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dead night
by craig (roastbeef_111@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: *
five friends on a holiday end up in a world of hell a zombie apocolypse fighting for there lives

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Starts with collarge of pictures of the five friends,
partying and being on holiday at different places and of
them driving on a motorway with the song highway to
hell(a.c.d.c) playing.The friends are TRAVIS, a slim but
well built reformed bad boy knows how to fight. REILLY, a
well built military man who has killed before and will do it
again. MARCO, just one of the boys still trying to figure
out what he wants to do with his life. JIMMY, a fun little
guy working at a video store and BLAKE, a nerdy guy with
glasses, all in their (20's). After the intro it goes to a
golf course on a putting green and Blake putts a golf ball,
it rolls in and is sunk.
      (Hand in fist
       pulled to side)
All the friends are putting away their putters and starting
to walk to the next tee off.
      (Opening a beer)
Yeah yeah nice shot Blakey boy.
Thank you.
So Travis... How was last night
huh? ..Pretty wild.
Remind me not to go drinking with
you again.I swear i was on the
verge of alcohol poisoning.I don't
know how you do it. I mean... You
just dont stop!
Years of practice my friend.Your
probely just a little out of


      (Drinking beer)
How about you Marco! Bringing home
the twins...You lucky son of a
Oh yeah..Nice work Marco..You even
get any sleep last night?
Well i didn't! Remember! I have to
share a room with the jack arse!
Oh Jimmy.... You feeling a bit
left out?
No! Just a little consideration
mate! Thats all it takes.
Hey Blake, you were in fine form
last night. I do believe i saw you
dancing your heart out on a table
with a couple of girls.
      (Adjusting eye
I know! I don't know what came
over me. I just let go..but it
felt good.
I actually thought you were in
with a grin with at least one of
the. What happened?
Ahhh you know i don't really
remember.Hey lets go to the next
I know what remember.Blakey boy
can't handle his liquor and blew
chunks all over the cute one in
the glasses.


Everyone goes, ohhhhhhhhh and start laughing
Yeah well, first of all i have a
smaller body mass than you guy's
and cant absorb alcohol at the
same rate as you.You know that!and
second,i was on medication that
probably enhanced the affects.
Medication? i don't think two
panodole enhances the affects.
What ever! can we just play some
golf please?
Now at the next tee off.
Alright. Who's up?
      (Pulling out his
That would be me.
Marco places his ball and lines up his shot.
      (With beer in hand)
Alright Marco. Lets see a better
shot than last one yeah.
Well...if people didn't call out
to girls as im swinging.
Haha, yeah, sorry bout that.
Marco lines up his shot.
      (Exhales and talks
       to himself)
Come on. Straight down the middle.
He lines up and swings. Perfect shot. But just as he swings
someone stumbles on the fair way out of the bush.


Oh shit!
      (Shouts out)
As they stand hopelessly watching from where their standing,
you see in the distance The golf ball connect with the poor
person on the fair way, and he collapses to the ground.
      (Scrunches his
       face in pain)
Ahhhh, poor bugger.
Yeow. Thats gotta hurt...Nice shot
Shut up....Come on
They all start to run to the poor person. the five friends .
all stand around looking down with confused looks on there
What the hell happend to him?.
They all just stare at this person.
      (Gestures to the
       golfers arm)
Look at his arm.
Looks like a bite....From an
animal prehaps?
What animal on a golf course would
do that?
      (Horrid disgusted
       look on his face)
Oh gross... Look at his face....


Looking at the face of the golfer, he is pale, sunken eyes
and the right side of his jaw has been bitten quite bad. The
skin is just hanging with a weird infection forming around
Looks like the golf ball to the
head is the least of his problems.
Marco and Blake try to gain the golfers consciousness while
the others are looking to where the man came from, and think
they see someone in the bushes, and yell out. They start to
run over to the bush to get the suspect. The suspect runs
from sight.
Just then the golfers eyes open. Glazed over like a blind
man, and blood shot. He grabs Blake's arm and takes a
violent bite ripping the flesh as Blake pulls away and falls
to the ground.
Marco falls back at what is happening in shock.Blake is
crawling away Kicking at the golfer as he is grabbing at his
What are you doing? get away. Stop
Just then then the golfer grabs hold of Blakes leg and bites
into it,sinking his teeth in and ripping a large chunk of
meat out.Blake screams and kicks the golfer in the head,and
continues to crawl away as the golfer continues to attack
him.Marco has found his feet, and the others are running
over with shocked faces and in aww. They all yell for Blake.
Marco jumps on the golfer and flips him over.
      (Wildly yelling)
The golfer stares at Marco and lets out a blood curdling
scream and goes for a bite at Marco. Marco slams him to the
ground and starts beating the golfer, punch after brutal


      (While punching
The golfer bites Marco on the hand during a punch, Marco
pins him to the ground with one hand and shakes his bitten
hand, then deals one final blow to the golfer, rendering him
unconsiouse.The golfer is limp.Marco stands and stumbles
back wiping sweat from his brow, breathing heavily and
shaking his punching/bitten hand.The others gather around.
What the fuck is wrong with this
guy?...Dude. Are you ok?
      (shaking and
       grabbing his hand)
Yeah. Im ok.......Shit. Blake!
They all run over to Blake.
      (Worried and
Holy shit... Blake...Are you
alright? Oh man, that son of a
      (Gasping for
       breath about to
       pass out)
Ahhh...Fuck...He fucken bit me.
Ahhhh how is it? Is it
bad?...Cause it fucken hurts..
A good chunk of his arm is missing, pouring blood, and his
leg is bit to the bone.
Oh man....Jesus Christ...Its
alright, were gonna get you to a
hospital.. Just hold on... Oh
Just then, the golfer starts to stand, raises his head and
his lip snarls.


      (Pissed off)
You mother fucker! Your fucken
Reilly grabs an iron from his golf bag, and heavy swings to
his leg. Snapping it. The break is visible.
Yeah... You like that bitch.
Then Reilly looks in confusion. As the golfer try's to walk
towards him on his broken leg, but just stumbles and crawls
toward Reilly.As this is happening a couple of golfers are
watching from a distance.
      (Smiling and
       shaking his head)
Oh your fucken kidding me....What!
You want some more! ...My
Reilly takes a stand, wineds up his swing, and as the golfer
gets to Reilly he looks up and snarls. Reilly swings and
crushes his skull. The golfer falls and is dead.Reilly is
standing over the dead body with blood sprayed clothes and
holding his club, with bits of skull and brains on it. .
Everyone is in aww at what has just happened. Standing
struck with fear and confusion,
Jesus Christ Reilly! What the
What was i supposed to do?
I don't know.But you didn't have
to fucken kill him!
The whole time some golfers on another hole witnessed this
and think murder,so they call the cops. Then to their
backs,Blake moans.The turn and gather at his side.
I...i feel cold.
Jimmy! Call an ambulance.
Jimmy checks his phone, but has no signal.


I got no signal.
Blake starts to cough, starts closing his eyes... Then dies.
Travis is cradling Blake and Jimmy is freaking out.
      (Cradling and
Blake...Oh Blake...FUCK!!
      (Nervous and
       uneasy and starts
Oh man! What the fuck!..Were
fucked!... How the hell are we
going to explain this...Were
fucked...were going to jail! i i
can't go to jail man, I won't
last.They'll make me there
bitch,and do you know what happens
to bitch's like me? we get rapped!
and forced to suck dick or we get
rapped again.
      (Holds Jimmy's
       sholders to calm
       him down)
Jimmy!.....Not now.
It was self defense..I had to. You
saw him. He was trying to eat
us... I mean... He killed Blake!
He was fucken crazy... I had to!
      (He stands)
Everything will be fine, we did
notheing wrong.Right?
      (Shaking his head)
I don't know Travis, i mean,
Reilly just fucken killed a guy.
Shaw he was crazy and we had to
but, still... You try explaining


                       MARCO (cont'd)
that to the cops.
We've got to split man... Just get
out of here.
What. And just leave Blake...Then
what ..What do we tell his
parents? No way man.
Well we gotta do something, this
is not cool, this is way past
fucken cool.
Guys... Look.
Blake is sitting up, and turns his head to them.
      (Saying cautiously)
Holy shit ...Blake..You alright
      (Shaking his head)
I don't know man, his eyes are
like that golfers, all fucked up.
Blake?...That you man?
Reilly gripping his golf club tighter.Blake stands up
I don't like this man, some crazy
shits about to go down.
      (Hands gesturing
       to stop)
Blake take it easy man... Your not
Blake lets out a blood curdling scream and staggers towards
Travis. The others stumble out of the way and Blake ends up


on top of Travis snapping at his face, trying to bite him.
Travis is trying desperately to keep Blakes face away.
Get his head up!
After a struggle, Travis gets Blakes head up and lets out a
scream, while Reilly builds up his swing and lets out an
almighty ...FOUR.....Reilly cracks the club in to Blakes
head and leaves an eye ball hanging from the socket.Blood
splatters over Travis.Travis throws Blakes dead body off of
him and lays covered in blood with a look of vacancy and
disbelief in his eyes.He stands up and at the same time they
all say..fuck.. After vomiting Jimmy finishes.fuck. But
before they can gather themselves the cops turn up aiming
guns SHERIFF, an older but fit man in his (40's) with a big
moustach. FLOYD, thinks he's the bee's knees and respects
the sheriff, he's in his late 20's and TONY, just an average
guy A bit over weight trying to do his job, he is in his
      (Aiming his gun)
They all do what he say's.
      (Hands on his head)
Hey man this ain't what it looks
Ok ok
The cops move in and forcefully hand cuff the guys.
Take it easy man.
      (Grabs him by the
       hair and pionts
       his head to wards
       the dead.)
Take it easy? like you took it
easy on those two?


Its not what it looks like.
      (Rubbs his face in
       to the ground)
It never is.
      (Looking at the
Jesus Christ.
      (Shaking his head
       and lighting a
Poor bastards...Whats this world
comeing too?
      (Look of disgust
       to the guys)
You make me sick!
      (Hands behind back)
Its not our fault!
SHUT UP!.. You can tell it down at
the station.Get them out of my
      (Both cops pushing
Come on scum bags.
As the cops carry away the friends, the sheriff stands
looking at the body's, shaking his head. He calls for an
Yeah hi.Its sheriff Anderson, Yeah
i got two dead....The golf
course.....hole 7.....Yeah,its a
real mess.


