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Dragon's Treaty
by Sandra Smith (hamill99@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

A dragon Teranth, desires to be able to speak with the humans on his world. When he meets Dalandra he knows his opportunity had finally arrived.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A shuttle like ship soars through space. The hull is dusty
and dingy. Under the dirt and dust the name on the side
reads FOREVER QUEST and the image of a dragon is seen.

In the distance an Earth type planet with five moons of
various sizes.
DALANDRA, a merchant in her early 20's sits in a reclining
chair, crocheting. She wears black jeans and a black knit
tank top. On the back of the chair a jean jacket. On the
back of the jacket a detailed embroidered dragon. An open
soda can sets on the table next to the chair.
Country-Western music can be heard.
Hanging on the walls around her are various needlepoint,
embroider, cross stitch, and stitchery pictures of various
animals, scenes, and landscapers.

Beneath her feet and on the floor around her are handmade
braided rugs.

In containers against the wall are various knitted and
crocheted sweaters for men and women, dresses, blouses and
mens shirts. There are also afghans and baby items. All
are made from various different types of yarns.

Next to them are containers filled with hand made jewelry.
There are also paintings, macrame, quilts, and clothing.

An alarm sounds.
Immediately, Dalandra puts her work down, grabs her jean
jacket and runs to the cockpit.
The alarm stops when Dalandra rushes in.


On the viewer she peers at a large ship. The ship is round
in the front, but the metal behind the ship crosses forming
cross bones.
Dalandra flops down hard in the navigation seat, and her
fingers appear to fly over the controls.
The Forever Quest moves to hide behind the moon furthest
from the planet.
COSMICKAZE, in his late 30's is dressed in a black uniform
with the insignia of a skull and cross bones. Under the
insignia is the capital letter C. The insignia acts as an
universal translator.

He snaps to his feet and points at the flash of light on the
view screen grinning with delight.
ZYRON, his long pointed grayish elf like ears twitch as his
long sharp grayish nails seem to pass over the various
buttons effortlessly.
Nothing on sensors, Captain.
LARRETA, turns her short stout neck and round holes for ears
can be seen, as she focuses her red beady eyes on her
console, her long twiggy fingers pass over the panel
Proceeding to last position of
SARKILLA, a woman with visible scars on her face and other
bare parts of her body pushes buttons at her terminal.
Incoming report from our spy on
the planet.


Store it! Anything on sensors
In position now.
Nothing! No trails, no lights,
nothing! Just nothing!
Cosmickaze slumps back down in his chair.
Keep scanning.
Dalandra sits in darkness, her breathing the only sound.
The ship has halted at our last
      (to self)
Okay, First rule when spotting
Pirates is to Flea. No parts to
repair wrap engines. Second rule
The cloak is draining a massive
amount of power.
      (to self)
Hiding might not work. Thrid rule
can try bartering, but Pirates
usually wins. When all fails....
                       COMPUTER AND DALANDRA
Surprise attack!
Cosmickaze stares at the screen and slowly taps his fingers
on the arm of his chair


Swinning her chair around.
Not so quick!
They watch as Larreta switches to the rear view, and the
ship coming in fast behind them. Cosmickaze grins.
The Forever Quest increase speed and moves closer to the
Pirate ship as it also maneuvers attempting to get out of
the line of fire. Laser fire from the Forever Quest hits in
the center of the cross bones, just as the Pirate ship moves
upward in an attempt to get behind the Forever Quest, firing
rear torpedoes. The Forever Quest pulls up and away from
the torpedoes and moves in the direction of the planet.
Dalandra watches as her lazers hit the Pirate ship and it
comes to a halt.
Damn Right! You just don't mess
with the best.
They are attempting to hail us.
Ignore them.
Cosmickaze watches the play back in slow motion, he stops
the recording as the Forever Quest comes into full view with
the name on the side. He pounds his fist on the console.
Scarkilla, Zyron and Lorreta all glance over at him, but
quickly return to their consoles.


They are ignoring our hails
Scarkilla, see to the repairs, and
send the report from our spy to my
private chambers.
Cosmickaze walks toward the door. Zyron leaps out of his
Cosmickaze stops and turns.
Why do they not finish us off?
Because, if my suspicions are
right, they are a she. And she is
the best Merchant in the universe.
TERANTH, the old dull reddish brown dragon soars over his
valley searching for wild herds.

GIANTH, the pale green young dragon flies with him
preforming acrobatics.
Several humans, the VALLEYERS tend to herds of sheep, goats,
horses and cattle and oxen.

The dogs raise their heads toward the sky and began to bark.

The Valleyers glance up as the dragons' shadows cover them.

The Valleyers ignore the dragons.
The dragons fly on and Teranth screeches.

They cross a large lake.
Mentor, in Rylanth's land the
humans will attack us.


My belly will be filled.
They continue to fly for two miles. In the distance, Gianth
notices an object glinting in the sun. The object is
Dalandra's ship the Forever Quest.
What is that glinting thing?
Dalandra stares at her console reading information flashing
up on her screen.
Captain, sensors indicate two
objects approaching from the sky.
Objects? I know it's not the
Pirates, and all reports say this
is a non tech planet.
The dragons fly closer.
They appear to be some type of
life form and not ships
Teranth lands and walks around the ship. Teranth tilts his
neck and cast a long blazing fire at it. His fire bounces
around the ship.

Gianth lands next to him.
Mentor, why?
Teranth stops.


It is why folding space is
Shields will not withstand another
      (jumps out of the
Dragons! They're dragons! Turn the
P. A. On!
Teranth glances at Gianth
Gianth nods and tilts his head back
                       DALANDRA (VO)
Teranth chokes back his fiery breath, stretches out his neck
to the fullest, flaps his wings vigorously and speaks in a
thundering roar.
What is It that makes demands of
me in my speech?
                       DALANDRA (VO)
      (in dragon)
Just a traveler that came across
bad luck
                       DALANDRA (VO)
What if I am?
      (swishing his
       tail, flapping
       his wings)


                       TERANTH (cont'd)
Then I will rip It apart and feast
on it!
A group of angry humans, charges toward the dragons with
spears, arrows, swords and shields.
                       GROUP OF HUMANS
Mentor! Mentor! Humans come!
Captain several humans armed with
ancient weapons are approaching.
Shields still drained.
She stares at a smaller view, that flashes different areas
of the planet and at the same time keeps glancing at the
power monitor.
      (Holding a finger
       up with each
Pirates! Dragons! Natives!
Delay the humans without harming
them, until we have the ship away
from here.
      (He streches his
       neck up)
Come to my aid!
RY, a large gold male, turns in flight heading toward


I come.
LIA, a faded yellow female, takes to flight
On my way.
NYRA, a bright blue female, grunts and flies towards
ZANARATHOR, a faded green male screeches and takes to flight
towards Teranth.
Dalandra watches on the big screen as more dragons land. The
screen flashing the landscape stops and beeps. Dalandra
glances at it.
Mentor, let us leave the thing!
Teranth flaps his wings, as the four dragons join him, he
digs his claws into the ship and all strain every muscle to
lurch upward. Teranth turns and glares at Gianth smoke
blowing through his nostrils.
I will not allow any humans to
use its knowledge against us.


They hesitate when the other dragons join Teranth but as
they see the dragons gathering and lift the strange object
they charge towards them.
Arrows and spears whiz by them. Teranth and the four
dragons fly into the air the ship firmly in their claws.
Hearing the dragons' claws scraping against the hull and
felling her ship tilting, Dalandra straps herself in the
Shall I engage engines?
No! Can't afford to hurt any of
He wants to eat you.
No. I think he wants to barter.
Rule One.....
They pause and watch as Teranth and the four dragons lift
the object and begin to fly away.
Gianth takes this moment and as he flaps his wings and lifts
into the air he grabs pebbles in his claws.

As the humans focused their attention on Gianth, he cast his
fire in front of them to gain a higher altitude.

Swooping over the humans opening his talons as if to grab a
human but instead he drops his small ammo on them.

The humans, shout and duck under their shields. Once the
pebbles stop, the humans stand and aim their arrows and
throw spears toward Gianth.

Gianth flies doing aerobics avoiding the spears and arrows
at times burning them before they reach him. He swoops down


and gathers one more load of ammo in his talons. He flies
over the humans swooping down on them one last time, and
noticing as he does that Teranth and the other were over the
lake. He flies toward the lake, but an arrow strikes into
his upper right hind leg. He screeches and his flight
Teranth and the four dragons fly over the lake still
carrying the ship and fly over the Valleyers once more.
Several glance up as the strange huge shadow passes over
them and shouts of surprise can be heard.
The dragons continue to the volcanic mountain range and dive
into an opening. They fly down, down, down deep into the
heart of their world's core. Down to Teranth's Treasure
The distance molten lava provides the only light. Teranth
and the four dragons drop the ship in front of his treasure
on an island surrounded by a deep gorge.

