.
                       TOLLEY (ms)
I just want to be me.
What about us? What about

acknowledging us Black women.
Let me put it this way. I'm a

Black women here in America. I

you ain't nothing been easy for

I was living with my aunt and

her husband down in the south. My

mother died when I was very young

and my did no where my father was.

Anyway one night my aunt 's

Elizabeth's husband came into my

bedroom and raped me. I was 14



                       TOLLEY (cont'd)
years old when it happened. I

remember it almost like yesterday
to me.. I got

pregnant.Had a kid a boy. Now 30

years old. Keeps asking me who's

his father? I haven't got enough

guts to tell him the truth yet.

I will tell him one day. he truth

day is coming. It's got to come.

tried to tell my aunt she knew, oh

yes she knew,but pretended she

didn't know.sweep it under the

She stayed with uncle Joe for

money/no what I mean?the family

that he raped me. I they knew

everything was hush hush. My aunt

didn't leave him either. Nope, she

stayed right their with Uncle no
good Joe. I heard they put the

out that I was I was promiscuous.

And that was a cold blooded lie.

Us women got to fight for

each other. I'm so elated the that

Black women ------- started the

#Metoo/movement. Thank god times


                       TOLLEY (cont'd)

are changing for the better.
      (stands up)
Lets make a women's pledge

aliance. Here goes.

We will not be silenced in our

hearts and in our minds.(sits back

down)goes like this? Come on now

all together/

We will not be silenced in our

hearts and in our minds.
                       ALLEY (ms)
You are right we will not be

silenced. I love that. I am the
woman who

We Black women always have to work

harder and lower pay. There is a

few white women I know they cheat

them like they cheat us. Horrible.

It won't change until we ourselves

fight to change it. Gotta fight



As I see it it's their problem

not ours. Our hearts and our

culture teaches us to kind because

our race reaches out to everyone

color is not an issue with us. We

love people all kinds/all colors

of people Their lost our gain.

Look at it this way. In a postive

Racism racism /classism
      (stands up)
In living color discrimination at
it's best.
Society has pinned us Black women

as being to aggressive. Too out

spoken so they say.

It means that if a White

women or man says it, it's ok.

When a Black women speaks her mind

or opinion that's being
Yes, we are Black and we are

proud. I ain't trying to be like

anyone else. The bottom line is

just let me be who I am.



                       SPIRIT (cont'd)
That's it.
My mouth is for talking and
eating(laughs). If you

don't say nothing, then who will?

Nobody will speak up for us. Why I

got to be quiet? Everybody else is

talking and saying whatever they
want to say.
Going through this day after

day after day it weakens your

soul, your spirit. You have to

learn to fight back in positive
and holistic ways or it all it

send you into a state of

and you'll never come out of it.

Listen to me.Day after day I have
to fight back. Got a bill for back

taxes on this place it's got to be

paid or they will take the place

from me. It's always something.
My wish is that these people get

over it.People of color

are here and they are going to be

here. So get over it racist folks.


Our girlfriend died over all this

negative stuff.It wasn't paining

her on the outside. It got her in

the inside her soul where it all

hurts so bad.
      (hollers/stands up)
Yes me (points at

herself) I am angry. You think

just, because I walk around all

day with a smile on my face that I

am happy? This Black

woman right here is angry. My pain

is invisible to other people. I

can see it and I can feel it and

hear it. I stay in a state of

You won't know, because I wear a s

smile on my face, That's all

learned behavior. (stands up )

The older I get the worst the rage

gets. It's eating me up inside.

Sometimes I feel like I want to

kill somebody. Not just anybody


                       ALLEY (cont'd)

I've got a few people I'd

personally would love to kill.

Unkind words and people and racism

and hatred directed towards you.

No reason at all. Makes people

want to hurt other people. Hold

all the stuff in not me I can't.

(Hollers loud) It's all invisible.

People can't see it.

(points to her heart) The hurt my

it's all inside here. The pain of

being alive.

I stay in a perpetual state of

anguish . And don't nobody see it.

People don't

realize that they have caused it.

Yes, this here so called great
society caused it.

(stands up) No wait a minute

me. I feel like

Stuff makes you feel

like that. I know I must learn how

to just hold on. Keep it cool, but



                       ALLEY (cont'd)

I am so angry on the inside. See
here (points to her heart)

(swinging/swaying her arms,

walking back and forth. I am in a
state of anguish.

The people in this world act like,

we, us sister's pain don't even

exist. It's like we are
Girlfriend calm down. I

know it hurts but understand we
ain't the only one's hurting.
Other people hurt too it all
I might appear on the outside

to be nice. Ok go along

with the person on my job.

That's where alot of bull happens.

You put your pencil on the left

hand side of your desk and they

call into the office, because they

say the rules is that the pencil

belongs on the left side of the

desk. What difference do it make.

huh. I'm doing my job.

