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by Curtis James Coffey (de_cafe6914@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

"Imaginary" tells the story of an abused girl who creates a fantasy world to escape the horrors of her own life. However, her fantasy world soon begins to merge with reality, and she discovers she must make a choice: Destroy this world she has created in her mind and deal with her terrible life, or let go of reality and dwell forever in her fantasy.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The bedroom is filled to the brim with stuffed animals and

The walls painted lavender, covered with all kinds of
fantasy artwork, handmade, all framed and hung meticulously.

Bed neatly made, the sheets a flowery cascade.

It is quickly clear, this is not just the room of a normal
teenage girl - it's a sanctuary of creativity. A place where
imagination flows. An escape.

In the corner of the room, a canvas.

A HAND makes deliberate strokes along it, washing the blank
whiteness with color.

The work is done feverishly, but at the same time, with

LEAH MINUCCI steps back from the canvas, setting her brush
down, looking at it with a smile on her face.

She stands strong for a 16 year old. Her eyes showing an age
much greater than herself. She's a cute girl, a slight
shadow hanging over her.
Another to be framed.
She smiles at the canvas - a vast field of pastel-colored
flowers amidst the drop of a purple sky.
                       NANCY (O.S.)
Let's go, Leah! If you miss the
bus I can't give you a ride today!
With a heavy sigh, Leah prepares herself to leave the safety
of her bedroom.
                       NANCY (O.S.)
Matt won't take you either!
      (to herself)
As if I'd want him to.


Leah stuffs a couple books into her backpack and slowly
opens her door, peeking out into the hallway before leaving,
cautiously closing the door behind herself.
Leah sits down at the counter, her mother, NANCY, making

Nancy is perhaps in her early 40s, but has not aged well at

A bruise on her cheek, she's an unhappy victim, and
everything about how she carries herself shows it.
Another good night between you and
Matt, huh?
It's not your business, Leah.
You're my mother.
And he's my husband. I'm the adult
and you're the child.
MATT enters the kitchen, Leah and Nancy both falling silent.

He's a tall, stocky, blond haired, quasi-redneck looking

He completely ignores Leah, focusing on Nancy.
What'd you make me?
Nothing, yet. I just made some
toast for Leah.
Yeah? I'll have it, then.
Matt grabs the toast and begins to eat it.
She made it for me, Matt.


Matt turns to Leah, shocked by her audacity.
What was that?
Leah doesn't say anything, she looks down at the counter.
You can mumble it but you can't
say it to my face?
Let's just try and have a good
Shut up. I'm not talking to you.
Leah continues to sit there, becoming more visibly afraid.

Matt spits the partially eaten food at Leah and tosses the
plate down in front of her.
Grow a pair next time. I'm going
to work.
Matt storms out of the kitchen. The front door opens and
slams shut.

Leah begins to furiously wipe the chewed up food off of
herself, disgusted.

Nancy lights up a cigarette, shaking her head.
You know better than to make him
Everything makes him mad. I'm glad
you stand up for your daughter.
Leah gets up from the counter, grabs her backpack and

Nancy stands there a moment before grabbing a bottle of
pills from atop the sink and downs two of them with a heavy
sigh, closing her eyes.


Leah walks through the courtyard, not a friend by her side.

She's the eccentric girl that everyone knows about and
stares at, but nobody actually talks to for some reason.

Various HIGH SCHOOLERS murmur to each other about her and
point as she makes her way to an empty bench and sits down,
taking out a book and waiting for the first bell to ring.

As she's reading, JOHN walks past the bench. He's a typical
high school boy, light build, athletic, handsome.

Leah looks up and stares, her eyes longing for him.

He looks over to the bench and their eyes meet briefly
before he looks away and continues talking to his FRIENDS.

Leah buries her face back in her book, blushing.

The bell rings and she gets up, stuffing her book into her
Leah sits in the back of the classroom by the window, a
notebook open.

The TEACHER stands at the white board, scribbling down notes
and lecturing the STUDENTS.

Leah scribbles something on her notepad, but it isn't notes.
No, she's doodling again.

She glances out the window.

Outside, she sees herself in a flowing lavender dress,
running around the large oak tree, happily being chased by a

They're laughing and having a good time.
                       TEACHER (O.S.)
Isn't that right, Leah?
Back to reality.

Leah snaps her attention to her Teacher at the front of the


I'm sorry, what?
Daydreaming again?
The Teacher walks back to her desk and looks at her notepad.
Interesting notes. Unfortunately
this isn't art class.
The students in the class giggle.
Would you mind telling the class
how a faun is part of world
More laughter.

Leah slinks down in her desk, embarrassed.
Keep your head out of the clouds.
You're no bird. Now I mean it, pay
The Teacher returns to the front of the class and continues

Leah glances out the window once more.

There's nothing out there but the oak tree, rustling in the
Another blank canvas, another night of painting.

Leah stands there, swiftly moving her brush, quickly
creating the scene from school that she saw from inside the

The oak tree, the faun, and herself. It's a bright, happy

Outside her room, somewhere in the house, Matt is screaming
at Nancy and throwing things around.

Leah closes her eyes, breathing deep.


She continues painting, trying to take her mind off of
what's going on just outside the safety of her room.

All goes quiet for a moment, and then the loud sound of a
smack breaks the silence, followed by Nancy crying out.

Leah drops the paint brush on the floor, breathing heavily.

She looks towards her bedroom door which thus far has
remained closed.
      (whispering to
Please stay away. Please. Please.
A shadow fills the underside of her door and the handle

Thankfully, the door is locked.

Leah slowly and quietly makes her way towards her bed,
crawling under the covers, shutting her eyes.

The door handle continues to jiggle.


Matt punches the door.
                       MATT (O.S.)
I'm taking the lock off this door
tomorrow! You hear me?
Matt punches the door again.

Leah covers her head with her pillow, curling into a ball.
It's an endless field of pastel colored flowers, clearly
made from tissue paper.

As the wind blows, they rustle together in a strange sort of

Leah lays in the center of the field, looking up at the
purple colored sky with cotton candy-like clouds.
It's strange, I find myself here
more and more as each day passes.


                       PETER THE FAUN (O.S.)
You sound surprised, as if you
haven't created all that surrounds
Leah sits up to see PETER THE FAUN standing close by, a
smile on his face, playing his flute.
You again. I know you.
                       PETER THE FAUN
As you rightly should.
You were outside my classroom
                       PETER THE FAUN
Was I?
Peter the Faun winks at Leah and continues playing his
peaceful melody.
It's beautiful.
                       PETER THE FAUN
It'll wake you soon.
I'd rather it didn't, if it's all
the same.
                       PETER THE FAUN
But you must.
I built this world to escape that
                       PETER THE FAUN
But it's where you belong, Leah.
For now.
What's your name?
                       PETER THE FAUN
Don't you know?
Leah closes her eyes, thinking.


Peter the Faun continues playing his flute.

Leah smiles.
Peter. Your name is Peter.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Time to wake up now.
Peter the Faun begins blowing hard on his flute, creating an
awful annoying pitch.
Leah opens her eyes, her alarm clock blaring. It's morning.

With a groan she rolls over and shuts off the alarm clock,
sighing heavily as she prepares to leave her sanctuary.
      (to herself)
Peter. Peter the Faun.
As Leah gets dressed, she stops, looking at her painting of
the oak tree.

She touches the faun on the canvas, smiling.
Leah enters the kitchen where Nancy sits at the table,
smoking a cigarette and drinking, her lip freshly busted.
Another souvenir?
Matt quickly steps behind Leah and cracks her over the back
of the head, causing her to cry out.
Just keep giving me reasons, girl.
Keep right on pushing.
Leah's eyes water from the pain and she looks at Nancy, who
looks away.
You hoping she's going to say
something? Grow up. I pay for
everything around here. Without
me, you two skanks would be on the


                       MATT (cont'd)
Matt tosses Leah's bedroom door handle on the counter.
No more lock on your door.
Leah quickly grabs a bottle of water out of the fridge and
leaves the kitchen.
Get your ass to school before I
change my mind.
Leah quickly leaves.

Nancy takes her pills and finishes off her drink.
Did you have to hit her?
Excuse me? What was that?
Nothing. What do you want for
Nothing. You two have ruined my
appetite. You need to do something
about that daughter of yours
before I do. I'm sick of her
Okay what?
I'll talk to her.
I'm going to work. Why don't you
make yourself useful today and
clean the house, huh?
Matt leaves the kitchen and Nancy pours herself another


Leah sits across from her guidance counselor, MR. POWELL, an
older fellow with a warm face and kind eyes.

He holds a textbook in his hands which has been covered with
all sorts of doodles, apparently done by Leah.
                       MR. POWELL
For some reason your behavior is
causing concern among some of your
teachers, Leah.
They're just drawings.
                       MR. POWELL
I know that. And there's nothing
wrong with having an imagination.
I'll tell you a secret. Can I?
Leah shrugs her shoulders.
                       MR. POWELL
Us adults would give anything to
have our imagination back. For
some reason when we grew up, we
let it run away from us. We were
all so focused on being grown ups
that we lost our inner child.
That's an important part of who we
are as humans, Leah. Don't ever
make our mistake and let yours go.
Mr. Powell winks at Leah and she half-smiles.
                       MR. POWELL
Now, having said that, I still
have a job to do. Perhaps you are
spending a little too much time in
your head. Some is good, but too
much can be bad for you. The lines
between reality and fantasy can
sometimes start to blur. Do you
Why does that have to be a bad
                       MR. POWELL
It doesn't. But you are in school,
and the point is to get an
education so you can really be


                       MR. POWELL (cont'd)
something special when you become
an adult. Maybe just try to pay
more attention in class, okay? And
maybe keep the doodling on school
property to a minimum.
I'll see what I can do, Mr.
                       MR. POWELL
'atta girl.
Mr. Powell hands her textbook back to her and then leans
back in his chair, looking at her more seriously.
                       MR. POWELL
Is everything all right at home,
Leah looks down at the floor, shrugging as she stuffs the
textbook back into her pack.
It's all right I guess.
                       MR. POWELL
You don't have to talk to me, but
it's what I'm here for. If you
ever need anything, my doors are
always open. Even if you just need
someone to listen. I promise I'll
do my best to help in whatever
ways I can.
Thanks, Mr. Powell. But really,
there's nothing you or anyone else
can do for me right now.
                       MR. POWELL
You sure?
Yeah. My mom just needs to wake
up, you know?
                       MR. POWELL
What do you mean by that?


