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Take Care
by Steven McAfee (stevenomcafee@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

An account of life for a few high school students over two days.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We open to THE WEED HOUSE, a dim candle-lit abandoned store.
In it reside

1. ERIC (16), a stoner
2. JERRELL (16), another stoner
3. ANTOINE (17), an athlete
4. PETER (15), a slim sophomore
5. MARCUS (30), a drug dealer

Eric lies on the ground with a bong mask attached to his
face. He lights up and cashes the bowl in one hit. He then
removes the bong mask and places it on the ground.
Has anyone here ever been inside a
ladies bathroom?
What's it like?
A ladies bathroom.
Ladies bathroom, the fuck are you
talking about?
You said you been in a woman's
bathroom a hot second ago, what
was it like?
Oh yeah, it was clean.


That one time I was off acid I
think I woke up in a girls
bathroom. There wasn't no urinals
I got it in in a girls bathroom.
Shut the fuck up.
How was it?
Just like any other bathroom.
No, the sex, not the bathroom.
Oh, it was spectacular. Really
pretty girl, perfect neck.
They all shoot him a glance and Jerrell erupts into
She had a perfect neck?
How would one make that judgement?
Who ever had a sexy old neck?
I don't know, I guess it's just
something I can feel.
Peter, that's straight retarded.


Eric receives a call. He answers the phone.
We now follow the teen Eric is speaking to: JACK (16), who
is walking down a sidewalk on a beautiful sunny morning en
route to the first day of school. Jack has the look of a
future military recruit. Along with being tall and athletic
his hair is cut very short. He sports a confident grin on
his face as he speaks to Eric on the phone.
I'm gonna do it.
Hang on, hang on a second.
Eric puts his phone on speaker.
Everyone say hi to Jack.
Hi Jack!
God damn it, Eric are you serious?
There is no answer.
Giggling can be heard.
The whole group on the other end burst into boisterous
laughter. Jack is now impatient. The laughter dies down


Who the fuck is on the phone?
Jack hangs up and dials another number.
SHANE (16), a slim individual, is enjoying a bowl of cereal
while on his computer. He gets Jack's call and answers the
Hey Jack, what's up?
I'm gonna do it.
Do what?
With her, Kathy.
Oh. You mean, like, it?
Shane realizes that Jack wants to go all the way with his
girlfriend. This strikes him in a way that causes him to
worry. He puts down his bowl and closes the computer.
With Kathy. Wow Jack, that's
pretty big.
I'm gonna have the house to myself
the whole weekend. It couldn't be
more perfect.
That sounds awesome, Jack. We'll
talk about it in Bio, alright?


That sounds cool, man. I'll see
you there.
Jack hangs up the phone, leaving Shane to ponder over the
conversation. He stares off into space for a moment and
dials Eric's number on the phone.
Eric sees that Shane is calling and picks up the phone.
How goes it?
Hey, Eric. Jack just called me.
That little bitch, haven't seen
him in a minute. I think he was
here a couple seconds ago. What's
up with him?
I highly doubt he was with you,
but he just told me that he wants
to have sex with Kathy.
What? He hasn't had sex with her?
Well, give him some credit for
No shit, they've been together
seven years. I'm honestly just
bullshitting, that's cool that
he's doing that with her.
I'm worried about him.


Why? He can take care of himself,
Very reassuring.
That was a really big word, Shane.
Did you just wake up, man?
Nah, man. I've been up for how
ever many hours it's been since I
screwed your sister.
What the fuck are you talking
I didn't say anything.
Dude, where are you?
Hang on.
Eric puts the phone on speaker.
Everyone say hi to Shane.
Hi Shane!
God damn it Eric, you're at the
house. I'm not gonna see you
before school, am I?
There is a long pause of silence as Eric takes a joint hit.


Did you hear that, bro? Bro, that
was a joint hit, bro.
Christ's sake, dude. School starts
in an hour. Am I gonna see you
before then?
I would rule me out.
Make sure you don't smell like
weed when you get here or they'll
bust you.
Trust me, not an issue.
I can smell the stuff through the
Eric laughs for an extended amount of time. Eventually, he
calms down.
That was quite amusing.
So was that. Listen, I'll talk to
you at school. You ready for this
year, man?
Just another 180 days of rape. How
hard can it be?


Shane hangs up his phone and stares off into space for a
moment, thinking about something bothersome. He then grabs
his backpack, stands up and exits his house.
Eric has just hung up the phone and turns around. Antoine
hands him a bubbler. He takes an incredibly big hit. He sits
motionless for a second, and then falls over.
We come to a hallway with three doors, one at the end, one
on the left, and one on the right. TOM (14) creeps slowly
out of one of them with his backpack. Tom is a small guy who
could easily be mistaken for someone in middle school,
rather than a freshman in high school. He pays close
attention to the door on the end of the hall, the door to
his dad's room, which is open slightly. He is trying to
avoid his dad as if his life depended on it. He creeps down
the hallway and scampers down the stairs. He grabs his
lunch, which he puts in his bag and an apple, which he takes
a bite out of. He turns around and sees his father, MALCOLM
(40), who is sitting in an easy chair. Malcolm is a guy who
clearly hasn't made the most of his life. He is in a
bathrobe and holding a beer. On top of everything, he is
very hard to look at. There is a long standoff before
Malcolm finally speaks.
Hello son.
Tom is beyond frightened.
Hi dad.
There is a pause as the two continue to stare each other
down. Malcolm takes a drink of his beer.


Well you just look fucking
There is another intense silence. Tom is too frightened to
Well, go on.
Hesitant to take his eyes off of him, Tom edges away from
his dad and sprints out of the house.
Tom walks out of his front yard and down a suburban street
until he reaches a bus stop. He takes out his phone and
dials a number. He reaches a voicemail greeting from a
Hi, you've reached Jennifer, I
can't come to the phone right now,
but if you leave a message with
your name and number, I'll get
back to you as soon as I can.
His eyes begin to well up with tears. He closes his phone as
the bus comes up.
He gets on and is greeted by NATHAN (14), who is just as
small as Tom and wears glasses.
Hey Tom, what's going on?
The bus drives off. Nathan notices that Tom isn't feeling
too good.


Yo, are you ok?
I'm fine.
Are you sure?
I said I'm fine, Nathan.
Nathan takes a step back and although worried about his
friend says no more.
A slim kid, CLYDE (15) enters from descends his second floor
steps into his living room with a bookbag around his back.
There is no answer. He moves into the kitchen.
Dad? You home?
Silence. He sets his bag down and begins to make a bowl of
Eric and his friends exit the weed house and get into their
van. The van drives off down a busy street on the way to



The school is abundant with students on the first day.


A) Students socializing
B) A rap battle
C) A fight
Eric, Antoine, Peter and Jerrell enter through the front
door and halt once they're inside.
Gentlemen, welcome back to the
crack house.
There is an awkward pause that lasts until Antoine walks
You just had to come up with the
dumbest thing you could possibly
Jack is speaking to his counselor, MS. WOODS (30), about his
classes. They are not getting along well.
Look, I've heard 5 people tell me
that this teacher is bad news. Why
can't you put me in a different
class? It'll take six seconds.
                       MS. WOODS
I'll say it again. I can't just
take you out of a class and mess
up a teacher's roster.


Actually, you can. It says in the
handbook that you have 3 weeks to
mess with your schedule. It's the
first day of school.
                       MS. WOODS
Alright smart ass, we'll go about
it like this. I'm not doing it.
I'm not having teachers yelling at
me again this year, and that's
final. So, I don't think we have
anything further to discuss.
She turns her attention to her computer.
I guess you're right.
Jack stands up and walks out. We stay with Ms. Woods on her
computer for a few moments until a loud firecracker
explosion sounds.
                       MS. WOODS
What in the hell...
Ms. Woods stands up without closing out of anything on her
computer. She hurriedly exits her office. After a short
while, Jack re-enters the room and sits down at the
computer. He proceeds to make his desired changes himself.
Let's see. Switch from Statistics
to Calculus, drop African American
Studies, and make Gym pass/fail.
Thank you Jack. You're welcome
Tom is walking to his first period class holding a notebook
when DRAKE and his two followers, LEE and GRAHAM, stand in
front of him to his despair. They will be known as THE TRIO
from now on when all are being mentioned at once. The trio


is composed of three sophomores that all beat Tom in size by
Well look who it is. Man, we
haven't seen this guy in a minute.
In one year I don't think he
changed at all.
Yeah, I legitimately think that he
shrunk 2 inches since we last saw
The gang erupts in laughter as Tom starts to walk away.
Drake stops him.
Hold up, Tom. I need a notebook.
Drake takes Tom's notebook.
Hey, give it back!
Tom reaches for it, but is shoved to the ground. The POV
goes to Tom's perspective from the ground looking up at the
gang and the crowd that has assimilated that is looking back
down at him.
Thanks for coming, Tom. Life was
so empty without you. Oh, and
thanks for the notebook.
As Drake holds up the notebook Shane arrives on the scene,
grabs the notebook and whacks Drake in the face with it.
Shane proceeds to menacingly glare at them. Drake is
absolutely stunned as well as his gang. After a long,
intense pause the gang turn and leave. The crowd goes back
to its every day routine as if nothing happened. Shane turns
to Tom who is still on the ground. He pulls him up and gives
him his notebook back.


Hang in there, ok?
I will. Thanks.
Don't mention it. I'm Shane.
They both turn and walk in the same direction towards the a
You first.
Tom walks in and takes a seat and Shane takes the seat right
behind him. The bell rings and the teacher, MR. BRODY,
begins his lecture.
                       MR. BRODY
Good morning, my children. For
those who don't know me my name is
Mr. Brody. I saw a bunch of you
over the summer and it's great to
see you again. The rest of you I
will make sure to hastily get to
He begins to pass out sheets to the students.
                       MR. BRODY (cont'd)
You're gonna need to pick up a
notebook, pencils, a folder to
keep materials in, and a graphing
calculator. You have the weekend
to do so. For now, I'll let you
guys see what you can do with this
The class gets to work as we focus on Shane and Tom.