That's called bullying people on
their job. Recently they have


                       ALLEY (cont'd)
passed laws that supposedly

people from getting bullied at the

Stuff makes you crazy. you hear me

crazy. Then you have to go home to

family and your man who don't even

know how to value your

worthiness.. Black women get a bad


How come My own

opinion can't be just as good as

the next person?
Tell us what

happened and who did what? All of
us got our stories and we want
to tell them. Release them I think
the conclusion is we have to
understand that everybody has a
story that needs telling.
      (talking and
       walking back and
       forth across the
I remember this incident like it
was yesterday.

It was a racially mixed group of

people there. I think three White


                       KIM (cont'd)

men, two White women, two Black

men,two Black women myself

included. Oh as a matter of fact

it was a planning committee

meeting about what kind of

activities could they do for MLK

day. Some staff members plus

visitors were sitting around

meduim conference table trying to

think of ideas, suggestions things

to do for that day. I was kind of

just listening to their ideas. All

of a sudden I get this idea in my

head. So I tried to work my way

into the conversation. Well

eventually they let me speak. I

began with wasn't Martin Luther

King interested in the poor and

hungry? Why don't we organize

people to go to the soup kitchens

and volunteer. Girl soon as I got

that out of my mouth an older very

respected Black man in the

community, immmediately rejected

my idea and told me to shut up.


                       KIM (cont'd)

Yall know I was furious talking

about angry. You would have

thought that he would have agreed

or made some alternative

suggestions, but he didn't. Hot

was I and you know it. Then boom

out of nowhere this voice a white

man said, interrupting the Black

man and says wait a minute lets

hear her out it sounds to me like

a very valid suggestion. Lets hear

her out.What I said, was since

Martin worked with the poor people

instead of celebrating lets donate

our time to the soup kitchens, We

could donate food and some clothes

to the people who need them. We

could do things like that instead

of having a celebration. Lets do

some work for a change.Instead of

all those speeches and music

I know exactly what you are
talking about. diss me,



                       ALLEY (cont'd)
I stand my ground.
      (still standing up)
Listen to this the same White man

who intervened for me spoke up and

said , he liked my idea and said

yes I think this woman does have a

valid point. So, took a deep

breath and I said to myself thank

you God. We had a short coffee

break during the meeting. I'd

managed to wandered over to the

coffee pot where he was fixing

himself a cup of coffee. I don't

really drink coffee (laughs) So I

quickly glanced around the room to

find out where the other people

were located. Noticed that they

were engrossed in various

conversations with each other. So

this was my chance to find out

just who was this man who made me

finally feel sane. He was in the

process of pouring coffee into his

cup. I moved in on him and


                       KIM (cont'd)

whispered in his left ear. Who the

are you? He told me that he was

the head of the Union Society for

Human and Civil Rights I said, to

myself. This man has some clout

know what I mean? I returned to my

seat at the table. I said to

myself . I am not crazy after all

I thank the Gods for that white

I can relate to that.

It wasn't the White man , it was

the Black man who rejected you.

Talking about being invisible on

the White side now it's on the

Black side. That's horrible.
It's like your opinion doesn't
But you must make it count. Were
all in this together
honey.Remember that.
Leave it up to some people we

won't ever count. Weve got to
speak up open up our mouths.

People will try to silence



they really do silence some

of us. My sister laws niece Pat
didn't speak for years she use to
talk then she just stop taling for
several years. Then I heard she
had starting talking again and I
ran into her and I asked her why
did she stop talking. nd this is
what she told me that no one was
listening to her. That stayed on
my mine for many years. She
stopped talking, because no one
was listening. Not her family, not
her friends.
Ladies, please I share my anger. a

I'm angry with

the men. The bad tasteless jokes

about women. The raping the
petifiles , the sexual misconduct,
all of it wrapped up.

I do really like men ,maybe it's

their behavior that bothers me.

My father

chaffer and janitor was the most

influential man in my life. Never

met another one like him. He was
kind, gentle and loved his family.

He was tall and tan handsome

with a mustache and head full of



                       SPIRIT (cont'd)

wavy hair..

Kept himself neat

and clean.

My father worked his but off to
take care of us.

All of us ate we and had enough

clothing and a roof over our

I hate to bash men b, but Men
don't take care of their families
like they us to. Well maybe a few.
Well I guess I can't put all men
in the same bag.
Yea I must say my friend Richard
takes great care of his wife and
kids, I will honor that.

So today I tell you I

am mad at men the Black

man/perhaps all men I'm mad at.

they say we/us Black women

are too aggressive. When we speak

our mind. Well go with

whomever you want dearie.

Please don't be mad at me when I
go with a man not of my color
times have changed and I'm glad.
There's new fish in the sea out
there. And I'm glad. More pickin's


                       SPIRIT (cont'd)
for us women.

Men that is not our

sisters problems.