Leah stands up and slings her pack over her shoulders,
preparing to leave.
Will you write me a pass back to
class? I'd hate to get bitched at
for being late.
                       MR. POWELL
Of course! We wouldn't want that.
Mr. Powell takes a piece of paper off his desk, scribbles on
it, signs it, and hands it to Leah.
Thanks. I'll see you around.
                       MR. POWELL
Take care of yourself, Leah. And
remember what I said.
Will do.
Leah leaves the office and Mr. Powell sits there a moment,
twiddling his pen, thinking.
Leah sits in the corner of the library, between two
bookshelves, a mountain of books piled on either side of

She's browsing through a book in her hand.

The LIBRARIAN walks over to her, a confused look on her
You know the checkout limit is
four at any given time, right?
I know. I'm just looking through
them. I'll put them all back, I
Trying to figure out which ones to
take home, huh?


Something like that.
With a smile, the Librarian walks away, continuing her work.

Leah buries her face back into the book in front of her.
                       JOHN (O.S.)
Leah looks up to see John walking towards her.

She instantly blushes.
That's a lot of books you got,
Yeah. I didn't know you read.
I'm not stupid, you know.
No, wait. That's not what I meant.
I just -
John smiles and leans down by her, looking at the piles of
books around her.
Relax. I'm just teasing you.
What've you got here?
John begins going through the piles of books -- Mostly
fantasy and horror, with a few art-based books thrown in for
good measure.
I can never decide what to read. I
like to keep my options open
before I decide, I guess.
Got any favorites picked out yet?
Leah motions to the book she has in her hand.


I think this one. And I'm not sure
between these two.
Leah grabs two other books from the pile.

John grabs them both and looks at them.
This one.
John hands one of the books to Leah and she reaches to grab

Their hands briefly touch and Leah quickly grabs the book,
pulling her hand away, blushing even more.
Sorry. I wasn't trying to grope
you or anything.
John chuckles.
Are you always this nervous and
Yes. No. I don't know. I don't
have a lot of friends so I spend a
lot of time alone.
And you come here.
I don't come here all the time or
anything. I'm not a total nerd.
It's just someplace to go that's
better than home.
John begins scooping up the books on the ground.
I'll give you a hand putting these
John walks away, disappearing behind some shelves.

Leah quickly gets to her feet.
Wait. I'll come with you.


Leah walks the same direction John did, rounding the

John is nowhere to be seen.
Where'd you go?
The library is deathly quiet.
Her response comes in the form of a flute being played.

It's an all-too familiar tune.

Leah begins weaving through the bookshelves, which have
quickly turned into a maze-like setup.

With every step she takes, the library changes, becoming
older and larger the farther she weaves in and out of the
Hello? Anyone there?
The flute continues to play, and Leah continues heading to
the direction of the noise.
Peter, is that you?
As she rounds another corner, she finds herself in the
center of the library, a large open area.

Peter the Faun sits in the center on a golden stool, playing
his flute.

He sees Leah and stops playing, smiling.
                       PETER THE FAUN
I was beginning to worry the books
had swallowed you up.
What are you doing here?
                       PETER THE FAUN
I should be asking you that very
thing. You're in my world, Leah.


Leah looks around and then returns her gaze to Peter the
This isn't real, is it?
                       PETER THE FAUN
That depends on your perception of
reality, doesn't it? It's as real
as your mind makes it.
Peter the Faun smiles and resumes playing his flute.

Leah gets closer to him, sitting down in front of him.
Is there something wrong with me?
Peter the Faun stops playing and looks at Leah.
                       PETER THE FAUN
How do you feel?
                       PETER THE FAUN
Have you got a fever?
I don't believe so.
Peter the Faun shrugs.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Then I wouldn't say there's
anything wrong with you.
How long can I stay?
                       PETER THE FAUN
It's time for you to leave now,
What? Why? I don't want to go.
                       PETER THE FAUN
I don't make the rules. Wake up.
It's time to go.


Leah suddenly snaps up at a desk in the library, fully

The Librarian stands beside her.
Did you hear me, young lady?
Leah looks at the Librarian, confused.
What? I'm sorry.
I said it's time for you to go.
We're closing.
Leah quickly stands up, fumbling for the books on the table
in front of her.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to keep
you waiting.
In her hurry, Leah drops some of the books and quickly ducks
down to grab them.
I'm sorry. I'm not trying to make
a mess.
The Librarian puts a kind hand on Leah's shoulder.
It's quite all right, dear. No
need to be so nervous. Come on,
I'll check these out for you.
The Librarian grabs a couple of the books from Leah and with
a smile, leads her up front to check them out.
Leah enters her house and slowly makes her way through the
living room, trying to create the least amount of noise
                       NANCY (O.S.)
You're late! Dinner's on the


With a groan, Leah sets her books down on the coffee table
and makes her way to the kitchen.
Leah enters the kitchen and joins Matt and Nancy at the
table who are already halfway through their meals.

In front of Matt sits two empty beer cans. He cracks open a
Why the hell are you so late?
Where have you been?
I was at the library.
Doing what?
Matt reaches across the table and smacks Leah across the

She immediately looks down at the floor, blinking away
Don't be such a smart ass.
I'm sure that's exactly what she
was doing, Matt. She loves to
Matt glares at Nancy in warning, and she returns her
complete attention to her food.

Matt then continues eating.
We of course know she wasn't
meeting a boy though, don't we?
What dumb ass would go after
something like that.
That stings Leah.

Nancy looks over to her daughter.


Aren't you going to eat something,
I'm not hungry.
Matt grabs the last piece of meat from the tray and puts it
on his plate.
Good. More for me.
Leah glances over to her mother.
May I be excused?
What for? Don't you enjoy our
Leah looks back down at the floor.
I asked you a question, retard.
Leah continues to sit there quietly.
So, the school called today. Bet
you can guess why, Leah.
Leah looks over to her mother, her eyes wide with fear.
Don't look at her. She's not going
to help you. Apparently they're
concerned about the conditions of
your home life.
That's not exactly what they
That's pretty much what they said.
What kind of bullshit are you
feeding these people, Leah? Don't
you get enough attention? Gotta
stir up some shit to get some
more? Need some sympathy?


I didn't do anything.
They just said that you've been
distracted in class lately and
just wanted to check and make sure
everything was okay.
Matt slams his hand down on the table to silence Nancy.
Don't sugarcoat this, Nancy. She's
telling lies about us. About me.
Matt looks at Leah, fire burning behind his eyes. He's

Leah looks at him, terrified.
I haven't said anything to anyone.
I swear to God!
It's all right. We're going to
handle this later. I'll really
give you something to tell them.
Matt, don't. It was nothing.
Matt grabs Nancy's plate and slings it across the kitchen,
shattering it.
I told you to shut your mouth. Now
clean it up.
Nancy gets up and begins to pick up the broken pieces of

Matt looks at Leah, smiling.
You go on up to your room. Enjoy
yourself while you can. I'll be up
after I finish eating to handle
this little situation.
Leah's lip begins to tremble and she gets up, leaving the


Leah dashes into her room, slamming the door behind her and
goes to lock the door.

It's gone.
Damn it.
Leah frantically looks around her room for something to
barricade the door with, tears flowing down her face.

There's nothing that will help.

As she continues to look around, something catches her eyes.

The window!

She rushes over to the window and opens it.

She looks back towards her bedroom door and then begins to
climb out.

Her bedroom door bursts open and Matt charges in.
Going somewhere?!
Matt quickly crosses the room and grabs Leah, pulling her
back inside.

She screams.
Leah sits in the sand on the beach, once again in her
lavender dress.

She looks out to the emerald green sea, the sun resting on
the horizon, casting a brilliant blaze of orange and yellow
onto the purple sky.

Countless sail boats fill the water with a variety of
differently shaped and colored sails.

Multi-colored seagulls fly all around, squawking gently.

Peter the Faun stands next to Leah, placing his hand on her


                       PETER THE FAUN
You just can't stay away, can you?
I have no choice, it seems. It's
where my mind takes me. It must be
where I'm meant to be.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Careful, you may get stuck here.
Would that be such a bad thing?
                       PETER THE FAUN
I don't know. You tell me.
Leah looks at Peter the Faun and smiles. She returns her
eyes to the sea in front of her.
I don't think so. It's so
beautiful here. It doesn't hurt.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Don't be fooled, Leah. The
darkness you hold inside you can
easily pierce this thin veil of
serenity in your mind. It can't
always be a retreat.
But right now, it is. That's all
that matters to me. Are there
others here?
                       PETER THE FAUN
You know the answers better than
I, Leah.
Can I meet them?
                       PETER THE FAUN
When you are ready, you will.
You're not very helpful. You
always seem to be speaking in


                       PETER THE FAUN
I'm simply a guide of sorts
created by your mind. I don't hold
all of the answers. If I talk in
circles, it's because you're not
ready for all the answers. Only
you can unlock your own secrets.
That's an interesting way to look
at it.
                       PETER THE FAUN
It's the only way to look at it.
Leah continues to watch the boat on the sea, calming moving
across the water.

The sun hasn't moved.
The sun doesn't move.
                       PETER THE FAUN
I hadn't noticed.
Leah looks at Peter the Faun.
If this is all in my mind, don't I
have control over it?
                       PETER THE FAUN
Interesting question. Would you
like me to play you a song?
Leah smiles.
Of course.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Peter the Faun raises his flute to his mouth and begins to
play a quiet, sad tune.

Leah closes her eyes, listening hard.

Tears slowly flow down Leah's face as the song comes to a


                       PETER THE FAUN
Apologies. I didn't mean to make
you cry.
Leah shakes her head.
No, no. It was beautiful, Peter.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Shall we take a walk?
I'd like that.
Peter the Faun offers his hand and Leah graciously takes it,
standing up.

The two begin to walk along the beach, the waves quietly
crashing beside them.
                       PETER THE FAUN
You know your visit must come to
an end soon.
Why does it always seem so short?
                       PETER THE FAUN
You can only stay for just so long
each time. Otherwise your mind may
become confused.
Confused how?
                       PETER THE FAUN
Confused in a way that you may
have a hard time separating your
dreams from reality.
My guidance counselor said
something similar to me today.
Peter the Faun ignores that remark.
                       PETER THE FAUN
We will need your help one day.
With what?


