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Pool Games (Short)
by Matt (matt4surf@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

Three friends discover a life changing app.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Three friends are at a pool messing around. Chad, Fred and
James. James is the only one not in the pool. He is on his
phone. Chad and Fred are playing with squirt guns.
Hey nerd! Get off your phone and
get in already.
Aw Fred be nice. He has a yoPhone.
So he must be better than us.
You know it!
At least come in with the phone.
You have that cool waterproof
Yea I will in a second. I found
this really crazy app.
I bet its only for the yoPhone.
Our phones probably wont be able
to take it.
Haha. It does say that.
Whats it called?
James gets up to show Chad the app.
Pool Games. It doesn't look like
anybody has used it yet.
Whats so great about it?


It says it creates an underwater
fighting arena. Similar to
paintball but underwater.
Fred and Chad both laugh.
It says to just throw it in a body
of water.
Well do it! You have a waterproof
case anyways.
Alright... Ready?
James throws the eYePhone into the pool. It makes a loud
bang. But nothing visible really happens. The eYePhone is
floating in the middle.
There goes your eYePhone.
Long pause of confusion.
Go underwater and see if there is
anything going on under the water.
Chad goes under the water. He doesn't come back up. Time
passes. They see him at the bottom of the pool.
You think he is okay?
No! Lets get him.
They both jump in and swim to the bottom. They see Chad
sitting on the bottom laughing at them. James and Fred swim
back up but Chad grabs James and pulls him to the bottom. We
see Fred get out of the pool and is pacing around the pool.
Where are they!
Chad and James come up laughing.
What going on!? YOu guys should be


Dude relax, we can breath under
the water!
Haha oh yea right.
Ok how long do you want us to go
under for to convince you that we
can breath under there?
Five minutes. Blow out all your
air too before you go under.
James and Chad blow out all their air and go under. A few
seconds pass and then Fred dives in. He finds out that you
can breath underwater. Chad and James go back up. While Fred
is under swimming around.
But what is the game part?
I dont know. This is really crazy.
Try shooting the water gun
Chad goes under and shoots the water gun toward Fred who is
still swimming under the water.
When he shoots the gun it has a laser like bullet that heads
toward Fred. The bullet moves semi slow. It hits Fred. Chad
has a shocked look on his face. Because of getting hit, Fred
floats to the surface.
All have astonished looks on their faces.
Lets go back to my house and
figure out whats going on.
Good idea.
They all grab their stuff and head out of the pool area.
They do this in silence.


They all go through the front door quietly and head up to
Jame's room.
That was crazy awesome!!
What was that James?
They all are excitedly pacing around the room.
Why don't we try and look up the
James grabs his computer.
I don't really know, Chad. I am
looking up the game.
Fred and Chad are looking over Jame's shoulder who is on the
James finds the description of the game. On a website.
Ah here it is.
They all have surprised looks on their faces. The camera
never shows the computer screen.
This will be the most epic game!
Lets invite few people tomorrow to
play the game.
Lets do it!
Chad, Fred and James are at the pool again. Along with
friends they brought.


A total of eleven people are there including James, Chad and
If we are going to do this I need
to get everyone's attention.
The group of people gathers to listen to Chad
We have brought you guys here to
show you an awesome game.
James takes over an will explain the game. While visually we
will see how the game works.
Ok I have the app on my phone
which Ill throw in to the water to
start the game. There will be two
teams with five players on each.
Each team will receive guns for
the game. The object of the game
is to eliminate all of the
opposing players. To eliminate
them you first shoot them. On
shooting them they will float to
the top. Once they reach the top
they are out of the game. Although
another team mate can save them
before they reach the top by
grabbing and pulling them back
down to the bottom. Once all other
opposing side is eliminated you
win. Got it?
                       PLAYER 2
So its kind of like paintball?
Yes but underwater.
They all laugh.
Ok lets play!
Everyone splits up into two teams to get ready to play the
Team 1: Chad, Fred, Jack, Player 1, Player 2.
Team 2: Drew, Player 3, Player 4, Player 5, Player 6.