The treasure consist of swords, shields, daggers, crowns,
tiaras, necklaces, brooches, pendents, and lose jewels and
gold. It stands three feet higher than Teranth.
                       DALANDRA (VO)
Where am I?
In my hoard, where It will never
leave, nor will others steal from
Teranth hears her laugh, but he ignores her, and motions the
other dragons to follow him, as he takes flight and leaves
the hoard. They obey and follow him out.


Teranth lands on the ground and waits for the others. Lia
lands behind Teranth. Ry lands facing Teranth. Nyra and
Zanarathor behind him.

Teranth and Ry stare at each other swishing tails, blowing
smoke and snorting, bellowing and roaring. Lia, Nyra, and
Zanarathor remain behind their respected leader watching
waiting in silence.
The ship and all with in are
partially mine.
Flaps his wings lightly and smirk.
Growing wise, that is good.
Stops flapping his wings.
It would have been foolish to
argue my claim when we were
surrounded by humans who were
ready to fight.
Teranth keeps his wings flapping slightly
But you do not wish to claim it at
You found it on my lands. I own
part of it
Ry sits on his haunches.
What dangers does its occupants
hold to us?
Nodding his head.
Humans that have come across bad


Perhaps, or ones that are using a
device to speak with me.
Stretches out his long neck toward Ry
But that is not the true issue is
All potential threats are a
Swishes his tail rapidly, squinting his eyes on Teranth.
I know you will not allow them to
become a threat
Teranth swishes his tail his wings flapping vigorously.
What do you want?
      (Licking his lips)
Three of the Valleyer's animals
Nyra and Zanarathor nod their heads in agreement.
You know that will cause them to
come after us!
Why do you not face the truth?
      (Ignoring Lia as
       he stares at
You must start taking from them.
They have almost killed our food
supply to have room for their
herds, farms and buildings.
      (walks around
       Teranth as he
You starve yourselves in these
lands. Lands that have always
been yours
      (rest on his
       haunches as he is


                       RY (cont'd)
       in front of
       Teranth once more)
Even before they came
Teranth snorts and blows smoke through his nostrils.
Take only three and no more
Lia flies away roaring and screeching heading toward the

Nyra and Zanarathor fly away toward the Valleyers

Teranth glances at her, but quickly turns his eyes back to
Agreed three and no more
Teranth lands in front of the ship and crosses his front
legs, as he lays down.
If It comes out now, I will make
Its death quick. It will feel no
See, It wants to kill you.
      (to Computer)
No. Rule One: When dealing with
dragons get the upper hand.
Her nimble fingers press several buttons on the console. A
display shows the shields powering up and the roar of the
engines powering up can be heard also.
      (in dragon)
Do not make threats to me!


Teranth jumps to his feet, flapping his wings, swishing his
tail, snorting. blowing smoke through his nostrils.
Foolish, human! I can have twenty
dragons blowing fire on your ship,
destroying you, before you reach
He lays back down as the engines go quite.
Dalandra watches the dragon on the view screen. She sighs
Why did you do that?
First rule get upper hand,but
failed. Second rule, go with flow
of dragon having upper hand.
Where are you getting all these
Dalandra shruggs her shoulders. Watching the dragon.
Thrid rule, respectively talk to
      (in dragon)
Terranth jumps to his feet and flaps his wings soaring
around the ship flaming blowing from his mouth and blowing
smoke from his nostrils.
Do not address me by the title
reserved for the young!


Fourth, never anger dragon,
failed. Name. Name. That's It.
Fifth exchange names.
      (in Dragon)
Most honorable dragon, I will tell
you my name, if you tell me yours.
Terranth lands and sits down on his haunches. He stares at
the ship for a moment blinking his eyes.
It wishes to serve me?
Dalandra stares at the dragon on her view screen. She
pushes a button and opens the hatch and begins to walk
toward the exit.
Are you out of your mind?
Perhaps, but I don't remember
clearly and I can't find anything
in your systems.
Teranth taps his long sharp talons on the ground.
I'm waiting.
Dalandra walks down the ramp.
Why not? I have been in worse jams
then this.
Teranth lowers his head and places his snout in her face. He
moves his eyes meticulously and searches every inch of her,
pulling and tugging at her clothing. Dalandra holds her
hands up


No weapons
I do not search It for weapons.
From across the molten lava, Gianth creeps in from an
opening. Blood oozes from his wound
      (weak voice)
Mentor help me
Teranth turns his tail swinging towards Dalandra.

Dalandra jumps and moves back towards her ship

He rears back to cast his flame, but chokes it back when he
notices Gianth's head collapsing to the stone floor.

Dalandra rushes to aid Gianth, but stops as she reaches the
edge of the island, She ducks as Teranth turns and reaches
out with his talons to knock her aside.
I can help!
Teranth turns slithering his neck toward her, blowing smoke
from his nostrils.
Why should I trust Its words!
Waves her hands in front of her coughing slightly
trying to clear the smoke up from around her.
One must be willing to trust in
order to gain trust!
Teranth pounds his feet on the cavern floor as he circles
her. His tail swinging, wings flapping, and snorting. He
glances at Gianth, then at Dalandra. He places his snout to
her nose.
If he dies, I will feed It to the
hatchlings one piece buy one piece
a day causing It to live in great
pain until nothing is left.


      (attempting to
       push Teranth)
Go Go Go I need to get across
Teranth shuffles through his treasure and slides a jeweled
covered rock. A small suspension bridge is lowered from the
ceiling. Dalandra jumps on it and rushes to Gianth She
examines the arrow's penetration and rushes back to her
Computer, I need a data on
removing a deeply embedded arrow
on the largest known animal in the
Searching files
Dalandra grabs her medical equipment. Then she grabs a mini
computer with a voice modulator. She connects it to the
ship with a long wires. She places everything on the cart.
Send all info to the mini
Dalandra pulls the cart across the bridge. She immediately
begins to follow the verbal instructions.

Teranth glances at the pictures and listens to the strange
gibberish coming from the equipment. He snorts and keeps a
close eye on Dalandra. Dalandra breaks the feather end of
the arrow and she glances at Teranth.
The arrow is almost through. It
will cause less damage to him if
you go ahead and push it through.
Teranth glances at Dalandra and nods. He places his fore
paw on the arrow and gives it one good push. Dalandra
immediately pours an antibacterial and blood clotting
medication on the wound. She then pulls the largest needle


from her bag, with the strongest thread and stitches both
openings closed.
Three times a day Dalandra runs back and forth to her ship,
returning with soup and feeding it to the barely conscious

After feeding him she changes the bandages on the wounds,
and cleans it pouring more antibiotic on it, and redresses

During this time Teranth only watches her and sniffs
everything she offers to Gianth. Teranth stays and refuses
to eat anything offered to him.
      (turns his head
       and licks
       Gianth's snout)
I am here
I hunger
Teranth glances at Dalandra
      (Raises her arms
       in the air)
He ate everything I had
      (pointing with his
       snout at the ship)
Dalandra crosses the bridge and watches as Teranth slides
the rock into place and the bridge rises back to the
ceiling. Teranth walks to her ship and begins to push it
toward the cliff. Dalandra runs to him.
      (pounding into him
       with every work


                       DALANDRA (cont'd)
beast that is my home!
Teranth ignores her fist and her words. With another shove
the ship slides over the cliff and tumbles down into the
gorge hitting the sides crashing, banging, tearing apart
even before it hits the bottom.
      (kicking Teranth
       with each word.)
Shit! Shit! Shit!
      (tears fall from
       her eyes as she
       stops kicking and
       watches her ship)
That was the only home I ever
knew? Why Why Why
      (placing his snout
       to her nose)
It is not to leave my world and
bring others of Its kind here.
      (He bares his long
       sharp teeth
       dripping with
Sit and wait
Teranth flaps his wings and soars upward.
Cosmickaze's ship flies over head makes three sweeps firing
upon the ground and the ground only, not destroying any
buildings and finally hovers in front of the castle.
The Valleyers screaming and yelling forget about the crops,
livestock, and dogs, grabbing their young children, the
mother and fathers, with babies and infants run toward the
Soldiers on horseback ride out from the gates, the KING and
his Eldest SON among them. Archers gather on the ramparts
of the castle along with their COMMANDER.