Inside the Sheriff is sitting at his desk, lighting a smoke
then raises his head, looking at the friends who are all in
a cell.Tony is at his desk doing paper work and Floyd is at
the coffee machine and eating a dough-nut.
      (Leaning back on
Ok... Lets go thru this one more
time.You were playing golf,
minding your own business, when
your friend here hit a guy in the
head with your golf ball. You went
to go check on him, and he
attacked your friend.
      (Sitting on bed)
Not just attacked. But bit him.
Like he was trying to eat him.
Ok bit him.
Right. Right. Twice.And then you
... Beat the shit out of this guy.
He came to and then you broke his
leg with the golf club, then
finished him off with a golf club
to the head?
      (Stands up to the
Yeah but we had to. This guy was
fucken crazy he wouldn't stop. And
his face was all torn. like. I
mean. He was trying to eat us.
So you keep saying.So you checked
your friend who had died from
might i say, a couple of
bites.Then he.....Came back to
life? And like the other guy,
tried to attack you.


Not just attack. He was trying to
eat me or bite my face of at
least.But it wasn't him, it was
like he was..... Possesd or
Thats ridiculous. And then to top
it of, you lifted his head so your
friend here could hit half his
head for a perfect drive. I mean
Jesus Christ... Really?
Look. I know it sounds crazy but
thats what happened..We had to.
They weren't right they were....
"Different" They were fucken
Right..Well you know what the
problem is?
Well you see ...I just don't
belive you.
      (With anger and
Yeah! Well fuck you man. Cause you
weren't there, so you don't know
shit....GOD! this is so fucked up!
      (Sternly while
       slamming fists on
HEY!...Settle down tiger.
      (Gets up and walks
       over to the cell)
Look... You've got to see this


                       SHERIFF (cont'd)
from my point of view. A bunch of
outta towners come in, and i end
up with two dead bodies. Not to
menchin, iv got two eyewitness who
saw you brutally kill two people.
And then you guys start telling me
that they were possesd. And in a
psychotic rage trying too...Eat
you? Come on guys, you must know
how ridiculous this all
sounds...So. Ill ask you...You
boys on drugs?
Look, Sheriff. I don't know how to
explain what has happened. But
come on! We just killed our own
friend! Why would we do that? Come
on, give us a break.
Well i don't know what happened.
That's what im trying to find out.
And as long as you stick to your
so called.... Story. I just don't
know what to think.
Sheriff walks away to some paper work.
      (Hits the bars in
The friends notice Marco sitting in the corner of the cell,
looking pale and sweating. He has started to turn.
Hey guys..Marco. You alright man?
      (Cold and shaking
       holding hand)
Ahhh its my hand.
Whats the mater?


      (Showing hand)
Today at the golf course, that
bastard bit me...Argh its going up
my arm guys i dont feel too good.
      (Stressed and
Oh shit man. This isn't good, iv
seen these kinda movies before. We
gotta get out of here man.
      (Notices commotion)
HEY! Whats goin on in there?
      (Shaking bars)
Sheriff! You gotta get us out of
Hey, whats wrong with your friend?
      (Kneeling by Marco)
Marco. Whats wrong?
Get away from him Travis,you saw
what happened to Blake, hes
turning man, we gotta get out of
Just then Marco dies and slides to the floor on his side.
      (feeling Marcos
Hes dead.
Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, this
ain't good.
      (Hurrying to cell)
What the fuck...Tony. Open the
cell. You boys stay back and don't
try anything. TONY.The door.


      (Fumbling keys)
Im on it.
Floyd, you keep them back.
      (Drawing gun)
Im on it boss.
      (Dragging out
       Marco to put on
Tony, give me a hand here.
Sheriff and Tony drag out Marco and put him on the table,
Floyd locks the cell, The Sheriff checks Marcos pulse. Marco
is dead. The Sheriff orders Tony to preform c.p.r to try and
bring him back. Sheriff turns to the friends.
Now ill ask you again.Is he on
Were not on drugs! Its that bite
on his hand, from the golfer.
      (Hits the table)
Damit! Your friends dying.
Tony is preforming c.p.r, When Marcos eyes open, glazed over
like a blind man but blood shot. Tony notices and calls to
Sheriff uncertainly.
Umm... Sheriff.
Just then Marco grabs at Tony and sinks his teeth in to
Tony's neck. Tony pulls away ripping a chunk of flesh, Tony
screams, blood squirting from his neck. He grabs at it as he
falls to the floor, Marco is chewing on a nice piece of
flesh with blood soaked face and shirt.
      (Look of shock)
TONY...What the fuck?
Sheriff pulls out his gun and aims at Marco. Floyd follows.


All right son. Just take it easy.
Marco is letting out a silent moan/snarl, Slowly getting off
the table he is eying up the sheriff and begins to slowly
stagger towards him.
I said frezz!....floyd...
Shoot him! You gota shoot him!
Shut up!...Floyd...
Floyd pulls out his baton, Lets out a scream and hits Marco
over the head. Marco, Unfaised, turns too Floyd and jumps on
him. Tackling him to the ground, snapping at his face while
Floyd is trying desperately to keep him at bay.
      (Fending of Marco)
Sheriff runs to Floyds aid, Pulling of Marco and sliding him
across the floor. Floyd scrambles to his feet and draws his
gun, So dose the Sheriff. Marco slowly stands back up and
starts to stagger towards the Sheriff.
What the fuck is wrong with him?
You've got to shoot him
This is your last chance. I will
shoot you!
Fucken shoot him!
Sheriff lines his gun and shoots Marco in the leg. Marco is
hardly fazed.
Shoot him again!
Sheriff aims to the torso and lets off a shot. Marco is
unfazed and keeps coming.


What the...
He lets of another 3 or 4 shots to the torso nothing
Hes not going down..
The head. You gotta shoot him in
the head.
Sheriff aims, breaths out and pulls the trigger and shoots
blowing of a quarter of Marcos head with his
revolver/magnum. Marco sways then drops to his knees, then
to the floor, Brain and blood leaking to the floor. Just
then Tony pulls himself to his feet and staggers towards
Floyd. Floyd freezes and trys to reason with him.
T t t Tony? W w what are you
doing? Its me. Floyd.
Floyed!.... Shoot him!
I i cant.Its Tony.
      (Calls to tony)
Hey! shit head.
Tony stops and turns to the Sheriff
      (Aiming gun)
End of the line...Your fired.
Tonys head tilts in confusion. Then the Sheriff shoots Tony
in the head, brain and blood splatter on to the wall, and he
drops dead to the floor.
You alright?
Th thanks Sheriff.


      (Turns to friends)
What the hell just happend?
Maybe our story isn't so
unbeliveable now?
      (Standing by bars)
Come on Sheriff, can you let us
out now?
Look. What just happened? You
killed two people. And then your
friend kills my officer... Kind
of. Then tried to kill my deputy.
And then me.
Yeah but remember. Marco was dead.
You saw it your self. And then
your deputy tried to attack you..
Oh come on sheriff! You know were
innocent. You just killed two
people your self. I mean... Can
you explain that?
      (Watching t.v
       turns it up)
Hey Sheriff. You might want to see
A news broadcast is on t.v
                       NEWS REPORTER
So recapping the headline story.
The streets are turning wild.
People are turning on each other
and murdering in gruesome style
with reports of cannibalism. Its
thought to be some kind of unknown
virus that started early hours of
this morning that is rendering


                       NEWS REPORTER (cont'd)
anyone who contracts the virus to
become a murderous cannibalistic
maniac.and it seems to be world
wide.How the virus came about is
unknown,but it is spread by being
bitten by the infected,or by their
blood getting in to say a
cut,which explains how it has
spread so fast. You are advised to
stay indoors, And lock all doors
and windows, Police are telling to
protect yourself. And if you come
in contact with someone in this
state. If put in the position. Try
to destroy the brain. With a
forceful blow to the head,
damaging the brain will
incapacitate them. Attacks to the
body are useless, the infected
seem to have a incredibly high
tolerance for pain and is thought
they may have a numbness of the
The t.v fades off and continues in background.
Jesus Christ..
Can you let us out now sheriff?
      (Thinks about it
       for a second)
Let them out Floyd.
But Sheriff.
I said let them out.
      (Pointing sternly)
Just dont try anything funny.
You have our word.
Floyd opens the cell door.


Ok, now thats out of the way, and
we have an idea of whats going
on...What do we do now?
      (Looking thru
Oh man. This is not cool. This is
very very uncool.
What is it?
Travis goes to the window and looks out.
      (Sinking feeling
       of hopelessness)
Oh shit!
As they look out the window they see people running and
screaming, people trying to fight the infected. And someone
being eaten.
How did this happen?
      (Sitting in his
       chair cleaning
Hey Floyd, any more news?
      (Watching t.v)
Yeah, they are saying there is a
relife camp set up in the city. At
the navy base. They say its safe
and to get there if you can.
Travis and Jimmy leave the window.
Thats good right? We can go there
right? Is it far from here?
Edge of town. Over the bridge.Then
thru the city.


Thats all good. But how are we
going to get there?
We can take my car. It will be
tight, But we shuld all fit.
      (Looking thru
Well thats all good. But we've got
to get to the car first. Those
things are out there...Were goin
to need weapons.
I think i can help there...Floyd.
Open the cabnit.
      (Says with
Yes sir.
As Floyd opens the gun cabinet, They all stand round. There
are shotguns hand guns a couple of grenades and ammo.
Dam... You got grenades...
Yeah. I confiscated them of this
old war veteran who went a bit
crazy. never thought they'd come
in handy.
Sheriff picks up a shotgun and starts to load it.
      (Cocks the shotgun)
Alright... Load up boys.
Reilly goes to grab a granade but sheriff stops him.
I dont think so son!


Sheriff! im in the military! and
besides, if one person has them
all,then dies,i dont wanna loose
them all.
      (Thinks for a
Ok son, you make a good point.
Everyone grabs a gun and ammo. Grenades go 1 to Sheriff 1 to
Floyd and 1 to Reilly.
Ok. Now how are we going to do
      (Cocking shotgun)
I say we go guns blazing and shoot
some shit up...What do ya say?
      (Looking thru
Well... By the looks of it. That's
as good an idea as any. There's a
few out there,most of them seem to
be down in main town, but i think
we can do it...You boys think you
can handle this?
Wohw wohw wohw iv never shot a gun
      (Takes of safety)
All you got to do is point. And
shoot. Think you can handle
that.No room for mistakes.
      (Breaths out)
No pressure huh.
Ok boys. Aim for the head. Move
quick. Well get to the car then
head to the city.