Wow, he actually just began that
with "good morning my children".
Anyways, why are you in this
What do you mean?
Based on how you just were getting
your ass handed to you by those
dickheads, I'm gonna assume that
you're a freshman?
You must be one of those geniuses
if you're in Calculus already.
Yeah, I took a test in 4th grade
that shot me years ahead. Math's
always been my favorite subject.
Do you like math?
It's alright. Not my favorite
subject, but I'm alright at it. I
haven't had the best teachers to
be honest.
What do you like best?
Alcohol. Well, drugs in general I
guess, not so much alcohol itself
Mr. Brody approaches them.
                       MR. BRODY
How's this problem looking?


We're almost there, just figuring
out these angles.
                       MR. BRODY
Good, we'll talk about it in a
Mr. Brody walks off. Shane is visibly upset.
God damn it.
What's up?
There are no angles in this
Tom reads the problem himself.
He probably thinks he's teaching
geometry right now. I honestly
can't deal with another shitty
math teacher.
Mr. Brody has made his way back to the front of the room.
                       MR. BRODY
So, did anyone figure it out?
There are mixed responses of "yes" and "no" from the class.
                       MR. BRODY
Good, let's do another.
      (To Tom)
Awesome, so we're not gonna talk
about the problem.


Skipping forward to the end of class, we hear a ringing
bell. Shane and Tom walk out of the room.
Man, I've fought. I've clawed my
way through two years in this
shithole only to get that guy as
my Calculus teacher. Where's your
next class?
Cool, we're headed to the same
area. I hate this place. You're in
a school with a bunch of airheads
and future serial killers
populating the student body.
Speaking of, who were those three
guys before school?
Oh. That was Drake, Lee and
Graham. They're sophomores. We
kinda go back a while.
Yeah? How long?
Ever since I was in sixth grade. I
don't know why, but they've always
really enjoyed pointing out that
they're bigger than me. It's not
just me, either. They walk around
town on weekends and look for
little kids to beat up.
Wow, that's about as low as you
can get. You know, I've always
thought it would be fun to
slaughter people. At least those
that deserved it. Maybe I should


                       SHANE (cont'd)
try it out on them.
Tom doesn't reply. Shane eyes Eric walking across the
Hey, I gotta go talk to this guy.
I'll see you around, all right?
Cool. See ya.
I was bullshitting earlier.
I said you were getting beat up
and that made it obvious you were
a freshman. It's not just
freshmen, people of all ages get
beat up and pushed around. They
all have one thing in common.
What's that?
They allow it to happen.
They turn away from each other. Before he can get far, The
Trio stop Tom in the middle of the hall.
Well, what do we have here?
Please just go away, Drake.
I don't think so.


As The Trio slowly close in on Tom, we shift to the
conversation between Eric and Shane.
I just, I can't really believe it.
He was in fourth grade when he
called me to tell me about the
first time he held hands with her
and I will never forget the time
he snuck into my house in the
sixth grade at night after he
kissed her the first time.
YOUNG SHANE (12) is in bed asleep. The camera zooms in on
his face, like someone is looking down at him. His eyes
suddenly open and focus on whatever's looking at him. The
POV switches to Young Shane's perspective. We see YOUNG JACK
(12) looking down at him with one of the most haunting
smiles you'll ever see.
                       YOUNG JACK
Young Shane goes crazy. Young Jack covers his mouth so that
the screams are muffled.
Christ, I thought he was gonna
rape me. Anyways, I'm honestly
worried about him.
Eric says nothing back. Shane realizes he has been staring
into space, not hearing a word.
Hey, asshole.


Why would you say that to me?
Come on man, do you have anything
to say about this?
Jack? Not really. Since when do
you care?
About my friend? It seems like
something I'm supposed to do.
In my book a relationship is not
supposed to last from 4th grade
through high school. The fact that
they've lasted this long without
getting it in is what worries me.
Eric, I know how you are but there
are couples who wait more than six
hours to have sex, sometimes until
Eric is staring off into space again.
Hey. Eric. Are you here?
Eric comes to a conclusion in his mind.
What if he's gay?
Eric, shut the fuck up. Anyways,
how'd your first period go?
Wouldn't that be absolutely


I'm not hearing anything about
first period.
Just History.
Who's the teacher?
I don't remember. I'm going to
English right now.
How'd you do on the summer
What summer assignment?
They stare at each other for a moment. Shane's stare says
"you're a complete moron".
I'm just kidding!
I was gonna smack you. I really
That would suck because I'm still
incredibly high and I don't
respond well to pain when I'm
high. Anyways, how about you?
Well, my Calc teacher is an issue
so I'm probably gonna drop. Is
your brother in the building?
I think Clyde has first period
free. He's probably on his way
right now.


Clyde, Eric's younger brother and still at the breakfast
table, notices that he is behind schedule. He hurriedly
closes his computer, shoves a bunch of books and notebooks
into his bag and stands up. Clyde has long, disheveled hair
and looks as if he doesn't get enough sleep. He picks up a
bunch of pens and pencils and throws them into the side
pocket of his bag. He then leaves out his front door.
Clyde gets on his bike and rides off, illegally crossing the
street causing two cars to almost hit each other and a
fellow bicyclist to fall off his bike. He continues on his
way without even looking back.
Lucky bastard, I haven't seen him
at all this summer. Anyways, this
whole thing with Jack seriously
worries me because-
Shane has turned his head towards Tom.
Oh shit.
Shane has officially seen the trio once again tormenting
Tom. Eric turns his head towards the scene as well.
Who are they?
The little guy in the middle is
Tom. He's a freshman genius and in
my Calculus class.
No shit. The other three?


Scum of the Earth. I might as well
go save him. Come with me.
Hah! Get the fuck out of here.
Eric walks away.
You're a motherfucking prick.
We shift back to Tom, who is surrounded by The Trio, his
head down.
Unfortunate that your boyfriend
isn't here to save you. Now we
just have to decide what we do
with you. With 2 minutes to get to
class, the possibilities are
Shane appears next to them like a ghost.
You don't think that a gang of
three picking on the little guy is
a little cowardly?
The Trio is left startled. While Shane speaks, they are
silent. They don't show it on their face, but they are as
scared of Shane as Tom is scared of them.
Yes? No? One thing's for sure, I
don't like it. So, you can just
walk away from all of this or we
can start something. Just make
your move.
Yet another silence. It holds until OLIVIA walks by. Shane
speaks with a uplifting tone towards her.
Hi Shane!


Hi Olivia!
His tone quickly changes back to condescending.
Just make your move, guys, and see
what happens. Now, I think we
should all get to class.
One final intense silence until Drake signals his group to
leave. Tom, left standing with Shane, takes a deep breath.
I don't know what I'd do without
Get to class, man. I'll see you
Shane walks off. Tom walks into his room.
Tom walks into the room and takes a seat. Sitting next to
him is RUBY (14). Ruby looks like your average high school
freshman, though a bit short. She has blonde hair and is the
slightest bit taller than Tom. The bell rings, but no
teacher is to be found. Ruby notices Tom and seems to like
him the moment she lays eyes on him.
Are you in the right school?
This makes Tom upset. He turns away in disgust. Ruby goes
after him apologetically.
Hey! Hey! I'm sorry, that was
really mean. I'm sorry. I'm sure
you get that too much.
Tom is still angry.


Yeah. I do.
I'm really sorry. I'm Ruby.
Tom's anger slowly vanishes as he looks Ruby straight in the
eyes for the first time. It is love at first sight. He
stutters when he speaks to her, taking forever to get his
name out.
I-I-I-I-I'm T-T-Tom. H-H-Hi.
You ok?
Clyde is sitting in his chair, staring blankly into space
while a PROCTOR reads him the directions for the test he
will be taking. As the Proctor speaks, CLYDE'S MIND responds
while Clyde remains silent.
Today you will be taking an exam
that will determine whether or not
you are qualified to take Advanced
Placement Physics at this high
                       CLYDE'S MIND
Yeah, ok. I know why I'm fucking
here, can we move along?
This test consists of 100 multiple
choice questions written by the
Physics teachers at this school
that must be completed without a
calculator with subjects including
Projectile Mechanics, Energy,
Gravity, Newton's Laws, Momentum,
Work, Vectors & Scalars, Friction,
Rotational Motion, Simple Harmonic
Motion, Waves & Optics, Magnetism,


                       PROCTOR (cont'd)
Electric Potential,
Electrostatics, Electromagnetic
Induction, Circuits, Capacitors,
Thermodynamics, Heat, Kinetic
Theory, Astrophysics, Quantum
Physics, Biophysics, Motion
Graphs, & Gauss's Law.
                       CLYDE'S MIND
Well shit, you definitely had to
read that all to me.
To qualify to take this course you
must correctly answer 90 out of
the 100 questions in 2 hours.
                       CLYDE'S MIND
Yeah, I read the letter you sent
me, would you please fucking talk
Are you prepared?
Clyde responds with a happier tone than the way he has been
speaking in his head.
Let's have it.
Excellent. You will begin in 30
The proctor hands him his exam.
                       CLYDE'S MIND
Alright. Thank god that's over.
Michael! Where you at?
A voice responds, who will be known as MICHAEL. Michael
literally is a voice inside Clyde's head that he uses on
tests. He yawns, as if he's just woken up. They begin a
conversation taking place entirely in Clyde's head.


Jesus, Clyde. How the hell have
you been?
                       CLYDE'S MIND
Enjoying my summer away from you.
Asshole. What's the subject?
                       CLYDE'S MIND
There is a pause.
What kind of Physics?
                       CLYDE'S MIND
Pretty much every kind, to keep it
There is another pause.
Eric is sitting next to Peter in English class which is run
by the teacher: MS. PUZO. The room contains a total of
around 15 people. The students are working on a written
assignment while Ms. Puzo grades an opener assignment. Ms.
Puzo is a white woman in her mid-forties with a noticeable
multi-colored afro. She finishes and stands up to speak to
the class.
                       MS. PUZO
Guys, your opener was well done on
most accounts, good job. I'll give
you ten more minutes on this
assignment. Eric, may I see you?
Eric doesn't respond.