      (Staring at the
Well, well, well it seems they
never learn.
Shall we cause more chaos?
Of course. You know what to do
Dart bombs armed and ready
Holding position
The ship hovers in the air an equal distance from the
archers on the ramparts and the soldiers on horseback in
front of the castle.
Each hold his bow steady ready to release an arrow at the
Steady men. Steady. Have no fear.
We are defenders.
The King and his Eldest Son along with the soldiers stare at
the ship. The King notices his army is tense.
Keep the faith. We are defenders.
We are soldiers born to fight and
defend. We must protect our
wives, our children, our homes.
Hold your ground.


So glorious when they don't know
if they should flee, fight are
just give up.
We wait for your command, Captain.
Fire dart bombs
The ship fires a large round object towards the archers. The
object hovers for a moment. The archers and Commander
appear confused but just for a moment.
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Arrow after arrow is released but they seem to just bounce
off the object. Arrows continue to bounce off as the object
opens and splits into hundreds of smaller darts.

As the darts hit some of the archers, they begin to fall to
sleep. Some archers fall off the ramparts and to their
Retreat! Retreat! Retreat into the
The ship releases a second large round object that propels
toward and divides each dart targets a horse. As the King's
horse begins to fall, the King reacts and attempts to jump
off his horse, his son not reacting quick enough, as his
horse falls knocking his father's horse causing his father
to miss jump. The King falls to the ground his horse
falling on him, his son falling on his horse and the son's
horse falling on him. Both the King and son die from the
weight on them. Other soldiers realizing what is happening
quickly began to jump off their horses, some succeeding
others not.


As the ship lands, the doors open to crew members firing
lasers at the soldiers not charging them. The soldiers run
toward the castle closing the gate as all escape within.
JORAND, in his early 20s stands at the entrance of the
castle, glances at the soldiers, the villagers, noticing
fear, disbelief, and confusion in their eyes. He then
glances at the ship then the men and women coming out of it
approaching the castle.
Open the gate!
As the gate opens, Jorand walks out, unarmed.
We surrender! We surrender!
Jorand then goes to his knees crisscrossing his fingers
behind his head. The army does the same.
Cosmickaze walks around the 300 group of villagers
consisting of men, women, and children of all ages,
including the captured soldiers. Only Cosmickaze's army is
armed. They hold their lasers at the group.

Jorand is in cuffs between Zyron and Yatto. Cosmickaze
walks over and stands between Jorand and the throne.
Now that I am King.
He rushes toward Jorand, watching for any reaction.
My rules are simple.
He walks to the throne and squiggles in the seat, smirking
as he makes himself comfortable. His eyes roam through the
You may go about your normal daily
routines. Just be back in the
castle before nightfall or you
forfeit Jorand's life. My crew


                       COSMICKAZE (cont'd)
members and I will have three
meals a day prepared for us.
Just tell us what you want.
      (glances back at
I want a woman. One that was in a
ship like mine.
The villagers glance at one another in amazement.
The people across the sea told us
dragons brought her here.
Cosmickaze pulls our a dagger as he rushes back to Jorand,
and taps the dagger on his chest with the rhythm of his
Once we have her we might leave.
Two days ago, a group of dragons
were seen taking something to the
Well, just take me to this
dragon's lair and I will take the
woman, and the treasure and leave
your people in peace.
We don't know where the lairs are.
Don't you have dragon slayers?
      (sees Cosmickaze
The dragons have never bothered
us, so we never bothered them.


I will have the dragon's treasure,
the woman, or half your people.
The choice is yours Jorand.
Teranth soars over the valley and looks down. The herds are
running wildly and no dogs or Valleyers are in sight. He
flies over the crop fields and notices the Valleyers are
missing from them as well. He flies toward the castle and
sees another ship on the ground. He sees crew members
trying to hide it. He turns and flies away roaring angrily.
Teranth soars down and grabs a big fat ox from the field.
Dalandra stares at Gianth. Gianth watches her every move.
Is the old one your father?
Grand grand grand grand sire
maybe, but my Mentor now.
Dalandra walks to the edge of the island and sits.
What does he teach you?
The ways of dragons
You don't know them?
I was not raised by my kind. There
are many things my Mentor teaches
Like what?
We have rules.
What are they?


Choose your name and give it not
to your peers unless you seek
friendship or wish to mate.
Teranth swoops over Gianth drops the ox. He pulls up and
lands behind Dalandra. He places his snout next to her ear.
Nor, do we give our name to those
not of our kind, unless It wishes
to serve us. Does It wish to
serve me, obeying my commands?
Dalandra turns and stares at Teranth briefly, then she
I will serve you, with my heart,
soul, and mind.
Teranth pushes the stone. He flies to the ledge next to
Gianth. He turns his head and glances at Dalandra.
I am Teranth. Follow me
Teranth leads Dalandra through a maze of passageways, lit by
torches embedded in the walls. They pass other dragons in
various colors and sizes. The larger dull colored ones pause
briefly and sniff at Dalandra. Teranth snorts and growls
at them. They hiss at him, but continue on their way.
Teranth stops at a large opening and glances at her.

Gianth follows behind them
This is my den. Wait.
Teranth watches as Dalandra enters, goes to the far wall,
and crosses her arms as she sits.

Gianth lays across the opening


Teranth sits in the center of the plain ordinary chamber.

MIANTH, a faded blue, and Teranth's Captain Of the guard
enters and takes her place at the North point.

PYRANTH, a faded green, and Teranth's adviser enters and
takes his place at the South point.

Lianth, Teranth's predictor enters and takes her place at
the West Point.

NERANTH, a faded purple, and Teranth's friend takes his
place at the East point.
Do any challenge my wisdom or my
We are only concerned for the
safety of the hatchlings.
It is Nogard
Impossible! You are going to far
this time. Your mind is growing
to loose!
Mianth, Lianth, and Neranth all glare at Pyranth, smoking
flowing from their nostrils.
We are here to listen to his
reasoning, not to accuse him of
having none.
Pyranth stands swishing his tail, his feet pound on the
floor as he circles Neranth.
Oh! So now everyone is going to
believe poor little Gianth's tale
and believe in a Nogard!
Stomps her front feet, and blows a stream of fire by
Get back in you place!


Pyranth glares at Mianth, and shuffles back to his place,
sits flapping his swings and swishing his tail.
No one said we believe, but we
must give Teranth a chance to
Very well
Mianth sighs, he wings flapping slightly.
It speaks and understands our
speech. I searched every inch of
its body. There is no device. I
am not so easily fooled.
You may not be so easily fooled,
but you grow old.
And your judgment becomes unclear
and clouded.
      (he stretches out
       his neck to its
And the rest of you just want to
continued to follow the feeble
Lianth, Mianth, and Neranth roar loudly.

Teranth spreads his wings, swishes his tail and snorts, his
feet pounding as he rushes toward Pyranth
Do you dare challenge me now!
Lianth, Mianth, Neranth watch silently now.

Pyranth places his tail between his legs and lowers his
entire body to the ground.
      (he watches as
       Teranth returns
       to his place)
I just do not believe it is


I am unsure as well.
Then I suggest it spend three
cycles with us then as in the old
days be given a task.
I see it with us for six cycles.
No more No less.
Is it to have freedom of the
Only between my den and the
What will become of it if a
hatchling is harmed?
      (glances at each
       of them)
If it harms one hatchling, Neranth
and Mianth will decide its
punishment. If it is found
wondering the caverns bring it to
me for punishment.
Mianth, Pyranth, Neranth, Lianth all nod in agreement.
Hearing the screeching of the hungry hatchlings, Teranth
raises his head.

Dalandra is whispering to Gianth.

Gianth glances at Teranth and raises his hind leg and points
at Dalandra with his snout.

Teranth motions Dalandra to follow him.
Teranth lands and Dalandra jumps off and runs into the
bushes. She pulls her clothing down relieves herself, and


pulls her clothing back up. She walks to the lake and
washes her hands and face. She drinks some of the water
then glances at Teranth.
May I go forage for food.
You may share the hatchlings food.
I don't take food from babies, and
I don't eat meat.
Dalandra places her hands on her hips. Teranth slithers
around her and laughs at her foolish poster.
It could escape.
      (raising her arms
Escape to where?
The Valleyers' dens
Dalandra crosses her arms, and tilts her head slightly
And be accused of being a witch,
magical elf or some other nonhuman
and be put to death. No thank
It is afraid of its kind.
Uncrosses her arms and stomps her foot.
No! In my travels, I learned to
avoid backward planets like this
one. In fact I wouldn't have ever
landed here, but
      (using the human
      (reverting back to
attacked me and damaged my ship.