                       PETER THE FAUN
Against the darkness.
Leah looks around the sunny environment.
I see nothing dark here.
                       PETER THE FAUN
It's there. Just beyond the
borders. Growing closer every day.
And what happens then?
Peter the Faun stops walking.
                       PETER THE FAUN
This is as far as we go this time.

Leah turns to the sea and sees two sailboats crash into each

They slowly begin to sink.
Oh, no. They're crashing! Come on,
we have to help them!
Leah turns to Peter the Faun, but he's gone.


Leah looks back to the sea.

All the boats are crashing into one another and sinking.

Leah awakens in her bed, her eye blackened.

Downstairs, Matt is screaming and throwing things around -
thus the source of the crash.

Leah groans and buries her head underneath her pillow.


So much for sleeping in.
There's a knock on her door.

She tenses.
The door opens and Nancy steps in.
It's me, sweetie.
Leah rolls over and looks at her mother, who crosses the
room and sits down on the bed with her.
What's he doing down there?
He's just have one of his moments.
I guess one of his other workers
has been neglecting some of their
accounts so they're losing money.
He does realize smashing
everything in sight accomplishes
nothing, right?
Apparently not.
Leah examines her mother closely.
You're awfully sober this morning.
Nancy looks at her daughter, unsure of what to say.
Yes, well, I wanted to make sure
you were all right after last
night's episode.
Because you certainly did nothing
to stop it.
Leah rolls back over in her bed, facing away from her


What could I have done?
He's not my dad. He has no right
to put his hands on me.
He just would have beat me, too.
At least it would have showed you
cared for once.
Nancy sits there a moment, stung by Leah's words.

She stands up.
I do care, whether you believe it
or not. I'm doing my best, you
know. You could help.
Nancy quickly leaves the room, her eyes welling up.
You're the parent. You should be
taking care of me.
Nancy enters the kitchen and grabs her bottle of pills off
the window sill.

She pours herself an alcoholic drink and takes her pills
with it.

Matt enters the kitchen.
Waste no time getting trashed.
Nancy doesn't say anything.

Matt grabs a beer out of the fridge.
Everything okay with work?
You're funny.


Nancy finishes her drink.
Listen, about last night -
Matt shoots Nancy a look, stopping her mid-sentence.
You got something to say about
that, Nancy?
It's just...I don't know. I guess
Yeah. Didn't think so. Grow up.
Matt leaves the kitchen.

Nancy pours herself another drink.
Once again, Leah is painting.

However, this time she is moving much slower. She is taking
her time. Concentrating.

As the hours tick by and the paint runs out, she finally
steps back, looking at her work.

On the canvas is an elaborate castle scene.

She smiles.
The perfect place to live.
Setting down her brush and taking off her apron, Leah
gathers up a notepad and leaves the room.
Leah walks through the living room, heading for the front

Matt and Nancy are sitting there, watching TV.

Nancy looks like a zombie, drunk and drugged out of her



Matt looks over to Leah.
And where do we think we're going?
The park.
What for?
Just something to do. Somewhere to
You don't like being home with
your mother and me?
It's the weekend. Normal kids go
out on weekends.
You're not normal. You don't even
have any friends. You spend all
your time in your room painting
your little fairy pictures and
when you're not doing that, you're
Leah looks to the ground, unsure of what to say.
I'll be home by dark.
What makes you think I'm going to
let you go?
I was telling my mother. Not you,
GO. I don't care what you do.
Matt looks over to Nancy, irritated.


After the shit she pulled
yesterday, you're going to let her
go out?
She's just a kid. She needs a
life. At least someone in this
house should be happy.
Have another drink.
Seeing the opportunity, Leah quickly exits the house.
You're not back by dark, you
better stay gone, cause your ass
will be toast!
Leah sits on the park bench, sketch pad on her lap, drawing
the lake scene in front of her.

Gorgeous blossoming trees surround the lake, their stray
leaves scattering in the wind.

As Leah sketches, a HOBO approaches her.
Can you spare any change?
Leah looks up at the Hobo.
I'm sorry, I don't have anything
on me at all. I don't even have a
That's all right. That's quite all
right. Do you mind if I sit with
you a minute?
Please do.
Leah moves her pack out of the way and the Hobo sits down
beside her.


What are you working on?
Just doing some doodling.
Can I take a look?
Leah hands the Hobo the sketch pad and he looks at her
drawing of the late.
That's lovely.
Thank you.
The Hobo continues going through the pages of the sketch

He hands it back to her.
Those aren't just simple little
doodles, young lady. You've got
quite the talent. Don't go wasting
it and throw it all away.
You're very kind. Can I ask you
How did you...you know. Why are
you homeless?
The Hobo thinks for a moment, trying to piece together the
right words to say.
I was foolish, I guess. At one
point in my life I had it all.
House. Car. A lovely wife. The
head of a large business. Then I
got greedy and stupid and it all
came crashing down around me.


How long has it been?
Three years. In a way I'm
grateful, I suppose. It taught me
a lot about myself and how
precious life really can be. I
take nothing for granted now.
Do you think you'll ever bounce
No. No, it's too late for me. I
had my time to shine. I've
accepted my fate. I'm content
living out the rest of my days
like this. People see me and
think, "I'll never let that happen
to myself." It makes me feel good
in a way that I can affect people
like that.
I guess that's good.
No matter how tough life gets,
it's important not to give up. You
can make anything positive. Just
remember that there's always
someone worse off than you.
With that, the Hobo stands up.
I'll be on my way now, I think.
Thanks for the chat, young lady.
You've quite the gift. Don't be
afraid to pursue that. Don't take
no for an answer.
Best of luck to you, sir.
With a wink, the Hobo turns and walks away.

Leah returns to her sketch pad and continues drawing.

As she continues drawing, something catches her eye across
the lake.


In the distance, by one of the trees, she sees Peter the

He puts his flute to his mouth and starts to play, the music
lightly carrying over across the lake to her.

She slowly stands up, stunned.
Wake up, Leah. You're dreaming.
You fell asleep on the bench.
Leah pinches herself, but she doesn't wake.

The music from Peter the Faun's flute gets louder.

Leah quickly gather up her stuff and begins to make her way
around the lake to the other side.

As she gets closer, the music gets louder.

She finally reaches the tree and the music stops.
Leah rounds the tree -

Only to find John sitting there, listening to his I-Pod.

He looks up at her, surprised, and pulls out his earbuds.
I'm sorry, what? I couldn't hear
Leah immediately blushes.
Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were
someone else.
Oh, that's okay.
Leah quickly turns to leave.
Hey, you're Leah, aren't you?
Leah slowly turns back around to face John, avoiding eye


How do you know my name?
I've seen your artwork around the
school. Plus we have Geometry
together, remember?
Oh, yeah. Right. Duh.
Your work is really good.
Leah blushes even more.
Thanks. Your football is really
good. Er, I mean you play well.
Leah silently curses herself for sounding stupid.
Thanks, but it's really nothing
special. Anyone can play football.
Not a lot of people can be an
I'm not really an artist.
Well I disagree. What brings you
out here? Meeting your boyfriend?
No, I don't have one of those. I
just come out here to draw and get
out of the house, you know?
Yeah, I know what you mean. You
maybe want to take a walk?
Leah's face turns positively crimson and she smiles a bit,
toothy smile.

She looks up at John, still smiling, but the smile slowly

Something behind him catches her eye.

On the other side of the lake, standing on the top of one of


the trees is a large BIRD-LIKE MAN - ASHRAH - flapping his
John turns around to see what Leah is looking at.
What are you looking at?
John sees nothing on the other side of the lake, just trees
and benches.
You don't see it?
See what?
I'm sorry, I have to go.
Leah quickly walks away.
Wait, what about our walk?
I'm sorry!
Leah continues walking away, not looking back.

John watches her a moment and then looks back over the lake,
trying to see what she says.

There's nothing.
What the hell?
Leah rushes through the front door, slamming it behind her
and races up the stairs.

Matt watches her as she goes.
Quit slamming the doors! You got
home just in the nick of time!


Leah enters her room and closes the door.

She tosses her bag down on her bag, grabs a stack of sketch
papers and begins rifling through them.

She freezes as she reaches one.

She slowly brings it closer, examining it.

On the page is a charcoal sketch of a large, black bird-man,
amidst a sky filled with crows.

She slowly sets the paper down and sits on her bed, staring
blankly across the room.
                       NANCY (O.S.)
Dinner is almost ready!
                       MATT (O.S.)
Get your ass down here!
I'm not hungry!
                       MATT (O.S.)
I'm not interested! Let's go!
With a sigh, Leah gets up from her bed.
Leah begrudgingly joins Matt and Nancy at the table.
Home just in time. Cutting it
awful close, aren't we, Leah?
I guess.
Don't test my limits.
I'm not trying to.
Good. Now, isn't this a nice
family dinner?


Nancy takes out her bottle of pills and begins to open it, a
glass of wine in front of her.

Leah quickly snatches the bottle out of Nancy's hands.
What are you doing?
What are YOU doing? How long are
you planning on taking these? And
with alcohol? Are you trying to
kill yourself?
Give them back, Leah. Right now.
Have you forgotten that I am still
your mother?
Start acting like it, then! Just
once I'd like to see you sober.
Give Nancy back her pills.
Leah glares at Matt and sees the anger building in his eyes.
Screw you.
Without hesitation, Matt swings.

Leah ducks out of the way and quickly gets up from the
table, running through the house, popping pills the entire

Matt and Nancy get up and run after her.
Don't take those! They'll hurt
you, baby!
Let's see how you like it!
Leah rushes up the stairs, Matt and Nancy charging after


Get back here, you little bitch!
Leah bursts into her room, slamming the door behind her -
not that it will do much good.

She finishes the bottle before Matt and Nancy break in.

Leah shakes the empty bottle in front of them.
Too late.
Matt smacks her hard across the face, laying her out across
the floor.

Nancy rush to Leah's side, gripping her unconscious
daughter's hand.
Oh, baby. Why did you do this to
Nancy turns back to Matt.
Call the paramedics!
She's fine. I didn't hit her that
She just took an overdose of my
medication you idiot! She needs
the hospital!
It's her own fault. I'm not
wasting my money on an ambulance
Then get the car ready and we'll
take her!
She's your daughter. You do it,
you drunken whore.


With that, Matt leaves the bedroom.