Black men need to learn how to
Times have changed.
Tell it like it is girlfriend,

tell it like it is.
      (nods her head up
       and down.)
I feel you, Isn't our lives worth

something. The stuff we have to go

through. I just want to have

simply wonderful life.
Wait a minute, just wait one

minute. I just remembered some

other anger stuff. I want yall to

listen to if you ladies don't
What you kidding girl?
If you live long enough you'll

learn that people are something



                       TOLLEY (cont'd)
else even your own family.
      (appears to
I'm angry to. yes, I'm angry right

place of refuge.. I'm angry with

he Black man. All jokes a side I

really do like them as a matter of

fact I love them, but they don't

like me. My father was the most

influential man in my life/still

is and he's dead.. He was a very

wonderful kind man. He was also

quite handsome. He was tall and

had that bronze brown smooth skin.

I can't get with these men

nowadays. I suppose I don't

understand what's going on with

men today. My father went to work

everyday. Our family never missed

a meal he fed us well. He kept a

decent roof over our heads and

most of all he adored my mother.

You feel me.. Now it appears that

men just don't know how to handle


                       KIM (cont'd)

strong, well educated independent

They say us Black women are to

agressive, honey please. Heard

they say White women are more

passive. I really don't have a

problem with Blackmen going with

White women.. Don't blame us Black

pride in ourselves.I bet the White

man ain't scare of us sisters no

more. Thank God it's changing.

White men loving us sisters now

and they are not threatened by us.
Stand stand up my black brother

and fight. I'm tried of being in

the front lines of the

battlefields/stand up Black man.We

sister's need you love and

support.The Black men have the

nerve to be mad at us sisters for

working and getting and education

and holding it together, please

give me a break. Get it together


                       ALLEY (cont'd)

brothers. I do love Black men, I

really do. But y'all need to get a

handle on things. Believe me I

know it's tough and I truly feel

your pain, but do you feel my


It ain't easy this I know, but who

said,it would be easy?Sometimes I

suppose some people just want the

easy way out. Hear me there is no

easy way out. I truly wish there

was , because I would gladly take

it myself.
All of us need healing.

(looking around and says out

God, I love this place.Wanna know
why I'll tell you why, because it
was created for all of us women.

This place is for us

to heal, breathe and start new

Yes, so glad I/we decided to come.


Tell us about yourself Miss

Please tell us your story. How did

you get here?
                       TOLLEY (ms)
My life was not all that. But

I was determined had my eyes on

the prize you hear me. I know

was something I could do to

help/help us women thru our bad

times and celebrate for the good


Of course people came at me all

kinda ways. They threw negative

stuff at me was coming at

me hitting me from all sides.

(laughs) I kept right on

working and saving my money

holding on and believing. My

faith and my dreams that's all I


I kept right on going.


      (looks at John)
John you can come back later or

you can clean tomorrow.All us

are in deep dialogue right now.
      (gathers his
OK I'll come back later

this evening when all the ladies

are gone.
Sometimes John stops his cleaning
to come in

here and give us women some words

of wisdom from a man. Ain't that

right Mr. John.
      (to Mr. John)
Can you give us women some good

advice right now Mr,John/from a

mature man's point of view. Some

advice on life.
Well, I'll try and give you

pretty ladies the best advice

that I have. Let me see where

should I start it won't be long.


Let's hear about life from a man's

point of view.
I'm taking My wife Jesse out to

dinner we are celebrating our 35

years being together.
Mr.John please share your secrets

with us

about living a good life. Had to

be good if you've been married for

35 years.
Well isn't that wonderful 35 years

to the same woman?
True love.
You have to follow your own

dreams. First forgive yourself.

of us make mistakes.

Remember nobody's perfect.

It's about all learning from your

is takes no roadmap to follow.



Tell us more Mr John.

from a man's point of view.
You see life ain't nothing

magical. Stuff just doesn't come

from out of the air. Life

is simple. Start at out by

Making a plan. Set yourself

goals that you want to reach and

work towards them. Nope

can't rush life no matter how

you try.

Wait, watch and be prayful.

Then everything will fall in

divine order. I hope I've left you

ladies with some valuable wisdom

about life.
Everything that you have said, is

so true.

I've tried to live my life in

divine order. My thing is to teach

women how to live and support one

another and that's it.


Wait a minute I promise these are
my last

words. Then I'm going

to get out of here and leave you

ladies to get back to your own

sessions. Now,where was I? Ok now

I remember . What I was saying.

When things go wrong and sometimes

they will. Don't

give up you just keep right on

going. Because things are going to

happen. You've got to have faith
that everything is going to work
out. We all have broken hearts at
one time or another , but remember
love heals. My

youngest son got shot and killed

out there in them streets. I heard

it was about some drug stuff. I

really don't know what it was

about. That was a hard thing for

me to take. Hard for my wife

Shirley Jean to take. Talking

about a

rough time for our family (gets a

little teary eyed) Excuse me got

to excuse me it breaks my heart

every time I talk about it, but it


                       JOHN (cont'd)

also strengthens me when I share

my story. I tell you

if it wasn't for trusting in God
and family I

don't know how I would have made

it through. (shaking his

head right to left). I can't say

times are going to be good all of

the time. Who told you life

was easy? What I'm saying is that

you got to trust in God.