Teranth cocks his head at her
Humans who live in flying things
and steal from other humans.
It does not steal?
I abide by every rule...
Dalandra tosses her head back and places a band in her hair.
For Nogards?
      (glares at Teranth
       her voice angry)
I am not a Nogard
      (he smiles and
       then sighs)
Very well. But tell me Dalandra,
would you respect and honor my
kinds' rules?
If I knew them, I would honor and
obey them.
We shall see. Go feed listen and
Teranth watches as Dalandra approaches the edge of the
forest. And picks berries to eat.
Rule one: Choose your name and
give it not your peers unless you
seek friendship or wish to mate.
Nor give your name to those not of
your kind unless it wishes to
serve you.
Dalandra finishes her bite and repeats the rule.


Rule two: Once you leave the
hatchery, trust not your peers and
treat any you meet as the enemy.
Dalandra repeats the rule as she moves over to a tree and
picks up nuts.
LENETA, a woman in her early 20s and captain in the army,
along with KYLAR, a young soldier, and ZULANAR, a soldier,
watch quietly and silently at the transactions between
Teranth and Dalandra.
Teranth smells the humans, and he watches the woods closely,
but he continues with the lesson as if nothing is wrong.
Rule three: Part One: As a male
you will not experience the
pleasures of a female until you
have defeated her in battle.
Part Two: As a female you will not
have the honor of motherhood until
you have been conquered by a male.
Part Three: Once conquered the
female may seek the pleasure of
any male she desires, as long as
the male has defeated a female.
Part Four: All battles spoke of in
this rule must be one on one.

Rule Four: Know
Know when you have been defeated
in battle and flee so that you may
live to fight another day.
So you do know the rules?
No, just that one.
Why that one


      (Shrugs her
I have been in a lot of battles.
      (shakes his head)
Rule five: Attack not your peers,
if he or she just been in battle.
Allow one three days to recover
then battle and settle your

Rule Six: Part One: If you come
upon one of your peers, who has
no life respect it and burned the
Part two: If male seek the lair
and take what was his.
Part three: If female and if they
had laid eggs or has living
hatchlings, you must care for and
teach them the rules.
Part Four: Only after they leave
the nest, may you possess what was
Leneta motions the others to come with her and they walk

Teranth watches them and faces Dalandra once more as he

Dalandra continues to search for nuts and berries as she
listens and repeats the rules while eating.
Rule Seven: No dragon may possess
the treasure of his peers until it
is dead.
Rule Eight: No hatchling may be
harmed until it leaves the nest.
Rule Nine Part One: A wise
hatchling will seek friendship
with an older and wiser dragon.
Part Two: The older dragon must
accept friendship of a hatchling
unless he or she is already
Part Three: Upon adulthood there
is no longer any commitment upon
the older to the younger.


                       TERANTH (cont'd)
Rule Ten: Dragons tell no lies.
Rule Eleven: Do as you please, as
you desire, and as you will, as
long as you obey the 12 rules of
the Dragon code, and any rules the
leader of your choice imposes.
Rule Twelve: Break any rule or any
imposer and your peers will shred
your wings and you will remain
flightless forever.
What rules have you imposed?
All who live in my valley may not
take from the Valleyer's herds.
Dalandra walks toward him.
To take from them means war, a war
my kind always loses. Some pack
leaders refuse to believe my age
wisdom and even now their numbers
Dalandra climbs on his back and he soars into the sky
heading toward the lairs.
VASTOR, a man in his late 50's rides on a horse toward the
castle. He is unaware of the invasion, and the take over.

Leneta, Kylar, and Zulanar run and jump in front of his
horse, waving arms.
Stop! Stop! Stop.
Vastor, pulls the reins on the horse, and he climbs off
handing the reins to Zulanar. Leneta walks over to him.
There's been an attack on the
castle. Jorand is the only royal
member that survived. This new
King Cosmickaze and his army


                       LENETA (cont'd)
controls everyone in the castle.
Some of us escaped after we
learned what he wanted.
Vastor makes the appropriate facial expression as he
attempts to keep up with her rapid speaking, and when she
stops he looks at her blankly.
So what does this new self
proclaimed King want?
He wants the Dragonlady. We heard
her speaking to them. She was
screeching, growling and grunting
just like them. We saw her
talking to them.
Really? So what do you have in
We don't want to reveal ourselves
to him. Perhaps under torture
revealing our camp to him. So we
thought if you go to the Castle
make his soldiers understand that
you have an important message for
him, that he will listen to you.
Tell them your our liaison or
Yes, I like that plan. Now run
along, don't want any soldiers
getting you now do we.
He watches them leave, and climbs back on his horse laughing
and shaking his head.
Dalandra sees 12 small white hatchlings with eyes closed
nestled around one another. Mianth covers them with a wing.
And ax sits in the far corner.


You will help strip the carcasses
to feed the hatchlings. Mianth
will watch and guide you.
Teranth turns to leave
Teranth turns his neck
May I use the ax?
Mianth jumps up and spreads her wings and hisses.
      (glancing at
If one hatchling is harmed....
Yea, yea, I know. You will rip me
apart and feed me to the
hatchlings yourself.
Mianth circles around her, her neck stretched out, her tail
swinging furiously, and she hissing.
No! If one hatchling is harmed, I
will rip it apart.
Neranth drags a carcass into the hatchery then departs.
Dalandra takes the ax and begins to hack at the carcass.
Blood splatters and the hatchlings began to whimper and
growl. Dalandra cuts small strips of meat off and tosses it
at the hatchlings gathered around her. Mianth nods in
Jorand, his hands cuffed behind his back is escorted to a
small table by two guards. His right leg is chained to the
floor and his cuffs removed. The guards then sit on either
side of him.

The villagers consisting of men and women, are walking


behind the tables passing a variety of food and drinks to
the pirates. Jorand and his guards are also given food and

Cosmickaze, his Captains, Sarkilla, Zyron, Larreta, and
Yatto sit at an elevated table.

Music is playing by a band as the pirates eat. Suddenly the
music stops, as Vastor is escorted to Cosmickaze. Cosmickaze
stares at him and all activity seems to have stopped.
Who are you and why do you
interrupt my entertainment?
Forgive my intrusion noble King. I
am Vastor, and I've been away on
an ambassadorial mission for my
old King. I only ask that you
allow me to be a liaison for the
people now.
Very well. Anything else?
      (he sighs)
The Dragonlady has been seen near
the river that leads into the
Volcanic mountains.
Cosmickaze looks at him confused, but quickly recovers his
If you have been away, how do you
know I'm looking for this
My King, I would be more at easy
speaking with you on this matter
in private.
Yes. I agree. Go have the guards
escort you to my chambers. You
have done well.
Vastor starts to leave but stops when Jorand stands along
with his guards who attempt to push him back down, but
Jorand jerks from them and yells.


Is that all you have to say! Send
your soldiers to capture her!
Cosmickaze stands and walks over to Jorand, all eyes are
focused on them.

Jorand remains standing, and keeps staring directly at

The two men glare at each other for a moment.

Cosmickaze slaps Jorand across his face, with a force that
causes Jorand to fall. Cosmickaze then reaches down and
grabs Jorand's shirt and pulls him to his feet, and close to
his face. The soldiers and villagers remain silent.
No one gave you permission to
speak. The woman will be pursued
at my leisure, my desire. My
plans need not be revealed to you.
Cosmickaze release Jorand and struts back to the table.
Music, dancers, on with the party.
Jorand rubs his face as Cosmickaze releases him and walks

As Cosmickaze sits he whispers to his Captains Sarkilla and

Jorand knocks the remainder of his food on the floor.

The guards grabbed him, cuffs his hands, and unlock the leg
iron. The guards escort him out.
Cosmickaze walks in the room and over to Vastor smiling as
he hugs him. Vastor returns the hug. Once it is broken
Cosmickaze walks over to the small bar and pours two drinks,
he then hands one to Vastor.
Father, the infiltration has
worked well I see.