                       MS. PUZO
Which one of you is Eric?
Peter nudges Eric and points in Ms. Puzo's direction.
Oh, my bad.
He gets up and walks to the front of the room as the
students keep working. He has trouble walking in a straight
line. When he gets there, Ms. Puzo is holding his opener
                       MS. PUZO
Can you tell me what's wrong with
She hands him the paper and he looks it over. As he does,
the assignment looks fine and well done. He looks back up at
What's the problem?
                       MS. PUZO
Read me the note at the bottom.
All assignments in this classroom
must be done in pen. Ok, so I did
it in pencil. Now what?
                       MS. PUZO
You have to go over it in pen.
That seems a bit unnecessary.
                       MS. PUZO
It's a rule.


Come on Ms. Puzo, just this once.
I mean, wasn't it well written?
                       MS. PUZO
I don't know, I don't read
anything not written in ink. Get
it to me by the end of the period.
Otherwise it's a zero.
They stare at each other for a few seconds. Eric has a
frustrated gaze while Ms. Puzo is triumphant. Defeated, Eric
goes back to his seat while Ms. Puzo smiles and begins to
speak to the class.
                       MS. PUZO
Let it be known that pencils are,
at all times, forbidden in this
class. Jackson, will you come with
me to the copy room and carry some
JACKSON, a ripped athlete, stands up and walks out with the
smiling Ms. Puzo. She is clearly happy to be close to him.
Peter laughs.
A bell rings. Ruby and Tom exit their classroom. They stand
socializing in the hallway. Tom stares at her with desire in
his eyes and is nervous when he speaks.
So, what's next?
Tom continues to study Ruby, not hearing her for a moment.
Oh, I'm going this way.
He nods to his left.


That's so unfortunate, I gotta go
that way.
She nods towards the other direction.
I guess I'll see you around?
Yeah, I guess so.
She puts her hand out to fist bump. Tom, a bit hesitant,
takes her fist and shakes it. He then finds it difficult to
let go.
Oh, I'm sorry.
He quickly lets her hand go.
See ya.
They turn in separate directions. We follow Tom who is in a
Oh my god.
Shane runs up behind him and grabs him.
Who was that?
Oh, her name's Ruby.
Oh yeah?


Is she cool?
Yeah. Really, really, really cool.
They both nod their heads. Shane is amused while Tom is a
bit embarrassed.
Anyways, I gotta go see my
No way, me too. I'm gonna drop out
of Calculus. Walk with me.
Shane begins speaking about his class, and Tom turns one
last time to get a glance of Ruby walking away. Just as he
turns his attention back towards Shane, Ruby turns her head
back towards Tom down the hallway.
Clyde has made it through the first bit of the test. He and
Michael are arguing over the answer to a question.
Clyde, I'm telling you right now.
You want to go back to number 12.
                       CLYDE'S MIND
Can you just lay off?
It's fucking wrong!


                       CLYDE'S MIND
Look, let's focus on this next
one. It's a projectile problem.
That'll be a piece of cake. Go
back to number 2.
                       CLYDE'S MIND
No! Fuck off!
A BUZZ sound is played. Clyde gets wide-eyed.
                       CLYDE'S MIND
Do you have a god damn buzzer on
You bet your ass.
He presses the buzzer several times in quick secession.
                       CLYDE'S MIND
That doesn't even make sense!
Would you kindly knock it off?
Go back to number 12 or I'll start
playing porn.
Tom is in his counselor meeting with his counselor, MS.
HINKLE. She is in her mid to late 40's with long hair. She
also is slightly obese and wears glasses. She goes over
Tom's report from his middle school and is very pleased.
                       MS. HINKLE
Wow, this is excellent. You're off
the charts in math and science.
Not to mention you're taking 2 AP
classes and you tested into junior
level French. You are looking good
coming in. How are you feeling so


Good. I haven't seen all my
teachers yet but for the most part
I'm fine.
                       MS. HINKLE
How's everything at home? What do
your parents do?
Tom immediately gets a morose look on his face.
Oh... my dad's a writer. I don't
see him a lot.
There's a short silence as Ms. Hinkle takes a look at Tom,
realizes that something is wrong, but doesn't say anything.
She goes back to her computer.
                       MS. HINKLE
Well, you're on the right track.
Keep it up Tom.
Thank you. I'll do my best. See
you around.
He gets up and walks out.
Tom walks down the hallway and is in deep thought. Tom hears
something behind him, turns and sees nothing. He then turns
back around to see that Drake has appeared, towering over
him. Tom bumps into him.
Stupid, dumb freshman walking
through the north wing where there
aren't any security guards.
Drake pulls out a switchblade.


People get hurt when there aren't
any security guards. Grab him.
The two other members of The Trio, who have appeared behind
Tom like ghosts, grab him and get him on the ground,
covering Tom's mouth as they do so. As Tom writhes around on
the ground, Drake speaks.
You know, a lot of things make me
angry, and that faggot you were
with earlier is one of them.
Here's the deal: you're gonna get
cut right now. Then, you're going
in this locker.
Drake opens the locker next to him.
If you're found before you bleed
out, understand these two things.
1, if we ever see you near that
guy again we'll just have to cut
you even deeper. 2, if you rat us
out for doing this you're gonna
lose your tongue. Now, how about
we get on with it.
Eric walks into the scene, still a bit high.
Hey! What the hell are you doing?
Drake showcases his switchblade.
You want some?
Not exactly, but would you let the
poor guy go? He's like half your
I'm thinking no.


Listen man. Humans were made to
love, not to stab.
That's true. However, stabbing
happens to be incredibly amusing.
So, checkmate. Now, back to the
fun stuff.
Shane runs up behind Drake and throws him against a locker.
The other two let go of Tom and sprint down the hallway with
Shane chasing after them with the knife that Drake dropped
until they round the corner out of sight. Shane turns around
and walks over to Drake who is completely disoriented. Shane
grabs him and throws him in the locker, shuts the door and
locks it. He looks at Tom, still on the ground, who looks
right back at him.
So. How was your meeting?
After about a moment Tom completely breaks down, still on
the ground.
My time to shine.
Eric sits next to Tom and throws his arms around him as he
cries. Soon enough, Eric starts crying as well.
It's ok brother. The world is an
evil place, but you just have to
get up every time you fall down.
You'll be alright man. You're
strong and you're beautiful. Don't
ever let anyone tell you
Eric begins to sob. Tom, who has stopped crying, looks up at
Shane with slight bewilderment. Shane rolls his eyes.
Tom, this is Eric. We go back a
long way.


Nice to meet you.
Always remember that you are
You ok?
Yeah. I'll be alright.
Thank god. Eric, for fucks sake
would you please give him some
room to breathe?
They both get up.
God damn it man, my head hurts
like a bitch!
Shane rapidly punches the locker 6 times. He turns away and
walks down the hallway with Tom and Eric.
Eric walks back into his classroom and sits down next to
Jack and Jerrell, who doing a worksheet. Eric looks up at
MR. BARRY, who is on his laptop.
Mr. Barry, it's the 17th or the
18th of January?
As if it were a normal question, he gives a straight-up
                       MR. BARRY
It is the 30th of August.
Eric stares off into space, perplexed with himself. Jack is
staring at him, dumbfounded while Jerrell just chuckles.


What are you on?
You know very well what I'm on.
He gets back to work.
Clyde and Michael have almost completed the test.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but if
Physics was not a subject many
lives would be made much easier.
Is that a valid statement?
                       CLYDE'S MIND
Blatantly wrong. Without Physics
the human race would never be
where it is today and could never
possibly advance. It's pretty
interesting and fun to be honest.
Also, I think an easy life is
synonymous with having a voice
inside your head that gets you
good scores on tests so it doesn't
matter to me.
You just stated that Physics was
fun. I have no choice but to
reward you with sex noises.
                       CLYDE'S MIND
Don't you dare.
Sex noises ring in Clyde's head.
15 minutes remain.
Clyde responds with his real voice.


Shut the fuck up!
The Proctor looks at Clyde, shocked.
Excuse me?
I'm so sorry, I was thinking about
something else.
Are you ok?
Yes, I'm fine. Thank you, sorry
He goes back into his head. Michael is essentially dying of
                       CLYDE'S MIND
I hate you.
You are fucking dumb, you are a
fucking dumb person. You've never
done that before, that was
                       CLYDE'S MIND
We have 15 minutes, 12 problems
left. Can we just do this?
He probably thinks you have
Tom is sitting at a lunch table with his sack lunch and a
book on the table. Nathan walks up and sits down.


I don't know how you got in here
so quickly.
My class is right upstairs.
I swear that line is going out the
front door of the school.
He pauses, pulls out his lunch and a beer. When Tom notices
the beer, he begins frantically looking around to make sure
nobody sees it.
      (Mimicking the
       guard at the door)
ID's out, ID's out, take that hat
off, stop fighting, release the
Dude! What the hell are you doing!
Whoa, chill out, what are you
talking about?
You just pulled out a beer in the
middle of a lunchroom! Put it
It's non-alcoholic. It's legal,
chill out!
Are you stupid? You're 14 and
drinking a beer in the middle of a
school lunchroom with at least 5
security guards. If you get caught
with that you're parents will go
to jail or something!


Ruby steps in.
Fancy meeting you here. Who's
She notices the beer.
I like your style, but you have
about ten seconds until one of
those guards see you and I
guarantee you they will find a
reason to taze you.
Nathan finally puts the beer away and throws his hands up.
Whatever. I'm gonna go get
something at the vending machine,
I'll be right back.
As he walks away, Ruby sits down.
He seems nice.
Yeah, he's really dumb.
Well, what can you do?
She pulls out her lunch.
So, how did 3rd period go for you?
There are SEVERAL SHOTS from the previous scene involving
Tom, Shane, Eric and The Trio. As Tom is thinking about
this, Ruby tries to get through to him.
Tom? You still here?
He snaps out of it.


Yeah, sorry. I blanked out a
Well, do tell.
It was fine, just a short excerpt
of my English class, after my
counselor meeting. I liked my
English teacher the best so far.
She talked a little about The
Great Gatsby being her favorite
book. That was my mom's favorite
Tom's face gets dark. He looks down. Ruby can tell what's
Yeah? I hear it's great.
She died.
I gathered. I'm sorry Tom.
A month ago.
Oh, Tom.
Tom's eyes have welled up.