Faith is the one of the

most important things you can

have in life. Believe and know

everything is going to alright.

No life ain't bad it's how you

it. It ain't all bad.

Your going to have a great time
along your journeys.

Here's my message to you beautiful


Work hard and play hard it's all

up to you. Pray everyday and be

true to yourself.



                       JOHN (cont'd)
Love one another

treasure your good times. Get the

best that you can get out of your

own life and give your best. And
don't ever forget that Forgiveness
is a virture.
Love one another.
I think that's

what living is all about. I hope I

didn't take up to much of your

time. Let me get out of your


(gathers up his broom/mop and

can/pastic bags and exits the

      (glances around
       the room and
       looks at all the
       women in the room
       and begins to
Ladies remember what I said,

earlier that by no means has my

life been wonderful and so great.

Huh Y'all might think so by the

looks of this place. Let me tell

you. It took me to hell and back

to secure this place. I almost

didn't get it. .( Throws her hands


                       TOLLEY (cont'd)

towards the sky) I thank god.

evil spirits was attacking me from

all sides(uses her arms back and

The devil stayed in my path seemed

like he blocked every step I took,

but I fought.

I kept my eyes on the prize.

never looking back

You've gotta, have faith
and put in a lot of hard work

to make it happen. You believe it.
It will happen.

That's the truth.

I kept having this same dream over
and over. I had this dream that I
was going

to create this space for us women.

All I know is that I

needed this place for women.
Understand talk with other
women/share feelings freely.

Black women suffering all over the



                       TOLLEY (cont'd)

Women need a personal

special place of our own in order

to grow. Nobody else ain't going
to teach us.

An outlet for us women a relaxing

and quiet comfortable atmosphere.

I'll say it allows us women some
breathing space.

Shoulders to cry on. A place away

from home a sacred place.

In this crazy mixed up world.
Places like this is needed.

It's also spiritual space

just look at the walls.

The walls

are speaking to us saying have a

good life , move on that life is

This space is a place of freedom.

You've gotta get up and


                       TOLLEY (cont'd)

get out there and don't be afraid.

Let it all go.
Here's what I did.

I woke one morning out of a deep
sleep and the

sun was shining through

my bedroom window and I
heard them church bells ringing. I

talking to praying out loud.

Like I always do every morning.
But this morning was a little

I shouted to the Gods
I'm going to get us women a

Us women need a place for

God I know it's a lot

for ask for besides that I ain't
got no money, but I know that God
answer prayers.Right?

There has got to be a

way. I have been told if you just

sit still and listen and wait and
the answers will come to you. What
is the saying?" I can do all
things through christ who
strenthens me/my soul.

The power will guide you to where
you need to go.



                       TOLLEY (cont'd)

Here right here this is the place
I created for all of us women.
This is

the world I created for myself
and for the women. I've

been put here to help support,
listen to my sistergirls. All

here make women's lives worth

living. I am here to help. Come on
yall (holds out both hands)Lets
hold hands and say a pray. We
can also sing a song if you like.
This place is so beautiful.
I just love it. I have been
looking for a place like this all
of my life. Huh I finally found
Well all I can say is that I truly

thank the Gods for you. Sometimes
I just need to get away from the
outside world you understand?

Oh, sorry to interrupt.
Miss Tolley I to

want to thank you for

restoring my/are lives. Putting
back into ours lives what the
locust stole. I truly was loosing

faith. I guess that's what

it was. Husband left me and the

kids. Hell I had given up. But



                       SPIRIT (cont'd)
Miss Tolley helped me in other

words she restored my soul. ok

sorry for holding you up Miss

Tolley just wanted to let you know

how I felt about you. Go on you

have never shared that part of you

life with me.
      (still standing up)
Oh God I love this place. This

place provides wisdom,

guidance and support for me. Here

I've met the best coming

in and going out of these doors.

I've learned more about human

behavior right here,

You can learn something from

everybody if you take the time

listen. .

I often wonder how on earth

that I lived without it.

Times were tough for me. They are

always tough for Black women in

one way or the other, but honey we


                       TOLLEY (cont'd)

be making it by the grace of God.

be making it. We be making it

anyhow. Nope, life ain't promised

to nobody, nope not even to the

White folks.

Here's the secret how I did it .

I kept

putting a little money a side

saving it you know. Saving out of

that little paycheck every payday.

I was a social worker back then in

those days. Ha what a job that

was. Social workers do alot of

extra work helping people pull

their lives together. They are the

proffesions for all the work that

they do. I managed to save enough

money to put down on a place. You
know back then they didn't want
women buying a house or any kind
of property unless she had a
husband by her side. I

wanted a store front with a pretty

little front yard and pretty


                       TOLLEY (cont'd)

grass in the summertime. I wanted

to plant beautiful flowers.

You know make the outside of the
place look alive.