      (sips his drink)
Very well. But we have a problem.
      (laughing, and
       sits down in a
My world is full of problems
      (sits in a chair
       as well)
There is a group of rebels on the
loose. I was stopped by three
officers, wanting me to tell you
about this Dragonlady.
      (taking another
       sip of his drink)
She is Dalandra.
      (sitting his drink
       down on a table
       and stands)
So why don't you go after her?
      (sits his drink
You don't just go into a dragon's
lair and take. But I will have
control over this planet, the
dragons, and Dalandra.
      (walks toward the
       door but stops
       and turns)
Don't let your obsession for
Dalandra and dragons sway you from
your goals.
Dalandra will be mine. Guards!
The guards open the door


Show Vastor to a room, he is to be
treated as a guest, then bring me
The guards escort Vastor out. Cosmickaze walks back over to
his drink and finishes it. It's a short wait before the
guards return with Jorand, his hands cuffed, the guards
remaining on each side. Cosmickaze has his back to Jorand.
I do not like being lied to boy.
Jorand remains silent.
      (turns around and
       walks toward
It seems that some members of your
army have eluded and escaped. Just
tell me where their camp is.
If I knew, I would tell you,
because you wouldn't go after
them, as you won't even go into
the dragon's lair to find the
Dragonlady. Your just a coward
and bully.
Cosmickaze raises his hand in the air to slap him across the
face, but he stops and just laughs. He turns his back and
walks over to his chair and sits down.
You have a lot of gall and spunk
kid. I'll give you credit for
that. When I go after the
Dragonlady is not your concern.
      (he glances at the
Take him to the dungeon. No food
No water for two days.
                       GUARD ONE
Aye Captain


Lake shore Mornings - Dalandra washes her face, then forages
for nuts and berries in the forest.

Hatchery Mornings - She strips the carcasses that all the
dragons bring to the hatchery from the old to the young.
Mianth always watching her.

Lake shore Afternoon - She is taken for a brief rest and
once again forges for food.

Hatchery Afternoon - As she helps feed the hatchlings she
also helps them learn the Twelve Rules of the Dragon Code.
She hugs and plays with them even teasing them at times
getting them to beg, sit, and other small tricks. The
hatchlings lick her face and hands.

Lake shore Night - This time she swims in the lake bathing
herself and her clothing. Then she forages once again.

Gianth always travels with Teranth and Dalandra. Gianth at
times plays with her in the water.

Dalandra walks to the shore and holds her clothing up for
Gianth to dry them. Gianth blows his fire toward them,
Dalandra being just the right distance where the clothing
dries, but do not catch on fire.

Three months passes and the hatchlings began to show signs
of color.
Cosmickaze stares out a window, his hands behind his back.
The door opens and two guards push Jorand into the room,
then close the door remaining outside. Cosmickaze keeps his
back to Jorand.
Speak up! What is it you want!
It's been three months, the people
grow concern for their livestock
and crops. The storage bins of
the castle are also dwindling.
Cosmickaze turns and walks over to Jorand, and places his
hand on his shoulder. His mouth next to Jorand's ear.


Until the rebels turn themselves
in, I can't allow your people to
Perhaps if the people could leave
the castle, word could get to the
rebels to turn themself in.
What would prevent the people from
joining the rebels instead of
returning to the castle? Because
threating to kill you didn't stop
them, and I just don't have the
heart to do it now.
      (shrugging his
Maybe their families would mean
more to them, then I, as they
don't see me as King but you.
You see that's why I like you.
Your smart, and you got spunk.
Guards take him to the dungeon,
see that he eats well tonight. And
bring me Vastor.
                       GUARD ONE
Aye Captain?
They escort Jorand out. Cosmickaze walks over to the window
and waits. He smiles when the door opens once again and
Vastor is pushed in, the guards closing the door remain

Vastor walks over to Cosmickaze and places his hand on his
Three months, and you still wait.
I've studied dragons myths,
folklores, and legends on every
planet I conquered, I know the
dragons will send her on a task.


You have a plan.
You and a selected few that will
have receivers placed in their
clothing will be allowed to leave
the castle tomorrow. I here the
food supply is running low. Your
are the people's liaison, they
trust you. I'm hoping the rebels
will contact you again.
When will my menial task be done.
You are the one I found as a
Gianth nods
Dalandra dresses and runs to him and hugs him.
I am glad you found a home and
others of your kind.
Teranth watches as Dalandra laughs and plays with Gianth.
Lianth lands beside him.
It has bonded with Gianth.
You see it too. I had hoped it
would bond with one of the new
You do not believe Gianth will
make a great leader?
Would you accept him as leader?


He has learned well from you.
Given my choice of Gianth or
Pyranth, I would follow Gianth.
      (turns his neck
       and stares into
       her eyes)
And if they fought and Gianth lost
would you follow Pyranth?
      (Staring back)
If after Pyranth rested and if no
other male challenged him I would.
Lianth breaks the stare, rubbing her head against him.
But why does this concern you?
After all none of this will happen
until you possess no life. Pyranth
fears you and will not challenge
      (moves away from
       her swishing his
We can't fold space without
risking death. If we stay here we
starve or risk war. A war we
always loose.
      (turns his neck
       and stares back
       at her)
She is our one chance, our one
shot in making a treaty.
A treaty with the Valleyers?
There are other Spacers here.
You fear she will leave with the
       swishing his tail)
I believe she would make every


                       TERANTH (cont'd)
effort to fulfill the task I have
in mind for her.
Council is needed to ease the
fears of the others if you are so
      (she roars as she
       flies away)
I am not so convinced.
Teranth watches as she flies into the air and back to the
caverns. Teranth screeches and both Dalandra and Gianth
glance at him. Teranth motions with his neck for Dalandra.
Dalandra walks over to him and climbs on his back. Teranth
flies toward the caverns.
Teranth escorts Dalandra to his den. Dalandra walks in and
glances at Teranth. She was about to question him, but he
glares at her and snarls. Dalandra walks to her bed of dry
grass and sits. Gianth lays at the opening after Teranth
Teranth paces in front of Mianth, Pyranth, Lianth, and
Neranth as they are all sitting across from him.
There are complications in my
plans for it. Another flying
thing has landed and is with the
Do you still trust it?
I do.
      (swishing his tail
       flapping his
       wings slightly)
Why? It came from space! It will
go with the spacers! It can not
be sent on the task!


Teranth pounds his feet on the floor, as he rushes toward
Pyranth placing his snout to his.
Do not yell trifling things! Do
not tell me what I can or can not
Teranth jerks his snout away and his eyes roam at the
Give me options!
You want to talk with a Valleyer,
so why not take one and bring it
That would bring them all after us
and you know that. It's why we
haven't done it before.
If it is sent, it could return
with a Spacer, instead of a
Valleyer or not at all.
      (shaking his head)
None have any options for me?
No task. Keep it here as a slave.
It must be given a chance to prove
its self.
It is difficult to see, but it is
loyal to Gianth. Not so much you
Teranth. But I know it will not
betray us.
It must stay here!
      (glares at Pyranth)
Alright let the choice be made by
it. It can stay here as the pack


                       TERANTH (cont'd)
slave, or go on the task.
It should choose.
Pyranth sees the others nodding. He stomps out of the
circular room nodding his head but snorting heavily.
Dalandra is washed and clean. She eats some nuts and
berries in a small reed basket. Gianth plays in the lake.
Dalandra sits with her back against Teranth's belly.
Dalandra eats and glances up at the stars and sighs.
      (points up at the
       sky with a claw)
That bright orange star is Cyress
      (he draws an
       invisible line
       down at an angle
       to a dark blue
That is Lyress
      (he moves his claw
       straight across
       to a yellow star)
That is Pyress
      (He moves his claw
       back up at an
       angle to Cyress
       closing the
I lived on every inhabitable
planet in that area. Always the
humans came and the wild herds
became scares.
I traveled, but I have no home, no
It is Nogard
She jumps up and glares into his eyes.


I am human, but not Nogard!
She turns away from him crossing her arms and tilts up her
Tyra found me, taught me, and
protected me the best she could.
Tyra was your mother?
She uncrosses her arms, her eyes soften slightly as she
faces him again.
The only mother I ever knew. But
she was even shocked when I spoke
to the baby dragon.
That baby dragon is Gianth.
I know.
She places her fingers under Teranth's snout and holds it up
laying her chin on his snout, staring deeply into his eyes.
But I do not know how I could
speak with him.
He shivers and moves his snout. Dalandra leans into him.
That's when Tyra told me about
Nogards. A race of humans born
with an extra lyranx, and an extra
brain part.
Some kinds uses devices to speak
another speech.
Not Tyra
      (she glances at
       the stars once
She hated them and said you could
not trust them.