Nancy kisses the top of her daughter's head.
Hold on, sweetie. I'm going to
take care of you.
Leah once again wakes up in the field of paper flowers, in
her lavender dress.

She looks around, smiling.

The wind rustles the flowers and she closes her eyes,
listening. She is at peace.
                       PETER THE FAUN (O.S.)
Back once more, I see.
Leah opens her eyes to see Peter the Faun standing in front
of her, his arms crossed.
I plan on staying this time.
                       PETER THE FAUN
You haven't got much choice now,
have you? At least, not yet.
What do you mean?
                       PETER THE FAUN
In due time, Leah. In due time.
We've got a long journey ahead of
us. Best get moving.
I'm content where I am, if you
Peter the Faun extends his hand.
                       PETER THE FAUN
If YOU please, there's more to see
and much to do.
Frowning, Leah takes Peter the Faun's hand and stands up.

The two begin walking through the field.


Where are we going?
                       PETER THE FAUN
To the heart of it all.
To do what?
                       PETER THE FAUN
To make your choice.
And that would be?
                       PETER THE FAUN
I wouldn't know, would I? The
choice is yours, after all. I
can't pretend to know the choice
you're going to make when the time
comes for you to choose.
You have an interesting way of
speaking, Peter.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Yes, you do.
Leah leans down and picks a flower from the ground, looking
at it in wonder.

She smells it, a look of wonder on her face.
It smells so good!
                       PETER THE FAUN
Did you want it to smell bad?
Well, no. I just didn't expect it
to smell of anything at all.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Leah places the flower in her hair.
Are we going to meet others?


                       PETER THE FAUN
I expect we certainly will. If you
want to, that is.
Again with your riddles. You know
I don't fully understand all of
this yet, don't you?
                       PETER THE FAUN
All in good time, dear Leah. All
in good time.
Peter the Faun smiles and winks at Leah.

The two reach the edge of the field, a large forest standing
before them.
Through here?
Peter the Faun gently squeezes Leah's hand.
                       PETER THE FAUN
This is the Enchanted Forest. Do
not be frightened.
I'm not. Shall we go in?
                       PETER THE FAUN
We shall.
The two step into the forest.
Nancy returns to Leah's room and leans down to try and pick
her up.

She struggles and struggles but she just doesn't have the
strength, nor the coordination, to pick up her daughter off
the floor.

She cries in frustration.
Matt! I can't pick her up! I need
your help!
                       MATT (O.S.)
Oh, for Christ's sake!


Matt thunders up the stairs and enters the room, shoving
Nancy out of the way.
Matt scoops up Leah and leaves the room with her.
Get off the floor!
Nancy composes herself and gets to her feet, following Matt.
Matt throws Leah in the back seat of the car, closing the

Nancy stumbles out of the house, fumbling with her car keys.
Matt, I really don't think I'm
able to drive.
That's your problem, isn't it?
That's not fair!
Matt gets right in Nancy's face.
I'm not the one that forces you to
get plastered every day. If she
dies it's on you. I did my part.
Grow up and be a parent.
Matt shoves past Nancy and goes back inside, slamming the
door behind him.
Why don't you try being a real man
you piece of shit! If it wasn't
for you, I wouldn't be like this
and she wouldn't have done this!
It's all your fault!
NEIGHBORS standing outside watch Nancy's tirade.

She turns around, seeing them.


And what do you all think you're
looking at?!
Nancy gets in the car, starts the engine, and drives off.
Leah and Peter the Faun step through the forest.

It's a lush explosion of life - Huge trees taller than
skyscrapers. Countless plants and flowers, all accented by
the bright powerful rays of the sun which beam through the
canopy beautifully.

Birds and frogs sing proudly and dart around. In the
distance comes the sound of running water.
It's gorgeous here.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Were you expecting anything less?
Yes. I mean, no. Well, I don't
know, really.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Slow down, you're confusing
There's just so much here!
Leah looks around in amazement.

Giant mushrooms loom all around in shades of red and
Do we have to leave here?
                       PETER THE FAUN
Oh, yes. There is much for us to
do and the journey ahead is still
quite long.
Are you going to start explaining
yourself or what?


                       PETER THE FAUN
Explain myself? What is there to
explain about myself that you
don't already know? I am Peter the
Faun and I am your friend. What
else is there?
I meant about why I'm here.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Oh, you know that answer much
better than I do.
Leah stops walking, frowning at Peter the Faun.

Peter the Faun stops walking and faces Leah, shrugging his
You're avoiding and I don't like
                       PETER THE FAUN
Perhaps you'll like this.
Peter the Faun takes up his flute and begins to play a tune.

Leah listens, smiling at the sweet notes Peter the Faun is

Suddenly, a huge grouping of butterflies of all shapes,
sizes and colors come dancing around Leah and Peter the

Leah begins to laugh, extending her arms as the butterflies
dance around and perch themselves on her.

Peter the Faun continues to play whilst smiling himself.

Suddenly, a long, slimy red tongue whips through the air,
snatching one of the butterflies.
The tongue whips back into the mouth of a large yellow toad
with black spots.

The toad - FRANCIS - burps.

The butterflies scatter.


Sorry 'bout tha'.
Peter the Faun looks over to Francis, shaking his head.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Uncalled for, Francis.
Couldn't help meself. All in the
instincts, dontcha know.
Spit it back out!
I can't.
Leah gets right in front of Francis.
Open your mouth.
Francis purses his lips tightly, shaking his head.
Francis slowly takes a step back, but quicker than expected,
Leah shoves her hand inside Francis' mouth and pulls out his
long, slimy tongue.

The butterfly quickly flies out and away.

Leah releases Francis' tongue.
But I'm so hungry!
                       PETER THE FAUN
We don't eat our friends, Francis.
Wha' am I s'pose ter eat, then?


Francis scoffs at Leah and turns his attention to Peter the
Wha' she doin' here, anyway?
Do you know who I am?
Aye. We all do.
Francis returns his attention to Peter the Faun.
She goin' ter fix our lil'
                       PETER THE FAUN
I imagine so, should she so
I would appreciate it if you guys
wouldn't talk about me like I'm
not standing right here.
Would ya like some company to the
edge o' the forest? Things've got
a bit dodgy 'round these parts
lately. Might get lost and find
yerselves on the wrong side o' the
bark, if ya know what I mean. I'd
hate for somethin' ter happen ter
the wee lass.
Again, still standing right here.
Peter the Faun turns his attention to Leah.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Apologies, my dear. Leah, this is
Francis, King of the Toads in this
Not like ya need a proper
introduction. Already saw it fit
ter cram yer hand in me mouth.
Poor manners these humans have


You were eating the butterfly!
And I'll do it again as soon as
yer not lookin'!
You won't!
I will!
Peter the Faun raises his hands the interject.
                       PETER THE FAUN
If I make a suggestion. We've got
a lot of ground to cover and the
more time you two waste with your
petty bickering, the more the
darkness spreads.
      (Quietly under his
I'm not going anywhere with him
unless he promises not to eat
anything more.
Well then I s'pose yer not gettin'
very far then, are ya?
Peter the Faun kicks Francis' side and he grunts.

Francis looks up at Peter the Faun in anger.
Oi! You kicked me!
                       PETER THE FAUN
Stop being stubborn, Francis.
Oh, fine!


Shake on it.
Leah extends her hand.

After rolling his eyes and sighing, Francis extends his
tongue and grips Leah's hand with it, shaking.
Leah wipes the slime off on her dress.
Oh, ya didn't have any problem
when ya were rippin' it out o' me
                       PETER THE FAUN
This way.
Francis hops off.

Leah and Peter the Faun follow him.
Nancy runs inside the hospital, looking around frantically.
I need help! My daughter is out in
the car! She took a lot of pills!
I can't carry her! Please, someone
help get her!
An ORDERLY rushes over to her.
Where is she, ma'am?
Right out here in my car!
The Orderly rushes outside.

Nancy stumbles a bit, clutching her head and groaning.

A NURSE rushes over to Nancy.


I'm fine. Just help my daughter.
The Orderly enters the hospital with Leah in his arms.
I need a stretcher, here!
The Nurse runs around the corner and returns a moment later
with one.

The Orderly sets Leah down on it and the Nurse begins
pushing it back towards the emergency room.

Nancy struggles to keep the pace.
What did she take?
Nancy struggles to answer the question, fighting to stay
conscious herself.
You need to stay with me so I can
help her! What did she take?
The pushes the stretcher into an operating room.

Nancy tries to answer but DR. SAMSON steps through the doors
to stop her.
                       DR. SAMSON
I know you're worried but you
can't be back here. I'm Dr.
Samson, I'll be taking care of
your daughter. Have a seat out in
the lobby and let us work.
Dr. Samson returns to the operating room, letting the doors
close behind him.

Nancy drops to her knees, breathing heavily, trying to stay
Thinking that the other two aren't looking, Francis shoots
out his tongue, snagging a dragonfly.


I saw that! We had an agreement!
You can take yer agreement and
shove it straight up yer -
A HUGE BIRD swoops down suddenly, scooping up Francis and
carries him off.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Let him go!
The bird climbs high up into the air, coming to rest high
above the canopy atop a huge, thick tree that is covered
with mushrooms growing along its trunk.
                       PETER THE FAUN
We have to save him! Come on!
Leah and Peter the Faun run through the forest until they
reach the huge tree.

They look up. It seems to climb forever.
Now what?
                       PETER THE FAUN
You have to get up there!
Me? What about you?
Peter the Faun looks down at his hooves, simply shrugging.
                       PETER THE FAUN
You're having a laugh, right?
Leah once again looks up at the towering tree.
It's so high! How am I supposed to
get up there?


                       PETER THE FAUN
There are no limbs to grab onto.
Peter the Faun touches one of the mushrooms.
                       PETER THE FAUN
These wind around the entire tree.
They go all the way up.
They won't hold my weight.
                       PETER THE FAUN
They will if you believe they
Leah just sort of looks at Peter the Faun, dumbfounded.
                       PETER THE FAUN
You can do it. Believe in
yourself. You are stronger than
you know.
With a sigh, Leah approaches the trunk and grips a mushroom.

Closing her eyes, she lifts herself up - and the mushroom
                       PETER THE FAUN
I told you. Everything you ever
need is inside you, Leah! Now
climb! Save Francis before it's
too late!
What about the bird?
                       PETER THE FAUN
I'll distract her!
Determined, Leah begins the long climb to the top.
The top of the tree is flat. There are no branches. No
leaves. Just a large bird nest.