Yes God was working with

me. My motto is let life unfold
right before your eyes and let it

empower you. You've

got to believe it's going to

workout. I think they call it
faith. You've gotta dig deep down
in your gut. you've got to no how
to celebrate your own life first.
Joel Osteen quote:
When nobody else celebrates you
learn to celebrate yourself.
When nobody else compliments you,
then compliment yourself, It's not
up to other people to keep you
encouraged. It's up to you.
Encouragement should come from the

After that You

must celebrate each other.

Or our you just going

to just sit around and

cry yourselves to death? You must

take some kind of action . You
must Take a

stand for your own life. It's all
up to decide.



                       TOLLEY (cont'd)
You must do

something for yourself and then
you can do stuff for other's.

What do you want from life?
      (tells all the
       women to stand up
       and hold hands
       for a prayer)
As we struggle here in a unjust

world God I need for you to help

us sisters. God we need strength.

We need everything that you can

provide for us as we go about our

way. All the goodness and mercy

that you can load upon us . God

I'm praying directly to you to

believe and heal our situation

have been over whelming at

times. Things we don't have any

control over like death and

killings and so many other things

that happen. Sometime's we can't

get through it . Nope not without

your help. Father mother God

somehow, someway we've managed to

in spite of it all we got through

it. (the women saying amen/humming



                       TOLLEY (cont'd)

God you are our source and let us

not forget grace and surrender

that wakes us up in the morning to

see a brand new day and for that I

am so thankful all of us here,

Bless "Tolley's Place" and this

lovely day and time spent
Would anyone like to add something

to the prayer.
      (adds to the
(moving her arms and shaking her

shoulders) I am praying begging
God to

support all of us in our

efforts to live richer fuller


The saying goes ay if you have the

faith of a grain of mustard seed

everything will come.God will make

it happen for you.

So all of you beautiful women


                       SPIRIT (cont'd)

faith is the stuff that holds you

up.Because nobody can make a

judgement on nobody understand?

And you

better believe it. We all breathe
the same toxic air. (laughs)

and eat and love and cry. Then you

actually take a look at it with

God . We are all the same.
Thank you

Ms Tolley for giving us the

opportunity to visit.

It is not easy by no means. We

must not ever give up. Fighting

our lives.

I would think that we must want

for the

universe the same things we want

for ourselves. Each and everyone

of us is entitled to a decent

(Altogether the women say)Amen


Can anyone tell me that life is

easy? Nope, not one you. Life is

hard no doubt about it. . You

gotta live it and you gotta love

it to. You've got to roll with the

punches or else you'll get caught

up in the mix of things and some

not so good. Life is what you make

it. I mean things are certainly

going to happen. Some we just

can't avoid. What you want to do

is think them out the best way you

can. Take your time, ask questions

if you don't know how to deal with

stuff. Don't try and solve every

problem on your own.That's why we

have experts. Educate yourself

child educate yourself on the

issues your dealing with. Just

take your own time don't let

anyone rush you. Use your

spiritual up bringing meditate on

the issue, pray. Do anything that



                       TOLLEY (cont'd)
you think will assist you getting

through rough times.This way you

won't be rushing in so fast and

making all kinds of mistakes. You

must learn how to resolve things,

although somethings you can't


I brought this place to help

women, to empower women. I used my

life savings, because I believe in

helping women get through life.

Right now I'm in a little debt. I

owe some back taxes on it. I just

know I believe I have the faith

that I'm going to get the money to

keep this place open. It helps so

many women to help themselves.

There are somethings that you,me

none of us can go anything about.

Ain't that right? What I'm talking

about are the things that you can

do something about.

Anger and madness are two of the

most terrible things in the world.



                       TOLLEY (cont'd)
We all have to realize that in an

imperfect world things are going

to happen. We must learn different

ways to solve our problems. The

best thing I can tell you is ask

your higher power or whoever you

pray to, guide you in the right

direction no matter what the

problem is? Use your mind to the

best of you ability to get the

problem solved. That's when you

have to put and keep your armor

on, protect yourself. Yes, it is

true that life is tough, but it is

even tougher when you don't do

nothing to make it better for

yourself. Each and everyone of us

have something to give to

ourselves and to the world.

All of us have something to give

to make the world we live in a

better place.

(holds up her cup to the sky and


Here's to life, Here's to life.


One of my daughter's friends got

shot yesterday his brains laid out

in the middle of the street for

five hours before they cleaned

them up. The week before two of

her other friend got shot and

killed, because they say somebody

beat somebody for the drug

money.That's what the white man

said, on the news report. Legalize

them that's what I say. Heard no

body showed up to claim the

bodies, because they didn't have

any parents. Shame , shame. Why

didn't the news paper print that

the young men who got killed

didn't have any parents. They

won't hire any black reporters.

They'd rather give it to a

handicapped person and pay them

less. Why doesn't the news print

the factual news. Instead of lies,
lies. I guess lies sell, the truth
don't sell.