                       DALANDRA (cont'd)
      (She glances back
       at Teranth)
You never knew when one might
break. I remember we spent five
seasons on one planet just to
learn their speech, custom, and
      (she sighs)
Tyra always said that no matter
how difficult a speech might
sound, it can be taught.
You know many speeches?
Too many to count
Teranth snorts, as he glances at Dalandra. He walks around
her, she keeps her eyes focused on him.
Do you even know the story of the
It's all just a myth, a fairy
Maybe for your kind, but not for
I'm not the infant that was saved,
and projected into the future
during the great battle.
      (he places his
       snout to her nose)
Why do you deny yourself the
Because I do not want to be the
last of my kind and I do not want
to be hunted or harm by other, or
feared by them.
      (she turns away
       from him)


                       DALANDRA (cont'd)
I just want to live free.
Humans come drive off our food,
then if we eat their animals we
are hunted and killed. Stop
pitting yourself for what you are.
He thunders away swishing his tail. Dalandra turns and
watches as he walks away. She yells.
Why do you let me live?
      (turns his head)
You will go and teach a Valleyer
my speech.
How? You just said that only
Nogards can speak your speech.
And you just said that all
speeches can be taught
Jerking her arms out to her sides.
But there is more to it than that.
It will go and do, or live the
rest of its life as a slave among
Crossing her arms and kicking at a rock.
I should have known that even
dragons could have ulterior
Teranth charges toward her, placing his snout to her nose.
My motives are not its concern!
Choose now human. My task or


Dalandra raises her hand up and knocks his snout from her
face. Turns and shuffles away.
Alright! Your task!
Bring the one you choose to teach
to this place.
Teranth soars into the air. Dalandra mumbles and mimics as
she goes her way.
The forest is thick with trees and bushes. She hears sounds
of life all around her. Just getting a glimpse of some, not
even able to identify any of them. They all move away from
her so she keeps walking at a slow pace.
Go to the village he says. Teach
one he says.
      (jerks her arms up
       and puts them
       back down
       inhaling and
       exhaling deeply)
Can't tell him it's not that
simple. Stupid dragon
She continues to walk mumbling not realizing that the forest
has thinned out and now she was standing in a clearing. She
pauses as she looks around. In the moon light she sees farm
fields, then a corral, and barn. Further down she sees
another small building which is a chicken coop, and then
what she believes is a home but no light of any kind coming
from the home. She also realizes now that she stands on a
dirt path. She walks to the barn.
She looks around seeing a typical barn with different
stalls, and stairs leading up to a loft above for the
storage of hay. She sees no sign of any animal life.

She climbs up the loft and finds several stacks of hay.
There is an opening and she walks over to it and stares out
into the night. She listens. Inhales deeply and goes back
down the stairs and walks out of the barn.


She walks toward the chicken coop.
She opens the door and looks in again she sees no sign of
Not a good sign
      (she shrugs her
Just too dark to determine much
She closes the door and continues to the home. She turns
the knob. The door opens inward. She listens but hears
nothing. No lighting of any kind.
She steps in and glances around. With it being dark she
does not see much. She walks back out the door and back to
the barn.
She climbs up the stairs, and lays down in the hay placing
her jacket over her for cover and sleeps.
Vastor, Kylar, Leneta, and Zulanar are in the barn. They
each glance around. They are speaking in their native
It appears safe here.
They all nod.
Vastor, we sent word to our
neighbors and allies, non are
willing to help us.
Dalandra stirs slightly hearing voices. She moves quietly
and peers over the hay and glancing down she sees the three
men and woman. Dalandra listens as they talk.


I told you not to bother because
they would not.
Should those of us that have
escaped turn ourselves in?
      (whispering to
That's Tyra's language. They must
be from the village.
She ties her jean jacket around her waist.
      (whispering to
Here goes nothing.
      (speaking loudly
       in same language)
They all glance up, with Leneta, Kylar, and Zulanar drawing
Dalandra raises her arms in the air. And begins to walk
down the stairs.
I'm unarmed.
They all watch her and as she reaches the floor, Zulanar
pats her down then ties her arms behind her back. Pulls on
her jacket looking at the detailed image briefly, then
searches the pockets. He then ties it back around her
Who are you and what are you doing


My name is Dalandra and I was just
resting. I need to speak with
your King.
Vastor glances at the others and quickly interjects.
You all leave us! I will escort
her to our King.
They all glance at him, but slowly walk away. Leneta turns
back toward them
But shouldn't we
Just leave us now! I will handle
Leneta leaves and the three walk in the woods. Vastor tears
a piece of his robe off.
I need to blind fold you just as a
Dalandra nods.
I understand but it really isn't
necessary. I really need and want
to speak with your king.
I know. But I must take
Jorand is at the small table with his two guards. Cosmickaze
is at the elevated table with his Captains. Dalandra with
cuffed hands and blindfolded stands between two guards,
Vastor slightly in front and to the left of them. The
villagers serving food and drink have stopped in motion. All
watch silently.
We hope this is the lady you want.


Cosmickaze stands and smiles as he waves Vastor aside.
Vastor moves and Cosmickaze walks around from his table and
stands in front of Dalandra and removes the blindfold
So what shall I call you Nogard,
Dragonlady or Dalandra?
Dalandra gasps as she sees Cosmickaze and hears his voice.
She turns and glances at Vastor.
I said you King not this this
He is our King.
Cosmickaze places his hand under her chin and forces her to
look back at him.
Yes, I am King here and it is so
nice of you to come to us. Now
answer my question!
      (jerking her head
       away from his
I'm not a Nogard. Dalandra is
Not a Nogard.
      (he walks around
       her and points at
       the back of her
Very impressive image of a dragon
for one that is not a Nogard.
The villagers exclaim in amazement. As they stare at the
back of her jacket.
She is very talented.
      (he walks back to
       stand in front of
Now she is mine. Do you not agree


      (she stares into
       his eyes)
No. I belong to the dragon. And
all I want to know is will you
allow me to fulfill my task that
the dragon sent me to do?
What is this task?
To teach a villager the dragon's
      (he laughs)
But only a Nogard can talk to
      (bursting out)
Let me teach one! If I fail, then
I will convince the dragon to
release me to you and give you
some of his treasuer.
I control this village. I can
force you to take me to the hoard
and take you and what I want
It's easier to accept a gift from
a dragon then it is to take.
How true. Alright one month. You
can teach
      (points at Jorand)
Jorand over there. Guards release
Dalandra walks over to Jorand as she is released and as the
guards move away from the table. Cosmickaze walks over to
You will be guarded and you are
not allowed to leave the castle


Jorand watches as Cosmickaze walks away and out followed by
his Captains. Then he turns to Dalandra.
I'm Jorand, now leader of the
Nyricks tribe.
Dalandra sits at the table and inhales deeply.
I'm Dalandra. Nice to meet you.
She watches the guards, and the activity around her, and
taps her fingers on the table.

Jorand glances at her blankly.
Cosmickaze and Vastor sit in chairs and have drinks in hand.
So why are you allowing Dalandra
to attempt to fulfill the dragon's
      (sits his drink
       down and laughs)
Time, I need more time to get more
ships here. Taking over villages
and kingdoms, now that's easy.
Capturing dragons, that's hard.
The slave trade. It's a good
Aye it is. I need to speak with
Dalandra alone. Have the guards
bring her to me.
Vastor nods and stands, He walks out. Shortly the guards
escort Dalandra into the room her jacket still tied around

Cosmickaze walks over takes the jacket away and throws it in
the chair.


Dalandra struggles with the guards, but they tighten their
grip. Dalandra relaxes as Cosmickaze pulls a dagger and
holds it under her throat.
You know I won't kill you, but I
can cause you great pain.
Dalandra spits at him. Cosmickaze laughs removes his
dagger, and turns his back to her.
I'll forgive that little incident.
I want to know how you disabled
my shields.
New technology my mother stoled
from the Betagora government.
Cosmickaze turns back around and glances at her.
How does it work!
Its a program. It's like a virus.
It's sent through the
communication link. But it takes
a few minutes to work. My mother
was only able to get the program
for disactivating sheilds.
So where is your ship, so that I
may get this program.
The dragons destroyed it.
Cosmickaze slaps her across the face. The guards hold her
up to keep her from falling from the force of the slap. She
struggles with them, but their grip is firm.
Guards, take her away.


Dalandra hears the guards pacing back and forth as she
stretches and rubs her eyes. She sits up and sees Jorand
laying in the other corner. There is a bard window that
lets a little light and breeze in. Dalandra immediately
begins to walk around the cell, testing the bricks to see if
any are loose, and she test the bars in the window. She
turns and stares at Jorand.
The cell is solid. No way out.
I will get away from Cosmickaze.
Until you do what are we going to
Dalandra walks over to him, motioning him to sit as she
You start to learn the dragon's
Just like that? You're not going
to tell me anything about yourself
and you're not interested in
anything about me?
I don't see where any of that is
important to my task.
Really. Well it is important to
Dalandra stands up and walks over to the window and stares
Alright what is it you want to
Jorand gets up and walks over to her.