Just like that?
Just like that..
Lock and load boys ...On my
Cuts to outside the sheriffs station in the quiet end of
town. There's about 8 zombies scattered outside in the
vicinity, aimlessly wondering around, And a group across the
road eating a corpse. All is still for about 5 seconds. Then
the door kicks open and they all systematically exit the
sheriffs station with guns aiming and surveying the area.The
zombies don't take long to notice the fresh meat, One lets
out a blood curdling scream and the others follow suit and
begin to stumble in there direction at a fast paced walk.
Reilly out first, gets one coming right at him, He turns and
shoots the shotgun in the torso, Knocking the zombie to the
ground, Reilly runs over and aims at its head,Its growling
at him, and he shoots it in the head, Blowing its face
apart.Jimmy gets caught by surprise and gets tackled to the
ground and drops his gun, Zombie snapping at his face while
Jimmy is trying to keep it at bay.
      (Wrestling zombie)
Travis sees and runs to his aid, With a powerful kick to the
zombies head flinging him off. Travis then shoots it in the
      (Helping up Jimmy)
Come on man. Stop fucking around!
that was to close.
      (picking up gun)
Thanks man.
Just then Jimmy looks to the left, And one is heading
straight for him. Jimmy starts walking towards it letting
out a battle cry, firing a full clip hitting everywhere but
its head. Bringing the zombie to a halt as the empty gun


clicks. The zombie lets out a scream and starts towards him,
Jimmy puts his hands up when just about to be attacked,
Floyd shoots the zombie in the arm, It is left hanging
barley attached, Floyd goes to finish it off but his gun
      (Under his breath)
Come on come on!!...
Just in time Travis stands behind zombie and shoots to the
head at point blank. Travis looks at Floyd, Raises his
eyebrow and smurks, Floyd unjams his gun and quickly aims
and shoots a zombie sneaking up on Travis. Floyd follows
with a raise of his eyebrow and gives a smurk back.Reilly
shoots another at close range throwing it on to the Sheriffs
car across the front. A group of 5 zombies are making there
way across the street.
      (Yelling and
       throwing grenade)
Everybody get down!!
The explosion throws them to the ground.
      (Getting to his
       feet yelling)
Come on everybody to the car,
Before more of those things turn
They all run to the car, Bodies lying all around, and one on
the bonnet of the car. They all get in. The explosion
disrupted the group of zombies eating the corpse, and they
head in there direction. Sheriff starts the car and does a u
turn in a skid, Throwing the body from the bonnet and
knocking down a zombie with the back end of the car. They
all relax yet full of adrenalin, They are all reloading
there guns.
Jesus Christ Jimmy! You gotta get
your shit together or your going
to get killed....Fuck!
I know man. But fuck, Im still
kinda coming to terms with
shooting people who are trying to
fucken eat me! ..Ok!


How are you guys with ammo?
      (Checking gun and
I got two and a half clips.
      (Checking shells
       in pocket)
I got like 15 shells.
      (Holding clips)
I got about two clips.
Everyone all right?
Everyone says they are ok.
Ok. Well nice work everyone. That
was close. Now we just gota sit
tight. We got about a 2 hour drive
to the city.
Everyone is in a daze at what is happening, Driving by
people being chased. Corpses being eaten. And straying
zombies. Then all of a sudden, The car starts to jump.
      (Hitting the
       staring wheel)
No no no no!
Whats the mater?
FLOYD!You didn't fill up the car..
Its fucken empty...FUCK!
ahrggggg yeah, i was on my way and
got called down by.
God dam it.


      (Freaking out)
What the fuck are we going to do
man? We cant stop here!
Well looks like we've got go the
rest of the way by foot, When the
car stops, We gotta run.
We cant! They are everywhere, We
wont make it.
      (Turns to Jimmy)
Look! They don't move that fast,
We should be able to get around
them, Just try to avoid the larger
groups, If you get cornered your
fucked! Look kid, You can do
this..You have to... Or you can
just stay here and die... Your
Yeah. Ok. I can do this...I can do
So whats the plan sheriff. Were
are we going?
Ok, Up the road take a left down
millers rd, Just keep on that road
and theres a school we go thru,
From there we go to peters berg
way, Then just follow that, Then
we gotta cross the cemetery, After
that its basically a hike to the
bridge and then about an hour or
two should be the relief camp.Now
its a bit of a hike, But its
either that or die,And i don't
feel much like dyeing.
      (Getting pumped up)
All right! Lets fucken do this


The car comes to a jerky stop, They all get out and start
running up the road shooting zombies and smashing their
heads with the butts of there guns. When out of the corner
of Travis eye, He sees two girls down an ally trying to
escape from 3 zombies on top of a dumpster. They see travis
and scream for help, He cant just leave them, He calls out
to his friends to help but they don't hear him and just keep
heading down the street. Travis turns toward the ally.The
girls are trying to fend of the zombies with an axe with
little luck, The zombies grab one of the girls by the leg,
She screams and struggles but gets pulled down by the
zombies. They begin to devour her, She screams as she starts
to gargle on her own blood, The other girl SAGE a young
aspiring musician, is screaming in terror and fear. As
Travis approaches, The zombies are to distracted eating to
notice him, He aims his gun but all there heads are down
eating, he cant get a clear shot of there heads. He yells to
the Sage.
Throw me the axe!
      (Throwing the axe)
Please help her!
She throws the axe. Travis picks it up and goes in for a act
of heroism and stupidity.
      (Preparing to axe
Lights out you ugly pieces of
shit, Arghhhhh
He swings the axe straight in two one zombies head. Puts his
foot on zombies back "For leverage" Then pulls it out. The
other two stir and look to Travis, As one stands up Travis
swings the axe and plants it in to the zombies collar bone,
Dropping it to the ground squirming and screaming. The last
one lunges at travis he uses the axe to push the zombie
against the wall and they start to wrestle. Travis is stuck,
He cant let off or the zombie will bite him. Just then the
girl has jumped down, Pulls the gun from Travis pants and
shoots the zombie in the head. It falls to the ground.
As Travis is catching his breath,The friend "half eaten" Is
coughing and spluttering.Travis stands up and takes the gun
from the girl,As she is sobbing while watching over her
dyeing friend.
You should look away.


The Sage looks away.
Travis shoots the suffering girl in the head. To end her
      (Puts a hand on
Are you okay?
Thank you, We really...I needed
your help.
Im sorry about your friend.
Yeah...Me too.
Travis takes the axe and finishes off the injured zombie, An
axe to the neck...Decapitation.
Come on, Lets get out of here.
They crawl thru a rip in the fence to the back roads behind
the main street. In to a woodlands area, they begin to make
there way to the school, Sneaking and being careful and
Were are we going?...Those things
are everywhere?
Iv got a couple of friends with
the Sheriff and deputy ..I hope
they are alright.I left them back
in town to help you.
And believe me when i say i
appreciate that.
Im Sage by the way.
Travis. Nice to meet you.


Anyway, We heard on the news that
there's a relief camp in the city.
The navy base. They say its safe,
so we are heading there. We were
going to...Shhhh
Travis pulls sage in to the shadows as a couple of zombies
stagger past, Heading in to town. The coast is clear. They
carry on.
      (Looking on edge)
Sheriff said we could cut thru a
school, Not far from here.
      (Looking on edge)
Willow woods high, I know the one.
Yeah, Then theres a cemetery not
far from there, Cross the bridge
then home free...Kinda.
Really..Home free?
Well you know..As long as
everything goes to plan.
Well then..Heres hoping.
Come on, Hopefully we can catch up
with the others at the school.
Travis and sage are coming up to miller road turn off,
Running from building to building, Hiding in the shadows
were they can.
Ok, Theres Miller rd.


It looks clear. Lets go.
They have come to the start of a residential area. Street
lights, Cars parked on side of road, One is burning out
parked sideways across the road. They are sneaking from car
to car staying low. There are body's scattered around,some
half eaten,some just dead, as they are resting behind a car
Reilly calls out from in a house.
      (Shouting quietly)
Travis...Hey Travis ..
Whos that?
Travis.. In here..Come on.
Travis and sage sneak over to the house,Avoiding a few
staggering zombies littering the otherwise quiet street,
Reilly lets them in.
      (Welcoming them
       into the house
       and hand shakes
Your ok! I was worried.
Yeah me to. Im fine tho... Thanks.
As they walk thru the kitchen, They step over an old lady
zombie, Dead on the ground.
Mind the old lady, She wasn't very
welcomeing..If you catch my drift
They walk in to the lounge with a fire burning,Everyone
sitting around.
Guy's, This is sage.


Travis notices Jimmy, Pale and unwell looking.
      (Cold and not
       looking or
       sounding well)
Hey... Travis, You made it.
Oh Jimmy, You didnt get?
      (Showing arm)
Bastard came from nowhere.
God dam Jimmy!
Reilly whispers to Travis ear.
I don't think hes got long
man..What are we going to do?
      (Stands and walks
       to Travis and
Were gonna have to lock him in a
room..Were all in danger if he
stays out here.
What about when he turns?...Were
going to have to...
      (Puts hand on
       Travis shoulder)
Ill stay with him, If you like.
      (Nods head)
Travis passes his handgun to the Sheriff.


      (Helps up Jimmy)
Come on Jimmy, Lets get you in to
a bed.
Jimmy looks to Travis and Reilly, Scared and worried, Travis
just subtly nods, As if to agree with Jimmys look.
You'll be ok. Just get some rest
Sheriff takes Jimmy to a room, Travis and Sage sit down.
You shaw its safe here?
No,but We had to stop, For Jimmy.
Everyone is sitting in silence, Gathering there thoughts.
So what does everyone do? I
mean... Before all this.
Well... in law school, Reillys in
the army and Jimmy works in a
video store, Were here on holiday.
Some holiday.
Im Floyd the deputy, And the other
guy is the Sheriff...Not that it
maters much now.
What about you? Whats your story?
Im the singer in a band,Discharge,
i live in the city,the one were
heading to.I moved there for the
music,not to much work here. I Was
here visiting my parents and
friends,it was my dad's
birthday.When it all started to
get pretty bad we all hid
inside,but my aunty was infected
some how,she attacked
everyone,then others turned,it was


                       SAGE (cont'd)
a massacre, Me and my friend got
away and thought we would head to
town,we thought maybe......i don't
know what we thought.
Im sorry.
Everyone sits in silence, Then you hear Jimmy let out a
blood curdling scream followed by a single gun shot.
Everyone jumps. The Sheriff walks out up to Travis, Puts a
hand on his shoulder and hands over the gun, Looking him in
the eye with sorrow, Travis just nods with acceptance. Sage
holds Travis hand and gives him a smile as to say... It will
be alright. Travis gives an empty smile back.
      (Looking out
Maybe we should get going, We've
got a long walk ahead of us,And i
think we might have called a
little, Unwanted attention.
The scatted zombies out side are staggering aimlessly
towards the house, But slow enough to not be to much of a
your right ...come on guys lets
get moveing
They all get up and start to leave.
The five are cautiously walking down the street, Sneaking
behind cars and bushes, Avoiding straying zombies when they
approach the school gates.
      (Kneeling behind
       car parked
       sideways in the
Well..There it is.