I'm sorry, my Aunt told me that
talking about it made it easier
for her but I just can't right
Of course, Tom. Anytime you want
to, I'll listen. You talked to
your counselor?
How was that?
She basically called me a genius
and I left.
Wow. You know, I like geniuses.
Well, I like you.
There's a short pause as Ruby looks at Tom, flattered over
what he just said.
Another pause as Tom thinks over what to say. He meets her
Yeah, I do.
They stare at each other, both forming a smile. Nathan comes
back, sees this and backs away. Another group of people call
him over. He waves at them and walks towards them. We follow
him but eventually break off and focus on a new table, this
one with Clyde and his girlfriend JESSIE (15), who sit
across from Shane. They have just listened to Shane say
something frightening about Jack.


Wow. That's unsettling. That's one
of the most horrible things I've
ever heard in my life.
It sounds like he should see
someone. There might be something
going on in his life right now.
If there is, he's not telling me.
There isn't much he would keep
from me. I've been thinking a lot
about it lately and I'm getting
more and more worried about him.
What gets me most worried about
him is the way...
Shane eyes his girlfriend HANNAH (16) walking towards him.
He stands up.
Shane, now wearing entirely white clothing, walks towards
Hannah, also in white clothing, in a beautiful meadow.
Animals of all kinds frolic, and a pool of freshwater exists
in the distance complete with a small waterfall. They reach
each other, stare into each others eyes and begin to
passionately kiss each other.
We are now back in the cafeteria, with Shane and Hannah
making out in the middle of the room. Clyde and Hannah stare
at them awkwardly along with numerous others.
Are we supposed to be like that?
I really hope not.


As the bell rings the Calculus teacher, MR. WILLIAMS, stands
at the front of his classroom. He quiets everyone and begins
to give his introductions.
                       MR. WILLIAMS
Welcome to Calculus. My name is
Mr. Williams, and if you took the
intro class over the summer then
you've already gotten to know me.
As this year goes on, you will be
As he continues to talk, the group to the left of the room,
which contains Eric, Peter, and Antoine, starts to get
rowdy. They get to a high volume and Mr. Williams takes
                       MR. WILLIAMS
Uh, guys?
After a short silence the group erupts with laughter,
causing Eric to propel back in his seat and fall to the
Jack sits in the Viola section of the orchestra room. The
room slowly fills up, and eventually Tom takes the seat next
to him.
How's it going?
Good. I'm Tom.
Jack. Good first day?
It's ok, I guess. How about you?


I'm just letting time go by. I'm
gonna have sex with my girlfriend
tomorrow so that's all that I'm
really thinking about right now.
A moment of silence.
You must be excited.
Yeah. Very.
Clyde and Michael are wrapping up the test.
                       CLYDE'S MIND
Alright, less than a minute to go
with one problem left. Shall we go
for it?
Just mark it B. We've done all we
                       CLYDE'S MIND
Alright, I'll do it but if I get
this one wrong and I get an 89 I
promise I'll find a way to cut
your dick off.
I'll keep that in mind.
Time runs out.
Please put your pencil down and
bring me your scantron.
Clyde walks over to the Proctor with the scantron.


                       CLYDE'S MIND
Thanks a bunch Michael, always a
pleasure working with you. Even if
you are a prick.
Good bye for now, fucker.
Clyde now speaks to the Proctor.
Here you go. Thanks a bunch.
He turns to leave.
Hold on, don't you want to know if
you passed?
I can find that out now?
Yeah, I'll just run it through the
machine. It'll take 2 seconds. If
you pass, you can actually go to
the class next period so you end
up not missing any time at all.
He takes the scantron and slides it through a machine. He
picks it up and looks at it.
What is it?
Clyde is euphoric.
Fuck yeah!


The two exchange glances, and Clyde hurriedly leaves.
Tom is the first to enter the classroom. He sits down in the
front row, alone in the room. He hears noises come from the
office to his left. The Physics teacher, MR. EDWARDS, steps
out looking over a few papers. Mr. Edwards is a british
black man. He stands 6'2 and wears an entirely black suit.
He looks up and sees Tom looking at him. As the two speak,
other students enter and Mr. Edwards greets them
                       MR. EDWARDS
Good afternoon! I'm Mr. Edwards.
I'll be your Physics teacher this
I'm Tom. I guess I'll be your
                       MR. EDWARDS
Oh yes, you're the freshman taking
this course. I noticed you on my
attendance list. You must have
some serious gifts.
Tom shrugs, and Eric enters the room laughing hard. He bids
farewell to an unseen figure outside and walks over to the
desk next to Tom and sits down.
                       MR. EDWARDS
Oh, shit. I've got to run next
door, I'll be right back.
The camera focuses on Tom and Eric. Tom looks over at Eric,
who pays Tom no attention. Eventually, Eric slowly turns his
head in Tom's direction. He has no recollection of his
previous encounter with Tom.
Hi there.


Hey Eric.
Interesting. Have we met?
Yeah, earlier today. Remember,
with Shane?
Eric takes a moment to think, and is able to recall.
Oh hey!
At this point, Clyde enters the room and eyes Eric. He takes
the seat next to him. Eric sees him, reacting indifferently,
never making full eye contact.
Hey, Clyde. I didn't know you were
in this class.
Guess who passed the test.
That's awesome. Congrats.
So, can we talk about Jack for a
hot second?
I haven't seen him. What about
You haven't heard about him and
What, that they're gonna fuck?
Yeah, I heard from Shane. I don't
get why it's big news.


It's not, really, but that's not
all. Shane's worried about him.
Let me tell you what he told me at
Jack has entered the room.
Shane's worried about who?
Since when are you in this class?
I'm not, I took this class last
year. I'm right next door in US
History, though.
Then come with me to the water
fountain, we have to discuss
things regarding you and a female.
Eric, come with?
I'll pass.
Alright. Eric, I'll call you
later. Say hi to Edwards for me.
Hi Tom!
Clyde and Jack leave the room. Eric turns toward Tom swiftly
after Jack says his name, realizing that Jack knows Tom.
How do I know you, again?
A classroom of students is being lectured by a female
teacher, MS. RUOCCO, giving introductions. While she speaks,
Shane fantasizes Hannah walking up behind him, fondling and
kissing him all over.


                       MS. RUOCCO
I know for some of you this is
your first AP science course, and
I'll try my best to make it a good
experience. Anyways, there's
around ten minutes left and I want
you to work on that sheet for the
rest of class. You can work alone,
in partners, groups, whatever. Go,
see how far you get.
The whole class starts moving. Some desks move, some don't.
People get out pencils and pens and start conversing. The
camera focuses on Shane and Jack, who have shifted their
desks to face each other.
Well, I have to say she was pretty
Are you kidding me? She just used
almost the entire period telling
us about a one night stand she had
in college which incomprehensibly
led to her switching into a
Biology major.
She is definitely a MILF, though.
You can't deny me that.
I'm doing my best to stay faithful
to my girlfriend so I'm gonna not
answer that. Speaking of which,
how about Kathy?
I don't know, what about her?
It's a pretty fucking huge
decision. What does she think of


She doesn't have a clue... well
she probably knows that the
subject's gonna come up soon
You haven't told her? How can you
know she feels the same way?
How could she not? We've been
together since the first day of
middle school and I've known her
since kindergarten. I hope you're
not offended, but she's my best
You've never even talked to her
about it?
No, I guess not.
Jack, you can't tell me this is a
good idea. Look, I haven't told
you yet but I'm gonna have sex
with Hannah this weekend too.
We've been planning it for months.
No fucking way. You've been
planning it for months, how could
you not tell me?
I'm sorry, it was something
special that I didn't want to
share with anyone else. Everything
with her is special. She's
enslaved me. I assume you know the


Yeah, I do. I'd do anything for
Kathy, and she'd do anything for
me. Trust me, we're both ready for
How do you know?
I just know.
But you've never even brought it
up with her. Hannah and I have
been talking about this for over 2
Then have a good time with her.
Honestly, you guys have barely
been together a year, I've been
with Kathy for six. I'll deal with
her, you have fun with Hannah.
Fine. Honestly, it's gonna be
great. She got on birth control so
I don't have to use a condom. It's
gonna be euphoric, dude.
Shane. You're saying I have a bad
plan and then you're gonna sit
there and tell me you're not gonna
use a condom?
Dude, I said she's on the pill.
She can't get pregnant.
Alright, what if you get HIV or


Come on, neither of us have an
How can you know that?
I just know.
They stare at each other for a brief moment in silence.
Listen, will you just be careful
I will if you will.
Alright, wanna take off early?
Yeah, she's not coming back.
They stand up and put their stuff in their bags.
Maybe neither of us should have
They stand for a moment, pondering over this statement.
That's a terrible idea.
Yeah, fuck that.
They walk out of the room.


Shane and Jack walk across the field in front of the school.
There are students everywhere on their way home. They talk
as they walk and reach the sidewalk, where they run into
Yo, what are we on?
Friday Night Lights later tonight.
I'm down, I love that show.
No, the football game tonight.
Ah, my bad. Yeah, I'll be there.
I'm gonna stay home tonight.
The hell you are, come to the
Nah, I've always been a basketball
guy anyways.
Just for the first half?
I'm all for it. I'd better take
off. I'll see you around.
Nah, I've always been a basketball


Are you serious? Everyone's gonna
be there, it's gonna be a
I'm not interested in a brawl, and
I know there's gonna be one.
Yeah, no doubt. Just come for the
first half.
You're such a nerd. Alright, I'll
snapchat you or something. See you
Both turn around and walk in separate directions. However,
Shane runs right into TOM, almost knocking him over.
Oh, shit. My bad, man. Oh hey Tom!
Hey Shane, sorry for running into
Tom continues in the direction he was walking, and after a
little while Ruby runs up behind him and hugs him.
Attack hug!
Hey, Ruby.
How'd the second half of your day


Well, I'm more or less affiliated
with juniors now.
No shit. How'd that happen?
I'm just in their classes with
them, I don't know if it's good or
Are they sketchy?
You could say that.
Are you coming to the game
As she finishes speaking, her friend HAYLEY walks up and
starts talking to her. As they talk, Tom says goodbye but
Kathy doesn't hear him. Looking disappointed, Tom walks off.
After a short while longer, Kathy stops to introduce Tom.
Anyways, have you met Tom?
She looks over to where Tom was standing but sees that he's
The shorty? He took off a little
while ago.
Damn. Alright, let's head.
Shane and Eric walk down a tranquil sidewalk.