You know stuff. Like who is your
mother, your father, any siblings,
grandparents, you home, do you
have a flying thing, and how is it
you know my language.
Dalandra turns and looks at him
The only mother I knew is Tyra,
and she never knew where she was
from. She taught me this language
and said it was her native
language. Tyra taught me
everything she knew about being a
space merchant. As for as a
flying thing yes I had one but the
dragons destroyed it. Is that
good enough for you can we start
the lessons now.
Jorand walks away from her, and sits down, inhaling deeply
I suppose if you don't want to
know anything about me.
Dalandra walks and sits down in front of him, she takes hold
of his hands.
I was sent to do a task.
Cosmickaze is playing along and I
don't know why. Hell, for all I
know he could be planning to leave
right now.
Jorand jerks his hands away from hers.
I see this is all game between
you, the dragon, and Cosmickaze,
and me and my people are the ones
He stands up and moves away from her keeping his back to
If that is the way you see it then
so be it. But if you at least
learn the dragon language you and
your people will have a chance


                       DALANDRA (cont'd)
against him.
Jorand turns and looks at her.
Tell me what do you hope to gain
by accomplishing your task?
That my dragon master will allow
me to live with you and your
people, and hopefully your king
will also.
Which king the true king or
You, Jorand. Did you not say you
were the leader.
Jorand smiles and nods. He walks over to her and sits
beside her.
Yes I am. And you are right if I
can learn the dragon language then
maybe the dragons will help us. So
teach me.
Vastor stands glancing out the window. Cosmickaze is
sitting behind his desk tapping his fingers on it.
No sign of the rebel camp at all?
Vastor tuns and sighs.
Three of the leaders were about to
give themselves up, but then
Dalandra showed up.

They still contact me, but now if
they are arrested, they would die
before giving any information.
They all seem to have a lot of
hope in Dalandra.


The clothing that Jorand and
Dalandra are issued, have the
recievers in them.
Vastor nods.
Have the guards bring me Dalandra.
Vastor leaves. Cosmickaze stands up, as the guards push
Dalandra in the room, close the door and wait outside.
It's been two weeks and I hear the
teaching is not going very well.
It might go a little better if we
didn't have to stay locked up all
the time.
Cosmickaze stands and walks around her, his fingers playing
with her hair. Dalandra stiffens feelings his hands in her
And what will prevent the two of
you from overpowering your guards
and taking off?
Dalandra shrugs her shoulders stepping away from him.
Cosmickaze laughs and walks back over to his seat and sits.
The first night you do not return,
I will have one child executed,
and one child every hour until you
She nods. Cosmickaze laughs.
As they walk in, Cosmickaze nods at Dalandra motioning for
her to go ahead and leave.

She walks to the door, the guards began to follow her.
She and Jorand no longer need to
be locked or guarded.


The guards nod and walk back out the door.
Frustrated Dalandra throws stones in the river making them
skip. She inhales deeply and shakes her head in

Jorand admires her. Her every moment seems graceful to him,
her figure so perfect. Her form so intoxicating. He walks
over to her standing close to her.

As he goes to pick up a rock, she bends down to pick up the
same rock, and their eyes meet. Dalandra breathing heavily,
her heart racing.

They stand moving closer together, arms wrapping around each
other, and as they were about to kiss. They find themselves
surrounded. Jorand and Dalandra move apart. Jorand smiling
at Leneta, Kylar, and Zulanar.

Leneta scowed and frowns, but quickly recovered her
composer. Kylar pokes Dalandra with his dagger, Dalandra
suddenly goes limp, Jorand catching her in his arms. Leneta
quickly binds Dalandra and blindfolds her.
Dalandra still blindfolded now has her feet bound as well.

Jorand stands up as Kylar, Zulanar, and Leneta surround him.
None will join us?
They are afraid of our King and of
the dragons.
The dragons will do what ever
Dalandra asks them.
And how do you know that she isn't
just playing mind games with you.
How do you know that she's not on
the pirates side?


I feel it. I just feel that she's
Hearing Dalandra moan, they all look over at her.
Jorand, where am I, what is going
Jorand walks over to her and removes her blindfold and helps
her to sit up.
Not everyone in the village was
made prisoner. My rebels hold you
No you have to free me. I have to
get back to Cosmickaze.
Because he will start killing your
people's children if I don't.
Lies! Lies! No one is that evil!
You don't know him like I do. I'm
not lying.
We been watching you. Your not
teaching King Jorand anything. All
you do is make a bunch of
jibbering sounds.
I believe her, and it's not her
fault, I'm not learning that well.
Leneta walks over to Dalandra and pulls her to her feet as
she pushes Jorand away from her. Leneta glares at Dalandra
and whispers in her ear.
Jorand is mine!


Dalandra shockingly looks at Leneta then at Jorand. Leneta
cuts her bonds.
Go back to your dragons, and leave
our people alone. We have Jorand,
we can take care of this pirate
Right now I can't go anywhere but
back to your village.
She starts to walk away, when another soldier walks up to
Leneta and whispers in her ear.
They found us!
She glances at Dalandra,
See how she lies, she brought the
pirate soldiers to us.
They pull out their swords and scramble to all areas of the

Jorand glances at Dalandra, grabs a torch then takes her
hand and runs. He leads her deeper in the caverns, and the
fighting becomes fainter and fainter.
Dalandra finally pulls on him and makes him stop.
Where are we going? If Cosmickaze
found us, it means he has a
tracking device on us on our
A what?
A weapon that lets him know where
we are.
Jorand laughs.
He is a clever man.


Jorand places the torch in a hole in the wall. He then
feels around a big rock on the ground and removes a bag. He
opens it and throws a shirt and trousers over to her.

Dalandra looks at him puzzled, but sees him pulling out
another pair of trousers and shirt.
This isn't the first siege my
people have faced. It's just the
first with weapons we don't
Dalandra changes her clothing staying away from the light of
the torch, as does Jorand.
So where are we going?
I'm not sure.
He places his old clothing in the underground river.
Dalandra smiles and does the same. They watch as their old
clothing drifts away.
What are our options?
Cosmickaze is going to question
all those he captures. I think he
knew all alone that we had rebels,
and that he just gave us the
freedom you asked for to find
Yea that is obivious.
So all exits are going to be
covered except one.
Let me guess. One that leads to
the dragons.
No. Well it leads to the base of
their mountain anyway. Once we
emerge they will see us.


The dragons or soldiers.
The dragons of course.
She laughs as he grabs the torch and leads the way.
Cosmickaze, sits behind the desk. His crew, Zyron, Larreta,
Sarkilla, and Yatto all stand in front of him. The garments
with the receivers laying on the floor.
Shall we set up an execution for a
No, I wanted the rebels, and now I
have them. Make sure all the
exist to the cavern are covered.
And make sure that all our guest
understands that I will not
hesitate to kill a child, if one
of them attempts to escape or
disobeys. Also transmit to the
rest of the fleet we need them
Dalandra stands against the wall along with Jorand. Teranth
places his snout in her face. His wings flapping slightly
and his tail swishing.
Does it speak my speech?
Dalandra waves her hand in front of her face and coughs
lightly. She glares back at Teranth.
You deceived me!
It should have refused to go!
Teranth hisses stepping away from her, but keeping his eyes
on Jorand.


Dalandra inhales deeply as Teranth backs off.
I really though your speech could
be taught like any other speech.
So it does not speak my speech!
Dalandra grabs Jorand's hand.
He hopes you will not be insulted
if he speaks with you using his
hands in a similar manner when he
gives commands to his field dogs
and help his kind against the
Teranth stomps his feet on the ground and snaps his neck,
holding his snout in her face again, his tail swishing more
It believes me to be just another
beast to be trained to obey its
No! He just wants to be able to
speak with you, as much as you
want to be able to speak with him.
Teranth moves his snout away from her, and over to Jorand
sniffing at him, tugging at his clothing.
Does it believe itself to be a
Nogard now?
Dalandra clutches at Jorand's hand harder, and she looks at
him then back at Teranth.
I am Nogard.
Then she kneels, releasing Jorand's hand.
Please great Dragon, this one last
Nogard, request that you aide it,
and those it cares about, against
your enemy and ours, the spacers.


Rise noble Nogard, and know that
my kind will aid it's kind and
together we shall defeat, these
Dalandra jumps to her feet, and grabs Jorand hugging him and
kissing him as she translates for him.