Francis cowers between two large speckled bird eggs as the
large bird circles above, cawing.


Don't eat me. Don't eat me. Don't
eat me.
The sound of Peter the Faun's flute echoes through the air.

The large bird takes off towards the sound.
Peter the Faun runs through the forest, playing an annoying

The large bird flies over head, swerving in and out of the
trees, chasing him.

It swoops down, trying to snatch him up with its talons.

Peter the Faun ducks out of the way.
Leah pulls herself up to the top of the tree and onto the
large nest, gasping for air.
Finally! I was nearly bird food,
doncha know!
How about a, "Nice to see you?
Thanks for saving my life?"
Can't be arsed, dearie. Can't be
arsed. Let's go!
Leah turns around and Francis pounces onto her back. She
What are you doing?
I can't climb down meself!
You're a frog!
                       PETER THE FAUN (O.S.)
She's coming back! Hurry!


It's yer fault!
The large bird appears, squawking.

Leah stumbles back from fright, bumping into one of the
large eggs.

It rolls to the edge of the nest and then falls.

With a high pitched roar, the large bird charges Leah,
slamming into her, knocking her off the top of the tree,
tumbling to the earth far below.
Leah lays in a hospital bed, her eyes slowly open.

Nancy sits in a chair beside the bed, holding her hand.

Leah looks around, confused.
Where am I?
The hospital, sweetie.
Leah rubs her eyes with a groan.
Why couldn't you just let me
No mother could.
When did you decide to take an
interest in being my mother again?
Is it because I used up all your
This cuts Nancy, but she pushes through it.
I know I haven't been the best
mother lately -


I can't even remember the last
time we did something together.
The last time you didn't have a
drink in your hand or pills in
your mouth.
I remember.
Leah looks at her mother, surprised - waiting for an
The fair was in town a few years
ago. I remember you had gotten
sick. It was the last weekend it
was going to be there and you
insisted you had to go. I told you
no so many times but you cried and
pouted and insisted - so I took
you. Matt met us there. Do you
Before he moved in with us and
showed us what he really is.
We were there maybe an hour. It
was chilly out. You kept coughing
and sneezing. I knew you were
miserable and running a fever -
but you insisted you were having a
great time.
Of course I was. I was at the
You wanted a gold fish. The three
of us stood there for an hour
trying to sink a ball into one of
those little bowls. When Matt
finally got one in, you fell to
the ground from your fever and we
had to take you home. But you got
your fish.
Probably the only decent thing
he's ever done for me.


Nancy takes Leah by the hand.
I do love you, Leah. Very much. I
never want to see you hurt. I
never want you to end up like me.
Afraid and pathetic and - -
You don't have to be that way. We
can leave. Tonight. We can just
get in the car and drive far away,
just you and me. It'll be like it
A tear steams down Nancy's face.
We'd never make it. This is where
I have to stay. I made my choices
and I'm okay with that. But you
promise me something.
As soon as you can, you get away.
Run as far and fast as you can.
Don't look back.
I'll take you with me.
I cant leave Matt. Through
everything, I do love him.
How can you love something like
Nancy leans over her daughter and kisses her on the
You need to rest. I'll be right


With a heavy sigh, Leah nods her head and closes her eyes,
drifting away.

It's much later in the night.

Leah once again opens her eyes. She looks over to Nancy -

From somewhere in the hospital, Leah hears the faint sound
of a flute being played. She perks her ears, listening

She looks out into the hallway.

Ashrah glides past the door, glancing into her room before
moving on.

Leah slowly sits up in bed.
Leah pulls the IV out of her arms and slowly climbs out of
bed, stumbling as she tries to find her balance, still
groggy and light-headed.

She steps out into the hall to see a trail of black feathers
skittled down the hall. She follows them.
Is someone here?
Leah continues stumbling down the hallway, gripping the wall
for extra support.

The music from the flute grows louder the further she goes.

She stops dead as she rounds the corner - Ashrah is floating
above a young CHILD, flapping his wings as the child sleeps.
Who are you? What do you want?
Ashrah turns and looks at her, his red eyes burning deep
into her soul.

Fear grips Leah and she slowly begins to back up - right
into Dr. Samson.


                       DR. SAMSON
What are you doing out of bed?
Leah turns around and faces the doc, startled.
Don't you see -
Leah turns to point to the Child sleeping in the bed, but
there's no Ashrah.
                       DR. SAMSON
You need to be resting, Leah.
Come, let me help you back to your
No, you don't understand. It was
right there. You didn't see it?
                       DR. SAMSON
You're just a little out of you.
Some more rest and you'll be fine.
He was there again. I know he was.
It is now morning and Nancy and Leah are heading back home.
Don't ever try anything like this
again, Leah. You're too important
to just throw yourself away on
I could say the same to you.
I need them. I have a prescription
for them.
Right. Got yourself topped off
while you were at the hospital,
did you?
Nancy looks at her daughter.


A whole night sober. You must
really be feeling it, huh?
Can't we just have a nice quiet
ride together?
Can't you just stop taking them?
You know how I hurt when I don't
have them.
It's called addiction. They have
classes for it. Maybe you should
look into them.
Maybe you should remember your
place, Leah. I get it, you're
concerned. I'm an adult. I'm your
mother. You do as I say, not as I
do. Period.
Moodiness is kicking in, I see.
The two sit in silence for a few moments. Leah is clearly
angry. The silence doesn't last long.
I thought maybe this would have
woken you up. I guess not.
You don't get to do that.
Do what?
What you're trying to do. Just no.


The silence continues.
School tomorrow.
Leah and Nancy step inside the house.

Matt looks up from the couch at them, a beer in his hand.
Hey! The suicidal pill-popper
returns! How'd it feel to be your
mother for a day?
Leah just glares at Matt, who begins to chuckle.
Did you really need MORE
attention, Leah?
So you really were trying to kill
yourself? How sweet. And pathetic.
I'm going to sleep.
Leah begins to climb up the stairs.
Next time try using a razor blade!
It's a more sure-fire way to get
the job done!
Nancy glares at Matt.
What? If she hates her life so
much, who am I to stop her from
tapping out? I'm being
Whatever, Matt.


Nancy storms past Matt and heads to the kitchen.

Matt chuckles yet again.
That's right! Wouldn't want to
miss a dose! Maybe I'll get lucky
and you'll both end up offing
Leah sits in class, doodling on her paper.

She looks across the room to see James looking back at her.

Their eyes meet. He smiles. She blushes, looks away.

The phone in the class rings and the Teacher answers it.
Leah, Mr. Powell in the guidance
office wants to see you.
Should I take my stuff with me?
You might as well.
Leah scoops up her stuff and exits the classroom.
Leah steps in the doorway of Mr. Powell's office and knocks.

He looks up from his desk with a smile, motioning for her to
                       MR. POWELL
Come on in, Leah. Close the door
behind you, if you would.
Leah closes the door behind her and sits across from Mr.
Powell, who maintains his smile.
                       MR. POWELL
So, how are you doing?
I'm fine.


                       MR. POWELL
Anything going on?
Leah shrugs, shaking her head.

Mr. Powell sighs, finally losing the smile.
                       MR. POWELL
Look, I'm sure you already know
why I've called you down here,
Leah. I would appreciate it if you
would just level with me. I just
want to listen to what you have to
say. It's my job to follow up on
these kinds of things.
What kinds of things?
                       MR. POWELL
Your hospital visit.
Leah looks down at the floor.
                       MR. POWELL
You want to talk about it at all?
What's there to say?
                       MR. POWELL
There's plenty to say. The
question is whether or not you
want to say anything at all.
Leah shrugs again, not looking up at Mr. Powell.
                       MR. POWELL
If you don't want to talk to me, I
can set it up so that there's
someone you can talk to. I have
friends in the field...but you
have to talk, Leah. Someone needs
to determine if -
If I'm crazy?
                       MR. POWELL
No! No, of course not, sweetie.
That's not it at all. We just all
want to know if you're going to
try to hurt yourself again. Maybe
you might need some more serious


                       MR. POWELL (cont'd)
help. We just want what's best for
you - to make sure you're all
Leah looks up at Mr. Powell finally.
Really? Since when has that
mattered to anyone?
Mr. Powell leans forward, listening intently.
                       MR. POWELL
Do you really feel like nobody
cares about you?
It doesn't bother me. I do my
thing. I have my painting. And my
dreams. God, do I dream. I dream
some really crazy stuff. I have an
entire world in my head. You know
the best part about it? I'm wanted
there. I'm content there. It's
peaceful. I don't have to worry
about where the next blow is going
to come from or how I'm going to
be made fun of that day. I think
of my mother as sober and I don't
fret over whether or not she's
going to make herself comatose.
                       MR. POWELL
Is that why you took those pills,
to prove a point?
I guess. Not like it did much
good. She's right back to popping
them like candy. For the brief
time I was in the hospital though,
she was almost how she used to be.
                       MR. POWELL
How did she used to be?
She used to be my mother.


Tears stream down Leah's face and she takes a moment to
compose herself.

Mr. Powell offers her a tissue, but she declines.
I'm fine.
                       MR. POWELL
Tell me about this dream world.
It's nothing. Silly. Every kid has
this sort of thing in their mind.
I know I'm a bit old for it, but
it's all I can do to keep going.
Mr. Powell nods his head, processing and collecting his
                       MR. POWELL
How much time do you spend in your
This really isn't important, Mr.
Powell. I'm missing class. I'm
fine, really.
                       MR. POWELL
You're not fine, Leah. Look at
you. I hate to say it, and I don't
want you to take it the wrong way,
but you're a wreck. Your home
environment is not healthy. I have
to report it to somebody.
Fear encompasses Leah.
No. No, you can't do that. If you
bring someone to our house...he'll
kill me, Mr. Powell. I know he
will. He'll kill us both.
                       MR. POWELL
Then we need to get the police


I've only got two more years and
then I can go. Just leave it
alone. I shouldn't have said
                       MR. POWELL
Are you working?
Leah shakes her head.
                       MR. POWELL
Where can you go without any
money? Even college costs to stay
on campus. A lot. You can't do it
on your own. You need help and
your home life clearly isn't fit
to do it for you. Let me help you.
I appreciate your concern, but
just drop it. Please. I'm begging
you. You don't know what it's like
for me.
                       MR. POWELL
I'm trying to understand. Talk to
me some more.
No. I'm done talking. Write me a
pass back to class, please.
Leah stands up and extends her hand for Mr. Powell to put a
pass in it.