So, I take it Biology wasn't a
huge disaster?
It was alright. Teacher's a bit of
an airhead.
You talked to Jack?
Yeah. He's making a bad move,
talking about being spontaneous
with her about it.
Why is that a bad move?
If I said "let's have sex" to you
right now, how would you respond?
We haven't been in a relationship
for 6 years.
Well, I guess that's true. But I
don't know man, isn't she a big
Don't talk down to catholics, you
know I was raised a catholic.
Oh yeah? How's being an
abomination going for you?
Fine. What the hell does Kathy
being catholic have to do with
anything, and please think about
what you're saying before you say


All catholics value purity before
marriage, am I wrong?
God Shane, you are such a fucking
atheist it actually hurts. Listen,
Jack is going to be fine. Forget
about him.
They stop talking for a brief moment. Suddenly, Shane's eyes
well up with tears and Eric takes notice.
Oh my god. Holy shit! I'm sorry,
are you crying?
Fuck off.
I'm really sorry but I haven't
seen you cry in years. This is
amazing, you're so vulnerable!
I'm gonna hurt you, I swear.
Fine. Seriously, what's wrong?
Shane, Jack is going to be fine.
No he's not! You don't understand,
he didn't tell you.
Eric and Shane stop in their tracks.
Tell me what? Sit down.


They sit down underneath a tree.
He's been having dreams. For over
a month now, he's been having
absolutely horrible dreams. It's
every night, no exceptions. I
don't know how he can manage. He
told me about some of them, and it
was really hard to listen to. The
things he does in them are just
Tell me.
Shane takes a moment to organize his thoughts.
Alright, it goes like this.
Jack opens the front door of his car and exits. Wearing
sunglasses and a trench coat, he walks up to the front door
of an elementary school and opens the door.
He walks up to the secretary.
How may I help you?
He removes his sunglasses so the Secretary can see his eyes.
She gets a facial expression that is horrified. Putting his
sunglasses back on, Jack continues on his way, walking up a
flight of stairs. He rounds a few corners before arriving at
a classroom door. He takes out a fully loaded machine gun
from his trench coat. He opens the door and enters.


He takes a brief moment to see the class in progress. He
then opens fire on the classroom until the clip is empty and
everyone in the room is dead, except for one kid who writhes
on the ground in extreme pain. Jack walks over to the kid
and sits down, taking off his sunglasses. We now see that he
has no eyes, just two black holes. He pulls out a grenade
from his coat and pulls the pin. He then tussles the kid's
hair for a few seconds before we

We get a WIDE SHOT of the school for a few seconds. We then
hear an explosion from inside the building.
Eric is processing what he has just been told. He eventually
finds the words.
That's severely fucked up.
You see where I'm coming from?
I definitely see why you're
worried about him, but I still
don't see what that has to do with
Jack and Kathy having sex.
Hear me out. Maybe there's a slim
possibility, but what if she says
no. I know it's been six years,
but what if she wants to wait
longer or just doesn't want the
experience yet? Just, what if it
goes wrong? What if she leaves


Ok, let's say that happens. What
Well, I think we can assume that
he would be overwhelmingly
devastated, and what gets me about
these dreams is not just the
horrible things that he does in
the dreams. What gets me worried
the most is how they all end. I
only gave you one example, but
every dream that he's had for the
past month has ended with him
killing himself.
The two sit underneath the tree in silence. Eric stares off
into space, pondering with Shane.
Clyde enters his house, throwing his school stuff on the
couch. Sitting down at his dining room table, he takes out
his cell phone and dials a number. Eventually TIMMY, an
8-year-old boy, answers the phone. Clyde was expecting it to
be one of Timmy's parents.
Hey! Is that Timmy?
Yes. Who's this?
It's Clyde!
Whoa, you sound different on the


I know, kiddo. Listen, I'm gonna
be over at 6. Tell your mom and
dad that, alright?
I'll let them know. Can we get
pizza tonight?
Whatever you want, man.
Awesome! Alright, I'll see you
Alright buddy, I'll see you at 6.
He hangs up the phone. The smile he had on his face
immediately is wiped off as he stares into space, pondering
over something that is bothering him.
Shane and Eric stand in crowded bleachers watching the game
in progress.
So, our opening drive which you
said would result in a touchdown
ended up being a punt from the 35
yard line.
What's your lady friend up to
Probably out slamming a few down
with her BFF's.
Since when can you have more than
one BFF? Having more than one best
friend forever, sound kind of


                       ERIC (cont'd)
Mormon doesn't it?
Eric, shut the fuck up.
Eric reaches into his pocket and pulls out 2 joints, putting
one behind his ear, and a lighter.
Eric, if you're just doing what
you're doing to get my attention,
it worked. Put them away.
Why can't I light up? What's the
Because there's a security officer
right over there. He'll see you
and you'll get thrown out. Did you
actually think that was ok or are
you just naturally dumb?
Eric ponders over this for a moment.
Clyde sits on the sofa next to Timmy. He reads a book while
Timmy alternates his attention between an iPad and the
television. Clyde takes a look at the clock to his left
which reads 9:30.
Hey, kiddo. Time for bed.
Just a little longer?


You were supposed to be in bed a
half hour ago. You need sleep man,
this is my bedtime most nights and
I'm twice your age.
Timmy stands up.
Hey, I'll tell you what. Get your
pajamas on, come back downstairs
and we'll have ice cream.
A beaming smile forms on Timmy's face. He gives Clyde a big
hug which Clyde hesitantly returns.
You're the best, Clyde.
I don't know about that, but it's
nice to hear.
They break off the hug.
Will you come up with me?
Actually, I'm on a roll with this
book today and I'm gonna see if I
can get to the end of this chapter
before you get back down.
Alright, I'll be right back.
Timmy walks off. Clyde waits until he is out of earshot,
watching the child intently as he leaves, and takes a deep
breath. He then turns his head to the right and looks out
the window. He is startled to see Jessie staring back at


Jessie erupts with laughter. She points towards the back
door. Clyde, annoyed, stands up and walks to the door and
opens it. She walks in.
What the hell is wrong with you?
I'm sorry. That was hilarious, but
I'm really sorry.
No, you're not.
No, I'm not.
They lean in and kiss. As they talk, they make their way
over to the couch and sit down.
Is the squirt in bed?
He'll be back down in about a
minute. I promised him late night
ice cream after I already let him
stay up till now. He just went
upstairs to put on his pajamas.
Lucky kid. Should I dip out of
He'll keep quiet. He always does.
All I need to hear.
She leans in again.


Hey, he's gonna be back down like
And what, he'll see us smooching?
It's not like he hasn't seen it
from his parents before.
C'mon Jessie.
C'mon Clyde.
She leans in and Clyde gives in. They passionately kiss,
throwing their arms around each other. After a few seconds
Timmy returns, wearing only boxers.
Clyde, my mom left-
The couple break off quickly and turn their attention to the
boy. Clyde appears enthralled, unable to take his eyes off
of him. Jessie stands and moves over to Timmy, kneeling down
beside him to get on his eye level. The two clearly have met
many times before.
                       TIMMY (cont'd)
Oh, sorry. Hi Jessie.
Hey, cutie. Don't worry about it,
it was my fault. Did you forget
your clothes?
I forgot, mommy washed my pajamas
earlier but never took them out of
the dryer.
The dryer's in the basement,


Yeah, but, will you come with me
to get them? It's scary down
Jessica smiles.
Let's go. Clyde, you coming?
Clyde, still staring at Timmy, doesn't respond.
Hey, Clyde.
He snaps out of it.
Sorry. You take him, I'll make the
ice cream.
      (To Timmy)
I think Clyde is more scared of
the basement than you.
      (To Clyde)
Time for some exposure therapy.
She gets up and pulls Clyde off the couch.
The three stand at the opened basement door, in front of
them are steps that lead into a dark abyss. Clyde seems a
bit uneasy, while Jessie and Timmy converse normally while
holding hands.
No light switch?
It's at the bottom of the stairs.
See what I mean?


Definitely. Well, I doubt anything
can get us if we go down together.
Let's go for it.
They descend the steps into the dark. About 3/4 down, they
Hold on, did you hear that?
No, what?
They wait a couple seconds, before Timmy looks up at Jessica
who smiles.
I'm so sorry, I just had to. It's
in my nature.
They reach the bottom of the stairs and turn on the lights.
This is creepy even with the
lights on. Where's the dryer at?
Right over here.
They walk over to where the washer and dryer are.
Alright, let's see what we got
here. Clyde, sit him on the washer
will ya?
Hesitantly, Clyde picks up Timmy and puts him on the washer
while Jessica opens the dryer door. She quickly produces
some pajamas and brings them up to Timmy.


These look like pajamas to me.
Stick your legs out for me.
He complies and she puts the pants on him.
Arms up.
She puts the shirt on him.
You good with that?
She tussles his hair.
Alright. How about that ice cream?
Timmy, holding a stuffed animal, is being tucked in by
Jessica while Clyde stands in the doorway.
Now, did that bowl hit the spot or
Glad to hear it. Alright, Timmy.
I'll see you again soon ok?
Ok. Good night Jessie.
Sweet dreams.


They give each other a hug. They let go, she pecks him on
the cheek and she stands up.
I'm not sure how I feel about this
affection you're showing him but I
don't think I like it.
How about you step up your game
some, boy?
He brings his mouth to her ear and WHISPERS.
Wait downstairs and I'll show you
my A-game.
He's 5 feet away, he can hear your
words you moron.
She exits and Clyde sits next to Timmy.
You all good?
Alright. Hey, none of this
happened. Got it?
Got it.
Awesome. Sleep tight, little man.
Timmy lunges up and gives Clyde another BIG HUG, taking him
by surprise. Eventually he returns the hug.
I love you.