Teranth uses his neck and knocks Jorand aside stepping
between them and he glares down at Dalandra.
It is still mine and I shall
choose it's mate!
No buts.
As Teranth walks out the den, Gianth lays down in front of
the opening.
Teranth sends out several dragons to fly to every part of
their world, calling all dragons to unite and fight in one
last battle.

Some join. Some did not.

Teranth flies Jorand and Dalandra from kingdom to kingdom,
village to village. Together Jorand and Dalandra convinces
some to join in their quest. At last though each were
counted and the number of dragons were sixty three and
humans one hundred.

This gathering of dragons and humans did not go unnoticed by
Cosmickaze stands and smiles as ,Zyron, Larreta, Sarkilla,
and Yatto enter.


Twenty of our brethren have joined
us. They orbit waiting our
All the villagers are secured in
the prison.
It's estimated that they have
about twenty dragons, but more
come everyday.
Maybe fifty humans but the numbers
keep growing as well.
Cosmickaze smiles.
This is the battle we been waiting
for. Twenty one of my finest
against twenty dragons. We strike
hard! We strike fast! We strike
now! This little rebellion will be
put down, and this planet will be
mine! Only have essential
personal on your ships. Have all
others take post on the ramparts.
They all smile. Sarkilla walks over to Cosmickaze and hands
him a small device. Then she departs with the others.

Cosmickaze places the ear piece in his ear and adjust the
mouth piece then he walks out.
Dalandra stands as she see several black dots in the sky.
She quickly nudges Jorand.
Get ready he has brought
Jorand stands and looks in the direction she is pointing at.
He quickly raises his sword.

Teranth sees the signal and roars. The dragons take flight
and head straight for the ships.


Jorand, Dalandra, and the others began to run toward the
village and castle.
Captain, we have dragons
approaching us fast, and warriors
approaching the castle.
                       COSMICKAZE (V.O.)
Remember lasers only on the
dragons, the torpedoes they can
The dragons breaking up now and regrouping in groups of
three. Teranth, having Gianth and Mianth on his sides.
Rylanth with Nyra and Zanarathor on his sides. Neranth, with
Lianth and Pyranth on his sides.
Captain,um um these dragons, these
dragons, there coming at us like
in fighter pilot formation.
                       COSMICKAZE (V.O.)
You're joking
No sir.
Cosmickaze smiles as his soldiers on the ramparts begins to
fire their lasers forcing Jorand's army to to stay back.
Keep them busy here.
Jorand motions for some of the troops to follow him.
Where are you going? What are you
Every castle has its secret
passage for escape in case of an


Dalandra laughs and nods her head.
Teranth screeches and Mianth and Gianth break formation and
now the three circle a ship cast their roaring flaming fire
at it. Laser fire emits from the ship, but the dragons
spin, loop and twist when the ship fires.

Teranth flies back toward the ship after dodging the laser
fire. He screeches.
Mianth, Gianth, you be targets.
Mianth and Gianth regroup and they fly in front of the laser
fire, keeping the guns aimed at them.

Teranth swoops in from behind the guns and cast his fire on
them. One explodes, but the other keeps firing.

Gianth and Mianth keep the gun centered on them, as Teranth
swoops around again casting his fire on the ship. This
second gun explodes as well.

This areal battle goes on for the other dragons and ships.
Jorand soldiers, are entering a tunnel.
Jorand with torch in hand leads them through the mazes of
tunnels. Knowing exactly which path to take to get to the
court yard and castle gate.
As they emerged, part of Cosmickaze's soldiers turn their
focus on them.

Cosmickaze, watches as more of his ship spiral out of
control and explode as they hit the ground. He watches as
dragons fall as well, and he smiles as he hears them
Dalandra and her group are still pinned down at the castle
gate. The arches not even able to get in range to shoot.


Another ship spirals out of control and explodes as it hits
the ground. Teranth notices that Jorand and Dalandra are
both pinned down.

Teranth screeches and Gianth and Mianth follow him swooping
on the ground picking up pebbles in their claws and then
head for the soldiers on the ramparts bombarding them with
the stones.
The solders try to duck and cover firing their lasers
blindly. But now their lasers are beginning to run out of
energy and stop working. The soldiers throw them down and
start using bows and arrows.
He watches as the last ship falls, and the remaining dragons
began to follow Teranth's lead diving and gathering up
stones and bombarding his troops. Cosmickaze pulls out his
sword and begins to run down the ramparts.
His soldiers pull out their swords and follow.
Jorand gets the gate open and Dalandra's group enters the
castle grounds.

Swords clash and cling and in the heat of the battle,
Dalandra sees Cosmickaze, and she runs to meet him.

Cosmickaze sees her and grins. With fighting all around
them, they just focus on each other. They salute and their
swords clash.
Jorand leads a small party through the castle, down to the
prisons, and he starts freeing his people.

He then leads them to the armory, so they can arm them self
and join in the fight.
Teranth circles around until at last he sees Dalandra, he
perches on one of the towers keeping his eyes on her.


The other dragons circle around in the air over the fighting
humans. The humans compact in their fighting makes it
difficult for the dragons to distinguish friend from foe.
They gather around Teranth. They watch in silence as the
humans fight.
Both Cosmickaze and Dalandra are covered in sweat and blood.
And now more of the armies of Jorand was gathering around
watching the man and woman battle, as all of Cosmickaze
armies lay dead.

Jorand too now watches intently, showing great concern, but
also admiring Dalandra's ability and tactics.

Both Cosmickaze and Dalandra knew all eyes were on them.
Cosmickaze grins as he sees an opening and lunges forward,
but Dalandra wasn't as tired as he though and she ducks and
turns as Cosmickaze looses his balance her sword comes down
slicing his neck.

She breaths heavily her sword pointed in the ground, as
Jorand rushes toward her.

Teranth sees him and he comes flying down, landing between
him and Dalandra. He roars his eyes on Jorand.

Dalandra inhales deeply, and she glances at Jorand.
I am to go with him, so that they
may honer their dead. He wants to
give you time to honor your dead
as well, and if you lay the dead
of the enemy soldiers in a field
they will come gather them.
Tell him then that we shall meet
in two days time down by the lake.
The dragons go to their dead and began to carry their fallen
brethren away towards the mountain.

Once in the caverns they fly down down down to the deepest
layer where the molten lave flows.

Here each drops a carcass in the lava, then fly up again to
get another. Once the last dragon is dropped they all


gather on the ground, and screech. When the screeching
stops, Teranth glances at all the living that remain.
A victorious battle, of such
grander for us. But here we lay
to rest those that lost their
lives. Yet because of their
sacrifice we will feast tonight
and feast well.
Jorand, his people, and those that helped in is hour of need
also began to gather their dead, and place the dead enemy
soldiers in the field.
Teranth lands, and as he does Dalandra jumps off his back.
She glances around and smiles when she sees Jorand.

Jorand walks up to her keeping his eye on Teranth. The rest
of the Council members and leaders stay back.
Here are the conditions of the
Dragon's Treaty.

I am to mate with Jorand. Our
first born daughter is to be named
Jolandara, our first born son is
to be named Jolandar. When our
children are of age, they must go
spend time with the Dragons.

No human may ever harm a dragon,
no dragon may ever harm a human.
They must each help each other
when in need.

The dragons will be allowed to
take from your herds
But if they feast on our herds,
they would be none left for us.
Dalandra translates. Teranth roars and bares his teeth at
Jorand as he places his snout to Jorand's nose.
Tell it, it would be unwise of us
to deplete them of their herds and
not allow them to reproduce. It
was his kind that chased off the


                       TERANTH (cont'd)
wild herds that once been our
Dalandra translates as he speaks. The Council members and
other leaders debate with one another, but Jorand looks at
You really want to be my wife?
I rather live with you then the
But what if I decide I don't want
you to be my wife, what if I don't
want to name my children Jolandara
or Jolandar.
If you don't agree to all his
terms one hundred percent. Then I
must spend the rest of my days
with them.
You are beautiful you know, and
I've grown really fond of you.
The leaders glance at Jorand and they all nod.
Tell the dragon we agree to all
his terms, but that now I must
seal the deal.
As Dalandra speaks Jorand removes his sword. Teranth
relaxes as Jorand moves his sword from the right side to the
left side.
I declare you protector of the
Nyricks, and name you....you....
Jorand glances at Dalandra.
He needs a name to call you.
Teranth glances at the humans, then back at Jorand.


They may call me the OLD WISE RED
Dalandra translates.
Name you the Old Wise Red One.
As he replaces his sword, Teranth flaps his wings and as he
flies home he does acrobatics in the air. Jorand and
Dalandra passionately kiss, and the people cheer.


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