Yeah but look over there.
There are two lots of zombies devouring some poor souls, 5
at one body and 6 at the other.
Well were going to have to sneak
past them..We can use the cars as
cover, But we gotta be quiet..Come
They begin to sneak from car to car, Some spaced out so they
have to move quick but quiet.Everything is going fine. They
are nearly at the front gate when the bush opposite Reilly
makes a rustle, Reilly sits crouched as he aims the gun to
the bush.
What is it?
Theres something in the bush.
He waits a second. Then a cat jumps out of the bush towards
Reilly. In a fright, Reilly falls back against the car and
firing his shotgun blowing the cat to pieces and setting of
the car alarm.
God dam it!
What the fuck?
They look over the cars, To the zombies as they look
straight to the cars, And start to get up one letting out a
deathly scream. They all start to move in.
They all stand and begin to run. Passing the zombies Reilly
lets of a shot from the hip, Blowing off one of the zombies
legs.They run thru the gates and as they enter the school
they start running through a maze of walkways and buildings.
Sage trips and falls to the ground, Travis slides to a stop
running back to sage.


      (Helping up Sage)
Come on..Get up!
Sage gets to her feet, They start to run when out of the
right from behind a building, Zombies appear. They skid to a
stop and take a left Travis letting of some shots,Taking
down a few zombies.
Come on. Down here!
Every where they go zombies appear, Changing there
direction, getting them lost in the unknown maze. They
finally run in to a mesh fence, To the left zombies, To the
right zombies and zombies coming from behind they are
What are we going to do? They are
Travis draws his gun.
You cant shoot all of them.
      (Looking around)
Well what are we suppose to do?
      (Starting to panic
       and cry)
I don't want to die. Not like
Travis looks around franticly. Turning around to the fence
its there only chance.
Come on! Over the fence.
They start to climb. A zombie grabs sage by the foot and
sage cant shake it, she screams. Travis looks behind and
sees the zombie. He climbs down and stomps the zombies face.
On the 3rd time the zombie lets go, They climb over the
fence to find them selves trapped. Three brick walls they
cant climb over and a mesh fence thick with zombies.
Now what do we do?


Fucked if i know.. At least were
not dead.
Sage and Travis hug for comfort, Looking helplessly to the
zombie drenched fence.
Cuts to the others running down the outside corridor
entering the rubbish bay, They hide behind some skips.
That was close.
      (Noticing Travis
       and Sage are
Wheres Travis and Sage?
They must of got seperated from
Or they are now dinner for those
Fuck up Floyd...I gotta go back
for them.
Your crazy. Thats a suicide
mission. And you know it!
I don't care! Iv got to. They
might still be alive.
Well im sorry kid, But your on
your own.
      (Breaths out)
Ok.. you gota wait here for us.
You got 15 minutes ..then were
gone....Hey..Good luck.


Reilly heads off back in to the school.
      (Pacing around)
Were fucked ! Were absolutely
fucked. Theres no way out of here
as long as those things are
there...FUCK OFF...GOD DAM IT.
      (Sitting on edge
       of pool)
Well at least its not all bad.
Oh really? Please. Do tell.
Well at least im stuck with a cute
Really...Well um.. Me to....I mean
with a cute girl... You.
They both giggle, Travis walks over to Sage and takes her
hands. She stands and they look in to each others eyes.
You know... Besides the blood
thirsty cannibals and the mater of
time before death comes
situation..I almost call this a
perfect momment.
      (About to lean in
       for kiss)
I think we have a different view
of almost perfect.
Sage and Travis kiss passionately.
Just then Reilly is running in, back up against a wall a
distance from the pool fence. He takes a sneak peak around
the corner and sees travis and sages pidickerment. He holds
his shot gun close, Looks up and closes his eyes desperately
trying to think of a plan. Then it hits him to use his
grenade. He pats himself down and finds it. He pulls it out
and takes another look and calls out subtly.
Travis....Hey Travis.


      (Pulls out from
Whats that?
Reilly?..Its Reilly!..Thank god
you son of a bitch.
Take cover.
      (Expressing with
Whats he doing?
Reilly stands out from behind the wall, With grenade in hand
pulling the pin.
Burn in hell you bastards!
      (Sees Reilly about
       to throw grenade)
Oh shit!...
Everything goes slow motion and quiet as Reilly throws the
grenade threw the air, Travis pulls Sage in to the pool
under water. The zombies are shaking the fence, Then the
grenade lands in between the zombies, and as it explodes it
goes back to real time. A massive explosion, Body bits
flying everywhere flames blast over the pool, The fence is
blown down. Everything settles there is a smoke cloud in the
      (Jumps in air)
Bulls eye!
Travis and Sage emerge from under the water.
Reilly you son of a bitch i could
kiss you.


Come on move your asses. Sheriff
and Floyd are waiting by the edge
of the feild.
As Travis and Sage get out of the pool. "filled with body
parts" A zombie jumps out from behind and bites Reilly on
the neck.
Another two zombies attack Reilly, Pulling him to the ground
and start eating in to his chest. Travis and Sage run over,
the zombies to distracted eating to notice them.
      (Gasping for
       spluttering blood)
Kill me!...Kill me!!
      (Shaking his head)
DO IT ...NOW...
      (Aims gun to
       Reillys head)
Thank you.
Travis aims the gun, Sage taking comfort in Travis shoulder.
Travis shoots while closing his eyes.
      (Pulling Sage by
Lets go!
Sheriff and Floyd who are hideing get startled and aim there
guns as Travis and Sage who come from around the corner.
Travis.....Wheres Reilly?
He didnt make it.


Brave kid.
Come on. Lets get out of here.
They head off across the field.
The four of them are walking cautiously down the street, To
their left there is a car crashed in to a power pole,
Passenger half way thru the windshield and the driver half
out the door both dead.
I cant stand this. Were always on
edge...Is someone gonna jump
out.Is someone gonna die?
Well theres nothing we can do
about that. We just gotta keep
moving and hope for the best.
They keep walking and come to a preschool on there right
filled with about 12 children. They see the four and run to
the bard fence, Arms reaching thru trying to reach the four
snarling and groaning.
      (Aiming his gun at
Jesus Christ.
What did we do to deserve
this?...Its like a bad dream i
cant wake up from, They are only
God must have had enough of us
fucking his world up and thought
it was pay back time.
This isn't gods work. This is
hell! Were in satins world now.


Do you think they will be able to
fix this?
I hope so..But i wouldn't get ur
hopes up for any time soon.
You guys hungry?
I havent eatin since this morning.
Come on, Theres a dairy up here.
They walk over to the dairy. On the side of the building in
red spray paint is written "YOUR GONNA DIE!" In the front of
the store the main window has been smashed with a trash can.
They ready there guns and enter, They search the store for
zombies and only find the shop keeper, Behind the counter
with his torso eaten. He is dead.
      (Holding back
Oh god....
Looks like "he" was something to
Shut up Floyd.
Yeah Floyd,Really.
They all start to eat from the shelves and drink from the
      (Sitting on
       counter eating)
Do you think anyone else is alive?
      (Sitting next to
       Sage eating)
I don't know..I mean, Were alive
so maybe yeah. They said the navy


                       TRAVIS (cont'd)
base was safe, They must have
military and stuff
there..Survivors.I mean,there's a
lot of people in the world.They
cant all be dead.
I guess....Do you think we will
make it there?
      (Takes Sage by
I know we will. I
promise...Hey...Well be
      (Lighting a smoke)
Come on guys, Lets get going, Not
to far to the cematary now.
      (hopping of
       counter helping
       Sage down)
Lets go.
They walk thru the broken window and carry on down the road.
The four arrive at the cemetery gates, Open. And inviting
those who wish to enter. The moon is full and there is a fog
that is sitting around.
Is anyone else thinking this is a
bad idea?
Its the quickest way.
Yeah but... Its a grave yard.
Floyd shivers


You never been to a grave yard
Not when theres the dead coming
back to life and trying to kill
you at any given chance.
Its just a grave yard.
So we gotta go thru there?
Theres an exit at the other end.
The city aint to far after that.
Ok...Lets do this.
They enter the grave yard down an old dirt track entering
the maze of graves. Dead trees scattered around, Hanging
over the neglected grave stones with an airy feeling of
death.A little while in to the trek, Floyd at the back hears
something behind him.He quickly turns around readying his
gun to see a shadow dissapeare behind the wall of grave
stones.He waits a minute. Starts walking backwards, Then
turns around to realize the others have dissapeard.
Cuts to the others carrying on not noticing the missing of
Cuts back to Floyd. He starts walking in the direction he
thinks they have gone, Calling out in a quiet yell.
      (While walking
       round on edge)
The others come to a small clear patch of field where a
funeral was taking place. A coffin over a grave, And a large
group of zombies around the area mindlessly stumbling
      (Whispering and
       hiding behind
       grave stones)


                       SHERIFF (cont'd)
Whow. We ain't getting past
them..We will have to go back
Must have been a funarel.
Sage looks behind her and notices that Floyd is missing.
Guys...Floyds missing.
God dam it Floyd. Well have to go
Ok but lets make it quick,And we
can try find another way out.
They head back to look for Floyd.
Cuts back to Floyd who starts to hear a squeaking wheel,
Slowly moving at an intersection in the graves. He starts to
hear it all around him looking franticly in all directions
as he thinks he hears it coming from..
      (On edge)
Wh..Whos there....Hello?
The squeaking wheel gets louder, When Floyd turns around and
a cart full of the caretakers equipment rolls around the
corner. Followed by the care taker himself, Who slowly turns
his head to Floyd. Floyd nervously aims his gun and shoots,
Blowing over the cart. The caretaker growls, Floyd fires
again shooting the corner of a tombstone. He try's to shoot
again but his shotgun is out of ammo.
      (Under his breath)
Not good.
The caretaker lets out a blood curdling scream.Cuts to the
others who hear this along with the other zombies who start
to look around.
Oh no no no no no that cant be


cuts to the zombies by the funereal who look up towards the
scream and several respond with blood curdling screams and
start heading off in search of fresh meat.Figuring the
zombies already know they're there,he yells out to Floyd.
      (stumbling and
Floyd runs in to a couple of zombies in there funereal
Staring at the zombies and them back, Floyd turns and there
is the caretaker. Floyd slowly starts to back up down an
open walk way.
      (Yells in
       fear,then talks
       softly starts to
       get watery eyes)
GO AWAY!...Please...Just leave me
Walking backwards Floyd falls in to a dug out grave. The
zombies gather around and drop to there knees, Trying to
reach Floyd in the bottom of the grave.Floyd screaming.The
others turn the corner and see the zombies around the grave.
      (Relived to hear
       Sheriffs voice)


      (Standing in cover)
What are we going to do?
I gotta help him.
What can we do?
      (Thinks for a
Fuck it. Wait here. Im gonna save
my deputy. He cant die like this.
      (Grabbing at
Sheriff walks out towards the zombies reaching for Floyd.He
cocks his gun and starts shooting. One turns round and looks
at sheriff as he blows off its head, The others get up and
go after sheriff,He shoots one in the chest it falls back to
the ground. Then he shoots the last in the leg blowing it
off dropping it to the ground. He pulls out his side arm and
as it looks up, Finishes it of in the head, Then goes to
help Floyd out of the grave. But as hes lying down helping
Floyd up the zombie he shot in the chest rolls over and
grabs sheriff on the leg, Sinking its teeth in to his leg.
Sheriff screams and drops Floyd back in to the hole, Then
gets his side arm and aims it at its head.
      (Aiming at the
Eat this scum bag...
And shoots the zombie in the head. Blowing half its head
off.He goes back to helping Floyd.
      (Reaching for
Come on, Grab my hand.
      (Grabbing Sheriffs
Thanks for coming back Sheriff.