This makes Clyde's eyes start to well up. He is bothered by
Timmy's words. He is hesitant to reply, but he gives in.
I love you too.
He sets Timmy back down, kisses him on the forehead, and
stands up. He walks out of the door, leaving the door open a
Jessica has discarded her shirt and waits on the couch for
Clyde. He arrives, still a bit emotional.
Take me, baby.
She notices his eyes.
Hey, you alright?
Yeah. The kid just told me he
loved me.
Oh my god, that's so sweet! Did
you say it back?
Of course I did.
He sits down.
You must be babysitter of the
year. Kind of a turn on.
Is it?


They start to kiss again. They pull each other close. After
a few moments, Jessica brings Clyde's hands to her breasts.
She reaches down and puts her hand on his leg, rubbing him.
How does that feel?
Clyde's eyes shoot open. He gets face to face with Jessica
and instead sees Timmy, once again in just his underwear.
This makes Clyde shout.
What the fuck!
What? Clyde, what's the matter?
He shakes his head and sees Jessica again.
He stands up.
I'm really sorry, Jessie. I'm not
feeling myself right now. I don't
know what it is.
Will you be ok?
Yeah, I just need to be alone
right now.
Ok. I'll head home.
She redresses.
Gimme a call tomorrow, ok?
You got it. Be safe, alright?


They kiss, and she walks out the back door. Clyde stands by
the door for a moment and then moves toward the
Clyde shuts the door behind him and takes his pants off. He
begins to MASTURBATE. There are SEVERAL SHOTS from the
previous scene of Jessica as he fantasizes about her. After
a moment, these thoughts are interrupted by thoughts of
Timmy in his underwear. The thoughts battle, he tries to
force the thoughts of Timmy out but it is no good. Soon
enough his thoughts are only of Timmy which leads to his
EJACULATION. Breathing heavily, he sinks to the floor
Jack is playing his violin. He finishes an exercise and sits
on the couch and opens up his phone. His desktop photo is of
Kathy. He closes his phone and opens a coke.
Shane enters his house through the front door.
He looks upstairs, and then shouts towards the downstairs
Mom, you home?
Hearing nothing, he scurries over to his fridge and pulls
out two beers. He's walking into the living room before ERIC
busts through the front door. Shane, thinking it's his mom,
hides the beers behind him. He slams it shut and leans
against it.
They're pretty damn angry.


God damn it, who's out there?
Somebody named Wayne and 5 other
motherfuckers. I was way ahead of
them, I doubt they saw me come in
Well then, pull up a chair. Let's
cut these lights off.
Shane tosses him a beer. They walk into the living room
where they both sit down and light a couple candles.
Your mom's not home?
Probably either on her way or in a
surgery. She didn't text me.
She gonna care that these beers
are gone?
Nah, she's chill.
They have a slight awkward silence where ERIC is embarrassed
and SHANE is touched.
Well, they've probably gone. I'm
gonna head out. Thanks for the
You got it. Take care of yourself.
He nods and sees his way out.


We hear violin music being played. The music stops and we
hear the violin being set down. The camera pans downward
until we see TOM marking something on his sheet music. He
picks up his violin again and is interrupted by his father
Don't even think about it.
Tom turns and sees his father watching him.
Don't play that piece of shit
thing again.
Dad. Please.
Put it down or I'll snap it in
Tom reluctantly complies. When he looks back up, Malcolm is
staring at him with an ugly expression of pure anger.
Who the hell do you think you are?
Where were you all afternoon?
I came home right after school,
I've been here the whole time.
MALCOLM points a finger at him.


Don't you dare get smart with me.
Another stare that lasts a few seconds.
You might as well get this now.
These 4 years are gonna be a
living hell for you.
MALCOLM turns away and walks upstairs. TOM turns around and
sits at the table before burying his face into his hands and
We get another WIDE SHOT of CLYDE's living room. CLYDE is at
his computer, doing his usual thing. There are Coke cans
everywhere the eye can see. ERIC walks in, still beat up and
bruised from the fight. CLYDE looks up at him and gives him
a look that says "what the hell?" and ERIC can only shrug
and walk away. He walks back to where he was.
Brother, what the fuck happened to
your head?
Eric rolls his eyes and starts toward his room.
Dad's upstairs.
This stops Eric in his tracks.
Is he conscious?
He's on the floor in his room. I
couldn't get him into his bed.
All good. He can sleep on the
floor. He'll be gone tomorrow
morning anyways.


Hey, Eric?
What's up?
How's it going?
Pretty good. How about you?
I'm doing good. I just was
thinking and, well... I love you.
I- I love you too. You good?
Yeah, I'm good. I'll see you
Ok. Good night.
A sudden realization comes over Eric. He walks a few steps,
but again stops and turns his head towards
By the way, I don't know what you
did but somebody named Wayne wants
to break you. Just so you know.
He walks away. CLYDE rolls his eyes and closes his computer.
He picks up his Coke and walks off.
The regulars of the weed house are present with 5 new
members, a JAZZ QUINTET:

1. Trumpet


2. Tenor Saxophone
3. Piano
4. Upright Bass
5. Drum Kit

The quintet plays "A Night in Tunisia".
We get a shot of a sidewalk that's pretty close up, so that
only a few tiles are seen. It is the very late evening, with
a bit of light still existing. After a very long shot of
nothing but the sidewalk and the bushes rustling next to it,
Eric and Jerrell sprint across the screen, with Eric in
front. We get a frontal shot of Eric with Jerrell right
behind him. They both periodically look back while running.
They come to the corner of the sidewalk, where they stop to
catch their breath.
Did we lose them?
Maybe for now, but we're not safe
Eric looks around, planning his tactics.
Alright, listen, we gotta split
this guy. You're gonna head that
way and wrap around the library.
I'm going the other way. On your
way, call Marcus and tell him to
pick us up. We meet at the front
corner of the school in 10
minutes. Got it?
I didn't hear any of that, but
let's go!


On that queue, they run right into each other. They quickly
get up and Eric screams in his face. A police car then
speeds into view about 50 yards from their position, and
they take off. We follow Eric, who runs with his head turned
behind him. He sees the car come speeding into view and turn
in his direction. He quickens his pace, and runs full speed
ahead without looking behind him. After making it down the
block he turns the corner and turns his head, seeing that
the cop car is right behind him. He dives into an alleyway
and the car overshoots him, going offscreen. We hear the
brakes skid on the street and a crash as Eric continues down
the alleyway. He stops to catch his breath. Leaning on a
wall, his phone rings. He picks it up.
      (Over the phone
We see Peter walking away from a burning building that is,
in fact, the Weed House. There are firemen working to put
out the fire and police everywhere.
What the hell did you do?!
Eric can say nothing. He stares off into space, pondering
the past events of the day.



We open to a SLAVE PLANTATION during the period of
ANTEBELLUM SOUTH. It is mid-day, with the hot fully exposed
on a cloudless summer day. Slaves are working in cotton
fields while masters ride on horses. We follow MADAME, a
young slave woman working in the field. She is approached
from behind by a slave master, who roughly spins her around
to face him. He hands her a bucket and points toward a barn
with opened front doors. She nods and begins walking towards
the barn. As she nears her destination, she notices a
teenaged boy smoking a cigar by the front of the barn.
Leaning against the wall with his head down, he wears a hat
that makes his face impossible to see. Madame walks past him
and into the barn.
Once she is inside, she walks over to a container of water
and fills the bucket. She turns around and sees the boy
standing in the threshold of the barn, his face still tilted
downwards so his face is unseen. He then brings his face up
so we are able to ascertain the boy's identity: Jack. He
stares at Madame blankly for a moment before slowly walking
towards her. Madame has become fearful to the millionth
degree. She knows what is about to happen and she knows
there's nothing she can do about it. As he approaches her,
she drops the bucket of water. Jack then reaches her and
gently puts his hands on her and places her on the ground.
He begins to undress and molest Madame, who seemingly is
powerless to do anything. Jack, keeping an expressionless
face, now lies on top of Madame and begins to thrust inside
of her. He finishes after a short time and rolls off of her.
Madame redresses and stands. She picks up the bucket and
walks off without looking back. Jack, now sitting, sheds a
SINGLE TEAR. He then produces a razor from his pocket, takes
a moment to look at it, and swiftly brings it to his neck.
Jack awakens from his nightmare covered in SWEAT. He is
lying on his couch in his living room. He breathes HEAVILY
with WIDE EYES. After a moment, he looks to his left and
sees Eric standing 5 feet from him, causing him to SCREAM.


What the fuck, dude!
Calm down.
How'd you get in here?
I've known you for all my life,
bro. I can break into your house
if I want to.
That's frightening.
Did you have a bad dream?
Yeah, really bad.
How've your dreams been lately?
Jack shoots him a glare.
Shane told you, didn't he.
Shane? No. What would he tell me?
Jack raises his eyebrows, demanding Eric speak the truth.
Fine. He told me yesterday.
God damn it.
He's worried about you man. Give
him a break, he cares about you,
and I do too.


You aren't worried about me like
him, are you?
I mean, bad dreams happen.
I mean about me having sex.
Oh. No man, not at all. I think
he's being a tad unreasonable.
You're telling me, especially when
he's gonna tell me he's not gonna
use a condom.
What did you say?
He's not gonna use a condom when
they fuck today.
They're having sex? He didn't say
shit to me!
He told me yesterday in Bio.
That prick doesn't tell me
For all we know they're on it
right now.
We see Shane's empty living room. Soon, we hear the faint
sounds of sexual intercourse. The volume increases


consistently until we

Shane lies on his couch, staring at his ceiling,
anticipating the arrival of Hannah. He wears a T-shirt and
baggy shorts. The door bell RINGS, and a smile forms on his
face. He walks over to the door and opens it. Hannah stands
staring back at him before a smile forms on her face. She
wears a T-shirt and jeans. Shane reaches his hand out and
brings Hannah into his house. He shuts the door and puts his
hands around her waist, embracing her from behind. They
remain this way for a few seconds before he plants a kiss on
her cheek. She turns around and throws her arms around him.
They embrace for a little while, with Shane tussling
Hannah's hair. They break off and kiss each other. When they
finally stop, they walk upstairs into
The couple sit on Shane's bed and proceed to passionately
kiss each other for an extended period of time. They break
off and Shane breaks the silence.
You sure?
Hannah nods.
They bring their foreheads together, and Shane gives Hannah
an eyelash kiss. She giggles and proceeds to passionately
kiss Shane again. They finally break off and Hannah this
time breaks the silence.
You ready?
You bet.