                       KIM (cont'd)
Anyway my heart is in pain and

torn up into little bits and

pieces. I am in anguish all over

inside my body. I want to

holler , I want to scream, shout,

cry. God what the hell is

happening to our Black children. I

know that it all can be stopped if

the White people,government can

legalize drugs. Somehow I think

society lives for the violence.

Violence sells education and peace

don't make profits.

Stop preaching that White people

are superior or chosen people of

the earth, because they are not.

All of us are God's children. No

way we can't be silenced. We must

stand up and stand together and

fight. We must speak up.

When my daughter came home and I

opened the door. She fell out in

the middle of my living room floor

with tears streaming down her

cheeks. She said, mommy why? Why?



                       KIM (cont'd)
Mom Does this keep happening

over and over again? Mostly to

Black people it is not right, it

is not fair, it is wrong.

How in the hell you think that

feels to me? I felt helpless

that's right helpless.Not hard to

figure out war on drugs, drugs on

war or whatever. Just say no

right? I don't think so. If you

live in Urban American you know a

little something about drugs. You
know what I told my daughter. I
told yea they put some of us down
baby. But we have lots more coming
up fighting we are here honey we
are fighting for our lives. I say

Legalize the shit.

All the

older people I know are addicted

to pharmacy drugs. Doctors and the

government hooked up. Sell the

drugs in the drugstore. One drug

is just as bad as the next.

I tried very hard to comfort my

daughter . I hugged her and I

kissed her and promised her that

there will be better days ahead.I

tell her you see honey they sell


                       KIM (cont'd)

the drugs to get money, because

the White man won't give them or

us Black women no jobs no jobs .

That pay worth anything.

Sometimes the White man won't even

give your mama a job. I've got a

college degree. It ain't fair.I'm

beginning to think it's all

designed like that. Drug money is

fast and easy money for a while

and then the drug game turns

nasty. The drug dealers sell the

drugs to the drug users in order

to ease their pain and agony. Yea

they take the drugs to numb their

pain. Their are some living

with their mother's raising they

own daddies kids. because they

daddies done run off and became

an alcoholic and couldn't get or

keep a job. So he needs to numb

his pain. So the fifteen year old

son, becomes the man of the house.

is an enormous task. Lets face it

the reality of it all is that this



                       KIM (cont'd)

is a materialistic world . You

need money to survive. No question

everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Because I do to. If you get

caught selling drugs you go to

jail. Well hell put the Doctors in

jail to let them do some time.Well

just legalize the stuff people are

going to use drugs bottom line.
      (fist balled up)
(Looking up towards the ceiling

She tells the women).

Hey do y'all know the meaning of

word CAN?

All of the women answer her back

saying yes, yes, yes yes we know

the meaning.

I want all of y'all to holler this

loud and clear. Yes we can.Yes I

can.I can.

Can everyone say the word can.

Holla, it loud and clear again.



Now lets all of us spell it

C A N.. Yes, that's it. That's

right. now how you you feel? Yes,

feeling alot of strength flowing

thru your body.

(all the women starting laughing

together)Now wait a minute we

ain't finish yet.

(Lets's say altogether)

Repeat after me.

Can yes,I can , yes I know I can.

now wait I've got something else

to say. I don't know which one of

you are religious and right now it

don't really matter, but this is

also a spiritual awakening. Didn't

they say now let me quote this now

let me think for a moment I want

to get this right.

(holds her head down for a

moment ) It says that you may

life and may have it

abundantly/according to your faith

be it done unto you, y'all here

me/done unto you. I Let's always



remember that I the words I can't

is the most futile words anyone

can use. Now what I say Can, yes

I believe we can make it.
Well that's alright, girlfriend I

hear you. I heard the words you

were speaking.
They say when your in the darkness

that's when you make decisions

that affect your life. They say

the darkness is intense.When you

are at your lowest ebb by yourself

that's when you do the most

thinking. Yes, that's it you begin

to pray. I went to talking to

myself and mumbling and grumbling

I said, what the hell is going on

with me?. I said, to myself I

ain't going out like that no way.

Not me.I began to feel all sweaty

and my hands felt clammy. I can't


                       ALLEY (cont'd)

live like this all these problems

are beating me down. Why was I

brought into this world God why? I

got quiet and then I heard a faint

voice talking into my left ear and

it said, you were surely brought

into this world for a reason and a

season. The voice is the darkness

told me that I was beautiful human

being and day after day the voice

continued to whisper power

inspirations and affirmations into

my ear. I begin to get my strength

back . My mind started to come

together. The voice said, don't

turn back keep going forward.

yesterday was yesterday and today

is today.I used to think the

darkness was a bad thin, but being

in that darkness that's where you

do your most critical thinking in

the stillness of the darkness.



                       ALLEY (cont'd)
When no one else is with you, but

god (higher power)The darkness

will make you pull yourself

together. While in the darkness

you must trust the creator because

that's all you've got.There is no

light in the darkness. Huh I never

thought of the darkness giving you

strength. I've always thought of

light giving you strength. So you

either give up or you get up. No

time for nervous breakdowns. Only

break through for me. I refuse to

let the enemy take my life from me

and make me invisible. I am

standing up and I am coming

through. Wearing my banner and all

the other stuff that goes with it.