Serve and protect deputy.
Just then the rest of the funeral party starts emerging thru
the openings of the graves. Heading towards the Sheriff and
      (Hiding behind the
Sheriff! Look out....
Sheriff pulls out Floyd. Floyd stands and sees the zombies
      (Helping up
Come on Sheriff. We gotta get out
of here.
      (Getting pulled up
       by Floyd)
Argh, My leg.
Come on! We gotta go.
Floyd and Sheriff stagger in amongst the graves out of
Travis and sages sight, The zombies following.
Floyd is carrying the weight of Sheriff, As Floyd is looking
stressfully behind him at zombies following them they take a
wrong turn and end up at a dead end. They have nowhere to
      (Looking franticly
       for somewhere to
Dam it! Dead end.
Got any bright ideas?
      (Grabbing his
Just one.
Sheriff sees Floyd holding the grenade, And nods agreeably.


Its been an honer serving with you
Me too..Well, this it..You know, I
always thought i would die on the
porch of my home in the country.
One morning in my chair, Watching
the sunrise.
That sounds nice...Who would of
thought this is how it would
end....God dam zombies.
Floyd takes the grenade and pulls the pin as the zombies are
approaching them. Cuts to Travis and Sage.
Do you think they're?
I don't know..There was nothing we
could have done.
Cuts back to Floyd and Sheriff.
You ready?
Let's blow these bastards back to
      (Lets out one last
       scream to Travis
       and Sage)
With saying that they are mauled by the zombies, Both
yelling in pain as they are bitten. Arrrrgh. Floyd lets go
of the grenade dropping it to the ground. It cuts to travis
and sage and they see a big explosion throwing them to the
ground. As Travis shields Sages body, Bits dropping around
them, And blowing back some of the zombies, Back out towards
travis and sage some with body parts on fire. Travis and
Sage stand up.
Travis stairs towards the explosion,coming to terms with
loosing more friends.


      (Pulling at Travis
Come on, we gotta go....come on!
They start to run as the zombies are standing up heading in
there direction.They get to the exit of the graveyard and
see an old barn across the road.
      (Travis points)
The barn.
They take hiding in the barn and watch as several zombies
come stumbling out of the grave yard, Some still on fire,
They scatter around not really knowing where to go.
      (Drops to the
       floor whispering)
      (Dropping to
       Travis side)
I know..Its not fair.
Everyones....I mean theyr all.
      (Comforting Travis)
I know..But at least were still
alive. Thats gotta count for
      (Holds Sages hand)
Right...We've gotta carry on. We
gotta get to the city and it will
be alright.
Sage looks thru the barn door and sees the zombies aimlessly
scattering around, Heading in to the distance.
I think if we head towards the
river bed,we can get to it across
the field behind the barn, And
follow it to the bridge, I think
we should be ok. There shouldn't
be to many of them.And we avoid
the main roads for a while.


      (Sitting down)
Sounds like a plan..Lets just wait
here for a bit..Until the coast is
They sit down.While sitting down they stair out the hole in
the roof,up at the stars.The barn lit up by the full moon.
      (Cuddling in to
Ok... Well wait.
Sage wakes to Travis yelling to her to help keep the barn
door closed. As out side is a small hoard of zombies trying
to get in. Arms reaching thru the crack in the slightly open
      (Sage wakes and
       under her breath)
Oh my god.
Sage gets up and runs to the door, throwing her weight in to
it they struggle for a bit fighting to keep the zombies out.
What are we going to do?
Just then a zombie reaching its arm through, grabs Travis
arm,pulls it through the gap slamming him against the door
and bites him on the arm,and screams.Then yanks his arm back
      (Holding his hand)


With Travis bitten he loses his footing and the zombies get
the edge and the door begins to push open. Sage trys with
all her strength to fight against them, fighting a losing
What are we going to do?
Get out of here. Find a way out.
      (Starting to cry)
Im not going to leave you.
Get out of here, or they will kill
us both.
GO! Get out of here....NOW!
Sage starts to slowly step away. The door opens and the
zombies enter mauling Travis as he screams to his knees
reaching out to Sage.
       backwards shaking
       her head in
The eight or so zombies that mauled travis get up and start
slowly staggering towards Sage. Backing her against the
wall.Then they come to a stop and from the back of the hoard
steps Travis turned zombie himself, torn flesh and cloths,
stepping towards Sage with eyes glazed over like a blind
mans and blood shot.
      (Shaking her head
       in disbelief)
No... Travis please....Please
Travis no....
Travis lets out a blood curdling scream, and goes in for the
kill.Just then Sage wakes up from this horrid dream gasping
for breath.


      (Waking up)
Travis being awake searching the barn lit up by a hole in
the roof and the moonlight shining in runs over to her side.
Hey.. Its alright, you just had a
bad dream.
It was so real, it was horrible.
      (Rubbing her arm)
No surprise your having
nightmares, after what weve been
I know...What were you doing?
      (Getting up
       walking over to
       barn tools)
Well iv only got a clip left of
ammo, so i figure were gonna need
some weapons if were gonna have a
      (Tapping some
       hanging shears)
So..Anything take your fancy?
      (Picking up a
I don't know..How does this look
on me?
Nice..very grim reaperish haha.
They continue looking around for tools as weapons, and while
talking, practice swinging them and trying them out.


      (Picking up a hand
       held garden fork)
You know. You don't look much like
the lawyer type.
What do you mean?
A lawyer. You dont look like one
Oh really and what do i look like?
I don't know...Maybe a surfer
builder type.
You reackon.
Did you always want to be a
Umm. I don't know. I guess i never
really knew what i wanted to
do..My dad was a lawyer, i guess i
saw the life he had and just
thought it would be a safe choice
ya know. Nice car, nice house
afford holidays when i want
them.What about you?
What about me?
Did You always want to be a rock
star? Sex drugs and rock n roll.
Ha ha. Yeah...Something like
that..I don't know, its kinda fun
and freeing,and its a way to
release my feeling's ya no. I
guess the pays a bit shit, i mean,
its not like im famous or
anything.. I get by...I kinda just
wanted to travel you know, and
music helps me do that. I mean,


                       SAGE (cont'd)
just around the country but we had
plans to go further like over
Rocken the world by storm ay?
Maybe one day...Well. Maybe not so
much now, you know, the whole end
of the world problem.
Yeah, its a bit of a downer on the
rest of your life.But hey, we
gotta focus on now, and getting to
the city.
I know.
      (Passes sage a
Here, you think you can use this?
Growing up my dad taught me self
defense,and we would go hunting,
so im pretty good at hitting
someone when they deserve it.Ill
be fine.
Yeah,he always wanted a son,but
got me,
This is a little different to
hunting.You gotta hit hard and go
for the head, you might only get
one chance..Its life or
death...You've gotta be strong.
I know, iv killed two of them


Yeah, back in town.My parents.
      (Feels like he put
       his foot in it)
Shit.Im so sorry.
Like i said.Ill be fine.
Sage has a hatchet and travis takes a pitch fork and a hand
held garden claw he puts in his belt.
Ok, are you ready?
Lets do this.
They slowly open the barn door. Looking outside they see a
zombie across the road facing the cemetery wall just
standing there, and two staggering away from the barn down
the road.
Okay, lets go.
They exit the barn, they stay close to the wall and make
there way to the right and down the side of the barn and in
to the field.As they are crossing the field they approach a
distant figure.
What is that?
Looks like a scarecrow.
As they get closer they realize its not a scarecrow, but a
zombie that has been put in its place. Held in place by
railway spikes thru its wrists and feet and chest, hanging
like a crusifiction. It sees them and starts trying to get
loose, growling and snapping at them. Travis and Sage stand
in aww.


That's kind of disturbing.
Some farmers must have done this.
I bet he will keep the crows away.
      (Hitting Travis)
Thats not even funny.
Sage starts to walk away. Travis takes a second and stares
at the zombie. Its like they connect eyes and the zombie
stares in to Travis eyes, with a slight growl, snarling its
lip.Travis calls to Sage as he starts to catch up.
Hey. Wait up.
They are now approaching the fence separating the field to
the river, and between the fence and the river is a stretch
of reed's over there heads.
The riverbeds just over the fence
and thru the reed's.
      (Gesturing with
Okay, ladies first.
Sage smiles and climbs over the fence. Travis passes over
his pitch fork, and follows over.As they start wading thru
the reed's, they pause in there steps to hear a zombie
scream in the distance.
How close was that?
I don't know, lets just keep
moveing...Just stay alert.
I hate the sound they make.
They keep moving until they exit the reed's on to the
riverbed. They walk out cautiously.They start walking along
the river on the dirty sandy ground, after a while walking
they see a boathouse up ahead with an inside glow of light.


A boathouse!
Yeah, its old man Jones's, i
forgot about it. I wounder if hes
holding up in there?
You know him?
Yeah,i use to fish with him in the
Lets check it out.
They approach the boathouse door, Travis shushing Sage to be
quiet.Carefully Travis pushes open the cracked open door, as
they look in they see blood everywhere, lit up by and old
oil burning flame. As they look around they see an old boat
shed table work bench and a ladder, heading up to the roof,
and in the corner of the room old man jones is being
      (covering mouth)
oh god!!
With saying that the zombie turns and growls. It gets up and
lunges towards them, it pins Travis against the wall, as
Travis is struggling, Sage, who got out of the way, comes up
behind raises her hatchet and strikes the zombie in the
back, then pulls it out. The zombie screams in pain gets off
Travis and walks towards Sage. She stands behind a table,
the zombie circling with Sage around the table Travis lets
out a yell and lunges at the zombie, piercing the pitch fork
in the back of the zombies head, exiting out thru its eyes.
It drops to the floor dead, and Travis pulls out his
Is that old man jones?
Sage looks at the body. Its Mr Jones,with his stomach open
and organs all hanging out,and his eyes open wide like he's
still in pain.Screaming through his eye's.


      (Covering mouth)
Whats left of him.
Travis looks around and sees a boat in the launch area in
the water.
Dam it.
We could have taken the boat but
the dam engines out.
Well then, lets get going, i just
want to get to the city.
      (kneel's down and
       closes mr jones's
Rest in peace mr jones.
As they leave the boat house they walk past a gate in to the
field on a dirt road for getting cars and boats in. They pay
no attention and keep walking. As they walk down the river,
they are coming up to a bend, when they see something in the
river floating towards them.
What is that?
As it gets closer they see its a body, with blood all around
Its a body.
Not good.
Those things?
He puts his finger to his lips to tell Sage to be quiet.Just
then they hear growling zombies.