The two begin to undress each other, kissing each other with
each free moment. Hannah lifts Shane's shirt over his head,
before Shane does the same for Hannah. Shane then reaches
around and unhooks Hannah's bra. Hannah's breasts now
exposed, the 2 pull each other even closer together. Hannah
pulls Shane's shorts off while Shane kisses Hannah's chest.
Shane then pulls Hannah's jeans off and places her on the
bed lying down. He gets on top of her, places both of his
hands on her breasts and continues to passionately kiss his
love. After a while, Hannah sits up and takes off Shane's
underwear. Shane, now naked, is placed on his back by Hannah
who puts his penis in her mouth. Shane is loving every
minute, but must stop her after a short while to avoid
erupting. He spins her around and feels her breasts, kissing
her cheek and neck. He pulls her last item of clothing off
and throws it away. Shane takes a brief moment to look at
the now naked Hannah from behind. He reaches around and
places his hand on Hannah's vagina while kissing her neck.
Hannah is euphoric. Shane continues to fondle Hannah and
starts to stimulate her clitoris with his finger. They both
begin to breathe more heavily and rapidly. She stops him and
spins around. They kiss again, and break off. Shane lies
Hannah down and spreads her legs apart. He brings his mouth
down to her vagina and proceeds to stimulate her clitoris
with his tongue for an extended period of time. He breaks
off and gets on top of her. He looks at her for one last
confirmation, to which she responds with a nod. He smiles
and kisses her again. He then very, very slowly slides his
penis into her vagina. When it is all the way in, he kisses
her again and then proceeds to move inside her very slowly.
It is passionate love making at its finest. During this, the
couple lock eyes and smile at each other. As they continue
to make love, they near climax. They speed up their
movements only slightly and moan with pleasure. Eventually,
they simultaneously ejaculate and scream with pleasure and
ecstasy. They stare at each other with wonder, tears in both
of their eyes. Shane then brings his face to her ear and
whispers in.
I love you.
Hannah smiles with pure joy while Shane gives her ear a
quick nibble.


I love you too. I love you so
They passionately kiss again, Shane still on top of Hannah.
They eventually break off and spoon. They close their eyes
and Shane kisses Hannah on her cheek. She then places his
hand on her breast while Shane tussles her hair with the
other hand.
Well, let's hope it goes well.
Anyways, what exactly are you
doing here?
I just came to say hi. These are
your last moments as a virgin.
It's pretty cool.
I'm a bit nervous. I've been
meaning to ask you. how would you
describe sex in one word?
That's just a silly question.
Also, you might not want to ask a
guy that's been taking it up the
ass for a year.
So Jerrell's the giver.
Interesting. How's your brother's
sex life by the way?


He's still with Jessie. It's going
good, for all I know.
For all you know. You guys never
really went together, did you?
It's my fault. I never hang out
with him, and we always fought
when we were little. That was his
fault though, he was a little
fucker. We get along now, but we
don't talk a lot. It makes me feel
bad, really. I feel like I'm
missing out on being a big
I'm not an expert on sibling
relations for obvious reasons, so
I can't give you any good advice.
However, I can tell you that
nothing will change if you just
talk about it.
What's it like, being the only kid
in the house?
Well, when my parents are gone,
which is a lot, it's nice to be
able to masturbate anywhere. I
consider that a huge plus. I
really like smoking a lot when
they're not around. I don't really
have anyone my age in the house to
talk to when my parents get crazy,
though. I've never really thought
about it until now.


I think I envy you in a way. It's
not that he did anything but
sometimes I wish it was just me.
Really? Come on, Eric, that's
ridiculous. You have a brother,
you have a bond with him. You just
haven't used it yet. Take him to
the house or something.
I don't want to pressure him into
anything, and I don't know how he
feels about stuff like that. I
don't even know how he feels about
me being gay.
He goes to the LGBT group at
school three times a week.
He does?
God, Eric. This is disgraceful.
You want to know how he feels
about things, ask him. You share a
house with him.
Jack receives a text.
Speak of the devil. He just texted
me he's that he's babysitting
tonight. When he gets home you
guys should talk.
Since when does he babysit?
Leave my house.


They both stand up and walk over to the front door. Eric
opens it and walks out.
Hey, Eric?
Eric turns around.
How do I look?
Manly. Have fun, ok?
See you later.
He shuts the door and Eric walks off.
Tom and Nathan are socializing about their lives.
How come I don't see your dad
anymore? I haven't seen him for
like a month.
He's started writing. So he spends
a lot of his time upstairs by
Nathan's phone rings and he answers it. While he's talking
Tom looks at the stairs to the second floor. We ZOOM IN on
the staircase and we hear a faint yell and bang from one of
the upstairs rooms. This frightens Tom before being tapped
on the shoulder by Nathan, causing him to scream.
Jesus, man. Are you ok?
Yeah, I'm fine. You just caught me
off guard is all.


Ok. Well, anyways I have some bad
news. My Grandma just fell down,
and they put her in the hospital.
Oh, I'm sorry man.
He stands up.
                       NATHAN (cont'd)
And unfortunately my brother says
I have to go now, I guess
everyone's going to see her. So, I
guess I'll see you around.
Tom grows worried.
You have to go right now?
Yeah, I'm sorry man. I'll text you
Alright, see you soon.
Tom, is everything ok?
Yes. Everything's good.
Nathan sees himself out. Tom sighs. His phone rings and he
picks it up.


      (over the phone
Hey Tom, it's your aunt.
Hey, what's up.
I'm just checking in.
We get a shot of Jack's front door. We hear the doorbell
ring and Jack swiftly walks to the door and opens it. There
stands Kathy. Kathy is Jack's height, has long brown hair
and wears a brown skirt with a red top.
Have I passed my trials of
You may enter.
They laugh, and she almost jumps on him. They start to make
out. Jack kicks the door shut and they stumble over to their
couch, not stopping to look where they're going. They fall
over the arm of the couch and continue kissing.
Eric walks down a sidewalk while dialing a number on his
phone. When he pushes the call button, the screen splits
down the middle, with Eric on the left and Antoine on the
right. Antoine picks up his cell. He speaks with a very laid
back tone, as the Cannabis effects have kicked in.
Bro, where the hell are you?
I'm on my way. I had to talk to
Jack real quick.


Get here on the double, aight?
I'm less than ten minutes away.
See you then. Peter texted me and
said he'll be here a bit later.
Aight, I'll see you soon.
The right side of the screen collapses as they hang up.
However, Eric remains on the left side while the right side
stays dark as Eric dials another number. When he hits the
call button, Marcus appears on the right side, driving his
van. He picks up the phone.
Hey man, you on your way?
Ima be there in an hour, I gotta
attend to my wife real quick.
After he says this, a hand comes from behind Marcus in the
back seat, which he quickly shoos away.
Alright. Peter's gonna show up
around the same time as you.
Aight. See you when I see you.
He hangs up, and Eric once again dominates the whole screen.
He sends one more text before putting his phone in his
Tom is in his living room sitting in the same place as
before. The TV is on, but TOM pays no attention, in deep


thought. He stares off for a couple seconds before we hear
footsteps. We now get an EXTREME CLOSE UP of Malcolm's feet,
in flip flops, as he walks down his stairs. When he reaches
the bottom, they enter a staring contest. After a few very
long seconds, Malcolm breaks the silence, speaking slowly
and with rage.
I don't ever want that little
faggot here again. Why is it that
you feel the need to push me over
the edge?
Dad, what happened?
What the hell are you bitching
What happened to you? You weren't
ever like this when mom was...
Your mother. How can you possibly
even mention her?
Tears are in Tom's eyes now.
Why can't you get it through your
head that she abandoned us? She
left us all alone. She's never
coming back, and you think that
listening to that damn voicemail
will change that.
Tom buries his face into his hands.
Well, guess what! We're never
going to see her again, and to top
it off she left me to look after a
piece of trash!


This sets off Tom. He stands up and moves toward his father
as if he's about to strike him.
Fuck you!
Malcolm responds by punching his son, who falls to the
ground. He then picks him up, and throws him across the
kitchen table. He hits the floor with a thud, and his father
escorts himself back upstairs after grabbing a couple beers
from the fridge. After he is out of sight, Tom picks himself
back up and sits in his chair. He now has a black eye. He
cries in silence before taking his cell phone out. He dials
a number and puts the phone up to his ear.
      (Over the phone
Hi, you've reached Jennifer, I
can't come to the phone right now,
but if you leave a message with
your name and number, I'll get
back to you as soon as I can.
He dials the number again and listens to the message one
more time. By now, he is crying almost hysterically.
Hi, you've reached Jennifer, I
can't come to the phone right now,
but if you leave a message with
your name and number, I'll get
back to you as soon as I can.
He lets it run and leaves a message after the beep.
Hi mom. I haven't talked to you in
so long. Dad went crazy and it all
fell apart. Why did you have to
go? You can't be gone. You have to
come back. I miss you so much. I
just want you to come back.
He hangs up the phone and slowly walks out of the house.


Jack and Kathy are in the kitchen finding edible foods and
drinks. After they make their selections, they escort
themselves towards a flight of stairs. Jack stops and looks
out the window.
Wow, it's getting dark kinda
How romantic.
She grabs his shirt and pulls him along with her.
JERRELL and ANTOINE are smoking Cannabis as ERIC walks in.
They give him a warm welcome.
Come on in.
Gladly. It's gonna be a good
night. Gimme one of those, will
Eric pulls out a lighter.
Jack and Kathy sit cuddled together watching their movie on
a sofabed in a very affluent looking basement.
Eric, Jerrell and Antoine continue to converse in the dimly
lit room as the night goes on. They are all high, but can
still hold a conversation.