With a sigh, Mr. Powell writes the pass. He holds on to it.
                       MR. POWELL
It's completely your decision
whether or not you talk to me. But
I sincerely hope you do, Leah.
Sometimes it's helpful just to
have someone to talk to, to lift
some of that burden.
You're not going to report any of
this, right?
                       MR. POWELL
As much as it goes against my
better judgment, for you - for
now, I won't. You must come see me


                       MR. POWELL (cont'd)
every day, now. If I begin to feel
like things are getting worse or
you're in more danger, I have to
report it. Not only for my job,
but for my own person.
I can take care of myself. I've
been doing it long enough now.
Leah grabs the pass out of Mr. Powell's hand and leaves the
guidance office.

Mr. Powell leans back in his chair with a sigh, rubbing his
eyes, thinking about what is right for him to do.
As Leah walks down the hallway, the bell rings, and STUDENTS
pour out into the hall, making their way to their next

Leah swiftly moves through the ocean of people, untouched,
unnoticed - until she bumps into John.
Oh, shit. I'm sorry. I didn't mean
John looks at her, smiling, and again Leah blushes, looking
It's all right. I was actually
hoping I would run into you.
What? Why?
I wanted to ask you to the dance
in a couple weeks.
Leah looks up at John, her eyes wide with shock and
Why? I mean, you really would want
to go with me?
John chuckles.


Yeah, of course. I wouldn't have
asked if I didn't.
Why not?
Leah looks down again, shrugging.
Is that a no?
No! I mean, not no as in I'm not
going. No as in yes it's not a no.
Er, ah you know. Right? You do
I'm pretty sure you're trying to
say yes?
Leah nods, a huge smile spreading across her face.
Great. Can I have your cell
number, then? I'll text you later.
Oh, I don't have a cell. I can
give you my house phone and you
can call, but you really don't
want to do that.
Nevermind. Why don't you give me
your number?
John takes Leah by the hand -- she breathes in sharply out
of nervousness and excitement -- He writes his number down
on her hand.
Call me.


With a smile and a wink, John walks away, heading for class.

Leah stands there, beaming. She looks down at the number on
her hand and slowly begins walking though the hall in a
Leah sits on a bench in the courtyard, staring down at her
hand, a large smile on her face. She's lost in the moment.

The sound of large beating wings snaps her out of her daze
and she looks across the courtyard.

Ashrah flaps above the courtyard, his feathers raining down
upon the crowd of STUDENTS, who completely disregard them.

Leah quickly stands up and backs up - tripping herself with
the bench and knocking her on her back.
Of course, several students see this and begin to laugh at

Leah slowly gets back on her feet and scrambles to flee the
Leah sits nervously on her bed, looking at her painting on
Ashrah. After a few moments, she tosses it to the floor.

Getting up from her bed, she goes to her desk and picks up
her phone, looking at her hand and dialing the number on it.
Hey, it's Leah. You gave me your
number at school. Of course you
know that, though. Right. Um. I'll
just call you later. You must be
Leah hangs up the phone, biting her lip.

She looks around her room at all her paintings and begins to
pull them all down, tossing them to the floor.


Leah enters the kitchen to see Nancy sitting at the table,
drink in hand, bottle of pills on the table in front of her.
What's this?
Nancy glances over at Leah, shrugging.
Nothing you need to worry about
hunny. I just have a headache, is
Leah stares at her mother in disbelief, fighting back tears.
It's nice to see I mean so much to
you, mom.
It's not like -
Leah storms out of the kitchen.
Leah races past Matt and runs out the front door.
Where the hell does she think
she's going?!
Leah sits on a bench at the park, staring out across the

She leans her head back, closing her eyes.

In the distance, the sound of a flute.

Leah shakes her head to try to shake the sound away. It
grows later.
I don't need you anymore.


                       PETER THE FAUN (O.S.)
But we need you, Leah.
Leah turns her head to see Peter the Faun standing there
right before her.

She quickly gets up in shock.
You can't be here.
Peter the Faun looks around, perplexed.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Why not?
Because you're not real!
                       PETER THE FAUN
And yet here I am. I'm as real as
you make me, Leah. I exist. You
hear me. You see me. Reach out.
You'll feel me. We need your help.
Leah shakes her head, backing up.
No. None of this is real. None of
it. I don't need you. I can live
my own life in my own world.
                       PETER THE FAUN
You've been doing that from the
start. The question is, which
world is more real, Leah?
Just leave me alone. I can't do
this anymore. It's time for me to
grow up! Just stop it! Go away!
Leah looks around. She's alone at the park. All is quiet.
Leah walks through the front door and into the living room,
where Matt is sitting in his recliner, apparently waiting
for her, a big smile on his face.
Did you have a good time?


Leah looks down at the floor, shifting her feet.
Oh, don't worry. I'm not mad.
Actually, I haven't been so amused
by you in a long time.
What did you do?
Oh, nothing. Somebody called for
you today.
Leah's heart drops.
Oh boy. What did he say his name
was? James? Jim?
John! That's it! I can't believe
you actually had the balls to talk
to a guy, let alone give him your
number. The guy must be a total
He's not.
No? He sounded like it to me.
Maybe he's just a fat ass, then.
You a chubby chaser, Leah?
You're a sensitive girl. Some guy
could just come into your life,
walk all over you, and leave you
completely broken. What kind of
father would I be if I allowed
that to happen?
You're not my father.


Matt laughs.
Thank God for that, right? I'd be
horribly disappointed. In any
case, you don't gotta worry. I
don't think he'll be calling
again. Ever. In fact, I doubt
he'll even talk to you.
Leah's eyes water and she turns away, storming up the

Matt continues laughing, quite proud of himself.
Leah throws herself onto her bed, sobbing.

She looks down at the number on her hand and cries harder.
                       PETER THE FAUN (O.S.)
Wake up already!
Leah opens her eyes and find herself lying in a hot air
balloon with Peter the Faun looking down at her.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Didn't think you were ever going
to come around. You're missing all
the good parts.
Peter the Faun extends his hand and Leah takes it, climbing
to her feet.

She looks out - countless brightly colored hot air balloons
fill the sky, as do several multi-colored winged creatures
of all sorts - some resembling people.

The sun lights the sky magnificently, causing the balloons
to shine brightly. The land far below is bright green and
lush with life.

Leah takes everything in, smiling. She turns.
How did we get here?


                       PETER THE FAUN
After your encounter with that
horrible bird, Francis and I had
to carry you out of the forest. He
led us all the way through, bless
his heart.
Vile frog.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Come now. You shan't talk about
your friends in such a manner.
Moving onward, we stuffed you
inside this basket and off we
rose. It's the fastest way to get
across the land, don't you know.
But where are we going?
                       PETER THE FAUN
why do you insist on asking
questions for which you already
know the answers?
Why can't you ever just talk
straight with me?
                       PETER THE FAUN
Is this a question game? I do so
enjoy playing games while I'm
traveling. Makes the time go much
I want an answer, Peter.
With a sigh, Peter the Faun points out and Leah looks to the
direction he's pointing.

In the vast distance shrouded by fog and darkness, is the
outlines of a large black castle.
And what are we going to do when
we get there?
                       PETER THE FAUN
You'll know what to do when the
time comes.


Is it a long journey?
                       PETER THE FAUN
You've got plenty of time.
Plenty of time for what?
                       PETER THE FAUN
To choose. Go on. Best get a move
Leah wakes up in her room, slowly rousing herself.

She looks at the clock - 3:15am.

With a groan, Leah gets out of bed and heads out of her
Leah walks into the kitchen to find Nancy sitting there,
several empty bottles of beer in front of her, as well as a
bottle of pills.

She's staring into the abyss.
This what you've been doing all
night? I'm glad you're so on the
Nancy doesn't say anything, just continues staring out.
Leah approaches Nancy and touches her shoulder.
Nancy snaps out of her trance and looks up at Leah, smiling.
Oh, it's you. Why are you just
getting home so late?


I'm not. I've been home since
Of course you have. Always such a
good girl, Leah.
Leah grabs the bottle of pills from the table.
I think you've had enough. Time
for bed, Mom.
Leah turns away from her mother and opens the fridge,
looking for something to drink.
I can't even really remember what
life was like before Matt anymore.
Isn't that something? Seems like
it's always been this way.
Leah stops searching for something to drink and looks at
Thank God for you. Don't know what
I would do if I didn't have you
around to keep me sane.
Go to bed, Mom.
The child parenting the parent.
Such a twist.
Nancy gets up from the kitchen table and leaves the kitchen,
leaving Leah standing there, baffled.
Leah takes some books out of her locker and crams them into
her book bag.

As she slams the locker and looks away, she catches a
glimpse of John just down the hall - who spots her and,
looking slightly afraid, turns the other way and leaves the

Tears well up in Leah's eyes and she fights through the sea


of students in the hallway and throws herself inside the
girls bathroom.
Leah rushes inside one of the stalls and barricades herself
inside, crying quietly to herself.

SOMEONE moves in the stall next to her.
                       PETER THE FAUN (O.S.)
No tears, Leah.
Leah's eyes widen, her ears perk up.
                       PETER THE FAUN (O.S.)
This is the girls bathroom!
                       PETER THE FAUN (O.S.)
So it is!
You can't be in here.
                       PETER THE FAUN (O.S.)
Where? In the girls bathroom? Or
in your world? I won't get caught,
I promise.
Leave me alone today.
                       PETER THE FAUN (O.S.)
Have you made your decision yet?
This is not the time or place to
talk about that, Peter!
                       GIRL (O.S.)
Why do you keep calling me Peter?
All I asked was for some toilet
Leah sits there silently, horrified.


                       GIRL (O.S.)
Leah grabs some toilet paper and hands it under the stall to
the GIRL sitting next to her.
                       GIRL (O.S.)
The toilet next her flushes and the girl apparently exits
the stall and the bathroom.

Slowly and quietly, Leah opens her stall door and peeks her
head out, looking around to make sure nobody else is in the

Shaking her head, Leah steps out from the stall and makes
her way to the sink, splashing water on her face.
Get it together, Leah.
Leah continues to splash water on her face and glances in
the mirror - only to see Ashrah's reflection in the mirror,
just outside the window.