Just then, a horde of about 20 zombies stagger around the
bend. One sees them and lets out a cry, they all pick up the
pace and head towards Travis and Sage.
Dam... Were going to have to go
Come on!
They start running back, and as they approach the gate they
passed, 3 zombies are coming through scattered, one right in
there way,and it lunges for Travis.Travis hits it over the
head with the end of his pitch fork, knocking it to its
knees, as hes running by, as he continues running Sage runs
in to it, lets out a yell and swings the hatchet in to the
side of the zombies face, knocking it to the ground putting
a massive gash in its face and leaving it convulsing on the
In to the boat house.
The boat house? But we will be
We have to try and hide...Come on.
They run in to the boat house closing the door behind and
locking the weather worn door with a bolt lock.
Shit!! Fucken shit.
What are we going to do? Theres to
many of them.
      (Looking around)
Im thinking im thinking.
The zombies start banging on the door and groaning.


I know i know....Wait iv got an
Travis sees a drum of petrol and a couple of small gas cans
beside it, then looks and sees the old oil burning flame.
Come on give me a hand.
Travis passes Sage a gas can and they start pouring gas all
over the boat house, as the zombies are banging on the door,
and slowly start to break it away.
get on to the roof.
Sage starts climbing the ladder on to the roof, Travis runs
over and grabs the oil burner and starts climbing up the
ladder as the zombies break thru the rotting door in to the
boat house. Travis gets on the roof with Sage.
I hope theres more to your plan
than this.
Where goin to burn them..Blow them
up sky high.
Well thats great, but you do
realize were on the roof of this
Us. Were goin to jump.
Its ok. Well jump in the river,
and when we go under the explosion
will go over us,Just like at the
school with the grenade.


Your crazy, you know that.
Yeah, but you know you love me.
Travis runs to the front of the house and looks over the
edge and watches as the zombies enter the house, most of
them are in and runs back to the hatch.
Ok... Are you ready?
When i say jump, you jump.
Travis opens the hatch, the room is filled with zombies
reaching at the ladder unable to climb it.
You just in time for the barbeque
Then throws down the lantern and it breaks on the floor and
the open flame sets light to the petrol, and the boat house
catches a light.He slams down the hatch,then runs to Sage.
They run and jump hand in hand. As they jump the boat house
explodes, throwing them in to the river and the few zombies
outside the boat house thrown back. As they land in the
water the explosion covers over the water.They stay under
while the explosion dies out, They come up for breath as
bits of house are landing around them. They see the zombies
that were thrown getting up and heading towards them.
Come on. Go for their heads.
As they wade in the water towards the land, one zombie is
half on fire and drops to its knees, then to the ground. One
meets Travis at the waters edge, Travis runs at it sticking
it in the torso, pushing it backwards, gives it a push and
it falls back and to the ground.
Take it out!


As Travis runs past the zombie on the ground Sage runs up
and swings the hatchet in to its head, as it is getting up
And uses her foot on the zombies shoulder to help pull out
the hatchet. Just then Travis stabs a zombie in the throat,
sticking it to a tree, and as it is gargling blood he grabs
his garden claw and brings it down on the zombies head,
piercing the skull and killing it. As he pulls out the pitch
fork from the throat, it falls to the ground. Sage runs
straight at a zombie and does a flying kick with both feet,
knocking it to the ground. She stands up and as the zombie
is sitting up she swings at the zombies head and takes it
off. The head rolls away.as the last zombie is making its
way to Travis. He is standing his ground readying his attack
as the zombie lunges towards Travis, he stabs it in to its
torso but falls on his back from the lunge. As the zombie is
trying to snap at Travis Sage comes from behind hacking at
its neck not quite decapitating it, as the head is hanging
from the body by a thread. Travis throws it to the side, the
body limp but the head still moving, Travis stands up.
Jeez these things are ugly.
As he stomps the head, caving it in and killing it.
      (Looking back at
Huh.It worked.
This is one hell of a first date.
      (Wrapping arm
       around Sage)
Lets go.
They walk off down the river bed.
Cuts scene to a zombies face snarling and looking at the
camera, followed by pitch fork stabbed thru the eyes of the
zombie, as it falls out of scene a unfocused bridge comes in
to focus. Cuts to the zombie on the ground with pitch fork
in face, Travis puts foot on chest and pulls out the pitch
fork and looks to the bridge.
Well..There it is...


Bridge in to the city.
One step closer.
They head towards the bridge,climbing the steep bank by the
bridge, they reach the top as they crouch behind the barrier
of the road.
Lets hope for a clean run.
As they look at each other, they both nod and look over the
barrier. They look to the right down the bridge, all looks
clear of zombies, just a couple of parked cars and a tipped
over bus at the end of the bridge, so they cant see the end
of the bridge, but as they look to the left not to far away
is a huge hoard of zombies, mindlessly stumbling around and
some eating.They crouch back behind the barrier.
Why do you think they are all just
I don't know...Maybe they were all
about to leave and they got
attacked or something.
This is all so screwed up....Do
you think we can get past them?
I think we can. As long as were
quiet and move quickly....I just
wish i could see past the bus, we
have no idea whats on the other
Well theres nothing we can see,
and thats the whole left side, it
must be clear.
Hopefully. But your right, it
looks clear and its not like we
have another way to go.
You ready?


No time like the present.
They jump over the barrier in the shadows of the light lit
bridge, keeping low and close to the barrier. When quarter
way along the bridge behind them they hear gun shots, and
shouting, they look behind to see an old pick up truck smash
thru the hoard of zombies. Its a truck of redneck farmers
yahooing and shooting their guns in the air.
Idiots...Come on.
Travis and Sage run and take cover behind a car.As the truck
gets closer Travis and Sage look over the car, and as the
truck is passing they see Travis an Sage and think they are
zombies and fire there guns at them, Travis and Sage duck
behind the car as bullets hit around them, the truck passes
yahooing.As the truck passes Travis looks over the car and
sees the hoard of zombies starting to follow across the
Red neck Ass holes.
Cuts to the farmers on the truck, two in the cab and two on
the back in the tray, as they are driving nearing the end of
the bridge the farmer in the back behind the driver is
resting his gun by his side when all of a sudden a bird
fly's straight in to his face,with only its back half
sticking out of his face, making him squeeze the trigger,
blasting a hole thru the window and into the drivers head.
The truck turns hard and flips the truck. The two in the
back go flying, one into the barrier and one hits the road
in front, sliding to a halt in front of the bus. All is
Oh o...Not good.
What now?
Sage points to the bus as the back window breaks out and a
zombie emerges from the wreck.Cuts back to the farmer in the
passenger seat, only one alive, as he pulls himself out of
the truck,bleeding all over and from the mouth. He gets
himself free,while calling to his friends, with no response.
When on his feet looking around, the zombies from and around
the bus begin to overwhelm the farmer. As he shoots


frantically the zombies over run him as he falls to the
ground screaming.
We gotta go...Now!
They start to run towards the other end of the bridge
followed by the hoard behind, and a good handful in front.
As they get to about half way on the bridge they come to a
sliding halt as the zombies in front of them have
multiplied 10 fold, emerging from the bus and from around
Theres to many of them, we will
never make it past.
What are we gonna do...Were
Travis looks around in hope of an escape as the zombies are
closing in, then he runs to the edge of the bridge, then
looks to Sage.
Your kidding.
You gotta better idea, cause im
all open for ideas right now.
      (Looking around
       and at the
Ahhh fine.
They climb over the edge.
Wow, thats really high...I don't
know if i can.
Well im sorry but you don't really
have a lot of choices right now.
Ok, i can do this.
Allright, on 3 ok...1....2....3


As they jump the zombies just miss grabbing them, as they
hit the water the zombies have followed their lead, and
start climbing the rail and falling over the edge, in to the
water in a continuing string one after another.
      (Looking around
What the hell is that?
They have followed us, come on,
swim to the edge.
As they are swimming, one zombie grabs Travis by the foot
but he kicks it off. Some of the zombies are drifting down
stream the rest sink to the bottom and continue to follow on
foot under water.Travis and Sage reach the edge, coughing
and splattering.
Are you ok?
      (crouching over
       and coughing)
Yeah, im fine.
Come on, the city's just over the
They climb the bank of the river bed, they get to the top
and ahead is a short field filled with summery side shows.
Like candy floss machines, balloon cart,a bouncy castle that
sort of stuff. Around are a lot of zombies,but reasonably
scattered.With a few groups,some standing,some feeding.
I forgot.Its the Annual family
day.They always have a day out
here each year.
Looks like the partys dead.
Ha, anyone tell you your funny.
Yeah, now and then.


They look behind down the bank and see the zombies starting
to emerge from the river.
We better get moveing.
Were are we going?
You know the area,you tell me.
No,i don't really come to this
area.I know the main roads and
where they go but that's it.your
guess is as good as mine.
Travis looks ahead across the party field and across the
road to the restaurant and bars, where he sees an ally way.
Were gonna head for that ally way.
Hopefully its quiet.
Oh you hope its quiet?
Yeah.I hope its quiet.What you
wanna try the main road?
Alright.The ally way it is.
      (Takes a deep
       breath in and out
       then says)
They start to run, avoiding zombies as they grab for them,
just missing them. Travis hits a few in the head with the
stick end of his pitch fork, the mime zombie stands in
Travis way, they come to a quick stop.
Travis stabs the pitch fork in to the mimes throat, the mime
is bleeding from the mouth still reaching out to grab


Sage! a little help.
Sage chops in to the mimes head, then pulls out. The zombie
falls to the ground, breaking Travis's pitch fork leaving
the fork in the neck of the mime. They continue on Travis
left with a stick, he beats away the zombies as they
run.They run towards the ally way,pass the cafe's and
restaurants.Zombies sitting at the tables out front and
inside,turning their heads as they run past,then getting up
to follow.They get to the street approaching the ally way.
Come on! Down here.
They run down the ally way, zombies slowly following them,
they run past a zombie sitting down as it watches them run
past, it gets up to follow them.They get to the end of the
ally way, opening to a road, they look around the corners to
see quiet a few scattered zombies, and look behind as the
zombies are slowly gaining on them.
We gotta run across the road to
the next ally way.
Then what?
I haven't rally planed for any of
this.I mean,its the fucken
apocalypse,can ya give me a break
      (Looking around
       the corners)
Lets do this.
They run across the road to the ally way, as they run
zombies turn their heads as they run past, they start to
follow. As Travis and Sage are half way down the ally way a
group of zombies stumble around the corner in front of them,
they slide to a stop.