I am moving through the darkness

back into the light.
Everyone will start huming, hum,



                       KIM (cont'd)

(then all of the women/one at a

time, but together will say) We

will not be silenced

We will not be silenced

We will not be silenced

Hum, hum, hum

maybe end up on the floor head

bowed/coming into the circle one

a time.


She died. She left us just like

that. She left us quicker than a

bolt of lightning could strike.

She left her children. She left

her grandmother. She left her

girlfriends. She left us so fast

we could barely catch our breath.

Devastated, yes we were.

Devastated you hear me. How could

God let this happen? How did it

happen? Why? We are so sad we are

helpless. She left us, because

she could not breathe. She was

choking you hear me she (everyone

begins to cry and moan)


How do we forgive ourselves? We

have done nothing wrong.
We forgive ourselves, You see

traditionally, women Black women

the help understand what I'm

talking about were subservient

human beings especially to the

male. They had you cooking and a

cleaning and having babies by the

Black and White men. When our

mother's came along they were

taught those same kind of

values/traditions and tried to

hand them down to us. Or they

tried anyway (laughs). We think

it's alright for a while. Until we

find out that times are a

changing. The new modern women

don't like doing all of things.

That We ain't no super woman. Then

we find out that traditions can be

broken. That we/us don't have to

do nothing none of that old

stuff.Yes I have to say we are the


                       ALLEY (cont'd)

new women. The new Black women.We

are the women who have broken all

that old tradition . Nope that my

lucky stars don't marry anyone,

anymore. That's ok if I want to

stay single.Today we have choices.

If I don't want children I don't

have to have children. It's my

choice not one else's.We the women

here, the women who are apart

of "Tolley's Place" have broken

those old valueless traditions

that has been holding us back.We

are the new breed.

Now don't get me wrong I love the

Black man, I truly do. But to be

his slave and master . It just

ain't going to happen. Nowadays

everyone needs to pull their own

weight. Sorry some of you men need

working on. It's it's just too

much work for me.

Now let me get back to choices.

perhaps in my mother's time and



                       ALLEY (cont'd)
your mother's time choice were not

an issue and things were done a

different way. I don't wanna knock

nobody because it's all good. It's

all good men, but the days of the

traditional women is over. This is

a new day for us women.I now know

that I have choices. (places hands

over heart)I am taking my spirit

back that the world stole from me.
      (stands up)
"Tolley's Place "is where you come

to mend a broken heart. "Tolley's

Place" is where you can come and

make a brand new start.

"Tolley's Place is where you come

to mend your broken heart. All of

you are welcome here. To being a

brand new start.
Phenomenal, phenomenal women, hey

remember that poem? It was written



                       ALLEY (cont'd)
by my sister Maya. Yes, phenomenal

women that's us

(points to all of the women)

individually) you have to be

phenomenal to survive in this

world. Us women have survived the

rapings, the incest, the men who

loved us and hated us all at the

same time. Somehow our character

has been flawed long before we get

to meet anyone we have been

damaged thru the media, society

and all of them folks. We have

been put down. It's like whenever

you do get a chance to meet

someone your character is already

been damaged by the misconceptions
and wrong information..

What I'd like to do ladies is to

get back my spirit that they stole

from me. (glances around the room

and holds her hand to her heart)


OK lets hit it.Now spell it C A

N . Yes that's right. now how do

you feel? Can you feel the

strength flowing through all of

our veins?

Yes, we can do it. Make our lives

better and more richer. Lets get

together and raise some money to

donate to "Tolley' Place" so women

will always have a place to come

share.It has been so enriching to

all of our lives. Yes we can sell

tickets and have a party. I know

it we can . We are great human

beings and part of the evolving

universe. This is truly a

spiritual journey with all of us

here together. Didn't God say

that . I think I can say it right.

I came that you may have it

abundantly. According to your

faith be it done unto you, hear

now. Done unto you. Charles

Fillmore said, words I will always

remember I can't are the most

futile words anyone can use.


                       KIM (cont'd)

We/us/you can. Faith is what you

believe in. You've got to have

faith.We are all worthy having a

descent life.
Wait a minute I've got something

to say also. Well, well don't

they say the truth will make you

free?I'm letting them know ain't

no stopping me now. I don't know

about y0u? (pointing the woman

individually). They ain't making

me quit, give up and go over in a

corner and die. I'm sorry it shall

not happen to this sister. Like

Malcom X said, by any means

nessary we shall survive. We are

going to make it . We can, hear

me? All of us women are great.

You've got to have faith.

Yes, indeed believe is the word.

Do I need to say more? (laughs)

Faith if you don't have it your

going down.I'll telling you. You

gotta hold on on don't let go. No



                       ALLEY (cont'd)
matter how hard the wind blows.