Leah quickly looks over at the window - nothing is there.
Stop. Just stop it.
Leah storms out of the bathroom.

Outside, a black feather slowly floats past the window.
John makes his way around the courtyard, wandering

Leah runs up to him from behind.
John ignores her and keeps walking.
John, please wait.
With a sigh, John stops walking and turns to face Leah.


I heard that you called last
I don't want to talk about it.
Forget about the dance.
Why are you being like this?
Your dad told me I was never
supposed to talk to you again, and
if I called the house looking for
you, he'd kick my ass. You seem
like a cool girl, but it's not
worth it. I'm sorry. I'll see you
John walks away from Leah, leaving her standing there, hurt.
Leah walks through the door to find Nancy sitting on the
couch, waiting for her, a smile on her face for the first
time in ages.
Where's Matt?
They're working late out of town
tonight, and since he's going to
have to be back first thing in the
morning, he's just staying there.
It's just us tonight, then?
It's just us.
Leah beams.
Go get changed. We're going out


Really. Go on!
Leah races upstairs to go get ready.
Leah and Nancy sit outside, enjoying ice cream together.
That was an amazing movie. Did you
like it?
It was interesting.
You didn't like it, did you? I'm
sorry. We could have gone to see
something else.
Absolutely not. That's what you
wanted to see, that's what we saw.
It was just different. very artsy,
I suppose. How's your ice cream?
It's good. Want to try?
Nancy leans forward to take a lick and right as she does,
Leah smears the ice cream over her nose, laughing.

Nancy stands up, smiling.
That is it!
Nancy chases Leah across the parking lot with her ice cream,
both of them laughing and hollering excitedly.
Leah and Nancy are curled up on the couch together, candles
burning, enjoying the peace and quiet.
Today was fun. We should do it
more often.
Leah smiles, her eyes starting to tear up.


What's wrong? Why are you crying?
You don't know how long I've
wanted my mother back. For the
first time since I can remember, I
feel like a normal girl should
with her parents.
Leah snuggles up on Nancy, embracing her tightly.
You mean the world to me. I don't
mean to be a bad mother. I really
don't. It's just -
Why don't we leave? Right now.
We'll pack a few bags and hit the
road. He'll never find us and it
can be like this all the time.
Oh, how I wish sometimes. It's not
that simple, Leah. You just don't
No, you don't understand how I
feel all the time.
Believe me, I do, sweetie. I do. I
promise I'm going to make a better
effort. I promise. I haven't felt
so alive in years.
You going to keep this promise?
Nancy wipes the tears from Leah's face.
Come on, time for bed. School in
the morning.
Can't I stay home with you?


School's important. At least
tomorrow is Friday! Come on. Off
to bed.
Leah kisses her mom on the cheek and stands up.
I love you, mommy.
Love you too, princess.
Leah makes her way upstairs to her room.

After a moment, Nancy opens up her purse and takes out her
bottle of pills.
Leah and Peter the Faun stand before the entrance of a large

The large black castle looms ahead in the distance.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Closer still every day. In fact,
we're nearly there, as long as we
can make it through here. That
shouldn't be a problem for you, of
course. You do know the way.
Leah looks at the challenge ahead.
Say I do know how to get though,
then what? What happens then? We
go to this castle and what? Beat
the bad guy?
                       PETER THE FAUN
I always knew you had the answers
inside. now you're beginning to
I understand nothing. Why is this
even hear? Does it even matter?
Peter the Faun is taken aback.


                       PETER THE FAUN
We're all very disappointed to
hear you say that.
That's just tough, isn't it? I
can't be expected to fix
everything. You an do this
                       PETER THE FAUN
And how, dear Leah, if I may be so
bold, do you expect us to do that?
This is your creation. It is your
Leah looks past the labyrinth to the looming black castle.
It doesn't seem so bad. Why not
let it be?
Peter the Faun picks up his flute and plays a quick, sharp
                       PETER THE FAUN
Prepare yourself.
With a brash neigh, a flying horse, SERENITY dives down from
the sky, landing with a soft thud, wings flapping brazenly.
                       PETER THE FAUN
You refuse to acknowledge the
darkness you've allowed to
manifest here Climb on.
Is it safe?
Serenity looks to Peter the Faun.
I have no time for her games,
faun. What you ask of me is
dangerous and if she does not
trust me, I will not waste the


                       PETER THE FAUN
No, no. Of course not. She trusts
you, Serenity.
Peter the Faun turns back to Leah, smiling.
                       PETER THE FAUN
It's perfectly safe, I assure you.
I'll be waiting right here for
your return. I can't make it
through the maze without you,
after all.
You're not coming?
                       PETER THE FAUN
Serenity is a proud beast. It is
enough shame for her to carry even
one passenger.
With some hesitation, Leah slowly approaches Serenity.
It's lovely to meet you.
Leah bows her head.
I'm a Pegasus, not a hippogryph.
Climb on and let's get this over
Peter the Faun helps Leah climb on to Serenity.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Go easy on her.
Hold on tight, little girl.
Serenity bucks, then takes off running.

Leah graps her as tightly as she can.

With a few flaps of her wings, Serenity soars into the air.


Serenity soars through the sky, Leah holding on tight.

Up, up, and away, zooming past the black castle and cruises
over the land beyond.
Look down and see. What once was a
bright, lush world is now a place
of darkness and decay - spreading
like wild fire.
Leah looks down at the world below, shrouded in shadow and
fog - virtually a desert, everything is dead and crumbling.

Thunder roars, rain starts to pour. The wind howls.
What's happened? Where's it coming
It pours from that castle - where
the castle came from, only you can
answer that. And only you can fix
what's been done before it's too
Serenity circles around, heading back towards the castle.

Lightning cracks, thunder rumbles.
Serenity lands gracefully and Leah climbs off of her, with
Peter the Faun's help.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Now you must understand the
gravity of our situation.
I hope you're not wasting time
with her, Peter. I'll do nothing
Serenity gallops off and launches herself into the night
sky, heading away from the black castle.

Leah looks to Peter the Faun, who motions to the labyrinth.


                       PETER THE FAUN
Shall we begin, love?
Actually, I don't think that will
be needed.
Leah shifts her feet uncomfortably.
                       PETER THE FAUN
This is all going to go away now.
Things will go back to the way
they were. Better, even.
Peter the Faun motions to the labyrinth.
                       PETER THE FAUN
This is the only way.
I won't be back, Peter. Things are
better now.
This...darkness...it'll all be
gone. This isn't my life. This
can't be my life. I need to live
in the real world, where I'm
needed. Where I'm supposed to be.
                       PETER THE FAUN
You're needed here. By your logic,
which doesn't all together make
much sense, you're supposed to
stay here.
I'm going, Peter. I promise you,
this will all be gone. I just
can't stay here.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Don't you understand? There is no
"here" without you.
You'll live on in my paintings.
I'll be watching.
Leah moves forward and kisses Peter the Faun on the cheek, a
tear running down her face.


Thanks for always being there when
I needed you.
                       PETER THE FAUN
I'm always here. Need has nothing
to do with it.
Leah looks into Peter the Faun's eyes and smiles.
Goodbye, Peter the Faun.
Leah turns and begins to walk away.
                       PETER THE FAUN
If things were really fixed, this
castle wouldn't be standing here
before me!
      (calling back)
Give it time!
                       PETER THE FAUN
      (to himself)
We're running out of that.
Leah wakes up in her bed, smiling.

The sun is already out. Birds are chirping outside. It's
going to be a beautiful day.
Leah enters the kitchen, dressed and ready for school.

Nancy is already up and about, cooking something on the
Nancy turns and greets Leah with a smile.
Good morning. I'm making eggs.
I don't eat eggs, mom.


Since when?
Since I decided I was against the
slaughter of little baby chickens.
This happened years ago.
Oh. Guess I forgot.
Leah approaches her mom and kisses her on the cheek.
The gesture is still appreciated,
Nancy smiles again.

Leah turns to leave.
I'll be late if I eat, anyway.
Think of something for us to do
this weekend!
Okay! Bye!
Nancy continues to smiles for a moment longer, then looks at
the clock.

Her smile fads and she takes the pan of eggs and throws it
into the sink.
Leah sits across from Mr. Powell, beaming.
You should see her, Mr. P. It's
like she's my mother again. The
way she used to be. I hadn't seen
her smile in years and she's
smiley and happy and we're going
to keep doing stuff. We're doing
something this weekend. I think
she's finally snapped out of it.


Mr. Powell smiles.
                       MR. POWELL
That's really excellent news,
Leah. I can't tell you how much it
please me to hear that.
Leah's smile fades.
Why do I feel a "but" coming on?
                       MR. POWELL
I just...don't want you to get too
excited just yet. These
transitions take time. Change is
never fast and it's never easy.
She'd probably going to have a few
more relapses. She'll have her
good days and her bad days. You
need to expect that and not get
too bummed out when they happen.
No, I know. I'm not going to. It's
                       MR. POWELL
I know, it's an exciting thing.
You've been waiting for this for a
long time, haven't you?
Leah nods her head, then begins fidgeting with her hands.
Maybe now she'll finally see that
she needs to leave Matt. She'll
see that she can do it. she
doesn't need him. We'll have each
other and we'll do things on our
                       MR. POWELL
My fingers are crossed for you,
Leah. They really are. However, I
think your mother is going to need
a lot of help to do that. Outside
help. Maybe she should see
My mom's not crazy, Mr. Powell.
She doesn't need to see anyone.


                       MR. POWELL
I've never said that word to you.
You see me. Does that make you
crazy? I don't think so. Sometimes
people just need someone on the
outside to talk to. It's easier to
have your eyes opened when there's
another person helping you do it.
Can't I do that?
                       MR. POWELL
Doesn't really work that way. Not
only are you her daughter, but
you've been going through all of
this abuse and trauma with her.
She sees you as biased, whether
she means to or not.
I guess I can understand that.
                       MR. POWELL
We'll talk more about that a
little later down the road. In the
mean time, I'm just glad you had
such a great time with your
mother. Here's to a great weekend
with her, as well!
Mr. Powell and Leah both smile brightly at one another.
Leah walks up the sidewalk to her house - Matt's vehicle is
in the driveway.

From outside, Matt can be heard shouting.
Oh, no.
Leah slowly and cautiously makes her way up to the front
Leah walks into the living room.

Matt is standing over Nancy - who has a shiner - screaming.