You gota plan b?
      (Looking around
       the ally)
Plan b plan b plan b come on plan
The zombies are getting closer.
Travis goes to a back door to a shop but its locked, he trys
to shoulder barge it a few times.
      (Shoulder barging
Arghh come on! Come on!
The zombies are even closer.
      (Louder and more
Travis stops shoulder barging,pulls out his gun,and shoots
twice at the lock,then kicks open the door.
The door breaks open, they hurry inside, as they get inside
they close the door behind. Travis holds the door as the
first couple of zombies try to get in, he locks the dead
bolt that is luckily there and yells to sage for the chair
to stick in under the door handle to wedge it close. she
passes it to Travis and he slides it in, he steps back with
a sigh of relief as the zombies bang on the door.
Well that was a little to close
for comfort.
      (Looking around
Where are we are we?
As they look around they are in a back room, with tubs and
metal benches and flowers around.


I think were in a flower shop.
A flower shop.Of all the places we
could end up in during an
apocalypse, and were in a flower
shop.Well thats just great.
      (Passes Travis a
At least were alive.
      (Puts flower in
       Sages ear and
Yeah. For now at least.
They hug and then they here a groan.
Was that your stomach?
      (Takes Sages
Stay behind me.
They creep thru the door in to a hall way, they turn on the
light, the groan gets louder. They open a door to the left,
a storage room, they turn on the light and there is a zombie
eating the torso of a women. The zombie turns and snarls
then continues eating, Travis holds the hatchet high and
then hacks into the zombies head killing it. Sage backs
against the wall with the look of wanting to cry Travis
gives her a hug.
Hey hey, don't cry, it will be
Will it? Everywhere we go, every
turn we take, theres just death
.Death everwhere.


      (Looks her in the
Hey..Hey, we have to stay
strong.Ok. Be positive, we can do
this, we don't have that far to
go, do we?
East of the city, by the waters
Ok, and we can do that, right.
Maybe, i don't know.
Not maybe, definitely, ok.Now im
gonna search the rest of the shop,
wait in here.
Travis takes here into the lunch room with a couch a table
and a coffee machine.
Ok, wait here, you wanna make us a
couple of coffes?
Ok, ill be right back.
Travis closes the door in the hall way, he opens the toilet
door to check,its clear. Then goes out to the front shop and
stays low behind the counter, every thing is clear he goes
back to the lunch room.
Its all clear, we should be safe
here for now.
Travis sits at the table, Sage brings over the coffees and
sits down beside him and puts her hand on his.
What for?


For saving me,in willow wood,Being
strong, for getting me here,
believing in me,keeping me
Of course, ill be here right till
the end, i wont let anything
happen to you....Were gonna make
it, i promise.
They smile at each other and then kiss.
Sage is washing her self in the sink,Travis is checking his
      (Handling gun)
we got 6 bullets left.That's very
Sage is still washing her self.Travis puts his gun together,
then looks in the cupboards for food.
      (Checking in
Theres gotta be something to eat.
Travis finds some biscuits.
      (Showing to Sage)
Want some biscuits?
      (Drying her self
       off,and smiles)
Sounds good.What are they?
Double chock fudge.
They sit on the couch and start eating the biscuits.


So whats the plan now? As nice as
this is.
Theres a door up to the roof, i
figure we go up there and see were
we stand, as far as getting out of
      (taking 2 biscuit)
Ok...But after a few more of these
ok, haha.
They open the door to the roof. They walk to the ally side
and see it swamped with the dead.But they have stopped
trying to get in,and are just sorta hanging around.
Well theres no way were getting
out that way.
      (Staring at the
Its hell.
Like the sheriff said, this is
hell. Were in satins world now,
they must be the dead from hell.
End of days, the apocylopes.
What ever it is, they sure are
ugly sons of bitches. Come on.
They walk over to the main street side, there's a lot of
zombies, spaced out,and large scattered groups, some eating
the dead in small groups.
Well i suppose we run past them,
like at the field. But there's no
way we would make it to the
camp,with out weapons at


                       TRAVIS (cont'd)
least.they'd get us for sure.
Look. Down there, a ute, it looks
like the flower shop ute.
Son of a bitch. We can drive right
out of here...Keys?
I bet they are on one of the two
down stairs.
They slowly open the cupboard door two the dead bodies in
Ill check there pockets.
He starts with the man,checking his pants pockets.Empty.So
he rolls him over and off the lady.
      (Stands up turning
       his head away
       bureing his mouth
       and nose in to
       his sleve)
Oh that's disgusting.
Starts searching the lady,looking in her pants pocket.
      (Finds the keys)
Ureaka, lets go make a plan.
Looking down over the street, a few round the car.
What do you reckon, you think if
we fight them of we could make it
to the ute?
Not a chance, they would be on us
before we could get in.


So what are you thinking?
      (Thinks for a bit)
Im thinking a distraction.
Distraction? Like what?
Like live bait. All you can eat
Oh no.No no no i don't like the
sound of this. Are you saying.
Yup. Me.
Your crazy, theres to many of
them, its suicide.
Look all i have to do is distract
them away from the ute, long
enough for you to get in and start
it, then you come pick me up.
And were is safe for you to wait
until i get there? huh. They're
every where.
Travis looks to the street and sees a side road on the other
side of the street,its has the least dead around it.
Ill lead them down there.
Ok.and say you get to that
street,and you make it down that
street,and lets say there's not a
group waiting for you, then what?
I don't know! Okay. but what other
options do we have? if we go
straight for the ute,were
dead,guaranteed,and if we wait


                       TRAVIS (cont'd)
here,well just die any way,weather
from hunger or they eventually get
in i don't know.
      (Takes her hands)
Sage.We have to do this.We have to
I don't know...What if they get
you, you can't leave me.
They wont. I won't.
But what if they do, you cant
leave me alone.
      (Cups her face)
Hey!I told you, i wont leave you
and i mean that.Hey.Its gonna be
fine, trust me.Iv got us this far.
I trust you.
      (Kisses on her
That a girl.
Travis and Sage are behind the counter, looking out to the
Ok, when i go out, lock the door
behind me, wait till its clear,
then run for the ute, then pick me
      (Nods her head)
Got it.
Travis just about to go.


See you soon.
Travis smiles and goes to the door, Sage follows,and unlocks
the door, Travis goes out, Sage locks the door and hides
behind the flower stands.On the street Travis starts calling
out to get the undeads attention.
Hey...Come and get me you dead
mother fuckers, come on, over
here,you hungry,all you can eat
The dead all start to focus and follow Travis, leaving the
ute and store following Travis down the road. Sage waits
till it all looks clear, just a few undead across the
road,but should have plenty of time to get to the ute.Sage
opens the door and heads to the ute, As shes unlocking the
door she sees a couple of zombies she did't know were
there,they see her and start heading towards her, she panics
and drops the keys.
      (Picking up keys)
She picks up the keys and unlocks the door, just before she
hops in she sees the hoard of zombies chasing Travis heading
around a corner. Sage hops in the ute and locks the doors.
Two zombies start banging on the windows.Sage screams, she
tries to start the ute but she floods it, she tries
frantically to start the ute. On the passenger side the
zombie breaks the window, sage screams.
      (Covers her head
       as the window
       breaks then back
       to starting the
Ahhhhh......Come on!Come on! Start
you piece of shit...Start!


With that the ute starts, the zombie on the drivers side
breaks the window, Sage screams again, she puts it in gear
and floors it. The five zombies around the ute get thrown
off. She does a sliding burnout to turn around, as she
slides around she knocks two zombies with the tray of the
ute sending them flying. She straightens up and heads of
towards were Travis was going.
Travis has gone down another road, with a large hoard behind
him. As he is running towards the end of the road he sees a
large group in front of him, he is blocked off and nowhere
to go.
Son of a bitch!
Travis is by a building site with a large fence, he runs to
it as it is half open and pulls it open right back to the
wall to close him self behind the fence and the opposing
wall. The zombies push the fence closed trying to get to
him, Travis is stuck with nowhere to go.
Sage turns down the first street and is knocking down stray
zombies as she is frantically searching for Travis, looking
down side streets or where ever he might be.
      (Talks to her self)
Come on travis, where are you.
      (Freaking out)
Im not going to be one of you.
Travis feels he cant wait any more and doesn't want to be
eaten,so he takes his gun and slowly puts it to his head.
Fuck you freaks!
Just then he hears tiers screeching.Sage has slammed on the
breaks and then starts honking the horn and screaming at
      (Yell to the
Come on ass holes,come and get me!
The zombies take notice,and a bulk of the hoard start
heading towards Sage.Seeing them leave Travis puts down the
gun and inhales and ex hails deeply.Moments later the bulk


that went for sage are a distance away from Travis so Sage
takes off to head around the block,the zombies continue to
follow.There is a small group left with Travis,to many to
try and leave his safety. Moments later Sage comes drifting
into the street,taking out a few zombies in the process,then
heads straight for Travis.
Die you mother fuckeeeeeeeerrrrrs!
Sage drives straight through the large group of zombies,
smashing through them clearing a massive patch, she slaps it
in reverse and takes out a few more, stopping in front of
Travis and swings open the door.
Get in.
      (Coming out from
       behind the fence
       and jumps in the
Sage slaps it in reverse and heads away from the remaining
zombies,knocking down a few as she goes. Gets to a
intersection and swings it around then drives of down the
street and around a corner, the ute left in tatters from
driving down all those zombies.
What the hell took you so long?
Oh you know, car troubles.
They pull out on to the main stretch of town, now trying to
avoid as many zombies as possible, still hitting a few. They
keep turning down different roads to avoid large hoards of
the dead.
You know were your going?
We've gotta get to the east side
of town, its about a half hour


      (Sitting back
Allright, finaly we got some luck.
I hope you dont mean the ute.
      (Sounding nervous)
What do you mean?
I think hitting all those bodies
damaged the radiator...Shes
starting to heat up, we've got
about 5 mins.
Oh your kidding me right?
Sage makes a shaking smile face.
God dam it, give us a
break...Fuck!!...So what are we
going to do?
Don't worry, theres a subway not
far from here, we can ditch the
ute and make a run for that, it
will take us straight to were we
need to be.
Why not,sounds as good a plan as
They drive up the curb and in to a park where they
stop,steam pouring out of the engine.
Were here.


Come on, we just gotta get through
the park.
Just lead the way.
Around the park there are quite a few zombies but they are
all pretty spaced out giving them a fairly clean run, with
Travis taking out a couple of zombies with the hatchet, and
Sage dodging and weaving. They get to the edge of the park,
the subway just across the road.
Come on, its just across the
Just as Sage crosses the street and about to go down the
stairs, up from the stairs emerges two huge zombie African
Americans from what looks like a gang. Sage slides and falls
over and screams as they are about to lunge on her, you see
one get shot in the head and falls on Sage, you see the next
look up from Sage and gets shot in the chest, as he stumbles
backwards Travis comes running in with a hatchet to the
head, as Travis pulls out the hatchet the zombie falls down
the concrete stairs.Travis pulls the body of Sage.
      (Helping up Sage)
You allright?
Im good, lets go.
They run down the stairs and on the way to the sub way
tunnel Travis takes out 3 loitering zombies.They get to the
sub way platform and hide behind a wall to survey the area.
in the middle of the station there's quite a few undead,
Travis uses his hands to signal where he wants to go,Sage
nods in agreeance.Travis takes Sages hand and leads her
straight across and down in to the tracks,sneaking from
pillars to to seating booths to signs. No zombies saw them,
they drop down on to the tracks.
Which way?
Sage points in the direction of the zombies.
Fuck!...Stay low, and follow me.