The wind is going to blow you to

to the left and it's going to the

blow you to the right. It's going

to knock your ass down. Be like

Palm trees they sway to the left

and the leaves sway to the right,
but the

roots never come up. They are

strong and flexible, they
bend..You've got to get

back up. Sure life is going to
try you

no doubt. Sometimes it may even

knock you down to your knees. Life

is going to do that to you without
a doubt So get ready for it .
You've got to be

thick skinned and tough. Yes we

can, I can,and you can. I know it

I feel it of course you can you


Please all the ladies in the house

say yes, yes I believe I can make



Let me end with this. I'm just

speaking for myself. I'm not

running and I ain't hiding. I

ain't dying. I'm going to live.

I 'm going to stand for something.

I going to speak whatever is on my

mind. If people don't like it. Oh

well. I'm not giving in and nor am

I giving up. I'm going to keep my

focus and stay in the flow of

life. I'm not going around

negative people so they can still

my joy. That goes for everyone in

my book don't matter what color

you are. Ignorance has no color

bountries. I also realize as a

Black woman I can not forget or

ignore the past. We do of course

have a million reasons to be

angry. We do have reasons to have

built up fears, but there is

absolutely no reason for us/me to

remain in that state of mind. This

is what I'm going to continue to



                       TOLLEY (cont'd)
do. I am moving forward not

worrying about what happened in

the pass it's over done.

They want you to fall. If you fall

so what, get back up and get into

the race..

(all the women stand up and

holding hands hands and say

together )

Freedom Freedom I am finally
Wait one minute I know something

that we can do . We can have a

fundraiser to help Miss Tolley

keep this wonderful place open. We

can have it right here .Looks like

enough room to me. We can sale

tickets, get some donations. All

of us pulling together should be

able to raise enough money to pay

up the back taxes. So us women

will always have a safe place to



Yes by all means that sounds like

a winner. We can do that . Lets go

have it right here it's big

enough. We can serve some food,

drinks and have some music and

dancing. Lets get all the women to

committ to sell a certain amount

of tickets. Yes we can do it.

It's going to take lots of hard

work ladies, but of course we are

used to it aren't we.

(All the women)

Yes, yes of course we are.

Ok lets start right now planning

it. Now what do we need? We need

tickets,food a menu. Will it be a

bunch or will it be a dinner?

(pauses a minute)
walking back and forth on stage with tickets in their hands


      (several women on
       the stage)
Tickets, tickets for sale,

save "Tolley's Place" the place we

love. Save our haven. Tickets,

tickets for sale. Come on and buy

your tickets to the fundraiser. We

are giving a fundraiser for

"Tolley's Place" for the Black

women's house of refuge for us, a

safe haven. Won't you please buy a

ticket, as a matter of fact buy

two, bring someone with you.

Tickets, tickets for sale

fundraiser to save "Tolley Place."
Two of the women could be on stage talking to the

audience/walking back and forth facing audience. Selling

tickets. As they exit two more women can come out. The women

could be changing into their Black dresses/head raps which

be wore at the fundraiser. Then the man and the other women

comes out they will be the last ones selling the tickets.(

repeat) Tickets for sale, buy tickets for the fundraiser for


the women's house "Tolley's Place." (several times repeat.
four or five tables with 4 chairs/

white and black table cloths

white candles (large center pieces)
the woman here today would like to

thank each and everyone of you who

brought tickets or those who have

donated to our cause.I have to say

that not only was this a

fundraiser for "Tolley's Place"it

has also been a spiritual journey

for me and so many other Black

women who needed guidance.

You see we went to the place,

because we were hurting inside. I

went to find out who I was and

where I stood.I was sad. I was

angry and I was unhappy.While

there I began to acknowledge and

share my own feelings with anger

it began to go away, and my

sadness turned into release thru



                       SPIRIT (cont'd)
my tears. I was feeling so unhappy

not knowing that I was making my

own self unhappy. I had to learn

how to take control of my own

life.I was blaming everyone around

me for my unhappiness. How sad I

must have been all of those

years. Now, I truly want to thank

the heavens and the Gods for

saving me. You see I found me

there. I got up and went out and

found me. I found happiness and I

feel so good. Thanks to everyone

we can keep "Tolley's Place open.

We raised enough money to paid in

full back taxes.
      (stands up in
       front of audience
       with a sign that
       says happiness)
(Speaks to Audience)

I've learned laughter thru sadness

and I learned contentment by

taking charge of my own life.
      (stands up and
       faces audience
       with a sign in


                       KIM (cont'd)
       her hand "love")
(speaks to the audience)

Since I visited "Tolley's Place"

I've learned to love myself. I now

know that loving oneself comes

from the inside out not the

outside you see I was waiting for

someone to love me.
All the women line up/ or make a circle on the front or

of the stage.

Together the women will say/

"Tolley's Place" is where you come to mend a broken

heart. "Tolley's Place" is where you come to make a brand

start. "Tolley's Place" ia where you come to mend a broken

heart.(curtain comes down)

the end..


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