I mean, really. That's really
cool. I'm out busting my dick to
support your lazy, good for
nothing as and your equally
useless daughter, and you're out
having a grand old time with MY
I - I just thought -
There's the problem! You
"THOUGHT!" You're too stupid to
She's not stupid, Matt.
Matt turns around at Leah, practically snarling.
There you are! I've been waiting
for you. You put her up to it,
didn't you? Just one more way for
you to piss me off, right?
Leah doesn't say anything, her courage gone.
Got nothing to say? I bet you had
plenty to say when you were
filling her head with ideas on how
to blow my money.
I'm going to my room.
Leah heads for the stairs.
Yeah, you just wait up there for
me. I'll up be up to take care of
you after I finish with this slug
down here.
Leah climbs the stairs, trying to hold back the tears so
Matt doesn't see her cry.


Leah curls up into a ball on her bed, burying her face in
her pillow and gripping a stuffed animal tightly.
Leah peeks her head out from under the pillow - listening.
The house is unnaturally quiet.

Leah gets off her bed and slowly walks out of her room.
Leah creeps down the hallway.

The door to her parents room is partially closed, the sounds
of Matt snoring emanating from them.

Leah heads for the stairs.
Nancy is sitting up on the couch, asleep.

Leah makes her way over to her, curling up next to her.
You don't have to stay down here,
you know. You can come up to my
room with me.
Nancy doesn't respond.

Leah sits up and examines her mom - then notices the empty
bottle of pills in Nancy's hand as well as the empty beer
bottles on the coffee table.
Leah shakes Nancy.
Mommy? Wake up.
Leah shakes Nancy more violently, then checks her pulse.


Leah and Matt sit across from each other in the waiting
room. Leah's is devastated, Matt is pissed.
I can't believe you dragged me out
of bed for this.
She overdosed, Matt. What was I
supposed to do?
Let the junky choke to death on
her own puke.
It's your fault she's like this.
You did it!
Excuse me?
Leah has finally found her nerve. She stands, fuming.
You heard me. Your constant abuse
and berating. That's why she's a
"junky" as you call it. I hope
you're proud! It takes a real big
man to kick around a couple of
girls! Your daddy really raised
you right, huh? Such a catch you
turned out to be!
Matt stands up in a rage, then examines his surroundings,
catching himself.
You're real tough while there's
all these people around, aren't
you? Finally found your voice.
Matt leans in real close, lowering his voice to a whisper.
We'll see how tough you are once
you get home. And good luck
getting there. I'm not driving
Matt gets out of Leah's face and heads for the door.


I'm out of here. Don't bother to
call if she wakes up.
Matt leaves and Leah sits back down in her seat.

Dr. Samson steps into the waiting room.
                       DR. SAMSON
Hello again, Leah.
Leah stands up.
How is she? Can I see her?
                       DR. SAMSON
I've got her vitals stable, but
beyond that, I can't do much else.
we just have to wait. Where's your
That scumbag is not my dad. It's
just me.
                       DR. SAMSON
You can see her. Come on.
Leah follows Dr. Samson out of the waiting room.
Dr. Samson ushers Leah into the room and exits, closing the
door behind him.

Leah makes her way to Nancy, hooked up to IV's and sleep,
grips her hand, crying.
We were supposed to run away
together. Everything was going to
be so much better. We can't do
that if you don't wake up.
Nancy doesn't stir. Her monitors don't fluctuate.
You're in your own world now
though, aren't you?
Leah leans down and kisses her mother's hand, a tear running
down onto it.


I love you, mommy. Be seeing you.
Leah leaves.
Leah walks through the hospital doors, into the night.

With a deep breath, she steps out onto the street -- right
into traffic.
Peter the Faun stands right in front of the entrance, just
staring at it.

Leah approaches him from behind. He doesn't turn to greet
                       PETER THE FAUN
I knew you'd come back.
Is there ever anything you don't
                       PETER THE FAUN
Not unless you really don't want
me to.
Leah gently touches Peter the Faun's shoulder.
What do you say, old friend? One
last adventure?
Peter the Faun turns, smiles.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Last adventure? My dear, this is
simply our new beginning.
The two pass through the gates leading into the labyrinth.
Leah and Peter the Faun make their way through the
labyrinth, Leah leading with hardly the slightest bit of


It's strange. I've never been here
before and yet...I feel like I
know the way.
                       PETER THE FAUN
As it very well should be. Is this
not a fabrication of your very own
imagination? Everything here is
your creation, whether you're
aware of it or not.
I guess.
The two wind through the twisted, curving passages,
surrounded by sand, stone, and cobwebs.

The place grows dim as the darkness looms overhead.
Lightning flashes.
                       PETER THE FAUN
The deeper we get, the more the
darkness will pervade.
There's no going back, Peter.
                       PETER THE FAUN
No. Indeed not.
Finally, they reach the end of the labyrinth, the gate to
the castle just up ahead.

Standing guard in front of that gate - a hulking MINOTAUR.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Best if you let me do the talking.
Leah and Peter the Faun slowly approach the Minotaur, and
Peter the Faun graciously bows.

He looks over to Leah.
                       PETER THE FAUN
With a sigh, Leah bows.
State your business.


Leah and Peter the Faun straighten up.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Good sir, we have come to pay your
master a visit.
The master isn't seeing visitors.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Be that as it may, we've come a
long way and would be very
appreciative if -
I know it is no easy task to make
it this far and for that I commend
you. However, the master is not
taking visitors and I must ask you
to turn around and go back from
where you came.
The Minotaur grunts, becoming angry.
Do not test my patience. Faun,
control your mortal while she is a
guest in our world.
A guest in your world? A guest? In
your world? I created this entire
world. I am the master. It is YOU
that is a guest in MY world. You
and your master. And you have over
stayed your welcome. Now stand
Peter the Faun stands there, both flabbergasted and amused.

The Minotaur raises his spiked mace.
Now you've -
With the blast of Leah's voice, the Minotaur goes flying
through the gate and shatters on the ground like glass.


She stands there, shocked.
                       PETER THE FAUN
You're beginning to understand.
The sky grows pitch black and the lightning cracks, the wind
picking up.
                       PETER THE FAUN
We mustn't tarry! There's not much
time left!
Leah and Peter the Faun step inside the Black Castle, its
entrance hall standing before them.

The ceiling reaches high. The floors decorated with all
kinds of dark, twisted furniture. The walls are covered with
Gothic art. The main staircase lies straight ahead of them,
twisting and curving its way to the main door.
                       PETER THE FAUN
It was so beautiful, once.
This has always been here?
                       PETER THE FAUN
do you not recall? 'Twas one of
your first creations.
Leah thinks hard.
No. I have no memory of this
                       PETER THE FAUN
You're hiding it.
Leah slowly begins to back away, fear gripping her.
I can't do this. we shouldn't have
come here. We need to go. We have
to get out of here. Now.
Leah turns towards the door and pulls on it. It doesn't


                       PETER THE FAUN
Do not be afraid. You're stronger
than this. Always remember how
strong you are, Leah. We can do
this. YOU can do this.
Leah pulls on the door one final time before collapsing to
the floor, crying.
I'm not, Peter. I try so hard all
the time to prove that I am and
that I can do anything I put my
mind to, but I'm tired. I'm tired
of lying to myself. I'm tired of
hiding and just being okay.
Peter the Faun crouches next to Leah and places a comforting
hand on her shoulder.
                       PETER THE FAUN
You've allowed yourself to come
this far. Don't stop yourself now.
Don't let the darkness win.
Leah sits there quietly, lost in thought.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Come on, Leah. we have to keep
moving. On your feet!
Peter the Faun stands up and offers Leah his hand. After a
moment of hesitation, she takes it and is pulled back up.
Lead the way.
Peter the Faun and Leah climb the twisted stairs.

The main door bursts open and out jumps Matt, only he's
become a twisted GOBLIN creature.

Leah stops dead, fear once again taking her.
                       GOBLIN MATT
And where do you think you're
going, little girl? We're not
taking any visitors!
Peter the Faun looks at Leah, who just stares,


                       GOBLIN MATT
What's the matter, girl? cat got
your tongue? Shall I rip it out of
your mouth for you?
Matt cackles. It's an ugly sound.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Stand aside, goblin!
                       GOBLIN MATT
Silence, Faun, or I'll tear your
legs off and have them for stew.
You have no power here.
Peter the Faun's legs begin to quiver and Matt laughs again.
He looks to Leah.
                       GOBLIN MATT
Isn't this cute. You've come all
this way just to turn around. All
these creature resting all their
hopes and dreams on you, and what
do you do? You disappoint. People
shall always remember Leah, the
big disappointment! No go! I'll
not warn you again!
Anger wells up inside Leah. She tightens her fists.
                       GOBLIN MATT
Aw, look. She's getting upset. Is
the little baby going to cry?
Squirt out a few tears. It's been
so long since I've tasted them!
He cackles.
I'm not afraid of you.
Matt stops laughing.
                       GOBLIN MATT
What did you say?
I'm not afraid of you!
                       GOBLIN MATT
I'll show you fear, girl!
With a snarl, Goblin Matt rushes forward.


The word is roared as if from a lion - the room shaking from

Goblin Matt covers his ears and cries out, suddenly
terrified - and begins shrinking. Down, down, down. To the
size of a baby, sitting there crying.

Peter the Faun looks at Leah, smiling proudly.
                       PETER THE FAUN
I knew you would find the strength
inside you.
I will fear no more.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Your true test lies just beyond
that door.
Let's go.
Leah presses forward, but Peter the faun does not move.

She looks back, puzzled.
Aren't you coming?
Peter the Faun shakes his head, smiling.
Why not?
                       PETER THE FAUN
It's not my place. This you must
do on your own. You don't need me
But I want you with me.
                       PETER THE FAUN
I apologize but that's just not
how it's going to be. I'm so proud
of you, Leah. Never forget how
strong you truly are.


Will I see you after?
Peter the Faun smiles, but it is apparent he's holding back
tears. He shrugs.
                       PETER THE FAUN
Only time will tell. get in there,
Leah. Save this world. Your world.
How will I know what to do?
                       PETER THE FAUN
You'll know.
Leah moves towards Peter the Faun, leans in, and kisses his
cheek. A tear streams down his face.
Farewell, Peter the Faun. Can I
ask of you one final thing?
                       PETER THE FAUN
Of course, my lady.
Play me a song.