I feel like I should be his hero,
you know? I mean, our parents
don't give a shit about us. I
should be there for him more.
Yeah man, I feel you.
And I'm thinking, what if it's
weed that's getting in the way? I
spend so much time here that I
could be spending with him.
How about you stop for a while?
That's what I'm thinking man.
That's mature, man. You serious
about it?
I'll do it man. I love my brother,
I'll do it for him.
I'll do it with you. Let's stop
until Thanksgiving break. We can
do it. Antoine, you with us?
Nigga, I'm a senior so I'm gonna
go ahead and say fuck that.
Alright. We stop until the first
day of Thanksgiving break. Deal?
All of a sudden, LIGHTS flood the room from outside, where
police cars are located. A POLICEMAN'S VOICE BOOMS through a


Put anything in your hands on the
ground, stand up and put your
hands where we can see them.
ERIC and JERRELL look at each other.
Don't let them see your face.
What's the plan?
Stand up.
They slowly stand up.
Put your hands where we can see
Fuck me.
Bro, what's that smell?
They look down to see gasoline streaming onto all the
cannabis plants. They look over and see Antoine signing to
them. He points to the zippo lighter in Eric's right hand.
He then points to the gasoline and pantomimes an explosion.
He then points to them and then points to the door to the
right of them and runs in place. He gives them a thumbs up,
to which they nod. He waves good bye and ditches out the
door on his side of the room.
You ready for this?
Shit, man. I love you man.
I love you too man.


They smile at each other.
On three. One.
Final warning.
Put your hands in the air.
I will not tell you again.
ERIC quickly starts the lighter and drops it. The room
quickly catches fire. ERIC and JERRELL rush out their door
and down the street.
The Weed House is ablaze. Fire trucks arrive, policemen are
abundant. We get a shot of PETER walking into view of the
scene and observing the situation before quickly turning
around and dialing ERIC's number. We then get a shot of
MARCUS inside his car looking at his beloved weed house from
inside his car. His face says "I'm going to butcher someone
Jack and Kathy are watching their movie cuddled up together.
She gets up.
You have no idea how hot it is in
your house, do you?


She takes her top off, leaving her in a bra and jeans. She
again sits next to a visibly happy Jack.
We get the same shot of PETER outside the blazing weed house
as before.
Dude! What the hell did you do!
ERIC is at a loss for words, staring off into space.
Talk to me, man. What's going on?
Where are you?
ERIC snaps out of it as the police car in pursuit of him
comes speeding down the alleyway after him.
I'll call you back.
He hangs up, stands up, and begins to run down the alleyway.
Before too long, another cop car comes speeding down the
other side of the alleyway. ERIC, seemingly with nowhere to
go, comes to a halt. As the cars close in on him, not
slowing down, he turns around and sees an open garage. He
jumps out of the way at the last possible second. The cars
destroy each other on impact. ERIC wastes no time in getting
up and running down the alley. A short time after, he hears
the tires of the cars move again. The cars, wedged together,
are moving towards him. He sprints down the alleyway and
immediately when he reaches the end he dives out of the way,
making the cars miss and continue into a brick wall. ERIC
runs off down the street.


JERRELL is running down a sidewalk, he is on the phone
talking to MARCUS.
Yeah, we split up! Marcus, I told
you, he's gonna meet us there.
Yes, at the corner of the school!
MARCUS is driving in his car. He has picked up ANTOINE, who
is sitting in the passenger seat.
Alright, I picked up Antoine.
We're about to run right into you.
Where the fuck is Eric?
JERRELL has reached the road adjacent to the front of the
high school.
I see him, he's sprinting.
We see ERIC running down the sidewalk not 20 yards in front
of JERRELL. He puts down the phone.
Eric! Wait up!
Eric stops and turns to see Jerrell. Jerrell charges across
the street to meet him. Before he can, he is hit by the car
Marcus is driving. Jerrell goes flying and lands behind the
Marcus and Antoine look behind them to see what they hit.


Who the fuck was that?
I think you just killed Jerrell.
We get a shot from their point of view looking out of the
back window of their car. After a few moments we see JERRELL
stumble to his feet.
Come on, man! What the fuck!
Get in the fucking car!
Jerrell limps into the car and is followed closely by Eric
who jumps in right after him. They close the door and drive
off, with everyone catching their breath, in disbelief that
they've made it away.
JACK and KATHY have finished their movie and are making out
on their sofabad. Jack has removed his shirt by this point.
KATHY breaks the moment.
Do you want to go somewhere?
Let's do it.
They quickly redress and escort themselves upstairs.
The four in the car are going crazy arguing over what
happened while MARCUS drives. MARCUS quiets everyone.
What I need to know right now is
did they see you?


They didn't see me. I don't know
about them.
They definitely saw us but not our
Not your faces? You're sure?
Jerrell? Did they?
Damn it! Don't be doped up on me
right now Jerrell. Did they see
your faces?
Naw, man.
Good. Now, someone needs to tell
me why my weed house is ashes
right now.
They all attempt to speak at once.
ONE PERSON! Eric, you got there
late so you must be the least
baked. What the hell happened?
We were just doing our usual thing
and then there were lights
everywhere! Then Antoine pushed
the gas over and I lit it up.


So you're saying it's Antoine's
Not at all. I'm saying that it was
his good idea that's gonna keep
you and all of us out of fucking
jail tonight!
Fuck, man. It's coming up now.
Let's check the damage report.
They're coming up towards the burned down weed house while
entering a line of cars that's moving every few seconds and
then stopping. The BURNED DOWN WEED HOUSE comes into view,
and MARCUS turns toward his friends.
Eric, you're a retard. Jerrell,
you're a dumb-ass. Antoine, you a
god damn nigger. That's what y'all
Damn, man. Where are we smoking
I'm done. I swear I'm done with
it. I'm done with weed forever
after today.
Oh my god, Antoine shut the fuck
up right now. What is with this
line of cars?
MARCUS looks up ahead.
Oh shit. You two in the back stand
up right now.


What's the deal?
They're checking cars.
Shit, man!
Don't lose it right now! Lift up
the seat.
ERIC and JERRELL lift up their seats to reveal completely
empty space underneath it.
Get in.
They both jump in.
Do not make a sound.
ANTOINE shuts them in.
You ready?
Yep. We're up next after theses
guys in front of us. It doesn't
look like they're going inside the
cars, they're just looking in
through the windows. We should be
safe. Just try not to look doped
They drive up to the two officers, who hold out their hands
to halt. MARCUS complies and acts as casual as he can. He
opens his window.
My partner here is going to search
your car. I'm gonna ask you to put
all your windows down and unlock
your car so that he may open the


                       POLICEMAN (cont'd)
back of your car.
Sure thing. What's going on here?
Some kids were smoking in what
used to be this building. They
responded to our arrival by
setting the building on fire.
How did they manage that?
We believe they used gasoline. We
don't know anything though.
Why don't you ask them?
Well, they ran off and we lost
No kidding. That's unfortunate.
Kids are going crazy these days.
ANTOINE looks at MARCUS with hatred after that statement.
We think they might be trying to
get away in a car, that's why
we're searching the cars.
Did you see what they looked like?
Well, one was black, wearing a
black shirt and jeans. The other
was white, with a red hoody and
long, baggy shorts on. We didn't
see their faces, however. To be
honest, they got away with this


                       POLICEMAN (cont'd)
one. We're not gonna get them.
I'm sorry.
Can't win them all.
He looks over at his partner, who has finished checking the
His partner nods.
You're free to go. Have a good
Thank you, officer. Good luck.
He drives off. He and ANTOINE sit in silence for a little
Do you think that cop was on to
Nah man.
Should I get both of them out now?
Shit, I forgot about them. Yeah.
ANTOINE leans back and pulls the seat up. ERIC and JERRELL
pop out quickly.
Jerrell, we're never speaking of
what went on in there.


Shut up right now. You can do
whatever you want with yourselves
but not in my damn BMW. I'm
stopping by my house and getting a
beer before I take you all home.
ERIC's phone rings. He answers it and puts it on speaker.
Pete, do you know how much shit I
would've been in if you called me
like 30 seconds ago?
      (Over the phone)
I don't really care. What the hell
happened? You guys are all alive
Say hi, everyone.
They all say hi in unision.
Go home, man. Enjoy your weekend.
I'll tell you on monday.
He hangs up.
Victory, baby!
They all cheer victoriously as they drive down the street.
The 4 fugitives are conversing as they ride by the football
field, lighting up joints.


The camera pans away from the car and focuses on JACK and
KATHY who walk into the football field and sit down on the
The aftermath of the bloodbath.
Many people died on this
battlefield yesterday. Kind of a
turn on.
That's weird, but I feel as if we
should honor them by making out.
I concur.
They attack each other with their mouths.
MARCUS pulls into his driveway. Everyone is still arguing
about what happened. MARCUS quiets them down.
Shut up, all of you. Each of you
is an equal dumbass and don't
think you don't owe me for the
weed you lost.
Bro, it's because of us that you
aren't in prison. If anything you
owe us.
Naw, because if you got caught you
wouldn't have turned me in.


G, we would've given your ass to
the cops so quick.
Good to know. I'm getting a drink,
I'll be back in 5.
I'm going with you. I need to get
out of this car.
They both exit, leaving ERIC and JERRELL in the backseat.
Man, when I get home I'm gonna
kiss my mom. I swear.
I'm straight up gonna masturbate
the second I get to my room.
Jerrell looks over at him.
Why wait till then?
Shut up. Not a good time, and an
even worse place.
Jerrell leans in for a kiss.
Well, alright then.
They proceed to make out and begin undressing each other.
JACK and KATHY continue to make out on the bleachers. JACK
speaks while making out.


Kathy... I love you... more than
anything... in the world.
Shut up. Not right now.
He pulls off of her and says what he needs to say.
I'm ready.