They begin to creep with zombies just above, they can hear
them growling in deep breaths, occasionally fighting between
each other. They continue on and make it past in to the
tunnel, they get up and run off in to the dark light
flickering tunnel.
Sage and Travis are walking at the start of a bend in the
What are we going to do when we
get to the sub station? We've only
got a hatchet and a gun with a few
I don't know....Look we've come
this far, we will just have to
wait till we get there and make a
plan from there i guess.We just
gotta stay positive,keep keeping
As they come round the bend, they see a light up ahead
Look...A light....People?
I don't know...Lets just take it
carefully and quiet....Might be
more of them.
      (holding Travis)
What if it is?
Shhhh....Come on,we will deal with
Sage follows Travis around the bend, the light growing
brighter, as they look around the bend they see a subway
train parked in the middle of the tracks.
Its a train...


Do you think theres people on it?
I dont know...Lets take a look.
They begin to walk towards the idle train.Getting closer
they see the train drivers cabin, splattered with blood.
There might be people on the
train....Just not the kind we
They start to walk down the side of the train and start to
see the dead, strolling the train up and down the isles,
blood smeared on the windows dead corpses in seats, staring
out the windows. Eyes screaming with pain.
Oh my god..
A couple of zombies take notice and fumble against the
glass.Travis and Sage stop and stair at the mindless
I don't ever want to be like
wandering around...No meaning.
      (holding sage)
I know.....Come on, lets go.
They walk of down the darkened tunnel.
Travis and Sage are walking thru the tunnel.
Its so creepy down here.....Not
knowing whats around the corner.
Yup, its a hell of a place to be
in an apocolypse.


I need a weapon.What if the
stations full of those things, i
need to protect myself.
I know, but its not like theres a
shop down here.
No kidding smart arse, im just
As they keep walking, they are heading in to a corner lit up
at the end.
Look light......Is it the next
Must be.
Under the flickering light Travis sees sum scrap metal, and
sum steel pipes, he walks over.
      (Giving Sage the
Whats this for?
      (Searching thru
       the pipes)
Your weapon, i think im more of a
steel pipe man my self.
      (Tapping pipe in
       to hand)
What do you think?
Very you.
      (Walks over to
       Sage and takes
       hold of her)
Are you ready for this?


I know.But hey, were not that far
now right?
Not to far, but its not the
distance im worried about.
We've just gotta try to keep
hidden and move quick...Come on,
we can do this....Yeah?
Fuck!!! Ok, here we go again i
      (Looking into each
       others eyes)
There you go.
They kiss, Travis takes Sage by the hand and they head
toward the light.
Coming up to the station they creep against the wall,
keeping low Travis signals to be quiet. They sneak up and
Travis carefully looks around the wall, but to his surprise
there are no zombies. Just a few body's, on the floor dead,
he pulls back to the wall.
      (Hiding against
       the wall
Are we fucked?
Ahhh no....Quite the opposite, i
think our luck might have changed.
Sage looks from behind the wall to see the zombie free
They're all dead!


Travis and Sage carefully climb up the platform, slowly
walking over the bodys, and notice they have all been shot.
They have been shot!.....The
military. They must have been thru
I don't know? Maybe.
Maybe the streets are safe, do you
think they made it safe?
Only one way to find out.
They walk over the bodys, towards the stairs to the street.
They are walking through the sub way and keep coming across
dead body's,
They're all dead.
Its gotta be the military.right? I
mean, they've all been shot.
I really hope so.
They walk for a little bit more and get to the bottom of the
stairs to the street.
The suns comming up.
You ready?


      (Taking Travis
They creep up the stairs, and as they get to the top, they
see a dead world that looks like a genocide.Dead bodies
scattered all through out the city. Zombies and military.
Cars on fire, cars tipped over military tanks and jeeps
scattered through out.
Its like a genocide, everything is
End of days....The apocalypse.The
military must have wiped out the
whole area.
Yeah, and some..
The relief camp, it must be safe,
come on...
Be careful,we don't know if
they're all dead.
I cant believe it,we did it,we
made it to the camp,were safe.
Yeah, i hope so.
what do you mean,hope so? look
around Travis,everything's dead.
Well it all just seems a bit quiet
don't you think? I mean, don't you
think there would be a bit
of....Well, life...Military
patroleing, or something.
I don't know, maybe they cleared
the area and they are just back at
the camp.


      (Not convinced)
Yeah, maybe.
come on, its not far now.
They walk for a while in awww at the carnage around them.
they finaliy aproach the base.
This it is.
      (Calling out)
      (Pointing to a
       slightly open
You think a safe house leaves its
front door open?
Where is everyone?
Exactly, its to quiet...Lets just
take it slow.
They enter the base, noticing no one at the gate booth. The
place seems deserted, they notice a few scattered zombie
Maybe this place ain't as safe as
you thought?


I don't understand, were is
Lets just look around..And stay
Travis and Sage walk past an office block, Travis starts to
      (Grabs Traviss
Where are you going?
Im just gonna look inside, maybe
there's a radio? we can call for
help, or find out whats going on..
Wait here, ill be back in a
minute, call out if you see
Ok..Be carefull.
Travis enters the building, walking cautiously. Papers are
scattered, there are a couple of dead officers. Blood
smeared on the walls. Travis sees a radio, he runs over and
starts trying to ask for help he is just getting static,
when a military zombie comes through a doorway behind
Travis, he is unaware, just as the zombie is on him it trips
on a phone cord pulling the phone from the table. Travis
turns just in time and jumps out of the way as the zombie
lunges at him, lunging in to the table.
The zombie turns to Travis, letting out a groan and stumbles
towards him, arms stretched out. Travis swings at its head
with his steel pipe knocking it to the ground but still
conscious. As hes about to finish it, another comes through
the door lunging at Travis, they fall to the ground
      (Calls out)
Arrrrghhhh Sage...
Sage hears the commotion and runs in.


      (Running in
       calling out)
Sage enters to see a zombie snapping at Travis's feet, as
Travis attempts to kick it at bay while struggling on his
side with another zombie head to head snapping at him. Sage
takes her hatchet and strikes the zombie at his feet in the
head, leaving the hatchet embedded in the skull. She then
sees the gun in the back of Travis's pants, she grabs it
sticking it to the zombies head shooting it dead, the
lifeless corpse falls limp.Sage puts the gun in the back of
her pants and helps up Travis.
That was to close.
Yeah,tell me about it.
Did you find anything?
Yeah a radio, but i cant get
anything, just satic.
Come on, lets look around.
Cuts to them walking around outside.
This place is deserted, they must
have left....
But where did they go?
Thats the question.


They continue walking, finding bodies scattered along the
way. As they come out of a block of buildings they find a
court yard with a massive caged in area, and in it is filled
to the brink with zombies.
Jesus Christ, there must be
hundreds of them.
How did they get them in there?
I don't know, maybe they locked
them up before they turned,like a
quarantine or something? I don't
They stand in awww as the zombies "adjatated by their
presence" start wildly banging at the fence trying to get
out,and the sound of them all moaning and screaming is
terrifying. Just then they hear a loud horn, that of a boat,
they look at each other with smiles.
A boat!
They must be leaveing, come on!
They run through the base towards the horn. As they get to
the dock they see a ship leaving, its a few hundred yards
out to sea as it lets off another horn. Travis and Sage
scream for it.


Theyer gone....They cant here us.
      (Upset frustrated
       and starts to cry)
We were to late, we could have
been saved but we missed it, were
too late....Were fucked, what are
we going to do now?
      (Holding Sage as
       she cries)
I don't know...I don't know...It
will be ok.
      (Pushes away
OK...OK...Are you serious, we are
not ok. You know what we are, were
fucked, we.. Are ...Fucked, do you
get it FUCKED!!!
      (Takes Sage by the
       shoulders and
       looks her in the
COME TO FAR!!!Im not giving
They stair at each other for a bit.
      (Hugs into Travis
       and cries)
Just then they hear something in the distance.


Wait...Do you hear that?
      (Lifts her head up
       from his chest)
I do, what is that?...Is that a...
Hellicopter! Lets go!!
They start to run back the way they came, running thru
buildings they get back to where the caged zombies are, and
just then the zombies tear down the fence. Travis and Sage
run past towards the helicopter.
Come on, this way..
As they are running for their lives, being chased buy
hundreds of zombies, they turn the corner and see the
helicopter on a Helli pad, about to take off.
Come on, we can make it, come on.
As they are almost there, the helicopter starts to take off.
They get to the Helli pad that is fenced in, as they get to
the gate they enter and close the gate behind them locking
it. but the helicopter is already in the air.
      (Drops to his
      (Screaming to the
Zombies now banging at the fence, trying desperately to get
in. The lock loosening.Travis lay's on the ground, Sage sits
down beside him lifting his head in to her lap.


      (Stairing towards
       the zombies)
Im sorry...
Its not your fault.
Im sorry for leaveing you.
What are you talking about, you
didnt leave me.
Travis pulls up his trouser leg, to show a bite.
Oh god, how?
Before, in the office, with those
two...... fucks. It bit me.....Im
The zombies getting closer to breaking the fence.
      (Looks up to Sage)
I dont have long..
Sage caresses Travis's face, crying she grabs the hand gun
from the back of her pants.She checks the clip there is one
bullet left, she puts the clip back in the gun.
      (Caressing Traviss
I love you..
      (Touches her face)
I love you.
Sage looks in to his eyes, holding back the tears.
Everything goes slow motion, she looks to the fence of
zombies. It breaks down, she looks at Travis. He starts to
turn in her arms, she looks to the sun rise. She reluctantly
puts the gun to her head,as the zombies are almost on them
and Travis turns. Sage shoots her self in the head, she
drops dead and they are mauled by the dead.




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From C. Damien Belyeu Date 4/5/2012 *
I hate to tell you this, but there are many, many problems with this script. There is next to no real punctuation in this script. Please, go back, and re-write it more like this: "The undead hoards are now banging at the fence desperately trying to get in. The lock is rapidly loosening. Travis now lying on the ground, with Sage sitting down next to him. He puts his head in her lap..." Something similar to that. It has the spirit of a great zombie script, but it just needs to be refined. As I always say, "It's always easy to write a script. It's always difficult to edit it."

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