Chad and Fred are on the same team. James is not playing.
Everyone is lined up on the edge of the pool ready to go.
All with squirt guns in their hands.
3... 2... 1... Go!
Everyone jumps into the pool.
Once underwater Fred shoots Player 3 immediately. The
playing field has nothing to hide behind. Drew shoots back
at Fred and Fred dodges the bullet. He laughs at him but
then gets hit by Player 4. Chad takes down Player 4 and
Drew. By jumping in the water. Player 6 shoots Jack. Jack
dodges it while shooting back and hitting Player 6. Player 5
takes out Player 1 and 2. But Chad pulls Player 1 back down.
Player 1 shoots back at Player 5 but misses. Player 5 hits
Player 1. Only Chad and Player 5 are left. Player 5 shoots
multiple bullets at Chad. Chad jumps and dodges all and
shots at player 5 and hits him. Chad won the first game.
Everyone is out of the water.
Alright Chad!
James high fives Chad.
That was really awesome.
Everyone is nodding their head in agreement. Long pause of
                       PLAYER 3
Well. Lets play again!
Montage of everyone playing the game.
4 Days Later
A game is going on. The game is more serious and addicting.
Everyone is out, Drew and Player 3 are still in. The rest
are watching the game from above. Suddenly the phone quits
the game and sinks to the bottom of the pool. Drew and
Player 3 are in the pool not able to breathe.


Get them out!!
A few guys jump into the pool and drag out Drew and Player
3. Player 3 looks ok but Drew is unconscious.
Does anyone know CPR!?
Drew is laying on the ground. With everyone crowding around.
                       PLAYER 5
I do!
Player 5 performs CPR. After a few seconds Drew coughs up
There is a big sigh of relief.
What happened?
James is in the pool retrieving the phone.
The game must have crashed.
How could it have crashed!?
Remember its an app on a phone,
apps crash all the time.
Will it happen again? How do we
fix it?
People are starting to leave.
Well I could check and see if
there is an update for the game.
I don't know if we should keep
playing it if there is a
possibility of it crashing. They
could have died under there.
Woah woah. Chad, lets not
completely throw out the game so
quickly. There could be an update


                       FRED (cont'd)
and we will be fine.
Yeah, but just a simple crash on
the phone could cost the lives of
everyone under the water.
Guys lets go to my house and check
for an update and we will go from
The rest of everyone leave. James, Fred and Chad go to
James's house.
Fred, James and Chad are in James's room.
Im telling you Fred, I don't think
we should play that game anymore.
I wont be playing for sure.
Whatever Chad, James look up the
game and see if there is an
James grabs his computer and searches the game.
They find the site.
Its not here.
It was up a few days ago. What
I have no idea.


Well. That settles it, we arent
playing that game anymore.
Yeah I agree.
What!? No. It crashed once and you
guys are too afraid to play it
Yeah if it happens again someone
could die.
Yeah, "if" it happens again. It
wont I will be playing it again
Ok go for it. I dont think anybody
else will play with you.
Whatever guys Ill meet you at the
pool tomorrow at 2.
Fred leaves the room.
Something has gotten into him. You
could delete the game now if you
want to.
Nah Ill let him play a few more
games. I doubt it will crash
Alright, do what you want. I got
to go Ill see you at 2 tomorrow.
See ya.
Chad leaves the room.


James and Chad are just showing up at the pool. Fred, Jack,
Player 5 and Player 6 are there.
Thought you guys wouldn't show up.
We are here just to make sure you
don't die.
Well four of us will play and
thats good enough, two on two. I
will be with Player 5 for the
first game. Load up the game,
James and throw it into the pool.
Alright dude, good luck.
James throws the phone into the pool and the game starts.
They all jump into the pool. Within 10 seconds of starting
the game it stops.
Ahh! James, get ready to call 911
incase they need it.
Chad helps Fred and Player 5 out of the pool. Player 6 is
getting out on his own. They are all coughing like crazy.
Is everyone all right?
Jack! He is still under there!
Chad dives into the pool. Jack is at the bottom of the pool.
He pulls him out and Player 5 attempts CPR on him.
James call 911.
Jack is carried away by paramedics. Player 5 and 6 leave.
Fred, James and Chad leave for James's house.
James, Fred and Chad are still at the pool. Silence. Then
James gets a call on his cell phone.


Ok thanks for the call.
Who was that?
The Hospital. Jack has passed
Silence and dis belief.
I told you Fred!!!
Told me what!?
To not play the game, stupid!!
You told me that you aren't going
to play the game and said we
shouldn't play the game. You never
told me that someone was going to
Yes I did!!!
Long pause.
I am still going to continue to
play the game.
No you are not!!
Why not? As long as you are ready
to reach the surface incase the
game crashes you are fine.
No! James delete the game.


Yes. I agree I am going to delete
the game.
James gets up to get his phone and delete the game. Fred
gets up and beats James to the phone and runs to the other
side of the pool.
Fred we need to delete the game.
It will only cause more problems
for us.
No! This game is too valuable!
Fred loads the game and jumps in with the phone in hand.
There is a loud bang and then no Fred. James and Chad
frantically look for him from the top.
Where did he go?
Chad then jumps into the pool and sees that there is no
Fred. He also realizes that he cant breath under the water.
He's not there.


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